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4/24/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 740 NETS
4/25/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 741 BULLS
4/25/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 747 SPURS
4/26/2014 4:30 PM(et)
 749 HEAT
4/26/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 901 REDS
4/24/2014 12:35 PM(et)
 904 METS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
 906 CUBS
4/24/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 12:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 1:08 PM(et)
 915 TWINS
 916 RAYS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 954 METS
4/25/2014 7:10 PM(et)
 955 REDS
4/25/2014 7:35 PM(et)
 957 CUBS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:15 PM(et)
4/25/2014 9:40 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:07 PM(et)
 971 RAYS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
 976 TWINS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:15 PM(et)
9/4/2014 8:30 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 466 RAMS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 472 JETS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 475 BILLS
 476 BEARS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 485 49ERS
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 487 COLTS
9/7/2014 8:30 PM(et)
 490 LIONS
9/8/2014 7:10 PM(et)
9/8/2014 10:20 PM(et)

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Friday, January 31, 2014
  WAC suspends UTPA basketball coach Hipsher
  Delaware State fires Greg Jackson
  Dorm Report: The ACC's new bullies
  Michigan keeps rolling, downs Purdue
  Stanford beats Cal for 19th straight win
Thursday, January 30, 2014
  Kilpatrick, Cincinnati outlast Louisville
  No. 18 NC State takes down No. 8 Maryland
  No. 7 Gamecocks rout Rebels
  Gators pull away from Bulldogs for 12th straight win
  No. 3 Duke escapes with win over Miami
  Notre Dame stays perfect in rout of Virginia Tech
  Top 25 College Basketball Game Capsules
  Syracuse tops No. 6 North Carolina
  Burdick boosts Tennessee over Arkansas
  Top 25 foes meet in AAC affair
  Gators set sights on Bulldogs in SEC showdown
  Purdue seeks upset of No. 10 Michigan
  No. 1 Arizona escapes upset by Stanford
  Wiggins, Kansas outlast Iowa State
  Miracle in Madison: Northwestern upsets Wisconsin
  Ennis, Syracuse down Wake Forest
  Newbill helps Penn State knock off No. 24 Ohio State
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
  Jackson leads Memphis over UCF
  Kloof helps Bonnies knock off Minutemen
  Jett leads Saint Louis in rout of Richmond
  No. 9 Baylor routs Texas Tech
  Delaware basketball suspends three
  Alabama-Auburn men's hoops postponed
  Badgers battle Wildcats in Big Ten brawl
  Orange and Demon Deacons meet in ACC fracas
  Bonnies seek upset of 21st-ranked Minutemen
  A-10 action pits Billikens against Spiders
  Jayhawks and Cyclones collide in marquee matchup
  Top-ranked Wildcats battle Cardinal in Pac-12 tilt
  Nittany Lions come calling on 24th-ranked Buckeyes
  Knights host 22nd-ranked Tigers in AAC action
  O'Bryant helps Tigers upend Kentucky
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
  Undermanned Spartans hold on to top Iowa in OT
  McDermott plays hero as Creighton nips St. John's
  Wichita State tops Loyola to remain unbeaten
  UConn stays undefeated as Stewart lights up Temple
  Red Storm to try and take down 20th-ranked Bluejays
  Big Ten brawl pits Spartans against Hawkeyes
  LSU hosts No. 11 Kentucky in SEC tussle
  Ramblers hit road seeking upset of fourth-ranked Shockers
  Spangler helps No. 23 Oklahoma knock off No. 8 OK State
  Dawkins leads Duke past Pitt
  Bell helps Villanova hold off Georgetown
Monday, January 27, 2014
  Ogwumike, Stanford rout USC
  Loyd helps Notre Dame edge Maryland
  Behanan lands at Colorado State
  Arizona, Syracuse continue to top men's hoops poll
  Wildcats and Hoyas continue Big East rivalry
  Bragging rights on line in Sooner State showdown
  ACC action pits Panthers against Blue Devils
  No. 1 Arizona remains unbeaten with win over Utah
  No. 15 Cincinnati holds off Temple
Sunday, January 26, 2014
  La Salle basketball legend Gola passes away
  No. 23 Memphis cruises past South Florida
  No. 12 Baylor upends No. 8 Oklahoma State in OT
  No. 10 South Carolina holds off No. 16 Vanderbilt
  No. 1 UConn rolls past USF
  Liston, Duke handle Pittsburgh
  Louisville routs Memphis for 13th straight win
  No. 9 Kentucky holds off Arkansas
  Williams helps UMass thump Fordham
  No.1 UConn rolls past USF
  Bulls seek upset of 23rd-ranked Tigers
  Rams come calling on 13th-ranked Minutemen
  Owls host 15th-ranked Bearcats in AAC showdown
  Top-ranked Wildcats take on Utes in Pac-12 affair
  Thames, Aztecs edge Aggies in OT
  No. 5 Wichita State cruises past Drake
  Kansas routs TCU
  No. 25 Oklahoma dispatches Texas Tech
  No. 16 Cyclones take down No. 22 Wildcats
  Frazier, Florida roll past Tennessee
Saturday, January 25, 2014
  Panthers hold off Terrapins
  Bell, Villanova outlast Marquette in OT
  No. 21 Michigan takes down third-ranked Michigan State
  Kentucky routs Georgia
  No. 9 Wisonsin takes down Purdue
  Olaseni helps Hawkeyes handle Wildcats
  Taylor helps Texas down Baylor
  Syracuse stays perfect in win over Miami
  No. 11 OK State holds off West Virginia
  Duke tops FSU, Coach K reaches milestone
  'Horns and Bears mix it up in Big 12 fracas
  Villanova seeks redemption in Big East bout with Marquette
  Cowboys and Mountaineers meet in Big 12 tilt
  Badgers and Boilermakers meet in Big Ten brawl
  Gators put SEC run on the line against Vols
  No. 2 Syracuse takes on Miami in ACC affair
  Aztecs hope to continue hot streak in clash with Aggies
  Drake seeks upset of undefeated Wichita State
  Big Ten brawl pits Wolverines against Spartans
  Wildcats and Bulldogs collide in SEC showdown
  ACC action pits Panthers against Terrapins
  Kansas continues Big 12 run against TCU
  Blue Devils set sights on Seminoles
  Wildcats and Cyclones meet in battle of ranked Big 12 foes
  Northwestern entertains No. 10 Iowa
  Sooners visit Red Raiders in Big 12 tussle
  Ogwumike, No. 4 Stanford handles UCLA
  Ogwumike, No. 4 Stanford handle UCLA
Friday, January 24, 2014
  Kilpatrick, Jackson lead Cincy to 11th straight win
  No. 1 Arizona tops Colorado, runs record to 19-0
  Ross leads Ohio State past Illinois
Thursday, January 23, 2014
  No. 2 Notre Dame coasts past Miami
  Memphis dominates Houston
  Florida escapes 'Bama, runs streak to 10
  No. 3 Duke outlasts Florida State in OT
  No. 9 Kentucky upset by Alabama
  No. 7 UNC downs Wake Forest
  Virginia upsets No. 6 Maryland
  Shock hire Fred Williams as coach
  Top-ranked Wildcats play host to Buffaloes
  SEC action pits Gators against Crimson Tide
  Bearcats battle Knights in AAC affair
  Illini and Buckeyes meet in clash of floundering squads
  Houston visits Memphis in AAC showdown
  Dorm Report: Aztecs continue to divide and conquer
  Minnesota hands Wisconsin third straight loss
  No. 25 Sooners handle TCU
  No. 7 SDSU routs San Jose State
Wednesday, January 22, 2014
  St. Louis sneaks past Duquesne
  No. 12 Louisville routs South Florida
  Parker, No. 18 Duke rout Miami-Florida
  Michigan strikes again, knocks off No. 10 Iowa
  Second-half surge carries Shockers past Illinois State
  No. 8 Oklahoma State rallies to defeat Kansas
  Top-ranked Huskies rout Memphis
  Richmond takes down No. 13 UMass
  Minutemen visit Spiders in A-10 showdown
  Dukes seek upset of 19th-ranked Billikens
  Shockers put perfect mark on line against Redbirds
  Aztecs and Spartans mix it up in Mountain West melee
  Cardinals collide with Bulls in AAC action
  Blue Devils head south to take on Hurricanes
  Badgers hope to right ship in clash with Golden Gophers
  Frogs face uphill climb in clash with 25th-ranked Sooners
  Hawkeyes visit Wolverines in pivotal Big Ten brawl
  Zanna nets 22 in Pitt's rout of Clemson
  Holmes' 3 lifts Texas over No. 22 KSU
  No. 3 Michigan St. tops Indiana
  No. 14 Kentucky handles Texas A&M
  Louisville crushes Houston
Tuesday, January 21, 2014
  GW loses Savage to foot fracture
  Aggies hit road seeking upset of 14th-ranked Wildcats
  Hoosiers come calling on third-ranked Spartans
  Clemson visits Pittsburgh in ACC cat fight
  Big 12 brawl pits Wildcats against Longhorns
  Streaking Kansas takes care of spiraling Baylor
Monday, January 20, 2014
  Long ball helps Creighton rout No. 4 Villanova
  Nebraska shocks No. 17 Ohio State
  No. 4 Notre Dame rallies to beat Tennessee
  Arizona keeps firm grip on No. 1 spot
  UConn women still No. 1
  Jayhawks and Bears clash in marquee matchup
  Wildcats and Bluejays collide in Big East action
  Buckeyes battle Cornhuskers in Big Ten brawl
Sunday, January 19, 2014
  Kansas ends Baylor's Big 12 winning streak
  Iowa routs Minnesota
  O'Neill, Kentucky hold off Auburn
  South Carolina cruises past Alabama
  Maryland holds off Georgia Tech
  Hartley, Stewart fuel UConn's rout of Rutgers
  No. 5 Louisville tops SMU
  No. 3 Duke holds off Virginia Tech
  Hawkeyes host Gophers in Big Ten brawl
  Providence upsets No. 20 Creighton
  Louisville beats UConn; Ollie ejected
  No. 4 Michigan State cruises past Illinois
Saturday, January 18, 2014
  Kansas fends off late charge to best Oklahoma State
  Michigan deals No. 3 Wisconsin 2nd straight loss
  Utah knocks off 25th-ranked UCLA
  Texas takes down No. 8 Iowa State
  No. 21 Colorado crushes USC
  Villanova routs DePaul
  Thames leads San Diego State past UNLV
  UMass continues winning ways, downs Elon
  Syracuse holds off Pitt
  Kilpatrick boosts Bearcats over Bulls
  Gators top Tigers in Prather's return
  Billikens dominate Rams
  Hield helps Sooners sneak past Bears
  Parker, Duke dominate NC State
  No. 5 Wichita State defeats Indiana State to remain unbeaten
  Memphis cruises past LeMoyne-Owen
  Kentucky rallies to take down Tennessee
  Minutemen meet Phoenix in non-league tussle
  Aztecs continue MWC slate against Runnin' Rebels
  Reeling Buffs play host to struggling Trojans
  Bruins hit road to tangle with Utes
  ACC action pits Panthers against Orange
  Jayhawks and Cowboys collide in critical Big 12 battle
  Blue Devils welcome Wolfpack for ACC tilt
  Big 12 brawl pits Sooners against Bears
  Tennessee visits Kentucky in SEC showdown
  Cardinals and Huskies clash in AAC affair
  Memphis meets Lemoyne-Owen in non-conference action
  Cyclones hit road to take on Longhorns
  Spartans visit Illini in Big Ten tussle
  Badgers hope to bounce back in clash with Wolverines
  Shockers set for MVC showdown with Sycamores
  Billikens butt heads with Rams in A-10 action
  Gators set sights on Tigers in SEC matchup
  Bluejays square off with Friars in Big East action
  Blue Demons come calling on sixth-ranked Wildcats
  Bulls play host to 19th-ranked Bearcats
  Stanford makes 15 3s in rout of Arizona
Friday, January 17, 2014
  Duke's Gray undergoes knee surgery
  No.1 Arizona crushes Arizona State
  Gophers take down No. 11 Buckeyes late
Thursday, January 16, 2014
  No. 25 UCLA downs No. 21 Colorado
  No. 25 Aggies edge No. 8 Gamecocks in OT
  Thomas, No. 6 Maryland down Syracuse
  UConn upsets No. 17 Memphis
  Louisville dominates Houston
  No. 21 Colorado downs No. 25 UCLA
  No. 2 Notre Dame crushes Pittsburgh
  No. 9 North Carolina takes care of Clemson
  South Carolina G Johnson out indefinitely
  Tigers take on Huskies in AAC affair
  Desert duel pits Wildcats against Sun Devils
  UCLA visits Colorado in pivotal Pac-12 affair
  Buckeyes hoping to get back on track in clash with Gophers
  Cougars challenge 18th-ranked Cardinals in AAC action
  Dorm Report: Freshman progress report
  San Diego State upends Fresno State to win 14th straight
  Saint Louis downs Bonnies for 10th straight win
  Texas Tech tops Baylor
  No. 9 Oklahoma State routs TCU
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
  No. 4 Michigan State uses late run to beat Northwestern
  No. 16 UMass escapes with win over George Mason
  Louisville runs past UCF
  Bonnies and Billikens do battle in A-10 action
  A-10 action pits Minutemen against Patriots
  Cowboys clash with Horned Frogs in Big 12 action
  Fresno State comes calling on No. 10 San Diego State
  Lone Star State showdown pits Bears against Red Raiders
  Spartans take act on road, battle Wildcats in Big Ten brawl
  Creighton dominates Butler
  Qualls' slam helps Arkansas edge No. 13 Kentucky in OT
  No. 22 Pittsburgh takes down Georgia Tech
  Wichita State blasts Bradley to remain unbeaten
  Cincinnati tops Temple to win ninth straight
  K-State dumps 25th-ranked Oklahoma in Big 12 clash
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
  Gators rout Georgia for 25th straight home win
  Indiana hands No. 3 Wisconsin first loss
  Badgers take act on road to face Hoosiers
  Sooners and Wildcats duke it out in Big 12 melee
  Arkansas plays host to No. 13 Kentucky
  SEC showdown pits Bulldogs against Gators
  Owls hope to soar past 19th-ranked Bearcats
  Panthers and Yellow Jackets mix it up in ACC fracas
  Butler battles No. 20 Creighton in Big East action
  Braves hit road seeking upset of fifth-ranked Shockers
  Tharpe, Wiggins lead Kansas to road win at Iowa State
  Second-ranked Orange squeeze life out of BC to remain unbeaten
Monday, January 13, 2014
  Sulaimon, No. 23 Duke edge upset-minded Virginia
  Huskies end Baylor's 69-game home winning streak
  Colorado's Dinwiddie out for season
  UConn still unanimous No. 1 in women's hoops poll
  Florida's Prather remains sidelined
  Arizona remains strong No. 1 in men's hoops poll
  South Carolina assistant McCray diagnosed with breast cancer
  Familiar foes meet, as Syracuse visits Boston College
  Duke hosts Virginia in ACC affair
  Jayhawks and Cyclones meet in Big 12 brawl
  Crawford helps Northwestern edge Illinois
  No. 1 Arizona tops USC for best start in school history
Sunday, January 12, 2014
  No. 13 San Diego State tops Air Force
  Stanford hands Oregon third straight loss
  Stanford tops Colorado in battle of Pac-12 ranked schools
  Vanderbilt upsets No. 8 Tennessee
  No. 15 Colorado loses Dinwiddie, can't overcome Washington
  Goss guides Kentucky past Missouri
  No. 20 Iowa knocks off No. 3 Ohio State
  No. 3 Duke races past Boston College
  Schimmel, No. 5 Louisville down USF
  Louisville outlasts SMU thanks to Smith and Hancock
  Pitt's Johnson done for season with knee injury
  No. 2 Notre Dame holds off Virginia
  Huskies host Buffaloes in Pac-12 tilt
  No. 23 Illinois meets Northwestern in Big Ten battle
  Trojans take shot at top-ranked Wildcats
  Big Ten brawl pits Hawkeyes against Buckeyes
  Aztecs put lengthy win streak on line against Falcons
  Cardinals seek redemption in AAC clash with Mustangs
  Stanford visits No. 17 Oregon in Pac-12 action
  Oklahoma State outlasts West Virginia
  No. 24 Memphis takes down Temple
  Wichita State rallies past Missouri State, remains unbeaten
  Baylor eases past TCU in Big 12 clash
  No. 19 UMass wins another close one
  Oklahoma sends No. 9 ISU to first loss
Saturday, January 11, 2014
  No. 5 Michigan State survives OT challenge from Minnesota
  Cauley-Stein, No. 14 Kentucky top Vanderbilt
  McDaniels, Clemson top No. 16 Duke
  No. 8 Villanova edges St. John's
  No. 2 Syracuse keeps UNC winless in ACC
  No. 18 Kansas crushes No. 25 Kansas State
  Prather-less Gators edge Razorbacks in OT
  No. 21 Missouri edges Auburn
  Memphis takes down Temple
  No. 1 Huskies maul Owls
  Bears host sixth-ranked Shockers in MVC fracas
  Frogs and Bears meet in Lone Star State showdown
  A-10 action pits Bonnies against 19th-ranked Minutemen
  Big 12 battle pits Cowboys against Mountaineers
  No. 21 Missouri battles Auburn in SEC affair
  No. 2 Syracuse hosts North Carolina in ACC action
  No. 8 Villanova heads to Big Apple to battle St. John's
  Surging Tigers set sights on struggling Owls
  14th-ranked Wildcats meet Commodores in SEC fray
  Gators hit road for SEC showdown with Razorbacks
  Blue Devils take on Tigers in ACC tilt
  Minnesota visits No. 5 Michigan State in Big Ten tussle
  Wildcats and Jayhawks add another chapter to bitter rivalry
  Sooners hoping to hand Cyclones first loss of season
Friday, January 10, 2014
  Stanford routs Utah
  Former Tar Heel Hairston to join D-League
  Vanderbilt's McClellan kicked off team
  Cal continues dominance over Oregon
  Unbeaten Arizona escapes road test at UCLA
  Portland takes rare win against Gonzaga
  No. 24 Memphis outlasts No. 12 Louisville
  No. 20 Iowa rolls past Northwestern
Thursday, January 09, 2014
  Mitchell, No. 10 South Carolina down No. 9 Kentucky
  Massengale, No. 8 Tennessee rout Ole Miss
  No. 6 Maryland crushes Wake Forest
  No. 2 Notre Dame annihilates Boston College
  Top 25 foes collide in AAC affair
  No. 1 Arizona takes on UCLA in Pac-12 tilt
  Portland entertains No. 22 Gonzaga
  Wildcats pay visit to 20th-ranked Hawkeyes
  Ducks hope to soar past visiting Golden Bears
  San Diego State holds off Boise State
  No. 15 Colorado outlasts Washington State
  No. 4 Wisconsin blasts No. 23 Illinois
  Smart, No. 11 Oklahoma State down Texas
  Georgia knocks off No. 21 Mizzou in OT
Wednesday, January 08, 2014
  Florida downs South Carolina in SEC opener
  Young, No. 14 UK rout Mississippi State
  Lady Bears take down West Virginia
  No. 6 Wichita State stymies Illinois State
  Villanova routs Seton Hall
  Ellis, No. 18 Kansas top Oklahoma
  Williams, UMass sneak by St. Joe's
  Vanderbilt's McClellan to miss rest of season
  Cowboys hope to lasso visiting Longhorns
  SEC action pits Florida against South Carolina
  Seton Hall seeks upset of No. 8 Villanova
  Wildcats welcome Bulldogs for SEC showdown
  Tigers take on Bulldogs in SEC tilt
  No. 23 Illinois challenges No. 4 Wisconsin
  Shockers hope to avoid upset in MVC clash with Redbirds
  Buffaloes battle Cougars in Pac-12 action
  Boise State comes calling on No. 13 San Diego State
  Hawks hoping to soar past 19th-ranked Minutemen
  Kansas and Oklahoma clash in Big 12 affair
  Kane, No. 9 Iowa State knock off No. 7 Baylor
  Michigan State regroups, knocks off Ohio State in OT
  No. 25 Kansas State cruises past TCU
  Hot-shooting Hood leads Duke past Georgia Tech
  Second-half juice sends No. 2 Syracuse past Hokies
Tuesday, January 07, 2014
  No. 1 Huskies maintain their dominance
  Three UTEP men's hoops players dismissed after gambling probe
  Oral Roberts forced to forfeit two Southland games
  Duke seeks redemption in ACC clash with Georgia Tech
  TCU plays host to No. 25 Kansas State
  Buckeyes visit Spartans in pivotal Big Ten matchup
  Big 12 battle of ranked foes pits Bears against Cyclones
  Hokies eye upset in meeting with second-ranked Orange
Monday, January 06, 2014
  Arizona still No. 1 in altered men's hoops poll
  Wisconsin rallies in 2nd half to down Iowa
  McKie, Wake Forest down No. 19 UNC
  Villanova handles Providence
Sunday, January 05, 2014
  Booker and Dinwiddie lead Colorado past Oregon
  Stanford takes care of Oregon State
  San Diego State escapes Allen Fieldhouse with upset win over Kansas
  Baylor cruises past Kansas
  Tennessee survives late surge, beats Georgia
  Florida upsets No. 6 Kentucky in Lexington
  Maryland takes care of UNC in Top-10 battle
  Wichita State takes down Northern Iowa
  Notre Dame routs Clemson
  Big East rivals clash, as Friars visit Wildcats
  Ducks and Buffs mix it up in Pac-12 showdown
  Heels and Deacs square off in ACC action
  Hawkeyes battle Badgers in Big Ten brawl
  Panthers seek upset of eighth-ranked Shockers
  Top-25 showdown pits Aztecs against Jayhawks
  No. 24 Gonzaga handles Pacific
  SMU takes down No. 17 UConn
  No. 5 Michigan State rolls over Indiana
  Williams, UMass down Miami-Ohio
Saturday, January 04, 2014
  No. 14 Louisville hangs on to beat Rutgers
  Kansas State stuns No. 6 Oklahoma State
  Missouri gets past Long Beach State
  Williams, UMass downs Miami-Ohio
  Notre Dame upsets No. 7 Duke in first ACC game
  No. 12 Florida takes down Richmond
  Syracuse starts ACC play with tough win over Miami
  Buckeyes keep rolling with rout of Nebraska
  No. 1 Arizona dispatches upset-minded Washington
  Iowa State handles Texas Tech
  Cincinnati takes down No. 18 Memphis
  Louisville dominates Cincinnati
  Huskies hope for turnaround against Mustangs
  Gators set sights on Spiders in non-conference fray
  Top-ranked Wildcats continue Pac-12 play against Huskies
  Pacific comes calling on No. 24 Gonzaga
  Pokes and 'Cats meet in Big 12 lid lifter
  Huskers face uphill climb in clash with third-ranked Buckeyes
  Big Ten brawl pits Spartans against Hoosiers
  Cyclones put win streak on the line against Red Raiders
  Tigers close out non-league play against 49ers
  Second-ranked Orange host Hurricanes in ACC action
  Louisville and Rutgers collide in AAC affair
  Irish make ACC debut against seventh-ranked Blue Devils
  RedHawks hit road seeking upset of 23rd-ranked Minutemen
  Cincinnati takes on No. 18 Memphis in AAC showdown
  Hawaii rallies past Nebraska-Omaha
Friday, January 03, 2014
  No. 4 Stanford dismantles Oregon in Pac-12 opener
  Baylor keeps home streak alive, routs Savannah State
  Louisville senior Henderson placed on scholarship
  Hapless Tigers tangle with surging Bears
  Arizona cruises past Washington State
  Oregon downs Utah in OT
  Gonzaga rolls through Saint Mary's
  Wichita State drops Southern Illinois in MVC opener
  Colorado edges Oregon State in Pac-12 opener
Thursday, January 02, 2014
  Wisconsin stays unbeaten with rout of Northwestern
  No. 9 Baylor clobbers Kansas State in Big 12 opener
  Notre Dame has easy time with South Dakota State
  Ballard leads LSU past Lady Vols
  Blue Devils take down Lady Monarchs
  Kennesaw State coach taking leave of absence
  Kentucky cruises past Alabama
  No. 10 UNC holds off James Madison
  Iona-Quinnipiac hoops game postponed
  Top-ranked Wildcats open league play against Cougars
  Pac-12 action features Buffaloes against Beavers
  Badgers bring perfect record into Big Ten play
  Shockers seeks revenge in MVC opener against Salukis
  Early WCC showdown pits Gaels against Zags
  Utes host 10th-ranked Ducks in Pac-12 opener
  No. 21 San Diego State takes down Colorado State
Wednesday, January 01, 2014
  Taylor lifts No. 7 Louisville over Temple
  No. 1 UConn rolls past UCF
  21st-ranked Aztecs take on Rams in MWC opener
  Iowa State blows through Northern Illinois
  Houston upends UConn
  No. 11 'Nova spoils Butler's Big East debut
Thursday, January 31, 2013
  Stephen's late basket lifts Wisconsin over No. 7 Penn State
  Lady Vols stymie Mississippi State in lopsided win
  Duke women erupt in second half to rout Miami
  13th-ranked Spartans set sights on struggling Illini
  Seventh-ranked Bulldogs go Lion hunting in WCC action
  No. 8 Wildcats hit road for Pac-12 tilt against Huskies
  Rivalry renewed as Butler takes on Saint Louis
  Stanford stomps No. 10 Oregon
  Jays, McDermott roll past Bears for second straight win
  New Mexico escapes Wyoming with win
  Hurricanes take out Virginia Tech
  Indiana prepares for Michigan with rout of Purdue
  Plumlee, No. 5 Duke hold off Wake Forest
  Michigan tops Northwestern
  Texas puts up no resistance to No. 18 Kansas State
  Gators roll to another easy win
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
  Bowers returns, but No. 17 Mizzou falls at LSU
  Griner sets Big 12 scoring record in rout of Lady Raiders
  Bearcats shake off rust, top Scarlet Knights
  Ohio U cancels basketball game amid campus scare
  Struggling Scarlet Knights come calling on 24th-ranked Bearcats
  Wildcats hope to right ship in Big 12 clash with Longhorns
  Michigan plays first game as No. 1 team in more than two decades
  Gators set sights on Gamecocks in SEC affair
  Ducks on The Farm for Pac-12 tilt with Cardinal
  Lobos head north for Mountain West tussle with Cowboys
  LSU hosts No. 17 Missouri in SEC cat fight
  No. 21 Bluejays battle Bears in MVC action
  Hokies host red-hot Hurricanes in ACC bout
  Indiana visits Purdue in Hoosier State showdown
  Duke takes on Wake Forest in Tobacco Road rivalry
  Arop, Indiana State take down Shockers
  Wiltjer pushes Wildcats past Rebels
  No. 23 Minnesota, Williams topple Nebraska
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
  Thomas leads Ohio State past Wisconsin
  Virginia knocks off NC State
  No. 3 UConn stomps Villanova
  Shockers continue MVC run against Sycamores
  Golden Gophers seek end to slump against Cornhuskers
  Red-hot Rebels play host to Wildcats
  Wolfpack take on Cavaliers in ACC action
  Big Ten brawl pits Badgers at Buckeyes
  Syracuse center Coleman sidelined with knee injury
  Blue leads No. 25 Marquette past South Florida
  No. 2 Kansas holds off upset-minded West Virginia
  Cardinals end skid, hang on against Pittsburgh
Monday, January 28, 2013
  Diggins leads Notre Dame past Tennessee
  Golden Eagles host slumping Bulls in Big East battle
  Baylor still top team in women's hoops
  High-flying Jayhawks visit struggling Mountaineers
  Cardinals hope to right ship in Big East bout with Panthers
  Miami handles Florida State
  Michigan cruises past Illinois
Sunday, January 27, 2013
  McDermott, Creighton rout Southern Illinois
  No. 6 Stanford downs No. 20 Colorado
  Clarendon pours in 23 as California tops Utah
  No. 10 Maryland rolls past Clemson
  No. 5 Kentucky holds off LSU
  Oladipo, Indiana beat Spartans
  Duke eases past Boston College
  No. 8 Penn State dominates Ohio State in second half
  Sunshine State showdown pits 'Noles against 'Canes
  Spartans and Hoosiers collide in Big Ten brawl
  Bluejays hope to end skid in MVC clash with Salukis
  Illinois entertains No. 2 Michigan
  No. 8 Florida routs Mississippi State
  No. 6 Florida routs Mississippi State
  Singler, No. 16 Oregon tops Washington
  La Salle knocks off No. 19 VCU
  Clarke returns, leads Butler over Temple
Saturday, January 26, 2013
  No. 3 Connecticut rolls past Cincinnati
  No. 10 Gonzaga rolls past San Francisco
  Ole Miss holds off Auburn, notches ninth straight win
  No. 6 Arizona cruises past USC
  Brown helps No. 18 NC State top UNC
  No. 20 Wichita State thumps Bradley
  'Nova tops Syracuse in OT for second straight upset
  Hoyas send Louisville to third straight loss
  Aztecs stifle, overwhelm No. 15 New Mexico
  Mizzou stomps on Vandy
  Badgers, Jackson's late basket down No. 12 Minnesota
  Kansas runs winning streak to 17
  Northern Illinois held to 4 points in first half
  Clyburn, Iowa State upend No. 11 Kansas State
  Sulaimon and Duke dominate Maryland
  Notre Dame uses strong second half to top South Florida
  Thompson pushes Buckeyes past Penn State
  Diggins scores 2,000th point as No. 2 Notre Dame cruises
  Griner becomes all-time block leader as Baylor routs Oklahoma
  Dons and Zags duke it out in WCC action
  Mountain West showdown pits Lobos against Aztecs
  Vanderbilt hits road seeking upset of No. 22 Missouri
  Irish and Bulls meet in Big East brawl
  Ducks play host to Huskies in Pac-12 tilt
  No. 6 Arizona plays host to USC in Pac-12 duel
  Owls and Bulldogs clash in A-10 action
  Streaking Jayhawks take aim at Sooners
  Penn State entertains No. 14 Ohio State
  Rebels put lengthy win streak on like against Tigers
  Gophers and Badgers mix it up in Big Ten brawl
  No. 11 Kansas State tangles with Iowa State in Big 12 action
  Shockers take aim at Braves in MVC matchup
  ACC action pits Tar Heels against Wolfpack
  Duke seeks turnaround against Maryland
  Gators head west hoping to feast on struggling Bulldogs
  Rams and Explorers square off in A-10 affair
  Cardinals hope to end skid in Big East brawl with Hoyas
  No. 3 Syracuse hopes to avoid upset against Villanova
  Cal holds off Colorado
  Stanford stays unbeaten against Utah
Friday, January 25, 2013
  Butler's Clarke cleared for game action
  Full-Court Press: Sneaking into first place
  Richmond downs No. 19 VCU in OT
  Burke and Michigan take out Purdue
  Mr. Perfect: Olynyk doesn't miss as Gonzaga rebounds
  UCLA hands No. 6 Arizona its first home loss
Thursday, January 24, 2013
  No. 9 Tennessee gets past Vanderbilt
  Henderson's big 2nd half gets Ole Miss past Tennessee
  Hawkins helps Terps trounce Tar Heels
  South Carolina snaps Kentucky's 17-game win streak
  Liston guides Duke over Clemson
  Penn State holds on against Minnesota
  Butler's Clarke cleared for practice
  No. 23 Rebels and Vols square off in SEC affair
  Bruins battle Wildcats in Pac-12 desert duel
  Cougars visit Bulldogs in West Coast Conference showdown
  Rams and Spiders add another chapter to bitter rivalry
  Purdue battles No. 2 Michigan in Big Ten action
  No. 16 Oregon rallies past Washington State
  Big second half carries Gators past Georgia
  Galloway and La Salle upend Butler
  Northwestern knocks off No. 12 Minnesota
  Drake hands Creighton second straight loss
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
  New Mexico beats Colorado State in MWC clash
  Hurricanes blow away No. 1 Duke
  Griner leads Baylor over Iowa State
  Hoosiers keep Penn State winless in Big Ten
  Wichita State shuts down Missouri State
  Notre Dame overwhelms Pitt in second half
  NCAA finds problems with Miami-Florida investigation
  Rams and Lobos meet in Mountain West showdown
  Gophers hope to stop slide in Big Ten clash with Wildcats
  Penn State faces tall task in clash with No. 7 Indiana
  16th-ranked Oregon plays host to Washington State
  Florida seeks sweep of Georgia in SEC action
  ACC matchup features top-25 showdown
  Bluejays seek quick turnaround against Bulldogs
  A-10 action pits No. 9 Bulldogs at Explorers
  Shockers battle Bears in MVC action
  Villanova sinks No. 5 Louisville with late charge
  No.3 Kansas downs 11th-ranked Kansas State
  Timely 3-pointers help No. 22 Mizzou edge Gamecocks
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
  Thomas helps Wake Forest knock off No. 18 NC State
  Appling, Spartans sneak past Badgers
  Ohio State bounces back to down Iowa
Monday, January 21, 2013
  Porter helps Hoyas down No. 24 Notre Dame
  Duke moves back to top of men's hoops poll
  Baylor continues reign as top team in women's hoops
  Monday matinee pits Bearcats against Orange
  Hoyas and Irish tangle in Big East brawl
Sunday, January 20, 2013
  No. 14 NC State holds off Clemson
  Ogwumike, Stanford take down USC
  No. 7 California dumps No. 14 UCLA
  Terps use balanced attack to top Georgia Tech
  No. 2 Indiana holds off Northwestern
  No. 5 Kentucky crushes Auburn
  Tennessee rolls over Alabama
  Diggins-led Irish rout Red Storm
  NC State and Clemson clash in ACC affair
  Hoosiers hit road for Big Ten bout with Wildcats
  Notre Dame holds off Rutgers
  No. 22 VCU routs Duquesne
  Wichita State snaps No. 12 Creighton's win streak
  Jones' buzzer-beater lifts Butler over Gonzaga
  Kilpatrick lifts Cincinnati past No. 25 Marquette
Saturday, January 19, 2013
  Orange, Carter-Williams slay top-ranked Louisville
  Cowboys, Washington stifle San Diego State
  No. 1 Baylor cruises past WVU to lengthen streak
  No. 11 Buckeyes edged by Michigan State
  No. 16 K-State stays hot by downing Oklahoma
  Lyons leads No. 7 Arizona past Arizona State
  Gators blast Missouri for Donovan's 400th win
  Woods helps Ducks edge Bruins
  Huskies ease past Syracuse
  Second half rally propels No. 4 Kansas past Texas
  Top-10 foes meet in Big East action
  15th-ranked Aztecs take on Cowboys in Mountain West clash
  MVC action features Bluejays at Shockers
  Irish seek turnaround against Scarlet Knights
  Bearcats battle Golden Eagles in Big East brawl
  Kansas and Texas mix it up in Big 12 affair
  Gonzaga and Butler collide in top-25 showdown
  Duel in the desert pits Wildcats against Sun Devils
  No. 22 VCU puts lengthy win streak on line at Duquesne
  Oregon visits UCLA in clash of ranked Pac-12 rivals
  SEC showdown pits Tigers against Gators
  Buckeyes battle Spartans in pivotal Big Ten brawl
  Oklahoma visits Kansas State in Big 12 showdown
  Stanford sends UCLA to first Pac-12 loss
Friday, January 18, 2013
  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
  No. 8 Gonzaga downs Portland
  No. 21 Oregon edges USC
  UCLA keeps Oregon State winless in Pac-12 play
  Northwestern knocks off No. 23 Illinois
  Florida easily handles Texas A&M
  No. 3 Duke bounces back to top Georgia Tech
  No. 22 VCU survives St. Joseph's in OT thriller
  No. 7 California rallies to top USC in OT
Thursday, January 17, 2013
  Simmons lifts Tennessee over Auburn
  No. 5 Michigan slips past Minnesota on road
  No. 10 Maryland rolls past NC State
  Penn State pounds Wisconsin
  No. 5 Kentucky steamrolls MSU
  Bruins battle Beavers in Pac-12 bout
  Portland entertains No. 8 Gonzaga in WCC action
  No. 10 Gators take on Aggies in SEC action
  No. 22 Rams butt heads with Hawks
  Ducks meet new-look Trojans in Pac-12 affair
  Duke returns home to host Georgia Tech
  Michigan visits Minnesota in clash of ranked Big Ten rivals
  Land of Lincoln showdown pits Wildcats against Illini
  UNLV knocks off No. 15 San Diego State
  No. 19 New Mexico outlasts Boise State in OT
  Kansas State rolls past TCU
  Marquette, Gardner slip past Seton Hall
  Missouri handles Georgia without Bowers
  Despite first half benching, Payne leads Spartans past Penn State
  Len's layup propels Maryland past NC State
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
  Butler rolls over Richmond without leading-scorer Clarke
  Griner, Baylor roll past Kansas State
  No. 4 Duke crushes Virginia Tech
  Georgetown's Whittington ineligible
  MWC showdown pits Runnin' Rebels against 15th-ranked Aztecs
  No. 18 New Mexico hits road to take on Boise State
  Penn State entertains No. 18 Michigan State
  No. 16 Kansas State comes calling on Big 12 newcomer TCU
  Golden Eagles and Pirates collide in Big East affair
  A-10 action pits Butler against Richmond
  Surging Wolfpack take on Terrapins in ACC action
  No. 17 Tigers set to pounce on Bulldogs
  Wisconsin upsets No. 2 Indiana on road
  UConn posts another win over Louisville
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
  St. John's knocks off No. 20 Notre Dame
  McDermott paces Bluejays past Northern Iowa
  Fighting Irish fend off Hoyas
  Hoosiers host Badgers in Big Ten brawl
  No. 12 Bluejays take on Panthers in MVC affair
  Irish set sights on Red Storm in Big East battle
  Jayhawks breeze past Baylor, McLemore injured
  USC fires O'Neill
Monday, January 14, 2013
  Smith helps No. 1 Louisville cruise past UConn
  Florida's Prather sidelined with ankle sprain
  Louisville vaults to top of men's hoops poll
  Baylor remains top team in women's hoops poll
  Silver Stars extend Hughes
  Baylor battles Kansas in Big 12 showdown
  Ryan helps Aces upend No. 23 Shockers
  Nix helps Spartans to victory over Cornhuskers
Sunday, January 13, 2013
  Diggins helps Notre Dame drop Rutgers
  Buckeyes hand No. 2 Michigan first loss of the season
  Griner, Baylor crush Kansas
  No. 8 Penn State handles Nebraska
  Williams guides Duke over Wake Forest
  No. 10 Maryland handles Virginia Tech
  No. 6 Kentucky dominates Missouri
  Lady Vols prevail in OT
  Top-25 foes meet in Big Ten brawl
  No. 22 Spartans collide with Cornhuskers
  Shockers take on Purple Aces in MVC affair
  Bennett guides UNLV to OT win over Air Force
  Arizona bounces back with win at Oregon State
  Cincinnati halts skid with road win at Rutgers
  Ole Miss deals No. 10 Missouri first SEC loss
  Tapley leads Aztecs past Rams
  No. 3 Louisville rolls past USF
Saturday, January 12, 2013
  No. 6 Kansas gets by Texas Tech
  Butler's Clarke exits contest
  No. 25 New Mexico trounces Fresno State
  UConn topples No. 17 Notre Dame in South Bend
  No. 11 Florida uses second-half surge to tame LSU
  Butler beats Dayton, loses Clarke to injury
  Wolfpack hand No.1 Duke first loss of the season
  Syracuse fends off Villanova without Southerland
  Wisconsin thumps No. 12 Illinois
  No. 3 Connecticut overpowers Marquette
  No. 18 Kansas State holds off West Virginia
  Hoyas and Red Storm clash in the Big Apple
  No. 7 Syracuse plays host to Villanova
  SEC action pits Tigers against Rebels
  Jayhawks hit the road for Big 12 battle
  Illinois visits Wisconsin in Big Ten brawl
  Top-10 matchup in Big Ten pits Gophers against Hoosiers
  West Virginia seeks upset of No. 18 Kansas State
  Bulls hope to charge past third-ranked Cardinals
  Fresno State seeks upset of No. 25 New Mexico
  Rams and Aztecs mix it up in Mountain West showdown
  Falcons hope to soar past 24th-ranked Runnin' Rebels
  Irish host Huskies in Big East play
  No. 11 Gators set sights on Tigers
  ACC elite square off in top-25 showdown
  Bearcats meet Scarlet Knights in Big East brawl
  Butler and Dayton clash in A-10 affair
  No. 4 Arizona seeks quick turnaround at Oregon State
Friday, January 11, 2013
  McDermott leads No. 13 Creighton past Missouri State
  Missouri State seeks upset of No. 13 Creighton
  No. 9 Gonzaga holds off Saint Mary's
  Singler helps Oregon upset No. 4 Arizona
  Dawson, Spartans hold off Hawkeyes
Thursday, January 10, 2013
  No. 9 Tennessee whips Mizzou
  Duke routs Clemson in ACC matchup
  Pavlech pushes 10th-ranked Terrapins past Hurricanes
  Kentucky sets one school record, extends another
  Gaels and Zags mix it up in WCC showdown
  Iowa plays host to No. 22 Michigan State
  Arizona visits Oregon in pivotal Pac-12 matchup
  Franklin leads Aztecs over Bulldogs in MWC opener
  No. 11 Gators crush Georgia in SEC opener
  Kirk, Lobos knock off UNLV
  Brown, Wood help No. 20 NC State past Georgia Tech
Wednesday, January 09, 2013
  Coleman and Minnesota take down Illinois
  Early helps No. 23 Wichita State beat Southern Illinois
  Jayhawks need OT to beat Iowa State
  Michigan matches best start in school history
  No. 3 Louisville finishes strong, beats Seton Hall
  Baylor moves homecourt winning streak to 48 games
  Orange squeeze out tough win at Providence
  Faris, Stewart carry UConn over Georgetown
  Butler edges Hawks in A-10 opener
  Storm C Jackson has surgery
  Duke's Kelly out indefinitely with right foot injury
  Missouri's Bowers has MCL sprain
  New Mexico hosts UNLV in clash of ranked Mountain West rivals
  No. 16 San Diego State opens MWC play at Fresno State
  Syracuse and Providence collide in Big East battle
  Salukis battle 23rd-ranked Shockers in MVC action
  No. 6 Kansas opens Big 12 play against Iowa State
  ACC action pits Georgia Tech at NC State
  No. 14 Butler visits Saint Joseph's
  Gators and Bulldogs clash in SEC showdown
  Huskers face tall task in clash with second-ranked Wolverines
  Minnesota visits Illinois in clash of ranked Big Ten rivals
  Big East showdown pits Cardinals against Pirates
  Woodall helps Pitt top No. 19 Georgetown
  Thomas helps Ohio State knock off Purdue
  No. 13 Creighton breezes past Drake
  No. 1 Duke clobbers Clemson
  No. 5 Stanford stymies seventh-ranked California
Tuesday, January 08, 2013
  No. 10 Missouri downs Alabama for first SEC win
  No. 2 Notre Dame outlasts upset-minded USF in OT
  Panthers and Hoyas square off in Big East action
  Drake comes calling on No. 13 Creighton
  Clemson hits road to challenge No. 1 Duke
  Missouri plays first SEC game against Alabama
  Irish slip past Bearcats
  No. 5 Indiana rips Penn State
Monday, January 07, 2013
  Baylor returns to top of women's hoops poll
  Duke, Michigan remain atop men's hoops poll
  Cincinnati entertains Notre Dame in key Big East fray
  Hoosiers hit road to tangle with Nittany Lions
  Boynton's hot shooting helps Florida drop Yale
Sunday, January 06, 2013
  Lehigh's McCollum out 8-10 weeks with broken foot
  Golden Gophers down Northwestern
  No. 7 Syracuse handles South Florida
  No. 2 Michigan dominates Iowa to continue roll
  Jayhawks stave off upset bid from Temple
  Pope and Baylor crush Oklahoma State
  No. 7 California outlasts No. 20 Colorado
  No. 4 Stanford fends off Utah
  Kentucky pulls away late to top Alabama
  Lady Lions cruise past Spartans
  No. 3 Duke crushes Boston College
  Thomas guides Maryland over Florida State
  Strong second half leads Tennessee over Georgia
  Gators hit the road to take on Bulldogs
  Big East battle pits No. 7 Orange against Bulls
  Jayhawks welcome dangerous Owls to Lawrence
  Wolverines and Hawkeyes meet in Big Ten brawl
  No. 9 Minnesota plays host to Northwestern
Saturday, January 05, 2013
  Gonzaga outlasts Santa Clara
  No. 16 Creighton strikes late to overcome Indiana State
  No. 23 NC State outlasts Boston College in ACC opener
  No. 3 Arizona escapes controversy, slips by Utah
  St. John's edges No. 14 Cincinnati
  Illinois knocks off Ohio State in battle of ranked Big Ten schools
  Luck of the Irish: Notre Dame edges No. 1 UConn
  Gardner helps Marquette upset Georgetown
  No. 12 Missouri holds off upset-minded Bucknell
  McGruder guides Wildcats past Cowboys
  Martin leads Irish in rout of Seton Hall
  Butler downs New Orleans
  Harris, Michigan State handle Purdue
  Duke opens ACC play with rout of Wake Forest
  Carter, Rutgers top Pittsburgh
  No. 17 Butler seeks ninth straight win in clash with New Orleans
  Sycamores hope to knock off 16th-ranked Bluejays
  No. 15 Georgetown battles Marquette
  Bucknell seeks upset of No. 12 Missouri
  ACC action pits Wolfpack against Eagles
  No. 10 Gonzaga pays visit to Santa Clara
  Big 12 showdown pits Pokes against 'Cats
  Purdue to try and take out No. 18 Michigan State
  Utah visits No. 3 Arizona in Pac-12 affair
  Wake Forest faces tall task in clash with top-ranked Duke
  Rutgers entertains No. 24 Pittsburgh
  No. 14 Cincinnati plays host to St. John's
  Seton Hall comes calling on No. 21 Notre Dame
  Ohio State visits Illinois in battle of ranked Big Ten rivals
  No.4 Stanford downs Buffaloes
Friday, January 04, 2013
  Cal holds off Utah
  Gamecocks' Page ineligible for rest of the season
  Michigan hits 13 3's in win over Northwestern
  No. 3 Arizona fends off upset-minded Colorado in OT
Thursday, January 03, 2013
  Gonzaga rolls past Pepperdine
  Duke holds off NC State, stays unbeaten
  Penn State rallies in second half to edge Northwestern
  Kentucky sets school record in win over Florida
  Tar Heels hold on to top No. 8 Maryland
  No. 10 Georgia cruises past Missouri
  Wildcats and Buffaloes meet in Pac-12 duel
  No. 10 Bulldogs open league play against Waves
  No. 2 Michigan visits Northwestern in Big Ten opener
  19th-ranked SDSU rolls past CS-Bakersfield
  Johnson, Byrd lead Purdue past No. 11 Illinois
  Jones helps No. 17 Butler top Penn
  Top-ranked Duke shuts down Davidson
  No.4 Cardinals skate past Friars in Big East opener
  19th-ranked SDSU rolls past CS-Baskersfield
  No. 16 Creighton withstands Illinois State
Wednesday, January 02, 2013
  Syracuse routs Rutgers, Boeheim passes Knight
  Griner, Baylor rout TCU
  Ohio State cruises past Nebraska
  Top-ranked Duke sets sights on Davidson
  Buckeyes open Big Ten play against Cornhuskers
  19th-ranked Aztecs play host to Roadrunners
  Big East favorite Louisville opens league play against Providence
  No. 17 Butler plays host to Penn
  Big Ten action gets underway as Illinois takes on Purdue
  Bluejays battle Redbirds in MVC affair
  Orange host Scarlet Knights in Big East action
Tuesday, January 31, 2012
  No. 1 Kentucky routs Tennessee
  No. 15 Marquette tops pesky Seton Hall
  Scott helps No. 16 Virginia edge Clemson
  Notre Dame routs Rutgers
  Aden sidelined for remainder of season
  Tigers tangle with Cavs in ACC action
  Clemson suspends Jennings
  Top-ranked Wildcats welcome Vols to Lexington
  Nittany Lions host Badgers in Big Ten brawl
  Golden Eagles take aim at Pirates in Big East battle
  Spartans and Illini square off in Champaign
  Commodores meet Razorbacks in SEC showdown
  UNC faces off with local rival Wake Forest
  Report: Court papers say Fine's wife had sex with players
  Dixon, No. 4 Missouri edge Texas
Monday, January 30, 2012
  Hartley, Connecticut smother Duke
  Former Canisius basketball coach Curran dies
  Iona gives Cluess contract extension
  Baylor still tops women's hoops poll
  Assessing March outlook as February beckons
  Missouri visits Texas in pivotal Big 12 affair
Sunday, January 29, 2012
  No. 16 Indiana rolls past Iowa
  Barnes helps North Carolina down Georgia Tech
  No. 10 Miami routs Boston College
  Tennessee uses big second half to beat Georgia
  Irish escape Connecticut for third straight win
  Buckeyes down Wolverines to move atop Big Ten
  No. 6 Kentucky downs Alabama
  Banham leads Minnesota to upset of No. 9 Ohio State
  Irish to try their luck in Big East brawl with Huskies
  Wolverines visit Buckeyes in Big Ten showdown
  Tar Heels put lengthy home win streak on line vs. Yellow Jackets
  Hoosiers host Hawkeyes in Big Ten battle
  No. 3 Syracuse tops WVU amid controversy
  Waldow leads No. 21 Saint Mary's over BYU
  No. 15 Creighton tops Bradley for 10th straight win
  Murray State stays perfect with win over Eastern Illinois
  UNLV downs Air Force in OT
  Virginia holds on to down North Carolina State
Saturday, January 28, 2012
  Oklahoma upsets No. 22 Kansas State
  Iowa State takes down No. 5 Kansas
  Duke hangs on to defeat St. John's
  No. 3 UConn takes care of South Florida
  Jones helps Kentucky take down LSU
  No. 2 Missouri tops Texas Tech
  Marquette overcomes slow start, edges Villanova
  Stanford downs California in OT
  Rams rout 13th-ranked Aztecs
  Robinson and Pitt upset Georgetown
  Florida defeats Mississippi State
  Baylor holds off Texas
  Syracuse holds off West Virginia in controversial finish
  Notre Dame picks up 18th straight victory
  Cavs and Pack square off Raleigh
  No.2 Tigers tangle with Red Raiders
  Sixth-ranked Bears welcome Longhorns to Waco
  Blue Devils and Red Storm collide in Durham
  No.3 Orange take on Mountaineers at Carrier Dome
  No. 12 UNLV comes calling on Air Force
  Gaels and Cougars meet in WCC tussle
  Colorado State entertains No. 13 San Diego State
  Panthers hope to make it two in a row in clash with Hoyas
  Sooners set sights on Wildcats in Big 12 affair
  An SEC catfight pits Wildcats against Tigers
  Kansas heads to Ames for Big 12 clash with Iowa State
  Villanova plays host to No. 17 Marquette
  Panthers come to Murray seeking upset of 11th-ranked Racers
  Braves and Bluejays mix it up in MVC action
Friday, January 27, 2012
  No. 5 Duke routs Clemson
  Cremins taking medical leave of absence
  Trojans' Dedmon out with torn ACL
  Larranaga receives three-year extension
  Holt leads No. 21 Saint Mary's past Loyola Marymount
  Scott helps Virginia take down Boston College
  Badgers down struggling Hoosiers
  No. 7 Tennessee cruises past Alabama
Thursday, January 26, 2012
  Hill leads No. 9 Ohio State over Indiana
  Baylor stays perfect in rout of Oklahoma
  Florida earns comeback win at Ole Miss
  Zeller, UNC hammer NC State
  No. 6 Kentucky routs Auburn
  VT upsets No. 8 Maryland
  Hurricanes shut down Wake Forest
  Gaels take on Lions in City of Angels
  Cavs and Eagles meet in ACC affair
  No.7 Tar Heels take on rival Wolfpack
  Top-25 foes collide in Big Ten brawl
  SEC action pits Gators against Rebels in Oxford
  Kansas State keeps Texas Tech winless in Big 12
  Duke rebounds at Maryland
  Creighton handles Drake
  Izzo reaches milestone as Spartans down Golden Gophers
  Nash leads OSU to upset of No. 2 Missouri
  Moultrie, No. 18 Mississippi State slip by LSU
  UNLV slips past Boise State in OT
  Ohio State routs Penn State
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
  Nash rambles to career game, OSU downs No. 2 Mizzou
  FSU takes care of Wake Forest, wins 5th straight
  No. 3 Connecticut thumps Syracuse
  Bluejays battle Bulldogs in MVC affair
  Seminoles roll into Winston-Salem for ACC clash
  Bluejays battle Bulldogs in MWC affair
  Buckeyes square off with Nittany Lions in Big Ten brawl
  No.2 Tigers set sights on Cowboys
  Duke and Maryland meet in ACC action
  Spartans hope to give Izzo win No. 400
  Tigers and Bulldogs square off in SEC showdown
  Texas Tech entertains No. 22 Kansas State
  Boise State seeks upset of No. 12 UNLV
  Miller leads No. 1 Kentucky past Georgia
  Baylor snaps skid in win over Oklahoma
  Fisher reaches milestone as San Diego State downs Wyoming
  No. 17 Marquette downs South Florida
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
  Morgan lifts Michigan over Purdue
  Golden Eagles set to collide with Bulls
  20th-ranked Michigan meets Purdue in Big Ten action
  No.6 Bears battle Sooners in Norman
  Top-ranked Kentucky takes act on the road against Georgia
  Aztecs collide with Cowboys in MWC affair
  Murray State's moment in the spotlight
  Robinson, Kansas pull away from Texas A&M
Monday, January 23, 2012
  No. 3 Syracuse bounces back, tops Cincy
  No. 10 Miami beats Virginia Tech by 31
  Notre Dame beats Tennessee by 28
  Lynx sign veteran C McWilliams-Franklin
  Aggies and Jayhawks square off in Lawrence
  Kentucky returns to top spot in men's hoops poll
  Orange seek quick turnaround in road clash with Bearcats
  Baylor again a unanimous No. 1 in women's hoops
  Aggies and Jayhawks square off Lawrence
Sunday, January 22, 2012
  Virginia Tech takes down No. 15 Virginia
  Wisconsin hands No. 22 Illinois another loss
  Indiana uses strong second half to top Penn State
  Duke tops Maryland in top-10 tilt
  No. 10 Ohio State outscores Illinois
  Kentucky holds off Florida
  Strong second half leads Saint Mary's over Santa Clara
  UNLV rolls past New Mexico
  No. 5 Mizzou claws past No. 3 Baylor
  Balanced attack helps Kentucky hold off 'Bama
  Pitt's free fall continues with loss to No. 23 Louisville
  San Diego State downs Air Force
  No. 6 Ohio State routs Nebraska
  Murray State remains unbeaten, downs SIU-Edwardsville
  Mississippi State downs Vanderbilt in OT
Saturday, January 21, 2012
  No. 3 UConn routs No. 21 DePaul
  Murphy helps Florida dump LSU
  Griner dominates as Baylor remains unbeaten
  No. 19 Creighton beats Indiana State by 26
  No. 21 Marquette flies past Providence
  Florida State halts Duke's home streak with buzzer beater
  No. 7 Kansas edges Texas
  No. 7 Rutgers downs South Florida
  Notre Dame hands No. 1 Syracuse first loss of season
  Vols take down reeling Huskies
  Arkansas edges No. 20 Michigan
  No. 25 Kansas State ends long drought in Stillwater
  No. 10 Georgetown hangs on to beat Rutgers
  No. 2 Notre Dame beats Villanova by 33
  Spartans right ship, rout Purdue
  Syracuse C Melo to miss two games
  Texas-Pan American suspends five players
  Purdue visits No. 9 Michigan State
  No. 21 Golden Eagles set to fend off Friars
  Ohio State's Matta seeks win in milestone matchup
  Orange can claim another record with win over Irish
  WCC action features Gaels at Broncos
  Racers continue quest for perfection
  Vols and Huskies hook up in Knoxville
  Marquee matchup pits top-five foes in Waco
  Lobos and Rebels square off in Sin City
  No. 10 Georgetown plays host to Big East foe Rutgers
  Bulldogs battle Commodores in SEC matchup
  Creighton clashes with Indiana State in MVC action
  Gators and Tigers square off in SEC affair
  Jayhawks and Longhorns collide in Austin
  Seminoles set sights on No.4 Blue Devils
  Wildcats set for SEC showdown with Crimson Tide
  Falcons land in San Diego to challenge 16th-ranked Aztecs
  Wildcats seek end to long drought in clash with Cowboys
  Wolverines and Razorbacks do battle in non-conference action
  Cardinals fly into Steel City to take on struggling Panthers
Friday, January 20, 2012
  North Carolina G Strickland tears ACL
  Virginia stifles Georgia Tech
  Stanford overpowers Washington State
  No. 24 Saint Mary's tops Pepperdine
Thursday, January 19, 2012
  No. 8 North Carolina shakes off slow start to down Virginia Tech
  Penn State edges No. 22 Illinois
  Gross leads No. 6 Kentucky past 15th-ranked Georgia
  No. 9 Tennessee tops LSU
  Dawkins sharp as Duke downs Wake Forest
  Kansas State suspends Henriquez indefinitely
  Hawkins leads No. 8 Maryland past Wake Forest
  No. 10 Ohio State downs Nebraska
  DePaul F Freeland intends to transfer
  No.4 Duke and Wake Forest mix it up in Durham
  Tar Heels battle Hokies in Blacksburg
  Waves hope to crash down on 24th-ranked Gaels
  Penn State plays host to No. 22 Illinois
  No. 15 Virginia heads south to take on Georgia Tech
  Kansas State survives late hiccup, beats Texas
  SDSU escapes The Pit, snaps Lobos' win streak
  UNLV dominates TCU
  Creighton edges Missouri State
  Kilpatrick hits late winner as Cincinnati downs UConn
  Ole Miss upends No. 18 Mississippi State
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
  Murray State downs Morehead State, remains unbeaten
  Nebraska stuns No. 11 Indiana
  Griner leads No. 1 Baylor past No. 17 Texas Tech
  Williams lifts Duke past Georgia Tech
  Utah kicks leading scorer off team
  Aztecs and Lobos mix it up in MWC action
  Bragging rights on line in SEC clash between Bulldogs and Rebels
  Cincinnati comes calling on No. 13 UConn
  Racers hope to run past Eagles in OVC showdown
  TCU takes shot at No. 14 UNLV
  Texas visits No. 25 Kansas State
  Hoosiers visit Huskers in Big Ten bout
  No. 19 Creighton seeks redemption in visit to Missouri State
  No. 2 Kentucky routs Arkansas
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
  Clark helps No. 10 Georgetown take down DePaul
  Douglass, No. 20 Michigan edge No. 9 Michigan State
  St. John's takes down No. 7 Rutgers
  St. John's takes downs No. 7 Rutgers
  No. 2 Notre Dame rips Pitt
  Louisville's Buckles out for year with torn ACL
  Branch transfers from Texas A&M to St. John's
  Instate rivals square off in Top-25 Big Ten brawl
  No. 2 Kentucky welcomes Arkansas to Lexington
  Hoyas and Blue Demons meet in Big East action
  Kansas hands Baylor first loss
Monday, January 16, 2012
  No. 1 Syracuse tops Pitt to set record
  Missouri tops Aggies in Big 12 matchup
  No. 8 Maryland downs Virginia
  UConn dominates North Carolina
  Marquette holds off Louisville
  Baylor still undisputed No. 1 in women's hoops
  Winning on the road is as tough as it sounds
  Syracuse remains top team in men's hoops poll
  Baylor and Kansas tangle in pivotal Big 12 bout
  Aggies and Tigers mix it up in Big 12 action
  Louisville visits Marquette in Monday matinee
  No. 1 Syracuse takes aim at historic win
  Creighton downs Southern Illinois
  Ohio State avenges New Year's Eve loss to Indiana
  Late surge helps Hoyas rout St. John's
Sunday, January 15, 2012
  No. 8 Duke holds off Clemson
  Snowden leads Kentucky past South Carolina
  Griner's double-double helps Baylor stay perfect
  Tennessee dominates Vanderbilt
  Duke cruises past Virginia Tech
  Fourth Fine accuser admits to lying
  No.23 Bluejays host Salukis in MVC contest
  Blue Devils and Tigers tangle in ACC affair
  Big East brawl pits Hoyas against Red Storm
  Top-10 foes collide in Columbus
Saturday, January 14, 2012
  Racers top Tennessee Tech, remain unbeaten
  Syracuse cruises to 19-0, tying school record
  Pangos comes through in clutch for Gonzaga
  Gators come alive in second half to top South Carolina
  No. 4 Stanford thumps Colorado
  San Diego State ousts UNLV on Franklin's game-winner
  Smith leads No. 14 Louisville over DePaul
  Big Least: Pitt suffers 6th straight loss, falls to No. 25 Marquette
  Northwestern ends Spartans' win streak at 15
  No. 20 Mississippi State gets by Alabama
  Taylor, No. 10 Kansas get past Iowa State
  Dulkys, Florida State rout No. 3 UNC
  Iowa topples No. 13 Michigan
  Baylor keeps rolling, hits triple digits in rout of Oklahoma State
  Notre Dame pushes winning streak to 14
  Fitzgerald, Oklahoma down No. 18 Kansas State
  No. 9 Missouri holds off Texas
  Kansas State holds off No. 10 Texas Tech
  Kentucky sneaks past Vols
  UConn stops Irish home winning streak at 29
  Wheeler, Rutgers down Louisville in OT
  Dulkys, Florida State routs No. 3 UNC
  UConn runs roughshod over Villanova
  Fitzgerald, Oklahoma downs No. 18 Kansas State
  Racers set to down Golden Eagles in OVC action
  Top-25 bout on tap in Mountain West Conference
  No.3 Tar Heels set sights on Seminoles
  Tigers and Longhorns clash in Big 12 action
  Top-ranked Orange host Friars at Carrier Dome
  Irish put win streak on the line against Huskies
  Fourth-ranked Bears welcome Cowboys to Waco
  Streaking Spartans take on Wildcats in Big Ten brawl
  Struggling Panthers come calling on 25th-ranked Golden Eagles
  Wolverines and Hawkeyes square off in Big Ten battle
  Jayhawks and Cyclones collide in Big 12 affair
  Zags set to tame Lions in WCC clash
  No.19 Gators seek road win in Columbia
  No.2 Kentucky battles Tennessee in SEC showdown
  Tide roll into Starkville to take on 20th-ranked Bulldogs
  Louisville seeks quick turnaround in clash with DePaul
  No. 18 K-State hits road to challenge Big 12 rival Oklahoma
  No. 23 Creighton downs Illinois State
  South Florida rallies late to upend Seton Hall
Friday, January 13, 2012
  Liston, No. 7 Duke beat Florida State
  Louisville's Kuric sprains ankle, will sit
  No. 23 Creighton visits Illinois State in MVC action
  No. 24 Seton Hall heads south to take on South Florida
  Murray State keeps rolling with easy win over Jacksonville State
  Saint Mary's beats down No. 21 Gonzaga
  Duke survives Virginia's last-second three
  Mississippi State holds off Tennessee
  Minnesota upsets No. 7 Indiana
Thursday, January 12, 2012
  No. 4 Stanford cruises past Utah
  Minnestoa upsets No. 7 Indiana
  Wildcats hold on, down Lady Vols
  Hurricanes hand fifth-ranked Terps first loss of season
  Racers continue historic run against Gamecocks
  Gaels and Zags collide in pivotal WCC matchup
  Top-25 foes meet in ACC showdown
  Hoosiers host Golden Gophers in Big Ten action
  SEC clash pits Bulldogs against Vols
  Missouri bounces back with win over Iowa State
  Kansas dominates Texas Tech
  No. 1 Syracuse drops Villanova to stay perfect
  No. 13 Michigan edges Northwestern in OT
  Marquette uses big second half to beat St. John's
  No. 2 Kentucky pulls away late to down Auburn
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
  Baylor dominates second half to take down Oklahoma State
  Oklahoma hands No. 10 Texas Tech 1st loss
  No. 1 Syracuse hits Philly to tangle with Villanova
  Golden Eagles hope to end skid in clash with Red Storm
  Tigers and Cyclones mix it up in Ames
  No.10 Jayhawks set sights on Red Raiders
  Northwestern comes calling on No. 13 Michigan
  No. 2 Kentucky hopes to continue dominance of Auburn
  Baylor edges Kansas State to remain perfect
  Zeller helps Tar Heels thump Hurricanes
  SDSU comes alive late, keeps Chicago State winless
  Florida dominates Georgia
  Providence scores 90 in rout of No. 14 Louisville
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
  Paul dominates as Illinois topples No. 5 Ohio State
  Young, No. 23 Creighton outlast Northern Iowa
  Zeller helps Tar Hells thump Hurricanes
  Green guides Michigan State past Iowa
  No letdown for Notre Dame against Georgetown
  UConn dominates Providence
  No. 24 Seton Hall routs DePaul
  Rutgers routs Pittsburgh
  Duke's Wells to miss remainder of season
  Bluejays set sights on Panthers in MVC tilt
  Iowa visits No. 6 Michigan State in Big Ten action
  Blujays set sights on Panthers in MVC tilt
  Blue Demons offer first test for newly-ranked Pirates
  No.3 Tar Heels play host to Hurricanes
  Cardinals and Friars mix it up in Big East affair
  SEC action pits Gators against Bulldogs
  Buckeyes battle Illini in Big Ten brawl
  22nd-ranked Aztecs entertain winless Cougars
  Bears and 'Cats tangle in Big 12 tussle
Monday, January 09, 2012
  Dixon, Kilpatrick help Bearcats down No. 11 Georgetown
  Lamb, Drummond lead UConn over West Virginia
  Baylor remains unanimous No. 1 in women's hoops
  Morgan State places Bozeman on leave
  Report: Morgan State coach Bozeman suspended
  Weekend of surprises indicates overall balance
  Syracuse maintains top spot in men's hoops poll
  Mountaineers and Huskies square off in Big East tussle
  Bearcats visit Hoyas in pivotal Big East matchup
Sunday, January 08, 2012
  Hardaway, No. 16 Michigan top No. 18 Wisconsin
  Three-point barrage lifts No. 12 Indiana over Penn State
  No. 9 Aggies down Oklahoma
  No. 6 Lady Vols race past Arkansas
  ASU's King kicked off basketball team
  No. 7 Duke routs NC State
  No. 5 Maryland slips past No. 25 UNC in OT
  Hoosiers tangle with Nittany Lions in Big Ten action
  Arkansas knocks off Mississippi State
  Canaan goes for 35 as Murray State tops Austin Peay
  Gonzaga overcomes early hole to rout Santa Clara
Saturday, January 07, 2012
  Griner leads unbeaten Baylor to tough win at Iowa State
  No. 8 UConn falls to Rutgers in Calhoun's return
  Virginia edges Miami-Florida
  Jones, Kentucky roll over South Carolina
  Syracuse downs Marquette, still undefeated
  Atkins, Irish pull off upset in Louisville
  Michigan hands Ohio State first loss
  Kansas State dominates previously unbeaten Missouri
  Nnemkadi Ogwumike reaches milestones, Stanford downs Oregon State
  Sullinger, Ohio State thump Iowa
  Notre Dame women take down UConn in OT
  Strong second half powers Kansas over Oklahoma
  Heels clobber BC for eighth straight win
  Jackson powers Baylor past Texas Tech
  Sykes' double-double helps Rutgers beat Cincinnati
  Harvard opens Ivy League action with win over Dartmouth
  WVU knocks off No. 9 Georgetown
  Kelly leads No. 5 Duke past Georgia Tech
  Vols take down No. 13 Florida
  Calhoun returns to lead Huskies against Scarlet Knights
  Racers continue dream season in OVC clash with Governors
  South Carolina visits No. 2 Kentucky in SEC opener
  Broncos battle 25th-ranked Bulldogs in WCC action
  Hawkeyes and Buckeyes meet in Big Ten brawl
  Top-25 showdown in Manhattan
  Irish to try luck in road clash against 11th-ranked Cardinals
  Arkansas hosts No. 15 Mississippi State in SEC opener
  Kansas and Oklahoma square off in Big 12 battle
  Mountaineers host Hoyas in Big East showdown
  Cavs and 'Canes collide in Charlottesville
  Gators and Vols clash in SEC affair
  Blue Devils and Yellow Jacket meet in ACC opener
  Tar Heels open ACC play against Eagles
  No. 20 Marquette pays visit to No. 1 Syracuse
  No. 22 Harvard opens Ivy League action against Dartmouth
Friday, January 06, 2012
  Thomas lifts No. 5 Maryland over Georgia Tech
  No. 7 Duke cruises past Wake Forest
  Western Kentucky fires hoops coach McDonald
  Not just the Musketeers: Owls, Hawks show A-10 worth
  No. 17 UNLV downs Cal State-Bakersfield
  No. 24 San Diego State routs San Diego Christian
  Stanford cruises past Oregon
  No. 12 Indiana edges No. 16 Michigan
  Bell leads No. 25 Gonzaga over Pepperdine
Thursday, January 05, 2012
  Nelson, Jones dismissed from Ole Miss
  Sparks name Carol Ross head coach
  Lady Vols use big second-half flurry to bury Georgia
  Aztecs get another breather in clash with visiting Hawks
  Wolverines and Hoosiers meet in clash of ranked Big Ten foes
  No. 17 UNLV pays visit to CS-Bakersfield
  Waves hope to come crashing down on 25th-ranked Bulldogs
  No. 19 Murray State stays perfect, downs EKU
  Releford leads No, 14 Kansas over Kansas State
  Temple shocks No. 5 Duke
Wednesday, January 04, 2012
  Top-ranked Syracuse bests Providence
  Top-ranked Baylor keeps rolling, crushes Mizzou
  Georgetown rallies to down Marquette
  UConn routs West Virginia
  No. 3 Notre Dame crushes Seton Hall
  K-State stuns No. 9 Aggies in OT
  Temple seeks upset of No. 5 Duke
  Sunflower State showdown pits Wildcats against Jayhawks
  Golden Eagles fly into D.C. to tangle with red-hot Hoyas
  Top-ranked Orange hit road to battle Friars
  Colonels and Racers mix it up in OVC action
  Fordham upsets No. 22 Harvard
  No. 7 Missouri routs Oklahoma in Big 12 opener
  Smith helps Louisville snap skid in win over St. John's
  No. 2 Kentucky rips Arkansas-Little Rock
Tuesday, January 03, 2012
  Sykes leads No. 10 Rutgers over Syracuse
  Former UAB coach Bartow dies at 81
  Florida cruises to win over UAB
  Michigan State edges Wisconsin in controversial fashion
  No. 6 Ohio State dismantles Nebraska
  Seton Hall takes down No. 8 Connecticut
  No. 6 Tennessee runs over Chattanooga
  Shock name Kloppenburg head coach
  Big Ten brawl pits Spartans at Badgers
  Cardinals and Red Storm mix it up in Big Apple
  Huskies and Pirates collide in Big East affair
  No.13 Gators seek to cool off Blazers
  Buckeyes take on Cornhuskers in Columbus
  No.2 Wildcats and Trojans meet at Freedom Hall
  Tigers square off with Sooners in Big 12 clash
  Crimson and Rams butt heads in Bronx
  Virginia bests LSU in low-scoring affair
Monday, January 02, 2012
  Baylor downs Texas A&M to remain unbeaten
  Liston leads No. 7 Duke past Virginia in ACC opener
  Maryland pounds FSU, stays unbeaten
  Ohio State stays perfect with win over Iowa
  Lady Bears continue stranglehold of top poll spot
  Syracuse strengthens hold on No. 1 ranking
  Sky get Cash, Willingham from Storm in blockbuster deal
  Virginia visits LSU in non-conference action
  Texas A&M visits undefeated Baylor in Big 12 opener
Sunday, January 01, 2012
  Cincinnati takes down No. 22 Pittsburgh
  Kelly leads Duke in rout of Penn
  Hardaway's late jumper lifts No. 18 Michigan over Minnesota
  Syracuse beats DePaul, remains unbeaten
  Tar Heels breeze past Monmouth for seventh straight win
  No. 14 Marquette downs Villanova
  Villanova seeks upset of No. 14 Marquette
  No. 18 Michigan hosts Minnesota in Big Ten action
  DePaul entertains No. 1 Syracuse
  Penn challenges No. 7 Duke
  Tar Heels play final tune-up before start of ACC play
Monday, January 31, 2011
  UConn dismantles previously undefeated Duke
  Wright helps Georgetown hold off Louisville
  Many Musings as College Hoops Enters Home Stretch
  Baylor retains top spot in women's hoops poll
  Ohio State is unanimous No. 1; changes aplenty after wild week
  Top-25 Big East foes collide in nation's capital
  Lone Star State showdown pits Longhorns against Aggies
  Washington State takes down No. 18 Washington
Sunday, January 30, 2011
  St. John's knocks off No. 3 Duke
  Michigan State holds off Indiana in overtime
  Hampton leads DePaul over West Virginia
  St. John's knock off No. 3 Duke
  Stricklen sends streaking Lady Vols past Arkansas
  No. 1 Baylor holds off Texas A&M
  Huskies and Cougars add another chapter to bitter rivalry
  Hoosiers visit Spartans in Big Ten action
  Blue Devils come to Big Apple to tangle with Red Storm
  Aztecs get bounce-back win over Wyoming
  Hamilton powers Texas over Mizzou
  Gibbs helps No. 2 Pitt stave off Rutgers
Saturday, January 29, 2011
  No. 1 Buckeyes survive scare from Northwestern
  No. 6 Kansas beats Kansas State by 24
  Notre Dame dominates Villanova
  Razorbacks down No. 19 Vandy
  Penn State continues Big Ten home streak, downs No. 17 Wisconsin
  Purdue downs Gophers in Top-20 showdown
  Kentucky fends off late push from Georgia
  New Mexico rallies late to upset No. 9 BYU
  Freeman scores 30, carries Hoyas past 'Nova
  Clemson shuts down No. 22 FSU
  Marquette topples No. 9 Syracuse
  Xavier keeps rolling along with win over Rhode Island
  Mississippi State upends Gators in SEC clash
  Nebraska takes down No. 13 Texas A&M
  No. 4 Stanford uses big first half to down Oregon State
  Louisville holds off UConn in double overtime
  No. 2 UConn has no trouble against Cincinnati
  Sunflower State Showdown on tap in Lawrence
  Gators and Bulldogs square off in Starkville
  'Dawgs and 'Cats mix it up in Lexington
  Big East showdown pits Hoyas against Wildcats
  No. 22 Florida State visits Clemson in ACC action
  Badgers visit Nittany Lions in Big Ten fray
  Aztecs seek start of new win streak against visiting Cowboys
  Fredette leads Cougars into Mountain West clash with Lobos
  Top-ranked Ohio State takes to the road against Northwestern
  No.7 Longhorns and No.11 Tigers clash in Big 12 affair
  Big East powers collide in top-25 showdown
  Razorbacks come calling on 19th-ranked Commodores
  Ranked Big Ten rivals meet in West Lafayette
  Aggies and Huskers do battle in Lincoln
  Syracuse tries to right ship in Big East bout with Marquette
Friday, January 28, 2011
  Silver Stars GM Hughes adds head coaching duties
  Shock's Crossley to miss 2011 season
  Indiana takes down No. 20 Illinois
  No. 3 Duke handles Boston College
  Michigan snaps skid with win over Michigan State
  Vanderbilt escapes Starkville with win
Thursday, January 27, 2011
  No. 4 Stanford crushes Ducks
  Iowa edges Michigan State in Top-20 matchup
  No. 5 Tennessee rips Mississippi State
  Georgetown F Bowen out for season
  Blue Devils hope to continue home dominance in ACC clash with Eagles
  Bragging rights on line in bout between Wolverines and Spartans
  Commodores charge into Starkville for SEC clash with Bulldogs
  Illini and Hoosiers mix it up in Big Ten action
  Fredette scores 43, BYU knocks off SDSU
  Hoffarber leads No. 16 Minnesota over Northwestern
  Siva's late layup lifts No. 23 Louisville over West Virginia
  Fredette shines as No. 9 BYU upends No. 4 SDSU
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
  Thompson helps Texas stay perfect in Big 12
  No. 6 Texas A&M edges No. 13 Oklahoma
  No. 21 Georgetown tops St. John's in DC
  No 6 Texas A&M edges No. 13 Oklahoma
  No. 3 Duke steamrolls Clemson
  Providence knocks off No. 8 Villanova
  West Virginia visits Louisville in Big East action
  No.16 Gophers host Wildcats in Big Ten battle
  Eighth-ranked Wildcats head north to challenge Friars
  Aztecs and Cougars square off in Mountain West showdown
  'Horns hope to avoid letdown in Big 12 clash with Pokes
  Red Storm blow into D.C. seeking upset of 21st-ranked Hoyas
  Lucious dismissed from reeling Spartans
  No. 24 Florida gets past Georgia in 2OT
  Lamb helps Huskies down Marquette
  OSU remains perfect with home win over Purdue
  Kansas tops Colorado in Boulder
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
  Seton Hall sends No. 9 Syracuse to third straight loss
  No. 19 Georgetown upends No. 8 WVU
  Jayhawks seek redemption in Big 12 bout with Buffaloes
  Gators head to Athens to tangle with Bulldogs
  No. 5 UConn visits Marquette in Big East action
  Orange try to right ship in home clash with hapless Pirates
  Boilermakers battle Buckeyes in Big Ten brawl
Monday, January 24, 2011
  Hansbrough leads Notre Dame over No. 2 Pittsburgh
  Baylor keeps top spot in women's hoops
  Ohio State remains No. 1, Pitt vaults into second
  Meadors signs contract extension with Atlanta
  Parity brings two Mid-major showdowns into foreground
  Irish to try their luck in clash with Big East-leading Panthers
Sunday, January 23, 2011
  Mitchell helps West Virginia down South Florida
  Leuer leads Wisconsin over Northwestern
  Maryland pounds North Carolina despite turnovers
  Duke earns comeback win over NC State, stays unbeaten
  No. 5 Lady Vols beat Auburn by 20
  Bulls come north to challenge 21st-ranked Mountaineers
  Badgers and Wildcats square off in pivotal Big Ten bout
  Texas ends Kansas' home win streak at 69
  Ohio State holds off Illinois to remain unbeaten
  Moore, No. 14 Purdue down Spartans
  Balanced attack gets Mizzou by Iowa State
  Fredette goes for 42 as BYU tops Colorado State
  Minnesota keeps Michigan skidding
Saturday, January 22, 2011
  Hansbrough, Irish rally past Marquette
  Baylor fends off Texas Tech
  Moore leads UConn over Pitt
  Middleton shines as Texas A&M tops Kansas State
  No. 7 Xavier has no trouble against Charlotte
  Knight, Wildcats subdue Gamecocks
  Pitt routs DePaul
  Providence upsets No. 19 Louisville
  Washington topples Arizona State
  Pohlen guides Stanford in rout of USC
  Morris, UCLA hold off California
  Gates helps Bearcats get past St. John's
  No. 9 West Virginia stays on course, tops USF
  Singler leads No. 4 Duke over Wake Forest
  UConn defeats Tennessee in Pearl's return to the sidelines
  Vandy remains hot at home, tops No. 22 Saint Mary's
  Villanova holds on to hand Syracuse second straight loss
  Aggies snap Iowa State's 19-game home win streak
Friday, January 21, 2011
  No. 3 Duke stays perfect with rout of Georgia Tech
  Pedersen leads Stanford over UCLA
  Taylor, Badgers top struggling Hoosiers
  Washington handles Arizona in Pac-10 action
Thursday, January 20, 2011
  No. 5 Tennessee pulls away from South Carolina
  UNC women topple Wake Forest
  Walker transferring from UConn women's team
  Hoosiers visits Badgers in Big Ten action
  Wildcats and Huskies battle for Pac-10's top spot
  Smith, No. 4 Duke easily down NC State
  SDSU overcomes slow start to beat Air Force
  St. Mary's stays hot, downs San Diego
  Johnson's last second bucket pushes Purdue past Penn State
  Hamilton guides No. 10 Texas over No. 11 Texas A&M
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
  Marshall upsets newly-ranked West Virginia
  Knowles, No. 19 Cardinals rout St. John's
  Notre Dame uses balanced attack to beat Bearcats
  No. 1 Baylor cruises past Kansas
  Adams helps Texas A&M down Texas
  Ohio State dominates Iowa
  Harris helps Xavier down St. Bonaventure
  West Virginia clobbers Marshall
  Toreros and Gaels mix it up in Moraga
  Red Storm blows into Louisville to do battle with Cardinals
  Marshall and West Virginia meet in Charleston
  Aztecs put perfect mark on line in clash with Falcons
  Lone Star State showdown pits Aggies against Longhorns
  Penn State and Purdue square off in Big Ten brawl
  Iowa seeks upset of No. 1 Ohio State
  Duke visits NC State in ACC action
  Bearcats battle Fighting Irish in clash of ranked Big East foes
  Alabama edges No. 12 Kentucky
  BYU rolls to easy win over TCU
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
  Hoyas survive scare, slip past Seton Hall
  Illinois gets back on track, tops Michigan St.
  Top-25 foes mix it up in Champaign
  No.12 Wildcats set to take on Tide in Tuscaloosa
  Hoyas and Pirates collide in Big East battle
  Cougars welcome Horned Frogs to Provo
  Kansas stays unbeaten with rout of Baylor
  Robinson leads Pitt over Syracuse in Big East clash
  No. 2 UConn routs North Carolina
Monday, January 17, 2011
  No. 2 UConn routes North Carolina
  Missouri mauls Kansas State
  Walker's runner boosts UConn over Villanova
  Ohio State, Kansas make claim for top spot after Duke goes down
  Ohio State takes over top spot in men's hoops poll
  Baylor still No. 1 in women's hoops
  Syracuse expected to face Pitt without Joseph
  Wildcats and Huskies tangle in pivotal Big East clash
  Kansas visits Baylor in Big 12 action
  Big East powers collide in Steel City
  Kansas State and Missouri do battle in Columbia
  Washington takes care of Cal
Sunday, January 16, 2011
  West Virginia upsets No. 8 Purdue
  No. 3 Duke clips Virginia Tech
  St. John's hands Notre Dame second straight loss
  Ogwumike sisters star in Stanford's easy win
  Harris, Xavier rout UMass
  Buckeyes halt Michigan State's winning streak
  Huskies take on Bears in Bay Area battle
  St. John's seeks upset of No. 9 Notre Dame
  Purdue visits West Virginia in non-conference action
Saturday, January 15, 2011
  Pitt tops Seton Hall, runs win streak to 7
  Baylor continues to roll, dismantles Oklahoma State
  San Diego State survives The Pit, improves to 19-0
  Lady Vols top Vandy to stay unbeaten in SEC
  Sullinger lifts Ohio State past pesky Penn State
  Southern Miss downs UCF behind balanced attack
  Georgia bounces back with win over Ole Miss
  No. 13 Kentucky throttles past LSU
  Leuer helps Wisconsin down Illinois
  Texas rolls to win over Oklahoma
  K-State cruises to win over Texas Tech
  Fast start lifts Duquesne past Temple
  Kansas tops Nebraska; home win streak at 69
  Walker helps UCLA dominate Oregon
  West Virginia holds on to defeat Syracuse
  Louisville rallies, tops Marquette on Kuric's layup
  Duke bounces back with win over Virginia
  Streaking Aggies edge Mizzou in OT
  Steaking Aggies edge Mizzou in OT
  Walker leads UConn over sad-sack DePaul
  Georgetown gets back on track, tops Rutgers
  Second-half burst gets Villanova past Maryland
  Syracuse's Joseph leaves with head injury
  Jackson, Syracuse beat Cincy to remain undefeated
  Moore, Hartley lead No. 2 UConn over Louisville
  No. 7 Texas A&M cruises past Mizzou
  Blue Devils seek quick turnaround in ACC clash with Cavaliers
  Buckeyes need win to secure No. 1 ranking
  Sooners and Longhorns duke it out in Austin
  Aztecs and Lobos mix it up in The Pit
  No.23 Knights attempt to best Golden Eagles
  Owls fly into Steel City to do battle with Dukes
  Wildcats seek end to recent troubles in home bout with Red Raiders
  Panthers put perfect home mark on line in clash with Pirates
  UConn visits DePaul in Big East action
  Huskers and Jayhawks tangle in Lawrence
  Key Big 12 clash pits Tigers against Aggies
  Bearcats and Orange do battle in pivotal Big East fray
  Terps come to Philly seeking upset of seventh-ranked Wildcats
  Marquette and Louisville meet in Big East fracas
  LSU visits No. 13 Kentucky
  SEC showdown pits Bulldogs against Rebels
  Hoyas hope to right ship is clash with Scarlet Knights
  Illini and Badgers meet for second time this year
  No. 4 Stanford rolls past Washington
Friday, January 14, 2011
  No. 3 Duke stays unbeaten with win over No. 21 Florida State
  Holiday's errors allow Stanford to down No. 17 Washington
  Hoffarber powers Minnesota past No. 8 Purdue
  No. 10 UCLA stays hot with win over Oregon State
Thursday, January 13, 2011
  No. 5 Tennessee routs Florida
  Keane's buzzer-beater lifts MSU over Iowa
  No.17 Huskies meet Cardinal in Bay Area battle
  Big Ten showdown pits Boilermakers against Golden Gophers
  Temple dispatches St. Bonaventure
  Seton Hall's Hazell returns to the court
  No. 6 San Diego State gets past UNLV
  Aggies dominate Oklahoma State
  Ezeli helps Vandy take down Georgia
  No. 4 Syracuse gets past St. John's in NYC
  Knutson helps Buffaloes down Wildcats
  Cincinnati topples South Florida
  Buford, No. 2 Ohio State top Michigan
  Shocker: Florida State topples No. 1 Duke
Wednesday, January 12, 2011
  UConn tops St. John's at MSG
  Griner leads No. 1 Baylor over Texas
  Kansas beats Iowa State in Big 12 action
  Gibbs, Wanamaker help Pitt down Georgetown
  No. 7 Texas A&M cruises past OSU
  No. 7 Villanova remains hot, tops Louisville
  Missouri ends Nebraska's winning streak
  Cal G Franklin transfers to Baylor
  No. 8 Xavier downs St. Joseph's
  Top-25 clash pits Panthers against Hoyas
  No.19 Owls set sights on Bonnies
  Runnin' Rebels hope to hand Aztecs first loss
  Orange visit Red Storm in Big East tussle
  Bearcats seek return to winning ways in Big East bout with Bulls
  Third-ranked Jayhawks open Big 12 play in Ames
  Top-ranked Duke takes to the road to battle Florida State
  Huskers head to Columbia to tangle with 15th-ranked Tigers
  Louisville and Villanova meet in clash of ranked Big East foes
  Bulldogs and Commodores square off in SEC showdown
  Wildcats will try to slow down hard-charging Buffaloes
  Buckeyes battle Wolverines in Big Ten brawl
  Cowboys try to corral Aggies in Big 12 fray
  Kentucky rips Auburn behind big game from Jones
  No. 12 Texas cruises past Texas Tech
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
  Fredette dominates, as BYU puts up triple digits on Utah
  Penn State defeats another ranked conference opponent
  Green, Spartans top No. 20 Wisconsin in OT
  UConn handles Rutgers
  Robinson, Marquette take down No. 6 West Virginia
  Mercury reward head coach Gaines with extension
  Badgers and Spartans meet in Big Ten tussle
  Nittany Lions seek second straight upset in clash with Illini
  No. 11 BYU battles in-state rival Utah
  Scarlet Knights seek upset of 10th-ranked Huskies
  Lone Star State rivals meet in Lubbock
  Auburn visits No. 13 Kentucky
  Marquette crushes No. 9 Notre Dame
Monday, January 10, 2011
  Duke still unanimous No. 1, plenty of change at bottom of poll
  Identifying this season's Butler; Thoughts from "Upset" Saturday
  Baylor remains No. 1 in women's hoops
  Notre Dame visits Marquette in pivotal Big East fray
  No. 1 Duke remains unbeaten, tops Maryland
Sunday, January 09, 2011
  Ohio State holds on to edge Minnesota
  No. 3 Kansas gets past Michigan in OT
  No. 11 Purdue rips Iowa
  No. 9 Xavier gets past Dayton in A-10 opener
  Georgia upends No. 10 Kentucky
  Tar Heels escape Eagles
  No. 7 Villanova hangs first loss on No. 24 Cincinnati
  No. 5 Lady Vols rout Ole Miss by 40
  Top-ranked Blue Devils welcome Terrapins to Durham
  Jayhawks visit Wolverines in non-conference finale
  Hawkeyes visit Boilermakers in Big Ten tussle
  Gophers set sights on undefeated Buckeyes
  Cincinnati brings perfect mark into bout with Villanova
  Willis helps UNLV rout TCU
  Arizona game postponed in wake of shooting
  Huskies hammer Oregon State
  Hansbrough, No. 14 Irish handle St. John's
Saturday, January 08, 2011
  Texas A&M rolls to seventh straight win
  SDSU keeps rolling with win over Utah
  Muldrow leads South Carolina over No. 22 Vandy in OT
  Houston hands UCF first loss
  Aggies easily handle Sooners
  Thompkins helps Georgia take down Kentucky
  No. 21 Memphis edges East Carolina
  Stanford dominates Arizona State
  Fredette leads No. 15 BYU over Air Force
  Penn State topples No. 18 Spartans
  Burks, Colorado take down No. 9 Tigers
  Walker comes through as Huskies nip Longhorns in OT
  No. 6 WVU downs Cincy to stay undefeated
  West Virginia clips Georgetown
  Pitt beats Marquette, runs win streak to five
  UConn shades Notre Dame
  Olukemi leads OSU to comeback win over K-State
  No. 4 Syracuse remains undefeated, tops Seton Hall
  Griner, No. 1 Baylor beat Iowa State
  Huskies and Longhorns collide in top-25 showdown
  Orange play first true road game in bout with Pirates
  UNLV hopes to avoid second straight defeat in bout with TCU
  Mountaineers come calling on 13th-ranked Hoyas
  Commodores visit Gamecocks in SEC action
  Knights put perfect mark on line in C-USA clash with Cougars
  Aggies visit Sooners in Big 12 opener
  Red Storm hope to blow through 14th-ranked Fighting Irish
  23rd-ranked Huskies host Beavers in Pac-10 play
  Cowboys and Wildcats collide in Big 12 brawl
  No.10 Wildcats and Bulldogs battle in SEC-opener
  Nittany Lions seek upset of 18th-ranked Spartans
  Pirates hope to hand Tigers second straight loss
  Aztecs hope to continue perfect run in clash with Utes
  Falcons fly into Provo seeking upset of 15th-ranked Cougars
  Golden Eagles hope to soar past fifth-ranked Panthers
  Missouri battles Colorado in Big 12 opener
Friday, January 07, 2011
  Kentucky loses appeal; Kanter ruled permanently ineligible
  Ross leads Huskies over Ducks in Seattle
  Cardinal shake off rusty start, roll over Arizona
Thursday, January 06, 2011
  McCamey, Illini easily cruise past Wildcats
  Ricketts helps Arkansas take down Kentucky
  Late three-pointer lifts Georgia Tech over UNC
  Cincinnati cruises past rival Xavier
  No. 5 Tennessee routs Alabama
  Villanova uses balanced attack to beat South Florida
  Duke holds off Maryland down the stretch in ACC opener
  Taurasi's Turkish contract terminated after positive B sample
  Queen City clash pits Bearcats against Musketeers
  Seventh-ranked 'Nova takes on USF in Tampa
  No.23 Huskies continue Pac-10 run against Ducks
  Wildcats and Illini collide in Champaign
  Fredette's 39 points carry BYU over UNLV
  Tennesee hits triple digits, downs Memphis
  Missouri handles North Alabama
  San Diego State tops Horned Frogs in MWC opener
Wednesday, January 05, 2011
  Washington loses starting PG to torn ACL
  Kansas stays perfect with rout of UMKC
  Jordan leads No. 19 UCF over Marshall
  Smith shoots Purdue past Penn State
  Smith's big night helps Duke rout UAB
  UConn gets back on track, handles Villanova
  Xavier ends slide with rout of Missouri
  No. 6 West Virginia beats Seton Hall by 21
  Texas defeats old rival Arkansas
  Sullinger helps Ohio State hold off Iowa
Tuesday, January 04, 2011
  Hansbrough, Notre Dame defeat UConn
  Texas A&M blows out Louisana-Monroe
  Woodall helps No. 5 Pitt outlast Providence
  Duke slips past Kentucky in top-10 matchup
  Ranked Big East rivals meet in South Bend
  Providence entertains No. 5 Pittsburgh
  No. 2 Ohio State puts perfect mark on line in bout with Hawkeyes
  Arkansas visits No. 12 Texas
  No. 18 Spartans hold on to beat Northwestern
Monday, January 03, 2011
  Loubeau helps Texas A&M get past Nicholls State
  St. John's upends Hoyas, stays unbeaten in Big East
  Pullen returns to help K-State roll
  Kentucky routs Penn
  No. 8 North Carolina earns 57-point win
  Bailey to transfer from Mississippi State after fight
  UConn's reign at No. 1 ends; Baylor tops women's poll
  Duke, Ohio State and Kansas remain atop poll
  Conference crystal ball could forecast March's map to Houston
  Wildcats set sights on Quakers
  K-State plays final tune-up before start of Big 12 slate
  Colonels face tall task in clash with Aggies
  Spartans and Wildcats mix it up in Big Ten action
  Hoyas try to quiet Red Storm in Big Apple
Sunday, January 02, 2011
  Duke handles Miami in ACC opener
  Kansas routs Miami-Ohio
  Memphis slips past Tennessee State
  McCamey, No. 23 Illinois top Wisconsin
  Taylor leads Vanderbilt over Davidson
  Villanova tops Rutgers in Big East opener
  Davidson pays a visit to No. 24 Vanderbilt
  Badgers battle Illini in Big Ten brawl
  No. 21 Memphis plays host to Tennessee State
  Rutgers faces tall task in clash with No. 8 Villanova
  Miami-Ohio seeks upset of No. 3 Kansas
  Hurricanes hope to hand Blue Devils first loss of season
  No. 16 BYU eases past Fresno Pacific
Saturday, January 01, 2011
  Joseph, Syracuse defeats Notre Dame
  Hoyas beat DePaul behind Freeman, Clark
  No. 16 BYU hosts NAIA foe Fresno Pacific
  Irish and Orange meet in clash of ranked Big East foes
  Blue Demons and Hoyas square off in Big East action
  Kentucky rolls to win over Louisville
Sunday, January 31, 2010
  Clarke helps Arkansas surprise No. 18 Ole Miss
  Smalley huge in Auburn's win over No. 9 Georgia
  Hummel, Purdue use big second half to down Penn State
  Tennessee tops South Carolina behind Williams' 17 points
  South Florida stays hot with win over fading Pitt
  Tennessee survives Florida after Hopson's late bucket
  Oklahoma State edges Texas A&M
  Buford, Turner help sharp-shooting Buckeyes trounce Minnesota
  Indiana holds off Ohio State
  Panthers visit Bulls in Big East fray
  Buckeyes put perfect home mark on line in clash with Gophers
  SEC showdown pits Gators against Vols
  Boilermakers battle Nittany Lions in Big Ten affair
  Arkansas visits Ole Miss is SEC action
  Syracuse rallies from 18 down, escapes DePaul
  Fredette helps BYU get back on winning track against Utah
  Lowhorn, San Francisco snap Gonzaga's WCC win streak
  Barlow's bucket lifts Notre Dame over Syracuse
Saturday, January 30, 2010
  Caracter, UTEP top UAB in two OTs
  Aldrich, Collins come up big as Kansas edges K-State in OT
  UConn women's win streak reaches 60; Charles passes 2,000 points
  MSU tops Northwestern for 10th straight win
  Cousins, Kentucky bounce back against Vanderbilt
  Harris and Phillips power Xavier past Dayton
  Hobson, New Mexico roll over TCU
  Nebraska stays perfect with win at Colorado
  Baylor triumphs in OT to deal Texas another loss
  Stanford stays hot with rout of Arizona
  Hot-shooting Hoyas crush Blue Devils
  Butler's late jumper gives Marquette win over UConn
  Syracuse rallies fron 18 down, escapes DePaul
  No. 22 Georgia Tech outruns Kentucky State
  Butler's late heroics lift WVU over Louisville
  Butler's late jumper give Marquette win over UConn
  Moore and Temple down La Salle
  Spartans put perfect home and league marks on line against Wildcats
  Top-ranked Wildcats hope to put first loss behind them
  No. 25 UAB entertains UTEP
  Red-hot Orange hit the road to take on struggling Blue Demons
  Beehive State showdown pits Utes against Cougars
  Lobos and Horned Frogs mix it up in Fort Worth
  Blue Devils visit Hoyas in Top-10 showdown
  Bears and 'Horns meet in clash of ranked Big 12 adversaries
  Yellow Jackets host Thorobreds in obvious mismatch
  Zags and Dons square off in San Francisco
  Owls host Explorers in clash of local A-10 rivals
  Huskies host Golden Eagles in Big East showdown
  Big 12 battle pits top-25 foes in Manhattan
  Big East battle features Louisville at West Virginia
Friday, January 29, 2010
  Thomases lead Duke in rout of Florida State
  Ole Miss-Arkansas hoops game moved to Sunday
  NC Wilmington replaces Moss as hoops coach
  Gonzaga survives with late rally to down Santa Clara
  Ole Miss uses strong second half to down Auburn
  Moore, Boilermakers slip past Wisconsin in Big Ten tilt
  Pitt fends off St. John's
  Stanford surges in second half to beat Arizona State
  Rack carries Mississippi State over No. 9 Georgia
Thursday, January 28, 2010
  Ohio State crushes Minnesota
  Bell paces Yellow Jackets to rout of Wake Forest
  Lady Vols pour it on early, rout Auburn
  Top-25 foes collide in Big Ten battle
  Yellow Jackets and Demon Deacons square off in Atlanta
  Panthers seek turnaround against Red Storm
  Bulldogs come to Santa Clara to tangle with Broncos
  Rebels tangle with Tigers in SEC action
  Gary leads New Mexico past BYU in key Mountain West showdown
  Scheyer, Singler pace Duke over Florida State
  Lighty, Turner lead Ohio State over Iowa
  Longhorns rebound for losses, slow start to top Texas Tech
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
  Griffin powers Nebraska to rout of Texas Tech
  Baylor downs Texas A&M
  Beal paces Vanderbilt past Tennessee
  Villanova pulls away to beat Notre Dame
  Notre Dame makes easy work of Providence
  Xavier dominates Rhode Island
  Charlotte knocks off No. 15 Temple
  Peterson, Providence rally in second half to beat UConn
  South Carolina fined by SEC for celebration
  WNBA All-Star Game gets a makeover
  Buckeyes visit Hawkeyes in Big Ten battle
  No. 8 Duke plays host to ACC rival Florida State
  Red-hot Huskies take on Friars in Big East affair
  Longhorns seek turnaround against Red Raiders
  Cougars and Lobos square off in Mountain West action
  Bragging rights on line in SEC clash between 'Dores and Vols
  Owls visit 49ers in Atlantic 10 showdown
  Irish to try their luck in Big East clash with third-ranked Wildcats
  South Carolina takes down No. 1 Kentucky
  Pullen's late FTs lift K-State over Baylor
  West Virginia rolls over DePaul
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
  Millsap leads UAB past Tulsa
  Lucas' late jumper lifts Spartans over rival Wolverines
  UConn routs Rutgers for 59th straight win
  Blazers meet Golden Hurricane in C-USA action
  Ninth-ranked Mountaineers set sights on Blue Demons
  Spartans and Wolverines collide in Ann Arbor
  Top-25 foes meet in Big 12 showdown in Waco
  No. 1 Kentucky visits SEC rival South Carolina
  Kentucky is a unanimous No. 1
  Aldrich, Jayhawks crush Missouri
  Orange bounce back from slow start to top Hoyas
Monday, January 25, 2010
  Creighton suspends Stinnett
  Purdue upends No. 4 Ohio State in exciting finish
  Harris reinstated after one-game suspension
  UConn ties mark for top ranking
  Kansas puts perfect home mark on line against Missouri
Sunday, January 24, 2010
  Lady Vols pull away to beat LSU
  Pope helps Seton Hall edge No. 9 Pittsburgh
  Northern Iowa downs Indiana State
  Wisconsin gets by Penn State in OT
  Ole Miss upsets Georgia
  Schrader, Notre Dame end West Virginia's win streak
  Singleton, Alabi lift Seminoles over Georgia Tech
  Panthers try to cut down Sycamores
  Yellow Jackets try to sting Seminoles
  Panthers and Pirates duke it out in Big East action
  Penn State seeks upset of No. 18 Wisconsin
  Gonzaga rolls on in WCC by taming Lions
  BYU holds off San Diego State for 15th straight win
  Georgia tops Tennessee for first time since 2004
Saturday, January 23, 2010
  Duke claims first road win at Clemson's expense
  Aldrich, Kansas rout Iowa State
  Purdue steams past Michigan
  Anderson leads Oklahoma State over No. 10 Kansas State
  UConn dominates second half to topple Texas
  Udoh leads Baylor past UMass
  Georgetown cruises past Rutgers
  No. 9 Texas A&M tops Texas Tech
  Kentucky remains perfect with rout of Arkansas
  Johnson and Orange surge past Marquette
  No. 2 Stanford outscores Oregon
  UConn makes it 58 straight with rout of Villanova
  Missouri upends No. 10 Baylor
  Rebels rally late to down LSU
  Butler, West Virginia hold off Ohio State
  Torrance helps Alabama edge No. 23 Mississippi State
  No. 6 Michigan State rallies past Minnesota
  Griffin's double-double helps Huskers remain unbeaten
  Strong second half powers Temple past Fordham
  Reynolds and 'Nova remain perfect in Big East
  Bears step out of conference to battle Minutemen
  Hoyas host Scarlet Knights in Big East affair
  Pokes try to put end to Wildcats' record home win streak
  No. 4 Villanova comes to Big Apple to battle St. John's
  Owls face Rams in clash of A-10 polar opposites
  Crimson Tide seek upset of 23rd-ranked Bulldogs
  Buckeyes battle Mountaineers in Morgantown
  Longhorns and Huskies clash in non-conference showdown
  Vols head to Athens to battle Bulldogs
  Spartans set sights on 7-0 Big Ten mark
  Marquette seeks upset of No. 5 Syracuse
  Zags take aim at 21st straight WCC victory
  Jayhawks fly into Ames to take on Cyclones
  Kentucky puts perfect mark on line against Arkansas
  BYU visits San Diego State in pivotal Mountain West showdown
  Wolverines visit Boilermakers in pivotal Big Ten bout
  Rebels in Baton Rouge to challenge Tigers
  Top-25 clash features Blue Devils against Tigers
Friday, January 22, 2010
  Pedersen, Stanford drop Oregon State
Thursday, January 21, 2010
  Bouldin, Gonzaga down Pepperdine
  No. 5 Ohio State staves off Michigan
  Duke throttles Virginia Tech
  Phillips lets the Dogs out; Georgia stuns third-ranked Lady Vols
  WCC action pits Bulldogs against Waves
  Smith caps special day by leading NC State over Duke
  Villanova routs Rutgers
  Hughes, Wisconsin battle back to beat Michigan
  West Virginia gets by Marshall
  Wake Forest handles No. 24 North Carolina
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
  Kansas holds off Baylor
  Warren, Ole Miss hold off South Carolina
  Haws, BYU beat Wyoming to extend win streak to 14
  Temple remains unbeaten in A-10 play by topping Xavier
  Hoyas snap Pittsburgh's 31-game home winning streak
  MSU holds off Iowa to stay perfect in Big Ten
  Georgia Southern gets probation, stripped of wins
  Former Gonzaga coach Fitzgerald passes away
  Big East battle between ranked foes pits Panthers against Hoyas
  Top-25 showdown in Big 12 boasts Jayhawks against Bears
  Owls hope to soar past visiting Musketeers in A-10 action
  No. 4 Villanova visits Big East foe Rutgers
  Gamecocks challenge Rebels in SEC affair
  Wolverines seek upset of 18th-ranked Badgers
  WVU and Marshall clash in Capital Classic
  Surging Spartans welcome Hawkeyes to East Lansing
  Troubled Tar Heels take on Demon Deacons
  Blue Devils tangle with Wolfpack in ACC action
  BYU hopes to continue home dominance in clash with Wyoming
  Calhoun takes medical leave of absence from UConn
  Wichita St. snaps UNI's 15-game win streak
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
  Georgia Tech uses late free throws to nip Clemson
  Turner, Ohio State crush Northwestern to stay perfect at home
  Johnson leads Purdue over Illinois in Big Ten battle
  Hopson leads Vols over 'Bama
  No. 4 Notre Dame bounces back with win over Louisville
  Ranked foes meet in ACC action in Atlanta
  Buckeyes battle Wildcats in Big Ten affair
  Panthers set to pounce on Shockers
  Boilermakers hope to get back on track in clash with Illini
  Vols visit Tide in SEC action
  Texas retains top spot in poll
  Connecticut continues reign atop poll
  K-State dethrones No.1 Texas
  Johnson, Syracuse hold off Notre Dame
Monday, January 18, 2010
  Top-ranked UConn routs No. 6 Duke
  Orange and Irish tangle in Big East action
  Top-25 showdown in Big 12 pits Longhorns against Wildcats
Sunday, January 17, 2010
  Duke gets balanced attack in win over Wake Forest
  Michigan hands No. 15 UConn third straight loss
  Lady Vols hold off Vandy
  Robinson paces Oklahoma over Texas A&M
  10th-ranked UNC tops Maryland
  Georgia gets back in win column by topping Arkansas
  'Nova holds off Hoyas for seventh straight win
  Nebraska wins at Baylor to stay unbeaten
  No. 5 Ohio State downs Indiana
  Blue Devils host Demon Deacons in ACC action
  Hoyas and Wildcats meet in pivotal Big East battle
  Huskies step out of conference to take on Wolverines
  Still streaking: UConn never challenged by No. 3 Notre Dame
Saturday, January 16, 2010
  Virginia takes down Miami-Florida
  Lighty helps Ohio State take down No. 13 Wisconsin
  No. 17 Gonzaga rolls over San Diego
  BYU blasts Colorado State
  Seminoles top Hokies to get back in win column
  Spartans top Illinois to remain unbeaten in Big Ten
  Texas survives top-ranking with OT win over Aggies
  Ogwumike, Stanford beat Washington for sixth straight win
  Northwestern upends No. 6 Purdue
  No. 13 Kansas State upends Colorado
  Kentucky fends off Auburn to stay unbeaten
  Tennessee's streak at six after OT win over Ole Miss
  Vols to reinstate Goins and Tatum
  Yellow Jackets blow lead but survive Tar Heels rally
  Dunn leads Baylor past Oklahoma State
  Pitt continues Big East roll, edges Louisville in OT
  Kansas hammers Texas Tech to extend home streak
  Brooks, Temple use long ball to down UMass
  Clemson fends off NC State
  Syracuse hangs on to beat WVU in Morgantown
  Yellow Jackets visit Tar Heels in clash of ranked ACC rivals
  Red Raiders hope to end Jayhawks' homecourt dominance
  Bulldogs in San Diego to tangle with Toreros
  Rebels visit Vols in pivotal SEC showdown
  Hokies challenge 'Noles in ACC action
  Boilermakers hope to right ship in bout with Wildcats
  Bears seek quick turnaround in clash with Cowboys
  Top-10 clash in Big East has Orange taking on Mountaineers
  Aggies visit Longhorns in Lone Star State showdown
  Badgers and Buckeyes do battle in Big Ten brawl
  Wildcats hope to keep good times rolling in tussle with Tigers
  Cavs seeks seventh straight win in clash with 'Canes
  Owls host Minutemen in A-10 action
  Illini and Spartans duke it out for Big Ten's top spot
  Big East battle pits Panthers against Cardinals
  Cougars put lenghty win streak on the line against Rams
  Tigers on the prowl in Raleigh
  Wildcats set sights on Buffaloes in Big 12 action
Friday, January 15, 2010
  Winston-Salem State signs head coach to extension
  Southern Indiana's Lewis dies after fall
  Dartmouth names Graupe interim head coach
  Gonzaga tops Gaels for fifth straight win
  Ogwumike, Stanford roll past Washington State
  Wright and Georgetown handle Seton Hall
Thursday, January 14, 2010
  Lady Vols edge Florida on late shot
  Strong second half helps Vols rout Tigers
  Vanderbilt deals Georgia first loss
  DePaul's Koshwal to miss 2-to-4 weeks with foot injury
  Thomas, Duke get road win over Hurricanes
  Virginia Tech takes down No. 10 North Carolina
  Prahalis leads Ohio State to 10th straight win
  WCC collision pits Bulldogs against Gaels
  Vols begin SEC slate against Tigers
  Hoyas host Pirates in Big East action
  James sets Big 12 record; Texas defends No. 1 ranking
  Kansas bounces back with victory over Nebraska
  Bohannon leads Wisconsin over Northwestern
  Ole Miss clips Georgia in SEC tussle
  Clemson forces 26 turnovers to notch rare win over UNC
Wednesday, January 13, 2010
  Duke rolls over Boston College
  Pitt keeps rolling, downs UConn
  Michigan State hangs on to edge Minnesota
  Ebanks leads West Virginia past South Florida
  Virginia upends Georgia Tech
  BYU routs Air Force to win 12th straight
  Rautins' effort pushes Syracuse past Rutgers
  Baylor edges Oklahoma in Big 12 battle
  Adams, Texas A&M rout Iowa State
  UConn rolls past Marquette
  Delaney, Virginia Tech thump Hurricanes
  Temple rolls over rival Penn
  Texas plays first-ever game as top-ranked team
  Mountaineers in Sunshine State to take on Bulls
  Badgers come to Evanston to take on Wildcats
  Owls and Quakers do battle at The Palestra
  Orange hit road to battle Scarlet Knights
  Top-25 matchup in ACC pits Tar Heels against Tigers
  Panthers and Huskies square off in Big East showdown
  Jayhawks seek redemption against Cornhuskers
  Yellow Jackets hope to sting Cavaliers
  Cougars set to pounce on Falcons in Mountain West action
  Rebels seek return to win column in SEC clash with Bulldogs
  Golden Gophers challenge seventh-ranked Spartans
  Hurricanes blow into Blacksburg to battle Hokies
  Eagles and Blue Devils mix it up in ACC action
  Kentucky continues perfect start, downs Gators
  Clemente, Kansas State dominate Texas A&M
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
  Colorado takes down No. 22 Baylor
  Turner and Hummel both star in Buckeyes' win over Boilermakers
  Wolfpack take down Florida State at home
  Notre Dame gets by South Florida, eyes UConn on Saturday
  Sun, Lynx swap guards and draft picks
  Second-ranked Wildcats set to pounce on Gators
  Seminoles set sights on Wolfpack in ACC clash
  Bears take on Buffaloes in Boulder
  Aggies take on Wildcats in pivotal Big 12 matchup
  Buckeyes and Boilermakers battle in Big Ten bout
Monday, January 11, 2010
  Reynolds shoots Villanova past Louisville
  Silver Stars exercise option on Harper through 2011
  Big East brawl pits Wildcats against Cardinals
  UConn still a unanimous women's No. 1
  Texas tops men's poll for the first time
  Wrist injury to sideline Wisconsin's Leuer indefinitely
  Beilein agrees to extension at Michigan
  Wainwright out at DePaul
  Tar Heels pull away in second half to down Hokies
  Report: Wainwright fired at DePaul
Sunday, January 10, 2010
  Georgia stays unbeaten with win over Florida
  Terrapins topple 18th-ranked Seminoles
  Arizona hands Washington third straight loss
  Johnson, Syracuse pound South Florida
  Short-handed Vols dethrone top-ranked Kansas
  No. 2 Stanford edges UCLA
  Lady Vols rout Mississippi State
  Duke runs over Wake to extend win streak
  Temple trips up Rhode Island in OT
  24th-ranked Huskies take on Wildcats in desert
  Tar Heels get ACC slate underway
  Top-25 foes collide in Knoxville
  Terps open their ACC slate against visiting 'Noles
  Owls hope to soar past Rams in A-10 action
  Bulls come north to challenge seventh-ranked Orange
  Spartans have little trouble dropping Hawkeyes
  Gonzaga holds off Portland
  Notre Dame survives late fold, tops No. 8 West Virginia
Saturday, January 09, 2010
  BYU downs UTEP to win 11th straight
  First half surge carries Oklahoma State past Texas Tech
  No. 10 Texas A&M routs No. 15 Texas
  Kentucky tops Georgia to remain unbeaten
  Georgia Tech upends Duke
  Wisconsin hands No. 4 Purdue first loss
  Wallace helps UNLV beat No. 15 New Mexico
  Vaughn's late tip-in lifts Hoyas past UConn
  Stokes and Villanova hold off Marquette
  Bost helps Mississippi State down Ole Miss
  Riley scores 43 as Oklahoma State upends Baylor
  Huskies brush aside Tar Heels
  Missouri takes down No. 11 Kansas State
  Bradley helps Texas crush Colorado
  Notre Dame routs Villanova
  Prahalis, Ohio State edge Michigan State
  Arizona State hands No. 24 Washington second straight loss
  Irish hope to hand Mountaineers first Big East loss
  Big East heavyweights lock horns in D.C.
  Red Raiders lift lid on Big 12 slate against Cowboys
  No. 3 Kentucky opens SEC slate against Georgia
  Blue Devils visit Yellow Jackets in pivotal ACC tussle
  Buffs battle 'Horns in Big 12 opener
  Kansas State tries to end Missouri's lengthy home win streak
  Zags try to ground Pilots in WCC action
  New Mexico seeks return to win column in clash with UNLV
  Miners try to dig up win over 25th-ranked Cougars
  Hawkeyes face tall task in clash with 10th-ranked Spartans
  Golden Eagles hope to score upset in Big East clash with Wildcats
  Rebels host rival Bulldogs in SEC opener
  Pedersen leads Stanford over USC
Friday, January 08, 2010
  Rutgers C Echenique to transfer
  Tennessee dismisses Tyler Smith
  Huskies head to Tempe to take on Sun Devils
Thursday, January 07, 2010
  No. 9 Duke clobbers Clemson
  UConn hammers Cincy
  Georgia survives scare from Kentucky to make history
  Lady Vols dominate South Carolina
  BYU holds off UNLV
  Cubillan perfect from long distance in Marquette's win over Hoyas
  Collins, Kansas avoid upset to Cornell
  Dyson helps UConn down Seton Hall
  Jones, West Virginia rout Rutgers
Wednesday, January 06, 2010
  Scheyer nets 31 as Duke routs Iowa State
  No. 6 Villanova mauls DePaul
  Spartans win defensive battle against Badgers
  Syracuse bounces back to roll Memphis
  Volunteers pound Charlotte
  Temple downs Saint Josephs in A-10 Philly battle
  Lucas, Tar Heels jump out early in rout of Yellow Jackets
  Blue Devils battle Cyclones in Windy City
  Mountaineers welcome Scarlet Knights to Morgantown
  Huskies and Pirates collide in Big East battle
  Top-ranked Jayhawks put lengthy win streak on the line
  Newly-ranked BYU hosts UNLV in Mountain West showdown
  Top-25 matchup in Big Ten has Badgers visiting Spartans
  Big 5 matchups pits Hawks against Owls
  Orange hope for return to win column in clash with Tigers
  Golden Eagles seek upset of 12th-ranked Hoyas
  Villanova hosts DePaul in Big East fray
  Undermanned Vols entertain 49ers in non-league tussle
  San Diego State takes down No. 15 New Mexico
  Purdue stays perfect with win over Minnesota
  Pittman, James shine as Longhorns stay perfect
Tuesday, January 05, 2010
  Bulldogs win battle of Peach State in Athens
  White, Ole Miss dominate UCF
  Purdue stays unbeaten with rout of Minnesota
  Lobos and Aztecs clash in MWC action
  Knights seek upset of Rebels
  'Horns and Hogs mix it up in non-league tussle
  Minnesota visits Purdue in Big Ten action
Monday, January 04, 2010
  Aggies rout Lady Cardinals
  Gibbs helps Pitt hold off Cincinnati
  Goudelock and Cougars upset Tar Heels in OT
  UConn routs South Florida
  Notre Dame edges Purdue
  Florida State easily handles Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
  UConn again a unanimous top choice in women's poll
  Four remaining unbeatens hold positions in men's hoops poll
  Newly-ranked Pittsburgh visits Cincinnati in Big East showdown
  Seminoles go for seventh straight win in clash with Islanders
  Tar Heels take on Cougars in final non-conference clash
  Duke dominates Clemson in ACC opener
  Georgetown notches Big East road win over DePaul
Sunday, January 03, 2010
  Sims helps Michigan take down Ohio State
  Roberson, Texas Tech upend UTEP
  Wisconsin handles Penn State
  Kansas State wins easily over South Dakota
  USC announces self-imposed sanctions for men's hoops
  No. 23 Wisconsin visits Penn State
  Buckeyes and Wolverines meet in Big Ten action
  Hoyas in Windy City to challenge Blue Demons
  Coyotes seek upset of 12th-ranked Wildcats
  Top-25 matchup in ACC pits Tigers against Blue Devils
  Lone Star State showdown pits Red Raiders against Miners
  Armstead and Ducks take down Washington
  Top-ranked Kansas has little trouble with No. 18 Temple
Saturday, January 02, 2010
  Cousins helps Kentucky stay undefeated with win over Louisville
  Spartans win Big Ten opener at Northwestern
  Texas holds off Texas A&M-CC
  Reynolds' basket helps Villanova edge Marquette
  Robinson helps UConn get past Notre Dame
  Pitt deals Syracuse first loss
  Crawford slams UAB over Arkansas
  10th-ranked Huskies seek turnaround against Irish
  Big Ten action pits Top-25 foes in Evanston
  Top-25 matchup features Kansas at Temple
  10th-ranked Husies seek turnaround against Irish
  Huskies put lengthy home win streak on line against Ducks
  Big East brawl pits Panthers against Orange
  No. 8 Villanova opens Big East slate at Marquette
  Blazers take on Hogs in non-league tussle
  Islanders face tall task in clash with second-ranked Longhorns
  Bluegrass State rivals lock horns in Lexington
  Report: Four Tennessee basketball players arrested
  South Carolina forward Mike Holmes dismissed from team
  New Mexico continues home streak with win over Dayton
  Johnson helps Purdue take down West Virginia
Friday, January 01, 2010
  Singletary's free throws lifts Texas Tech over McNeese State
  Lobos put lengthy home win streak on line against Flyers
  Mountaineers and Boilermakers meet in clash of Top-10 teams
  Texas Tech hosts McNeese State in New Year's Day matchup
  Wright, Georgetown hang on to beat St. John's
  Pondexter, Washington hold off Oregon State
Saturday, January 31, 2009
  Dentmon leads 23rd-ranked Washington over No. 14 ASU
  Downey's shot in final seconds lifts Gamecocks over Kentucky
  Thabeet's triple-double helps UConn pound Providence
  Marquette wins 11th straight; Hoyas continue skid
  Clemente helps Kansas State top No. 11 Texas
  Gonzaga handles San Diego
  Hansbrough, Tar Heels dominate NC State
  Shumpert's last-second shot lifts Georgia Tech over Wake Forest
  Memphis pulls away from Houston for 12th straight win
  Pitt sends Notre Dame to fifth straight loss
  Cardinals blow huge lead but hold on for ninth straight win
  Big second half run leads UCLA over Stanford
  Warren's hot shooting leads Oklahoma over Iowa State
  Xavier holds off UMass for 10th straight win
  Moore leads Purdue past Michigan
  In-state rivals meet in ACC matchup in Raleigh
  Sooners set for clash with Cyclones
  Lengthy win streak on the line, as Memphis hosts Houston
  Irish visit Steel City for clash with third-ranked Panthers
  Big Ten showdown pits Wolverines against Boilermakers
  Texas seeks 15th straight home win over Big 12 competition
  Big East action features Top-25 clash in Milwaukee
  Demon Deacons hit road to take on Yellow Jackets
  Red-hot Huskies host Friars in Storrs
  Top-25 foes meet in desert dual
  Bruins host Cardinal in Pac-10 tussle
  Gonzaga continues tear through West Coast Conference
  WCC action has Gaels visiting Pilots
  South Carolina comes calling on 24th-ranked Kentucky
  Musketeers host Minutemen in Atlantic 10 action
  Cardinals put perfect Big East record on line against Mountaineers
Friday, January 30, 2009
  No. 13 Butler wins ugly over Valpo
  Pick me a winner: Lynx get two draft choices for Harding
  Lynx acquire Miller from Phoenix in three-player deal
  Saint Mary's to be without leading scorer Mills for four weeks
  Lynx acquire Thomas in sign-and-trade for Hayden-Johnson
  Toledo suspends G Amos
  Michigan suspends G Zack Novak for one game
  Valpo faces tall task in Horizon League clash with No. 13 Butler
  Minus Mills, Gaels falter in loss to 'Zags
  Thompson's three point barrage leads Cougars over Sun Devils
  Illinois' offensive futility leads to rout by Minnesota
  Lucas, Summers lead Michigan State past Iowa
  No. 17 UCLA routs Cal
Thursday, January 29, 2009
  Wise, Wildcats turn on offensive firepower to down Huskies
  Rivers, No. 12 Clemson survive Virginia Tech
  Felton fired from Georgia post
  Arkansas State/Western Kentucky doubleheader postponed
  Bears and Bruins battle in Pac-10 matchup
  Big Ten clash features Spartans against Hawkeyes
  Red-hot Hokies host 12th-ranked Tigers in Blacksburg
  Pac-10 tussle pits Huskies against Wildcats
  Sun Devils host Cougars in Pac-10 action
  Gaels and Zags tangle in West Coast Conference showdown
  Fighting Illini visit Golden Gophers in pivotal Big Ten bout
  Lawson's buzzer-beater lifts UNC over Florida State
  Providence upends No. 15 Syracuse
  Memphis pounds Pirates to continue C-USA win streak
  UConn pulls away to down DePaul
  Vaughn leads Cincinnati past No. 25 G'Town
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
  No. 1 toppled as Demon Deacons edge Duke on last-second bucket
  'Nova rekindles spirit of Spectrum by upending No. 3 Pitt
  Raymond leads Xavier to rout of Charlotte
  Paris sisters lead Oklahoma past Baylor in top-five battle
  Louisville levels South Florida
  Orange seek return to win column in Big East clash with Friars
  Cardinals risk perfect league mark in bout with visiting Bulls
  Cat fight in City of Brotherly Love
  Memphis puts lengthy C-USA win streak on line versus East Carolina
  Pivotal ACC showdown pits Tar Heels against Seminoles
  DePaul faces tall task in clash with No. 2 UConn
  Top-ranked Duke visits No. 6 Wake Forest in key ACC matchup
  Hoyas hope to right ship in clash with Bearcats
  Struggling 49ers visit 10th-ranked Musketeers
  Ole Miss sends Kentucky to first league loss of season
  Hummel's late three-pointer lifts No. 16 Purdue over Badgers
  Texas beats Baylor for 23rd straight time
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
  Ole Miss hosts No. 24 Kentucky
  Gottfried resigns as Alabama head coach
  Johnson, Griffin help No. 4 Oklahoma take down OK State
Monday, January 26, 2009
  Top-ranked UConn crushes No. 6 Louisville
  McNeal, Marquette deal Irish second straight home loss
  Houston G Coleman suspended for stepping on Budinger's face
  Around College Basketball: Yow won't be forgotten
  UConn retains top spot, Oklahoma moves to No. 2 in women's poll
  Duke rises to the top in latest AP poll
  Big 12 action features in-state rivals in Stillwater
  Struggling Irish set sights on streaking Golden Eagles
  Kentucky's Harris cleared to practice
Sunday, January 25, 2009
  Big second half helps Clemson roll over Yellow Jackets
  Parsons leads Florida to rout of Vanderbilt
  Summers, Michigan State top Ohio State for second time this season
  Young's second-half surge helps No. 4 Pitt past WVU
  Gophers send Indiana to ninth straight loss
  Seton Hall gets first Big East win, upsets reeling Georgetown
  Louisville pulls away from Syracuse for seventh straight win
  Backyard Brawl pits Panthers against Mountaineers
  Golden Gophers seek turnaround in Bloomington
  Spartans continue quest for Big Ten title with trip to Columbus
  Yellow Jackets visit Tigers in key ACC contest
  Cardinals visit Orange in pivotal Big East matchup
  Pirates seek upset of 12th-ranked Hoyas
  Gators seek return to win column in clash with Commodores
  Kentucky's Harris taken to hospital
  NC State women's basketball coach Yow passes away at age 66
Saturday, January 24, 2009
  No. 14 Longhorns hold off Aggies
  No. 15 Xavier outlasts LSU
  Bouldin and Heytvelt help Gonzaga cruise past Loyola Marymount
  UConn handles Irish, snaps nation's longest home win streak at 45
  Griffin brothers shine as Sooners cage Bears
  Memphis escapes Knoxville with two-point win over Tennessee
  Huskies upend No. 13 Bruins
  Illinois tops Wisconsin in Big Ten battle
  Golden Eagles soar past DePaul
  No. 20 Villanova slips by USF
  Vanzant, Butler crush Milwaukee
  Duke makes turtle soup of Maryland in bid for No. 1 ranking
  Irish entertain Huskies in clash of ranked Big East foes
  Aggies and Longhorns mix it up in Lone Star State showdown
  Badgers hope to right ship in bout with 25th-ranked Illini
  Pivotal Pac-10 matchup pits Bruins against Huskies
  Xavier visits LSU in intriguing non-league matchup
  Horizon League heavyweights meet in Indy
  Sooners host Bears in Big 12 tussle
  Wildcats hope to run past Bulls
  Lions face tall task in clash with 23rd-ranked Bulldogs
  State bragging rights on line as Memphis takes on Tennessee
  Golden Eagles hope to soar past Blue Demons
  Blue Devils likely new No. 1, but need to get past Terps first
Friday, January 23, 2009
  FAU coach Jarvis suspended
  EMU's Ramsey to miss game due to illness
  Mountaineers handle No. 12 Georgetown
  Bulldogs plow through Pepperdine
Thursday, January 22, 2009
  UCLA survives a dogged effort from Washington State
  Butler remains unbeaten in Horizon League, top Wisconsin-Green Bay
  Johnson, Purdue top Minnesota in Big 10 clash
  Bruins battle Cougars in Pacific Northwest
  Georgetown welcomes West Virginia to nation's capital
  Big Ten action features ranked foes in Purdue and Minnesota
  Phoenix hope to rise above 16th-ranked Bulldogs
  Zags hope to continue WCC dominance in clash with Waves
  No. 1 falls again: VaTech hands Wake Forest its first loss
  Arizona State gets by Pac-10 rival Arizona
  Ellington, UNC extend home winning streak vs. Clemson
  Williams' double-double helps Louisville crush Rutgers
  Griffin leads No. 6 Oklahoma over Nebraska
  George Mason G Vaughn faints during game
  NJIT snaps 51-game losing streak
  Mack, Memphis trounce Rice
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
  Price helps UConn survive Villanova
  Gamecocks beat Gators at buzzer
  Northwestern shocks No. 7 Spartans
  No. 15 Xavier handles St. Bonaventure with ease
  Iowa's Tucker out rest of season
  Sun sign three for 2009
  Surging Tigers host struggling Owls
  Huskies host Wildcats in pivotal Big East showdown
  Demon Deacons defend No. 1 ranking against visiting Hokies
  Spartans put lengthy home win streak on line against Wildcats
  Musketeers go in search of eighth straight win over Bonnies
  Rutgers hopes to hand Louisville first Big East loss
  Sooners put perfect Big 12 mark on line versus Cornhuskers
  Gators hope to feast on Gamecocks as SEC foes collide in Columbia
  Grand Canyon State rivals square off in Pac-10 action
  Top-10 showdown in ACC pits Clemson against North Carolina
  Alabama's Steele done for season
  Duke dominates second half to beat NC State
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
  Illini continue home success with win over Buckeyes
  Big Ten bout pits Buckeyes against Illini
  Blue Devils building confidence as season wears on
  UConn, UNC still 1-2 in women's poll
Monday, January 19, 2009
  Young, Pitt rebound from first loss, crush Syracuse
  Top-ranked UConn hands No. 2 UNC its first loss of season
  Big East showdown pits Panthers against Orange
  Wake Forest takes top spot in hoops poll
Sunday, January 18, 2009
  'Nova cruises past St. John's
  Price leads UConn over Pirates
  Raymond leads Xavier to rout of La Salle
  Moore paces Northwestern in upset of Gophers
  Boilermakers crush Iowa
  Xavier puts perfect conference mark on line against La Salle
  Villanova is St. John's fourth straight ranked foe
  Wildcats seek upset of 18th-ranked Golden Gophers
  Big Ten bout pits Hawkeyes against Boilermakers
  Huskies host Pirates in Big East action
  Wake Forest pulls away from Clemson to remain undefeated
  Buckeyes use late run to upend Michigan
  Hansbrough, North Carolina rout Miami-Florida
  Marquette rallies in second half to top Providence
Saturday, January 17, 2009
  Harden leads Sun Devils over UCLA in OT
  Hill helps Stanford edge No. 22 Cal
  Unbeaten no more: Louisville rallies late to top Pitt
  Smith powers Tennessee to tight win over Gamecocks
  Suton helps Michigan State fend off Illinois
  Baylor edges Oklahoma State in OT
  Longhorns pull away to down Red Raiders
  Johnson, No. 6 Oklahoma edge Texas A&M
  Hayward leads No. 17 Butler past Illinois-Chicago
  Henderson, Singler lead Duke past G'Town
  Balanced effort propels Syracuse past Fighting Irish
  Lone Star State rivals square off in Lubbock
  Top-ranked Panthers in Louisville to challenge high-flying Cardinals
  Wake Forest and Clemson meet in battle of unbeatens
  Sooners visit Aggies in Big 12 tussle
  Vols hope to right ship at home against Gamecocks
  Cowboys in Waco to take on 21st-ranked Bears
  Big Ten rivals collide as Buckeyes visit Wolverines
  Irish to try their luck in Big East brawl with Orange
  Tar Heels host Hurricanes in ACC action
  Golden Eagles swoop into Providence for bout with Friars
  Bay area battle pits Golden Bears against Cardinal
  17th-ranked Bulldogs hope to extinguish Flames
  Bruins host Sun Devils in clash of ranked Pac-10 foes
  Pivotal Big Ten bout pits Illini against Spartans
  Marquee matchup has Hoyas in Durham to take on Blue Devils
Friday, January 16, 2009
  Rice forward Kuipers out
  Dragovic, UCLA cruise past Arizona
  DeRozan, Trojans top Sun Devils
Thursday, January 15, 2009
  Westbrook's career night leads Minnesota over Wisconsin in OT
  No. 5 North Carolina conquers Virginia
  Howard shines as Butler takes down Loyola-Chicago
  No. 15 Xavier slips by Rhode Island
  Walker leads No. 4 UConn past St. John's
  Purdue needs late comeback to edge Northwestern
  Around College Basketball: Dunphy settles in at Temple
  15th-ranked Xavier heads to Kingston to battle Rams
  Golden Gophers clash with Badgers in Madison
  Big Ten action pits Boilermakers against Wildcats
  Red-hot Bulldogs battle Ramblers in Windy City
  Huskies head to Big Apple to take on Red Storm
  Pac-10 action features Bruins against Wildcats
  Sun Devils take on Trojans in City of Angels
  Tar Heels hope to avoid 0-3 start to ACC play
  Unbeaten Wake Forest routs BC
  Elonu leads Aggies past No. 21 Baylor
  Pittsburgh stays unbeaten, defeats South Florida
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
  Morgan leads No. 7 Michigan State past Penn State
  Georgetown convincingly hands Syracuse its second loss
  Singler leads Duke to seventh straight win
  Tisdale, Illinois top Michigan
  Baylor visits Texas A&M in Big 12 tussle
  Second-ranked Wake Forest heads north to challenge Boston College
  Big East showdown pits Orange against Hoyas
  No. 1 Pittsburgh hosts South Florida in Big East battle
  Illinois seeks revenge in clash with No. 25 Michigan
  No. 7 Michigan State visits Penn State in Big Ten action
  No. 3 Duke pulls into Atlanta for ACC clash with Georgia Tech
  Meeks sets all-time Kentucky scoring record in win over Vols
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
  No. 24 Tennessee entertains Kentucky in pivotal SEC tilt
  Griffin leads No. 6 Oklahoma past 11th-ranked Texas
Monday, January 12, 2009
  Louisville continues unbeaten Big East run, fells Notre Dame
  Missouri F Lyons suspended
  Pitt still No. 1; Wake Forest moves up to second
  Bayno resigns from LMU; Good takes over
  Irish visit Cardinals in clash of ranked Big East foes
  Longhorns and Sooners meet in pivotal Big 12 matchup
  Connecticut still unanimous No. 1; Tennessee drops out of top 10
  Top-10 foes meet in pivotal Big 12 matchup
  Wake Forest stays perfect, continues torrid start by topping UNC
  UCLA takes out rival USC to remain unbeaten in conference play
Sunday, January 11, 2009
  Minnesota keeps rolling with rout of Penn State
  Raymond, Xavier get past Fordham
  Purdue holds off Wisconsin
  Pitt weathers the Red Storm as new No. 1
  Penn State heads to Twin Cities to battle No. 22 Minnesota
  Xavier visits Fordham in Atlantic 10 action
  Purdue hopes to right ship in clash with Wisconsin
  Pitt plays first game ever as top-ranked team
  Bruins and Trojans add another chapter to Pac-10 rivalry
  Top-5 matchup pits Tar Heels against Demon Deacons
  Missed Opportunities: Louisville edges Villanova
  Meyer passes Knight to become NCAA's all-time wins leader
  Hurricanes knock off No. 17 Boston College
Saturday, January 10, 2009
  Vols rally to slip past Georgia
  Griffin powers Sooners over Wildcats in Big 12 clash
  Syracuse pulls away to beat Rutgers
  No. 7 Texas wins Big 12 opener over Iowa State
  Pitino enjoying return to Big East
  The Price is right as UConn downs Cincinnati
  Late surge propels Marquette to seventh straight win
  Harangody helps Irish down Seton Hall
  Monroe does it all as Hoyas edge Friars
  Booker paces unbeaten Tigers, Wake Forest up next
  Butler holds off Detroit for sixth straight win
  Sun Devils keep rolling with win over Oregon
  No. 2 Duke uses strong second half to down Florida State
  Spartans win ninth straight, turn back Jayhawks
  Dunn, Bears down Red Raiders in Big 12 opener
  Intriguing non-conference matchup pits Jayhawks against Spartans
  Huskies and Bearcats mix it up in Queen City
  Irish take aim at record-tying 20th straight home Big East win
  Top-25 matchup pits Mountaineers against Golden Eagles
  Orange visit Scarlet Knights in Big East battle
  Hoyas hope to stop skid in clash with Friars
  No. 23 Baylor hosts Texas Tech in Big 12 lidlifter
  Tennessee hopes to stop bleeding in SEC opener at Georgia
  No. 12 Clemson puts perfect mark on line versus NC State
  Hurricanes come north to challenge 17th-ranked Eagles
  Intriguing non-conference matchups pits Jayhawks against Spartans
  No. 2 Duke visits Florida State in ACC showdown
  Ducks seek upset of 20th-ranked Sun Devils
  Longhorns lift lid on Big 12 slate against visiting Cyclones
  Butler hosts Detroit in Horizon League tussle
  Oklahoma opens Big 12 play in Manhattan against Kansas State
  Cards and 'Cats clash in Big East action
Friday, January 09, 2009
  Harden nearly perfect as Arizona State crushes Oregon State
Thursday, January 08, 2009
  Brown doesn't miss as Xavier crushes Saint Louis
  Minnesota rallies in defensive battle at Iowa
  Howard leads Butler past Wright State
  20th-ranked Sun Devils set sights on Beavers
  Xavier opens Atlantic 10 schedule against Saint Louis
  Gophers try to bury Hawkeyes in Iowa City
  Bulldogs hope to cool off red-hot Raiders
  Louisville opens Big East play with win over South Florida
  Zags upend Tennessee in OT; snap Vols' 37-game home winning streak
  Rautins leads Syracuse past DePaul
  UNC bounces back with big win over Charleston
  Scheyer, Singler lead Duke past Davidson
Wednesday, January 07, 2009
  Lin, Harvard shock Boston College
  No. 18 Marquette holds on for victory at Rutgers
  Rutgers continues brutal schedule with home game against Marquette
  Bulls to try and clip wings of 23rd-ranked Cardinals
  Orange to try and make quick work of visiting Blue Demons
  Duke hopes to continue dominance of Davidson
  Eagles hope to soar past visiting Crimson
  Zags and Vols meet for second time this season
  Tar Heels seek redemption in clash with visiting Cougars
  Adrien, Thabeet push UConn to finish line in win over West Virginia
  Booker leads the way as Clemson stays perfect
  Washington, Arkansas upend No. 7 Texas
  Battle helps Penn State upset No. 14 Purdue
Tuesday, January 06, 2009
  Reynolds shines as Villanova downs Seton Hall in OT
  Buckeyes can't stop Spartans' perimeter game
  Adrien, Thabett push UConn to finish line in win over West Virginia
  Longhorns gain PG Lucas following transfer
  NC State women's coach Yow to step away for rest of season
  Longhorns return to Fayetteville to renew rivalry with Razorbacks
  14th-ranked Purdue takes on Penn State in Big Ten battle
  Top-25 foes clash in Big East tussle in Morgantown
  No. 12 Clemson puts perfect mark on line against Alabama
  No. 18 Villanova visits Seton Hall in Big East action
  Surging Spartans host struggling Buckeyes
  Harangody pushes Irish past Hoyas
  Griffin leads No. 6 Oklahoma past Maryland Eastern Shore
Monday, January 05, 2009
  Pitt ascends to top spot in AP poll after UNC, UConn fall
  Hoyas and Irish square off in South Bend
  Sooners play final tune-up before kicking off Big 12 slate
  UConn remains unanimous choice atop women's rankings
Sunday, January 04, 2009
  Flyin High! Eagles upset top-ranked UNC
  Hokies simply overwhelmed by Blue Devils in second half
  Randle helps Cal top Arizona State
  Sosa drills late three to lift Louisville over Kentucky
  Collison leads UCLA past Oregon
  Harris, Wolverines pull away at end to down Illinois
  Duke opens ACC slate at home against Virginia Tech
  Bruins go Duck hunting in Eugene
  Bluegrass State rivals square off at Freedom Hall
  Sun Devils and Golden Bears mix it up in Pac-10 action
  Top-ranked Tar Heels open ACC play against visiting Eagles
  Big Ten showdown pits Illini against Wolverines
  Howard helps No. 25 Butler past Valparaiso
Saturday, January 03, 2009
  Wake Forest stays perfect, ends BYU's home win streak at 53
  Thabeet and UConn crush Rutgers
  Morgan's hot shooting leads 10th-ranked Spartans over Northwestern
  Kennedy, St. John's upset Notre Dame
  Rivers, Clemson defeat East Carolina
  Collins sharp as Kansas upends No. 14 Tennessee
  Xavier thumps Virginia
  Blair, Pitt snap Georgetown's 29-game home winning streak
  No. 4 Sooners cruise past Coppin State
  Gophers bounce back with strong effort against Buckeyes
  Spartans take aim at 2-0 start to Big Ten play
  Big East showdown pits Panthers against Hoyas
  Ranked Big Ten foes square off in Twin Cities
  BYU's lengthy home win streak in danger against No. 6 Wake Forest
  Musketeers and Cavaliers meet in non-conference duel
  Vols visit Jayhawks in intriguing non-league matchup
  Fighting Irish hope to calm Red Storm
  UConn seeks first Big East win in clash with Rutgers
  Spartans takes aim at 2-0 start to Big Ten play
  Clemson puts perfect mark on line against East Carolina
  No. 4 Oklahoma seeks quick turnaround in clash with Coppin State
  No. 25 Butler visits Valpo in Horizon League action
  UCLA cruises past Oregon State
  Pittman, Texas crush Appalachian State
  Pendergraph and Sun Devils cruise past Stanford
Friday, January 02, 2009
  No. 13 Syracuse escapes South Florida
  South Carolina slips past No. 19 Baylor
  19th-ranked Bears welcome Gamecocks to Waco
  Bruins battle Beavers in Pac-10 lidlifter
  Orange head to Sunshine State to battle Bulls
  Undefeated Cardinal host 17th-ranked Sun Devils in Pac-10 opener
  Texas continues preparation for challenging Big 12 slate
Thursday, January 01, 2009
  McNeal helps Marquette upend Villanova
  No. 15 Villanova opens Big East slate at Marquette
  Utah trips up Zags, sends No. 16 Gonzaga to third straight loss
  Hansbrough, Ellington lead UNC past Nevada
Thursday, January 31, 2008
  Strong second half lifts Duke over NC State
  Badgers deal IU first conference loss
  Illinois knocks off No. 19 Ohio State
  No. 24 Illinois State downs Drake in OT
  No. 4 Tar Heels cruise past Boston College
  Lady Vols cruise by Ole Miss
  No. 8 LSU trounces South Carolina
  Kentucky topples No. 17 Georgia
  Old Dominion clamps down on defense, thrashes Georgia State
  Pringle leads Tar Heels over Wake Forest
  Langhorne reaches 2,000 as Maryland crushes Miami
  Atlanta Dream to hold expansion draft
  Former Buckeyes coach O'Brien cleared to return to coaching
  St. Peter's AD Stein announces retirement
  Cardinal call on Huskies in Seattle
  Intrastate foes Duke and NC State meet in Durham
  Hoosiers get back to Big Ten play against Badgers
  Cougars set to pounce on Golden Bears
  Tar Heels take on Eagles in ACC action
  Bruins set to take on suddenly struggling Sun Devils
  No. 23 A&M sprints past 10th-ranked Longhorns
  Tisdale's three propels sixth-ranked Lady Bears past Longhorns
  Magnificent in Manhattan: No. 22 Kansas State downs No. 2 Kansas
  Sweat leads No. 18 Kansas State over Nebraska
  Late three-pointer propels Utah to upset of No. 15 Wyoming
  Spartans woeful offensively, but beat Illini
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
  Warren paces Ole Miss over Vandy
  No. 11 Oklahoma defeats Kansas
  16th-ranked Bulldogs run win streak to 18
  Memphis lone unbeaten after topping Houston
  No. 6 Georgetown disassembles St. John's
  Young leads No. 18 Pitt over 'Nova
  Top-ranked Huskies rout South Florida
  No. 20 Irish sizzle against Friars
  Walker leads Pittsburgh women over Villanova
  Former Villanova recruit Ott headed to Penn State
  Pitt hosts 'Nova in Steel City Cat Fight
  Vandy visits Ole Miss in battle of ranked SEC foes
  Spartans can set new school mark with win over Illini
  Hoyas and Red Storm clash in Big Apple
  Drake goes in search of 18th straight win
  Lone Star Showdown features Longhorns against Aggies
  Top-ranked Memphis takes on Houston in C-USA tilt
  Top-25 foes meet in key Big 12 tilt in Manhattan
  Lofton, Vols outlast Tide
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
  Marquette sidesteps Bulls
  Syracuse keeps rolling, wins nail-biter at DePaul
  Beck leads 16th-ranked George Washington over Dayton
  Owens propels Mountaineers over Scarlet Knights
  Missouri suspends several players
  Matthews dismissed from EMU basketball team
  Golden Eagles host struggling Bulls
  Volunteers set to roll Tide in Tuscaloosa
  Arkansas suspends starting F Thomas
  Western Carolina suspends two men's basketball players
  San Diego hands No. 21 St. Mary's first conference loss
Monday, January 28, 2008
  Lavender, Buckeyes rout Penn State
  Parker lifts Lady Vols over Blue Devils
  WNBA, players union ink six-year labor agreement
  Unbeaten Huskies still a unanimous No. 1
  Memphis still No. 1; Florida returns to poll
  Missouri G Hannah out 4-6 weeks after altercation at night club
  Nelson, Duke come back to down Maryland
Sunday, January 27, 2008
  No. 1 UConn stays undefeated with rout of No. 16 Notre Dame
  Florida rolls past slumping Vandy
  Paris leads No. 11 Oklahoma past No. 17 Georgia
  Spartans stay perfect at home with victory over Wolverines
  Auburn downs Alabama
  Gipson, Wildcats down Cowgirls
  Canady leads ODU to lopsided win over Delaware
  Pitt rallies past Louisville for 10th straight win
  Ninth-ranked Lady Tigers throttle Kentucky
  Lavender leads No. 23 Xavier over UMass
  23rd-ranked Xavier takes on UMass in Amherst
  Young Gators set sights on Commodores
  Spartans and Wolverines meet in East Lansing
  Fourth-ranked Duke and Maryland battle in College Park
  Collison explodes for 33 as No. 8 UCLA rolls past OSU
  Lofton's long-range game propels Vols over Bulldogs
  Korver leads Drake to 17th straight win
Saturday, January 26, 2008
  Rhodes leads Mississippi State past No. 17 Ole Miss
  No. 7 Stanford trounces eighth-ranked Cal
  No. 6 Baylor cruises past Nebraska
  No. 6 Washington State slips by suddenly slumping Sun Devils
  No. 21 Texas A&M escapes with win over Kansas
  Hoyas slide by Mountaineers on Sapp's three
  James, No. 21 Marquette cruise past DePaul
  12th-ranked Longhorns stampede Texas Tech
  Rutgers uses big second half to push past 13th-ranked Pitt
  Gonzalvez, Richmond knock off No. 16 Dayton
  Lopez sparks 20th-ranked Cardinal over Golden Bears
  Cowgirls lasso Rams for 12th straight win
  Purdue knocks off 10th-ranked Wisconsin
  Oklahoma edges 25th-ranked Baylor
  Kansas cruises over Nebraska to stay undefeated
  McAlarney, Harangody power Notre Dame past Villanova
  Howard, 15th-ranked Bulldogs burn Flames
  Beck leads No. 20 GW past Charlotte
  Prince leads Rutgers to 12th straight win
  UConn rules the paint in upset of seventh-ranked Indiana
  Texas A&M edges Oklahoma State to snap three-game skid
  Memphis stays unbeaten with win over Gonzaga
  UConn suspends Dyson, Wiggins indefinitely
Friday, January 25, 2008
  West Virginia's Bulger to sit Saturday
  Love goes for 26 points and 18 boards as Bruins hold off Ducks
  Arizona shocks sixth-ranked Washington State
  Morgan, Neitzel, Allen pace Spartans to rout of Northwestern
Thursday, January 24, 2008
  Brockman helps Huskies down Sun Devils
  Landers gets 700th win at Georgia in rout of Gators
  Golden Gophers stun 15th-ranked Buckeyes
  Old Dominion makes short work of Northeastern
  Xavier crushes Dayton
  Blue Devils sting Yellow Jackets
  Campbell, Howard lead Butler over Loyola-Chicago
  Duke bedevils Hokies
  LSU buries Auburn in SEC battle
  Bjorklund, Parker lead Vols to rout of Razorbacks
  15th-ranked Bulldogs host Ramblers in Horizon League play
  Catfight in Tucson pits Cougars against Wildcats
  24th-ranked Sun Devils welcome Huskies to Tempe
  Spartans take on Wildcats in Big Ten clash
  Top-25 battle features Musketeers and Flyers
  Blue Devils and Hokies meet in ACC play in Blacksburg
  Kansas stays unbeaten with blowout of Cyclones
  Baylor wins 5-OT thriller over Aggies
  Hoosiers hammer Hawkeyes
  Longhorns upset No. 14 Cowgirls
  Hansbrough, fifth-ranked Tar Heels get past 'Canes
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  Wildcats send Cyclones into a whirlwind
  Page scores 25 as Nebraska knocks off No. 21 Texas A&M
  No. 11 Oklahoma pummels Texas Tech
  18th-ranked Cowgirls dismantle Lady Rebels
  Young scores 26 as Pitt routs Red Storm
  No. 1 Memphis pounds Tulsa
  GW gets defensive in win over La Salle
  Sixth-ranked Baylor makes easy work of Mizzou
  Rutgers shocks No. 18 Villanova
  Wake Forest G Williams breaks hand
  12th-ranked West Virginia tops Marshall
  Atlanta's WNBA team nicknamed Dream
  Tar Heels hope for return to win column against Hurricanes
  Panthers seek quick turnaround against Red Storm
  No. 1 Memphis pulls into Tulsa to battle Golden Hurricane
  No. 2 Kansas puts perfect mark on line against Iowa State
  Hoosiers hope to continue hot start against visiting Hawkeyes
  Rutgers hosts No. 18 Villanova in Big East tussle
  Lone Star State rivals square off in Top-25 showdown
  Drake gets past Creighton in OT
  Wisconsin's win streak at 10 after edging Michigan
  Kentucky knocks off No. 3 Tennessee
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
  DePaul knocks off No. 16 Notre Dame
  Zellous carries Pitt past St. John's
  Vaughn dominates as No. 5 Rutgers romps Cincinnati
  Hokies extend Greenberg's contract
Monday, January 21, 2008
  Augustin and No. 12 Texas hold off Oklahoma State
  Ninth-ranked Hoyas survive scare from Syracuse
  Montgomery reaches 1,000 as UConn tops UNC
  Oregon State dismisses forward Giles
  Connecticut still a unanimous choice in women's poll
  Memphis takes over top spot in poll
  Cowboys hope to rustle Longhorns
  Big East rivals meet as Hoyas host Orange
  Oregon State relieves John of coaching duties
Sunday, January 20, 2008
  Low and Cougars hold off Oregon
  Seals' monster game pushes Texas Tech past No. 24 Texas
  12th-ranked Georgia rolls over Alabama
  Neitzel goes for 19 as No. 11 Michigan State edges Minnesota
  Seventh-ranked Stanford avoids upset at Arizona State
  LSU routs Mississippi State
  Tisdale and Baylor down Oklahoma
  No. 15 Old Dominion holds off William & Mary
  Maryland downs Georgia Tech in double OT
  UConn thumps Marquette
  Parker scores 19 as Lady Vols top Vandy
  Hoosiers pull away from Penn State for 12th straight win
  Ajavon leads Rutgers over Louisville
  Duke topples NC State
  Elliott, Kentucky upset No. 21 Auburn
  Packer powers Buckeyes past Wisconsin
  Michigan State and Minnesota meet again
  Big East action pits Golden Eagles against Huskies
  Cougars and Ducks tangle in Pac-10 tilt
  Red-hot Hoosiers host depleted Nittany Lions
  Sixth-ranked Vols hold off Buckeyes
  Memphis crushes Southern Miss to remain unbeaten
  Chalmers helps Kansas top Mizzou, stay unbeaten
  Stanford hands Arizona State first conference loss
  No. 14 West Virginia smothers St. John's
  Xavier edges GW
  Dietz leads Kansas State over Colorado for seventh straight win
  Landry scores 21 to lift No. 17 Wisconsin over Northwestern
Saturday, January 19, 2008
  Grant, NC State pull off OT win over No. 21 Miami
  Texas escapes with win over Colorado
  Duke continues domination of Clemson
  Tolbert drops 29 to lead Auburn past No. 18 Ole Miss
  Campbell, Green, Howard help Butler overpower Youngstown State
  Osby's late bucket helps Maryland shock top-ranked Tar Heels
  No. 20 Wyoming Cowgirls pound San Diego State
  No. 15 Pitt upended by Bearcats
  USC knocks off fourth-ranked UCLA
  No. 8 Cal rolls past Arizona
  Golden Eagles soar, upset 23rd-ranked Blue Demons
  Beasly, Walker lead Kansas State to rout of No. 10 Aggies
  No. 17 Fighting Irish knock out Hoyas
  Riley leads Oklahoma State over Texas A&M
  Cotton's layup gives Temple win over GW
  No. 22 Pitt trounces Providence
  Commodores bounce back with win over Tigers
  Hibbert leads Hoyas to blowout of Irish
  Reynolds, Wildcats take down Syracuse
  Montgomery leads UConn to big win over Cincinnati
  Top-ranked Tar Heels welcome Terrapins to Chapel Hill
  Crosstown rivalry renewed in City of Angels
  No. 3 Kansas puts perfect mark on line at Missouri
  Hoyas host Irish in Big East battle
  Clemson visits Duke in showdown between ranked ACC foes
  Aggies bring act to Manhattan for clash with Wildcats
  Panthers travel to Queen City for Big East brawl with Bearcats
  Sun Devils and Cardinal meet in pivotal Pac-10 clash
  Bulldogs battle Penguins in Horizon League melee
  Commodores hope to make quick work of visiting Tigers
  'Canes and Pack meet in Raleigh
  Rebels visit Tigers in SEC action
  Wisconsin hopes to continue home dominance against Northwestern
  Buckeyes seek upset of sixth-ranked Vols
  No. 2 Memphis puts perfect mark on line versus Southern Miss
  Syracuse hosts No. 25 Villanova in Big East action
  No. 20 Xavier seeks redemption at George Washington
  Big 12 brawl pits Buffs against 'Horns
Friday, January 18, 2008
  No. 4 Maryland survives UVA
  Tennessee forward Crews medically cleared to return
  Dayton forward Little out at least a month with foot injury
  Odom announces retirement
  Harden paces 22nd-ranked ASU over Cal in double OT
  Report: Odom expected to announce retirement
  Cougars rout Beavers
  Vanderbilt knocks off No. 12 Georgia
  Wayne's world: Vols blow out Vandy
  No. 15 Old Dominion defeats VCU
  Pedersen leads Stanford over Arizona
  Hampton carries Cal over Arizona State
Thursday, January 17, 2008
  White and Indiana hold off Minnesota
  Louisville strong defensively in win over Marquette
  Billikens notch first conference win, upend Rhode Island
  Vikings knock off 12th-ranked Butler
  No. 16 Ohio State holds off Illinois
  UNC routs BC
  Parker leads second-ranked Lady Vols over Kentucky
  Walberg resigns as Pepperdine coach
  Cougars seek quick turnaround against Beavers
  Big East action pits Marquette against Louisville
  12th-ranked Bulldogs and Vikings clash in Cleveland
  Surprising Sun Devils set to take on Golden Bears in Berkeley
  Rams butt heads with Billikens in St. Louis
  Longtime rivals meet in top-25 showdown in Knoxville
  Ninth-ranked Indiana puts win streak on the line in Minneapolis
  Knight gets 900th win as Red Raiders upset Aggies
  Top-ranked North Carolina survives scare from Ga. Tech
  11th-ranked Sooners shuck Cornhuskers
  Dorsey, Tigers maul Owls
  Gant, Aggies edge Buffs in Big 12 showdown
  No. 13 Colonials cling to victory over Rams
  UMass upsets No. 14 Dayton
  Knight gets 900th win in as Red Raiders upset Aggies
  Curtis, Rebels hold off Gators
  Peters leads 17th ranked Irish past Wildcats
  'Nova hangs on for win over DePaul
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
  20th-ranked Cowgirls cruise past Air Force
  No. 24 Texas squeaks by Iowa State
  No. 14 West Virginia escapes against Marquette
  Cowgirls trounce Tigers
  Lady Bears rout Jayhawks, run win streak to eight
  Christmas, Tyndale help Temple topple Xavier
  Blue Devils foil Seminoles comeback bid
  UConn's Thomas out for season
  MRI confirms ACL tear for Penn State's Claxton
  Penn State's Claxton suffers ACL injury
  Undefeated Tigers set to pounce on Owls
  No. 20 Xavier brings act to Philly for bout with Temple
  No. 14 Dayton hosts UMass in A-10 action
  ACC action pits top-ranked Tar Heels against Yellow Jackets
  Big 12 showdown pits Aggies against Red Raiders
  Villanova seeks revenge against visiting DePaul
  Rebels welcome Gators to Oxford
  Seventh-ranked Duke takes on Florida State in Tallahassee
  No. 23 Blue Demons quiet Red Storm in OT
  Top-ranked UConn holds on to top Syracuse
  Eagles continue domination of 'Canes
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
  No. 17 Wisconsin rolls as Penn State's Claxton goes down
  No. 5 Rutgers tops Georgetown
  Spartans down Buckeyes
  Hammonds and No. 24 Clemson clobber NC State
  Oklahoma's Griffin to miss four weeks
  Cal's Robertson to take redshirt year
  College basketball conference stats
  Badgers put perfect Big Ten mark on the line at Penn State
  Big Ten action pits Spartans against Buckeyes
  Tigers and Wolfpack meet in ACC play
  21st-ranked Hurricanes blow into Chestnut Hill
Monday, January 14, 2008
  Unbeaten Kansas cruises over Oklahoma; Griffin leaves game
  Ramon and Benjamin help No. 15 Pitt down No. 5 Georgetown
  No. 4 Maryland downs 10th-ranked Duke
  UConn still unanimous top choice in women's poll
  No change at the top: UNC, Memphis, Kansas still top poll
  Ranked Big East foes meet in Steel City
  Jayhawks put perfect mark on line versus visiting Sooners
  Nelson leads Duke over Virginia
Sunday, January 13, 2008
  Hoosiers fight off Fighting Illini
  Adair, Beck lead No. 17 George Washington over Xavier
  Fowles leads LSU over Vandy
  Ducks surge in final minutes to beat Stanford
  Cyclones blow away Buffaloes in 2nd OT
  Goff leads Ole Miss to upset of Arkansas
  Lady Vols continue dominance over Gamecocks
  Packer, Lavender help Ohio State crush Northwestern
  Auburn rips Georgia by 30
  Third-ranked Tar Heels dump NC State
  Old Dominion hammers James Madison
  Rams hang on for close win over Dukes
  Kansas State uses OT to defeat Texas
  No. 16 Mountaineers fight past No. 14 Irish
  Duke and Virginia begin ACC play in Durham
  Stanford and Oregon meet in Pac-10 tussle
  Red-hot Hoosiers welcome struggling Illini to Bloomington
  22nd-ranked Rams host Dukes in A-10 clash
  Iowa trudges to 43-36 upset of No. 6 Michigan State
  Clemson tops Seminoles in double OT
Saturday, January 12, 2008
  Dayton bolts past Saint Louis in OT
  Third-ranked Jayhawks top Nebraska to remain unbeaten
  Memphis cruises past Marshall to improve to 15-0
  25th-ranked Oklahoma State women rout No. 6 OU
  No. 8 Tennessee routs South Carolina
  Vaughn and Bearcats upset No. 19 Villanova
  Ole Miss survives late LSU run to secure victory
  UCLA hangs on to hand Washington St. first loss of the season
  No. 7 Stanford blasts Oregon
  Vandy unbeaten run ends in double-OT thriller at Rupp
  No. 25 Miami-Florida tops Georgia Tech
  Cal crushes Oregon State to stay unbeaten in Pac-10
  Hibbert's three lifts Hoyas over Huskies
  Aggies cruise past Colorado
  Knight fails in first attempt at 900th win
  Moore leads No. 1 UConn over Louisville
  No luck for the Irish against the Golden Eagles
  21st-ranked Wyoming eases past TCU
  Pitt uses three-ball to defeat Seton Hall
  Raymond leads Xavier in rout of Fordham
  No. 1 UNC goes to 17-0 with rout of NC State
  Lawrence leads as Mizzou topples 12th-ranked Texas
  Baylor rallies past A&M
  DePaul drops Providence to end skid
  Ajavon lifts No. 5 Rutgers over SHU
  Hibbert's three lift Hoyas over Huskies
  Butler downs UW-Milwaukee for eighth straight
  Raymond leads No. 14 Xavier in rout of Fordham
  Marquee matchup pits Cougars against Bruins
  Hoyas host Huskies in Big East matchup
  12th-ranked Texas opens Big 12 slate at Missouri
  Big East action pits Panthers against Pirates
  Intrastate foes collide in Chapel Hill
  Kansas opens up Big 12 play at Nebraska
  18th-ranked Tigers tangle with Seminoles
  No. 14 Butler entertains UW-Milwaukee in Horizon League action
  Xavier goes in search of sixth straight win
  No. 17 Dayton brings high-flying act to St. Louis
  Sixth-ranked Spartans come calling on struggling Hawkeyes
  Herd seek upset of second-ranked Tigers
  Aggies and Buffs open Big 12 play in College Station
  Big East action has Cincinnati hosting No. 19 Villanova
  Vandy puts perfect mark on line against Kentucky
  Vols hit road for SEC clash with Gamecocks
  No. 15 Marquette hosts Notre Dame
  Rebels seek quick turnaround versus visiting Tigers
  ACC action pits Yellow Jackets against 25th-ranked Hurricanes
  12th-ranked Duke women stifle Seminoles
Friday, January 11, 2008
  Cougars stay perfect with win over Trojans
  Fifth-ranked UCLA surges past Washington
  No. 9 Cal gets by Oregon
  Billikens score just 20 points in loss to Colonials
  Appel leads No. 7 Cardinal over Beavers
Thursday, January 10, 2008
  23rd-ranked Stanford pounds Beavers
  No. 14 Butler wins seventh straight by outlasting Green Bay
  Hughes, Butch leads Badgers over Illini
  No. 19 Ohio State trumps Indiana
  No. 4 Maryland rips BC for ninth straight win
  No. 11 LSU delivers 20th-ranked Arkansas' first loss
  Five hit double-digits as Lady Bulldogs down Lady Rebels
  Parker, Anosike lead Lady Vols over Tigers in conference opener
  No. 3 Tar Heels stick it to Hokies
  Bulldogs and Phoenix clash in Indianapolis
  Cardinal and Beavers battle in Corvallis
  Undefeated Cougars take on Trojans in Pac-10 tilt
  Fifth-ranked UCLA welcomes Washington to Pauley Pavilion
  Red-hot Badgers host slumping Illini in Madison
  No. 21 Cowgirls ride past Lobos
  Pitt's Young scores 22 in rout over USF
  Smith's bucket lift No. 8 Vols over No. 16 Ole Miss
  Nelson stars as ninth-ranked Duke downs Temple
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
  No. 2 Memphis opens C-USA schedule by pummeling Pirates
  Xavier opens A-10 play by downing St. Bonaventure
  No. 6 Sooners hold on, edge Cyclones
  Goldwire, 49ers upset No. 18 Clemson
  Ogilvy leads No. 13 Vandy over Gamecocks
  No. 1 Huskies continue dominance, devour No. 16 Mountaineers
  Kansas State upends 13th-ranked Texas A&M
  Riley, Cowgirls hold off Jayhawks
  UNC stays perfect against UNC-Asheville
  Spears and Colorado down Missouri
  Baylor shuts down Texas Tech in Big 12 opener
  Nebraska dumps 15th-ranked Texas
  Dayton gets by Rhode Island in high-powered conference opener
  Green, Pym help ODU top UNC-Wilmington
  Keilitz introduced as High Point athletic director
  Brian Agler selected to lead Storm
  No. 24 Xavier hosts St. Bonaventure in A-10 opener
  Commodores welcome Gamecocks to Music City
  Big East bout pits Panthers against Bulls
  Top-ranked North Carolina back in action against UNC-Asheville
  Rebels visit Vols in SEC opener
  No. 2 Memphis opens C-USA play against East Carolina
  Blue Devils come to Philly to battle Owls
  Ranked Atlantic 10 foes meet in Dayton
  Charlotte comes calling on No. 18 Clemson
  Walton, No. 6 Spartans fend off Purdue for 10th straight
  Rutgers survives scare, but holds off Marquette
Tuesday, January 08, 2008
  Hibbert leads No. 7 Hoyas over DePaul
  Fitzgerald's three-pointer helps No. 15 Marquette edge Seton Hall
  Jayhawks crush Greyhounds
  Notre Dame defeats Louisville in its Big East opener
  10th-ranked Hoosiers cruise past Michigan
  NCAA imposes penalties against Prairie View A&M
  Duke's Zoubek fractures foot again
  Storm sold to group of Seattle women
  Big East action pits Marquette against Seton Hall
  Hoosiers and Wolverines clash in Ann Arbor
  Spartans host Boilermakers in Big Ten tilt
  Hoyas invade Allstate Arena to battle Blue Demons
Monday, January 07, 2008
  Butler takes care of Loyola-Chicago, wins sixth straight
  UConn G/F Marcus Johnson transfers to Oregon State
  Detroit's Watson takes medical leave
  UNC stays No. 1; Xavier, Miami rejoin poll
  Connecticut earns unanimous top spot in poll
  Bulldogs battle Ramblers in Chicago
Sunday, January 06, 2008
  Ellington's three lifts No. 1 UNC over Clemson in OT
  No. 9 Duke returns from lengthy layoff to oust Cornell
  LeNoir's late heroics leads USC past No. 2 Stanford
  No. 21 Ohio State hangs on to outlast Iowa
  No. 10 Cal outlasts UCLA in OT
  No. 23 Lady Monarchs maul Panthers
  Harris, Musketeers hand No. 7 Bulldogs first loss of season
  Zellous leads Pitt over No. 15 DePaul
  Charles leads No. 1 UConn over Purdue
  WVU coasts past No. 10 Marquette in Big East clash
  20th-ranked Colonials crush Brown
  No. 5 Terps double-up, destroy Tigers
  No. 17 'Nova nails foul shots, upsets No. 13 Pitt
  Pitt battles 'Nova in Top-25 showdown
  No. 1 North Carolina opens ACC slate at No. 19 Clemson
  Big East brawl pits No. 10 Marquette against West Virginia
  Duke hosts Cornell in obvious mismatch
  Both teams struggle, but Stanford outlasts USC
  Cougars escape with win over Huskies, stay undefeated
  Morgan scores 31 as sixth-ranked Spartans hold off Minnesota
  Love, UCLA shut down Cal
  No. 6 Rutgers holds off St. John's
Saturday, January 05, 2008
  Smith, Black help Duke open ACC slate with win over 'Canes
  No. 17 West Virginia holds off South Florida
  Sloan leads No. 12 Texas A&M over LSU
  Longhorns use second-half surge to beat Gaels
  Hoyas open Big East slate with win at Rutgers
  Augustin and Longhorns breeze by Gaels
  Vanderbilt tops UMass for 15th straight win
  McCants leads North Carolina to win over Georgia Tech
  No. 25 Arkansas downs Texas Tech
  Lady Vols trounce Irish
  Jayhawks rout BC to remain undefeated
  Wisconsin pulls away from Iowa for sixth straight win
  Green's total effort lifts Butler past Valpo
  Ducks upset Wildcats for second straight year
  Memphis rolls past Pepperdine for 40th straight home win
  Top-25 matchup features Pac-10 rivals
  Streaking Badgers host struggling Hawkeyes
  Hoyas hit the road to begin Big East play
  Intrastate rivals dive into Pac-10 play in Seattle
  Longhorns welcome Gaels to Lone Star State
  Second-ranked Tigers host travel-weary Waves
  12th-ranked Aggies seek to tame Tigers
  Third-ranked Jayhawks take on Eagles in Chestnut Hill
  Valpo visits Butler in Horizon League action
  Minnesota comes to East Lansing to challenge No. 6 Michigan State
  Vandy puts perfect record on line versus UMass
  Pac-10 clash has Ducks taking on 21st-ranked Wildcats
  Golden State showdown pits Bruins against Bears
  Bruins stun No. 2 Stanford
  Cal still perfect in conference play with win over USC
Friday, January 04, 2008
  McFarland, Colorado down Pepperdine
  No. 9 Lady Bears topple Texas State
  16th-ranked Longhorns crush Texas-Pan American
  Zavecz's jumper at horn lifts No. 22 Wyoming over San Francisco
  Shipp and Bruins knock off Stanford
  Christopher and California down USC
  No. 2 Memphis crushes Siena; Tigers win 39th straight at home
  No. 13 Texas A&M overwhelms Stephen F. Austin
  Steele's three-pointer at buzzer steals win for GW
  Budinger pushes No. 21 Arizona past Oregon State
Thursday, January 03, 2008
  James leads No. 10 Marquette over Providence
  Burns' 20 points helps DePaul knock off No. 17 Villanova
  Ohio State crushes Michigan
  Foster and Vanderbilt remain undefeated with win over Rice
  Charles leads No. 1 UConn to rout of 'Nova
  Duke destroys N.C. Central
  Fifth-ranked Terrapins demolish Wake Forest
  LSU rolls past Florida State
  Fifth-ranked UCLA begins Pac-10 play at 24th-ranked Stanford
  21st-ranked Arizona hosts Oregon State in Pac-10 opener
  Second-ranked Memphis plays host to Siena
  DePaul hosts No. 17 Villanova in Big East lidlifter
  Golden State rivals open Pac-10 play in Berkeley
  Commodores put perfect mark on line against visiting Owls
  No. 10 Marquette hosts Providence in Big East opener
  Short-handed 'Heels stay perfect against Golden Flashes
  Georgia women improve to 13-0 by pounding Presbyterian
  Gordon, no. 11 Hoosiers survive scare from Iowa
  Lady Vols rebound from loss, terrorize Blue Demons
Wednesday, January 02, 2008
  Pitt uses second half surge to crush Lafayette
  Pitt use second half surge to crush Lafayette
  Rebels crush Bulldogs
  Rhode Island crushes FDU for ninth straight win
  Lady Bears crush Aggies
  No. 14 Fighting Irish stomp on Spiders
  Ajavon and Rutgers down Pepperdine
  James' career night leads 14th-ranked 'Horns past TCU
  Leuer and Badgers knock off Michigan
  North Carolina's Stepheson out due to family illness
  11th-ranked Hoosiers face Hawkeyes in Big Ten opener
  No. 25 Wisconsin opens Big Ten play at Michigan
  Pitt seeks quick turnaround against Lafayette
  23rd-ranked Rams continue fast start against visiting Knights
  Perfect Rebels return home to face struggling Bulldogs
  Intrastate foes collide in Dayton
  Lone Star State rivalry renewed
  Top-ranked Tar Heels welcome Golden Flashes to Chapel Hill
Tuesday, January 01, 2008
  Booker, Mays lead No. 19 Clemson over Alabama
  Tigers and Tide tangle in Tuscaloosa
  Raley-Ross sidelined with knee sprain
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
  22nd-ranked Nebraska dodges Cyclones
  Wolfpack upend No. 16 Hokies
  Fazekas and Wolf Pack down Bulldogs
  No. 20 Middle Tennessee pummels Denver
  Aggies rout Cyclones, remain perfect at Reed
  Buckeyes roll over Boilermakers
  Longhorns upend ninth-ranked Sooners
  Butler batters Youngstown State
  Gators bounce back from poor first half to down Vandy
  Tigers rout Golden Knights
  St. John's Daryll Hill to miss 4-to-6 weeks
  Comets sold to Hilton Koch
  Surprising Hokies host Wolfpack
  Rockets sold to Hilton Koch
  Buckeyes try to blast past Boilermakers
  Big 12 tussle in the Lone Star State
  Memphis continues torrid C-USA run at UCF
  Aggies put perfect home mark on the line against Cyclones
  Non-conference treat features Cardinal against Bulldogs
  Bulldogs take on Penguins in Horizon League action
  Struggling Tigers and Tide meet in Baton Rouge
  Wolf Pack on the prowl in Ruston
  Nation's longest win streak on the line in Bloomington
  Top-25 SEC battle pits Gators against Commodores
  Red-hot Tar Heels host Hurricanes
  Mann leads No. 17 Bowling Green past Chicago State
  No. 18 Texas A&M edges Oklahoma State
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
  Rutgers upends Marquette
  Louisville edges Wildcats
  UConn reaches milestone with win at Cincy
  Irish cruise past Orange
  Big East action features Notre Dame at Syracuse
  Pitt squeaks past Villanova
  Kansas clobbers Nebraska
Monday, January 29, 2007
  Campbell, Butler douse Flames
  Ohio State beats Purdue in top 10 matchup
  Top-ranked Duke holds off Virginia Tech
  Florida, Wisconsin stay 1-2 in hoops poll
  Pitt comes across state in search of 20th win
  Bulldogs try to douse Flames
  High-flying Jayhawks pay visit to struggling Cornhuskers
  Duke, Carolina remain 1-2 in women's hoop poll
Sunday, January 28, 2007
  No. 2 North Carolina rolls over No. 3 Maryland
  Stanford shocks third-ranked UCLA
  Stukes stuns Tigers with last-second three
  Rutgers upends No. 23 Michigan State
  No. 16 Bowling Green bowls over Eastern Michigan
  No. 15 Vandy torches Arkansas
  10th-ranked Duke cruises past BC
  Lady Vols roll past Alabama
  Bulldogs easily handle Gators
  Mississippi State upsets Ole Miss
  Middle Tennessee hammers Louisiana-Lafayette
  No. 24 Hokies take down Yellow Jackets
  No. 8 LSU routs Auburn
  Wisconsin clubs Iowa for 17th straight win
  Marquette steals one at South Florida
  GW wins 11th straight
  Virginia pulls off stunning comeback at Clemson
  Clemson seeks quick turnaround against Virginia
  Surprising Hokies visit Yellow Jackets in ACC action
  Duke hopes to continue mastery of Boston College
  Badgers put nation's longest win streak on line at Iowa
  Marquette in Sunshine State seeking sixth straight win
  Struggling Tigers take on surging Bulldogs
  Bruins battle Cardinal in pivotal Pac-10 clash
  Brooks nets 31 as No. 7 Oregon wins in OT
  Fazekas leads No. 18 Nevada past Utah State
Saturday, January 27, 2007
  Oden, Buckeyes edge Spartans
  Griffin guides No. 25 Nebraska over Kansas
  Oklahoma State bounces back to down Cyclones
  No. 7 UConn stomps Notre Dame
  No. 16 Air Force falls to BYU
  Stewart, No. 25 USC survive Cal
  Robertson, Texas Tech edges Texas
  Golden Bears fight off Wildcats
  Top-ranked Gators crush Auburn
  Ayers, Notre Dame hold off Villanova
  No. 17 Marquette rips Cincinnati
  Panthers weather the Red Storm, crush St. John's
  No. 14 Butler takes down Detroit
  Arkansas rolls over No. 12 Alabama
  13th-ranked Baylor downs Oklahoma State
  No. 6 Texas A&M gets by Oklahoma
  No. 9 Stanford bests Arizona State in OT
  Rush, Chalmers power No. 8 Kansas over Colorado
  Aggies stun sixth-ranked Oklahoma
  Hunt leads No. 11 Memphis past Golden Eagles
  Ailing Tar Heels rip Wildcats
  No. 23 Hoosiers cruise past Wolverines
  Irish put win streak on the line against dangerous Wildcats
  WAC rivals lock horns in Reno
  BYU puts lengthy home winning streak on line vs. Air Force
  Red Storm seek upset in Steel City
  Memphis goes in search of ninth straight win
  Big Ten foes meet in Bloomington
  Butler hopes to continue winning ways in Motor City
  Tide puts perfect home record on line
  Trojans attempt to slay Golden Bears in Berkeley
  Top-25 Pac-10 tilt features Oregon at Washington State
  Sooners attempt to continue mastery of Aggies
  Top-25 battle pits Tar Heels against Wildcats
  Buckeyes and Spartans meet in key Big Ten bout
  Cowboys hope to lasso Cyclones
  Top-ranked Gators hit the SEC road
  Jayhawks host Buffaloes in Big 12 clash
Friday, January 26, 2007
  No. 11 George Washington rolls past Dayton
  Cougars drop Beavers
  Stanford upsets USC
  Washington upends No. 7 Oregon
  Sun Devils roar past Cal
  Sessions, Nevada rout Louisiana Tech
Thursday, January 25, 2007
  No. 9 Stanford downs Arizona
  UCLA tops Cal
  Graves leads Butler past LCU in OT
  No. 8 LSU rolls past Arkansas
  Purdue routs Northwestern
  Lady Vols hold off Vanderbilt
  Duke downs Seminoles to remain unbeaten
  Humphrey propels Georgia past Ole Miss
  McClure's last-second layup sends Duke plast Clemson
  No. 5 Ohio State tops Indiana
  Terrapins breeze past Tigers
  Brown's double-double guides PSU past No. 23 Michigan State
  Wolf Pack host Bulldogs in Reno
  Pac-10 action pits Trojans against Cardinal
  Ducks and Huskies collide in Seattle
  Cougars set to pounce on Beavers
  Top-25 foes meet in ACC action
  Bulldogs take on Ramblers in Chicago
  Marquette runs past Seton Hall
  Badgers cruise past Wolverines for 16th straight victory
  Red Raiders score upset over sixth-ranked Aggies
  Sooners stay perfect in conference play with win over ISU
Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  No. 11 Memphis takes down Tulsa
  No. 17 Arizona gets back on track over ASU
  No. 1 Florida survives scare from Miss. St.
  Vandy scores another big SEC win by topping LSU
  No. 21 Aggies edge No. 25 Huskers
  No. 13 Baylor edges No. 24 Texas
  No. 8 Kansas crushes Baylor
  Greene, Huskies top DePaul
  Ellington leads Tar Heels over Wake Forest
  McCoughtry leads No. 18 Cardinals over Pitt
  Givens lifts No. 19 Blue Raiders past Mean Green
  No. 9 Pitt goes long range to beat Cincinnati
  Frosh sensation Oden leads No. 5 Buckeyes over NU
  Bowling Green posts easy win over WMU
  Western Carolina's Greathouse involved in car accident
  Dangerous Commodores take on Tigers in Baton Rouge
  Instate foes collide in ACC action
  Streaking Red Raiders host red-hot Aggies
  Tulsa attempts to avoid the blues in Memphis
  Golden Eagles host Pirates in Big East play
  Nation's longest win streak on the line in Madison
  Jayhawks seek quick turnaround in Waco
  Top-ranked Gators take on Bulldogs in Starkville
  State bragging rights up for grabs in the desert
  Panthers and Bearcats square off in the Queen City
  Buckeyes bring act to Evanston
  Dowdell leads No. 24 Va. Tech over Miami
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
  Air Force dominates TCU
  No. 17 Marquette downs Notre Dame
  Wright's trey lifts St. John's over No. 22 Notre Dame
  Auburn routs Alabama
  Wright's trey lifts St. John's over No. 22 Norte Dame
  Illinois tops No. 23 Indiana
  Notre Dame dismisses G McAlarney
Monday, January 22, 2007
  Cowboys top Sooners
  Moore leads Sooners over Texas Tech in double-OT
  Top-ranked Duke sneaks by No. 4 Tennessee to remain unbeaten
  Lofton sidelined for Vols
  Duke widens its hold on the top spot
  Florida remains atop hoops poll
  Cowboys and Sooners meet in Stillwater
  NC State coach Yow ready to return
  No. 15 Louisville overcomes Rutgers
  No. 8 LSU rolls over Alabama
Sunday, January 21, 2007
  Hokies hold off Terrapins in OT
  No. 10 ASU outlasts USC
  No. 6 UConn rolls over St. John's
  No 3. Maryland cruises over Wake Forest
  Williams sparks Vandy over Georgia Tech
  Jackson, Longhorns top Aggies
  James' free throws give Marquette OT win over Pitt
  Spartans hold off Hawkeyes
  Tar Heels drop NC State
  Gearlds, Purdue top Hoosiers in Versyp's return
  No. 5 Ohio State downs Illinois
  No. 11 G.W. tops Xavier
  Humphrey leads No. 16 Georgia over FSU
  Kurz, Irish trounce South Florida
  Irish put lengthy home win streak on line
  ACC foes collide as Hokies host Terps
  Big East elite battle in Steel City
  Law leads Aggies past Cowboys
  New Mexico State upsets No. 15 Nevada
Saturday, January 20, 2007
  No. 7 Ohio State brings hammer down on Iowa
  No. 7 Oklahoma downs Colorado
  Tar Heels top Yellow Jackets
  Brooks, No. 9 Ducks rally to down Golden Bears
  No. 21 Cal stymies Oregon
  No. 22 Tennessee hangs on to beat South Carolina
  No. 18 Butler routs UW-Green Bay
  Arkansas upends No. 16 LSU
  No. 17 Memphis topples East Carolina
  Blue Raiders drop Trojans
  No. 3 UCLA edges No. 11 Arizona
  No. 13 Air Force soars over San Diego State
  Strong second half pushes Stanford to victory
  Texas Tech upends No. 5 Kansas
  Scheyer and Duke pound NC State
  Vanderbilt uses late surge to topple No. 25 Kentucky
  No. 19 Marquette avoids upset against Providence
  Steele lifts Alabama past Georgia
  Mosby lifts No. 13 Baylor over 25th-ranked Kansas State
  Badgers rally past Illini for 15th straight win
  No. 18 BGSU downs Central Michigan
  Reynolds leads Villanova to upset of No. 21 Texas
  Noah, No. 1 Gators survive late scare from Ole Miss
  No. 19 Clemson gets back on track with rout of BC
  Falcons put lengthy home winning streak on line
  Top-25 tussle pits Cowboys against Aggies
  Top-ranked Gators play host to Rebels
  Sitting atop the Big 12, Kansas heads to Lubbock
  Duke and NC State renew rivalry in Raleigh
  Boston College brings perfect league mark into Clemson
  Pac-10 rivals meet at Pauley Pavilion
  Badgers battle Illini in Big Ten bout
  Butler sets sights on win No. 17
  Vandy seeks second straight upset
  Longhorns come to City of Brotherly Love
  Struggling SEC foes meet in Knoxville
  Memphis goes in search of seventh straight win
  Tigers face Hogs in Fayetteville
  Buckeyes will try to blast past Hawkeyes
  SEC foes clash as Alabama hosts Georgia
  Ducks and Bears lock horns in Eugene
  WAC-leading Nevada brings act to Las Cruces
  Georgia Tech seeking rare win in Chapel Hill
Friday, January 19, 2007
  Maryland women rout Virginia
  Duquesne player hospitalized with blood clots
  California tops Oregon State
  Young lifts USC over 11th-ranked Arizona
  No. 3 UCLA downs Arizona State
  Kemp, Nevada down Fresno State
  Pierce, Stanford cruise past Oregon
Thursday, January 18, 2007
  No. 17 Texas A&M defeats Colorado
  No. 20 Middle Tennessee topples Arkansas State
  Brooks leads Oregon past Stanford
  Ole Miss not feeling Awkward after win over South Carolina
  12th-ranked Purdue routs Northwestern
  No. 22 Texas falls to Iowa State
  Allen stars as No. 5 Ohio State blows past Wisconsin
  No. 11 Colonials rout Rhode Island
  LSU cruises past Kentucky
  No. 16 Georgia tops No. 14 Vanderbilt
  Top-ranked Duke downs NC State
  Tar Heels trounce Georgia Tech
  Paulus, No. 14 Duke handle Wake Forest
  No. 23 Michigan State beats Michigan
  Lady Vols trounce Mississippi State
  Orsillo helps Sun Devils crush Bruins
  Wildcats on the prowl in the City of Angels
  Blue Devils and Demon Deacons meet up in Durham
  Streaking Ducks host Cardinal
  Bruins and Sun Devils meet in Pac-10 play
  Wolf Pack on the hunt against Bulldogs
  Vanderbilt upsets No. 10 Alabama
  Boston College dismisses McLain, Williams from hoops team
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
  Cornhuskers top Wildcats
  No. 7 Sooners take down rival Oklahoma State
  Colorado-Texas A&M postponed
  No. 2 Wisconsin edges Purdue
  Florida State upends No. 23 Virginia Tech
  Tolbert, Prowell lift Auburn over No. 22 Tennessee
  No. 16 LSU topples Ole Miss
  Charles, Huskies rout Providence
  Villanova downs 20th-ranked Notre Dame
  No. 7 Ohio State rolls past Northwestern
  No. 18 Butler cruises past Youngstown State
  No. 4 North Carolina beats up on 19th-ranked Clemson
  Irish and Wildcats meet in Big East clash
  Buckeyes host Wildcats in Big Ten action
  Butler puts perfect home mark on the line
  Vols try to right ship at Auburn
  Rebels and Tigers meet in Baton Rouge
  Vandy aims for upset of 'Bama
  Surging Hokies take on Seminoles in Sunshine State
  Red-hot Badgers play host to Boilermakers
  Top-25 battle in the ACC
  Boggan's triple ends 3-OT thriller
  Nevill leads Utah to upset win over Air Force
  Memphis crushes UAB
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
  25th-ranked Wildcats crush Gamecocks
  USF trounces No. 15 Louisville
  Falcons continue MAC surge by topping RedHawks
  Gray, sixth-ranked Pitt down UConn
  Big East tussle pits Panthers against Huskies
  Back in the top-25, Kentucky travels to South Carolina
  Top-25 showdown in Stillwater
  Tigers go on the prowl against Blazers
  Falcons swoop into Salt Lake City
Monday, January 15, 2007
  Tar Heels hold off UConn
  No. 5 Kansas outlasts rival Missouri
  Golden Eagles hold off Cardinals
  College Hoops Conference Road Play
  Big win over Maryland vaults Duke into top spot
  Florida back atop men's basketball poll
  Cardinals host ranked Golden Eagles
  Big 12 rivals meet in Lawrence
  Bearcats upset Blue Demons
  Brooks' lay-in lifts Ducks past Wildcats
Sunday, January 14, 2007
  Bearcats upset Blue Deamons
  No. 6 Ohio State storms past Northwestern
  Duke routs Miami
  No. 14 Vanderbilt gets by Florida
  Boilermakers top Hoosiers
  No. 20 Spartans soar past Hawkeyes
  No.5 LSU befuddles Mississippi State
  No. 25 Arkansas sneaks past Auburn
  No.8 Oklahoma, Texas Tech postponed
  No. 12 George Washington handles Massachusetts
  Carter leads No. 22 Notre Dame over Seton Hall
  No. 4 Tennessee downs No. 15 Georgia
  Duke tries to avoid rare three-game slide
  Ducks visit Wildcats in Pac-10 showdown
  Nevada outlasts Hawaii in OT
  Westerberg leads Arizona State past Oregon
  Hokies dump No. 1 Tar Heels
  No. 23 Texas rips Colorado
  No. 16 Marquette edges Villanova
  No. 24 UConn takes down St. John's
Saturday, January 13, 2007
  Memphis downs Southern Mississippi
  Cook, Panthers down Georgetown
  Stanford dumps No. 22 Washington State
  Durant leads No. 25 Texas past Oklahoma
  Law guides Aggies past Colorado
  No. 10 Stanford outlasts Washington State
  Badgers hold off Wildcats
  No. 22 Cal routs Washington
  Gators stomp Gamecocks
  Ohio State holds off Tennessee
  Texas A&M downs Baylor
  No. 18 Bowling Green tops Ohio
  Last-second layup lifts No. 18 Air Force past Wyoming
  No. 6 Kansas downs Iowa State
  No. 21 Middle Tennessee romps past New Orleans
  No. 7 UConn rolls past Syracuse
  No. 13 LSU holds off Auburn
  Afflalo lifts No. 4 UCLA over USC
  Maryland hands 17th-ranked Clemson its first loss
  Crone, Butler down South Dakota State
  Duke downs Maryland in ACC showdown
  Oklahoma State/Nebraska game postponed
  James, Marquette hand West Virginia second conference loss
  Surprising Cougars play at Stanford
  Top-ranked Tar Heels bring act to Blacksburg
  Pokes and Huskers duke it out in Lincoln
  Gators and Gamecocks square off in SEC clash
  Mountaineers hit the road to challenge Golden Eagles
  Aggies battle Buffs in Boulder
  Texas locks horns with Oklahoma
  Tigers come calling on Golden Eagles
  Wisconsin goes in search of lucky number 13
  Going to a Garden Party, as Huskies visit Red Storm
  Crosstown rivals meet in Pac-10 showdown
  Buckeyes step out of conference to tackle Vols
  Butler hopes to bounce back against South Dakota State
  Big 12 foes go toe to toe in Ames
  Seeking perfection, Clemson battles Maryland
  Cat Fight on the Bayou
  Big East rivals meet in the Steel City
  Wolf Pack on prowl in Hawaii
  Falcons soar into Laramie to take on Cowboys
Friday, January 12, 2007
  George Washington downs Fordham
  Oklahoma's Longar suspended for two games
  No. 10 Stanford tops Washington
  No. 11 Arizona State cruises past Oregon State
  No. 15 Oregon edges Arizona State
  Balanced scoring attack leads No. 22 Cougars past Cal
  Kemp shines as Nevada wins at SJS
  North Carolina clobbers Clemson
  No. 22 California edges Washington State
  Lady Vols trounce Gators
  Ole Miss edges No. 5 LSU
  Sixth-ranked Ohio State edges Penn State
  No. 13 Purdue tops No. 20 Michigan State in Big Ten battle
  No. 14 Vanderbilt rallies to edge Gamecocks
  Georgia pulls away to beat Mississippi State
  10th-ranked Arizona cruises past Beavers
Thursday, January 11, 2007
  Tigers cruise past Houston
  No. 21 Middle Tennessee steamrolls Florida Atlantic
  Tigers get back to work against Cougars
  Wolf Pack go on hunt in San Jose
  Ducks in desert to take on Sun Devils
  Surprising Cougars hit the Bay Area to take on Golden Bears
  Wildcats seek quick turnaround against Beavers
  No. 6 Kansas crushes No. 9 Oklahoma State
  Gray, No. 7 Pitt roll past DePaul
  Georgia Tech upends No. 11 Duke
  Vandy wins at buzzer over Vols
  No. 1 Tar Heels take down Virginia
  Marquette ends UConn's 31-game home winning streak
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
  Behind huge second half, No. 8 Oklahoma topples No. 9 Baylor
  No. 19 Texas A&M edges Texas Tech
  Williams' free throws give Longhorns the win
  Flamed out: UIC stops Butler in OT
  Top-ranked Maryland routs Miami
  Durant leads No. 25 Texas past Missouri
  Bowling Green smashes Kent State
  Duke women dominate Georgia Tech
  DePaul seeks upset of No. 7 Pitt
  Top-ranked Tar Heels host Cavaliers
  UConn puts lengthy home win streak on line against Marquette
  Rivals meet in Nashville as Vols take on Commodores
  Top Ten tussle in Lawrence
  Duke travels to Atlanta for first true road test
  Longhorns hope to keep winning ways going against Missouri
  Horizon League foes meet in Windy City
  UConn rolls past Seton Hall
  No. 12 Colonials outlast Richmond
  Air Force rebounds, responds to defeat New Mexico
  Ohio State's road woes continue in loss to Wisconsin
Tuesday, January 09, 2007
  Law leads Aggies over Baylor
  Hendrix, Crimson Tide top Tigers
  West Virginia upends DePaul
  Middle Tennessee State wallops Florida International
  No. 17 Louisville edges Georgetown
  No. 22 Notre Dame outlasts No. 21 Mountaineers
  Panthers upend No. 16 Marquette in OT
  Still unbeaten: Clemson tops N.C. State
  Green, No. 2 Gators take down Arkansas
  Irish try to fight their way past Mountaineers
  Bears host Aggies in Big 12 showdown
  High-flying Falcons play host to suddenly struggling Lobos
  SEC rivals square off in Tuscaloosa
  Clemson puts perfect record on line at NC State
  SEC foes collide in Gainesville
  Top-5 clash pits Buckeyes against Badgers
  No. 19 Nevada edges Boise State; Fazekas hurt
  Stanford topples South Carolina
  No. 19 Nevada edges Boise State
Monday, January 08, 2007
  No. 2 North Carolina blows away Virginia
  Giles transfers to Oregon State
  Delaware's Taylor leaves indefinitely; White declared ineligible
  BYU's Broadus suspended for rest of season
  Kansas State forward Walker out for season
  Odom extended at South Carolina
  North Carolina moves to the top of hoops poll
  Currie top pick of Dispersal Draft
  Maryland, UNC and Duke remain top three in women's poll
  Wolf Pack on the hunt against the Broncos
  Tar Heels slam Seminoles
Sunday, January 07, 2007
  Orange put the squeeze on Marquette
  Tar Heel slam Seminoles
  20th-ranked Arkansas falls to Mississippi State
  Westerberg, Sun Devils singe Huskies
  Price paves the way for Ole Miss
  Utah upsets No. 25 New Mexico
  Fowles, LSU edge Georgia
  Lofton leads Vols past Bulldogs
  Chalmers stars as Kansas drops South Carolina
  Duke crushes Virginia Tech
  Jackson leads Texas over Purdue
  No. 10 Pittsburgh tops South Florida
  Golden Eagles and Orange seek quick turnaround
  Vols and Bulldogs open SEC play in Knoxville
  Panthers on the prowl against Bulls
  Kansas and South Carolina meet in Columbia
  Tar Heels open ACC play against dangerous Seminoles
  Washington State upsets No. 7 Arizona
  Wolf Pack rout Vandals
Saturday, January 06, 2007
  Mitchell, 14th-ranked Tigers topple No. 18 Connecticut
  No. 18 Marquette tops No. 23 DePaul
  Aggies outlast Wildcats
  Appleby leads No. 24 Washington over Arizona State
  No. 23 Clemson edges Georgia Tech, stays unbeaten
  Boggan, Oklahoma State downs Baylor
  No. 12 Stanford stomps No. 21 Cal
  Kansas St. upsets No. 17 Texas A&M
  No. 9 Baylor survives Kansas
  No. 4 Tennessee hands No. 5 UConn first loss
  Tucker and Wisconsin down Minnesota
  Eighth-ranked Oklahoma downs Nebraska
  Nichols, No. 25 West Virginia weather the Red Storm
  No miracle this time as Hokies stun No. 5 Duke in OT
  Oregon ends UCLA's undefeated run
  Top-ranked Maryland steamrolls No. 19 Michigan State
  Mann leads No. 24 Bowling Green over Buffalo
  McCoughtry's big game lifts No. 13 Cardinals past Seton Hall
  Sixth-ranked Ohio State dominates Illinois
  Packer's jumper lifts No. 7 Ohio State over Kentucky
  No. 13 Butler romps Wright State
  Rutgers pounds Pitt
  Hibbert, Hoyas hand 17th-ranked Irish second loss of season
  Gators easily handle Bulldogs
  Arkansas puts perfect home mark on line against Alabama
  Sun Devils hope to end slide in Seattle
  Mountaineers and Red Storm meet in Morgantown
  Hoyas host Irish in Big East tussle
  Wolf Pack to try and devour Vandals
  Bulldogs host Raiders in Horizon League clash
  Mountain West showdown as UNLV tries to ground Air Force
  Top-25 matchup pits Huskies and Tigers in Baton Rouge
  Bruins and Ducks meet in top-25 tussle
  ACC play gets underway for fifth-ranked Duke
  Buckeyes and Illini meet in Champaign
  Red-hot Badgers continue torrid pace against Golden Gophers
  Aggies start Big 12 play in College Station against Wildcats
  Defending national champs open SEC play against Georgia
  Undefeated Clemson hosts Georgia Tech
  Cowboys open Big 12 play at home against Bears
  Catfight in Pullman
Friday, January 05, 2007
  Georgia Tech suspends Clinch for season
  Sun Devils slam Cougars
  Wyoming topples No. 25 New Mexico
  UCLA remains unbeaten by rolling past Oregon State
  No. 7 Arizona tops No. 24 Washington
Thursday, January 04, 2007
  Vanderbilt routs Arkansas
  No. 7 Ohio State topples Minnesota
  USC hands No. 16 Oregon its first loss
  No. 22 Memphis torches Cincinnati
  Spartans down Hoosiers in OT
  UNC pounds VA Tech
  Georgia pounds Florida
  Hill leads Providence past Marquette
  WNBA announces 2007 schedule; dispersal draft Monday
  Pitt powers past Syracuse
  Egerson leaves Georgetown
  Houston's Smith will miss rest of season
  Ducks put flawless record on the line against Trojans
  Top-ranked Bruins on the road for the first time
  Big East opener pits Panthers against Orange
  Golden Eagles open up Big East play at Providence
  Former conference foes meet in Memphis
  Top-25 battle takes place in Seattle
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  Air Force edges Colorado State
  Oklahoma knocks off Kansas State
  Tisdale, Baylor beat Texas Tech
  White paces LSU past South Florida
  Top-ranked Maryland cruises past N.C. State
  Ellis and Marquette defeat Syracuse
  Gay, Blue Devils breeze past Hurricanes
  Providence upsets Louisville
  No. 4 Lady Vols torch Crimson Tide
  Gearalds, Purdue best Iowa
  Mountaineers knock off Villanova
  Horne and Bowling Green down Akron
  No. 2 UNC jolts Quakers
  Hammonds lifts Tigers past Seminoles
  Houston's Chancellor resigns
  Irish cruise past Cardinals
  Sting will not return to Charlotte
  Tigers and Seminoles meet in ACC opener
  Falcons and Rams lock horns in Mountain West opener
  Tar Heels host Quakers in Chapel Hill
  Irish welcome Cardinals for Big East opener
  Stanford crushes Fresno State
  Oden paces Buckeyes past Hoosiers
  Walker and Golden Bears down Rams
Tuesday, January 02, 2007
  Aggies pound Eagles
  Boggan, Oklahoma State win easily
  UConn blasts WVU
  Blue Devils hold off Owls
  Tar Heels pull away to remain unbeaten
  Texas A&M pounds Western Illinois
  UConn bounces back and knocks off South Florida
  No. 3 Florida trounces Liberty
  Oklahoma State to play without G Harris
  Red-hot Cowboys hope to lasso Bulldogs
  UConn seeks Big East redemption against South Florida
  Aggies and Eagles battle in College Station
  Duke puts 50-game win streak on the line against Temple
  Big Ten battle pits Hoosiers at Buckeyes
  Gators seek to extinguish Flames in Gainesville
Monday, January 01, 2007
  No. 11 Vanderbilt downs La Salle
  Davidson, Alabama roll past Oklahoma
  Top nine remain the same in women's poll
  Happy New Year: Knight becomes winningest coach
  UCLA still tops hoops poll
  Stuggling Shockers pay visit to surging Salukis
  Sooners pay visit to Crimson Tide
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  Porter's big second half lifts Creighton over Northern Iowa
  No. 8 Gators fend off Rebels
  Georgetown wins fifth-straight in rout of DePaul
  Brown and McBride spur No. 6 Illini to 20th win
Monday, January 30, 2006
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 30th
  No. 20 Ohio State races past Rattlers
  Villanova keeps rolling by beating Louisville
  North Carolina vaults to top of women's poll
  UConn still No. 1; Michigan among four new teams
  Florida's Humphrey injures shoulder
Sunday, January 29, 2006
  Stanford takes down No. 10 Washington in OT
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 29th
  No. 20 Boston College holds off Yellow Jackets
  Nutter leads Seton Hall past slumping Syracuse
  Wolfpack outrun Tigers in double overtime
  No. 9 WVU weathers Red Storm
  Minnesota routs No. 13 Indiana
  Spartans use big second half to down Nittany Lions
  No. 3 Tigers roar past UCF
  Redick flirts with perfection as Duke crushes Virginia
  Sooners end Texas' nine-game victory streak
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 28th
Saturday, January 28, 2006
  Lowry lifts Villanova over unlucky Irish
  Morrison nets 42 as No. 7 Gonzaga buries Portland
  Illinois blows past Purdue
  Iowa stays perfect at home by besting No. 16 Ohio State
  Lofton's 23 puts Vols past Gamecocks
  Harris, Wolverines push past Badgers in Big Ten battle
  Owls deny Williams milestone win with Terps
  Balanced attack leads No. 17 UCLA past Oregon State
  Armstrong, Anderson lead top-ranked Huskies past Providence
  Colonials surge past URI to stay unbeaten in A-10
  Rutgers knocks off struggling Louisville
  Gators get back on track with rout of Vandy
  Gray powers Pitt past Marquette
  Hoyas continue strong play in rout of Cincy
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 27th
Friday, January 27, 2006
  Hokies' Washington suspended one game
  No. 17 UCLA holds off feisty Ducks
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 26th
  No. 3 Memphis holds off UAB in C-USA showdown
  Lady Vols lose again as Kentucky pulls shocker
  Cal edges Washington
  No, 3 Memphis holds off UAB in C-USA showdown
  Williams, No. 2 Duke stomp Virginia Tech
Thursday, January 26, 2006
  UConn's Adrien and St. John's Spears to miss games on Saturday
  Cardinal enter Thursday's game all banged up
  Stiemsma joins Landry on the bench
  Gay nets 20 in UConn victory
  Wisconsin rolls past Penn State
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
  No. 8 Illini continue dominance over Minnesota
  BC gets 17 from Dudley at Chapel Hill
  Patton commands Marshall to upset of WVU
  Caner-Medley carries No. 18 Maryland over Georgia Tech
  Gray, No. 24 Oklahoma keep Baylor winless
  SEC surprise: South Carolina knocks off fifth-ranked Gators
  No. 19 Tennessee routs Mississippi State, 88-65
  No. 22 Louisville snaps slide with impressive win over Cincy
  Pirates make Wolfpack walk the plank
  GW pulls away from Duquesne
  Haluska, Iowa upset No. 13 Indiana
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 24th
  Villanova rallies to beat South Florida
  Unlucky Irish: Hoyas sneak past Notre Dame in 2-OT
  SEC fines Vols for celebration
  Badgers' Landry academically ineligible
  Morrison paces Zags past Dons
  Texas hands Sutton worst loss at Oklahoma State
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 23rd
Monday, January 23, 2006
  Krauser stars as No. 12 Pitt handles Syracuse
  No. 2 Duke drops top-ranked Lady Vols
  Terps' McCray declared academically ineligible
  Tennessee and Duke still 1-2 in women's poll
  UConn supplants Duke atop men's hoops poll
  Terry's free throws lifts Tar Heels over FSU
Sunday, January 22, 2006
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 22nd
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 21st
  Bad day for unbeatens: No. 2 Florida falls to Vols
  Perfect Stormed: St. John's knocks off No. 9 Pitt
  Caner-Medley helps Terps overcome Hokies
  No. 3 UConn soars past Louisville
  'Nova guards squeeze juice out of Orange
Saturday, January 21, 2006
  Bedeviled: Hoyas stun No. 1 Duke
  Houston's Penders collapses, returns to sideline
  No. 10 Huskies rout Oregon
  No. 21 Boston College fights back for win over Miami
  No. 5 Texas routs Baylor
  Knight's three-pointer lifts Gonzaga over San Diego
  Memphis tops Southern Miss in C-USA battle
  Bennerman and Wolfpack down Demon Deacons
  No. 7 Illinois downs rival Northwestern, 58-47
  No. 16 George Washington cruises past Charlotte
  Mountaineers hold off Bruins for win
  Ager stars as No. 11 Michigan State cruises
  Sooners hold on to beat Red Raiders
  No. 13 Indiana downs Purdue
  Bedeviled: Hoyas stun top-seeded Duke
  No. 15 Wisconsin shocked by North Dakota State
  Lewis shoots Buckeyes to victory
Friday, January 20, 2006
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 20th
  Aggies' Fisher declared ineligible
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 19th
  Huskies hold off Beavers
Thursday, January 19, 2006
  1-900 Summitt! Lady Vols coach earns milestone win
  Virginia downs No. 24 Tar Heels
  Dials leads No. 19 Ohio State past 15th-ranked Wisconsin
  Arizona dismisses Rodgers
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 18th
  No. 18 UCLA blasts Trojans
  Iowa needs three OTs for win
  Carney and Williams lead No. 4 Memphis past Vols
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  Gray helps Pitt remain unbeaten
  Gators remain unbeaten by pounding Savannah State
  No. 1 Duke uses stifling defense to hold off 14th-ranked Wolfpack
  Cal forward to miss 4-5 weeks
  Longhorns rout Red Raiders
  Killingsworth leads No. 13 Indiana past No. 7 Illini
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 17th
  St. John's shocks No. 17 Louisville
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
  Villanova gets back on track
  Idaho State coach to step down after season
  BC pulls away from Holy Cross
  DePaul suspends Chandler
  No. 12 West Virginia wins 11th straight
  Home cookin' continues: Gonzaga beats Loyola-Marymount
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 16th
Monday, January 16, 2006
  Huge first half carries UConn past Syracuse
  Colonials clobber Stony Brook
  Washington's Burt leaves team
  Tennessee still No. 1, UConn enters top five in women's poll
  Duke stays at No. 1, Florida earns one first-place vote
Friday, January 13, 2006
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 13th
  Pitt storms back to remain unbeaten
  Roy stars as No. 13 Washington stops USC
  UCLA squeaks past Washington State
  DeWitz dominates as Oregon State stops No. 24 Arizona
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 12th
Thursday, January 12, 2006
  Top-ranked Duke dominates Maryland
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 11th
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
  Carney stars at No. 5 Memphis handles East Carolina
  Ager guides 14th-ranked Spartans past No. 9 Indiana
  Pinnock, Colonials survive St. Louis in overtime
  Mountaineers topple Hoyas
  No. 19 Ohio State shoots past Purdue
  Lowry leads Villanova in OT victory over Rutgers
  Green helps keep Florida perfect
  Wolfpack keeps No. 15 BC still searching for first ACC win
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  Brown's late free throws lead Missouri past Oklahoma
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 10th
  UNC squeezes past Virginia Tech
  Tucker's big second half enables No. 21 Badgers to hold off Minnesota
  UCLA's Shipp out for season
  Duquesne G Higgins will not return to team
  Georgia Tech's Tarver academically ineligible to play
  Alabama's Davis out for the season
  Longhorns breeze past Cyclones
  Morrison dominant again as Gonzaga bucks Broncos
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 9th
Monday, January 09, 2006
  Jenkins powers Louisville past UC-Davis
  Armstrong leads UConn over Cincinnati
  NCAA Women's Basketball Top 25 Poll announced
  Duke is a unanimous No. 1
Sunday, January 08, 2006
  Morrison leads Gonzaga past St. Mary's
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 7th
  UConn holds off LSU
  Cougars upset Huskies
Saturday, January 07, 2006
  16th-ranked Hooisers hand No. 18 Ohio State first loss
  No. 20 George Washington outlasts Marshall in OT
  Padgett gives No. 9 Louisville first Big East win
  Farmar's late bucket leads UCLA past Sun Devils
  No. 15 Texas routs Colorado in Austin
  Hansbrough leads Tar Heels over North Carolina State
  Jayhawks Rush past Kentucky
  Horner, Hawkeyes hand No. 6 Illinois first loss
  Wildcats ward off Trojans
  Husker rally stuns Oklahoma
  No. 5 Gators cruise by Georgia to continue roll
  Miami backcourt trips up Maryland
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 6th
Friday, January 06, 2006
  UMass suspends Maxwell
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 5th
  Brown helps No. 6 Illinois stay perfect
Thursday, January 05, 2006
  Foye stars as No. 3 Villanova tops No. 9 Louisville
  Lewis stars as No. 18 Ohio State cruises
  Gansey leads Mountaineers past South Florida
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 4th
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
  No. 4 Memphis pounds Middle Tennessee
  Terrapins roll to sixth straight victory
  Ramon's trey lifts No. 22 Pittsburgh past Irish in 2-OT thriller
  Rice leads GW to road win over Temple
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - January 3rd
  Rondo's last-second shot carries Kentucky past UCF
  Strickland powers No. 23 Wake Forest over East Carolina
  Big East Splash: Marquette upsets UConn
  Strickland powers No. 25 Wake Forest over East Carolina
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  Sooners hold off SMU
  Hansbrough leads Tar Heels over Davidson
  BC blasts UMass
  NC State stomps UNC-Greensboro
  Gators rout Morgan State
  No. 16 Hoosiers open Big Ten play with win over Michigan
  UAB loses Eddins for season
  Huskies down Big Red
Monday, January 02, 2006
  Women's College Basketball Game Capsules
  Duke blows out Bucknell
  Tucker leads Longhorns over Memphis
  Tennessee still No. 1 in latest women's rankings