It's a 3-0 NBA Playoff Sunday for Kelso Sturgeon! The Wizards (+4½) get the outright stunner on the road against the Bulls, 102-93 for a 50-Unit winner! Mavericks (+9½) hung tough against the Spurs and got the cover in their 90-85 loss, while the Blazers/Rockets shootout went way over 214½ (242)! Kelso also wins his two big games on the diamond: Personal Best clients walked away with a 50-Unit winner last night with the Red Sox (-170) over the Orioles, 6-5, and Chairman's Club bettors got the money with the Reds (-130) over the Cubs, 8-2!
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4/23/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 730 SPURS
4/23/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/23/2014 9:30 PM(et)
 734 HAWKS
4/24/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:30 PM(et)
4/23/2014 12:10 PM(et)
 954 CUBS
4/23/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:10 PM(et)
 957 REDS
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 960 METS
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:35 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:40 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:08 PM(et)
 975 TWINS
 976 RAYS
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)

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Friday, January 31, 2014
  Hawks bury overmatched Sixers
  Magic take down Bucks
  Nuggets' Robinson undergoes knee surgery
  Nothin' but Net: Goodbye, Commissioner Stern
  Charlotte continues road swing against Lakers
  Warriors, Jazz tangle in Salt Lake City
  Raptors head west to face Denver
  Red-hot Grizzlies visit Minnesota
  Mavs welcome Kings to Big D
  Durant powers OKC into Brooklyn to face resurgent Nets
  Hawks leave behind snow and ice in trip to Philly
  Lowly Bucks hope for luck in Magic Kingdom
  Warriors race past Clippers
  Dragic, Suns take down Pacers
  Anthony leads Knicks over Cavs
Thursday, January 30, 2014
  Bosh, Nowitzki highlight All-Star reserves
  Pistons-Hawks rescheduled for April 8
  Nuggets' Robinson has ACL sprain
  NBA appoints Mark Tatum deputy commissioner
  Pacers seek revenge in matchup with Suns
  'Melo, Knicks hope to stay on track vs. Cavs
  Clippers take win streak to Golden State
  Clippers top Wizards, win fourth straight
  Bulls top short-handed Spurs
  Conley helps Grizzlies top Kings
  Jefferson's 35 lifts Bobcats over Nuggets
  Rockets edge Mavericks
  Suns beat hapless Bucks
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
  Turner lifts Sixers past Celtics
  Durant pours in 33 to lead Thunder in rout of Heat
  Love, T-Wolves take down Pelicans
  Lowry leads Raptors over Magic
  Nuggets' Lawson out vs. Charlotte
  Rockets' Harden to miss second straight game
  Pelicans' Davis out with sore finger
  Celtics' Rondo sits vs. 76ers
  Spurs' Ginobili out with hamstring injury
  Pistons-Hawks game postponed
  Wiz hope to cool off Clippers in LA
  Pelicans take win streak to Minnesota
  Suns vie to stay perfect on trip, visit lowly Bucks
  Grizzlies try to stay hot in Sacramento
  Struggling 76ers, Celtics rekindle rivalry
  Bulls begin long road trek in San Antonio
  Hawks welcome Pistons to Philips Arena
  Raptors aim to stay on track versus Magic
  Bobcats open western trip in Denver
  Some like it Hot: Sizzling Durant, LeBron check it up in Miami
  Rockets, Mavs tangle in Big D
  Thunder's Brooks to coach West All-Stars
  Kobe to remain sidelined
  Warriors hit a Wall as Wizards pull out road win
  Streaking Grizzlies pound Trail Blazers
  Pacers come alive in second half to down Lakers
  Rockets overcome Harden injury to take down Spurs
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
  Pistons rout Magic
  Cleveland Blocks: Davis leads Pelicans past Cavs
  Knicks dominate Celtics
  Rockets' Harden out with thumb injury
  Australian phenom Exum to enter NBA Draft
  T-Wolves' Pekovic out with ankle injury
  Suns sign Barbosa for remainder of season
  Cavs complete homestand with New Orleans in town
  Knicks, Celtics rekindle rivalry in MSG
  Magic make a visit to The Palace
  Spurs, Rockets set to clash in Houston
  Portland aims to rebound versus Grizzlies
  Pacers close out western trip against Lakers
  Warriors try to build on recent win, play host to Wizards
  Patterson's late jumper lifts Raptors over Nets
  Bucks stuck in January rut, lose big to Clippers
  Love, Timberwolves down Bulls
  Utah uses balanced attack to clip Kings
  Durant's late bucket helps Thunder edge Hawks
Monday, January 27, 2014
  Green lifts Suns over 76ers
  Lawson leads Nuggets over Kings
  Curry, Warriors detour Trail Blazers
  Nets edge Celtics as Pierce, KG return to Boston
  Mavericks use balance to take down Pistons
  Davis helps Pelicans beat Magic
Sunday, January 26, 2014
  Suns storm past Cavs
  Anthony, Knicks down reeling Lakers
  Heat cruise by Spurs
  Lakers re-sign G Harris
  Suns open road trip against Cavaliers
  Orlando tries to halt road slide at New Orleans
  Pierce, Garnett lead Nets into Boston
  Mavs return home, play host to Pistons
  Nuggets carry momentum into Sacramento
  Blazers ready for showdown with Warriors
  'Melo goes for encore performance as Knicks host Lakers
  Spurs, Heat set for NBA Finals rematch
  Aldridge paces Blazers over Timberwolves
  Jazz hold off Wizards
  Chandler, Nuggets down Pacers
  Durant does it all as Thunder down Sixers
  Bulls edge Bobcats
  Crawford's 37 boosts Clippers to win; Ross' 51 ties Toronto mark
Saturday, January 25, 2014
  Millsap and Hawks dominate Bucks
  Grizzlies sweep home-and-home set with Rockets
  Raptors DeRozan exits game with foot injury
  Hawks' Teague out vs. Bucks
  Blazers play host to Timberwolves
  Jazz, Wizards tangle in Salt Lake City
  Pacers resume road trip in Denver
  Hawks seek bounce-back effort against Bucks
  Grizzlies target home-and-home sweep of Rockets
  Thunder hope to have Durant in matchup at Philly
  Clippers try to slow DeRozan, Raptors up north
  Bulls aim to rebound in visit with Charlotte
  George, Pacers rally past Kings in OT
  Martin helps Timberwolves edge Warriors
  Teletovic leads Nets past Mavericks
  Varejao, Cavs down Bucks
  'Melo Gold: Anthony's 62 points sends Knicks past Bobcats
  Balanced attack sends Wizards over Suns
  Griffin powers Clippers past Bulls
Friday, January 24, 2014
  Grizzlies edge Rockets
  Durant-less Thunder rout Celtics
  Harris leads Magic over Lakers
  Spurs rout Hawks
  Gordon's late layup lifts Pelicans over Pistons
  Thunder's Durant out vs. Boston
  DeRozan, Lowry lead Raptors over Sixers
  Stretching the Field: Durant bringing the boom for OKC
  Sixers sign Dedmon to second 10-day contract
  Love, Wolves take on Curry, Warriors
  Pacers hope to regroup as they visit Kings
  Suns set for matchup with Wizards
  Grizzlies, Rockets begin home-and-home set
  Scorching-hot Durant guides OKC into Boston
  Bulls vie to stay on track vs. Clippers
  Spurs head to Atlanta to face the Hawks
  Knicks aim to stop slide versus Bobcats
  Bucks seek back-to-back wins for 1st time, visit Cavs
  Pistons welcome Pelicans to The Palace
  Nets try to keep momentum, host Dallas
  Lakers resume Florida tour, visit Magic
  DeRozan leads Raptors into Philadelphia
  Aldridge scores 44 as Blazers best Nuggets
  Bosh, Heat hold off Lakers
Thursday, January 23, 2014
  Kobe voted into All-Star Game; LeBron top vote-getter
  Cousins, Gay both listed as day-to-day
  Knicks' Bargnani out with torn elbow ligament
  Hawks' Antic out 2-4 weeks with ankle fracture
  Spurs' Leonard out 3-4 weeks
  Nothin' but Net: Nothing to see about USA Basketball team
  Heat, Lakers square off in South Beach
  Blazers welcome Nuggets to great northwest
  USA Basketball selects 28 for national team pool
  Spurs' Leonard suffers fractured finger
  Durant extends streak, Thunder down Spurs
  Suns shock Pacers
  Howard powers Rockets past Kings
  Turner, Sixers down reeling Knicks
  Wallace helps Celtics edge Wizards in OT
  Bucks edge Pistons
  Cousins and Gay exit early in loss to Rockets
  Millsap leads Hawks over Magic
Wednesday, January 22, 2014
  Augustin, Gibson help Bulls beat Cavs
  Jefferson helps Bobcats drop Clippers
  DeRozan, Raptors rally past Mavs
  Sixers' Davies undergoes hand surgery
  Boston's Bradley out with ankle injury
  Bulls ink Mike James to 10-day contract
  Celtics ink Blue to 10-day deal
  Fields has wrist surgery
  Hawks, Magic set to tangle in Orlando
  Wizards aim to move above. 500 with Celtics in town
  Deng faces former squad as Cavs entertain Bulls
  Pacers continue road trip in Phoenix
  Raptors play host to Mavericks
  Clippers make a stop in Charlotte
  Durant leads OKC into showdown with Spurs
  Howard, Rockets welcome Cousins, Kings
  Pistons, Bucks clash in Central showdown
  Struggling Knicks host 76ers
  Gay leads Kings over Pelicans
  Durant leads Thunder past Blazers
  Love leads T-Wolves over Jazz
  James helps Heat get past Celtics
Tuesday, January 21, 2014
  Nuggets' Gallinari undergoes another knee surgery
  Nothin' but Net: Midseason hardware
  Nets acquire Teague from Bulls
  Nets send Taylor to Pelicans
  Kings continue road trip in the Big Easy
  Blazers, Thunder tussle in OKC
  Surging Nets welcome Magic to Brooklyn
  Heat head home to face Boston
  Wolves, Jazz finish home-and-home in Salt Lake
  Pacers open road trip with win over Warriors
  Parsons, Rockets snap Blazers' win streak
  Bulls edge Lakers in OT
Monday, January 20, 2014
  Third time's the charm as Hawks withstand Heat
  Davis helps Pelicans edge Grizzlies
  Wizards jump out to big lead, hold off Sixers
  Nets crush Knicks
  Bobcats edge Raptors
  Ellis, Mavs edge Cavs
  Jordan, Clips down Pistons
  Durant, George named NBA Players of the Week
  Pacers begin western trek against Warriors
  Portland aims to stay on track in meeting with Rockets
  Battle of New York heads to MSG
  Lakers continue sojourn in Chicago
  Bobcats hope for continued success against Raptors
  Clips continue road trip in Detroit
  Heat close trip against Hawks
  Wizards welcome Philly to Washington
  Grizzlies try to stay hot vs. Pelicans
  Mavs, Cavs tangle in matinee at the Q
  Frye fuels Suns over Nuggets
  Durant, Thunder top Kings
Sunday, January 19, 2014
  Spurs rout Bucks
  Harris helps Magic edge Celtics
  Young, Lakers top Raptors
  Nuggets, Suns clash in Phoenix
  Thunder go for 3 in a row against Sacramento
  Rondo, Celtics visit Orlando
  Spurs welcome Bucks to Alamo City
  Raptors, Lakers battle in Toronto matinee
  Blazers bury Mavericks for fifth straight win
  Timberwolves dominate cold-shooting Jazz
  Bulls rout Sixers
  Smith strong second half sends Pistons over Wizards
Saturday, January 18, 2014
  Jones carries Rockets past Bucks
  Curry leads Warriors over Pelicans
  Shorthanded Heat need OT to beat Bobcats
  George, Pacers pound Clippers
  Bobcats' Walker leaves game
  Pelicans' Smith out indefinitely
  Barbosa re-ups with Suns for another 10 days
  Jazz, Wolves begin home-and-home in Minnesota
  Blazers put winning streak on the line in Dallas
  Bulls welcome Sixers to Chicago
  Rockets seek rebound effort with Bucks in town
  Warriors head to the Big Easy to face Pelicans
  Heat hope to continue domination of Charlotte
  Clippers, Pacers tangle in Indianapolis
  Pistons visit Washington
  Durant pours in career-high 54 as Thunder beat Warriors
  Rondo returns, but Celtics fall to Lakers
  Irving leads Cavs past Nuggets
  Mavericks take down Suns
  Jazz handle Pistons
  Matthews lifts Blazers past Spurs
  Grizzlies top Kings for fifth straight win
  Jefferson, Bobcats down Magic
  Wall leads Wizards over Bulls
  Griffin leads Clippers over Knicks
Friday, January 17, 2014
  Heat beat Sixers to snap 3-game slide
  Raptors keep home win streak alive vs. T-Wolves
  Knicks' Stoudemire, Martin to miss 2 weeks
  Mavs G Mekel undergoes knee surgery
  Nothin' but Net: This man deserves an All-Star spot
  Celtics sign Johnson to 10-day contract
  Stretching the Field: Celtics, Rondo must be patient together
  Thunder go for another home win vs. Warriors
  Rondo set to return when Celtics host Lakers
  Suns, Mavericks set for desert clash
  Magic hope to end long slide with Charlotte in town
  Cavs close out western trek against Nuggets
  Wolves go north to tangle with Toronto
  West powers collide as Blazers visit Spurs
  Heat head to Philly to battle 76ers
  Grizzlies aim to continue mastery of Kings
  Clippers begin lengthy trip east in MSG
  Pistons play host to Jazz at The Palace
  Bulls seek revenge in Washington
  Thunder win, hold Rockets to 19 points in second half
  Stephenson shines as Pacers trounce Knicks
Thursday, January 16, 2014
  London balling: Nets take down Hawks
  Lakers' Nick Young suspended one-game
  Celtics confirm Friday return for Rondo
  Clippers sign Turkoglu
  Pacers aim to stay hot at home versus Knicks
  Durant, Thunder try to bounce back in Houston
  Nets, Hawks set for showdown in London
  Nuggets top Warriors
  Aldridge fuels late run as Blazers down Cavs
  Clippers rally from 17 down in final five minutes, stun Mavs
  Green leads Suns past Lakers
  Grizzlies hand Bucks seventh straight loss
  Sullinger's big night helps Celtics snap skid
  Rockets edge Pelicans
  Bulls escape Orlando with triple-overtime win
  Kings hold off late Minnesota rally
  Young delivers late as Sixers edge Bobcats
  Spurs hold off Jazz
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
  Wizards jump on Heat early, win by 17
  Warriors acquire Crawford as part of 3-team swap
  Sixers lift some restrictions on injured Noel
  Rondo works out with Celtics' D-League team
  Report: Warriors acquire Crawford as part of 3-team swap
  Celtics assign Rondo to D-League
  Rested Warriors ready for Nuggets
  Raptors take on slumping Celtics in Beantown
  Pelicans try to stop slide versus Rockets
  Kings aim to bounce back in Minnesota
  Clips, Mavs set to tussle in L.A.
  Suns begin homestand with sinking Lakers in town
  Grizzlies shoot for .500, visit Milwaukee
  Jefferson, Bobcats pay a visit to 76ers
  Heat continue road trip against Wizards
  Spurs return home to face Utah
  Magic bring losing streak back home, host Bulls
  Cavs top Lakers
  Grizzlies slip past Thunder
  Pacers rout Kings
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
  Jefferson helps Bobcats take down Knicks
  Rondo hints at Friday return
  Ex-UNC star Hairston lands with NBDL team
  Knicks carry surge into Charlotte
  Lakers host Cavs before lengthy trip
  Thunder make a stop in Memphis
  Pacers aim for 30th win with Kings in town
  Burks, Favors lead the way as Jazz take down Nuggets
  Spurs drop struggling Pelicans
  Wall, Wizards top Bulls
  Lowry, Raptors cruise past Bucks
  Anthony and Knicks edge Suns in OT
Monday, January 13, 2014
  Mavericks crush struggling Magic
  Rockets cruise past Celtics
  Anthony, Cousins earn NBA Players of the Week
  Spurs' Green out four weeks with broken finger
  Bulls shoot for sixth straight win, host Wizards
  Mavericks, Magic set to tangle in Big D
  Nuggets take winning streak to Utah
  Spurs go for win No. 30 against Pelicans
  Knicks hope to stay hot against Suns
  Struggling Celtics welcome Houston to Beantown
  Bucks, Raptors battle in Toronto
  Grizzlies hold off Hawks
Sunday, January 12, 2014
  Kings beat Cavs by 44
  Spurs whip T-Wolves behind balanced offense
  NBA says officials missed call in Pelicans-Mavs game
  High-scoring Spurs, Wolves meet in Alamo City
  Deng, Cavs resume trip at Sacramento
  Hawks try to continue success against Grizzlies
  Blazers beat struggling Celtics
  Nuggets rout Magic behind balanced attack
  Durant guides Thunder over Bucks
  Bulls beat Bobcats for fifth straight win
  Rockets wait out delay, hold off Wizards
  Smith's late bucket guides Detroit over Phoenix
  Stoudemire helps Knicks past Sixers
  Nowitzki paces Mavs past Pelicans
Saturday, January 11, 2014
  DeRozan leads Raptors past Nets
  Blazers entertain struggling Celtics
  Suns, Pistons tangle at The Palace
  Nuggets aim to stay on track versus Magic
  Mavs shoot for home-and-home sweep of Pelicans
  Bulls put win streak on line with Bobcats in town
  Durant, Thunder aim to rebound vs. Milwaukee
  Knicks go for fourth straight win at Philly
  Nets take winning streak to Toronto
  Rockets resume road trip against Wizards
  Curry's late bucket lifts Warriors over Celtics
  Clippers pound Lakers
  Cousins and Kings beat up Magic
  Boozer and Bulls take down Bucks
  Pacers crush Wizards
  Irving, Cavs down Jazz
  Ellis, Nowitzki lead Mavs past Pelicans
  Timberwolves blast slumping Bobcats
  Surging Nets hold off Heat in double-OT
  Pistons snap skid with win over Sixers
  Conley leads Grizzlies over Suns
Friday, January 10, 2014
  Millsap and Hawks slip by Rockets
  Bulls sign F Martin to 10-day contract
  Clippers G Redick cleared to return
  Nothin' but Net: Smith is a huge problem
  Suns' Bledsoe has knee surgery
  Pelicans G Holiday out with stress fracture
  Deng to debut for Cavs in Utah
  Pacers search for success versus Wizards
  Pistons take losing ways to south Philly
  Hawks entertain Harden, Rockets
  Pelicans, Mavericks open home-and-home set
  Suns resume trip against Grizzlies
  Heat aim to rebound in visit with Nets
  Clips, Lakers hook up in Battle of L.A.
  Red-hot Warriors return home to face Boston
  Magic continue western trek in Sacramento
  Bulls, Bucks clash in Central Division showdown
  Cavs begin long road trip in Utah
  Bobcats visit Minnesota
  Nuggets crush Thunder
  Anthony guides Knicks past Heat
Thursday, January 09, 2014
  Suns' G Bledsoe out indefinitely
  James, Durant continue to top All-Star balloting
  Thunder, Nuggets clash in Denver
  Heat head to MSG to tangle with Knicks
  Clippers edge Celtics
  Batum, Aldridge lead Blazers in rout of Magic
  Green's late bucket pushes Suns over T'Wolves
  Warriors' win streak ends in Brooklyn
  Wizards top Pelicans
  Harden, Rockets use second-half charge to down Lakers
Wednesday, January 08, 2014
  Spurs dismantle Mavericks
  Korver, Hawks down Pacers
  Raptors pull away to down sagging Pistons
  Suns sign Barbosa to 10-day contract
  Clippers sign G Wayns to 10-day contract
  Knicks' Smith fined $50K
  Pacers visit Atlanta
  Blazers seek bounce-back effort vs. Orlando
  Wizards, Pelicans set for Big Easy battle
  Houston's Howard faces Lakers once again
  T'Wolves welcome Suns to Target Center
  Rivers, Clippers entertain Celtics in L.A.
  Warriors shoot for NBA history in Brooklyn
  Struggling Pistons continue road trip in Toronto
  Spurs, Mavs rekindle Texas rivalry
  Kings outlast Blazers in shootout
  Hayward's 37 trumps Durant's big night as Jazz topple Thunder
  Bulls top Suns
  Nuggets dominate Celtics
  New York hands Detroit fifth straight loss
  James leads Heat over Pelicans
  Hibbert leads Pacers over Raptors
  Spurs blow big lead, but down Grizzlies in OT
  Warriors trounce Bucks for 10th straight win
  Mavericks edge Lakers
Tuesday, January 07, 2014
  Beal leads Wizards past Bobcats
  Miles hits 10 3s as Cleveland beats up Philly
  Hawks release F Martin
  Bulls waive Bynum
  Blazers' McCollum set to return Tuesday
  Lakers waive Shawne Williams
  Nothin' but Net: End of this Bulls run
  Nets' Williams has sprained ankle
  Celtics, Grizzlies, Thunder complete 3-team trade
  Blazers make quick stop in Sacramento
  Thunder travel to Salt Lake City to meet Jazz
  Pelicans' Anderson out indefinitely with herniated disc
  Red-hot Warriors shoot for 10th straight win at Milwaukee
  Celtics seek road redemption in Denver
  Heat, Pelicans square off in South Beach
  Knicks return home to host Pistons
  Pacers seek revenge versus Raptors
  Mavs hope for home cooking against Lakers
  Wizards hope to halt slide, open trip at Charlotte
  Spurs visit Memphis in Southwest showdown
  Johnson and Nets slip past Hawks
  Collison and Clippers rout Magic
Monday, January 06, 2014
  Love and Timberwolves take down Sixers
  Lee, Young named NBA Players of the Week
  NBA reschedules Spurs-Timberwolves tilt
  Sixers shoot for 5 in a row against Wolves
  Nets try to keep momentum going, host Atlanta
  Clips welcome Magic to Staples Center
  Grizzlies roll to 28-point road win against Pistons
  Nuggets crush Lakers
Sunday, January 05, 2014
  Anthony leads Knicks past Mavs
  Jackson, Thunder rout Celtics
  James, Heat hold off Raptors
  Pacers use balanced attack to beat Cavaliers
  Warriors rout Wizards
  Paul to miss up to 6 weeks with shoulder injury
  Spurs C Splitter out with shoulder sprain
  Lakers, Nuggets battle in LA
  Knicks complete Texas trek with a stop in Dallas
  Boston heads to OKC for date with the Thunder
  Heat head home to tangle with Toronto
  Pacers hit the Q to take on Cleveland
  Warriors go for 9 in a row against the Wizards
  Pistons host Memphis for a Sunday matinee
  Spurs rout Clippers
  Young, Sixers hold off Blazers
  Walker guides Bobcats over Kings
  Blazers' Batum breaks finger
  Green, Frye carry Suns over Bucks
  Nets beat Cavs despite Johnson's struggles
  Durant scores 48 as Thunder edge Wolves
  Dunleavy leads Bulls past Hawks
  Pacers overcome slow start, top Pelicans
Saturday, January 04, 2014
  Heat continue domination of Magic
  Brook Lopez has surgery
  Suns' Bledsoe out with knee sprain
  Bobcats end road trip in Sacramento
  Suddenly streaking Sixers face test in Portland
  Suns host Bucks in Phoenix
  Clips press on without Paul, visit San Antonio
  Durant leads OKC into matchup with Love's Wolves
  Hawks, Bulls tangle in Chicago
  Irving-less Cavs head to Brooklyn
  Heat hope to shake off rare loss with a trip to Orlando
  Pelicans fly into battle with Pacers
  Nuggets hold off Grizzlies, end 8-game skid
  Brooks helps Rockets edge Knicks
  Raptors rout Wizards
  Clippers overcome Paul injury to top Mavs
  Gasol, Lakers down Jazz
Friday, January 03, 2014
  Paul to miss 3-5 weeks with shoulder injury
  Pelicans edge Celtics
  Iguodala's 3 lifts Warriors past Hawks
  Pelicans' Anderson leaves game on stretcher
  Nuggets lift Miller suspension
  Oladipo, Burke named top rookies for December
  James, Durant named NBA Players of the Month
  Magic finally cut ties with Turkoglu
  Cavs' Irving to miss Saturday's game at Brooklyn
  Mavs return home to face Clippers
  Raptors open trip against Wizards
  Warriors put win streak on line in Atlanta
  Celtics, Pelicans square off in Beantown
  Rockets seek success in tilt with Knicks
  Struggling Nuggets play host to Grizzlies
  Lakers try to halt slide versus Jazz
  Johnson's late jumper sends Nets past Thunder
  Young, Sixers slide past Kings
  Blazers make 21 triples in win over Bobcats
  Favors helps Jazz best Bucks
  Shumpert lifts Knicks over Spurs
  Balanced attack leads Grizzlies over Suns
  Curry, Lee carry Warriors past Heat
Thursday, January 02, 2014
  Waiters, Varejao vault Cavs over Magic in OT
  Cavs' Irving sits with knee bruise
  Anthony to return to Knicks' lineup
  Nuggets suspend Miller for outburst
  Casey, Hornacek named top coaches for December
  Cavs aim to stop slide versus Magic
  Celtics, Bulls collide at United Center
  Thunder welcome Nets to OKC
  Heat entertain streaking Warriors
  Knicks hope to have Anthony in visit to Spurs
  Blazers, Bobcats do battle in Portland
  Sixers take road show to Sacramento
  Suns welcome Memphis to the desert
  Bucks, Jazz hook up in Salt Lake
  Turner, Sixers take down Nuggets
  Raptors take care of Pacers
  Griffin and Clippers dominate Bobcats
  T'Wolves use balanced attack to take down Pelicans
  Ellis leads Mavs over Wizards
Wednesday, January 01, 2014
  Lakers' Farmar out at least four weeks
  Slumping Nuggets host Sixers
  Pacers put win streak on line at Toronto
  Mavs take on Wizards in D.C.
  Love, Wolves welcome Pelicans to town
  Clippers shift focus to Bobcats
  Knight and Bucks down sliding Lakers
  Raptors take down Bulls in Chicago
  Cousins, Gay help Kings edge Rockets
  Spurs continue dominance over Nets
Thursday, January 31, 2013
  Raptors' Casey fined for criticizing refs
  Spurs' Duncan plans to return Saturday
  Mavericks shoot for consistency in road bout with Warriors
  Revamped Grizzlies set for challenge against Thunder
  Jazz bounce back to take down Hornets
  Beasley, Suns edge Lakers
  Orlando's Davis fractures foot in loss to the Knicks
  Gallinari's strong fourth quarter pushes Denver past Houston
  Robinson sparks Bulls in road win over Bucks
  'Melo sets Knicks record in win over Magic
  Holiday and Sixers down Wizards
  Heat handle Nets, end eight-game home winning streak
  Short-handed Spurs too much for reeling Bobcats
  Celtics roll over Kings
  Pacers keep rolling at home in win over Pistons
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
  Clippers keep rolling, beat T-Wolves
  Horford helps Hawks hold off Raptors
  Raptors acquire Gay in 3-team deal
  Wizards' Beal to miss Sixers game
  Lopez to replace Rondo in All-Star Game
  Nothin' but Net: So who will go into the Hall of Fame?
  Spurs' Duncan remains sidelined
  Nets hope for some more home-cooking versus champs
  'Melo, Knicks target another win over Magic at MSG
  Celtics begin life sans Rondo, welcome Kings to town
  Wizards, Sixers set for showdown in south Philly
  Pacers return to Indy, play host to Pistons
  Hawks vie to continue dominance of Raptors
  Central-leading Bulls battle rival Bucks
  Spurs eye 17th straight home win against Bobcats
  Bryant tries to assist Lakers to win in Phoenix
  Clips hope to have Paul back, as they start long trip in Minnesota
  Nuggets aim to stay hot at home against Rockets
  Jazz look to bounce back versus New Orleans
  Bryant helps Lakers to 3rd straight win
  Aldridge's game-winner helps Blazers past Mavericks
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
  Jennings leads Bucks in rout of Pistons
  Thompson leads Warriors past Cavs
  Wolves sign pair to 10-day contracts
  Cavs play host to Warriors
  Bucks battle Pistons at The Palace
  Mavs roll into Portland
  Kobe, Lakers conclude homestand vs. Hornets
  Williams leads Nets in rout of Magic
  Warriors down Raptors
  Harden, Rockets rout Jazz
  Iguodala's free throw lifts Nuggets over Pacers
  Butler, Bulls beat Bobcats
  Thomas leads Kings over Wizards
  Heat visit White House
Monday, January 28, 2013
  Grizzlies hang on to knock off Sixers
  Warriors' Bogut returns to the lineup
  Pacers bring back Sam Young
  Irving, Parker named NBA's Players of the Week
  Nothin' but Net: Celtics in serious trouble
  Adelman returns to Wolves
  Warriors resume trip against Raptors
  Grizzlies on the prowl in south Philly
  Wizards put home win streak on line vs. Kings
  Bulls try to get back on track, host Bobcats
  Pacers cap road trip against streaking Nuggets
  Rockets look to build momentum, visit Utah
  Sixers keep Mack with second 10-day contract
  Nets back home to host struggling Magic
  Griffin, Clips down Blazers
  Anthony, Knicks edge Hawks
  Celtics' Rondo has torn ACL
  Pierce notches triple-double as Celtics edge Heat in 2 OT
  Knight helps Pistons slip past Magic
Sunday, January 27, 2013
  Anderson's long-range shooting leads Hornets over Grizzlies
  Mavs guarantee James' contract
  Bryant helps Lakers down Thunder
  Celtics' Rondo out against Miami
  Reeling Celtics entertain LeBron, Heat
  Lakers eye two straight wins, host mighty Thunder
  Magic hope to halt skid with Pistons in town
  Grizzlies, Hornets square off in Memphis
  Knicks return home, welcome Hawks to MSG
  Mavs aim to resume dominance of Suns
  Clippers vie to end slide versus Blazers
  Jazz beat Pacers in OT thanks to controversial call
  Blazers score last 10 to hand Clippers another loss
  Parker leads Spurs past Suns
  Nuggets crush Kings
  Ellis helps Bucks down Warriors
  Bobcats finally break home hex, edge Timberwolves
Saturday, January 26, 2013
  Rockets continue domination of Nets
  Holiday scores career-best 35, Sixers slam Knicks
  Wizards shut down Bulls in second half
  Irving's clutch 3-pointer lifts Cavs over Raptors
  Suspension lifted for Rockets first-round pick White
  Clippers seek success in road tilt against Blazers
  Bulls set for road-heavy schedule, make stop in Washington
  Raptors try to stay on top with Cavs in town
  'Melo leads Knicks into south Philly
  Bobcats, Timberwolves clash in Charlotte
  Nets aim to bounce back in visit with Rockets
  Warriors resume road trip against Bucks
  Parker, Spurs entertain Suns
  Nuggets begin stretch at home, play host to Kings
  Jazz open homestand versus Pacers
  Durant's double-double lifts Thunder over Kings
  Lakers halt skid with win over Jazz
  Irving carries Cavs past Bucks
  Bulls dominate the glass to best Warriors
  Wizards beat Timberwolves for 4th straight home win
  Korver's eight 3-pointers help Hawks down Celtics in 2-OTs
Friday, January 25, 2013
  Grizzlies dump hot Nets with balanced attack
  Parker leads Spurs past Mavs
  Wade helps Heat burn Pistons
  Harden, Rockets hammer Hornets
  Delonte West signs with D-League team
  Stretching the Field: Snubs aplenty for NBA All-Star reserves
  Nets face tough test against Grizzlies
  Hornets, Rockets meet in the Big Easy
  Shorthanded Spurs clash with rival Mavs
  Thunder continue trip at Sacramento
  Bumbling Lakers play host to Jazz
  Warriors begin road trip in Chicago
  Cavs welcome Bucks to Cleveland
  Heat look for 4 in a row, take on Pistons
  Celtics try to end long slide in Atlanta
  Wizards back home, host Timberwolves
  DeRozan's buzzer-beater lifts Raptors over Magic
  Suns hand Clippers third straight loss
  Smith lifts Knicks past Celtics
Thursday, January 24, 2013
  Duncan, Bosh highlight All-Star reserves
  Hornets to become Pelicans next season
  Spurs' Duncan, Popovich out for Friday
  Nothin' but Net: Midseason awards
  Clippers try to get back to winnings way, visit Suns
  Knicks, Celtics square off in Boston
  Raptors visit Magic
  Hornets could announce name change Thursday
  Warriors edge Thunder behind Curry's 31
  Trail Blazers ease past Pacers
  Suns take out Kings
  Late run pushes Spurs past Hornets
  Bulls use balanced offense to top Pistons
  Wade, James star as Heat overcome Raptors in OT
  Nuggets roll past Rockets
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
  Jazz go up big early, hold off Wizards
  Surging Nets post first win in Minnesota since 2002
  Smith, Hawks take out Bobcats
  Arthur and Grizzlies down fading Lakers
  Smith and Hawks take out Bobcats
  Hawks' Horford, Pachulia to miss Wednesday's tilt
  Bucks extend GM Hammond
  Lakers' Hill has season-ending surgery
  Ginobili expected to return after 4-game absence
  Heat return to hardwood, entertain Raptors
  Hawks ready for road test with Bobcats
  Rockets, Nuggets meet again in Houston
  Bulls welcome Pistons to United Center
  Lakers seek success at Memphis
  Improving Nets battle hobbled Timberwolves
  Spurs return to Alamo City, host Hornets
  Wizards make a stop in Utah
  Thunder set to rumble with Warriors
  Pacific cellar-dwellers meet in Sacramento
  Pacers continue road swing against slumping Blazers
  Durant lifts Thunder over Clippers
  Ilyasova, Jennings help lead Bucks past Philadelphia
  Irving paces Cavs past Celtics
  Pistons pound Magic
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
  Clippers extend Staples Center lease
  Wizards win in Portland on Crawford's buzzer-beater
Monday, January 21, 2013
  Johnson, Nets top Knicks
  Duncan leads Spurs past Sixers
  Harden helps Rockets snap slide in win over Bobcats
  Horford, Hawks down injury-riddled Wolves
  Hill, George help Pacers edge Memphis
  Anderson helps Hornets hold off Kings
  Boozer, Durant named NBA's Players of the Week
  Nothin' but Net: The "No Chance" All-Stars
  Hawks sign Pargo to 10-day contract
  NBA to review Kings' sale
  Cavs' Varejao has blood clot, out for season
  Rockets vie to end slide against Bobcats
  Hawks entertain injury-riddled Wolves
  Getting Defensive: Grizzlies set to face Pacers
  Hornets play host to Kings
  Knicks, Nets conclude season series at MSG
  Pacific powers collide when Clips visit Warriors
  Blazers look for revenge against Wizards
  Floundering Lakers head to Chicago
  Spurs continue short trip in Philly
  Nuggets hold off Thunder in OT
  Report: Sacramento Kings headed to Seattle
  Suns name Hunter interim head coach
  Monroe leads Pistons as Celtics drop third in a row
  Marion, Mavericks move past Magic
Sunday, January 20, 2013
  Raptors slip by Lakers
  Streaking Thunder head to Denver
  Pistons return home to face Celtics
  Magic welcome Mavs to Orlando
  Lakers visit Toronto for Sunday matinee
  Mavs' Marion fined $25K
  Jennings helps Bucks best Blazers
  Timberwolves send Rockets to seventh straight loss
  Paul pushes Clippers past Wizards
  Grizzlies outlast Bulls
  Kings use balanced attack to down Bobcats
  Jazz down Cavs
  Spurs top Atlanta for fourth straight victory
  Jack, Warriors edge Hornets
Saturday, January 19, 2013
  Hawks' Williams out for the season with ACL tear
  Best versus Worst? Clippers face Wizards
  Bucks visit Blazers
  Well-rested Jazz welcome Cavs
  Defensive battle ahead when Bulls host Grizz
  Rockets, T-Wolves both aim to halt losing skids
  Suddenly hot Hornets host Warriors
  Spurs visit short-handed Hawks
  Bobcats look for first home win since November
  Wall, Wizards edge Nuggets
  Conley, Gasol lead struggling Grizzlies past Kings
  Holiday stars as Sixers edge Raptors in OT
  Bulls edge Celts in OT
  Durant drops 52 as Thunder down Mavs in OT
  Parker helps Spurs top Warriors
Friday, January 18, 2013
  Walker boosts Bobcats over reeling Magic
  George leads Pacers past Rockets
  Williams, Nets edge Hawks
  Hawks' Williams leaves game
  Timberwolves' Pekovic out at least a week
  Nothin' but Net: All-Star reserves
  Gentry out as Suns coach
  Magic try to stay on track with Bobcats in town
  Sliding Rockets make a stop in Indiana
  Celtics hope to bounce back, host Bulls
  Sixers, Raptors close out season series
  Grizzlies try end slide against Kings
  Nets seek revenge, win versus Hawks
  Spurs look to continue dominance over Warriors
  Nuggets aim for bounce back, host Wizards
  Thunder visit surging Mavericks
  LeBron scores 39 as Heat down Lakers
  Bucks beat Suns in Phoenix for first time since '87
Thursday, January 17, 2013
  Clippers win third straight sans Paul
  Knicks top Pistons in London special
  Record-setting Bryant highlights All-Star starters
  Gasol ready to return for Lakers
  Sixers sign Mack to 10-day contract
  Knicks battle Pistons in the U.K.
  Clippers, Timberwolves square off at Target Center
  Milwaukee tries to rebound against Phoenix
  Star Search: Kobe, LeBron clash in L.A.
  Irving shines as Cavs edge Blazers
  Evans lifts Kings over Wizards
  James becomes youngest to reach 20k points as Heat roll past Warriors
  Westbrook, Thunder thump Nuggets
  Duncan helps Spurs batter struggling Grizzlies
  Hornets roll past Celtics
  Balanced attack helps Mavs down Houston
  Teague, Hawks' balanced attack outlast Nets
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
  Magic shoot their way past Pacers
  Deng gives Bulls OT victory over Raptors
  Nothin' but Net: Brooklyn cookin' under P.J.
  T-Wolves G Lee out for season
  Surging Nets take on struggling Hawks
  Hawks suspend Smith for one game
  Texas Tussle: Mavs welcome Rockets to Dallas
  River Dance: Father meets son in Celtics-Hornets tilt
  Hot teams meet when Thunder host Nuggets
  Spurs, Grizzlies tangle in the Alamo City
  Blazers entertain Cavs, hope to end skid
  Pacers visit lowly Magic
  Bulls look to continue strong road play in Toronto
  Wizards carry win streak into Sacramento
  Heat resume road trip against Warriors
  Howard, Bryant carry Lakers over Bucks
  Pacers cruise past Bobcats
  Chandler, Nuggets top Trail Blazers in OT
  Nets beat Raptors for seventh straight win
  Clippers top Rockets, win again without Paul
  Vasquez lifts Hornets past Sixers
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
  Raptors G Lowry leaves with ankle injury
  Paul out again for Clippers
  Nets' Wallace to miss second straight game with rib injury
  Wolves' Love has surgery
  30 Rock: Clippers search for success at Houston
  Nuggets eye sixth straight win with Blazers in town
  Lakers target a winning streak versus Bucks
  Nets look to stay hot against Raptors
  Pacers try to improve road mark, visit Charlotte
  Sixers welcome Hornets to Philly
  Cousins, Kings top Cavs
  Jefferson helps Jazz hold off Heat
  Collison and Brand guide Mavs over T'Wolves
  Bulls hold Hawks to 58 points in win
  Durant, Westbrook pace Thunder past Suns
  Clippers cruise past Grizzlies
  Wizards cruise past Magic
Monday, January 14, 2013
  Rondo leads surging Celtics past Bobcats
  Paul out for Monday, day-to-day with knee issue
  Jennings, Durant named NBA's Players of the Week
  Ginobili out with hamstring injury
  Wall, Wizards entertain Magic
  Streaking Celtics host Bobcats
  Bulls search for success versus Hawks
  Clippers aim to rebound against Grizzlies
  Timberwolves, Mavericks clash in Big D
  Thunder pay a visit to Suns
  Heat set for showdown with Jazz
  Cavs make a stop in Sacramento
  Lakers snap six-game skid with win over Cavs
  Durant, Thunder top Blazers
  Williams and Nets take out Pacers
  Huge 4th quarter helps Nuggets down Warriors
  Parker leads Spurs past Wolves
Sunday, January 13, 2013
  Williams and Nets take out Raptors
  Knicks snap skid with win over Hornets
  Bucks rally in 4th quarter to down Raptors
  Knicks hope to stop skid versus Hornets
  Bucks aim to continue mastery of Raptors
  Nets, Pacers square off in Brooklyn
  Spurs put home streak on line with Wolves in town
  Nuggets seek fifth straight win versus Warriors
  Durant leads Thunder into Portland
  Lakers try again to stop slide, host Cavs
  Nets sign Damion James to 10-day contract
  Chalmers ties Miami 3-point record, Heat crush Kings
  Mavs get full team effort in rout of Grizzlies
  Suns snap road skid in win at Chicago
Saturday, January 12, 2013
  Jefferson guides Jazz to comeback win over Pistons
  Holiday paces Sixers over Rockets
  Wizards beat Hawks in Wall's season debut
  Pacers continue home winning streak, top Bobcats
  Wizards' Wall makes season debut
  Magic rally to top Clippers, end skid
  Clippers host sliding Magic
  76ers open homestand with Rockets in town
  Jazz, Pistons meet at The Palace
  Heat go for first win on trip, visit Kings
  Mavericks set for tough test versus Grizzlies
  Bulls try to stay on track, host setting Suns
  Pacers entertain Bobcats
  Brick in the Wall: Wizards hope to have guard back vs. Hawks
  Lee, Warriors hold off Blazers
  Durant scores 42 as Thunder keep Lakers reeling
  Grizzlies outlast Spurs in OT thriller
  Monroe, Pistons handle Bucks in Milwaukee
  Gallinari leads Nuggets past Cavs
  Hornets down Timberwolves for fourth straight win
  Nets stay hot by rallying past Suns
  Celtics top Rockets for fifth straight win
Friday, January 11, 2013
  Lakers F Hill could be out for season
  Bulls send Knicks to third straight loss
  Hawks down Jazz to halt skid
  Raptors beat Bobcats by 21
  Knicks' Camby out 2-4 weeks
  Thunder recall Lamb
  Hawks hope to end slide versus Jazz
  Nets aim to roll with Suns in town
  Celtics entertain McHale, Rockets
  Raptors play host to Bobcats
  Thunder try to add to Lakers' misery
  Warriors welcome Blazers to Oracle Arena
  Nuggets resume homestand versus Cavs
  Southwest Division powerhouses collide, as Spurs visit Grizzlies
  Melo returns, as Knicks welcome Bulls to MSG
  Hornets hope to stay hot versus Timberwolves
  Bucks shoot to extend winning streak to three against Detroit
  Matthews, Portland edge Heat; James held to 15 points
  Mavs edge Kings in OT
  George stars as Pacers take down Knicks
Thursday, January 10, 2013
  Cavs' Varejao out 6-8 weeks following surgery
  Nothin' but Net: Knicks need to exercise composure
  Blazers go for 9 in a row at home, welcome the Heat
  Amid off-court rumors, Kings play host to Mavs
  Knicks will be without Anthony for big test against Pacers
  Grizzlies hold off Warriors
  Paul leads Clippers past Mavs
  Faried, Nuggets rally past Magic
  Jennings, Bucks jolt Bulls
  Bench helps Celts fend off Suns
  Hornets use balanced attack to down Rockets
  Spurs hold off Lakers
  Raptors roll over Sixers
  Jefferson leads Jazz past Bobcats
Wednesday, January 09, 2013
  Irving, Cavs down slumping Hawks
  Thunder storm past Love-less T-Wolves
  Knicks' Anthony suspended one game
  Wolves' Love out 8-10 weeks
  Heat sign F Varnado
  Timberwolves coach Adelman to miss second straight game
  Cavs' Varejao headed for surgery
  Jazz make a stop at Charlotte
  Celtics shoot for another win versus Suns
  Hawks, Cavs clash at the Q
  Sixers hope to bounce back against Raptors
  Thunder look for revenge against Timberwolves
  Grizzlies seek to extend series win streak over Warriors
  Clippers put home winning streak on the line vs. Mavs
  Red-hot Rockets face resurgent Hornets
  Afflalo, Magic hope to snap 9-game slide vs. Nuggets
  Lakers hope to end slide, visit Spurs
  Bulls look to stay strong in new year, host Bucks
  Bucks begin Boylan era with win over Suns
  Harden, Rockets hand Lakers fourth straight loss
  Nets feast on sluggish Sixers
  George leads Pacers past Heat
Tuesday, January 08, 2013
  Minnesota beats Atlanta for first time since 2006
  T'Wolves coach Adelman to miss Tuesday's game
  Mavs sign James to 10-day contract
  Wizards' Wall could return Saturday
  Jazz F Williams to miss next 3 games
  Nets player questioned in possible sex assault
  Timberwolves try for rare win over Hawks
  No sunscreen required: Heat kick off road trip vs. Pacers
  Nets hope to keep rolling against Sixers
  Depleted Lakers take on soaring Rockets
  Skiles-less Bucks host Phoenix
  Strong second half leads Grizzlies over Kings
  Trail Blazers down Magic in OT
  Bulls bury slumping Cavs behind Boozer
  Report: Skiles out as Bucks' head coach
  Jazz rally in fourth quarter to top struggling Mavericks
Monday, January 07, 2013
  Hornets snap home slide in win over Spurs
  Beal's basket enables Wizards to upset Thunder
  Celtics take out Knicks
  Hawks GM Ferry fined
  Pacers give Vogel contract extension
  Howard, Gasol out indefinitely
  Celtics' Rondo suspended
  Nothin' but Net: Things are really bad in Laker Land
  Anthony, Harden named NBA's Players of the Week
  Pacers give McGuire 10-day contract
  Hornets ink Sloan to 10-day contract
  Kings, Grizzlies square off out west
  Magic aim to stop slide at Portland
  Rolling Bulls return home to battle Cavs
  Knicks, Celtics meet for first time this season
  Thunder visit Wizards to wrap quick trip
  Mavs hope to rebound, visit Jazz
  Spurs head to Big Easy to face Hornets
  Walker leads Bobcats past Pistons in OT
  James helps Heat handle Wizards
  Randolph guides Grizzlies past Suns
  Lawson leads Nuggets past Lakers
Sunday, January 06, 2013
  Thunder ease past Raptors
  Rockets suspend first-round pick White
  Cavs waive F Samuels
  Bulls sign veteran Cook
  Suns welcome Grizzlies to Phoenix
  Heat try to get back on track versus Wizards
  Lakers hope to rebound, host Nuggets
  Streaking Pistons host lowly Bobcats
  Thunder head north for matinee with Raptors
  Gallinari, Nuggets down Jazz
  Gordon lifts Hornets past Mavs in OT
  Clippers get 12th straight home win
  Clippers rout Warriors
  Harden, Rockets soar past Cavs
  Spurs throttle 76ers
  Blazers hit 16 3-pointers in win over T-Wolves
  Nets whip Kings with balanced offense
  Anthony leads Knicks past Magic
  Hibbert, Pacers down Bucks
Saturday, January 05, 2013
  Pierce rallies Celtics past Hawks
  T-Wolves F Love fractures hand again
  Spurs recall De Colo
  Spurs look to continue dominance over 76ers
  Nuggets try to get back on track, host Jazz
  Mavericks welcome Hornets to Dallas
  Blazers go for winning road trip in Minnesota
  Clippers try to exact revenge on Warriors
  Celtics eye back-to-back wins in Atlanta
  Bucks try to stop slide versus Indiana
  Orlando hopes for some magic against Knicks
  Nets look to crown Kings at Barclays Center
  Rockets aim for fourth straight win in Cleveland
  Jefferson, Millsap leads Jazz past Suns
  Thunder rout Sixers
  Blazers escape Memphis with tight win
  Paul shines as Clippers down Lakers
  Bulls use strong defense to beat Heat
  Celtics step up defensively, down Pacers
  Harden propels Rockets over Bucks
  Johnson, Nets beat Wizards in double-OT
Friday, January 04, 2013
  Pistons hold off Hawks
  Irving's clutch jumper lifts Cavs over Bobcats
  Cousins sparks Kings over Raptors
  Stretching the Field: Lou has new role with Hawks
  Hornets waive F McGuire
  Pistons put win streak on the line vs. Hawks
  Rolling Raptors play host to Kings
  Nets seek to stay hot under Carlesimo in clash with Wizards
  'Old' Lakers take on suddenly cool Clippers
  Bobcats try to build win streak vs. Cavs
  "Old" Lakers take on suddenly cool Clippers
  Jazz visit Phoenix
  Heat, Bulls clash down south
  Rockets head to Milwaukee to face Bucks
  Slumping Celtics hope to end skid versus Pacers
  Thunder welcome road-weary 76ers to OKC
  Grizzlies return to FedEx Forum, entertain Blazers
  Shved and Barea lead T'Wolves past Nuggets
  Anthony, Knicks end Spurs' win streak at 7
Thursday, January 03, 2013
  Knicks play host to high-scoring Spurs
  Nuggets aim to continue home dominance in clash with 'Wolves
  Warriors send Clippers on losing streak
  Nets put an end to Thunder's home streak
  Hayward helps Jazz down Timberwolves
  Pacers stay hot in win over Wizards
  Scola, Suns hold off Sixers
  James, Heat take down Mavericks in OT
  Cousins powers Kings past Cavs
Wednesday, January 02, 2013
  Rockets beat Hornets behind Harden's 31
  Boozer helps Bulls best Magic
  Conley, Grizzlies take down Celtics
  Duncan, Spurs top Bucks
  Ross shoots surging Raptors over Blazers
  Beal, Lillard tabbed rookies of the month
  James, Paul honored as NBA Players of the Month
  Utah's Williams to undergo surgery
  Bulls-Pacers game rescheduled for Feb. 4
  Pistons' Villanueva draws $25K fine
  Drew, Del Negro selected for NBA's monthly coaching award
  Rockets ink James Anderson, release Cook
  Pacers welcome woeful Wizards
  Clippers seek bounce-back effort at Golden State
  Kings visit Cleveland
  Blazers look to continue dominance of Raptors
  Jazz aim to continue home success versus Wolves
  Suns welcome Sixers to the desert
  Magic hope to end slide, host Bulls
  Rockets try to ring in new year with win over Hornets
  Defensive-minded Spurs do battle with Bucks
  Thunder put 12-game home win streak on the line vs. Nets
  Grizzlies try to get road game on track vs. Celtics
  Heat return home to entertain Mavericks
  Nuggets snap Clippers' 17-game win streak
  Mavs snap skid in win over Wizards
  Holiday, Sixers top Lakers
  Stoudemire, Anthony return but Knicks fall short against Blazers
  Pistons hold off Kings
Tuesday, January 01, 2013
  Smith, Hawks get by Hornets
  Knicks' Stoudemire set to make season debut
  Kings go for rare road win against Pistons
  Knicks hope for reinforcements versus Blazers
  Lakers try to push record above .500 in clash with Sixers
  Clips try to begin new year with 18th straight win, battle Nuggets
  Mavericks open new year, try to stop slide against Wizards
  Hawks aim to rebound against Hornets
  Thunder finish strong to down Suns
  Harden lifts Rockets past Hawks
  Heat rally to down Magic in OT
Tuesday, January 31, 2012
  Celtics hold on, earn split with Cavs
  Johnson leads Hawks over Raptors
  George leads Pacers past Nets
  Van Gundy vents after latest Magic disappearing act
  Lakers host Bobcats at Staples Center
  Reeling Grizzlies entertain Nuggets in Memphis
  Smart leads Kings into Oakland
  Knicks host hapless Pistons at MSG
  Nets try to snap long skid vs. Pacers
  Irving, Cavs aim to sweep home-and-home set with Celtics
  Hawks finish up road trip in Toronto
  Clippers cruise past NBA-best Thunder
  Utah outlasts Portland in comeback win
  Mavericks pound Suns behind three-point exhibition
  Heat use big third quarter to down Hornets
Monday, January 30, 2012
  Bucks beat struggling Pistons
  T'Wolves earn rare win in Houston
  Rose, Bulls rebound against Wizards
  Iguodala, 76ers top Magic 74-69
  Bonner leads Spurs over Grizzlies
  Cavs G Gibson remains in Boston hospital
  Wizards F Blatche out with calf injury
  James, Westbrook named NBA Players of the Week
  Nets rookie MarShon Brooks has fractured pinky toe
  Thunder shift focus to Clippers in LA
  McHale's Rockets take on Wolves again
  Mavs battle Suns in the desert
  Jazz host Blazers in Salt Lake City
  Bulls continue grueling road trip in D.C.
  Spurs try to cure road woes in Memphis
  Lowly Pistons resume road trip in Milwaukee
  Heat finish homestand against hapless Hornets
  Sixers entertain reeling Magic at WFC
  Clippers rally past Nuggets
  Pacers drop skidding Magic
Sunday, January 29, 2012
  Lakers continue dominance over T'Wolves
  Mavericks sneak past Spurs in OT
  Teague leads Hawks past Hornets
  Late surge helps Cavs squeak past Celtics
  DeRozan and Raptors dominate Nets
  Heat hold off Bulls
  Mavericks' Kidd out at least a week
  Time to take the Sixers' temperature
  Bledsoe back with Clippers
  Clippers and Nuggets square off in Denver
  Wolves aim to snap long skid vs. Lakers
  Hawks and Hornets tangle in the Big Easy
  Mavs and Spurs renew rivalry in Dallas
  Nets and Raptors clash at The Rock
  Reeling Magic welcome Pacers to Central Florida
  Pierce, Celtics open home-and-home set with Cavs
  Bulls kick off monster road trip in Miami
  Hayward, Miles help Jazz edge Kings
  McGee leads Wizards over Bobcats
  Dudley helps Phoenix down Memphis
  Undermanned Bucks down Lakers
  Rockets roll past skidding Knicks
Saturday, January 28, 2012
  Iguodala's triple-double fuels rout of Pistons
  Bucks' Jackson suspended one game
  Kaman could be a keeper elsewhere
  Wizards try to conjure up a road win in Charlotte
  Lakers begin tough stretch in Milwaukee
  Grizzlies finish road trip in the desert vs. Suns
  Jimmer returns to SLC when Kings visit Jazz
  Knicks limp into Houston to face Rockets
  Sixers resume lengthy homestand against struggling Pistons
  Hornets trying to trade Kaman
  Durant powers Thunder over Warriors
  Aldridge shines as Trail Blazers dominate Suns
  Fernandez leads Nuggets over Raptors
  Pierce powers Celtics to 4th straight win
  Nets hold off Cavs
  Wade returns as Heat down Knicks
  Rose boosts Bulls over Bucks
  Rockets soar past Wizards
Friday, January 27, 2012
  Hawks edge Pistons in OT
  Short-handed Mavericks down Jazz
  Sixers hand Bobcats 7th straight loss
  Hornets beat Magic to snap 9-game skid
  Love, T'Wolves top Spurs
  Magic's Nelson leaves game
  Rockets G Martin out against Washington
  Bobcats coach Silas ejected from game
  Wade back after 6-game absence
  Sixers sign Elson
  Bucks' Bogut out with fractured ankle
  'Melo to sit two games
  Raptors' Bargnani out with calf issue
  Knicks and Heat renew rivalry in South Beach
  Sixers try to bounce back vs. bumbling Bobcats
  Wolves welcome Spurs to the Twin Cities
  Bogut-less Bucks visit Bulls
  Cavs and Nets meet at The Q
  Mavs hope to rebound with Jazz in town
  Nuggets aim to stay hot vs. Raptors
  Blazers welcome Suns to Rip City
  Thunder, Warriors collide in Oakland
  Improved Pacers try to pass another test in Boston
  Magic try to rebound against Hornets
  Wizards try to pick up road victory in Houston
  Hawks resume road trip in Detroit
  Clippers slip past Grizzlies
  Celtics rally to take down Magic
Thursday, January 26, 2012
  Bucks' Bogut out indefinitely with fractured ankle
  Hawks waive Sloan
  Gay, Grizzlies pay a visit to Clippers
  Celtics try to shut down Magic again
  Double the pleasure: Raptors end another skid in Utah
  James leads Heat over Pistons
  Curry lifts Warriors over Blazers
  Nuggets cap 5-0 road trip with rout of Kings
  Lakers win Round 2 against Clippers
  Love records another double-double, T-Wolves beat Mavs
  Bonner, Blair help Spurs rout Hawks
  Durant, Thunder drop skidding Hornets
  Williams lifts Nets over Sixers in OT
  Pacers get rare Windy City win
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
  Bucks get 1st win in Houston since 1999
  Wizards top Bobcats in Wittman's debut
  Knicks still can't beat Cavs in Cleveland
  Jazz C Jefferson sits with inflamed ankle
  Gallinari, Nuggets agree to extension
  Bucks C Bogut leaves with sprained ankle
  Suns' Lopez gets one-game suspension
  Kings' Thornton out 1-2 weeks with thigh injury
  Bobcats exercise option for Henderson
  Lord of the Rings: Mavs get hardware vs. Wolves
  Love, T-Wolves reach 4-year deal
  Flip flopped in D.C.
  Rockets put win streaks to the test versus Bucks
  Raptors go for another win, face tough task in Utah
  Nuggets conclude trek in Sacramento
  Lakers, Clippers continue LA rivalry
  Weary Blazers end stretch against Warriors
  Hawks and Spurs square off in San Antonio
  First takes on worst in OKC as Thunder face Hornets
  Central heavyweights clash as Bulls host Pacers
  Struggling Pistons host LeBron, Heat
  Sixers and Nets meet at WFC
  Knicks visit Kyrie and the Cavs
  Wittman's Wizards welcome Bobcats to DC
  Bargnani returns, lifts Toronto over Phoenix
  Aldridge, Trail Blazers halt streaking Grizzlies
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
  Bosh, Heat hold off Cavs
  Knicks top Bobcats
  Anderson lifts Magic over Indiana
  Report: Love, T-Wolves agree on 4-year deal
  Grizzlies exercise contract option for Pondexter
  Nets' Damion James has season-ending surgery
  Bulls' Deng has torn ligament in left wrist
  Bobcats' Augustin to miss 4 games
  Wizards fire Flip Saunders
  Hornets pick up options on Henry, Vasquez
  Knicks hope to turn it around in Charlotte
  Red-hot Pacers welcome Magic to Indy
  Heat, Cavs set for showdown in south Florida
  Suns try to continue dominance over Raptors
  Grizzlies take win streak into Portland
  Gay, Grizzlies rally to beat Warriors
  Crawford helps Portland get past Sacramento
  Hawks pull out win in Milwaukee
  West-leading Thunder roll over Pistons
  Bulls blow past Nets in Rose's return
  Brand helps Sixers rout Wizards
  Marion leads Mavericks past Suns
  Lowry and Martin lift Rockets over T'Wolves
Monday, January 23, 2012
  No illusion: Magic score 56 in blowout loss to Celtics
  Spurs top Hornets on Duncan's shot
  Bowen honor is over the top
  Howard, Gasol named NBA Players of the Week
  76ers, Wizards meet again in south Philly
  Magic head north to face Celtics
  Thunder welcome Pistons to OKC
  Bucks hope to keep momentum going vs. Hawks
  Streaking Grizzlies kick off road trip vs. Warriors
  McHale guides Rockets into Minnesota
  Blazers limp home to face Kings
  Short-handed Mavs host surging Suns
  Spurs seek road success in NOLA
  Chicago hopes to remain Bull-ish at home vs. Nets
  Hibbert, Pacers hand Lakers 3rd straight loss
Sunday, January 22, 2012
  Brooks, Nets drop Bobcats
  Clippers handle skidding Raptors
  Jennings, Bucks down Heat
  Pierce helps short-handed Celtics hold off Wizards
  Celtics' Ray Allen leaves game
  Wizards, Celtics clash in D.C.
  Clippers entertain Raptors at Staples Center
  Heat resume homestand vs. Bucks
  Nets play host to Bobcats
  Lakers aim to rebound with Pacers in town
  Gay leads balanced attack as Grizzlies rout Kings
  Bulls, without Rose again, get by Bobcats
  Stuckey helps Pistons edge Blazers
  Gallinari, Nuggets down Knicks in 2OT
  Westbrook, Thunder shake down Nets
  Mavericks edge Hornets; Nowitzki sidelined
  Utah slips past Minnesota
  Martin helps Rockets hold off Spurs
  Still without Wade, Heat torch Sixers
Saturday, January 21, 2012
  Mavericks edge Hornets
  Hawks hammer Cavs
  Jazz F Favors fined $25,000
  Heat host Sixers down south
  Hawks hope to bounce back vs. Cavs
  Jazz, Timberwolves clash in Salt Lake City
  Blazers close out trip against Detroit
  Mavs battle Hornets on the bayou
  Kings pay a visit to Grizzlies
  Rockets try to stay hot vs. Spurs
  Thunder make a stop at New Jersey
  Home sweet home: Bulls host Bobcats in Windy City
  Nuggets face Anthony, Knicks at MSG
  Drew practices tough love with Hawks
  Pacers kick their way past Warriors in controversial finish
  Love's buzzer beater lifts Timberwolves over Clippers
  Aldridge shines as Trail Blazers drop Raptors
  Evans' late shot lifts Kings over Spurs
  Bucks earn first road win, Knicks drop fifth straight
  Gortat helps Suns down Rondo-less Celtics
  Grizzlies keep rolling in win over Pistons
Friday, January 20, 2012
  Nuggets sneak past Wizards
  Deng leads balanced attack as Bulls thump Cavs
  Howard leads Magic past Lakers
  Young, 76ers finish strong to down Hawks
  Howard's hurting Jameer and Smith's hurting Magic
  76ers vie to bounce back vs. Hawks
  Struggling Pistons entertain Grizzlies
  Clippers hope to have CP3 back vs. Wolves
  Pacers, Warriors tangle in Oakland
  Spurs seek another win over Kings
  Rondo-less Celtics welcome Suns to Boston
  Lakers end tour of Florida against Magic
  Bucks search for first road win in NYC
  Bulls get their fist look at Kyrie's Cavs
  Raptors aim to snap skid against visiting Blazers
  Nuggets resume road trip in D.C. vs. Wizards
  Mavs escape Utah with win
  Dalembert lifts Rockets over Hornets in OT
  James leads Heat past Lakers
Thursday, January 19, 2012
  Warriors' Brown has surgery
  Howard, Bryant still lead All-Star balloting
  Westbrook signs extension with Thunder
  Kobe and the Lakers visit LeBron's Heat in marquee matchup
  Surprising Jazz entertain Mavs in Salt Lake City
  Rockets aim to move above .500 against reeling Hornets
  Nash helps Suns edge Knicks
  Billups' late trey lifts Clippers over Mavs
  Kings rally in 4th to down Pacers
  Neal's late shot helps Spurs take down Magic
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
  Williams leads Nets past Warriors
  Johnson leads Hawks over Trail Blazers
  Gasol leads Grizzlies past Hornets
  Love sets NBA record as T'Wolves down Pistons
  Wall leads Wizards past Thunder
  Miller shines as Nuggets edge Sixers in OT
  Celtics' Rondo leaves game
  Maynor undergoes successful ACL surgery
  Ilgauskas joins Cavaliers front office
  Mavericks, Clippers clash at Staples Center
  76ers aim to stay perfect at home vs. Nuggets
  Hawks welcome Crawford, Blazers to town
  Wolves entertain Pistons in Twin Cities
  Underachieving Celtics host Toronto in Beantown
  Grizzlies invade New Orleans
  Pacers make a stop in Sacramento
  Knicks hope to snap skid vs. struggling Suns
  Nets and Warriors tangle in Newark
  Magic aim to keep Spurs winless on the road
  It's first vs. worst when Thunder visit Wizards
  Jazz race past shorthanded Clippers
  Bulls crush Suns without Rose
  Brewer, Nuggets hand Bucks first home loss
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
  Howard helps Magic top Bobcats
  Rockets handle Pistons
  Heat top Spurs as James, Bosh lead comeback
  Lee leads Warriors past Cavs
  Clippers' Paul misses second straight game
  Rose out again for Bulls vs. Suns
  Pacers' Jeff Foster out 2 weeks with bad back
  Wade ruled out against Spurs
  Hawks C Horford undergoes successful surgery
  Bucks searching for continuity
  Reeling Heat hope to snap skid vs. Spurs
  Clippers seek success in Salt Lake City
  Bulls try to bounce back vs. struggling Suns
  Rockets entertain Pistons in South Texas
  Nuggets kick off road trip in Milwaukee
  Slumping Heat hope to snap slide vs. Spurs
  Streaking Magic open residency against Bobcats
  Cavs return home to face Warriors
  Fisher's late 3-pointer lifts Lakers over Mavs
  Thunder top Celtics for 7th straight win
Monday, January 16, 2012
  Love helps Timberwolves take down Kings
  Pistons' plane makes emergency landing
  Pistons' plane make emergency landing
  Rockets beat lowly Wizards
  Grizzlies rout Rose-less Bulls
  Hawks take down skidding Raptors
  Griffin takes Paul's place to lead Clippers past Nets
  Blazers edge struggling Hornets
  Irving, Cavs rally past Bobcats
  Anderson leads Magic past Knicks
  Sixers stay hot at home, shoot down Bucks
  Rose, Bryant named NBA Players of the Week
  Rose sidelined because of toe injury
  Magic close out trek against Knicks
  Odom returns to Hollywood as Mavs visit Lakers
  Thunder forecasted for Boston
  Wolves host Kings in battle of cellar dwellers
  Grizzlies, Bulls clash in Memphis
  Raptors visit Horford-less Hawks
  Clippers wrap up homestand vs. Nets
  Two rookies headline Cavs-Bobcats matchup
  McHale's Rockets take on Saunders' Wizards
  76ers entertain Bucks in south Philly
  Blazers resume road trip in New Orleans
  Duncan, Spurs down Suns
  Jazz take down Nuggets
  Lee leads Warriors over Pistons
Sunday, January 15, 2012
  Clippers' Paul has MRI
  Spurs try to stay perfect at home vs. banged-up Suns
  Northwest rivals clash in the Rockies when Nuggets host Jazz
  Warriors seek first road win vs. Pistons
  Paul leads Clippers past Lakers in battle of LA
  Durant, Westbrook lead Thunder past Knicks
  Terry, Nowitzki shine as Mavs rout Kings
  Jazz beat Nets, spoil Williams' return
  Grizzlies take down Hornets
  Bobcats get spark from Walker, down Warriors
  Rockets nip Blazers in OT
Saturday, January 14, 2012
  Sixers dominate Wizards
  Rose leads Bulls past Raptors
  Granger leads Pacers past Celtics
  Ivan Johnson's clutch play helps Hawks overcome Timberwolves
  Warriors sign C Earl Barron
  Horford injury will likely ground Hawks in improved East
  Gay, Grizzlies host Hornets
  Reeling Celtics visit improved Pacers
  Warriors open road trip in Charlotte
  Blazers and Rockets battle in Space City
  Lakers and Clippers take center stage at Staples Center
  Nowitzki, Mavs face off with Kings in Big D
  Williams returns to Salt Lake City as Nets visit Jazz
  Streaking Bulls welcome Raptors to Windy City
  Thunder and Knicks tangle in OKC
  Hawks shoot for 11th straight win over Wolves
  Sixers aim for home-and-home sweep of Wizards in DC
  Bryant, Lakers down Cavaliers
  Nuggets roll, hand Heat third straight loss
  Wade leaves game with ankle injury
  Spurs finish strong to down Blazers
  Deron Williams leads Nets past Suns
  Rose returns to guide Bulls past Celtics
  Rockets use balanced attack to down Kings
  Pistons crush Bobcats to stop skid
Friday, January 13, 2012
  Nowitzki reaches milestone as Mavericks down Bucks
  Love leads Minnesota past New Orleans
  Sixers continue to roll in rout of Wizards
  Hansbrough pushes Pacers past Raptors
  Warriors waive G Smith
  Sacramento adds English to coaching staff
  Rose expected to return against Celtics
  Utah G Watson has bone bruise
  Brown, Lakers face Cavs at Staples Center
  Bucks seek first road win in Dallas
  Wolves and Hornets battle in Big Easy
  Kings continue trek in Houston
  Banged-up Bulls invade Beantown
  Reeling Bobcats host struggling Pistons
  Sixers aim to bounce back vs. woeful Wizards
  Heat search for success in Denver
  Blazers open road trip in San Antonio
  Nets take on Suns in the desert
  Pacers head north to battle Raptors
  Grizzlies take down Knicks
  Howard sets NBA free-throw attempt record; Magic down Warriors
  Irving leads Cavs past Suns
  Howard, Bryant lead All-Star balloting
  Carmelo Anthony sprains right ankle
  Jennings, Jackson help Bucks slide past Pistons
Thursday, January 12, 2012
  Hawks crush Bobcats sans Horford
  Hawks crush Bucks sans Horford
  Lakers' Steve Blake listed as day-to-day
  Hawks C Horford out 3-4 months
  Warriors' Brown to have surgery
  Magic continue trek at Golden State
  Cavs, Suns tangle in the desert
  Knicks take winning ways to Memphis
  Bucks' Skiles aims for 400th win with Pistons in town
  Hawks kick off homestand vs. Bobcats
  Orlando holds off Portland
  Clippers edge Heat in overtime
  Knicks cool off Sixers
  Gallinari, Nuggets cut down Nets
  Bryant nets 40 as Lakers edge Jazz in OT
  Spurs edge Rockets in OT
  Rose-less Bulls hold off Wizards
  Rose out for Bulls with sprained toe
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
  Nowitzki leads Mavs over Celtics
  Kings beat Raptors for 1st road win
  Pacers beat Hawks, move to 4-0 at home
  Mavericks head coach Carlisle ejected from Celtics game
  Magic, Blazers collide at Rose Garden
  Nets open road trip against Nuggets
  Clippers host Heat in Hollywood
  Lakers target first road win at Utah
  Kings try to solve road woes in Toronto
  Celtics and Mavs tangle at TD Garden
  Rockets visit Spurs in South Texas showdown
  Wizards take 'winning ways' to Chicago
  Durant, Thunder roll into NOLA
  Sizzling Sixers face off with Knicks at MSG
  Hawks and Pacers meet in Indy
  Robinson sparks Warriors in OT win over Heat
  Thunder hold off Grizzlies
  Wallace leads Blazers over Clippers
  Bryant scores 48 as Lakers drop Suns
  Jennings, Jackson help Bucks dodge Spurs
  Mavericks handle struggling Pistons
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
  Rose scores 31, Bulls beat T-Wolves
  Brand leads Sixers in rout of Kings
  Wizards finally break into win column, top Raptors
  Rockets beat Bobcats for 1st road win
  Bucks provide update on Dunleavy
  Warriors provide update on ailing Curry
  Vogel has Pacers on the right path
  76ers target sixth win in a row vs. Kings
  Jazz hope to stay perfect at home vs. Cavs
  Blazers entertain Clippers in Rip City
  Heat square off with Warriors in Oakland
  Lakers host Suns at Staples Center
  Winless Wizards host Raptors
  Pistons welcome Mavs to The Palace
  Spurs hope to end road woes in Milwaukee
  Bulls and Wolves tangle at Target Center
  Rockets shoot for first road win in Charlotte
  Stoudemire, Anthony lead Knicks over Bobcats
  Hornets get back on winning track, down Nuggets
Monday, January 09, 2012
  Boozer, Rose help Bulls rout Pistons
  Hawks top Nets, again
  Sixers down Pacers for 5th straight win
  Raptors claw their way past T-Wolves
  Raptors' Gray undergoes corrective heart procedure
  Celtics F Green has heart surgery
  James, Bryant named NBA Players of the Week
  Pietrus close to making Celtics debut
  Hawks' Williams out with sprained ankle
  Anthony, Knicks welcome Bobcats to MSG
  Hawks make a stop in New Jersey
  Timberwolves, Raptors clash up north
  76ers try to keep rolling with Pacers in town
  Bulls aim to bounce back vs. Pistons
  Hornets hope to end slide in Denver
  Aldridge helps Blazers thump Cavs
  Davis helps Magic down Kings
  Bryant, Lakers handle Grizzlies
  Suns beat Bucks at home, again
Sunday, January 08, 2012
  Durant leads Thunder over Spurs
  Timberwolves send Wizards to 0-8
  Kings welcome Howard, Magic to town
  Blazers host Cavaliers in Rose City
  Wizards try for first win vs. Timberwolves
  Bryant leads Lakers into home bout with Memphis
  Spurs, Thunder square off in OKC
  Bucks seek rare road win against Suns
  Despite missing Kidd, Mavs down Hornets
  Durant's late shot lifts Thunder over Rockets
  Clippers edge Bucks for third straight win
  Jazz squeak by Warriors
  Spurs outlast Nuggets in shootout
  Dominant second half powers Sixers over Raptors
  Knicks crush depleted Pistons
Saturday, January 07, 2012
  LeBron returns, paces Heat over Nets
  Pacers rout Bobcats
  Smith fills stat sheet as Hawks dominate Bulls
  Jazz try again for first road win at Golden State
  Pacers host Bobcats at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Anthony, Knicks pay a visit to Pistons
  Heat resume road trip in New Jersey
  Durant leads Thunder into Houston
  76ers entertain Raptors in south Philly
  Nuggets, Spurs tangle in Alamo City
  Mavs welcome Hornets to Big D
  Bucks continue trek against Clippers
  Bulls go for seventh straight win at Atlanta
  Nash helps Suns rout Portland
  Bryant paces Lakers over Warriors
  Jazz slip by Grizzlies
  Durant paces Thunder over Rockets
  Gallinari, Nuggets take down Hornets
  'Melo, Knicks send Wizards to 0-7
Friday, January 06, 2012
  Hawks beat Bobcats in OT
  Cavs down Timberwolves
  'New Sixers' play same old song
  Rose leads Bulls over Magic
  Nets escape Toronto with second win
  Pacers use balanced attack to beat Celtics
  Rockets G Lowry charged with battery
  Kings' Hayes to miss 3-4 weeks
  Mavs sign forward Yi
  76ers open home schedule vs. Pistons
  Bobcats' Maggette sidelined with hamstring injury
  Hornets' Gordon out 2-3 weeks with knee injury
  Nuggets search for success in New Orleans
  Rose, Bulls resume road trip in Orlando
  Randolph-less Grizzlies make a stop in Utah
  Suns, Blazers go at it in the desert
  Thunder host Rockets in OKC
  Wolves finish homestand by hosting Cavs
  Pacers face tough test in Boston
  Winless Wizards square off with Knicks in DC
  Banged-up Nets visit Raptors
  Hawks hope to bounce back in Charlotte
  Kings fire Paul Westphal
  Wallace lifts Blazers past Lakers
  Cousins, Kings rally for win without Westphal
  Spurs down cold-shooting Mavs
  James, Wade watch Heat down Hawks in 3OT
Thursday, January 05, 2012
  Cousins' coup is successful in Sacramento
  Smart takes over as Kings host short-handed Bucks
  Spurs' Ginobili has successful surgery on hand
  Short-handed Bucks visit weary Kings
  Mavs and Spurs renew rivalry in the Alamo City
  Lakers square off with Blazers in Rip City
  Hawks hope to solve Heat again
  Howard, Magic dominate winless Wizards
  Paul guides Clippers over Rockets
  Diaw, Henderson lead Bobcats past Knicks
  Bulls cruise to fifth straight win
  Nuggets cruise to win over Kings
  Parker leads Spurs over Warriors
  Pierce leads Celtics past Nets
  Holiday, Sixers take down Hornets
Wednesday, January 04, 2012
  Heat rout Pacers behind LeBron's big game
  Mavs use balanced attack to top Suns
  Bargnani leads the way as Raptors down Cavs
  Warriors sign Nate Robinson
  Nets without Williams vs. Celtics
  Timberwolves play host to Grizzlies
  Grizzlies acquire Speights from 76ers in three-team trade
  Grizzlies' Randolph has slight tear in MCL
  Improving Hawes may be key to Sixers' fortunes
  Spurs' Ginobili to miss 6-8 weeks
  Spurs aim to extend home streak vs. Warriors
  Cavs' Samuels to miss game against Raptors
  Raptors and Cavs meet north of the border
  Nuggets conclude homestand with Kings
  Rockets take on Clippers at Staples Center
  Mavericks, Suns square off in Big D
  Bryant, Bynum lead Lakers over Rockets
  Gay leads balanced attack as Grizzlies top Kings
  Jefferson leads Jazz over Bucks
  Irving leads Cavaliers over Bobcats
  Deng hits late shot to lead Bulls past Hawks
Tuesday, January 03, 2012
  Spurs recall Neal, add Diogu
  Hawks visit Bulls for early season showdown
  Grizzlies, Kings tangle in Memphis
  Rockets begin LA tour with Lakers
  Jazz target another home win over Bucks
  Blazers and Thunder meet in OKC
  Kyrie's Cavs host Kemba's 'Cats
  Nuggets pull out comeback win over Bucks
  Raptors hang on to down Knicks
  Pacers rebound with win over Nets
  Pistons shut down Magic
  Jefferson, Jazz sting Hornets
  Mavs hand Thunder first loss of season
  McGrady fuels Hawks; Heat suffer first loss
Monday, January 02, 2012
  Love leads Timberwolves past Spurs
  Allen helps Celtics keep Wizards winless
  Manu Ginobili injures hand
  Nash leads Suns over Warriors
  Utah's Howard fined
  Spurs assign Neal to rehab assignment
  Cousins needs to start acting like a pro
  Struggling Mavs host unbeaten Thunder
  Jazz host Hornets in Salt Lake City
  Nuggets finish tough stretch against Bucks
  Spurs shoot for 17th straight win over improved Wolves
  Knicks and Raptors meet at MSG
  Streaking Magic visit Pistons
  Wizards and Celtics finish home-and-home set in Beantown
  Pacers visit North Jersey to face Nets
  LeBron hopes to Heat up South Beach against Hawks
  Warriors aim to snap skid in desert vs. Suns
  Evans leads Kings over Hornets
Sunday, January 01, 2012
  Boozer, Bulls rout Grizzlies 104-64
  Timberwolves get 1st win, drop Mavs to 1-4
  Heat rout Bobcats to remain undefeated
  Magic rally to top Raptors
  Rondo leads Celtics over Wizards
  Jamison powers Cavs over Nets
  Unbeaten Blazers visit Paul, Clippers
  Kings wrap up homestand vs. Hornets
  Memphis invades the Second City for Bulls' home opener
  Lakers and Nuggets finish home-and-home set in Denver
  Wolves aim for first win, hope to solve Mavs
  Bobcats hit the road to take on unbeaten Heat
  Raptors visit Central Florida to face Magic
  Nets and Cavs clash in Cleveland
  Pierce, Celtics visit winless Washington
  Ginobili leads Spurs over Jazz
  Thunder top Suns
  Williams helps Sixers rip Warriors
  Anthony helps New York dominate Sacramento
Monday, January 31, 2011
  Pacers down Raptors, give interim coach Vogel first win
  Nets take down Nuggets
  James, Randolph earn NBA Player of the Week honors
  Bobcats continue road trip vs. slumping Jazz
  Resurgent Clippers welcome streaking Bucks to Staples Center
  Woeful Wizards still shooting for first road win in Big D
  Magic and Grizzlies meet in Memphis
  Cavs aim to avoid 21st consecutive loss vs. LeBron and the Heat
  Vogel makes coaching debut as Pacers entertain Raptors
  'Melo finally makes it to New Jersey as Nets host Nuggets
  Curry leads Warriors over struggling Jazz
  Stoudemire, Knicks dominate Pistons
  Iguodala helps Sixers beat Nuggets
Sunday, January 30, 2011
  Gortat's career night lifts Suns over Hornets
  O'Brien out as Pacers coach
  Howard helps Orlando handle lowly Cavaliers
  House helps Heat stifle Thunder
  Celtics use balance to get past Kobe, Lakers
  Magic's Arenas day-to-day with knee contusion
  O'Brien finally runs out of rope in Indy
  Williams, Okur out for Sunday
  K-Love: When an All-Star isn't an All-Star
  Hawks' Smith fined by NBA
  Warriors resume lengthy homestand against Jazz
  Hornets hope to get back on winning track in the desert vs. Suns
  Knicks and Pistons clash at MSG
  Streaking Nuggets resume road trip vs. Sixers
  Cavs hope to avoid 20th consecutive loss in Orlando
  Celtics and Lakers renew rivalry at Staples Center
  James leads Heat into Oklahoma City to face Durant, Thunder
  Another double-double for Griffin as Clips stretch home win streak
  Spurs down Rockets, win 18th straight at home
  Washington still winless on the road with loss at Memphis
  Boozer guides Bulls over Pacers
  Cousins, Kings snap Hornets' 10-game streak
  Delfino leads the way as Bucks top Nets
  Love, T-Wolves hand Raptors 11th straight loss
  Nowitzki helps Dallas get past Atlanta
Saturday, January 29, 2011
  Bucks' Jennings returns against Nets
  Bulls' Gibson injures ankle
  Heat's Wade day-to-day with wrist injury
  Marvin Williams, Shawne Williams suspended after altercation
  Williams game-time decision, Okur out for Sunday
  Mavs resume homestand vs. Hawks
  Raptors hope to continue domination over Wolves
  Woeful Wizards still searching for first road win in Memphis
  Bulls host Pacers in Central Division clash
  Suns beat surly Celtics behind Gortat's 19
  Thunder surge in 2OT, keep Wizards winless on road
  Jackson helps Bobcats take down Warriors in OT
  Kings fend off Lakers
  Nuggets hand Cleveland historic loss
  Garnett ejected after altercation with Frye
  Grizzlies mount fourth quarter comeback to defeat Sixers
  Jazz halt six-game skid at expense of hapless T-Wolves
  Bulls down Magic despite Howard's big night
Friday, January 28, 2011
  Bucks outlast Raptors in OT
  Johnson, Hawks take down Knicks
  Hobbled Heat sneak past Pistons
  Heat's Wade sits with wrist sprain
  Pacers have little trouble topping Nets
  Blazers F Batum's MRI comes back negative
  Utah's Williams to sit Friday
  Slumping Jazz host lowly Wolves
  Bobcats hope to continue road success in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Kings square off with Lakers at Staples Center
  Celtics resume road trip in the Valley of the Sun
  Eastern heavyweights clash in the Windy City as Bulls host Magic
  Raptors, Bucks face off up north
  Wizards aim for first road win in Okie City
  Knicks visit Dixie to take on Hawks
  Nets, Pacers clash at Conseco Fieldhouse
  76ers welcome Grizzlies to south Philly
  Slumping Cavs host Nuggets at the Q
  Heat vie to bounce back at home vs. Pistons
  Allen leads balanced attack, Celtics top Blazers
  Knicks come alive late to nip slumping Heat
  Mavs hold off Rockets
Thursday, January 27, 2011
  Heat's James, Wade are All-Star starters
  Mayo suspended 10 games for drug violation
  Lowry helps Rockets down Clippers
  Sixers enjoying an extended Holiday season
  Heat, Knicks set for showdown at MSG
  Rockets, Mavs square off again in Big D
  Celtics head west to face Blazers
  Hornets sting Warriors, win 10th straight
  Ginobili helps Spurs take down Jazz
  Nuggets win in Detroit for first time in almost 16 years
  Boykins big as Bucks come back to beat Atlanta
  Jackson leads Charlotte past Phoenix
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
  Harris, Nets rally to beat Grizzlies
  Durant hits game-winner to push Thunder past T-Wolves
  Durant hits game-winner to push Thunder past TWolves
  Balanced Magic down reeling Pacers
  Speights guides Sixers past Raptors
  Nuggets' Nene out with calf injury
  Pistons' Stuckey hurts shoulder
  Magic waive Williams
  Starting Five: Hornets on the defensive, again
  Raptor Report: Young team struggles to close out games
  Williams leaves Magic
  Thunder visit Twin Cities to take on Wolves
  Pistons welcome Denver to The Palace
  76ers head north to face Raptors
  Pacers try to snap funk with Magic in town
  Nets host Grizzlies at the Rock
  Hawks aim to extend road streak in Milwaukee
  Streaking Hornets visit Warriors
  Reeling Jazz return home to face Spurs
  Suns kick off homestand vs. Bobcats
  Rockets and Clippers square off at Toyota Center
  Bobcats top Sacramento
  Balanced attack leads Lakers over Jazz
  'Melo scores 23, Nuggets top Wizards
  Mavs use big second half to top Clips
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
  Celtics hand Cavs historic franchise loss
  Warriors' Curry sprains ankle at practice
  Heat's Bosh still hobbled by ankle injury
  Bucks sign Temple to 10-day contract
  Spurs' Popovich to lead West All-Stars
  Griffin leads Clippers into Dallas
  Celtics hope to avoid another letdown vs. Cavs
  Bobcats hit the road to Sacramento
  Nuggets begin road swing in Washington
  Jazz try to salvage trip at Lakers
  Evans, Kings down Blazers
  San Antonio rolls past Golden State
  Stoudemire, Knicks keep Wizards winless on road
Monday, January 24, 2011
  Thomas leads Bulls past Bucks
  Pistons build early lead to take down Magic
  Lopez's jumper sends Cleveland to 17th straight loss
  West sinks game-winner to lift Hornets over Thunder
  Rockets continue dominance over T-Wolves
  Gay's buzzer-beater gets Grizzlies past Toronto
  Balanced attack leads Sixers over Suns
  Mavs make it official with Stojakovic
  Raptors acquire C Ajinca from Dallas
  Raptors sign Gaines to second 10-day deal
  Howard, Aldridge earn NBA Player of the Week honors
  Portland signs C Johnson to 10-day contract
  Pistons battle Magic in central Florida
  Sting Operation: Hornets battle Thunder at the Hive
  Spurs seek 11th straight win over Warriors
  Blazers host Kings in Rose City
  Rockets clash with Wolves at Target Center
  Bulls try to lift city's spirits vs. Bucks
  Reeling Raptors open homestand by taking on Grizzlies
  Suns close out road trip in Philly against Sixers
  Wizards aim for first road win vs. stumbling Knicks
  Cavs try to snap lengthy skid in north Jersey vs. Nets
  'Melo goes for 36 as Nuggets drop Pacers
Sunday, January 23, 2011
  Nuggets end homestand with visit from Pacers
  Gasol, Grizzlies top Bucks
  Griffin great again, Clippers top Warriors
  Blazers use strong fourth to down Pacers
  Durant's buzzer-beater lifts Thunder over Knicks
  Dallas edges New Jersey on Nowitzki's late jumper
  Johnson paces Hawks over Bobcats
  Miller steps up as hobbled Heat crush Raptors to stop skid
  Rose guides Bulls to win over Cavs
  Wall's late three sends Wizards over Celtics
  Iguodala guides Sixers over Jazz
Saturday, January 22, 2011
  Bynum leads late surge, Pistons edge Suns
  Hornets top Spurs in eighth straight win
  Howard a force as Magic dominate Rockets
  Clippers put home win streak on line vs. Warriors
  Streaking Spurs, Hornets meet in Big Easy
  Bobcats tangle with Hawks
  Celtics battle Wizards in DC
  Mavs make a stop in New Jersey
  Suns eye sixth straight win against Detroit
  Jazz continue trek at Philadelphia
  Heat, Raptors clash in south Florida
  Bulls resume homestand with Cavs
  Thunder host Knicks in OKC
  Magic hit the road to Houston
  Grizzlies take on Bucks at Bradley Center
  Blazers welcome Pacers to Rose City
  Gasol guides Lakers over Denver
  Warriors beat Kings in OT, but Ellis hurts ankle
  Howard, Magic beat Raptors by 40
  Randolph helps Grizzlies top Rockets
  Cavs can't Buck the trend, fall to Milwaukee
  Suns burn Wizards, push win streak to five games
Friday, January 21, 2011
  Shaq hurts hip
  Duncan helps San Antonio continue home dominance
  Celts keep rolling along with win over Utah
  Nets take down Pistons
  Hornets ground Hawks with record-low scoring output
  Bobcats F Thomas has knee surgery
  Spurs aim to keep home streak going vs. Knicks
  Warriors, Kings clash in Oakland
  Lakers take on Nuggets at Pepsi Center
  Suns and Wizards square off in DC
  Grizzlies welcome Rockets to FedEx Forum
  Hornets streak into Atlanta
  Celtics close out homestand vs. Jazz
  Cavs aim to end lengthy slide against Bucks
  Reeling Raptors visit the Magic Kingdom
  Nets resume homestand by welcoming Pistons to The Rock
  Aldridge, Miller pace Portland in win over Clips
  Rose helps Bulls edge struggling Mavs
Thursday, January 20, 2011
  Augustin scores 31, Bobcats top 76ers
  Bobcats F Thomas to miss up to 8 weeks
  Boozer to miss Thursday's game against Dallas
  Bobcats F Thomas out with knee injury
  Raptors part ways with Stojakovic
  Mavs ink Pavlovic to another 10-day contract
  Blazers' Camby undergoes successful knee surgery
  On second thought: 2010-11 Predictions
  Toronto's DeRozan added to dunk contest
  Blazers kick off homestand vs. Griffin, Clippers
  Mavs and Bulls square off in the Windy City
  Sixers hope to rebound from ugly loss in Charlotte
  Celtics to be without Jermaine O'Neal for another month
  Mavericks snap skid with win over Lakers
  Nets owner says 'nyet' to Anthony talks
  Blazers top Kings in OT
  Anthony drops 35, Nuggets beat Thunder
  Dooling, Bucks keep Wizards winless on road
  Griffin's streak ends in lopsided win over Timberwolves
  Thornton's bucket sends Hornets by Grizzlies in OT
  Spurs rally past Raptors for 16th straight home win
  Ellis' late jumper lifts Warriors over Pacers
  Rockets burn Knicks
  Magic steal OT win from Sixers, thanks to Redick
  Allen lifts Celtics over Pistons
  Hill, Suns send Cavs to 14th straight loss
  Nets snap skid with win over Utah
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
  Magic steals OT win from Sixers, thanks to Redick
  Starting Five: Things just "Rosey" in Chicago
  Raptors' first half marred by injuries
  Griffin, Clippers welcome Love, Wolves to LA
  Slumping Mavs take on Lakers in Big D
  Knicks pay a visit to Rockets
  Thunder make a stop in Denver
  Kings entertain Blazers at Arco Arena
  Jazz resume road trip in north Jersey against Nets
  Warriors host Pacers in Oakland
  Spurs go for 16th straight home win vs. Raptors
  Celtics continue lengthy homestand by entertaining resurgent Pistons
  Wizards aim for first road win in Milwaukee
  Magic hope to continue home winning streak vs. Sixers
  Streaking Hornets host Grizzlies in the Big Easy
  Cavs aim to halt 13-game skid vs. Suns
  Bobcats trim Bulls with balanced scoring
  Trail Blazers' Camby to undergo surgery
Tuesday, January 18, 2011
  Crawford, Hawks send Heat to fourth straight loss
  Rose, Westbrook earn NBA Player of the Week honors
  Heat's Bosh to sit vs. Hawks
  Hawks sign Damien Wilkins to another 10-day contract
  Bulls battle Bobcats at the United Center
  Southeast rivals clash in South Beach as Hawks visit Heat
  Aldridge powers Portland past TWolves
  Lakers rebound with win over Thunder
  Celtics edge Magic in Garnett's return
Monday, January 17, 2011
  Johnson's free throws get Hawks past Kings
  Hornets drop Raptors for fifth straight win
  Stuckey leads Pistons over Mavs
  Ellis, Warriors down Nets
  Martin strong as Rockets down Bucks
  Wizards drop Jazz, win back-to-back for first time all season
  Garnett returns against Magic
  Blazers' Roy has successful surgery on knees
  Rose's triple-double powers Bulls past Memphis
  Williams leads the way as Sixers down Bobcats in OT
  Griffin breaks his own record as Clippers defeat Pacers
  Suns edge Amare, Knicks at MSG
  Bobcats F Thomas suspended one game
  Celtics battle Magic in Beantown
  Thunder roll into LA to face Lakers
  Blazers vie to keep win streak alive vs. Wolves
  Sixers entertain Bobcats in MLK Day matinee
  Hawks host Kings at Philips Arena
  Nets seek victory in bout with Warriors
  Pacers commence western trip against Clippers
  Nowitzki, Mavs close out trek at Detroit
  Raptors resume road trip in Big Easy vs. Hornets
  Rockets and Bucks square off in Space City
  Jazz kick off road trip vs. Wizards in DC
  Stoudemire, Knicks welcome Suns to MSG
  Grizzlies play host to Bulls at FedEx Forum
  Parker, Ginobili power Spurs to win over Nuggets
Sunday, January 16, 2011
  Griffin, Clippers strong-arm Lakers
  Boozer to miss game against Memphis
  Sizzling Spurs search for 15th straight home win vs. Nuggets
  Clippers play host to Lakers at Staples Center
  Rockets snap Hawks' home win streak at 10
  Blazers pull away from Nets to snap skid
  Korver sinks game-winner as Bulls beat Heat
  Nowitzki return not enough as Mavs fall in Memphis
  Nene helps Denver dominate Cleveland
  Young powers Wizards over Raptors
  Nowitzki returns for Mavs
  Richardson, Redick help Orlando past Minnesota
  LeBron sits again, Bosh injures ankle
Saturday, January 15, 2011
  Stuckey helps Detroit rally past Kings
  Hornets fend off Bobcats
  LeBron out again with ankle injury
  Collins gets another 10-day contract with Clips
  Heat wrap up road trip in Chicago vs. Bulls
  Report: Rockets granted medical exception for Yao
  Pistons welcome Kings to The Palace
  Blazers and Nets square off in Portland
  Nuggets welcome lowly Cavs to Pepsi Center
  Magic resume road trip in Twin Cities vs. Wolves
  Slumping Mavericks take on Grizzlies in Memphis
  Raptors and Wizards meet in DC
  Bobcats entertain Hornets in the Queen City
  Hawks shoot for 11th straight home win vs. reeling Rockets
  Celtics use balanced attack to down Bobcats
  Nash lifts Suns to win over Blazers
  Ellis helps Warriors take down Clippers
  Kings snap road skid with win over Knicks
  McGrady, Pistons notch another win in Toronto
  Rose leads Bulls past Pacers
  Lakers top Nets for seventh straight win
  Paul sparks run to help Hornets defeat Rockets in OT
  Utah dominates hapless Cavs
  Spurs win 14th straight at home, top Dirk-less Mavs
Friday, January 14, 2011
  Williams hits deciding bucket as Sixers nip Bucks
  Spurs and Mavs renew rivalry in the Alamo City
  Reading the tea leaves; it's 'Melo to the Garden State
  Sixers and Bucks meet in south Philly
  Hornets, Rockets tangle in Space City
  Cavs hope for better results in Utah
  Clippers carry win streak into Oakland
  Lakers host Nets in Hollywood
  Blazers search for win at Phoenix
  Celtics resume homestand by hosting streaking Bobcats
  Knicks welcome Kings to Madison Square Garden
  Bulls hope to cure road woes in Central Division clash vs. Pacers
  Westbrook, Durant pace Thunder over Magic
  Nuggets handle Heat by 28 with James sidelined
  Ankle injury forces Heat's James to sit
Thursday, January 13, 2011
  T-Wolves finish strong, keep Wizards winless on road
  Denver's Andersen dealing with lingering injuries
  Bryant, Howard lead All-Star balloting
  Blazers' G Roy to undergo surgery on both knees
  Raptors sign G Gaines
  Magic attempt to bounce back in Oklahoma City
  Wizards go for first road win at Minnesota
  Nash lifts Suns over Nets in OT
  Clippers snap Heat's road winning streak
  Durant leads Thunder to rare win in Houston
  Bryant, Lakers hold on to defeat Warriors
  Augustin helps Charlotte down Chicago
  Hornets snap Orlando's nine-game win streak
  Spurs beat Bucks for fourth straight win
  Pacers top hobbled Mavs
  Utah holds off New York
  Randolph, Gay carry Grizzlies over Pistons
  Balanced attack leads Celtics over Kings
Wednesday, January 12, 2011
  Crawford drops 36, Hawks top Raptors
  Iverson returning to US for surgery
  James revels in Cavs' misery
  Raps' rotation a juggling act
  Knicks close out trek against Jazz
  Warriors host Lakers in Oakland
  Silas' Bobcats welcome Bulls to town
  Mavs kick off trek with Pacers
  Celtics welcome Kings to TD Garden
  Grizzlies end trek in Detroit
  Spurs set for showdown with Bucks
  Magic go for team-best 10th straight win in New Orleans
  Thunder pay a visit to Rockets
  Nets, Suns square off in the desert
  Rested Hawks make a stop in Toronto
  Heat seek 14th straight road win at Clippers
  Young, Wizards top Kings in OT
  Knicks top Portland
  Nuggets crush Suns in Denver
  Lakers hold Cavs to 57 points in record-setting game
  Pacers snap road skid with win over Sixers
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
  Spurs win third straight, beat Minnesota
  Sixers' Iguodala returns against Pacers
  Lakers' Barnes undergoes surgery
  Bucks-Hawks postponed due to severe weather
  Starting Five: 'Melo deal could set off trade frenzy
  Lakers try to add to Cavs' road woes
  Nuggets host Suns at Pepsi Center
  Knicks continue road swing in Portland
  Spurs visit Wolves in back end of home-and-home set
  Lowly Kings visit hapless Wizards
  Hawks shoot for 11th straight home win vs. Bucks
  Sixers and Pacers meet at Wells Fargo Center
  Jackson leads Bobcats over Grizzlies
  Rose, Boozer lead Bulls over Pistons
Monday, January 10, 2011
  Rockets end skid, top Celtics
  Mavs sign Pavlovic to 10-day contract
  Rockets take losing streak to Boston
  Bulls host division-rival Pistons
  Grizzlies invade Charlotte's Time Warner Cable Arena
  Paul helps Hornets beat Nuggets
  Bryant's double-double lifts Lakers over Knicks
  Heat down Blazers in OT for 13th straight road win
Sunday, January 09, 2011
  Nash helps Suns down Cavs
  Lakers' Barnes headed for surgery
  Ginobili, Spurs edge T-Wolves
  Suns' Hill leaves game
  Cavs' Varejao likely out for remainder of season
  Griffin's 23rd straight double-double lifts Clippers over Warriors
  Hot-shooting Raptors get past Kings
  Heat seek 13th straight road win at Portland
  Raptors start homestand with Kings
  Warriors make a stop at the Clippers
  Spurs shoot for another triumph over Wolves
  Lowly Cavs take on Suns in the desert
  Nuggets try to stay focused vs. Hornets
  Knicks carry momentum into showdown with Lakers
  Jackson's return lifts Charlotte over Washington
  Bucks rout Nets behind Douglas-Roberts
  Durant scores 40, Thunder top Grizzlies
  Millsap comes up big in OT as Utah tops Rockets
  Rose goes for 36 as Bulls rebound vs. Celtics
  Pistons down Sixers in OT
  Howard, Magic pull away from the Mavs
Saturday, January 08, 2011
  Smith, Hawks extend win streak over Pacers
  Hawks sign Damien Wilkins to 10-day contract
  Dirk-less Mavs host red-hot Magic
  Thunder, Grizzlies clash in OKC
  Rockets vie to end skid vs. Jazz
  Celtics make a stop in Chicago
  Pistons, Sixers renew rivalry at The Palace
  Hawks seek ninth straight win over Pacers
  Bucks tangle with Nets at Prudential Center
  Wizards try again for road win at Charlotte
  Ellis, Warriors dominate slumping Cavs
  Knicks cruise in Stoudemire's return to Phoenix
  Miami needs OT to top Bucks, extend road streak
  Blazers' Williams undergoes second surgery
  Gay, Randolph pace Grizzlies over Utah
  Bryant moves up on scoring list as Lakers down Hornets
  Orlando wins eighth straight, downs struggling Rockets
  Lakers' Barnes sprains knee
  Spurs rally vs. Pacers to avoid three-game skid
  Lewis helps Wizards beat Nets
  Harangody helps Boston clobber Toronto
Friday, January 07, 2011
  Matthews' big night lifts Blazers over T-Wolves
  Sixers take down Bulls
  Blazers Williams undergoes second surgery
  Orlando down struggling Houston
  Harris exits game in Washington
  Cavs F Powe out six weeks
  Grizzlies' Hollins right to shut down gambling
  Streaking Magic host Rockets in central Florida
  Spurs aim to halt first losing streak in Indy vs. Pacers
  Jazz make a stop in Memphis
  Lakers welcome Hornets to Hollywood
  Heat go for 12th straight road win at Milwaukee
  Cavs, Warriors collide in Oakland
  Celtics and Raptors wrap up season series in Beantown
  Blazers aim to continue dominance of T'Wolves
  Spurs aim to half first losing streak in Indy vs. Pacers
  Wizards and Nets clash in nation's capital
  Sixers entertain Bulls at Wells Fargo Center
  Stoudemire, Knicks invade Valley of the Sun
  Evans, Kings take it to Nuggets
Thursday, January 06, 2011
  Durant calls down Thunder on Mavericks
  Rockets' Yao undergoes ankle procedure
  Nuggets and Kings clash at ARCO Arena
  Banged-up Mavs entertain Durant, Thunder
  Clippers down Nuggets; Griffin ties franchise mark
  Lakers fend off Suns
  Raptors dump slumping Cavs
  Orlando shoots down Bucks for seventh straight win
  Blazers pull out comeback win in Houston
  Holiday, Williams pace Sixers over Wizards
  Ellis, Warriors use late surge to top Hornets
  Bobcats end road woes with OT win over T-Wolves
  Johnson shoots Hawks over Jazz
Wednesday, January 05, 2011
  Vujacic's late shot lifts Nets over Bulls
  Rondo's triple-double helps Celts edge Spurs
  Okur officially day-to-day with lower back injury
  Clippers re-sign Collins to 10-day contract
  Griffin headlines Slam Dunk contest
  Grizzlies recall Carroll from D-League
  Bucks request waivers on veteran Skinner
  Hawks waive Damien Wilkins
  Desert Duel: Suns welcome Lakers to town
  Hawks conclude trek in Utah
  Blazers, Rockets go at it again in Houston
  T'Wolves host Bobcats in Twin Cities
  Defensive-minded Hornets hope to sting Warriors
  Nuggets visit Clippers at Staples Center
  Division leaders tangle in Beantown as Spurs visit Celtics
  Raptors resume road trip in Cleveland
  Sixers return from lengthy road trip to host Wizards
  Streaking Magic entertain Bucks in central Florida
  Bulls and Nets clash in the Garden State
  Lakers down Pistons, Bryant surpasses Wilkins in all-time scoring
  Crawford leads Hawks over Kings at ARCO
  Grizzlies silence Thunder
  Deng leads Bulls to easy win over Raptors
  Terry helps Dallas get past Portland
Tuesday, January 04, 2011
  Heat win seventh straight with victory over Bucks
  Dallas could lose Butler for rest of season
  Knicks knock around sizzling Spurs
  Mavs must make move to contend without Butler
  Warriors waive swingman Carney
  Bulls wrap up residency with Raptors
  Grizzlies, Thunder tangle in Memphis
  Spurs commence road trip in New York
  Bucks set for tough task in Miami
  Struggling Lakers entertain Pistons at Staples Center
  Banged-up Mavs kick off homestand vs. Blazers
  Hawks resume road trip in Sacramento
  James, Heat roll over shorthanded Bobcats
  West, Hornets hold on to beat 76ers
  Howard, Turkoglu lift Magic past Warriors
  Williams, Jazz remain hot with win over Pistons
  Anthony leads Nuggets over Rockets
  Pierce, Celtics edge T-Wolves
Monday, January 03, 2011
  Bobcats' Wallace misses game
  Sixers' Hawes misses game
  LeBron and Wade, Durant named NBA Players of the Month
  Knicks' Gallinari to miss 2-3 weeks with knee sprain
  Clippers waive Collins
  Bobcats' Diop out for rest of season with Achilles injury
  Wade, Billups earn NBA Player of the Week honors
  Spoelstra, Popovich named top coaches for December
  Griffin, Fields named top rookies again
  Jazz aim to continue dominance of Pistons
  Rockets and Nuggets clash in the Rockies
  Sixers finish lengthy road trip in the Big Easy vs. Hornets
  KG-less Celtics host Love, Timberwolves
  Heat shoot for 11th straight road win in Charlotte
  Streaking Magic resume homestand vs. Warriors
  Cousins, Kings rally to beat Suns
  Blazers beat Rockets, stay hot at home
  Grizzlies rout Lakers in LA
Sunday, January 02, 2011
  Hobbled Mavs defeat Cavs
  Celtics dominate slumping Raptors
  Hawks come alive in fourth to down Clippers
  Stoudemire once again paces Knicks in win over Pacers
  Grizzlies wrap up road trip in Hollywood vs. Lakers
  Suns, Kings square off in Pacific Division clash
  Resurgent Rockets take on Blazers at Rose Garden
  Mavs finish weekend road trip in Cleveland
  Banged-up Celtics visit shorthanded Raptors
  Hawks visit Griffin, Clippers
  Knicks and Pacers renew rivalry in MSG
  Anthony returns to help Denver down Sacramento
  Dallas' Butler leaves early
  Ariza, Okafor help Hornets down Wizards
  Boykins helps Bucks down Dallas
  Millsap helps Jazz slip past Memphis
  Duncan, Spurs beat Thunder to remain hot at home
  Rose, Bulls beat shorthanded Cavaliers
Saturday, January 01, 2011
  Heat stay hot with rally in second half
  Another Love double-double leads T-Wolves over Nets
  Pierce, Van Gundy fined by NBA
  Streaking Bulls entertain lowly Cavs at United Center
  Jazz kick off homestand by welcoming Grizzlies to Salt Lake City
  Nuggets hope to have 'Melo back vs. Kings
  Mavs, Bucks square off in Bradley Center
  Division leaders meet in San Antonio as Spurs host Thunder
  Wolves finish homestand vs. Nets
  LeBron and star-studded Heat kick off New Year by hosting Warriors
  Hornets and Wizards clash in nation's capital
  Westbrook's triple-double carries Thunder past Atlanta
  Suns stifle Pistons, snap four-game skid
  Rockets finish 2010 slate with win over Raptors
  Kobe delivers late, Lakers edge Sixers
Sunday, January 31, 2010
  Redick helps Orlando fend off Detroit
  James, Cavs use prolific first quarter to pound Clippers
  Bosh carries Raptors over Pacers for fifth straight win
  Love paces Timberwolves over Knicks
  Van Gundy to lead Eastern Conference All Stars
  Iguodala helps Sixers hold off lowly Nets
  Kobe sinks another game-winner to lead Lakers past Celtics
  Nuggets get back on track with road win over Spurs
  T-Wolves welcome Knicks to Target Center
  Road-weary Suns open trek in Houston
  Durant, Thunder play host to Warriors
  Magic hope to maintain division lead at Detroit
  76ers visit Atlantic Division-rival Nets
  Cavs kick off homestand vs. Clippers
  Raptors open home-and-home set with Pacers
  Lakers take on rival Celtics in Beantown
  Nuggets try to bounce back in San Antonio
  Collison leads Hornets to comeback win in Memphis
  Warrick, Bucks down Heat
  Wallace's 38 leads Bobcats over Kings
  Miller, Wizards top Knicks
  Howard powers Magic past Hawks
  Miller drops 52 to lead Blazers over Mavs in OT
Saturday, January 30, 2010
  Southeast skirmish: Hawks, Magic collide in Orlando
  Knicks, Wizards clash in DC
  Hornets aim for another win over Grizzlies
  Heat go Buck hunting in Milwaukee
  Mavs seek redemption in rematch with Blazers
  Bobcats on the prowl in Sacramento
  Jackson shines in return to Oakland; Bobcats beat Warriors
  Brooks, Rockets hold off Blazers
  Boykins beats buzzer, Wizards extend Nets' misery
  Thunder end Denver's eight-game win streak
  Millsap carries Jazz over Kings
  Heat throttle Pistons
  Jefferson powers Timberwolves past Clippers
  Bulls take advantage of Paul injury, beat Hornets in OT
  Cavs continue dominance of Pacers
Friday, January 29, 2010
  Duncan leads Spurs past Grizzlies
  Hawks complete season sweep of Celtics
  Kobe fuels Lakers over Sixers
  Kaman, Lee headline list of All-Star snubs
  Bobcats to visit Warriors in latest stop on swing
  Jazz return home to take on road-challenged Kings
  Grizzlies vie to keep up recent success in trip to San Antonio
  Rockets hope to end home skid in clash with Blazers
  Bulls finish road trip in Big Easy vs. Hornets
  Pistons host Heat at The Palace
  Wizards aim to put suspensions behind them; visit woeful Nets
  Clippers shoot for season sweep of Wolves
  Ice storm threatens Nuggets and Thunder
  Eastern heavyweights tangle in Dixie as Hawks entertain Celtics
  Lakers, Sixers battle in City of Brotherly Love
  Cavs visit Pacers in Central Division clash
  Karl to pilot Western Conference All-Stars
  Suns clamp down in fourth to upend Mavericks
  Lewis' layup lifts Magic over Celtics
Thursday, January 28, 2010
  Jack's late jumper lifts Toronto over Knicks
  NBA fines LeBron $25,000
  Seven first-timers voted All-Star reserves
  Spurs' Parker has mild sprain
  Mavs and Suns clash in the desert
  Eastern heavyweights clash as Celtics visit Magic
  Knicks aim to stay on track vs. Raptors
  Paul scores 38 as Hornets defeat Warriors
  Bulls beat Thunder for fourth straight road win
  Williams, Jazz dominate Blazers
  Anthony out again
  Gasol helps Memphis down Pistons
  Nuggets down Rockets for eighth straight win
  Nets finally get fourth win, beat Clippers
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
  Cavs stay hot, top T'Wolves
  Jennings lifts Bucks over Sixers
  Gasol helps Grizzles down Pistons
  Duncan pulls down 27 rebounds as Spurs handle Hawks
  Spurs' Parker sprains ankle
  Lakers' stars shine in rout of Pacers
  Heat F Beasley hurts knee
  Bosh, Raptors take down Heat
  Arenas, Crittenton suspended for rest of season
  You can skip Thursday night; here are your All-Star reserves
  Rookie Challenge rosters announced
  Raptors welcome Heat to Air Canada Centre
  Bucks host 76ers in Brew City
  Bulls, Thunder clash at Ford Center
  Lakers continue road trip in Indy
  Streaking Nuggets kick off road trip in Houston
  Ellis set to return as Warriors host Hornets
  Northwest rivals clash as Blazers host Jazz
  Surging Grizzlies to make stop in Detroit
  Clips' trip continues with clash against win-starved Nets
  San Antonio hopes to stop slide vs. Hawks
  Cavs welcome lowly Wolves to the "Q"
  Udrih, Evans lead Kings over Warriors
  Bobcats top Suns in OT
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
  Mavericks hold off Bucks
  Lee helps Knicks rout Timberwolves
  Bryant, Lakers defeat Wizards in Washington
  Nuggets' Martin fined
  Suns' Barbosa has successful wrist surgery
  Hornets deal G Brown to Clippers
  Lakers resume long road trip vs. Wizards
  Mavs welcome Bucks to Big D
  Knicks. T-Wolves meet in MSG
  Kings hope to snap season-long slide vs. Warriors
  Suns, Bobcats clash in the desert
  James the hero as Cavs shut down Wade in second half
  Grizzlies continue to roll at home, rally past Magic
  Paul's late jumper leads Hornets past Blazers
  Hawks win in Houston for first time since 1999
  Noah, Bulls drop Spurs in San Antonio
  Nuggets top Bobcats for seventh straight win
  Jazz rally to beat Suns
  Pierce, Celtics hold off Clippers
Monday, January 25, 2010
  Granger, Pacers pull out win in Philadelphia
  Crittenton pleads guilty to misdemeanor gun charge
  Report: Crittenton pleads guilty to misdemeanor gun charge
  Hornets ship Brown to Chicago for Gray
  Lakers visit White House
  James, Billups earn NBA weekly honors
  Report: Crittenton charged in incident at Verizon Center
  Jazz sign Gaines for rest of season
  76ers aim for home-and-home sweep of Pacers
  LeBron, Cavs take on Heat in south Florida
  Hawks hope to solve woes in Houston
  Grizzlies try to extend home streak vs. Magic
  Clippers make a stop in Boston
  Blazers, Hornets clash at Rose Garden
  Nuggets set to host Bobcats minus Anthony
  Suns visit Jazz with trade rumors swirling
  Spurs resume homestand vs. Bulls
Sunday, January 24, 2010
  Anthony sidelined with ankle injury
  Turkoglu's late free throws lifts Raptors over Lakers
  Dallas routs New York by 50
  Camby, Kaman lead Clippers over Wizards
  Lakers and Raptors square off in Toronto
  Clippers hope to cure road woes against woeful Wizards
  Mavs finish up road trip in MSG vs. Knicks
  Suns' Barbosa to undergo wrist surgery
  Nuggets outlast Hornets in OT
  Dragic's career night sends Suns over Warriors
  Bucks throttle Timberwolves
  Webster carries Blazers over Pistons
  Miller helps Bulls top Rockets
  LeBron propels Cavaliers past Thunder
  Jazz send lowly Nets to 11th straight loss
Saturday, January 23, 2010
  Sixers adjusting well to new lineup, beat Pacers
  Kings' road woes continue in loss to Heat
  Nelson helps Magic down Bobcats in OT
  Tulsa retains Shock nickname for WNBA franchise
  Dealing with injury woes, Cavs sign G Jackson
  Blazers finish road trip vs. Pistons
  Bobcats aim for 10th straight home win against division rival Magic
  Sixers and Pacers kick off home-and-home set in Indy
  Streaking Nuggets play host to Hornets
  Hapless Nets visit Jazz
  Banged-up Warriors visit Suns
  Bucks, Wolves clash at Bradley Center
  Rockets kick off season-long homestand vs. Bulls
  James, Cavs welcome Durant and Thunder to the "Q"
  Reeling Kings hope to avoid winless road trip in Miami
  Warriors dump Nets; Ellis leaves with injury
  Bulls earn road win against sliding Suns
  Rockets escape San Antonio with win
  Gay's late bucket lifts Grizzlies over Thunder
  Young comes off the bench to lead Sixers past Mavs
  Bryant's big fourth quarter lifts Lakers past Knicks
  Granger, Pacers handle Pistons
  Hornets F West sprains ankle
  Hornets' Posey sinks Timberwolves at buzzer
  Magic roll over struggling Kings
  Wade helps Heat rout Wizards
Friday, January 22, 2010
  Celtics pull out OT win versus Portland in Garnett's return
  Bobcats' Felton leaves game with injury
  Crawford leads Hawks past Bobcats
  Jack helps hammer out Raptors win over Bucks
  Celtics' Garnett back in action against Portland
  Clippers ink G Curry to 10-day contract
  Cavs' West out with broken finger
  T-Mac, the NBA All-Star Game and Jersey Shore
  Hawks sign West to second 10-day contract
  Rockets take on rival Spurs in Alamo City
  Thunder continue road trip in clash with Grizzlies
  NBA-best Lakers to make a stop in New York
  Surging Pistons host Pacers in Central clash
  Ellis, Warriors welcome Nets to Oakland
  Bulls, Suns collide in the desert
  Hornets make a stop in Minnesota
  Bucks shoot for home-and-home sweep of Raptors
  Surging Bobcats visit Hawks
  K.G. set to return as Celtics host Blazers
  Heat, Wizards clash in nation's capital
  Kings hope to cure road woes in Orlando
  Mavs continue road swing in Philly vs. Sixers
  Nuggets surge in second half against Clippers
  Blazers' Roy to sit next two games
  LeBron shines down stretch as Cavs edge Lakers
Thursday, January 21, 2010
  Iverson to start All-Star Game; Nash gets nod over McGrady
  Cavs guard Williams out four-to-six weeks
  Thunder's White out at least six weeks after surgery
  NBA fines Celtics F Davis
  Kobe, LeBron meet again in Cleveland
  Cavs G Williams out with shoulder sprain
  Nuggets host Clippers at Pepsi Center
  Billups lifts Nuggets over Warriors in OT
  Jazz sweep season series from Spurs
  Bucks overcome Bosh's career night to beat Raptors
  Davis, Clippers down Bulls
  Miller burns old team as Blazers beat Sixers
  Bobcats crush Heat
  Stoudemire leads Suns past Nets
  Durant helps Thunder edge Timberwolves
  Mavs squeak by Wizards
  Howard, Magic down Pacers
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
  Stuckey leads Pistons past Celtics
  Hornets douse red-hot Grizzlies
  Crawford leads balanced attack; Hawks down Kings
  Clippers' Griffin has successful season-ending surgery
  Celtics' Rasheed Wallace fined by NBA
  Clippers get their beef back
  Embattled Wizards take on Mavs in DC
  Desert Storm: Suns play host to Nets
  Magic, Pacers clash in Orlando
  Bulls resume trek against Clippers
  Nuggets take win streak into Golden State
  Spurs hope to save face vs. Jazz
  Surging Grizzlies visit Hornets
  Bucks host Raptors in front end of home-and-home set
  Durant, Thunder visit Twin Cities to take on Wolves
  Pistons host reeling Celtics
  Bobcats hope to close out perfect homestand vs. Heat
  Kings, Hawks clash in Dixie
  Roy scheduled to return as Blazers visit Sixers
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
  LeBron's near triple-double helps Cavs down Raptors
  Wade, Heat dominate Pacers
  Hawks denied protest
  Jackson, Anthony earn NBA weekly honors
  Cavs, Raptors collide at the 'Q'
  Heat host Pacers in south Florida
  Lakers down Orlando in Finals rematch
  Timberwolves finish off comeback win over Sixers in OT
Monday, January 18, 2010
  Nowitzki, Mavs get back on track with win in Boston
  More home cookin': Grizzlies outlast Suns
  Warriors bowl over Chicago
  Rockets outlast Bucks in OT
  Bobcats edge Kings for fifth straight win
  Jamison's strong second half leads Wizards past Blazers
  Spurs top Hornets to conclude road trip
  Robinson, Knicks top Pistons
  Clippers make easy work of Nets
  Durant, Thunder hang on to beat Hawks
  Bucks sign Stackhouse
  Knicks' Curry to undergo surgery
  Marbury signs with Chinese team
  Knicks' Robinson to defend Slam Dunk title
  Spurs, Hornets clash in Big Easy
  First place Hawks host Thunder
  Lakers, Magic set for rematch in LA
  Sixers visit Twin Cities to take on Wolves
  Grizzlies play host to visiting Suns
  Hapless Nets visit Clippers
  Rockets close out homestand vs. Bucks
  Streaking Bobcats shoot for 8th straight home win vs. Kings
  Bulls hit the road to Golden State
  Blazers kick off road trip vs. Wizards
  Pistons aim for home-and-home sweep of Knicks
  Celtics face tough test at home vs. Mavs
  Report: Bucks to sign Stackhouse
  Anthony powers Nuggets over Jazz
Sunday, January 17, 2010
  Bosh fuels Raptors win over Mavericks
  Nuggets host rival Jazz at Pepsi Center
  Mavs open east coast trip in Toronto
  Grizzlies top Spurs to set record home win streak
  James, Cavs rally to top Clippers
  Durant's 36 paces Thunder over Heat
  Wizards hold off Kings
  Miles leads Utah in rout of Milwaukee
  Stuckey, Pistons hold on to beat Knicks for third straight win
Saturday, January 16, 2010
  Wallace leads Bobcats in rout of Suns
  Paul helps Hornets slip by Pacers
  Pacers host Hornets in Indy
  LeBron, Cavs conclude trek at Clippers
  Pistons, Knicks collide at The Palace
  Wizards return home to face Kings
  Suns hit the road to Charlotte
  Spurs make a stop in Memphis
  Jazz hope to ride momentum past Milwaukee
  Heat close out trip in Oklahoma City
  Jennings helps Bucks beat Warriors
  Blazers thump Magic without Roy
  Hamilton leads Pistons to OT win over Hornets
  Bobcats use big second half to defeat Spurs
  Rose nets career-high 37; Bulls outlast Wizards in double OT
  Lakers blast Clippers in second half; Gasol returns, scores 20
  Raptors post strong first half, stave off Knicks rally
  Nowitzki helps Mavericks edge Thunder
  Wade's big night helps Heat down Rockets
  Crawford's bucket sends Hawks past Suns
  Young, Sixers top Kings in Martin's return
  Granger, Pacers handle lowly Nets
Friday, January 15, 2010
  Randolph leads surging Grizzlies over Minnesota
  Williams waived by Nets, indicted on drug charges
  Arenas pleads guilty to felony gun charge
  Nets waive F Shawne Williams
  Gaines nets win, then second 10-day contract with Jazz
  Overrated no more; Dalembert delivers
  Bulls play host to reeling Wizards
  Mavs close out homestand vs. Thunder
  Raptors pay a visit to Knicks at MSG
  Grizzlies host Wolves at FedEx Forum
  Pistons, Hornets collide at The Palace
  Blazers wrap up homestand by hosting Magic
  Pacers aim to snap road skid vs. hapless Nets
  Kings hope Martin will return in Philly
  Spurs make a stop in Charlotte
  Reeling Bucks visit Warriors
  Lakers, Clippers square off at Staples Center
  Heat resumes road trip in Houston
  Hot Hawks host Suns in Dixie
  Substitute Gaines lifts Jazz over Cavs at buzzer
  Williams leaves game in fourth quarter versus Cavs
  Red-hot Bulls notch road win over Boston
Thursday, January 14, 2010
  Arenas reaches plea agreement after charges filed
  Charges filed against Arenas
  Blazers' Roy has hamstring strain
  Celtics, Bulls renew rivalry in Beantown
  Cavs resume road trip in Salt Lake City vs. Jazz
  Wade, Heat too much for Warriors
  Brooks and Rockets take 3-OT thriller over T'Wolves
  Roy, Blazers cruise past Bucks
  Nuggets pull away from Magic in second half
  Jefferson helps Spurs take OT win over Thunder
  Lee scores late to lift Knicks over 76ers
Wednesday, January 13, 2010
  Lakers first to 3,000 wins; Nowitzki hits 20,000-point mark
  Pierce, Celtics destroy Nets
  Hornets get back on track with win over Clippers
  Granger paces Indiana to comeback win over Suns
  Johnson helps Hawks down Wizards
  Boston head coach Rivers fined by NBA
  Clippers' Griffin to have season-ending surgery
  Hornets owner Shinn undergoes prostate surgery
  Wizards, Hawks square off in Dixie
  Spurs hit the road to Oklahoma City
  Banged-up Lakers face tough test in Big D
  Hornets welcome Clippers to Big Easy
  Celtics aim to continue dominance of Nets
  Suns kick off road trip in Indy
  Warriors, Heat square off in Oakland
  Blazers resume homestand against Bucks
  Howard, Magic visit 'Melo's Nuggets
  Rockets aim to continue dominance over Wolves
  Sixers, Knicks battle at Wachovia Center
  Howard, Magic finish strong to beat Kings
  Grizzlies down Clippers, sparked by fire alarm
  Jackson's big night spurs Bobcats over Rockets
  Duncan, Spurs crush Lakers in Texas
  Pistons snap 13-game skid with victory over Wizards
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
  Magic open road trip in Sacramento
  Hornets owner Shinn to have prostate surgery
  Lakers start Texas tour in San Antonio vs. Spurs
  Clippers and Grizzlies collide in Memphis
  Rockets, Bobcats clash in Charlotte
  Pistons aim to snap long losing streak vs. Wizards
  LeBron's big performance helps Cavs hold off Warriors
  Anthony returns, helps Nuggets top Wolves
  Unlucky 13: Pistons lose again in Bulls' rout
  Jazz blast Heat in home rout
  Granger, Pacers rally to edge Raptors
  Bucks coach Skiles misses game
  Suns continue home dominance of Bucks
  Nuggets' Anthony returns
Monday, January 11, 2010
  Durant leads Thunder in rout of Knicks
  Hawks notch third straight win over Celtics
  Warriors F Randolph sidelined with ankle injury
  Dalembert comes up big in clutch as Sixers edge Hornets
  Hornets' window isn't open
  Bucks' Redd suffers season-ending ACL/MCL tear, again
  Celtics' Garnett out another 10 days; Wallace sits Monday
  James, Kaman earn NBA weekly honors
  Hornets deal C Armstrong to Kings
  Evans is newest star from Philly area
  Pistons hope to snap long skid in the Windy City vs. Bulls
  Dallas acquires Najera from New Jersey
  Hawks and Celtics collide in Beantown
  Bucks try to end lengthy slide in Phoenix
  Heat continue swing in Utah
  Nuggets hope 'Melo returns vs. Wolves
  Knicks, Thunder collide at Ford Center
  LeBron leads Cavs into Oakland
  Surging Hornets visit Sixers
  Pacers, Raptors clash in Indy
  Former Net Williams expected to serve jail time
  LeBron barely misses triple-double as Cavs top Blazers
  Lakers overcome Kobe's poor shooting night to down Bucks
Sunday, January 10, 2010
  Spurs continue dominance of Nets
  Paul, Hornets top Wizards for sixth straight win
  Clippers extend win streak to four with win over Heat
  Rondo's triple-double lifts Celtics past Toronto
  Cavs and Blazers collide at the Rose Garden
  Spurs shoot for 14th straight win over hapless Nets
  Surging Hornets aim for season-high 6th straight win vs. Wizards
  Bucks kick off western swing vs. Lakers
  Heat resume long road trip in LA vs. Clippers
  Celtics and Raptors square off in key Atlantic Division matchup
  Kings' Evans beats buzzer, Nuggets to stop skid
  Wallace gives Bobcats thrilling win over Grizzlies
  Rockets dump Knicks to extend home winning streak
  Durant's key points help Thunder down Pacers
  Brand, Sixers hand Pistons 12th straight loss
  Noah, Hinrich pace Bulls over lowly Timberwolves
Saturday, January 09, 2010
  Jazz romp Mavericks in Dallas
  Barnes and Magic crush Atlanta
  Billups, Nuggets visit Kings
  Mavs aim to continue home dominance over Jazz
  Rockets, Knicks tangle in Houston
  Wolves and Bulls collide at the United Center
  Thunder host Pacers at Ford Center
  Pistons hope to snap skid against woeful Sixers
  Grizzlies go hunting for Bobcats in Charlotte
  Hawks visit Magic with first place on the line
  Martin helps Nuggets edge Cavaliers
  Ellis' 39 points lead Warriors to comeback win over Kings
  Nowitzki, Mavericks finish strong to down Spurs
  Trail Blazers notch ninth straight home win over Lakers
  Bogut, Redd lead Bucks over Bulls
  Memphis' Mayo drops in game-winner against Jazz
  Heat scorch Suns in Phoenix
  T'Wolves top Pacers to snap five-game skid
  Paul's late three-point play keys Hornets win over Nets
Friday, January 08, 2010
  Bosh nails late shot to lift Raptors over Sixers
  Jamison helps Wizards down Magic; Carter injured
  Hawks use balanced attack to beat Celtics
  Magic's Carter leaves game with shoulder injury
  Evidence mounts: Jordan is the problem in Philly
  Jazz go for home-and-home sweep of Grizz
  Bucks host Bulls at Bradley Center
  Mavs, Spurs clash in Alamo City
  Heat open trip against Suns
  Warriors kick off long homestand vs. Kings
  Division leaders clash in the Rockies as Nuggets host Cavs
  Blazers aim to continue home dominance over Lakers
  Hornets and Nets collide in the Big Easy
  Hapless Wolves host Pacers at Target Center
  Celtics, Hawks square off in Dixie
  Red-hot Raptors visit struggling Sixers
  Magic hope to get back on track vs. embattled Wizards
  Chandler leads Knicks past Bobcats
Thursday, January 07, 2010
  Heat sign Alston
  Bryant continues to lead All-Star voting
  Bobcats put win streak on line in NYC
  Clippers snap nine-game losing streak to city rival Lakers
  Stern suspends Arenas indefinitely
  Cavs wallop Washington on day Arenas is suspended
  Raptors nip Magic
  Miles helps Jazz to 11th straight win over Grizzlies
  Nash helps Suns rally past Rockets
Wednesday, January 06, 2010
  Warriors power past hapless Timberwolves
  Crawford's big night spurs Hawks over Nets
  Spurs rout slumping Pistons
  Hornets top Thunder for fourth straight win
  Rondo's heroics lead Celtics over Heat in OT
  James, Bryant take December honors
  Arenas suspended as Wizards get ready to visit Cavs
  Raptors' wandering eye checking out playoffs
  Hornets, Thunder meet at Ford Center
  Pistons try to end slide in San Antonio
  Embattled Arenas, Wizards visit Cavs
  Celtics kick off road trip by visiting Heat
  Suns host Rockets in the desert
  Grizzlies hope to end slide against Jazz
  Lakers, Clippers resume Hollywood rivalry
  Magic, Raptors square off in Orlando
  Hawks aim to snap skid against hapless Nets
  Nash's precision at foul line lifts Suns over Kings
  Smith's FTs in final second give Nuggets win over Warriors
  Lakers bounce Rockets; Kobe moves up scoring list
  Wizards use strong second half to down Sixers
  Mayo, Randolph lead Memphis over Blazers
  Hibbert's career night sends Pacers over Magic
Tuesday, January 05, 2010
  Mavericks extend Pistons' skid to 10
  Wallace helps Bobcats overcome Bulls
  Bucks keep Nets on the skids
  NBA denies protest from Mavs
  Nets waive Alston, acquire G Quinn from Heat
  Iverson's contract guaranteed for remainder of season
  NBA must make example out of Arenas
  Cavs' Moon to miss three weeks with abdominal strain
  Hapless Nets host Bucks
  Pistons, Mavericks clash in Dallas
  Grizzlies resume trek at Portland
  Kings welcome Suns to ARCO Arena
  Lakers, Rockets meet again in LA
  Nuggets hope to continue dominance over Warriors
  Magic finish road trip in Indy vs, Pacers
  Wizards, Sixers square off at Wachovia Center
  Bulls visit Charlotte to take on Bobcats
  Westbrook leads Thunder over Bulls
  Kaman and Clippers slip by Portland
Monday, January 04, 2010
  Brown helps Hornets slip past Jazz
  Wade and Heat take down Hawks
  Warriors release C Moore
  Wizards' Arenas meets with authorities for two hours
  Brown and Hollins named top coaches for December
  Jennings, Evans capture NBA rookie honors again
  Rose, Durant earn NBA weekly honors
  Bulls, Thunder square off at United Center
  Hornets hope to solve road woes in Utah
  Portland tries to blaze Clippers again
  Southeast skirmish: Hawks make a stop in Miami
  Knicks roll past Pacers
  Jackson helps Bobcats take first-ever win in Cleveland
  Hot-shooting Lakers crush Mavericks
  Iverson leads Sixers in return to Denver
Sunday, January 03, 2010
  Bosh passes Carter on Raptors' scoring list in win over Spurs
  Pacers, Knicks clash at MSG
  James, Cavs aim to continue dominance over Bobcats
  Iverson returns to the Rockies as Sixers battle Nuggets
  Streaking Spurs visit Raptors
  Division leaders meet in LA as Lakers host Mavs
  Nowitzki paces Mavs over Kings
  Redd leads Bucks in OT win over Thunder
  Shorthanded Nuggets capitalize off turnovers to beat Jazz
  Bulls trip up Magic for season-high fourth straight win
  Roy, Blazers overcome first-quarter woes, down Warriors
  Grizzlies pound Suns, gain first win in Phoenix since 2005
  Spurs continue to dominate Wizards
Saturday, January 02, 2010
  Hornets rally late to down Rockets
  Banged-up Celtics scratch out win over Raptors
  Pacers hold off T'Wolves to snap eight-game skid
  Jackson helps Bobcats top Heat for rare road win
  Cavaliers down Nets for seventh straight win
  Streaking Spurs battle sinking Wizards
  Jazz host Nuggets in key Northwest matchup
  Blazers, Warriors collide in Portland
  Kings hope to crown Mavs in Sacramento
  Rockets hope to blast off in Big Easy vs. Hornets
  Heat, Bobcats meet in Southeast clash
  James, Cavs visit woeful Nets
  Suns welcome Grizz to the desert
  Thunder visit reeling Bucks
  Magic aim to make Bulls disappear
  Raptors and banged-up Celtics clash in Beantown
  Wolves, Pacers square off in Indy
  Kobe's three-pointer lifts Lakers over Kings
  Magic use three-ball to down Timberwolves
Friday, January 01, 2010
  Robinson's big night propels Knicks past Hawks in OT
  Portland PG Blake hospitalized with pneumonia
  Report: Arenas and Crittenton draw guns in Wizards locker room
  Kings, Lakers collide at Staples Center
  Magic, Wolves square off in Minneapolis
  Hawks hope to get back on track vs. Knicks
  Kaman, Clippers down Sixers behind strong second half
Saturday, January 31, 2009
  Villanueva leads Bucks to win over Hawks
  Lee helps surging Knicks down Pacers
  Lopez, Nets erase 17-point deficit to upend Sixers
  San Antonio's Mahinmi has ankle surgery
  Blazers welcome Jazz to the Rose Garden
  Rockets host Warriors at Toyota Center
  Streaking Sixers host Nets at Wachovia Center
  Blazers welcome Jazz to the Roase Garden
  Bulls resume grueling road trip in Phoenix
  Southwest powers meet as Spurs host Hornets
  Hawks, Bucks square off in Milwaukee
  Lakers visit reeling Grizzlies in Memphis
  Clippers continue road trip vs. Wizards
  Mavs kick off Florida swing in South Beach vs. Heat
  Pacers continue homestand by hosting Knicks at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Deng helps Bulls blow out Kings in Sacramento
  Maggette helps Warriors slip past Hornets
  Celtics win 10th straight
  Anthony returns to lead Denver past Charlotte
  Ilgauskas returns as Cavs move to 22-0 at home
  Williams leads Jazz to rout of Thunder
Friday, January 30, 2009
  Cavs C Ilgauskas returns
  Kobe, Bynum lead Lakers past Timberwolves
  Villanueva paces Bucks to win; Calderon's FT streak snapped
  Williams guides Hawks over Nets
  Dunleavy's hot hand helps Indiana cool off Heat
  Iguodala carries Sixers over struggling Wizards
  Sixers' Dalembert leaves with injury
  Rockets' McGrady sprains ankle
  Utah's Kirilenko has successful surgery
  Bobcats' Wallace released from hospital
  Extra Miles: Grizzlies sign forward for remainder of season
  Grand larceny, NBA style
  Bulls try to end long drought in Sacramento
  Hornets close out homestand with road-challenged Warriors
  Anthony set to return in Nuggets' clash with Bobcats
  Jazz hope to end skid with Thunder in town
  Surging Raptors to host Bucks
  Celtics shoot for perfect 10 in Detroit
  Wolves face big test as Lakers visit Target Center
  Hawks hope to solve recent woes against Nets
  Cavs aim to remain perfect at home against lowly Clippers
  Pacers host Heat at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Sixers welcome hapless Wizards to Philly
  Ginobili helps Spurs down Suns
Thursday, January 29, 2009
  Howard helps Magic top Cavs in battle of division leaders
  West welcomes back Shaq; East reserves highlighted by first-timers
  Nuggets' Anthony cleared to return
  Utah's Kirilenko to have surgery on injured ankle
  Bobcats sign F Martin to 10-day contract
  Thunder G Mason out for season
  Clippers sign G Jones for rest of season
  Cavs, Magic clash at Amway Arena
  Spurs take on Suns in the desert
  Bulls crush Clips
  Aldridge powers Blazers over Bobcats
  Sixers rally late to beat Rockets
  Stojakovic, Hornets' bench spark victory over Nuggets
  Raptors fend off Nets
  Celtics' Scalabrine out at least a week
  Terry, Nowitzki lead the way as Mavs topple Warriors
  House shoots Celtics past Kings
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
  Balanced scoring attack helps Heat crush Wizards
  Ford's 34 points leads Pacers over Bucks
  Wallace, Pistons use late charge to get by T-Wolves
  Robinson's big fourth quarter lifts Knicks over Hawks
  Thunder dominate overtime to beat Grizzlies
  Lakers' Ariza uncertain for road trip
  Bobcats' Wallace has collapsed lung; broken rib
  Durant and Rose lead rosters for NBA Rookie Challenge
  Bobcats F Wallace has possible collapsed lung
  Heat conclude homestand vs. Wizards
  Knicks, Hawks square off at MSG
  Clippers host Bulls in battle of slumping clubs
  Surging Bobcats resume trek in Portland
  Bucks aim for a win at Indiana
  Warriors visit Mavs hoping to end road woes
  Lowly Kings take on champs in Boston
  Streaking T-Wolves host Pistons at Target Center
  Sixers seeking to rebound in Houston
  Grizzlies hope to snap skid vs. Thunder
  Hornets welcome Nuggets to the Big Easy
  Raptors visit reeling Nets
  Billups leads Nuggets past Grizzlies
  Bobcats triumph over Lakers in 2-OT; Kobe fouls out
  Bobcats' Wallace; Lakers' Ariza leave game with injuries
  Duncan, Parker help Spurs slip by Jazz
  Williams' 43 points, James' triple-double lifts Cavs over Kings
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
  Pietrus returns as Magic pound Pacers
  Williams' 43-point effort, James' triple-double lifts Cavs over Kings
  Pietrus returns for Magic
  Grizzlies waive Francis
  Washington's Blatche out 2-4 weeks
  Bobcats set for true test at Lakers
  Spurs take on Jazz in Salt Lake City
  Grizz hope to snap skid vs. Nuggets in Memphis
  Outlaw carries Trail Blazers over Clippers
  Thunder hold on to beat Nets
  Stojakovic's hot hand helps Hornets cool off Sixers
  Lee and Knicks slip by Rockets
  Wade and Heat down poor-shooting Hawks
Monday, January 26, 2009
  Shaq helps Suns burn Wizards
  Streaking Timberwolves down Bucks
  James, Bynum earn NBA weekly honors
  Blazers take on Clippers at Staples Center
  Redd-less Bucks welcome 'Wolves to town
  Hornets host Sixers in the Big Easy
  Suns wrap up road trip vs. Wizards
  Hawks, Heat square off in South Beach
  Knicks host Rockets at MSG
  Nets take on Thunder in Oklahoma City
  Artest returns to help Rockets edge Pistons
  Maggette, Warriors, deal Clippers yet another defeat
  Nene, Nuggets rip Jazz
Sunday, January 25, 2009
  Jefferson, Foye lift T-Wolves over Bulls in OT
  Bosh, Raptors extend Kings' slide
  Celtics hammer Mavs for eighth straight win
  Lakers stake claim as best in the West by dismantling Spurs
  Stoudemire helps Suns snap losing streak in Atlanta
  Granger leads Pacers over Bobcats
  Hollins named head coach of Grizzlies
  Bucks' Redd to miss remainder of season
  Nuggets host Jazz at Pepsi Center
  Bulls kick off road swing in Minnesota
  Rockets, Pistons meet at The Palace
  Kings take on Raptors up north
  Suns resume road trip against Hawks
  Spurs, Lakers square off in LA
  Streaking Celtics welcome Mavs to town
  Bobcats open trek at Indiana
  Clippers pay a visit to Warriors
  Roy, Oden highlight Portland's win over Washington
  James leads Cavs past Jazz for rare win in Utah
  Bucks' Redd leaves with left knee strain
  Jefferson, Bucks narrowly edge Kings
Saturday, January 24, 2009
  Chalmers, Heat deal Magic second straight loss
  Brand returns as Sixers down Knicks
  Carter, Nets hand Grizzlies ninth straight loss
  Sixers' Brand returns from dislocated shoulder
  76ers try to rebound vs. Knicks
  Grizzlies host Nets at FedEx Forum
  Magic aim for 11th straight win over Heat
  Kings, Bucks square off in Milwaukee
  LeBron leads Cavs into Utah
  Blazers welcome Wizards to Rose Garden
  James' heroics help Cavs edge Warriors
  Ellis makes season debut, but Crawford out for Warriors
  Spurs continue dominance against Nets
  Gordon sets franchise record as Clips spoil Durant's big night
  Bobcats win in rout, finally beat Suns
  Calderon continues amazing FT streak as Raptors rout Bulls
  Nowitzki, Mavs sink sparkless Pistons
  Yao leaves game with sore knee
  Knicks get the best of Grizzlies, Davis
  Grizzlies fire Iavaroni; name Davis interim coach
Friday, January 23, 2009
  Foye paces T'Wolves over short-handed Hornets
  Murray leads Hawks to rout of Bucks
  Rockets lose Yao, close decision to Pacers
  Jazz owner Miller has lower legs amputated
  Nelson deserves All-Star nod
  Davis takes over as Grizz face Knicks in the Big Apple
  Improving Thunder to visit hurting Clippers
  Cavs continue western jaunt against Warriors
  Bulls hoping to blow away reeling Raptors
  Rockets start up road trip in Indiana
  Spurs aim to continue dominance over Nets
  Pistons continue homestand against slumping Mavs
  Hornets invade Twin Cities to face T-Wolves
  Hawks host Bucks at Philips Arena
  Suns resume road trip in Charlotte vs. Bobcats
  Report: Grizzlies fire Iavaroni
  Lakers pound Wizards
  Pierce, Celtics top Magic in marquee Eastern Conference tilt
Thursday, January 22, 2009
  NBA All-Star starters: Howard top vote-getter, Kobe tops West
  Ellis to make season debut for Warriors Friday
  Mourning officially calls it a career
  Wizards pay a visit to Lakers
  Magic host Celtics in battle of East's best
  The dynamic duo of James and Williams power Cavs past Blazers
  Bynum steals the spotlight from Bryant as Lakers top Clippers
  Green's buzzer-beater lifts Thunder over Warriors
  Bell and Bobcats cruise past Grizzlies
  Wizards hold off furious Kings rally
  Villanueva leads Bucks in rout of Mavs
  Lee helps Knicks upend D'Antoni's old club
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
  Celtics cool off Heat thanks to House
  Balanced attack helps Rockets down Jazz
  Paul, Hornets fend off Nets
  Detroit dominates reeling Raptors
  Raptors' Humphries has fractured right fibula
  NBA players celebrate Obama's ascent
  Utah's Kirilenko day-to-day with ankle injury
  NBA Southeast: Dwight Howard is the real O.G.
  Bucks play host to Mavs at Bradley Center
  Surging Rockets welcome Jazz to the Toyota Center
  Hornets host Nets in the Big Easy
  Reeling Raptors hope to snap skid in Motor City vs. Pistons
  Suns resume road trip in MSG vs. Knicks
  Celtics shoot for 6th straight win in South Beach vs. Heat
  Grizzlies, Bobcats square off in Charlotte
  LeBron leads Cavs into Portland's Rose Garden
  Kings host hapless Wizards
  Thunder take a trip to Golden State
  Nuggets rout Kings
  Duncan leads Spurs to easy win over Pacers
  Bibby's key steal, basket gets Hawks past Bulls
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
  Millsap, Sloan, Jazz top Timberwolves in Utah
  Nelson, Paul earn NBA weekly honors
  Grizzlies sign Miles to 10-day deal
  The NBA's other elite team
  Spurs host Pacers at AT&T Center
  Kings visit Nuggets at Pepsi Center
  Sloan hopes to celebrate extension with win as Jazz host Wolves
  Hawks, Bulls square off in the Windy City
  Lakers' Bryant dislocates finger, returns to beat Cavs
  Kobe bests LeBron in intense Lakers-Cavs battle
  Portland's Fernandez named final Slam Dunk participant
  Oden leads Blazers in rout of Bucks
  Iverson helps Pistons end five-game skid
  Celtics burn Suns
Monday, January 19, 2009
  Warriors effective from long distance in rout of Wizards
  Duncan and Spurs hold off Bobcats
  Paul's buzzer-beater lifts Hornets over Pacers
  Hornets' Chandler hurts ankle in win over Pacers
  Rockets slip past Nuggets
  Knicks edge Bulls
  Nowitzki's shot helps Mavs halt Sixers' win streak
  Timberwolves win again on road, top Clippers
  Johnson's late basket gives Hawks win over Raptors
  Wizards take on Warriors in Oakland
  Hornets meet Pacers in the Big Easy
  Clippers shoot for another win vs. Minnesota
  Pistons visit Grizzlies at FedEx Forum
  Celtics, Suns square off in Beantown
  Blazers host Bucks at Rose Garden
  Cavs, Lakers set to battle in LA
  Reeling Raptors visit Hawks
  Bobcats welcome Spurs to Charlotte
  Nuggets, Rockets square off at Toyota Center
  Surging Sixers aim for 8th straight vs. Mavs
  Bulls hope to cure road woes at MSG vs. Knicks
  Heat cap road trip with win over Thunder
Sunday, January 18, 2009
  Nash, Suns scorch Raptors
  Thunder host Heat in Oklahoma City
  Nash, Suns aim to continue success vs. Raptors
  Wallace, Bobcats top Blazers in OT
  Ginobili powers Spurs past Bulls
  Magic win seventh straight, rout Nuggets
  Paul paces Hornets past Pistons
  Camby, Clips end 12-game skid, beat Bucks
  Yao's perfect shooting night propels Rockets past Heat
  Nowitzki paces Mavs over Jazz
  Iguodala, Sixers win seventh straight, beat Knicks
Saturday, January 17, 2009
  Rockets G Head expected to miss a week
  Allen, Celtics crush Nets
  Spurs invade Windy City to take on Bulls
  Bobcats seek 3rd straight win vs. Blazers
  Streaking Sixers seek 7th straight in MSG against Knicks
  Pistons hope to snap skid vs, Hornets
  Heat resume road trip in Houston
  Jazz, Mavs square off in Dallas
  Orlando hopes to continue Magic road trip in Denver
  Clippers host Bucks in hopes of avoiding 13th straight loss
  Celtics visit Nets at Meadowlands
  Bringing the Thunder: Oklahoma City downs Detroit
  Magic Trick: Nelson, Howard power Orlando past Lakers
  Redd's 44 paces Bucks win over Kings
  Crawford leads Warriors past Hawks
  Jamison, Wizards end losing streak with win over Knicks
Friday, January 16, 2009
  T'Wolves pick up win in Phoenix
  Williams, Jazz get by Memphis
  Pacers fend off O'Neal, Raptors
  Cavs stay perfect at home with win over Hornets
  Sixers sink Spurs
  Cavs' West out 5-to-6 weeks
  Mavs trade Diop for second time in two seasons
  Report: Mavs trade Diop for second time in two seasons
  Croshere signs 10-day contract with Spurs
  Lakers, Magic ready for marquee matchup
  Hawks to wrap up road trip with slumping Warriors
  Bucks to begin western swing in Sacramento
  Raptors, Pacers square off in Indy
  Sixers try to keep rolling vs. Spurs
  Knicks shoot for third straight win at Washington
  Pistons hope to snap skid in Oklahoma City vs, Thunder
  Jazz aim to cure road woes in Memphis
  Cavs put perfect home record on the line vs. Hornets
  Suns, T-Wolves square off at US Airways Center
  Nuggets down Suns in overtime
  Cavs guard West fractures wrist
  Bulls put the clamps on LeBron late, rally to beat Cavs in OT
Thursday, January 15, 2009
  Roy and Trail Blazers rally to down Nets
  Portland G Blake out at least one week
  Blazers visit Nets in the Meadowlands
  Cavs make a stop at Chicago
  Nuggets resume homestand vs. Suns
  Kings edge Warriors in third OT
  Dirty Dozen: Hawks send Clippers to 12th straight loss
  Miami Cooks Milwaukee
  Granger guides Indiana over Pistons in OT
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
  Mason caps wild finish as Spurs top Lakers
  Paul's prolific performance lifts Hornets over Mavs
  Lee's double-double helps Knicks top Wizards
  Rose, Bulls hang on to edge Raptors
  Pierce, Celtics clobber Nets
  Sixers crush Blazers, win fifth straight
  Green stars as Thunder soundly defeat Jazz
  NBA Northwest: Utah's no loser without Boozer
  Hawks meet Clippers in LA
  Hornets aim for success in Dallas
  Heat resume road trip at Milwaukee
  Lakers conclude Texas two-step in San Antonio
  Knicks, Wizards kick off home-and-home set at MSG
  Jazz face Thunder in Oklahoma City
  Kings try to solve road woes in Oakland
  Celtics welcome Nets to Beantown
  Sixers shoot for 5th straight win vs. Blazers
  Pacers return home to host Pistons
  Raptors, Bulls square off at Air Canada Centre
  Nuggets, behind Billups, hold on to down Mavericks
  Howard, Magic roll past Kings
  Shaq, Suns hold on to top Hawks
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
  Bryant helps Lakers edge Rockets
  James' triple-double powers Cavs over Grizzlies
  Wade, Heat cool off Timberwolves in Minneapolis
  Felton's last-second jumper lifts Bobcats over Detroit
  Wizards' Thomas has torn MCL in left knee
  Lakers open Texas road trip against Rockets
  Rockets' Artest has MRI, will miss at least another week
  Nuggets continue homestand vs. Mavs
  Hawks kick off trek at Phoenix
  Magic resume trip in Sacramento
  Cavs open quick road swing in Memphis vs. Grizzlies
  Streaking Wolves welcome Heat to Target Center
  Pistons, Bobcats square off at The Palace
  Bulls' Hinrich, Deng return against Portland
  Okur's career night paces Jazz over Pacers
  Outlaw carries Blazers over Bulls
  Lopez leads Nets past Thunder in OT
Monday, January 12, 2009
  Pierce leads Celts to win, sweep of home-and-home over Raptors
  Lee leads Knicks charge in win over New Orleans
  Perkins out a week for Celtics
  Redd leads Bucks in rally over Wizards
  Rockets' McGrady out two more weeks
  Crisis Management with Larry Miller
  Nets try to stay on track vs. Thunder
  Celtics aim for home-and-home sweep of Raptors
  Reeling Knicks visit Hornets
  Wizards, Bucks square off at Verizon Center
  Bulls welcome Blazers to United Center
  Jazz close out homestand vs. Pacers
  Sixers win fourth straight, hand Hawks rare home loss
  Bynum helps Lakers edge Heat
  Kings top Mavs to snap five-game slide
  Granger matches career-high but Warriors clip Pacers
Sunday, January 11, 2009
  Howard leads Magic to road win over Spurs
  Stoudemire, Suns hold off Clippers
  Boston fends off Raptors, gets back to winning ways
  Hawks' Horford out with bone bruise
  Spurs host Magic in matchup of division leaders
  76ers go for fourth straight win against Hawks
  Celtics try to regroup in Toronto
  Clippers aim to halt slide vs. Suns
  Kings try to end skid versus Mavs
  Warriors open homestand vs. Pacers
  Lakers welcome Heat to Staples Center
  Aldridge leads Blazers over Warriors
  Okur sharp as Jazz beat Pistons for eighth straight time
  Thunder top Bulls in OT
Saturday, January 10, 2009
  T'Wolves edge Bucks for fifth straight win
  Short-handed Rockets soar past Knicks
  Bell, Bobcats pull out win over Wizards
  Utah's Boozer to miss at least four weeks
  Grizzlies ink Miles; ramifications for Blazers
  McGrady, Artest out for Rockets
  Wizards, Bobcats square off at Verizon Center
  'Wolves try to stay on track vs. Bucks
  Knicks pay a visit to Houston
  Bulls welcome Thunder to Windy City
  Warriors aim to stop skid in Portland
  Jazz resume homestand vs. Iverson, Pistons
  Report: Grizzlies to re-sign Miles; ramifications for Blazers
  Shaq dominates as Suns blow past Mavs
  Dallas' Josh Howard hurt
  Kobe's clutch shot boosts Lakers over Pacers
  Wade clutch in OT was Heat top Kings
  James and Cavs dominate slumping Celtics
  Ridnour's last-second shot lifts Bucks over Nets
  Pistons edge Nuggets in Iverson's return to Denver
Friday, January 09, 2009
  Nets' Yi out 3-to-4 weeks with broken pinkie
  Turkoglu paces Magic in rout of Hawks
  Bosh and Raptors blow past Grizzlies
  Butler, Hornets sting Clippers
  Gordon, Bulls hold off Wizards
  McGrady, Rockets edge Thunder
  Miller, Sixers slip by Bobcats
  Barkley taking a leave of absence from TNT
  Suns close out homestand with Mavs
  Heat resume road trip in Sacramento
  Milwaukee welcomes Nets to town
  Bulls welcome Wizards to Windy City
  Detroit's Iverson makes return to Denver
  Raptors host Grizzlies at Air Canada Centre
  Sixers play host to Brown's Bobcats
  Eastern Conference heavyweights meet as Celtics visit Cavs
  Magic shoot for home-and-home sweep of Hawks
  Hornets return home to face lowly Clippers
  Rockets to conclude trek in Oklahoma City
  Howard, Mavs hold on to beat Knicks
  Parker, Spurs continue mastery of struggling Clippers
Thursday, January 08, 2009
  Howard remains top vote-getter for All-Star Game
  Banged-up Clippers hope to snap skid in San Antonio vs. Spurs
  Mavs aim to continue dominance over Knicks in Dallas
  Blazers edge Pistons on Outlaw's late jumper
  Shorthanded Nuggets top Wade, Heat
  No place like home: James, Cavs rout Bobcats
  Gasol leads Lakers past Warriors
  Granger's buzzer-beater lifts Pacers over Suns
  Carter leads Nets past Grizzlies
Wednesday, January 07, 2009
  The sky is falling: Rockets hand Celtics another loss
  Miller, Sixers sink Bucks with late surge
  Foye leads T'Wolves to blowout of Thunder, fourth straight win
  Hawks' comeback effort falls short against Magic
  Raptors best powerless Wizards
  Nuggets get Petro from Thunder
  Grizzlies acquire Livingston from Heat, then waive him
  Raptors deal Adams to Clippers
  Odom day-to-day with knee injury
  NBA Southeast: The Wizards of Id
  Hornets pay a visit to Jazz
  Lakers try to rebound in Oakland
  Cavs shoot for 18th straight home win vs. Bobcats
  Warriors' Jackson sidelined with hamstring injury
  Grizzlies waive Miles
  Pistons, Blazers square off at Rose Garden
  Nuggets resume homestand vs. Miami
  Suns host Pacers in the desert
  Minnesota welcomes Thunder to town
  Bucks welcome Sixers to Bradley Center
  Banged-up Raptors visit Wizards
  Celtics hope to get back on track vs. reeling Rockets
  Nets host Grizzlies at Izod Center
  Magic open home-and-home set with Hawks in Atlanta
  West, Hornets end Lakers' home win streak
  Magic continue home mastery, down Wizards
Tuesday, January 06, 2009
  Nowitzki leads Mavs to win over visiting Clippers
  Kings' road woes continue in Chicago
  Foye leads Timberwolves over Memphis
  Road woes continue for Boston in OT loss to Charlotte
  Knicks follow up win over Boston with loss to lowly Thunder
  Iguodala leads Sixers past Rockets
  Anthony to miss close to a month with fractured hand
  Bucks waive forward Croshere
  Kings try to get off schneid in Chicago
  Lakers shoot for 16th straight home win vs. Hornets
  Mavs welcome Clippers to American Airlines Center
  T-Wolves go for three straight in Memphis
  Celtics hope to shake recent road woes in Charlotte
  Rockets aim to snap road skid in Philly vs. Sixers
  Magic host Wizards at Amway Arena
  Knicks open road trip in Oklahoma City vs. Thunder
  Anthony injures hand
  Billups leads Nuggets past Pacers
  Williams, Utah top Golden State in high-scoring affair
Monday, January 05, 2009
  Duncan and Spurs handle Heat
  Redd and Bucks down Raptors
  Nets hand Kings 11th straight road loss
  Clips trade for Samb; waive Davis and Jones
  Stuckey, Jefferson earn NBA weekly honors
  Warriors sign forward Davidson to 10-day contract
  Kings aim to snap road woes in New Jersey vs. Nets
  Jazz, Warriors square off in Salt Lake City
  Mining for Diamonds
  Heat host Spurs in South Beach
  Bucks welcome Raptors to Bradley Center
  Pacers open road trip in Denver vs. Nuggets
  Lakers stay hot with rout of Trail Blazers
Sunday, January 04, 2009
  Chandler and Harrington lead Knicks past Celtics
  Extra Mayo! Memphis ends losing streak to Dallas
  Pistons escape LA with 12th straight win over Clippers
  Bosh helps Raptors upend Magic
  Jamison, Wizards sink Cavs
  Lakers aim for 15th straight home win vs. Blazers
  Kings James takes his act on the road as Cavs visit Wizards
  Pistons embark on road trip in LA vs. Clippers
  Mavs hope to continue dominance over Grizzlies
  Celtics invade MSG to take on Knicks
  Raptors finish homestand vs. Magic
  Hawks' Williams out with shoulder strain
  Wade and Heat edge Nets in OT
  Late run lifts Denver over New Orleans
  Pacers edge Kings
Saturday, January 03, 2009
  Bibby's three knocks out Rockets in another home win for Hawks
  Minnesota's late rally leads to win in Chicago
  Parker's buzzer beater helps Spurs top Sixers
  Nets' Harris sits out as Nets lose to Heat
  Wallace, Diaw help Bobcats get by Bucks
  Sixers finish road trip in San Antonio
  Bucks aim to sweep season series against Bobcats
  Kings hope to avoid 10th straight road loss in Indy vs. Pacers
  Nets invade South Beach to take on Heat
  Bulls welcome Wolves to United Center
  Nuggets kick off long homestand vs. Hornets
  Rockets continue road trip in Atlanta vs. Hawks
  West and Hornets down Portland
  Bryant leads Lakers past Jazz, to fifth straight win
  Redd and Milwaukee handle Charlotte
  Carter's three at buzzer lifts Nets over Hawks
  Howard, Lewis help Magic to 10th straight win over Heat
Friday, January 02, 2009
  Jefferson, T'Wolves get win over Warriors
  Stoudemire leads Suns past Clippers
  Nowitzki helps Mavs down Sixers
  Celtics, back in Boston, crush Wizards
  Stuckey, Pistons hold off Kings
  Anthony, Nuggets steal win from Thunder with late three
  James' triple-double leads Cavs in rout of Bulls
  Jack's last-second shot lifts the Pacers over the Knicks
  Bargnani and Raptors dominate Rockets
  Wade, Bryant named NBA Players of the Month
  Cavs C Ilgauskas to miss at least two weeks
  Brown, Scott named top coaches for December
  NBA Atlantic: Chink develops in Celtics armor
  Rose, Westbrook capture NBA rookie honors
  NBA Central: Pistons will not R.I.P without Rip
  Lakers welcome Jazz to Staples Center
  Hornets take on Blazers at Rose Garden
  Suns host Clippers in the desert
  Bobcats battle Bucks at Bradley Center
  76ers continue trek against Mavs
  Grizzlies host Spurs at FedEx Forum
  Kings visit The Palace to face Pistons
  Magic host Heat in Orlando
  Hawks shoot for 7th straight win vs. Nets
  Cavs put perfect home record on the line vs. Bulls
  Knicks host Pacers at MSG
  Celtics try to get back on track in Beantown against Wizards
  Thunder aim for back-to-back wins vs. Nuggets
  Timberwolves welcome Warriors to Target Center
  Rockets start road trip vs. Raptors
Thursday, January 01, 2009
  Howard still top vote-getter for All-Star game
  Sixers edge Clippers
Thursday, January 31, 2008
  LeBron out against Seattle with sprained ankle
  First-timers, duos highlight NBA All-Star Reserve selections
  Bobcats sign guard Boykins
  Spurs' Parker out with ankle injury
  LeBron leads Cavs into Emerald City
  Pistons welcome Kobe, Lakers to Motown
  Mavericks streak into Beantown
  Suns resume homestand vs. Spurs
  Miller propels Kings over Bobcats
  Thornton, Clippers ground Hawks
  Warriors kill Hornets' buzz, snapping win streak at nine
  LeBron's late layup lifts Cleveland over Blazers
  Report: Spurs win Stoudamire sweepstakes
  Iguodala, Sixers wallop Bucks
  Jazz make Knicks face the music in Utah
  Iverson, Nuggets edge Grizzlies
  Knicks' Balkman suspended
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
  Timberwolves stop Bulls in low-scoring affair
  Turkoglu leads Magic over shorthanded Heat
  Sharp-shooting Raptors rout Wizards
  Magic guard Nelson returns to lineup
  Wade, Haslem miss Heat-Magic game
  Roy and Durant lead rosters for NBA Rookie Challenge
  Bulls need Gordon for road trip
  Roy has been Portland's All-Star
  Wade, Haslem to miss Heat-Magic game
  Cavs' Varejao out three to four weeks
  Mavs guard Harris out two to three weeks
  O'Brien needs some luck in Indiana
  James leads Cavs into Portland
  Hawks close out trip against Clippers
  Kings start homestand vs. Bobcats
  Jazz host Knicks in Salt Lake City
  Bulls, Timberwolves close out home-and-home set
  Raptors, Wizards finish home-and-home set
  Bucks, Sixers meet at the Wachovia Center
  Magic host disappointing Heat
  Nuggets wrap up road trip at Memphis
  Hornets go for 10th straight win against Golden State
  Jefferson stars as Nets stop skid with win over Bucks
  Bryant leads Lakers past Knicks
  Durant nails go-ahead jumper as Sonics snap 14-game skid
  Yao leads Rockets over Warriors
  Suns pummel Hawks
  Powe, Celtics torch Heat
  Wallace, Pistons fend off Pacers
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
  Hinrich, Bulls best Timberwolves
  Jamison pushes Wizards past Raptors in OT thriller
  Haslem leaves with sprained ankle
  McGrady out with the flu
  Celtics' Garnett, Allen out
  Upcoming schedule favors mediocre 76ers
  Webber returns to Golden State
  Jefferson gives Timberwolves' fans hope
  Can't ignore Kaman's numbers
  Struggling Nets host Bucks
  Knicks pay a visit to Kobe, Lakers
  Sonics try to end skid vs. Spurs
  Suns begin homestand vs. Hawks
  Bulls open home-and-home set with Timberwolves
  Warriors, Rockets square off in Houston
  Celtics visit Miami
  Raptors, Wizards open home-and-home set
  Pacers open four-game homestand against Pistons
  Report: Kidd wants out of New Jersey
  Bobcats take down Clips in LA for first time ever
  Jazz make Spurs face the music
Monday, January 28, 2008
  Streaking Hornets make short work of 'Melo-less Nuggets
  Mavs continue dominance of Grizzlies
  Cavs' Varejao has sprained ankle
  Paul, West continue to lead surprising Hornets
  Mavs guard Harris out 2-3 weeks
  Turkoglu, Jefferson earn NBA weekly honors
  Spurs recall Mahinmi from D-League
  Mavericks travel to Memphis
  Red-hot Hornets go for ninth straight win against Nuggets
  Streaking Utah hosts Duncan, Spurs
  Bobcats start road trip against Clippers
  Turkoglu's buzzer-beater lifts Magic over Celtics
  Martin's buzzer-beater sends Sonics to 14th straight loss
  Jackson, Biedrins lead Warriors over Knicks
  Cavs' Varejao leaves game with ankle injury
  LeBron bests Kobe at leaky Staples Center
Sunday, January 27, 2008
  Roy helps Blazers edge Hawks
  Bucks waste big lead, but beat Wizards in OT
  Mavs guard Harris hurts ankle
  Nowitzki's big fourth quarter helps Mavs overcome Nuggets
  Yao-less Rockets fail to launch against Jazz
  Jefferson rallies Wolves past Nets
  Yao out due to upper-respiratory infection
  Bucks' Redd out with left knee strain
  Stoudemire, Marion lead Suns past Bulls
  Nene apologizes for incorrect medical information
  Celtics' Garnett out with pulled stomach muscle
  Suns finish off trek againt hurting Bulls
  Celtics try to break Magic's spell in Orlando
  Hornets rout Spurs in eighth straight win
Saturday, January 26, 2008
  Lowry pushes Grizzlies past Clips in OT
  Iguodala nets 33 as Sixers hold off Bobcats
  Heat hold on to finally snap losing streak at 15
  Report: Stoudamire, Grizzlies agree to buyout
  Atlanta sends Sonics to 13th straight loss
  T-Mac, Rockets snap Blazers home win streak
  Boozer, Jazz ease past Kings for third straight
  Marion, Suns outlast Cavs
  Jamison, Wizards cruise past Memphis
  Nowitzki and Howard lead Mavs over Lakers
  Iverson's big night leads Nuggets past slumping Nets
  Knicks best Sixers at Garden
  Hamilton, Pistons knock off Orlando
  Stojakovic pours in 26 as Hornets win seventh straight
Friday, January 25, 2008
  Okafor, Wallace lead Bobcats over Bulls
  Garnett returns to steal game from former team
  Bosh stars as Raptors rout Bucks
  Stackhouse to miss a week with hamstring injury
  Spurs' Barry out with calf strain
  Hawks must break bad road habits
  No time to rest for the Nuggets
  Is there anything Orlando's Howard can't do?
  Hawks swoop into Emerald City
  Rockets take flight in Portland
  Kings pay a visit to Utah
  Nuggets welcome struggling Nets to Pepsi Center
  Lakers, Mavericks to battle in Dallas
  Bulls host Bobcats in Windy City
  Hornets aim for seventh straight win vs. Clippers
  Washington hosts the Grizzlies
  Bucks travel to Toronto
  Washington host the Grizzlies
  Red-hot Cavaliers host Nash, Suns
  Magic stop off at The Palace
  Garnett, Celtics host Timberwolves
  Knicks, Sixers meet at MSG
  Ellis scores 39 to lift Warriors over Nets
  Ginobili sends Heat to 15th straight loss
  Redd scores 37 as Bucks surge past Pacers
Thursday, January 24, 2008
  Garnett, Howard man East frontcourt; Bryant leads West All-Stars
  Bulls' Curry to undergo thumb surgery
  Cavs' Pavlovic out six to eight weeks
  Bobcats assign Davidson to D-League
  Woeful Heat host Spurs
  Struggling Nets visit Golden State
  Bucks, Pacers battle at the Bradley Center
  Spurs rally in third quarter, down Lakers
  Kaman, Clippers rout Kings
  McGrady rallies Rockets; Sonics lose 12th straight
  Hamilton pours in 21 as Pistons snap three-game skid
  Pargo scores 24 off the bench as Hornets rip Blazers
  Nuggets hold off Hawks for sixth straight home win
  Toronto hangs on for close win over Boston
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  Hinrich and Granger both have career nights, but Bulls top Pacers
  Harris leads balanced attack as Mavs topple Bobcats
  Jefferson's career night lifts 'Wolves over Suns
  Magic set franchise-record for 3-pointers in rout of Memphis
  Cavs use explosive third quarter to dominate Wizards
  Bulls plan to shut down Deng
  Davis is playing like an All-Star for Golden State
  Is trading Gasol the way to go for Memphis?
  Rockets take on desperate Sonics
  Hawks swoop into Denver
  Spurs welcome Kobe, Lakers to AT&T Center
  Suns set in Minnesota
  Philadelphia hosts Billups, Pistons
  Mavs try to get back on winning track at Charlotte
  Cavs, Wizards put winning streaks on the line
  Celtics, Raptors meet in Beantown
  Magic go for third straight win at Memphis
  Surprising Trail Blazers visit surging Hornets
  Kings rout Nets
  Nene's tumor was malignant
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
  Suns' Hill returns from appendectomy
  Nash, Suns eclipse Bucks
  CEO of Thrashers and Hawks resigns
  Shaq out at least two weeks
  Nen's tumor was malignant
  Hawks suspend Pachulia
  'Melo day-to-day with sprained ankle
  Kings' record belongs in the East
  Out of this world: Moon shining bright in Toronto
  Bucks' Bogut beefing up stats
  Yao, Rockets hold off Sonics
  Fisher and Lakers pound Denver
  James and Cavs hand Heat 14th straight loss
  Anthony leaves Nuggets-Lakers game
Monday, January 21, 2008
  Lewis' buzzer-beater lifts Magic over Pistons
  Miller and Gay lead Memphis past Chicago
  Gomes explodes for 35 as T-Wolves outlast Warriors
  Chandler lifts Hornets past Bucks and into first place
  Timberwolves' Green set to defend dunk title
  Williams, Jazz cruise past Clips
  Outlaw rescues Blazers in OT against Hawks
  Perkins' career performance helps Celtics take down Knicks
  Rush helps Pacers get by 76ers
  Butler, Wizards rout Mavs
  Spurs get back on track by breezing past Bobcats
  Lakers' Ariza suffers broken foot
  Pacers' O'Neal willing to sit out season
  Gasol is showcasing his skills
  Hornets host Bucks down south
  Jazz pay a visit to Clippers
  Nuggets take on Lakers at Staples Center
  Hapless Heat host James, Cavs
  Pistons pump into Orlando
  Bulls, Grizzlies to battle in Memphis
  Warriors welcome Timberwolves to ORACLE Arena
  Garnett, Celtics visit the Big Apple
  Mavs, Wizards battle in Washington
  Charlotte hosts Duncan, Spurs
  Pacers open road trip in the City of Brotherly Love
  Trail Blazers travel to Atlanta
  Stoudemire and Suns pound Nets
Sunday, January 20, 2008
  NBA suspends Hawks' guard Anthony Johnson
  Nets continue road trip against Nash, Suns
  Clippers need OT to beat Nets
  Richardson pours in 38 as Bobcats end Memphis jinx
  Kings hold off late charge to edge Pacers
  McGrady returns, and Rockets survive to edge Spurs
  Crawford, Knicks send Heat to unlucky No. 13
  Green boosts Sixers over Raptors
  Bulls continue success against Detroit
  Nuggets nudge Wolves; Minnesota loses 16th straight on road
Saturday, January 19, 2008
  Warriors surge in third to put away Bucks
  Mavs send Sonics to 10th straight loss
  Turkoglu carries Magic to win over Portland
  Indiana F O'Neal to miss at least two weeks with knee injury
  Denver hosts Northwest Division-rival Minnesota
  Nets open six-game road trip against Clippers
  Kings march into Conseco Fieldhouse
  Sixers open homestand against Raptors
  Charlotte hosts the Grizzlies
  Knicks, Heat square off in Miami
  Bulls, Pistons continue their rivalry
  Warriors wrap up road trip at Milwaukee
  Dallas attempts to get back on the winning track against Seattle
  Yao, Rockets host Duncan, Spurs
  Portland continues swing in Orlando
  Davis explodes for 40 to push Warriors past Bulls
  Nash almost flawless as Suns whip Timberwolves
  Martin, Artest come off bench to lead Kings past Pistons
  West scores 28 as Hornets steamroll Bobcats
  Jamison, Wizards torch Knicks' defense in win
Friday, January 18, 2008
  Perfect harmony for Jazz in domination of Clippers
  Three-point barrage carries Celtics past Sixers
  Grizzlies deal Sonics ninth straight loss
  Portland comes back to deal Miami 12th straight loss
  Bosh boosts Raptors over Hawks
  Toronto hosts the Hawks
  Knicks try to stay hot in Washington
  Heat try to avoid 12th straight loss against Portland
  Celtics, Sixers meet in Beantown
  Kings set to play at The Palace
  Clippers stop off in Utah
  Nash, Suns host Jefferson, Timberwolves
  Warriors continue road trip in the Windy City
  Grizzlies, SuperSonics meet for third time this season
  Bobcats, Hornets put winning streaks on the line
  Barbosa, Suns end Lakers' seven-game win streak
  LeBron lifts Cavs over Spurs in Finals rematch
  Career night for Kleiza as Nuggets beat Jazz
Thursday, January 17, 2008
  Spurs host Cavs in rematch of NBA Finals
  Jazz pay a visit to Denver
  Lakers welcome Suns to Staples Center
  Shaq returns for Heat
  Bulls send Heat to 11th straight loss in Shaq's return
  Bosh leads Raptors to pounding of Kings; Bibby, Artest return
  Allen leads Boston past Blazers to stop two-game skid
  Stojakovic lifts Hornets over Sonics
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
  Bogut propels Bucks over Hawks
  Knicks win season-high third straight, continue to own Nets
  Wallace, Bobcats rally past Magic
  Pacers score 46 points in final quarter to down Warriors
  Hornets are not letting up
  Yao/McGrady experiment has failed
  The Acts and Deeds of Gerald Wallace
  Sixers' Dalembert starting to bloom
  Kings visit Toronto
  Charlotte hosts Magic
  Warriors continue road trip at Indiana
  Hornets open homestand vs. Sonics
  Hawks swoop into Milwaukee
  Knicks, Nets resume rivalry at Izod Center
  Slumping Celtics host Blazers
  Cassell leads Clippers over Suns in LA
  76ers rally to beat the Rockets
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
  Crawford and Knicks breeze by Washington
  Hawks hold off Nuggets after Iverson, Smith ejected
  Davis leads Warriors over T-Wolves
  Hamilton scores 39 as Pistons down Raptors
  LeBron scores 51 as Cavs top Grizzlies in OT
  Magic cruise past Bulls
  Nuggets F Nene has tumor removed
  Bulls travel to Orlando
  Pistons, Raptors meet at The Palace
  Cavs, Grizzlies to battle at FedExForum
  Warriors hit the road to Minnesota
  Rockets host struggling 76ers
  Suns open brief trip in LA
  Nuggets travel to Atlanta
  Knicks finish homestand against Wizards
  Salmons late basket lifts Kings over Dallas
  Bryant sends Lakers to OT win over Sonics
  Williams' big night helps Jazz top Bucks
  Aldridge and Portland breeze past Nets
Monday, January 14, 2008
  Ginobili's late shooting lifts Spurs over Sixers
  Wizards hand Boston first losing streak of season
  Bobcats top Nuggets with strong fourth quarter
  Marbury to miss three more days
  Mourning calls it a career
  Lakers center Bynum to miss at least eight weeks
  Return of Martin will help Sacramento
  Jazz are on their way back
  Bosh, Bryant earn NBA weekly honors
  Cavs extend Brown's contract
  NBA announces formation of NBA China
  Bucks, Jazz square off in Utah
  Kings host red-hot Mavericks
  Lakers streak into Seattle
  Warriors top Pacers
  Lakers center Bynum hurts knee
  Lakers win sixth straight, but Bynum hurts knee
Sunday, January 13, 2008
  Knicks surpisingly rip Pistons despite Isiah rumors
  Bosh, Raptors use two OTs to take down Blazers
  Paul helps Hornets stay hot, derail Rockets
  Johnson leads Hawks to win over Bulls
  Surging Lakers host Grizzlies
  Pacers conclude road swing at Warriors
  Grizzlies take on Lakers out west
  Pistons wrap up trek in New York
  Rockets welcome Hornets to Toyota Center
  Bulls pay a visit to Atlanta
  Blazers open lengthy trip in Toronto
  Dunleavy leads Pacers over Kings
  Stackhouse nails buzzer-beater as Mavs win seventh straight
  Second-half surge pushes Suns past Bucks
  Okur, Jazz make Magic disappear
  Strong second half lifts Spurs over T'Wolves
  Stevenson and Wizards hand Celtics rare loss
Saturday, January 12, 2008
  Hamilton carries Pistons to OT win over Bobcats
  Bobcats welcome Pistons down south
  Celtics carry road success into Washington
  Spurs host Timberwolves at AT&T Center
  Jazz resume homestand vs. Magic
  Suns aim to continue home dominance of Bucks
  Pacers resume trek in Sacramento
  Mavs try to stay hot in LA
  Report: Dolan could soon make change on Knicks bench
  Ellis, Warriors hold off Grizzlies
  Mavs roll over Sonics
  Kobe shakes sickness to lead Lakers to fifth straight
  LeBron, Cavs outlast Charlotte in double-overtime
  Hornets roll, send hapless Heat to 10th straight loss
  'Melo, Nuggets use late surge to down struggling Orlando
  Wizards use OT to beat Hawks
  Rockets rout Timberwolves
  McGrady out another week
Friday, January 11, 2008
  Garnett, Celtics down Nets for 10th straight road win
  Nocioni, Bulls hand Sixers sixth straight loss
  Bosh's big game leads Toronto past disintegrating Knicks
  Hornets roll, hand hapless Heat to 10th straight loss
  No-no Nene: Nuggets forward takes personal leave
  Heat's protest granted, Atlanta fined and end of game to be replayed
  Atkins has surgery to repair sports hernia
  Pacers' Harrison suspended for violating drug program
  Iverson is doing his thing in Denver
  Bulls, Sixers battle at Wachovia Center
  Warriors host Grizzlies at ORACLE Arena
  Bucks, Lakers go at it in LA
  Mavs pay a visit to Emerald City
  Magic take on A.I., Nuggets in Denver
  Timberwolves bring road woes to Houston
  New Jersey hosts Garnett, Celtics
  Heat try for a win at New Orleans Arena
  Bobcats go for third straight win against Cavs
  Cavs recall Simmons from D-League
  Wizards visit Atlanta
  Knicks continue homestand against Raptors
  Okur leads Jazz past shorthanded Suns
  Garcia's three lifts Kings over Grizzlies
  Wallace leads as Detroit gets rare win in San Antonio
Thursday, January 10, 2008
  Grizzlies sign Jones
  Cavs' Varejao banged up
  Ginobili off the bench makes Spurs more dangerous
  Garnett continues to lead NBA All-Star voting
  Pistons try to avoid third straight loss at San Antonio
  Grizzlies, Kings meet at ARCO Arena
  Magic hold off Clippers to stop skid
  Blazing Portland routs Warriors for 12th straight win at home
  Blazing Portland routs Warriors for 11th straight win at home
  Blazing Portland routs Warriors for 11th straight at home
  Nowitzki, Mavericks pummel Pistons
  Report: Riley likely to step down as Heat coach after season
  Suns use OT to beat Pacers
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
  Streaking Lakers hammer Hornets
  Williams scores 35 as Bucks turn off Heat
  Yao, Rockets use fourth-quarter surge to squash Knicks
  Jefferson gets Nets back on track with win over Sonics
  Bobcats stun Celtics; Boston's nine-game win streak broken
  Parker and Bosh lift Raptors past slumping Sixers
  Johnson and Hawks down Cavs
  Suns' Hill to miss 2-3 weeks after emergency appendectomy
  Hornets extend lease, but could still opt out of agreement
  Atkins to miss time with sports hernia
  Clippers continue to struggle
  Bynum is making the Lakers look smart
  Redd Alert: Bucks need top scorer
  Wizards need Agent Zero ASAP
  The Heat are Beat
  Magic resume road trip against Clippers
  Blazers, Warriors to battle at Rose Garden
  Suns close out homestand vs. Pacers
  Pistons pump into Dallas
  Bucks host Heat at Bradley Center
  Lakers visit Hornets by the bayou
  Cavs try to continue winning ways at Atlanta
  Slumping Sixers search for a win in Toronto
  Red-hot Celtics host Bobcats
  Knicks welcome Rockets to MSG
  SuperSonics visit New Jersey
  Kings hold off late Magic surge to snap two-game slide
  LeBron, Cavs beat Sonics; Durant injured
  Marbury, Knicks down Bulls
  Bogut, Bucks stave off rally from Sixers
  Jazz pound Pacers
Tuesday, January 08, 2008
  Wolves devour struggling Heat
  Rockets roll past Wizards
  Fisher stars as Lakers trounce Grizzlies
  Richardson propels Bobcats past Nets
  Durant hurts ankle
  James, Cavs host Durant, SuperSonics
  Magic hit the road to Sacramento
  Jazz open homestand vs. Pacers
  Bulls host Knicks in Windy City
  Heat battle Timberwolves on road
  Rockets fly into Washington
  Lakers visit Grizzlies
  Surging Nets stop off in Charlotte
  Bucks travel to City of Brotherly Love
  Jame, Cavs host Durant SuperSonics
  Jackson shines in OT as Warriors top Spurs
Monday, January 07, 2008
  Suns leave Nuggets seeing triple
  Clippers' Knight has left fibula stress reaction
  Nash continues to shine for Suns
  James, Iverson earn NBA weekly honors
  Spurs waive a pair of players
  Nuggets waive G/F Jones
  Nets waive G Thomas
  Spurs, Warriors square off at ORACLE Arena
  Suns continue homestand against Iverson, Nuggets
  Bryant and Lakers down slumping Indiana
Sunday, January 06, 2008
  Iverson hurts former team as Denver downs Philly
  Bell, Bogut leads Bucks over Bobcats
  Gasol and Grizzlies knock off Heat
  Butler leads Wizards over Sonics
  Duncan, Spurs squeak past Clippers
  Dirk, Dallas roll past lifeless T-Wolves
  James, Cavs rally past Raptors
  Durant, SuperSonics visit Washington
  Heat, Grizzlies meet in Memphis
  Clippers host Duncan, Spurs
  Bucks stop off in Charlotte
  Iverson, Nuggets host Iguodala, Sixers
  Pacers open road trip against Lakers
  LeBron, Cavs try to stay hot in Toronto
  Mavs try to make it four wins in a row at Minnesota
  Streaking Portland avenges loss by pummeling Utah
  Carter and Nets hold off Hawks
  Paul, Hornets rally past Suns
  Wallace's free throw, block lifts Bulls over Kings
Saturday, January 05, 2008
  Boston avenges loss with victory at Detroit
  Yao and Rockets beat up Knicks
  Hawks open homestand against surging Nets
  Celtics, Pistons put winning streaks on the line at The Palace
  Knicks, Rockets clash at Toyota Center
  Bulls, Kings square off in Windy City
  Hornets fly into Phoenix
  Portland hosts Northwest Division-rival Utah
  Spurs continue dominance of Knicks
  Nowitzki lifts Mavs over injury-riddled Heat
  Bynum, Lakers cruise past Sixers
  Jamison, Wizards cruise to win over Bucks
Friday, January 04, 2008
  Pierce, Celtics down Grizzlies; extend win streak to eight games
  Carter scores 30 points as Nets hold off Bobcats
  Nuggets down flailing T-Wolves
  Questionable call helps Rockets edge Magic
  Pistons drop Raptors for 11th straight win
  Cavs squeak past injury-laden Kings
  Granger leads Pacers to rout of Hawks
  Knicks' Randolph suspended
  Kidd 'n Play: Nets star having fine season
  Lakers should be taken seriously
  Kobe, Lakers battle 76ers in LA
  Hornets resume trek at Golden State
  Mavericks host struggling Heat
  Bucks, Wizards square off at Bradley Center
  Knicks open road trip at Spurs
  Nuggets pay a visit to Minnesota
  Struggling Pacers host Atlanta
  Red-hot Pistons stop off in Toronto
  Yao, Rockets visit Orlando
  Bobcats, Nets meet in New Jersey
  Cavs host Kings
  Celtics go for eighth straight win versus Memphis
  Stoudemire powers Suns over Sonics
  Denver defeats shorthanded San Antonio
  Blazers beat Bulls in 2-OT
Thursday, January 03, 2008
  Suns open homestand versus Sonics
  Blazers aim for another win streak at Chicago
  Nuggets welcome Spurs to Pepsi Center
  Former Sixer Korver helps Utah slide by Philadelphia
  West, Hornets drop Clippers
  Garnett helps Celtics to seventh straight win
  Scorching Pistons down Wizards for 10th straight win
  Mavs explode in fourth quarter, trounce Warriors
  Salmons' career night helps Kings end skid by topping Knicks
  Bucks get elusive road win over shorthanded Heat
  McGrady has strained tendon in knee
  Carter, Nets edge Magic
Wednesday, January 02, 2008
  Roy, Blazers down struggling Timberwolves
  Gasol, Grizzlies down Pacers to snap five-game skid
  Gordon, Bulls rally past Bobcats
  James lifts Cavs over Hawks
  Yi, Durant earn NBA rookie honors
  Nelson's system continues to work for Golden State
  Howard and Paul named Players of the Month
  Cavs send Simmons to D-League
  West continues to produce for Hornets
  Injuries are making it tough for Sacramento
  Utah needs more from Okur
  Grizzlies, Pacers meet at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Hawks continue road trip in Cleveland
  Magic, Nets put winning streaks on the line
  Scorching Pistons try to stay hot at Washington
  Bulls visit Charlotte
  Rockets land in Beantown
  Clippers, Hornets square off in LA
  76ers resume trek at Utah
  Warriors come out to play Dallas
  Blazers try to rebound at Minnesota
  Heat host Bucks in South Beach
  Kings take on Knicks at MSG
Tuesday, January 01, 2008
  Odom suspended one game for foul on Allen
  Pierce, Paul capture NBA weekly honors
  Iguodala leads the way as Sixers upend Sonics
  Mobley, Clippers down T-Wolves
  Bosh, Raptors stun Hornets
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
  K-Mart boosts Kings over T'Wolves
  Hamilton, Pistons pummel Nets
  Mavericks make free throws to hold off Memphis
  Iguodala leads Sixers past Hornets
  Magic cruise past Bucks
  Hawks finally have a winning month
  Wallace, Bobcats knock around Knicks
  Bosh lifts Raptors over Wizards
  Top picks Bogut, Bargnani highlight Rookie Challenge
  Wizards' Jamison sidelined 2-8 weeks
  Clippers ink Christie
  LeBron's little piggy on the mend
  Heat still waiting on Shaq
  Timberwolves lack consistency
  Boozer out with fractured leg
  Raptors getting by thanks to Bosh
  Clippers starting to get their act together
  Bulls take on Clippers in LA
  Denver blazes into Portland
  Spurs jingle into Salt Lake City
  Rockets in flight vs. Sonics
  Kings, T'wolves set for battle
  Hornets aim to sting visiting 76ers
  Dallas pays a visit to Memphis
  Celtics try to snap skid vs. Lakers
  Nets, Pistons tangle at the Meadowlands
  Wizards head north to Toronto
  Bobcats host Knickerbockers in NC
  Magic go Buck hunting in Orlando
  Hawks welcome Warriors to Philips Arena
  Pacers hold off Celtics, despite shoddy free-throw shooting
  Arenas leads Wizards past Pistons
  Croshere powers Mavericks past Sonics
  Cavs, minus LeBron, clobber Warriors
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
  Lakers lose Kobe to suspension, game to Knicks
  Wizards' Jamison exits with sprained knee
  Bryant serves suspension for hitting Ginobili
  Iverson sidelined with sprained ankle
  Ray Allen needs help in Seattle
  Lakers on long, important road trip
  Josh Howard is shining for the Mavericks
  Grizzlies waive veteran guard Jones
  Bryant suspended one game for hitting Ginobili
  Lakers begin road trip in Big Apple
  Cavs' James out with injured toe
  Warriors come out to play in Cleveland
  Top teams in East square off in D.C.
  Hapless Celtics visit Pacers in Indy
  Mavs try to lasso win over Sonics
  Bucks pay a visit to Miami
  Crying Wolf: Suns win streak sets at 17
  Rockets rout Sixers
  Gasol and Memphis rally to beat Kings
  Wallace leads Bobcats over Nuggets
  Carter's long trey lifts Nets over Jazz
Monday, January 29, 2007
  Hornets top Blazers
  Johnson leads Hawks over Magic
  Crying Wolf: Suns win streak ends at 17
  Gordon, Nash awarded NBA weekly honors
  Deron Williams has stepped up for the Jazz
  Nets wrap up road trip at Utah
  Bobcats on the prowl in Denver
  Rockets host 76ers at Toyota Center
  Suns take winning streak into Minnesota
  Hornets resume homestand vs. Blazers
  Kings visit Grizzlies at FedExForum
  Magic, Hawks square off at Philips Arena
  Brand and Clippers crush Seattle
Sunday, January 28, 2007
  Hamilton and Pistons hold off Pacers
  Williams returns to lead Bucks over Knicks
  Wizards hand Celtics 11th straight loss
  Suns burn LeBron and Co. to win 17th straight
  Finley's three gives Spurs OT win over Lakers
  The Sixers must stop winning
  Bulls better bring their best
  Sonics wrap up homestand vs. Clippers
  Pacers pay a visit to Pistons at The Palace
  Celtics welcome Wizards to Beantown
  Knicks visit hapless Bucks
  Cavs try to block rising Suns
  Bucks back to losing ways
  Garnett's 32 leads Timberwolves past Clippers
  Jackson guides Hornets past Jazz
  Golden State pounds Charlotte
  Nowitzki, Mavs hold off Kings
  Gordon lifts Bulls past slumping Heat
Saturday, January 27, 2007
  Carter boosts Nets past Nuggets
  Portland downs Memphis in double overtime
  O'Neal, Pacers tame Raptors
  Miller stays hot, as 76ers down Hawks
  Clippers conclude homestand with T'wolves
  Melo, A.I. host Nets in Denver
  Mavs hope to lasso win against Kings
  Bulls try to turn down Heat in Windy City
  Hornets aim to sting visiting Jazz
  Portland takes on Grizzlies in Memphis
  Hawks welcome 76ers to Philips Arena
  Pacers close out homestand vs. Toronto
  Bobcats top Lakers in OT
  Allen, Sonics hold off slumping Timberwolves
  Duncan, Spurs roll past Grizzlies
  Mason, Hornets best Kings
  Suns set franchise mark with 16th straight victory
  Parker dials long distance as Raptors rally past Celtics
  Jazz hold off Nuggets
Friday, January 26, 2007
  Johnson's 39 points help Hawks down Magic
  Crawford scores 52 points as Knicks burn Heat
  McGrady leads Rockets over Blazers
  LeBron-less Cavs befuddle Sixers
  Wizards dazzle Pistons behind Jamison's season high
  LeBron day-to-day with toe injury
  Wade, Robinson, Nowitzki, Team San Antonio look to defend crowns
  Jazz, Nuggets battle in Utah
  Bobcats meet Kobe, Lakers at Staples Center
  SuperSonics continue homestand versus Timberwolves
  Spurs try to get back on winning track vs. Memphis
  Suns try to set franchise record in Milwaukee
  Trail Blazers go for third win in a row at Houston
  Slumping Celtics pay a visit to Toronto
  LeBron-less Cavs wrap up home-and-home set against 76ers
  Arenas, Wizards travel to The Palace
  Shaq, Heat battle Knicks at MSG
  Hornets, Kings clash at New Orleans Arena
  Mobley's late three lifts Clippers over Nets
Thursday, January 25, 2007
  Gordon, Bulls down Mavs
  Arenas crashes party as All-Star starters announced
  What's up with the Celtics?
  Nets visit Clippers
  Red-hot Mavericks try to continue winning ways in Chicago
  Artest scores 36 to lead Kings past Bucks
  Randolph leads Blazers over T-Wolves in OT
  Ellis' jumper lifts Warriors over Nets in Oakland
  Smith, Hawks rally past Celtics
  Rockets hold off Spurs
  Shaq and D-Wade on court together again
  Late heroics by Jones lift Grizz over Jazz
  Suns down Knicks to run win streak to 15
Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  Shaq returns, but Heat fall to Pacers in OT
  Bosh guides Raptors past Hornets
  Sixers topple Cavs in double-overtime
  Pistons top Bobcats
  Hornets, Bucks game rescheduled
  NBDL awards team to Rio Grande Valley
  No time to relax for Spurs
  Jazz trying to stay at top of Northwest
  New faces in Golden State
  Hornets travel to Toronto
  Streaking Jazz host Grizzlies
  Rockets fly into San Antonio
  Slumping Bucks wrap up swing against Kings
  Nets continue road trip against Golden State
  Pistons hope to extend winning streak at Charlotte
  Cavs, Sixers play first of home-and-home set
  Heat start road trip against Pacers
  Suns bring their 14-game winning streak to the Big Apple
  Celtics, Hawks clash in Beantown
  Brand leads Clippers over Bucks
  'Melo and AI lead Nuggets to fifth straight win
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
  Nash sizzles as Suns top Wizards for 14th straight victory
  Bulls continue domination of Hawks
  Mavs down Magic behind Dirk's 33
  Sixers slide past Hornets
  Minnesota fires Casey
  Sixers finish homestand against Hornets
  Mavericks are racking up the wins
  Mavericks try to stay hot in Orlando
  Brand having another solid season
  Sonics host Carmelo, Nuggets
  Bucks continue road trip against Clippers
  Arenas, Wizards try to cool off the Suns
  Bibby, Kings rally past Nets
  Kobe's 42 paces Lakers over Warriors
  Pacers drop Bulls
  'Melo returns, teams with A.I. for Denver win over Memphis
  Raptors cruise past Bobcats
  Okur paces Jazz past Minnesota
Monday, January 22, 2007
  Without Wade Heat use unprecedented surge to topple Knicks
  Duncan leads Spurs over Celtics
  Heat use unprecedented surge to topple Knicks
  Hill, Magic top Cavaliers
  Nets' Jefferson undergoes right ankle surgery
  Hawks' Josh Smith fined $25,000
  Butler, Nash awarded NBA weekly honors
  Kings have been a huge disappointment
  Spurs stop off in Beantown
  Bulls, Pacers clash at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Slumping Magic visit Cavs
  Denver's Anthony returns to the court against Grizzlies
  Jazz hope to extend winning streak against Minnesota
  Surging Nets begin road trip in Sacramento
  New-look Warriors visit the Lakers
  Bobcats try to make three straight wins in Toronto
  Spurs down Sixers
Sunday, January 21, 2007
  Roy, Trail Blazers top Bucks
  Suns stay hot with win over Timberwolves
  Mavericks down Heat in finals rematch
  K.G. suspended for one game
  Nets' Jefferson opts for surgery
  Suns try to continue winning ways against Timberwolves
  Heat, Mavericks meet in rematch of 2006 NBA Finals
  Sixers host Spurs
  Bucks contiune swing in Portland
  Washington blows huge lead but hangs on to beat Boston
  Warriors' Davis suspended one game
  Cavs work overtime to slip by Warriors
  Pistons pound Kings in Artest's return to Palace
  New Jersey uses big second-half effort to down Magic
Saturday, January 20, 2007
  Iverson and Nuggets down Houston in OT
  Okur, Jazz top Bulls
  West and Hornets down Lakers
  Knicks hold off Pacers
  Bobcats blow out Hawks, again
  T'Wolves' Davis suspended
  Brand leads Clippers to win over Grizzlies
  Clippers sign G Alvin Williams to 10-day contract
  Cavs wrap up road trip in Oakland
  Bobcats, Hawks finish home-and-home set
  Sacramento's Artest returns to Detroit
  Struggling Celtics visit Arenas, Wizards
  New-look Pacers start homestand vs. Knicks
  Nets try to make it four wins in a row vs. Orlando
  Hornets welcome Kobe, Lakers to Ford Center
  Bulls, Jazz put winning streaks on the line
  Nuggets visit Houston
  Allen leads SuperSonics in rout of Milwaukee
  Suns hold off Trail Blazers for 12th-straight win
  Parker, Duncan pace Spurs past Hornets
  Nuggets hang on to beat Cavs
  Robinson's late heroics push Nets past Knicks
  Okur, Boozer lead Jazz over Raptors
  Garnett, McDyess ejected as Pistons outlast Timberwolves in double-OT
Friday, January 19, 2007
  Sixers burn Heat in OT
  Jamison, Wizards best Magic
  Martin leads Kings over Celtics
  Okafor leads Bobcats over Hawks
  Hornets continue to play shorthanded
  Are the Pacers better after blockbuster trade?
  Pacers set to unveil newcomers
  Nuggets ready for Carmelo's return
  LeBron just fine with the Gold and Wine
  Spurs try to halt losing streak vs, Hornets
  Pistons, Timberwolves battle at Target Center
  Suns try to make it 12 straight wins against Portland
  Iverson, Nuggets host LeBron, Cavs
  Bucks start swing in Seattle
  Jazz continue road trip in Toronto
  Nets visit Atlantic Division-rival New York
  Hawks go for fourth straight win versus Bobcats
  Howard powers Mavericks past Lakers
Thursday, January 18, 2007
  Shaq postpones return
  Nuggets add Brunson to front office
  Nets prepping for road trip
  Wizards' Arenas in a zone of his own
  C-Webb era in Motown starts with a dud
  Mavs shoot to lasso win over Lakers
  Shaq on the mend as Heat host Pacers
  Blazers pound road-weary Cavs
  Clippers edge shorthanded Warriors
  Suns rally past Rockets, stretch winning streak to 11
  McGrady misses game due to sore back
  Bryant powers Lakers past Spurs
  Nocioni stars as Bulls best Bucks
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
  Butler's jam catapults Wizards over Knicks
  Peterson leads Raptors over Kings
  Hawks picks up first win in Minnesota in nearly a decade
  Miller and Grizzlies maul Sixers
  Carter, Nets top Bobcats
  Williams, Jazz edge Pistons
  Wizards' Eddie Jordan fined
  Suns are an offensive machine
  Can new-look Warriors get the franchise back to postseason
  Pacers send Jackson, Harrington to Warriors in eight-player swap
  Clippers, Warriors play finale of home-and-home set
  Timberwolves are on the move
  Jefferson keeps movin' up in Boston
  Grizzlies, Sixers square off in Memphis
  Spurs need veterans to step up
  Randolph having solid year for Blazers
  Cavs pay a visit to Portland
  Hawks try to cool off Minnesota
  Suns try to make it 11 straight wins at Houston
  Lakers, Spurs clash at AT&T Center
  Kings continue swing in Toronto
  Arenas, Wizards welcome Knicks to Verizon Center
  Nets visit Charlotte
  Webber expected to debut for Pistons against Jazz
  Bulls visit Central Division-rival Milwaukee
  Allen paces Sonics over Cavs
  Nowitzki leads the way as Mavs burn Rockets
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
  Hornets need OT to get past Magic
  Webber officially signs with Detroit
  Nowitzki playing like an MVP
  Curry saucin' it up in Big Apple
  Rockets hanging on without Yao
  Wade, Nowitzki awarded NBA weekly honors
  Collison putting up big numbers
  Rockets land in Dallas
  Cavs continue road trip in Seattle
  Hornets, Magic battle at Ford Center
  Arenas' buzzer-beater downs Utah
  Bryant and Lakers hold off Heat
Monday, January 15, 2007
  Stoudemire sizzles, Suns top Grizzlies for 10th straight
  Davis, Warriors battle past Clippers
  Garnett, T'Wolves down Pistons in OT
  Carter leads Nets over Pacers
  Hinrich stars as Bulls down Spurs
  Childress powers Hawks past Celtics
  Boykins, Bucks beat Bobcats
  Knicks slip past slumping Kings
  Bosh powers Raptors past Sixers
  Webber says he will sign with Detroit
  Miller is the one to build around
  Suns try to stay hot in Memphis
  Heat, Lakers meet for final time in regular season
  Nets, Pacers clash at Meadowlands
  Timberwolves visit The Palace
  Golden State hosts Clippers
  Slumping Kings battle Knicks at MSG
  Jazz start road trip in Washington
  Bobcats hope to continue winning ways against struggling Bucks
  Raptors visit City of Brotherly Love
  Celtics try to halt four-game losing streak vs. Hawks
  Bulls host Duncan, Spurs
Sunday, January 14, 2007
  Iverson guides Nuggets past Blazers
  Howard beats the clock as Mavericks fight off Raptors
  Iverson leads Nuggets into Portland
  Mavericks ride north to Toronto
  LeBron, Cavs down Clips
  T-Mac leads Rockets over Kings in OT
  Nash, Suns sizzle over Magic
Saturday, January 13, 2007
  Wade stars as Heat downs Jazz
  Pistons best Celtics
  Spurs down Wizards
  T-Wolves rally to beat Nets
  Gordon, Bulls blow away Grizzlies
  Morrison leads Bobcats over Sixers
  Hornets/Bucks postponed thanks to inclement weather
  Bulls forward suspended one game
  Raptors prepare for upcoming test
  Western trip will provide good idea of where Magic stands
  Simmons undergoes successful surgery
  LeBron, Cavs visit Clippers
  Rockets in flight at Sacramento
  Magic look to make Suns disappear
  Heat resume trek at Utah
  Milwaukee tries to Buck trend vs. Hornets
  Bulls aim to gore struggling Grizzlies
  Nets try to tangle 'Wolves
  Spurs, Wizards square off at AT&T Center
  Celtics take a trip to Motown
  Bobcats host Sixers down south
  Celtics' Allen has surgery
  Battier, Rockets edge floundering Nuggets
  Allen leads Sonics over Jazz in OT
  Wade, Heat down Warriors
  Bryant, Lakers top Magic
  Randolph leads Portland past Sacramento
  Nowitzki leads Mavs past Pacers in OT
Friday, January 12, 2007
  Hornets sting Wizards
  Timberwolves top Grizzlies
  Smith returns as Hawks down Pistons
  Bosh paces Raptors past Celtics
  Anderson leads Bobcats past Knicks
  Sixers end slide with win over Bucks
  Riley has successful hip surgery
  Portland's Jack injured in car accident
  Timberwolves' Griffin suspended
  Trail Blazers need to avoid taking a step back
  Pacers welcome Mavericks to Conseco Fieldhouse
  Boston hosts Atlantic Division-rival Toronto
  Bobcats, Knicks clash at MSG
  Timberwolves stop off in Memphis
  Hornets, Wizards meet at the Ford Center
  Kings, Trail Blazers try to get back on winning track
  Rockets attempt to collect third straight win vs. Denver
  Bucks visit the City of Brotherly Love
  Streaking Magic visit Lakers
  Heat continue road trip against Golden State
  Struggling SuperSonics host Jazz
  Pistons try to get back on winning track versus Hawks
  Nash leads red-hot Suns over Cavs
  Kidd, Nets rally to down Bulls
Thursday, January 11, 2007
  Sixers waive Webber
  Celtics' Allen to have knee surgery
  No changes at top of latest All-Star voting returns
  Nuggets ship Boykins to Milwaukee
  Dwight Howard is a force
  LeBron leads Cavs into Phoenix
  Nets try to tangle Bulls in Windy City
  Wade lifts Heat past Sonics
  Mutombo throws block party as Rockets rout Lakers
  Bosh stars as Raptors down Bucks
  Terry leads Mavs over Blazers
  Smith returns, Nuggets still fall
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
  Bobcats pounce on Pistons
  Knicks pounce on struggling Sixers
  Maggette lifts Clippers to victory over Timberwolves
  Butler propels Wizards past Bulls
  Sixers reach agreement to buy out Webber
  O'Neal, Pacers down Celtics
  Celtics' Allen leaves with knee injury
  Sixers reach agreement to buyout Webber
  Hornets rout Hawks
  Bucks guard Mo Williams out 2-3 weeks with shoulder injury
  Nets' Krstic has surgery, should be ready for next season
  Warriors have to be better than .500
  Sonics could use some home cooking
  Iverson, Nuggets host San Antonio
  Magic open trip in Oakland
  Heat resume road swing in Seattle
  Rockets welcome Kobe and Co. to town
  Blazers take on Mavs in Dallas
  Bucks try to halt skid vs. Toronto
  Timberwolves, Clippers square off in Minnesota
  Bobcats continue trip in Motown
  Knicks host 76ers at MSG
  Indiana paces into Beantown
  Hornets buzz into Atlanta
  Bulls, Wizards set for battle in D.C.
  James, Cavaliers mount comeback over Kings
  Nash, Suns down SuperSonics
  Prince powers Pistons past Philadelphia
  Nowitzki leads Mavs over Jazz
Tuesday, January 09, 2007
  Duncan and Spurs halt Trail Blazers
  Carter propels Nets past Raptors
  Grizzlies explode past Lakers with huge third quarter
  Pacers pound Hawks
  Hornets' Jackson has cracked ribs
  Spurs trying to keep up with Dallas
  Utah is getting comfortable at the top of the division
  Nash is playing like an MVP once again
  Don't forget about the Lakers
  What's up with the Kings?
  Sonics try to cool off red-hot Suns
  Lakers try to win season-high fifth straight game in Memphis
  Nets host Raptors at the Meadowlands
  Hawks swoop into Indiana
  Pistons pay a visit to Philly
  Spurs welcome Portland to town
  Mavs wrap up road trip in Utah
  Cleveland starts long road trip in Sacramento
  Cassell leads Clippers past Hornets
  Boykins leads Nuggets over Bucks
Monday, January 08, 2007
  Rockets rally to beat Bulls
  Bucks' Redd to miss 4-6 weeks
  Arenas, K.G. awarded NBA weekly honors
  Hornets missing three key players
  Nuggets falling into a hole
  McGrady doing his share for Houston
  Clippers visit the Hornets
  Bulls, Rockets clash at United Center
  Nuggets continue homestand against Bucks
  Wade returns to help Heat down Portland
  Sizzling Suns rout Warriors
  Jackson sets milestone as LA stops red-hot Mavericks
Sunday, January 07, 2007
  Howard, Magic top Celtics
  Timberwolves edge Rockets in OT
  Ginobili helps Spurs down Memphis
  Bosh, Raptors hold off Wizards
  Rockets try to stay hot in Minnesota
  Spurs try to end losing streak in Memphis
  Struggling Heat continue road trip in Portland
  Mavs attempt to tie franchise record against Lakers
  Arenas, Wizards travel to Toronto
  Suns try to make it six straight wins vs. Warriors
  Celtics stop off in Orlando
  Deng scores 30 as Bulls trounce Pistons
Saturday, January 06, 2007
  Williams, Jazz top Nuggets
  Pacers top Hornets
  Cavs outlast Nets
  Hawks snap skid by besting Clippers
  Brown rejoins Sixers as executive VP
  Hawks try to avoid ninth straight loss against Clippers
  Cavaliers, Nets put three-game winning streaks on the line
  Pacers visit wounded Hornets
  Bulls, Pistons battle in Windy City
  Nuggets open homestand against Jazz
  Sacramento welcomes Trail Blazers to ARCO Arena
  Warriors host struggling SuperSonics
  Mavs continue winning ways
  Lakers crush Nuggets despite just eight points from Kobe
  Report: Sixers welcome back Brown as executive VP
  Nash, Suns continue to sizzle
  Marbury leads Knicks past Sonics
  McGrady guides Rockets past Jazz
  Mavs win streak reaches 13, down Spurs
  Cavs top Bucks despite just eight points from LeBron
Friday, January 05, 2007
  Raptors cruise past Hawks
  Arenas strong again as Wizards top Clippers
  Nets overcome bad start, edge Bulls
  Celtics topple Grizzlies
  Garnett's jumper lifts T-Wolves past Sixers in OT
  Howard, Magic dominate Bobcats
  NBA fines Iverson $25,000
  Riley has successful surgery
  Heat tries to withstand difficult stretch
  Suns' Bell suspended
  Gordon has been Chicago's flash of hope
  Cavs prepare for upcoming swing
  Healthy Suns are ready to rule the West
  Mavs go streaking in San Antonio
  Knickerbockers conclude trek in Seattle
  A.I. and the Nuggets visit Kobe in LA
  Suns, Heat set for sizzling showdown
  Rockets in flight vs. Utah
  Cavs go Buck hunting in Milwaukee
  76ers wrap up road trip in Minnesota
  Grizzlies attempt to maul Celtics
  Nets aim to tangle Bulls in NJ
  Magic welcome Bobcats to Amway Arena
  Clippers resume trip at Washington
  Raptors try to clip hapless Hawks
  Kobe, Lakers blow big lead, edge Kings in OT
  Pistons hammer Hornets
  Another dandy dozen for Dallas
Thursday, January 04, 2007
  Pistons try to pull stinger from Hornets
  Indiana tries to keep pace with Dallas
  Ocean Pacific: Kings host Lakers at ARCO
  Curry and New York down Portland
  Suns edge Raptors
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  James powers Cavaliers past Celtics
  Jazz top Sixers
  McGrady and Rockets blast by Sonics
  Memphis wins shootout against Golden State
  'Wolves edge Spurs in OT
  Brand, Clippers down Heat
  Arenas beats buzzer; Wizards beat Bucks
  Bosh returns to Toronto
  Riley takes leave from Heat
  Houston hanging in without Yao
  Sonics square off with Rockets in Houston
  Jazz are for real
  Nets acquire Robinson from Bobcats
  Knicks resume trip at Trail Blazers
  76ers continue trek in Utah
  Spurs jingle into Minnesota
  Warriors take on the Grizzlies in Memphis
  Clippers resume road trip in Miami
  Lakers are banged up
  Cavs pay a visit to Celtics in Beantown
  Suns aim to burn Raptors up north
  Wizards, Bucks wrap up home-and-home
  Buck shots ring out
  Pistons open short road trip
  Nowitzki big as Mavs down Sonics for 11th straight win
  Artest leads Kings over Knicks
  Nowitzki big as Mavs down Sonics
  Davis, Warriors down Hornets
  Iverson tossed, as Sixers top Nuggets
Tuesday, January 02, 2007
  Barbosa lifts Suns over Bulls
  Nelson, Magic hold off Clippers
  Cavs use huge fourth quarter to down Spurs
  Bryant, Arenas earn NBA honors for December
  Garbajosa and Foye earn NBA rookie honors
  Josh Howard, Michael Redd capture NBA weekly honors
  Phoenix keeps scoring
  Iverson, Nuggets still getting acquainted
  Kings need to make a move
  NBA trends heading into the New Year
  Clippers open road trip at Orlando
  Spurs pay a visit to LeBron and Co.
  Hornets try to sting visiting Warriors
  Bulls, Suns battle at United Center
  Iverson faces Sixers for first time
  Mavs try to make it 11 straight wins vs. Seattle
  Knicks resume road trip at Sacramento
  Allen leads Celtics over Blazers
Monday, January 01, 2007
  T'wolves rally past Bobcats
  Trail Blazers continue to make progress
  Timberwolves visit Bobcats
  Struggling Celtics finish road trip in Portland
  SuperSonics outlast Celtics
  Mavs down Nuggets, win streak reaches 10
  Kobe, Lakers outgun Sixers
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  Suns remain hot with rout of Philadelphia
  Iverson again out with injured ankle
  Hornets to return to Oklahoma City next season
  Hornets acquire Williams for two draft picks
  2006 Slam Dunk participants announced
  Sacramento fans get first glimpse of Artest in Kings' uniform
  Lakers need a successful road trip
  Cleveland's record mainly unnoticed
  Bucks searching for winning formula
  Dallas keeps winning
  Stojakovic expected to debut in Indiana uniform vs. Wizards
  Suns visit Sixers
  Pistons go for 12th straight win in New Jersey
  Lakers continue road trip at MSG
  Mavs try to remain hot against surging Bulls
  Sacramento's Artest debuts at home vs. Nuggets
  Portland gives McMillan a win in return to Seattle
  Yao returns for Rockets
Monday, January 30, 2006
  Spurs continue domination of Utah
  Banks lifts T'Wolves over former mates
  West's jumper gives Hornets the win
  Heat use balanced attack to beat Clippers
  Yao-zer: Memphis spoils Ming's return
  James leads red-hot Cleveland past sinking Charlotte
  Harrington paces Hawks to rout of Knicks
  Yao undergoes toe surgery
  Charlotte's Okafor to miss more time
  James, Brand garner NBA weekly honors
  Bulls winning big and ready to move up
  Hornets are hanging around
  Timberwolves start week off against some old friends
  McMillan, Blazers travel to Seattle
  Spurs go for fourth straight win vs. Jazz
  Boston's Szczerbiak returns to Target Center
  Hornets welcome Bucks to Ford Center
  Clippers go for sixth straight win against Heat
  Slumping Bobcats host Cavaliers
  Knicks visit Hawks
Sunday, January 29, 2006
  Rose helps Raptors over Kings in OT
  Philadelphia wins second straight without A.I.
  Detroit downs LA for 11th straight win
  Wade and Miami hold off Houston
  Redd leads Bucks over Celtics
  James' big game continues Cavs' streak
  Magic still dealing with rash of ailments
  Miami winning despite injuries
  Boston hits road with new weapon
  Miami, Houston tangle at Toyota Center
  Kings, Raptors meet in Toronto
  Pistons target 11th straight win with Kobe, Lakers in town
  Iverson-less Sixers travel to Orlando
  New-look Celtics visit Milwaukee
  Cavs welcome Suns to Quicken Loans Arena
  Baron Davis drops 29 to blaze past Portland
  Mobley, Clippers rout Nuggets in LA
  Duncan, Spurs handle Timberwolves
  Allen leads Seattle past New Jersey
  Wizards send Bobcats to 11th straight defeat
  Bulls blast Hawks for fourth straight win
Saturday, January 28, 2006
  Sixers easily handle Knicks without injured Iverson
  Mavs pound Jazz in Dallas
  Iverson out with injured ankle
  Speedy shoots Hornets past Grizzlies
  Sixers gaining ground in Atlantic
  Hawks continue to stumble
  Nets struggling out West
  Knicks get back on track
  Injuries continue to pile up for Bobcats
  Nuggets, Clippers close home-and-home at Staples Center
  Bulls welcome Hawks to United Center
  Hornets visit Grizzlies
  Nets hope to get back on track in Seattle
  Mavs aim to stay hot against Jazz
  Duncan and Garnett tangle in San Antonio
  Knicks target back-to-back wins in Philadelphia
  Bobcats try to end 10-game slide with visit to Washington
  Warriors, Blazers battle at The Arena
  Nuggets, Clippers close home-and-home set at Staples Center
  NBA Preview from The Sports Network
  Kobe's late surge carries Lakers past Warriors in OT
  Blazers hold off Nets; Carter sits out game
  Brand muscles Clippers past Nuggets
  Davis torches Rockets in Minnesota debut
  Welcome Wally: Szczerbiak, Celtics get best of Artest and Kings
Friday, January 27, 2006
  Billups leads Pistons over Grizzlies
  Knicks hang on to beat Orlando
  Bucks bombard Raptors
  Gordon leads Bulls past Wizards
  Diaw leads Suns past Hawks
  Cavs use free throw line to get past Pacers
  Shaq leads shorthanded Heat over slumping Bobcats
  Hornets' Andersen kicked out of NBA
  Gasol has carried the load for Memphis
  Clippers square off with red-hot Nuggets
  Blazers don't have it
  Artest can help Kings
  Pistons hitting on all cylinders
  Cleveland can solidify playoff position this week
  Indiana struggling to find form
  Kobe, Lakers return to court against Warriors
  Blazers, Nets try to halt losing streaks
  Rockets host Timberwolves
  Bucks welcome Raptors to the Bradley Center
  Bulls, Wizards battle in Windy City
  Red-hot Pistons welcome Grizzlies to The Palace
  Artest could debut for Kings in Boston
  Slumping Bobcats host Heat
  Surging Magic stop off at MSG
  Cavs, Pacers meet in Indiana
  Suns visit Atlanta
  Dallas streaks past Sonics
  Magic need OT to beat Sixers
  Bell rings loud as Suns beat the Heat
Thursday, January 26, 2006
  Celtics acquire Szczerbiak from T'Wolves in blockbuster
  Pacers' O'Neal to miss eight weeks
  Wolves trade Tskitishvili to Suns
  Raptors fire Babcock
  Report: Utah's Ostertag suspended
  Report: Pacers' O'Neal expected to miss eight weeks
  Suns still on top in Pacific
  Heat, Suns meet in Miami
  Magic try to stay hot in City of Brotherly Love
  Sonics host streaking Mavs
  Nets go cold in loss to Clippers
  Anthony leads red-hot Nuggets past Portland
  Chicago's bench lifts Bulls over Raptors
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
  Arenas' late game heroics push Wizards past Celtics
  Rockets batter reeling Bobcats
  Duncan and Spurs cruise past Hornets
  Sonic boom: Allen leads Seattle to win over Jazz
  Billups carries Pistons past Bucks in OT
  LeBron, Cavs edge Hawks
  On again: Artest finally sent to Kings for Stojakovic
  Nuggets' Camby eyes return to hardwood
  Are the Sixers a threat in the East?
  Golden State needs to find its game
  Mavs are hot
  Wizards stop off in Beantown
  Mavs try to remain hot against Warriors
  Brand is playing like an All-Star
  Cavaliers, Hawks meet at Philips Arena
  Hornets host Spurs
  Rockets start homestand versus Bobcats
  Grizzlies host Timberwolves
  Jazz wrap up homestand vs. Sonics
  Streaking Nuggets travel to Portland
  Clippers, Nets meet for final time in 2005-06 campaign
  Pistons go for ninth straight win against Bucks
  Kings, Knicks square off at MSG
  Raptors try to halt losing streak vs. Bulls
  Udrih, Spurs clobber Bobcats
  Billups pushes Pistons past Minnesota in Saunders' return
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
  Cavs pound Pacers; Artest trade called off
  Miami turns up Heat on Grizzlies
  Sixers down Kings after trade for Artest falls through
  Turkoglu, Howard lead surging Magic over Suns
  Artest-Stojakovic trade now off
  Sixers' Nailon arrested
  Report: Artest traded to Kings for Stojakovic
  Timberwolves have a tough week ahead of them
  Bulls find winning ways, but will it continue?
  Bucks have tough assignment for turnaround
  Cavs, Pacers clash in Cleveland
  Orlando hopes to extend winning streak vs. Suns
  Webber, Sixers host Kings
  Grizzlies wrap up road trip against Heat
  Flip Saunders returns to Target Center
  Bobcats visit Spurs
  Brand, Cassell lead Clippers rally over Warriors
  Anthony's 37 sends Nuggets to sixth straight win
Monday, January 23, 2006
  T-Mac leads Houston over Milwaukee
  Utah's A.K. 47 assaults New Jersey
  Davis and Boston cruise past Hornets
  Hawks keep Indiana reeling
  Hamilton, Bryant take home NBA weekly honors
  Seattle's Allen continues to shine
  Rockets continue to disappoint
  Hornets starting to piece together some wins
  Jazz are still in the mix
  Grizzlies sign free agent Atkins
  Wounded Bobcats: Bogans injury club's latest
  Celtics host Hornets
  Bucks, Rockets clash at Bradley Center
  Nuggets try to remain hot versus Raptors
  Nets start road trip in Utah
  Clippers, Warriors meet once again at The Arena
  Hawks, Pacers battle at Philips Arena
  81! Kobe carries Lakers past Raptors with historical performance
  Allen's trey at the buzzer lifts Sonics past Suns in double-overtime
  Mavs outlast Trail Blazers in OT
Sunday, January 22, 2006
  Fourth-quarter surge carries Heat past Kings
  Pistons withstand Rockets for seventh straight win
  Miller Time: Grizzlies' guard nets 30 in win over Wizards
  Anthony, Nuggets hand Spurs rare home loss
  Mobley and Clippers dominate Golden State
  The other A.I. lifts Sixers over T-Wolves
  Sixers visit Minnesota
  Lakers, Raptors meet for final time in 2005-06 campaign
  Nuggets, Spurs square off at San Antonio
  Grizzlies continue road trip at MCI Center
  Clippers, Warriors open home-and-home set
  Kings stop off in Miami
  Pistons host Rockets
  Suns try to third in a row against disappointing Sonics
  Blazers, Mavs put four-game winning streaks on the line
  LeBron's 51 lifts Cavs over Jazz
  Vinsanity strikes Boston as Nets roll
  Paul puts on a show as Hornets top Knicks at MSG
  Turkoglu leads Magic in OT win over Kings
  Redd leads Bucks past struggling Bobcats
Saturday, January 21, 2006
  Nocioni paces Bulls past Indiana
  Bobcats try to halt six-game losing streak at Bradley Center
  Kings, Magic put winning streaks on the line
  Hornets stop off at MSG
  Celtics, Nets closeout home-and-home set
  Bulls visit Pacers
  Cavs closeout dismal road trip against Jazz
  Marion powers Suns past Lakers
  Nowitzki leads Mavs to lopsided win over Clippers
  Bosh powers Toronto past Seattle
  Richardson, Dunleavy pace Warriors over Cavs
  T-Mac's Back: Rockets down Bulls in 2-OT
  Parker's career night helps Spurs overcome Heat
  Iverson, Sixers tame Grizzlies in OT
  Spurs' Ginobili leaves game versus Miami
  Anthony, Nuggets cruise past Jazz
Friday, January 20, 2006
  Magic run past Bobcats
  Pierce leads Boston over New Jersey
  Minnesota holds on to top Pacers
  Atlanta seeing Redd in loss to Bucks
  Arenas lifts Wizards past Hornets
  Raptors struggling on road
  Injuries catching up to Magic
  Nets starting to pull away in Atlantic
  Washington kicks off brief homestand
  Charlotte still struggling with injuries
  Sixers falling apart
  Duncan, Spurs battle Shaq, Heat
  Slumping Bobcats host Magic
  Nets travel to Beantown
  Bucks try to get back on winning track in Atlanta
  Hornets vs. Wizards
  Sixers conclude homestand vs. Memphis
  Struggling Rockets land in Windy City
  Suns host Lakers
  Raptors continue road trip at KeyArena
  Mavs try to stay hot against Clippers
  Cavs try to halt losing streak in Oakland
  Bibby, Thomas push Kings past Lakers in OT
  Hamilton rips 26 in Pistons rout
Thursday, January 19, 2006
  Orlando's Hill sidelined again
  Bobcats' May has second surgery on knee
  Knicks' Davis gets five games
  Warriors' Davis receives one-game suspension
  NBA fines Bulls VP Paxson
  Nets' McInnis undergoes successful surgery
  Knicks hitting the skids again
  Flip Saunders to coach Eastern Conference All-Stars
  Kings welcome Lakers to ARCO
  Pistons visit Knicks, Brown at MSG
  Suns burn Clippers behind Marion
  Blazers edge Raptors
  Antonio Davis enters stands to overshadow Bulls' OT win
  Anthony and Boykins lead Denver in nail-biter past Cleveland
  Nowitzki leads Dallas to rout of Rockets
  West sparks Hornets past Grizzlies
  Pierce boosts Celtics past Timberwolves
  Finley and Duncan lead San Antonio past Milwaukee
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  Francis returns as Magic top Wizards
  Carter leads Nets to big win over Sixers
  Red-hot Detroit cruises past Atlanta
  Johnson paces Indiana past Bobcats
  Lakers, Turiaf agree to deal
  Wizards buyout Atkins
  Clippers host Suns at Staples Center
  Blazers target fourth straight win with Raptors in town
  Cavs hope to change fortunes in Denver
  Champs welcome Bucks to AT&T Center
  Lone Star State rivals meet in Houston
  Knicks try and get on track in Chicago
  Hornets shoot for first four-game winning streak in over two years
  Timberwolves, Garnett try to stay hot in Boston
  Injury-plagued Bobcats visit Pacers
  Wizards, Magic tangle in Orlando
  Pistons shoot for fifth straight win in Atlanta
  Top teams in Atlantic Division meet in Philadelphia
  Kings blow out Phoenix
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
  Kirilenko's triple-double leads Utah past Toronto
  Sixers' Iverson and Minnesota's Garnett take home NBA weekly honors
  Phoenix' Marion continues to play like an All-Star
  Kings still at the bottom of the Pacific
  Pacers need to make a move
  Bulls seeking turnaround
  Cleveland searching for answers
  Indiana struggles to overcome injuries
  Bucks still searching for answers
  Sixers add Bibby to staff
  Kings, Suns meet at ARCO Arena
  Jazz host Raptors
  Lakers win as Kobe finally beats Shaq
  Nowitzki and Mavs rout Bucks
  Richardson top Warrior as Golden State downs Seattle
Monday, January 16, 2006
  Francis to return to Magic
  Parker, Duncan push Spurs past Grizzlies
  Wallace leads Pistons past Celtics
  Carter powers Nets past Pacers
  Brand powers Clippers to OT win over Jazz
  Paul's big game leads Hornets past Bobcats
  Capital punishment: Washington thumps 76ers
  Paul's big night leads Hornets past Bobcats
  Harrington's hot shooting propels Hawks past struggling Rockets
  Anthony, Martin help Nuggets rally past Bulls
  Garnett stars as 'Wolves hold off Knicks
Saturday, January 14, 2006
  Jefferson's absence taking toll on Nets
  Charlotte having trouble staying healthy
  Rockets try for rare home win with Hornets in town
  Nets close road trip in Dallas
  Spurs, Grizzlies kick off home-and-home in San Antonio
  Hot Jazz host Heat at Delta Center
  Cavs resume trek in Phoenix
  Washington, Arenas back on track
  Allen-less Sonics visit Clippers
  Lakers, Warriors meet up in Oakland
  Bulls try to get back on winning track against Indiana
  Pistons welcome Charlotte to Palace
  Washington, Atlanta clash at Philips Arena
  Wade carries Heat past Seattle
  Bucks rally late to top Bobcats
  Webber steals one for Philadelphia in 3-OT
  Blazers beat short-handed Magic
Friday, January 13, 2006
  Garnett powers Minnesota past Nuggets
  Brown gets win 1K in NBA
  Miller, Grizzlies down Nets
  Arenas leads Washington past Indiana
  Knicks win six in a row; Brown gets 1000th NBA victory
  NBA hands suspensions to Allen, Dooling
  Miami winding down long road trip
  Things getting bad in Orlando
  Boston trying to string wins together
  Knicks starting to come together
  Jazz starting to look like a playoff team
  Hornets welcome Kings to Baton Rouge
  Celtics continue road trip against Sixers
  Bobcats, Bucks meet in Charlotte
  Red-hot Knicks welcome Hawks to MSG
  Wizards visit Indiana
  Nets try to get back on winning track against Grizzlies
  Nuggets, Timberwolves battle at Target Center
  Portland hosts Magic
  Heat continue road trip at Seattle
  Kobe's late jumper pushes Lakers past LeBron and Cavs
  Pistons sweep Spurs in season series
  Marion stars as Suns trounce Warriors
Thursday, January 12, 2006
  Yao stands tall in All-Star balloting
  Spurs getting some competition from Mavs in Southwest
  Warriors keep falling
  Suns building a lead in Pacific Division
  Suns host Warriors
  Magic suspends Francis indefinitely
  Bucks seek to break out of slump
  Pistons, Spurs meet for final time in 2005-06 regular season
  Cavs start road trip against Kobe, Lakers
  Dixon leads Trail Blazers past Lakers
  Lewis' 45 power Sonics; Allen and Dooling ejected for fighting
  Williamson stars as Kings best Rockets
  Okur, Jazz overshadow Iverson's 46-point performance
  Wizards run all over Hawks
  Marbury, Davis lift Knicks to OT win over Mavericks
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
  Allen and Dooling ejected for fighting
  Garnett leads Minnesota past Bulls
  Pacers cruise past Bucks
  Alphabet Soup: SBC becomes AT&T Center
  Pistons' Arroyo suspended one game
  Timberwolves are falling fast
  Pistons prepare for big game
  James sizzling hot for Cavs
  Sonics having trouble
  Bobcats, Raptors meet at Air Canada Centre
  Kobe, Lakers visit Portland
  Jazz go for third straight win in City of Brotherly Love
  Hawks begin two-game swing at MCI Center
  Pacers host Milwaukee
  Knicks try to extend winning streak vs. Mavs
  Streaking Bulls visit Timberwolves
  Heat, Warriors battle at The Arena
  Kings continue road trip at Houston
  Sonics return home to host Magic
  Clippers cruise past struggling Magic
  'Melodramatic: Nuggets nip Suns in 3-OT
  Wallace leads Bobcats past short-handed Rockets in double-overtime
  Redd leads Bucks past Minnesota
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  Duncan and Spurs end Nets' 10-game win streak
  Crawford paces Knicks past Cleveland
  Hamilton leads Pistons over Hornets; Paul returns to lineup
  Miller's triple-double leads Grizzlies past Kings
  Celtics rally late to top Hawks
  Bulls set to make move in Central
  Indiana ready for tough divisional battles
  Clippers need a successful homestand
  Grizzlies attempt to earn a win against Kings
  Timberwolves visit struggling Bucks
  Bobcats host shorthanded Rockets
  Knicks try to extend winning streak to four at Cleveland
  Pistons try to get back on winning track vs. Hornets
  Nets go for 11th win in a row at SBC Center
  Suns try to remain hot in Denver
  Magic begin road trip against Clippers
  Hawks, Celtics meet at Philips Arena
  Kobe accomplishes rare feat as L.A. downs Indiana
  Stackhouse's last-second jumper lifts Mavs over Boston
  Hinrich paces Bulls past Raptors
Monday, January 09, 2006
  Jazz hold on to down Wizards in DC
  Iverson carries Sixers past Sonics
  Raptors' James and Suns' Nash get NBA weekly honors
  Sixers try to get it going at home
  Nets are best in Atlantic
  Mavs keeping up with Spurs
  Hoop looks like an ocean to Kobe
  Sixers, Sonics clash at Wachovia Center
  Wizards welcome Jazz to MCI Center
  Mavs visit Celtics
  Bulls go for third win in a row against Toronto
  Pacers wrap up road swing vs. Lakers
Sunday, January 08, 2006
  Kobe nets 50 as Lakers edge Clippers
  James powers Cavs past Bucks
  Jazz upset Pistons in OT
  Nash leads Suns past Spurs in battle of West heavyweights
  Hinrich, Gordon go wild in Chicago's rout over Memphis
  Nowitzki powers Mavs past Timberwolves
Saturday, January 07, 2006
  Magic too much for young Bobcats to handle
  Jazz upsets Pistons in OT
  Hornets' streak ends with loss at Atlanta
  Arenas' closing free throws leads Washington past Boston
  Rockets' Howard suspended one game
  Duncan, Spurs visit Nash, Suns
  Celtics, Wizards try and get back on winning track
  Hornets go for fourth straight win at Atlanta
  Bobcats, Magic meet at Orlando
  Jazz, Pistons meet for final time in 2005-06 campaign
  Cavs continue homestand vs. Bucks
  Bulls host red-hot Grizzlies
  Mavs welcome Garnett, Timberwolves to American Airlines Center
  Battle for LA takes place at the Staples Center
  Kobe's return equals win for Lakers
  Paul exits Hornets' game with thumb injury
  Bell leads Phoenix to lopsided win over Heat
  Bell leads Phoenix rout over Heat
  Kings continue dominance of Clippers
  Mavericks outlast Nuggets in OT thriller
  Paul injured as Hornets top Portland
  Harris nets winner in OT
  Prince of the Palace: Tayshaun stars as Pistons stay hot
  Bulls put an end to 14-game losing streak in Milwaukee
Friday, January 06, 2006
  Triple the fun: Kidd's Magical night gives Nets ninth straight win
  Parker paces Spurs over 'Wolves
  Frye and Knicks roll past Washington
  Harrington paces Hawks past Boston
  Gasol looms large as Grizzlies rout Jazz
  M.J. causes problems for Houston, Raptors win fifth straight
  Prince of the Palace; Tayshaun stars as Pistons stay hot
  Knicks lift James' suspension
  Mavs' Daniels sidelined with neck strain
  Hughes' finger surgery successful
  Injuries catching up with Magic
  Suns host Shaq, Heat
  Wizards hitting the skids
  Miami starts long road trip on losing note
  Pistons continue march towards title
  Miami start long road trip on losing note
  Nets return after long layoff
  Boston struggling to hold onto ball
  Hawks struggling once again
  Knicks still trying to find their way
  Hawks stop off in Beantown
  Mavs hope to halt Denver's winning streak
  Kings continue homestand versus Clippers
  Kobe returns for Lakers against Philly
  Jazz attempt to remain hot in Memphis
  Blazers try to halt losing streak at Ford Center
  Garnett, Timberwolves visit Duncan, Spurs
  Slumping Bulls try to pick up a win vs. Bucks
  Raptors go for fifth straight win vs. Rockets
  Pistons welcome Sonics to The Palace
  Red-hot Nets try to continue magic against Orlando
  Jackson leads Pacers past Warriors
  McGrady too much as Rockets handle Cavs
Thursday, January 05, 2006
  Duncan powers Spurs past Trail Blazers
  Hail to the King: James' triple-double lifts Cavs past Bucks
  Mason stars as Hornets stifle Heat
  Suns slam Sixers
  Nuggets pound Pacers
  Pierce leads Boston over Bobcats
  Sonics edge Bulls in Chicago
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
  Hughes out eight weeks with fractured finger
  Timberwolves shut down Mavericks, 91-78
  Villanueva leads Raptors to victory over Orlando
  Raptors starting to turn things around
  Spurs hope to stay hot against Portland
  Sonics kick off Bob Hill-era in Chicago
  Mavs visit Target Center
  Heat start long road trip in Oklahoma City
  Bucks welcome Cavs to Bradley Center
  Bobcats continue trip in Boston
  Surging Raps return home to face Magic
  C-Webb leads Sixers past Kings
  Nowitzki and Terry carry Mavs past Blazers
  Billups lights up scoreboard in Pistons' win over Magic
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  Kirilenko stuffs stat sheet in Utah's win over Lakers
  McGrady and Houston cruise past Washington
  James, Bosh lead Toronto's comeback victory over Hawks
  Gasol stars as Grizzlies top Warriors
  Sixers announce Lynam will not return
  Wade and Marion get NBA weekly honors
  Carter, Nowitzki takes NBA's top honors for December
  Utah is coming on
  Billups, Hamilton are the best backcourt in the NBA
  Sonics fire Weiss
  Lakers will be happy to get Kobe back
  Kings trying to get back in race
  Bulls continue free fall
  Cavaliers ready to make move after big win
  Indiana wins despite being short-handed
  Bucks rebound with consecutive wins
  Struggling Rockets land in Washington
  Hawks welcome Raptors to Philips Arena
  Pistons try to get back on winning track vs. Magic
  Grizzlies, Warriors put winning streaks on the line
  Mavs host Blazers
  Jazz, Lakers wrap up home-and-home set
  Kings try to continue dominance over Sixers
  Pacers, minus O'Neal and Tinsley, rout Sonics
  Knicks need three overtimes to down Suns
  Paul Baller: Rookie leads Hornets over Bobcats
  Bucks edge Bulls behind strong effort from Redd
Monday, January 02, 2006
  Martin and Anthony lead Denver over Boston
  Knicks suspend James
  Denver lacks consistency
  Hornets need to put together a winning streak
  Phoenix just keeps on winning
  Sonics set to begin tough road trip
  Celtics wrap up road trip in Denver
  Bucks, Bulls square off at United Center
  Hornets continue homestand vs. Bobcats
  Suns visit Knicks at MSG
  Pacers hope to halt losing streak against Sonics
  Clippers hold off Blazers, end drought in Portland
  Jazz get the better of Kobe-less Lakers
Sunday, January 01, 2006
  Heat turns up defense to rout Timberwolves
  Long trip taking toll on Sixers
  Kobe-less Lakers start home-and-home with Jazz
  Clippers try to get back on track in Portland
  Timberwolves tangle with Heat in South Beach
  Celtics ring in New Year with win
  Duncan, Spurs jingle past Nuggets