It's a 3-0 NBA Playoff Sunday for Kelso Sturgeon! The Wizards (+4½) get the outright stunner on the road against the Bulls, 102-93 for a 50-Unit winner! Mavericks (+9½) hung tough against the Spurs and got the cover in their 90-85 loss, while the Blazers/Rockets shootout went way over 214½ (242)! Kelso also wins his two big games on the diamond: Personal Best clients walked away with a 50-Unit winner last night with the Red Sox (-170) over the Orioles, 6-5, and Chairman's Club bettors got the money with the Reds (-130) over the Cubs, 8-2!
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 954 CUBS
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 957 REDS
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 960 METS
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 976 RAYS
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  No. 19 North Carolina cruises past UNC-Wilmington
  Hawkeyes edge Cornhuskers to open Big Ten slate
  Michigan State beats Penn State in Big Ten opener
  No. 18 Memphis takes care of South Florida in AAC opener
  No. 14 Louisville routs UCF in conference opener
  Syracuse cruises past Eastern Michigan
  Ohio State stays perfect with win over Purdue
  Duke routs Elon
  Former Iowa State, Michigan coach Orr dies at 86
  Villanova seeks redemption in Big East bout with Butler
  Seahawks and Tar Heels meet in New Year's Eve fracas
  Cyclones put perfect mark on line against visiting Huskies
  Houston plays host to No. 17 UConn
  Buckeyes battle Boilermakers in Big Ten lid lifter
  Cardinals take on Knights in AAC lid lifter
  Eagles hoping to soar past second-ranked Orange
  Huskers hit road to open Big Ten play against Hawkeyes
  Memphis visits South Florida in AAC opener
  Elon seeks upset of No. 7 Duke
  Spartans visit Nittany Lions in Big Ten opener
  Kansas fends off feisty Toledo
  Baylor cruises past Oral Roberts
  Forte, Cowboys crush Colonials
  Gonzaga routs San Francisco
Monday, December 30, 2013
  Gonzaga G Bell out with broken hand
  Louisville F Behanan dismissed from program
  Arizona, Syracuse remain 1-2 in men's hoops poll
  Huskies remain undisputed No. 1
  Dons hit road seeking upset of Zags
  Jayhawks play host to undefeated Rockets
  Cowboys clash with Colonials in non-league fray
  Bears set sights on Golden Eagles
Sunday, December 29, 2013
  Florida thumps Savannah State
  Oregon cruises past Morgan State
  Early, Wichita State edge Davidson
  Morgan State faces unenviable task of taking on No. 12 Oregon
  Hapless Tigers hit road to challenge 13th-ranked Gators
  Davidson comes calling on No. 10 Wichita State
  Booker, No. 21 Colorado top Georgia
  Missouri holds off NC State
Saturday, December 28, 2013
  Kentucky uses second-half surge to down Louisville
  No. 23 UMass survives OT challenge from Providence
  No. 24 Gonzaga tops Santa Clara to open WCC play
  Appling leads Spartans to rout of New Orleans
  Wisconsin takes care of Prairie View A&M
  Parker, Duke cruise past Eastern Michigan
  No. 2 Orange squeeze out first loss for 'Nova
  Huskies take down Eagles
  Memphis outlasts Jackson State
  Wildcats and Orange collide in Top 10 affair
  Minutemen and Friars clash in regional matchup
  No. 15 UConn takes on Eastern Washington
  Tigers test themselves in road tilt with Wolfpack
  Ninth-ranked Blue Devils set sights on Eagles
  Gonzaga opens WCC slate against visiting Santa Clara
  New Orleans hits road to challenge No. 5 Michigan State
  Jackson State seeks upset of No. 17 Memphis
  Bulldogs head west to battle Buffaloes
  Panthers face uphill climb in clash with fourth-ranked Badgers
  Louisville visits Kentucky in clash of Bluegrass State rivals
  No. 3 Ohio State routs Louisiana Monroe
  San Diego State takes laugher over St. Katherine
  Tar Heels take down Norse
Friday, December 27, 2013
  Michigan C McGary sidelined indefinitely
  No. 20 San Diego State hosts little known St. Katherine
  ULM comes calling on No. 3 Ohio State
  Norse face tall task in clash with 19th-ranked Tar Heels
Wednesday, December 25, 2013
  Kane boosts Iowa State over Boise State
  Cyclones take on Broncos for Diamond Head Classic crown
Tuesday, December 24, 2013
  Arizona rolls, remains unbeaten
Monday, December 23, 2013
  Niang paces Cyclones over Zips
  Arizona still tops men's hoops poll
  Lumberjacks hope to chop down top-ranked Wildcats
  Iowa State and Akron meet in Diamond Head Classic
Sunday, December 22, 2013
  Niang scores 22 as Iowa State tops George Mason
  Carter leads Wichita State past NC Central
  UConn rebounds with road win at Washington
  Baylor routs Southern
  Notre Dame G Jerian Grant leaves program
  No. 2 Duke takes down No. 5 Kentucky
  Iowa cruises past Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  Dog fight out west pits UConn against Washington
  NC Central hopes to shock No. 11 Wichita State
  Cyclones and Patriots clash in Diamond Head Classic
  Southern hits road seeking upset of No. 12 Baylor
  Golden Lions come calling on 25th-ranked Hawkeyes
  Oklahoma State edges Colorado
  Oregon outlasts BYU in OT
  San Diego State blows past McNeese State
  Smith powers Louisville to blowout of FIU
Saturday, December 21, 2013
  Goodwin, Memphis stomp SEMO
  No. 3 Ohio State rallies in final minute, shocks Notre Dame
  Florida State sends No. 22 UMass to first loss
  Florida shuts down Fresno State
  Paige pushes UNC past Davidson in OT
  Illinois edges Mizzou in Braggin' Rights game
  Kansas State beats No. 21 Gonzaga
  Villanova crushes Rider, moves to 11-0
  Michigan State pulls away late to beat Texas
  Ogwumike carries Stanford past No. 3 Tennessee
  Kansas trounces Georgetown in return to Lawrence
  Randle helps Kentucky fend off Belmont
  Top-25 showdown pits Cowboys against Buffaloes
  Villanova continues run against Rider
  No. 24 San Diego State entertains McNeese State
  Southeast Missouri hits road to challenge No. 15 Memphis
  Irish to try luck in clash with third-ranked Buckeyes
  Longhorns seek second straight upset in clash with Spartans
  Cardinals fly south to take on Panthers
  Minutemen meet Seminoles in Orange Bowl Classic
  Jayhawks host hungry Hoyas
  Gators and Bulldogs collide in Orange Bowl Classic
  Tar Heels tangle with Wildcats
  Wildcats set sights on Bruins
  Cougars come calling on 13th-ranked Ducks
  Bitter rivals clash, as Illinois battles Missouri
  Streaking clubs meet, as No. 21 Gonzaga battles Kansas State
Friday, December 20, 2013
  Huge second-half run lifts No. 2 Orange past High Point
  Hairston done at North Carolina
  High Point faces uphill climb in clash with No. 2 Syracuse
  No. 1 Arizona beats Southern, moves to 12-0
  Parker leads No. 8 Duke past UCLA
Thursday, December 19, 2013
  Top-ranked Wildcats set sights on Jaguars
  No. 8 Blue Devils battle Bruins
  Baylor outlasts Northwestern State in OT
  UMass moves to 10-0 by subduing Ohio
  Stanford hands No. 10 UConn first loss
  Ross, No. 3 Ohio State top Delaware
  SDSU routs Southern Utah
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
  Texas beats No. 14 North Carolina
  Bryce Drew, Valpo agree on new 10-year deal
  Tar Heels welcome back McDonald
  Thunderbirds come calling on 24th-ranked Aztecs
  No. 10 UConn returns to action against Stanford
  Ohio hoping to knock UMass from ranks of the unbeaten
  14th-ranked Tar Heels play host to Longhorns
  No. 12 Baylor battles Northwestern State
  Buckeyes put perfect mark on line against visiting Blue Hens
  Shockers outlast Alabama to remain unbeaten
  Oregon thumps UC Irvine, moves to 10-0
  Louisville blows out Missouri State
  Florida sneaks past Memphis
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
  No. 7 Oklahoma State demolishes Delaware State
  UConn routs Duke in 1 vs. 2 matchup
  No. 5 Michigan State cruises past North Florida
  Alabama entertains No. 12 Wichita State
  Hornets hit road hoping to sting seventh-ranked Cowboys
  Missouri State seeks upset of No. 6 Louisville
  No. 16 Florida tangles with No. 15 Memphis
  Anteaters face tall task in clash with undefeated Ducks
  Weary Ospreys come calling on fifth-ranked Spartans
Monday, December 16, 2013
  Duke takes care of Gardner-Webb
  Utah State suspends leading scorer Shaw
  Connecticut women still undisputed No. 1
  Runnin' Bulldogs seek upset of mighty Blue Devils
Sunday, December 15, 2013
  Missouri tops Western Michigan, extends home streak
  Villanova thumps La Salle
  Syracuse fends off St. John's at MSG
  Tigers hope to continue perfect run against visiting Broncos
  La Salle seeks to hand Villanova first loss
  No. 2 Syracuse meets familiar foe in battle with St. John's
  Gonzaga defeats South Alabama
  No. 15 Oregon defeats upset-minded Illinois
  Gonzage defeats South Alabama
  Michigan State holds off Oakland
Saturday, December 14, 2013
  No. 22 UMass crushes Northern Illinois
  Big second half helps No. 13 Kansas defeat New Mexico
  Ohio State routs North Dakota State
  North Carolina tops Kentucky in Top-25 battle
  Cotton, No. 12 Wichita State make history in win against Tennessee
  Wisconsin (12-0) off to best start in school history
  Louisville pulls away from Western Kentucky
  No. 1 Arizona escapes Michigan with win
  Oklahoma State downs Louisiana Tech
  Brust leads No. 3 Wisconsin past Eastern Kentucky
  Jayhawks seek turnaround in showdown with Lobos
  Vols come calling on 12th-ranked Shockers
  Minutemen get back to work as they host Huskies
  Cardinals continue run at home against Hilltoppers
  South Alabama hits road to challenge No. 20 Gonzaga
  Bison seek upset of third-ranked Buckeyes
  Kentucky and North Carolina collide in marquee matchup
  Top-ranked Arizona hits road for showdown with Michigan
  Oakland faces uphill climb in clash with No. 5 Michigan State
  Bulldogs challenge seventh-ranked Cowboys
  Colonels hope to lick fourth-ranked Badgers
  Illinois tangles with No. 15 Oregon
  No. 17 Iowa State rallies past No. 23 Iowa
  Dinwiddie leads Colorado over Elon
  Memphis manages to hold off Arkansas-Little Rock
Friday, December 13, 2013
  Trojans seek upset of 16th-ranked Tigers
  No. 21 Colorado puts streak on the line against Elon
  Bragging rights on line in clash between Hawkeyes and Cyclones
Thursday, December 12, 2013
  Arizona backs up No. 1 ranking with rout of New Mexico State
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
  Smith, Ohio State rout Bryant
  Brust, Badgers take down Milwaukee
  Kentucky's Stallworth sidelined after knee surgery
  Buckeyes and Bulldogs battle in Gotham Classic
  Top-ranked Arizona plays host to New Mexico State
  Badgers hope to continue dominance over visiting Panthers
  Young, Randle lead No. 11 Kentucky past Boise State
  No. 20 Gonzaga outlasts WVU
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
  Florida uses early surge to take down Kansas
  Sun win top pick in WNBA draft lottery
  Battle of ranked foes pits Jayhawks against Gators
  West Virginia entertains No. 20 Gonzaga
  Broncos put perfect mark on line versus 11th-ranked Wildcats
Monday, December 09, 2013
  Iowa routs FDU
  Arizona No. 1 for first time since 2003
  UConn women remain No. 1 in poll
  Hawkeyes hope to avoid upset in clash with visiting Knights
Sunday, December 08, 2013
  San Diego State edges Washington
  No. 13 Oregon holds off Ole Miss in OT
  Huskies hit road to challenge 24th-ranked Aztecs
  Ducks hope to soar past Rebels
  Iowa defeats Drake
  No. 19 Gonzaga takes care of pesky New Mexico State
  No. 17 Iowa State outlasts Northern Iowa in overtime
Saturday, December 07, 2013
  Ross leads No. 5 Buckeyes over CCSU
  Illinois State upsets No. 25 Dayton
  Fair, Cooney lead No. 4 Syracuse in rout of Binghamton
  No. 11 Wichita State cruises past Oral Roberts
  Booker's buzzer-beater sends Colorado over Kansas
  No. 14 'Nova routs SJU in Philly's Holy War
  No. 2 Arizona edges UNLV
  Badgers prevail in in-state battle with Marquette
  Louisville's offense erupts in rout of Louisiana
  Memphis makes short work of Northwestern State
  Williams leads unbeaten UMass past BYU
  Missouri knocks off UCLA in battle of unbeatens
  Michigan buries Houston Baptist
  Demons seek upset of 16th-ranked Tigers
  Badgers put perfect mark on line against Golden Eagles
  No.2 Arizona takes on UNLV in key matchup
  Seventh-ranked Cardinals continue run with Cajuns
  Big Five matchup pits Wildcats against Hawks
  Zags and Aggies square off in non-conference action
  Shockers play host to Golden Eagles
  Battle of unbeatens pits Bruins against Tigers
  BYU battles UMass in Hall of Fame Holiday Classic
  Hawkeye State rivals meet, as Cyclones challenge Panthers
  Kansas meets familiar foe in clash with Colorado
  Instate foes collide in Big Four Classic
  Flyers meet Redbirds in non-conference tilt
  No. 4 Syracuse hosts Binghamton
  Huskies come calling on 22nd-ranked Wolverines
  Blue Devils face tall task in clash with fifth-ranked Buckeyes
  Chery helps No. 20 Baylor down No. 3 Kentucky
  4-OT record-breaker: Kentucky women beat Baylor
Friday, December 06, 2013
  No. 12 Connecticut crushes Maine
  Winter storm forces postponements
  South Carolina hits road to challenge No. 9 Oklahoma State
  Black Bears come calling on 12th-ranked Huskies
  Top-25 showdown pits Wildcats against Bears
  San Diego State holds off San Diego
Thursday, December 05, 2013
  Sparks sign Ross to multi-year extension
  Aztecs and Toreros clash in rivalry game
  Tar Heels upend top-ranked Spartans
  Villanova pulls away from Penn in Big-5 clash
Wednesday, December 04, 2013
  No. 3 Louisville cruises past UMKC
  No. 8 Wisconsin stifles Virginia
  Ross, Buckeyes cruise past Maryland
  Big first half carries No. 4 Irish past Penn State
  Dayton tops Delaware State
  Spartans and Tar Heels collide in ACC/Big Ten Challenge
  No. 7 Louisville takes on UMKC
  Red-hot Villanova hosts local rival Penn
  25th-ranked Flyers set sights on Hornets
  Badgers visit Cavaliers in Big Ten/ACC Challenge
  Terps hit road to challenge fifth-ranked Buckeyes
  Louisville's Slaughter collapses during game
  Arizona rolls past Texas Tech
  UCLA takes care of UC Santa Barbara
  White leads No. 23 Iowa past Notre Dame
  Strong defense leads Syracuse past Indiana
  Cook, Parker carry Duke over Michigan
Tuesday, December 03, 2013
  No. 21 UMass downs Eastern Michigan
  Florida's Wilbekin has sprained ankle
  Gauchos and Bruins mix it up in Golden State fracas
  Eagles hoping to soar past 21st-ranked Minutemen
  Irish to try luck against 23rd-ranked Hawkeyes
  Indiana visits No. 4 Syracuse
  Red Raiders hit road seeking upset of second-ranked Wildcats
  Top-25 showdown pits Wolverines against Blue Devils
  Iowa State routs Auburn
Monday, December 02, 2013
  Napier's buzzer-beater leads UConn past Florida
  Michigan State near unanimous No. 1, UNC drops out of poll
  UConn still tops women's hoops poll
  Florida meets UConn in clash of ranked foes
  Surging clubs do battle, as Auburn visits Iowa State
  Frazier, UAB knock off No. 16 UNC
  Oregon routs Cal Poly
  SDSU downs No. 25 Marquette to capture Wooden Legacy crown
  Kentucky downs Providence
Sunday, December 01, 2013
  No. 21 Memphis downs No. 5 Oklahoma State
  Gonzaga cruises past Coppin State
  Wichita State holds off Saint Louis to stay unbeaten
  George Washington upsets No. 20 Creighton
  Baylor makes easy work of Hardin-Simmons
  Shockers visit Billikens in pivotal non-league clash
  Marquette battles San Diego State for Wooden crown
  Colonials take on Bluejays in Wooden Legacy
  Wildcats and Friars tangle in non-conference action
  Top-25 showdown pits Cowboys against Tigers
  Baylor entertains D-III foe Hardin Simmons
  No. 11 Gonzaga plays host to Coppin State
  Cal Poly seeks upset of No. 14 Oregon
  Tar Heels hit road to challenge Blazers
  Villanova captures Battle 4 Atlantis crown with win over No. 23 Iowa
  No. 14 Oregon takes care of North Dakota
Monday, December 31, 2012
  No. 1 UConn has easy time with Oregon
  Bell's late bucket lifts No. 10 Gonzaga over Oklahoma State
  Saint Louis shuts down No. 20 New Mexico
  Hollins helps Gophers down Spartans
  No. 5 Hoosiers outlast Iowa in Big Ten opener
  No. 25 KSU turns it on late, beats South Dakota
  No. 23 NC State downs UNC Greensboro
  No.2 UConn has easy time with Oregon
  Boeheim matches Knight as Syracuse rolls
  Cincinnati opens Big East play with win over Pitt
  Wright helps Notre Dame rout Saint Francis
  UConn vaults to top spot in women's hoops poll
  Duke still No. 1; Mizzou and Cincinnati fall out of top 10
  Struggling Spartans seek upset of surging Wolfpack
  South Dakota comes calling on Kansas State
  Battle of ranked foes pits Gonzaga against Oklahoma State
  Boeheim in search of yet another milestone
  Spartans visit Golden Gophers in Big Ten opener
  Big East showdown pits Bearcats against Panthers
  Indiana opens Big Ten slate at Iowa
Sunday, December 30, 2012
  No. 7 Kentucky thumps Marist
  Dominating defense leads Duke in rout of Monmouth
  No. 18 Butler cruises past Vanderbilt
Saturday, December 29, 2012
  No. 25 Kansas State holds off UMKC
  No. 2 Michigan holds off Central Michigan
  Murphy leads No. 14 Gators past Air Force
  Smith, Louisville hold off Kentucky
  No. 12 Illinois edges Auburn
  Leslie and Wolfpack take down Broncos
  No. 6 Kansas routs American
  Fair helps No. 9 Syracuse top Alcorn State
  Creighton downs Evansville in MVC opener
  No. 10 Ohio State rolls past Chicago State
  Tar Heels halt No. 20 UNLV's winning streak
  Baylor extends home win streak with easy win over SE Louisiana
  No. 9 Maryland routs Hartford in Terrapin Classic final
  No. 1 Stanford women routed by UConn
  UConn gives Ollie 5-year extension
  Notre Dame pummels Purdue in top-25 battle
  No. 1 Duke fends off Santa Clara
  UNLV hits the road to take on North Carolina
  Top-ranked Duke takes on Santa Clara
  Wildcats set sights on Kangaroos
  No. 23 Wolfpack welcome Broncos to Raleigh
  Creighton jumps into MVC play against Evansville
  Bluegrass State showdown pits Wildcats against Cardinals
  No. 6 Jayhawks put win streaks on the line against Eagles
  Gators seek to clip Falcons in Orange Bowl Classic
  No. 18 Butler takes act on the road against Vanderbilt
  Orange battle Braves in Gotham Classic action
  Wolverines hope to avoid upset in clash with Chippewas
  Chicago State comes calling on No. 10 Ohio State
  Auburn seeks upset of No. 12 Illinois
  Muhammad, Bruins knock off No. 7 Missouri in OT
  Gonzaga holds off Baylor
  Indiana dominates Jacksonville
  No. 8 Cal cruises past George Washington
Friday, December 28, 2012
  Illinois hands No. 6 Georgia first loss of season
  Wildcats crush Alcorn State
  No. 9 Maryland handles Brown
  No. 7 Missouri heads to west to tangle with UCLA
  Baylor battles No. 13 Gonzaga
  Jacksonville faces tall task in clash with No. 5 Indiana
  New Mexico knocks off No. 8 Cincinnati
Thursday, December 27, 2012
  Detroit-Temple men's hoops game postponed
  No. 8 Cincinnati plays host to New Mexico
Wednesday, December 26, 2012
  Lyons lifts No. 3 Arizona over Aztecs
Monday, December 24, 2012
  Stanford, UConn still 1-2 in women's hoops poll
  Duke still No. 1; Syracuse falls to 9th
  Nerds-eye view: An initial numerical look at college hoops
  No. 4 Arizona beats Hurricanes to reach title game in Hawaii
  No. 18 Aztecs beat Indiana State, gain Diamond Head title game
Sunday, December 23, 2012
  Aztecs continue tournament play against Sycamores
  No. 4 Wildcats take on Hurricanes in Diamond Head Classic
  No. 4 Arizona blasts East Tennessee State
  Bennett lifts UNLV over Canisius
  Kansas State knocks off No. 8 Florida
  Leslie, NC State handle St. Bonaventure
Saturday, December 22, 2012
  No. 11 Cincinnati tops Wright State
  Gophers overwhelm Lafayette for eighth straight win
  No. 5 Louisville crushes Western Kentucky
  No. 12 Missouri downs No. 10 Illinois
  No. 18 Aztecs blast San Francisco in Diamond Head opener
  South Dakota State stuns No. 16 New Mexico
  Kansas ends No. 7 Ohio State's win streak in Columbus
  Nix helps Michigan State down Texas
  Tennessee Tech no match for No. 24 Oklahoma State
  North Carolina routs McNeese State
  No. 1 Stanford holds off No. 10 Tennessee
  Gray leads No. 4 Duke past USC
  No. 19 Butler bests Evansville to stay hot
  Hoyas thump American for seventh straight win
  Connecticut routs Hartford 102-45
  Temple shocks No. 3 Syracuse at MSG
  Aztecs face Dons in Diamond Head Classic action
  No. 16 New Mexico entertains South Dakota State
  Cincinnati hopes to avoid upset in clash with Wright State
  Texas comes north to challenge No. 20 Michigan State
  Syracuse and Temple clash in Gotham Classic
  Bonnies and Wolfpack duke it out in non-conference action
  Missouri takes on Illinois in battle of ranked rivals
  Pokes put perfect home mark on line against Golden Eagles
  McNeese State comes calling on No. 23 North Carolina
  Canisius heads to Sin City to take on No. 21 UNLV
  Leopards hope to claw way past 13th-ranked Golden Gophers
  No. 8 Florida tangles with Kansas State
  Evansville seeks upset of No. 19 Butler
  Eagles and Hoyas mix it up with local bragging rights on the line
  Bucs seek upset of fourth-ranked Wildcats
  Louisville and Western Kentucky meet in Music City
  Top-10 showdown pits Jayhawks against Buckeyes
  Zeller, Hoosiers cruise past Florida Atlantic
  Cooley, No. 22 Notre Dame cruise past Niagara
  Texas G Kabongo's ban reduced
  Golden Bears hang on against Jayhawks
  No. 4 Duke crushes Cal State-Bakersfield
Friday, December 21, 2012
  Notre Dame holds off Texas A&M
  No. 7 Kentucky stomps UC Santa Barbara
  Notre Dame puts perfect home mark on line against Niagara
  Owls hope to soar past sixth-ranked Hoosiers
  No. 2 Michigan uses balanced attack to rout EMU
Thursday, December 20, 2012
  No. 1 Duke downs Elon to remain unbeaten
  No. 9 Maryland handles Delaware
  Diggins leads Notre Dame over Kansas State
  No. 2 Wolverines play host to Eagles
  Top-ranked Duke puts lengthy streak on the line against Elon
  Texas pulls away from UNC
  Bennett leads UNLV past Northern Iowa
  Gonzaga thumps Campbell
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
  Dingman dials in from distance, Creighton dominates Tulsa
  No. 16 New Mexico holds off New Mexico State
  Cincinnati pulls away from rival Xavier
  Oklahoma State pounds UT-Arlington
  No. 22 Notre Dame handles Kennesaw State
  Duke uses giant run to pound Cornell
  Zeller, Hoosiers rout Mount St. Mary's
  Armstrong, Hassell help No. 6 Georgia hold off TCU
  Louisville blows past FIU
  Stanford holds off South Carolina to remain undefeated
  No. 8 Florida cruises past Southeastern Louisiana
  No. 2 Connecticut demolishes Oakland
  Irish rout Alabama A&M
  South Alabama's Arrow retires
  Indiana's Creek out indefinitely
  Queen City showdown pits Musketeers against Bearcats
  Mavericks come calling on 24th-ranked Cowboys
  Lobos and Aggies go at it again
  Northern Iowa pays a visit to No. 21 UNLV
  Gators seek redemption in clash with visiting Lions
  No. 17 Bluejays battle Golden Hurricane
  Kennesaw State seeks upset of No. 22 Notre Dame
  Camels try to get over the hump in clash with 14th-ranked Zags
  Panthers hope to claw their way past fifth-ranked Cardinals
  Tar Heels hit the road to take on Longhorns
  Top-ranked Duke plays host to Cornell
  No. 6 Indiana takes aim at Mount St. Mary's
  SDSU cruises to win over D-II program
  Brown comes up big as NC State downs Stanford
  No. 4 Arizona routs Oral Roberts
  No. 20 Michigan State gets by Bowling Green
  Kentucky pulls away from Pepperdine
Tuesday, December 18, 2012
  No. 7 Ohio State overcomes slow start to down Winthrop
  Griner helps Baylor down Tennessee
  Kansas takes care of Richmond
  Thibault resurfaces with Mystics
  20th-ranked Spartans hit the road to face Falcons
  Seventh-ranked Buckeyes seek to ground Eagles
  No. 4 Wildcats take on Golden Eagles in the desert
  Wolfpack set to pounce on Cardinal
  No. 9 Kansas plays host to streaking Richmond
  Aztecs set sights on Sea Lions
  No. 21 UNLV sneaks past UTEP
  No. 12 Missouri wallops South Carolina State
Monday, December 17, 2012
  Boeheim earns 900th win as Syracuse holds off Detroit
  Notre Dame handles IUPU-Fort Wayne
  Boyd, No. 8 Cal top Northwestern
  LIU Brooklyn's Boyd out for season
  Duke tops latest men's hoops poll
  South Carolina State comes calling on Missouri
  Mastodons face uphill climb in clash with Fighting Irish
  Boeheim goes in search of win No. 900
  Miners play host to Runnin' Rebels
Sunday, December 16, 2012
  No. 24 Oklahoma State cruises past Central Arkansas
  No. 10 Illinois tops Eastern Kentucky
  No. 6 Georgia dominates Lipscomb
  No. 24 Cowboys set sights on Bears
  Illini and Colonels collide in battle of unbeatens
  McDermott leads No. 16 Creighton past California
  Arizona uses late rally to upend Florida
  No. 18 Aztecs take down crosstown rival San Diego
  No. 17 New Mexico handles New Mexico State
  No.19 Michigan State cruises past Tuskegee
  Strong second half lifts Gonzaga over Kansas State
  Warren, Wolfpack roll past Spartans
  Cooley helps Notre Dame cruise past Purdue
  Wright, No.11 Cincinnati drop Marshall
  Ogwumike, No. 1 Stanford blow past Pacific
  No. 3 Michigan beats West Virginia to stay perfect
Saturday, December 15, 2012
  No. 4 Syracuse routs Canisius
  Butler shocks top-ranked Hoosiers in OT
  Kansas eases past Belmont
  Whittington, Georgetown down Western Carolina
  No.6 Cardinals rally for win over Memphis
  North Carolina slips past East Carolina
  Thompson and Thomas help Buckeyes down Bulldogs
  Seven schools leaving Big East
  Irish and Boilermakers face off in Indianapolis
  Catamounts seek upset of 15th-ranked Hoyas
  Tuskegee comes calling on No. 19 Michigan State
  Wolfpack set to pounce on visiting Spartans
  West Virginia challenges No. 3 Michigan
  Bulldogs face unenviable task against seventh-ranked Buckeyes
  Bragging rights on line, as Toreros battle Aztecs
  No. 6 Cardinals tangle with Tigers
  Top-10 foes clash in desert duel
  Instate foes collide as Tar Heels take on Pirates
  Aggies and Lobos meet in intrastate showdown
  Kansas State tangles with No. 14 Gonzaga
  Fourth-ranked Syracuse hosts Canisius in Gotham Classic
  Blujays hit the road to tangle with Golden Bears
  No. 11 Bearcats set sights on Thundering Herd
  No. 9 Jayhawks battle the Bruins in Lawrence
  Hoosier State showdown pits Butler against No. 1 Indiana
Friday, December 14, 2012
  Colorado upends No. 8 Louisville to remain unbeaten
  Northwestern F Crawford out for season
  Golden, Tennessee down Wichita State
  No. 20 UNLV routs La Verne
Thursday, December 13, 2012
  Shockers face stiff road challenge at Tennessee
  Rutgers suspends coach Rice for three games
  WNBA announces rule changes
  No. 20 UNLV takes on La Verne
Wednesday, December 12, 2012
  Thomas leads No. 7 Buckeyes to rout of Savannah State
  Baylor takes out Oral Roberts
  Savannah State faces tough task in clash with No. 7 Ohio State
Tuesday, December 11, 2012
  Williams, Minnesota down North Dakota State
  Illinois remains undefeated, downs Norfolk State
  Binghamton provides little resistance to No. 3 Michigan
  Thomas, Terrapins trounce Tigers
  10th-ranked Illini set sights on Spartans
  No. 3 Wolverines take on Bearcats
  Minnesota plays host to North Dakota State
Monday, December 10, 2012
  Porter, Georgetown rout Longwood
  Stanford, UConn, Baylor still 1-2-3 in women's hoops
  Indiana still a strong No. 1 in men's hoops
  Georgetown plays host to Longwood
  Thomas' late basket lifts UNLV over Cal
Sunday, December 09, 2012
  UNLV's Moser dislocates elbow
  McDermott powers No. 16 Creighton past Akron
  Stallworth, No. 7 Kentucky rout MTSU
  No. 4 Duke routs St. John's
  Lucas lifts Penn State to bounce-back win over Georgetown
  Hoosiers lose Etherington for remainder of season
  21st-ranked UNLV clashes with California
  No. 16 Bluejays play host to Zips
  Illinois knocks off Gonzaga in battle of ranked teams
  Wichita State routs Northern Colorado
  Minnesota tops USC for Smith's 500th career win
  Lyons and Arizona get by Clemson
  North Carolina crushes East Tennessee State
  No. 1 Indiana pounds Central Connecticut State
  New Mexico tops Valparaiso with balanced attack
Saturday, December 08, 2012
  Cooley, No. 22 Notre Dame rout Brown
  Syracuse destroys Monmouth
  Louisville dominates Valparaiso
  No. 9 Maryland blasts George Mason
  Curry carries No. 2 Duke in rout of Temple
  Smith leads No. 5 Louisville in rout of UMKC
  No. 23 Oklahoma State handles Missouri State
  Michigan State holds off Loyola-Chicago
  Bowers and Missouri blow past Tennessee State
  McLemore and Kansas rout Colorado
  Kilpatrick helps Bearcats dominate Hawks
  Leslie, NC State down Cleveland State
  Buckeyes blast 49ers
  Robinson, Burke help No.3 Michigan to victory over Arkansas
  Poor shooting Hoyas overcome Towson
  Notre Dame routs Utah State
  Tennessee State seeks upset of No. 12 Missouri
  24th-ranked Shockers play host to struggling Bears
  Missouri State pays a visit to No. 23 Oklahoma State
  15th-ranked Hoyas play host to Tigers
  Fifth-ranked Cardinals collide with Kangaroos
  No. 11 Bearcats battle Hawks
  Marquee matchup pits Owls against Blue Devils
  Lobos put perfect mark on line against visiting Crusaders
  Hawks face tall task in clash with fourth-ranked Orange
  Tubby Smith takes aim at win No. 500
  No. 1 Indiana continues to gear up for Big Ten play
  Familiar foes mix it up, as Colorado visits Kansas
  Spartans and Ramblers square off in non-conference fray
  No. 20 Tar Heels take on Buccaneers
  Irish set sights on Bears
  Catfight on the docket in Death Valley
  Vikings come calling on 25th-ranked Wolfpack
  Top-25 showdown pits Illinois against Gonzaga
  Arkansas comes calling on No. 3 Michigan
  49ers seek upset of seventh-ranked Buckeyes
Friday, December 07, 2012
  Kentucky rolls over DePaul
  San Diego State handles UC Santa Barbara
  McDermott, Bluejays drop Cornhuskers
  Syracuse eases past Long Beach State
Thursday, December 06, 2012
  No. 11 Cincinnati dispatches Arkansas-Little Rock
  No. 4 Duke crushes Georgia Tech
  Mosqueda-Lewis, No. 2 UConn down No. 10 Penn State
  Maryland eases past Virginia in ACC opener
  Reeve signs extension with Lynx
  No. 4 Syracuse sets sights on Long Beach State
  Bearcats get set to battle Trojans
  Bluejays hit the road to clash with Cornhuskers
  No. 17 Aztecs play host to Gauchos
  Pangos, No. 10 Gonzaga squeak by Washington State
  Greenwood leads No. 18 New Mexico past USC
  Smart, Oklahoma State down South Florida
  No. 6 Florida thumps Florida State
  No. 19 Michigan State rolls over Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Wednesday, December 05, 2012
  Griner leads Baylor over Notre Dame in title game rematch
  Utah State's Berger hospitalized after collapse
  Trojans come calling on 18th-ranked Lobos
  Gonzaga plays first true road game at Washington State
  Cowboys set to wrangle visiting Bulls
  Sunshine State showdown pits Gators against Seminoles
  Spartans hope to make quick work of Golden Lions
  Johnson, No. 8 Arizona down Southern Miss
  NC State drops UConn in Jimmy V finale
  Louisville has easy time with College of Charleston
  Wolverines make quick work of Western Michigan
  UNLV earns road win in Portland
  Porter helps Hoyas pound Longhorns
  No. 12 Mizzou snaps to attention, beats SE Missouri State
Tuesday, December 04, 2012
  No. 14 Minnesota breezes past South Dakota State
  Richardson leads No. 13 Illinois past Western Carolina
  Georgia beats Mercer by 42
  Wildcats set to ground Golden Eagles
  No. 21 UNLV sets sights on Portland
  Third-ranked Wolverines clash with instate rival Broncos
  No. 13 Illinois plays host to Western Carolina
  Wolfpack and Huskies meet in Jimmy V Classic
  Jimmy V Classic pits Longhorns against Hoyas
  14th-ranked Golden Gophers host Jackrabbits
  Tigers set to pounce on Redhawks
  Cardinals and Cougars collide in Charleston
  Franklin leads San Diego State past Texas Southern
Monday, December 03, 2012
  Syracuse eases past Eastern Michigan
  No. 2 Connecticut handles Maryland
  Indiana remains No. 1; Kentucky drops out of poll
Sunday, December 02, 2012
  Thompson's late 3-pointer lifts Kentucky over Louisville
  No. 1 Stanford cruises past Gonzaga
  Hassell, Lady Bulldogs hold off Yellow Jackets
  Liston leads Duke past California
  No. 23 SDSU downs UCLA
  No. 1 Indiana rolls over Coppin State
  Missouri handles Appalachian State
  Greenwood helps Lobos survive Sycamores in OT
  Louisville rallies past Illinois State
  McDonald, No. 14 North Carolina rip UAB
  Washington, Wyoming top No.19 Colorado
  Virginia Tech knocks off No. 15 Oklahoma State
  No. 9 Arizona downs Texas Tech
Saturday, December 01, 2012
  Bennett, No. 24 UNLV run over Hawaii
  Former St. Louis head coach Majerus dies
  Wright's bucket at buzzer gets Cincinnati past Auburn
  Dower helps Gonzaga down Pacific
  McDermott, Creighton crush Saint Joseph's
  No. 3 Michigan holds off Bradley
  Ohio State routs Northern Kentucky
  Baylor hands No. 8 Kentucky its 2nd straight loss
  Golden Gophers rout Ospreys
  Appling, Michigan State rout Nicholls State
  No. 2 Duke handles Delaware
  Louisville rallys past Illinois State
  Lobos head to Hoosier State to tangle with Sycamores
  Aztecs and Bruins do battle in Wooden Classic
  Colonels come north seeking upset of 13th-ranked Spartans
  Zags put perfect mark on line once more against visiting Tigers
  Ospreys come calling on 21st-ranked Golden Gophers
  No. 14 Tar Heels battle Blazers
  Hawks come calling on Bluejays
  Cowboys take act on the road against Hokies
  Norse in unenviable position of taking on ornery Buckeyes
  Battle of unbeatens pits Crimson Tide against Bearcats
  Hawaii pays visit to No. 24 UNLV
  Cowboys try to lasso 19th-ranked Buffaloes
  No. 1 Indiana plays host to Coppin State
  No. 5 Cardinals play host to Redbirds
  No. 2 Duke sets sights on Delaware
  Arizona's first road test comes at Texas Tech
  Clash of 4-2 teams pits Baylor against No. 8 Kentucky
  Mountaineers face uphill climb in clash with 16th-ranked Tigers
  Braves seek upset of third-ranked Wolverines
  McLemore, Kansas top Oregon State
  Southerland's career night lifts Syracuse over Arkansas
Saturday, December 31, 2011
  UNLV staves off Hawaii
  Young leads Creighton past Wichita State
  No. 13 Indiana upsets No. 2 Ohio State
  Michigan State downs Nebraska
  Iowa tops No. 11 Wisconsin
  Harvard fends off Saint Joseph's
  No. 17 Kansas thrashes North Dakota
  No. 15 Mississippi State slips past Utah State
  No. 10 Florida rebounds with win over Yale
  No. 12 Georgetown drops Providence for 10th straight win
  No. 9 UConn downs St. John's
  Kentucky sends Louisville to a second straight loss
  Kentucky hands Louisville second-straight loss
  Yale comes calling on No. 10 Florida
  Big East bout pits Red Storm against ninth-ranked Huskies
  Friars seek upset of 12th-ranked Hoyas
  Hoosiers host Buckeyes in Big Ten tussle
  Hawaii entertains No. 19 UNLV in New Year's Eve matchup
  Aggies challenge 15th-ranked Bulldogs in non-conference action
  Hawks fly north seeking upset of 24th-ranked Crimson
  Cardinal and Wildcats square off in top-five showdown
  Spartans take aim at lucky No. 13
  Hawkeyes tangle with Badgers in Big Ten action
  Creighton visits Wichita State in key early MVC clash
  Aztecs rout Redlands
  No. 23 Virginia hangs on to beat Towson
  Tigers down Monarchs to stay unbeaten
Friday, December 30, 2011
  Duke destroys Western Michigan
  Wilson helps Murray State stay unbeaten
  Eastern Illinois entertains No. 20 Murray State
  No. 7 Duke plays host to Western Michigan
  No. 8 Missouri hits road to take on Old Dominion
  No. 25 San Diego State plays host to D-III foe Redlands
  Toothless Tigers pay visit to red-hot Cavaliers
  Vanderbilt takes down No. 14 Marquette
  No. 5 UNC routs Elon
  No. 17 Kansas downs Howard
Thursday, December 29, 2011
  No. 18 Michigan drops Penn State
  Rutgers knocks off No. 10 Florida in 2OT
  No. 24 Harvard routs Boston College
  No.10 Gators hit road to take on Scarlet Knights
  Golden Eagles and Commodores meet in Milwaukee
  Wolverines and Nittany Lions clash in Big Ten brawl
  Kansas welcomes Howard to Lawrence
  Tar Heels get back to work against Phoenix
  No. 24 Harvard pays visit to rival Boston College
  UNLV drops 124 on overmatched Central Arkansas
  Michigan State knocks off No. 13 Indiana
  No. 12 Georgetown hands No. 4 Louisville 1st loss
  Baylor barely remains unbeaten, continues historic start
  Syracuse crushes Seton Hall in Big East opener
  UConn survives test from South Florida
  Kentucky cruises past Lamar in primer for battle with Louisville
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
  Missouri State takes down No. 21 Creighton
  Ohio State rolls over Northwestern
  A Look Back and a Look Ahead at 2012
  Buckeyes host Wildcats in Big Ten opener
  Seton Hall visits No. 1 Syracuse in Big East lidlifter
  Hoosiers and Spartans square off in Big Ten opener
  No. 12 Georgetown visits No. 4 Louisville in Big East opener
  Bulldogs battle Bears in clash of ranked foes
  No. 21 Creighton opens MVC play against Missouri State
  Lamar faces uphill climb in clash with No. 3 Kentucky
  Central Arkansas seeks upset of No. 19 UNLV
  Huskies and Bulls collide to open Big East play
  No. 11 Wisconsin spoils Nebraska's Big Ten debut
  Notre Dame hands Pitt second straight loss
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
  Virginia cruises to 9th straight win
  URI's Wilson dismissed from team
  Nebraska plays first Big Ten bout against No. 11 Wisconsin
  No. 22 Pitt opens Big East slate at Notre Dame
  Hawks pay visit to 23rd-ranked Cavaliers
Monday, December 26, 2011
  Syracuse remains solid No. 1 in AP poll
  Baylor still unanimous No. 1
Sunday, December 25, 2011
  Xavier downs Southern Illinois to end skid
Saturday, December 24, 2011
  Thomas' basket caps Hawaii's upset of No. 14 Xavier
  No. 4 Louisville keeps rolling with win over Western Kentucky
  Baylor holds off WVU in OT
Friday, December 23, 2011
  Rivers and NEC's Wagner shock No. 15 Pitt
  UNLV dominates Golden Bears
  Wisconsin crushes Mississippi Valley State
  No. 14 Xavier falls to LBSU in Holloway's return
  No. 9 Missouri edges No. 25 Illinois, stays unbeaten
  Kansas takes down USC
  Bears beat Gaels, move to 11-0
  McDermott, Gibbs lead Creighton past N'Western
  No. 19 Michigan State engineers narrow victory over Lehigh
  Second half surge guides Buckeyes over Miami-Ohio
  No. 10 Marquette downs Milwaukee
Thursday, December 22, 2011
  Thompson leads No.16 Georgetown past Memphis
  No. 18 Mississippi State bedevils Northwestern State
  Connecticut shakes off Fairfield
  Green Wave crushed by No. 1 Orange
  Hoosiers stay hot in rout of UMBC
  Young sparks Gators in win over Seminoles
  No. 20 Michigan uses strong second half to down Bradley
  No. 3 Kentucky downs Loyola-Maryland behind balanced attack
  Hoyas and Tigers clash for second time this season
  Jayhawks and Trojans meet in City of Angels
  Top-25 foes square off in St. Louis
  Sunshine State foes collide in Gainesville
  No.8 Huskies host Stags in Hartford
  Buckeyes battle RedHawks at Nationwide Arena
  Bluejays and Wildcats collide in Omaha
  Bradley comes calling on No. 20 Michigan
  Milwaukee and Marquette square off for bragging rights
  Gaels and Bears mix it up in Vegas
  Demons and Bulldogs duke it out in Jackson
  Greyhounds face tall task in clash with third-ranked Wildcats
  Musketeers seek redemption in clash with 49ers
  High-flying Hoosiers entertain hapless Retrievers
  Tulane challenges No. 1 Syracuse
  Lehigh seeks upset of No. 19 Michigan State
  Scott's 33 helps Virginia escape Seattle with win
  No. 22 Murray State opens conference play with win
  Scott's 34 helps Virginia escape Seattle with win
Wednesday, December 21, 2011
  Barnes, Tar Heels hook Horns
  No. 24 Cavaliers take on Redhawks in Seattle
  Undefeated Racers open OVC play against visiting Skyhawks
  'Horns and Heels duke it out in Chapel Hill
  No. 4 Louisville remains unbeaten against Charleston
  No. 1 Syracuse downs Bucknell
  Sullinger leads No. 2 OSU over Lamar
  Nnemkadi Ogwumike dominates as Stanford defeats the Lady Vols
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
  Moore, No. 15 Pitt cruise to ninth straight victory
  No. 3 Kentucky handles Samford
  Cougars and Cardinals clash in intriguing non-league matchup
  No.2 Buckeyes battle Cardinals in Columbus
  Kentucky puts win streak on the line against Samford
  Bison come calling on top-ranked Orange
  Panthers hope to continue dominance over Red Flash
  To the brink of death and back: Indiana hoops is relevant again
  No. 23 Creighton takes down Tulsa
  Cochran helps Davidson upset No. 12 Kansas
  Stanback leads UNLV past Louisiana-Monroe
  Turner helps LSU hand Marquette first loss of season
  Duke rolls past UNC-Greensboro
Monday, December 19, 2011
  North Carolina handles Nicholls State
  Bears wipe floor with Paul Quinn
  Michigan State takes down UMKC
  No. 25 Illinois edges Cornell
  Walker-led Gators pound Mississippi Valley State
  Indiana thumps Howard
  Idaho State's O'Brien resigns
  Baylor still undisputed No. 1
  Spartans put win streak on the line against Kangaroos
  Delta Devils come to Gainesville to challenge Gators
  Baylor plays host to NAIA foe Paul Quinn
  Creighton and Tulsa meet in non-conference action
  Marquette heads south to tangle with LSU
  Bison seek upset of undefeated Hoosiers
  Big Red set for non-league tussle with Fighting Illini
  Colonels face uphill climb in clash with Tar Heels
  Duke takes aim at 41st straight home win
  Wildcats and Jayhawks square off in Kansas City
Sunday, December 18, 2011
  Griner, Baylor block UConn in No. 1 showdown
  Missouri crushes William & Mary
  No. 9 Connecticut handles Holy Cross
  Depleted Musketeers suffer their first loss
  No. 3 Notre Dame hands No. 8 Kentucky its first loss
  Tribe tangle with 10th-ranked Tigers
  Golden Eagles take shot at short-handed Musketeers
  No. 9 UConn hosts Holy Cross
  Michigan State holds off Bowling Green
  K-State topples Alabama
  Murray State remains unbeaten
  No. 18 Indiana stays undefeated with win over Notre Dame
  No. 4 Louisville downs Memphis to stay undefeated
Saturday, December 17, 2011
  Wildcats whip Mocs
  McDermott paces Creighton over Houston Baptist
  No. 1 Syracuse stays unbeaten with win over NC State
  No. 15 Pittsburgh holds off SC State
  Zeller and North Carolina cruise past App State
  Indiana State downs No. 25 Vanderbilt
  UNLV hands Illinois its first loss
  No. 20 Michigan routs Alabama A&M
  Marquette, minus Johnson-Odom, routs Northern Colorado
  Mississippi State avoids upset, edges Detroit
  No. 6 Baylor sneaks past BYU to remain perfect
  Buckeyes squeeze past South Carolina after Sullinger departs
  Boynton leads Florida in rout of Texas A&M
  No. 16 Georgetown uses strong second half to down American
  Ohio State's Sullinger leaves game with foot injury
  No. 2 Ohio State heads south to take on South Carolina
  Bears try to clip wings of 11th-ranked Golden Eagles
  Hoosier State showdown pits Notre Dame against No. 18 Indiana
  UNLV takes on No. 19 Illinois in Windy City
  Memphis and Louisville add another chapter to bitter rivalry
  Aggies and Gators meet in clash of ranked foes
  Wolfpack go on hunt to knock off top-ranked Orange
  SC State comes calling on No. 15 Pittsburgh
  Titans hope to score upset in bout with 17th-ranked Bulldogs
  Mountaineers seek upset of fifth-ranked Tar Heels
  Alabama A&M pays visit to No. 20 Michigan
  Red Wolves hit road to challenge undefeated Racers
  Falcons fly into East Lansing seeking upset of 21st-ranked Spartans
  BYU entertains No. 6 Baylor
  Sycamores head to Music City to challenge 25th-ranked Commodores
  Huskies try to clip Bluejays' wings in non-conference action
  Mocs face tall task in visit to third-ranked Wildcats
  Battle of D.C. pits Eagles against 16th-ranked Hoyas
  Kansas State to try luck against No. 23 Alabama
Friday, December 16, 2011
  Florida, Donovan agree on extension
  Southern Miss reinstates G Dodson
  14th-ranked Badgers rout Savannah State
Thursday, December 15, 2011
  No. 10 Missouri stays perfect with rout of Kennesaw State
  Murray State routs Lipscomb, moves to 11-0
  ACC to move to 18-game conference schedule
  Badgers battle Tigers in Madison
  10th-ranked Tigers set to pounce on Fighting Owls
  No.24 Murray State plays host to Lipscomb
  Buckeyes handle Spartans, Sullinger solid in return
Wednesday, December 14, 2011
  No. 6 Baylor stays perfect with win over Bethune-Cookman
  Buckeyes and Spartans square off in Columbus
  No.6 Bears welcome Wildcats to Waco
  Bernie Fine accusers sue Jim Boeheim, Syracuse
  Berggren leads Badgers in Milwaukee
  Hood helps Bulldogs down Owls
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
  Michigan handles Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  No.20 Wolverines play host to Golden Lions
  17th-ranked Bulldogs battle Owls in Starkville
  Instate rivals collide in Milwaukee
Monday, December 12, 2011
  Syracuse tops men's hoops poll
Sunday, December 11, 2011
  Undefeated Murray State shocks No. 21 Memphis
  No. 24 Illinois races past Coppin State
  No. 16 Alabama bounces back, drops Detroit
  Xavier levies suspensions; Holloway gets one game
  Cincy's Gates, two others suspended six games
  Racers put perfect mark on line in clash with 21st-ranked Tigers
  Titans tangle with Tide in Tuscaloosa
  Coppin State seeks upset of No. 24 Illinois
  Green helps Spartans down Bulldogs
  Crowder leads No. 11 Marquette past Green Bay
Saturday, December 10, 2011
  Middleton paces Aggies to sixth straight win
  No. 10 Missouri cruises past Navy
  No. 3 Syracuse routs GW
  Indiana upsets No. 1 Kentucky at buzzer
  No. 4 UNC holds off Long Beach State
  Michigan uses strong second half to beat Oakland
  Xavier beats Cincy, but game ends in brawl
  No. 5 Louisville handles Fairleigh Dickinson
  No. 17 Mississippi State routs Troy
  Kansas G Taylor to have knee surgery
  Without Sullinger, Buckeyes fall to Kansas
  Brust's seven 3s boost Wisconsin over UNLV
  No. 25 Harvard downs BU
  No. 15 Pitt holds off Oklahoma State
  No. 18 Georgetown downs Howard
  Duke holds off Washington
  Saint Joseph's takes down No. 19 Creighton
  No. 8 Xavier beats Cincy in testy affair
  Badgers seek to slow down Runnin' Rebels
  Michigan and Oakland square off at the Palace
  Marquee matchup on tap in Lawrence
  10th-ranked Tigers set sights on Midshipmen in Columbia
  No.4 UNC sets sights on 49ers
  Blue Devils and Huskies collide in the Big Apple
  ULM comes to College Station to challenge No. 22 Texas A&M
  Trojans hit road seeking upset of 17th-ranked Bulldogs
  Hapless Knights come calling on high-flying Cardinals
  19th-ranked Bluejays battle Hawks in Philly
  No. 1 Kentucky visits Indiana in battle of unbeatens
  Zags seek redemption in clash with second straight Big Ten foe
  Pokes and Panthers mix it up in Big Apple
  Bearcats battle Musketeers in Queen City showdown
  Bison face tall task in bout with 18th-ranked Hoyas
  Area rivals meet in clash between Crimson and Terriers
  Colonials come to Carrier Dome seeking upset of third-ranked Orange
  Phoenix hope to rise above undefeated Golden Eagles
Friday, December 09, 2011
  No. 12 Florida rolls past Rider
  Littell named Oklahoma State women's hoops coach
  Northern Arizona head coach Adras resigns
  UCLA forward Nelson kicked off team
  Rider heads to Sunshine State to tangle with No. 12 Florida
Thursday, December 08, 2011
  No. 9 UConn hands No. 25 Harvard its first loss
  Mathies lifts No. 10 Kentucky past No. 6 Duke
  St. John's sophomore guard Lindsey to transfer
  Huskies and Crimson collide in Storrs
  No. 8 Xavier outlasts Butler
  Wisconsin gets back in win column vs. Green Bay
  No. 5 Louisville has easy time with IUPUI
Wednesday, December 07, 2011
  Turner leads defensive Aggies past Bearkats
  Illini overcome shooting woes to edge Bonnies
  Florida tops Arizona in OT
  UCLA guard Powell rushed to hospital
  Duke rebounds from first loss, crushes Colorado State
  Johnson, Dayton upset No. 16 Alabama
  DA calls Fine accusers credible, but can't prosecute
  No.8 Xavier calls on Butler in Indianapolis
  Illini welcome Bonnies to Champaign
  Badgers set to ground Phoenix in Madison
  Sam Houston State comes calling on No. 22 Texas A&M
  Jags and Cards mix it up in Louisville
  Rams come to Durham to battle seventh-ranked Blue Devils
  Arizona and Florida meet in non-conference tussle
  No. 16 Alabama heads north to challenge Dayton
  Marquette edges Washington on late shot
  No. 10 Mizzou claws past Villanova
  Barton paces Memphis past Miami-Florida
  Robinson propels No. 13 Kansas over Long Beach State
Tuesday, December 06, 2011
  Pittsburgh dominates VMI
  No. 3 Syracuse drops Marshall to remain perfect
  UNC crushes Evansville
  Connecticut hammers defending champion Texas A&M
  UCLA forward Nelson suspended again
  Fourth-ranked Tar Heels tangle with Purple Aces
  No.13 Kansas welcomes Long Beach State to Lawrence
  Panthers and Keydets square off in Pittsburgh
  Hurricanes host Tigers at BankUnited Center
  No.3 Orange play host to Thundering Herd
  Wildcats and Tigers collide in Big Apple
  Huskies take on Golden Eagles in Jimmy V. Classic
Monday, December 05, 2011
  Marquette names Williams new AD
  Utah guard Watkins suspended indefinitely
  Thank goodness college basketball has a maniac playoff
  Lady Bears are unanimous No. 1
  Kentucky still No. 1; Harvard ranked for first time
  Krzyzewski, Summitt selected for SI honor
  SDSU upsets No. 24 California
Sunday, December 04, 2011
  Ragland makes 8 three-pointers, Wichita State takes down No. 18 UNLV
  No. 7 Baylor routs Northwestern
  Battle of unbeatens on tap in Evanston
  No. 24 California takes on San Diego State
  Rebels and Shockers mix it up in Wichita
  No. 25 Texas A&M takes down Stephen F. Austin
  No. 21 Mississippi State pulls away from West Virginia
  No. 22 Memphis routs Austin Peay
  No. 15 Kansas routs South Florida
Saturday, December 03, 2011
  No. 23 Saint Louis downs Portland
  No. 8 Uconn handles Arkansas
  No. 16 Marquette snaps Wisconsin's home win streak
  Robinson, No. 17 Pitt top Tennessee
  No. 11 Xavier rallies past Purdue
  Balanced attack leads Illinois past No. 19 Gonzaga
  Hardaway Jr. leads Michigan past Iowa State
  No. 1 Kentucky squeaks past North Carolina
  Ohio State dominates Texas-Pan American
  Big East/SEC Challenge on tap in Starkville
  Jayhawks welcome Bulls to Lawrence
  Marquee matchup pits North Carolina at Kentucky
  Top-25 foes meet for state bragging rights
  Zags and Illini square off in Champaign
  Hogs and Huskies collide in Big East/SEC Challenge
  Broncs face tall task in bout with Buckeyes
  Lumberjacks to try and cut Aggies down to size
  Purdue visits No. 11 Xavier
  Pilots fly in St. Louis to take on 23rd-ranked Billikens
  No. 17 Pittsburgh comes to Rocky Top to tangle with Tennessee
  Iowa State hits road to battle No. 14 Michigan
  Winless Govs head to Memphis to challenge 22nd-ranked Tigers
  Louisville guts out OT win against Vandy
Friday, December 02, 2011
  Denmon paces Mizzou to rout
  No. 4 Syracuse edges No. 10 Florida 72-68
  Ohio State's Sullinger out with back spasms
  Report: Ohio State's Sullinger out with back spasms
  Pitt's Woodall sidelined for a month
  Commodores and Cardinals get together in Louisville
  Demons face uphill climb in bout with 13th-ranked Tigers
  Florida and Syracuse meet in clash of top-10 foes
  Kentucky preps for UNC by routing St. John's
  Thompson hits game-winner as Hoyas upset Crimson Tide
Thursday, December 01, 2011
  Sooners' Newell to transfer
  St. John's comes calling on No. 1 Kentucky
  Hoyas head south to face 12th-ranked Crimson Tide
  Harris, Gonzaga take care of Notre Dame
  North Carolina bounces back with win over Wisconsin
  Texas A&M handles Alcorn State
  Robinson helps No. 15 Kansas cruise past Florida Atlantic
  Rebels down UCSB in double overtime
Friday, December 31, 2010
  No. 2 Ohio State remains unblemished, tops Indiana
  UConn squeezes past USF in OT
  San Diego State dominates Occidental
  No. 18 Texas A&M fights off challenge from McNeese State
  Michigan State open its Big Ten season with win over Minnesota
  Kansas State rolls over North Florida
  Hamilton, Texas rout Coppin State
  Moore's 31 powers Purdue over Northwestern
  Bulls and Huskies tangle in Big East fray
  Ohio State opens Big Ten slate at Indiana
  Longhorns get breather in bout with hapless Eagles
  San Diego State puts perfect mark on line against Occidental
  Undermanned Wildcats still big favorites in bout with Ospreys
  Cowboys face uphill climb in clash with Aggies
  Boilermakers hope to keep rolling along in clash with Wildcats
  Ranked Big Ten foes meet in New Year's Eve clash
  The Streak Ends at 90: Stanford shocks UConn
  Denmon leads Mizzou in rout of Old Dominion
Thursday, December 30, 2010
  Fredette, BYU hold off Buffalo
  Memphis cruises past Lipscomb
  Villanova bounces Temple in Big Five battle
  Jordan leads unbeaten UCF past Princeton
  16th-ranked Cougars set to pounce on Bulls
  No.19 Knights seek to slay Tigers in Orlando
  Big 5 Showdown pits Owls against Wildcats
  Monarchs and Tigers tangle in Columbia
  Lipscomb seeks upset in clash with No. 21 Memphis
  Coach K passes Smith for second on wins list
  Illinois starts Big Ten slate with win over Iowa
  Clanton, No. 19 UCF handle Furman
  Vandy earns dramatic win over Marquette
  Razorbacks suspend Powell
  Jayhawks pull away for 66th straight home win
Wednesday, December 29, 2010
  Notre Dame upsets Georgetown to open Big East play
  24th-ranked Vanderbilt welcomes Marquette to the Music City
  No.3 Kansas puts win streak on the line against Texas-Arlington
  Coach K seeks landmark victory in Greensboro
  Hoyas and Irish square off in Big East opener
  Furman seeks upset of No. 19 UCF
  No. 23 Illinois opens Big Ten play with trip to Iowa
  UConn's win streak hits 90 with rout of Pacific
  Syracuse downs Providence in Big East opener
Tuesday, December 28, 2010
  Badgers begin Big Ten slate with win over Minnesota
  No. 11 Kentucky tops Coppin State by 30
  Minnesota F Walker to miss rest of season
  Purdue too much for Michigan in Big Ten opener
  Orange host Friars in Big East opener
  Gophers and Badgers square off in Big Ten opener
  Coppin State faces tall task in clash with No. 11 Kentucky
  Purdue and Michigan open Big Ten play today in Ann Arbor
  Louisville eases past Morgan State
  Mizzou gives Anderson 100th win with rout of Northern Illinois
  Pitt makes statement with win over previously unbeaten UConn
Monday, December 27, 2010
  Buckeyes roll to 60-point win over UT-Martin
  USC forward Smith to miss rest of season
  Officiating By the Book Sinks Illini; More Thoughts as 2010 Closes
  UConn's No. 1 streak reaches 51; Texas re-enters poll
  Duke unanimous No. 1; Vanderbilt joins poll
  Report: Seton Hall's Hazell shot near Harlem home
  Heavyweights collide in Big East brawl
  Buckeyes welcome Skyhawks to Value City Arena
  Tigers set to pounce on Huskies in Columbia
Saturday, December 25, 2010
  FSU beats No. 15 Baylor in Hawaii
  No.15 Baylor and Florida State tangle in Hawaii
Friday, December 24, 2010
  Mississippi State suspends two for fight
  Taurasi suspended in Turkey after positive drug test
  Hopson, No. 19 Vols hold off Belmont
  Cougars blow big lead, but upend No. 15 Baylor
  K-State rebounds with win over UMKC
  Ohio State stays perfect with rout of Oakland
  Minnesota tops South Dakota State
Thursday, December 23, 2010
  Freeman powers Hoyas over Memphis
  Fredette, No. 23 BYU top UTEP
  23rd-ranked Cougars set to pounce on Miners
  No.17 Minnesota plays host to South Dakota State
  Cougars and Bears duke it out in Hawaii
  Wildcats seek quick turnaround in clash with Kangaroos
  Golden Grizzlies hope to take down second-ranked Buckeyes
  Hoyas and Tigers tangle in clash of ranked foes
  Vols hope to right ship in clash with Bruins
  Jayhawks continue to roll with victory over Cal
  Dixon gets 200th win, No. 6 Pitt tops American
  San Diego State hangs on to down IUPUI
  No. 9 Missouri outlasts No. 21 Illinois
  Walker, UConn roll over Harvard
Wednesday, December 22, 2010
  Walker, Gators bounce back to down Radford
  Hamilton, Longhorns down Spartans
  Notre Dame steamrolls UMBC
  Syracuse stays perfect with rout of Drexel
  UCF tops UMass to stay unbeaten
  No. 8 Villanova beats Monmouth by 40
  Lamb makes history as Kentucky wallops Winthrop
  Jones guides Baylor over San Diego
  The web Richmond weaves; staying power of upset darlings
  Sin City showdown pits Aztecs against Jaguars
  No. 3 Kansas visits California
  Pitt's Dixon seeks milestone win
  Crimson seek upset of fourth-ranked Huskies
  Weary Orange host surging Dragons
  Missouri and Illinois add another chapter to bitter rivalry
  13th-ranked Wildcats set to pounce on struggling Eagles
  No. 8 Villanova visits Monmouth in obvious mismatch
  Surging Irish play host to hapless Retrievers
  No. 24 UCF heads north to take on UMass
  Texas visits Michigan State in battle of ranked foes
  Toreros and Bears do battle in Honolulu
  Radford comes calling on No. 20 Florida
  BYU downs Weber State
  Loubeau, Aggies defeat Seahawks
  Ohio State dominates UNC-Asheville
  UNLV tops No. 11 Kansas State
  San Diego State slips past Dons
  UConn women win 89th straight, break UCLA's mark
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
  USC hands Tennessee its third straight loss
  Johnson, Purdue crush IPFW
  Report: Kansas State's Pullen, Kelly suspended
  Thomas helps Duke women's hoops stay perfect
  Rebels set sights on Wildcats in neutral-site affair
  Dons tangle with seventh-ranked Aztecs in Sin City
  Volunteers and Trojans square off in Knoxville
  Aggies host Seahawks in obvious mismatch
  Bulldogs expected to offer little resistance in bout with Buckeyes
  Mastodons face tall task in clash with 14th-ranked Boilermakers
  BYU seeks return to win column versus in-state foe Weber State
  Coach K ties Smith for No. 2 on wins list
  No. 16 Memphis edges Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Monday, December 20, 2010
  Connecticut downs Coppin State
  No. 5 Syracuse beats Morgan State by 42
  Pitino agrees to coach Puerto Rico
  Jacksonville beats No. 20 Florida in OT
  Duke still No. 1; Florida and UCF join poll
  Tigers play host to Islanders at FedExForum
  Connecticut's No. 1 streak reaches 50; Stanford tumbles in poll
  Coach K takes aim at Dean Smith as Blue Devils host Phoenix
  Fifth-ranked Orange set to bring down Bears at Carrier Dome
  No.4 Huskies host Eagles in Hartford
Sunday, December 19, 2010
  UConn women win 88th straight, tie UCLA mark
  Lady Vols dominate OT to beat Stanford
  Notre Dame knocks off Stony Brook
  Stony Brook visits No. 24 Notre Dame
  Thomas, No. 11 SDSU cruise to another win
  Kentucky routs Mississippi Valley State
  UNLV cruises past Southern Utah
  Gonzaga takes down No. 9 Baylor
  Summers leads Spartans over Prairie View
  Brown leads No. 8 Pitt to easy win
Saturday, December 18, 2010
  Joseph, Syracuse slip past Iona
  Missouri crushes Central Arkansas
  UCLA hands No. 16 BYU first loss of season
  Fisher, No. 10 Wildcats handle Delaware
  Jones, Kentucky rout Mississippi Valley State
  Joseph's late bucket gives Longhorns win over UNC
  Texas A&M pulls out OT win against Arkansas
  Gators defeat No. 6 Kansas State
  Johnson leads No. 19 Purdue over Indiana State
  Louisville rebounds with convincing win over Gardner-Webb
  Georgetown cruises past Loyola-Maryland
  Sullinger, No. 2 Ohio State beat Gamecocks
  Selby's late heroics keep Kansas streaking at home
  Illinois-Chicago stuns No. 12 Illinois
  Heels and 'Horns hook up in Greensboro
  Lengthy win streak on the line in Lawrence
  No.2 Buckeyes welcome Gamecocks to Columbus
  Aztecs put perfect mark on line in clash with Gauchos
  No. 22 UNLV hosts Southern Utah
  Spartans expected to win big despite Izzo's recent suspension
  Wildcats host Delta Devils in obvious mismatch
  Panthers foaming at mouth to take on hapless Hawks
  Greyhounds and Hoyas duke it out in D.C.
  Bulldogs and Bears tangle in Dallas
  No. 13 Missouri entertains Central Arkansas
  Wooden Classic pits Cougars against Bruins
  Orange Bowl Classic pits Wildcats against Gators
  Sycamores and Boilermakers tangle in Indy
  Orange hope to continue early onslaught in clash with Gaels
  Cardinals hope to make quick work of Runnin' Bulldogs
  Blue Hens seek upset of 10th-ranked Wildcats
  Arkansas and Texas A&M square off in Dallas
  Land of Lincoln rivals square off in Windy City
Friday, December 17, 2010
  Charlotte sends Vols to second straight loss
  Spartans' Izzo suspended one game
  Vols seek quick turnaround in clash with 49ers
  Bowers leads No. 13 Missouri over Oral Roberts
Thursday, December 16, 2010
  Memphis squeezes past Austin Peay in OT
  Kansas suspends Little after arrest
  Missouri G Dixon suspended indefinitely
  Gauchos surprise cold-shooting UNLV
  Baylor makes quick work of Bethune-Cookman
  No. 21 Minnesota tops Akron
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
  Diebler hits nine 3s, No. 2 Ohio State rolls
  Zips face tall order against 21st-ranked Golden Gophers
  Rebels seek redemption in clash with Gauchos
  Bears put perfect mark on line in bout with Wildcats
  Buckeyes host Eagles in obvious mismatch
  Drexel upsets Louisville
  Oakland upends No. 7 Tennessee in Knoxville
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
  Texas cruises past North Florida
  Sims, No. 2 Baylor beat No. 6 Lady Vols
  No.7 Vols set sights on Grizzlies
  20th-ranked Cardinals seek to slay Dragons
  Texas welcomes North Florida to Austin
  San Diego State downs Cal Poly to stay unbeaten
Monday, December 13, 2010
  "Sissy" Spartans, Irving's injury impact and more bench thoughts
  Connecticut still a unanimous No. 1 in women's poll
  Duke remains unanimous No. 1
  Aztecs hope to continue record start against visiting Mustangs
Sunday, December 12, 2010
  Memphis loses Garcia to pro ball overseas
  Tisdale, Richardson, guide Illinois past Northern Colorado
  Sullinger, No. 2 Ohio State beat Catamounts
  Villanova narrowly escapes Big 5-rival La Salle
  Hoyas bounce back with win over Appalachian State
  Buckeyes try to keep good times going in bout with Catamounts
  Explorers go in search of upset in clash with Wildcats
  No. 16 Illinois entertains Northern Colorado
  Hoyas seek return to win column in clash with Mountaineers
  Kentucky pulls away late to down Indiana
  Syracuse brushes aside Colgate
  Thomas, No. 14 SDSU down San Diego
Saturday, December 11, 2010
  Michigan State sneaks past Oakland
  No. 23 Notre Dame edges Gonzaga
  Kansas remains undefeated with rout of Colorado State
  Fredette, No. 18 BYU cruise past Arizona
  Purdue breezes past North Florida
  Missouri dominates Presbyterian
  Texas A&M holds on to upset No. 21 Washington
  Cal sanctions its men's basketball program
  Pullen, No. 5 Kansas State hold off Loyola-Chicago
  Hopson, No. 11 Tennessee beat third-ranked Pitt
  Texas surges past Texas State
  Duke trounces Saint Louis for 20th straight win
  Minnesota uses strong second half to beat Eastern Kentucky
  Knowles' second-half surge powers Louisville past UNLV
  Duke G Irving has foot placed in cast
  Hoosiers pay visit to 17th-ranked Wildcats
  Top-25 showdown pits Panthers against Volunteers
  Top-ranked Blue Devils set sights on Billikens
  No.23 Irish welcome Bulldogs to South Bend
  Jayhawks and Rams collide in Kansas City
  Toreros and Aztecs meet in local rivalry game
  Rebels and Cards square off in clash of unbeatens
  Arizona and BYU meet in Salt Lake City
  Spartans do battle with Golden Grizzlies
  Wildcats poised to pounce on Ramblers
  Aggies hope to extend lengthy home win streak in clash with Huskies
  Longhorns host Bobcats in Lone Star State showdown
  Blue Hose come to Columbia to tangle with 15th-ranked Tigers
  Ospreys fly north to challenge 19th-ranked Boilermakers
  Raiders face uphill climb in clash with eighth-ranked Orange
  Colonels come to Twin Cities seeking upset of Golden Gophers
Friday, December 10, 2010
  Memphis' leading scorer undergoes knee surgery
  Moore, Temple deal Hoyas first loss
Thursday, December 09, 2010
  Sullinger leads No. 2 Ohio State over IUPUI
  UConn women easily get 87th straight win
  Owls set sights on ninth-ranked Hoyas
  No.2 Buckeyes welcome Jaguars to Columbus
  Louisville clamps down on San Francisco
  UNLV holds off Boise State to remain unbeaten
  Missouri gets past Vanderbilt in OT
  Leonard helps Aztecs stay unbeaten with win over Cal
  Duke G Irving out with toe injury
  Dawkins shines as Duke routs Bradley
  Kentucky hands Notre Dame first loss
  Fredette, BYU dominate Vermont
Wednesday, December 08, 2010
  Pitt stays unbeaten with rout of Delaware State
  Walker leads UConn to another victory
  No. 22 Minnesota tops Saint Joseph's
  McCamey scores 30 in Illinois' win over Oakland
  No. 12 Villanova beats Penn in Big 5 battle
  Third-ranked Panthers set sights on Hornets
  Top-ranked Duke puts lengthy streak on the line against Braves
  Huskies host Knights in Storrs
  Cougars set to pounce on Catamounts in Hometown Classic
  UNLV puts perfect mark on line in bout with Boise State
  Vanderbilt visits No. 15 Missouri
  No.16 Illini play host to Grizzlies
  Top-25 foes clash at Freedom Hall
  No.24 Cardinals welcome the Dons to Louisville
  Aztecs seek first win at Cal since 1941
  Hawks hope to soar past visiting Gophers
  Quakers set sights on 12th-ranked Wildcats
  Jackson, Syracuse top MSU in Jimmy V Classic
  Moore, No. 19 Purdue roll over Valpo
  Morris brothers lift Kansas over Memphis
Tuesday, December 07, 2010
  Memphis and Kansas do battle in the Big Apple
  Crusaders seek upset of 19th-ranked Boilermakers
  Spartans and Orange tangle in Jimmy V Classic
  Washington dominates Portland
  No. 5 Kansas State romps over still-winless Alcorn State
Monday, December 06, 2010
  Pinkston suspended by Villanova
  Huskies remain atop women's poll
  Huskies remain atop women's No. 1
  Duke still undisputed No. 1
  Pilots hope to navigate way past Huskies
  Fast and furious or slow and steady, Hoyas prove their worth
  Wildcats host Braves in obvious mismatch
  Trojans upset 19th ranked Texas
Sunday, December 05, 2010
  Walker, Florida drop American
  Longhorns in City of Angels to take on Trojans
  Gators come to D.C. to challenge Eagles
  Smith leads Duke past Butler in title game rematch
  White guides Aztecs past Wichita State
  UNLV stays unbeaten with win over Nevada
  Minnesota holds off Cornell
  BYU takes care of Hawaii
  Syracuse ekes out close win over NC State
Saturday, December 04, 2010
  Stephens helps Memphis down Western Kentucky
  Moore and Johnson push Purdue past Alabama
  Wanamaker and Gibbs guide Pitt past Rider
  No. 6 Michigan State buries Bowling Green
  Zeller's big game fuels UNC victory over No. 10 Kentucky
  Wright, Hoyas pull away from Utah State
  Illinois downs Gonzaga
  Washington rolls to win over Texas Tech
  Aztecs aim for 8-0 start in clash with Shockers
  Wolf Pack seek upset of 24th-ranked Rebels
  Huskies host Red Raiders in Hardwood Series showdown
  Orange set sights on Wolfpack
  Wildcats and Tar Heels collide in Chapel Hill
  No.15 Gophers and Big Red battle in Minneapolis
  Warriors and Cougars mix it up in Salt Lake City
  Hilltoppers come to Memphis to challenge 14th-ranked Tigers
  Aggies come east hoping to upset 16th-ranked Hoyas
  Illinois and Gonzaga tangle in Seattle
  Alabama comes calling on No. 22 Purdue
  Sixth-ranked Spartans play host to hapless Falcons
  Rider faces tall task in clash with No. 3 Pittsburgh
  Duke and Butler meet in championship rematch
  Kansas State sneaks past Washington State
Friday, December 03, 2010
  'Nova holds off Hawks in Holy War
  Walker's triple-double guides UConn over UMBC
  WNBA president Orender stepping down
  UMBC visits No. 7 UConn
  Cougars put perfect mark on line in clash with fifth-ranked Wildcats
  No. 12 Villanova entertains Big 5 rival Saint Joseph's
  Kansas needs late foul shot to edge UCLA
  Mizzou survives scare from Oregon
Thursday, December 02, 2010
  Baylor stays unbeaten with win over Arizona State
  Seton Hall's Hazell has wrist surgery
  Jayhawks and Bruins collide in Hardwood Series
  No.11 Baylor and UCLA clash in Waco
  Tigers and Ducks square off in Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series
  No. 3 Pitt tops Duquesne in City Game
  Jordan, UCF get first-ever win over Florida
  Irving's big night lifts Duke over Michigan State
  Purdue outlasts Virginia Tech in OT
  No. 17 San Diego State rolls past Gaels
  UNLV routs Illinois State
  Memphis survives Arkansas State in OT
Wednesday, December 01, 2010
  Joseph and Hamilton lead Longhorns past Lamar
  Davies helps BYU beat Creighton
  Barnes eyes 300th win at Texas
  Boilermakers and Hokies meet in ACC/Big Ten Challenge
  Red Wolves face uphill climb in clash with 14th-ranked Tigers
  No. 21 BYU comes to Omaha for tussle with Creighton
  No. 24 UNLV heads east to tangle with Illinois State
  Gators and Knights square off in Sunshine State showdown
  Gaels and Aztecs square off in intriguing matchup
  Buckeyes defeat 'Noles in ACC/Big Ten action
  Washington handles Long Beach State
  Clark's three-point success lifts Hoyas over Mizzou
  Syracuse dominates Cornell
Thursday, December 31, 2009
  Tennessee ends Memphis' 23-game home winning streak
  Duke blows by Penn in final ACC tuneup
  Florida State thumps Alabama A&M
  Wisconsin dominates OSU in Big Ten opener
  Buckeyes battle Badgers in Big Ten opener
  Seminoles seek sixth straight win in clash with Bulldogs
  State bragging rights on line, as Vols tangle with Tigers
  St. John's and Georgetown square off in Big East opener
  Blue Devils welcome winless Quakers to Durham
  Huskies open Pac-10 play against visiting Beavers
  Stephenson's clutch free throws help Cincinnati clip UConn
  Tar Heels cruise past Albany
  Illinois outlasts Northwestern in Big Ten clash
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  No. 18 Temple downs Northern Illinois
  Summers, Green boost Spartans past Texas-Arlington
  Landesberg propels Virginia past UAB
  Huskies in Queen City to open Big East play
  Northwestern goes after longest win streak in nearly 80 years
  Tar Heels take on Great Danes
  24th-ranked Blazers come north to challenge Cavaliers
  Mavericks likely to suffer wrath of ornery Spartans
  Owls fly into DeKalb hoping to topple Huskies
  Clemson struggles but pulls out home win over SCSU
  No. 1 Kansas routs Belmont
  Lobos down Red Raiders in battle between ranked foes
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
  Syracuse tops Seton Hall in Big East opener
  No. 12 Kansas State hammers Cleveland State
  White leads Ole Miss past Jacksonville St.
  Purdue stays unbeaten, downs Iowa in Big Ten play
  Scheyer's shooting helps Duke cruise past Long Beach St.
  Texas cruises past Gardner-Webb for another double-digit win
  Wall sets record as Kentucky moves to 14-0
  Butler hits winner as WVU rallies past Marquette
  21st-ranked Tigers play host to Bulldogs
  Top-ranked Kansas entertains Belmont
  Gamecocks seek upset of 16th-ranked Rebels
  Red Raiders visit Lobos in clash of top-20 foes
  Blue Devils welcome 49ers to Durham
  Mountaineers meet Golden Eagles in Big East action
  Fourth-ranked Boilermakers battle Hawkeyes in Big Ten opener
  Syracuse opens Big East slate at Seton Hall
  Wildcats set to pounce on hapless Hawks
  Struggling Vikings in Manhattan to challenge confident Wildcats
  Longhorns host Runnin' Bulldogs in obvious mismatch
  Tar Heels take care of Rutgers sans Ginyard
Monday, December 28, 2009
  North Carolina's Ginyard out with ankle sprain
  Temple dominant in rout of Bowling Green
  Another unanimous No. 1 selection for UConn; Stanford still No. 2
  Kansas, Texas still 1-2; Northwestern among four newcomers
  Scarlet Knights come to Chapel Hill to challenge Tar Heels
  Gonzaga hosts Eastern Washington
  Owls return to old nest for bout with Falcons
  Gators hope to right ship in clash with hapless Eagles
Sunday, December 27, 2009
  No. 22 Washington gets by San Francisco
  UConn rolls Iona in final Big East tuneup
  11th-ranked Huskies host Gaels in Hartford
  Dons battle Huskies in first-ever meeting
Saturday, December 26, 2009
  West Virginia takes Big East opener from Seton Hall in OT
  Mountaineers and Pirates open Big East play
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
  Oral Roberts deals New Mexico first loss
  Tennessee dominates North Carolina A&T
  Wildcats maul Delaware
  Top-ranked UConn downs Stanford to run winning streak to 49
  Smith leads West Virginia over Ole Miss
  Wall leads Kentucky over feisty Long Beach State
  Wright leads Georgetown past Harvard
  Vols seek quick turnaround in clash with Aggies
  Rebels and Mountaineers mix it up in Morgantown
  No. 3 Kentucky hosts Long Beach State in first-ever meeting
  Hoyas host Crimson in Wednesday matinee
  No. 8 Villanova welcomes Delaware to The Pavilion
  Undefeated Lobos in Tulsa to take on Golden Eagles
  Texas A&M's Roland suffers leg injury
  Pondexter and Huskies slip by Aggies
  Kansas uses late surge to down California
  UNC bounces back with rout of Marshall
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
  Longhorns do it on defense, down Michigan State
  Texas Tech tops Stanford in Big XII vs. Pac-10 tilt
  Booker scores 31 as Clemson dominates Western Carolina
  Lighty leads Buckeyes over Cleveland State
  Sanders, Blazers topple No. 20 Butler
  Purdue continues perfect start with rout of SIU-Edwardsville
  Triche, Syracuse stay unbeaten with rout of Oakland
  South Alabama knocks off No. 18 Florida
  Huskies struggle early but pull away to down Maine
  Georgetown's Mescheriakov to transfer
  Aggies and Huskies square off in Seattle
  Tigers set to pounce on Catamounts
  Tar Heels welcome Thundering Herd to Chapel Hill
  Kansas puts lengthy streak on the line against California
  Stanford hits road to tangle with No. 23 Texas Tech
  Black Bears seek upset of 11th-ranked Huskies
  Vikings hope to sail past 17th-ranked Buckeyes
  Bulldogs in Birmingham to battle Blazers
  Boilermakers likely to cruise in clash with Cougars
  Top-10 matchup pits Spartans against Longhorns
  Fifth-ranked Syracuse sets sights on Oakland
  Gators hope to right ship in bout with visiting Jaguars
  NC State leading scorer Smith suspended
Monday, December 21, 2009
  Kansas State rolls past winless Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  Kentucky becomes first NCAA team to 2,000 hoops wins
  Kansas State breezes past winless Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  South Carolina's Archie to have season-ending knee surgery
  Huskies still a unanimous No. 1
  Texas inches closer to Kansas in men's hoops poll
  Wildcats hope to slay visiting Dragons
  Kansas State hosts winless Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Sunday, December 20, 2009
  Seminoles top Yellow Jackets in OT
  Huskies overcome slow start, down UCF
  UCF comes to Hartford to challenge 14th-ranked UConn
  Florida State visits No. 22 Georgia Tech in ACC opener
  Smith, Duke defense stymies Gonzaga
  James and Longhorns handle Tar Heels
  Jackson leads the way as Syracuse tops Bonnies
  Huskies hammer Pilots
  Texas A&M rolls past The Citadel
  Hobson rallies New Mexico over Creighton
  Shocker: Wichita State beats Texas Tech
  Cincinnati dominates Lipscomb
  Pullen pulls K-State over Alabama
Saturday, December 19, 2009
  Old Dominion shocks Georgetown
  Anderson, Richmond upend No. 13 Florida
  Stepheson, USC crushes No. 9 Tennessee
  Buford, Ohio State cruise past Delaware State
  Patterson, Kentucky win easily over Austin Peay
  No. 2 Stanford downs No. 3 Tennessee
  Purdue still unbeaten after rout of Ball State
  Stephenson, USC crushes No. 9 Tennessee
  Butler's clutch bucket sends WVU past Cleveland State
  Hayward's clutch shot propels Butler over Xavier
  Villanova handles Fordham
  Morris and Kansas remain unbeaten
  Ole Miss routs Centenary
  Spartans pull away late to topple Mastodons
  Calhoun and UConn close to contract extension
  Musketeers head to Indy to challenge 21st-ranked Bulldogs
  Pilots hope to navigate their way past 24th-ranked Huskies
  Mountaineers hit the road to clash with Vikings
  Fifth-ranked Orange welcome Bonnies to Carrier Dome
  25th-ranked Bearcats seek answers against Bison
  23rd-ranked Aggies play host to Bulldogs
  Top-10 clash pits Tar Heels against Longhorns
  Top-ranked Kansas welcomes Michigan to Lawrence
  Lobos put perfect mark on line in bout with Bluejays
  Ornery Wildcats set to pounce on hapless Rams
  Alabama and Kansas State square off in Coors Classic
  Red Raiders hit road to battle Shockers
  Vols venture west to take on Trojans
  Spiders and Gators square off in Orange Bowl Classic
  Monarchs in D.C. to challenge undefeated Hoyas
  Rebels expected to have easy time in clash with Gents
  Third-ranked Wildcats put perfect mark on line in bout with Govs
  Wooden Tradition pits Cardinals against Boilermakers
  Duke and Gonzaga square off in Top-25 showdown
  18th-ranked Buckeyes set to swat Hornets
  Mastodons face uphill climb in clash with Spartans
Thursday, December 17, 2009
  Georgia Tech gets by Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  Warren helps Ole Miss survive UTEP in OT
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
  No. 19 New Mexico pummels Northern Arizona
  Buckeyes start strong in rout of Presbyterian
  UAB rolls over Cincinnati
  UCLA F Keefe out 2-3 weeks with shoulder injury
  Bearcats battle Blazers in Birmingham
  Lobos put flawless record on the line against Lumberjacks
  Miners and Rebels square off in Southaven
  Blue Hose battle Buckeyes
  Yellow Jackets host winless Golden Lions
  Texas remains perfect with easy home win
  Vols pull away in second half to down Wyoming
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
  Scheyer shines in Duke's rout of Gardner-Webb
  Longhorns seek to break Broncs in Austin
  Cowboys ride into Knoxville for clash with Vols
  Duke hosts Gardner-Webb in obvious mismatch
Monday, December 14, 2009
  Lawal leads Georgia Tech in rout of Chattanooga
  Sparks name Gillom head coach
  Liberty make Powell first selection in Dispersal Draft
  Horn gets contract extension at South Carolina
  UConn women still undisputed No. 1
  Kansas remains No. 1; Villanova tumbles
  Miller ousted at Penn
  Yellow Jackets in Chattanooga to challenge Mocs
  Xavier tops Cincinnati in double overtime
  Temple's long-range shooting lifts it over No. 3 Villanova
Sunday, December 13, 2009
  Syracuse moves to 10-0 with rout of St. Francis
  Temple to take shot at upending No. 3 Villanova
  No. 7 Syracuse entertains St. Francis-NY
  Queen City showdown pits Bearcats against Musketeers
  Purdue overcomes 16-point deficit to beat Alabama
  North Carolina routs Presbyterian
Saturday, December 12, 2009
  Despite missing Bouldin, Gonzaga sharp in win over Davidson
  Leuer, Wisconsin top Marquette
  Pullen pulls K-State past UNLV
  Lobos edge No. 16 Texas A&M
  Strong second half leads Kentucky past Indiana
  Mountaineers smash Coppin State
  Hayward helps Bulldogs hold off Buckeyes
  Gonzaga without Bouldin vs. Davidson
  James, Texas stay unbeaten with rout of Texas State
  Hoyas hold off Washington
  Top-ranked Kansas eases past LaSalle
  Warren, Ole Miss use big second half to beat McNeese State
  Lobos seek 10-0 start in clash with 16th-ranked Aggies
  Longhorns put perfect mark on line in bout with Bobcats
  Boilermakers head south to challenge Crimson Tide
  Blue Hose face uphill climb in clash with 11th-ranked Tar Heels
  Bulldogs host Buckeyes in battle of ranked foes
  Cowboys head to Oxford to tangle with Rebels
  No. 6 West Virginia welcomes Coppin State to Morgantown
  State bragging rights on line, as Badgers entertain Golden Eagles
  Explorers make trek to Kansas City to take on top-ranked Jayhawks
  Hoosiers host fourth-ranked Wildcats
  Rebels put perfect mark on line in clash with Wildcats
  Top-25 showdown pits Hoyas against Huskies
  Davidson and Gonzaga mix it up in Seattle
Friday, December 11, 2009
  Saint Mary's G Hunter out for season
  Vols top Middle Tennessee
  North Carolina's Ginyard to miss one game
  Ninth-ranked Vols tangle with Blue Raiders in Nashville
  Orange trump Gators in battle of unbeatens
Thursday, December 10, 2009
  Stephenson, Cincinnati hold off Miami-Ohio
  Michigan State dominates Oakland
  Top-10 foes collide in Big East/SEC Invitational
  Bearcats and RedHawks clash at U.S. Bank Arena
  Oakland visits No. 12 Michigan State
  Wisconsin-Green Bay knocks of 20th-ranked Badgers in OT
  Huskies hit a Wall as Wildcats squeak out victory at MSG
  Kansas cruises past Radford
Wednesday, December 09, 2009
  Gonzaga downs Augustana
  Third-ranked 'Nova downs SJU in Big 5 tilt
  West Virginia makes quick work of Duquesne
  Purdue thumps Valpo to maintain unblemished record
  Badgers battle Phoenix in Green Bay
  No. 3 Villanova tangles with rival Saint Joseph's
  Valpo in West Lafayette to challenge No. 5 Purdue
  Dukes seek upset of sixth-ranked Mountaineers
  Top-ranked Kansas hosts Radford in first-ever meeting
  Big Apple showdown pits Wildcats against Huskies
  No. 21 Gonzaga hosts Division III Augustana
Tuesday, December 08, 2009
  Hoyas down Butler at MSG
  Roberson leads Red Raiders over TCU
  Cheryl Reeve named head coach of Lynx
  WNBA sets dispersal draft of Sacramento players
  Top-25 showdown in the Jimmy V Classic
  Texas cruises to easy home win over Long Beach State
Monday, December 07, 2009
  Aggies beat North Texas
  Spartans turn back The Citadel
  Kansas still a strong No. 1
  Huskies again a unanimous top choice
  Lonestar State showdown pits Mean Green against Aggies
  Spartans in Charleston to take on Bulldogs
  Long Beach State seeks upset of Texas
  Huskies pull away late to beat Matadors
  Kansas beats Bruins in LA
Sunday, December 06, 2009
  Idaho hands Portland third straight loss
  Reynolds keys Villanova's victory over Maryland
  Clemson tops South Carolina
  UConn survives scare from Harvard
  Dulkys' hot shooting leads Florida State over FIU
  12th-ranked Huskies host Matadors
  Pilots land in Moscow to take on Vandals
  No. 3 Villanova heads to D.C. to take on Maryland
  Palmetto State showdown pits Gamecocks against Tigers
  No. 1 Kansas heads west to take on UCLA
  Huskies play host to Crimson
  Seminoles host Golden Panthers in Sunshine State showdown
  Orange crush Maine
  UNLV escapes again, edges Santa Clara
Saturday, December 05, 2009
  Charlotte levels 20th-ranked Louisville
  Hayward and Butler handle Valparaiso
  Wake Forest rallies, then holds off Gonzaga
  Duke weathers Red Storm
  No. 16 Georgetown hammers American
  Purdue blisters Buffalo
  Kentucky builds big lead, holds on to edge UNC
  Ohio State loses Turner, rolls past EMU
  Buckeyes' Turner hurts back, out eight weeks
  Buckeyes' Turner hurts back
  Red Storm puts perfect mark on line in clash with Blue Devils
  Colossal top-10 battle pits Tar Heels against Wildcats
  Zags welcome Demon Deacons to Spokane
  Hoosier State showdown pits Crusaders against 23rd-ranked Bulldogs
  Bears come to Carrier Dome seeking upset of eighth-ranked Orange
  Eagles hope to fly past 15th-ranked Buckeyes
  49ers come calling on 20th-ranked Cardinals
  Bulls battle Boilermakers
  Local bragging rights on line in clash between Eagles and Hoyas
  UNLV puts perfect mark on line against Santa Clara
Friday, December 04, 2009
  Sloan leads Texas A&M past Akron
  Morgan, Michigan State hold off Wofford
  Walker, Florida roll over Jacksonville
  WNBA to expand replay use in 2010
  Gators and Dolphins tangle in Jacksonville
  No. 9 Michigan State seeks quick turnaround in clash with Wofford
  Zips comes calling on 19th-ranked Aggies
  Longhorns pull away from Trojans to remain unbeaten
Thursday, December 03, 2009
  Texas Tech outlasts 12th-ranked Washington in OT
  Liberty remove interim tag from head coach Donovan
  Kansas State signs women's hoops coach
  Whittenburg out at Fordham
  Huskies and Red Raiders meet in clash of unbeatens
  No. 2 Texas hosts USC in Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series
  Portland St. uses late run to topple Portland
  Willis helps UNLV edge Arizona in double OT
  Turner, Buckeyes crush Seminoles to help Big Ten win Challenge
  Hughes, Wisconsin build early lead, hold on to beat Duke
  Texas A&M downs Prairie View with big second half
  Gonzaga rallies in second half to down Washington St.
Wednesday, December 02, 2009
  Illinois rallies from 23 down in second half to shock Clemson
  Pena leads Villanova past Drexel
  Kansas has no problem beating Alcorn State
  Tennessee holds off ETSU
  Butler shuts down Ball State
  Louisville levels Stetson
  Connecticut rolls over Boston University
  Villanova takes on local rival Drexel
  Huskies and Terriers meet in Hartford
  Top-ranked Kansas hosts Alcorn State
  Cougars put perfect mark on line in clash with 17th-ranked Bulldogs
  Bulldogs hope to get back on track in clash with Cardinals
  Pilots put rare ranking on the line against Vikings
  ACC/Big Ten battle pits Illinois at Clemson
  Duke and Wisconsin clash in ACC/Big Ten Challenge
  Aggies welcome Panthers to College Station
  No. 24 UNLV heads to Tucson to take on Arizona
  Hatters likely to be mad after bout with 20th-ranked Cardinals
  Seminoles visit Buckeyes in battle of ranked foes
  Bucs and Vols lock horns in Knoxville
  UNC tops Spartans in rematch of '09 title game
  Moore, Johnson power Purdue over Wake Forest
Tuesday, December 01, 2009
  Bearcats earn easy home win over Texas Southern
  Gators dominate Florida A&M
  Drew Gordon to transfer from UCLA
  Villanova's Yarou out with hepatitis
  13th-ranked Gators host Rattlers
  Wake Forest battles Purdue in ACC/Big Ten Challenge
  Spartans visit Tar Heels in rematch of '09 title tilt
  Tigers come calling on 22nd-ranked Bearcats
  Monroe powers Hoyas past Mount St. Mary's
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
  Notre Dame beats DePaul
  UNLV upends No. 18 Louisville
  No. 22 Xavier gets by Robert Morris
  No. 3 Pitt rallies past Rutgers
  19th-ranked Baylor routs Jackson State
  Southeast Missouri terminates contract of hoops coach Edgar
  Diebler sets career high as Ohio State edges Iowa
  Blue Devils dominate Greyhounds
  Landry and Hughes lead Wisconsin past Michigan
  Lucas, Michigan State hand Minnesota first loss
  Cardinals collide with Rebels in Louisville
  No. 23 Michigan hosts Wisconsin in Big Ten lidlifter
  Xavier hopes to stop slide in bout with Robert Morris
  Pitt puts perfect mark on line in Big East opener against Rutgers
  Top-ranked Tar Heels bring act to Reno for clash with Wolf Pack
  Irish open Big East slate against Blue Demons
  Spartans visit Gophers in clash of ranked Big Ten foes
  Duke puts extended win streak on the line in Durham
  Buckeyes begin Big Ten play at home against Hawkeyes
  Bulldogs battle Utes in Salt Lake City
  Toothless Tigers take on ferocious Bears
  Illinois knocks off No. 9 Purdue in OT
  Washington helps Arkansas shock Oklahoma
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
  Teague leads Wake Forest to easy home win
  Oglesby, Clemson handle South Carolina
  Newly-ranked Butler narrowly edges UAB
  Rautins, Syracuse top Seton Hall in Big East opener, Devendorf returns
  Vols' Chism has bruised spine, elbow
  No. 13 Syracuse hosts Seton Hall in Big East opener
  Wake Forest puts perfect mark on line versus Radford
  Arkansas seeks upset of No. 4 Oklahoma
  Big Ten brawl pits Illinois against No. 9 Purdue
  Intrastate rivals collide, as No. 20 Clemson visits South Carolina
  No. 25 Butler hosts UAB in non-conference clash
  No. 17 Arizona State cruises past Central Connecticut State
Monday, December 29, 2008
  No. 19 Baylor slips by Portland State
  Vols upend UL-Lafayette; Chism leaves game on stretcher
  Michigan rolls over NC Central
  No. 15 Villanova rallies to down city-rival Temple
  Monroe helps Hoyas topple UConn in Big East opener
  UConn stays atop women's rankings
  UNC still in the top spot; poll welcomes Butler
  Pilots and Bears mix it up in Waco
  Winless Eagles visit 23rd-ranked Wolverines
  Big East opener pits Hoyas against Huskies
  Streaking Vols host struggling Cajuns
  Owls visit Wildcats in Big Five matchup
  Winless Eagles visit 24th-ranked Wolverines
  Sun Devils play final tune-up before start of Pac-10 slate
  Rutgers has no solution for Hansbrough, Tar Heels
Sunday, December 28, 2008
  Sampson helps No. 23 Minnesota to lopsided win
  Purdue pulls away to beat Valpo
  Shipp ahoy! No. 13 UCLA routs Louisiana Tech
  10th-ranked Boilermakers clash with Crusaders
  Top-ranked Tar Heels set to vanquish Scarlet Knights
  Bruins battle Bulldogs in City of Angels
  23rd-ranked Minnesota hosts High Point
  Michigan State pulls away to beat Oakland
Saturday, December 27, 2008
  Williams, Louisville top UAB
  No. 25 Missouri crushes SIU-Edwardsville
  West Virginia topples No. 15 Ohio State
  Devendorf set to return for Syracuse
  Mountaineers seek upset of Buckeyes in Columbus
  19th-ranked Cardinals battle Blazers at Freedom Hall
  Tigers and Cougars meet in catfight in Columbia
  Spartans battle Grizzlies in Auburn Hills
Friday, December 26, 2008
  Second-ranked Huskies pound Fairfield
  UConn seeks continued dominance of instate foes
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
  Minnesota holds off SE Louisiana
  Butler did it! Bulldogs down suddenly slumping Xavier
  Hoyas flatten FIU
  No. 7 Gonzaga suffers rare home loss to Portland State
  James leads No. 9 Texas past Wisconsin
  Roll, UCLA crush Wyoming
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
  McCamey and Illini upset No. 25 Missouri
  20th-ranked Arizona State crushes Idaho State
  Cowboys try to lasso Bruins
  Gophers put perfect record on line against Lions
  Longhorns pull into Madison to take on Badgers
  Interstate rivals meet in St. Louis, as Illinois battles Missouri
  Bengals visit Sun Devils in Tuesday matinee
  Golden Panthers seek upset of 12th-ranked Hoyas
  Xavier hosts Butler in battle of 9-1 teams
  Vikes visit Zags in non-conference action
  Seeing 20/20: Sims leads Michigan over Florida Gulf Coast
Monday, December 22, 2008
  Warren, Griffin combine to lift Sooners over Owls
  No. 21 Baylor holds off Hartford thanks to Jerrells
  No. 15 Ohio State rolls past UNC-Asheville
  Johnson, Moore help Boilermakers get past IPFW
  Second-half surge powers No. 6 Wake Forest over ECU
  No. 17 Syracuse crushes Coppin State
  Harangody, Notre Dame cruise past Savannah State
  Boilermakers battle Mastodons in West Lafayette
  Demon Deacons and Pirates square off in Greenville
  Irish set to tame Tigers in South Bend
  Bulldogs face uphill battle against Buckeyes
  Orange seek to clip Eagles' wings at the Carrier Dome
  Tar Heels still unanimous No. 1; three new teams enter poll
  UConn still a unanimous top choice
  Tigers set to slay Dragons
  Undefeated Sooners tangle with Owls
  Wolfpack and Golden Eagles meet up in Raleigh
  Bears battle Hawks in Waco
  Wildcats host Midshipmen at the Pavilion
  No. 25 Clemson crushes Miami-Florida
  Young leads No. 3 Pitt past Florida State
Sunday, December 21, 2008
  No. 3 Pitt plays first true road game tonight at Florida State
  No. 25 Clemson opens ACC play at Miami-Florida
  Nolen, Golden Gophers stun ninth-ranked Louisville
  Collison, UCLA cruise past Mercer
  Baylor rallies late to top Texas-Arlington
  No. 4 Oklahoma tops VCU
Saturday, December 20, 2008
  Flynn leads No. 11 Syracuse past 23rd-ranked Memphis
  Summers time: Spartans pull out last-minute win over Texas
  Harangody, Notre Dame cruise past Delaware State
  UConn overcomes Gonzaga in OT in top-10 battle
  Hummel and Purdue handle Davidson
  Arizona State clips BYU after overturned basket
  No. 16 Tennessee fends off Belmont
  Blue Devils continue mastery at the Meadowlands, bury Musketeers
  UNC rolls over Valpo
  Hoyas slip past Mount St. Mary's
  Buckeyes rally past Iona, stay unbeaten
  Top-25 foes meet at FedExForum
  Fourth-ranked Sooners meet Rams in Oklahoma City
  No. 21 Baylor entertains Texas-Arlington
  Boilermakers and Wildcats mix it up in Indy
  No. 15 Georgetown hosts Mount St. Mary's
  Top-25 showdown pits Spartans against Longhorns
  Duke and Xavier square off in top-10 tussle
  Top-ranked Tar Heels blow into Windy City
  Minnesota puts perfect mark on line versus No. 9 Louisville
  Surging Bruins host struggling Bears
  Battle in Seattle features Huskies against Bulldogs
  Undefeated Buckeyes host Gaels in non-conference action
  Fighting Irish expected to dominate visiting Hornets
  BYU puts perfect mark on line versus No. 20 Arizona State
  Belmont faces daunting task in clash with No. 16 Tennessee
  No. 24 Marquette crushes Western Carolina
Friday, December 19, 2008
  Teague sparks Demon Deacons' win over Spiders
  Ole Miss loses sophomore Warren to torn ACL
  Syracuse's Devendorf suspended
  24th-ranked Golden Eagles play host to Catamounts
  Demon Deacons bring perfect mark to Richmond for clash with Spiders
  No. 9 Louisville fends off Ole Miss
Thursday, December 18, 2008
  Hansbrough surpasses scoring mark as UNC rolls over Evansville
  Gonzaga crushes winless Texas Southern
  Hansbrough breaks 30-year-old UNC scoring mark
  Buckeyes to be without Lighty for 6-to-12 weeks
  WNBA begins 2009 season on June 6
  Ole Miss basketball coach Kennedy arrested
  Hansbrough seeks history in Chapel Hill
  Tigers seek first win in clash with eighth-ranked Zags
  Rebels take on Cardinals in SEC/Big East Invitational
  No. 23 Memphis holds on to top Trojans
  Blair paces Panthers over Siena
  Bruins roll over LMU
  Michigan State notches win over The Citadel
  No. 6 Duke routs UNC-Asheville
  No. 17 Ohio State pulls away late to defeat Jacksonville
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
  No. 11 Syracuse back on track after dispatching Canisius
  Holdsclaw returns to WNBA with Atlanta
  Tigers seek return to win column in bout with Trojans
  Saints hope to march past third-ranked Panthers
  No. 6 Duke faces UNC-Asheville for first time
  Buckeyes hope to continue perfect start in clash with Dolphins
  14th-ranked Bruins host winless Lions
  Orange to take out frustrations on Golden Griffs
  Spartans go in search of 25th straight home win
  No. 5 Longhorns survive battle with Texas Southern
  Chism, Vols pull away to beat Marquette
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
  Booker leads No. 25 Clemson in rout of North Florida
  Golden Eagles battle Volunteers in Music City
  Tigers put new ranking on the line against Ospreys
  Winless Tigers tangle with fifth-ranked Longhorns
  Miracle shot propels Cleveland State past Syracuse
  Adrien and Thabeet help UConn hammer Stony Brook
Monday, December 15, 2008
  UNC remains at the top; Tennessee falls in AP poll
  Huskies remain unanimous top choice
  Orange put perfect mark on line versus visiting Vikings
  Undefeated UConn hosts Stony Brook
Sunday, December 14, 2008
  Wildcats edge La Salle in Big 5 battle
  Arizona upsets No. 4 Gonzaga behind Hill, Wise
  No. 11 Demon Deacons rip Raiders
  Sun Devils rally to stun IUPUI in overtime
  No. 11 Wake Forest entertains Wright State
  Local rivals meet as No. 15 Villanova visits La Salle
  Jaguars face uphill climb in bout with 20th-ranked Sun Devils
  Bulldogs put perfect mark on line in clash with Wildcats
  Xavier beats Cincy in city rivalry
  Hoyas beat Memphis in OT
  Pitt remains unbeaten by pounding UMBC
Saturday, December 13, 2008
  Davidson opens SoCon play with slim victory over Mocs
  Bruins roll over DePaul as Howland earns 300th win
  Harangody, Notre Dame thwart Boston University's upset bid
  Hansbrough, top-ranked Tar Heels defeat Oral Roberts
  No. 18 Spartans nearly double-up Alcorn State
  UMass edges Jayhawks
  Samuels, Knowles lead Louisville past Austin Peay
  Owls upset No. 8 Tennessee
  Sooners smash Utes
  Dunn, Baylor cruise past Prairie View A&M
  Abrams leads No. 6 Texas over Texas State
  No. 24 Marquette has little trouble with IPFW
  Hummel leads Boilermakers past Indiana State
  No. 13 Syracuse easily handles Long Beach State
  No. 21 Buckeyes escape Butler
  No. 25 Kansas tangles with UMass in Kansas City
  Utes pull into Norman seeking upset of fifth-ranked Sooners
  Retrievers likely to roll over in clash with third-ranked Panthers
  Top-ranked Tar Heels host struggling Golden Eagles
  No. 22 Baylor in action against visiting Prairie View
  Sycamores face tall task in clash with 14th-ranked Boilermakers
  Blue Demons battle Bruins in Anaheim
  Davidson begins SoCon title defense against Chattanooga
  No. 6 Texas gets breather in clash with Texas State
  No. 8 Tennessee in Philly to take on Temple
  No. 17 Memphis visits No. 19 Georgetown
  Mastodons huge underdogs in clash with Golden Eagles
  Orange put perfect mark on line against visiting 49ers
  Butler visits Ohio State in battle of unbeatens
  Irish put lengthy home win streak on line against Terriers
  Govs and Cards mix it up at Freedom Hall
  Spartans host Braves in obvious mismatch
Friday, December 12, 2008
  Villanova slips past St. Joe's in the Holy War
Thursday, December 11, 2008
  15th-ranked Villanova hosts local rival Saint Joseph's
  Anderson, Xavier pummel Ohio
  Gonzaga stays perfect with win over Washington State
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
  Griffin leads Sooners in rout of Maine
  Report: Syracuse's Devendorf suspended
  Buckeye State bragging rights on line as Bobcats battle Musketeers
  Black Bears face tall task in clash with mighty Sooners
  Evergreen State showdown pits Bulldogs against Cougars
  No. 6 Texas makes short work of 15th-ranked Villanova
  Curry catches fire late to lead No. 23 Davidson past WVU
Tuesday, December 09, 2008
  Hummel highlights Purdue's rout of Ball State
  Dream nab top pick in WNBA Draft
  Big Apple showdown pits Texas against Villanova
  Boilermakers pull into Muncie for clash with Cardinals
  Wildcats hope to claw their way past Mountaineers
  Oklahoma State dismisses forward Thomas
  Georgetown hangs 100 on Savannah State
  Samuels paces balanced attack as No. 9 Louisville downs Lamar
Monday, December 08, 2008
  Iowa's Tucker suspended
  Once more, UConn a unanimous No. 1
  Atlanta picks F/C Lyttle first in Houston's dispersal draft
  Tigers face tall task in clash with Hoyas
  Louisville closes out Marques Maybin Classic against Lamar
  UNC still a unanimous No. 1; Ohio State vaults into poll
  UCLA cruises past Matadors
Sunday, December 07, 2008
  Sooners slam Golden Hurricane
  Reid helps Florida State edge Florida
  Spartans wake up in second half against Bradley
  Clark carries Louisville past Ohio
  No. 19 Arizona State smacks around Cornhuskers
  Cardinals expect to soar past Bobcats
  Huskers try to cool off 19th-ranked Sun Devils
  Bruins seek redemption in clash with Matadors
  Spartans hope for return to win column in bout with Braves
  Sooners try to chase down Golden Hurricane
  Sunshine State rivals meet in Tallahassee
  Dunn paces Baylor over Washington State
Saturday, December 06, 2008
  No. 9 Boilermakers steam past Golden Lions
  Marquette rallies to squeeze by Wisconsin
  Demon Deacons make easy work of Bucknell
  Young leads No. 3 Pitt past Vermont
  No. 11 Cardinals roll over Indiana State
  Sims, Wolverines hand No. 4 Duke first loss
  Kentucky's comeback against Hurricanes falls short
  No luck for the Irish: Buckeyes stage upset
  The Wright stuff; Hoyas rout American
  Curry scores 44 to lead Davidson past NC State
  Badger State rivals meet in Milwaukee
  Buckeyes battle Fighting Irish in Indy
  Wolfpack and Wildcats duke it out in Charlotte
  Vermont visits No. 3 Pittsburgh
  'Canes and 'Cats clash in Lexington
  Sycamores hope to stand tall against 11th-ranked Cardinals
  Duke vs. Michigan, take two
  Bison face tall task in clash with 15th-ranked Demon Deacons
  Bears and Cougars square off in intriguing non-league matchup
  Gonzaga puts perfect mark on line versus Indiana
  Boilermakers try to end skid against winless Golden Lions
  Local rivals lock horns as American challenges Georgetown
Friday, December 05, 2008
  Abrams' career night helps Texas hold off UCLA
Thursday, December 04, 2008
  Harden, Sun Devils cruise past Jackson State
  Abrams career night helps Texas hold off UCLA
  Thabeet dominant as No. 2 Huskies edge fiesty Bulls
  Reynolds, Villanova cruise past Houston Baptist
  Griffin, Sooners outlast Trojans in Norman
  Simpkins cleared by NCAA to play for Memphis
  Sixth-ranked Sooners host Trojans
  Villanova hosts Houston Baptist at the Pavilion
  UConn battle Buffalo in upstate New York
  Top-25 foes clash in Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series
  Sun Devils set to tame Tigers in Tempe
  Hansbrough leads No. 1 UNC in rout of Michigan State
  Michigan State's Suton to have surgery
  Raymond guides Xavier to win over Auburn
  Kentucky F Harris taken to hospital
  No. 15 Wake Forest routs Indiana
Wednesday, December 03, 2008
  Blair paces Pitt to rout of Duquesne
  Smith's triple-double carries Volunteers to rout of UNC-Asheville
  Flynn leads No. 16 Syracuse past Cornell
  Former Indiana guard Crawford denied waiver request
  Tar Heels and Spartans mix it up in Motor City
  Hoosiers visit undefeated Demon Deacons
  Dukes challenge Panthers in clash of Steel City rivals
  Tigers standing in way of 7-0 start for Musketeers
  No. 10 Tennessee hosts UNC-Asheville
  Orange put perfect record on line versus Big Red
  No. 25 Marquette fends off Central Michigan
  Gators defeat Florida A&M in Gainesville
  Ayers, McAlarney lead three-point happy Irish to home win
  Duke dominates Purdue in top-10 matchup
Tuesday, December 02, 2008
  No. 25 Marquette fends of Central Michigan
  Villanova pounds Big 5 rival Penn at Palestra
  No. 18 Memphis routs Marist
  Hurricanes lose lead and game to Buckeyes; McClinton ejected
  Hurricanes host Buckeyes in ACC/Big Ten Challenge
  Villanova visits Penn in clash of Philly area rivals
  South Dakota faces tall task in bout with No. 7 Notre Dame
  No. 18 Memphis entertains Marist
  Gators and Rattlers square off in Gainesville
  Duke visits Purdue in ACC/Big Ten Challenge
  Golden Eagles seek return to win column in clash with Chippewas
Monday, December 01, 2008
  Harris paces Orange to rout of Colgate
  Thabeet dominates as No. 2 UConn rolls past Delaware State
  Houston Comets to shut down operations
  Villanova's Drummond to transfer
  UNC a unanimous No. 1; Syracuse, Baylor enter poll
  UConn again a unanimous No. 1
  Huskies host Hornets in Storrs
  Badgers battle Hokies in Blacksburg
  Kent State seeks upset of No. 22 Kansas
  Wake Forest beats Baylor in Anaheim title game
Monday, December 31, 2007
  Seals-Horton out at Central Arkansas
  Jordan, No. 12 Aggies roll past Rice for sixth straight
  Georgetown rolls over Fordham
  15th-ranked Vandy improves to 13-0 by routing Iona
  UNC remains No. 1; Dayton joins poll
  Lone Star State showdown pits Aggies against Owls
  Vandy can set mark for best start ever with win over Iona
  Hoyas host Rams in New Year's Eve matinee
  Hansbrough, Heels handle Valpo
Sunday, December 30, 2007
  Pitt's Fields out with broken foot
  Top-ranked Tar Heels welcome Crusaders to Chapel Hill
  No. 2 Memphis moves to 11-0 by ousting 17th-ranked Arizona
  Third-ranked Kansas crushes overmatched Yale
  Longar lets it go no longer; OU finally tops No. 23 WVU in double-OT
  Larry scores 19 to lead Boise State past BYU
Saturday, December 29, 2007
  Roberts stars as Dayton upends Pitt in a big way
  Mayo leads USC past UC Riverside
  Fifth-ranked Bruins cruise past UC Davis
  Cunningham and Reynolds help Villanova down La Salle
  White, Gordon lead No. 13 Hoosiers over Cougars
  White, Gordon lead No. 11 Hoosiers over Cougars
  No. 25 URI improves to 13-1 by outlasting Georgia Southern
  Vols down Zags to win seventh in a row
  Gaynor, Winthrop knock Miami from ranks of unbeaten
  Spartans scorch UW-GB Phoenix
  Tigers claw Bulldogs
  Vandy holds off UT-Martin, matches best start ever
  Golden Eagles soar past Savannah State
  Texas A&M overwhelms Florida A&M, stays unbeaten at home
  Flowers, Badgers stun No. 9 Longhorns
  Georgetown handles crosstown rival American
  Hurricanes hope to blow past Eagles in effort to remain undefeated
  High-flying Eagles meet powerful Rams in Corpus Christi
  Mountaineers go in search of ninth straight win
  Trojans and Highlanders mix it up in LA
  Eagles seek upset of eighth-ranked Hoyas
  Red-hot Spartans play host to Phoenix
  Golden State foes collide in City of Angels
  Undefeated Commodores set to clip Skyhawks
  Marquette continues homestand against Savannah State
  Villanova and La Salle meet in Big Five showdown
  Third-ranked Kansas welcomes Yale to Lawrence
  Longhorns tangle with Badgers in Austin
  Battle in Seattle pits Vols against Zags
  Sixth-ranked Panthers go on the road to battle Flyers
  Aggies put perfect home mark on line versus Rattlers
  Hoosiers host Cougars in obvious mismatch
  No. 20 BYU pulls into Boise to battle Broncos
  21st-ranked Clemson seeks quick turnaround against Samford
  Top-25 foes meet in Memphis
  No. 4 Washington State waxes overmatched NC A&T
Friday, December 28, 2007
  Graves' buzzer-beater propels No. 16 Butler past Southern Illinois
  Ole Miss routs Southern Miss; secures best start in school history
  No. 25 Rhode Island rolls past Eastern Michigan
  Smith dismissed at Michigan
  25th-ranked Rams butt heads with Eagles in Corpus Christi
  Red-hot Rebels take on Golden Eagles in Southaven
  Southern Illinois hosts No. 16 Butler
  Lopsided matchup pits Aggies against Cougars
Thursday, December 27, 2007
  UNC's Frasor tears ACL
  Ellington on the mark as Tar Heels clobber Nevada
  Top-ranked Tar Heels host surging Wolf Pack
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
  Eddie Sutton coming out of retirement to coach at USF
  Big 12 reprimands Knight
Monday, December 24, 2007
  Wolfpack guard Degand out for season
  UNC, Memphis and Kansas continue to lead in poll
  UConn soars to No. 1 in women's poll
Sunday, December 23, 2007
  Low leads unbeaten Cougars over Idaho State
  Miami-Florida blasts North Carolina A&T to stay undefeated
  Kentucky transfer Legion headed to Illinois
  No. 7 Washington State seeks 11-0 start
  Hurricanes put perfect record on line against visiting Aggies
  Stanford shocks No. 1 Lady Vols
  Vandy on the verge of history with win over Tennessee State
  Spartans outlast Longhorns
Saturday, December 22, 2007
  Nelson helps Oakland upend Oregon as Ducks lose second straight
  Graves leads Butler over Florida Gulf Coast
  Mayo leads No. 25 USC past Cal Poly
  Villanova clobbers Columbia
  No. 14 Texas A&M romps past UC Irvine
  Shipp, UCLA rally past Michigan
  Ole Miss upends No. 15 Clemson in San Juan Shootout
  Hill's double-double lifts Arizona past San Diego State
  West Virginia rips Canisius to give Huggins 600th win
  Vols use late surge to edge Musketeers
  No. 13 Indiana cruises past ragged Coppin State
  Hansbrough leads No. 1 Tar Heels to rout of UC Santa Barbara
  No. 2 Memphis moves to 10-0 by outlasting fifth-ranked Hoyas
  No. 3 Kansas 12-0 after rolling past Redhawks
  No. 2 Memphis moves to 10-0 by oulasting fifth-ranked Hoyas
  Ducks hope to soar past Grizzlies
  Battle of unbeatens pits Ole Miss against Clemson
  Hoosiers hope to make quick work of overmatched Eagles
  Cat fight on the Main Line
  Anteaters seek upset of 14th-ranked Aggies
  Trojans host Mustangs in Golden State showdown
  Butler brings act to Sunshine State to battle Division II foe
  Longhorns and Spartans meet in top-10 matchup in Auburn Hills
  Special Delivery at FedExForum, as top-five foes clash
  17th-ranked Commodores set to tame Tigers in Nashville
  Huggins goes for win No. 600 in Buffalo
  Eighth-ranked Bruins set sights on struggling Wolverines
  Wildcats set to pounce on streaking Aztecs
  Third-ranked Kansas hosts Miami-Ohio
  Top-ranked Tar Heels tangle with dangerous Gauchos
  No. 12 Tennessee comes calling on Xavier
Friday, December 21, 2007
  Tavernari leads No. 21 BYU over S. Utah
  Cooked: Pitt guard done for season
  James, McNeal lead No. 10 Marquette over Coppin State
  Booker leads No. 15 Clemson over DePaul
  Lopsided matchup pits BYU against Southern Utah
  Clemson and DePaul meet in San Juan
  Marquette seeks fifth straight win
  Cougars clobber The Citadel
Thursday, December 20, 2007
  Longar helps Sooners fend off Gonzaga
  Fields helps Pitt nip Duke in OT
  McClinton, Collins lead No. 22 'Canes over N. Florida
  Rivers leads No. 15 Clemson over PR-Mayaguez
  Top-25 foes Duke and Pittsburgh meet in Big Apple
  Sunshine State foes collide in Coral Gables
  Zags and Sooners meet in All-College Classic
  Lofton lifts No. 12 Tennessee past UNC-Asheville
  Hansbrough, three days after concussion, leads UNC past Nicholls St.
  Rose leads No. 2 Memphis past Cincy
  Arizona holds off UNLV
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
  Michigan State hammers San Jose State
  Jordan, Aggies rout Detroit
  Graves leads Butler over Bradley
  Nichols shines in homecoming as Mountaineers rout Radford
  Clash of the Spartans
  Perfect Tigers battle struggling Bearcats
  Butler hopes to continue home dominance over Bradley
  24th-ranked West Virginia begins road swing against Radford
  Wildcats bring act to Sin City to challenge Runnin' Rebels
  Top-ranked Tar Heels host Colonels
  Vols go in search of fifth straight win
  Aggies put perfect home mark on line versus struggling Titans
  Love and Bruins rout Western Illinois
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
  Collins helps Kansas remain perfect with win over Yellow Jackets
  Augustin helps No. 4 Texas top Oral Roberts
  Arizona tabs O'Neill successor to Olson
  Bruins welcome Leathernecks to Pauley Pavilion
  Third-ranked Kansas puts unbeaten record on the line in Atlanta
  Fourth-ranked Texas hosts Oral Roberts
  Lewis, Trojans rout Delaware State
Monday, December 17, 2007
  No. 6 Duke rips Albany for 57th straight non-conference home win
  Gonzaga rolls over Northern Colorado
  Matthews and Marquette cruise past IPFW
  Asbury and Hurricanes crush Hatters
  Still Tennessee and UConn atop women's poll
  Hansbrough likely to play Wednesday
  UNC remains No. 1; Miami, West Virginia and USC join poll
  Bulldogs battle Bears in Spokane
  Golden Eagles set sights on Mastodons
  'Cuse lose Devendorf for season to torn ACL
  Tar Heels paste Rutgers; Hansbrough injured
Sunday, December 16, 2007
  Hansbrough hurt in UNC/Rutgers game
  14th-ranked A&M smothers Pine Bluff
  Bayless leads Arizona over Fresno State
  Top-ranked Tar Heels bring act to New Jersey
  Aggies host Golden Lions in obvious mismatch
  Fresno State comes calling on No. 21 Arizona
  Fourth-ranked Texas holds off challenge from Texas State
  Hoyas hammer Radford
  Smith helps Volunteers down Western Kentucky
  Graves pours in 25 as No. 18 Butler downs FSU
  Collison, Love help UCLA dominate Idaho State
Saturday, December 15, 2007
  BYU powers past Pepperdine
  Gordon scores 26 as Indiana destroys Western Carolina
  Jayhawks stay perfect with win over Ohio
  Memphis coasts to win over Middle Tennessee 65-41
  Neitzel, No. 9 Michigan State rout IPFW
  Wisconsin-Milwaukee F Johnson suspended
  Hummel, Purdue knock off Louisville, deny Pitino of 500th win
  Arizona State pulls away from Xavier in second half
  Marquette rolls over Sacramento State
  Oregon subdued, beaten by 'Huskers in OT
  Pitt improves to 10-0 with rout of OK State
  BYU puts lengthy home win streak on line versus Pepperdine
  Intrastate foes collide in Sun Belt Classic
  Lone Star State foes clash in Austin
  11th-ranked Panthers return home to host Cowboys
  Third-ranked Kansas and Ohio meet in Kansas City Shootout
  Red-hot Musketeers travel to the desert to take on Sun Devils
  10th-ranked Golden Eagles set their sights on Hornets
  Pitino eyes 500th win in Indy
  Butler and Florida State take part in the Wooden Tradition
  Vols and Toppers meet in Music City
  Hoosiers in hunt for fifth straight win
  Hoyas put perfect mark on line versus Highlanders
  Ducks and Huskers meet in Omaha
  Mastodons and Spartans clash at Breslin Center
  Bruins host Bengals in non-conference bout
  Villanova pulls away to beat Hartford
Friday, December 14, 2007
  Tennessee forward Crews out indefinitely with medical condition
  Villanova hopes hot start continues against Hartford
Thursday, December 13, 2007
  Brown helps Xavier top Cincinnati; Gentry taken off on stretcher
  No. 20 Vandy comes back from 18 down to beat DePaul, moves to 10-0
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
  BYU stretches home streak to 36 with win over Lamar
  Bearcats' Gentry injured
  Fever name Lin Dunn head coach
  BYU hosts Lamar in non-conference clash
  Queen City rivals meet at the Cintas Center
  Vandy puts perfect record on line at DePaul
  Leunen leads Ducks to huge win over Sac State
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
  Southern Illinois defeats No. 24 Gaels
  Undefeated Gaels put new ranking on the line in Carbondale
  Ducks set to swat Hornets in Eugene
Monday, December 10, 2007
  Louisville suspends Caracter
  Tennessee, UConn remain 1-2 in women's poll
  UNC still No. 1; St. Mary's enters poll
  Baynes and Cougars down Vikings
Sunday, December 09, 2007
  Villanova tops century mark in win at Temple
  No. 5 Georgetown cruises past Jacksonville
  Big Five rivals square off in Philly
  Fifth-ranked Georgetown plays host to Jacksonville
  Eighth-ranked Cougars set to pounce on Vikings
  Bayless bails out No. 22 Arizona in overtime win over Illini
  Morgan, ninth-ranked Spartans use late surge to oust No. 20 BYU
  Jordan wins battle of Crawford brothers, leads Indiana past UK
  James and Texas dominate Rice
  Brown and Wright State hand Butler first loss
Saturday, December 08, 2007
  No. 23 Vandy stays perfect by laying it on Lipscomb
  16th-ranked Aggies cruise by Texas State
  Buzzer beaten: Washington's upset bid falls short against Pitt
  Downs, 'Zags coast past Northridge
  Marquette ends Wisconsin's reign at home
  UCLA withstands Davidson to get back on winning track
  Taylor leads No. 19 Oregon past Utah
  No. 3 Kansas runs away from DePaul
  Sixth-ranked Duke routs Michigan
  Flying high: Dayton downs No. 14 Louisville
  Lone Star State rivals meet up in Houston
  Top-20 clash pits Spartans against Cougars
  Panthers pitted against Huskies in Pacific Northwest
  Duke puts lengthy win streak on the line against Michigan
  Utes and Ducks square off in Portland
  Streaking Jayhawks host Blue Demons in Lawrence
  No. 16 Texas A&M hosts Texas State in obvious mismatch
  Windy City showdown pits 22nd-ranked Arizona against Illinois
  Badger State rivals meet in Madison
  Vandy continues tune-up for challenging SEC slate
  Traditional powers meet in Bloomington
  Flyers pull into Louisville for clash with 14th-ranked Cardinals
  Bruins hope to bounce back after suffering first loss
  Zags seek quick turnaround against visiting Matadors
  No. 13 Butler travels to Dayton to take on Wright State
  Arizona's Olson files for divorce amid leave of absence
  Arizona's Olson extends leave of absence for entire season
Friday, December 07, 2007
  Cunningham, Wildcats rally to beat LSU
Thursday, December 06, 2007
  Howard, Butler survive scare from Detroit
  Kansas' Rush arrested
  Washington St. stays undefeated with narrow win at Gonzaga
  Plaisted leads BYU over Weber State
  Augustin, Longhorns leap past North Texas
Wednesday, December 05, 2007
  Jackson leads the way as Kansas pounds Eastern Washington
  Lavender, No. 21 Xavier cruise past Creighton for sixth straight
  Oglesby leads Clemson over East Carolina
  Foster, Ogilvy lead Vandy to nail-biter over Wake Forest
  Hoyas pull away to beat Alabama
  Pitt holds off Duquesne
  Vandy puts perfect record on line against visiting Wake
  Steel City rivals clash as Panthers face Dukes
  Lone Star State foes meet in Austin
  Hoyas try to stem Tide in SEC/Big East Invitational
  Creighton comes to Queen City in hopes of knocking off No. 21 Xavier
  Tigers set to pounce on Pirates
  BYU will try to continue dominance of Weber State
  Top-25 foes meet in Spokane
  Third-ranked Jayhawks host Eagles
  Second-ranked Memphis survives to beat USC in OT
Tuesday, December 04, 2007
  Hansbrough leads Tar Heels' romp over Quakers
  Ninth-ranked Spartans end Bradley's non-conference home run
  Lofton, 10th-ranked Vols survive scare from Chattanooga
  Huskies' Oliver to transfer
  Duke's Pocius done for the season
  Trojans and Tigers tangle is Top-25 tilt
  Spartans come to Peoria to battle Braves
  Vols play first true road game at Chattanooga
  Top-ranked Tar Heels bring act to Philly for clash with Quakers
Monday, December 03, 2007
  White, No. 15 Indiana roll past Tennessee State
  Hoosiers' Eric Gordon leaves game
  Lady Vols no longer unanimous No. 1
  UNC still No. 1; Texas moves into top five
  Badgers battle Terriers in Madison
  Hoosiers set to tame Tigers
Sunday, December 02, 2007
  No. 8 Texas edges No. 2 UCLA
  Bayless, Wildcats upset ninth-ranked Aggies
  Chalmers, Jayhawks down Trojans
  Top-10 encounter has Bruins hosting 'Horns
  Texas A&M seeks first-ever win over Arizona
  Top-25 clash pits Jayhawks against Trojans
  15th-ranked Hoosiers storm past Southern Illinois
  Cummard leads BYU past Portland
Saturday, December 01, 2007
  Spartans roll past Dolphins
  Clemson wins battle of South Carolina over Gamecocks
  Butler overpowers Buckeyes in second half
  23rd-ranked Xavier rolls by Belmont
  Pargo helps 19th-ranked Gonzaga hold off UConn
  Green sparks top-ranked UNC to win over Kentucky
  No. 14 Pitt cruises past Toledo with second-half run
  Georgetown holds off Fairfield
  No. 12 Louisville holds off Miami-Ohio
  Blue Devils hold off Davidson
  Intrastate foes clash at Littlejohn Coliseum
  Cougars will try to claw way past Pilots
  Butler welcomes a familiar face back home in Matta
  Fifth-ranked Hoyas host Stags at the Verizon Center
  Seventh-ranked Duke takes on dangerous Davidson in Charlotte
  Two winningest teams of all-time collide in Lexington
  Feathers are sure to fly as RedHawks face Cardinals
  Dog fight in Beantown as Gonzaga squares off with UConn
  Spartans host Dolphins in obvious mismatch
  Intriguing matchup pits Hoosiers against Salukis
  Panthers set to pounce in effort to go 7-0
  Vols rout Louisiana-Lafayette
  Marquette dominates UW-Milwaukee again
  Cowgill, No. 6 Washington State hold off Baylor
Sunday, December 31, 2006
  Clemson downs Georgia State to remain undefeated
  Afflalo, UCLA cruise past Washington
  Hansbrough, No. 2 Tar Heels rout Dayton
  Wisconsin downs Georgia
  McRoberts, No. 5 Duke best San Jose State
  Top-ranked Bruins play host to high-powered Huskies
  Tigers try to scratch out 14th straight win
  Bulldogs and Badgers meet in Atlanta
  Duke goes in search of eighth straight win
  Tar Heels put perfect home mark on line
  No. 16 Wichita State upset by Northern Iowa
Saturday, December 30, 2006
  No. 21 Volunteers survive scare from East Tennessee State
  No. 21 Volunteers survive scare from East Tennessee
  Green, Butler edge Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  No. 9 Jayhawks have Wright stuff to down Rams
  Cook, Ohio State pound Coppin State
  Curry leads 13th-ranked Cowboys past Roadrunners
  Fazekas, Nevada outlast Gonzaga
  Panthers pound Rattlers
  Gators edge Blazers
  19th-ranked Notre Dame topples Stony Brook
  No. 20 Oregon edges Oregon State to remain unbeaten
  Williams and Arizona continue to roll with win over Stanford
  West Virginia hands UConn first loss
  Bulldogs and Panthers mix it up in Milwaukee
  Gators and Blazers duke it out in Orange Bowl Classic
  Kansas seeks sixth straight win
  Cowboys attempt to lasso Roadrunners in Stillwater
  Irish seek 11th straight win
  Cardinal take on Wildcats in the desert
  Golden Eagles get back to work against Tigers
  Arch-rivals meet in Pac-10 action in Corvallis
  Wichita State attempts to right ship against Northern Iowa
  Battle in Seattle pits Nevada against Gonzaga
  Panthers host Rattlers in Pittsburgh
  Volunteer State rivals meet in Knoxville
  Buckeyes seek quick turnaround against Eagles
  UConn and West Virginia meet in Big East opener
  Tide roll over Lipscomb
  No. 23 Air Force cruises past Santa Clara
Friday, December 29, 2006
  Davis leads LSU past Samford
  Oklahoma F Clark to miss rest of season
  Tigers try to scratch out fourth straight win
  Falcons face Broncos in Cable Car Classic championship clash
  Alabama continues homestand against Lipscomb
  Air Force cruises past George Washington
  USC edges Washington in double-overtime
  Top-ranked UCLA remains perfect as Bruins edge Washington State
  Knight stuck at 879 wins as Texas Tech falls to UNLV
  Undefeated Ducks cruise past Pilots
  No. 24 Nevada throttles Maine
Thursday, December 28, 2006
  Williams guides Arizona past Cal
  Tigers pound Delta Devils
  Notre Dame crushes Rider
  Ninth-ranked Jayhawks leave Titans feeling queasy
  Douglas-Roberts leads Memphis over Lamar
  Tigers down Bulldogs to remain unbeaten
  Vols rout Tennessee Tech
  No. 2 North Carolina steamrolls over Rutgers
  Carter, Aggies rout Tigers
  Irish host Broncs in battle of unfamiliar foes
  Top-ranked Bruins open Pac-10 play against surprising Cougars
  Huskies and Trojans open up conference play
  Vols put six-game win streak on the line against Golden Eagles
  Red-hot Tar Heels welcome Scarlet Knights to Chapel Hill
  Falcons hope long lay-off doesn't hamper winning ways
  Ducks try to soar past Pilots
  Tigers try to claw their way past Delta Devils
  Wolf Pack and Black Bears meet in Reno
  Aggies hope to remain perfect in series versus Grambling
  Jayhawks battle Titans in Lawrence
  Pac-10 play begins in the desert
  Tigers continue flawless run against Bulldogs
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
  No. 17 LSU bests Wright State
  Wisconsin cruises past Gardner-Webb
  UConn crushes Coppin State
  LSU hosts Wright State in Hispanic College Fund Classic
  Badgers and Bulldogs meet up in Madison
Monday, December 25, 2006
  UCLA remains on top of poll; Clemson and Tennessee join Top 25
  ACC represents top of women's poll as Oklahoma falls
Sunday, December 24, 2006
  Shocked again: USC hands Wichita State second-straight loss
Saturday, December 23, 2006
  No. 4 Wisconsin destroys Pacific
  Pitt topples Dayton
  Knight ties Dean Smith for most wins
  UIC's Collins takes personal leave
  Davis leads LSU past La. Tech
  No. 10 Crimson Tide rolls over Coppin State
  No. 21 Oregon stomps Mercer
  Florida crushes Ohio State
  UCLA remains undefeated with rout of Michigan
  Chalmers, Wright lead Kansas past Boston College
  Memphis buries Middle Tennessee State
  LSU tries to continue dominance of Pelican State foes
  Eagles and Jayhawks lock horns in Lawrence
  Pitt hopes to resume winning ways against Dayton
  Badgers to show plenty of teeth against Pacific
  Shockers try to rebound from first loss
  Top-5 clash pits Buckeyes against Gators
  State bragging rights on line as Tigers host Blue Raiders
  Top-ranked Bruins play host to surging Wolverines
  Oregon meets Mercer for first time
  Tide hope to roll over Eagles
  Danridge, Lobos shock Shockers
  Akron signs Dambrot to five-year deal
  Tar Heels blast Billikens in Hansbrough's homecoming
  Nevada holds off Akron
Friday, December 22, 2006
  McNeal, Marquette maul Morgan State
  Law shines as No. 13 Aggies crush Auburn
  Graves leads No. 16 Butler past Evansville
  Nichols, No. 23 Syracuse rout Hofstra
  Aggies continue quest for first road win
  Shockers and Lobos lock horns in Las Vegas
  Washington and Weber State meet for first time
  Nevada to try and keep perfect road record intact
  Butler continues strong start against Evansville
  First true road test for young Tar Heels
  Orange attempt get back on track against Hofstra
  Marquette and Morgan State meet in Milwaukee
  Notre Dame battles past Army
  Duke polishes off Zags at the Garden
Thursday, December 21, 2006
  Cowboys corral Panthers in double-OT
  Snowstorm causes postponements
  Air Force game at Northern Colorado postponed
  Cal's Hardin out 8-12 weeks
  All-College Classic pits Panthers against Cowboys
  Top-25 battle in the Big Apple
  Irish joust with Black Knights in South Bend
  Huskies down LSU
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
  Arizona's Prince to transfer
  Wildcats top Tigers
  UConn pounds Pepperdine
  Hendrix, Tide roll past Wolfpack
  Donovan sets school record as Gators down Stetson
  St. John's suspends Spears
  Gators host Hatters in Gainesville
  UConn seeks to ride wave of momentum against Pepperdine
  Catfight in the desert
  Top-25 teams meet in Pacific Northwest
  Tide rolls into Raleigh
  No. 1 UCLA continues to roll
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
  No. 11 Kansas stomps Winston-Salem State
  No. 3 Ohio State rolls past Iowa State
  James, McNeal lead No. 19 Marquette over Oakland
  Martin leads Wichita State past Kennesaw State
  Drexel upends 23rd ranked Syracuse
  No. 20 Notre Dame pounds Portland
  McRoberts, Duke hold off Kent State
  Tar Heels rout Owls
  Jayhawks butt heads with Rams in Lawrence
  Top-ranked Bruins take on Bearkats in Los Angeles
  Red-hot Irish continue run against Portland
  Golden Eagles take flight against Grizzlies
  Shockers continue run through Las Vegas Holiday Classic
  Duke and Kent State get together in Durham
  Buckeyes host Cyclones in Columbus
  Tar Heels welcome Owls to Chapel Hill
  Orange attempt to slay Dragons in the Carrier Dome
Monday, December 18, 2006
  Vols clip Cowboys in final seconds
  ACC again dominates top of women's poll
  Bad break sidelines Muonelo
  UCLA remains on top in hoops poll; Wisconsin vaults to No. 4
  Cowboys put perfect record on line versus Tennessee
  Shakur leads No. 10 Arizona over Houston
Sunday, December 17, 2006
  Davis leads No. 12 LSU past OSU
  No. 22 Oregon streaks past Idaho State
  Humphrey powers No. 5 Gators over Florida A&M
  No. 8 Shockers crush Maryland-Eastern Shore
  Dyson, UConn pound St. Mary's
  Shockers entertain hapless Hawks
  Oregon puts perfect record on line against Idaho State
  Huskies host Gaels in Hartford
  Tigers hope to get back on track in Corvallis
  Cat fight in Tucson
  Florida's Donovan can match school wins mark
  Nevada turns back Pacific
  Dentmon leads 17th-ranked Washington over Portland State
  Tucker, Butch help No. 7 Wisconsin hand Panthers first loss
  Knight within one win of tying Dean Smith
Saturday, December 16, 2006
  No. 9 Alabama rolls past Southern Miss
  Texas A&M blows out Jacksonville
  Top-ranked Bruins roll over Oakland
  Notre Dame crushes Elon
  No. 23 Syracuse crushes Baylor
  Georgia upsets Gonzaga in battle of the bulldogs
  Oden and "D" lead Buckeyes past Cincinnati
  Tar Heels breeze past UNC-Asheville
  No. 20 Marquette steamrolls UMBC
  Crone leads Butler past Purdue
  Alabama and Southern Miss battle in Coors Classic
  Huskies host surging Vikings
  Marquette seeks turnaround against UMBC
  Day's top bout pits Panthers against Badgers
  Buckeyes and Bearcats meet in the Queen City
  Wolf Pack and Tigers square off in Reno
  Top-ranked UCLA plays host to Oakland
  Tar Heels back to work, as they host Bulldogs
  Irish entertain Phoenix
  Purdue goes in search of seventh straight win
  Georgia and Gonzaga meet in Duluth
  Baylor comes calling on Syracuse
  Winning streaks on the line in College Station
  No. 22 Oregon routs Eastern Washington
Friday, December 15, 2006
  Undefeated Ducks continue run against Eagles
Thursday, December 14, 2006
  No. 19 Memphis crushes Austin Peay
  Charlotte Smith retires from WNBA
  Tigers host Governors at FedExForum
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
  No. 24 Air Force topples Norfolk State
  Tucker, Badgers down Panthers
  California G Gray-Lawson done for season
  Davidson cleared to play for Alabama
  Bobcats will no longer operate Sting
  Lynx name Zierden head coach
  Badgers set to feast on Panthers in Madison
  Falcons ready to soar against Spartans
  No. 25 Nevada topples St. Mary's
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
  Aggies trounce Fordham
  Chicago names Overton new GM and head coach
  Nevada welcomes Saint Mary's to Reno
  Aggies butt heads with Rams in College Station
  No. 22 Oregon routs Bethune-Cookman to remain unbeaten
Monday, December 11, 2006
  Top four remain the same in women's poll
  UCLA, Pitt, UNC maintain top three spots in hoops poll
Sunday, December 10, 2006
  Texas edges No. 9 LSU in OT
  Dudley helps BC get by No. 23 Maryland
  Terps visit Eagles in ACC opener
  Tigers and Longhorns duke it out in Houston
  Raivio pushes Gonzaga past Washington
  UNLV upsets 20th-ranked Nevada
  Tar Heels down Panthers; Williams gets 500th win
Saturday, December 09, 2006
  No. 14 Arizona slams San Diego State
  Hendrix, Alabama pound Alabama State
  Creighton upends No. 24 Xavier
  Cowboys continue to ride unbeaten streak
  Indiana State hands Butler first loss
  Wilson leads Wichita State over Wyoming
  Foster lifts Vandy to upset win over Georgia Tech
  No. 2 Panthers survive scare from Buffalo
  Top-ranked Bruins slip by Texas A&M
  Hunter and Ohio State crush Cleveland State
  Knight passes Rupp on all-time wins list
  Wisconsin again captures Badger State battle
  Memphis rebounds with victory over Ole Miss
  Kansas throws block party at Kemper
  Nelson, Scheyer pace No. 7 Duke to win over George Mason
  Memphis seeks redemption in today's tilt with Ole Miss
  Yellow Jackets come calling on Commodores
  Wisconsin battles Marquette in Badger State bash
  Surprising Shockers continue fast start against Wyoming
  Seeking perfection, Nevada takes on rival UNLV
  Road-weary Rockets face No. 12 Kansas
  Wooden Classic features Top-10 matchup
  Pitts seeks fifth straight 10-0 start
  Memphis seeks redemption in todays' tilt with Ole Miss
  North Carolina overwhelming favorite versus High Point
  Duke puts perfect home mark on line against George Mason
  Yellow Jackets comes calling on Commodores
  Buckeyes welcome Vikings to Columbus
  Ball State faces second straight ranked foe in Oklahoma State
  Aztecs try to get back in win column against Arizona
  Tide battle Hornets for state-wide bragging rights
  Xavier tries to continue fast start at Creighton
  Syracuse seeks 41st straight win over Colgate
  Top-25 battle in the Pacific Northwest
  Butler takes aim at 11th straight win
Friday, December 08, 2006
  Carter leads Irish in upset over 'Bama
Thursday, December 07, 2006
  League approves sale of Sparks
  Fever sign head coach Winters to new contract
  Fourth-ranked Tide rolls into South Bend
  Knight reaches milestone 876th win
  Duke pulls away late to top Holy Cross
  Jones, Maryland rout Fordham
Wednesday, December 06, 2006
  Lofton, Volunteers stun Tigers
  Pitt tops inner-city rival Duquesne
  Green, Butler rout Ball State
  Adrien, UConn pound Northeastern
  Gators roll past Friars
  Intrastate rivals clash in Knoxville
  Duke to entertain Holy Cross
  Gators to try and right ship against Friars
  UConn goes in search of eighth straight win
  Terps try to bounce back from first loss
  Panthers host Dukes in Steel City showdown
  Butler puts perfect record on line against Ball State
  Big Baby comes up big: Davis, Tigers down Aggies
  Afflalo leads top-ranked Bruins over CS Fullerton
  Arizona overcomes sloppy second half to down Louisville
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
  Marquette befuddles Delaware State
  24th-ranked Xavier rolls over Detroit
  Cowboys squeeze by Orange
  Hrycaniuk ruled ineligible for season
  Flawless Aggies head to Baton Rouge to tangle with Tigers
  Undefeated Cowboys take on Orange in the Big Apple
  Cardinals and Wildcats meet in Jimmy V Classic
  Red-hot Bulldogs take on Cougars in Pacific Northwest
  Top-ranked UCLA plays host to Cal State Fullerton
  Musketeers aim to slay Titans
  Golden Eagles seek quick turnaround against Hornets
  Badgers outlast Winthrop in OT
  Kansas gets past USC
  Appleby leads No.13 Huskies past Southern Utah
Monday, December 04, 2006
  Dozier leads No. 14 Memphis over Marshall
  No change at top of women's hoops poll
  UCLA strengthens hold of top hoops spot
  Huskies and T-Birds meet in Seattle
  Trojans and Jayhawks lock horns in Lawrence
  Memphis hosts Marshall in C-USA opener
  Badgers welcome upstart Eagles to town
  FSU shocks No. 4 Florida
Sunday, December 03, 2006
  Irish beats Maryland
  Gray, Pittsburgh hold off Auburn
  McClinton leads Hurricanes past Georgia Tech
  UCLA cruises past UC Riverside
  No. 25 Virginia edges NC State
  Price and UConn roll past Texas Southern
  UConn continues extended homestand against Texas Southern
  Wolf Pack bring unblemished record to Golden State
  Surging Terps take on Irish in D.C.
  Top-ranked Bruins expected to deck Highlanders
  No. 2 Pitt brings act to Auburn
  Georgia Tech kicks off ACC slate at Miami
  Sunshine State rivals clash in Tallahassee
  Cavaliers and Wolfpack meet in ACC play
  North Dakota State downs No. 8 Marquette
  Paulus, No. 11 Duke come back to beat No. 18 Hoyas
Saturday, December 02, 2006
  Buckeyes blast Valparaiso in Oden's debut
  Green leads Butler's rout of Cleveland State
  Paulus, No. 1 Duke come back to beat No. 18 Hoyas
  17th-ranked Shockers hold off 15th-ranked Orange
  No. 16 Arizona rallies to beat Illinois
  Ninth-ranked Texas A&M rolls past Pacific
  Ellington, North Carolina sprint past Kentucky
  Raivio, No. 22 Gonzaga get by Texas
  Raivio, No. 22 Gongaza get by Texas
  Oden makes debut in Ohio States victory
  Davidson powers No. 6 Alabama past Tennessee State
  No. 10 LSU slips by Tulane
  Mejia lifts DePaul to upset win over No. 5 Kansas
  No. 12 Wisconsin rips FIU
  No. 14 Memphis routs Manhattan
  Oden expected to debut for Buckeyes
  Marquette puts perfect record on line
  Memphis seeks third straight win
  Pelican State rivals duke it out in the Big Easy
  Jayhawks and Blue Demons meet for first time
  Gonzaga and Texas lock horns in Hall of Fame Challenge
  Buckeyes hope to get back on track against Valpo
  Aggies try to tame Tigers
  Undefeated Butler kicks off Horizon League slate
  Wildcats come calling on Tar Heels
  Wildcats hope to continue winning ways against Illini
  Blue Devils and Hoyas set for slugfest
  Top-25 clash pits Shockers against Orange
  Badgers and Golden Panthers meet for first time
  Barro leads No. 8 Marquette past Northwestern State
Friday, December 01, 2006
  Marquette hosts Blue & Gold Classic
Saturday, December 31, 2005
  Arizona's wild win ends Washington's home win streak
  Gaels upset No. 20 Nevada
  Batista, Morrison lead Gonzaga past Hawks
  Krauser leads Pitt over No. 24 Wisconsin
  No. 17 Hoosiers end year by routing Ball State
  Ray, Lowry lead No.3 Wildcats past Temple
  No. 14 Oklahoma downs Alabama
  Cal snaps No. 11 UCLA's eight-game win streak
  Louisville's late surge too much for Miami
  Marshall, Smith lead No. 13 Boston College to easy win
  Ager leads No. 9 Spartans past Coppin State
  Marhsall, Smith lead No. 13 Boston College to easy win
  Strawberry on top; No. 16 Maryland dominates VMI
  Buckeyes stage improbable comeback to top LSU
  Redick stars as No. 1 Duke cruises
  No. 18 Kentucky survives scare in Ohio
Friday, December 30, 2005
  No. 6 Illini continues roll with easy win over Tennessee-Martin
  Fourth-ranked Memphis downs Purdue
  Longhorns trottle Prairie View
  Pittsnogle and Mountaineers hold off Canisius
  Armstrong's career night powers No. 2 UConn to easy win
  Gray leads Wake to convincing victory
  N.C. State throttles No. 12 George Washington
  No. 5 Florida wins laugher in Gainesville
  Bruins trounce Cardinal in Pac-10 opener
  Roy's career night lifts Huskies over Sun Devils
Thursday, December 29, 2005
  No. 10 Louisville routs FDU, 89-66
  Illini remain perfect with rout of Redhawks
  Michigan State soars past Golden Eagles
  Second-ranked UConn blows out Stony Brook
Wednesday, December 28, 2005
  Butch powers 24th-ranked Wisconsin to blowout win
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
  Fourth-ranked Memphis downs No. 8 'Zags in heavyweight battle
  Kemp powers Nevada past Norfolk State
  No. 13 Boston College cruises past Duquesne
Monday, December 26, 2005
  Duke keeps top spot; Oklahoma falls out of top 10
  Tennessee still reigns in latest women's poll
Saturday, December 24, 2005
  Dean leads No. 11 Louisville past Titans
  Huskies stay unbeaten with win over Lehigh
  Hot-shooting UCLA routs Sacramento State
Friday, December 23, 2005
  No. 24 Ohio State Dials in with win over Tigers
  No. 16 Maryland routs American
  Killingsworth carries Hoosiers past Butler
  Ex-Saint Joseph's coach Boyle passes away
  Anderson's career high carries UConn to rout of Eagles
  No. 21 N.C. State handles struggling Crimson Tide
Thursday, December 22, 2005
  Morrison carries Gonzaga over St. Louis
  Dudley, Eagles rout Havard
  'Nova remains unbeaten with win over Philly rival
  Oklahoma State knocks off previously unbeaten Vols
  Eagles' Williams eligible to play
  USC stuns Tar Heels in LA
  Late basket helps No. 12 UCLA hold off Wagner
  Fazekas leads No. 20 Wolfpack past Georgia
  No. 6 Illini rout Mizzou to continue roll
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
  Louisville sprints past Cougars to take tourney title
  No. 10 Spartans soar past Phoenix
  Carney's hot hand leads No. 4 Memphis over Louisiana Tech
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
  Jenkins leads 11th-ranked Louisville past Blue Raiders
  No. 25 Iowa slips past Drake
Monday, December 19, 2005
  No. 18 Indiana's hot shooting does in Charlotte
  Lady Vols remain atop women's rankings
  Duke maintains top spot; Arizona falls out of poll
  Williams signs new deal with Maryland
  Duke demolishes Valpo
Sunday, December 18, 2005
  Brown leads No. 12 Spartans over Florida International
  Gay boosts UConn to romp of New Hampshire
  Wolfpack storm past Hurricanes
Saturday, December 17, 2005
  Sixth-ranked Longhorns lay another egg
  Adams leads 24th-ranked Wildcats to lopsided win over Utah
  Kentucky hands fourth-ranked Louisville first loss of season
  No. 5 Memphis cruises past Ole Miss
  No. 15 GW routs Maryland-Eastern Shore
  Rondo leads Kentucky past Louisville
  Williams leads Huskies to victory over Eagles
Friday, December 16, 2005
  Spartans outlast Vikings
Thursday, December 15, 2005
  Kentucky's Morris has suspension reduced
  Monmouth beats Princeton in lowest-scoring Division I game since '86
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
  North Carolina State routs UNC-Asheville
  No. 4 Louisville soars past Chicago State
  Nevada rips Seattle-Pacific
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  Mejia leads DePaul to upset over No. 16 Wake Forest
  No. 3 Nova survives scare with win over Penn
  No.4 Louisville soars past Chicago State
  No.18 Louisville soars past Chicago State
  UTEP lifts Williams' suspension
Monday, December 12, 2005
  Vols' lead grows atop women's rankings
  Duke strengthens hold on No. 1
Friday, December 09, 2005
  Gators wallop Bethune-Cookman to remain unbeaten
  Cyclones down No. 12 Hawkeyes
  No. 24 Wildcats chop down Lumberjacks
  Gonzaga's Fantastic Four downs Cougars
Thursday, December 08, 2005
  No. 3 UConn rolls past UMass
  No. 11 Illini outslugs Georgetown to stay unbeaten
  No. 19 George Washington storms past Panthers
  No. 17 Nevada routs UC-Davis
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
  Falls boosts Irish to upset of No. 22 Alabama
  UTEP suspends forward Jason Williams
  Spartans hand No. 6 BC first loss of year in Jimmy V Classic
  Wildcats cruise past Bucknell
Monday, December 05, 2005
  Huskies hold off Gonzaga
  Dockery's halfcourt buzzer-beater gives No. 1 Duke miraculous win