It's a 3-0 NBA Playoff Sunday for Kelso Sturgeon! The Wizards (+4½) get the outright stunner on the road against the Bulls, 102-93 for a 50-Unit winner! Mavericks (+9½) hung tough against the Spurs and got the cover in their 90-85 loss, while the Blazers/Rockets shootout went way over 214½ (242)! Kelso also wins his two big games on the diamond: Personal Best clients walked away with a 50-Unit winner last night with the Red Sox (-170) over the Orioles, 6-5, and Chairman's Club bettors got the money with the Reds (-130) over the Cubs, 8-2!
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 954 CUBS
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 957 REDS
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Monday, March 31, 2014
  Notre Dame downs Baylor, advances to Final Four
  Washington State to hire Kent
  Cal's Montgomery announces retirement
  New Mexico's Neal to receive two-year extension
  USF hires Antigua to lead men's hoops team
  Wiggins to enter NBA Draft
  Saints and Bulldogs square off in CBI title series
Sunday, March 30, 2014
  Tar Heels upset Gamecocks, advance to Elite Eight
  Harrison's late 3 sends Kentucky to Final Four
  Ogwumike, Stanford dismiss PSU in regional semis
  Napier pushes UConn past MSU and into Final Four
  Louisville rolls past LSU into the Elite Eight
  Terps send Lady Vols home early
  Arkansas tabs Jimmy Dykes as women's hoops coach
  Kentucky and Michigan meet in Elite Eight matchup
  Huskies and Spartans duke it out for spot in Final Four
  Wisconsin tops Arizona in OT to make Final Four
  Florida beats Dayton to reach Final Four
Saturday, March 29, 2014
  Texas A&M rides Walker to regional final
  UNLV nears two-year extension for Rice
  Strong second half has Huskies headed to Elite Eight
  Ware to transfer from Louisville
  Cauley-Stein likely out vs. Michigan
  Notre Dame dominates at home in regional semifinal
  Sims reaches 1,000, sends Baylor to Elite Eight
  Wisconsin and Arizona meet in West Regional Final
  South Regional Final pits Dayton against Florida
  Kentucky edges Louisville in thriller to reach Elite 8
  Michigan State sneaks past Virginia to reach Elite Eight
  Michigan holds off Tennessee
  Daniels, UConn beat Iowa State to reach Elite Eight
Friday, March 28, 2014
  Xavier's Christon says he will enter NBA Draft
  Mitchell out at Coppin State after 28 years
  Minnesota fires women's coach Borton
  Ohio State F Ross to leave for NBA
  GW's Lonergan gets contract extension
  Bluegrass State rivals clash, as Wildcats battle Cardinals
  Huskies and Cyclones duke it out for spot in Elite Eight
  Michigan State and Virginia square off in Sweet 16
  Tennessee and Michigan meet in Midwest Regional Semifinal
  Arizona fends off SDSU, to meet Wisconsin in West final
  Florida controls UCLA, advances to Elite Eight
  Wisconsin badgers Baylor, coasts into West Region final
  Dayton downs Stanford to reach Elite Eight
Thursday, March 27, 2014
  UNC-Wilmington hires Louisville assistant Keatts
  Syracuse's Ennis entering draft
  Seattle picks up Houston from Phoenix
  Wildcats take on Aztecs in Sweet 16 affair
  Badgers battle Bears in West Regional action
  Cardinal collide with Flyers in Sweet 16
  Gators set for South Regional showdown with Bruins
  Report: Kansas' Embiid to enter NBA Draft
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
  De Souza re-signs with Dream
  Manhattan puts Masiello on leave over resume flap
  ACC Tournament headed to Barclays Center in 2017 and 2018
  USF pulls Masiello deal, reportedly over resume
  Rice tabs VCU assistant Rhoades as coach
  South Carolina shuts down Oregon State
  Texas A&M tops James Madison to advance
  LSU upsets WVU in second-round clash
  Cardinals crush Hawkeyes in second round
  UNC advances with win over Michigan State
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
  Lady Lions leap past Florida
  Huskies cruise past Hawks in second round
  Little returns to Seattle
  Donovan earns extension, raise from Florida
  Shaq, Hill headline college basketball HOF class
  Cougars topple Cornhuskers
  Big night from Martin propels Cowgirls to Sweet 16
Monday, March 24, 2014
  Sims powers Baylor over California
  Kentucky holds off Syracuse to advance to Sweet 16
  Lady Vols pull away to earn Sweet 16 berth
  Notre Dame remains unbeaten, cruises to Sweet 16
  Rogowski leads DePaul in upset over Duke
  Stanford downs FSU to reach Sweet 16
  St. John's F Sampson to enter NBA Draft
  Dickey resigns as Houston coach
  Butler freshman Berry to transfer
  IU's Hollowell, Etherington to transfer
  West Virginia's Harris to transfer
  Wichita State's Marshall named USBWA Coach of the Year
  Douglas heads back to Connecticut
  Dayton rewards Miller with contract extension
  Jans named head coach at Bowling Green
  Arizona routs Gonzaga to reach Sweet 16
  Virginia routs Memphis to book Sweet 16 trip
  Baylor knocks off McDermott, Creighton
Sunday, March 23, 2014
  Raiders routed by Oregon State
  UCLA tops Stephen F. Austin for Sweet 16 berth
  Second half surge leads Iowa to tourney win
  Aggies on the attack in tourney win
  Connecticut cruises in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Lady Gamecocks conquer Cal State Northridge
  Dukes dump Bulldogs at Reed Arena
  Tennessee cruises past Mercer to reach Sweet 16
  Louisville logs lopsided win over Idaho
  Kane's layup gives Iowa State thrilling win over UNC
  Hawks hang on against Georgia in tourney opener
  Reports: Bowling Green to hire Wichita State's Jans
  Kentucky topples top-seeded Wichita State
  West Virginia downs Danes in tourney
  Lady Tigers tackle Georgia Tech in tourney opener
  Flyers foiled by Florida in first round
  Carolina completes comeback versus UT Martin
  Texas triumphs over Penn Quakers
  Stanford stuns Kansas to reach Sweet 16
  Lady Lions survive Shockers in tourney opener
  Terrapins trample Army in tourney
  Michigan State hammers Hampton
  Tar Heels take on Cyclones in East Regional action
  Memphis sets sights on No. 1 seed Virginia
  Lumberjacks face tall task in clash with Bruins
  Dogs and Cats duke it out in NCAA Tournament action
  Baylor battles Creighton for spot in Sweet 16
  Mercer seeks another upset in clash with Tennessee
  Kentucky tangles with top-seeded Wichita State
  Stanford and Kansas meet in South Regional melee
  Napier, UConn upset Villanova
  Michigan State moves on with win over Harvard
  Dayton tops Syracuse to advance to the Sweet 16
Saturday, March 22, 2014
  Brust boosts Badgers past Ducks, into Sweet 16
  Stauskas, Michigan down Texas
  Eaton, Hamson shine as BYU upsets NC State
  San Diego St. races past NDSU to reach Sweet 16
  St. John's down USC on last-second 3-pointer
  Lady Bears survive scare, hold off WKU
  Stanford coasts past South Dakota
  Cal advances on Boyd's last-minute field goal
  Defense lifts FSU in upset over Iowa State
  Lady Vols dismiss Northwestern State
  Hooper powers Nebraska past Fresno State
  Louisville reaches Sweet 16 with win over Saint Louis
  Florida shuts down Pitt, advances to Sweet 16
  Buckeyes guard says he's leaving to play in Europe
  DePaul avoids collapse against Oklahoma
  Syracuse tops Chattanooga for first NCAA tourney win
  Bays and Boilermakers bounce Zips
  Bias' late bucket lifts Oklahoma State in overtime
  Irish stay perfect, rout Colonials
  Kentucky coasts past Wright State
  Duke overwhelms Winthrop in first round
  Reserve play key as Sun Devils outlast Commodores
  Familiar foes meet as Wildcats take on Huskies
  South Regional action pits Panthers against Gators
  Cardinals battle Billikens in Midwest Regional
  Wolverines and Longhorns mix it up in third-round action
  Spartans set for showdown with Crimson
  Badgers continue tournament run against Ducks
  Aztecs and Bison collide in West Regional play
  Upset-minded Flyers set sights on Orange
  UCLA takes down Tulsa to move on in NCAA Tournament
  Stephen F. Austin stuns VCU in overtime
  Iowa State cruises by NC Central
  Virginia survives scare from Coastal Carolina
  Kentucky advances with win over KSU
  Shockers crush Cal Poly, move to 35-0
Friday, March 21, 2014
  Kansas advances with win over EKU
  Pangos powers Gonzaga past Oklahoma State
  Paige boosts UNC over Providence
  Memphis fends off George Washington
  Gordon helps Arizona get past Weber State
  Stanford holds off New Mexico
  McDermott scores 30 to power Creighton past Louisiana
  Williams leaves Marquette for Virginia Tech
  Stokes, Vols rout Minutemen
  Report: Buzz Williams to leave Marquette, take Va Tech job
  Baylor cruises past Nebraska
  Mercer's late rally stuns Duke
  East Region melee pits Friars against Tar Heels
  Weber State faces tall task in clash with No. 1 seed Arizona
  Pokes and Zags mix it up in West Regional action
  Former Big 12 rivals meet in clash between Huskers and Bears
  South Regional contest pits Bruins against Golden Hurricane
  Rams butt heads with Lumberjacks in tournament action
  Cardinal clash with Lobos in South Regional affair
  Vols and Minutemen clash in second-round action
  NC Central seeks upset of Iowa State
  Colonials battle Tigers in East Regional fracas
  Virginia begins tournament run against Coastal Carolina
  Cajuns and Bluejays duke it out in West Region action
  Colonels face tall task in showdown with Jayhawks
  Blue Devils and Bears meet in Midwest Regional battle
  Kentucky and K-State collide in Midwest Region
  Shockers tip off tourney run against Mustangs
  Tennesse-Martin tabs Schroyer as new hoops coach
  San Diego St. survives New Mexico St. in OT
  Louisville advances in win over Manhattan
  Ridley's layup at the buzzer lifts Texas past Arizona State
  Stauskas, Michigan rout Wofford
  Dupree helps Bison upset OU in OT
  Strong second half sends Villanova past Milwaukee
  Saint Louis battles back, downs NC State in overtime
  Hawk down: Napier, UConn rally to beat Saint Joe's in OT
Thursday, March 20, 2014
  Lower seed again prevails, as Harvard takes out Cincinnati
  Payne stars as Michigan State dumps Delaware in NCAA opener
  Florida clamps down on Albany to kick off NCAA sojourn
  Bench carries Oregon past BYU
  Syracuse dominates Western Michigan in NCAA opener
  Pitt cruises past Colorado
  Wisconsin handles American
  March Madness commences as Dayton knocks off Ohio State
  Wake Forest's Bzdelik resigns
  Austin Peay gives Daniels extension
  Wisonsin handles American
  Lynx re-sign McCarville
  Donovan, Marshall among top coach finalists
  One and four - the important NCAA numbers
  Second-round action pits Panthers against Buffaloes
  Hawks and Huskies meet in second round
  Wolverines begin tournament run against Terriers
  Broncos and Orange clash in South Region's second round
  Aztecs and Aggies meet in West Regional affair
  East Regional action sets Wildcats against Panthers
  Sooners set sights on Bison in West Regional action
  Wolfpack battle Billikens in Midwest showdown
  Bearcats collide with Crimson in East Regional showdown
  Spartans begin tournament against Blue Hens
  Cardinals begin defense of title in joust with Jaspers
  Buckeyes battle Flyers in South Regional action
  Badgers open tournament play with Eagles
  Cougars clash with Ducks in West Regional matchup
  Midwest tilt features Sun Devils against Longhorns
  Gators get started with Great Danes
  Tennessee outlasts Iowa in OT, advances in NCAA Tournament
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
  Cal Poly shuts down Texas Southern to advance in NCAA Tournament
  Kennesaw State, Preston announce mutual separation
  McCaffery to lead Iowa after son's surgery
  Iowa tangles with Tennessee in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Mustangs and Tigers duke it out for spot in field of 64
  Warren leads NC State into round of 64
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
  Albany advances to NCAA second round
  Mittie leaves TCU for Kansas State
  Washington State fires Bone
  Auburn names Pearl men's hoops coach
  Boston College fires Donahue
  Wolfpack and Musketeers collide in first-round affair
  Great Danes and Mountaineers tip off NCAA Tournament action
Monday, March 17, 2014
  Undefeated UConn, Notre Dame headline women's tourney
  Florida No. 1 in final poll
  Hokies fire men's hoops coach Johnson
  UConn, Notre Dame top final women's poll
  Holy Cross visits Brown to open CIT
  On Campus: Breaking down the bracket
  Florida, Wichita State, Arizona, Virginia get No. 1 seeds
Sunday, March 16, 2014
  Sun Belt Conference Tournament Recaps
  East Carolina to defend CIT tourney title
  Past champion Oregon State heads CBI field
  Louisiana wins Sun Belt title over Georgia State
  Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Recaps
  Saint Joe's tops No. 23 VCU for A-10 title
  NIT field set; SMU a No. 1 seed
  Virginia lands No. 1 seed after ACC title
  Wichita State will be tested in formidable Midwest Region
  Southeastern Conference Tournament Recaps
  Florida holds off Kentucky to win SEC Tournament
  Florida gets top overall seed, headlines South Region
  Arizona owns top seed in West Region
  Big Ten Conference Tournament Recaps
  Michigan State routs Michigan for Big Ten crown
  Top-25 College Basketball Game Capsules
  Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Recaps
  Virginia downs Duke for first ACC Tournament title since 1976
  Georgia State and Louisiana meet for Sun Belt title
  Gators and Wildcats collide for SEC crown
  Blue Devils and Cavaliers clash for ACC supremacy
  Big Ten battle pits Spartans against Wolverines
  Rams butt heads with Hawks for A-10 title
  N.C. Central downs Morgan State in MEAC title game
  Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Tournament Recaps
  Western Michigan takes down Toledo to win MAC title
  Big Sky Conference Tournament Recaps
  Tresnak guides Weber State past North Dakota for Big Sky title
  Big West Conference Tournament Recaps
  Cal Poly clinches Big West, first NCAA berth
  Western Athletic Conference Tournament Recaps
  New Mexico State wins 3rd straight WAC title
  Big 12 Conference Tournament Recaps
  Iowa State rallies to capture Big 12 title
  Southland Conference Tournament Recaps
  Stephen F. Austin drubs Sam Houston State for Southland title
  Providence stuns Creighton to win Big East
  Big East Conference Tournament Recaps
  Mountain West Conference Tournament Recaps
  Pacific-12 Conference Tournament Recaps
  Adams' late shot gives UCLA Pac-12 championship
Saturday, March 15, 2014
  New Mexico clips San Diego State to win MWC title
  Michigan State lights up Wisconsin in Big Ten semis
  Mid-American Conference Tournament Recaps
  American Athletic Conference Tournament Recaps
  Louisville captures AAC tournament crown
  Gators rally past Vols for trip to SEC final
  Texas Southern ends Prairie View's Cinderella run, wins SWAC
  Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament Recaps
  Graham leads VCU past GW in A-10 semis
  America East Conference Tournament Recaps
  Albany tops Stony Brook to repeat as America East champ
  Michigan tops Ohio State to make Big Ten final
  Duke pulls away to reach ACC final
  Virginia downs Pitt, advances to ACC title game
  Washington, Texas to play 2015 game in China
  Conference USA Tournament Recaps
  Tulsa edges Louisiana Tech to win C-USA title
  Tennessee challenges No. 1 Florida in SEC semifinals
  Vandals and Aggies to decide WAC Tournament champion
  MAC crown to be decided, as Rockets challenge Broncos
  SWAC title up for grabs in clash between Panthers and Tigers
  UCLA and Arizona meet for Pac-12 crown
  UConn meets Louisville in AAC title tilt
  Pittsburgh and Virginia do battle in ACC semifinals
  Bearkats battle Lumberjacks in Southland Tournament final
  Providence and Creighton to decide Big East championship
  North Dakota takes on Weber State in Big Sky title game
  Ohio State battles Michigan for spot in Big Ten title tilt
  MWC championship game pits Lobos against Aztecs
  NC State fights Duke for spot in ACC title game
  Eagles and Bears clash in MEAC title tilt
  Big 12 title on line in clash between Bears and Cyclones
  Big West championship game pits Mustangs against Matadors
  Spartans and Badgers mix it up in Big Ten semifinals
  Colonials tangle with Rams in A-10 semifinals
  Tulsa takes on Louisiana Tech for C-USA Tournament title
  Albany and Stony Brook meet for America East crown
  Arizona blasts Colorado to reach Pac-12 final
  San Diego State reaches MW finals with win over UNLV
  New Mexico slips past Boise State to reach MW final
  Hood helps Duke squeak past Clemson
  UConn outlasts Cincinnati in American semis
  NC State downs Syracuse in ACC quarters
  Ryan wins 700th game, Wisconsin routs Minnesota
  VCU downs Richmond to reach A-10 semis
  Ohio State rallies past Nebraska in Big Ten quarters
  McDermott, Creighton hold off Xavier in Big East semis
Friday, March 14, 2014
  Cyclones down top-seeded Kansas in Big 12 semis
  Pitt gains ACC semis by topping No. 15 UNC
  No. 22 Michigan State routs Northwestern in Big Ten quarters
  Gators pull away from Mizzou to extend win streak
  Smith nets 42, Louisville routs Houston in AAC semis
  South Florida fires Heath
  Gathers' buzzer-beater gives Bonnies upset of Saint Louis
  Wolverines sneak past Illinois
  No. 6 Virginia downs FSU to reach ACC semis
  Herrion resigns as Marshall hoops coach
  Rams meet Spiders in A-10 quarterfinals
  ACC quarterfinals pits Panthers against Tar Heels
  Xavier and Creighton meet in Big East semifinals
  Rebels tangle with Aztecs in MWC semifinals
  Bonnies battle Billikens in A-10 tourney
  Huskies and Bearcats clash in AAC semifinals
  Top-ranked Gators begin postseason in clash with Tigers
  Cyclones collide with Jayhawks in Big 12 semifinals
  Orange begin ACC run against Wolfpack
  Buckeyes and Huskers duke it out in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Wildcats and Spartans mix it up in Big Ten tourney
  Gophers battle Badgers in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Cavaliers take on Seminoles in postseason play
  Lobos tangle with Broncos in MWC semifinal round
  Blue Devils and Tigers tangle in ACC quarterfinals
  Colorado and Arizona meet in Pac-12 semifinals
  Houston tangles with Louisville in AAC semifinals
  Michigan begins quest for Big Ten Tournament title
  Houston takes down SMU in AAC quarters
  UConn routs Memphis
  New Mexico cruises past Fresno State
  No. 13 Cincinnati sneaks past UCF
  No.5 Louisville blows out Rutgers
  No. 4 Arizona whips Utah, gains Pac-12 semis
  Ohio State moves on in Big Ten tourney
  McDermott, Creighton cruise past DePaul
Thursday, March 13, 2014
  Austin, Baylor down No. 17 OU
  San Diego State routs Utah State in MWC quarters
  Rice coach Braun resigns
  Wiggins leads No. 10 Kansas past Oklahoma State
  Cyclones blow past K-State in Big 12 quarters
  Gibbs beats the buzzer as Seton Hall shocks Villanova
  Aztecs and Aggies square off in MWC quarterfinals
  Aztecs and Aggies squarte off in MWC quarterfinals
  Lobos meet Bulldogs in MWC action
  Bluejays battle Blue Demons in Big East quarterfinals
  Lone Star State rivals meet in AAC quarterfinals
  Big 12 quarterfinal action pits Cyclones against Wildcats
  Jayhawks and Cowboys collide in Big 12 quarterfinals
  Top 25 foes meet in quarterfinals of AAC Tournament
  Villanova opens Big East tourney against Seton Hall
  Cardinals take on Scarlet Knights in quarterfinal action
  Boilermakers battle Buckeyes in Big Ten Tournament
  AAC quarterfinals pits Bearcats against Knights
  Pac-12 action features Wildcats against Utes
  Sooners battle Bears in Big 12 Tournament
  Dunlap returns to Loyola Marymount
Wednesday, March 12, 2014
  Auburn fires Barbee after four seasons
  Patriot League Tournament Recaps
  American takes down BU to win Patriot League crown
  UMES, Allen part ways after six seasons
  2014 Big East Conference Tournament Preview
  Eagles and Terriers meet for Patriot League crown
  2014 Big Ten Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Big Sky Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Western Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Southland Conference Tournament Preview
  Northeast Conference Tournament Recaps
  Mount St. Mary's wins Northeast Conference title
  Loyola Marymount, Good part ways
  Summit League Tournament Recaps
  NDSU downs IPFW for Summit League crown
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
  West Coast Conference Tournament Recaps
  Gonzaga downs BYU for another WCC title
  Horizon League Tournament Recaps
  Milwaukee earns NCAA berth with Horizon League title
  Bowling Green fires Orr
  2014 Sun Belt Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Big West Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 American Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Preview
  Creighton's McDermott named National Player of the Year
  WNBA preseason starts May 2
  BYU and Gonzaga meet for WCC Tournament title
  Mastodons challenge Bison in Summit League title game
  Panthers and Raiders duke it out for Horizon crown
  Mount St. Mary's and Robert Morris meet in NEC title tilt
  Delaware edges William & Mary for CAA title
  Colonial Athletic Association Tournament Recaps
  Southern Conference Tournament Recaps
  Wofford holds off Western Carolina for SoCon crown
  Baylor narrowly beats West Virginia to claim Big 12 title
Monday, March 10, 2014
  Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament Recaps
  Manhattan edges Iona for MAAC title
  Kansas C Embiid's postseason status in jeopardy
  UConn stays perfect; routs Louisville in AAC title game
  Longtime Brown coach Burr retires
  Florida tops poll again; Wichita State remains No. 2
  KU's Embiid expected back for NCAAs
  Appalachian State fires Capel
  Huskies, Irish remain top teams in women's hoops poll
  Kansas State fires women's hoops coach Patterson
  2014 Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Mountain West Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Pac-12 Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  Catamounts and Terriers meet for SoCon crown
  MAAC title on line in clash between Jaspers and Gaels
  Tribe and Hens square off in CAA title tilt
  2014 Conference USA Tournament Preview
  2014 Southeastern Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Big 12 Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Mid-American Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
Sunday, March 09, 2014
  Nebraska downs No. 9 Wisconsin
  Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Recaps
  Wichita State stays perfect in MVC final
  Undefeated Notre Dame women take home ACC tourney title
  WVU tops Texas, will play Baylor for Big 12 crown
  Saint Louis downs Massachusetts for A-10 title
  Buckeyes shut down Spartans late, hold on for win
  Baylor advances to Big 12 final in win over Oklahoma State
  Louisville holds off USF, will face UConn
  No. 1 UConn pounds Rutgers to make AAC title game
  Lady Vols edge Kentucky for SEC title
  Syracuse ends regular season with win over Florida State
  Mercer takes out Florida Gulf Coast for Atlantic Sun crown
  Atlantic Sun Conference Tournament Recaps
  Maryland upsets No. 5 Virginia in OT
  Big South Conference Tournament Recaps
  Coastal Carolina tops Winthrop for Big South crown
  Eagles and Bears meet in A-Sun title game
  Spartans square off with Buckeyes in regular-season finale
  Billikens seek turnaround in showdown with Minutemen
  Orange close out ACC slate against Seminoles
  Terps tangle with Cavs in ACC finale
  Badgers and Cornhuskers clash in Big Ten action
  Shockers and Sycamores seek MVC title
  Winthrop challenges Chanticleers for Big South title
  SDSU edges New Mexico to claim Mountain West crown
  USC stuns No. 4 Stanford to reach Pac-12 finals
  Parker nets career-high 30 as Duke tops UNC
  West Virginia downs No. 8 Kansas
  Stauskas helps Michigan defeat Indiana
  McDermott drops career-high 45 points as Creighton routs Providence
Saturday, March 08, 2014
  Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Recaps
  Ekey's last-second three lifts Illinois past No. 24 Iowa
  Eastern Kentucky tops Belmont in OVC title game
  Bussie, No. 7 WVU down TCU
  No. 3 Louisville beats Houston to make semis
  Duke downs UNC for spot in ACC title game
  Notre Dame remains perfect to reach ACC title game
  Florida downs Kentucky, finishes 18-0 in SEC
  Resurgent Oregon topples No. 3 Arizona
  No. 2 Wichita State rolls into MVC final
  L'ville beats UConn for share of season title
  No. 6 Villanova breezes past Georgetown
  No. 23 Oklahoma routs TCU
  Memphis takes down SMU in ranked AAC battle
  Baylor routs Kansas
  Kane leads No. 16 Iowa State past Oklahoma State in OT
  Kentucky knocks off South Carolina to reach SEC title game
  No. 1 UConn races past Cincy and into semis
  No. 6 Tennessee knocks out No. 15 Texas A&M
  Cincy wins share of AAC title, coin flip for No. 1 seed
  Cincy beats Rutgers, could win AAC with help from UConn
  Top 25 foes clash in Tobacco Road rivalry
  Bruins battle Colonels for OVC crown
  Creighton takes on Providence in Big East action
  Mustangs visit Tigers in clash of ranked AAC rivals
  Cardinals eye AAC crown in clash with Huskies
  Lobos and Aztecs clash for MWC title
  Cowboys and Cyclones collide in Big 12 tilt
  Shockers take on Bears in MVC Semifinals
  Sooners set sights on hapless Horned Frogs
  Hawkeyes host Illini in Big Ten battle
  Kansas hits road for season finale at West Virginia
  Gators seek SEC perfection in showdown with Wildcats
  Big Ten champs close regular season against Hoosiers
  Rivalry game pits Georgetown against Villanova
  Ducks play host to Wildcats in Pac-12 action
  With eye on AAC crown, Cincinnati visits Rutgers
Friday, March 07, 2014
  North Carolina slips past Maryland to gain ACC semis
  Duke dispatches Georgia Tech to reach ACC semis
  Lady Vols rally to top LSU in SEC quarterfinals
  Arkansas fires Collen
  Stanford women handle Colorado in Pac-12 tourney opener
  Shockers win MVC tourney opener, move to 32-0
  No. 2 Notre Dame routs Florida State in ACC quarters
  South Carolina powers past Georgia in SEC quarters
  WNBA agrees to eight-year CBA with players
  Shockers face Purple Aces in MVC Tournament play
  Baylor clinches share of Big 12 crown with win over Iowa State
  No. 7 WVU holds off Kansas for share of Big 12 title
  Trice powers No. 22 Michigan State past Iowa
  Kilpatrick leads No. 15 Cincinnati past Memphis
Thursday, March 06, 2014
  Villanova clinches Big East in win over Xavier
  South Carolina suspends Martin one game
  Cluess given extension at Iona
  Coach K cleared after dizzy spell during loss to Wake Forest
  Top 25 foes clash in Big Ten brawl
  No. 6 Villanova sets sights on Big East crown
  Bearcats and Tigers collide in key AAC affair
  Cavanaugh leads Wake Forest in upset of No. 4 Duke
  No. 3 Arizona holds off Oregon State
  Clark leads Oklahoma over West Virginia
  New Mexico cruises past Air Force
  San Diego State holds off UNLV
  Wisconsin tops Purdue
  Smith leads Louisville past SMU
  No. 8 Kansas crushes Texas Tech
  Dayton sends Saint Louis to 3rd straight loss
Wednesday, March 05, 2014
  Napier lifts No. 19 UConn past Rutgers
  2014 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Colonial Athletic Association Tournament Preview
  2014 West Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  Aztecs hit road to tangle with Runnin' Rebels
  Rutgers challenges No. 19 Connecticut
  Big 12 action pits Red Raiders against Jayhawks
  Sooners take on Mountaineers in Big 12 brawl
  Boilermakers come calling on ninth-ranked Badgers
  Blue Devils battle Demon Deacons in ACC affair
  No. 3 Arizona sets sights on Oregon State
  Falcons and Lobos mix it up in MWC action
  AAC showdown pits Cardinals against Mustangs
  Billikens can earn share of A-10 title with win over Flyers
  Kentucky holds off Alabama
  Michigan clinches Big Ten crown with rout of Illinois
  Baylor keeps rolling, downs No. 16 Iowa State
Tuesday, March 04, 2014
  Georgetown takes out Creighton
  Georgia Tech stuns Syracuse at Carrier Dome
  Frazier, No. 1 Florida rout South Carolina
  No. 7 WVU holds off Kansas, claims Big 12 top seed
  2014 Southern Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 America East Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Preview
  Bluejays hope to soar past Hoyas in Big East melee
  Big Ten battle pits Wolverines against Illini
  Baylor closes out home slate against 16th-ranked Cyclones
  Orange seek turnaround against Yellow Jackets
  Top-ranked Gators meet Gamecocks in SEC clash
  Crimson Tide take run at Wildcats in SEC action
  2014 Northeast Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Preview
Monday, March 03, 2014
  Tar Heels sneak past Irish
  Huskies beat Cardinals for American title
  Kansas C Embiid to miss at least 2 games
  UConn, Notre Dame still top women's hoops poll
  Florida maintains top spot in men's hoops poll
  Tennesse-Martin hoops coach James won't return
  Heels eye 12th straight win in ACC clash with Irish
  2014 Patriot League Tournament Preview
  2014 Summit League Tournament Preview
  2014 Atlantic Sun Conference Tournament Preview
  2014 Horizon League Tournament Preview
  2014 Big South Conference Tournament Preview
Sunday, March 02, 2014
  Arizona cruises past Stanford
  Bairstow, No. 25 New Mexico down Nevada
  Indiana beats No. 22 Ohio State
  Villanova alone atop Big East after win over Marquette
  Iowa snaps skid with win over Purdue
  Wisconsin edges Penn State for seventh straight win
  WVU ends Baylor's Big 12 home winning streak
  Notre Dame thumps North Carolina State
  Harrison helps Lady Vols down Gamecocks
  No. 9 Maryland routs Virginia Tech
  No. 14 UNC knocks off No. 7 Duke
  Purdue visits No. 20 Iowa in Big Ten action
  Buckeyes battle Hoosiers in Big Ten brawl
  Lobos meet Wolf Pack in MWC clash
  Wisconsin hopes to avoid upset in clash with Penn State
  Arizona sets sights on outright Pac-12 title
  Marquette eyes upset of No. 8 Villanova
  No. 13 SDSU cruises past Fresno State
  No. 5 Stanford pounds Washington State
  Smart, Oklahoma State upset No. 5 Kansas
  Kansas State takes down No. 15 Iowa State
  Oklahoma wraps up sweep of rival Texas
  South Carolina tops Kentucky
Saturday, March 01, 2014
  No. 16 Michigan takes care of Minnesota
  Illinois upends Michigan State
  Xavier upsets No. 9 Creighton
  No. 23 SMU routs UCF
  No. 1 Florida routs LSU to win 21st straight
  UConn thumps Rutgers
  Napier leads UConn over Cincinnati
  Virginia captures ACC crown with win over Syracuse
  No. 19 UNC beats VaTech for 11th straight win
  VCU sends Saint Louis to second straight loss
  Late surge lifts Memphis past Louisville
  No. 8 Penn State takes down Michigan
  Shockers finish off perfect regular season
  No. 3 Louisville tops Cincinnati
  Heels tangle with Hokies in ACC action
  Cavs eye conference crown in clash with Orange
  Knights come calling on 23rd-ranked Mustangs
  Texas visits Oklahoma in Big 12 showdown
  Bulldogs entertain 13th-ranked Aztecs
  Shockers seek perfection in finale against Bears
  Saint Louis can clinch share of A-10 title with win at VCU
  Top-ranked Gators play host to Tigers
  Top 25 foes collide in crucial AAC affair
  Golden Gophers seek upset of 16th-ranked Wolverines
  No. 17 Kentucky takes on struggling South Carolina
  15th-ranked Cyclones take aim at Wildcats
  Jayhawks set sights on conference crown against Cowboys
  Bluejays battle Musketeers in Big East action
  Illinois hits road to challenge No. 18 Michigan State
  Bearcats battle Huskies in pivotal AAC matchup
Sunday, March 31, 2013
  In the Cards: Louisville routs Duke to advance to Final Four
  Hail to the victor: Michigan routs Florida, reaches Final Four
  Louisville stuns Baylor, ends Griner's college career
  Full Court Press: And then there were four
  Lady Vols vault over Oklahoma in regional semifinals
  Volunteers vault over Oklahoma in regional semifinals
  Louisville's Ware fractures leg
  Duke puts the clamps on Nebraska to become Elite
  Dukes puts the clamps on Nebraska to become Elite
  Diggins sets school scoring record as Notre Dame routs Kansas
  Second-half surge springs Cal past LSU
  Georgia upsets top-seeded Stanford, advances to Elite Eight
  Shockers hold off Buckeyes to reach Final Four
Saturday, March 30, 2013
  Stewart shines as UConn coasts past Maryland
  Orange crush Marquette, reach Final Four
  Kentucky holds off the Delle Donne led Blue Hens
  Alford switches gears, bolts to UCLA
  Duke tangles with Louisville in Midwest Regional final
  Michigan, Florida meet in South Regional final
  Cinderella's run ends; Gators oust FGCU
  Duke upends Michigan State to head to Elite Eight
  Louisville downs Oregon, advances to Elite Eight
  Wolverines punch ticket to Elite Eight with OT win over Kansas
Friday, March 29, 2013
  Northern Iowa extends Jacobson once more
  San Jose State hires Dave Wojcik as basketball coach
  Stevens appears set to stay at Butler
  Big East rivals Syracuse, Marquette meet in Elite Eight
  Shockers battle Buckeyes in West Regional final
  Marquette blows through Hurricanes to reach Elite Eight
  Cyclones, Hoiberg agree to 10-year deal
  Syracuse ousts top seed Indiana
  Wichita State pounds La Salle, advances to Elite Eight
  Ross' late 3-pointer lifts Ohio State over Arizona
  Marquette blows through Hurricanes, reach Elite Eight
Thursday, March 28, 2013
  Ole Miss hires Insell as next coach
  Arkansas' Young declares for NBA Draft
  Drake tabs Giacoletti as head coach
  Wolfpack's Brown to enter NBA Draft
  Bucknell rewards Paulsen with new deal
  Blue Devils, Spartans collide in Sweet 16
  Sweet 16 matchup pits Jayhawks against Wolverines
  Surprising Eagles set sights on Gators in Sweet 16
  Top-seeded Cardinals take on Ducks in Midwest Regional action
  Northwestern names Collins men's basketball head coach
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
  Seton Hall tabs Bozzella as women's hoops coach
  Sooners' M'Baye to forego senior season
  VCU extends contract of Smart
  Pastner staying put at Memphis, receives extension
  Auriemma inks five-year extension with UConn
  Miami-Florida meets Marquette in Sweet 16 action
  Orange, Hoosiers collide in Sweet 16
  Sweet 16 matchup pits Arizona against Ohio State
  Explorers, Shockers clash in West Regional semifinals
  Hurricanes' Johnson out for Sweet 16 game
  Webb leads LSU in upset over Penn State
  Griner dunks three times, Lady Bears cruise to Sweet 16
  Career-night from McBride allows Notre Dame to outlast Iowa
  Stanford breezes by Michigan in second round
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
  Verlin replaces Thomason at Pacific
  Arkansas' Powell to enter NBA Draft
  Louisville downs Purdue, earns spot in Sweet 16
  Mathies bounces back as Kentucky thumps Dayton
  Delle Donne shines as Blue Hens head for uncharted territory
  Duke rallies from halftime deficit to dispatch Oklahoma State
  NC State dismisses Harper after 4 seasons
  Washington's McGuff agrees to contract extension
  Buffalo names Bobby Hurley men's basketball coach
  Troy names Cunningham new men's basketball coach
  California outlasts South Florida in overtime to earn Sweet 16 berth
  Kansas pulls of second round upset of the Lady Gamecocks
Monday, March 25, 2013
  Nebraska takes down Aggies to advance to Sweet 16
  Bluejays bow to Lady Vols in NCAA Tournament
  Terps tackle Michigan State in second round
  Brent takes over as new Jackson State coach
  Sooners sail by UCLA in second round of NCAA Tournament
  UConn cruises against Commodores in Storrs
  South Alabama names Graves new basketball coach
  Minnesota fires Tubby Smith
  George Mason heading to Atlantic 10
  Report: Minnesota fires Tubby Smith
  FGCU moves into Sweet 16 by stunning Aztecs
  Upsets galore in NCAA Tournament
  Sulaimon, Duke take out Creighton
  Miami holds off Illinois for Sweet 16 berth
  Indiana uses late surge to squeak by Temple
  Full Court Press: Five things to take away
  Fight on! La Salle clips Ole Miss to gain Sweet 16
  Sulaimon, Duke takes out Creighton
Sunday, March 24, 2013
  Griner leads Baylor to blowout victory
  Gators head to Sweet 16 with win over Minnesota
  Michigan advances behind Sheffer's double-double
  UCLA fires Howland
  Lady Tigers escape first-round scare
  Iowa uses second-half surge to upend Miami-Florida
  Penn State dismisses Cal Poly in first round
  Strong 2nd half pushes Kansas past UNC
  Ogwumike helps Stanford survive Tulsa
  Loyd, McBride lead top-seeded Notre Dame over UT Martin
  Seminoles advance behind strong defensive effort
  George Mason to announce move to Atlantic 10
  Triple delight: Craft sends Ohio State past ISU, into Sweet 16
  Dayton prevails in double overtime to down St. John's
  North Carolina survives scare from Albany
  A pair of double-doubles powers Cowgirls past DePaul
  Louisville defends home floor to advance
  Kentucky rallies past Navy in second half
  Boilermakers shoot past Lady flames into second round
  Delle Donne sets milestone, Blue Hens advance
  Blue Devils triumph in first round yet again
  Syracuse holds off Cal to advance to Sweet 16
  Marquette holds on to down Butler in NCAA third round
  Shocker: Wichita State downs No. 1 Gonzaga
  Arizona downs Harvard to advance to Sweet 16
Saturday, March 23, 2013
  Oregon into the Sweet 16 after routing Saint Louis
  Top-seeded Louisville tramples Colorado State
  USF captures first-ever NCAA Tournament win
  Bulldogs put the bite on Grizzlies
  Buffaloes bowled over by Kansas in first round
  Boyd and Bears bounce Fresno State
  Free-throw shooting helps Huskers win
  Gamecocks trounce Jackrabbits, earn spot in second round
  Cyclones blow by Gonzaga in first round
  Aggies punch ticket to second round with rout of Shockers
  Pitt signs Dixon through 2022-23
  Michigan State marches on to Sweet 16 with win over Memphis
  McGary leads Michigan in rout of VCU to move into Sweet 16
  Spartans deny upset-minded Red Foxes
  Lady Vols march on after dominating Oral Roberts
  Creighton holds off Syracuse to advance
  Bruins stifle Hatters in NCAA Tournament first round
  Top-seed UConn moves on with rout of Idaho
  Clarke leads Vanderbilt over St. Joseph's
  McFarland's double-double carries Sooners into second round
  Fourth-seed Maryland rolls over 13th-seed Quinnipiac
  Tar Heels, Jayhawks meet in clash of college hoops royalty
  Gophers battle Gators with trip to Sweet 16 on the line
  Upstart Eagles take on Aztecs in South Regional dust-up
  Cyclones, Buckeyes clash in West Regional fracas
  Explorers tangle with Rebels in third round of NCAA Tournament
  Top-seeded Hoosiers take on Owls in East Regional showdown
  Hurricanes, Illini collide in third-round affair
  Duke, Creighton square off in Midwest Regional action
  Hollins, Minnesota cruise past UCLA
  Franklin leads SDSU past Oklahoma
  Withey, Kansas slip past Western Kentucky in NCAA second round
  Niang, Iowa State stomp Notre Dame
  Tar Heels advance with win over Villanova
  Shocking debut: FGCU sends Georgetown packing
  Florida powers past Northwestern State
Friday, March 22, 2013
  Thomas, Ohio State roll over Iona
  Illinois survives comeback bid from Colorado
  La Salle knocks off No. 4 seed Kansas State
  Hurricanes blow by Pacific in NCAA opener
  Ferrell fuels Hoosiers in rout of James Madison
  Wyatt lifts Temple over N.C. State
  McDermott helps Creighton slip past Cincinnati
  Ole Miss takes down No. 5 Wisconsin
  Duke fights off Albany
  Saint Joseph's Aiken to pursue pro career
  Ducks, Billikens duke it out in third-round tussle
  Shockers tangle with top-seeded Zags in West Regional bout
  VCU takes on Michigan in third round of NCAA Tournament
  Memphis meets Michigan State in third-round melee
  California challenges Syracuse in East Regional contest
  Harvard seeks another upset in third-round clash with Arizona
  Rams, Cards square off in third round of NCAA Tournament
  Butler battles Marquette in East Regional action
  Hofstra fires Cassara
  Full Court Press: Breaking down Thursday's action
  Syracuse advances in rout of Montana
  Crabbe, Cal edge UNLV in NCAA second round
  Harvard shocks No. 3 New Mexico for 1st NCAA Tournament win
  Green, Rams down Tigers
  Daniels, Reddic lead Rams in rout of Zips
  Lyons, Arizona down Belmont in West Region second round
  Top-seeded Louisville cruises past N.C. A&T
Thursday, March 21, 2013
  Michigan bests South Dakota State to move on in NCAA opener
  Blue lifts Marquette over Davidson with winning layup
  No. 1 Gonzaga survives scare from Southern
  Ducks advance with win over Oklahoma State
  Saint Louis advances with 20-point victory over Aggies
  Memphis holds off Saint Mary's, advances to third round
  Wichita State upends Pitt in West Region
  Late run lifts Butler past Bucknell
  Nix, Michigan State cruise past Valpo in second round
  Badgers, Rebels meet in West Regional brawl
  Bruins close out second round against Golden Gophers
  Second-round action on tap as top-seeded Jayhawks meet Hilltoppers
  Wildcats take on Tar Heels in second-round affair
  Aztecs set sights on Sooners in NCAA Tournament tilt
  Gators, Demons square off in South Region's second round
  Owls and Wolfpack meet up in East Regional showdown
  East Regional action pits Hurricanes against Tigers
  Explorers continue rare tournament appearance against Wildcats
  Irish, Cyclones meet in West Region's second round
  Buckeyes begin tournament play against Gaels
  Hoyas set sights on upstart Eagles in South Regional matchup
  Top-seed Indiana takes on James Madison in East Regional play
  Second-round action pits Illini against Buffaloes
  Bearcats battle Bluejays in Midwest Regional tilt
  Duke begins tournament run against Albany
  Chattanooga fires Shulman
  Ducks, Cowboys collide in Midwest Regional action
  La Salle bests Boise State for first tourney win since '90
  James Madison advances in win over Long Island
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
  Alford gets extension at New Mexico
  Butler, Xavier, Creighton join new Big East
  Jackrabbits, Wolverines meet in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Harvard meets New Mexico in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Shockers, Panthers set for NCAA Tournament tussle
  Top-ranked Gonzaga opens NCAA Tournament versus Southern
  Spartans set sights on Crusaders in NCAA Tournament tilt
  Gaels get together with Tigers for second-round rumble
  Billikens battle Aggies in NCAA Tournament's Midwest Region
  Jackrabbits, Wolverines meet in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Top-seeded Cardinals get tournament run underway against Aggies
  Harvard meets New Mexico in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Belmont tangles with Arizona in West Regional action
  Tigers butt heads with Rams in Midwest Regional
  Akron takes on VCU in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Orange set sights on Grizzlies in East Regional tilt
  Davidson, Marquette meet in NCAA Tournament's second round
  East Region's second round pits Cal against UNLV
  Bison, Bulldogs square off in East Regional action
  La Salle battles Boise State in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Blackbirds, Dukes clash in NCAA Tournament's first round
  Hail to the Gaels; Saint Mary's tops MTSU to gain Memphis matchup
  Braswell out as CSUN head basketball coach
  Foster out as women's hoops coach at Ohio State
Tuesday, March 19, 2013
  Flame Out: NC A&T edges Liberty in Tourney opener
  UMKC picks Louisville assistant Richardson
  Nostalgia time for Maryland's Drew Nicholas
  Gaels, Blue Raiders square off in NCAA Tournament's first round
  NCAA Tournament gets underway as Aggies take on Flames
Monday, March 18, 2013
  Majerle named men's basketball coach at Grand Canyon
  Baylor headlines familiar women's tourney
  Gonzaga takes No. 1 spot in final poll
  Baylor finishes atop final women's hoops poll
  Full-Court Press: Tourney Time
  Louisville, Kansas, Gonzaga, Indiana get No. 1 seeds
  CIT tournament picks 32 teams
Sunday, March 17, 2013
  Texas part of College Basketball Invitational
  NIT field set; Kentucky a No. 1 seed
  Gonzaga earns school's first No. 1 seed, headlines West Region
  Buckeyes edge Badgers for Big Ten title
  Coaches Central: Midwest has plenty of star power
  Indiana claims top seed in East
  Raising Cane: Miami downs North Carolina for first ever ACC title
  Kansas earns top seed in South
  Majerus magic: Saint Louis dumps VCU to win A-10 crown
  Rebel Stand: Henderson, Ole Miss beat Florida to win SEC title
  A-10 title up for grabs in bout between VCU and Saint Louis
  Heels, 'Canes square off for ACC Tournament crown
  Badgers battle Buckeyes in Big Ten championship game
  Ole Miss takes on Florida in SEC title tilt
  New Mexico State wins WAC
  Gill leads Pacific to victory in Big West Conference final
  Ducks down Bruins to capture Pac-12 title
  Montana repeats as Big Sky champions
  Northwestern State wins Southland
  Akron routs Ohio for MAC title
  No. 4 Louisville surges past Syracuse for Big East crown
  Chicago State victorious in Great West Conference championship
Saturday, March 16, 2013
  Great West Conference Tournament Recaps
  Kansas wins 9th Big 12 Tournament title in rout of K-State
  Snell pushes Lobos past UNLV for second straight MWC title
  VCU defeats Massachusetts, advances to A-10 final
  Southern outlasts Prairie View A&M in SWAC title game
  NC A&T wins MEAC
  Ninth-ranked Hurricanes beat NC State, blow into ACC final
  Memphis outlasts Southern Miss for 3rd straight C-USA crown
  Ohio State advances to Big Ten final with win over Michigan State
  No. 22 Wisconsin shocks No. 3 Indiana to gain Big Ten final
  Southern outlasts Prairie A&M in SWAC title game
  No. 16 Saint Louis downs Butler, gains A-10 final
  Boynton helps Gators down Alabama in SEC semifinals
  Iati lifts Albany over Vermont in America East title game
  Northwestern's Carmody will not return as head coach
  Anteaters meet Tigers with Big West tourney title on line
  Badgers, Hoosiers go toe-to-toe in Big Ten semifinals
  Weber State takes on Montana in Big Sky title game
  Mavericks square off with Aggies in WAC championship game
  UNLV challenges New Mexico in Mountain West title tilt
  UMass tangles with VCU in A-10 semifinals
  Syracuse, Louisville meet for Big East title
  SWAC title on line in bout between Panthers and Jaguars
  Demons, Lumberjacks duke it out for Southland crown
  Oregon challenges UCLA in Pac-12 championship game
  Pack, 'Canes mix it up in ACC Tournament semifinals
  Ohio battles Akron for MAC Tournament title
  Spartans, Buckeyes clash in Big Ten semifinals
  MEAC crown up for grabs in clash between Aggies and Bears
  Big 12 title game pits Wildcats against Jayhawks
  Huskies, Cougars set for Great West title clash
  Bulldogs battle Billikens in Atlantic 10 semifinals
  Alabama, Florida meet in SEC semifinals
  C-USA crown on line in clash between Southern Miss and Memphis
  Albany takes on Vermont in America East title tilt
  UCLA slips by Arizona on Anderson's late bucket
  Louisville downs Notre Dame to advance to Big East final
  K-State ousts OK State to reach Big 12 final
  Sweet Revenge: Orange top Hoyas in OT in Big East semis
  Gators bounce back, blast LSU in SEC quarters
  No. 8 Michigan State sneaks past Iowa in Big Ten QFs
  VCU advances past St. Joe's in first A-10 Tournament
  Ellis leads Kansas past Iowa State in Big 12 semis
  Maryland upsets Duke in ACC QFs
Friday, March 15, 2013
  Buckeyes top Cornhuskers in Big Ten QFs
  New Mexico gets past SDSU and into MWC final
  Crawford paces Memphis into C-USA final
  Ellis leads Kansas past Iowa State in Big 12 quarters
  Larkin, No. 9 Miami-Florida down BC in ACC quarters
  Zeller leads IU past Illinois in Big Ten quarters
  Wisconsin downs Michigan in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Billikens thump Charlotte in A-10 quarters
  Conference tourney weekend: When things start bubbling over
  Hawks, Rams square off A-10 quarterfinals
  Orange, Hoyas add final chapter to Big East rivalry
  Tulsa meets Memphis in C-USA semifinals
  Aztecs, Lobos do battle in Mountain West semifinals
  Pokes, 'Cats tangle in Big 12 semifinal round
  Irish to try luck in Big East semis against high-flying Cardinals
  Huskers face tall task in Big Ten tourney against Buckeyes
  Maryland challenges Duke in ACC Tournament action
  Cyclones face Jayhawks in Big 12 semifinals
  Hawkeyes, Spartans duke it out in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Arizona faces UCLA in Pac-12 semifinals
  Big Ten Tournament brawl pits Wolverines against Badgers
  Tigers take on Gators in SEC quarterfinals
  A-10 tourney action pits 49ers against Billikens
  Eagles, 'Canes clash in ACC quarterfinals
  Illinois tangles with Indiana in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Full-Court Press: Cinderella ready for the ball
  Cinderella ready for the ball
  Forte's late free throws leads Oklahoma State over Baylor
  Irish shoot past Marquette into Big East semis
  McGruder guides Kansas State over Texas in Big 12 quarters
Thursday, March 14, 2013
  Louisville dominates Villanova to move to Big East semis
  Memphis handles Tulane in C-USA quarters
  No. 18 Arizona beats Colorado, moves on in Pac-12 tourney
  No. 21 UCLA gains Pac-12 semifinals
  Ball State fires hoops coach
  Michigan gets by Penn State in Big Ten tourney
  Southerland, Orange down Panthers in Big East Quarters
  McLemore, Kansas cruise past Texas Tech
  Hoyas romp Bearcats, advance to Big East semifinals
  Louisville begins defense of Big East crown against 'Nova
  Silver Stars sign Flores
  Memphis tips off final C-USA run against Tulane
  Jayhawks open Big 12 Tournament against Red Raiders
  Wildcats take on Longhorns in postseason play
  Quarterfinal action pits Panthers against Orange
  Wolverines, Nittany Lions meet in Big Ten tourney
  Buffs continue Pac-12 title defense against Wildcats
  Cowboys, Bears clash in Big 12 Tournament action
  Irish collide with Golden Eagles in Big East quarters
  Hoyas begin Big East run against Bearcats
  Bruins, Sun Devils square off in Pac-12 Tournament
  Gillian resigns as Longwood men's hoops coach
  New Mexico takes down Wyoming in MWC quarters
  Connaughton guides Notre Dame over Rutgers
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
  Bucknell bests Lafayette for Patriot crown
  Syracuse defeats Seton Hall, moves on to Big East quarterfinals
  Cooper quits as USC coach
  Carson leads Arizona State past Stanford in OT
  San Jose State fires men's hoops coach
  Cowboys, Lobos square off in MWC Tournament quarterfinals
  Orange take on Pirates in Big East tourney action
  Irish begin last Big East run against Scarlet Knights
  Bison, Leopards meet in Patriot League title game
  SDSU downs NDSU for second straight Summit League title
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
  Valpo downs Wright State for Horizon League title
  LIU Brooklyn downs Mount St. Mary's, wins NEC title
  Notre Dame edges UConn for first Big East Tournament title
  UMKC fires Brown
  Siena fires coach Buonaguro
  ETSU coach Kemp retires after 19 seasons
  Georgia Southern dismisses Young after 4 seasons
  Notre Dame to leave Big East for ACC in July
  Crusaders and Raiders clash for Horizon League championship
  NEC crown up for grabs as Blackbirds take on Mountaineers
  Bison and Jackrabbits collide for Summit League title
  Iona beats Manhattan in MAAC title game
  James Madison wins CAA crown, ends NCAA tourney drought
  Western Kentucky wins back-to-back Sun Belt titles
Monday, March 11, 2013
  No. 1 Zags cruise past rival Saint Mary's for WCC title
  Notre Dame gets past Louisville and into Big East final
  No. 3 UConn beats Syracuse for spot in Big East final
  Griner, Baylor down Iowa State for third straight Big 12 title
  Brooks leads Davidson to another SoCon title
  Gonzaga remains No. 1 in men's hoops poll
  Baylor remains unanimous top choice in women's hoops poll
  Dukes and Huskies meet in CAA title tilt
  Hilltoppers and Panthers duke it out for Sun Belt crown
  Cat fight in SoCon title game has Charleston battling Davidson
  MAAC Tournament title game pits Manhattan against Iona
  Duke and Huskies meet in CAA title tilt
  Gaels battle top-ranked Bulldogs for WCC Tournament title
  2013 2K Sports Classic field announced
Sunday, March 10, 2013
  Michigan State downs Northwestern in regular-season finale
  No. 4 Stanford sneaks past UCLA for Pac-12 title
  Stewart leads No. 3 UConn past DePaul in Big East quarters
  Zeller lifts Indiana over Michigan, wins Big Ten regular-season title
  Texas A&M edges Kentucky for first SEC title
  No. 14 Ohio State downs Illinois
  No. 1 Baylor heads to third straight Big 12 final
  Liberty wins Big South, going dancing with 20 losses
  Jackson's 3 lifts No. 22 Wisconsin over PSU
  Wreaking Havoc: Wyatt leads Owls past No. 21 VCU
  Achonwa leads No. 2 Notre Dame past USF
  Creighton holds on, edges Wichita St. for MVC title
  Duke routs UNC in ACC title game
  Badgers and Nittany Lions clash in Big Ten affair
  Bluejays and Shockers collide in MVC Title Game
  Big Ten title up for grabs as Wolverines host Hoosiers
  No. 21 Rams butt heads with Owls in A-10 finale
  Spartans and Wildcats meet in key Big Ten matchup
  Buccaneers and Flames battle for Big South crown
  Still in the title hunt, Buckeyes close out against Illini
  No. 1 Gonzaga downs LMU in WCC semis
  Ogwumike leads No. 4 Stanford over Colorado in Pac-12 semis
  Belmont punches ticket to NCAA Tourney with OT win
  No. 14 UCLA knocks off No. 5 Cal in Pac-12 semis
  Plumlee, Duke crush rival UNC to end regular season
  Kadji, Canes edge Clemson for much-need victory
  Pitt's hot shooting scorches DePaul
  Marquette outlasts St. John's in OT
  Saint Louis beats La Salle, inches closer to A-10 crown
Saturday, March 09, 2013
  Johnson, No. 18 Arizona down Arizona State
  UCLA tops Washington to claim Pac-12 season crown
  Baylor upsets No. 4 Kansas
  Late drama pushes Air Force past New Mexico
  Spartans upend Penn State to advance to Big Ten final
  Harvard wins Ivy League
  Kentucky cruises past Georgia in SEC semifinals
  Louisville dominates Notre Dame in regular-season finale
  Aggies edge Lady Vols in SEC semifinals
  Utah knocks off No. 19 Oregon
  Oklahoma State stays hot at home, downs KSU
  No. 25 Memphis cruises past UAB
  Hoyas dominate final regular-season Big East meeting with Syracuse
  No. 15 UNC storms back to down No. 10 Maryland in ACC semis
  Stayin' alive: Kentucky gets needed win over Florida
  No. 6 Duke downs No. 23 FSU in ACC semis
  Griner, Baylor cruise past Kansas State
  Florida Gulf Coast downs Mercer for Atlantic Sun Tournament crown
  12th-ranked Lobos close out regular season against Falcons
  No. 20 Pittsburgh closes out Big East play against DePaul
  Racers and Bruins collide in OVC Title Game
  Tigers seek perfection in C-USA bout with Blazers
  Hoyas and Orange meet in top-25 Big East action
  Big East battle pits Golden Eagles against Red Storm
  Bruins take Pac-12 title hopes into finale against Huskies
  Ducks seek Pac-12 title in season finale against Utes
  Louisville goes in search of Big East crown, hosts Notre Dame
  Eagles and Bears clash for A-Sun title
  Top-ranked Gonzaga continues WCC tourney against Lions
  No. 9 Wildcats seek share of Big 12 title in clash with Cowboys
  Jayhawks set sights on Big 12 title in matchup with Bears
  Gators close out season on the road against Wildcats
  Tobacco Road rivals square off in season finale
  Hurricanes take aim at ACC crown in showdown with Tigers
  Arizona takes on rival Arizona State in Pac-12 finale
  Explorers and Billikens battle in A-10 showdown
  Stanford dominates Washington State in Pac-12 QFs
  No. 8 Lady Lions best Buckeyes in Big Ten quarters
Friday, March 08, 2013
  No. 7 Kentucky downs Vanderbilt in SEC quarters
  Thomas shines as Maryland advances past Wake Forest in OT
  No. 5 California handles USC in Pac-12 quarters
  No. 6 Duke prevails in ACC quarters
  Tennessee dispatches Florida in SEC quarters
  Big East, Catholic schools reach separation agreement
  Clemson fires coach Coleman
  Colorado rolls past No. 19 Oregon
  Appling, No. 10 Michigan State down No. 22 Wisconsin
Thursday, March 07, 2013
  Gardner-Webb moves on with rout of Campbell
  Silver Stars sign F Delisha Milton-Jones
  Ducks eye up share of Pac-12 crown as they take on Buffaloes
  Top-25 foes clash in Big Ten brawl
  Report: Big East, Catholic schools reach agreement
  Washington State upsets UCLA
  Snell, New Mexico tops Nevada
  Xavier downs No. 16 Saint Louis in overtime
  Burke, Michigan outlast Purdue for much-needed road win
Wednesday, March 06, 2013
  Boynton, Gators take SEC title with Senior Night win over Vanderbilt
  Wildcats continue home dominance, upend No. 5 Georgetown
  VCU pulls away late to down Richmond
  Georgia Tech beats Miami-Florida on late basket
  Clyburn leads Iowa State over Oklahoma State
  Orange get back to winning ways, down DePaul
  Florida Gulf Coast downs North Florida in Atlantic Sun quarterfinals
  Bubble Breakdown: Clock striking midnight for defending champs?
  No. 7 Michigan comes calling on Big Ten rival Purdue
  Gators eye up SEC title as they play host to Commodores
  Hoyas on verge of Big East crown, as they take on Wildcats
  Bruins continue Pac-12 run against Cougars
  Orange and Blue Demons meet in Big East action
  Hurricanes seek ACC title against struggling Yellow Jackets
  Billikens set sights on A-10 crown in showdown with Musketeers
  Local rivals meet in A-10 clash between Spiders and Rams
  Cyclones hope to blow past Cowboys in Big 12 showdown
  Lobos and Wolf Pack mix it up in Mountain West action
  Thomas helps No. 14 Ohio State shock No. 2 IU
  No. 15 Marquette keeps pace in Big East, rallies past Rutgers
  Notre Dame bounces back with win over St. John's
  Rodriguez helps Kansas State down TCU
Tuesday, March 05, 2013
  Memphis holds on to stay perfect in conference play
  Liberty routs Coastal Carolina, advances to quarterfinals
  No. 3 Duke downs Virginia Tech
  Green Bay takes care of instate rival Milwaukee
  Illinois-Chicago advances with rout of Cleveland State
  Cole's late heroics help Youngstown State survive
  Camels survive against Blue Hose in overtime
  NCAA Game Summary - Presbyterian at Campbell
Monday, March 04, 2013
  No. 8 Louisville feasts on Cincinnati
  Withey leads Kansas in demolition of Texas Tech
  Griner sets Big 12 record as Baylor downs Kansas State
  Notre Dame survives UConn in 3 OTs to win Big East outright
  Baylor still reigns atop women's hoops poll
  Gonzaga is new men's No. 1
  Big East showdown pits Bearcats against Cardinals
  Red Raiders hope to play spoiler in Big 12 clash with Jayhawks
  Panthers take down Wildcats in OT
Sunday, March 03, 2013
  Burke helps Michigan edge rival MSU
  Penn State stops streaking Nebraska, wins Big Ten outright
  No. 5 Duke overcomes 15th-ranked UNC
  Mathies and O'Neill help Kentucky edge Tennessee
  Byrd leads Boilermakers in victory over Wisconsin
  Hawkins, Maryland cruise past Wake Forest
  No. 25 Louisiana Tech downs San Jose State for 18th-straight win
  No. 2 Gonzaga completes perfect WCC trek with win over Portland
  Evans' double-double lifts No. 18 Saint Louis over George Washington
  No. 15 Oklahoma State handles Texas
  Memphis slips past UCF, claims C-USA regular season title
  Daniels, VCU humble Butler
  Louisville sends Syracuse to 3rd straight loss
  No. 7 Hoyas down Rutgers for 11th consecutive win
  No. 1 Indiana downs Iowa
  K-State edges Baylor on McGruder's buzzer-beater
Saturday, March 02, 2013
  UCLA downs No. 11 Arizona
  No. 1 Baylor dominates West Virginia
  Kelly's return lifts Duke over Miami
  No. 14 New Mexico handles slumping Wyoming
  Diggins paces No. 2 Notre Dame past Providence
  California rolls over Washington, claims share of Pac-12 title
  McLemore leads Kansas in rout of West Virginia
  No. 2 Gonzaga secures WCC crown with win over Portland
  Marquette tops Notre Dame in key Big East clash
  Florida holds off Alabama
  Ogwumike, Stanford down WSU for 14th straight victory
  UConn thumps South Florida, rematch with Notre Dame looms
  Hoyas continue quest for Big East title
  Colonials hope to play spoiler against visiting Billikens
  Pilots face tall task in clash with second-ranked Zags
  Pokes take aim at 14th-ranked Lobos
  Spartans seek upset of 25th-ranked Bulldogs
  Jayhawks and Mountaineers square off in Big 12 tilt
  'Horns and Pokes set for Big 12 melee
  A-10 newcomers collide as Butler takes on VCU
  Top-25 foes collide in Big East brawl
  Hurricanes and Blue Devils duke it out in ACC action
  Tigers put perfect C-USA mark on the line against Knights
  Gators host Tide in critical SEC affair
  Louisville and Syracuse meet in clash of ranked Big East foes
  No. 13 K-State visits Baylor in pivotal Big 12 bout
  Hoosiers seek redemption in clash with visiting Hawkeyes
  Pac-12 showdown pits Wildcats against Bruins
Friday, March 01, 2013
  Lynx acquire McCarville in three-team trade
  St. John's suspends Harrison for rest of season
  Saint Mary's hit with NCAA penalties, Bennett suspended
  Full-Court Press: February Frenzy precedes March Madness
  Big East could soon break apart
  Gonzaga escapes Provo with WCC title
  Emory helps Oregon take down Oregon State
  Trampled Underfoot: Virginia topples No. 3 Duke
  Minnesota shoots lights out, edges Penn State
  Cardinal cruise past slipping Huskies
  Clarendon guides California past Washington State
  Mitchell ties school record as No. 10 Kentucky stomps Ole Miss
Saturday, March 31, 2012
  Wojcik named head coach at CofC
  Cowgirls defeat Dukes for WNIT Title
  Weber lands at Kansas State
Friday, March 30, 2012
  Pitt tops Washington State to win CBI title
  Silver Stars sign Moore
  Bitter rivals Louisville and Kentucky meet in Final Four
  Ohio State battles Kansas in Final Four matchup
  News and notes as Final Four beckons
  Cougars battle Panthers with CBI crown at stake
Thursday, March 29, 2012
  Stanford cruises past Minnesota for NIT title
  Winthrop tabs Kelsey as next men's basketball coach
  UNC's Henson, Barnes, Marshall to enter NBA Draft
  Baylor women's hoops coach Mulkey diagnosed with Bell's Palsy
  Groce named new men's basketball coach at Illinois
  Danny Manning to become Tulsa's new hoops coach
  Carolina's Marshall wins Cousy Award
  Pitino works his Final Four magic once again
  Buckeyes mean business in Final Four
  A Self-confident Kansas prepares for the Final Four
  Calipari's prodigies look to make history
  Golden Gophers and Cardinal clash for NIT crown
  Groce reportedly taking over at Illinois
  Zanna, Pitt send CBI to decisive third game
  Hall guides Mercer to CIT Final victory
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
  Illinois names Bollant as women's hoops coach
  Report: Loyola-Maryland extends Patsos
  Pacific to re-join WCC
  Cougars and Panthers meet in Game Two of CBI Championship Series
  Mercer battles Utah State for CIT title
  Gophers work overtime to beat Huskies, gain NIT final
  Stanford gets past UMass in NIT semis
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
  Notre Dame takes down Maryland to return to the Final Four
  Huskies take down Kentucky to earn a spot in the Final Four
  Notre Dame G Dragicevich to transfer
  Hawaii's Thomas to make leap to pros
  Georgetown F Thompson to enter draft
  Memphis rewards Pastner, McFerrin with contract extensions
  Miami-Florida rewards Meier with two-year extension
  Frank Martin takes over South Carolina hoops
  Minutemen and Cardinal clash in NIT semifinals
  NIT semifinal pits Huskies against Golden Gophers
  Washington State edges Pitt in CBI Final opener
Monday, March 26, 2012
  Stanford sacks Blue Devils, heads to Denver
  Lady Bears maul Tennessee, head to Final Four
  UAB hires UNC assistant Haase as head coach
  Stephens resigns as women's coach at Drake
  Syracuse's Waiters to enter NBA Draft
  Murray State gives Prohm 1-year extension
  Duke's Rivers to enter NBA Draft
  Martin to leave K-State, join South Carolina
  In like Flint: Drexel extends contract of men's basketball coach
  Four games, four stories: How we came to our Final Four
  Bashir Mason takes over Wagner hoops
  Panthers and Cougars clash in Game One of CBI Championship Series
Sunday, March 25, 2012
  Kentucky's hot shooting ends Gonzaga's run in the Sweet 16
  The Huskies slow down Penn State to advance to regional final
  Kansas beats UNC to advance to Final Four
  Kentucky routs Baylor, claims spot in Final Four
  Notre Dame Elite Eight bound after blowing out the Bonnies
  Maryland mounts late comeback to advance to Elite Eight
  Wildcats and Bears collide in South Regional final
  Tar Heels and Jayhawks meet in Elite Eight
  Stanford outlasts South Carolina to advance to Elite Eight
  Duke cruises into Elite Eight with rout of St Johns
Saturday, March 24, 2012
  Ohio State downs Syracuse to punch ticket to Final Four
  UNC uncertain if Marshall can play Sunday
  Louisville storms back against Florida to reach Final Four
  Louisville storms back agaisnt Florida to reach Final Four
  Baylor slams Georgia Tech and rolls into Elite Eight
  Lady Vols rally past Jayhawks to advance to Elite Eight
  Ohio State and Syracuse square off in Elite Eight
  Florida battles Louisville for spot in Final Four
  'Fortunate' Heels muster all they can to down battling Bobcats
  Kansas hangs on to beat NC State
  Kentucky downs Indiana to advance to Elite Eight
  Tim Miles leaves Colorado State for Nebraska
  Tar Heels survive in OT to beat Ohio
  Bright Star: Baylor gets by Xavier to reach Elite Eight
Friday, March 23, 2012
  Marshall ruled out against Ohio
  Everhart out as Duquesne's hoops coach
  Duke's Rivers to announce plans next week
  Gophers' Mbakwe granted sixth year of eligibility
  Louisville knocks off No. 1 seed MSU
  Florida moves on with win over Marquette
  OSU pulls away from Cincy, moves on to face 'Cuse
  Ohio State pulls from Cincinnati to advance to Elite Eight
  Syracuse survives, advances to Elite Eight
Thursday, March 22, 2012
  Villanova G Wayns entering NBA Draft
  Kentucky seeks revenge in Sweet 16
  Bears battle Musketeers in South Regional affair
  Jayhawks meet Wolfpack in Midwest Regional semifinals
  Top-seeded Tar Heels set sights on Bobcats in Sweet 16
  WKU names Clark-Heard women's hoops coach
  Let's be Frank: Mid-Majors not a major factor in Sweet 16
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
  Orange set sights on Badgers in East Regional semifinals
  Golden Eagles meet Gators in West Regional action
  Buckeyes and Bearcats clash in Sweet 16
  West Region action pits top-seeded Spartans against Cardinals
  Rutgers F Biruta to transfer
  Iowa State's White to enter NBA Draft
  Three Michigan hoops players to transfer
  Kansas capitalizes on second-round win against Blue Hens
  Red Stormin' in Norman, St. John's advances to first-ever Sweet 16
  Lady Lions log double-digit win versus LSU
  Duke dominates Vandy, advances to round of 16
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
  Notre Dame conquers Cal in second round
  Bonnies bounce Red Foxes in second round
  Griner dunks Florida, leads Lady Bears to Sweet 16
  Georgia Tech tackles Hoyas on way to Sweet 16
  Wake Forest G Chennault to transfer
  Hurley leaving Wagner for Rhode Island
  Duke F Kelly has foot surgery
  Williams says Tar Heels preparing to play without Marshall
  Report: Hurley leaving Wagner for Rhode Island
  Lady Vols take care of DePaul to advance to Sweet 16
  Lady Vols takes care of DePaul to advance to Sweet 16
  Kentucky fends off furious Green Bay rally to move on
  Texas A&M holds off late Arkansas rally to advance
  11th-seeded Gonzaga continues improbable run to Sweet 16
Monday, March 19, 2012
  Second-seeded Terps edge Louisville to advance to Sweet 16
  Top-seeded Cardinal run past West Virginia into Sweet 16
  Lady Gamecocks top Purdue in second round bout
  Second-seeded Terps edge Louisville in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Connecticut stifles Kansas State on way to Sweet 16
  Bobby Cremins announces retirement
  Texas women's hoops coach Goestenkors resigns
  North Carolina's Marshall has successful surgery
  Red Storm's Harkless declares for NBA Draft
  Questions that will make or break Final Four dreams
  Missouri's Haith named top coach
  Kentucky's Davis chosen as Robertson Trophy winner
  Kilpatrick lifts Cincinnati over FSU, into Sweet 16
  Xavier advances with win over Lehigh
  Kansas edges Purdue to reach Sweet 16
Sunday, March 18, 2012
  Ohio beats South Florida to reach Sweet 16
  NC State holds off Georgetown, earns spot in Sweet 16
  11th-seed Kansas upends 6th-seed Nebraska
  Duke rolls over Samford to move on
  LSU rallies to take down San Diego State in first round
  St. Johns slips by Creighton in first round
  Oklahoma takes care of Michigan
  Duke rolls over Samford
  Penn State tops UTEP to advance
  Tar Heels thump Creighton to reach Sweet 16
  Delaware routs Arkansas-Little Rock for first postseason win
  St. Johns slips by Creighton
  Florida routs Norfolk State
  UNC's Marshall fractures wrist
  Vanderbilt advances after downing Middle Tennessee
  Green shines as Michigan State tops Saint Louis
  Hoyas hold off Fresno State for first-round win
  Bonnies bounce back against Florida Gulf Coast
  Notre Dame douses Flames in first round
  Henson starts against Creighton
  Baylor bowls over UCSB in NCAA
  Georgia Tech breaks Sacred Heart in first round
  Cal captures win over Iowa in first round
  Georgia bows to Red Foxes in first round
  Gators gain win over OSU in NCAA Tournament
  Purdue seeks upset of Kansas in NCAA Tournament
  Bobcats and Bulls square off with winner advancing to Sweet 16
  Wolfpack and Hoyas duke it out for spot in Sweet 16
  Bluejays and Tar Heels mix it up in NCAA tourney action
  With spot in Sweet 16 on the line, Lehigh takes on Xavier
  Billikens and Spartans meet in third round of NCAA Tournament
  Norfolk State hopes dream run continues in clash with Florida
  Bearcats battle Seminoles for right to move to Sweet 16
  Ohio State beats Gonzaga to advance to Sweet 16
  Heslip's hot shooting advances Baylor
  Kentucky rolls past Iowa State
  Louisville sneaks past New Mexico, earns spot in Sweet 16
  Marquette rallies past Racers, gains Sweet 16 spot
Saturday, March 17, 2012
  Lady Vols coast past Tennessee-Martin in first round action
  Lady Vols coast past Tennessee-Martin in the first round
  Taylor pushes Wisconsin past Vanderbilt
  Hoosiers escape VCU, move into Sweet 16
  Hot first half leads Phoenix past Cyclones
  White helps third-seeded Texas A&M advance
  Hurricanes breeze by Idaho State to advance
  Strong second half leads DePaul over BYU
  Kentucky holds on against 15th-seeded McNeese State
  Gonzaga upsets sixth-seeded Rutgers
  Second half surge lifts Arkansas over Dayton
  Syracuse uses strong 2nd half to top K-State
  Lady Vols breeze by Tennessee-Martin to advance
  Lady Mountaineers survive the Longhorns' second half rally to advance
  Connecticut handles Prairie View in first round bout
  Kansas State edges Princeton to advance to second round
  Purdue charges past Jackrabbits in first round action
  Stanford coasts past Hampton into the second round
  Lady Mountaineers survive the Lady Longhorns' rally to advance
  Strong first half helps Lady Cardinals soar past Michigan State
  Second-seeded Terps sink Navy in their NCAA Tournament opener
  Lady Gamecocks fly past Eagles to the Second Round
  Kansas State's Samuels sits Saturday's NCAA tourney game
  West Regional matchup pits Racers against Golden Eagles
  Rams butt heads with Hoosiers
  Top-seeded Wildcats take aim at Cyclones
  Familiar foes clash in third-round action
  Commodores and Badgers meet in East Regional affair
  Orange set sights on Wildcats
  Buckeyes battle Bulldogs in East Region
  Cardinal and Lobos clash in West Regional action
  Green's triple-double leads MSU past Long Island
  Holloway lifts Xavier over Notre Dame
  South Florida uses strong 2nd half to top Temple
  Kansas cruises past Detroit
  St. Louis stifles Memphis attack to advance
  Wow! Lehigh shocks second-seeded Duke
  Ohio knocks off Michigan
  Purdue fends off St. Mary's
Friday, March 16, 2012
  Davis fired as UAB coach
  Florida State edges St. Bonaventure
  15th-seeded Norfolk State stuns Missouri
  Hoyas send Bruins into hibernation
  Creighton edges Alabama behind strong second half
  North Carolina rolls on without Henson, tops Vermont
  Florida cruises past Virginia
  NC State knocks off SDSU
  Cincinnati holds off Texas
  Henson out against Vermont
  NC State knocks off No. 6 SDSU
  Bulls and Owls fight it out in Midwest Regional bout
  Vermont goes for broke in NCAA tourney clash with North Carolina
  Virginia meets Florida in second round of NCAA tourney
  Billikens battle Tigers in West Regional tussle
  Xavier dukes it out with Notre Dame in South Regional clash
  Longhorns and Bearcats tangle in NCAA Tournament
  Bonnies and Seminoles square off in East Regional fray
  Wolfpack goes on prowl in Midwest Regional clash with Aztecs
  Detroit has uphill climb in NCAA Tourney clash with Kansas
  Alabama takes on Creighton in Midwest Regional bout
  Norfolk State faces tall task in NCAA tourney tilt with Missouri
  Spartans hope to avoid upset in NCAA Tourney clash with Blackbirds
  Lehigh seeks upset of Duke in South Regional matchup
  Purdue battles Saint Mary's in NCAA Tournament action
  Ohio and Michigan square off in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Bruins and Hoyas meet in Midwest Regional action
  Colorado holds off UNLV
  Thomas pours in 31 as Ohio State routs Loyola-Maryland
  Reigning champ falls as Iowa State dumps UConn
  Kentucky cruises past Western Kentucky
  Indiana handles New Mexico State
  Baylor advances after holding off South Dakota State
  Gonzaga beats West Virginia by 23
  VCU shocks Shockers to advance
Thursday, March 15, 2012
  Marquette cruises over BYU
  Williams helps New Mexico top Long Beach State
  Vanderbilt holds off Harvard
  Syracuse avoids scare, advances past Bulldogs
  Balanced attack leads Wisconsin in rout of Montana
  Louisville advances, stifling Davidson's outside shooting
  McGruder powers K-State past Southern Miss
  Murray State races past Colorado State
  Mississippi State's Stansbury calls it a career
  Hilltoppers face tall task in top-seeded Wildcats
  Streaking Buffs begin tournament against Runnin' Rebels
  East Region action pits Gonzaga against West Virginia
  West Region matchup pits Cardinals against Wildcats
  Racers begin anticipated tourney run against Rams
  Cougars set sights on Golden Eagles in West Regional action
  Rams butt heads with Shockers in second-round affair
  Defending champs open tournament play against dangerous Cyclones
  Bears set to slow down Jackrabbits in second-round matchup
  Hoosiers and Aggies meet in South Regional tilt
  Top-seeded Orange begin tournament play against Bulldogs
  Southern Miss and Kansas State meet in East Regional affair
  Badgers clash with Grizzlies in Big Dance
  Buckeyes battle Greyhounds to begin tournament run
  Red-hot Commodores being tourney play against Crimson
  49ers and Lobos mix it up in West Regional action
  South Florida smothers Cal for first tourney win
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
  Vermont downs Lamar, joins field of 64
  Region-by-Region Bracket Breakdown
  Villanova's Wayns to enter draft
  Central Michigan fires head coach Ernie Zeigler
  Bracket banter: Initial thoughts on teams, matchups, regions
  Vermont battles Lamar in first round of NCAA Tournament
  USF and Cal meet in first round of NCAA Tournament
  BYU completes comeback, knocks off Iona
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
  WKU rallies from 16 down to beat MVSU
  SMU fires basketball coach Doherty
  Syracuse center Fab Melo declared ineligible
  UCLA sticking with Howland as coach
  Vic Schaefer named MSU women's hoops coach
  Georgia Tech's Rice dismissed from team
  Horn fired at South Carolina
  Hilltoppers and Delta Devils open up NCAA Tournament action
  Gaels and Cougars collide in NCAA Tournament's first round
  Hilltopprs and Delta Devils open up NCAA Tournament action
Monday, March 12, 2012
  Baylor leads top seeds for women's tourney
  Kentucky tops final men's AP poll
  Georgia Tech to review Rice's status
  Baylor 8th team to make season-long run at No. 1
  Indiana fires women's coach Legette-Jack
  Florida State, Notre Dame highlight 2012 Coaches vs. Cancer
  Bracket Breakdown
  UNC, Kansas highlight Midwest Region
  Syracuse overcomes adversity for No. 1 seed
  Butler part of College Basketball Invitational
Sunday, March 11, 2012
  NIT field set; Washington a No. 1 seed
  Kentucky to back up No. 1 seed in South
  MSU, Missouri headline West Region
  Kentucky, Syracuse, UNC, MSU get No. 1 seeds
  Michigan State tops Buckeyes for Big Ten crown
  Bonnies earn first A-10 tourney title with win over Xavier
  Green Bay downs Detroit to capture Horizon League title
  Vandy beats No. 1 UK for first SEC title in 61 years
  'Noles stun Carolina in ACC final
  Delaware captures Colonial crown
  Carolina's Henson sits again
  Tar Heels take on Seminoles in ACC final
  Musketeers and Bonnies collide in A-10 title game
  Kentucky and Vanderbilt meet for SEC crown
  Buckeyes and Spartans battle for Big Ten supremacy
  New Mexico State claims WAC title
  Mississippi Valley State wins SWAC title
  Long Beach State downs UCSB for Big West title
  Lamar downs McNeese State in Southland final
  Ohio edges Akron to take MAC title
  No. 7 Delaware rolls past UNCW
  Cardinals claim Big East crown
Saturday, March 10, 2012
  Buffaloed: Colorado tops Arizona to claim Pac-12 crown
  New Mexico claims Mountain West crown
  Mizzou wins Big 12 tourney, awaits NCAA seed
  Ohio State thumps Michigan to reach Big Ten final
  Florida State advances to ACC final with win over Duke
  North Dakota claims second straight Great West Conference title
  Vermont captures America East title
  UNC escapes with win over NC State
  No. 8 Michigan State bests Wisconsin in Big Ten semis
  No. 2 Stanford defeats Cal for Pac-12 crown
  Kentucky holds off Florida to reach SEC final
  Memphis claims C-USA title; Marshall's run comes to an end
  Norfolk State earns 1st NCAA tourney bid by besting Bethune-Cookman
  Baylor beats Texas A&M for Big 12 crown
  Great West crown on the line in Windy City
  Thundering Herd and Tigers meet for C-USA crown
  Bears set sights on Tigers in Big 12 title game
  MAC title on the line as Bobcats battle Zips
  Cardinals and Cowboys clash for Southland crown
  Big Ten semifinal pits Badgers against Spartans
  Buckeyes battle Wolverines in Big Ten semifinals
  Local rivals collide in ACC semifinal round
  Duke and Florida State meet in ACC semifinals
  Gators get another shot at Wildcats in SEC semifinals
  MEAC title up for grabs in Winston-Salem
  Bulldogs and Aggies square off in WAC final
  Aztecs collide with Lobos in MWC title game
  SWAC title on the line, as Tigers take on Delta Devils
  Bufaloes and Wildcats meet for Pac-12 championship
  Big East comes down to Bearcats and Cardinals
  Gauchos greet 49ers in Big West title game
  Stony Brook and Vermont clash for AEC crown
  New Mexico downs No. 20 UNLV in semis
  Franklin guides San Diego State to MWC final
  FSU downs Miami in ACC quarterfinals
  No. 5 Missouri downs Texas, advances to title game
  Duke's ACC tourney success continues in victory over Hokies
  Sullinger leads balanced attack as OSU downs Purdue
  Michigan sneaks past Minnesota in OT
  Louisville earns spot in Big East final
  No. 10 Green Bay downs UIC, advances to Horizon title game
Friday, March 09, 2012
  Baylor stuns Kansas in Big 12 semis
  Cincinnati holds off Syracuse in Big East semis
  Stanford downs ASU, gains Pac-12 final
  Nebraska fires men's hoops coach Sadler
  No. 22 Florida slips by Alabama in SEC quarterfinals
  Wisconsin downs Indiana in Big Ten quarters
  NCAA Game Summary - Maryland vs. North Carolina
  Griner's 45 lifts Baylor over K-State in Big 12 semis
  Tar Heels cruise past Maryland in ACC quarters
  Kentucky holds off LSU, advances to SEC semis
  UMass knocks off top-seeded Temple in A-10 quarters
  Green powers Michigan State to rout of Iowa
  Blue Hens thump ODU in CAA quarters
  Tar Heels' Henson injures left wrist
  Bubble Breakdown: The bubble of mediocrity
  Illinois fires Bruce Weber
  Indiana's Jones to miss remainder of season
  Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals pits Hoosiers against Badgers
  Minnesota and Michigan tangle in Big Ten Tournament
  Hawkeyes and Spartans duke it out in Big Ten tourney quarterfinals
  Tide hope to roll over Gators in SEC quarterfinals
  Texas takes on Missouri in Big 12 semifinals
  Irish to try luck in Big East semifinals against Cardinals
  Bearcats and Orange clash in Big East Tournament semifinals
  Baylor battles Kansas in Big 12 Tournament semifinals
  Rams seek upset of Aztecs in Mountain West semifinals
  Rebels and Lobos do battle in MWC tourney semifinals
  Boilermakers and Buckeyes battle in Big Ten tourney
  Tigers and Wildcats to let fur fly in SEC Tournament action
  Hokies challenge Blue Devils in quarterfinals of ACC tourney
  Sunshine State rivals square off in ACC Tournament quarterfinals
  Terps face tall task in ACC quarterfinals against Tar Heels
  UMass and Temple square off in A-10 quarterfinals
  UNLV holds off Wyoming
  De Souza and Price re-sign with Dream
  Notre Dame sneaks past South Florida in OT
  Franklin's buzzer-beater knocks off Boise State
  Louisville knocks off No. 9 Marquette in Big East quarters
  Brown helps Texas down Iowa State
Thursday, March 08, 2012
  No. 5 Missouri cruises past Oklahoma State
  No. 5 Missouri cruses past Oklahoma State
  Wright lifts Cincinnati past Georgetown
  Kansas handles Texas A&M
  Report: Auburn guard in point-shaving probe
  Jones' hot hand lifts Baylor past K-State
  Indiana cruises past Penn State
  Southerland spurs 'Cuse past Huskies
  No. 2 Stanford advances to Pac-12 semis with rout of Washington
  Griner, No. 1 Baylor remain unbeaten
  Louisville and Marquette meet in Big East tourney
  Irish set sights on Bulls in Big East quarterfinals
  Big Ten action pits Hoosiers against Nittany Lions
  Hoyas and Bearcats collide in Big East quarterfinals
  Louiville and Marquette meet in Big East tourney
  UConn and Syracuse square off in Big East quarterfinals
  Pokes hope to knock off hometown Rebels in MWC quarterfinals
  Broncos will try to ride past Aztecs in MWC Tournament play
  Texas takes on Iowa State in Big 12 tourney quarterfinals
  Aggies seek upset of Jayhawks in Big 12 Tournament action
  Cowboys and Tigers meet in Big 12 tourney
  Kansas State battles Baylor in Big 12 Tournament quarterfinals
  Montana tops Weber State, wins Big Sky tourney
Wednesday, March 07, 2012
  No. 10 Green Bay defeats Valpo, advances to semis
  Lehigh tops Bucknell for Patriot title, NCAA berth
  Long Island handles Robert Morris for NEC title
  Arizona suspends freshman G Turner
  Georgetown tops Pitt to gain Big East quarters
  G'Town, UCLA, Indiana, Georgia to participate in Legends Classic
  Lehigh battles Bucknell for Patriot League crown
  Weber State and Montana meet in Big Sky title tilt
  Hoyas and Panthers square off in second-round action
  Blackbirds and Colonials meet for NEC crown
  Callahan lifts South Dakota State over Western Illinois in OT
  Detroit goes dancing as Horizon League champs
  WKU wins Sun Belt bid, goes dancing at 15-18
Tuesday, March 06, 2012
  Still beast of the East: UConn knocks off Irish
  Harvard wins Ivy, 1st NCAA bid since 1946
  Ewing headlines college basketball HOF class
  2012 2K Sports Classic field announced
  New Brooklyn building to host college hoops
  Leathernecks and Jackrabbits seek Summit League championship
  Titans and Crusaders meet for Horizon League crown
  Hilltoppers and Mean Green collide in Sun Belt title game
  Davidson takes home Southern Conference title
  St. Mary's knocks off Gonzaga for WCC title
  Loyola-Maryland captures first MAAC title since '94
  VCU downs Drexel to win CAA title
  Coles retires after 16 seasons at Miami-Ohio
Monday, March 05, 2012
  Syracuse reports possible drug testing violations
  UConn overwhelms St. John's in Big East semis
  Notre Dame beats West Virginia, reaches Big East final
  Agel out as Brown hoops coach
  Kentucky, Syracuse top men's hoops poll
  Mike Bozeman not returning as GW women's hoops coach
  Winthrop fires men's hoops coach Peele
  Race for top seeds: Kentucky, Syracuse and two question marks
  Baylor remains undisputed women's No. 1
  Zags and Gaels duke it out for WCC Tournament crown
  SoCon title tilt pits Catamounts against Wildcats
  VCU battles Drexel for CAA title
  Stags and Greyhounds meet for MAAC Tournament title
  No. 2 Stanford caps regular season with rout of California
Sunday, March 04, 2012
  No. 4 Connecticut advances past No. 23 Rutgers at Big East tourney
  Buckeyes force 3-way tie for Big Ten title
  Watford lifts Indiana over Purdue
  No. 3 Notre Dame downs DePaul, advances to semifinals
  Burke helps Michigan slip past Penn State
  No. 24 Virginia downs Maryland in OT
  Creighton punches NCAA ticket with MVC title
  Maryland downs Georgia Tech to win ACC title
  Buckeyes edge Spartans for share of Big Ten title
  No. 14 Wisconsin bests Illinois
  No. 22 Florida State downs Clemson
  Rhode Island fires Baron after 11 seasons
  Kentucky tops Florida to complete perfect SEC season
  Florida faces tall task against No.1 Kentucky
  Big Ten brawl pits Illini against Badgers
  Michigan closes out regular season at Penn State
  Bluejays and Redbirds collide in MVC title game
  Cavs close out regular season against Terps
  Spartans seek outright title in showdown with Buckeyes
  Seminoles and Tigers tangle in ACC affair
  Hoosiers close out Big Ten action against Boilermakers
  Moser powers UNLV past Wyoming
  Robinson, No. 3 Kansas beat Texas by 10
  Syracuse caps regular season with win over Louisville
  Rayburn lifts Purdue over Penn State in Big Ten semis
Saturday, March 03, 2012
  Cyclones upend Baylor to claim Big 12's No. 3 seed
  SDSU beats TCU, claims share of MWC regular-season title
  Creighton advances to MVC final
  Mizzou ends regular season with rout of Red Raiders
  UNC tops Duke for ACC regular season title
  Belmont wins Atlantic Sun title again
  LSU tops Kentucky to reach SEC title game
  Crowder leads Marquette in defeat of Georgetown
  Shocker: Illinois State takes down Wichita State in MVC semis
  Murray State wins OVC title
  Temple takes down Fordham
  Mizzou ends regular season with rout of Aggies
  Asheville downs VMI for 2nd straight Big South title
  Maryland rips Wake Forest in ACC semis
  Calhoun returns after eight-game absence
  Baylor tops Iowa State, finishes regular season 31-0
  Horned Frogs hope to ruin Aztecs' party
  Calhoun set to coach Saturday
  Purple Aces hope to knock off 25th-ranked Bluejays
  Syracuse puts perfect home mark on line against Louisville
  Tobacco Road rivals square off in marquee matchup
  Hoyas visit Golden Eagles in clash of ranked Big East foes
  Wyoming visits Sin City seeking upset of No. 17 UNLV
  Redbirds and Shockers mix it up in MVC semifinals
  Tigers and Racers battle for OVC Tournament title
  No.3 Kansas closes out regular season against Longhorns
  Owls set sights on Rams in A-10 affair
  Tigers take on Red Raiders in Big 12 finale
  Bruins battle Eagles for Atlantic Sun supremacy
  Keydets and Bulldogs meet in Big South title tilt
  Bears visit Cyclones in regular-season finale
  No. 25 Creighton tops Drake
Friday, March 02, 2012
  Murray State routs Tennessee Tech in OVC semifinals
  Maryland beats Virginia, moves into ACC semis
  No. 10 Kentucky advances with comeback win over Florida
  Maryland cruises into semi's over Virginia
  Notre Dame holds off Providence
  Wake Forest pulls off upset over Miami-Florida
  Penn State rallies to beat Minnesota in Big Ten tourney
  Illinois ousts Law as head coach
  Wichita State routs defending champ Indiana State in MVC Tournament
  NC State takes down No. 5 Duke in ACC Tournament
  Chris Lowery out as Southern Illinois' head coach
  Golden Eagles hope to knock Racers out of OVC Tournament
  Indiana State hopes to shock Wichita State in MVC tourney
  Drake battles Creighton in MVC Tournament
  Friars seek upset of 20th-ranked Fighting Irish
  Bubble Breakdown: Questions nearing answers
  No. 1 Kentucky races past Georgia
Thursday, March 01, 2012
  Miller lifts No. 22 FSU over No. 24 UVA
  No. 13 Michigan finally tops Illinois on road
  San Antonio acquires Smith from Indiana
  Illini host 13th-ranked Wolverines in Big Ten battle
  Top-25 foes collide in ACC action
  No.1 Kentucky closes out home slate against Georgia
  Sullinger, No. 10 Ohio State escape NU
  No. 2 Stanford bests Seattle
  Colorado State uses big second half to upset No. 17 UNLV
  No. 21 San Diego State handles Boise State
Thursday, March 31, 2011
  Sparks add Aussie O'Hea
  Wyoming brings back Shyatt
  Washington's Thomas to enter draft
  Kemba Walker named Cousy Award winner
  Wichita State and Alabama meet for NIT title
  Oregon evens score with Creighton, forces Game 3
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
  BC's Jackson declares for draft, keeps options open
  Purdue signs Painter to new 8-year deal
  Marquette finalizes new deal with Williams
  Stewart out as UC Davis men's hoop coach
  LA Tech selects Ole Miss assistant to be hoops coach
  Creighton can claim CBI title with win at Oregon
  Broncos and Gaels meet for Tournament title
  Releford's layup lifts Alabama over Colorado in NIT semis
  Stutz, Wichita State crush Washington State in NIT semis
  Connecticut advances to fourth straight Final Four
  Texas A&M reaches first Final Four in school history
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
  Maryland's Jordan Williams declares for draft
  Monmouth to name Rice as new men's hoops coach
  Pitt's Gibbs declares for draft, doesn't hire agent
  Memphis rewards Pastner with contract extension
  UCLA's Lee declares for NBA draft
  Road to the Final Four: Surprises make for exciting tourney
  Eastern Washington names Jim Hayford new hoops coach
  Alabama and Colorado do battle in NIT semifinals
  Shockers and Cougars square off in NIT semifinals
  Cardinal back in Final Four after knocking off Gonzaga
Monday, March 28, 2011
  Bradley introduces Geno Ford as head coach
  Creighton shoots down Ducks in Game One of CBI championship
  UCLA's Honeycutt to enter NBA draft
  Notre Dame back in the Final Four for first time since 2001
  Swoopes unretires, signs with Shock
  Stories of the heart: Final Four teams used ticker to advance
  Gregory leaves Dayton for Georgia Tech job
  Fredette wins Oscar Robertson Trophy
  Ducks and Bluejays meet in Game One of CBI Championship Series
Sunday, March 27, 2011
  Kentucky downs North Carolina to reach Final Four
  VCU shocks Kansas, continues magical run into Final Four
  Griner and Lady Bears top Green Bay in round of 16
  Texas A&M buries Lady Bulldogs in round of 16
  Tennessee hires Missouri State's Martin
  Richmond inks Mooney to 10-year extension
  Blue Devils bound for Elite Eight
  UConn fights past Georgetown to reach Elite Eight
  VCU battles Kansas with berth in Final Four at stake
  Kentucky and North Carolina duke it out for spot in Final Four
  Stanford extends winning streak, advances to Elite Eight
  Gonzaga continues its hot play, advances to first-ever Elite Eight
Saturday, March 26, 2011
  UConn survives Arizona to reach Final Four
  Butler outlasts Florida in OT, returns to Final Four
  Fighting Irish easily advance to Elite Eight
  Lady Vols extend win streak, advance to Elite Eight
  Gators and Bulldogs set for Elite Eight matchup
  Wildcats and Huskies collide in West Regional Final
  VCU gets past Florida State in OT thriller
  Knight, Kentucky beat Ohio State in thriller
  Kansas coasts to 20-point win over Richmond
  UNC cruises to Elite Eight with dominating win over Marquette
Friday, March 25, 2011
  Trojans' Vucevic declares for NBA Draft
  Willis Wilson takes over as coach at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
  Nebraska-Omaha to join Summit League
  Sweet 16 clash pits Rams against 'Noles
  Spiders and Jayhawks mix it up in Southwest Regional semifinals
  Kentucky and Ohio State do battle in East Regional semifinals
  Marquette tangles with North Carolina in Sweet 16 matchup
  Making another run, Butler tops Wisconsin
  Williams, Arizona erupt to topple Duke
  Walker, UConn beat SDSU to reach Elite Eight
  Gators end Jimmer, BYU's run in OT
Thursday, March 24, 2011
  Longtime Izzo assistant hired to coach NIU
  Huskies take on Aztecs in Sweet 16 matchup
  Gators and Cougars collide in Sweet Sixteen
  Badgers and Bulldogs battle in Southeast Regional action
  Arizona and Duke meet in West Regional semifinals
  Elliott retires as Utah women's hoops coach
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
  Mike Anderson leaves Missouri to coach Arkansas
  LA Tech fires men's hoops coach Rupp
  NCAA Tournament: Upsets Aplenty, Expect More
  Texas A&M advances to Sweet 16
  Georgia advances in thriller
  Green Bay extends win streak, advances to Sweet 16
  Oklahoma advances to third straight Sweet 16
  Griner vaults Baylor into Sweet 16
  Louisville advances to Sweet 16
Tuesday, March 22, 2011
  Rodgers' career-high powers Georgetown
  Rodgers' career-high powers Georgetown into Sweet 16
  Connecticut advances to Sweet 16
  Providence names Cooley men's hoops coach
  Morehead State rewards Tyndall with new deal
  Big East proves Sir Charles prophetic; more thoughts on the Madness
  Notre Dame advances to Sweet 16 for 10th time
  Stanford weathers Red Storm in NCAA Tournament
  Gonzaga's Vandersloot makes history as Bulldogs advance
  Tar Heels tackle Wildcats in NCAA Tournament
  Tennessee fires Bruce Pearl
Monday, March 21, 2011
  Ohio State claims its spot in the Sweet 16
  DePaul wins close battle to move into Sweet 16
  Duke punches ticket to the Sweet 16
  Lady Vols advance to Sweet 16
  Wisconsin fires women's basketball coach Stone
  Ron Hunter leaves IUPUI for Georgia State
  Notre Dame's Brey named USBWA Coach of the Year
  Ohio State hits 16 threes, crushes George Mason
  Morris twins carry Kansas past Illinois
  Florida State shuts down Notre Dame
  Rams run to Sweet 16 in rout of Purdue
Sunday, March 20, 2011
  UNC reaches Sweet 16 with late surge past Washington
  Marquette ousts Syracuse to reach Sweet 16
  Duke reaches Sweet 16 as it edges Michigan
  Gillispie headed back to the Lone Star State
  Arizona hooks Longhorns in wild finish
  Baylor appears invincible in first-round win
  Michigan State escapes, advances
  Strong defense leaves Georgia to victory
  Rutgers dominates Louisiana Tech
  West Virginia edges Houston in first round
  Texas A&M advances easily
  Florida State crushes Samford
  Green Bay squeaks past Arkansas-Little Rock
  Maryland rolls into round two
  Louisville has no trouble with Vanderbilt
  UConn hammers Hartford as expected
  Miami-Florida cruises into second round
  Explosive Oklahoma knocks off James Madison
  Purdue advances with strong defense
  Georgetown moves on to round two
  Explosive Oklahoma knock off James Madison
  South Dakota State no match for Xavier
  Florida State and Notre Dame meet in third-round action
  Patriots seek upset of top-seeded Buckeyes
  Rams continue NCAA Tournament charge in clash with Boilermakers
  Illinois battles Kansas with berth in Sweet 16 at stake
  Michigan and Duke tangle with trip to Sweet 16 on the line
  Arizona takes on Texas for right to move to Sweet 16
  Huskies and Heels square off in Charlotte
  Big East foes do battle in third round of East Regional
  Florida downs UCLA to reach Sweet 16
  Walker carries UConn past Cincy
  Pullen's 38 points not enough, as Wisconsin downs K-State
  San Diego State outlasts Temple to gain Sweet 16
Saturday, March 19, 2011
  Butler shocks Pitt on last-second FT
  Fredette, BYU top Gonzaga to reach Sweet 16
  Stanford has little trouble advancing to the next round
  The Tar Heels cruise into the second round
  Wildcats claw their way to an overtime win
  The Wildcats clawed their way to an overtime win
  Notre Dame headed to the second round
  UCLA slips past Montana into the second round
  Richmond downs Morehead State, creeps into Sweet 16
  Bulldogs advance with upset victory over Iowa
  Strong defense leads St.John's into the next round
  Temple advances with stingy defensive effort
  Yellow Jackets sting Bowling Green in first round
  Marist weathers Cyclones in NCAA Tournament
  DePaul sinks Navy in first round
  Penn State shoots down Flyers in NCAA Tournament
  Duke dominates Skyhawks in NCAA Tournament
  McMorris and Marquette march through Texas
  Buckeyes beat back Knights in tourney opener
  Knight falls on WVU as Kentucky moves on
  Tennessee tops Hatters in NCAA Tournament opener
  Knight falls on WVU, Kentucky reaches Sweet 16
  Badgers battle Wildcats in third-round affair
  Bulldogs and Cougars meet in Southeast Regional clash
  Southeast Regional action pits Panthers against Bulldogs
  Gators and Bruins collide in Southeast Regional play
  West Virginia and Kentucky open third round of NCAA Tournament
  Owls and Aztecs square off in Tucson
  Big East foes Cincinnati and UConn meet in third round of Big Dance
  Surprising matchup features Eagles against Spiders
  Illinois runs over UNLV
  Orange squeeze Sycamores in East Region matchup
  Ram Tough: VCU takes down Georgetown
  Washington hangs on to beat Georgia
  Purdue steamrolls Saint Peter's
  Marquette shuts down Holloway, knocks out Xavier
  UNC uses big performances to down Long Island
Friday, March 18, 2011
  Kansas pulls away from BU in tourney opener
  Kansas pulls away from Boston in tourney opener
  Kitchen paces Florida State over Texas A&M
  Ohio State cruises in NCAA tourney opener
  Hancock, Patriots send skidding Wildcats home
  Irving returns as Duke routs Hampton
  Williams comes up huge as Arizona holds off Memphis
  Notre Dame downs Akron to advance
  Michigan uses big second half to take down Tennessee
  Texas holds off pesky Oakland squad to win NCAA opener
  Cleveland steps down as Fresno State hoops coach
  Rams hope to charge past Hoyas in Southwest Regional clash
  Peacocks hope to strut past Boilermakers in NCAA Tournament
  Seminoles challenge Aggies in Southwest Regional matchup
  East Regional action has Villanova tangling with George Mason
  Roadrunners face daunting task in clash with top-seeded Buckeyes
  Marquette and Xavier do battle in second round of NCAA Tourney
  Tennessee takes on Michigan in West Regional fray
  Oakland seeks upset of Texas in West Regional action
  West Regional battle pits Memphis against Arizona
  Illinois and UNLV duke it out in Tulsa
  Kansas hopes to avoid upset in clash with Boston University
  Windy City dust-up pits Zips against Fighting Irish
  Blackbirds and Tar Heels mix it up in East Regional action
  Sycamores tangle with Orange in East Regional action
  Georgia and Washington set for dogfight in Charlotte
  Hampton faces tall task in NCAA Tournament clash with Duke
  Pullen, K-State open NCAAs with win over Aggies
  Gates leads Cincy over Mizzou in NCAA opener
  Plucky Gonzaga takes down St. John's
  Huskies keep rolling with rout of Bucknell
  UCLA nearly wastes double-digit lead, holds on to top MSU
  Florida has little trouble dumping UC Santa Barbara
  Wisconsin beats Belmont in NCAA opener
  Fredette a force as BYU holds off Wofford
Thursday, March 17, 2011
  Aztecs begin tourney with rout of Northern Colorado
  Pitt routs UNC-Asheville in tourney opener
  Richmond upends Vanderbilt in 12 v 5 upset
  Richmond dumps Vanderbilt in No. 12 vs. 5 upset
  Harper, Morehead State stun Louisville
  Fernandez's last-second shot lifts Temple over Penn State
  Kentucky escapes with last second win over Princeton
  Howard's buzzer-beater lifts Butler past ODU
  Bryant, Pepper help West Virginia steal win over Clemson
  Irving set to play in Duke's tourney opener
  Dream to play European women's team
  Fredette and Cougars begin tournament against the Terriers
  Southeast Regional matchup pits Spartans against Bruins
  Bulldogs seek to calm Red Storm
  Badgers and Bruins battle in Southeast Regional play
  Bucknell and UConn meet in West Regional affair
  Clemson battles West Virginia in East Regional action
  Aggies and Wildcats meet in Southeast Regional bout
  Top-seeded Pitt begins tournament play against UNC-Asheville
  Gators set to chomp on Gauchos in Tampa
  Butler begins another hopeful run with Old Dominion
  Commodores and Spiders collide in Denver
  Eagles seek upset of Cardinals in Southwest Regional
  Keystone State rivals square off in West Regional action
  Missouri takes on Cincinnati in West Regional
  Bears face tall task in West Regional clash with Aztecs
  Princeton seeks upset in NCAA Tournament clash with Kentucky
  VCU takes down USC, will face Georgetown
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
  Johnson scores 29, leads UTSA to 1st NCAA tourney win
  Chancellor out as LSU women's coach
  Colgate fires head basketball coach Davis
  "First Four" matchup pits VCU against USC
  Roadrunners battle Hornets in "First Four" encounter
  Clemson beats UAB, West Virginia awaits
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
  UNC-Asheville edges UALR in NCAA tourney opener
  NIT Game Capsules
  Purdue suspends top reserve Barlow
  Lowe resigns as NC State basketball coach
  Analyzing the bracket leaves familiar faces standing
  Clemson and UAB square off in "First Four" matchup
  NCAA Tournament opens with clash between Bulldogs and Trojans
Monday, March 14, 2011
  UConn leads top seeds for women's tourney
  Jackson steps down as women's hoops coach at Washington
  Lamar fires Roccaforte
  Loyola gets rid of hoops coach Whitesell
  Huskies finish atop final women's poll
  Dunkenberger resigns as women's hoops coach at Virginia Tech
  Capel out at Oklahoma
  Ohio State takes top spot in final poll
  Heading West, Duke begins title defense
  Oregon part of College Basketball Invitational
  Ohio State, Kansas, Pitt, Duke get No. 1 seeds
Sunday, March 13, 2011
  Northern Iowa in CIT field
  Top-seeded Buckeyes land in tough East
  Kansas back in familiar territory atop Southwest Region
  NIT field set; Virginia Tech a No. 1 seed again
  Pitt gets No. 1 seed in Southeast Region
  Knight helps Kentucky claim SEC championship
  Duke handles UNC to capture 19th ACC crown
  Buckeyes top Penn State for Big Ten crown
  Richmond downs Dayton to capture A-10 title
  Arkansas fires men's basketball coach Pelphrey
  Blue Devils tangle with Tar Heels in ACC title game
  SEC championship game pits Kentucky against Florida
  Nittany Lions and Buckeyes battle for Big Ten crown
  Dayton and Richmond meet in Atlantic 10 title tilt
  Utah State takes WAC tourney title
  North Dakota tops South Dakota in 2OT for Great West title
  5 days, 5 wins: UConn captures Big East title
  North Dakota tops South Dakota in 2OT for Big West title
Saturday, March 12, 2011
  Alabama State wins SWAC title over Grambling
  UC Santa Barbara upends Long Beach St. for Big West title
  Thomas' OT buzzer-beater gives Washington Pac-10 crown
  Pacific-10 Conference Tournament Recaps
  Princeton tops Harvard on last second basket, wins Ivy League
  SDSU solves BYU, captures another MWC title
  Kansas downs Texas for Big 12 tourney title
  Akron wins MAC crown over Kent State in OT
  Aztecs solve BYU, captures another MWC title
  Duke handles Virginia Tech to reach ACC final
  Penn State makes Big Ten title game
  Florida upends Vandy, moves on to SEC title game
  Heels pull off another comeback to reach ACC title game
  Texas-San Antonio captures Southland title
  Richmond downs Temple to reach A-10 title game
  Buckeyes top Wolverines, close in on Big Ten crown
  Stanford tops UCLA to take Pac-10 crown
  Kentucky tops Alabama to gain SEC final
  Hampton tops Morgan State for MEAC title
  Utah fires Boylen after four seasons
  BU storms back to capture America East crown
  Baylor fends off Texas A&M to capture Big 12 title
  Memphis rallies past UTEP to claim C-USA title
  Hewitt out at Georgia Tech
  Ryan steps down as Virginia's head coach
  Seawolves and Terriers clash in America East title game
  Battle of the Dakotas on tap in Great West championship game
  Aztecs and Cougars meet once again, this time for MWC title
  Boise State battles Utah State for WAC crown
  Virginia Tech and Duke meet in ACC semifinals
  Commodores take on Gators in SEC Tournament semifinals
  Spiders and Owls tangle in Atlantic 10 semifinals
  Hornets to try and sting Tigers in SWAC title tilt
  Pac-10 crown up for grabs in clash between Huskies and Wildcats
  Roadrunners and Cowboys meet for Southland Tournament title
  Huskies and Cardinals battle for Big East Tournament crown
  Morgan State and Hampton square off in MEAC title game
  Kentucky and Alabama do battle in SEC Tournament semis
  Clemson challenges North Carolina in ACC semifinals
  Gauchos and 49ers duke it out for Big West Tourney title
  Akron and Kent State meet in MAC Championship Game
  Miners and Tigers square off for C-USA Tournament title
  Big 12 title tilt pits Longhorns against Jayhawks
  Wolverines and Buckeyes renew rivalry in Big Ten semifinals
  Harvard and Princeton meet in Ivy League showdown
  Gay's lay up lifts SDSU over UNLV
  Utah State squeaks by San Jose State, reaches WAC final
  Louisville comes back to top Irish in OT
  Arizona edges USC in Pac-10 semis
  Fredette's record-breaking night carries BYU into MWC title game
  Texas advances to Big 12 championship game
  Wisconsin holds PSU to 36 points, loses
  Walker carries UConn over Syracuse in OT
  Better late than never: Heels get last-second win over Miami
  Gators pull away to down Tennessee in SEC quarterfinals
  Jayhawks one win away from another Big 12 title
Friday, March 11, 2011
  Duke upends Maryland despite Smith's injury
  Temple crushes La Salle in A-10 quarters
  Spartans dominate Purdue in Big Ten quarters
  Dayton edges top-seeded Xavier in A-10 quarters
  Stanford tops Arizona, gains Pac-10 title game
  UCLA tops Cal, headed to Pac-10 final
  Bucknell tops Lafayette for Patriot League title
  USC suspends O'Neill for rest of Pac-10 tourney
  No. 15 Kentucky beats Ole Miss, gains SEC semifinals
  Arkansas State football, men's basketball to forfeit victories
  Texas A&M tops Oklahoma, gets into Big 12 final
  Griner, No. 3 Baylor reach Big 12 final
  Buckeyes again survive Northwestern upset bid
  Providence fires Keno Davis
  Lafayette battles Bucknell in Patriot League title tilt
  Rebels and Aztecs tangle in Mountain West Tournament semis
  Spartans seek upset of 23rd-ranked Aggies in WAC Tourney
  USC challenges Arizona in Pac-10 Tournament semifinals
  UConn and Syracuse square off in Big East Tournament
  Tennessee and Florida do battle in Atlanta
  No. 1 Ohio State opens postseason against Northwestern
  Colorado and Kansas duke it out in Big 12 Tournament
  Lobos seek three-game sweep of eighth-ranked Cougars
  Duke begins defense of ACC Tournament title against Maryland
  High-flying Cardinals take on red-hot Irish in Big East semis
  Philly rivals head to Jersey shore to compete in A-10 Tourney
  Dayton and Xavier renew rivalry in A-10 boardwalk brawl
  Spartans take on Boilermakers in Big Ten Tourney
  Top-seeded Tar Heels face Hurricanes in ACC Tournament action
  Rebels and Wildcats mix it up in SEC Tournament
  St. John's loses Kennedy with torn ACL
  Williams leads Arizona past Oregon State
  Texas tops Oklahoma in Big 12 tourney
  Marra powers Louisville over Marquette
  Walker's buzzer-beater lifts UConn past Pitt
  Aztecs down Utah, ease into MWC semis
Thursday, March 10, 2011
  Notre Dame dominates Cincinnati, advances to Big East semis
  Kansas survives Oklahoma State upset bid
  Syracuse holds off St. John's
  Big East officials withdraw from tournament
  Pepperdine's Asbury retiring; Wilson named head coach
  Colorado takes down K-State in Big 12 quarters
  Fredette leads BYU over TCU to gain MWC semis
  Cowboys and Jayhawks tangle in Big 12 quarterfinals
  Colorado takes on Kansas State in Big 12 Tourney tilt
  Beavers and Wildcats mix it up in Pac-10 Tournament action
  Longhorns and Sooners clash in Big 12 Tourney
  Aztecs and Utes collide in Sin City
  Marquette and Louisville meet in Big East Tourney showdown
  Irish to try luck in Big East Tourney clash with Bearcats
  Cougars tangle with Horned Frogs in MWC Tournament action
  UConn battles Pitt in Big East Tournament quarterfinals
  St. John's and Syracuse meet in Big East quarterfinals
  Marquette knocks off WVU
  St. John's moves into quarters of Big East tourney
Wednesday, March 09, 2011
  Northern Colorado wins Big Sky to reach first NCAA tourney
  Texas A&M cruises past Texas, reaches Big 12 semis
  Gates, Cincy down South Florida in Big East tourney
  Long Island takes home Northeast title in OT win
  Baylor freshman Jones declared ineligible
  Manhattan fires head basketball coach
  Baylor trounces Kansas to reach Big 12 semis
  Walker, Huskies dispatch Hoyas in Big East tourney
  2011 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Great West Conference Tournament Preview
  Huskies and Hoyas duke it out in Big East Tournament
  Rutgers and St. John's clash in second round of Big East Tourney
  Bulls and Bearcats brawl in Big East Tourney
  Colonials and Blackbirds clash for NEC crown
  Marquette takes on West Virginia in Big East Tournament action
  Montana and Northern Colorado meet for Big Sky title
  2011 Big West Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Big 12 Conference Tournament Preview
  Oakland downs Oral Roberts to win Summit League
Tuesday, March 08, 2011
  Bozeman lifts Arkansas-Little Rock to Sun Belt crown
  Butler tops Milwaukee for another Horizon League title
  UConn tops Notre Dame for Big East title
  UNCG's Agee retires after 602 wins
  UConn ends Big East tourney skid with rout of DePaul
  2011 Big Ten Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Western Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  Clark's tenure ends at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
  2011 Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Conference USA Tournament Preview
  Kennesaw State fires Ingle
  2011 Pac-10 Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Big East Conference Tournament Preview
  Earlywine out at Eastern Washington
  2011 Southeastern Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Mid-American Conference Tournament Preview
  Gonzaga downs Saint Mary's to claim West Coast Conference title
  Wofford heads back to NCAA Tournament as SoCon champs
Monday, March 07, 2011
  Notre Dame slips past DePaul, faces UConn for Big East title
  Moore, top-ranked Huskies rout Rutgers to reach Big East final
  Saint Peter's marches on, tops Iona for MAAC title
  Thoughts on BYU's honor code; gearing up for Selection Sunday
  Old Dominion captures CAA championship
  What to make of BYU's honor code; gearing up for Selection Sunday
  What to make of BYU's honor code; gearing you up for Selection Sunday
  Phillips helps Xavier claim A-10 title
  Silver Stars add veteran G Bevilaqua
  Huskies keep top spot in women's poll
  Knight's tenure at Tech to end after Big 12 tourney
  Ohio State strengthens hold on No. 1 ranking
  Towson hoops head coach Kennedy resigns
  2011 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Mountain West Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Southland Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Preview
  Gaels and Peacocks meet with MAAC title on the line
  Rams butt heads with Monarchs in CAA Championship Game
  Terriers and Cougars battle for SoCon crown
  Bulldogs and Gaels square off again for WCC title
Sunday, March 06, 2011
  Wildcats down Vols in regular-season finale
  No. 7 Notre Dame moves on to Big East semifinals
  Tennessee takes home 15th SEC title
  Les out as Bradley head basketball coach
  Diebler and Buckeyes shoot down Badgers
  Indiana State beats Missouri State in MVC final
  Duke claims ACC Tournament crown with win over UNC
  UConn downs Georgetown in Big East quarters
  Xavier advances to A-10 title game
  Sycamores take on Bears in Missouri Valley title tilt
  Badgers battle Buckeyes in Big Ten brawl
  Tennessee hosts No. 20 Kentucky in regular-season finale
  Aztecs gain share of MWC crown with win over Rams
  Red Storm pull away late to down South Florida
  Thompson, No. 7 Texas hold off Dunn and Baylor
  Fredette, No. 3 BYU handle Wyoming
Saturday, March 05, 2011
  Tar Heels top Duke, win ACC regular season crown
  Morehead State captures OVC title, gains NCAA tourney
  Adams paces Texas A&M in rout of Nebraska
  No. 14 Florida ends regular season with win at No. 21 Vandy
  Utah State blows out Louisiana Tech
  No. 12 Syracuse easily handles DePaul
  Pitt downs Villanova to capture Big East title
  Xavier ends regular season with win over Billikens
  Notre Dame tops UConn in wild finish
  No. 4 Tennessee reaches SEC final, tops Georgia
  Kansas downs arch-rival Mizzou to clinch Big 12 title
  Belmont captures A-Sun with 30th win
  Texas A&M downs Red Raiders to snap skid
  Costly miscue sends West Virginia past Louisville
  No. 9 UCLA tops WSU in Pac-10 tilt
  UNC-Asheville tops Coastal Carolina for Big South title
  Iowa deals blow to Purdue's Big Ten title hopes
  Arizona clinches Pac-10 title with win over Oregon
  Baylor beats Colorado to finish off regular season
  UNC downs Miami to reach ACC title game
  Cincinnati closes regular season with win over Hoyas
  Duke tops Georgia Tech, advances to ACC title game
  Strong second half powers Xavier past St. Joe's
  Tennessee Tech and Morehead State meet in OVC title game
  Tar Heels and Blue Devils square off for ACC crown
  Wildcats close out regular season against Ducks
  23rd-ranked Xavier takes on Saint Louis in A-10 action
  Pitt seeks Big East crown against Villanova
  No.11 Louisville invades Morgantown to take on West Virginia
  Orange and Blue Demons collide at the Carrier Dome
  No.24 Aggies play host to Red Raiders
  Hoyas and Bearcats meet in Big East brawl
  North Florida and Belmont square off in A-Sun title tilt
  No. 3 BYU hosts Wyoming in regular-season finale
  First vs. worst in WAC, as Aggies visit Bulldogs
  Rams seek upset of ninth-ranked Aztecs
  Lone Star State showdown pits Longhorns against Bears
  Bulls charge into Big Apple to challenge 15th-ranked Red Storm
  No. 6 Purdue closes regular season at Iowa
  Bulldogs and Chanticleers battle for Big South Tournament title
  Gators and Commodores meet in clash of ranked SEC foes
  UConn's Calhoun eyes milestone win as Notre Dame comes to Storrs
  Kansas can claim Big 12 outright crown with win at Missouri
  Tennessee rolls past Florida into SEC semis
Friday, March 04, 2011
  Miami edges NC State in ACC quarters
  Duke has easy time with Wake to move into ACC semis
  Cougars' Thompson suspended
  2011 Sun Belt Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Big Sky Conference Tournament Preview
  Stanford downs Cal, completes perfect Pac-10 slate
  Arizona cruises past Oregon State
  Taylor leads No. 10 Wisconsin over Indiana
  No. 9 UCLA crushes Washington
Thursday, March 03, 2011
  Pirates shock No. 15 St. John's, win by 14
  WNBA All-Star Game announced
  2011 Summit League Tournament Preview
  2011 Southern Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Colonial Athletic Association Tournament Preview
  Badgers and Hoosiers duke it out in Big Ten action
  Pirates face rough seas in Big East clash with Red Storm
  Beavers try to play spoiler in clash with 18th-ranked Wildcats
  New Mexico continues dominance of No. 3 BYU
  Kansas tops Aggies, clinches share of Big 12 title
  Utah State survives New Mexico State
  MTSU women's basketball player fatally stabbed
  Fitting farewell: Smith, Singler lead Duke past Clemson
  Pitt overcomes slow start to down South Florida
Wednesday, March 02, 2011
  No. 3 Baylor tops Mizzou, clinches Big 12 title
  Barnes' 3 lifts No. 13 Tar Heels over FSU
  Louisville crushes Providence
  Chambers scores 35, Kansas State tops No. 5 Texas A&M
  Xavier clinches a share of the A-10 with win over Charlotte
  Mazzulla leads WVU over sliding Huskies
  Former Spartans G Lucious transfers to Iowa State
  No.4 Blue Devils set to tame Tigers in Durham
  Battle of Aggies on tap in Las Cruces
  Cougars can claim share of MWC title with win over Lobos
  Calhoun seeks milestone as Huskies take on Mountaineers
  Big 12 showdown pits Aggies against Jayhawks
  Big East action pits Panthers against Bulls
  No.11 Cardinals host Friars in Big East affair
  Heels and 'Noles mix it up in Tallahassee
  Xavier takes aim at fifth straight Atlantic 10 title
  2011 Northeast Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 West Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Atlantic Sun Conference Tournament Preview
  Diebler leads Buckeyes' rout of Penn State
  No. 9 Aztecs pull away from Wyoming
  Knight, Kentucky edge Vanderbilt
  Purdue caps perfect home slate with win over Illinois
  Nebraska topples No. 22 Missouri
Tuesday, March 01, 2011
  BYU's Davies dismissed from team
  Florida rolls past Alabama
  Cash-ing in: Storm re-sign veteran forward
  2011 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Patriot League Tournament Preview
  2011 Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 America East Conference Tournament Preview
  2011 Horizon League Tournament Preview
  2011 Big South Conference Tournament Preview
  Tigers and Huskers do battle in Lincoln
  Aztecs hoping to bounce back in MWC clash with Cowboys
  Commodores and Wildcats square off in SEC skirmish
  Purdue hosts Illinois in Big Ten action
  Buckeyes visit Nittany Lions seeking share of Big Ten title
  Alabama visits Florida in clash of SEC's top teams
  Kansas State stays hot, downs Texas in Austin
  DePaul edges Notre Dame on Chester's late bucket
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
  VCU tops Billikens for CBI crown
  Virginia Tech's Delaney declares for NBA Draft
  Davis gets extension from Middle Tennessee
  Four more years: Louisville extends Pitino
  Pitt gives Dixon extension
  Can Favored Butler Take Advantage of Hometown Edge?
  George Mason signs Larranaga to extension
  Welsh named Hofstra hoops coach
  Billikens hope to even CBI Championship Series
  Welsh to be named Hofstra hoops coach
  UNC squeaks past Rhode Island in OT, advances to NIT title game
  Missouri State tops Pacific for CIT title
  Flyers clip Rebels in NIT semifinals
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
  Sooners advance to Final Four
  Streak continues as UConn reaches Final Four
  Three to transfer from WSU men's hoops program
  NCAA finds major rules violations at Texas-Pan American
  Holy Cross fires Kearney after one season
  Floyd headed to UTEP
  Liberty land Pondexter in three-team deal
  St. John's turns to Lavin
  UCLA men's hoops dismisses Morgan
  Toledo names Kowalczyk new hoops coach
  Penn removes interim tag from Allen
  Skinner out at Boston College
  Pacific and Missouri State square off for CIT crown
  UL-Lafayette hires Marlin as men's hoops coach
  Watts ends nine-year reign at Davidson
  Willard leaves Iona for Seton Hall gig
  Seton Hall officially tabs Donovan as women's hoops coach
Monday, March 29, 2010
  McConnell-Miller out as Buffaloes women's basketball coach
  Stanford advances to third straight Final Four
  VCU downs St. Louis in first game of CBI Final
  Griner leads Lady Bears to Final Four
  Iowa officially welcomes Siena's McCaffery
  Kansas' Aldrich declares for NBA Draft
  Arizona F Shumpert decides to transfer
  UCF names Marshall's Jones new basketball coach
  On College Basketball: Etiquette is everything
  Michigan G Harris declares for NBA Draft
  Clemson brings in familiar face to take over women's hoops
  Billikens battle Rams in first game of CBI finals
  Huskers hustled by Kentucky in NCAA Tournament
  Stevenson seals overtime win for Sooners
  Seton Hall to name Donovan women's hoops coach
  Iowa hires Siena's McCaffery
Sunday, March 28, 2010
  Duke thrives behind arc, tops Baylor for Final Four berth
  Morgan's free throw sends Michigan State back to Final Four
  Report: Seton Hall makes Iona's Willard hoops coach
  Seminoles slip by Mississippi State
  Cyclones blown away by UConn
  Blue Devils battle Bears in Elite Eight
  Vols and Spartans collide in Midwest Regional Final
  Xavier tops Gonzaga in Sweet 16
  Homecoming: Butler headed back to Indy for Final Four
  Stanford trounces Georgia
Saturday, March 27, 2010
  Fifty-one-year drought over as Mountaineers advance to Final Four
  Duke defeats San Diego State to move on
  Lady Bears knock off Lady Vols
  Cal Poly Pomona captures Division II hoops title
  West Virginia and Kentucky fight for right to move to Final Four
  Bulldogs and Wildcats duke it out for berth in Final Four
  Michigan State clips Northern Iowa, reaches Elite Eight
  Duke uses strong second half to pull away from Purdue
  Baylor ends Gaels' run in blowout victory
Friday, March 26, 2010
  Volunteers squeak by Buckeyes into Elite Eight
  Greenberg remains at Virginia Tech
  Boise State tabs Rice as new hoops coach
  "Sweet 16" showdown pits Tennessee against Ohio State
  Purdue meets Duke in "Sweet 16" matchup
  Gaels and Bears square off in Houston
  Panthers and Spartans do battle in St. Louis
  Pullen's trey helps KSU edge Xavier in double-overtime thriller
  Butler bounces top-seeded Orange to gain first Elite Eight
  Kentucky pulls away to end Cornell's run
  Mountaineers tame Huskies in Sweet 16 tussle
Thursday, March 25, 2010
  Hewitt staying at Tech after talking to St. John's
  Wildcats and Musketeers collide in Salt Lake City
  Cornell battles Kentucky in Sweet 16
  Huskies and Mountaineers duke it out in Sweet 16
  Butler and Syracuse clash in West Regional semifinals
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
  Barbee leaves UTEP for Auburn
  Fordham names Pecora new men's basketball coach
  Northern Iowa extends Jacobson during unlikely tourney run
  Weber State signs Rahe to long-term extension
  Boeheim: Onuaku will not play vs. Butler
  Oklahoma's Mason-Griffin, Willis leaving Sooners
  Huskers hustle past UCLA
  Olajuwon dreams up win over UALR
  Cyclones sneak by Green Bay in NCAA Tournament
  Invincible UConn cruises to Sweet 16
  Aztecs scale the Mountaineers in upset
  Notre Dame handles upset-minded Vermont
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
  WVU guard Bryant breaks foot
  Amber Harris lifts Xavier to victory
  Ohio State upset by Mississippi State
  Landesberg leaving Virginia
  Williams named new La Salle women's basketball coach
  Curl steps down as Houston's women's basketball coach
  Lady Bears too much for Georgetown
  Lady Dogs move into Sweet 16 with overtime win
  Gonzaga slips past Texas A&M
  The Cardinal advance with dominating win over Iowa
  Lady Vols coast past Dayton
Monday, March 22, 2010
  Seminoles edge Red Storm in overtime
  Kentucky tops Michigan State in second-round action
  Duke defeats LSU to move on
  Spartans to miss Lucas for remainder of tourney
  Lebo headed to East Carolina
  Big 12 Player of the Year Anderson leaves OSU for NBA
  Penders steps down at Houston
  NCAA denies Memphis appeal on basketball penalties
  On College Basketball: Resetting the brackets
  Report: Penders out in Houston
  Oklahoma rolls past South Dakota State
  Bruins bump NC State from NCAA Tournament
  Cyclones storm into Second Round
  Green Bay stuns Virginia with slim victory
  Mountaineers climb into second round with win over Lamar
  Aztecs shock Texas to move into the Second Round
Sunday, March 21, 2010
  Trojans win NCAA Tournament debut
  Huskers breeze past Northern Iowa into the Second Round
  Kramer's OT bucket sends Purdue to Sweet 16
  Duke shuts down Cal en route to Sweet 16
  Johnson, Syracuse have little trouble downing Gonzaga
  Xavier knocks off Pitt to reach third straight Sweet 16
  Lucious beats buzzer to lift Michigan State over Maryland
  Ohio State turns aside upset-minded Georgia Tech
  Cornell's run continues, as Big Red pummel Badgers
  Butler and West Virginia cruise over Missouri
  Bulldogs rally to beat Middle Tennessee State
  Musketeers slay Lady Bucs
  Notre Dame handles Cleveland State
  Temple beats James Madison to advance
  Catamounts surprise Badgers
  Vanderbilt survives scare against DePaul
  St. Francis (PA) no match for Ohio State
  UConn dominant as usual
  Top-seeded Syracuse and Gonzaga clash in West Region
  West Regional action pits Panthers against Musketeers
  Mountaineers attempt to tame Tigers in East Regional matchup
  Upset-minded Big Red sets sights on Badgers
  Second-round tilt features Aggies against Boilermakers
  Top-seeded Duke takes on California in South Regional play
  Terrapins tangle with Spartans in Midwest Regional action
  Yellow Jackets and Buckeyes collide in second-round affair
  Wildcats claw their way into second round
  Onuaku to miss Syracuse's second-round matchup vs. Gonzaga
  Georgia avoids upset against Tulane
  Stanford crushed UC Riverside as expected
  Baylor handles Fresno State to advance
  Gonzaga narrowly edges North Carolina
  Iowa knocks off Rutgers in first round
  Pullen's shooting prowess pushes K-State into Sweet 16
Saturday, March 20, 2010
  Georgetown dominant defensively in first-round win
  Oklahoma State edges Chattanooga to advance
  Texas A&M cruises to victory over Portland State
  Miller, Kentucky dominate Wake Forest
  Samhan powers upstart Gaels to win over Villanova
  Jayhawks jolted from tourney by Northern Iowa
  Baylor into Sweet 16 with win over ODU
  Pondexter leads Washington into Sweet 16 with rout of Lobos
  Hawaii names Gib Arnold head basketball coach
  Spartans' Allen game-time decision for Sunday
  Butler escapes Cinderella Murray State, heading to Sweet 16
  Wilson's heroics land the Flyers in the Second Round
  Tennessee cruises past Ohio
  FSU earns spot in the Second Round with win over La Tech
  Blue Devils cruise into the Second Round
  No. 7 LSU pounces on Hartford to advance into the Second Round
  Spartans advance with tough win over Bowling Green
  The Red Storm prove to be too much for Princeton
  Lady Vols cruise into Second Round with win over Austin Peay
  Ohio goes for second straight upset in clash with Tennessee
  Northern Iowa seeks upset of top-seeded Kansas
  Gaels and 'Cats clash in second round of NCAA Tournament
  ODU challenges Baylor in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Huskies and Lobos duke it out in NCAA Tournament East Regional
  Wake Forest seeks upset of top-seeded Kentucky
  Racers square off with Bulldogs in second round of NCAA Tournament
  BYU battles Kansas State for right to head to "Sweet 16"
  Williams boosts Maryland to first-round win over Houston
  Strong start helps Cal top Louisville
  Spartans survive New Mexico State
  Johnson, Syracuse crush Vermont
  Cornell trips Temple for Ivy League's first NCAA win in 12 years
  Diebler's long-range shooting carries Buckeyes over Gauchos
  Top-seeded Duke runs past Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  Yellow Jackets hold off Oklahoma State
  Gonzaga builds big lead, holds off FSU to advance
Friday, March 19, 2010
  Middleton, Texas A&M take care of Utah State
  Purdue holds off Siena
  Brown, Dixon help Pitt dominate Oakland
  Ramsey, English help Missouri get past Clemson
  Leuer's late bucket helps Wisconsin survive Wofford
  Crawford carries Xavier over Minnesota
  West Virginia starts slow, finishes strong in rout of Morgan State
  Roberts out at St. John's
  Wofford and Wisconsin square off in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Spartans square off with Aggies in Midwest Region's first round
  Buckeyes battle Gauchos in first-round action in Milwaukee
  Utah State and Texas A&M meet in South Regional action
  Upset-minded Saints set sights on Boilermakers
  Top-seeded Duke opens tourney play against Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  Orange hope to avoid upset in NCAA Tournament clash with Catamounts
  Oakland seeks upset of Pittsburgh in NCAA Tournament
  Bears face tall task in NCAA Tournament clash with Mountaineers
  Cat Fight in Buffalo, as Missouri takes on Clemson in "Big Dance"
  Big Red hoping to score upset of Owls in NCAA Tournament
  Terps open tourney play against Cougars
  Midwest Regional action pits Cowboys against Yellow Jackets
  Cardinals and Golden Bears collide in South Region's first round
  Minnesota battles Xavier in West Regional of 2010 NCAA Tournament
  'Noles and Zags do battle in NCAA Tournament
  Smith's jumper lifts Wake Forest over Texas in OT
  Vols outlast San Diego State
  Martinez, Gary help New Mexico hold on against Montana
  Jayhawks pull away to down Lehigh
  Pondexter's heroics send Huskies past Marquette
  Kentucky clobbers ETSU in first-round matchup
  Bassett and Ohio upset Georgetown
  Deep three in final seconds propels Northern Iowa past UNLV
Thursday, March 18, 2010
  Mack carries Butler past UTEP
  Onuaku out for Friday with quadriceps injury
  Saint Mary's ends tourney drought with win over Richmond
  Last-second basket helps Murray State shock Vandy
  Kansas State pummels North Texas
  Let's play two: Fredette carries BYU over Florida in extra time
  Villanova avoids upset, edges Robert Morris in OT
  Reynolds, Fisher held out of Villanova starting lineup
  St. Mary's ends tourney drought with win over Richmond
  Baylor gets by Sam Houston State
  Old Dominion edges Notre Dame
  West Regional action features Bulldogs against Miners
  Vols set sights on Aztecs in first-round action
  Bears and Bearkats collide in South Regional action
  Second-seeded Villanova takes on Robert Morris in first-round action
  Washington and Marquette meet in first round of 2010 NCAA Tournament
  Wake Forest and Texas do battle in 2010 NCAA Tournament
  Spiders and Gaels meet in South Region's first round
  Midwest Regional affair pits Panthers against Rebels
  Upset-minded Racers open tournament play against Commodores
  Cougars and Gators collide in West Regional action
  Top-seeded Kansas opens tournament play against Lehigh
  Grizzlies battle Lobos in first round of 2010 NCAA Tournament
  No. 1 seed Kentucky opens NCAA Tournament against 16th-seeded ETSU
  No. 2 seed Kansas State begins tournament play against North Texas
  Hoyas and Bobcats clash in Midwest Regional
  Irish and Monarchs open tournament play in New Orleans
  Cal starter Amoke suspended on eve of NCAA tourney
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
  Rutgers retains Hill for now
  Seton Hall fires hoops coach Gonzalez
  Report: Seton Hall fires hoops coach Gonzalez
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
  Arkansas-Pine Bluff routs Winthrop in NCAA opener
  Oregon ousts hoops coach Kent
  Arkansas-Pine Bluff wins NCAA play-in game with rout of Winthrop
  Dixon out as Furman women's hoops coach
  Mystics sign All-Star Katie Smith
Monday, March 15, 2010
  Seton Hall women's hoops coach Mangina steps down
  Iowa fires hoops coach Lickliter
  UCF's Speraw will not return
  Kansas is unanimous choice in final poll
  UConn unanimous in final poll
  Iowa to discuss future of men's hoops program
  Charlotte fires men's hoops coach
  Kansas looms large in the Midwest
  Duke, Big East highlight South
  Kentucky garners No. 1 seed in the East
  Syracuse-Vermont rematch highlights West
  Seton Hall removes Mitchell from basketball team
  George Mason, Harvard to play in postseason tournament
  Oregon State part of CBI
  Turner leads Ohio State to Big Ten title with rout of Gophers
Sunday, March 14, 2010
  Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, Syracuse gain top seeds
  No. 2 Stanford wins Pac-10 title by downing UCLA
  North Carolina among NIT field
  Duke claims record 18th ACC title
  Kentucky survives Mississippi State in OT for 26th SEC crown
  Temple tops Richmond to win A-10 crown, gets NCAA bid
  ACC title game pits Blue Devils against Yellow Jackets
  Wildcats and Bulldogs square off for SEC crown
  Buckeyes battle streaking Golden Gophers for Big Ten title
  A-10 title up for grabs as Owls take on Spiders
  UC Santa Barbara drops Long Beach State in Big West final
  Butler's layup helps West Virginia take first Big East title
  Houston Baptist takes inaugural Great West title
Saturday, March 13, 2010
  Arkansas-Pine Bluff wins SWAC title for first NCAA bid
  Huskies edge Cal to take Pac-10 crown
  Ohio upends Akron in OT, gains MAC's automatic bid
  San Diego State handles UNLV in MWC title game
  No. 2 Stanford handles Cal, on to Pac-10 final
  Kansas captures Big 12 title with third win over K-State
  Kentucky dominates Tennessee to reach SEC title game
  Yellow Jackets hold off NC State to make ACC final
  Minnesota crushes Purdue to reach Big Ten final
  Vermont takes America East title with win over BU
  Temple crushes Rhode Island in A-10 semis
  Richmond reaches first A-10 title game since 2002
  Sam Houston State wins Southland, goes to NCAA Tournament
  Houston steals NCAA bid with upset of UTEP in C-USA final
  Turner, Buckeyes drop Illini in 2-OT to reach Big Ten final
  Mississippi State downs Vandy, heads back to SEC final
  No. 4 Duke weathers Hurricanes to gain ACC final
  Texas A&M deals Nebraska first loss in Big 12 semis
  Bears capture second straight MEAC title
  Lumberjacks look to cut down Bearkats in Southland title game
  49ers aim for record fifth Big West title against top-seeded Gauchos
  Utah State and New Mexico State battle for WAC supremacy
  Tigers and Golden Lions collide for SWAC crown
  Spiders attempt to snare Musketeers in A-10 semifinals
  Pac-10 title up for grabs in Los Angeles
  Rebels and Aztecs seek MWC crown in Sin City
  Boilermakers and Golden Gophers meet in Big Ten semifinals
  Bears set sights on Bulldogs in MEAC title game
  Bobcats battle Zips for Mid-American Conference crown
  Big Ten semifinals feature Buckeyes against Illini
  Jayhawks and Wildcats collide for Big 12 title
  Huskies and Coyotes square off for first-ever Great West title
  Hoyas and Mountaineers square off for Big East crown
  Rams and Owls square off in A-10 semifinals
  Cougars and Miners duke it out for C-USA crown
  Commodores and Bulldogs do battle is SEC Tournament semifinals
  SEC Tournament showdown pits Volunteers against Wildcats
  Top-seeded Duke faces upstart Miami in ACC semifinals
  Terriers and Catamounts clash in America East title tilt
  UNLV knocks off BYU to reach Mountain West title game
  UNLV knock offs BYU to reach Mountain West title game
  Turner's heave beats buzzer as Buckeyes survive Michigan
  Aztecs shock Lobos, gain berth in MWC final
  Minnesota upends No. 11 Michigan State, gains Big Ten semis
  Vandy downs Georgia in SEC QFs
  Lehigh tops Lafayette for Patriot League title
  West Virginia survives again to reach Big East final
  Wildcats set up rematch with Kansas in Big 12 title game
  Collins, Kansas blow past Texas A&M in second half
Friday, March 12, 2010
  Georgia Tech downs Maryland to reach ACC semis, boost resume
  Monroe Doctrine: Hoyas dominate paint to reach Big East final
  Moore and Purdue down Northwestern in Big Ten quarters
  Holloway leads Xavier over Dayton in A-10 quarterfinals
  Onuaku day-to-day with right quadriceps injury
  UTEP dispatches Tulsa to gain C-USA final
  Iowa State's Brackins to enter draft
  Duke uses late surge to fend off Virginia in ACC quarters
  Tisdale helps Illinois edge Wisconsin in Big Ten quarters
  Stanford women drop Arizona, gain Pac-10 semis
  Wall, Kentucky withstand tough test from Alabama
  Tennessee moves on in SEC Tournament
  Owls top Bonnies to start quest for A-10 three-peat
  Nebraska beats K-State in Big 12 tourney to remain unbeaten
  Corliss Williamson takes over at Central Arkansas
  Auburn dismisses Lebo
  Boise State's Greg Graham out as head coach
  Lafayette and Lehigh renew rivalry in Patriot League title tilt
  Blue Devils hope to avoid upset in ACC tourney clash with Cavs
  Baylor beats Texas again, advances in Big 12 tourney
  Fredette scores 43 as BYU tops TCU in MWC QFs
  K-State tops OSU, moves into Big 12 semis
  UTEP cruises past UCF into C-USA semifinals
  Bank On It: Butler's three at the buzzer lifts WVU over Cincy
Thursday, March 11, 2010
  Irish advance to Big East semifinals with win over Pitt
  Report: Calhoun, Huskies close to contract extension
  Cross resigns at Toldeo
  UC Irvine hoops coach will not return
  New Mexico wins 15th straight, advances in MWC tourney
  Aggies top Nebraska, No. 1 Kansas up next in Big 12 semis
  Volunteers vault past LSU into SEC quarterfinals
  Marquette trumps 'Nova to reach Big East semis
  Kansas topples Texas Tech for milestone win
  Hoyas knock off top-seeded Orange in Big East
  Onuaku injures knee in Syracuse loss
  Storm re-sign Jackson to multi-year deal
  Silver Stars acquire Snow from Atlanta
  Hoyas knocked top-seeded Orange in Big East
  Report: Roberts out at St. John's
  Surging Irish set sights on Panthers in tournament play
  Wildcats and Golden Eagles square off in Big East Tourney
  Orange and Hoyas clash in Big East quarterfinals
  Mountaineers and Bearcats collide in quarterfinal action
  Cornhuskers battle Red Raiders in Big 12 Tournament action
  Vols open SEC Tournament against hapless Tigers
  Longhorns and Bears meet in Big 12 Tournament
  Miners open C-USA Tournament play against Knights
  TCU seeks upset of BYU in Mountain West quarterfinals
  Falcons face tall task in Mountain West Tourney tilt with Lobos
  No. 1 Kansas begins Big 12 Tournament play against Texas Tech
  Cowboys tangle with Wildcats in Big 12 quarterfinals
  Johnson carries Montana past Weber State for Big Sky title
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
  Robert Morris wins second straight Northeast Conference title
  G'Town crushes South Florida to advance in Big East tourney
  Silver Stars re-sign G Crossley
  WNBA's Shock signs Marion Jones
  Syracuse, Michigan headline 2010 Legends Classic lineup
  Montana and Weber State duke it out for Big Sky title
  Hoyas and Bulls collide in Big East Tourney
  Robert Morris battles Quinnipiac for NEC crown
  Big East champs again: UConn women pull away from WVU
  North Texas takes Sun Belt championship
  Butler takes Horizon League crown in rout
  Oakland punches NCAA tourney ticket
Tuesday, March 09, 2010
  FDU removes interim tag from Vetrone
  Spartans' Allen to miss Big Ten tourney opener
  UL-Lafayette to look for new men's hoops coach
  2010 Western Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Big Ten Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Southeastern Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Mountain West Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Pac-10 Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Big West Conference Tournament Preview
  IUPUI and Oakland collide for Summit League title
  Bulldogs battle Raiders for Horizon League crown
  North Texas takes on Troy in Sun Belt title tilt
  2010 Conference USA Tournament Preview
  2010 Big 12 Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  Siena captures third straight MAAC title
  Old Dominion takes down William & Mary for CAA title
  Wofford beats Appalachian State, earns first NCAA berth
  UConn gets record 71st straight win
Monday, March 08, 2010
  West Virginia downs Rutgers, moves on to Big East final
  St. Mary's upsets No. 18 Gonzaga for WCC title
  Siena captures third straight MAA title
  No. 5 Xavier escapes in OT to win A-10 title
  Seattle University's Garcia to declare for NBA Draft
  Hawaii fires men's basketball coach Nash
  On College Basketball: Our version of awards night
  Albany hoops coach Patterson resigns
  Huskies continue run atop women's poll
  Pitt, Texas, Maryland and Illinois to play in Coaches vs. Cancer
  Kansas returns to top spot in hoops poll
  UMass to seek new women's hoops coach
  2010 Big East Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Great West Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Southland Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Preview
  Mountaineers battle Terriers for SoCon title
  Stags and Saints meet in MAAC championship game
  Gaels and Zags duke it out for West Coast Conference crown
  Tribe take on Monarchs for CAA title
  Gray, Gonzaga advance to WCC tourney final
  Leuer and Taylor lead Wisconsin over Illinois
Sunday, March 07, 2010
  West Virginia advances to Big East semis with win over DePaul
  Xavier edges Charlotte to reach A-10 tourney final
  Chappell out as coach at Central Arkansas
  Lady Vols down Kentucky for SEC title
  Morgan, Spartans earn share of Big Ten title with rout of Michigan
  Kentucky fends off Gators to wrap up perfect season at home
  Lavender leads Ohio State to Big Ten title
  Duke downs N.C. State for ACC title
  Northern Iowa claims second straight MVC crown
  UConn crushes Syracuse to tie record
  Irish reach Big East semis with win over St. John's
  K-State signs Martin to contract extension
  Lions battle Zags in WCC Tournament semifinals
  SEC showdown pits Gators against Wildcats
  Shockers battle Panthers for MVC Tournament crown
  Illinois welcomes No. 15 Wisconsin to Champaign
  Spartans can claim share of Big Ten title with win over Wolverines
  Temple downs George Washington to grab share of A-10 title
  Murray State captures OVC title with win over Morehead State
  Buckeyes top Wisconsin in Big Ten semifinals
  Duke dominates North Carolina to clinch share of ACC title
Saturday, March 06, 2010
  UTEP clips UAB to finish season on 14-game win streak
  No. 12 Butler reaches Horizon final
  BYU trounces TCU to end season on high note
  Vols start strong in win over Mississippi State
  Cyclones shock Kansas State in Big 12 finale
  Winthrop wins Big South
  ETSU wins Atlantic Sun for second straight year
  No. 4 Tennessee downs Vandy to move to SEC final
  Lady Blue Devils reach ACC finals after win over GT
  Phillips helps Xavier fend off Richmond
  No. 25 Xavier downs St. Bonaventure to gain share of A-10 title
  No. 25 Xavier downs St. Bonaventure
  Dunn leads Baylor over Texas; Bears clinch No. 3 seed
  Purdue downs PSU, captures share of Big Ten title
  Freeman returns to lead Hoyas to easy win over Bearcats
  Pitt routs Rutgers to close out regular season
  Vasquez leads the Terps past the Cavaliers
  Kuric unlikely hero as Cardinals top No. 1 Syracuse
  Butler does it as No. 10 WVU shades No. 9 'Nova in OT
  Stanford finishes off perfect Pac-10 slate
  Purdue downs PSU, captures share of Big 10 title
  Downey sparks South Carolina's road win over Vandy
  Aggies victorious over Sooners in Norman
  Kansas downs rival Mizzou
  Virginia suspends Landesberg for duration of season
  Griffin leads perfect 'Huskers to record-setting win
  Freeman returns for Georgetown
  Notre Dame routs Louisville in Big East tourney
  2010 Mid-American Conference Tournament Preview
  Tar Heels try to salvage season in bout with hated Blue Devils
  Louisville closes Freedom Hall against top-ranked Syracuse
  Hoyas host Bearcats to close out regular season
  Aggies and Sooners meet in Big 12 action
  Beat Colonials and Owls will grab at least a share of A-10 title
  Xavier has sights set on A-10 title
  BYU hopes to pick up head of steam heading into postseason
  C-USA clash pits Blazers against Miners
  West Virginia visits Villanova in clash of ranked Big East foes
  Vols head to Starkville to challenge Bulldogs
  Commodores close regular season against visiting Gamecocks
  Rutgers visits No. 17 Pittsburgh in regular-season finale
  Butler battles Milwaukee in Horizon League Tournament semifinals
  Terps can claim at least a share of ACC crown with win over Cavs
  Kansas and Missouri put wraps on regular season
  Purdue can claim share of Big Ten title with win at Penn State
  Coastal Carolina hosts Winthrop in Big South title game
  Racers and Eagles meet in OVC title tilt
  Bears and Bucs battle for Atlantic Sun Tournament title
  Cyclones likely to feel wrath of ornery Wildcats
  Scruggs will not return for Gardner-Webb
Friday, March 05, 2010
  Ohio State fends off Illinois in Big Ten quarters
  Boston College upsets No. 8 FSU in ACC tourney
  Cornell clinches Ivy League, first team into NCAA Tournament
  Lady Vols rout Ole Miss in SEC quarters
  Duke holds on down the stretch to edge Maryland
  2010 Big Sky Conference Tournament Preview
  Gibbs' buzzer-beater lifts Pitt over Providence
  Michigan State holds on to top Penn State
Thursday, March 04, 2010
  Baylor's Griner suspended two games for landing punch
  Baylor's Griner suspended one game, maybe more
  Duke heads field for College Basketball Experience
  Report: Georgetown's Freeman has diabetes
  Big East action pits Panthers against Friars
  Spartans and Nittany Lions collide in East Lansing
  2010 Summit League Tournament Preview
  2010 America East Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Southern Conference Tournament Preview
  Davies, BYU handle Utah
  Wildcats top Georgia, gain share of SEC title
  Baylor's Griner throws haymaker, gets ejected
  Tied at the top: Maryland upends No. 4 Duke
  New Mexico wraps up MWC title with win over TCU
  Moore paces Purdue over Hoosiers
  Aggies turn back Cowboys
  Wisconsin wins big over Iowa
Wednesday, March 03, 2010
  No. 3 Nebraska handles Kansas
  Jayhawks rebound to knock off K-State in top-five clash
  Balanced attack helps Vols get past Arkansas
  Temple holds on against Saint Louis
  McLean, Xavier crush Fordham
  2010 West Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Sun Belt Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Sun Belt Tournament Preview
  2010 Northeast Conference Tournament Preview
  Owls hope to keep pace in A-10 title race
  Kentucky seeks return to win column on road against Georgia
  Boilermakers limp down home stretch, host Hoosiers tonight
  Hogs and Vols duke it out in Knoxville
  It's first vs. worst in the Atlantic 10
  Lobos set sights on Mountain West title
  No. 14 BYU hits road to battle bitter rival Utah
  No. 23 Aggies welcome Cowboys to College Station
  Big Ten battle on tap in Madison
  Terps take on Blue Devils in crucial ACC matchup
  Top-five foes collide in Lawrence in Big 12 battle
  'Nova gets back on winning track by clipping Bearcats
  OSU locks up share of Big Ten title
  Gonzaga ends regular season with win over Roadrunners
  JaMychal Green suspended from Crimson Tide basketball team
Tuesday, March 02, 2010
  Syracuse clinches Big East title
  Vanderbilt stays in SEC hunt with win over Florida
  Culpepper helps Miners clinch C-USA title
  Baylor pulls away from Texas Tech
  Oklahoma's Warren set for season-ending surgery
  Eastern Washington gives Earlywine contract extension
  Oregon State extends hoops coach Robinson
  2010 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Atlantic Sun Tournament Preview
  2010 Colonial Athletic Association Tournament Preview
  Commodores and Gators collide in Gainesville
  Top-ranked Orange continue Big East run against Red Storm
  Bears meet Red Raiders in Big 12 battle
  No. 6 Ohio State plays for Big Ten title against Illinois
  Zags close out regular season against Roadrunners
  Miners set sights on C-USA crown
  Struggling Wildcats seek turnaround in Queen City
Monday, March 01, 2010
  UConn closes in on record; Charles reaches milestone
  Syracuse's second half defense sparks upset of No. 7 West Virginia
  Butler leads WVU over Hoyas
  UConn still a unanimous No. 1
  Wagner fires head men's basketball coach Deane
  On College Basketball: Moving week for NCAA bids
  Georgetown's Freeman sidelined with virus
  Syracuse vaults to top spot in hoops poll
  2010 Patriot League Tournament Preview
  2010 Big South Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Preview
  2010 Horizon League Tournament Preview
  Longhorns hope to right ship in revenge game with Sooners
  Hoyas visit Mountaineers in Big East showdown
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  Pennt State powers past Irish to advance to NIT title game
  Jerrells, Dunn help Baylor down Aztecs, reach NIT final
  Old Dominion edges Bradley to take tourney
  Huskies charge into the Final Four
  Missouri retains Anderson with new seven-year deal
  Report: Calipari headed to Kentucky
  Bennett named new Virginia hoops coach
  Monarchs and Braves meet for Tournament title
  Calipari to Kentucky?
  Bennett leaves Washington State for Virginia job
  Oregon State takes Game 1 of CBI title series
  Appel elevates Stanford to Final Four
Monday, March 30, 2009
  Cardinals fly into first Final Four
  Florida's Calathes to test NBA waters
  Report: Virginia hires Bennett as hoops coach
  Georgetown F Summers declares for draft
  Oklahoma's Griffin captures Robertson Trophy
  Beavers host Miners to open CBI Championship Series
  Oklahoma cruises past Pitt on way to Elite Eight
Sunday, March 29, 2009
  Purdue downs Rutgers, moves on
  Tar Heels win 100th NCAA tourney game in rout of Oklahoma
  Seth Curry to transfer to Duke
  Spartans crash Big East party, dominate top-seeded Louisville
  ASU advances to the Elite Eight with win over Aggies
  UConn remains perfect with win over Cal
  Elon names Matheny new hoops coach
  Sooners and Tar Heels meet in Elite Eight
  Spot in Final Four up for grabs as Cardinals collide with Spartans
  Appel applies pressure in Stanford win
  Lacey's long ball lifts Iowa State
  Louisville overwhelms Baylor in Sweet 16
Saturday, March 28, 2009
  Reynolds' bucket sends Pittsburgh home, 'Nova to Detroit
  Walker powers UConn over Mizzou, into Final Four
  Michigan State's Morgan to play Sunday despite broken nose
  Coleman carries Maryland into Elite Eight
  Mizzou battles UConn for right to move to Final Four
  Big East rivals square off with Final Four bid on line
  Louisville subdues Arizona to reach Elite Eight
  Oklahoma powers past Syracuse into Elite Eight
  Laying down the Lawson: UNC routs Gonzaga to reach Elite Eight
  Michigan State erases 13-point deficit to dethrone Kansas
  Michigan State erases 13-point defecit to dethrone Kansas
Friday, March 27, 2009
  Grant leaves VCU to coach basketball at Alabama
  Report: Grant leaves VCU to coach basketball at Alabama
  Kentucky Blue: Gillispie out after two years
  Tennessee State names Cooper as basketball coach
  Arizona takes on Louisville for right to move to Elite Eight
  Orange and Sooners duke it out in Sweet 16 matchup
  Zags and Heels mix it up in Memphis
  Sweet 16 clash pits Jayhawks against Spartans
  Late flurry by Fields pushes Pitt past Xavier
  Missouri: The Elite Tigers; Memphis' 27-game win streak snapped
  Villanova sets up rematch with Pitt after thrashing Duke
  Huskies never trail in earning Elite status, down Purdue
Thursday, March 26, 2009
  Oregon hires Westhead as women's basketball coach
  Mercury acquire G Johnson from Sparks
  Ohio State C Mullens to enter NBA draft
  Sweet 16 matchup features Huskies against Boilermakers
  Memphis and Missouri meet in Sweet 16
  Villanova and Duke square off in Sweet 16 matchup
  Xavier takes on Pittsburgh for right to advance to Elite Eight
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
  NC Central elevates Moton to head coach
  Around College Basketball: A big thanks to Magic and Bird
  Report: UConn violated NCAA recruiting rules
  Sooners sail into Sweet 16
  Baylor bounces Jackrabbits out of tournament
  Cyclones sweep away Ball State in NCAA Tournament
  Cardinals fly past LSU
  Michigan State deals Duke a stunning loss
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
  Texas A&M sends Minnesota packing in NCAA tourney
  Terps terminate Utah in tourney
  Huskies hustle Florida out of postseason
  Seth Curry to transfer from Liberty
  UNC's Lawson expects to play against Gonzaga
  Can't Beat the Chalk
  A-10 Championship to remain in Atlantic City
  Vanderbilt outlast Kansas State to advance to Sweet 16
  Cal cruises into Sweet 16
  Pittsburgh fights off pesky Gonzaga squad
  Stanford crushes San Diego State as expected
Monday, March 23, 2009
  Purdue upsets North Carolina to advance to Sweet 16
  Sun Devils scorch Seminoles in second round
  Rutgers pounds Auburn to advance to Sweet 16
  Columbus crowd watches Ohio State advance
  Costner, Ferguson will not return to NC State
  Kansas' Self named USBWA Coach of the Year
  Baylor survives Roadrunners in OT
  Cardinals send Lady Vols home early
  Louisville coasts into second round
  Jackets sting Hawkeyes
Sunday, March 22, 2009
  Hightower's career night lifts Tigers
  Jackrabbits trounce Horned Frogs
  Oklahoma rolls past Prairie View A&M
  Three-point barrage leads Cyclones in rout
  Siena puts up fight, fades down stretch vs. top-seeded Louisville
  Aldrich posts triple-double, Kansas rolls past Dayton
  Arizona cruises past Cleveland State and into Sweet 16
  Missouri fends off Marquette, reaches Sweet 16
  Spartans conquer Trojans, continue on to Sweet 16
  Marquette's James cleared to return
  Pitt avoids another scare; uses late surge to pull away from Cowboys
  How sweet it is for Xavier; Musketeers down Badgers
  Gators outlast Temple to advance
  Quick start propels Minnesota past ND
  Duke too much for Austin Peay
  Toliver, Terps too much for Dartmouth
  Opportunistic Aggies rout Evansville
  Top-seeded Huskies cruise into second round
  Utes put the clamps on 'Nova to advance
  Late surge lifts Spartans over Middle Tennessee
  Not So Hard: Syracuse advances to Sweet 16
  No. 1 Louisville to try and avoid upset at hands of Siena
  Marquette and Missouri mix it up for spot in Sweet 16
  Trojans battle Spartans in quest to join Sweet 16
  Trip to Sweet 16 at stake in clash between Badgers and Musketeers
  Pokes and Panthers square off in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Sun Devils to try and squeeze Orange out of NCAA Tournament
  Jayhawks continue title defense in clash with Flyers
  Cleveland State battles Arizona with trip to Sweet 16 on line
  Stanford advances with easy victory
  Aztecs storm into next round with win over DePaul
  Zags pull off upset to advance to next round
  Cavs come from behind to advance to second round play
  Wildcats claw past Drexel into next round
  Cal advances with strong showing against Fresno State
  Gonzaga beats Western Kentucky in wild finish
  Panthers advance after pouncing on Montana
  Strong defense helps Vandy move on
  Lawson starts against LSU
Saturday, March 21, 2009
  Henderson helps Duke fend off Texas
  Wildcats pick apart Bruins, advance to Sweet 16
  Widcats pick apart Bruins, advance to Sweet 16
  Lawson returns to score 23, lead Tar Heels past Tigers
  Griffin helps Sooners beat Wolverines, reach Sweet 16
  Johnson helps Purdue edge Washington
  Calhoun back on bench as UConn routs Texas A&M
  Memphis recovers from tough first-round game to pound Maryland
  Rutgers takes down VCU to advance
  Buckeyes outlast Sacred Heart to move on
  Purdue knocks off Charlotte to advance
  Seminoles advance to second round
  Calhoun back on the bench for UConn
  Tigers cruise past Lehigh
  11th-seeded Lady Bulldogs upset Texas
  North Carolina avoids upset, beats UCF
  Strong Defense leads Arizona State over Georgia
  Purdue and Washington meet in West Regional clash
  Terps and Tigers tangle in second-round action
  Wolverines and Sooners do battle in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Hilltoppers challenge Bulldogs for right to advance to Sweet 16
  Tigers try to trip up Tar Heels in South Regional tussle
  Aggies seek upset of top-seeded Huskies
  Longhorns face Blue Devils in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Bruins and Wildcats square off in Philly
  Moore's three lifts Siena over Ohio State in second overtime
  Suton leads Michigan State in rout of Robert Morris
  Wise choice: Arizona advances with win over Utah
  Hughes leads Wisconsin past FSU in OT
  Bracket buster: Cleveland State routs Wake Forest
  Xavier gets balanced attack in win over Portland State
  Top-seeded Louisville pulls away to beat Morehead State
  Gibson perfect from field as USC tops BC
Friday, March 20, 2009
  Pitt uses late surge to fend off ETSU
  Monarchs acquire C/F Farris from Mercury in three-player deal
  Glasser leads Sun Devils over Owls in South Region
  Mizzou pulls away to thwart Cornell, advance
  The Wright stuff: Dayton upends West Virginia
  Kansas sneaks past North Dakota State to open title defense
  Eaton's late heroics lifts Oklahoma State past Tennessee
  Marquette edges Utah State in NCAA opener
  Syracuse cuts down Lumberjacks
  Calhoun released from hospital
  Trojans try to clip Eagles in NCAA Tournament first-round action
  Robert Morris huge underdog in tourney clash with Michigan State
  Badgers take on Seminoles in Boise
  Vols and Pokes mix it up in Dayton
  Lumberjacks try to chop down Orange in South Regional matchup
  NCAA Tournament first-round action pits Utah State against Marquette
  Temple battles Arizona State in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Saints hope to march past Buckeyes
  Jayhawks begin national title defense with bout against Bison
  Louisville begins quest for national title against Morehead State
  Flyers face Mountaineers in Minneapolis
  Vikings challenge Demon Deacons in Miami
  Cornell faces daunting task in NCAA Tournament clash with Missouri
  Wildcats try to claw way past Utes in Midwest Regional action
  Pilots try to navigate way past Musketeers in NCAA Tournament
  Bucs seek upset of top-seeded Panthers
  Western Kentucky hangs on to upend Illinois
  UCLA survives VCU, advances to second round
  Sooners roll over Morgan State in first-round blowout
  Scheyer leads Duke past Binghamton
  Gonzaga's second half surge good enough to top Akron
  Abrams hits eight from downtown to lead Texas over Minnesota
  'Nova survives early scare to down American
  Harris helps Michigan hold off Clemson
Thursday, March 19, 2009
  Pondexter helps Washington take down Mississippi State
  UConn pummels Chattanooga without Calhoun
  Maryland pulls away late to get by Cal
  Purdue staves off late Northern Iowa surge
  Tar Heels advance with rout of Radford
  LSU holds off Butler to capture NCAA tourney opener
  UConn without Calhoun for NCAA Tournament opener
  Texas A&M continues BYU's tournament misery
  Memphis survives scare from Cal State-Northridge
  Coles agrees to extension with RedHawks
  Illini and Hilltoppers meet up in Portland
  Bruins butt heads with Rams in East Regional matchup
  Cougars collide with Aggies in City of Brotherly Love
  Tar Heels begin Final Four quest with Radford
  Boilermakers and Panthers meet in West Regional first-round action
  Sooners begin tournament play in Kansas City against Bears
  Bulldogs travel to Pacific Northwest to battle Huskies
  Texas and Minnesota meet in East Regional
  Tigers and Wolverines set for South Regional clash
  Red-hot Tigers open tournament play against Matadors
  UConn meets Chattanooga in Philly
  Bulldogs take on Tigers in South Regional action
  Blue Devils battle Bearcats in Greensboro
  Nova hopes for some home cooking against Eagles
  Zips and Zags clash in Portland
  Terps tangle with Golden Bears in West Regional action
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
  Williams: "Huge probability" Lawson will not play
  Number One Seeds in Peril?
  Tourney '09: Breaking Down the Brackets
  Morehead State moves on to face Louisville
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
  Tar Heels' Lawson may miss NCAA tourney opener
  NCAA Tournament begins with Eagles and Hornets in Dayton
  Fancher resigns at Appalachian State
  Smith out at Oregon
  Lady Vols get No. 5 seed -- lowest ever for NCAA Tournament
Monday, March 16, 2009
  He's history: Virginia's Leitao resigns as men's hoops coach
  Around College Basketball: No room for the little guys
  Huskies finish atop women's hoops poll
  Partin to transfer from La Salle
  Louisville tops final men's hoops poll
  North Carolina tries to capture fifth NCAA championship
  Panthers head East Bracket
  UConn and Memphis tops in the West
  Louisville tops Midwest Region
  Big East domination: UConn, Pitt, Louisville among top seeds
  JMU, Liberty part of new college tournament
  Charleston, Nevada part of CBI field
Sunday, March 15, 2009
  Florida, Auburn among top seeds for NIT
  NCAA Top-25 Basketball Game Capsules
  Duke knocks off FSU, takes home another ACC crown
  Purdue holds off Ohio State for Big Ten title
  Mississippi State takes SEC crown by topping Tennessee
  Stephen F. Austin beats Texas-San Antonio, clinches Southland title
  Lumberjacks and Roadrunners clash for Southland supremacy
  Duke meets Florida State for ACC crown
  Buckeyes battle Boilermakers for Big Ten title
  SEC title up for grabs, as Bulldogs take on Vols
  CS-Northridge edges Pacific in OT to capture Big West
  Orange squeezed: Cardinals win Big East tourney
  Utah State earns first conference title with rout of Nevada
  Missouri tops Baylor to capture first Big 12 crown
  Akron beats Buffalo to claim MAC championship, earn tourney bid
Saturday, March 14, 2009
  Alabama State trumps Jackson State for SWAC title
  Hackett leads huge rally; USC tops Arizona State for Pac-10 title
  Christmas leads Temple to second straight A-10 title
  Ohio State moves to Big Ten title game with upset over Spartans
  Memphis downs Tulsa to win 4th straight C-USA Tournament title
  Utah edges San Diego State to win MWC title
  Morgan State captures MEAC
  Purdue advances to Big Ten final with win over Illinois
  Duke dumps Maryland to reach ACC final
  Tennessee tops Auburn to reach SEC final
  Seminoles down No. 1 UNC, advance to first-ever ACC final
  Mississippi State downs No. 20 LSU, gains SEC final
  Binghamton tops UMBC for AEC crown and first NCAA bid
  Illini and Boilermakers collide in Big Ten semifinal round
  Spartans set sights on Buckeyes in Big Ten semifinals
  Bearcats and Retrievers hook up in AEC Final
  Aggies clash with Wolf Pack for WAC title
  Tigers and Bears battle for Big 12 championship
  Duke and Maryland meet in ACC semifinal round
  Tar Heels and Seminoles battle in ACC semifinals
  Cardinals and Orange clash in Big East Final
  Bulldogs meet Tigers in SEC semifinals
  Pac-10 title up for grabs, as Trojans take on Sun Devils
  Aztecs and Utes collide in Sin City for MWC crown
  Tigers in familiar territory, take on Tulsa for C-USA crown
  Matadors tangle with Tigers for Big West supremacy
  Temple and Duquesne duke it out in A.C.
  MEAC title up for grabs, as Bears take on Spartans
  Tigers and Hornets meet for SWAC championship
  Bulls battle Zips in MAC Title Game
  Around College Basketball: A tale of two tourneys
  Around College Basketball: March Madness, a national holiday?
  Maryland upends Wake Forest to reach ACC semifinals
  Trojans march into Pac-10 title game, sack UCLA
  Missouri downs Oklahoma State, into Big 12 final
  Wade helps San Diego State advance past No. 25 BYU
  ASU tops Washington in physical Pac-10 semifinal
  Memphis rolls past Houston, into C-USA final
  Working OT again: Syracuse bests WVU
  Purdue powers past Penn State to reach Big Ten semifinals
  Duke slides past Boston College into ACC semis
Friday, March 13, 2009
  Louisville downs Villanova to reach Big East final
  Owls oust Xavier to reach another A-10 title game
  Thanks to Kitchen, No. 22 Florida State tops Georgia Tech
  Without Lawson, UNC survives Hokie scare
  American routs Holy Cross, punches ticket to the Big Dance
  Spartans through to Big Ten semis after defeating Gophers
  Thornton leads LSU over Kentucky, into SEC semis
  Lawson sits for Carolina's ACC opener
  Terps and Deacs duke it out in ACC quarterfinals
  Golden Gophers challenge Spartans in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Houston battles Memphis for right to play for C-USA title
  Yellow Jackets take on Seminoles in ACC Tournament
  Sun Devils tangle with Huskies for right to play for Pac-10 title
  Eagles hope to soar past Blue Devils in ACC Tournament action
  Cat fight in Tampa, as Kentucky battles LSU in SEC tourney
  Orange may lack juice needed to advance to Big East title tilt
  Wildcats and Cardinals fight for spot in Big East title game
  Top-ranked Tar Heels face upset-minded Hokies in ACC Tournament
  Missouri tries to avoid being latest upset victim in Big 12 tourney
  Penn State seeks upset of Purdue in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Temple and Xavier mix it up in A-10 semis
  Aztecs and Cougars meet in Mountain West semifinals
  Trojans and Bruins renew rivalry in Pac-10 semifinals
  American hosts Holy Cross in Patriot League title tilt
  Syracuse tops UConn in 6-OT epic
  Ebanks, West Virginia down Pitt
  Collison propels UCLA past Washington State
  Carroll helps Missouri pull away from Texas Tech
  Anderson's free throws give OSU win over No. 6 Oklahoma
  Memphis pulls away from Tulane in C-USA quarters
Thursday, March 12, 2009
  Georgia Tech sends Clemson packing in ACC tourney
  Brockman leads Washington over Stanford in Pac-10 quarterfinal
  BYU triumphs over Air Force in MWC QFs
  ASU puts Arizona's NCAA tourney streak in jeopardy
  Baylor shocks Kansas in Big 12 quarterfinals
  'Nova edges Marquette in Garden thriller
  Clark leads Louisville past Providence
  Nutt named Southeast Missouri basketball coach
  Sparks ink veteran forward Tina Thompson
  Xavier advances to A-10 semis with easy win over Billikens
  UNC, Syracuse, Cal, Ohio State to play in Coaches vs. Cancer
  Big East quarterfinals pits Panthers against Mountaineers
  Tigers begin quest for fourth straight C-USA crown
  Huskies and Orange clash in Big Apple
  Bruins begin defense of tourney title against Cougars
  Huskies and Cardinal meet in Pac-10 quarters
  Cougars face Falcons in MWC Tournament quarterfinals
  Red Raiders challenge Tigers in Big 12 tourney quarterfinals
  Musketeers and Billikens tangle in A-10 quarterfinals
  Cardinals hope to soar past Friars in Big East Tournament action
  Tigers set sights on Yellow Jackets in ACC Tournament
  Sun Devils and Wildcats meet in quarterfinal action
  Cowboys and Sooners duke it out in Big 12 Tournament
  Villanova and Marquette square off in Big East Tournament
  Baylor battles Kansas in Big 12 Tourney quarterfinals
  Thomas' late dunk lifts Portland St. to Big Sky title
  Syracuse pulls away in second half to down Seton Hall
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
  Robert Morris wins NEC title in final seconds
  Boston University basketball coach Wolff fired
  No. 21 Marquette routs St. John's, ends slide
  2009 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Big Ten Conference Tournament Preview
  Bobcats and Vikings square off for Big Sky championship
  Colonials host Mountaineers in NEC title tilt
  St. John's and Marquette battle in Big East Tournament
  Orange face Pirates in Big East Tournament
  Put on your dancing shoes: WKU claims Sun Belt title
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
  Dancing on the Horizon: CSU clips Butler for automatic tourney bid
  Bison rumble into NCAA tourney behind first Summit League title
  UConn routs Louisville for Big East title
  2009 Southeastern Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Mountain West Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Pac-10 Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Southland Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Conference USA Tournament Preview
  2009 Big West Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Big 12 Conference Tournament Preview
  Sun Belt title game pits Jaguars against Hilltoppers
  Golden Grizzlies battle Bison for Summit League championship
  Butler hosts Cleveland State in Horizon League title tilt
  Gonzaga wins unprecedented 10th WCC Tournament title
  VCU captures CAA crown with rout of George Mason
Monday, March 09, 2009
  Saints marching on: Siena captures MAAC title
  Gonzaga wins unprecendented 10th WCC Tournament title
  Sheard leads Chattanooga to SoCon title
  Storm F Cash has back surgery
  Tar Heels take over top spot in men's hoops poll
  Elon commencing search for new head coach
  Lundy out as High Point coach
  UConn women remain at the top after unbeaten regular season
  2009 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Big East Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Western Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Mid-American Conference Tournament Preview
  Cougars and Mocs meet for SoCon crown
  Bulldogs seek WCC perfection against Gaels
  Purple Eagles and Saints set for MAAC Title Game
  Patriots and Rams butt heads for CAA title
  Northern Iowa outlasts Illinois State in OT, takes MVC title
  Daye, Gonzaga rout Santa Clara, reach WCC final
Sunday, March 08, 2009
  Wake Forest tops Clemson to gain No. 2 seed in ACC tourney
  UNC wraps up ACC crown with sweep of Duke
  No. 8 Spartans continue to roll, upend struggling Purdue
  No. 24 FSU gets by Virginia Tech
  Seminoles host Hokies in ACC matchup
  Boilermakers visit Spartans in clash of ranked Big Ten foes
  Tar Heels can claim outright ACC title with win over Blue Devils
  Clemson visits Wake Forest in key ACC clash
  Panthers battle Redbirds for MVC Tournament title
  Santa Clara challenges Gonzaga in WCC Tournament semifinals
  Louisville beats WVU to win Big East
  No. 3 Pitt downs No. 1 UConn
Saturday, March 07, 2009
  No. 22 Butler upends Wright State in conference tourney semis
  Morehead State prevails in double OT to capture Ohio Valley title
  Morehead edges Austin Peay in double OT to capture Ohio Valley title
  Pendergraph leads No. 21 Arizona State past Cal
  Anderson carries Richmond over No. 17 Xavier
  Red-hot Auburn upends No. 12 LSU
  No. 25 Syracuse downs No. 13 Marquette in overtime thriller
  Pac-10 power! Huskies capture regular season title
  Radford knocks off VMI to take Big South title
  Griffin's big game leads No. 4 Oklahoma past OK State
  Sloan helps Aggies upend No. 15 Mizzou
  Smith leads ETSU to Atlantic Sun title
  Collins leads No. 9 Kansas past Texas to Big 12 title
  No. 20 UCLA subdues Oregon
  Collins leads No. 9 Kansas past Texas
  Memphis caps unblemished C-USA schedule with win over Tulane
  Xavier can clinch outright A-10 title with win at Richmond
  Huskies sniffing around first outright league title since 1953
  Memphis takes aim at third straight perfect C-USA slate
  OVC title up for grabs in clash between Eagles and Governors
  Bruins cling to Pac-10 title hopes
  Butler hosts Wright State in Horizon League semis
  Big East brawl pits Orange against Golden Eagles
  Huskies visit Panthers in clash of Big East titans
  'Hawks host 'Horns in pivotal Big 12 showdown
  Golden Bears visit Sun Devils in Pac-10 action
  Buccaneers battle Dolphins for Atlantic Sun Tournament title
  Keydets and Highlanders square off in Big South title tilt
  Tigers in College Station to tangle with pesky Aggies
  LSU visits Auburn in regular season finale
  Sooner State rivals square off in Norman
  Cardinals hope to soar past Mountaineers in quest for Big East title
  Cornell marches on, captures Ivy League title
Friday, March 06, 2009
  Battle's late heroics lifts Nittany Lions past No. 23 Illinois
  Musketeers down Dayton to secure A-10 regular season title
  No. 20 UCLA crushes Oregon State
  Villanova powers past Providence
  Stanford downs slumping Sun Devils
Thursday, March 05, 2009
  Musketeers down Dayton in heated rivalry
  Richmond extends contracts of Mooney, Shafer
  SEC extends Slive's contract through 2012
  Stanford visits No. 21 Arizona State
  Wildats and Friars mix it up in Big East action
  Bruins host Beavers in Pac-10 tussle
  Nittany Lions seek upset of 23rd-ranked Fighting Illini
  Dayton visits Xavier in pivotal Atlantic 10 battle
  2009 West Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Colonial Athletic Association Tournament Preview
  2009 Big Sky Conference Tournament Preview
  No. 15 Mizzou defeats fourth-ranked Oklahoma, stays perfect at home
  Voskuil lifts Texas Tech past No. 9 Kansas
  No. 5 Memphis holds off Houston
  Vandy stuns No. 12 LSU
  No. 3 Pitt uses late surge to down No. 13 Marquette
Wednesday, March 04, 2009
  Northwestern rallies to shock Purdue
  Louisville slams Seton Hall to keep Big East title hopes alive
  UNC tops Virginia Tech, will face Duke for ACC crown
  2009 Summit League Tournament Preview
  2009 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  Wildcats and Boilermakers duke it out in Big Ten action
  Memphis continues quest for another perfect C-USA run
  Hokies host Heels in ACC tussle
  Golden Eagles visit Panthers in pivotal Big East matchup
  Sooners and Tigers mix it up in battle of ranked Big 12 foes
  Kansas can clinch Big 12 title with win at Texas Tech
  Cardinals need a win to keep pace in Big East title race
  SEC champs continue to fine tune their game
  Brockman leads No. 16 Washington past Seattle
  Washington's Pondexter leaves game, then returns
  No. 25 Syracuse rolls past Rutgers
  Bouldin leads Gonzaga in rout of SC-Upstate
  Teague lifts Wake Forest to comeback win over Maryland
  Henderson leads Duke past Florida State
Tuesday, March 03, 2009
  Washington's Pondexter leaves game
  No. 8 Michigan State claims Big Ten title with win over Indiana
  Booker boosts Clemson over Virginia
  Around College Basketball: It's tournament time
  2009 Northeast Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Sun Belt Tournament Preview
  2009 Atlantic Sun Tournament Preview
  2009 Patriot League Tournament Preview
  Gonzaga hosts USC Upstate in non-conference clash
  2009 Big South Conference Tournament Preview
  Terrapins seek upset of 10th-ranked Demon Deacons
  Tigers hope to claw way past visiting Cavaliers
  Local rivals collide, as Redhawks challenge 16th-ranked Huskies
  Seminoles battle Blue Devils in pivotal ACC showdown
  Scarlet Knights visit Orange in Big East action
  Spartans can claim outright Big Ten title with win over Hoosiers
Monday, March 02, 2009
  Reynolds keys 'Nova victory over Fighting Irish
  UConn posts unbeaten regular season with win over Rutgers
  UConn still unanimous No. 1
  UConn returns to top of men's hoops poll
  2009 Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Preview
  2009 Horizon League Tournament Preview
  Irish need to make their own luck against Wildcats
  Bears and 'Horns duke it out in Lone Star State showdown
Sunday, March 01, 2009
  Kansas routs Missouri, draws closer to fifth straight Big 12 title
  Spartans clinch share of Big Ten title with win over Illinois
  Without James, Marquette suffers setback at Louisville
  Golden Eagles visit Cardinals in pivotal Big East battle
  Illini host Spartans in clash of ranked Big Ten foes
  Hummel leads Purdue to rout of Ohio State
  FSU upends Clemson in battle of ranked ACC foes
  Gonzaga posts record third undefeated WCC campaign
  Top-ranked Pitt cruises past Seton Hall
  Collison scores 22, leads UCLA over Pac-10 foe Cal
Monday, March 31, 2008
  Tulsa beats Bradley in CBI championship series opener
  New Mexico, Alford agree on three-year extension
  Alford headed to New Mexico
  Report: Horn leaving Western Kentucky for South Carolina
  Bradley and Tulsa open up CBI Championship Series
  Tennessee moves on, as Notre Dame heads home
  Aggies cruise past Duke
Sunday, March 30, 2008
  Midnight strikes for Davidson: Kansas survives to make Final Four
  Memphis rolls over Longhorns for trip to Final Four
  Rutgers conquers Colonials
  Huskies hold off ODU
  Final Four bid up for grabs as Texas takes on Memphis
  Surprising Wildcats battle mighty Jayhawks in Elite Eight encounter
  Commodores collapse against Maryland
  Stanford wins standoff against Pitt
  Hansbrough, UNC power past Louisville to reach Final Four
  Love leads Bruins to third straight Final Four
Saturday, March 29, 2008
  Lady Tigers take down Oklahoma State
  TCU tabs Kent State's Christian as its next men's hoops coach
  Winona State comes back from down 16 to win D-II title
  Tar Heels cling to win over Louisville
  Xavier battles UCLA in Elite Eight matchup
  Cardinals challenge Tar Heels for right to move on to Final Four
  Tigers maul Spartans, advance to third straight Elite Eight
  Texas rolls past Stanford to reach Elite Eight
  Balanced attack helps Kansas dominate 'Nova, advance to Elite Eight
  Curry shines again as Davidson knocks off Wisconsin
Friday, March 28, 2008
  Lynx sign C Kerr
  Charlotte extends Lutz's contract
  Saint Peter's extends Dunne, DeWolfe through 2011
  Stanford battles Texas for right to head to Elite Eight
  Villanova faces uphill battle in Sweet 16 bout with Kansas
  Spartans and Tigers meet in Sweet 16 clash in Houston
  Wildcats and Badgers let the fur fly in Sweet 16 matchup
  Love powers top-seeded UCLA into Elite Eight
  Vols' offense stifled as Louisville cruises into Elite Eight
  Xavier Savior: Raymond lifts Musketeers past West Virginia in OT
  Hansbrough and Tar Heels advance to Elite Eight
Thursday, March 27, 2008
  Oklahoma gives Capel extension
  Ivory takes over at Pine Bluff
  Hoffman named Mercer's men's hoops coach
  West Regional action pits Musketeers against Mountaineers
  Top-seeded Tar Heels tangle with Cougars in Sweet 16
  Cardinals and Vols clash in Charlotte
  Bruins and Hilltoppers meet in Sweet 16
Wednesday, March 26, 2008
  Colorado State fires Warden as women's basketball coach
  Alabama's Hendrix to enter NBA Draft
  Cal fires men's hoops coach Braun after 12 seasons
  Hall of Fame Navy coach Carnevale dies
  Missouri State names Martin head coach
  Sooners downed in OT by Notre Dame
  Top-seeded North Carolina advances
  Terrapins cruise past Huskers
  Texas no match for UConn
  Lady Monarchs use extra frame to beat Virginia
  Louisville powers past Kansas State
  Duke holds off Arizona State
  Summitt earns 100th NCAA Tournament victory
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
  JMU names Brady men's basketball coach
  James Madison men's basketball coach Dillard resigns
  Rattlers part ways with Clark
  From 65 to 16
  Stanford stands tall against UTEP
  Rutgers runs by Iowa State
  Texas A&M goes above and beyond versus Hartford
  Vandy vaults past WVU
Monday, March 24, 2008
  Colonials conquer California
  Marist out-foxed by LSU
  Oklahoma State slips by Florida State in OT
  Baylor bows to Pittsburgh
  UCLA's Mbah a Moute has MRI on ankle
  Villanova's Drummond out for remainder of NCAA Tournament
  Cavaliers power past Gauchos
  Sun Devils pull away from Owls
  Tennessee trounces Oral Roberts
  Old Dominion coasts past Liberty
  Texas downs Minnesota in first round play
Sunday, March 23, 2008
  Duke dominates Murray State
  Connecticut crushes Cornell, moves on
  Purdue bounces Utah
  Memphis barely survives Mississippi St. to advance to Sweet 16
  Tar Heels hammer Arkansas, head to Sweet 16
  Texas holds on to beat Miami
  Tennessee overcomes Butler in OT
  Defensive domination: Louisville slams Sooners
  Curry spices up Davidson's comeback win over Georgetown
  Upon further review: UCLA 51, Texas A&M 49
  Saints go marching out: 'Nova stomps Siena's cinderella story
  Western Kentucky tops San Diego, reaches Sweet 16
  Louisville puts on shooting display in win over Miami-Ohio
  Georgia overcomes early deficit to knock off Iowa
  Notre Dame defeats SMU
  Maryland slips past Coppin State in first round action
  Tar Heels trounce Bucknell
  Oklahoma sends Illinois State packing
  Kansas State beats Chattanooga, moves on
  Nebraska holds on to beat Xavier
  Saints and Wildcats battle in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Sooners challenge Cardinals for spot in Sweet 16
  Davidson and Georgetown square off in Raleigh
  Butler challenges Tennessee in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Heels continue national title pursuit with bout against Hogs
  Toreros face Hilltoppers in unlikely second-round clash
  Bulldogs and Tigers meet in intriguing second-round matchup
  'Canes and 'Horns duke it out in effort to reach Sweet 16
  Vanderbilt cruises past Montana
  Stanford squeaks past Marquette in OT
  Texas-El Paso blows out Western Kentucky
  Lovely comeback: Bruins escape Aggies
  LSU hammers Jackson State
  Seminoles upset Buckeyes
  West Virginia tops New Mexico in thriller
  Stanford dominates Cleveland State
  Cowgirls beat Lady Bucs in first round
  Marist crushes DePaul to advance
  Spartans tame Panthers for Sweet 16 spot
Saturday, March 22, 2008
  West Virginia top New Mexico in thriller
  Hughes, Badgers send Beasley and K-State packing
  Wazzou dominates Notre Dame to reach Sweet 16
  Balanced Jayhawks charge into Sweet 16 with win over UNLV
  X marks the spot: Musketeers into Sweet 16
  Stanford coach Johnson ejected
  No luck this time: Duke bounced by West Virginia
  California downs San Diego in first round play
  Pittsburgh survives upset bid by Wyoming
  Colonials oust Tigers from NCAA Tournament
  Baylor handles Fresno State in first round action
  Hartford upends Syracuse
  Rutgers trounces Robert Morris, moves on
  Texas A&M coasts into second round
  Iowa State slips past Georgia Tech
  UConn's Price has torn ACL
  Rebels hope to run past Jayhawks and into Sweet 16
  Wildcats seek second straight upset as they take on Badgers
  Purdue takes on Xavier in NCAA Tournament second-round action
  Irish to try their luck against Cougars in East Regional action
  Marquette and Stanford duke it out in effort to reach Sweet 16
  Aggies and Bruins lock horns in fight to reach Sweet 16
  West Virginia and Duke tangle in second round of NCAA Tournament
  Spartans and Panthers meet in second round of NCAA Tournament
  San Diego shocks UConn
  UConn's Price leaves game with knee injury
  Hoyas ease past UMBC to set up meeting with Davidson
  Arkansas slices through Indiana to gain second round
  What a day! Nova upends Clemson to cap string of upsets in Tampa
  Top-seeded Memphis pounds Texas-Arlington
  Louisville dominates Boise State, cruises into second round
  Sooners hold off St. Joe's
  Upset City! Siena shocks Vandy
  Mississippi State rallies to down Oregon
Friday, March 21, 2008
  UNC moves to second round with pasting of Mount St. Mary's
  Idaho names Verlin coach
  Abrams catches fire as 'Horns send home Governors
  McClinton's big day powers 'Canes past St. Mary's
  Top that! Rogers buzzer-beater lifts Western Kentucky past Drake
  Curry's 40 helps Davidson rally past Gonzaga
  Campbell sharp from long range to lead Butler past South Alabama
  The American way: Vols survive and advance
  Cat fight in Tampa, as Villanova takes on Clemson
  Retrievers face uphill battle in clash with Hoyas
  Saints hope to march past Commodores in Midwest Regional action
  Davidson and Gonzaga square off in interesting first-round clash
  Drake rides wave of momentum into NCAA Tournament tilt with WKU
  Toreros seek first-round upset of Huskies
  Hawks hope to soar past Sooners in NCAA Tournament
  South Alabama and Butler tangle in first-round bout
  Top-seeded Tar Heels begin quest for national championship
  Broncos and Cardinals meet in NCAA Tournament East Regional
  Intriguing first-round matchup pits Razorbacks against Hoosiers
  American huge underdog in first-round game against Tennessee
  Mavericks face long odds in first-round bout with top-seeded Tigers
  Govs and 'Horns mix it up in NCAA Tournament first-round action
  Gaels battle 'Canes in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Oregon takes on Mississippi State in South Regional action
  Devil of a time: Henderson saves Duke from another first-round exit
  Love leads UCLA to 41-point win over Miss. Valley State
  Butch, Wisconsin knock off Cal State Fullerton to advance
  Mercury re-sign Taurasi
  West Virginia advances to second round with win over Arizona
  Notre Dame has no trouble with George Mason; advances to second round
  Cougars dominate second half to send Winthrop home
  Beasley, K-State topple USC in first round upset
Thursday, March 20, 2008
  Carter, Kirk carry Aggies past BYU and into round two
  Evans out as men's basketball coach at USF
  Inexperienced Purdue cruises past Baylor
  Stanford advances by clobbering Cornell
  Marquette sends Kentucky home
  Pitt cruises in first-round win over Oral Roberts
  Michigan State outlasts Temple in NCAA tourney
  UNLV knocks off Kent State in NCAA Tourney
  No bite left: Georgia's run ends with first-round loss to Xavier
  Kansas opens tourney with rout of Portland State
  Panthers set to pounce on Golden Eagles
  Top-seeded Bruins tangle with Delta Devils in Anaheim
  Jayhawks begin quest for national title against Vikings
  Golden Flashes set to run with Rebels
  Midwest Regional action features Wildcats against Trojans
  Badgers clash with Titans in Omaha
  East Regional action pits Cougars against Eagles
  Irish and Patriots set to collide in Denver
  Cougars and Aggies meet in first-round affair
  Musketeers tangle with resilient Bulldogs in West Regional
  Blue Devils open tournament play against Bruins
  Boilermakers battle Bears in West Regional action
  Arizona and West Virginia set to square off in D.C.
  Owls and Spartans meet in South Regional action in Denver
  Golden Eagles take on Wildcats in Anaheim
  Cardinal open tournament play against Big Red
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
  Seton Hall suspends Gonzalez for criticizing officials
  Brady lands at Arkansas State
  Tournament Teaser
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
  Mount St. Mary's wins opening-round game, draws No. 1 UNC next
  Mt. St. Mary's wins opening-round game, draws No. 1 UNC next
  San Diego extends Grier's contract
  Holt resigns at Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  Clemson extends Purnell through 2014
  Idaho fires Pfeifer
  Arkansas State set to name Brady new hoops coach
  Liberty sign Moore to extension
  NCAA Tournament opening round pits Mountaineers against Eagles
Monday, March 17, 2008
  UConn headlines women's bracket
  Bonvicini out; Arizona looking for new women's hoops coach
  A new champ will be crowned
  Indiana to conduct nationwide search for basketball coach
  North Carolina tops final poll
  UConn finishes atop women's poll
  Joplin out as men's hoops coach at Toledo
  Virginia, Washington part of third hoops tourney
  UCLA and Duke tops in the West
  Memphis tries to capitalize off another No. 1 seed
  Kansas tops Midwest Region
Sunday, March 16, 2008
  TCU's Dougherty will not return in 2008-09
  Tar Heels head East Bracket
  UNC wins second straight ACC title with victory over Clemson
  Ohio State, VA Tech, Syracuse, Arizona State among NIT field
  UNC, Memphis, UCLA and Kansas top seeds for NCAA Tournament
  Kansas beats Texas again for Big 12 title
  Badgers win Big Ten tourney
  Georgia on my mind! Bulldogs complete improbable run to SEC title
  Texas-Arlington edges Northwestern State in Southland final
  Old Dominion roars back to win 17th straight CAA title
  Top-ranked Tar Heels face upset-minded Tigers in ACC final
  Unlikely foes tangle in Southland title tilt
  Dawgs and Hogs square off in SEC championship game
  Surprising Illini play top-seeded Badgers for Big Ten title
  Big 12 title tilt pits Jayhawks against Longhorns
  Temple sprints past St. Joe's to earn A-10's auto berth
  Cal State defeats UC Irvine for first tourney bid in 30 years
  Boise State captures WAC into 3-OT thriller
  Take two: Georgia to play for SEC title after second win of the day
  Pitt stuns ninth-ranked Georgetown, wins Big East crown
  Delta Devils get their Dance shoes ready after close win over Tigers
  Arkansas shocks Tennessee to advance to SEC title game
  Adams leads UNLV to second straight MWC crown
Saturday, March 15, 2008
  Coppin St. shocks Morgan St. in MEAC final, reaches NCAA tourney
  UCLA wins Pac-10 tourney with nail-biter against Stanford
  Kansas earns spot in Big 12 title game with win over A&M
  Aggies take Big 12 title with win over Cowgirls
  Kent St. trounces Akron for MAC title
  Abrams leads Longhorns into Big 12 title game
  Hansbrough sinks late jumper to vault UNC into ACC final
  Clemson shocks Duke to reach ACC title game
  Flowers pushes Wisconsin past Michigan State and into Big Ten final
  Alabama names Hudson women's basketball coach
  Old Dominion downs Towson to reach CAA final
  Memphis routs Tulsa for third straight C-USA crown
  UMBC can dance! Retrievers win America East's automatic bid
  Providence fires Tim Welsh
  Memphis takes aim at third straight C-USA Tournament title
  Aggies face uphill battle against mighty Jayhawks
  Cardinal and Bruins battle in Pac-10 title game
  Sooners and Longhorns fight for right to play for Big 12 title
  Hokies seek upset of top-ranked Tar Heels
  Clemson takes on Duke in ACC semifinals
  Hogs and Vols duke it out in SEC semis
  Philly rivals meet in Atlantic 10 championship game
  Panthers and Hoyas meet again in Big East final
  Tigers and Delta Devils square off in SWAC title game
  Anteaters and Titans meet in Big West championship game
  MAC title clash has Zips taking on Golden Flashes
  Mountain West crown up for grabs in bout between UNLV and BYU
  MEAC title tilt pits Coppin State against Morgan State
  Boise State battles New Mexico State for WAC title
  Hartford and UMBC square off for America East Tournament title
  SEC alters schedule; moves games to Georgia Tech
  BYU tops San Diego State in MWC semis
  Hoffarber's miracle buzzer-beater lifts Minnesota past Hoosiers
  Stanford upends Washington State to reach Pac-10 title game
  Love powers Bruins into Pac-10 finals
  UCLA loses Mbah a Moute to sprained ankle
  Illinois stuns Purdue in Big Ten quarters
  Pitt reaches Big East final with win over Marquette
  Jayhawks top Huskers to reach Big 12 semis
  Storm damages Georgia Dome; SEC tourney game postponed
  Duke bedevils Georgia Tech to advance in ACC tourney
Friday, March 14, 2008
  Hibbert leads Hoyas into Big East title game
  Hawks soar past Xavier to reach A-10 final
  Old Dominion routs UNCW in CAA tourney
  Kiss from a Rose: Memphis shuts down Southern Miss
  Bird signs extension with Storm
  Neitzel and Michigan State move to Big Ten semis
  American wins Patriot tourney to lock up NCAA berth
  Badgers advance by smothering inept Michigan
  Sun acquire forward Raymond from Lynx
  Vols survive tough SEC opener
  Arkansas rolls past Vandy into SEC semis
  No. 6 Texas shakes Pokes in Big 12 quarters
  Heels cruise past FSU in ACC quarters
  Conference odds to win the NCAA Tournament
  BYU continues push towards Mountain West Tournament title
  Hawks hope to soar past Musketeers and into A-10 title game
  Commodores and Razorbacks square off in SEC Tournament action
  Tennessee begins quest for first SEC Tournament title since 1979
  Yellow Jackets will try to buzz past Blue Devils in ACC Tournament
  Nation's No. 1 team opens postseason as Heels take on 'Noles
  Cougars and Cardinal clash with berth in Pac-10 title game on line
  Crosstown rivals meet in Pac-10 semifinals
  Southern Miss and Memphis duke it out in C-USA semis
  Cowboys hope to rope Longhorns in Big 12 Tournament clash
  Huskers face mighty Jayhawks in Big 12 field of eight
  Buckeyes challenge Spartans for right to head to Big Ten semifinals
  Big Ten quarterfinals pits Gophers against Hoosiers
  Wolverines and Badgers mix it up in Big Ten Tournament action
  Panthers try to maul Golden Eagles in Big East semifinals
  Top-seeded Hoyas takes on Mountaineers in Big East semifinals
  Purdue battles Illinois in Big Ten quarterfinals
  American hosts Colgate in Patriot League title tilt
  McNeal leads Marquette over Irish and into Big East semis
  Lopez leads Standford over Arizona, into Pac-10 semis
  Washington St. edges Oregon to reach Pac-10 semis
  McNeal leads Marquette over Irish and into Big East quarters
  Ogilvy helps Vanderbilt top Auburn in SEC tourney
  Cowgirls punch ticket to Big 12 title game with win over Longhorns
  Memphis makes short work of Tulane
  Texas A&M advances to Big 12 title game
Thursday, March 13, 2008
  West Virginia tops Connecticut in Big East quarters
  Pitt tops Louisville in OT in Big East quarterfinals
  UCLA routs Cal to reach Pac-10 semis
  Hot shooting carries BYU into Mountain West semis
  Arkansas State is now the Red Wolves
  Balanced attack lifts Xavier past Dayton in A-10 quarters
  Three-point barrage leads Georgetown to Big East semis
  Sky GM and head coach Overton resigns
  Top-seeded BYU takes on Colorado State in MWC action
  UConn and West Virginia meet in Big East quarterfinals
  Classic rewind features Georgetown against Villanova
  Big East quarterfinal action pits Panthers against Cardinals
  Ducks begin defense of their Pac-10 crown against Cougars
  Top-25 foes meet in the Big Apple
  Top-seeded Bruins take on Golden Bears at the Staples Center
  Cardinal set to tame Wildcats in Pac-10 quarterfinals
  Tigers tangle with Green Wave in C-USA quarterfinals
  Vandy opens up SEC Tournament play against Auburn
  Top-seeded Xavier begins quest for A-10 Tourney title
  Portland State wins Big Sky
  Oklahoma State cruises past Kansas
  Texas stuns Baylor
  Mount St. Mary's wins NEC
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
  Monumental upset as Colorado State tops Utah
  Tention resigns as Loyola Marymount head coach
  Texas A&M thrashes Missouri
  Overton resigns as Sky coach, Key tabbed as replacement
  Iowa State edges K-State in OT
  Navy extends Lange's contract
  'Nova stays alive for NCAA bid by thrashing Orange
  Big Sky crown up for grabs in clash between Lumberjacks and Vikings
  Mount St. Mary's battles Sacred Heart for NEC title
  Golden Eagles hope to soar past Pirates in Big East Tourney
  Western Kentucky claims Sun Belt title
  Ehambe helps Oral Roberts grab Summit League crown
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
  Green helps Butler capture Horizon League crown
  UConn holds off Louisville to claim Big East championship
  Thomas resigns as Western Illinois' basketball coach
  UCLA's Olivier resigns
  Missouri stuns Oklahoma in Big 12 tourney
  Smith not retained as Alabama women's hoops coach
  Connecticut's Sales to sit out 2008 season
  Mercury re-sign C/F Smith
  Silver Stars extend Hammon, sign Riley
  Hansbrough to have number retired by UNC
  Sun Belt championship game pits Blue Raiders against Hilltoppers
  Cleveland State battles Butler for Horizon League crown
  IUPUI and Oral Roberts duke it out for Summit League title
  Stanford crushes Cal to take Pac-10 title
  Curry leads Davidson to NCAA bid with third straight Southern title
Monday, March 10, 2008
  San Diego stuns Gonzaga, takes WCC tourney
  Louisville upsets West Virginia to reach Big East finals
  No. 1 UConn dominates Pitt to roll into Big East finals
  Thomas powers George Mason to Colonial title, NCAA berth
  Shock re-signs top three scorers
  Siena slams Rider for NCAA tourney berth
  Olson will return as Arizona coach
  North Carolina strengthens hold on No. 1
  Zags and Toreros get together to decide WCC title
  Powerhouse Davidson battles surprising Elon for SoCon crown
  UConn remains atop women's poll
  Patriots seek CAA championship against Tribe
  Saints and Broncs battle for MAAC Tournament title
  Gonzaga survives Santa Clara to make WCC final
  No. 13 UConn rips Cincy in biggest Big East blowout ever
  Drake crushes Illinois State, earns first MVC tourney title
Sunday, March 09, 2008
  Stitt's late free throws lift Clemson over Hokies
  Missouri State fires head coach Hinson
  No. 3 Lady Vols win 13th SEC title
  No. 14 West Virginia advances to Big East semifinals
  Louisville topples No. 4 Rutgers, gains Big East semis
  Boilermakers down Michigan, roll into Big Ten tourney
  Penn State stuns Indiana in overtime
  Stanford crushes UCLA, reaches title game again
  No. 25 Davidson advances to Southern Conference final
  No. 13 UConn closes out regular season by crushing Cincy
  Augustin leads Texas to share of Big 12 regular season title
  Cal clips Arizona St. to advance to Pac-10 title game
  Butler, Buckeyes upend 17th-ranked Spartans
  Xavier downs George Washington to advance to A-10 final
  No. 2 UNC tops 12th-ranked Duke for ACC crown
  Top-ranked UConn routs DePaul in Big East tourney
  Tennessee makes short work of South Carolina
  Pitt upsets Notre Dame in Big East tourney
  Marist cruises past Iona for third straight MAAC title
  RedHawks' Coles takes leave of absence; Henderson fills in
  Indiana closes regular season with visit to Penn State
  Longhorns can sew up share of Big 12 title with win over Pokes
  Purdue hopes to end regular season on high note
  MVC Tournament crown up for grabs as Drake battles Illinois State
  22nd-ranked Zags meet Broncos in WCC Tournament semifinals
  Huskies hope to close regular season with win over Bearcats
  No. 24 Clemson hosts Virginia Tech in regular-season finale
  Tennessee plays final tune-up before start of SEC Tournament
  Buckeyes seeks second straight win over a ranked foe
  No. 1 UNC pulls past Duke for ACC regular season crown
  Adair helps Colonials past Rams, into semis of A-10
  Appel helps Stanford topple Oregon State in Pac-10 tourney
  Raymond helps Musketeers trounce Spiders
  Weaver and Washington State beat Washington in 2-OT
Saturday, March 08, 2008
  No 3. Tennessee advances to SEC final
  No. 7 LSU moves to SEC final
  Green paces Butler into Horizon final
  Irish hold off South Florida
  Belmont jolts Jacksonville for Atlantic Sun crown
  Emmenecker, Drake move on to Missouri Valley final
  Jayhawks top Aggies to clinch share of Big 12 title
  Governors OVC champs
  Flynn and Greene lead Syracuse over No. 21 Marquette
  Wisconsin tops Northwestern to clinch Big Ten title
  No. 10 Cal advances to semis with win over Oregon
  Utah rolls over UNLV
  UTEP crowns Southern Miss, gains C-USA final
  Shipp, UCLA come from behind to edge Cal
  No. 12 Duke shocks No. 5 Maryland, moves on to ACC final
  Hoyas edge Cards on Summers' late three for Big East title
  Flynn and Green lead Syracuse over No. 21 Marquette
  Davidson wallops Wofford to advance to Southern semis
  No. 2 Tar Heels topple No. 25 Virginia, advance to ACC final
  No. 2 Memphis rolls into C-USA tourney with blowout of UAB
  Riley, Crimson Tide upend 16th-ranked Commodores
  Trojans roll past Cardinal, strengthen at-large candidacy
  NCAA Tournament-bound: Winthrop wins Big South
  Marist moves into MAAC final
  Connecticut's contest versus Cincinnati postponed until Sunday
  ACC title on the line in renewal of North Carolina/Duke rivalry
  Evergreen State rivals meet in Pac-10 clash
  Irish close out regular season in Tampa against Bulls
  Wisconsin can claim outright Big Ten title with win at Northwestern
  Vandy puts finishing touches on dream season
  Tigers hope to claw way past Governors in OVC championship game
  Atlantic Sun title tilt pits Bruins against Dolphins
  Drake and Creighton meet up in MVC Semifinals
  Trojans attempt to bolster postseason stock against Cardinal
  Musketeers take on Spiders in Queen City clash
  Winthrop battles UNC-Asheville for Big South Tournament title
  Cal hopes to end recent woes with upset of No. 3 UCLA
  Memphis seeks second straight perfect C-USA slate
  Syracuse hosts No. 21 Marquette in regular-season finale
  With Big East title up for grabs, Hoyas host Cardinals
  Jayhawks have Big 12 title in sight
  No. 21 Vandy squeaks by Auburn in SEC quarters
  Illinois upsets 22nd-ranked Ohio State in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Hughes leads UTEP past Rice in C-USA quarterfinals
  No. 3 Tennessee dumps Gators
Friday, March 07, 2008
  Duke advances to ACC semifinals with win over FSU
  Elliott, Kentucky top Georgia to advance to SEC semis
  Maryland rolls over Boston College in ACC quarterfinals
  No. 7 LSU crushes Ole Miss
  Sacramento State head coach Jenkins will not return
  Marist moves to MAAC semifinals with win over Canisius
  Second-ranked UNC crushes Clemson in ACC quarterfinal
  Youngstown State women's hoops coach Hill resigns
  Virginia topples Georgia Tech in ACC tourney
  20th-ranked Drake cruises by Indiana State; advances to MVC semis
  A look at NCAA Tournament lines
  No. 20 Drake opens MVC Tournament play against Indiana State
  Pac-10 champs again: UCLA tops Stanford in OT
  Efejuku leads Providence over No. 13 Connecticut
  Hawks fly high over Musketeers
Thursday, March 06, 2008
  Neitzel leads Spartans past Illini
  Georgia Tech holds off Clemson
  Gant, Texas A&M keep rolling with rout of Oklahoma
  George Washington's Rice kicked off team
  Cowgirls stop Lady Bears
  Lady Monarchs rule the Pride
  Georgia tops Alabama in SEC tourney
  Long Beach State penalized by NCAA
  Sun acquires former UConn star Turner
  A-10 Champion Musketeers tangle with Hawks on the Hill
  Red-hot Huskies meet Friars in Providence
  Bruins seek Pac-10 title against Cardinal in Top-10 matchup
  Spartans battle Illini in Champaign
  Streaking Tigers take on Yellow Jackets in Atlanta
  Foster drops 42 on Mississippi St. as Vandy survives in OT
  Harangody, Irish cruise past Johnnies to extend home streak
  No. 19 Wildcats claw Jayhawks, clinch share of Big 12 title
  No. 2 Memphis cruises past SMU
  Duke downs Virginia, looks forward to showdown with Tar Heels
  No. 4 Vols hold off Gators to earn SEC crown
  No. 15 Utah squeaks by Colorado State
  Badgers rip Penn State for piece of Big Ten title
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
  Gordon stars as No. 18 Indiana tops Minnesota
  Detroit's Watson retires
  Vols visit Gators seeking outright SEC East title
  Blue Devils visit Cavaliers in ACC action
  Irish try to keep momentum going as they host Red Storm
  Badgers try to keep pace in Big Ten title race
  Commodores welcome Bulldogs to Music City
  Hoosiers host Gophers in key Big Ten bout
  No. 2 Memphis continues quest for perfect C-USA mark
  Hansbrough, No. 1 UNC cruise past Florida State
Tuesday, March 04, 2008
  No. 21 Marquette makes short work of Florida Gulf Coast
  No. 9 Texas survives scare from Nebraska
  Butler catches fire as OSU downs No. 15 Purdue
  Purdue visits Ohio State in pivotal Big Ten clash
  No. 9 Texas hopes to keep pace in race for Big 12 title
  No. 21 Marquette gets late breather against Florida Gulf Coast
  Top-ranked Tar Heels host Seminoles in ACC action
  Gonzaga wraps up WCC crown with rout of Santa Clara
  Fifth-ranked Kansas decimates Texas Tech
Monday, March 03, 2008
  UConn women rout Rutgers to win Big East
  Red Storm pull off win over Irish to end regular season
  Clemson's Hammonds has broken wrist
  Syracuse tops West Virginia in regular season finale
  Swoopes lands in Seattle
  Monarchs sign Brunson, Powell
  Silver Stars pick up options on Young, Crossley
  Lynx re-sign center Ohlde
  North Carolina back atop men's basketball poll
  Mystics re-sign G Koehn
  Zags seek outright WCC Title against Broncos
  Jayhawks welcome Red Raiders to Lawrence
  Gaels take on Pilots in Portland
Sunday, March 02, 2008
  Top-ranked Vols manage to hold off Wildcats
  Morgan, Michigan State trounce Indiana
  Lady Vols hold off Georgia
  Washington stuns Cal, handing Pac-10 title to Stanford
  Love, No. 4 UCLA survive Arizona
  Wiggins sets Pac-10 scoring record as No. 7 Stanford routs Wash. St.
  Utes top Cowgirls to claim Mountain West title
  UNC women blast Duke, finish undefeated ACC season
  James Madison upsets 11th-ranked Old Dominion
  Louisville downs 'Nova, looks forward to showdown with Hoyas
  Vandy finishes regular season with romp over 'Bama
  LSU defeats Mississippi State, claims SEC title
  Oklahoma's Griffin out until postseason after knee surgery
  Ohio State hammers Northwestern, claims share of Big Ten
  Harper leads Maryland over N.C. State
  Texas stuns Oklahoma
  Harangody, Irish down DePaul
  Bruins and Wildcats mix it up in Tucson
  Irish try to fight way past Blue Demons
  Top-ranked Tennessee seeks revenge in clash with Kentucky
  Ranked Big Ten rivals square off in East Lansing
  Villanova visits Louisville in pivotal Big East bout
  Kent State "Bowl-ed" over in debut as ranked team
  Big Red into Big Dance for first time in 20 years
  Rush, Kansas rout K-State despite another big night for Beasley
  No. 1 UConn survives upset scare by DePaul
Saturday, March 01, 2008
  No. 15 GW trumps Fordham to capture a share of A-10 title
  No. 25 Marist surges past Saint Peter's to win 18th straight
  'Zags down Gaels in battle for WCC supremacy
  Red Raiders stun No. 5 Texas
  Xavier wins 11th straight by topping GW
  Riley tops 1,000 as OK State rips Texas Tech
  Hansbrough helps UNC overcome huge game from Rice to down BC
  Weems leads Arkansas over Vandy
  Rose, Douglas-Roberts lead No. 2 Memphis to C-USA crown
  Cardinal rally to beat Washington State
  Wildcats maul Tigers, earn share of Big 12 lead
  Krzyzewski wins 800th as No. 7 Duke escapes NC State
  No. 20 A&M rips eighth-ranked Lady Bears
  No. 19 UTEP runs winning streak to 21
  Price, Adrien lead UConn past West Virginia
  Allen powers Irish past Seton Hall
  No. 13 West Virginia downs Louisville
  No. 16 Purdue knocks off Northwestern
  Ajavon, Carson lead Rutgers past Syracuse
  Hoyas win OT thriller at Marquette to grab Big East lead
  Butler tunes up for Horizon tourney with rout of Detroit
  Drake topples Wichita State to close historic regular season
  Cougars and Cardinal meet in Pac-10 tussle
  Musketeers take aim at 11th straight win
  Huskies host Mountaineers in Hartford
  Memphis seeks Conference USA crown in Hattiesburg
  Third-ranked Tar Heels tangle with Eagles
  Jayhawks host Wildcats in intrastate matchup
  Big East action pits top-25 foes in Milwaukee
  Coach K goes for 800th win
  Shockers seek upset of 20th-ranked Bulldogs
  Vanderbilt hopes to ride wave of momentum in visit to Arkansas
  Gaels visit Bulldogs in pivotal West Coast Conference clash
  Purdue heavily favored in Big Ten bout with Northwestern
  No. 23 Kent State battles Bowling Green in MAC action
  Butler plays final tune-up before start of Horizon League Tourney
  No. 9 California cruises past Washington State
  Seventh-ranked Stanford cruises past Washington
Saturday, March 31, 2007
  Oden rebounds from early foul trouble to lead OSU to title game
  Bruins and Gators meet in rematch of last year's national title game
  Final Four fray pits Hoyas against Buckeyes
  Aggies, Gillispie agree to new contract
Friday, March 30, 2007
  Abrahamson-Henderson resigns at Missouri State
  Final Four Predictions
  Houston gives Penders one-year extension
Thursday, March 29, 2007
  Mountaineers top Clemson for NIT crown
  Indiana State names McKenna new hoops coach
  Temple's Dawn Staley signs new contract extension
  Quinnipiac names Moore new hoops coach
  West Virginia battles Clemson for NIT title
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
  Washington State gives Bennett long-term deal
  Georgia hands Felton contract extension through 2011
  Utah names Boylen new coach
  Clemson advances to NIT championship
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
  The Tar Heels cruise to the Final Four
  Nichols' late heroics leads Mountaineers to NIT final
  Once again the Lady Vols are heading to the Final Four
  Mihalich agrees to new deal with Niagara
  Ruland, Iona reach contract settlement
  Fowles powers LSU to victory over UConn
  Rutgers crushes Arizona State to earn Final Four berth
Monday, March 26, 2007
  Utah expected to name Boylen new coach
  San Diego tabs Grier new hoops coach
  North Dakota State elevates Phillips to head coach
  Fife given extension at IPFW
  Heath out at Arkansas
  Georgetown assistant tabbed for Binghamton post
  Liberty tabs McKay as new coach
  Tar Heels Kick GW From NCAA Tournament
Sunday, March 25, 2007
  Purdue Bites Lady Bulldogs in NCAA Tournament
  Extra, extra! Hoyas rally to down UNC, earn spot in Final Four
  Gators chomp Ducks, back in Final Four
  Rebels Dismiss Oklahoma Sooner Rather Than Later
  Lady Vols Bounce Marist From NCAA Tournament
  Hoyas battle Heels in Elite Eight showdown
  Ducks and Gators meet with trip to Final Four on line
  Rutgers ambushes top-seeded Duke
  Buckeyes cruise past Tigers to advance to Final Four
  LSU handles Florida State in the Sweet 16
  Afflalo, Bruins surge past Kansas to reach Final Four
  Huskies outlast Wolfpack and move on to the Elite Eight
Saturday, March 24, 2007
  Arizona State coasts past Bowling Green in the Sweet 16
  Rutgers ambushes top-ranked Duke
  Kansas and UCLA collide in West Regional Final
  Tigers and Buckeyes clash in Elite Eight
  Oregon holds off UNLV to reach Elite Eight
  Tar Heels use huge second-half run to top USC
  Green's banker boosts Hoyas past Vandy
  Green powers Florida past Butler to reach Elite Eight
Friday, March 23, 2007
  Arkansas names Collen new women's basketball coach
  Radford names Brad Greenberg hoops coach
  Fever sign DeForge and Sutton-Brown
  Wyoming hires former assistant Schroyer
  Gophers officially name Tubby Smith coach
  Rebels try to run past Ducks and into the "Elite Eight"
  Tar Heels battle Trojans in East Regional semifinals
  Commodores and Hoyas duke it out in "Sweet 16" matchup
  Butler next to try and knock off top-seeded Gators
  Memphis wins 25th straight by edging Aggies
  Oden's last-second swat sends Vols home
  UCLA outlasts Pitt to reach Elite 8
  Kansas tops So. Illinois to reach Elite Eight
Thursday, March 22, 2007
  Kentucky's Tubby Smith resigns, headed to Minnesota
  Xavier rewards Miller with contract extension
  BC's Haynes to transfer
  Colorado State names Miles new hoops coach
  Report: Kentucky's Tubby Smith resigns, headed to Minnesota
  Duke's McRoberts declares for NBA Draft
  Penn State's Portland quits
  Aggies attempt to cage Tigers in Sweet 16 action
  Buckeyes seek 20th straight win, as they battle Vols in San Antonio
  Kansas and Southern Illinois set to collide in San Jose
  Sweet 16 matchup pits Panthers against Bruins
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
  Scott named men's hoops coach at Denver
  Drake's Davis retires as son takes over hoops program
  Scott to be named men's hoops coach at Denver
  Drake's Davis retires as son takes over hoop's program
  Sweet 16 - How Sweet it is!
  Reynolds out as coach at Long Beach State
  Bowling Green is Sweet 16 bound for first time in school history
  Late run lands North Carolina in the Sweet 16
  The Huskies cruise to the Sweet 16
  Rebels knock off Maryland
  A thrilling overtime win sends NC State to the Sweet 16
  The top-seeded Lady Vols march on to the Sweet 16
  Rutgers headed to the Sweet 16 with win over Michigan State
  Duke tops Temple to advance to Sweet 16
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
  The Rebels knock off defending champs to advance to Sweet 16
  LSU's 'Big Baby' declares for NBA Draft
  Jankovich takes over at Illinois State
  Boise State's Karl to undergo surgery for cancer
  White named full-time women's hoops coach at UMKC
  Florida State upsets Stanford for first "Sweet 16" berth
  Arizona State's January shines in March
  Purdue defeats Georgia Tech to earn "Sweet 16" berth
  LSU holds off West Virginia in defensive struggle
Monday, March 19, 2007
  Marist shocks Middle Tennessee to earn "Sweet 16" berth
  George Washington knocks off Texas A&M
  Courtney Paris powers Oklahoma to victory over Marquette
  Georgia advances to fifth straight "Sweet 16"
  Patton finds work at NIU
  Barnes named Georgia State basketball coach
  Pitt records first NCAA Tournament win in school history
  Temple pulls out first-round win over Nebraska
  Rutgers makes quick work of East Carolina
  Top-seeded Connecticut moves on
  Duke makes first-round statement against Holy Cross
Sunday, March 18, 2007
  Michigan State moving on after win over Delaware
  Streaking Phoenix advance to second round
  Tennessee routs Drake
  Top-seeded Kansas rolls past Kentucky
  Ducks fly past Eagles to advance to Sweet 16
  Gators march on after beating Purdue
  USC downs Texas to reach Sweet 16
  Salukis down Virginia Tech to move into Sweet 16
  Tigers down Wolf Pack despite Douglas-Roberts' injury
  Tigers down Wolfpack despite Douglas-Roberts' injury
  Daugherty out as women's basketball coach at Washington
  Tigers advance over Wolfpack
  Maryland Begins Title Defense in Convincing Fashion
  North Carolina Trounces Prairie View A&M in NCAA Tournament
  Tennessee topples Virginia to reach Sweet 16
  Baylor Moves On With Win Over Chattanooga
  Bowling Green Edges Oklahoma State
  UNLV shocks Wisconsin
  Vanderbilt Pushes Past Delaware State
  NC State Cruises Past Robert Morris
  Irish Fight Off Golden Bears
  Rebels Run Past Lady Frogs
  Cinderella Eagles face tall task against Ducks
  Rebels and Badgers meet up in Midwest Regional action
  Defending champs seek Sweet 16 berth
  West Regional action pits hopeful Hokies against Salukis
  Durant-led Longhorns take on tough Trojans in Spokane
  Cavs and Vols meet in intriguing South Regional matchup
  Nevada attempts to make Memphis sing the blues
  Jayhawks and Wildcats meet in Windy City
  Purdue Shoots Down Golden Eagles
  Ohio State Out-Foxed by Marist
  Arizona State Beats Back the Highlanders
  Lady Tigers Pounce on UNC-Ashville in NCAA Tournament
  Cardinals Fly Past BYU in NCAA Tournament
  Middle Tennessee Puts Bite on Bulldogs
  Georgia Tech Logs First NCAA Tournament Win
  Mountaineers Climb Over Xavier in NCAA Tournament
Saturday, March 17, 2007
  UCLA moves on with win over Indiana
  Young pushes Pitt past VCU in OT
  Georgetown holds off BC
  Vandy outlasts Washington St. in 2 OT's to reach Sweet 16
  A&M Claims Battle of Lone Star State
  GW Tames Broncos in NCAA Tournament
  Stanford Stands Tall Against Idaho State
  O-D-U O-U-T of NCAA Tournament
  Buckeyes survive, rally to beat Xavier in OT
  Law, A&M edge Louisville to reach Sweet 16
  Lady Bulldogs Put the Bite on Belmont
  Butler outlasts Maryland to advance to Sweet 16
  Golden Eagles fly past Louisiana-Lafayette
  Oklahoma clips RedHawks in NCAA Tournament action
  Cyclones blow past Washington in NCAA Tournament
  Michigan fires Amaker
  Hansbrough, Tar Heels rout Michigan State
  Matta's Buckeyes battle his former team in NCAA Tournament action
  Panthers hope to feast on Rams in NCAA Tournament second round
  Vandy takes on Washington State in hopes of reaching "Sweet 16"
  Top-seeded Tar Heels take on Spartans for spot in "Sweet 16"
  Louisville battles Texas A&M in NCAA Tourney South Regional
  Hoosiers and Bruins square off in NCAA Tourney second round
  Former Big East rivals meet in NCAA Tournament round of 32
  Bulldogs tangle with Terps in NCAA Tournament second-round action
  Young leads USC past Arkansas
  Durant, Longhorns hold off New Mexico State
  Salukis down Crusaders
  Morris leads Kentucky over 'Nova
  Top-seeded Kansas routs Niagara
  Brewer, Gators rout Jackson State
  Landry, Boilermakers steamroll Wildcats
  Washington's bucket lifts Va. Tech over Illinois
Friday, March 16, 2007
  Kemp leads Nevada over Creighton
  Ducks hold off Miami-Ohio
  Winthrop shocks Notre Dame
  Big second half lifts Memphis past North Texas
  Wisconsin survives scare
  UNLV slips past Georgia Tech and into second round
  Lofton, Vols rout Long Beach State
  Virginia pounds Albany in tourney opener
  Cat Fight in the Windy City as Villanova takes on Kentucky
  Crusaders take on Salukis in NCAA Tourney first round
  'Horns and Aggies mix it up in first round of NCAA Tourney
  Primed for lengthy tournament run, Kansas opens up against Niagara
  Purdue and Arizona square off in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Illini battle Hokies in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Ducks and RedHawks clash in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Nevada and Creighton meet in South Regional first round
  Islanders try to sink Badgers in first round of Big Dance
  49ers challenge Vols in NCAA Tournament first-round action
  Irish to try luck against Winthrop in NCAA Tourney first round
  Red-hot Tigers battle Mean Green in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Rebels try to run past Yellow Jackets in NCAA Tourney first round
  Great Danes and Cavaliers meet in South Regional action
  Florida begins defense of national title against Jackson State
  Hogs face Trojans in NCAA Tourney first round
  Hoosiers top Gonzaga
  UCLA pounds Weber State
  Lavender, Musketeers advance over Cougars
  Spartans top shorthanded Marquette
  Maynor, VCU topple Duke in thriller
  Panthers cruise past Raiders into second round
  Hansbrough leads North Carolina past pesky Eastern Kentucky
Thursday, March 15, 2007
  Foster, Vanderbilt crush George Washington
  Second-half run powers Butler past ODU
  Georgetown blasts Belmont; advances to play Boston College
  Oden leads Ohio St. to first-round rout
  Evansville hires Simmons as men's basketball coach
  Texas A&M rolls past Penn
  Big second half lifts Washington State past Oral Roberts
  Louisville clobbers Stanford in tourney opener
  Terps pull out first-round win over Davidson
  Marshall, Rice pace Boston College past Texas Tech
  Smith hired as interim coach for Maryland-Eastern Shore
  Samford headed to Southern Conference
  Eagles and Red Raiders meet in Winston-Salem
  Surprising Cougars open tournament play against Golden Eagles
  Bruins set for another tournament run, as they open with Wildcats
  Panthers take on Raiders in first-round action
  Duke takes on surprising VCU in West Regional first-round tilt
  South Regional action pits Cougars against Musketeers
  Cardinals take on Cardinal from Rupp Arena
  Aggies and Quakers meet in Lexington
  Colonials and Commodores meet in Sacaremento
  Hoyas open East Regional play against Bruins
  West Regional action pits Bulldogs against Hoosiers
  Tar Heels make short trip to Winston-Salem to take on Colonels
  Midwest Regional action pits Terps against Wildcats
  Top-ranked Buckeyes take on Blue Devils in first-round
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
  Time to fill out those brackets
  DePaul signs AD Ponsetto to extension
  Lessett resigns from Maryland-Eastern Shore
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
  Niagara advances to play Kansas
  Marquette's McNeal done for season
  Bowling Green's Dakich will not return
  Cincinnati's Pirtle retires
  Southern Utah taps Reid to coach men's basketball
  LSU's 'Big Baby' contemplating NBA Draft
  Chicago State fires head coach Jones
  UMKC fires Zvosec
  Spencer not to return as Highlanders head coach
  Purple Eagles and Rattlers open up 69th NCAA Tournament
  Duke, UConn among top seeds in women's bracket
  Texas' Conradt retires
Monday, March 12, 2007
  UConn, Vanderbilt among top seeds in women's bracket
  Marshall parts ways with Jirsa
  Wyoming terminates McClain
  Colorado State axes Layer
  Towson extends Kennedy's contract
  Duke women close at No. 1
  Can Florida do it again?
  Ohio State finishes season at No. 1
  Kansas, UCLA lead West; Cat fight; Duke done?
  Defending champs could draw Olson's Wildcats in round two
  Oden and Buckeyes, roaring Tigers highlight South
  Tar Heels, Hoyas head East bracket
Sunday, March 11, 2007
  Kansas, Ohio State, Florida, UNC top seeds for NCAA Tournament
  No. 8 Tar Heels fight off Wolfpack for ACC crown
  Syracuse, Air Force, Clemson among NIT field
  Buckeyes secure Big Ten title
  Texas A&M-Corpus Christi tops Northwestern State for Southland crown
  Kansas overcomes Durant, Texas to win Big 12 title
  Noah, Gators grab third straight SEC title
  22nd ranked Phoenix rise up, win Horizon title
  Longhorns and Jayhawks meet in Big 12 Title game
  Defending champion Gators take on Razorbacks in SEC Title game
  Wolfpack attempt to finish improbable run against Tar Heels
  Powerhouses Ohio State and Wisconsin battle for Big Ten crown
Saturday, March 10, 2007
  Oklahoma nabs Big 12 championship for second straight season
  Jackson State goes dancing again
  Take it to the bank: RedHawks take MAC in incredible finish
  GW tops Rhode Island for A-10 crown
  Durant's late three carries Texas to Big 12 final
  Florida A&M wins MEAC in spectacular finish
  Taylor leads No. 16 Ducks past Trojans for Pac-10 title
  Wisconsin downs Illinois to advance to Big Ten final
  No. 5 Memphis cruises to C-USA title
  Oden, Buckeyes down Boilermakers
  UNC handles BC to advance to ACC final
  Gators advance to SEC final with win over Ole Miss
  No. 2 Kansas tops KSU to reach Big 12 title game
  Bowling Green hammers Ball State in MAC Final
  Albany edges Vermont for AEC crown
  WAC supremacy on line as Utah State takes on New Mexico State
  War at the Shore, as Colonials and Rams meet for A-10 title
  Mountain West crown on line as UNLV faces BYU
  No. 1 Ohio State continues quest for Big Ten's top prize
  Ducks and Trojans meet in Pac-10 championship game
  Cowboys try to lasso Longhorns in Big 12 Tournament semis
  Gators and Rebels square off in SEC Tournament semifinals
  RedHawks and Zips lock horns in MAC title tilt
  Sunflower State rivals meet in Big 12 Tournament
  Delta Devils try to scorch Tigers in SWAC title game
  Badgers face Illini in Big Ten Tourney semifinals
  MEAC championship on line as Florida A&M takes on Delaware State
  49ers try to break Mustangs in Big West Tournament final
  Eagles hope to soar past Tar Heels in ACC Tournament
  AEC title game pits Great Danes against Catamounts
  C-USA title up for grabs as Houston challenges Memphis
  Panthers and Hoyas meet for Big East title
  16th-ranked Ducks fly past Golden Bears
  Kruger, UNLV run past Colorado State
  No. 23 BYU blasts Wyoming
  Pittsburgh tops Louisville; advances to Big East championship
  Wahl, Northern Arizona upset No. 25 Montana
  Florida uses huge first half to crush Georgia
  Behind Durant, No. 15 Texas rallies to hold off Baylor
Friday, March 09, 2007
  Top-seeded Memphis topples Tulane; advances to C-USA final
  Boggan, Cowboys stun Aggies
  Georgetown holds off Notre Dame in Big East semis
  22nd-ranked Phoenix slip into finals of Horizon League Tournament
  Carroll, Utah State stuns Nevada
  Tucker stars as Wisconsin downs Michigan State
  Holy Cross wins Patriot League title
  USF fires McCullum
  Rush's late burst leads No. 2 Jayhawks past Sooners
  Prelude to Selection Sunday
  Carolina thumps FSU to end string of ACC upsets
  Bowling Green reaches MAC final
  Oden leads No. 1 Buckeyes over Michigan
  Cowboys clash with Cougars in Mountain West semifinals
  Aggies face Wolf Pack in WAC Tournament semifinals
  Trojans take on Cougars for right to play in Pac-10 title game
  Top-20 foes clash in Big East Tournament semifinals
  Green Wave to try and tame Tigers in C-USA Tourney semifinals
  Panthers and Cardinals fight for spot in Big East title game
  Big 12 Tourney pits Aggies against Cowboys
  Kansas and Oklahoma duke it out in Big 12 Tournament
  Badgers try to claw their way past Spartans in Big Ten Tournament
  Top-ranked Buckeyes begin Big Ten Tournament play
  Gators begin quest for third straight SEC Tournament crown
  Heels challenge 'Noles in ACC Tournament Quarterfinals
  Ducks and Bears lock horns in Pac-10 Tourney semifinals
  Lone Star State rivals meet in Big 12 Tourney
  UNLV hosts Colorado State in Mountain West Tournament semifinals
  Bison go in search of third straight Patriot League title
  No. 12 Cardinals hold off Mountaineers in double-OT
  Rochestie leads WSU to win over Huskies
  UNLV routs Utah in MWC quarters
  LSU downs No. 22 Vols in OT
  Panthers beat Marquette, roar into Big East semifinals
  Oklahoma tops Baylor in women's Big 12
  Cyclones knock out Aggies
  No. 5 Memphis routs Marshall in Conference USA quarterfinal
Thursday, March 08, 2007
  Wolfpack down Duke in opening round of ACC tourney
  Chatman will not coach LSU in NCAA Tournament
  Miami stuns No. 17 Maryland, moves to ACC quarterfinals
  Kemp, Nevada roll over Idaho; Shiloh hurt
  No. 23 BYU downs Horned Frogs, moves on in Mountain West tourney
  Porter, Ducks down Arizona
  Holland out in San Diego
  Ubaka, Cal stun UCLA
  Kemp, Nevada roll over Idaho
  Notre Dame downs Syracuse to move into Big East semifinals
  Georgetown jumps out early, holds on late to beat Villanova
  Toledo tops Eastern Michigan, advances to MAC semifinals
  Carter, Oklahoma hold off Iowa State
  Toldeo tops Eastern Michigan, advances to MAC semifinals
  Bonnies' Solomon will not return next season
  UNLV hosts Utah in Mountain West Tournament play
  Cougars try to take a bite out of Horned Frogs
  Irish try their luck against Orange
  Wildcats take on top-seed Hoyas in Big East Tourney
  Instate rivals clash in Pac-10 Tourney
  Cardinals and Mountaineers meet in Big East Quarterfinals
  Terps and Hurricanes battle in ACC Tournament
  Top-seed Nevada defends WAC crown against Idaho
  Top-seed UCLA defends Pac-10 crown against California
  Tigers and Volunteers clash in SEC Tournament
  Panthers attempt to clip Golden Eagles in Big East Quarterfinals
  Top-seed Memphis set for home cooking in C-USA quarterfinals
  Wolfpack hunt Blue Devils in Tampa
  Wildcats go Duck hunting in Los Angeles
  Two more schools join the madness
  Courtney Paris leads No. 11 Oklahoma over Texas
  Patten sends Webber State to Big Dance
  No. 18 Baylor rolls over Kansas in Big 12 tourney
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
  Fitzgerald paces No. 18 Marquette past St. John's
  No. 22 Phoenix wins clash with Titans
  Chatman to resign
  Central Connecticut wins NEC crown for tourney berth
  Quinnipiac parts ways with DeSantis
  Starks, Aggies advance over Buffaloes
  Big Sky title up for grabs as Lumberjacks try to cut down Wildcats
  Red Storm face Golden Eagles in opening round of Big East Tournament
  NEC title game pits Pioneers against Blue Devils
  2007 Southland Conference Tournament Preview
  Wright St. upends No. 19 Butler for first Horizon title
  Wright State among three teams to secure tourney bids
  Texas' Conradt picks up 900th win
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
  Oral Roberts wins MCC title, automatic bid
  North Texas claims SBC title
  Rutgers upsets UConn for Big East women's crown
  Bowling Green moves into MAC semis with win over Toledo
  Evans out as coach at Southern Utah
  Shock inks four-time All-Star Johnson
  Michigan women's coach Burnett retires
  Middle Tennessee captures Sun Belt title
  Sun Belt title on the line, as Mean Green take on Indians
  Bulldogs take on Raiders for Horizon League crown
  Grizzlies and Golden Eagles battle for MCC title
  Gonzaga goes dancing; dream ends for George Mason
  Stanford women win Pac-10 title
  Gonzaga wins fourth straight WCC title
  No. 19 Rutgers beats Marquette; earns title shot against UConn
Monday, March 05, 2007
  Niagara secures tourney berth by winning MAAC title
  Boilermakers beat Buckeyes for Big Ten title
  No. 2 UConn powers past Louisville in Big East semis
  Maynor, Rams down Patriots; win CAA tourney
  Blue Raiders trounce Lady Pioneers, advance to Sun Belt final
  Harvard, Sullivan part ways after 16 seasons
  Conference Tournaments: Chalk Players Beware!
  Duke still No. 1 after first loss
  Ohio State maintains top spot in men's poll
  Moser out at Illinois State
  UNC star has broken nose
  Saints take on Purple Eagles in MAAC Tournament title tilt
  WCC Tournament title up for grabs as Broncos battle Bulldogs
  Patriots and Rams meet for CAA Tournament title
  Hansbrough leads Tar Heels to win over Duke
Sunday, March 04, 2007
  Marquette romps Pitt
  18th-ranked Rutgers rallies past DePaul
  Wiggins erupts as Stanford beats USC
  Davenport, No. 5 Ohio State survives scare from Penn State
  Arizona State edges Cal in PAC-10 semifinals
  No. 15 Boilermakers advance over No. 22 Spartans
  Vandy wins SEC title with win over LSU
  Boilermakers advance over Spartans
  No. 20 Louisville beats West Virginia in Big East quarters
  Creighton captures Missouri Valley title
  No. 3 UConn downs South Florida
  Hawks stun George Washington
  Clemson knocks off No. 21 Virginia Tech
  North Carolina tops NC State in ACC title game
  Sosa and Louisville down Seton Hall
  No. 5 Gators down Kentucky
  Trying to close out strong, Gators host Wildcats
  Powerhouses Duke and North Carolina meet in Chapel Hill
  Bluejays and Salukis battle for MVC title
  Red-hot Cardinals close out regular season against Pirates
  Hokies host Tigers in regular-season finale
  No. 2 Lady Vols fall to LSU in SEC semifinals
  Winthrop, Belmont, Davidson, EKU punch ticket to Big Dance
  Buckeyes down Wolverines for 14th straight win
  No. 24 North Carolina State stuns top-ranked Duke
  Appel today keeps Arizona away
  No. 10 Nevada survives scare
  No.6 Memphis edges SMU for 19th straight victory
  Vanderbilt routs Georgia to advance to SEC finals
Saturday, March 03, 2007
  The Phoenix finish perfect in conference with a 58-45 win over UIC
  Butler survives in OT, advances to Horizon League championship
  Texas A&M rolls past Missouri
  No. 13 Washington St. tops No. 23 USC in 2 OT's
  Ducks dominate Beavers
  Georgetown bounces back to beat UConn
  Davidson captures Southern title over College of Charleston
  Evansville's Merfeld resigns
  Salukis hold off Bradley for 13th straight win
  Middle Tennessee State pounds South Alabama
  George Washington cruises past Dayton
  Arizona State advances to Pac-10 semifinals
  No. 4 North Carolina slips past No. 6 Maryland
  No. 25 Cal moves into Pac-10 semifinals with win over Oregon
  Belmont steamrolls East Tennessee State
  No. 24 Maryland races past NC State
  Washington upsets No. 2 UCLA
  Kansas holds off Texas for outright Big 12 crown
  Winthrop captures Big South title in win over VMI
  Ervin, Beverley lead Arkansas over No. 19 Vanderbilt
  Taylor's late three-pointer leads Wisconsin over Spartans
  No. 20 Lady Cardinals down St. John's
  Badgers host Spartans in regular season finale
  Top-25 tussle in Pac-10 boasts Trojans against Cougars
  Key Big 12 tussle features Top-25 foes in Lawrence
  Hoyas can claim share of Big East title with win over Huskies
  Winthrop battles VMI in Big South Tourney title tilt
  Pac-10 champion Bruins close out regular season in Seattle
  No. 1 Ohio State in action at long-time rival Michigan
  Big East foes lock horns as Irish battle Knights
  Red-hot Terps host Wolfpack in final game of regular season
  Aggies and Tigers square off in pivotal Big 12 bout
  Panthers set sights on share of Big East crown in Milwaukee
  Wolf Pack and Aggies close out regular season in Reno
  Seeking C-USA perfection, Tigers take on Mustangs
  OVC Tournament Championship pits Colonels against Governors
  Cat fight in Charleston as SoCon Tourney title up for grabs
  No. 19 Vandy closes out regular season vs. Arkansas
  Belmont and East Tennessee State meet in A-Sun title bout
  Bulldogs and Ramblers meet in Horizon League semifinal round
  Salukis and Braves meet in MVC Semifinals
  Indiana State parts ways with Waltman
  Commodores trounce Gators, advance in SEC tourney
Friday, March 02, 2007
  Ohio State dumps Indiana
  10th-ranked Georgia routs Kentucky
  Maryland drops Yellow Jackets to earn ACC semifinal berth
  Tar Heels cruise past Hokies in ACC quarterfinals
  Penn first team to get into Big Dance
  Penn first team to into Big Dance
  LSU tops Ole Miss in SEC quarterfinals
  No. 2 Tennessee topples South Carolina
  Shaw leads Salukis past Drake
  Pregnant Vodichkova to miss 2007 season
  Giacoletti resigns as Utah basketball coach
  Duke stays perfect; downs Virginia
  NC State gores Florida State
  DeHann, Spartans eliminate Gophers
  Gearlds, Boilermakers escape Badgers
  Salukis begin defense of MVC Tournament title
  UCLA clinches Pac-10 title
  Yellow Jackets stun No. 8 Tar Heels
  Washington downs No. 23 USC
  No. 6 Memphis rolls past UTEP
Thursday, March 01, 2007
  No. 21 Phoenix top Ramblers
  Virginia pulls away to beat Hokies
  Nation's longest win streak on the line in El Paso
  Bruins attempt to clinch outright Pac-10 title
  WAC Champion Nevada to take on Utah State in Logan
  Instate rivals meet in critical ACC tilt
  Trojans take on Huskies in Seattle
  12th-ranked Oklahoma beats Baylor; earns share of Big 12 crown
  Longhorns dodge Law to drop Aggies
  Jones, Maryland down Duke
Friday, March 31, 2006
  Kansas State captures Women's NIT title
  Nickelberry named Hampton head coach
  Delaware names Ross head coach
  Garland not returning to Cleveland State
  Kinsey leads South Carolina to NIT title
Thursday, March 30, 2006
  Redick, Morrison share Player of the Year honors
  Big man on campus: Hansbrough will return to Tar Heels
  Four teams with one goal: Final Four breakdown
  Duke's Paulus undergoes wrist surgery
  Bucknell gives Flannery contract extension
  Gamecocks and Wolverines battle for NIT crown
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
  Miami's Diaz turning pro
  Everhart to take over at Duquesne
  Hoosiers name Sampson head coach
  BC's Smith to have surgery
  Gamecocks advance to second straight NIT final
  Three ACC teams in women's Final Four
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 28th
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
  Sims sends Michigan to NIT final
  Redick among finalists for Wooden Award
  Butch Beard resigns from Morgan State
  Report: Kelvin Sampson leaving OU for IU
  Hofstra inks Pecora to five-year contract
  Penders earns contract extension
Monday, March 27, 2006
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 27th
  Will Brown staying at Albany
  Rutgers name Hill men's basketball coach
  George Mason continues improbable journey
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 26th
Sunday, March 26, 2006
  Florida going to Final Four after beating Villanova
  The slipper still fits: George Mason stuns UConn
  Missouri tabs Anderson as men's basketball coach
  Gators battle top-seeded Wildcats for right to head to Final Four
  Cinderella Patriots take on top-seeded Huskies
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 25th
  Idaho hires Pfeifer as men's basketball coach
  UCLA shuts down Memphis to move into Final Four
Saturday, March 25, 2006
  Oh baby! Davis leads LSU to Final Four
  Panthers extend Dixon for three years
  Bruins and Tigers tangle in Oakland Regional final
  Tigers and Longhorns lock up in Atlanta Regional final
  UConn survives another scare, tops Washington in OT
  Noah leads Gators past Hoyas, and into final eight against 'Cats
  Cinderella still dancing: George Mason downs Wichita State
  Villanova beats BC in OT thriller on goaltending call
Friday, March 24, 2006
  Portland fires men's basketball coach
  Rutgers to name Hill men's basketball coach
  Seton Hall fires Louis Orr
  Washington seeks upset of top-seeded UConn
  Top-seeded Villanova takes on familiar foe in Boston College
  Hoyas try to wrestle Gators in Sweet 16 matchup
  Patriots and Shockers meet in Sweet 16
  Paulino's buzzer-beater sends Texas to Elite Eight
  Farmar's late heroics lead Bruins into Elite Eight
  South Carolina advances to NIT semifinals
  Ole Miss hires Kennedy as new hoops coach
  Cincinnati's Cronin heads home
  Memphis moves into Elite Eight with easy win over Bradley
  LSU rattles Redick; advances to Elite Eight in upset of Duke
Thursday, March 23, 2006
  Two Cincinnati players ineligible for NIT
  Rahe hired by Weber State
  Huggins headed to K-State
  Stony Brook's Pikiell gets contract extension
  Report: Huggins headed to K-State
  Bulldogs and Bruins meet up in Sweet 16
  Sweet 16 pits familiar foes in West Virginia and Texas
  Cinderella Braves take on top-seeded Tigers in Sweet 16
  Top-seeded Blue Devils clash with Tigers in Georgia Dome
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
  Dean and Cardinals soar to NIT semifinals
  Wolverines claw to NIT quarterfinal win
  Monarchs rule over Hofstra in NIT
  Idaho State names O'Brien head basketball coach
  Alford says he's not going anywhere
  Northern Iowa tabs Jacobson to fill coaching void
  Carolina's Williams and Hansbrough honored
  Missouri's Gardner declares for NBA Draft
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 21st
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  Hicks leads Bearcats past Golden Gophers in NIT
  South Carolina Moves Closer to Second Straight NIT Title
  Carter out as coach at Texas-San Antonio
  George Karl's son, Coby, has surgery
  Roccaforte takes over at Lamar
  McDermott takes over at Iowa State
  Colorado's Roby heading to draft, will not hire agent the tournament
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 20th
  Monarchs rule in NIT victory against Manhattan
  Missouri State wins thriller over Houston in the NIT
  Michigan claws past Notre Dame in the NIT
Monday, March 20, 2006
  Pride boasts overtime NIT win versus Saint Joseph's
  Hurricanes slip past Creighton in NIT
  Cardinals fly past Tigers in the NIT
  Tubbs resigns as Lamar coach
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 19th
Sunday, March 19, 2006
  UConn holds off Kentucky
  Top-seeded Tigers buck Bison
  Georgetown topples Ohio State, advances to Sweet 16
  Texas downs N.C. State to advance to Sweet 16
  Ray stars as Villanova sinks Arizona
  George Mason dethrones North Carolina
  Mountaineers defeat Northwestern State, roll into Sweet 16
  O'Bryant, Bradley stun Pittsburgh to reach Sweet 16
  The fur will be flying, as Arizona takes on top-seeded Villanova
  Hoyas and Buckeyes meet in second round of NCAA Tournament
  NC State locks horns with Texas in NCAA Tourney second round
  Kentucky seeks upset of top-seeded UConn
  Mountaineers will try to exorcise Demons
  Tar Heels continue championship defense against pesky Patriots
  Top-seeded Tigers faces upset-minded Bison in NCAA Tourney
  Braves challenge Panthers in second round of NCAA Tournament
  NCAA Women's Tournament Basketball Capsules - March 18th
  UCLA holds off Alabama, advances to Sweet 16
  Huskies send Illini home in thriller
Saturday, March 18, 2006
  Gonzaga sends Davis, Indiana home
  Darrel Mitchell's late three boosts LSU past Texas A&M
  Gators pound Panthers, advance to Sweet 16
  Duke feeling sweet after win over George Washington
  Boston College advances to Sweet 16 with win over Montana
  Shocker: Wichita State beats Tennessee to advance
  Manhattan has no fear of Terps in NIT
  Evansville's Ottens dies in car accident
  Young Bruins battle Crimson Tide in tourney's second round
  Shockers seek upset of second-seeded Volunteers
  Aggies attempt to tame Tigers in second-round action
  Huskies and Illini meet in San Diego
  Zags and Hoosiers meet in second-round action from Salt Lake City
  Gators and Panthers clash in Jacksonville
  Top-seeded Blue Devils battle Colonials in Greensboro
  Upset-minded Grizzlies take on Eagles in second round
  Tar Heels hold off Racers in NCAA first round
  Patriot Game; George Mason upsets Michigan State
  Texas advances with win over Penn
  Bradley moves on in upset win over Kansas
  Pitt impresses in first-round triumph over Kent
  Kentucky slips past UAB in NCAA first round
  Bears slip past Stanford in NIT
  Bennerman leads NC State past Cal
  The Great Escape: Huskies' late surge thwarts Albany's upset bid
  Pittsnogle leads WVU over So. Illinois
Friday, March 17, 2006
  Wallace's late three lifts Demons to thrilling upset over Hawkeyes
  Carney leads Memphis past Oral Roberts
  Lee helps lead Bucknell past Arkansas
  Bearcats claw their way to NIT win over Charlotte
  Florida State bites Bulldogs in NIT
  Louisville stings Hornets in NIT
  Hoyas hold off Panthers
  Legendary DePaul basketball coach Ray Meyer passes away
  Former DePaul basketball coach dies
  Adams stars as Arizona routs Wisconsin
  Ray returns, 'Nova survives scare from Monmouth
  Buckeyes battle past Wildcats
  Cyclones dismiss coach Wayne Morgan
  Salukis and Mountaineers clash in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Daunting task; Monmouth takes on top-seeded Villanova
  Underdog Quakers take on Longhorns in first round of NCAA Tourney
  Wildcats take on Buckeyes in NCAA Tourney first-round action
  Panthers and Hoyas meet in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Wisconin and Arizona clash in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Wolfpack take on Golden Bears in first round of NCAA Tourney
  Demons seek upset of Hawkeyes in NCAA Tournament
  Top-seed UConn begins quest for national title against Albany
  First-round matchup pits Panthers against Golden Flashes
  Tar Heels begin defense of national title against Racers
  Patriots and Spartans meet in first-round action
  Top-seeded Tigers tangle with Golden Eagles
  Blazers and Wildcats battle in NCAA Tournament first-round
  Red-hot Jayhawks battle Braves in Auburn Hills
  Tournament darling Bucknell takes on Arkansas in first-round
  Morrison leads Gonzaga past Xavier
  Roy leads Huskies to win over Utah State; Illinois next
  Florida easily advances in win over South Alabama
  GW makes incredible rally to beat UNC-Wilmington in OT
  Sooners sent home by Panthers
  Smith leads Illinois past Air Force in Washington bracket
  Hoosiers advance with win over San Diego State
  Duke wards off Southern scare
  Davis leads LSU past Iona
  McNamara held in check as Texas A&M ousts Syracuse
Thursday, March 16, 2006
  Smith leads Illinois past Air Force in Oakland bracket
  Michigan rolls on with victory over UTEP
  Creighton advances to the next round in the NIT
  Hofstra advances in the NIT
  Freshman sensation leads UCLA to easy first-round win
  Hawks soar past Rutgers in NIT
  Hawks soar past Rutgers
  Felix leads Alabama to upset over Marquette
  Lofton's jumper gives Tennessee victory over Winthrop
  No shocker: Wichita State proves MVC worth with rout of Seton Hall
  BC survives pesky Pacific in double OT
  Hampton's Bobby Collins resigns
  Grizzlies roar into second round with win over Nevada
  Cox Arena evacuated after bomb scare
  Hartford's Harrison resigns
  Shockers take on Pirates in Greensboro
  Washington and Utah State meet in NCAA Tournament first-round
  Bruins face Bruins in first-round action from San Diego
  Vols take on Eagles in first-round action from Greensboro
  Aggies battle Orange in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Panthers and Sooners clash in first-round of NCAA Tournament
  Wolf Pack and Grizzlies meet in first-round of NCAA Tournament
  Alabama and Marquette battle in first-round of NCAA Tournament
  Iona takes on LSU in first round of NCAA Tournament
  Aztecs and Hoosiers meet in NCAA Tournament action
  Illinois attempts to ground Air Force in first-round action
  Seahawks and Colonials clash in NCAA Tournament first-round matchup
  Gonzaga battles Xavier in NCAA Tournament first-round
  Gators take on Jaguars in first-round action from Jacksonville
  Top-seeded Duke begins NCAA title quest against Southern
  Red-hot Eagles battle Tigers in Salt Lake City
  Colorado blown out at home in NIT loss to Old Dominion
  Miami squeaks by Oklahoma State in NIT
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
  Turnovers plague BYU in NIT loss to Houston
  Minnesota advances in NIT
  South Carolina begins NIT title defense in style
  Louisiana Tech no match for Clemson in NIT
  Notre Dame knocks off Vanderbilt in NIT
  Pepperdine and Westphal part company
  Buckley and Ball State basketball part ways
  End of the bench: Breaking down the brackets
  Stanford advances in NIT
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
  Monmouth wins Big Dance opener
  Delaware State wins NIT debut
  Williams' triple-double paces Miners in win over Bisons
  Scarlet Knights shoot down Nittany Lions in NIT
  Withers leads 49ers past Eagles
  Manhattan moves on with close win in NIT
  Akron outlasts Temple in OT; Chaney misses game
  Butler slips past Miami-Ohio to kick off NIT
  NCAA Game Summary - Akron at Temple
  Monmouth win Big Dance opener
  NCAA Game Summary - Miami-Ohio at Butler
  Davenport not retained at Texas-Pan American
  Field announced for Coaches vs. Cancer Classic
  NCAA Tournament begins in Dayton with Monmouth and Hampton
Monday, March 13, 2006
  Oregon suspends PG Brooks for first game next season
  UConn and defending champ North Carolina head Washington bracket
  Henderson out as Delaware coach
  North Carolina, Duke, LSU and Ohio State earn women's top seeds
  Wright State fires Biancardi
  North Carolina finishes No. 1
  Durham retires from Montana State
  Duke tops final hoops poll
  Temple's Chaney ready to call it quits
  College Basketball Game Capsules
  Will this be the year Redick, Duke break through?
Sunday, March 12, 2006
  Michigan, Maryland lead NIT field
  Memphis tops in Oakland bracket, Zags have motivation
  'Nova has eye on Final Four bid
  Duke rules, Big East gets eight in as NCAA field announced
  Iowa beats Ohio State to win Big Ten title
  Kansas wins fourth Big 12 title
  Demons down Bearkats to win Southland Conference title
  Redick's hot hand leads Duke to ACC crown
  Gators win second-straight SEC title
  Villanova's Ray cleared for non-contact practice
  Iowa takes on Ohio State in Big Ten title tilt
  Gators and Gamecocks clash in SEC title bout
  Kansas and Texas square off for Big 12 Tournament title
  Demons and Bearkats meet for Southland championship
  Boston College battles Duke for ACC Tournament title
  Pacific wins Big West title
  San Diego State wins MWC
  Southern wins SWAC
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 11th
  The Orange go dancing as Syracuse beats Pitt
  Nevada wins WAC in OT
Saturday, March 11, 2006
  Smith powers BC into ACC title game
  Hampton earns MEAC crown over Delaware State
  Kent State wins MAC
  Gamecocks knock off Kentucky to reach SEC final
  Green scores 18 as Florida beats LSU
  Xavier topples St. Joe's to win A-10 crown
  UCLA captures Pac-10 title
  No. 17 Kansas coasts into Big 12 final
  Longhorns going to Big 12 final
  Duke drops Wake Forest to reach ACC title game, again
  Buckeyes survive scare, advance to finals
  Iowa topples Michigan State to reach Big Ten final
  Albany captures AEC crown; earns first NCAA bid
  Memphis takes C-USA crown
  Golden Bears seek first-ever Pac-10 title against top-seeded UCLA
  Lone Star semifinal pits Longhorns against Aggies
  Surprising A-10 title game pits Hawks against Musketeers
  Southern and Arkansas-Pine Bluff meet for SWAC title
  Cowboys and Aztecs battle for Mountain West title
  Surprising Big East Final pits Orange against Panthers
  Tigers and 49ers meet for Big West Championship
  Hoosiers and Buckeyes battle in Big Ten semifinals
  Nevada hosts Utah State for WAC crown
  Tar Heels and Eagles meet in ACC semifinals
  C-USA title on the line as Tigers host Blazers
  Top-25 battle in SEC semifinals pits Tigers against Gators
  Gritty Gamecocks take on Wildcats in SEC semifinals
  Mid-American title on the line when Kent State takes on Toledo
  Young Jayhawks take on surprising Cornhuskers
  Big Ten semifinal pits Iowa against Michigan State
  Surprising Wake Forest battles top-seed Duke in ACC semifinals
  MEAC title on the line as Hornets take on Pirates
  Catamounts and Great Danes battle for AEC crown
  Kemp leads Nevada past New Mexico
  Collison leads No. 13 UCLA past Arizona
  Villanova's Ray hurts eye
  Graves leads Pitt over 'Nova
  Boston College dominates Maryland in ACC quarterfinal
  Third time's a charm: MSU downs No. 9 Illini
  Humphrey leads No. 16 Gators past Razorbacks
  No. 17 Kansas holds off Oklahoma State
  Terry stars as Tar Heels remain hot
  Davis, Mitchell lead LSU to SEC semis
  Nebraska upsets Sooners in Big 12 quarterfinals
Friday, March 10, 2006
  Another thriller advances Syracuse to Big East final
  No. 5 Memphis rolls into C-USA Final
  Horner leads Iowa to victory Minnesota
  UAB squeezes by UTEP to advance to Conference USA final
  Capel agrees to contract extension with VCU
  Dancing again: Bucknell downs Holy Cross for Patriot title
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 10th
  ASU fires Evans
  Gamecocks stun No. 14 Tennessee
  Wake continues to roll, downs NC State
  Aldridge lifts No. 8 Texas past Texas Tech
  Redick stars as Duke survives Hurricanes
  Buckeyes rally past Penn State
  Ohio State placed on three years' probation
  Texas and Texas Tech meet in Big 12 Tournament quarterfinals
  Big 12 Tourney quarterfinals pits Cowboys against Jayhawks
  Top-25 battle pits Panthers against Wildcats
  Wildcats and Bruins battle in Pac-10 semifinals
  Buckeyes take on Nittany Lions in Big Ten quarterfinals
  LSU begins SEC Tournament play against Vanderbilt
  Huskers and Sooners clash in Big 12 Tourney quarterfinals
  Wolf Pack host Aggies in WAC semifinals
  Demon Deacons take on Wolfpack in ACC quarterfinal action
  North Carolina and Virginia battle in ACC quarterfinals
  Big Ten quarterfinal action pits Minnesota against Iowa
  Illini and Spartans meet in Big Ten quarterfinals
  Orange seek another upset when they face Hoyas
  Duke begins defense of ACC crown against Miami-Florida
  Bucknell and Holy Cross meet for Patriot League title
  Red-hot Blazers take on Miners in C-USA Tourney semifinals
  ACC quarterfinals pits Boston College against Maryland
  Tennessee begins SEC Tourney run against South Carolina
  Houston tangles with Memphis in C-USA Tournament semifinals
  Gators begin defense of SEC Tournament title against Hogs
  Idaho fires head basketball coach
  Pitt pulls away from West Virginia to reach Big East semis
  Oguchi, Ducks stun No. 12 Washington
  Memphis cruises past Tulane
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 8th
  Second-half eruption powers No. 2 Villanova into Big East semis
Thursday, March 09, 2006
  Nevada mows down Idaho
  Wooldridge sacked by Kansas State
  No. 13 UCLA cruises into Pac-10 semis
  Behind Bowman, No. 23 Georgetown holds off Marquette
  UAB cruises past SMU
  Robinson, Temple shock sixth-ranked Colonials in A-10 tourney
  McNamara does it again; Syracuse upsets UConn
  UTA head coach resigns
  Pittsburgh and West Virginia meet in Big East quarterfinals
  Huskies begin defense of Pac-10 Tourney title against Ducks
  Top-ranked Huskies take on Orange in Big East Tourney action
  Beavers try to upset Bruins in Pac-10 Tournament tilt
  Mustangs seek upset of Blazers in C-USA Tourney quarterfinals
  Villanova begins quest for Big East Tourney title against Rutgers
  Vandals challenge Wolf Pack in WAC Tourney quarterfinals
  Tigers take on Green Wave in C-USA quarterfinals
  GW begins defense of A-10 Tournament title against Temple
  Hoyas take on Golden Eagles in Big East Tourney quarterfinals
  2006 Big Ten Conference Tournament Preview
  No. 15 Panthers withstand Louisville in Big East tourney
  Grizzlies roll over Lumberjacks for Big Sky title
  Last-second layup sends Monmouth dancing
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
  Unlucky Irish; No. 23 Georgetown bests Notre Dame
  2006 Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  Cardinals and Panthers meet in opening round of Big East Tourney
  Monmouth and Fairleigh Dickinson meet for NEC title
  Irish battle Hoyas in opening round of Big East Tourney
  Grizzlies and Lumberjacks battle for Big Sky Tournament title
  Davis, Panthers go dancing with victory over Butler
  South Alabama wins Sun Belt Conference
  Oral Roberts defeats Chicago State to win Mid-Continent Conference
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 7th
  2006 Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Southeastern Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Big 12 Conference Tournament Preview
  Panthers host Bulldogs for Horizon League Championship
  2006 Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Big East Conference Tournament Preview
  Hilltoppers take on Jaguars for Sun Belt crown
  Oral Roberts and Chicago State battle for MCC Title
  2006 Pac-10 Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Western Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Big West Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Conference USA Tournament Preview
  The Main Line's mission to March
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 6th
  George Mason guard Skinn suspended for punching opponent
  Carter leads UNC-Wilmington to NCAA tournament
  Burtt leads Iona to MAAC title
  Gonzaga holds on for third straight tournament title
Monday, March 06, 2006
  Arizona's Adams left home for Pac-10 tourney
  North Carolina still No. 1
  UConn, Villanova top hoops poll
  2006 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Southland Conference Tournament Preview
  Pride and Seahawks clash in CAA Tournament championship game
  Gonzaga battles Loyola Marymount for WCC Tourney Crown
  MAAC Tourney title up for grabs as Saint Peter's takes on Iona
  Gonzaga escapes in OT to advance to WCC title game
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 5th
Sunday, March 05, 2006
  'Nova spoils McNamara's Senior Day in Syracuse
  No. 6 Texas routs Oklahoma to take share of Big 12 title
  Davidson dances past Chattanooga in Southern Conference final
  Salukis are on the dance card
  Noah, Gators top Wildcats
  Seniors lift Buckeyes to Big Ten title
  2006 Mountain West Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Mid-American Conference Tournament Preview
  Chattanooga takes on Davidson in SoCon Tourney title tilt
  MVC Tournament title on line as Bradley battles Southern Illinois
  Villanova seeks share of Big East title today at Syracuse
  Buckeyes can clinch Big Ten title with win over Boilermakers
  Texas can claim share of Big 12 title with win over Oklahoma
  Gonzaga takes on San Diego in semifinals of WCC Tourney
  SEC rivals collide as Florida battles Kentucky
  Freshman ruins Duke Senior Night
  South Florida upsets No. 20 Georgetown for first Big East win
  Fazekas scores 30 in Nevada win
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 4th
  Memphis clinches Conference USA title
Saturday, March 04, 2006
  No. 14 Huskies slip past Wildcats
  Shall we dance? Racers defeat Bulldogs for tourney bid
  Williams, Wake upset Wolfpack
  No. 23 Iowa blows past Wisconsin
  Bruins win Pac-10 title in blowout of Stanford
  Rush pushes Jayhawks past Wildcats
  Davis, Tigers hold off Rebels at home
  Belmont punches ticket to the Dance
  Last second tip-in keeps GW unbeaten in A-10
  Brown leads No. 2 UConn past Louisville
  Lofton scores 21 as Vols drop Commodores
  Winthrop edges Coastal Carolina to win Big South
  No. 12 Boston College gets past Virginia Tech
  Bearcats knock off No. 16 West Virginia
  Illini, Brown spoil Spartans senior day
  Bruins seek outright Pac-10 title at Stanford
  Tennessee tries to right ship at Vanderbilt
  Nevada closes out regular season against Fresno State
  ACC clash pits Wolfpack against Demon Deacons
  Memphis can clinch outright C-USA title with win over Houston
  LSU seeks sixth straight win at Ole Miss
  Illinois eyes regular season sweep of Michigan State
  Big Ten tussle features Badgers and Hawkeyes
  Mountaineers go in search of regular season sweep of Bearcats
  Washington closes out regular season at Arizona
  Blue Devils and Tar Heels collide in regular-season finale
  Jayhawks take on Wildcats in hunt for sixth Big 12 title
  GW seeks perfect A-10 season at home versus Charlotte
  Bulls try to prevent winless conference slate against Hoyas
  UConn seeks perfect home record against Louisville
  ACC foes collide, as Eagles try to soar past Hokies
  Samford battles Murray State for OVC Tournament title
  Coastal Carolina and Winthrop meet for Big South Tournament title
  Belmont and Lipscomb meet for Atlantic Sun Tournament title
  Barnes won't return as Ole Miss coach
  Do you want to dance? Seton Hall beats Pitt
Friday, March 03, 2006
  Penn dancing again: Quakers clinch Ivy crown
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 3rd
  Nee leaves Duquesne
  Panthers seek perfection at home against Pirates
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 2nd
  UCLA holds off California in OT to clinch share of title
  No. 24 Nevada cruises past San Jose State
  Marvelous Marvett leads UAB to upset over No. 3 Memphis
Thursday, March 02, 2006
  Washington cruises past Arizona State
  UNLV's Petrimoulx out with foot injury
  No. 18 Jayhawks rebound with rout of Colorado
  FSU tomahawk chops No. 1 Duke
  UNI's McDermott receives raise
  2006 Sun Belt Conference Tournament Preview
  Tigers set sights on outright C-USA crown at UAB
  No room for error as Huskies battle Sun Devils in Tempe
  UCLA seeks share of Pac-10 title at California
  Wolf Pack set to claim outright WAC title against Spartans
  Still in the hunt, Badgers battle Spartans in East Lansing
  2006 Patriot League Tournament Preview
  Women's Top-25 Basketball Capsules - March 1st
  No. 23 Iowa pummels Penn State
  Aggies lay down the Law, best No. 6 Texas
  No. 9 Buckeyes get past Northwestern
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
  North Carolina blows past Virginia
  Morris drops 22 as Kentucky upsets Tennessee
  Boone, No. 2 Huskies hunt down Bulls
  No. 17 Florida downs Georgia to get back on winning track
  GW stays unbeaten in the A-10
  Foye leads Villanova to win over St. John's
  Waters to step down at end of season
  Redhawks opt not to extend Garner's contract
  Longhorns can clinch share of Big 12 title against Aggies
  Tennessee hosts Kentucky in pivotal SEC tilt
  Attempting to stay on top, Ohio State travels to Northwestern
  Villanova hosts St. John's in key Big East tussle
  George Washington seeks single-season wins record at St. Bonaventure
  Closing in on perfection, top-ranked Duke takes on Florida State
  Tar Heels seek 20th win of the season against Cavs
  Suddenly struggling Hawkeyes host resurgent Nittany Lions
  Young Jayhawks host Buffaloes in crucial Big 12 matchup
  Gators attempt to stop the bleeding against Bulldogs
  Red-hot Huskies bring momentum to South Florida
  2006 West Coast Conference Tournament Preview
  Colonials' Mensah-Bonsu has successful surgery
  2006 Big Sky Conference Tournament Preview
  2006 Colonial Athletic Association Tournament Preview