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CFB - The upset to end all upsets

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Prior to last Saturday, there were 32 games this decade where favorites of 20 points or more lost outright. The Louisville Cardinals took over the top spot a few weeks back, becoming the highest favored team to lose when they were beaten by Syracuse while laying 37.5 points. Only one other team since 2000 had lost outright when giving 30 points or more and that was Western Michigan. The Broncos, favored by 35.5 at Central Michigan in '00, fell to the Chippewas, 21-17.

Between 1997 and 1999, three clubs that were favored by 30 points or more had lost outright and one team, Texas Tech, did so twice. Back in '97, the Red Raiders were giving 30 to North Texas and were beaten, 30-27, and just two years later, the Mean Green pulled off the huge upset once again, knocking off Texas Tech, 21-14, while getting 31 points. The other two squads that fell flat were the Syracuse Orange, who were giving 30.5 to Rutgers in '99 and lost by three, and the Virginia Tech Hokies, who were favored by 35.5 against Temple and lost, 28-24 in 1998.

There have been some near misses as well, including V-Tech once again. In 1996, the Hokies barely squeaked out with a three-point "W" in a game in which they were favored by 39 at Akron. That same year, Florida defeated Vanderbilt, 28-21, when giving 43 points, and the following season, Boise State was getting 40 points from Wisconsin and lost by just four.

Even with all those numbers in the history books, no one could ever have expected USC to lose at home to Stanford on Saturday night. After all, the Trojans, favored by 40 points in some books, had not been beaten at home since 2001, a span of 35 contests. In addition, the Cardinal were down to their second-string quarterback, since T.C. Ostrander had to miss the game after suffering a seizure the previous Sunday. Backup Tavita Pritchard had thrown just three career passes heading into the game against the number two team in the country.

One could argue that Appalachian State's win over Michigan was an even bigger upset since the Mountaineers are not an FBS school. However, the Wolverines were depleted defensively coming into the season and ended up losing the following week at home to Oregon.

The Trojans defense was built up to be one of the top units in the nation, and Stanford's offense had averaged only 10 ppg the last 13 Pac 10 games. The Cardinal had also won just two of its previous 16 league contests.

At the same time, USC had been victorious in 39 of its last 43 conference games and had defeated Stanford the last five meetings by an average score of 43-17. John David Booty led the Trojans to the 42-0 whitewash last year in Palo Alto, throwing three touchdowns, but this year's contest was nothing either he or the rest of the team could have ever imagined.

The Heisman Trophy hopeful experienced the worst meltdown of his career, getting picked off four times in seven second-half possessions. Stanford came into the game with only two interceptions in its first four games and 11 in its previous 16 going back to last season.

For most of the game, it seemed USC's defense had stifled Tavita Pritchard as the Stanford offense racked up just 52 total yards and three first downs until the final drive of the third quarter. But Pritchard and the rest of the offense came alive with 10 points on their next two possessions, cutting the Trojans lead to 23-17 with just over five minutes left.

Stanford picked off a Booty pass with 3:17 left, but still needed a touchdown to pull of the upset, and with a fourth-and-20 staring the Cardinal right in the face, it didn't look possible. However, the kid was not to be denied hitting Richard Sherman for 20 yards to pick up the first down. Four plays later, the Cardinal struck again on fourth down when Pritchard hit Mark Bradford for a 10-yard TD strike and the miracle upset was all but complete. USC had one last chance with under one minute to go, but could not get the job done as the game ended on another Booty interception.

Not only did Stanford end the Trojans' home winning streak, the Cardinal were the last team to defeat them at the LA Memorial Coliseum, with a 21-16 win back in 2001.


Oklahoma is back at the number one spot after disposing Texas, 28-21. Eight of my top 10 teams are in the AP Top 10, so at least the Associated Press Poll knows what it's doing.

1) Oklahoma, 105; 2) LSU, 103.5; 3) West Virginia, 103; 4) Ohio State, 101; 5) USC, 100.5; 6) California, Oregon, Boston College and Missouri, 96.5; 10) Florida, 96

There's always next week. That's the new motto I've adopted after going 3-8 in week six. The record now stands at 22-25-1 with six selections on the way.


This might come as a shock, but Notre Dame is actually playing close to FBS- level football. The Fighting Irish finally won a game last week, needing seven UCLA turnovers to do so. True, their 140 yards of total offense don't say much, but what was impressive about the win was the fact they held Bruins running backs to 85 yards on 24 carries. The Irish sacked UCLA quarterbacks five times for minus 40 yards, which means the Bruins tallied just 89 rushing yards for a 2.4 average, the second straight week Notre Dame has held its opponents under 3.0 yards per carry.

The strength of Notre Dame's '07 defense has been vs. the pass, which means Matt Ryan better be on target with his throws or it could be a long day for the Heisman Trophy hopeful. Boston College, who has not played a name team since week three (Army, UMass and Bowling Green have been the last three opponents), must go on the road for only the second time this year and do so at Notre Dame Stadium.

Boston College has won four in a row vs. Notre Dame and could very well take number five. However, the pressure will be all on the 4th-ranked Eagles for the first time in years against the Irish, and this rivalry has a history of close contests. Only one game since 1998 has been decided by more than a touchdown, while the last two meetings have been one and two-point wins for BC.

Take Notre Dame plus the points.

Oregon State squares off with California as the number two-ranked Golden Bears try to keep their undefeated season intact. Even though OSU quarterback Sean Canfield leads the nation in interceptions with 13, he will easily be able to complete enough passes against Cal's porous secondary to keep the Beavers in the game. The Bears have allowed over 300 passing yards in three of their five games and allowed 271 to Tennessee in the opener.

Oregon State's defense will do what it has done all season long and that's hold the opposition down, especially against the run. The Beavers have given up a grand total of 126 yards in five of their six games for 0.8 ypc. They did allow 133 to UCLA, but on 50 carries. They also have recorded 25 sacks this year, far and away the most in the league.

The only real difference between these two teams comes in the turnover margin column. The Golden Bears are +11, while the Beavers are -9. That's the main reason why California is undefeated and Oregon State has three losses. This game will be much closer than the line indicates, and OSU knows how beat Cal with two straight victories in Berkeley.

Take the Beavers to win this one outright.

The battle of Houston takes place this week as Rice and Houston hook up at Robertson Stadium. The Cougars have won four of the last five meetings, but the Owls put up a huge fight in last year's contest. Trailing by 16 in the third quarter, Houston came all the way back to post the 31-30 win, despite being favored by 14.5 points.

The Cougars have already lost as many games this year (3) as they did the entire regular season a year ago. They also lost a game at home this year, dropping a two-point decision to East Carolina. On top of that, the offensive line has not played well of late allowing 12 sacks the last three games, and the QB duo of Blake Joseph and Case Keenum has not made the folks in Houston forget about Kevin Kolb with a TD-INT ratio of 11-8.

Rice picked up a much-needed victory over Southern Miss last Wednesday and has had a few extra days of practice to get ready for this game. The Owls, 1-0 in conference play after losing three straight games to teams from the Big 12, got a break in the win over Southern Miss as the Golden Eagles were without their starting quarterback, but a win is a win, especially when you're 0-4. This contest will not be a blowout as the line suggests.

Take Rice plus the points.

Staying in the great state of Texas, the Red Raiders host the Aggies in a battle of two 5-1 teams. Texas Tech has had a very easy schedule so far and is not as good as its record indicates. The combined mark of the four FBS clubs it has beaten is just 7-15, while the Raiders' loss came against the only team they faced not below .500.

Graham Harrell has been outstanding this year, but once again, he hasn't had to square off against any solid defenses. The Aggies will hold him under 400 yards, like they did last year and will try to run the ball while on offense to chew up the clock as much as possible.

Texas A&M's only loss came in their lone road game of the season at Miami- Florida. However, there's no shame in losing in an environment that the players aren't used to. Look for a much better road performance against a Big 12 rival.

Take Texas A&M plus the points.

Indiana is 5-1 and its start should not come as a shock to anyone as the team began its improvement last season. This year, though, the Hoosiers have become a team to be reckoned with as their offense is averaging over 100 yards more per game compared to '06.

They are already 2-0 on the road with wins at Iowa and Western Michigan, while Michigan State lost at home last week to Northwestern. The Spartans allowed 611 yards to the Wildcats and after winning their first four games they have now dropped two in a row, which has been the norm in East Lansing the last couple of years. In addition, they have lost the next game after losing two straight four consecutive times over the past two seasons.

Take Indiana plus the points.

Illinois has been the other big surprise in the conference, but if you read my Big Ten preview, this is what was written.... "Illinois will go from 2-10 to 7-5 (4-4 in the conference). Ron Zook's squad could also be the top ATS club in the league."

The Fighting Illini are currently 5-1 SU and 4-1 ATS, winning and covering their last four games. They are finally getting into the "W" column after years of close defeats, and have defeated both Penn State and Wisconsin in their last two games. It was the first time since 1959 that this program had knocked off ranked opponents in back-to-back weeks. Unfortunately for Ron Zook and his players, the joyous ride is about to end.

Iowa, a team in disarray, needs this game more than anything. The Hawkeyes at 2-4 must win at least four of their final six contests to get back to a bowl game. It's doubtful they will run the table with all the injuries, but they do have four home games left. Last week, they looked pathetic against Penn State, recording just two first downs in the first three quarters in a 27-7 loss, their eighth straight Big Ten defeat.

It's now or never for Iowa and Kirk Ferentz. If the head coach can't get this team up for Illinois, he should be looking for another line of work. Illinois has some injuries of its own to deal with as both Juice Williams and Arrelious Benn are not 100%, and will look to run the ball its usual 40-50 times in the game. The Hawkeyes' strength is on the defensive line, where they have allowed just 97 yards on 65 carries in two games at Kinnick Stadium this year. We will see what the Hawkeyes are made of, and hopefully, it is much more than what they have previously shown.

Take Iowa at home plus the points.

10/9/2007 1:53:52 PM