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 734 HAWKS
4/24/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 740 NETS
4/25/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 741 BULLS
4/25/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 747 SPURS
4/26/2014 4:30 PM(et)
 749 HEAT
4/26/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 901 REDS
4/24/2014 12:35 PM(et)
 904 METS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
 906 CUBS
4/24/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 12:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 1:08 PM(et)
 915 TWINS
 916 RAYS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 954 METS
4/25/2014 7:10 PM(et)
 955 REDS
4/25/2014 7:35 PM(et)
 957 CUBS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:15 PM(et)
4/25/2014 9:40 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:07 PM(et)
 971 RAYS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
 976 TWINS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:15 PM(et)
9/4/2014 8:30 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 466 RAMS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 472 JETS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 475 BILLS
 476 BEARS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 485 49ERS
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 487 COLTS
9/7/2014 8:30 PM(et)
 490 LIONS
9/8/2014 7:10 PM(et)
9/8/2014 10:20 PM(et)

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Saturday, November 30, 2013
  Grizzlies start homestand with Nets
  Spurs, Rockets renew Southwest rivalry
  Bulls, Cavs tangle at Quicken Loans Arena
  Hawks carry momentum into Washington
  T'Wolves seek solid effort in Dallas
  Bucks hope to end lengthy skid versus Celtics
  Suns go for home-and-home sweep of Jazz
  Crawford leads shorthanded Clippers past Kings
  Westbrook, Thunder shock Warriors in OT
  Lakers rally to beat Pistons
  Holiday stars in return to Philly
  Back on track: Spurs rout Magic
  Bobcats send Bucks to 11th straight loss
  Crawford notches triple-double as Celtics crush Cavs
  Morris, Suns edge Jazz
  Pacers rout Wizards, remain unbeaten at home
  Lawson, Nuggets edge reeling Knicks
Friday, November 29, 2013
  Rockets pin another loss on disappointing Nets
  Horford's jumper rallies Hawks past Mavs
  LeBron has big night, Heat hold off Raptors
  Clippers' Paul out against Kings
  Nothin' but Net: Thunder starting to come alive
  Rockets' Lin out two weeks
  Slumping Hawks welcome Dallas to town
  Thunder put win streak on line vs. Warriors
  Cavs, Celtics collide in Beantown
  Clips carry win streak into Sacramento
  Lakers pay a visit to The Palace
  Heat take win streak to Toronto
  Spurs try to regroup in road tilt against Magic
  Bucks hope to end 10-game skid at Charlotte
  Suns, Jazz open home-and-home in Salt Lake
  Surging Nuggets host sagging Knicks
  Holiday returns as Sixers welcome Pelicans
  Pacers seek league-best 15th win, host Wiz
  Sloppy Nets visit soaring Rockets
  Nets' Kidd fined for spilling drink
Thursday, November 28, 2013
  Durant, Thunder cool off Spurs
  Griffin, Clippers deal Knicks seventh straight loss
  Dragic, Suns end Trail Blazers' winning ways
  Vucevic carries Magic over Sixers
  Lakers withstand rally, beat Nets
  Gortat helps Wizards overcome slumping Bucks in OT
  James burns former team; Heat win 8th in a row
  Nuggets hold off Timberwolves
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
  Nowitzki leads balanced Mavs in win over Warriors
  Deng leads Bulls over Pistons to stop skid
  Balanced Grizzlies take care of Celtics
  Hot-shooting Rockets down Hawks
  Pacers continue domination of Bobcats
  Sixers to retire Iverson's No. 3
  Battier out, Chalmers game-time decision for Heat
  Rockets welcome Hawks to Toyota Center
  Nuggets take winning streak to Twin Cities
  Spurs set for challenge in OKC
  Struggling Bucks play host to Wall, Wizards
  Mavs, Warriors square off in Big D
  Blazers put streak on line in test with Suns
  Knicks hope to end slide against Clippers
  Grizzlies, Celtics clash in Beantown
  LeBron heads back to Cleveland as Cavs host Heat
  Lakers continue road trip in Brooklyn
  Bulls try for a win on Circus Trip, visit Detroit
  Magic go for two straight with Philly in town
  Pacers shoot for 14th win, host Charlotte
  Warriors hold off Hornets
Tuesday, November 26, 2013
  Wall, Nene lead Wizards over Lakers
  Nets slip past Raptors
  Magic end long losing skid to Hawks
  T-Wolves send Williams to Kings
  Nothin' but Net: Kobe deal is bad business
  Wizards' Beal out with leg injury
  Pitiful Nets head north to face Raptors
  Lakers visit D.C.
  Short-handed Warriors start road trip in Big Easy
  Hawks hope to continue dominance over Magic
  Rockets rally past Grizzlies
  Batum leads Trail Blazers past Knicks
  Jazz secure second win in OT vs. Bulls
  Pistons crush Bucks
  Celts shake off slow start to down Bobcats
  James, Heat cruise past Suns
  Ginobili and Spurs crush Pelicans
  Nuggets sweep home-and-home set from Mavs
Monday, November 25, 2013
  George and Hill help Pacers down T'Wolves
  Geroge and Hill help Pacers down T'Wolves
  Geroge and Hill helps Pacers down T'Wolves
  Bulls' Rose to miss rest of season
  Bryant signs extension with Lakers
  Bogut, Mo Williams suspended for fight
  Wall, Aldridge named NBA Players of the Week
  Blazing hot! Portland puts streak on the line vs. Knicks
  Celtics hope to continue momentum against Bobcats
  Lucky 13? Pacers aim for mark with Wolves in town
  Bucks take losing ways to Detroit
  Heat go for seventh straight win vs. Suns
  Bulls continue life without Rose in Utah
  Spurs seek 11 straight with New Orleans in town
  Nuggets, Mavs complete home and home in Dallas
  Grizz move on without Gasol, host Rockets
  Bulls' Rose set for surgery on Monday
  Gasol, Lakers clip Kings
  Dragic helps Suns edge Magic
Sunday, November 24, 2013
  Thunder rout Jazz
  Nets fall to Pistons
  Paul carries Clippers past Rose-less Bulls
  Thunder resume homestand versus Jazz
  Banged-up Nets play host to Pistons
  Lakers eye third straight win vs. Kings
  Suns open Sunshine State tour in Orlando
  Rose-less Bulls resume trip against Clippers
  Aldridge helps Portland rally past Golden State
  Nuggets strike late to edge Mavs
  Wall carries Wizards over Knicks
  Hibbert helps Pacers overcome shorthanded Sixers
  Brooks' hot shooting leads Rockets past Timberwolves
  Bobcats top Bucks
  Late jumper from LeBron sends Heat to sweep of Magic
  Spurs rout Cavs, win 10th in a row
Saturday, November 23, 2013
  Celtics rally late to edge Hawks
  Warriors' Curry to start vs. Blazers
  Warriors' Iguodala out indefinitely
  Paul leads Clippers over Kings
  Bulls' Rose out with meniscus tear
  Grizzlies C Gasol out indefinitely with MCL sprain
  Clippers welcome Kings to Staples Center
  Knicks, Wizards collide in D.C.
  Pacers try to stay unbeaten at home with 76ers in town
  Celtics hope to stop slide, pay a visit to Hawks
  Heat take on Magic again
  Rockets aim to bounce back vs. Wolves
  Spurs try to extend win streak versus Cavs
  Scuffling Bucks return home to face Bobcats
  Dallas opens home-and-home set with Nuggets
  Blaze of Glory: Portland streaks into meeting with Golden State
  Rose exits early as Blazers come back to beat Bulls
  Lakers pick up another home win over Warriors
  Gordon, Pelicans come back to beat Cavs
  Raptors hold off Wall, Wizards
  Bulls' Rose limps off, to have MRI on right knee
  T-Wolves have easy time against ailing Nets
  Teague helps Hawks down Pistons
  Bulls' Rose limps off, has right knee examined
  Parker, Spurs best Grizzlies
Friday, November 22, 2013
  Mavs hold off Jazz
  Hawes leads Sixers past Bucks in OT
  Suns down Bobcats to end four-game skid
  Gordon, Pelicans comeback to beat Cavs
  Stephenson dazzles as Pacers top Celtics
  Grizzlies C Gasol leaves game
  Gordon, Hornets comeback to beat Cavs
  Knicks' Woodson fined $25,000
  Portland hopes to keep blazing versus Bulls
  Mavs, Jazz clash in Big D
  Warriors pay a visit to Lakers
  Streaking Spurs jingle into Memphis
  T'Wolves host struggling Nets
  Pelicans welcome Cavs to Big Easy
  Bucks hope to halt slide in south Philly
  Pacers shoot for 11th win in Boston
  Hawks, Pistons complete home-and-home in The Palace
  Atlantic leading Raptors start homestand with Wiz
  Suns open road trip in Charlotte
  Hamilton, Nuggets top Bulls
  Durant leads Thunder past Clippers
Thursday, November 21, 2013
  Clippers' Barnes to undergo eye surgery
  Dwight Howard fined $25,000
  Nothin' but Net: How warm is the hot seat?
  Bulls begin Circus Trip in Denver
  Clippers visit Thunder in battle of West powers
  Houston's problem: Ellis, Nowitzki spark Mavs' comeback win
  Randolph guides Grizzlies over Warriors in OT
  Davis leads Pelicans past Jazz
  Beal helps Wizards hold off Cavaliers
  DeRozan, Raptors down Sixers
  Paul, Griffin carry Clippers past T'Wolves
  Thomas, Cousins help Kings cruise past Suns
  Pacers hand Knicks fourth straight loss with OT win
  Leonard leads Spurs past Celtics
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
  Aldridge, Trail Blazers defeat Bucks
  Hawks beat Pistons in Smith's Atlanta return
  Walker leads Bobcats to rare win against Nets
  James, Heat hammer Magic
  Utah's Burke to make debut
  Wade sits vs. Magic
  Bulls' Butler listed as week-to-week with turf toe
  Curry-less Warriors welcome Memphis to Oracle Arena
  Pacers eye bounce-back effort at MSG
  Nets hope to find success against Bobcats
  Heat carry momentum into Orlando
  Spurs seek 10th win of the season against Celtics
  Irving, Cavaliers welcome Wizards to the Q
  Pelicans seek revenge against Jazz
  Scuffling Sixers return home to face Raptors
  Hawks, Pistons commence home-and-home set
  Clippers take on Love, Wolves in Twin Cities
  Red hot Blazers end road trip in Milwaukee
  Suns, Kings complete home-and-home set in Phoenix
  Rockets, Mavs renew rivalry in Big D
  Kings rally to beat Suns
  Stuckey helps Pistons down Knicks
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
  Heat, minus Wade, beat Hawks for 8th straight time
  Rockets start hot, rout Celtics
  Wall rallies Wizards past Timberwolves
  Grizzlies' Allen suspended one game
  Heat's Wade sits vs. Hawks
  Warriors' Curry to sit with concussion
  Nothin' but Net: For real, or not for real?
  Reeling Wiz welcome Wolves to Washington
  Knicks visit The Palace for date with Pistons
  Rockets take on visiting Celtics
  Heat hope to continue dominance of Hawks
  Bulls best Bobcats to extend streak
  Durant, Thunder pull away to beat Nuggets
  Conley, Grizzlies slip past Clippers
  Curry, Warriors take out Jazz
  Blazers beat Nets for 7th straight win
  Grizzlies' Allen ejected
  Ellis, Mavericks hold off Sixers
Monday, November 18, 2013
  James, Griffin named NBA Players of the Week
  Warriors' O'Neal day-to-day with knee, groin injuries
  Warriors, Jazz take action to Salt Lake City
  Sixers hope to halt losing streak in Dallas
  Bulls try for five wins in a row, host Charlotte
  Thunder head home to face Denver
  Blazers aim for seventh straight win, visit Brooklyn
  Clippers, Grizzlies renew rivalry in L.A.
  Hill, Lakers down Pistons
Sunday, November 17, 2013
  Gasol and Grizzlies hold off Kings
  Blazers outlast Raptors in OT
  Lakers try to regroup, welcome Detroit to L.A.
  Grizzlies continue road trip in Sacramento
  Blazers visit Toronto in search of sixth straight win
  Thunder top Bucks
  Warriors cruise past punchless Jazz
  Hawks use balanced attack to take down Knicks
  Anderson, Pelicans pound Sixers
  Balanced Rockets down Nuggets
  Bryant returns to practice
  Griffin, Clippers defeat Nets
  Love, Pekovic power Timberwolves past Celtics
  Ellis, Mavericks down Magic
  Bulls hand Pacers their 1st loss
Saturday, November 16, 2013
  Irving, Cavs snap skid against Wizards
  James leads Heat past Bobcats
  Heat's Chalmers suspended one game
  Jazz await tough test against Warriors
  Thunder aim to end slide in Milwaukee
  Cavs try to stop losing streak in D.C.
  Celtics hope to get back on track against Wolves
  Nuggets, Rockets clash in Houston
  Knicks welcome Hawks to MSG
  Heat head to Charlotte to take on Bobcats
  Mavs complete Florida swing in Orlando
  Bulls rout Raptors without Rose
  Smith, Pistons down Kings
  Parker, Spurs take down Jazz
  Johnson's overtime layup lifts Nets over Suns
  Randolph, Gasol lead Grizzlies past Lakers
  Aldridge leads Portland past Boston
  Nuggets hold off Wolves
Friday, November 15, 2013
  James, Heat down Mavs
  Hibbert, Pacers pound Bucks
  Bobcats use huge second-half run to beat Cavs
  Teague, Hawks top Sixers
  Sixers' G Carter-Williams out vs. Hawks
  Bulls' Rose out vs. Raptors
  Pelicans' Stiemsma out 6-to-8 weeks
  Cavs' Irving has nasal fracture
  Nothin' but Net: Crank up the trade machine
  Stretching the Field: Where's the chemistry in Brooklyn?
  Hawks' Williams cleared to play
  Heat close homestand versus Mavs
  Cavs, Bobcats tangle at the Q
  Blazers hope to solve woes in Boston
  76ers take momentum to road in meeting with Hawks
  Unbeaten Pacers play host to Bucks
  Bulls head north of the border to Toronto
  Grizzlies head to Hollywood to take on Lakers
  Pistons seek first road win in Sacramento
  Armed with a win, Jazz welcome Spurs to Salt Lake
  Reeling Nets visit surprising Suns
  Love leads Wolves into Rocky Mountains
  Late Iguodala bucket lifts Warriors over Thunder
  Rockets hold off Knicks for controversial win
Thursday, November 14, 2013
  Knicks try to end home woes versus Rockets
  Durant leads Thunder into Golden State
  Clippers remain unbeaten at home with win over Thunder
  Blazers survive three shots in closing seconds
  Thornton, Kings crush Nets
  Jazz earn first win against Pelicans
  Nuggets down Lakers
  Gay triumphs in return to Memphis, lifts Raptors
  Spurs handle Wizards for sixth straight win
  Love, Timberwolves steamroll Cavs
  Sixers down Rockets in OT
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
  Anthony leads Knicks past Hawks
  Afflalo's eight 3s rally Magic past Bucks
  Bobcats top Celtics
  Sixers' Carter-Williams out vs. Rockets
  Rockets' Harden to miss Wednesday's game against Sixers
  Magic fine Davis
  Nothin' but Net: Has time caught up to Steve Nash?
  Curry, Warriors dominate Detroit
  Hill, Lakers pound Pelicans
  Nowitzki moves up on points list as Mavs down Wizards
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  James, Heat burn Bucks
  Warriors' Douglas out at least 2 weeks
  Jazz waive Tinsley
  Pelicans sign Childress, Amundson
  Lakers seek success in meeting vs. Pelicans
  Warriors hope to snap skid with Pistons in town
  Nowitzki, Mavs welcome Wizards to Big D
  Heat vie to regroup in home test versus Bucks
  Griffin and the Clippers hold off Timberwolves
  Blazers hold off Pistons
  Nuggets dominate fourth quarter, keep Jazz winless
  Rockets top Raptors in double overtime
  Dunleavy comes off bench to help Bulls beat Cavs
  Horford leads Hawks past Bobcats
  Celtics stay rolling with win over Magic
  Pacers stay perfect with win over Grizzlies
Monday, November 11, 2013
  Lakers' Nash facing extended absence
  Green's hot shooting leads Spurs over 76ers
  George, Morris named NBA Players of the Week
  Hawks, Bobcats square off in Charlotte
  Spurs close eastern trek at Philadelphia
  Pacers put perfect record on line vs. Grizzlies
  Wolves stay in L.A. to face the Clippers
  Celtics continue surge with home tilt versus Magic
  Well-rested Bulls tangle with Cavs
  Pistons kick off western trip in Portland
  Jazz still searching for first win, host Denver
  Rockets try to get back on track against Toronto
  Love helps Timberwolves end lengthy skid against Lakers
  Suns remain unbeaten at home, top Pelicans
Sunday, November 10, 2013
  Thunder beat Wizards in OT
  Hot-shooting Spurs roll past Knicks
  Nuggets C McGee sidelined with stress fracture
  Wolves seek first win over Lakers since 2007
  Surprising Suns host Pelicans
  Thunder welcome Wizards to OKC
  Smith returns as Knicks welcome Spurs for MSG matinee
  Trail Blazers down Kings despite off night from Lillard
  Irving, Cavs outlast Sixers in double OT
  Mavs hold on late to defeat Bucks
  Griffin helps Clips rally past Rockets
  Late surge carries Hawks past Magic
  Randolph leads Grizzlies' win over Warriors
  Celtics stun Heat with buzzer-beater
Saturday, November 09, 2013
  Pacers win 7th straight with defeat of Nets
  Bobcats coach Clifford released from hospital
  Celtcis stun Heat with buzzer-beater
  Raptors rout Jazz
  Blazers aim for two in a row against the Kings
  Mavs visit depleted Bucks
  Clips visit Houston for high-offense showdown
  Warriors wind down road trip in Memphis
  Hawks return home for date with Orlando
  Sixers go for home-and-home sweep against Cavs
  Pacers put perfect record on the line in Brooklyn
  Heat, Celtics renew rivalry in South Beach
  Jazz search north of the border for first win
  Lillard guides Trail Blazers past Kings
  Ariza's late three leads Wizards past Nets in OT
  Fourth-quarter surge sends Suns past Nuggets
  Davis' career night leads Pelicans by Lakers
  Bulls rout Jazz
  Pacers down Raptors to move to 6-0
  Knicks handle Bobcats, spoil Ewing's debut
  Durant powers Thunder past Pistons
Friday, November 08, 2013
  Turner leads Sixers past Cavs
  Parker, Spurs down Warriors
  Love fills the stat sheet again as Minnesota beats Dallas
  Celtics squeak by Magic in Orlando
  Cavs F Bennett leaves game
  Clifford has stent procedure, Ewing to coach
  Nothin' but Net: Knicks are in trouble
  Stretching the Field: Suns not taking the bait
  Vince Carter banned one game
  Bobcats' Clifford hospitalized
  Knicks, without Chandler, hit the road to meet Charlotte
  Warriors battle Spurs in Alamo City
  Bulls aim to tune out winless Jazz
  Lakers carry surge into New Orleans
  T'Wolves play host to Mavericks
  Blazers, Kings open home-and-home in Portland
  Thunder head to The Palace to face Pistons
  Nuggets try to build on first win, visit Suns
  Pacers try to stay unbeaten with Raps in town
  Nets seek first road win in D.C.
  Bynum returns to Philly as Cavs meet Sixers
  Celtics visit the Magic Kingdom
  Blake's late bucket helps Lakers edge Rockets
  Lawson, Nuggets top Hawks
  Wade, Heat take down Clippers
Thursday, November 07, 2013
  Hawks' Schroder suspended one game
  Warriors' Curry day-to-day with bone bruise
  Howard faces former team as Rockets host Lakers
  Clippers clash with LeBron, Heat
  Winless Nuggets welcome Hawks to town
  Pelicans rout Grizzlies
  Parker wakes up in fourth to lift Spurs past Suns
  Bucks thwart Cavs' comeback
  Westbrook, Durant carry Thunder past Mavs
  Bobcats hold on, top Raptors
Wednesday, November 06, 2013
  Vucevic's big night lifts Magic over Clippers
  Pacers pull away from Bulls, improve to 5-0
  Stevens earns first win as Celtics down Jazz
  Warriors stay golden with another victory over T-Wolves
  Wizards beat Sixers for first win of the season
  Bucks' Sanders out against Cavaliers
  Bucks' Sanders won't play against Cleveland
  Butler fined $15K for obscene gesture
  Knicks' Chandler out 4-to-6 weeks
  Bulls, Pacers renew Central rivalry
  High-powered Clippers make a stop in Orlando
  Sixers seek bounce-back effort with Wizards in town
  Bobcats try to continue home dominance of Raptors
  Something has to give as Celtics host Jazz
  Thunder try to extend dominance over Mavs
  Surprising Suns face stern test in San Antonio
  Pelicans fly into Memphis
  Wolves welcome Warriors to Target Center
  Cavs visit Brew City to face Bucks
  Bledsoe stars as surprising Suns top Pelicans
  Rockets bounce back to down Blazers
  Walker helps Charlotte end road skid with win in New York
  Spurs keep slumping Nuggets winless
  Hawks continue their dominance over the Kings
  Ellis powers Mavs past Lakers
  Lopez, Nets down Jazz
  James leads Miami past Toronto
Tuesday, November 05, 2013
  George helps Pacers slide past Pistons
  Walker helps Charlotte end road skit with win in New York
  Chandler leaves Knicks game with knee injury
  Miami's Bosh out after daughter's birth
  Michael Redd calling it quits
  Pelicans welcome Suns to the Big Easy
  Lakers open trip in Dallas
  Winless Nuggets welcome Spurs to Pepsi Center
  Hawks resume western jaunt against Kings
  Knicks begin home-and-home with Charlotte
  Rockets vie to recover in trip to Portland
  Jazz seek first win of the season, visit Brooklyn
  Heat head north to face the Raptors
  Pacers try to stay unbeaten after visit to The Palace
  Paul, Clippers send Rockets to loss column
  Grizzlies keep Celtics winless
Monday, November 04, 2013
  Cavs hold off Timberwolves
  Iguodala plagues former club as Warriors hand Sixers first loss
  Wizards' Wittman fined for profanity
  Rockets, Clippers set for battle in L.A.
  Celtics try again for first win at Memphis
  Martin leads unbeaten Wolves into Cleveland
  76ers eye 4-0 start versus visiting Warriors
  Love, Wolves hold off Knicks
  Westbrook returns, Thunder down Suns
  Magic rout Nets
  Wizards fall to Heat, remain winless
  Gasol, Lakers edge Hawks
Sunday, November 03, 2013
  Pistons down Celtics
  Thunder G Westbrook returns to lineup
  Celtics eye first win at Detroit
  Nets make a stop in Orlando
  Heat try to bounce back, take on visiting Wizards
  Suns hope to stay undefeated in road test with OKC
  T'Wolves take unbeaten record to New York
  Lakers host Hawks before road trip
  Sixers shock again; down Bulls to move to 3-0
  Thompson, Warriors top Kings
  Raptors end long losing skid in Milwaukee
  Davis leads Pelicans past Bobcats
  Pacers shut down Cavs
  Batum's triple-double paces Blazers past Spurs
  Rockets rally to down Jazz
  Nowitzki, Mavs down Grizzlies
Saturday, November 02, 2013
  Former NBA star Bellamy passes
  Warriors eye bounce-back effort versus Kings
  Trail Blazers open home schedule with Spurs
  Undefeated Rockets visit 0-2 Jazz
  Grizzlies head back to Texas, take on Mavs
  Bucks shoot for more success vs. Raptors
  Winless Pelicans tangle with Bobcats
  Surprising Sixers aim for 3-0 start with Bulls in town
  Pacers try to stay unbeaten versus Cavs
  Parker helps Spurs edge Lakers
  Horford, Hawks take down Raptors
  Johnson, Nets hold off Heat
  Bledsoe's 3-pointer helps Phoenix down Utah
  Grizzlies fight from behind, top Pistons in overtime
  Blazers thrive from beyond the arc, top Nuggets
  Harden, Howard lift Rockets over Mavs
  Love, Timberwolves rout OKC
  Afflalo powers Magic over Pelicans
Friday, November 01, 2013
  Walker, Bobcats top Cavaliers
  Bucks come from 22 down to stun Celtics
  Sixers move to 2-0 with win over Wizards
  Spurs F Duncan will not play Friday
  Sixers exercise contract options on Moultrie, Wroten
  Sixers' exercise contract options on Moultrie, Wroten
  Nothin' but Net: Free agency already the story
  Sixers carry momentum into tilt with Wizards
  Spurs, Lakers renew rivalry in Hollywood
  Cavs pay a visit to Bobcats
  Magic, Pelicans clash in Orlando
  Stevens hopes to guide Celtics to win over Bucks
  Hawks open home schedule versus Raptors
  Jazz head to the desert to face Phoenix
  Howard, Rockets entertain Mavericks
  Grizzlies play host to Pistons
  Paul leads Clips in Sacramento to face Kings
  Blazers, Nuggets both search for first win
  Heat, Nets tussle in Brooklyn
  Durant, Thunder rumble into Minnesota
  Hawks exercise option on G Jenkins
  Paul pushes Clippers past Warriors
  Rose's floater lifts Bulls over Knicks
Friday, November 30, 2012
  Shved, Wolves top Bucks
  Gee's putback lifts Cavs over Hawks
  Stern fines Spurs 250K for resting stars
  Jazz hope to have their A-game in OKC
  Raptors bring in Pietrus
  Bucks seek to get on track against Timberwolves
  NBA-leading Grizzlies do battle with Pistons
  Wizards try to build off first win vs. Knicks
  Rondo-less Celtics play host to Trail Blazers
  Surging Hawks host Cavs
  Lakers, Nuggets search for success in L.A.
  Pacers resume road trip against Kings
  Phoenix looks to continue dominance over Raptors
  Bobcats try to rebound at home against 76ers
  Red-hot Nets invade Magic Kingdom
  Warriors fend off Nuggets
Thursday, November 29, 2012
  Allen lifts Heat over short-handed Spurs
  Clippers announcer Courtney passes
  Rondo handed 2-game suspension for Celts-Nets brawl
  Cavs waive Harangody, ink Jones
  Nets' Lopez to miss next 2 games
  Mavs sign Fisher
  Nothin' but Net: Rondo needs to be better than that
  Familiar foes: Warriors, Nuggets tangle for third time
  Heat host Spurs in battle of NBA's elite
  Thunder top Rockets in Harden's return to Oklahoma City
  Grizzlies stay hot, blow past Raptors
  Paul leads Clippers past Timberwolves
  Mavs to sign Fisher
  Deng and Bulls rout Mavs
  Spurs cruise in Orlando for fifth straight win
  Pistons pound Suns
  Wizards edge Blazers to pick up first win
  Brooklyn Brawlers: Nets top Celtics in testy affair
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
  Anthony, Knicks top Bucks
  Jazz remain hot, down struggling Hornets
  Hawks fend off Gordon, Bobcats for 6th straight win
  Boston's Rondo, Brooklyn's Humphries, Wallace ejected during brawl
  T'Wolves G Rubio cleared to practice
  Billups set to return on Wednesday
  T'Wolves win in Sacramento behind Love's 20-20 night
  Harden, Rockets rip Raptors
  Pacers edge Lakers on Hill's late drive
  Suns pull away in Cleveland
Tuesday, November 27, 2012
  Sixers trim Mavs in Brand's Philly return
  Nothin' but Net: Knicks. Nets rivalry could be huge
  Grieving Rockets battle visiting Lowry, Raptors
  Lakers welcome Pacers to Staples Center
  Cavs return home following winless trip to host Suns
  Wolves look for 1st win with Love
  Mavs hit the road to tangle with 76ers
  Randolph leads Grizzlies past Cavaliers
  Hornets snap skid, send Clippers to 4th straight loss
  Nets need OT to take round 1 from Knicks
  Pistons top Trail Blazers
  Favors lifts Jazz over Nuggets
Monday, November 26, 2012
  Bucks rally past Bulls
  Spurs keep Wizards winless
  Thunder rout Bobcats 114-69
  Nothin' but Net: Respect is key for Bobcats
  Horford, Duncan named NBA Players of the Week
  Winless Wizards welcome Spurs
  Blazers continue long road trek in Detroit
  Knicks, Nets finally tangle in Brooklyn
  Hornets hope to snap skid against struggling Clippers
  Streaking Nuggets visit Jazz
  Bobcats aim for rare road win over Thunder
  Cavaliers conclude road trip at Memphis
  Bulls try to continue dominance of Bucks
  Nuggets down reeling Hornets
Sunday, November 25, 2012
  Holiday's career night carries Sixers past Suns
  Rondo, Celtics top Magic in OT
  Nets top Trail Blazers
  Daughter of Rockets coach McHale dies
  Anthony powers Knicks past Pistons
  Parker, Spurs down Raptors in double overtime
  Slumping Hornets fly into Denver
  Sixers try to rebound, host Suns
  Celtics square off with Magic in Orlando
  Spurs head north to face Raptors
  Knicks host Pistons in MSG matinee
  Blazers begin long road trip in Brooklyn
  Boozer's big night lifts Bulls past Bucks
  Warriors top Timberwolves
  Evans and Kings take down Jazz
  Bobcats win in 2-OT; Wizards at 0-11
  Hawks beat Clippers for fifth straight win
  Lakers get balanced attack, rout Mavs
Saturday, November 24, 2012
  Allen helps Heat rally past Cavs
  Durant, Westbrook lead Thunder over Sixers in OT
  Sixers say Bynum out indefinitely
  Struggling Wolves take on Warriors
  Jazz look for home-and-home sweep of Kings
  Lillard goes for 28, Trail Blazers down T'Wolves
  Grizzlies use balanced scoring to down Lakers
  Iguodala, Nuggets fight off Warriors
  Suns rally in second half to top Hornets
  Pierce, Green help Celtics down Thunder
  Redick's late foul shots get Magic past Cavs
  Hayward's jumper lifts Jazz over Kings
  Late run carries Nets past Clippers
  Parsons has career night as Rockets blast Knicks
  Parker shines as Spurs continue mastery of Pacers
  Knight's layup pushes Pistons past Raptors
Friday, November 23, 2012
  Horford, Hawks down Bobcats
  Stretching the Field: A Love-ly return in Minnesota
  Grizzlies face stiff challenge vs. Lakers
  Pistons, Raptors clash at The Palace
  Thunder rumble into Boston
  Clippers, Nets square off in Brooklyn
  Knicks set for showdown with Lin, Rockets
  Irving-less Cavs head to Orlando
  Pacers aim to stop slide versus Spurs
  Bobcats try to match last season's win total against Hawks
  Love, Timberwolves visit Trail Blazers
  Hornets aim to snap skid in meeting with Suns
  Kings seek to avoid letdown against Jazz
  Warriors try to stretch win streak vs. Nuggets
Thursday, November 22, 2012
  Kings take down Lakers
  Durant, Thunder top Clippers in OT
  Curry, Thompson lead Warriors past Nets
  Harden propels Rockets past Bulls
  Gortat leads way as Suns torch Blazers
  Mavericks cool off red-hot Knicks
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
  George, Hibbert shine as Pacers top Hornets in OT
  Sessions lifts Bobcats over Raptors
  Wizards still winless, fall in OT to Hawks
  Strong 3rd quarter helps Magic top Pistons
  Heat beat Bucks in overtime
  Nuggets win, spoil Love's solid season debut
  Duncan, Spurs top Celts
  Pargo paces Cavs over Sixers
  T-Wolves' Love to play Wednesday vs Nuggets
  Celtics waive Milicic
  Nothin' but Net: Woe is the Washington Wizards
  Spurs sign Anderson; recall Joseph
  Nuggets carry momentum into Minnesota
  Knicks pay a visit to Mavericks
  Winless Wizards try again in Atlanta
  Blazers, Suns meet in the desert
  Spurs start road trip in Boston
  Lakers clash with Kings
  Nets close out trek against Warriors
  Bulls, Rockets both hope to end losing streaks
  Clippers try to continue hot start against mighty Thunder
  Bobcats host Raptors seeking to continue winning ways
  Heat host Bucks in battle of division leaders
  Hornets aim to get defensive in meeting with Pacers
  Cavs play host to 76ers minus Irving
  Pistons hope to keep rolling versus Magic
  Lakers down Nets in D'Antoni's debut
  Anthony, Knicks stomp Hornets
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
  Sixers use late surge to down Raptors
  Hornets waive G Carroll
  Warriors' Bogut to miss next 3 games
  Spurs' Jackson sidelined with fractured finger
  What might have been? Nets face Howard, Lakers in L.A.
  Knicks aim to start win streak against Hornets
  Defensive 76ers tangle with Raptors
  Gallinari helps Nuggets snap Grizzlies' 8-game win streak
  Bobcats down Bucks
  Hayward leads balanced attack as Jazz down Rockets
  Curry's efforts push Warriors past Mavs in OT
  Clippers stay hot with upending of Spurs
  Cleveland's Irving to miss 4 weeks
Monday, November 19, 2012
  West and Pacers hold on to keep Wizards winless
  Magic's slump extends with loss to Hawks
  Bobcats' Thomas to miss 2 months
  Timberwolves' Roy has knee surgery
  Nothin' but Net: The perils of bowling
  Hawks head home to host Magic
  Bucks battle Bobcats in Charlotte
  Wizards will try again for 1st win, host Pacers
  Jazz return home to take on Rockets
  Clippers, Spurs battle in showdown of two of West's best
  Red-hot Grizzlies go for ninth straight win vs. Nuggets
  Comfort Zone: Mavs return to Big D, host Warriors
  Batum, Matthews lead Blazers past Bulls
  Bryant, Lakers down Rockets
  Nets win 5th in a row, down Kings
  Turner helps Sixers take down Cavs
Sunday, November 18, 2012
  Pistons beat Celtics by 20
  Durant's triple-double leads Thunder past Warriors
  Knicks bounce back, roll over Pacers
  DeRozan and Calderon push Toronto past Orlando
  D'Antoni era begins for Lakers
  Bulls continue road swing in Portland
  Pistons search for second win, host Celtics
  Thunder play host to Warriors
  Cavs hope to end slide in Philly
  Nets start road trip in Sacramento
  Knicks try to get back in win column against Pacers
  Magic head to Toronto
  Heat finish trek with win in Phoenix
  Bucks edge Hornets
  Mayo, Mavs pull away from Cavs
  Griffin, Crawford power Clips past Bulls
  Spurs stomp Nuggets
  Jefferson helps Jazz keep Wizards winless
Saturday, November 17, 2012
  Bucks edge Hortnets
  Grizzlies top Bobcats for record-tying 8th straight win
  Terry, Celtics bury Raptors
  Heat wrap up road trip in Phoenix
  Bucks look to extend great start against Hornets
  Smoking hot Grizzlies venture to Charlotte
  Cavs welcome Mavs to Cleveland
  Wizards search for first win vs. Jazz
  Clips go for 5 in a row against Bulls
  Spurs try to get back in win column against Nuggets
  Boston hosts Raptors in Saturday matinee
  Red-hot Grizzlies hand Knicks first loss
  Lillard leads Blazers past Rockets in OT
  Bryant scores 31 as Lakers drop Suns
  Redick rallies Magic in Detroit
  Hawks rout Kings
  Indiana comes alive in rout of Dallas
Friday, November 16, 2012
  Durant, Thunder thump Hornets
  Lee, Warriors upend Timberwolves
  Holiday leads as Sixers down Jazz to stop skid
  Spurs' Leonard sidelined up to two weeks
  Mavericks' Marion ready to return
  Zeller cleared to return, Harangody has surgery
  Stretching the Field: Take all the time you need, Amare
  Howard joins Wolves
  Hornets give GM Demps extension
  Knicks try to stay unbeaten against streaking Grizz
  Thunder look to get back on track against Hornets
  Wounded Wolves set to host Warriors
  Pistons host Magic trying to build off first victory
  76ers try to rebound against visiting Jazz
  Mayo, Mavs shoot for another win at Pacers
  Hawks, Kings clash in California's capital
  Rockets battle Blazers in Rose City
  Lakers aim to bounce back, welcome Suns to L.A.
  Heat down Denver as injured Wade sits out
  Williams shines as Nets drop Celtics
  Knicks knock off Spurs to keep unblemished record
Thursday, November 15, 2012
  Lakers' D'Antoni 'excited' about new gig
  Nothin' but Net: West's new legit contenders
  Timberwolves add Josh Howard, release Conroy
  Raptors G Lowry out 1-2 weeks
  Heat hope to rebound in Denver against Nuggets
  Knicks try to extend unbeaten start vs. 7-1 Spurs
  Celtics carry hot streak into road meeting with Nets
  Barnes helps Warriors slip by Hawks
  Mavs down Wizards to keep Washington winless
  Grizzlies stay hot with win over Thunder
  Crawford, Clippers handle Heat
  Bulls recover in OT to beat Suns
  Rockets hang on to take down Hornets
  Bucks cruise past struggling Pacers
  Pistons get first win of season with rout of Sixers
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
  Celtics fend off visiting Jazz
  Walker's last-second shot springs Bobcats past T'Wolves
  Pacers look to end road slide at division-leading Bucks
  Harden looks to regain form as Houston hosts Hornets
  Heat visit Clippers in anticipated bout
  Grizzlies face tough test in OKC
  Warriors hope to honor Nelson with win over Hawks
  Pacers look for first road win at division-leading Bucks
  Bulls open up road trip against Suns
  Wizards try again for first victory in clash with Mavs
  Banged-up Wolves welcome Bobcats to Twin Cities
  Jazz visit suddenly hot Celtics
  Pistons search for first win in Philly
  Green helps Spurs edge Lakers
  Raptors hang on to edge Pacers
  Knicks down Magic for 5-0 start
  Nets beat Cavs; Varejao, Irving star for Cleveland
  Lillard leads Blazers past Kings
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  Bobcats cruise past still-winless Wizards
  Hornets, Bobcats make deal
  Wolves' Budinger to miss at least 3 months after surgery
  With new coach tabbed, Lakers return to hardwood versus Spurs
  Kings hope to get help in meeting with Blazers
  Cavaliers invade Brooklyn for first time
  Pacers seek to extend series win streak over Raptors
  Winless Wizards visit Bobcats
  Magic try to hand Knicks first loss of the season
  Hawks down Trail Blazers
  James fuels Heat to late win over Rockets
  Thunder rally to take down winless Pistons
  Rondo, Celtics down Bulls
  T'Wolves down Mavs
  Jennings paces Bucks past Sixers
  Dragic leads way as Suns scorch Nuggets
Monday, November 12, 2012
  Jazz outlast Raptors
  Nothin' but Net: D'Antoni hiring is just strange
  James, Faried named NBA Players of the Week
  Sixers say Bynum could be sidelined until January
  Blazers try to end losing streak against Hawks
  Celtics try to stay in win column against Bulls
  Nuggets put win streak on line against Suns
  Winless Pistons host streaking Thunder
  Timberwolves limp into matchup with Mavs
  Raptors aim for rare winning streak over Jazz
  Heat seek bounce-back effort at Houston
  Sixers hope to keep it going back at home
  Lakers name D'Antoni head coach
  Ellington leads Grizzlies past Heat
  Howard, Lakers rout Kings
Sunday, November 11, 2012
  Durant, Westbrook power Thunder to win over Cavs
  T-Wolves' Budinger injures knee, needs surgery
  Nets down Magic
  Kings' Cousins receives 2-game ban
  Lakers resume homestand versus Kings
  Thunder clash with Cavaliers
  Heat, Grizzlies put win streaks on the line
  High-scoring Clippers host Hawks
  Nets aim for home-and-home sweep of Magic
  Bobcats down Mavs in OT
  Gallinari helps Nuggets outlast Warriors in 2-OT
  Spurs rally late to top Trail Blazers
  Jefferson leads Jazz past Suns
  Celtics hold off Bucks
  Robinson leads way as Bulls charge past Timberwolves
  Harden, Asik help Rockets down Pistons
  Pacers keep Wizards winless
Saturday, November 10, 2012
  Young, Sixers take down Raptors
  McHale takes leave of absence from Rockets
  Surging Suns tangle with Jazz
  Nuggets target another win, visit Warriors
  Spurs resume trek against Trail Blazers
  Celtics, Bucks set for another showdown
  Timberwolves take on Bulls in Windy City
  Pistons go for first win against Rockets
  Mavs try to continue dominance of Bobcats
  Winless Wizards pay a visit to Pacers
  Sixers close out road trip at Toronto
  Duncan delivers again for Spurs
  Brewer leads Nuggets past Jazz
  Lakers start post-Brown era with win over Warriors
  Holiday, Sixers take down Celtics
  Lakers fire Mike Brown
  Suns use late rally to top Cavs
  Randolph leads Grizzlies past Rockets
  Ellis leads Bucks past winless Wizards
  Ibaka and Thunder keep Pistons winless
Friday, November 09, 2012
  Nets rout Magic
  Anthony guides unbeaten Knicks over Mavs
  Timberwolves edge Pacers
  Davis returns, Hornets beat Bobcats
  Heat edge Hawks
  Wade out against Hawks
  Lakers' Ebanks arrested on suspicion of DUI
  Davis, Rivers set to return for Hornets
  Nuggets welcome Jazz to Pepsi Center
  Spurs try to get back on track in Sacramento
  Lakers look to turn it around against Warriors
  Cavs head to Phoenix
  Bobcats visit Hornets in New Orleans
  Timberwolves host struggling Pacers
  Celtics, Sixers renew rivalry in Boston
  Wizards shoot for first win versus Bucks
  Nets, Magic collide down south
  Knicks vie to stay unbeaten, host Mavs
  Heat make a stop in Atlanta
  Thunder host winless Pistons
  Rockets face Grizzlies on the road
  Clippers build early lead to hold off Blazers
  Durant leads Thunder past Bulls
Thursday, November 08, 2012
  Kings' Robinson suspended two games
  Warriors' Bogut to miss at least a week
  Former NBA All-Star Okur retires
  Clippers try to keep momentum going in Portland
  Thunder, Bulls do battle in Windy City
  Cousins helps Kings keep Pistons winless
  Lee and Warriors take down Cavs
  Kaman, Mayo lead Mavs past Raptors
  Griffin, Clippers pummel Spurs
  Foye, Jazz drop Lakers
  Randolph leads Grizz past Bucks
  Brown helps Suns sink Bobcats
  Lawson shines as Nuggets knock off Rockets
Wednesday, November 07, 2012
  Celtics clip Wizards in OT
  Holiday, Turner help 76ers down Davis-less Hornets
  James leads Heat in rout of Nets
  Pacers' Granger to miss three months
  Ridnour helps Timberwolves top Magic
  Horford helps Hawks top Pacers
  Zeller has cheek fracture, concussion
  Cavs continue road trip at Golden State
  Celtics, Wizards close home-and-home series
  Pacers make a stop in Atlanta
  Suns wrap up trek against Bobcats
  Heat set for home tilt versus Nets
  Nuggets hit the road again, visit Rockets
  Hornets welcome Sixers to the Big Easy
  Timberwolves play host to Magic
  Mavericks battle Raptors in Big D
  Spurs go for 5-0 mark against Clippers
  Cavs continues road trip at Golden State
  Pistons still in search of first win, meet Kings
  Lakers look to add to win column versus Jazz
  Bucks try to stay unbeaten against Grizz
  Bucks try to stay unbeaten at Grizz
  Thunder shake down Raptors
  Iguodala, Nuggets down Pistons for first win
Tuesday, November 06, 2012
  Deng leads way as Bulls top Magic
  Thunder shake down over Raptors
  Raptors' Lowry injures ankle
  Lakers G Blake fined for fan incident
  Bobcats' Henderson out 2-4 weeks
  Winless Nuggets battle winless Pistons
  Thunder look to get back in to win column against Raptors
  Magic try to stay undefeated against Bulls
  Cousins, Kings hold off Warriors in home opener
  Gasol, Grizzlies down Jazz
  Mayo scores 30 again, Mavericks roll over Trailblazers
  Waiters leads Cavs past Clippers
  LeBron, D-Wade lead Heat to rout of Suns
  Spurs wallop Pacers to stay unbeaten
  Budinger helps Timberwolves rally past Nets
  Anthony, Knicks sweep home-and-home against Sixers
Monday, November 05, 2012
  Magic's Nelson likely to miss upcoming road trip
  Nets' Wallace out with ankle sprain
  Harden, Jennings named NBA Players of the Week
  Nothin' but Net: Breathe easier, Jack
  Grizzlies come home against Jazz
  Timberwolves Brooklyn bound against Nets
  Spurs eye 4-0 start versus Pacers
  Mavericks, Blazers set for battle in Big D
  Kings open home schedule vs. Warriors
  Heat look for two in a row against Suns
  Clippers welcome Cavs to Staples Center
  Knicks try for home-and-home sweep of Sixers
  Lakers dominate Pistons, finally get first win
Sunday, November 04, 2012
  Magic trounce Suns thanks to scoring balance
  Horford helps Hawks down Thunder
  DeRozan, Lowry star as Raptors rip Timberwolves
  Anthony leads Knicks past 76ers
  Thunder, Hawks clash in OKC
  Lakers aim to avoid 0-4 hole vs. Pistons
  Timberwolves make a stop in Toronto
  Magic play host to Suns
  Knicks open home-and-home set with 76ers
  Jennings' 3 at buzzer lifts Bucks past Cavs
  Mayo, Mavs light up Bobcats
  Davis-less Hornets take down Bulls
  Curry, Landry help Warriors beat Clippers
  Nets open Barclays Center with victory
  Parker, Duncan lead Spurs past Jazz
  Blazers beat Rockets in OT, spoil home debuts for Harden, Lin
  Dunleavy helps Bucks slip by Cavs
  Pierce pushes Celtics past Wizards
  Pacers outlast Kings in 2 OTs
  Allen, Heat edge Nuggets
Saturday, November 03, 2012
  Lakers' Nash out at least another week
  Warriors' Rush to miss remainder of season with ACL tear
  Hawks' Smith has sprained ankle
  Pacers welcome winless Kings to Indy
  Heat try to bounce back in home tilt with Nuggets
  Nets kick off season with Raptors in town
  Rocket Fuel: Harden makes home debut vs. Blazers
  Davis-less Hornets make a stop in Chicago
  Bucks return home to entertain Cavaliers
  Spurs target 3-0 start, host Jazz
  Mavericks open homestand with Bobcats
  Clippers aim to stay unbeaten vs. Warriors
  Celtics go for first win, visit Wizards
  Suns hold off Pistons
  Clippers drop Lakers to 0-3
  Lakers' Nash sits against Clippers
  Barea, T'Wolves top Kings
  Gasol, Conley lead Grizzlies past Warriors
  Anthony carries Knicks to emotional win over Heat
  Magic turn page on Howard era, rout Nuggets
  Bobcats edge Pacers in Dunlap's debut
  Westbrook, Durant lead Thunder past Blazers
  Boozer, Bulls pound Cavs
  Hornets trip up Jazz in close finish
Friday, November 02, 2012
  Jennings, Bucks spoil Celtics' home opener
  Harden hits for 45, Rockets top Hawks
  Hornets top-pick Davis leaves game
  Lakers' Nash to sit against Clippers
  Mavericks waive Curry, sign Murphy
  Stretching the Field: Lillard's pro career off with a bang
  Lakers' Nash doubtful against Clippers
  Warriors play host to Grizzlies
  L.A. tussle: Lakers, Clippers renew rivalry
  Pistons, Suns try again for first win
  Knicks hope to lift city's spirits vs. Heat
  Davis, Hornets aim to rebound versus Jazz
  Timberwolves get started with Kings in town
  Thunder battle upstart Blazers
  Celtics look to rebound against Bucks
  Harden show hits Atlanta
  Irving tries to stay hot against Bulls
  Bobcats start anew against Pacers
  Howard-less Magic start season against Nuggets
  Parker pushes Spurs past Thunder
Thursday, November 01, 2012
  NBA reschedules Knicks-Nets tilt
  Nothin' but Net: Fear the Beard
  Thunder battle Spurs in Western Conference Finals rematch
  Lakers continue to stumble with loss to Blazers
  Crawford on fire as Clippers best Grizzlies
  Landry, Warriors edge Suns in Phoenix
  Harden shines in Rockets debut
  Sixers ink Holiday to multi-year pact
  Noah, Bulls down Kings
  Lakers' Nash leaves Blazers game
  Jazz defeat Mavs in season opener
  Bulls sign Gibson to multi-year deal
  Raptors give G DeRozan 4-year extension
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
  Report: NBA players can begin reporting on Thursday
Monday, November 28, 2011
  Letter asks for stay in NBA players' court case
  Back to the business of basketball
Saturday, November 26, 2011
  Tentative agreement made to end NBA lockout
  Black Friday's biggest deal
  Report: Tentative agreement made to end NBA lockout
Wednesday, November 23, 2011
  Report: NBA owners and players talking again
Tuesday, November 22, 2011
  Boies' strategy? Help Boies
Monday, November 21, 2011
  NBA players move other lawsuit to Minnesota
  Former NBA player Ceballos in hospital
  Pleas for sanity in the NBA lockout
Friday, November 18, 2011
  Players look overseas as lockout drags on
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
  Players file antitrust suits against NBA
  The NBA's Nuclear Winter kicks off
Monday, November 14, 2011
  Players reject latest NBA labor offer
  Boom goes the dynamite, NBA season in jeopardy
  Players set to debate latest offer
Friday, November 11, 2011
  NBA talks again break off without a deal
Thursday, November 10, 2011
  Stern: Nothing was worked out today
Tuesday, November 08, 2011
  Players won't accept NBA's current offer
  Players speak in ominous tones as deadline approaches
Monday, November 07, 2011
  Players will lose when the rhetoric turns real
Sunday, November 06, 2011
  NBA & NBAPA meet for 8 1/2 hours in NYC
Friday, November 04, 2011
  Report: NBA players discuss decertification
Thursday, November 03, 2011
  Report: NBA labor talks to resume Saturday
Wednesday, November 02, 2011
  Fisher goes on the defensive
Tuesday, November 01, 2011
  A major fine for a moderate guy
  Heat owner Arison fined
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
  Sixers' defense too much for struggling Blazers
  Stoudemire scores 35 as Knicks down Nets
  Rondo's season-high leads Celtics over Cavs
  Miller, Rodman highlight Hall of Fame finalists
  Celtics' West has surgery
  Rise remix: LeBron returns to the scene of the crime
  Raptor Rewind: Rebounding without Reggie
  Nets cross Hudson to visit Knicks
  Blazers resume road trip vs. Sixers
  Magic welcome Pistons to central Florida
  Cavs and Celtics clash at the "Q"
  Spurs put road mark on line at Oakland
  Pacers attempt to stay on track at Kings
  Lakers seek victory against Grizzlies
  Durant leads Thunder past Hornets
  Jazz easily take care of Bucks
  Heat's Howard, Wizards' Armstrong ejected from game
  LeBron leads Heat over road-weary Wizards
  Dallas defeats Houston for sixth straight victory
Monday, November 29, 2010
  Howard, Nowitzki earn NBA Player of the Week honors
  Mavs host division-rival Rockets in Big D
  Road-weary Wizards take talents to South Beach
  Durant, Thunder welcome Hornets to town
  Jazz begin homestand vs. Bucks
  Billups clutch down the stretch as Denver downs Suns
  Harris, Nets hold on to beat Blazers
  Pacers beat Lakers for first-ever win at Staples Center
Sunday, November 28, 2010
  Martin and Battier lead Rockets past Thunder
  Knicks outlast Pistons in double overtime
  Spurs overcome double-digit halftime deficit, top Hornets
  Jazz rally in second half to down Clippers
  Atlanta topples Toronto behind Smith's triple-double
  Cavs' head coach Scott fined for criticizing officials
  Raptors F Evans has broken foot
  Thunder try to extend road streak in Houston
  Jazz make a stop at the Clippers
  Blazers begin trek in New Jersey
  Hawks head north to face Raptors
  Knicks take road winning streak to Detroit
  Spurs, Hornets resume rivalry in the Big Easy
  Nuggets seek revenge vs. visiting Suns
  Lakers aim to rebound at home vs. Pacers
  Balanced scoring gets Hawks past Knicks
  Bulls end circus road trip with win over Kings
  Bucks hang on vs. Bobcats, stop skid at five
  Mavs keep Heat scuffling
  Sixers use hot fourth quarter to beat Nets
Saturday, November 27, 2010
  Williams leads the way as Cavaliers outlast Grizzlies
  Wright's three-point barrage lifts Warriors over Minnesota
  Howard's shot lifts Magic over Wizards
  Warriors' Lee returns from injury
  Heat attempt to end skid against Mavs
  Bulls conclude lengthy trek against Kings
  Sliding Bucks vie to bounce back vs. Bobcats
  Warriors shoot for a win at Minnesota
  Memphis aims to stay on track in Cleveland
  Nets, Sixers square off in south Philly
  Knicks entertain Hawks at MSG
  Grizzlies hand Warriors fifth straight loss
  Bobcats beat Rockets by 10 behind Diaw, Wallace
  Westbrook has 43 as Thunder beat Pacers in OT
  Stuckey, Pistons beat Bucks by 14
  'Melo delivers for Nuggets, sinks Bulls
  Jazz use late surge to take down Lakers
  Richardson leads Suns over Clippers
  Balanced attack leads Hornets past Blazers
  Howard, Magic handle Cavaliers
  Raptors' Evans breaks foot
  Garnett, Celtics slow down streaking Raptors
  Mavericks end Spurs' winning streak at 12
Friday, November 26, 2010
  Heat pull away from Sixers to stop skid
  Mavericks suspend Haywood for one game
  Warriors' Lee cleared to return to team
  Nets send G Williams to NBADL
  Kuester's millions falling short in Detroit
  Jazz host Lakers in Salt Lake City
  Grizzlies, Warriors clash at FedEx Forum
  Suns take on Clippers in the desert
  Hornets buzz into Portland
  Bulls resume road trip in Denver
  Spurs renew rivalry with visiting Mavs
  Durant, Thunder visit Pacers
  Celtics entertain Raptors at TD Garden
  Heat hope to get back on track vs. slumping Sixers
  Pistons host Bucks in Central Division clash
  Rockets aim to continue dominance over Bobcats
  Magic and Cavs meet in Orlando
  Griffin, Clippers top Kings for second straight win
Thursday, November 25, 2010
  Balanced attack leads Hawks over Wizards
  Warriors' Lee to resume workouts
  Wizards and Hawks meet in Atlanta
  Clippers host Kings at Staples Center
  Rose leads Bulls in double-overtime win over Suns
  Nelson and Howard lead Magic past struggling Heat
  Strong fourth quarter gets Mavs past Thunder
  Randolph, Memphis roll over Pistons
  Rockets soar over the Warriors
  Williams, Jazz send Hornets to rare defeat
  Felton, Knicks top Charlotte again
  Celtics' West breaks wrist
  Spurs top T'Wolves in OT for 12th straight win
Wednesday, November 24, 2010
  Shaq leads Celtics past Nets
  Williams lifts Cavs over Bucks at buzzer
  Raptors rout hapless 76ers by 16
  Sixers' Brand suspended one game
  Magic's Carter out with knee sprain
  Bucks' Bogut out vs. Cavs
  Bargnani letting his game do the talking
  Spurs bring back Ime Udoka
  Thunder send C Aldrich to NBADL
  Grizzlies welcome Pistons to FedEx Forum
  Sizzling Spurs mosey into Minnesota
  Warriors hit the road to Houston
  Bulls continue road swing against Suns
  Hornets make a stop in Utah
  Streaking Thunder welcome Nowitzki, Mavs to OKC
  Sunshine State bragging rights on the line as Magic host Heat
  Celtics entertain Nets in Beantown
  Raptors close out homestand by hosting struggling Sixers
  Surging Knicks shoot for home-and-home sweep of Bobcats in Charlotte
  Bucks and Cavs collide in Central Division clash
  Lakers pull away to beat Bulls
  Young's three late in OT sends Wizards past Sixers
Tuesday, November 23, 2010
  Lopez's season-high 32 points help Nets down Hawks in OT
  Knicks hold off Bobcats
  Nowitzki's big night helps Mavericks edge Pistons
  Wall back for Wizards
  Sixers' Iguodala returns against Wizards
  Granger leads Pacers over Cavaliers
  Bucks C Bogut has MRI, doubtful for Wednesday
  Heat sign C Dampier, waive Stackhouse
  Heat's Haslem has successful surgery
  Spoelstra doesn't have the cachet to lead star-studded Heat
  Raptor Rewind: Renewed optimism in Toronto
  Anthony leads Nuggets over Warriors
  Clippers hold off Hornets for second win of season
  Nash hits milestone while helping Suns end skid vs. Rockets
  Durant and Green return to spark Thunder to victory
  Spurs defeat Magic for 11th straight victory
  Miles, Jazz top Kings
  Rush, Pacers earn easy road win over struggling Heat
  Durant returns; Green back as well for Thunder
Monday, November 22, 2010
  Rondo misses second straight game for Celtics
  Garnett and Robinson lead Celts to easy win over Hawks
  Young boy dies in tragedy at Staples Center
  Heat's Haslem to have surgery on foot
  Wizards sign Gee, waive Hudson
  Hornets resume road trip in LA vs. Clippers
  Warriors hope to get back on track vs. Nuggets
  Struggling Kings visit Jazz
  Streaking Spurs entertain Magic in Alamo City
  Sinking Suns close out road trip in Houston
  Rolling Thunder welcome Wolves to OKC
  Banged-up Heat host Pacers
  Hawks and Celtics battle at Philips Arena
  Hornets move to 11-1 with win over Kings
  Perfect Pau leads Lakers to 11th straight win over Warriors
Sunday, November 21, 2010
  Hamilton powers Pistons past Wizards in OT
  Heat's Haslem has torn ligament in foot
  Toronto squeezes out 102-101 win over Boston
  Celtics and Raptors clash at ACC
  Hornets kick off road trip in Sacramento
  Lakers shoot for 11th straight win over Warriors
  Wizards aim for first road win vs. Pistons
  Sharpshooting Jazz top Blazers
  Jackson makes Bobcats history in win over Suns
  Nuggets squeeze by Nets
  Thunder win again without injured Durant
  Gay's buzzer-beater lifts Grizzlies over Heat
  Stoudemire, Knicks keep Clippers sliding
  Spurs rip Cavs to post 10th straight win
  Nelson, Howard deliver as Magic get by Pacers
  Miami's Wade misses game with wrist injury
  Hornets and Raptors make five-player deal official
Saturday, November 20, 2010
  Mavs escape Atlanta with win
  Durant misses back-to-back games
  Report: Hornets and Raptors make five-player deal
  Suns hope to have Nash back in Charlotte
  Hawks welcome Mavs to Dixie
  Magic and Pacers clash in Indy
  Nets close out trek in Denver
  Clippers hope to halt skid against Knicks
  Banged-up Blazers welcome Jazz to Rose Garden
  Thunder invade Milwaukee
  Spurs shoot for 10th straight win vs. Cavs
  Grizzlies kick off homestand vs. Heat
  Knicks outlast Warriors
  Evans scores 20 as Kings edge Nets
  Raptors finally get back-to-back wins, Rockets
  Arenas leads Wall-less Wizards past Memphis
  Duncan passes Robinson as Spurs down Jazz
  Rose overcomes nose injury to help Chicago over Dallas
  Hornets' early lead helps them over Cavs
Friday, November 19, 2010
  Without Durant, Westbrook leads Thunder over Celtics
  James, Bosh lead Heat past Bobcats
  Lakers top Minnesota for 13th straight time; Love held scoreless
  Sixers snap skid, down Bucks
  Blazers' Oden undergoes knee surgery, sidelined for season
  Wall out again for Wizards
  Durant inactive for Thunder vs. Celtics
  Rockets C Yao out at least two more weeks
  Captain Hindsight takes on Greg Oden
  Wizards entertain Grizzlies in nation's capital
  Lakers close out trek at Minnesota
  Bulls continue road swing in Dallas
  Parker, Spurs try to stay focused in Utah
  Kings hope to snap skid with Nets in town
  Scott returns to the Big Easy as Cavs visit Hornets
  Heat close out homestand by hosting Bobcats
  Warriors try to stay perfect at home vs. Knicks
  Thunder and Celtics clash in Beantown
  Struggling Sixers host Bucks
  Rockets and Raptors collide at ACC
  Howard leads Magic over shorthanded Suns
  Blazers hold off Nuggets
Thursday, November 18, 2010
  Granger paces balanced attack in Indiana's win over Clips
  Granger paces balanaced attack in Indiana's win over Clips
  Warriors' Lee released from hospital
  Sloan to miss the next two Jazz games
  Clippers limp into Indiana
  Magic take on Suns in central Florida
  Nuggets visit Portland in Northwest battle
  Spurs stay hot with eighth straight win over Bulls
  Westbrook, Durant pace Thunder past Rockets
  Williams paces Jazz over Nets
  Knicks hold off Kings to snap losing skid
  Bargnani, Weems lead Raptors past floundering Sixers
  Paul guides Hornets to bounce back win over Mavs
  Kobe, Lakers notch road win in Detroit
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
  Pierce leads balanced attack in Boston's win over Wizards
  Beasley's game-winner lifts T'Wolves over Clippers
  Bosh, Heat roll to 27-point win over Suns
  Blazers' Oden out for season, will undergo more knee surgery
  Spurs sign Danny Green
  Rockets and Thunder meet in Oklahoma City
  Raptors close out trek at Philadelphia
  Celtics entertain Wizards in Beantown
  Kings, Knicks clash in Sacramento
  T'Wolves welcome Clippers to Target Center
  Jazz try to solve home woes with Nets in town
  Hornets aim to avenge only loss; welcome Mavs to the Big Easy
  Spurs put hot start to the test vs. Bulls
  Lakers resume road trip at The Palace vs. Pistons
  Streaking Suns hope to turn down the Heat in South Beach
  Anthony's 26 points leads Nuggets over Knicks
  Rose leads Bulls over Rockets in Houston
  Kobe leads Lakers over Bucks in Milwaukee
  Matthews' career night lifts Blazers over Grizzlies
  Arenas, Wizards beat Raptors without Wall
  Cavs take care of struggling Sixers
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
  Hawks hold off Pacers
  Wall out for Wizards
  Warriors' Lee undergoes another procedure on elbow
  Suns sign C Barron
  Postponed Knicks-Magic game rescheduled
  Lakers C Ratliff out after knee surgery
  Lakers' C Ratliff out after knee surgery
  Sixers' Iguodala to sit against Cavs
  Wall questionable for Wizards
  Hawks make a stop in Indiana
  Sixers close out trek at Cleveland
  Lakers carry losing streak into Milwaukee
  Bulls hit the road to Houston
  Nuggets host Knicks at Pepsi Center
  Blazers pay a visit to Grizzlies
  Raptors, Wizards collide in DC
  Raptor Rewind: Double D has arrived
  Ellis scores 27 as Warriors hold off Pistons
  Terry, Dallas hand Hornets first loss of season
  Lopez, Nets break long losing streak out West; down Clippers
  Jackson and Wallace guide Bobcats to first home win
  Suns stay hot, down Nuggets despite Melo's 20-20 night
  Magic jump on Grizzlies early, cruise to victory
  Thunder cool off Jazz
Monday, November 15, 2010
  Suns' Lopez out with knee injury
  Suns Lopez out with knee injury
  Williams, Rose earn NBA Player of the Week honors
  Rambis is finally warming to his Love Machine
  Scola, Rockets send Knicks to fifth straight loss
  Spurs beat Thunder to extend win streak to seven
  Stuckey leads Pistons over Kings
  Suns hit franchise-record 22 threes in win over Lakers
Sunday, November 14, 2010
  Hawks tame Timberwolves to end skid
  Lakers return to action vs. Suns
  Sinking Hawks hope to soar past Timberwolves
  Spurs roll into Oklahoma City
  Rockets wrap up trek in New York
  Kings open homestand vs. Pistons
  Pacers pull out win in Cleveland behind Granger's 34
  Celtics edge Grizzlies in OT
  Spurs roll over Sixers
  Bulls drop Wizards with balanced attack
  Portland's Roy leaves Saturday's game
  Hornets stay perfect with rout of Blazers
  Bucks edge Warriors for third straight win
Saturday, November 13, 2010
  Hornets release F Alexander
  Nelson nails game-winner as Magic down Nets
  Wade and Heat regroup in win over Raptors
  Comeback Kids: Jazz do it again, rally to beat Bobcats
  Warriors' Lee undergoes successful surgery
  Celtics conclude road swing in Memphis
  Hornets aim to stay perfect vs. Blazers
  Rose, Bulls clash with Wall, Wizards in Chicago
  Warriors close out trek against Bucks
  Spurs vie to continue home dominance of 76ers
  Magic make a stop in New Jersey
  Cavs welcome Pacers to the Q
  Bosh, Heat play host to Raptors
  Jazz try to keep rolling in Charlotte
  Rockets squeak out win against Pacers
  Villanueva, Pistons top Clips in OT
  Nash guides Suns over Kings
  Barea helps Dallas down Sixers
  Wallace paces Bobcats over Wizards
  Love scores 31 points, grabs 31 boards as T'Wolves rally past Knicks
Friday, November 12, 2010
  DeRozan and Weems lead Raptors past Magic
  Jazz rally past Hawks
  Blazers Williams sidelined for the season
  Warriors' Lee sidelined due to elbow surgery
  NBA approves Warriors sale
  Blazers must be coy with Roy
  Timberwolves sign G Gaines
  Wizards welcome Bobcats to Verizon Center
  Magic, Raptors collide in Orlando
  Resilient Jazz make a stop in Atlanta
  Pacers carry momentum into home test vs. Houston
  Blazers kick off road trip in Oklahoma City
  Clippers and Pistons meet at Staples Center
  Sixers resume road trip in Big D vs. Mavs
  Timberwolves welcome Knicks to Twin Cities
  Suns aim to continue dominance over Kings in the desert
  Nuggets deal Lakers first loss of season
  Deng, Bulls dominate Warriors
  Allen paces Celtics over Heat
Thursday, November 11, 2010
  Yao has mild left ankle sprain
  Timberwolves waive G Ager
  Spurs' Anderson out with stress fracture
  Unbeaten Lakers renew rivalry with Nuggets
  Warriors visit Windy City to take on Bulls
  Heat aim to bounce back from collapse vs. Celtics
  Beasley powers T'Wolves to elusive road win over Kings
  Spurs hold off late Clippers rally
  Terry sparks Mavs win over Grizzlies
  Williams, Jazz rally again in victory over Magic
  Westbrook, Thunder edge Sixers
  Beasley powers TWolves to elusive road win over Kings
  Nets earn split with Cavs behind Harris
  Cavs G Williams leaves Wednesday's game
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
  Yao leaves game in first quarter versus Wizards
  Lee leads Warriors past Knicks in return to New York
  Wall's triple-double carries Wizards past Houston
  Thomas' big fourth quarter helps Bobcats beat Raptors
  Bucks hand Hawks third straight loss
  Millsap arrives in South Beach
  Mavs, Grizz clash in Memphis
  Sixers continue road trip at Oklahoma City
  Cavs close out home-and-home set with Nets
  Millsap, Jazz shoot for Sunshine State sweep vs. Magic
  Clippers try to solve Spurs in Alamo City
  Kings wrap up homestand vs. Timberwolves
  Bucks and Hawks clash in Dixie
  Struggling Bobcats visit stumbling Raptors
  Lee returns to MSG as Warriors visit Knicks
  Rockets kick off road trip in nation's capital vs. Wizards
  Aldridge, Blazers handle Pistons
  Kobe shines as Lakers stay perfect
  Bucks spread the wealth, crush Knicks
  Hornets stay perfect with rout of Clippers
Tuesday, November 09, 2010
  Millsap's career-best 46 carries Utah past Heat in OT
  Unconscious in Conseco: Pacers use record quarter to rout Nuggets
  Clippers' Kaman leaves game with ankle injury
  Hickson, Jamison lead Cavs to ninth straight win over Nets
  Rockets assign first-round pick Patterson to D-League
  Ellis diagnosed with strained lower back
  Nuggets close out road trip in Indy vs. Pacers
  Lakers welcome lowly T'Wolves to LA
  Undefeated Hornets host Clippers in Big Easy
  Bucks, Knicks meet in the Land of Cheese
  Pistons pay a visit to Portland
  Heat resume homestand vs. Jazz
  Cavs and Nets open home-and-home set in Newark
  Howard paces Magic past Hawks
  Curry, Warriors get back on track with win over Raptors
  Ginobili helps Spurs edge Bobcats
Monday, November 08, 2010
  Nowitzki's jumper leads Dallas over Boston
  Balanced Bulls edge Nuggets
  Raptor Rewind: West not so friendly to Dinos
  Warriors hope to cure road woes vs. Raptors
  Hawks and Magic clash at Amway Center
  Celtics resume road trip in Big D vs. Mavs
  Suns and Grizzlies meet in Memphis
  Bulls open homestand by hosting Nuggets
  Spurs invade Queen City to take on Bobcats
  Rockets crush T'Wolves to get in win column
  Lakers stay perfect in rout of Blazers
Sunday, November 07, 2010
  Celtics use balanced attack to beat Thunder
  Hamilton helps Pistons down Warriors
  Suns pull out win in Atlanta, hand Hawks first loss
  Sixers get road trip started with win over Knicks
  Winless Rockets aim for first win vs. Wolves
  Blazers invade Hollywood to take on Lakers
  Winlees Rockets aim for first win vs. Wolves
  Celtics pay a visit to Durant, Thunder
  Warriors kick off road trip vs. Pistons
  Unbeaten Hawks host Suns at Philips Arena
  Struggling Sixers meet Knicks in MSG
  Blazers bounce back with win over Raptors
  Gay, Grizzlies take down Kings
  Williams' layup wins it for Jazz in double overtime
  Hornets top Bucks to remain undefeated
  Lewis, Howard help Magic hold off Bobcats
  Parker, Spurs win in OT to keep Houston winless
  Williams helps Cavaliers get past Wizards
  Billups finishes strong as Denver downs Dallas
  Wade, James lead Heat over Nets
Saturday, November 06, 2010
  Bobcats' Jackson fined $50K for berating officials
  Grizzlies close out trip by visiting Kings
  Raptors finish road trip in Portland
  Jazz aim to continue dominance over Clips in Salt Lake City
  Nuggets and Mavs battle in Big D
  Unbeaten Hornets hope to sting Bucks in Brew City
  Winless Rockets shoot for first win in San Antonio
  Nets finish tour of Sunshine State in Miami
  Struggling Bobcats host Magic
  Wizards and Cavs meet in nation's capital
  Carmelo paces Nuggets to win over Clips
  Warriors continue hot start with win over Utah
  Suns mount incredible rally to down Grizzlies in double OT
  Pistons finally break into win column, down Bobcats
  Lakers stay perfect, hold off Raptors
  Hornets edge Heat as Okafor dominates inside
  Pierce, Celtics grab another OT win, top Bulls
  Howard, Magic use big second half to down Nets
  Douglas, Knicks blast Wizards; Arenas makes season debut
Friday, November 05, 2010
  Gibson and Cavs use big fourth quarter to beat Sixers
  Hawks remain unbeaten, continue domination of Minnesota
  Kings and Wright address DUI arrest
  Arenas to make season debut Friday against Knicks
  Salmons guides Bucks over Pacers
  Sixers' Iguodala leaves with Achilles injury
  Bucks' Bogut out vs. Pacers
  Rockets G Lowry out with back spasms
  Spurs pick up Chris Quinn
  Sixers try to build off win vs. Cavs
  Lowly Pistons play host to Bobcats
  Wall, Wizards make a stop at New York's MSG
  Bucks aim for first road win in Indy
  Lopez leads Nets down to Orlando
  Lakers kick off homestand vs. Raptors
  Surprising Warriors welcome Jazz to Oakland
  Nuggets and Clippers clash in the Rockies
  Grizzlies face Suns minus Hollins, Davis
  Unbeaten Hornets welcome star-studded Heat to the Big Easy
  Thibodeau returns to Beantown as Bulls visit Celtics
  Unbeaten Hawks visit lowly Wolves
  Thunder hang on to beat Blazers in OT
  Knicks use big first half to down Bulls
Thursday, November 04, 2010
  Blazers C Oberto retires
  Hawks' Williams out with knee injury
  Blazers rookie Williams heading for surgery
  Grizzlies coaches Hollins, Davis to miss Friday's game
  Warriors continue solid start with win over Grizzlies
  Williams paces Jazz over Raptors
  Jefferson helps Spurs edge Suns
  Hornets sting Rockets, remain unbeaten
  Kobe's big night drops Kings, keeps Lakers undefeated
  Clippers silence Thunder, give Del Negro first win
  Nowitzki helps Mavericks edge Nuggets
  Howard, Magic dominate Timberwolves
  Pierce eclipses milestone as Celtics top Bucks in OT
Wednesday, November 03, 2010
  Collins leaves Sixers bench at halftime due to vertigo
  Brand, Sixers throttle Pacers sans Collins to get in win column
  Hawks stay unbeaten, down winless Pistons
  Augustin's late foul shots help Bobcats sink Nets
  Knicks-Wizards game to be played Friday at MSG
  Garnett, Villanueva and the whistleblowers
  Bucks hit the road to Boston
  Spurs' Hill out with muscle spasms
  Spurs and Suns renew rivalry in the desert
  Winless Sixers take on Pacers again
  Timberwolves make a stop in Orlando
  Thunder and Clippers clash at Staples Center
  Undefeated Hawks host 0-4 Pistons
  Bobcats resume trek in New Jersey
  Hornets pay a visit to winless Rockets
  Grizzlies resume road trip in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Lakers visit improved Kings
  Jazz aim to continue dominance over Raptors
  Nuggets and Mavs meet at Pepsi Center
  Garnett helps Celtics rout Pistons
  Wall, Blatche help Wizards outlast Sixers in OT
  Lakers down Grizzlies to stay perfect in 2010-11
  Matthews, Blazers top Bucks
  Hawks beat Cavs, stay unbeaten
  Miami Nice: LeBron leads Heat in home rout of Minnesota
Tuesday, November 02, 2010
  Grizzlies agree to multi-year contract extension with Conley
  Magic-Knicks game postponed at MSG
  Saying goodbye to the Enforcer
  Magic aim to bounce back at New York
  Blazers wrap up trip in Milwaukee
  Star-studded Heat take on Beasley, Wolves in Miami
  Unbeaten Lakers welcome Grizzlies to town
  Winless Pistons host Celtics at The Palace
  Turner's Sixers visit Wall's Wizards
  Unbeaten Hawks visit Cavs
  Suns sign Dudley to extension
  Report: Grizzlies give Conley extension
  Evans leads Kings past Raptors
  Deng's career-best 40 sends Bulls past 'Blazers
  Parker scores 19 as Spurs continue domination over Clips
Monday, November 01, 2010
  Hawks agree to terms on contract extension for Horford
  Opening week impressions of the NBA
  Timberwolves exercise options on five
  Unbeaten Blazers make a stop in Chicago
  Kings return home to face Raptors
  Spurs go for 17th straight win over Clippers
  Lakers throttle Curry-less Warriors
  Millsap paces Jazz in win over Thunder
  Former NBA All-Star Maurice Lucas passes away
Monday, November 30, 2009
  Bucks' Bogut returns
  Nets reportedly to name Vandeweghe head coach
  Thunder G Ollie has successful surgery
  Spurs' Duncan, Bobcats' Wallace earn NBA weekly honors
  Bucks' Bogut to return
  Bulls' Hinrich sidelined with thumb injury
  Bucks, Bulls to battle at Bradley Center
  Struggling Sixers carry skid into Dallas
  Jazz try to continue dominance of Memphis
  Pacers open road trip at Golden State
  NBA fines Stoudemire, Chandler, Rasheed Wallace
  Nets relieve Frank after franchise-worst start
  Spurs send Sixers to sixth straight loss
  Rodriguez leads Kings over Hornets
  New coach, same story: Nets tie futility mark with 0-17 start
  T'Wolves top Nuggets to snap 15-game losing streak
  Rockets continue dominance of Thunder
Sunday, November 29, 2009
  Lewis helps Magic keep Knicks reeling
  Garnett, Celtics use late surge to beat Heat
  Pistons snap seven-game skid, top Hawks
  Clips end game on 22-0 run to beat Memphis; Dunleavy gets 600th win
  Red-hot Suns continue mastery of Raptors
  Clippers, Grizzlies meet at Staples Center
  Lowly Wolves make a stop in Denver
  Suns head north to face Raptors
  Magic wrap up trek in New York
  Thunder try to solve woes vs. Houston
  Spurs, Sixers square off in Alamo City
  Sliding Pistons welcome Hawks to town
  Celtics pay a visit to Heat
  Hornets try to master Kings again
  Nets, Frank hope to end slide in LA
  Putrid start puts Nets' Frank on hot seat
  Gasol leads balanced attack as Lakers rout Warriors
  Magic sink Bucks on Lewis' game-winning shot
  Wallace, Bobcats get first road win of season over Wizards
  Williams deadly from three in Cavs' win over Mavs
  Boozer sparks Jazz rout of Trail Blazers
Saturday, November 28, 2009
  NBA fines Orlando F Barnes $20,000
  Jazz resume residency vs. Blazers
  Lakers set for road bout with Golden State
  Mavs close out trek against Cavs
  Bobcats try to extend win streak at Washington
  Magic, Bucks tangle at Bradley Center
  Anthony posts 50 points as Denver holds off Knicks
  Grizzlies blitz Blazers early, hold on late for victory
  Kings push Nets to brink of infamy
  Durant powers Thunder over Bucks
  Clippers snap long skid against Pistons
  Richardson, Suns roll as T'Wolves drop 15th straight game
  Spurs turn back Rockets for first road win of season
  Celtics use balanced attack to beat Raptors
  Wizards beat Heat for second straight victory
Friday, November 27, 2009
  Nowitzki leads Mavs over Pacers
  Hawks right ship in rout of Sixers
  Wallace leads Bobcats past Cavaliers
  Heat, Wizards square off in Miami
  Hawks hope to get back on track vs. reeling Sixers
  Spurs shoot for first road win at Houston
  Timberwolves hope to end skid vs. Suns
  Atlantic Division rivals meet as Celtics host Raptors
  Nuggets welcome Knicks to Pepsi Center
  James, Cavs invade Charlotte to take on Bobcats
  Blazers, Grizzlies square off at Rose Garden
  Nets try again to end slide in Sacramento
  Bucks and Thunder meet at Ford Center
  Pistons hope to snap skid vs. Clippers
  Mavs, Pacers tangle in Indy
  Boozer, Jazz dominate Bulls
  Howard, Magic hand Hawks first home loss
Thursday, November 26, 2009
  Thunder sign G Wilks
  Sixers G Williams out eight weeks following surgery
  Jazz resume season-long homestand by hosting Bulls
  Hawks, Magic battle for Southeast Division lead
  Greene's big night leads Kings over Knicks
  Suns continue home dominance with victory over Grizzlies
  Blazers drop Nets to 0-15 start
  Denver sends Minnesota to 14th straight loss
  Mavs torch Rockets; Kidd climbs to second on assists list
  Beasley's dunk caps wild finish, sends Heat past Magic
  LeBron leads the way as Cavs deal Pistons sixth straight loss
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
  Pierce, Celtics edge Sixers
  Collison carries Hornets over Bucks in OT
  Pacers use strong second half to beat Clippers
  Wallace leads Bobcats to rout of Raptors
  Sixers G Williams has jaw fracture
  Report: Iverson set to retire
  The System Coach: Thanks for nothing
  Spurs try to make it 23 straight home wins vs. Warriors
  Mavs and Rockets square off in Houston
  Jennings, Bucks invade Big Easy to take on Hornets
  Central Division rivals tangle as Pistons host Cavs
  Pacers, Clippers clash at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Winless Nets resume rough trip at Portland
  Kings welcome Knicks to ARCO Arena
  Surging Magic host rival Heat
  Sixers bring losing streak to Beantown
  Nuggets face hapless Wolves at Target Center
  Bobcats resume homestand vs, Raptors
  Heavy-hearted Wizards edge Sixers
  Anthony, Nuggets send Nets to 0-14 start
  Bryant, Lakers handle lowly Knicks
  Durant leads Thunder in road win over Utah
  Shorthanded Warriors stop Dallas' win streak at five
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
  Durant leads Thunder in road over Utah
  Raptors handle Pacers
  Wizards edge Sixers with heavy hearts
  Wizards owner Abe Pollin dead at 85
  Jazz hope to extend win streak vs. Thunder
  Knicks pay a visit to Lakers
  Winless Nets open tough trip in Denver
  Streaking Mavs host woeful Warriors
  Mr. Jordan returns to Washington as Sixers battle Wizards
  Pacers, Raptors clash at Air Canada Centre
  Gay helps Grizzlies take down Kings
  Blazers rout Bulls
  Clippers send T'Wolves to 13th straight loss
  Duncan leads Spurs to win over Bucks
Monday, November 23, 2009
  McGrady at practice, return to game action unclear
  Warriors coach Nelson has pneumonia, won't travel
  LeBron, Kobe earn NBA weekly honors
  Jennings, Bucks square off with Spurs in Alamo City
  Bulls, Blazers clash in Portland
  Clippers host lowly Wolves at Staples Center
  Kings finish road trip in Memphis vs. Grizzlies
  Bobcats top Pacers to snap seven-game slide
  Bryant, Lakers dominate Thunder
Sunday, November 22, 2009
  Stoudemire, Suns hand Pistons fifth straight loss
  Haslem's late jumper boosts Heat over Hornets
  Garnett's buzzer-beater lifts Celtics over Knicks in OT
  Magic top Raptors for fifth straight win
  Hornets, Heat tangle in Miami
  Lakers, Thunder meet at Staples Center
  Pistons finish road trip in Phoenix vs. Suns
  Hansbrough returns to North Carolina as Pacers visit Bobcats
  Celtics, Knicks square off at MSG
  Carter, Magic visit Raptors
  Boozer, Kirilenko help Utah top Detroit in OT
  Anthony, Nuggets finish strong to beat Bulls
  Parker returns to help Spurs rout Wizards
  Jennings big again as Bucks dump Grizzlies
  Scola, Rockets use late run to down Kings
  Blazers send Timberwolves to 12th straight loss
  Collison, Hornets halt Atlanta's seven-game winning streak
  Cavs rally in fourth to top Sixers
Saturday, November 21, 2009
  Knicks keep lowly Nets winless
  Political correctness invades the NBA
  Blazers aim to continue dominance over woeful Wolves
  Pistons and Jazz square off in Salt Lake City
  Bulls resume road trip in Denver vs. Nuggets
  Banged-up Spurs hope Wizards can cure their ills
  Kings, Rockets clash in Houston
  Bucks kick off road trip in Memphis vs. Grizzlies
  Streaking Hawks shoot for 8th straight win vs. Hornets
  Cavs host reeling Sixers at the "Q"
  Knicks visit winless Nets
  Butler helps Clips get past Nuggets
  Ellis leads short-handed Warriors past Blazers
  Jennings, Bucks continue solid start vs. Bobcats
  Nets' Harris to return Saturday
  Smith's last-second slam gives Hawks seventh straight win
  Grizzlies dump Sixers for first road win of season
  Orlando escapes Boston with win over cold-shooting Celtics
Friday, November 20, 2009
  Mavs edge Kings for fifth straight win
  James goes for 40 as Cavs top Pacers
  Bosh, Raptors use torrid first half to down Heat
  Durant, Thunder too much for struggling Wizards
  Knicks reverse position on Iverson
  Warriors return home to face Blazers
  Nuggets aim to continue dominance over Clippers
  Bobcats and Bucks square off at Bradley Center
  Improved Kings visit division-leading Mavs
  Eastern heavyweights tangle as Magic visit Celtics
  Wizards, Thunder clash in Oklahoma City
  Streaking Hawks host Rockets at Philips Arena
  Sixers welcome Grizzlies to Wachovia Center
  Raptors return home to host Heat
  Bucks' Bogut out 2-to-4 weeks
  Jazz get first win in San Antonio since 1999
  Gasol sparkles in season debut, as Lakers rout Bulls
  Stojakovic deadly from long range in Hornets' win over Suns
Thursday, November 19, 2009
  Williams, Boozer lead Jazz past depleted Spurs
  Ginobili to miss 7-to-10 days with groin injury
  Ginobili sidelined with groin injury
  Rising Suns battle Hornets in Big Easy
  Spurs return home to host Jazz
  Lakers welcome Bulls to Staples Center
  Jazz down Raptors for ninth consecutive time
  Grizzlies win second straight, top Clippers
  Bogut leads Bucks to win as Nets fall to 0-12
  Rockets deal T-Wolves 11th straight defeat
  Nowitzki thrives late again as Mavs knock off Spurs in OT
  Jamison's season debut successful, leads Wiz past Cavs
  Celtics used balanced attack to beat Warriors
  Lewis barely misses triple-double as Magic pound Thunder
  Knicks surge in second half to beat Pacers
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
  Sixers close strong to edge Bobcats
  Johnson, Hawks win sixth straight with victory over Heat
  Nuggets' Andersen has no structural damage in knee
  Blazers' Outlaw has foot surgery
  Blazers lose Outlaw to stress fracture in foot
  Southeast heavyweights tangle as Hawks host Heat
  NBA Notebook: Frank deserves more time
  Bucks welcome winless Nets to Bradley Center
  Spurs aim for first road win at Dallas
  Blazers hope to rebound versus Pistons
  Jazz go for more success vs. Raptors
  Grizzlies host Clippers at FedEx Forum
  Celtics hope to snap skid vs. Warriors
  Wolves aim to end 10-game skid vs. Rockets
  Streaking Pacers host Knicks at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Slumping teams clash in Philly as Bobcats visit Sixers
  Improving Thunder invade Orlando to take on Magic
  Short-handed Cavs visit woeful Wizards
  Bulls roll past Kings
  Nuggets defeat Raptors behind strong effort from Anthony
  Kobe scores 40 to lead Lakers over Pistons in LA
  Clippers G Kareem Rush tears ACL
  Hornets continue dominance of Clippers
  Suns rally past Rockets
  Durant leads Thunder to win over Heat in Miami
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
  Pacers send Nets to 0-11 start
  Cavs hold off short-handed Warriors
  Raptors get back Mensah-Bonsu
  Warriors' Azubuike set for surgery
  Magic's Nelson to undergo knee surgery
  Mutombo becomes global ambassador for NBA
  Lakers, Pistons square off in LA
  Cavs host short-handed Warriors
  Nuggets, Raptors clash in Denver
  Suns shoot for 10 in south Texas vs. Rockets
  Paul-less Hornets welcome Clips to Big Easy
  Heat close out homestand with Thunder
  Hapless Nets hope for first win vs. Pacers
  Kings close out homestand vs. Bulls
  Report: Warriors' Azubuike out for season
  Nowitzki's OT buzzer-beater lifts Mavs over Bucks
  Trail Blazers, Seahawks owner Allen diagnosed with cancer
  Warriors send Stephen Jackson to Charlotte
Monday, November 16, 2009
  Lewis returns in Orlando's win over Jackson, Bobcats
  Lakers F Walton out six weeks with pinched nerve
  Johnson, Hawks edge Blazers in OT to remain unbeaten at home
  Not the Answer: Grizzlies part ways with Iverson
  Not the Answer: Grizzlies reportedly part ways with Iverson
  Bucks' Jennings, Mavericks' Nowitzki earn NBA weekly honors
  Hornets' Paul out indefinitely with sprained ankle
  Young Guns II: Blazers, Hawks resume series
  Struggling Bobcats visit rival Magic
  Jennings, Bucks welcome Mavs to Bradley Center
  Report: Hornets' Paul out 3-4 weeks
  Brooks, Rockets take down Lakers
  Lakers' Bryant aggravates groin injury
  Nash comes through in clutch as Suns edge Raptors
Sunday, November 15, 2009
  Davis, Clippers finish strong to defeat Thunder
  Nowitzki's big second half helps Mavericks beat Pistons
  Sixers F Speights out with tear in MCL
  Thunder return home to face Clippers
  Pistons, Mavericks square off at The Palace
  Desert duel: Suns host Raptors in AZ
  Lakers, Rockets go at it again in LA
  Duncan, Parker return for Spurs
  Durant helps Thunder edge Spurs
  Grizzlies send Timberwolves to 10th straight loss
  Balanced attack paces Bulls over Sixers
  LeBron scores eight in final minute to lead Cavs past Jazz
  Gordon helps Pistons edge Wizards
  Jennings breaks Bucks' rookie scoring record in win over Warriors
  Granger leads Pacers over Celtics
  Wade's clutch three-pointer keeps Nets winless
Saturday, November 14, 2009
  Blazers upend Bobcats for sixth straight win
  Hawks rout Hornets; Paul misses game with ankle injury
  Grizzlies add Tinsley to backcourt
  Pacers close out homestand versus Boston
  Wizards aim to stop slide against Pistons
  Bulls set for home matchup with 76ers
  Lowly Grizzlies, Timberwolves meet in Memphis
  Bucks resume homestand vs. Warriors
  Spurs welcome Thunder to Alamo City
  Cavs return home to face Jazz
  Heat, Nets go at it in south Florida
  Hawks host Hornets at Philips Arena
  Young Blazers streak into Charlotte
  Anthony, Nuggets blast Lakers
  Kings stretch win streak to four at Rockets' expense
  Raptors end game on 16-0 run to beat Clippers
  Blazers top Hornets for fifth straight win; Paul hurt
  Hawks pull away from Celtics
  Nowitzki, Mavs beat T'Wolves for 13th straight time
Friday, November 13, 2009
  Jazz G Williams out against 76ers
  Hornets' Paul exits early with ankle injury
  Warriors send Knicks to worst start through 10 games
  Magic send Nets to 0-9 start
  Short-handed Jazz wallop Sixers
  Mavs' Howard out indefinitely with ankle problem
  Reeling Wolves welcome Mavs to town
  Jazz, Sixers meet in Philly
  Hornets open Bower era vs. Blazers
  Kings hope to keep winning vs. Rockets
  Lakers, Nuggets square off in the Rockies
  Raptors open trek against Clippers
  Winless Nets visit central Florida to take on Magic
  Division leaders clash as Hawks visit Celtics
  Struggling Knicks host Warriors at MSG
  LeBron uses free throw line to help Cavs top Heat
  Bryant, Lakers handle Suns
Thursday, November 12, 2009
  Wolves' Jefferson to miss two games for family illness
  Hornets' Bower better be ready to cook
  Hornets fire Byron Scott
  Suns visit Lakers in Pacific Division heavyweight clash
  It's LeBron vs. D-Wade as Heat host Cavs in Miami
  Stoudemire, Suns stay hot with rout of Hornets
  Jennings leads Bucks over Nuggets
  Rockets blast Grizzlies
  Durant sends Thunder past Clippers
  Jefferson leads short-handed Spurs past Mavericks
  Hawks send Knicks to fifth straight loss
  Sixers win in nail-biter, send Nets to 0-8 start
  Pistons rout Bobcats; Kuester downs mentor Brown
  Bulls collapse in fourth quarter, lose to Raptors
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
  Balanced attack paces Celtics over Jazz
  Portland annihilates reeling Timberwolves
  Cavs shut down Howard, Magic
  Granger helps Pacers get past Warriors
  Wizards add Boykins to backcourt
  Shaq headed for divorce court
  Rockets host Grizzlies at Toyota Center
  Mavs hope to send Spurs rolling at AT&T Center
  Suns return to desert to host Hornets
  Clippers, Thunder collide at Staples Center
  Hawks invade MSG to face Knicks
  Blazers continue trip in Minnesota
  Nuggets wrap up road trip in Milwaukee
  Cavs, Magic square off in Eastern finals rematch
  It's teacher vs. student as Pistons host Bobcats
  Warriors kick off road trip in Indy vs. Pacers
  Bulls aim to bounce back from controversial loss vs. Raptors
  Jazz resume road trip with tough test in Boston
  Sixers to face winless Nets in divisional clash
  Thabeet fractures jaw in Grizzlies' loss to Portland
  Kings defeat Thunder behind Thompson, Evans
  Wade scores 41 in Heat's win over Wizards
  Roy leads Portland over reeling Grizzlies
  Denver tops Chicago in last-second affair
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
  Terry helps Mavericks rout Rockets
  Howard, Magic hand Bobcats first home loss
  Clippers' Gordon to miss at least 10 days
  Iverson-less Grizzlies host Blazers
  Texas Two-Step: Rockets make a stop in Dallas
  Thunder pay a visit to Kings
  Nuggets hope to get back on track vs. Bulls in Windy City
  Sizzling Heat host reeling Wizards
  Bobcats aim to keep perfect home record vs.Magic
  NBA legend Abdul-Jabbar fighting leukemia
  Warriors' offensive outburst leads to rout of Minnesota
  Paul helps Hornets continue dominance of Clippers
  Ginobili helps short-handed Spurs down Raptors
  Okur's basket lifts Jazz past Knicks
Monday, November 09, 2009
  Richardson and Nash come up big as Suns down Sixers
  Kings G Martin has wrist surgery
  Spurs' Parker, Duncan to sit
  Hawks' Johnson, Clippers' Kaman earn NBA weekly honors
  Wizards' James out 4-5 weeks
  Iverson will start again
  Reeling Wolves hope to snap skid vs. Warriors
  Hornets hope to get healthy vs. Clippers
  Raptors visit Alamo City to take on Spurs
  Report: Iverson considering retirement
  Evans, Kings beat Warriors
  Bryant's strong first half helps Lakers down Hornets
  Miller, Blazers continue dominance over T'Wolves
Sunday, November 08, 2009
  Durant, Thunder crush Magic
  Gordon, Pistons edge 76ers
  Suns rout Wizards
  Hornets take on Lakers in Hollywood
  Reeling Wolves hope to snap skid in Portland
  Magic hope to make Thunder disappear
  Kings kick off homestand by hosting Warriors
  Suns visit reeling Wizards at Verizon Center
  Sixers visit banged-up Pistons
  Kaman, Clippers beat Grizzlies for third straight win
  Celtics keep Nets winless
  Kings get big game from Evans, rock Jazz
  Bucks trample Knicks
  Nowitzki, Mavs pull away from Raptors
Saturday, November 07, 2009
  Hawks make easy work of Nuggets
  Report: Iverson leaves Grizzlies for personal reasons
  Detroit F Prince out indefinitely with ruptured disc
  Nets F Douglas-Roberts diagnosed with swine flu
  NBA Notebook: Early returns point to Jennings as NBA's top rookie
  Bucks kick off homestand by hosting Knicks
  Grizz finish road trip in LA vs. Clippers
  Martin-less Kings visit Jazz
  Bosh, Raptors hope to snap skid in Dallas
  Bobcats battle Bulls in Windy City
  Celtics visit hapless Nets
  Nuggets, Hawks clash in Atlanta
  Spurs' Parker leaves after rolling ankle
  Clippers dominate Warriors
  Roy, Blazers get by Spurs
  Wade leads Heat past Nuggets
  Williams helps Sixers edge Nets
  Lakers crush Grizzlies as Kobe notches 24,000th point
  Granger, Hansbrough lead Pacers in rout of Wizards
  James, Cavs drop Knicks at the Garden
  Charlotte mauls Hawks; six Bobcats reach double figures
  Landry, Ariza help Rockets down Thunder
  Richardson, Suns burn Celtics
  Bosh paces Raptors over Hornets
Friday, November 06, 2009
  Howard, Magic down shorthanded Pistons
  Bucks send Timberwolves to fifth straight loss
  Bulls F Thomas out with broken arm
  Kings G Martin to have wrist surgery
  Hornets welcome Raptors to town
  Hornets owner Shinn diagnosed with prostate cancer
  Winless Nets visit Sixers
  Rockets host Thunder at Toyota Center
  Clippers pay a visit to Golden State
  Spurs, Blazers square off at Rose Garden
  Timberwolves hope to stop skid vs. Bucks
  Grizzlies resume road trip at Lakers
  New York State of Mind? LeBron, Cavs visit MSG
  Unbeaten Celtics host sizzling Suns
  Nuggets, Heat meet in South Beach
  Pacers kick off homestand by hosting Wizards
  Magic, Pistons clash in Orlando
  Streaking Hawks visit Bobcats
  Williams, Jazz handle Spurs
  Chicago locks down James as Bulls edge Cavs
Thursday, November 05, 2009
  Kings G Martin has left wrist fracture
  Kings F Nocioni arrested for DUI
  Kings waive G/F Mason
  Cavs go for fourth straight win vs. Bulls
  Spurs head to Salt Lake City to battle Jazz
  Warriors earn first win, down Grizzlies
  Crawford helps Hawks down Kings
  Granger lifts Pacers over Knicks
  Wade's 40-point night paces Heat over Wizards
  Paul leads Hornets comeback over Mavs in OT
  Nuggets roll over Nets
  Lakers need OT to beat Rockets in Artest/Ariza returns
Wednesday, November 04, 2009
  Celtics edge T'Wolves to remain undefeated
  Raptors earn double-digit win over Pistons
  Howard's big third quarter highlights Orlando's win over Suns
  Kings sign Udoka
  Rockets welcome Lakers to Toyota Center
  Boston gets its bench back
  Kings, Hawks square off at ARCO Arena
  Grizzlies resume road trip against Warriors
  Hornets host Mavericks in the Big Easy
  Celtics take unbeaten mark to Minnesota
  Pistons, Raptors clash in Toronto
  Unbeaten Suns face Magic in Orlando
  Pacers, Knicks tangle in MSG
  Nuggets resume road trip against winless Nets
  Southeast rivals meet as Wizards host Heat
  Kobe, Lakers dodge Thunder in OT
  Crawford sparks Hawks in road win over Blazers
  Rose, Bulls nip Bucks in Chicago
  Bynum strong as Pistons down Magic
Tuesday, November 03, 2009
  Celtics slam Sixers to remain unbeaten
  Nowitzki's record fourth quarter stuns Jazz
  Clippers' owner to pay $2.725 million to settle lawsuit
  LeBron paces Cavs over Wiz
  Suns edge Heat in battle of unbeatens
  Nuggets stay perfect; Pacers still winless
  More legal trouble for Cavs' West
  Detroit F Prince has playing streak snapped
  Clippers' to pay $2.725 million to settle discrimination lawsuit
  Nets' Yi has MCL sprain, return unknown
  Celtics, Sixers to tussle in South Philly
  'Melo leads sizzling Nuggets into Indiana
  Cavs hope to stay on track vs. Wizards
  Mavericks welcome Jazz to town
  Hawks take on Blazers at Rose Garden
  Bucks, Bulls set for Windy City showdown
  Lakers hit the road to Oklahoma City
  Unbeaten Magic pay a visit to Detroit
  Suns try to beat the Heat in Miami
  Iverson makes debut, but seems upset in role with new team
  Martin's 48 carry Kings to OT win; Iverson debuts for Memphis
  Nets' Yi hurts knee
  Bobcats overcome slow start to beat winless Nets
  Rockets pull away in second half to beat Jazz
  Lee sparks Knicks to first win of season
  Clippers edge T'Wolves for first win of season
Monday, November 02, 2009
  Celtics agree to extension with Rondo
  Knicks G Robinson to miss time with ankle injury
  Wolves exercise options on Brewer, Love
  Howard, Anthony earn first weekly honors of 2009-10
  Bucks decline option on F Alexander
  Bucks G Redd to miss two weeks
  Celtics agree to new deal with Rondo
  Winless Clippers welcome T-Wolves to LA
  Iverson expected to debut for Grizzlies at Sacramento
  Jazz host Rockets at EnergySolutions Arena
  Winless Nets shoot for first win in Charlotte vs. Bobcats
  Knicks continue homestand vs. Hornets
  Suns hold off Minnesota
  Anthony scores 42 as Nuggets outlast Grizzlies
  Bryant's 41 leads Lakers over Hawks
Sunday, November 01, 2009
  Balanced attack sends Blazers past Thunder
  Wade carries Heat past Bulls
  Pierce leads undefeated Celtics past Hornets
  Knicks' Harrington fined
  Pacers exercise options on Rush, Hibbert; Foster out a few weeks
  Big three-point effort keeps Orlando unbeaten
  Magic aim to stretch hot start in Toronto
  Anthony, Nuggets take on Memphis at Pepsi Center
  Lakers attempt to bounce back in home test with Hawks
  Suns shoot for 3-0 start versus 'Wolves
  Undefeated Thunder put record on line vs. Blazers
  Heat, Bulls square off in Miami
  Celtics try to stay unbeaten in home tilt with Hornets
  Late run helps Sixers outlast Knicks in OT
  Arenas and Wizards cruise past Nets
  Spurs cruise past Kings
  Nowitzki, Mavs down Clippers
  Williams, Cavs crush Bobcats
  Jennings stars as Bucks top Pistons in home opener
  Ariza leads Rockets past Blazers
  Nuggets extend Balkman; exercise option on Afflalo
Sunday, November 30, 2008
  Harris scores career-high 47 to propel Nets past Suns
  Anthony leaves Nuggets-Rockets game
  'Melo hurts elbow, but Nuggets beat short-handed Rockets
  Rose paces Bulls over Sixers
  Blazers fire past Pistons
  Nets close out trek at Phoenix
  Blazers open trip against Pistons
  Sixers aim to snap skid versus Bulls
  Rockets try to stay hot on the road in Denver
  Lakers wrap up homestand vs. Raptors
  Howard's big night propels Magic over Pacers
  Clippers manage to squeak past Heat
  Terry, Mavs too much for Kings
  James carries Cavs over Bucks for fifth straight win
  Nets hand Jazz rare loss in Utah
  Duhon's 22 assists help Knicks to record-setting win over Warriors
Saturday, November 29, 2008
  Durant, Thunder finally get win, beat Memphis
  Billups, Nuggets defeat Timberwolves
  Bucks G Redd returns after absence
  Rockets crush Spurs
  Celtics beat Bobcats, move to 16-2
  Horford's late bucket lifts Hawks over Wizards
  Magic's Pietrus out 3-5 weeks
  Houston's McGrady to miss two games
  LeBron leads rolling Cavs into Milwaukee
  Clippers host Heat at Staples Center
  Kings aim to stop slide vs. Mavs
  Nets continue trek at Utah
  Rockets, Spurs square off in Houston
  Lowly Thunder try to stop skid in Memphis
  Nuggets take on familiar Timberwolves
  Knicks try to avoid distractions vs. Warriors
  Orlando hosts Indiana at Amway Arena
  Streaking Celtics visit Bobcats
  Wizards host Hawks at Verizon Center
  Bryant sparks comeback win over Mavs as Lakers keep rolling
  Parker returns as Spurs top Grizzlies
  Jazz give Kings a royal thrashing
  Roy leads Blazers past Hornets
  Wade torches Suns in Marion's return to Phoenix
  Cavs throttle Warriors to remain unbeaten at home
  Nash out with bruised thigh
  Late-arriving Bosh leads Raptors past Hawks
  Felton leads Bobcats past Pacers in OT
  Allen keys Celtics to rout of Sixers
Friday, November 28, 2008
  Iverson comes off bench to lead Pistons past Bucks
  Spurs' Parker returns
  Thunder match franchise record with 14th straight loss
  Knicks suspend Marbury
  NBA Atlantic: Sixers can't shoot straight
  NBA Central: Cavs making life miserable on visitors
  Wasted Talent
  Kings, Jazz square off in Utah
  Hawks aim to cure road troubles in Toronto against Raptors
  Pacers face Bobcats at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Spurs host Grizzlies at AT&T Center
  Blazers close out homestand vs. Hornets
  Lakers welcome Mavs to Staples Center
  Cavs put perfect home record on the line vs. Warriors
  Streaking Celtics shoot for seventh straight win vs. Sixers
  Iverson benched as Pistons welcome Bucks to Palace
  O'Neal, Suns host Heat
  Thunder aim to snap 13-game skid against T-Wolves
  Hornets hand Nuggets loss in Denver
Thursday, November 27, 2008
  Howard summons Magic to win over Wizards
  Detroit's Iverson misses practice, will not start Friday
  Hornets and Nuggets meet in Turkey Day affair
  Streaking Magic visit Wizards
  Pistons cruise in win over Knicks
  Shaq leads Suns past T-Wolves
  Anthony, Nuggets edge Clippers
  Blazers crush Heat
  Carter exits early, but Nets still edge Kings in OT
  Millsap helps Jazz cruise against Grizzlies
  Granger's tip-in helps Pacers ground Rockets
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
  Duncan, Spurs win back-and-forth battle with Bulls
  Toronto's Bosh too much for Bobcats
  Rockets F Battier makes season debut; McGrady out
  Warriors valiant in loss to Celtics
  Lewis' late three-pointer sends Magic past Sixers
  Hawks get by Bucks with balanced attack
  Cavs crush Thunder
  Rockets F Battier back on the court
  Celtics shoot for sixth straight win against Warriors
  Pacers face Rockets at Toyota Center
  Jazz welcome Grizzlies to town
  Nets, Kings square off in Sacramento
  Nuggets pay a visit to Clippers
  Sixers host Magic
  Heat open road trip in Portland
  Bulls resume trip at San Antonio
  LeBron and Cavs aim to stay perfect at home vs. lowly Thunder
  Bobcats shoot for first road win in Toronto
  Knicks face Pistons in Motown
  Suns visit Wolves in Twin Cities
  Hawks welcome injury-riddled Bucks to Atlanta
  LeBron leads Cavs to blowout of Knicks
  Bucks' Bogut out 7-10 days
  Knicks G Robinson strains groin
  Knicks, Clippers complete trade
  Gasol and Lakers bench combine to pound Nets in LA
  Carlisle gets best of old team as Mavs upend Pacers
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
  Suns send Thunder to 12th straight loss on Barnes' late three
  Butler, Wizards crush Warriors in Tapscott's debut
  Miami F Wright undergoes second knee surgery
  LeBron leads Cavs into MSG to face Knicks
  Thunder host Suns in Oklahoma City
  Pacers visit Carlisle, Mavs in Dallas
  Nets aim to cool off streaking Lakers
  Tapscott makes coaching debut as Wizards host Warriors
  Report: Mobley's heart issue holds up Knicks-Clippers trade
  Roy, Blazers survive home tilt with Kings
  Ginobili's return sparks Spurs win over Grizzlies
  Paul's triple-double sparks Hornets to win over Clips
  Hughes' jumper at the horn propels Bulls past Jazz
  Lewis, Magic edge past Bucks
Monday, November 24, 2008
  Rockets pull away from Heat
  Bucks' Bogut leaves game
  Magic guard Nelson leaves game
  Spurs' Ginobili back in action against Grizzlies
  Bobcats use backcourt tandem and defense to beat Sixers
  Wade, Nowitzki earn NBA weekly honors
  Wizards fire Eddie Jordan
  Report: Wizards fire Eddie Jordan
  Blazers open homestand with Kings
  Hornets face Clippers in LA
  Jazz put perfect home record on line vs. Bulls
  Spurs visit Grizzlies at FedEx Forum
  Sixers face former coach Brown and Bobcats in Charlotte
  Rockets invade South Beach to take on Heat
  Magic welcome Bucks to Orlando
  Martin, Nuggets pull away in fourth to beat Bulls
  Balanced Lakers fend off Kings
Sunday, November 23, 2008
  T-Wolves crush Pistons at the Palace
  Brand leads Sixers past Golden State
  Allen, Celtics hammer Raptors
  NBA Pacific: Clippers get Davis his low post option
  Sixers aim to snap skid vs. Warriors in Philly
  Pistons host T-Wolves in Motor City
  Nuggets welcome Bulls to Pepsi Center
  Streaking Lakers host Kings
  Celtics meet Raptors in Toronto
  Cavs have no trouble handling Hawks
  O'Neal, Suns too much for Portland
  Thunderstruck: Carlesimo fired as head coach
  Okur, Brewer lead Jazz past Grizzlies
  Rockets continue success in Orlando
Saturday, November 22, 2008
  New coach, same result: Thunder lose to Paul, Hornets
  Wade shines as Heat pull away to top Pacers
  Richardson leads shorthanded Knicks over Wizards
  Yi leads Nets over Clippers
  Toronto C O'Neal has strained left knee
  New look Knicks welcome Wizards to MSG
  Cavs welcome Hawks to Cleveland
  Heat welcome Pacers to South Beach
  Nets host struggling Clippers
  Brooks makes coaching debut as Thunder visit Hornets
  Jazz pay a visit to Memphis
  Suns attempt to continue dominance vs. Blazers
  Division leaders meet in Orlando as Rockets face Magic
  Report: Thunder fires Carlesimo
  Mason carries Spurs over injury-riddled Jazz
  Hughes stars as Bulls edge Warriors
  Kobe shines, 'Melo struggles as Lakers clobber Nuggets
  Portland uses depth to dominate Kings
  Hornets make themselves at home in blowout win over Thunder
Friday, November 21, 2008
  Mavs finally get first home win, top Grizzlies
  Villanueva, Bucks crush short-handed Knicks
  Garnett returns to Minnesota to lead Celtics over T'Wolves
  Boozer sits out in San Antonio
  Carter's jam caps wild OT finish as Nets edge Raptors
  Brand's game-winner sinks former mates as Sixers top Clippers
  Johnson leads Hawks over Bobcats
  O'Neal leaves game against Nets
  Lewis has the Magic in OT win over Pacers
  Rockets conjure up win with fourth-quarter rally over Wizards
  Let's make a deal: Knicks trade away Crawford, Randolph
  Making a run at LeBron
  Knicks take on Bucks in Milwaukee
  Bulls resume trek against Golden State
  Knicks swap Crawford for Harrington
  NBA Southwest: Rockets set pace in disappointing division
  NBA Northwest: Nuggets doing just fine sans A.I.
  Jazz pay a visit to San Antonio
  Lakers welcome Nuggets to Staples Center
  Hornets return to Ford Center to face Thunder
  Blazers take on Kings in Sacramento
  Mavs try for first home win vs. Memphis
  Brand faces old mates as Clips visit Sixers
  Nets visit Raptors
  Streaking Magic meet Pacers in Indy
  Hawks host struggling Bobcats
  K.G. returns to Minnesota as Celtics face Timberwolves
  Rockets face Wizards in D.C.
  Lakers roll past Suns
  Rondo, Celtics cruise past Pistons
Thursday, November 20, 2008
  Suns welcome rival Lakers to the desert
  Iverson leads Pistons into Beantown
  Oden successful in home debut; Blazers blitz Bulls
  Boozer injured in win over Bucks
  Jazz top Bucks to extend home win streak; Boozer exits early
  Billups, Denver top Spurs for fourth straight win
  Portland G Blake leaves game
  Clippers crush Thunder
  Terry leads Mavs past hobbled Rockets
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
  Raptors overcome Wade's 40-point night win in over Heat
  Salmons, Kings have big fourth quarter to beat Hornets
  Iverson helps Pistons snap Cavs' eight-game win streak
  T'Wolves fend off Sixers to snap eight-game skid
  Yao out against Mavericks
  Hawks' Horford misses game against the Wizards
  Late three-pointers lift Hawks over Wizards
  Hawks' Horford will not play against the Wizards
  Iverson and Pistons welcome King James to Motor City
  Mavs face banged-up Rockets in Houston
  Bulls resume trek at Portland
  Sixers bring win streak to Minnesota
  Kings take on Hornets in Big Easy
  Spurs aim for fourth straight win vs. Denver
  Jazz host Bucks in Salt Lake City
  Heat welcome Raptors to South Beach
  Lowly Clippers visit struggling Thunder
  Hawks attempt to snap skid against woeful Wizards
  Morrow leads Warriors over Blazers in Oakland
  Gasol's big night helps Lakers edge Bulls
  Kleiza leads Nuggets past Bucks
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
  LeBron leads Cavs past Nets
  Celtics win without Garnett, top Knicks again
  Gay, Warrick lead Grizzlies over Kings
  Turkoglu leads Magic over Raptors in Orlando
  Nowitzki, Dallas cruise past Bobcats
  Granger leads Indiana over reeling Hawks
  Hawks' Horford leaves game vs. Pacers
  Rockets get promising news on McGrady, Yao, Artest
  Wade leads Heat past Wizards
  NBA loses a legend
  Lakers try to rebound vs. Bulls
  Wizards host Heat at Verizon Center
  Magic welcome Raptors to Orlando
  Garnett-less Celtics host Knicks in Beantown
  Kings hit the road to Memphis
  Nuggets welcome Bucks to Pepsi Center
  Warriors host Blazers in Oakland
  Red-hot Cavs hit road to take on Nets
  Bobcats shoot for first win in franchise history vs. Mavs
  Hawks attempt to snap skid in Indy against Pacers
  Rockets send Thunder to eighth straight loss
  Mason's three puts Spurs past flailing Clips
  Jazz beat Suns
Monday, November 17, 2008
  Houston's McGrady leaves game early, Artest follows suit
  Report: Oklahoma City F Mason will miss up to two weeks
  Boston F Garnett suspended one game
  Mavs' Cuban charged with insider trading
  Golden State inks Jackson to extension
  Suns visit Salt Lake City to face slumping Jazz
  Spurs try to reach .500 against woeful Clippers
  Struggling Thunder host Rockets
  Billups helps Nuggets send T'Wolves to eighth straight loss
Sunday, November 16, 2008
  Duncan leads Spurs past Kings
  Shaq thrown out for flagrant foul two
  Stoudemire leads Suns over Pistons
  Nowitzki, Mavs top Knicks in OT
  Magic down Bobcats for third straight win
  Bosh, Raptors beat the Heat
  Spurs hit the road to Sacramento
  Nuggets, T-Wolves square off at Pepsi Center
  Pistons pay a visit to Phoenix
  Mavs try to stop skid in Big Apple
  Orlando wraps up trip at Charlotte
  Raptors host Heat up north
  James leads Cavs past Jazz, to seventh straight win
  Harris and Nets hand Hawks third straight loss
  Allen lifts Celtics over Bucks in OT
  Not every Rose has its thorn; rookie leads Bulls past Pacers
  Sixers slam Thunder
Saturday, November 15, 2008
  Rockets swat Hornets
  Cavs' Wallace plays against Jazz despite left knee contusion
  Roy leads Blazers past T-Wolves
  Morrow leads Warriors over woeful Clips
  Cavs' Wallace questionable versus Jazz with left knee contusion
  Jazz wrap up trek against surging Cavs
  Blazers pay a visit to Minnesota
  Celtics, Bucks square off at Bradley Center
  Hornets hit the road to Houston
  76ers welcome Thunder to town
  Nets, Hawks close out home-and-home set
  Woeful Clippers host Warriors
  Wade leads Heat to rout of Wizards
  Wallace, Pistons send Lakers to first loss
  Stoudemire's jumper, block help Suns edge Kings in OT
  Lewis leads Orlando comeback over Dallas
  Randolph, Crawford push Knicks over Thunder
  Nuggets halt Celtics' six-game win streak
  Harris leads Nets to victory over Hawks
Friday, November 14, 2008
  Posey, Hornets hold off Blazers
  Duncan leads Spurs to comeback win over Rockets
  Williams and Kirilenko out for Jazz against Charlotte
  Charlotte pulls out victory over short-handed Jazz
  Bucks drop Grizzlies in OT
  Young, Sixers overcome big deficit to topple Pacers
  Nuggets' Hunter has knee surgery
  NBA suspends Nash, Barnes and Alston
  Bobcats welcome Jazz to Charlotte
  NBA Southeast: Youth movement paying off in Atlanta
  Suns, Kings square off in Sacramento
  Suns' Barbosa leaves team after passing of his mother
  It's Celtics-Lakers in a two-horse race
  Pacers shoot for fourth straight win vs. Sixers
  Grizzlies welcome Bucks to FedEx Forum
  Oden, Blazers visit Hornets
  Rockets wrap up trek at San Antonio
  Magic visit Dallas at American Airlines Center
  Kobe leads unbeaten Lakers vs. Iverson, Pistons
  Wizards visit Heat in South Beach
  Nets welcome high-flying Hawks to Izod Center
  Surprising Knicks host Thunder at MSG
  Nuggets try to cool off Celtics in Boston
  Hamilton carries Pistons to win over Warriors
  Gordon, Rose lift Bulls past Mavs
  Theus fined for comments
Thursday, November 13, 2008
  Williams and James lead Cavs over Nuggets
  NBA Southwest: Spurs need to tread water
  Bulls sign veteran Hunter
  Mavs try to get back on track vs. Bulls in Chicago
  Iverson leads Pistons into Oakland to face Warriors
  James and Cavs shoot for sixth straight win vs. Nuggets
  Shoving match overshadows Houston's rout of Suns
  Udrih leads Kings to win over Clippers
  Knicks shoot the lights out against Grizzlies
  Howard's big night helps Magic down Thunder
  The Truth hurts: Celtics hand Hawks first loss of season
  Fernandez, Blazers beat Heat in Oden's return
  Barnes, Alston ejected in Suns-Rockets scuffle
  Lakers stay perfect with win in New Orleans
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
  Ford drives Pacers past Nets
  Jefferson, Bucks edge depleted Spurs
  Blazers' Oden returns after missing six games
  The Butler did it! Wizards silence Jazz
  Brand, Sixers get first road win in Toronto
  Howard' big night helps Magic down Thunder
  Thunder without Durant, Wilcox vs. Magic
  Bobcats' Richardson has knee examined
  NBA Pacific: Bynum hopes to help Lakers take the next step
  Spurs visit Bucks at Bradley Center
  Magic open road trip at Oklahoma City
  Kings pay a visit to Clippers
  Rockets, Suns square off in the desert
  Winless Wizards welcome Jazz to town
  Struggling Sixers face Raptors in Toronto
  Pacers shoot for third straight win vs. Nets
  Unbeaten Hawks visit Celtics in Boston
  Lakers put unbeaten record on the line in The Big Easy vs. Hornets
  Heat take on Blazers in South Beach
  Knicks pay a visit to Memphis
  Iverson leads Pistons past Kings
  Jackson leads Warriors past T-Wolves in OT
  Duncan, Spurs down Knicks
  Horford, Hawks stay perfect with win over Bulls
  Lakers remain perfect with win in Dallas
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
  James' 41 leads Cavs past Bucks
  'Melo leads Nuggets past Charlotte
  Jazz fend off Sixers with fourth-quarter push
  Bulls' Hinrich undergoes surgery
  Williams returns for Jazz vs. Sixers
  NBA Atlantic: No championship hangover in Boston
  Iverson, Pistons aim for a win at Kings
  Hawks swoop into Windy City
  Jazz hope to rebound against woeful Sixers
  Cavs shoot for fifth straight win vs. Bucks
  Nuggets hit the road to Charlotte
  Slumping T'Wolves take on Warriors
  Knicks pay a visit to San Antonio
  Kobe leads unbeaten Lakers into Dallas
  Barbosa, Suns hold off Mayo and the Grizzlies
  Pierce's late-game heroics carries Celtics past Raptors
  Roy dazzles as Portland downs Orlando
Monday, November 10, 2008
  Wade dials long distance as Miami rallies to top New Jersey
  Ford, Pacers finish off Thunder
  Kings' Martin out 7-to-10 days
  Nets' Harris to miss second straight game with ankle sprain
  Heat welcome Nets to South Beach
  James, Stoudemire earn NBA weekly honors
  Utah's Okur takes leave of absence
  Nuggets waive McDyess
  Suns open homestand with Grizzlies
  Celtics kickoff homestand versus Raptors
  Pacers host struggling Thunder
  Magic shoot for fifth straight win against Blazers
  Martin leads Kings past Warriors
  Lakers blast Rockets to remain unbeaten
Sunday, November 09, 2008
  Anthony, Nuggets top Grizzlies
  Hawks remain unbeaten by edging Thunder
  Oklahoma City F Wilcox leaves game
  Celtics squash Pistons; Iverson flat in home debut
  Spurs' Parker out four weeks
  Clippers top Dallas for first victory
  Crawford, Knicks hand Jazz first loss
  Bosh leads Raptors past Bobcats
  Unbeaten Lakers welcome Rockets to town
  Raptors visit Bobcats down south
  Jazz take unbeaten mark into Big Apple
  Kings, Warriors square off at ARCO Arena
  Nuggets welcome Grizzlies to Pepsi Center
  Hawks try to steal Thunder in Oklahoma City
  Showdown in Motown: Pistons host Celtics at The Palace
  Winless Clippers host Mavericks
  Hornets survive the Heat behind Paul's record-setting effort
  Roy's late surge paces Blazers over Timberwolves
  Howard, Magic top winless Wizards
  King James scores 41 as Cavs down Bulls
  Shaq carries Suns over Bucks
Saturday, November 08, 2008
  Granger, Pacers cut down Nets
  Bulls' Hinrich out up to three months
  Nets, Pacers meet at Conseco Fieldhouse
  T'Wolves try to stop slide in Portland
  Heat take on Hornets in New Orleans
  Winless Wizards pay a visit to Orlando
  Suns close out trip at Milwaukee
  LeBron leads Cavs into Windy City
  Kings hand T-Wolves fourth straight loss
  LeBron propels Cavs past Pacers
  Rockets keep Clippers winless
  Gay, Mayo help Grizzlies hold off Warriors
  Anthony, Denver sinks Dallas on free throws
  Clippers' Thomas leaves with ankle injury
  Report: Nuggets to buy out McDyess' contract
  Spurs' Parker leaves with ankle injury
  Sloan picks up 1,000th win with Jazz
  Wade, Heat roll over Spurs; Parker injured
  Pierce leads Celtics past Bucks
Friday, November 07, 2008
  Harris' big night helps Nets upend Detroit in Iverson's debut
  Gordon, Rose lead Bulls in rout of Suns
  Hawks down Raptors, but lose Smith
  Hawks' Smith leaves with ankle injury
  Felton, Bobcats hold off Hornets
  Everybody beats the Wiz: Randolph, Knicks keep Washington winless
  Knicks add Allan Houston to front office
  The Winning Formula
  Heat pay a visit to San Antonio
  Utah's Sloan aims to make history vs. Thunder
  Grizzlies, Warriors square off in Oakland
  Winless Clippers host Rockets in LA
  Billups, Nuggets take on Mavericks
  Kings continue homestand vs. T'Wolves
  Suns resume road trip in Windy City
  Bucks pay a visit to Celtics
  Hot Hawks welcome Raptors to Atlanta
  Pacers visit LeBron and Cavs
  Iverson set to make Pistons debut in New Jersey against Nets
  Hornets return to Charlotte to face Bobcats
  Winless Wizards welcome Knicks to Verizon Center
  Orlando defeats Sixers
  Roy's buzzer-beater lifts Blazers past Yao, Rockets in OT
Thursday, November 06, 2008
  Iguodala's flailing in Philly
  Rockets ready to blast off in Portland
  Sixers finish Florida swing in Orlando
  Martin, Kings top Grizzlies to earn first win of the season
  Bryant, Lakers use late run to down Clips
  Back at MSG: Brown's Bobcats edged by Knicks
  James dominant as Cavs top Bulls
  Jackson, Warriors hold off Nuggets
  Okur leads Jazz over Blazers
  Parker's career-night sends Spurs to first win in 2-OT thriller
Wednesday, November 05, 2008
  Stoudemire scores 49 to lead Suns over Pacers
  Bucks edge Wizards in OT
  Pierce, Celtics easily handle Thunder
  Johnson helps Hawks hand Hornets first loss
  Iverson's Pistons debut delayed
  Pistons, minus Iverson, beat Raptors
  Pistons meet Raptors in Toronto; Iverson unlikely to play
  Unbeaten Jazz try to tune out Blazers
  New-look Nuggets visit Warriors
  Lakers play host to local Clippers
  Grizzlies, Kings meet in Sacramento
  Wizards take on Bucks in Milwaukee
  Winless Spurs jingle into Minnesota
  Garnett leads Celtics into Oklahoma City
  Hawks pay a visit to unbeaten Hornets
  Brown returns to New York with Bobcats
  Sixers meet Heat in South Beach
  Bulls-Cavs renew rivalry in Cleveland
  Allen, Celtics hold off Rockets
Tuesday, November 04, 2008
  Bell, Suns scorch Nets
  Nowitzki, Mavs send Spurs to worst start in 35 years
  Pistons formally introduce Iverson to team
  Rockets welcome Celtics to town
  Spurs-Mavs renew rivalry in San Antonio
  Nets host Suns at Izod Center
  Millsap leads Jazz to home-and-home sweep of Clips
  Cavs net rare win in Dallas in convincing fashion
Monday, November 03, 2008
  Pistons cap busy day with blowout of Bobcats
  Howard leads Magic to tight win over Bulls
  Young, Sixers keep Kings winless
  Gasol carries Grizzlies over Warriors
  Report: Pistons ink G Hamilton to extension
  Iverson heads to Pistons for three players
  Bosh, Paul earn NBA weekly honors
  Nuggets waive Howard
  Dumars rolls the dice with Iverson
  Report: Iverson heading to Pistons
  Magic host Bulls at Amway Arena
  Bobcats welcome Pistons to town
  Kings conclude trek at Philadelphia
  Warriors, Grizzlies square off in Memphis
  Jazz pay a visit to winless Clippers
  LeBron leads Cavaliers into Dallas
  Thunder hold on to top T-Wolves for first win
  Jefferson, Bucks top Knicks
Sunday, November 02, 2008
  Thunder hold on to top T-Wolves for franchise's first win
  Bucks G Redd leaves game against Knicks
  Report: D'Antoni wants Marbury waived
  Thunder still searching for first win vs. Minnesota
  Knicks meet Bucks in Madison Square Garden
  Stoudemire and O'Neal lead Suns past Blazers
  Bryant, Lakers down Nuggets
  Rockets crush Thunder
  Huge second half carries Jazz past Clippers
  Rose, Bulls pull away to top Grizzlies
Saturday, November 01, 2008
  Paul, Hornets stay perfect with home-opening win over Cavs
  Biedrins, Jackson lead Warriors past Nets
  Hawks rally to beat Sixers
  Mavs down 'Wolves to give Carlisle first win as coach
  Tough Granger leads Indiana over Celtics
  Calderon's late three lifts Raptors over Bucks
  Hamilton, Wallace lead Pistons past Wizards
  Pacers C Nesterovic leaves game
  Wallace gives Brown first win as Bobcats coach in defeat of Miami
  Howard paces Magic over Kings
  Jazz look to stay perfect vs. Clips
  Sixers to test Hawks in Atlanta
  Pistons welcome Wizards to Motor City
  Suns attempt to continue dominance over Blazers
  Nuggets welcome Lakers to Pepsi Center
  Bulls look to get back on track versus Grizzlies
  Bucks welcome Raptors for home opener
  Rockets welcome Thunder to Houston
  Mavs shoot for 9th straight win vs. Timberwolves
  Banged up Hornets look to stay unbeaten against LeBron and Cavs
  Nets entertain Warriors in home opener
  Brown looks for first win as Bobcats welcome Heat to Charlotte
  Kings, Magic both shoot for first win in Orlando
  Celtics look for third straight win against Pacers
  Garnett leads Celtics past Bulls
  Roy, Blazers edge Spurs
  Gay sends Grizzlies over Magic
  Iverson, Nuggets come back to upend Clippers in OT
  Clippers G Davis leaves game
  Bosh and Raptors down Warriors in OT
  Brand, Sixers handle Knicks
  Wade leads Heat in rout of Kings
Friday, November 30, 2007
  Bargnani's career high leads Raptors past Cavs
  Ginobili sizzles behind the arc, Spurs come back to trounce T-Wolves
  West, Hornets buzz by Hawks
  Knicks come back to stun Bucks
  LeBron sits against Raptors
  Sixers on way to No. 1 pick?
  Clippers starting to struggle
  Magic enjoying West Coast approach
  Pacers, Sonics square off in Emerald City
  Kobe, Lakers take on Jazz in Utah
  Suns try to make Magic disappear
  Blazers pay a visit to Mavericks
  Timberwolves host Spurs at Target Center
  Cavs, Raptors meet in Toronto
  Wizards finish road trip in Philly
  Knicks try to rebound against Bucks at MSG
  Hornets visit Atlanta
  Celtics travel to Miami
  Bryant leads Lakers over Nuggets
  Davis leads Warriors to rout of Rockets
  Allen, Pierce and Celtics pound Knicks by 45
Thursday, November 29, 2007
  LeBron day-to-day with sprained finger
  Parker not with the Heat due to reported incident
  Boston, San Antonio stand above the rest
  Nuggets ink F/C McCoy
  Golden State hosts Yao, Rockets
  Suns send Tucker to D-League
  Celtics, Knicks battle in Beantown
  Nuggets try to get back on winning track against Lakers
  Parker's stat-stuffing showing spurs San Antonio past Wizards
  Boozer, Jazz tune up Sixers
  Warriors use late run to beat Kings
  Yao, T-Mac lead Rockets past Suns
  Dunleavy's double-double lifts Pacers over Blazers
  Howard scores career-best 39 as Orlando handles Seattle
  Nowitzki, Mavericks hold off Timberwolves
  LeBron leaves with bum finger as Pistons roll Cavs
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
  LeBron misses second half with finger injury
  Raptors roll over Grizzlies
  Johnson, Hawks soar past Bucks
  Raptors' Bosh, Bargnani leave game
  Hornets have the players to compete
  Nuggets waive G Wilks
  Warriors have rebounded from slow start
  Yao, McGrady have to bring it every game
  Spurs are all business
  Sacramento's Martin is the real deal
  Mavs try to halt losing streak versus Timberwolves
  Cavs, Pistons renew rivalry
  Bucks, Hawks battle in Atlanta
  Jazz ready to play in City of Brotherly Love
  Wizards resume road trip at San Antonio
  Suns try to rebound vs. Rockets
  Grizzlies, Raptors meet for final time this season
  Kings host Warriors at ARCO Arena
  Pacers visit Blazers at Rose Garden
  Magic, Sonics square off in Emerald City
  Kobe ensures Lakers victory over Seattle
  Williams helps Pacers hold off Nuggets
  Dalembert and Sixers hand Bucks first home loss
  Deng, Bulls defeat Hawks to snap four-game skid
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
  Gasol, Grizz grind to rare win over Nets in Jersey
  Davis, Cook lead Heat to rout of Bobcats
  LeBron turns it on in OT, Cavs hand Celtics their second loss
  Durant, SuperSonics have a long way to go
  Kobe needs more from his teammates
  Grizzlies have to get their act together
  Sixers visit surprising Bucks
  Bulls return home to host the Hawks
  Lakers attempt to halt losing streak against Seattle
  Pacers open road trip in Denver
  Garnett, Celtics visit LeBron, Cavs
  Bobcats hope to halt losing streak in Miami
  Nets try to stay hot at home against Grizzlies
  Wolves surprise suddenly struggling Hornets
  Butler goes off for 35 as Wizards roll past Mavs
  Turkoglu helps Magic over Blazers
  Ellis takes over to propel Warriors past Suns
  McGrady rises to lead Rockets over Clippers
  Udhri, Kings top Spurs
  Knicks hold off Utah to earn second straight win
Monday, November 26, 2007
  Raptors say Garbajosa needs more surgery
  Mavs' Avery fined 25K
  Trail Blazers have been streaky
  Nuggets' Martin has bone bruise in leg
  James, Parker earn Player of the Week honors
  No time to rest for the Mavericks
  Suns set for battle with Warriors
  Clippers welcome Rockets to LA
  Magic hit the road to Portland
  Kings, Spurs square off at ARCO Arena
  Mavs host Wizards
  Minnesota takes on New Orleans
  Jazz pay a visit to New York
  New-look Timberwolves having growing pains
  Nash, Suns are rolling
  Boozer, Williams make Jazz a serious threat in West
  Jefferson, Nachbar help Nets clip Lakers
  Duncan leads the way as Spurs speed by Sonics
Sunday, November 25, 2007
  Boozer lifts Jazz over Pistons
  James' triple-double lifts Cavs past Pacers
  Calderon's double-double powers Raptors over Bulls
  Nuggets' Martin out with right knee strain
  Azubuike's late trey gives Warriors OT win over Sixers
  Stojakovic, Hornets sting Clippers
  Redd and Bogut bring Bucks back in win over Mavs
  Gay, Navarro lead Grizzlies over Wizards
  Rockets blast Nuggets
Saturday, November 24, 2007
  Joe Johnson, Hawks rally to beat Timberwolves
  Azubike's late trey gives Warriors OT win over Sixers
  Allen sinks game-winning three at the buzzer; Celts climb to 11-1
  Allen sinks game-winning three at the buzzer; Celts climb to 12-1
  Hedo, Howard combine to propel Magic past Heat
  Raptors' Garbajosa to consult with medical specialist
  LeBron's triple-double helps Cavs edge Raptors
  Knicks snap eight-game skid with win over Bulls
  Hornets, Clippers meet in LA
  Raptors end road trip in Cleveland
  Celtics visit Charlotte
  Warriors travel to City of Brotherly Love
  Van Gundy leads Magic against Heat
  Hawks continue swing in Minnesota
  Wizards start road trip in Memphis
  Slumping Rockets host Carmelo, Nuggets
  Mavs try to get back on winning track against Bucks
  Bulls, Knicks clash at MSG
  Stoudemire lifts streaking Suns past Clippers
  Charlotte's Wallace leaves game
  Jazz rout Hornets behind Boozer's double-double
  Jefferson drops 30 as Nets hold off Sonics
  Anthony helps Nuggets down Timberwolves
  Celtics slam Lakers for 10-1 start
  Portland edges Sacramento in final minute
  Wade helps Heat gain first home win of season
  Davis' triple-double carries Warriors over Wizards
  Howard dominates as Magic rout Bobcats
  Prince pushes Pistons past Philly at the Palace
Friday, November 23, 2007
  Granger, Pacers stun Mavericks
  Spurs welcome Grizzlies to AT&T Center
  Iverson leads Nuggets against Timberwolves
  Suns go for eight straight wins vs. Clippers
  Jazz, Hornets square off in Utah
  Kings visit Blazers at Rose Garden
  Nets resume road trip at Seattle
  Warriors stop off in Washington
  Bobcats visit Orlando
  Celtics, Lakers renew rivalry
  Rockets try to find their game in Miami
  Pistons continue homestand against Sixers
  Mavs try to stay hot in Indiana
Thursday, November 22, 2007
  Harris, Howard lead Mavs past Rockets
  Bosh stars as Raptors down Grizzlies
  James' huge game leads Cavs past 'Wolves
  Kaman, Clippers down Nuggets
  Kidd leads Nets past Trail Blazers with triple-double
  Bucks hold off Lakers for fourth straight win
  Parker, Spurs defeat Magic
  Marion, Suns trounce Kings
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  Billups, Pistons send Knicks to eighth consecutive loss
  Hawks end long road skid, stop struggling Heat
  Murphy, Granger lead Pacers over Hornets
  Butler lifts streaking Wizards past Bobcats in OT
  Allen, Celtics cruise past Warriors
  Wizards' Arenas out three months
  Golden State starting to find its game
  Paul returns to lineup for Hornets, Chandler out
  Clippers try to halt Denver's winning ways
  Blazers welcome Nets to Rose Garden
  Suns, Kings conclude home-and-home set
  Magic carry win streak into San Antonio
  Knicks take on Pistons in Motor City
  Timberwolves close out stand vs. Cavs
  Hornets host Pacers at New Orleans Arena
  Wizards hope to contiue their magic in Charlotte
  Celtics try to get back on winning track versus Warriors
  Hawks fly into Miami
  Mavs, Rockets clash in Houston
  Lakers try to stay hot in Milwaukee
  Raptors continue road trip in Memphis
  Nowitzki, Mavericks rally to beat Toronto
  Stoudemire preserves win as Suns edge Kings
  Marbury starts, Knicks fall again at MSG
  'Melo leads Nuggets to win over Bulls in Denver
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
  Parker, Spurs down Hawks
  Bryant, Lakers best Pacers
  Redd and Bucks hold off Cavs
  Blatche and Wizards cruise past Sixers
  Arenas sits with knee injury
  Magic sends Ariza to Lakers for Cook, Evans
  Marbury returns to starting lineup for Knicks
  Nuggets go for sixth straight win vs. Bulls
  Cavs finish homestand against Central Division-rival Milwaukee
  Raptors open road trip at Dallas
  Kobe, Lakers stop off in Indiana
  Warriors visit dysfunctional Knicks at MSG
  Wizards try to remain hot against Sixers
  Atlanta hosts defending world champion Spurs
  Williams, Jazz rout Nets
Monday, November 19, 2007
  Magic keep rolling, beat depleted Hornets
  Swift, Grizzlies blitz Sonics
  Wallace, Bobcats best reeling Blazers
  Howard, Iverson earn Player of the Week honors
  Trail Blazers wrap up road trip against Bobcats
  Grizzlies, SuperSonics clash at FedExForum
  Slumping Nets start road trip in Utah
  Hornets, Magic battle for win No. 10
  Pistons lose cool, game to Kings
  Bryant, Lakers storm past Bulls
Sunday, November 18, 2007
  Marvelous Magic send Celtics to first loss
  Davis rallies Warriors past Raptors in fourth
  Raptors center Nesterovic out 1-2 weeks
  Warriors go for win No.2 at Toronto
  Unbeaten Celtics face test against Magic
  Pistons close out trip in Sacramento
  Lakers host Bulls at Staples Center
  Redd and Bogut lead Bucks over Hawks
  Gordon leads Bulls over Clippers
  Rockets go down shooting; Nash leads Suns to fifth straight win
  Mavs squeak past Grizzlies
  Sharp-shooting Pacers pound Jazz
  Wade, Heat burn the Nets
Saturday, November 17, 2007
  Carmelo drops 24, Iverson 23 as Nuggets rout punchless Knicks
  Stojakovic scores 22 as Hornets hammer Minnesota
  Jamison leads Wizards to rout of Portland
  Bobcats use strong second half to sink Sonics
  Bulls resume road trip at Clippers
  Nuggets take on Knicks at Pepsi Center
  Mavs look to lasso win over Grizzlies
  Suns aim to burn Rockets in Houston
  Call of the Wild: Bucks, Hawks meet in Milwaukee
  Hornets, Timberwolves square off in Minnesota
  Heat try to burn Nets at Izod Center
  Jazz try to regroup at Indiana
  Sonics take a trip to Charlotte
  Wizards welcome Blazers to D.C.
  Martin pours in 43, leading Kings past Knicks in double-OT
  Odom and Lakers down Detroit
  Biedrins helps Warriors to first win of season
  Duncan's double-double drives Spurs past McGrady-less Rockets
  West scores 40 points; Hornets edge Grizzlies in OT
  Durant's buzzer beater boosts Sonics over Hawks in 2 OTs
Friday, November 16, 2007
  Lewis, Howard lead Magic to rout of Nets
  Celtics edge Heat, move to 8-0
  Butler, Wizards down flailing T-Wolves
  Sixers rally from 25 down to shock Blazers
  Raptors down reeling Pacers
  James and Cavs hold off Jazz
  Cleveland's Hughes out at least four weeks
  Toronto hosts Pacers
  Trail Blazers visit City of Brotherly Love
  Celtics try to remain perfect against struggling Heat
  Nets host Magic
  Pistons pump into LA to battle Lakers
  Winless Warriors welcome Clippers to town
  Rockets, Spurs go at it again in San Antonio
  Streaking Hornets take on Grizzlies in Memphis
  Durant, SuperSonics try to earn their second victory at Atlanta
  Wizards take a trip to Minnesota
  Kings host Knicks at ARCO Arena
  Jazz, Cavaliers meet at Quicken Loans Arena
  Nets sign guard Gill
  Howard and Harris help Dallas dominate Spurs
  Barbosa leads Suns over Bulls in Phoenix
Thursday, November 15, 2007
  Nuggets' Hunter to undergo knee surgery
  McGrady day-to-day with elbow injury
  Nets' Armstrong sidelined 2-4 weeks
  Marbury's antics are weakening the Knicks
  Mavericks, Spurs renew rivalry
  Bulls start road trip against high-powered Suns
  Kobe, Lakers outlast Rockets; T-Mac leaves with elbow injury
  Kaman leads balanced attack as Clippers down Knicks
  McGrady leaves game against Lakers
  Detroit keeps Warriors winless with comeback win
  Hornets roll in second half over flat Sixers
  Arenas and Butler help Wizards drop Pacers
  Anthony, Nuggets down Blazers
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
  Artest returns, but Kings fall to Timberwolves
  Redd drops 31 as Bucks hold on to top Grizz
  Sonics pick up first win, spoil Wade's return to Heat
  Boozer, Jazz down Raptors
  Johnson and Hawks down Charlotte
  Garnett, Celtics cruise past New Jersey
  Arenas and Butler help Wizards drop Cavs
  Jazz begin road trip in Toronto
  Bucks host Grizzlies at Bradley Center
  Winless Warriors host Pistons
  Pacers stop off in Washington
  Streaking Nuggets host Portland at Pepsi Center
  Houston welcomes Kobe, Lakers to town
  Artest leads Kings into Minnesota
  Hornets, Sixers go at it again
  Knicks resume trek against Clippers
  New-look Celtics try to continue winning ways against Nets
  Bobcats, Hawks clash in Atlanta
  LeBron, Cavs host Magic
  Winless SuperSonics visit struggling Heat
  Aldridge, Blazers finish off Pistons and perfect homestand
  Lewis, Magic keep Sonics winless
  Bobcats rip Heat
  Marbury leaves Knicks
  Suns stomp short-handed Knicks
  Nowitzki, Mavs rout Sixers
  Hot-shooting Spurs ease past Lakers
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  Grizzlies overcome McGrady's 41 to outlast Rockets
  Celtics move to 6-0 by pasting Pacers
  Bucks' F Ruffin out with fractured wrist
  Lewis, Magic host Durant, SuperSonics
  Celtics hope to stay perfect in Indiana
  Rockets try to continue winning ways in Memphis
  Mavericks begin four-game homestand against Sixers
  Heat try to earn second victory in Charlotte
  Spurs host Kobe, Lakers
  Knicks begin road trip in Phoenix
  Portland tries to extend winning streak against Pistons
  Boozer and Jazz crush Kings
  Iverson, 'Melo lead Nuggets past LeBron, Cavs
Monday, November 12, 2007
  Paul helps Hornets sting Nets with clutch play
  Garnett, Yao earn Player of the Week honors
  Nets' Carter has Grade 1 ankle sprain
  Hornets, Nets meet in New Jersey
  Cavaliers finish road trip in Denver
  Utah hosts the Kings
  Hamilton and Pistons keep Sonics winless
  Ilgauskas and Cavs down Clippers
Sunday, November 11, 2007
  Hornets buzz by Sixers
  Ginobili and Spurs crush Bucks
  Williams leads Heat over Knicks for first win
  Yao helps Rockets edge Bobcats
  Wizards avoid 0-6 start by downing Hawks
  Clippers host LeBron, Cavs in LA
  Pistons square off with winless Sonics
  Spurs welcome Bucks to AT&T Center
  Rockets hit the road to Charlotte
  Hornets try to sting Sixers in Philly
  Winless Heat take on Knicks at MSG
  Wizards shoot for first win against Atlanta
  Kings down winless T-Wolves
  Roy's career night ends Blazers' losing streak against Mavs
  Toronto hammers Bulls by 30
  Carmelo leads Nuggets to comeback win in Indy
  Barbosa leads Suns over Howard, Magic
  Boozer, Jazz cruise past Grizzlies
  It is easy being green: Pierce, Celtics down Nets to go 5-0
Saturday, November 10, 2007
  Nets' Carter sprains right ankle
  Mavs aim to continue dominance of Blazers
  Kings, Timberwolves square off at ARCO Arena
  Jazz try to tune out Grizzlies in Utah
  Toronto heads south to Windy City
  Pacers host Iverson, Nuggets in Indy
  Hill leads Suns into Orlando
  Unbeaten Celtics pay a visit to Nets
  Bryant and Lakers clobber T-Wolves
  Boozer's late layup leads Jazz over Sonics
  LeBron leads the way as Cavs edge Kings
  Aldridge, Trail Blazers rally past Grizzlies
  Nash, Suns keep Heat winless
  Ming is King: Yao outduels Yi as Rockets top Bucks
  Bosh helps Raptors edge Sixers
Friday, November 09, 2007
  Billups and Detroit hand Clippers first loss
  Nuggets drop winless Wizards to 0-5
  Duncan, Spurs buzz by Hornets
  Garnett leads new-look, red-hot Celtics over Hawks
  Okafor has 25 points, 23 rebounds as Bobcats top Pacers
  Howard works his magic as Orlando surges past Knicks
  Timberwolves battle Lakers in LA
  Winless Sonics host Jazz in Emerald City
  King James, Cavs pay a visit to Sacramento
  Portland aims to blaze Grizzlies at Rose Garden
  Bucks, Rockets square off in Houston
  Spurs jingle into New Orleans
  Unbeaten Clippers take on Pistons in Motown
  Pacers visit Charlotte
  Sixers host Atlantic Division-rival Toronto
  Celtics, Hawks battle in Boston
  Suns meet winless Heat in Miami
  Magic, Knicks clash at MSG
  Wizards search for first win of campaign versus Nuggets
  Howard and Terry lead Mavs over Warriors
  Thomas leads the way as Bulls get first win, hand Pistons first loss
Thursday, November 08, 2007
  Jefferson and Nets keep Washington winless
  Nene out six weeks with bad thumb
  Celtics' Posey day-to-day with back injury
  Mavericks, Warriors meet in playoff rematch
  Phoenix to host 2009 NBA All-Star Game
  Bulls, Pistons renew their rivalry
  Nets try to extend winning streak versus Wizards
  Williams' last-second basket helps Jazz down LeBron, Cavs
  Jacked up: Blazers win home opener by edging Hornets
  Gay paces Grizzlies past Sonics
  Celtics move to 3-0 by ripping Nuggets
  Late Magic run staves off Raptors
Wednesday, November 07, 2007
  Clippers 4-0 after clobbering Pacers
  Ginobili leads Spurs past winless Heat
  Smith scores 22, grabs 10 rebounds as Hawks burn Suns
  Iguodala, 76ers tame Bobcats
  Pacers' Diogu out with torn calf
  Red-hot Hornets buzz into Portland
  James leads Cavs into Utah
  Memphis, Seattle square off at KeyArena
  Winless Heat pay a visit to Spurs
  Bobcats visit City of Brotherly Love
  Pacers, Clippers put perfect records on the line
  Suns continue road trip in Atlanta
  Magic, Raptors meet in Toronto
  Nuggets stop off in Beantown
  Marion helps Suns trounce Bobcats
  Stojakovic can't miss in Hornets' victory over Lakers
  Kings, Theus get into win column with victory over Sonics
  James, Gibson lead Cavs over Warriors
  Mason, Bucks roll past Raptors
  Mobley and Maggette lead Clips past flailing Bulls
Tuesday, November 06, 2007
  Yao scores 28, grabs 13 rebounds as Rockets top Spurs
  Howard, Magic top Timberwolves
  Jefferson leads Nets past Hawks
  Randolph, Knicks down Nuggets in brawl rematch
  Felton leaves with knee injury
  Undefeated Clippers start road trip against Bulls
  Bobcats try to continue best start in franchise history vs. Suns
  Nets host Atlanta
  Knicks, Nuggets battle for first time since brawl
  Magic continue road trip in Minnesota
  Raptors visit Milwaukee
  Rockets, Spurs battle at Toyota Center
  Hornets try to remain perfect against Lakers
  Kings, SuperSonics search for first victory of season
  Cavaliers continue road trip against Golden State
  Terry leads Mavs over Rockets
Monday, November 05, 2007
  Granger, McGrady earn Player of the Week honors
  Big Three have a huge opening weekend
  Mavs, Rockets square off in Dallas
  Kobe, Farmar lead Lakers past Jazz
  Billups' free throw pushes Pistons past Hawks
  Nash guides Suns past Cavs
  West leads Hornets over Nuggets
Sunday, November 04, 2007
  Charlotte holds on for win over Heat
  Knicks use late surge to get by T-Wolves
  Rivers misses game versus Raptors
  Allen lifts Celtics over Raptors in final seconds
  Maggette, Clippers send Sonics to 0-3
  Rivers to miss game versus Raptors
  Bobcats battle Heat in Miami
  New-look Timberwolves pay a visit to Madison Square Garden
  Pistons welcome Hawks to The Palace
  Cavaliers open road trip in Phoenix
  Hornets try to sting Nuggets in Denver
  Jazz, Lakers clash at Staples Center
  Raptors host Garnett, Celtics
  Durant, SuperSonics visit the Clippers
  Dunleavy paces Indiana over Grizzlies
  Kidd leads Nets past 76ers
  Turkoglu, Magic send Wizards to 0-3
  Redd and Bucks keep Chicago winless
  Barea steps up as Mavericks pound Kings
  Williams leads hot-shooting Jazz to rout of Warriors
Saturday, November 03, 2007
  Yao leads Rockets past Blazers
  Sixers play home opener against Nets
  Magic visit Washington
  Grizzlies try to earn first win of season against Indiana
  Milwaukee opens home schedule versus Bulls
  Rockets try to stay perfect against Trail Blazers
  Dallas plays home opener against the Kings
  Jazz, Warriors meet for second time this season
  Duncan celebrates extension by lifting Spurs over Kings
  LeBron scores 45 as Cavs top Knicks
  Kaman leads Clippers to victory in home opener
  Radmanovic, Lakers cruise past Suns
  Hornets rout Blazers to improve to 2-0
  Iguodala, Sixers stun Bulls
Friday, November 02, 2007
  New-look Celtics pound Wizards to open season
  Felton leads Bobcats over Bucks
  Anthony and Nuggets bounce back to defeat T-Wolves
  Bargnani and Toronto crush Nets
  Hawks surprise Mavs; Harris hurt
  Rush keys Pacers to win over Heat
  Duncan signs extension
  Sonics intend to relocate unless new arena is built
  Chicago opens home schedule against Philadelphia
  Spurs try to make it three straight wins against Kings
  Lakers, Suns meet in playoff rematch
  Clippers play first game of campaign against Golden State
  New-look Celtics start season at home against Wizards
  Timberwolves open campaign versus Iverson, Nuggets
  New Orleans hosts Trail Blazers
  Knicks tip off season at Cleveland
  Hawks start 2007-08 campaign at home versus Dallas
  Nets host Atlantic Division-rival Toronto
  Heat, Pacers clash in Indiana
  Pistons visit Orlando
  Bobcats open season at home against Bucks
  Cavs sign Pavlovic
  Stoudemire and Phoenix knock off Seattle
  Pistons' Hamilton misses opener
  Prince and Pistons start season with win over Miami
  McGrady scores 47 to boost Rockets over Jazz
Thursday, November 01, 2007
  Kings sign G Udrih
  Cavaliers exercise option on F Simmons
  Pistons' Hamilton to miss opener
  Mavericks ink Howard
  Jazz host Rockets in playoff rematch
  Suns open 2007-08 campaign at Seattle
  Heat, Pistons battle in Miami
  Durant struggles as Nuggets down Sonics
  T-Wolves agree to extension with forward Jefferson
  Durant struggles but Nuggets down Sonics
  Jefferson, Nets top Bulls in OT
  Terry, Mavs cruise past Cavs
  Bargnani fuels Raptors over Sixers down the stretch
Thursday, November 30, 2006
  Wilkens rejoins SuperSonics
  Sixers' Randolph to undergo surgery
  Report: Sixers' Randolph breaks ankle at practice
  Jazz, Lakers battle at Staples Center
  Heat, Pistons meet for first time this season
  Mobley leads Clippers past Grizzlies
  Jackson's late three-pointer lifts Pacers over Warriors
  Jazz down Spurs behind Boozer's 23
  Howard leads Magic past SuperSonics
  Mavs stay hot with win over Raptors; Nowitzki leaves early
  Nowitzki leaves game with blurred vision
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
  Nash, Suns surge past Houston
  Nets slip past Celtics
  Curry powers Knicks past Cavs
  Memphis trying to stay afloat
  Houston is back on track
  Trouble at home for SuperSonics
  Rockets, Suns meet in Phoenix
  Magic try to extend streak against Sonics
  Grizzlies visit slumping Clippers
  Pacers square off with Warriors in Oakland
  Hawks host Bobcats at Philips Arena
  Knicks take on James, Cavs
  Nets take a trip to Beantown
  Mavs aim to lasso 11th straight win vs. Raptors
  Spurs jingle into Utah
  Redd and Bucks hold off Lakers
  Artest, Kings dominate Clippers
  Granger and Indiana down Portland
  Grizzlies snap 17-game Denver skid
  Battier leads Rockets past Timberwolves
  Gordon and Bulls complete home-and-home sweep of Knicks
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
  Bosh, Parker pace Raptors past Hornets
  Wizards hold off Hawks
  Morrison leads Charlotte past New Jersey
  No sophomore jinx for Paul
  Lakers getting a total team effort
  There's a new K-Mart in town
  Randolph playing big for Blazers
  Report: Clippers to extend head coach Dunleavy
  Clippers, Kings meet at ARCO Arena
  Hawks pay the Wizards a visit
  Struggling Nets host Bobcats
  Hornets, Raptors clash at Ford Center
  Bulls, Knicks wrap up home-and-home set
  Nuggets hope to extend winning streak against Memphis
  Pacers visit Portland
  Bucks start road trip vs. Lakers
  Warriors hand Spurs first road loss
  Perfect 10: Mavs blow big lead, but top T'Wolves
Monday, November 27, 2006
  Magic hand Jazz rare loss
  Dampier, Mavericks hold off Timberwolves
  Wade and Heat down slumping Sixers
  Hornets' Jackson fined
  Robinson undergoes successful knee surgery
  Howard, Anthony capture NBA weekly honors
  Timberwolves look average
  San Antonio is taking care of business
  Golden State is comfortable at home
  Bobcats release Anderson
  Jazz need to continue stellar play
  Mavs try to make it 10 wins in a row against Timberwolves
  Magic, Jazz battle at EnergySolutions Arena
  Warriors continue homestand against Spurs
  Sixers stop off in Miami
  Bell stars as Suns best Blazers
  Odom and Lakers down New Jersey
Sunday, November 26, 2006
  Anthony leads Denver in blowout of Clippers
  Duncan leads Spurs over Sonics
  Spurs' Ginobili out with back injury
  Raptors cruise past Indiana
  Pacers start road trip in Toronto
  Nuggets go for fifth straight win vs. Clippers
  Suns try to extend winning streak at Portland
  Duncan, Spurs visit Seattle
  Nets close out road trip against Kobe, Lakers
  Billups leads Pistons over Wizards
  Nowitzki and Dallas stay hot with win over Hornets
  Pierce, Celts knock off Bucks
  Warriors slow down red hot Jazz
  Martin leads Kings past Trail Blazers
  Knicks lose to Bulls; Frye out 3-to-6 weeks with ankle injury
Saturday, November 25, 2006
  Yao powers Rockets past Grizzlies
  Garnett, Timberwolves down Clippers
  James powers Cavs past Sixers
  Howard and Magic pound Atlanta
  Deng It: Knicks lose to Bulls
  Wade paces Heat past Bobcats
  Mavs hope to make it nine straight wins vs. Hornets
  Hawks, Magic square off at TD Waterhouse Centre
  Wizards open three-game homestand against Pistons
  Trail Blazers, Kings battle at ARCO Arena
  Jazz hope to continue amazing start on road vs. Warriors
  Slumping Heat stop off in Charlotte
  Bulls, Knicks meet for first of home-and-home set
  LeBron, Cavs host Iverson, Sixers
  Clippers begin road trip in Minnesota
  Houston tries to extend winning streak against Memphis
  Bucks host Celtics
  Martin and Kings cruise past Seattle
  Phoenix holds on to beat New Jersey
  Smith leads Denver past Golden State
  Hamilton leads Detroit past Charlotte
Friday, November 24, 2006
  Davis leads Minnesota past Hornets
  Pacers rally to beat Cavs
  Hill, Orlando edge Miami
  Johnson helps Hawks end slide with win over Toronto
  Iverson returns as Sixers slam Bulls
  Knicks slam Celtics
  Sixers are Green with hope
  Isiah making changes in NY
  Wizards woeful on road so far
  It's open season on Bucks
  Magic's young guns coming of age
  Indiana not keeping pace so far
  Pistons starting to pump
  Felton becomes Bobcats' iron man
  Heat finding life without Shaq to be very difficult
  Hawks showing old habits are hard to break
  Home sweet home: Hornets aim to sting 'Wolves
  Wild, wild West: Spurs host Mavs
  Wizards pay a visit to Memphis
  Pacers host LeBron and Co.
  Pistons battle Bobcats at The Palace
  Magic, Heat square off in South Beach
  Raptors visit Hawks at Philips Arena
  76ers try to avoid running of the Bulls
  Knicks, Celtics meet in Beantown
  Surging Sonics host Kings
  Nets try to heat up at expense of Suns
  Lakers try to stop Jazz's amazing run
  Nuggets shoot for home-and-home sweep of Warriors
Thursday, November 23, 2006
  Anthony, Nuggets edge Warriors
  Jazz move to 11-1 with big rally to down ailing Kings
  Lewis, Sonics top Clippers
  Randolph leads Portland to comeback win over Nets
  Jazz rally to down ailing Kings
  Yao, Rockets down Wizards
  Nash leads the way as Suns swat Hornets
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
  Bosh powers Raptors to third win
  Duncan and Spurs crush Heat
  Davis nets 21 to guide Timberwolves past Knicks
  Redd, Bucks edge Sixers
  Billups, Pistons down Hawks
  Nelson, Magic down Pacers
  Bobcats claw past Celtics
  Grizzlies' Lowry out with fractured wrist
  Timberwolves need to get their act together
  Yao is the man in Houston
  Clippers are very comfortable at home
  76ers visit Bucks
  Spurs, Heat tangle out west
  Pistons take on Hawks at The Palace
  Indiana paces into Orlando
  Celtics take a trip to Charlotte Bobcats Arena
  LeBron and Co. battle Raptors up north
  Nets continue road trip in Portland
  Sonics visit Clippers at Staples Center
  Warriors welcome Nuggets to Oakland
  Streaking Hornets buzz into Phoenix
  Knicks take a trip to Minnesota
  Jazz aim to tune out Kings
  Bryant leads Lakers past Clippers
  Nowitzki, Mavs crush Wizards in Big D
  Smith erupts to guide Nuggets past Bulls
  Pacers come back to top Bucks
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
  Pistons beat shorthanded Sixers
  Oral surgery sidelines Iverson
  Stojakovic leads the way as Hornets beat Heat
  Gooden leads Cavs over Memphis
  Rockets' Snyder out 8-10 weeks
  Sixers battle Pistons without Iverson
  Nuggets have to be better than .500
  Bryant's supporting cast coming up big for Lakers
  Bibby, Martin becoming top backcourt
  Jazz have put it all together
  Heat continue road trip against Hornets
  Pistons stop off in the City of Brotherly Love
  Cleveland attempts to get back on winning track vs. Memphis
  Bucks, Pacers battle at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Streaking Mavs host Wizards
  Bulls visit Denver
  Spurs beat Trail Blazers to keep road record perfect
  Sonics strong in fourth to beat Nets
  Nash lifts Suns past Warriors
  Jazz improve to 10-1; Sloan gets 900th win as Utah coach
  Jazz improve to 10-1; Sloan gets 100th win as Utah coach
  Mavs continue surge by topping Bobcats
Monday, November 20, 2006
  Jazz rename home arena
  Yao, Rockets burn Knicks
  Warrick, Grizzlies down Magic
  Warriors release Dajuan Wagner
  Warriors set to buy out Dajuan Wagner
  Seattle struggling early
  Warriors love the home cooking
  James, Nowitzki capture NBA weekly honors
  Spurs up to their old tricks
  Suns trying to get back to their winning ways
  Portland finally headed in the right direction
  Shaq undergoes successful surgery
  Jazz shoot for best start vs. Raptors
  Streaking Magic visit slumping Grizzlies
  Knicks welcome McGrady, Rockets to MSG
  Mavs hit the road to Charlotte Bobcats Arena
  Warriors host Suns at ORACLE Arena
  Nets aim to tangle Sonics in Emerald City
  Spurs roll into Portland
Sunday, November 19, 2006
  Odom leads Lakers past slumping Bulls
  Cavs will just have to regroup
  Bulls eye road winning streak
  Bulls try to end road woes at LA
  Spurs roll into Sacramento
  Jazz rally to beat Suns in OT
  Ellis leads Golden State past Seattle
  Dallas dumps Grizzlies
  Pacers rally to beat Bucks
  Brand leads Clippers in OT past struggling Sixers
  Heat top Hawks in OT
  Celtics edge Knicks in shootout
  Anthony's 34 helps Nuggets tame Raptors
  Wizards' Hayes carted off court with back injury
Saturday, November 18, 2006
  Arenas boosts Wizards past Cavs
  Stojakovic's heroics lifts Hornets past Minnesota
  Hamilton's big night helps Detroit down Houston
  Howard leads Magic over Bobcats
  Randolph scores 20 as Portland beats New Jersey
  Raptors off to another dreadful start
  76ers close out road trip
  Knicks return to Madison Square Garden
  Nets starting to come together
  Celtics open two-game road trip
  Wizards host LeBron and the Cavs
  Shaq-less Heat aim to burn Hawks
  Magic shoot for win over Bobcats
  Nets host Blazers at the swamp
  Celtics visit Knicks at MSG
  Pistons welcome Rockets to Motown
  T'wolves host Hornets at Target Center
  Bucks, Pacers square off in Milwaukee
  Streaking Mavs host Memphis
  Iverson leads 76ers against Clippers
  Red-hot Jazz try to tune out Suns
  Raptors swoop into Denver
  Sonics visit Warriors in Oakland
  Kobe passes Magic as Lakers best Raptors
  Nash out with back spasms
  Williams leads Jazz past Sonics
  Stoudemire paces Suns past Sixers
  Hamilton, Pistons topple Wizards
  Pierce, Celtics rout Trail Blazers
Friday, November 17, 2006
  Duncan leads Spurs past slumping Bulls
  Celtics' Olowokandi out 2-4 weeks
  Crawford paces Knicks past Heat
  Carter leads Nets past Pacers
  Nowitzki carries Mavs over Grizzlies
  Shaq out 4-6 weeks with knee injury
  James, Cavs coast by Timberwolves
  Pistons, Wizards square off at The Palace
  Davis leads Warriors past Kings
  McGrady leads Houston past Chicago
Thursday, November 16, 2006
  Bucks' Villanueva to miss four-to-six weeks
  Hughes out indefinitely for Cleveland
  Bulls continue road trip in Houston
  Kings, Warriors put winning streaks on the line
  Sixers top Sonics to end skid
  Bibby leads Kings past Grizzlies
  Kidd, Nets down Bucks
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
  Balkman guides Knicks past Wizards
  Morrison paces Bobcats past Spurs
  Pierce leads Celtics by Pacers
  James helps Cleveland knock off Portland
  Armstrong, Hornets edge Pistons
  Dooling erupts to guide Magic past Nuggets
  Nuggets' Martin out for season
  Bad Boy Mahorn: a good, solid pro
  Grizzlies are in trouble
  Hornets need to be consistent
  Grizzlies finish road trip in Sacramento
  Kevin Martin is shining for Kings
  Pistons start homestand against Hornets
  Streaking Spurs host Bobcats
  Sixers start road trip in Seattle
  Knicks welcome Wizards to MSG
  Nets, Bucks square off at Meadowlands
  Struggling Celtics host Pacers
  Cavaliers try to extend winning streak to four vs. Blazers
  Magic host Nuggets
  San Antonio's late surge downs Houston
  Dallas destroys Bulls
  Dunleavy, Davis and good defense pace Warriors to win
  Jazz continue to play sweet music, rout Clippers
  Stojakovic's career-best 42 points leads Hornets over Bobcats
Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  Garnett, Davis lead T'Wolves past Blazers
  Anthony sparks Nuggets past Heat
  Hawks see Redd, fall to Bucks
  Portland's Miles has surgery, out for season
  NBA fines Bobcats' Knight
  Clippers are no fluke
  Jazz were ready to tip off new campaign
  Warriors making most of homestand
  Mavs are getting back to their old form
  Rockets getting back to playing winning basketball
  Spurs off to strong start
  Mavericks try to continue their winning ways
  Clippers visit Utah
  Warriors continue homestand against Raptors
  Timberwolves welcome Blazers to Target Center
  Bobcats, Hornets meet at Ford Center
  Nuggets visit Miami
  Bucks try to put brakes on losing streak in Atlanta
Monday, November 13, 2006
  Nelson, Magic hold off Celtics
  Ridnour, Sonics down Nets
  James and Jones power Cavs past Knicks
  Hayes sidelined up to two weeks
  Timberwolves release Vin Baker
  Johnson, Yao named NBA players of the week
  Sonics trying to find an identity
  Magic closeout road trip in Beantown
  Sonics try to make it three straight wins
  LeBron, Cavaliers visit the Big Apple
  Bryant and Lakers down Grizzlies
  Yao and Rockets beat Heat
  Nowitzki, Mavericks top Trail Blazers
Sunday, November 12, 2006
  Martin leads Kings past Toronto
  Carter leads Nets over Wizards in OT
  Anthony leads Nuggets past Charlotte
  Brand stars as Clippers down Hornets
  Kings try to crown Raptors once again at ARCO
  Grizzlies' road trip resumes in LA
  Upstart Blazers shoot for rare win over Mavs
  Heat, Rockets ready for big early-season matchup
  Nuggets enter Charlotte in search of elusive win streak
  Nets aim to halt Wizards' winning run
  Clippers close out perfect homestand against Hornets
  Davis, Warriors pound Pistons
  Jazz hold on in Milwaukee despite Redd's big night
  Suns snap skid with victory over Memphis
  Hinrich paces Bulls in win over Pacers
Saturday, November 11, 2006
  Howard and Nelson lead Magic over T-Wolves
  Allen boosts Sonics to OT win at Atlanta
  Parker and Duncan lead Spurs past Knicks
  Cavs rally from 25-point deficit to edge Celtics
  Pacers, Bulls ready to tangle in Central showdown
  Pistons conclude trip with battle vs. Warriors
  Suns, Grizzlies vie for much-needed wins
  Jazz try to keep making sweet music in Milwaukee
  T-Wolves host Magic in welcome trip back home
  Knicks wrap up road swing in San Antonio
  Celtics aim to stop lenghty drought against Cavs
  Suprising Hawks try to keep streak alive against Sonics
  Randolph leads Blazers past Hornets
  Yao dominates as Rockets roll Knicks
  Prince leads Detroit over Lakers
  Anthony leads Denver to first win
  Arenas, Wizards down Bucks
Friday, November 10, 2006
  Harrington paces Indiana past Orlando
  Wade leads Heat over Nets; Shaq returns
  Telfair released from hospital
  Williams paces Jazz over Celtics
  Ankle injury may sideline Mihm for season
  Allen and Sonics down Charlotte
  Telfair taken to hospital
  Bucks' Simmons improving
  Sonics continue road trip in Charlotte
  Rockets go for third straight win against Knicks
  Hornets try to rebound from first loss of season in Portland
  Hawks go for fourth straight win at Toronto
  Lakers open homestand against Pistons
  Winless Nuggets visit City of Brotherly Love
  Bucks attempt to halt losing streak at Verizon Center
  Magic, Pacers battle at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Jazz stop off in Beantown
  Heat, Nets meet at Meadowlands
  Davis leads Warriors over Hornets in Oakland
  Nowitzki and Dallas finally earn first win
  Gooden and LeBron lead Cavs over Bulls
Thursday, November 09, 2006
  Portland's Miles to have surgery
  Nuggets' Martin to have knee surgery
  Fresh faces starting to pop up on NBA map
  Warriors start long homestand vs. Hornets
  Suns, Mavs hook up for rematch of West finals
  Cavs continue homestand against Central Division-rival Chicago
  Mobley, Clippers top Mavericks
  Martin, Kings down Pistons
  Randolph, Trail Blazers top Lakers
  Crawford's three lifts Knicks over Nuggets
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
  McGrady leads Rockets past Bucks
  Oberto, Spurs down Suns in OT
  West, Celtics edge Bobcats in OT
  Carter and Nets knock off Jazz
  Celtics' Jefferson has appendectomy
  Arenas, Wizards trounce Pacers
  Turkoglu's heroics lift Magic over Seattle
  Bosh's late heroics lead Raptors past Sixers
  Mavs continue to search for first win of season vs. Clippers
  Kings host Pistons
  Spurs, Suns meet at AT&T Center
  Knicks stop off in Denver
  Blazers start homestand against Lakers
  Rockets closeout road trip in Milwaukee
  Utah tries to remain undefeated against Nets
  Winless Celtics host Bobcats
  Sixers try to get back on winning track in Toronto
  Magic, Sonics battle in Orlando
  Pacers visit Washington
  Sixers try to back on winning track in Toronto
  Paul, Hornets beat Warriors to stay undefeated
  Bynum leads Lakers over T-Wolves
  Wade leads Shaq-less Heat to last-minute win
  Yao, Rockets surge past Grizzlies
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Johnson, Hawks ruin James' big night
  O'Neal, Pacers deal Sixers first loss
  Rose signs with Suns
  Cavs try to bounce back against Hawks
  Undefeated Sixers visit Indiana
  Sonics start road trip in Miami
  Rockets continue road trip in Memphis
  Hornets, Warriors play first of home-and-home set
  Lakers attempt to get back on track versus Timberwolves
  Whoa Nellie! Warriors edge Mavs in Nelson's return to Big D
  Artest leads Kings over T'Wolves
  Maggette leads Clippers past Blazers
  Arest leads Kings over T'Wolves
  Okur's clutch play leads Jazz to tight win over Pistons
  Parker and Spurs down hapless Knicks
Monday, November 06, 2006
  Bulls batter Bucks
  Arroyo leads Magic over Washington
  Kings' Miller out four weeks with foot injury
  Iverson, Boozer named NBA players of the week
  Was Sixers best move the one they didn't make?
  Wizards visit Orlando
  Knicks welcome Spurs to Madison Square Garden
  Bulls try to get back on winning track vs. Bucks
  Mavs search for first win against Warriors
  Jazz try to remain perfect against Pistons
  Kings host Timberwolves in home opener
  Clippers try to make it three wins in a row vs. Portland
  Allen and Sonics down Lakers
Sunday, November 05, 2006
  West, Hornets down Rockets in Big Easy
  Sixers stay hot and cool off Shaq-less Heat
  No Shaq, no problem; Sixers stay hot and cool off Heat
  Johnson and Hawks down Magic
  Shaq out with knee injury
  Raptors continue homestand vs. Spurs
  Sixers attempt to remain undefeated against Heat
  Hawks, Magic meet at Philips Arena
  Hornets host Rockets at New Orleans Arena
  Lakers try to make it 4-0 in Seattle
  Hamilton lifts Pistons over Grizzlies
  Maggette, Clippers down Suns
  Dixon's dagger downs Timberwolves
  Bucks win home opener by topping Kings
Saturday, November 04, 2006
  Bobcats contain James; best Cavs for first time in franchise history
  Harrington leads Pacers past Knicks
  Wizards down Celtics in home opener
  Josh Howard fined $5,000
  Clippers, Suns meet for second time in 2006-07 season
  Bucks start home schedule against Kings
  Mavs, Rockets battle in Houston
  Wizards host Celtics in home opener
  Knicks welcome Pacers to MSG for home opener
  Grizzlies visit Detroit
  Warriors start road trip in Utah
  Trail Blazers welcome Timberwolves to Portland for home opener
  Iverson lifts Sixers over Magic
  Kobe successful in season debut as Lakers remain unbeaten
  Warriors blow out Blazers
  Kings shock Bulls; Artest and Wallace have peaceful night
  Garnett, Timberwolves top Nuggets
  West, Hornets pound Pacers
  Boozer boosts Jazz past Suns
  Cavs beat Spurs in San Antonio for the first time since 1988
Friday, November 03, 2006
  Miller time: Grizzlies rally to beat Bobcats
  Hamilton, Pistons roll past Celtics
  Johnson leads Hawks past Knicks
  O'Neal pushes Heat past Nets
  Bosh and Ford dominate as Raptors rout Bucks
  Kobe set to return for Lakers tonight against Sonics
  Rose set to sign with Suns
  Duncan, Spurs host LeBron and Co.
  Kobe-less Lakers aim for third straight win as Sonics visit LA
  Jazz face early test in Phoenix
  Timberwolves try to strike gold again in Denver
  Pistons head into Boston off loss
  Pacers begin home slate with talented Hornets
  Raptors take on Bucks in home season opener
  Portland tries to blaze Warriors
  Heat try to rebound vs. Nets
  Bobcats on the prowl in Memphis
  Bulls host Kings in home opener
  Cassell leads Clippers over Denver; Anthony ejected
  Cassell leads Clippers over Denver in LA
  Spurs open season with revenge win over Mavericks
Thursday, November 02, 2006
  Nuggets begin 2006-07 campaign at the Clippers
  No Kobe, No Problem: Turiaf leads Lakers past Warriors
  Garnett scores 24 as Timberwolves down Kings
  Celtics honor Auerbach but fall to Hornets
  Blazers rally to beat Sonics
  Marion leads Suns past Clippers in playoff rematch
  Third time's a charm: NY downs Memphis to give Isiah first win
  LeBron lifts Cavs past Wizards in playoff rematch
  Boozer powers Jazz past Rockets
  Redd leads Bucks past Pistons
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
  Kidd's triple-double leads Nets past Raptors
  Howard powers Magic past Bulls
  Pacers use second-half surge to beat Bobcats
  Bobcats' Wallace leaves opener
  Iverson powers Sixers to win over Hawks
  Bobcats to start season without Brezec
  Jazz, Rockets hope to bounce back from disappointing seasons
  Blazers, Sonics meet at KeyArena for season-opener
  Lakers visit Don Nelson and the Warriors
  Suns try to rebound from loss against Clippers
  Bulls try to make it two wins in a row vs. Magic
  Kings tip off new season against Timberwolves
  Hawks, Sixers start 2006-07 campaign in City of Brothely Love
  Morrison, Bobcats host Pacers in season-opener
  Celtics, Hornets begin 2006-07 season in Beantown
  New-look Raptors start season in New Jersey
  Pistons welcome Bucks to The Palace for 2006-07 opener
  Cavs, Wizards begin campaign with playoff rematch
  Isiah, Knicks go to work in Memphis
  Sonics ink Collison to extension
  Kobe-less Lakers knock off Suns in season opener
  New-look Chicago ruins Miami's championship celebration
  Lakers' Bryant misses opener