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 734 HAWKS
4/24/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 740 NETS
4/25/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 741 BULLS
4/25/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 747 SPURS
4/26/2014 4:30 PM(et)
 749 HEAT
4/26/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 901 REDS
4/24/2014 12:35 PM(et)
 904 METS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
 906 CUBS
4/24/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 12:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 1:08 PM(et)
 915 TWINS
 916 RAYS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 954 METS
4/25/2014 7:10 PM(et)
 955 REDS
4/25/2014 7:35 PM(et)
 957 CUBS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:15 PM(et)
4/25/2014 9:40 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:07 PM(et)
 971 RAYS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
 976 TWINS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:15 PM(et)
9/4/2014 8:30 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 466 RAMS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 472 JETS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 475 BILLS
 476 BEARS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 485 49ERS
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 487 COLTS
9/7/2014 8:30 PM(et)
 490 LIONS
9/8/2014 7:10 PM(et)
9/8/2014 10:20 PM(et)

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Friday, February 28, 2014
  Irving notches triple-double as Cavs pound Jazz
  Gibson powers Bulls past Mavericks
  Clippers ink former All-Star Granger
  Pelicans G Holiday done for season
  Report: Thunder to sign Butler
  Nothin' but Net: Clippers making a championship push
  Hawks' Ayon out for season after shoulder surgery
  Celtics ink Babb to 10-day deal
  Hot teams collide as Bulls visit Dallas
  Thunder seek home cooking versus Memphis
  Knicks try to halt losing streak with Warriors in town
  Irving leads Cavs against Jazz
  Pelicans, Suns both hope to end slides
  Worst of the West battle as Kings visit Lakers
  Bobcats take four-game winning streak into San Antonio
  Bucks buy out Caron Butler
  Nets bounce back, blow out Nuggets
  Reports: Granger set to join Clippers
  LeBron, Wade lead Heat past Knicks
  Wizards outlast Raptors in 3 OTs
Thursday, February 27, 2014
  Pacers slip past Bucks
  Clippers' Crawford day-to-day with calf injury
  Pelicans' Davis diagnosed with shoulder sprain
  Kings' Cousins suspended for throwing punch
  Kings buy out Fredette
  Hawks sign Muscala
  Knicks ink Clark, Brown to 10-day contracts
  Nets continue trip against Nuggets
  Masked Marvel: LeBron expected to return vs. Knicks
  Raptors, Wizards tangle north of the border
  Best meets worst as Pacers host Bucks
  Blazers rout Nets
  Irving, Cavs down Thunder
  Clippers take down Rockets
  Marc Gasol, Grizzlies hold off Lakers
  Ellis leads Mavs over Pelicans
  Spurs turn back Pistons
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
  Bayless, Rondo power Celtics over Hawks
  Jazz trounce shorthanded Suns
  Bulls cruise past Warriors
  Magic top Sixers
  Pelicans' Davis leaves game with shoulder injury
  Suns without injured Dragic vs. Jazz
  Sixers complete buyout of Granger
  Kings ink Johnson to 10-day deal
  Stretching the Field: Raptors thriving in obscurity
  Leonard set to return for Spurs
  Wizards ink Gooden to 10-day contract
  Durant, Thunder welcome Cavs to OKC
  Grizzlies welcome sagging Lakers to Beale Street
  Bulls, Warriors clash in Chicago
  Clippers, Rockets set for L.A. showdown
  Lillard, Blazers to tip it off vs. Nets
  Suns tangle with Jazz in Salt Lake City
  Spurs back in Alamo City as they host Pistons
  Celtics come home to face the Hawks
  Mavs return home to face Pelicans
  Something's got to give when 76ers host Orlando
  Harden's big game helps Houston dominate Sacramento
  Love helps Timberwolves down Suns
  DeRozan leads Raptors over Cavs
  Lillard, Blazers top spiraling Nuggets
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
  Pacers crush Lakers
  Wizards send Magic to 16th straight road loss
  Bulls escape Atlanta with win
  LeBron expects to play Thursday against Knicks
  Nothin' but Net: All hail the mighty Dirk
  Thunder C Perkins out six weeks
  Hawks' Millsap out at least two games
  Heat sign Liggins to 10-day contract
  Raptors carry recent surge into Cleveland
  Wizards welcome road-weary Magic to D.C.
  Pacers hope to have new addition vs. Lakers
  Rockets roll into Sacramento
  Love leads Wolves into Phoenix
  Blazers, Nuggets clash in Mile High City
  Bulls hope to start another winning streak, visit Atlanta
  Magic ink Dedmon, Thomas to 10-day deals
  Knicks' Felton arrested on gun charges
  Crawford leads Clippers past Pelicans
  Burks and Jazz defeat Celtics
  Mavs edge Knicks
  Curry and Warriors slip past Pistons
Monday, February 24, 2014
  Bucks rout Sixers
  Knicks cut ties with World Peace
  Wizards' Nene out six weeks with sprained MCL
  Hawks' Millsap out two more games
  Love, Walker named NBA Players of the Week
  Clippers carry momentum to New Orleans
  Clippers sign Glen Davis
  Celtics try to resume recent mastery of Jazz
  Futility Battle: Sixers play host to Bucks
  Mavs cruise into road matchup with Knicks
  Warriors start another long trek against Pistons
  Lillard carries Blazers past Timberwolves
  Nets beat Lakers in Jason Collins' NBA return
  Thomas leads Kings past Nuggets
  Rockets escape Phoenix with comeback win
  Heat, sans LeBron, have little trouble with Bulls
  Nets sign Jason Collins to 10-day contract
  Wizards top Cavs
  Lowry's sharp shooting helps Raptors down Magic
Sunday, February 23, 2014
  Crawford, Clippers outlast Thunder
  LeBron sits against Bulls with broken nose
  Blazers welcome Love, Wolves to Rose City
  Nets continue road trip against Lakers
  Rockets, Suns set for desert skirmish
  Nuggets aim to rebound in home tilt with Kings
  Raptors entertain road-weary Magic
  Cavs try to start new win streak, host Wizards
  Heat begin homestand versus Bulls
  Thunder, Clippers clash in OKC
  Warriors outlast Nets
  Thomas paces Kings over Celtics
  Pacers down Bucks
  Nene lifts Wizards past Pelicans
  Love's first triple-double fuels Wolves past Jazz
  Walker, Bobcats edge Grizzlies
Saturday, February 22, 2014
  Nowitzki and Mavs take down Pistons
  Hawks halt eight-game losing streak with win over Knicks
  Kings' Terry to sit out rest of season
  Wizards welcome Pelicans to D.C.
  Grizzlies, Bobcats put win streaks to the test
  Nowitzki, Mavs continue jaunt against Pistons
  Struggling Hawks return home to play Knicks
  Pacers start post-Granger era at Milwaukee
  T'Wolves begin trek in meeting with Jazz
  Celtics resume trip against Kings
  Warriors shift focus to visiting Nets
  Lillard leads Blazers past Jazz
  New additions help Lakers take down rival Celtics
  Suns suppress Spurs
  Randolph lifts Grizzlies over Clippers
  Augustin, Bulls rout Nuggets
  Lillard lead Blazers past Jazz
  Jefferson helps Bobcats beat Pelicans
  Nowitzki powers Mavericks past 76ers
  Oladipo guides Magic past Knicks in 2 OT
Friday, February 21, 2014
  Pistons top Hawks
  Valanciunas, Raptors down Cavs
  LeBron has broken nose
  Magic, Davis agree to contract buyout
  Hawks quickly cut loose Jamison
  Nothin' but Net: 2014 Trade Deadline Day: Eh
  Sixers waive Clark
  Celtics, Lakers renew rivalry in down times
  Reeling Hawks pay a visit to Pistons
  Jazz visit suddenly reeling Trail Blazers
  Pelicans, Bobcats clash in Charlotte
  Knicks aim to stay on track in visit with Magic
  Spurs close out Rodeo trip in Phoenix
  New-look Sixers play host to Mavericks
  Clips head to Memphis to try and cool off Grizzlies
  Cavs take win streak north of the border
  Nuggets, Bulls clash in Chicago
  Warriors outlast surging Rockets in OT
  Heat pummel Thunder; bloodied LeBron exits early
  Faried helps Nuggets down Bucks
Thursday, February 20, 2014
  Sixers send Turner to Pacers
  Raptors and Spurs swap reserves in deadline deal
  Sixers get Mullens from Clippers
  Pistons G Billups has knee surgery
  Hawks acquire F Jamison from LAC
  Rockets swap Brooks for Denver's Hamilton
  Report: Sixers send Turner to Pacers
  Wizards acquire G Miller in three-team deal
  Bobcats get Neal, Ridnour in trade with Bucks
  Thunder G Westbrook will play versus Heat
  Sixers send Hawes to Cavs
  Knicks' Shumpert has sprained knee, out two weeks
  Nuggets' McGee done for season after surgery
  Miami sends Mason packing to Sacramento
  Report: Sixers send Hawes to Cavs
  Red-hot Rockets tangle with Golden State
  Durant, OKC welcome LeBron and the Heat
  Nuggets visit Brew City
  Lee helps Warriors beat Kings
  Spurs edge Trail Blazers
  Suns down Celtics
  Howard's return to LA a success as Rockets crush Lakers
  Johnson lifts Nets over Jazz
  Anthony shines as Knicks down Pelicans
  Love leads Wolves past Pacers
  Cavs beat Magic for sixth straight win
  Jefferson leads Charlotte past Detroit
Wednesday, February 19, 2014
  Bulls hold off Raptors
  Warriors acquire Steve Blake from LA
  Wall lifts Wizards over Hawks
  Nets acquire Thornton from Sacramento
  Cavs' Waiters out versus Magic
  Thunder's Westbrook back at practice
  Bitter return? Howard set to play before Lakers faithful
  Spurs nearing end of trip; make a stop in Portland
  Pacers visit Minnesota
  Warriors take playoff push to Sacramento
  Jazz welcome Nets to Salt Lake City
  Southeast foes collide as Wiz visit Atlanta
  Celtics begin western jaunt against Suns
  Cavs seek sixth straight win; host Orlando
  Knicks search for answers in New Orleans
  Bobcats, Pistons end home-and-home in Charlotte
  Bulls, Raptors clash in Toronto
  Mills steps up as Spurs down Clippers
  Green lifts Phoenix over Denver in OT
  James leads Heat past Mavs
  Conley returns to lead Grizzlies over Knicks
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
  Jefferson's big night helps Bobcats beat Pistons
  Raptors down Wizards in return to action
  Zeller and Cavs pound Sixers
  Pacers take down Hawks
  Bucks edge Magic
  Blazers' Aldridge out one week with groin strain
  Clippers G Redick out indefinitely
  Popovich says Parker out for 'foreseeable future'
  Bulls sign Varnado to 10-day deal
  Stretching the Field: Time is on the Nuggets' side
  Knicks start road trip against Grizzlies
  Pistons resume season with Bobcats in town
  Spurs, Clippers battle at Staples Center
  Atlantic-leading Raptors head to Washington
  Suns go for season sweep of Nuggets
  Cavs try to stop south Philly skid
  Pacers get back to work versus Hawks
  Heat continue road trip in Big D
  Bucks try for elusive 10th win with Orlando in town
Monday, February 17, 2014
  Nothin' but Net: Tremendous finish awaits
  Irving helps East rally past West
Sunday, February 16, 2014
  All-Star game tips off from New Orleans
  Wall, East honored as best dunkers
Saturday, February 15, 2014
  Belinelli takes 3-point competition
  Team Bosh wins Shooting Stars
  Lillard/Burke win Skills Challenge
  All-Star Saturday takes center stage
  Drummond, Team Hill down Team Webber
Friday, February 14, 2014
  Mourning, Hardaway highlight 2014 Hall of Fame finalists
  Bucks' Sanders out six weeks
  Rising Stars Challenge opens All-Star festivities
  Balanced attack helps Bulls down Nets
  Durant, Thunder rally past Lakers
Thursday, February 13, 2014
  Thunder, Lakers close down first half
  Nets, Bulls jump it up in Chicago
  Heat edge Warriors on LeBron's last-second 3
  Duncan, Belinelli lead Spurs over Celtics
  Harden, Rockets stun Wizards
  Fredette, Kings edge Knicks in OT
  Raptors bury struggling Hawks
  Clippers win tight one against struggling Blazers
  Love, Minnesota shut down Nuggets
  Pierce, Nets down Bobcats
  Pelicans send Bucks to another loss
  Irving helps Cavs edge Pistons
  Jazz down Sixers for third straight win
  Fourth-quarter surge lifts Mavs past Pacers
  Grizzlies top Magic
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
  Grizzlies' Gasol leaves game
  Lakers' Henry to miss an additional four weeks
  Nothin' but Net: One person shoulders blame in Detroit
  Spurs sign Brown to second 10-day deal
  Nets, Bobcats set for showdown in Brooklyn
  Spurs resume Rodeo trip against Celtics
  Knicks battle Kings at MSG
  Heat continue western trip versus Golden State
  Pistons aim to stay unbeaten under Loyer, host rival Cavs
  Road doesn't get easier as Blazers visit Clips
  Magic try to keep rolling with Grizzlies in town
  Sixers hope to avoid further embarrassment, visit Utah
  Pacers, Mavs clash in Indy
  Bucks aim for 10th win, host New Orleans
  Raptors host slumping Hawks
  Streaking Rockets welcome Wizards to Houston
  Nuggets, Wolves both try to halt slides
  Thunder eke one out in Portland, extend division lead
  Lakers tie franchise record in loss to Jazz
  Grizzlies blow big lead, still beat Wizards
  Bulls beat Hawks thanks to Noah, balanced scoring
  James' big night helps Miami edge Phoenix
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
  Bennett and Cavs cruise by Kings
  Jefferson, Tolliver lead Bobcats to rare win over Mavs
  Parker to miss Spurs' pre-All Star break finale
  Knicks G Smith has fractured cheekbone
  Lakers hope to rebound at home vs. Jazz
  Grizzlies hope to get back on track with Washington in town
  West powers collide as Thunder visit Blazers
  Bulls back home to host Hawks
  Irving leads Cavs against Kings
  Heat shoot for bounce-back effort against Suns
  Mavs seek sixth straight win against Charlotte
  Warriors pummel hapless Sixers
  Celtics rally to top lowly Bucks
  Jennings leads Pistons past Spurs in Loyer's debut
  Howard, Rockets dispatch Timberwolves
  West powers Pacers past Nuggets
Monday, February 10, 2014
  Raptors down Pelicans
  Adelman out for Monday's game
  Durant, Sullinger named NBA Players of the Week
  Pacers try to shake off loss in matchup with Nuggets
  Sixers head to Golden State after lopsided loss
  Howard leads Rockets into meeting with Love, Wolves
  Bucks aim for more success versus Celtics
  Raptors return home to host Pelicans
  Spurs resume trip against dysfunctional Pistons
  Paul returns, Clippers dismantle Sixers
  Wizards take care of Kings
Sunday, February 09, 2014
  Magic top Pacers for third straight win
  Cavs outlast Grizzlies in OT
  Mavs rout Celtics
  Plumlee, Nets down Pelicans
  Durant dominates as Thunder down Knicks
  Pistons fire Cheeks
  Noah, Bulls down Lakers
  Report: Pistons fire Cheeks
  CP3 expected to play versus 76ers
  Grizzlies make a stop in Cleveland
  Nets seek winning trend, welcome Pelicans to town
  Wizards hope to end homestand with win vs. Kings
  Pacers pay a visit to Magic
  Mavs, Celtics put winning streaks to the test
  Bulls conclude western jaunt against Lakers
  Durant, Thunder return home to host Knicks
  Williams, Jazz upset Heat
  Howard helps Rockets down Bucks
  Dragic carries Suns over Warriors
  Aldridge pushes Trail Blazers past Timberwolves
  Jennings guides Pistons past Nuggets
  Mills powers Spurs over Bobcats
  Clippers' Paul expected to return Sunday
Saturday, February 08, 2014
  Randolph, Grizzlies top Hawks
  Kevin Martin breaks thumb, out indefinitely
  Heat resume trip with matchup at Utah
  Curry leads Warriors into Phoenix
  Howard, Rockets begin road stretch against Bucks
  Blazers hope to have short memory in trip to Minnesota
  Grizzlies, Hawks aim to stop identical skids
  Nuggets seek better results on trip, visit Pistons
  Spurs try to continue mastery of Bobcats
  Griffin powers Clippers in win over Raptors
  Lakers dispatch Sixers
  Gordon fuels Pelicans past Timberwolves
  Mavericks rout Jazz
  Hill leads Pacers over Blazers in OT
  Sullinger and Celtics down Kings
  Irving guides Cavs over Wizards
Friday, February 07, 2014
  Jennings, Pistons take care of Nets
  Harris' buzzer-beating slam gets Magic past Thunder
  Anthony guides Knicks in drubbing of Nuggets
  Celtics sign Johnson to multi-year deal
  Suns' Plumlee named to Rising Stars Challenge
  Pacers' Stephenson won't play Friday
  Pelicans' Davis to replace Bryant in All-Star Game
  Nothin' but Net: Cavs are a complete disaster
  Stretching the Field: Will CP3's return spoil the show?
  Nets, Pistons clash at The Palace
  Celtics shoot for third straight win, host Kings
  Mavericks welcome Jazz to Big D
  Pelicans conclude homestand versus Timberwolves
  Clippers aim to take down visiting Raptors
  Knicks welcome Denver to MSG
  Thunder roll into Magic Kingdom
  Blazers, Pacers tip it up in possible Finals preview
  Injury-ravaged Lakers head to Philadelphia
  Sinking Cavs visit Washington
  Curry, Warriors bounce back with win over Bulls
  Nets top depleted Spurs
Thursday, February 06, 2014
  Raptors' Ross to defend Slam Dunk title against actual All-Stars
  Pelicans' Davis drafted first for Rising Stars Challenge
  Lakers' Young out with knee fracture
  Pelicans rename arena Smoothie King Center
  Cavs dismiss GM Grant
  Spurs' Parker, Duncan to sit Thursday at Brooklyn
  Report: Grant out as Cavs GM
  Tired Spurs visit Brooklyn
  Bulls, Warriors clash at Oracle Arena
  Heat hold off Clippers
  Cousins, Kings hold off Raptors
  Lawson leads Nuggets past Bucks
  Durant, Thunder down Wolves
  Spurs rally past Wizards in double OT
  Howard powers Rockets past Suns
  Batum, Portland edge Knicks
  Mavericks top Grizzlies
  Green helps Celtics beat Sixers
  Davis, Pelicans take down Hawks
Wednesday, February 05, 2014
  Durant, Anthony named NBA Players of the Month
  Carter-Williams, Burke named top rookies for January
  Oladipo helps Magic beat Pistons
  Kelly, Blake help Lakers clip Cavs, end skid
  Jefferson, Bobcats bury Warriors
  Bulls stop surging Suns
  West, Pacers hold off Hawks
  Nash returns, but Lakers fall to T-Wolves
Tuesday, February 04, 2014
  Nash, Blake return for Lakers
  Lakers' Gasol out through All-Star break
  Bulls' Noah fined $15,000 for tirade
  Nash, Blake to return for Lakers
  Curry leads Warriors against Charlotte
  Red-hot Suns welcome Bulls to Phoenix
  Lakers may get some bodies back when they visit Wolves
  Pacers, Hawks jump it up in Atlanta
  Kings rout Bulls to snap skid
  Foye's 3 lifts Nuggets over Clippers
  Parker leads Spurs past Pelicans
  DeLightful win: DeRozan leads Raptors over Jazz
  Durant gets 31, Thunder beat Grizzlies
  Nowitzki scores 23 to lead Mavs over Cavs
  Knight's late 3 gives Bucks win over Knicks
  Wall lifts Wizards over Trail Blazers
  Nets edge Sixers to snap three-game skid
  Pacers lead all the way in win over Magic
  Wade and James help Miami edge Detroit
Monday, February 03, 2014
  Pelicans' Smith to miss rest of season
  Lowry, Dragic named NBA Players of the Week
  Kidd, Joerger named top coaches for January
  Clippers sign Vujacic to 10-day contract
  Grizzlies sign Morris to 10-day contract
  Back surgery ends season for Hawks' Jenkins
  Nets aim to bounce back versus 76ers
  Heat welcome Pistons to South Beach
  Knicks hit the road to Milwaukee
  Blazers begin trip against Wizards
  Pacers, Magic tangle in Indy
  Spurs commence Rodeo trip against Pelicans
  Thunder, Grizzlies set to tangle in OKC
  Mavericks set to host visiting Cavs
  Kings hope to end skid with Chicago in town
  Raptors continue west swing in Salt Lake City
  Clippers make quick trip to Denver
Sunday, February 02, 2014
  Rondo's strong game helps Boston down Orlando
  Celtics welcome Magic for Beantown matinee
  Calathes' career night helps Grizzlies beat Bucks
  Blazers blow big lead, but top Raptors
  Pacers edge Nets
  Clippers thump Jazz
  Dragic, Suns surge past Bobcats
  Spurs get past Kings, snap three-game skid
  James guides Miami over New York
  Drummond, Pistons pound Sixers
Saturday, February 01, 2014
  Harden, Lin power Rockets over Cavs
  Davis returns, leads Pelicans past Bulls
  Wall leads Wizards to rout of Thunder
  Korver helps Hawks down Timberwolves
  Silver begins reign as NBA commissioner
  Pacers add Bynum
  Streaking Suns return home to meet Charlotte
  Blazers hope to get on track with Raptors in town
  Heat, Knicks tangle at MSG on Super Bowl eve
  Clips, Jazz meet at Staples Center
  Spurs try to continue domination of Kings
  Cavs head south to take on Houston
  Surging Grizzlies host sinking Bucks
  Bulls continue long road trip in New Orleans
  Hawks welcome Wolves to Atlanta
  Well-rested Pistons welcome Philly to The Palace
  OKC takes 10-game winning streak into Washington
  Pacers, Nets both seek rebound efforts in Indianapolis
  Curry lifts Warriors over Jazz
  Japan wins double match against Canada to take lead
  Jefferson helps Bobcats down Lakers
  Raptors down ailing Nuggets
  Thunder pound Nets; Durant's streak comes to an end
  Nowitzki carries Mavericks past Kings
  Grizzlies beat T-Wolves, lose Conley
Thursday, February 28, 2013
  Paul, Clippers cool off surging Pacers
  Kobe tries to lead Lakers to bounce-back effort versus Wolves
  Hibbert-less Pacers face stiff challenge with Clippers
  Collins, 76ers seek answers in matchup at Chicago
  Nuggets escape Portland with win
  Suns shock Spurs in OT
  Gasol, Randolph pace red-hot Grizzlies past Mavs
  Curry's 54 not enough as Knicks edge Warriors
  Knight, Pistons edge Wizards
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
  Ellis' late 3-pointer lifts Bucks over Rockets
  Horford, Smith lead Hawks over Jazz
  Waiters helps Irving-less Cavs edge Raptors
  Durant, Westbrook help Thunder crush Hornets
  Kings throttle Magic to halt road slide
  Hornets' Davis to miss game
  Knicks' Wallace to have foot surgery
  Hibbert, Lee suspended for Pacers-Warriors fracas
  Cavs begin homestand with Raptors at the Q
  Irving to miss second straight game
  Bucks close out Texas two-step, visit Rockets
  Nuggets carry win streak into Portland
  Hawks resume road trip against Jazz
  Thunder try to continue mastery of Hornets
  Welcome Back: Spurs return home to face Suns
  Knicks face fighting Warriors in MSG
  Grizzlies go for 8 in a row, host Mavs
  Suddenly streaking Wizards welcome Pistons
  Tired Kings visit Magic Kingdom
  Suddenly streak Wizards welcome Pistons
  Williams lifts Nets over Hornets
  Magic top Sixers in matchup of struggling clubs
  Griffin, Clips cruise past Bobcats
  Bucks take down Mavericks
  Hornets' Davis leaves game with shoulder injury
  Heat beat Kings in double OT for 12th straight win
  Suns outlast Timberwolves in OT
  Cavs beat Bulls for first time in 3 years
  West, Pacers down Warriors
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
  Miami's Battier out with hamstring injury
  Bucks suspend Dalembert one game
  Nothin' but Net: Heat may be better than ever
  Cleveland's Irving out for tilt against Chicago
  Offensively-challenged Bulls head home to face Cavs
  Bobcats open road trip against Clippers
  Wolves head west for date with Suns
  Slumping Bucks gallop into Big D
  Nets visit Big Easy for battle with Hornets
  Scorching Heat welcome Kings to South Beach
  Magic try to halt losing streak in Philly
  Pacers shoot for 5 in a row, host Warriors
  Celtics escape Utah with OT win
  Lawson helps Nuggets beat Lakers
  Horford's big night powers Hawks past Pistons
  Wizards take down Raptors
Monday, February 25, 2013
  LeBron, Kobe earn NBA's weekly honors
  Fisher returns to Oklahoma City
  Pistons' Bynum suspended for throwing punch
  Horford-led Hawks resume trek against Pistons
  Celtics end western swing against Jazz
  Lakers aim to even record in visit to Denver
  Gay leads Raptors into matchup with Wizards
  Thunder roll over Bulls
  Blazers beat Celtics, snap seven-game slide
  Bryant eclipses 31,000-point plateau, Lakers down Mavs
  Grizzlies beat Nets for seventh straight win
Sunday, February 24, 2013
  Davis, Hornets upend Kings
  Wade sparks comeback as Heat win 11th straight
  Spurs lasso Suns to finish successful road trip
  Knicks end skid with win over Sixers
  Warriors edge Timberwolves
  Cavs F Casspi has appendix removed
  Heat return home, play host to Cavs
  Confident Kobe leads Lakers into Dallas
  Jack, Warriors square off with Timberwolves
  Kings aim to solve road woes against Hornets
  Slumping Sixers, Knicks meet at MSG
  Grizzlies roll into Brooklyn, take on Nets
  OKC tries to start new streak vs. Bulls
  Blazers hope to end slide in meeting with Celtics
  Spurs put finishing touches on trip at Phoenix
  Clippers secure season sweep of Jazz
  Horford lifts Hawks over Bucks
  Nuggets dump struggling Bobcats
  Wizards edge Rockets
  Balanced attack leads Cavs past Magic
Saturday, February 23, 2013
  Pacers dominate Pistons for second straight night
  Scorching Heat continue mastery of Sixers
  Parker out for Sunday's game
  Cavs F Casspi out for Saturday
  Clippers target rare season sweep of Jazz
  Irving, Cavs hit the road to Orlando
  Redick expected to debut for Bucks vs. Hawks
  Clippers seek rare season sweep of Jazz
  Nuggets aim for bounce-back effort in Charlotte
  Harden-led Rockets square off with Wizards
  Pacers target home-and-home sweep of Pistons
  Rising Heat carry win streak into south Philly
  Warriors win in OT, end lengthy skid vs. Spurs
  Kobe goes for 40 as Lakers edge Blazers
  Celtics pick up road win in Phoenix
  Nets can't solve Rockets
  Grizzlies slip past short-handed Magic
  Westbrook helps Thunder snap skid
  Bulls pummel Bobcats
  Pacers crush Pistons
  Mavericks hold off Hornets
  Balanced Wizards edge slumping Nuggets
Friday, February 22, 2013
  Smith scores 18 as Hawks top Kings
  Gay, Raptors edge slumping Knicks
  Gay, Raptors edge slumping Kicks
  Pistons' Knight out with knee injury
  Nets' Johnson out against Rockets
  Stretching the Field: NBA awards show, Oscars style
  Pacers entertain rival Pistons
  Nuggets make a stop in D.C. to face Wizards
  Mavericks carry win streak into New Orleans
  Raptors, Knicks square off up north
  Bulls try to bounce back, pay a visit to Bobcats
  Hawks set to host Kings
  Rockets aim to stay hot in meeting with Nets
  Parker-led Spurs tangle with short-sleeved Warriors
  Lakers cap homestand against Blazers
  Celtics shoot for 1st win of road trip in Phoenix
  Streaking Grizz welcome new-look Magic
  Thunder hope to snap losing streak, host Wolves
  Orlando sends Redick to Milwaukee in six-player deal
  Parker leads Spurs in rout of Clippers
  James, Heat hammer Bulls
Thursday, February 21, 2013
  Warriors trade Tyler to Hawks
  Suns ship PG Telfair to Raptors
  Knicks to add Kenyon Martin
  Nothin' but Net: Trade deadline winners and losers
  Warrick heading to Orlando for McRoberts
  Warriors send Jenkins to Sixers
  Celtics nab Crawford from Wizards
  Blazers land Maynor from Thunder
  Knicks ship Brewer to OKC
  Hawks deal Morrow to Mavericks
  Report: Orlando sends Redick to Milwaukee in six-player deal
  Grizzlies acquire Pittman from Heat
  Magic's Nelson dealing with knee injury
  Suns acquire Marcus Morris from Houston
  Spurs, Clippers clash at Staples Center
  Heat ride 8-game winning streak into battle with the Bulls
  Kings send Robinson to Houston in six-player deal
  Report: Rockets acquire Robinson from Kings
  Harden nets career-high 46, Rockets down Thunder
  Thompson, Warriors hold off Suns
  Lakers honor Buss with win over Celtics
  Nets rally in fourth to beat Bucks again
  Irving carries Cavs past Hornets
  Knight helps Pistons slip past Charlotte
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
  Mavs pin another loss on hapless Magic
  Pekovic leads T-Wolves past Sixers
  Pacers thump Knicks on big game from George
  James, Heat down Hawks
  Randolph, Grizzlies outlast Raptors for fifth straight win
  Celtics sign Terrence Williams
  Bobcats target momentum in meeting with Pistons
  East Side Story: Knicks set to battle Pacers
  Grizzlies take on Gay, Raptors up north
  Nets visit Bucks in back end of home-and-home set
  Sixers, Timberwolves start second portion of season
  Durant, Thunder open second half in Houston
  Reeling Warriors try to get back on track against Suns
  Lakers take heavy hearts into rivalry game with Celtics
  Mavs welcome woeful Magic to Big D
  LeBron shoots for 8 in a row over 30 when Heat hit Atlanta
  Irving-led Cavs start second half hosting Hornets
  Parker, Spurs edge Kings
  Nuggets top Celtics to give Karl milestone win
  Tragic Kingdom: Bobcats shut down listless Magic
  Dragic, Suns down Blazers
  Grizzlies give Prince happy homecoming in Detroit
  Johnson lifts Nets past Bucks in OT
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
  Raptors hold off Wizards
  Jefferson, Jazz outlast Warriors
  Deng, Noah guide Bulls past Hornets
  Sixers' Richardson undergoes knee surgery
  Bucks open home and home with Nets
  Prince returns to The Palace when Grizz meet Pistons
  Southeast cellar-dwellers meet in Orlando
  Well-rested Bulls open second half in New Orleans
  Raptors hope to continue momentum, visit D.C.
  Celtics, Nuggets set for another showdown
  Warriors aim for strong second half in meeting with Jazz
  Blazers entertain Suns at the Rose Garden
  Healthy Spurs back in action, visit Kings
Monday, February 18, 2013
  Sixers sign Pargo for rest of season
  Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies
  Nothin' but Net: All-Star Saturday needs major work
  Paul earns MVP, West tops East at All-Star Game
Sunday, February 17, 2013
  Stars collide in 62nd All-Star Game
  Terrence Ross defeats reining champ in Dunk Contest
Saturday, February 16, 2013
  Irving takes 3-point competition
  NBPA votes to remove Hunter as executive director
  Lillard wins Skills Challenge
  East vs. West on All-Star Saturday Night
  Faried shines in Team Chuck's Rising Stars win
Friday, February 15, 2013
  Feinstein, Doucette named Gowdy recipients
  Griffin and Clippers take down Lakers
  James stays hot, helps Heat down Thunder
Thursday, February 14, 2013
  Report: Lakers owner Buss in hospital with cancer
  LeBron takes hot hand into Oklahoma City
  Kobe, Lakers attempt to solve Clippers
  Hawks hammer Magic
  Clippers ride strong start to win over Rockets
  Celts rally past Bulls
  Carter carries Mavericks in rout of Kings
  Raptors head into All-Star break on high note
  Ellis pushes Bucks past 76ers
  Pacers pound Bobcats behind George's triple-double
  Nets hand Nuggets third straight loss
  Monroe, Pistons drop Wizards
  Millsap and Jazz hold off T'Wolves
Wednesday, February 13, 2013
  Leonard's late triple helps Spurs sink Cavs
  Improving Hornets throttle Trail Blazers
  Milsap and Jazz hold off T'Wolves
  Rockets' Harden to miss Wednesday's game with Clippers
  Duncan, Parker, Ginobili to return for Spurs
  Magic's Turkoglu suspended for steroid use
  Nothin' but Net: Maybe, just maybe, stars could return
  Knicks renew rivalry with Raptors
  Wiz go for 5 in a row in Motown
  Bucks play host to Sixers
  Hornets, Blazers clash in the Big Easy
  Short-handed Nuggets limp into Brooklyn
  Jazz aim to build on big win, pay a visit to Wolves
  Granger could return when Pacers host Bobcats
  Mavericks welcome Kings to Big D
  Clippers return home to face Rockets
  Star-less Spurs roll into Cleveland
  Guards down: Celtics welcome Bulls to Beantown
  Magic end dry spell, host Hawks
  Harden, Rockets drop Warriors
  Jazz cruise past Thunder
  Gasol, Grizzlies down Kings
  Lakers down Suns
  James sets record as Heat top Blazers
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
  Raptors edge Nuggets on Gay's late basket
  Raptors, Gay's late basket down Nuggets for third straight win
  Celtics' Barbosa out for the season
  Lakers back at home, welcome Suns to town
  Rockets, Warriors square off in Oakland
  Thunder take winning ways to Utah
  Grizzlies shoot for 3 in a row, host Kings
  Red-hot LeBron leads Heat against Blazers
  Nuggets aim for new winning streak starting in Toronto
  Beal helps Wizards get past Bucks
  Hornets rout Pistons behind strong shooting display
  Smith leads Hawks past Mavs
  Bobcats shock streaking Celtics to end skid
  Nets down Pacers in OT
Monday, February 11, 2013
  T-Wolves' balanced scoring bests Cavaliers
  Spurs roll over Bulls sans Duncan, Ginobili and Parker
  Paul leads Clips past Sixers
  Nothin' but Net: Can we start liking Kobe?
  Back on track, Spurs resume trek against Bulls
  Pistons entertain Hornets at The Palace
  Wizards carry win streak into Milwaukee
  Mavs hope to keep momentum going in home tilt with Hawks
  Celtics aim for 8 in a row in Charlotte
  Irving, Cavs welcome Wolves to the Q
  Pacers try to avoid consecutive home losses, host Nets
  Clippers cap Grammy trip in Philly
  Celtics beat Nuggets in triple-overtime thriller
  Short-handed Spurs breeze past Nets
  Thunder dispatch Suns to take weekend series
Sunday, February 10, 2013
  Thomas helps Kings edge Rockets
  Grizzlies, Prince pound struggling Timberwolves
  Redick helps Magic end 12-game skid
  Wade, Heat wear down struggling Lakers
  Gay pushes Raptors past Hornets
  Magic's Nicholson added to Rising Stars Challenge
  Clippers win at MSG despite Anthony's 42
  Thunder shoot for another win over Suns
  Memphis tries to resume mastery of Wolves
  Clippers try to regroup in visit with Knicks
  Stars collide as Heat entertain Lakers
  Iguodala leads streaking Nuggets into Boston
  Listless Magic hope to end skid versus Blazers
  Hornets target third straight win at Toronto
  Spurs go for 40th win at Brooklyn
  Harden, Rockets open trip at Kings
  Kings, Thomas edge Jazz to end four-game losing streak
  Allen, Sixers hand Bobcats seventh straight defeat
  Marion, Mavs keep Warriors on the skids
  Villanueva comes through in clutch as Pistons beat Bucks
  Nuggets edge Cavs for ninth straight win
Saturday, February 09, 2013
  Jazz aim to bounce back at Sacramento
  Sixers try to regroup with Bobcats in town
  Bucks return home, play host to Pistons
  Warriors vie to end skid in visit with Mavs
  Surging Nuggets open road trip against Cavs
  Boozer helps Bulls overcome Jazz
  Nene powers Wizards over Nets
  Anthony engineers Knicks' comeback win over Timberwolves
  Thunder rout Suns
  Kobe lifts Lakers to comeback win over Bobcats
  Cavs hand Magic 12th straight loss
  Grizzlies beat out Warriors, sweep season series
  Gay lifts Raptors in OT, ends Pacers' 15-game home winning streak
  Harden carries Rockets over Trail Blazers
Friday, February 08, 2013
  James, Heat rout Clippers
  Gay lifts Raptors in OT, ends Pacers' 16-game home winning streak
  Paul, Billups return to Clippers' lineup
  Vasquez notches triple-double as Hornets down Hawks
  Pistons snap Spurs' 11-game winning streak
  Pistons' rookie Drummond to miss 4-6 weeks
  Heat without Bosh, Allen for battle with Clippers
  Report: Cavs plan to offer contract to Oden
  Timberwolves to keep Gelabale, Johnson
  Sixers' Richardson to have season-ending surgery
  Heat sign Chris Andersen for rest of season
  Rockets try to regain touch with Blazers in town
  Heat resume homestand versus weary Clippers
  Grizzlies play host to Warriors
  Magic hope to end 11-game losing streak, visit Cleveland
  Knicks vie to bounce back in visit to Minnesota
  Thunder, Suns square off in OKC
  Bulls aim to rebound in road tilt with Jazz
  Hornets open road trip in Atlanta
  Rodeo trip continues for Spurs in Detroit
  Pacers aim for 16 straight at home versus Raptors
  Nets head to D.C. to meet suddenly-streaking Wizards
  Lakers try to get back on track against Bobcats
  Nuggets crush Bulls for eighth straight win
  Celtics stay hot by steamrolling Lakers
Thursday, February 07, 2013
  Defending champ Evans headlines Slam Dunk contest
  Lakers' Gasol out at least 6-8 weeks
  Lakers' Howard returns to lineup
  Hawks' Williams has surgery to repair ACL tear
  Nothin' but Net: Spoelstra's choice should be an easy one
  Sixers sign Pargo to 10-day contract
  Nuggets aim for 8th straight against Bulls
  Gasol-less Lakers resume rivalry with Celtics
  Jefferson, Millsap pace Jazz over Bucks
  Thunder stifle Warriors for second straight victory
  Wall, Wizards shock Knicks
  Johnson, Nets sneak past Pistons
  Spurs top Wolves, win 11th straight
  Bledsoe, Clippers slip past struggling Magic
Wednesday, February 06, 2013
  Pacers down 76ers, sweep back-to-back-to-back
  Mayo, Mavs outlast Trail Blazers
  Report: Sixers' Richardson to undergo season-ending surgery
  Aminu helps Hornets put away Suns
  James, Heat down Rockets
  Hot-shooting Cavs cruise past Bobcats
  Hawks use balanced attack, outlast Grizzlies
  Garnett, Celts down Raptors
  Sixers' Richardson to undergo season-ending surgery
  Lakers' Gasol has partial tear of plantar fascia
  Spurs' Duncan to miss more time
  T-Wolves' Kirilenko out with quad injury
  Rockets put hot hand to the test at Miami
  Nets hope to forget recent loss, visit Pistons
  Busy Pacers set to face Sixers in south Philly
  Clippers aim for success against struggling Magic
  Celtics try to stay on track sans Rondo, make a stop in Toronto
  Cavs look to carry momentum into meeting vs. Bobcats
  Knicks take winning streak to Washington
  Trail Blazers resume trek against Mavericks
  Spurs carry win streak into Minnesota
  Bucks cap short trip in Utah
  Grizz try to forget ugly loss when they visit Atlanta
  Shell-shocked Warriors now have to deal with Durant, OKC
  Suns travel to the Big Easy to face the Hornets
  Dragic powers Suns past Grizzlies
  Gallinari, Lawson lead Nuggets past Bucks
  Pacers win 15th straight at home, down Hawks
  Lakers' Gasol suffers foot injury
  Bryant leads shorthanded Lakers past Nets
Tuesday, February 05, 2013
  Rockets tie NBA record with 23 3-pointers in rout of Warriors
  Howard remains sidelined in Brooklyn
  Sixers' Young likely out three weeks
  Lakers' World Peace suspended
  Lakers resume long road trip in Brooklyn
  Pacers continue rough stretch against Hawks
  Prince and the Grizzlies welcome Suns to town
  Warriors eye another win in Houston
  Nuggets shoot for 7 in a row, host Milwaukee
  Jazz outlast Kings in OT
  Westbrook, Thunder rout Mavs
  Anthony, Stoudemire lead Knicks past Pistons
  Wizards end four-game skid, topple struggling Clippers
  Pacers keep rolling at home in win over Bulls
Monday, February 04, 2013
  Blazers survive late rally by T-Wolves
  Heat, James fend off Bobcats
  Hawes leads Sixers past Magic
  Clippers F Griffin out on Monday
  Robinson, Lee named NBA's Players of the Week
  Nothin' but Net: Trying to make sense of the Memphis Grizzlies
  Magic's Redick to have MRI, out against Sixers
  Red-hot Knicks host Pistons in MSG
  Sixers aim for 3 in a row against wounded Magic
  Clips continue Grammy trip in D.C.
  Bulls battle Pacers in critical Central Division showdown
  Jazz open homestand with struggling Kings
  Wolves try to build momentum, take on Blazers
  Durant, Thunder welcome Mavs to OKC
  Heat back at home to face sputtering Bobcats
Sunday, February 03, 2013
  Spoelstra named East's head coach in All-Star Game
  Heat down Raptors with balanced attack
  Spurs' Duncan undergoes MRI on knee
  Pierce guides Celtics past Clippers
  Gasol helps Lakers win close battle against Pistons
  Howard to sit against Pistons
  Heat try to ground new-look Raptors
  Howard may return when Lakers take on Pistons
  Grammy trip continues as Clips visit Celtics
  Bucks send Magic to ninth straight loss
  Irving, Cavs take down struggling Thunder
  Curry, Warriors take down Suns
  Knicks crush Kings
  Blazers split home-and-home set with Jazz
  Bobcats' Kidd-Gilchrist leaves on stretcher
  Harden's triple-double helps Rockets edge Bobcats
  Duncan leaves, but Spurs undeterred while whipping Wizards
  Timberwolves dominate Hornets
  Bulls blow past Hawks
Saturday, February 02, 2013
  Spurs' Duncan hurts ankle, knee
  Hawks sign Pargo to second 10-day contract
  Warriors put winning streak up against setting Suns
  Blazers seek revenge in back end of home-and-home with Jazz
  Injury-ravaged Magic head to Milwaukee
  Spurs shoot for 10 in a row, host Wizards
  Melo and Knicks try to stay hot against Kings
  High-scoring Rockets tangle with bumbling Bobcats
  Depleted Bulls limp into Atlanta
  Sputtering Wolves welcome New Orleans to Target Center
  Calmer Thunder visit the Cavs
  Prince shines in Memphis debut, Grizzlies down Wizards
  Jefferson helps Jazz beat Blazers
  Lakers hold on, win 20th straight over T'Wolves
  Nets squeak by ailing Bulls
  Nuggets down Hornets for sixth straight win
  Mavs continue dominance of Suns
  Knicks use strong second half to beat Bucks
Friday, February 01, 2013
  Sixers beat Kings, win two straight for first time since November
  Celtics send Magic to eighth straight loss
  Knight shines as Pistons down Cavs
  Pacers remain hot at home, top Heat
  Blazers G Matthews injures ankle
  Gay stars in Toronto debut as Raptors crush Clippers
  Beal, Lillard tabbed rookies of the month again
  James, Parker tabbed NBA Players of the Month
  Hunter placed on indefinite leave by NBPA
  Lakers' Howard to have shoulder procedure
  Celtics F Sullinger has back surgery
  Bulls' Hinrich to have elbow examined
  Thibodeau, Karl claim NBA Coach of the Month honors
  Clippers F Barnes suspended
  Mavericks hope to rebound in matchup with Suns
  Celtics entertain lowly Magic at TD Garden
  Grizzlies hope to have reinforcements with Wizards in town
  Jazz, Blazers commence home-and-home series
  Nuggets put win streak to the test versus Hornets
  Lakers try to maintain supremacy over Timberwolves
  Heat, Pacers tangle in key Eastern Conference battle
  New-look Raptors try for fresh start against Clippers
  Nets look for bounce back when they host Chicago
  Pistons could have Calderon in lineup against Cavs
  Bucks head to MSG for tangle with Knicks
  Sixers look for 2 in a row for first time since November
  Thunder cruise past short-handed Grizzlies
  Warriors, Jack hand Mavs second straight loss
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
  Pistons dominate skidding Bobcats
  Warriors hold off Hawks
  Bryant cleared to play by neurologist
  Bryant passes axon, bike and treadmill tests
  Celtics open homestand vs. Bucks
  Mavs hope to end skid at Memphis
  Magic make a stop in Washington
  Knicks welcome Cavs to MSG
  Hawks hope to have Johnson back vs. Warriors
  Bobcats, Pistons square off at The Palace
  Spurs start lengthy homestand with Bulls
  Wolves finish LA tour with Lakers
  Blazers and Nuggets square off in the Rockies
  Surging Rockets visit struggling Jazz
  Raptors visit the Bayou to take on Hornets
  Thunder in the forecast for Philly
  Bucks beat slumping Wizards
  Kings outlast Jazz
  Lopez leads Nets past Mavericks
  Timberwolves use bench to surge past Clippers
  Williams, Beasley lead Timberwolves over Clippers
  Rose lifts Bulls past Hornets
  Sixers halt skid, top Pistons
Tuesday, February 28, 2012
  Lowry helps Rockets edge Raptors
  Celtics hold off Cavs
  Pacers dominate Warriors
  Lakers say Bryant also has a concussion
  Don't discredit these teams out West
  Pacers square off with Warriors
  Celtics pay a visit to Cavs
  Rockets and Raptors clash in Space City
  Bulls finish lengthy homestand vs. Hornets
  Mavs entertain Nets in Big D
  Love leads Wolves into LA
  Woeful Wizards tangle with bumbling Bucks
  Struggling Sixers visit Pistons
  Jazz, Kings clash in Sacramento
Monday, February 27, 2012
  Kings reach tentative arena deal to remain in Sacramento
  Sixers' Hawes out at least 2 more weeks
  Bryant suffers nasal fracture, will be evaluated Tuesday
  Clippers sign F Simmons
  Nets sign F Green
  Blazers sign C Przybilla
  Let's be Frank: Miami - Big favorite to win NBA title
  The Sixth Man: Wade saves All-Star Weekend with a slap
  MVP Durant and West hold off East again
Sunday, February 26, 2012
  Bryant breaks Jordan's All-Star scoring record
  Stars set to shine in the Magic Kingdom
  The Sixth Man: Green trying to revive career in D-League
  Jeremy Evans wins Dunk Contest
Saturday, February 25, 2012
  Kevin Love wins three-point title
  Parker wins Skills Challenge
  New York wins Shooting Stars
  The Sixth Man: It's Magic, Howard about to disappear on Orlando
  Slam Dunk competition headlines All-Star Saturday Night
Friday, February 24, 2012
  Irving leads Team Chuck to Rising Stars game win
  The Sixth Man: Linsanity takes over All-Star weekend
  Bucks' Bogut recovering as planned
  Schonely, Smith named Gowdy recipients
  NBA stars to align during weekend festivities
  Rondo, Stackhouse to fill in for All-Star festivities
  Thunder down Lakers to head into break
  Spurs play stars, roll past slumping Nuggets
  Heat take down Knicks for 8th straight win
  Hawks head into All-Star break with win over Magic
Thursday, February 23, 2012
  Sizzling Thunder welcome Lakers to OKC
  Spurs close out Rodeo Road Trip in Denver
  Hawks, Magic clash at Philips Arena
  Heat try to halt the Lin-sanity
  Paul leads Clippers past Nuggets
  Kaman leads Hornets over Cavs
  Gasol, Lakers edge Mavericks
  Thunder top Celtics for 11th straight home win
  Rockets hand 76ers a 5th straight loss
  Ellis' last-second shot lifts Warriors over Suns; Curry injures foot
  Balanced Knicks ease past shorthanded Hawks
  Noah's triple-double leads Bulls past Bucks
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
  Ridnour lifts Minnesota over Utah
  Magic beat Nets for 9th straight time
  Pacers beat Bobcats again
  Kings top Wizards
  DeRozan leads Raptors over Pistons
  Durant added to 3-point contest
  Celtics' Rondo added to All-Star roster
  Hawks' Johnson to miss All-Star Game
  Nets' Williams has successful surgery, will miss season
  The Sixth Man: Lakers' strife was predictable
  Utah's Evans replacing Knicks' Shumpert in Slam Dunk contest
  Struggling Sixers invade Space City to take on Rockets
  Bucks and Bulls clash in the Second City
  Howard, Magic visit Deron and the Nets
  Lin, Knicks aim to bounce back vs. Hawks
  Cavs resume lengthy homestand vs. Hornets
  Raptors entertain Pistons at ACC
  Reeling Celtics visit OKC
  Clippers host Nuggets at Staples Center
  Lakers carry recent baggage into Big D
  Suns host Warriors in the desert
  Jazz, Wolves square off at Target Center
  Pacers pay a visit to Bobcats
  Kings take losing ways to Washington
  Grizzlies send 76ers to fourth straight loss
  Trail Blazers blow out shorthanded Spurs by 40
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
  Jamison, Irving lead Cavs over Pistons
  Heat win seventh straight, top Kings
  Pacers outlast Hornets in OT
  Nets' Williams to have foot surgery
  Johnson to sit next two games for Atlanta
  Sixers' Brand to miss game against Grizzlies
  Cavs bring back Manny Harris
  Hawks' Johnson doubtful for Wednesday
  Red-hot Spurs jingle into Portland
  76ers search for answers at Memphis
  Heat try to continue mastery of Kings
  Pistons, Cavs clash at the Q
  West, Pacers welcome Hornets to Indy
  Warriors pull away late against Clippers
  Bryant, Gasol lead Lakers over Blazers
  Durant, Westbrook lead Thunder over Hornets
  Nuggets slip by T'Wolves in OT
  Wizards can't solve Suns' curse
  Anderson's 3 lifts Magic over Bucks
  Lowry, Rockets edge Grizzlies
  Williams, Nets down Knicks in 'Melo's return
Monday, February 20, 2012
  Mavericks keep Celtics reeling
  Nuggets' Lawson suffers ankle injury
  Kupchak: No purpose in showing Lakers' hand
  Rose returns, Bulls down Hawks
  More surgery for Oden
  'Melo to return against Nets
  Spurs' Ginobili, Splitter to miss two weeks
  Rondo suspended two games
  Bulls' Rose returns to lineup against Hawks
  Curry to defend Skills Challenge crown
  Hornets ink Sloan to another 10-day contract
  Spurs sign Dawson to 10-day contract
  Low scoring games are the norm in the NBA
  Bryant, Lakers take on Blazers in LA
  Magic and Bucks meet at Bradley Center
  Mavs try to bounce back vs. struggling Celtics
  Bulls host Hawks in matinee affair
  Clippers aim to rebound at Golden State
  Spurs take perfect Rodeo Road Trip into Salt Lake City
  Grizzlies seek more last second magic in Houston
  Thunder hope to follow up historic performance vs. Hornets
  Timberwolves streak into Denver
  Linsane 'Melodrama set for NY as Knicks host Nets
  Wizards make a stop in the Valley of the Sun
  Durant's 51, Wesbtrook's 40 carry Thunder in OT
Sunday, February 19, 2012
  Ilyasova's big game carries Bucks past Nets
  Dudley leads Suns past Lakers
  Pacers dominate Bobcats
  Love lifts Minnesota over Philadelphia
  Pistons knock off Celtics
  Irving leads Cavs over Kings
  Rockets down Jazz behind Lowry's seven 3s
  Hawks extend Dampier another 10 days
  James, Wade lead Heat over Magic
  Lin rebounds as Knicks down Mavericks
  Knicks face tall task vs. surging Mavs
  Magic, Heat renew Southeast rivalry
  Celtics vie to bounce back against Pistons
  Kings search for success in Cleveland
  Pacers host Bobcats in Indy
  Bucks, Nets clash in the Garden State
  Sixers aim to rebound at Minnesota
  Rockets resume homestand with Jazz in town
  Thunder try to stay hot in OKC vs. Denver
  Bryant leads Lakers into Phoenix
  Streaking Spurs top Clippers in OT
  Blazers cruise past Hawks
Saturday, February 18, 2012
  Memphis edges Golden State
  Nets top Bulls, stop skid
  Grizzlies welcome Warriors to FedEx Forum
  Surging Spurs resume trek against Clippers
  Bulls, Nets collide in Chicago
  Hawks take their swings at Blazers in Rip City
  Bryant paces Lakers over Suns
  James returns to rout Cavs
  Jefferson, Jazz outlast Wizards
  Hornets beat Knicks; no last-minute luck for Lin
  Magic finish strong to down Bucks
Friday, February 17, 2012
  Love leads Timberwolves over Rockets
  Nowitzki, Mavs pull away to beat Sixers
  Stuckey fires Pistons to victory over Kings
  Grizzlies down Nuggets on Cunningham's buzzer beater
  Harden, Durant pace Thunder over Warriors
  Bobcats top Raptors, snap 16-game losing streak
  Knicks make J.R. Smith signing official
  Team Atlanta looks to repeat at Haier Shooting Stars event
  The Sixth Man: James can't go home again
  Varejao to miss at least a month
  J.R. Smith bound for New York
  Hornets try to stop Lin, Knicks at MSG
  Thunder welcome Warriors to OKC
  Timberwolves, Rockets square off in Space City
  Magic entertain Bucks at Amway Center
  Wizards pay a visit to Jazz
  Lakers open home-and-home set with Suns
  Nuggets and Grizzlies square off in Memphis
  Streaking Mavs visit Sixers
  LeBron brings Heat into Cleveland
  Kings invade Auburn Hills to take on Pistons
  Bobcats aim to halt franchise-record skid in Toronto
  Knicks' Lin added to Rising Stars game
  Clippers rally to down Portland
  Boozer and Bulls rally over Boston
  Granger, Pacers end losing streak
Thursday, February 16, 2012
  Seattle, investor announce plans for possible new arena
  Bulls' Rose out vs. Celtics
  Four to compete for All-Star dunk title
  Hornets ink Thomas to another 10-day contract
  Jones back for 3-point contest; Howard, Durant to coach celebs
  Bulls and Celtics clash in the Windy City
  Pacers aim to continue dominance over Nets
  Clippers invade Rip City to take on Blazers
  Clippers continue dominance of Wizards
  Blazers steal one from Warriors
  Mavericks cruise at home over Nuggets
  Gordon, Pistons pull away from Celtics
  Lin, Knicks rout Kings for 7th straight win
  Grizzlies escape New Jersey with win
  Hawks edge Suns behind Smith's big night
  Magic drain 15 3s in rout of 76ers
  Martin leads Rockets over Thunder
  Hornets break road skid with win in Milwaukee
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
  Cavs handle Pacers in Irving's return
  Parker nets 34 as Spurs drop Raptors
  T'Wolves keep Bobcats on the skids
  The Sixth Man: Pacers fail big test
  Billups has successful surgery on torn Achilles
  Let Rose rest for as long as he wants
  Cavs' Irving cleared to return
  Cavs resume lengthy homestand vs. reeling Pacers
  Magic welcome 76ers to Amway Center
  Thunder make a stop in Houston
  Mavs host Nuggets in Big D
  Hawks continue road trip at Phoenix
  Blazers take on Warriors without Aldridge
  Wizards seek third straight road win against Clippers
  Wolves hope to get healthy against visiting Bobcats
  Pistons and Celtics clash at TD Garden
  Spurs search for 9th straight win in Toronto
  Hornets shoot for rare winning streak in Milwaukee
  Nets aim to snap skid vs. Grizzlies
  Kings try to stop Lin-sanity from spreading in NYC
  Bulls' Thibodeau to coach East All-Stars
  Young, Wizards top Blazers
  Harden lifts Thunder over Jazz
  Gasol leads Lakers over Hawks
  Trail Blazers' Aldridge suffers ankle injury
  Afflalo helps Denver dominate Phoenix
  Deng helps Bulls hold off Kings
  Conley helps Grizzlies top Rockets
Tuesday, February 14, 2012
  Spurs hang on to beat Pistons
  Lin buries game-winning 3 in last second
  Heat down Pacers for third win in as many nights
  Nuggets' Nene, Mozgov out vs. Suns
  Nets waive Bogans; sign Andre Emmett
  Hawks commence trek against Lakers
  Blazers try to halt home skid vs. Wizards
  Suns, Nuggets clash at Pepsi Center
  Jazz close out stretch in Oklahoma City
  Lin leads Knicks into Toronto
  Bulls open homestand against Kings
  Rockets wrap up road trip in Memphis
  Spurs resume lengthy trek vs. Pistons
  Heat finish hectic stretch in Indy
  Hornets' Gordon sidelined six weeks after surgery
  Lee leads Warriors over Suns
  Balanced Magic beat Timberwolves by 13
  Hornets beat Jazz, snap eight-game skid
  Hornets' Gordon to have surgery, out another six weeks
  Butler returns to Dallas, but Mavs snag win
Monday, February 13, 2012
  Sixers hand Bobcats 15th straight loss
  James leads Heat past Bucks
  Bulls' Rose has no structural damage in back
  Jeremy Lin highlights NBA Players of the Week
  The Sixth Man: Lin proving the skeptics wrong
  Nets' Bogans has successful season-ending surgery
  Clippers finish road trip in Dallas
  Suns start tough stretch in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Heat try to solve Bucks at Bradley Center
  Jazz continue hectic stretch in NOLA
  Reeling Wolves visit Magic
  Bobcats hope to halt franchise-record skid against Sixers
  Warriors edge Rockets behind Ellis' 33
  Jazz top Grizzlies to snap 3-game slide
Sunday, February 12, 2012
  Wizards use big second half run to top Pistons
  Heat breeze past Hawks
  Rondo has triple-double, Celtics top Bulls
  Bryant's late shot gets Lakers past Raptors
  Celtics' Bass to miss time with knee injury
  Rondo's triple-double helps Celtics hold off Bulls
  Lakers finish Grammy Road Trip in Toronto
  Jazz start tough stretch in Memphis
  Warriors entertain Rockets in Oakland
  Heat and Hawks clash in Atlanta
  Streaking Pistons host lowly Wizards
  Bulls aim to continue road success in Boston
  Suns ease past Kings
  Clippers send Bobcats to 14th straight loss
  Spurs continue domination of Nets
  Sixers stop shorthanded Cavs
  Richardson's hot shooting leads Orlando over Milwaukee
  West helps Mavs outlast Blazers in 2-OT
  Nuggets hold off Pacers
Saturday, February 11, 2012
  Lin pushes Knicks past T'Wolves
  Varejao out indefinitely with wrist fracture
  Paul has quickly turned Clippers into a contender
  Mavs host Blazers in Big D
  Howard, Magic visit Milwaukee
  Kings and Suns square off in Sac-Town
  Spurs take Rodeo Road Trip to New Jersey
  Love meets Linsanity at Target Center
  Sixers try to right the ship in Cleveland
  Clippers continue road trip in Charlotte
  Nuggets aim to snap skid in Indy
  Lin scores 38, Knicks down Lakers
  Westbrook, Thunder cruise past Jazz
  Gay and Grizzlies slip past Pacers
  Milwaukee clips Cleveland in OT
  Monroe helps Pistons rout Nets
  Wade, Heat beat Wizards
  Crawford lifts Portland past New Orleans
  Nowitzki leads Dallas past T-Wolves
  Paul lifts Clippers over Sixers in final seconds
Friday, February 10, 2012
  Hawks edge Magic in OT
  Bulls rout Bobcats
  DeRozan, Raptors down Celtics
  Spurs' Ginobili to return Saturday
  Lifetime achievement awards behind this season's All-Star snubs
  Cavs' Irving out at least two more games
  Lifetime achievements awards behind this season's All-Star snubs
  Cavs sign Uzoh to 10-day contract
  Lin, Knicks try to stay hot vs. Lakers
  Celtics head north of the border to face Raptors
  Blazers, Hornets tangle in the Big Easy
  Magic welcome Hawks to central Florida
  Mavs visit Love, Timberwolves
  Pacers battle Grizzlies on Beale Street
  Nets and Pistons finish home-and-home set
  Cavs and Bucks clash at the 'Q'
  Heat visit nation's capital to take on Wizards
  Clippers resume road trip vs. 76ers
  Thunder conclude road trip in Utah
  First meets worst when Bulls visit Bobcats
  Evans, Cousins lead Kings past Thunder
  Curry leads Golden State past Denver
  Rockets use strong bench effort to down Suns
  Lakers outlast Celtics in OT
Thursday, February 09, 2012
  Nowitzki, Pierce highlight All-Star reserves
  Nets' Bogans headed for surgery
  Hawks sign Erick Dampier
  Nash, Suns host Rockets in the desert
  Banged-up Nuggets try to snap skid vs. Warriors
  Thunder continue road trip at Sacramento
  Celtics, Lakers renew rivalry in Beantown
  Rockets G Lowry leaves game
  Rockets hold off Blazers
  Cavaliers hang on to down Clippers
  Howard, Anderson lead Magic over Heat
  Nowitzki leads Mavs over Nuggets
  Lin shines again as Knicks down Wizards
  Grizzlies take down Timberwolves
  Monroe leads Pistons over Nets
Wednesday, February 08, 2012
  Improved bench has Spurs ready to ride in watered-down West
  Bulls rout Hornets
  Smith leads Hawks past Pacers
  Parker, Spurs get past 76ers
  Bucks pull away to beat Raptors
  Cavs G Irving out with a concussion
  Heat G Chalmers inactive vs. Magic
  No problem: Houston lands 2013 NBA All-Star Game
  Pacers seek another road win in Atlanta
  Portland tries to bounce back at home vs. Rockets
  Call of the wild: Wolves, Grizzlies clash in Memphis
  Mr. Lin goes to Washington
  Bulls hope to have Rose in New Orleans
  Pistons and Nets kick off home-and-home set in Jersey
  Heat and Magic battle for Sunshine State bragging rights
  Nuggets entertain Mavs at Pepsi Center
  Spurs continue Rodeo Road Trip in Philly
  Bucks and Raptors meet at ACC
  Clippers continue road trip in Cleveland minus Billups
  Ellis' 48 not enough, Durant lifts Thunder over Warriors
  Nash lifts Suns over Bucks
Tuesday, February 07, 2012
  Pierce passes Bird as Celtics down Bobcats
  James, Wade lead Heat over Cavs
  Pekovic helps Minnesota down Sacramento
  Pacers hang on to beat Jazz
  Billups done for season with torn Achilles
  Billups done for season with torn ACL
  Danilo Gallinari has 'significant ankle sprain'
  'Melo sidelined for at least a week
  Spurs waive Malcolm Thomas
  Pacers try to rebound vs. Jazz
  Heat battle Cavs down south
  Pierce eyes a legend in Celtics-Bobcats matchup
  Redd, Suns invade Milwaukee
  Love-less Wolves welcome Kings to Twin Cities
  Duncan's double-double lifts Spurs over Grizzlies
  Thunder down Blazers in OT
  Clippers' Billups helped off the court
  Bulls roll past Nets
  Paul helps Clippers beat Magic in OT
  Rockets outlast Nuggets
  Sixers escape with win over Lakers
  Nash, Suns strike down Hawks
  Gallinari suffers left ankle injury
Monday, February 06, 2012
  Wizards take down Raptors in OT
  Kings handle skidding Hornets
  Showtime to Lob City; Lakers are playing second fiddle in LA
  No Stoudemire, no Anthony, no problem: Knicks roll past Jazz
  Carmelo Anthony leaves game with strained groin
  Pierce, Parker named NBA Players of the Week
  Cavs waive Thompson
  Warriors waive Barron
  Minnesota's Love suspended two games for stomp
  Lakers' Brown suspended one game
  Stoudemire to miss Monday's game after death of brother
  Raptors seek another win over Wizards
  Thunder invade Portland's Rose Garden
  Stoudemire deals with tragedy as Knicks host Jazz
  Hawks hope to get healthy vs. Suns
  Bulls continue lengthy road trip vs. Nets
  Kobe leads Lakers into Philadelphia
  Clippers resume road trip in Orlando
  Nuggets target a win vs. visiting Rockets
  Giddy up: Spurs begin Rodeo Road Trip in Memphis
  Cousins leads Kings into New Orleans
  Heat get past Raptors
Sunday, February 05, 2012
  Celtics handle Grizzlies, earn fourth straight win
  Celtics start local events early vs. Memphis
  Heat host Raptors in matinee affair
  Batum makes 9 three-pointers, Blazers down Nuggets
  Magic take down Pacers in feisty affair
  Griffin, Clippers roll past Wizards
  Kings down Warriors in OT
  Rose's Bulls race past Bucks
  Suns beat skidding Bobcats
  Cavs hold off Mavs
  Jazz take down Lakers
  Parker sets franchise assists record as Spurs down Thunder
Saturday, February 04, 2012
  Monroe helps Pistons beat skidding Hornets
  Vucevic leads balanced attack as Sixers drop Hawks
  Lin leads Knicks over Nets
  Wolves reach .500 in win over Rockets
  Magic's Richardson ejected vs. Pacers
  Pistons rookie Knight breaks nose
  Hawks C Collins out at least 2 weeks
  Kings, Warriors meet again in Sacramento
  Clippers kick off trek in Washington
  Lakers resume trek in Utah
  Bobcats hope to end slide against Suns
  Blazers entertain Nuggets at Rose Garden
  Hawks host 76ers at Philips Arena
  Pacers try to stay hot vs. Magic
  Mavs hit the road to Cleveland
  Knicks square off with Nets at MSG
  Pistons welcome Hornets to The Palace
  Timberwolves host Rockets in Twin Cities
  Bulls continue long trip in Milwaukee
  Thunder, Spurs tangle in the Alamo City
  Lakers hold off Nuggets
  Denver's Mozgov leaves game with sprained ankle
  Celtics beat Knicks for 10th straight time in Boston
  Durant powers Thunder past Grizzlies
  Martin leads balanced attack as Rockets top Suns
  Pistons top Bucks to halt slide
  Pacers pick up rare win in Dallas
  Howard powers Magic past Cavs
Friday, February 03, 2012
  Ridnour's trey lifts T'Wolves over Nets
  Sixers wilt in fourth, can't beat Heat
  Are the Heat all they are cracked up to be?
  Raptors bounce back with win over Wizards
  Clippers, Martin reach deal
  James, Bryant named NBA Players of the Month
  Pistons' Villanueva to miss at least 'a few weeks'
  Oden has yet another knee surgery
  Magic suspend Glen Davis 2 games
  Report: Clippers, Martin reach deal
  Mavericks' Cuban, Carlisle fined by NBA
  Sixers try to solve Heat in Philly
  Thunder, Grizzlies collide in OKC
  Pacers roll into Big D
  Magic take on Cavs in central Florida
  Knicks and Celtics renew rivalry at TD Garden
  Rockets welcome Suns to Space City
  Nets entertain improved Wolves
  Jennings, Bucks visit lowly Pistons
  Nuggets entertain Lakers at Pepsi Center
  Wizards visit ACC to take on Raptors
  Warriors run over Jazz
  Blazers lose in Sacramento
  Bulls ride Rose in fourth to down Knicks
  Nuggets take out Clippers
  Parker, Spurs use late spurt to get past Hornets
Thursday, February 02, 2012
  Gay leads Memphis past Atlanta
  Magic's Howard to start All-Star Game in Orlando
  Magic sign Ish Smith
  Underrated Sixers fight for respect
  Spurs entertain Hornets in Alamo City
  Bulls resume long trek in MSG against Knicks
  Jazz and Warriors meet in the Bay Area
  Improved Clippers aim for another win over Nuggets
  Blazers visit reeling Kings
  Hot Hawks kick off homestand vs. Grizzlies
  Clippers earn rare win in Utah
  Blazers crush Bobcats
  Jennings, Bucks rally past Heat
  Westbrook lifts Thunder over Mavericks
  Sixers stay hot, dodge Bulls
  Celtics rout Raptors
  Spurs rally past Rockets behind Duncan, Parker
  Nets outlast Pistons
  Nash becomes Suns' assist leader in win
Wednesday, February 01, 2012
  Magic beat Wizards for 8th straight time
  Granger paces Indiana over Timberwolves
  Magic waive Hughes
  Nets pick up G Bogans
  Irving, Rubio named NBA's top rookies for January
  Thibodeau, Brooks named NBA's top coaches for December and January
  Division leaders clash in Big D when OKC visits Mavs
  Streaking Heat take on Bucks at Bradley Center
  Suns and Hornets tangle in the Big Easy
  Improved Wolves entertain Pacers
  Celtics kick off homestand vs. Raptors
  Pistons finish road trip against Nets
  Clippers search for success in Utah
  Lowly Bobcats meet Blazers in Rip City
  Spurs and Rockets meet in the Alamo City
  Sixers face tough test vs. East-leading Bulls
  Magic aim to snap skid vs. Wizards
  Mayo lifts Grizzlies over Nuggets in OT
  Bryant, Lakers pile on struggling Bobcats
  Rush helps Golden State slip past Sacramento
  Anthony helps Knicks beat lowly Pistons
Monday, February 28, 2011
  Cavs' Jamison out 5-7 weeks with broken finger
  Warriors reach buy-out agreement with F Murphy
  Wizards waive Bibby
  Spurs' Parker to miss 2-4 weeks
  Howard, Martin named NBA Players of the Week
  Bobcats cut G Peterson
  MVP candidate Rose leads Bulls into Washington
  Hawks wrap up lengthy trek against Nuggets
  Rising Suns pay a visit to New Jersey
  Celtics conclude road swing at Utah
  Clippers, Kings clash in California's capital
  Ginobili leads Spurs past Grizzlies
  Anthony, Knicks best Heat in star-studded matchup
  Hawks hold off Blazers
Sunday, February 27, 2011
  Howard, Magic handle Bobcats
  Rockets rally past Hornets
  Nowitzki, Mavs easily top Raptors
  Sixers down Cavs to get above .500
  Love continues double-double streak as T-Wolves snap skid
  Lakers hold off Thunder
  Suns blow lead, beat Pacers in OT on Frye's jumper
  Wolves hope to end slide vs. Warriors
  Lakers aim to stay hot after break; visit Thunder
  Suns take on Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse
  76ers make a stop in Cleveland
  Mavs seek revenge against Raptors up north
  Howard, Magic clash with Bobcats at Amway Center
  Rockets aim for another win in New Orleans
  Spurs host Grizzlies in Alamo City
  Hawks resume road trip in Portland
  LeBron, 'Melo tangle down south in Heat-Knicks matchup
  Mavs top the lowly Wizards
  Randolph powers Grizzlies to rout of Kings
  Pierce, Celtics top Clippers
  Bulls beat Bucks to continue division dominance
  Rockets roll to another win over New Jersey
Saturday, February 26, 2011
  Stuckey carries Pistons over Jazz
  Division-leading Bulls begin trip against Bucks
  Jazz carry momentum into showdown with Detroit
  Mavs go for fifth straight win at Washington
  Grizzlies welcome Kings to FedEx Forum
  Celtics vie to rebound against Clippers
  Williams, Nets make a stop in Houston
  Blazers edge Nuggets in OT
  Howard scores 40 as Magic silence Thunder
  Bryant scores 18 in 3rd, Lakers top Clippers
  Smith helps Hawks get past Warriors
  Spurs continue home streak, Williams gets double-double in NJ debut
  Suns continue domination of Raptors
Friday, February 25, 2011
  Jackson scores 30, Bobcats top Kings
  Wade leads Heat over lowly Wizards
  Jazz beat Pacers for Corbin's first win
  Hornets win despite Love's 45th straight double-double
  Cavs stun Knicks, Anthony fouls out
  Iguodala, 76ers rout shorthanded Pistons
  Warriors re-sign F Adrien from NBDL
  Washington's Blatche to miss Friday's game versus Miami
  Rockets waive F Jeffries
  Pacers' Dunleavy to miss 6-8 weeks after surgery
  Celtics gamble on Green
  Spurs' Neal dealing with concussion symptoms
  New-look Blazers host Nuggets at Rose Garden
  Clippers wrap up trek against Lakers
  Hawks pay a visit to Warriors
  Thunder, Magic clash at Amway Center
  Hornets visit Timberwolves in Twin Cities
  Nets' Williams expected to debut in San Antonio
  Heat entertain lowly Wizards
  'Melo, Knicks visit Cavs
  Suns kick off lengthy road trip in Toronto
  Sixers hope to climb to .500 vs. Pistons
  Fading Jazz visit surging Pacers
  Bobcats begin life without Wallace; host Kings
  Nuggets use late surge to down Celtics
  Busy Celtics make 4-player deal with OKC
  Deng helps Chicago get past Miami
Thursday, February 24, 2011
  Thunder get Mohammed from Bobcats
  Battier going back to Memphis
  Kings acquire Marquis Daniels from Celtics
  Cavs trade for Celtics rookies, waive F Powe
  Trail Blazers pick up F Wallace from Bobcats
  Suns and Rockets swap guards
  Report: Celts acquire F Green in four player deal
  Trading Places; significant movement shakes things up at deadline
  Clippers ship Baron Davis to Cavs
  Celtics visit 'Melo-less Nuggets
  James, Heat face off with Bulls in Windy City
  Hawks trade for G Hinrich
  Report: Clippers set to send Baron Davis to Cavs
  Bryant comes up big as Lakers rally past Blazers in OT
  Martin and Budinger lead Houston past Cavaliers
  Taylor shines as Sacramento stuns Magic
  Paul pushes New Orleans past Clippers
  Spurs hang on to beat Durant, Thunder
  Grizzlies bounce back against Timberwolves
  Sixers bury hapless Wizards
  Anthony scores 27 in debut, Knicks down Bucks
  Frye leads late charge as Suns hold off Hawks
  Without Williams, Jazz fall to red-hot Mavs
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
  Rush lifts Pacers over Pistons
  Nets acquire Deron Williams from Utah
  Toronto holds off Chicago
  Pacers' Dunleavy out indefinitely with broken thumb
  Anthony says trade was 'dream come true'
  Hornets acquire F Landry from Kings
  Nets finally find relevance with Williams
  Mavs welcome reeling Jazz to Big D
  Pacers kick off homestand vs. Pistons
  Kings resume road trip in central Florida vs. Magic
  Sixers and Wizards meet in Philly
  Anthony set to make Knicks debut vs. Bucks
  Grizzlies make a stop in Twin Cities
  Spurs shoot for 19th straight home win; face Thunder
  Suns square off with Hawks in the desert
  Rockets visit homestanding Cavs
  Griffin leads struggling Clippers into New Orleans
  Rose leads Bulls north of the border to take on Raptors
  Blazers hope to get a boost with Lakers in town
  Garnett helps Celtics breeze past Warriors
  Bryant, Lakers rout Hawks
  Thunder spoil Griffin's return to OKC
  LeBron, Heat cruise against Kings
  No 'Melo? No problem: Nuggets beat Grizzlies
  Jennings, Bucks take down Timberwolves
  Patterson powers Rockets past Pistons
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
  Granger helps Pacers down Wizards
  Augustin paces Bobcats over Raptors
  Nuggets, Knicks complete Carmelo trade
  Raptors acquire F Johnson from Bulls
  Spurs sign Novak to another 10-day contract
  Kings' Evans out for another three weeks
  'Melo's drama arrives in New York
  All-Star MVP Bryant, Lakers welcome Hawks to Hollywood
  Celtics seek rare victory at Golden State
  Bucks host Timberwolves in Brew City
  Nuggets begin new era vs. Grizzlies
  Clippers' Griffin returns to his roots in OKC
  Heat get back to business by hosting Kings
  Rockets and Pistons tangle at The Palace
  Bobcats entertain Raptors
  Pacers take playoff push to Washington
  Report: 'Melo to Knicks in huge trade
Monday, February 21, 2011
  Grizzlies sign Carney to 10-day contract
  Report: Nets, Knicks to make pitch to 'Melo
  Kobe wins 4th MVP, leads West over East
Sunday, February 20, 2011
  East meets West in 60th annual All-Star Game
  Heat's James Jones wins Three-Point Contest, Curry shows Skills
  Griffin drives to Dunk Contest victory
Saturday, February 19, 2011
  Heat's James Jones wins Three-Point Contest
  Clippers' Griffin set to defy gravity on All-Star weekend
  Wall's 22 assists lead rookies past sophomores
  Report: Anthony deal exclusively in Knicks' court
Friday, February 18, 2011
  Raptor Report: Development should take precedence
  Starting Five: Sixers Surging, Lakers struggling
  Mavs continue surge by beating Suns
  Rose's career-high 42 carries Bulls over Spurs
Thursday, February 17, 2011
  Spurs' Duncan to start at center for West
  Kings' Evans to miss rookie challenge
  Spurs conclude long trek in Chicago
  Mavs go for 40th win at Phoenix
  Blazers edge Hornets, win streak at 6
  Anthony leads Nuggets past struggling Milwaukee
  Sixers match last season's win total with win over Rockets
  Griffin outduels Love as Clippers defeat Timberwolves
  Howard helps Orlando handle Wizards
  Warriors hand Jazz another home loss
  Prince rules at the Palace; Pistons down Pacers in OT
  Lakers stumble in Cleveland
  Stoudemire returns as Knicks roll past Hawks
Wednesday, February 16, 2011
  Kidd, Mavs push past Kings
  Pierce, Celtics hold off Nets
  Heat down Raptors in Bosh's return to Toronto
  Memphis F Gay will miss at least four weeks
  Success in the NBA comes in twos
  Silas given contract extension with Bobcats
  Jazz try again for first win under Corbin vs. Warriors
  Hornets visit Blazers in Rose City
  Anthony, Nuggets invade Milwaukee
  76ers wrap up trek in Houston
  Young stars collide in Clippers-Wolves showdown
  Mavs try to extend home streak over Kings
  Celtics and Nets battle in Beantown
  Lakers finish road trip in Cleveland
  Pacers visit Pistons in Central Division clash
  Hawks resume road trip in MSG against Knicks
  Bosh leads Heat into Toronto
  Wizards and Magic meet in central Florida
  Ellis, Warriors roll over Hornets
  Conley leads Memphis over Philadelphia
  Deng, Bulls beat Bobcats
  Cook, Durant help Thunder crush Kings
  Frye's career night helps Suns edge Jazz
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
  Wade leads Heat over Pacers
  Orlando Magic Vice President diagnosed with cancer
  Bucks' Redd set to return on Monday
  Blazers' Roy may have little time left
  Bulls entertain Bobcats in Windy City
  Kings resume road trip in OKC
  Sixers and Grizzlies meet in Memphis
  Streaking Pacers face tough test vs. Heat
  Suns, Jazz mix it up in the desert
  Hornets set for showdown with hosting Warriors
  Bobcats send Lakers to second straight loss
  Rockets use balanced attack to beat Nuggets
  Spurs dominate Nets
  Delfino's three-point shooting lifts Bucks over Clippers
  Hawks begin road trip with win over Pistons
Monday, February 14, 2011
  Blazers record 16th straight win over Timberwolves
  Jazz make Hornacek assistant coach
  Kings fine rookie Cousins
  Celtics' Pierce to play Wednesday
  Howard, Aldridge named NBA Players of the Week
  Jazz F Kirilenko to miss Tuesday's game
  Lakers seek redemption in Charlotte
  Nuggets make a stop in Space City
  Blazers go for 16th straight win over Wolves
  Griffin, Clippers resume trek with Bucks
  Hawks begin road trip at Detroit
  Spurs roll into New Jersey
  Ellis guides Warriors past Thunder
  Young helps Washington to first road win
Sunday, February 13, 2011
  Landry helps Kings defeat Phoenix
  Grizzlies use big fourth quarter to down Nuggets
  Aldridge, Blazers edge Pistons
  Garnett, Celtics snap Heat's eight-game winning streak
  Raptors down reeling Clippers
  Howard carries Magic over cold-shooting Lakers
  Kings' Cousins doesn't make trip for game against Suns
  Celtics' Pierce to have MRI on foot
  Durant, Thunder take on Warriors in Oakland
  Durant, Thunder take on Kings in Sacramento
  Streaking Suns kick off homestand vs. Kings
  Wizards aim for first road win in Cleveland
  Aldridge, Blazers pay a visit to Pistons
  Clippers and Raptors meet in Toronto
  'Melo's drama hits Memphis as Nuggets visit Grizzlies
  Lakers visit scuffling Magic
  Heat and Celtics battle for East's top spot
  Sixers sizzle on offense to down Timberwolves
  Red hot Pacers top Bucks
  Thunder avert disaster, clip Kings
  Bulls use strong second half to beat Hornets
  Dallas holds on to down Houston
  Spurs break loose, down lowly Wizards
  Chandler, Fields guide shorthanded Knicks over Nets
Saturday, February 12, 2011
  Jackson's buzzer-beater caps Bobcats' comeback win
  Knicks' Stoudemire sits with sprained toe
  Wizards hit Shakur up again with 10-day contract
  Varejao has successful surgery
  Spurs take Rodeo Road Trip into Washington
  Sixers and Wolves clash at Target Center
  Rose, Bulls finish road trip vs. Paul and Hornets
  Hawks and Bobcats meet in Dixie
  Knicks and Nets tangle at The Rock
  Conley, Grizzlies edge Bucks
  Without Sloan, Jazz fall to Suns by 12
  Bryant sparkles, Lakers win in Big Apple
  Mo better: Cavs snap streak at 26 in OT
  Lopez leads the way as Nets knock off Charlotte
  Utah's Kirilenko leaves with sprained ankle
  West helps Hornets get past Orlando
  Wade, Heat top Pistons for 8th straight win
Friday, February 11, 2011
  Aldridge, Blazers topple lowly Raptors
  Holiday, Sixers topple Spurs
  Jones' big 4th quarter leads Pacers over T-Wolves
  Jazz G Bell sits with strained calf
  New era in Utah begins with visit from Suns
  Hornets' Paul fined $15,000
  Pistons to retire Dennis Rodman's jersey
  Williams should take a hit in Sloan saga
  Wolves and Pacers square off in Indy
  Heat carry win streak into bout with Detroit
  Magic start lengthy homestand vs. slumping Hornets
  Spurs bring NBA's best record to Philly
  Kobe, Lakers make a stop at Knicks
  Aldridge, Blazers kick off road trip vs. Raptors
  Grizzlies host Bucks in Volunteer State
  Bobcats battle Nets in Charlotte
  Cavs seek to end monumental skid vs. Clippers
  Starting Five: A shocker in Utah
  Raptor Report: Same story home or away
  Nuggets end Mavs' streak on Afflalo's buzzer beater
  Allen sets 3-point record, Celtics lose to Lakers
  Nash, Suns easily handle Warriors
  Allen passes Miller for 3-point record
Thursday, February 10, 2011
  Sloan steps down as Jazz head coach
  Allen aims to shoot Celtics past Lakers
  Report: Sloan to step down as Jazz coach
  Suns battle Warriors in the desert
  Mavs invade Denver in search of 11th straight win
  Mavericks edge Kings, win 10th straight
  Ellis helps Warriors get past Denver
  Boozer returns, but Rose hits key shots as Bulls clip Jazz
  Howard, Magic pull out win against Sixers
  Clippers use balanced attack to take down Knicks
  McRoberts pushes Pacers past struggling Charlotte
Wednesday, February 09, 2011
  Lopez leads Nets to OT win over New Orleans
  Wizards snap skid with win over Bucks
  Cavs fall to Pistons, streak reaches 26
  San Antonio storms back to defeat Toronto
  Utah's Okur out indefinitely with lower back injury
  Mavs seek 10th straight win at Sacramento
  Surging Sixers entertain Magic
  Reeling Hornets visit listless Nets
  Griffin leads Clippers into New York
  Bulls' Boozer makes return to Utah
  Pacers aim to regroup vs. Bobcats
  Spurs take Rodeo Road Trip north of the border to face Raptors
  Bucks tangle with Wizards in nation's capital
  Cavs hope to end lengthy skid vs. Pistons
  Nuggets try to focus on hoops, visit Warriors
  Love leads Minnesota to win over Rockets
  Randolph leads Grizzlies to OT win over Thunder
  Another big night for LeBron lifts Heat over Pacers
  Spurs outlast Pistons for third straight win
  Howard, Orlando top Clippers
Tuesday, February 08, 2011
  Bucks halt a four-game slide with win over Raptors
  Williams leads balanced attack, Sixers throttle Hawks
  Field announced for NBA Three-Point Shootout
  Spurs sign Steve Novak to 10-day contract
  Hawks tangle with 76ers at Philips Arena
  Durant, Thunder host Grizzlies in OKC
  Streaking Heat host resurgent Pacers in Miami
  Magic take on Clippers in central Florida
  Rockets open homestand vs. Timberwolves
  Raptors aim for another win at Bucks
  Road trip proceeds for Spurs in Detroit
  Jefferson scores 23, Jazz hold off Kings
  Nash reaches assist milestone as Suns hold on to down Warriors
  'Melo has 50, but Nuggets fall to Rockets
  Love, Timberwolves cruise past Hornets
  Bryant, Lakers get by Grizzlies
  Aldridge, Blazers get past Bulls
  Mavs run Cleveland's losing streak to 25
Monday, February 07, 2011
  Bobcats down Celtics; Allen inches closer to record
  Nuggets' Nene out with illness
  Grizzlies sign G Jason Williams
  Sloan, Utah agree to another extension
  LeBron, Durant named NBA Players of the Week
  Raptors sign Trey Johnson to another 10-day deal
  Celtics recall Bradley
  Celtics, Bobcats tangle in Charlotte
  Streaking Mavs host moribund Cavs
  Hornets hope to get back on track vs. lowly Wolves
  Lakers resume Grammy trip in Memphis
  Nuggets, Rockets go at it in the Rockies
  Bulls vie to bounce back in Portland
  Improving Kings clash with Jazz
  Warriors welcome Suns to Oakland
  Rondo leads Celtics past Magic
Sunday, February 06, 2011
  Celtics' Daniels suffers bruised spine
  Stoudemire powers Knicks to win over Sixers
  Celtics' Daniels leaves game
  Jones, Pacers handle Nets for fourth straight win
  "Big Three" carry Miami past Clippers
  Pacers, Nets tangle at the Rock
  Heat host Clippers in south Florida
  76ers visit Knicks at MSG
  Celtics welcome Magic to Beantown
  Ellis comes alive in fourth as Warriors beat Bulls
  Rockets work overtime to edge Grizzlies
  Mavs stretch win streak to eight, continue domination of Bobcats
  Hamilton returns to help Detroit down Bucks
  Hawks beat Wizards for 12th straight time
  Westbrook helps Thunder take down Jazz
  Nuggets continue domination of T'Wolves
  Cavs set single-season futility mark
Saturday, February 05, 2011
  Gasol, Bryant carry Lakers over Hornets
  Nuggets' Smith fined $25,000 for flagrant foul
  Warriors' Bell arrested on DUI charge
  Rockets welcome Grizzlies to Space City
  Hawks clash with Wizards in DC
  Mavs make a stop in Charlotte
  Cavs hope to avoid NBA futility vs. Portland
  Bulls put win streak to the test at Golden State
  Thunder pay a visit to Jazz
  Bucks return home to host Pistons
  Nuggets aim to continue reign over Wolves
  Lakers, Hornets square off at the Hive
  Jefferson guides Utah past Denver
  Cavs fall in Memphis, tie record with 23rd straight loss
  Parker helps Spurs down Kings
  Wade's triple-double leads Heat over Bobcats
  Green, Durant pace Thunder over Suns
  Sixers rally to edge Knicks
  Magic beat Wizards in Arenas' return to Washington
  Mavs down Celtics for seventh straight victory
  Jermaine O'Neal undergoes surgery, out 6-8 weeks
Friday, February 04, 2011
  Pistons extend Nets' road misery
  Horford's last-second free throws lift Hawks over Clips
  Utah's Williams returns
  Granger, Pacers shut down Blazers
  Raptors end 13-game skid, beat T'Wolves
  LeBron and Randolph named NBA Players of the Month
  Love replaces Yao in All-Star game
  Nets' coach Johnson fined by NBA
  Hornets sign G Pavlovic to 10-day contract
  Raptor Report: Unlucky number 13 may have spelled Triano's demise
  Suns close out homestand vs. Durant, Thunder
  Mavs and Celtics clash in Beantown
  Streaking Grizzlies hope to hand Cavs 23rd straight setback
  Wolves head north to face Raptors
  Clippers commence arduous trek in Atlanta
  Magic try to rebound against lowly Wizards
  LeBron takes hot hand to Charlotte
  Blazers, Pacers tangle in Indy
  76ers, Knicks begin home-and-home set in Philly
  Northwest rivals clash in the Rockies as Nuggets entertain Jazz
  Spurs resume lengthy road trip in Sacramento
  Nets aim to cure road woes vs. Pistons
  McDyess' tip-in lifts Spurs over Lakers
  Ellis scores 24, Warriors top Bucks
  James pumps in 51 as Heat hold off Magic
Thursday, February 03, 2011
  Love, Aldridge headline list of All-Star snubs
  Four Celtics voted All-Star reserves
  Knicks scout, organization fined for draft violations
  Raptors' Kleiza undergoes surgery
  Spurs resume rodeo road trip vs. Lakers
  Banged-up Bucks visit homestanding Warriors
  Magic host Heat in battle for Sunshine State bragging rights
  Nuggets use balanced attack to beat Blazers
  Rose paces Bulls over Clippers
  Hot-handed Durant scores 43, Thunder top Hornets
  Williams, Okur, Kirilenko sit for Jazz
  Nowitzki helps Mavs slip past Knicks
  Grizzlies feast on T-Wolves
  Hornets' Paul leaves game with ankle injury
  Jackson nets 39, leads Bobcats over Pistons
  Martin's late shots get Rockets past Jazz
  Pacers hand Cavs 22nd straight defeat
  Gortat helps Suns down Bucks
  Holiday's triple-double helps Sixers swamp Nets
Wednesday, February 02, 2011
  Johnson goes for 37 as Hawks keep Raptors skidding
  Thunder bring up Aldrich
  Bucks' Gooden out 4-6 weeks
  Starting Five: Time for a Laker alteration?
  Williams, Okur, Kirilenko to miss Wednesday's game
  Mavs, Knicks square off at MSG
  Pacers aim to continue Cavs' misery
  76ers tangle with Nets at the Rock
  Sliding Raptors carry losing streak into Atlanta
  Bobcats close out trek against Pistons
  Bulls kick off road trip vs. Clippers at Staples Center
  Northwest rivals clash in the Rockies as Nuggets entertain Blazers
  Suns continue homestand vs. Bucks
  Rockets and Jazz battle in Salt Lake City
  Streaking Grizzlies visit Wolves
  Durant, Thunder finish homestand against Hornets
  Bryant, Lakers top Rockets in OT
  Allen, Celtics get past Kings
  Aldridge's offensive explosion leads Portland over Spurs
Tuesday, February 01, 2011
  Smith's career night leads Hornets over lowly Wizards
  Griffin, Evans headline rookie challenge rosters
  Wall, Griffin named top rookies for January
  Thibodeau, Williams named NBA's top coaches for January
  Hornets' Okafor sidelined 1-3 weeks
  Wizards search for first road win in the Big Easy vs. Hornets
  Lakers dust themselves off, host Rockets in LA
  Spurs begin lengthy road trip in Portland
  Celtics finish road trip in Sacramento
  Griffin, Clippers stay hot at home, down Bucks
  Conley, Grizzlies hold off Magic
  Wade, James help Heat beat Cavs; Cleveland nears infamous record
  Millsap helps Utah squeak past Bobcats
  Mavericks keep Wizards winless on road
Sunday, February 28, 2010
  Durant leads Thunder in rout of Toronto
  Foye helps Wizards clip Nets
  Wade returns but Heat still fall to Magic
  Shaq to have surgery on thumb
  Johnson helps Hawks down Bucks in OT
  Spurs hold off Suns
  Lakers get by Nuggets despite poor shooting from Kobe
  T-Wolves suspend Jefferson after arrest
  Surging Mavs host Hornets in Big D
  Shaq to have thumb examined again
  Nets, Wizards clash in Izod Center
  Clippers meet Kings in Sacramento
  Raptors, Thunder clash in Oklahoma City
  Reeling Heat visit Magic in Orlando
  Salmons, Bucks shoot for another road win in Atlanta
  Western powers meet in LA as Lakers host Nuggets
  Streaking Suns visit shaky Spurs in San Antonio
  Warriors use strong second half to defeat Pistons
  Jazz rout Rockets behind potent shooting performance
  Randolph powers Grizzlies over Knicks
Saturday, February 27, 2010
  Batum's career night carries Portland over Timberwolves
  Pacers avoid season sweep to Bulls
  Bucks top Heat for sixth straight win
  Nets upend Celtics for sixth win of the season
  Jordan to have majority ownership of Bobcats
  Martin leads Rockets into Salt Lake City to face Jazz
  Bulls aim for season sweep of Pacers
  Bucks visit Heat in key Eastern Conference matchup
  Celtics shoot for 13th straight win over lowly Nets
  Pistons finish road trip in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Blazers aim to continue dominance over Wolves
  Grizzlies and Knicks collide at MSG
  Udrih leads Kings over Jazz
  Billups, Anthony lead Nuggets past Pistons
  Durant leads Thunder to rout of Timberwolves
  Lee's bucket lifts Knicks over Wizards in OT
  Bulls stay hot, top Blazers in OT
  Bobcats drop Grizzlies in Memphis
  Lopez's career night helps Suns past Clippers
  West drops 40 to lead Hornets' comeback over Magic
  Gasol, Bynum lead Lakers past Sixers
  Kidd's triple-double leads Mavericks over Hawks in OT
  Trio of Rockets score 30-plus in win over Spurs
  James, Cavs solve Raptors in overtime
Friday, February 26, 2010
  Wizards sign Livingston to 10-day contract
  Heat G Arroyo arrested
  Lakers' Bynum fined by NBA
  Alpha dog or not, Howard has been Magic in Orlando
  Slumping Bobcats to make stop in Memphis
  Durant, Thunder seeking to bounce back against T-Wolves
  Blazers hoping to maintain recent success against surging Bulls
  Struggling Knicks shoot for another win over Wizards
  Mavs hope to extend win streak in clash with Hawks
  Cavs head up north to battle Raptors
  Sixers finish road trip against Kobe, Lakers
  Surging Jazz shoot for 8th straight road win in Sacramento
  Howard, Magic invade Big Easy to face Hornets
  Suns, Clippers clash in the desert
  Nuggets hope to solve recent woes vs. Pistons
  Spurs and Rockets meet in Texas tussle
  Nuggets beat Warriors, win first game without Karl behind bench
  Shaq suffers thumb injury
  Cavs use huge second half to rout Celtics
Thursday, February 25, 2010
  Salmons, Bucks hold off Pacers
  Kings F Thompson out up to two weeks
  Grizzlies send C Thabeet to D-League
  Wizards waive Ilgauskas
  Dantley set to mentor Nuggets against Warriors
  Eastern heavyweights collide as Cavs visit Celtics
  Bucks and Pacers meet in Central Division clash
  Butler's strong fourth quarter pushes Clips past Pistons
  Boozer powers Jazz to win over Bobcats
  Spurs top Thunder; Durant held under 25
  Mavs hold off Lakers
  Bucks stamp out Hornets
  Deng helps Bulls stay on the rise, down Pacers
  Suns continue home dominance over Sixers
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
  Howard highlights Orlando's victory in Houston
  Grizzlies rebound with win over Wizards
  Josh Smith helps Hawks maintain dominance over Timberwolves
  Roy, Miller help Blazers beat Raptors
  Mavericks ink Wafer
  Timberwolves shoot for rare win in Atlanta
  Red-hot Raptors to receive visit from Blazers
  Bucks shoot for rare victory over Hornets
  Bulls aim to bounce back against Pacers
  Wizards hope to extend hot play versus Grizzlies
  Pistons, Clippers square off in LA
  Sixers continue road trip in Phoenix
  Banged-up Jazz play host to Bobcats
  Kobe leads Lakers into Big D to face Mavs
  Howard, Magic meet Rockets in south Texas
  Durant, Thunder face Spurs in Alamo City
  Williams leads Sixers to win over Warriors
  Hamilton leads Pistons past Kings
  Bryant returns for Lakers
  Bryant returns, hits GW three as Lakers beat Memphis
  Kings waive Hughes
  Blazers send Nets to eighth straight home loss
  Richardson, Suns top Thunder
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
  LeBron, Shaq help Cavs stop skid with win over Hornets
  T'Wolves top ailing Heat
  Allen, Celtics hold on to top Knicks
  Wade misses third straight game with calf strain
  Wizards F Howard tears ACL, out for season
  NBA shouldn't make example out of "Z"
  Former Net Williams sentenced to five years in prison
  T-Mac leads Knicks into Beantown to face Celtics
  Wolves, Heat collide in South Beach
  Blazers kick off road trip vs. Nets
  Durant, Thunder put streaks on line vs. Suns
  Cavs hope to snap skid vs. Hornets
  76ers make a stop at Golden State sans A.I.
  Pistons, Kings collide in Sacramento
  Lakers hope to have Kobe back in Memphis
  Clippers edge Bobcats for rare two-game winning streak
  Blatche, Thornton help Wizards beat Bulls
  Bogut, Bucks dominate Knicks
  Bryant set to return for Lakers
  Hawks snap long skid in Salt Lake with win over depleted Jazz
  Nowitzki paces Mavs over Indiana
Monday, February 22, 2010
  Wizards' Josh Howard leaves game with knee injury
  Sixers' Iverson out indefinitely
  Spurs' Parker day-to-day
  Howard, Boozer take home NBA weekly honors
  McGrady, Knicks welcome Bucks to MSG
  Mavs, Pacers collide in Big D
  Hawks hope to bury the past in Utah
  Bobcats shoot for road success in LA
  Bulls make a stop in Washington
  Boozer, Jazz rally from 25 down to beat Blazers in OT
  Warriors rally to down Hawks
  Hamilton, Pistons take down Spurs in overtime
Sunday, February 21, 2010
  Suns continue mastery of Kings
  Durant, Thunder extend streaks at T'Wolves expense
  Collison, West help Hornets beat Rockets
  Grizzlies get back on track with win over Nets
  Billups leads Nuggets over Celtics
  Magic send Cavs to third straight loss
  Rockets pay a visit to Hornets
  Grizzlies aim to bounce back at New Jersey
  Spurs conclude Rodeo Trip at Detroit
  Celtics, Nuggets clash in the Rockies
  Cavs try to end skid against Magic
  Hawks make a stop in Golden State
  Suns host Kings in the desert
  Jazz wrap up trek at Portland
  Thunderstruck: Durant, Oklahoma City roll into Minnesota
  Clippers down Kings for first win under Hughes
  Bucks hold off Bobcats
  Durant keys OT win; McGrady's debut with Knicks spoiled
  Wade out again with calf strain
  Mavs snap Heat's five-game win streak
Saturday, February 20, 2010
  Bulls use big run to blow out Sixers
  Granger helps Pacers to strong finish against Rockets
  Jack jolts Raptors to comeback win over Wizards
  Memphis' Brewer suffers partially torn hamstring
  Rockets waive Cook, sign Temple to another 10-day contract
  Sixers hit the road to Chicago
  Bobcats try to ride momentum into Milwaukee
  Heat hope to stay hot in Big D
  Rockets, Pacers collide in Houston
  New-look Knicks play host to Thunder
  Raptors open homestand vs. Wizards
  Clippers host Kings in LA
  Allen helps Celtics take down Blazers
  Boozer helps Jazz keep rolling with win over Warriors
  Dallas uses late run to down Magic
  Wade-less Heat down Grizzlies in double overtime
  Jackson and Bobcats dominate Cavs
  Stoudemire leads Suns over Hawks
  Bosh-less Raptors deal Nets 50th loss
  Salmons acquisition pays early dividends as Bucks top Pistons
Friday, February 19, 2010
  West, Collison help Hornets hold on to beat Indiana
  Revamped Bulls down T-Wolves
  Thornton, Howard lead Wizards over Nuggets
  Williams, late run spark Sixers over Spurs
  Knicks waive Cardinal
  Pacers try to end slide against slumping Hornets
  Magic take on Mavs in battle of division leaders
  Bulls continue playoff push with trip to Minnesota
  Stoudemire, Suns play host to Hawks
  Celtics, Blazers square off at the Rose Garden
  Jazz make a stop in Golden State
  Revamped Bucks visit Pistons
  Spurs continue road trip versus 76ers
  Nuggets try to stay hot against Wizards
  Cavs set to debut Jamison, hope to start new win streak vs. Bobcats
  Raptors take on hapless Nets minus Bosh
  Wade expected to sit as Heat visit Grizzlies
  Knicks send Robinson to Celtics
  Celtics edge Lakers; Kobe sits again
  Anthony's late OT winner helps Nuggets snap Cavs' win streak
Thursday, February 18, 2010
  Spurs send Ratliff to Bobcats
  Nets making interim move to Newark
  Wizards deal McGuire to Kings
  Knicks nab McGrady in three-way deal
  Jazz deal Brewer to Memphis
  Sixers send Ivey to Bucks
  Cavs, Rockets are big winners at trade deadline
  Bulls ship Thomas to Bobcats for Murray, Law
  Bulls ship Salmons to Milwaukee
  Lakers, Celtics ready to renew rivalry minus Bryant
  Bolstered Cavs host Nuggets, aim for 14th straight win
  Report: Bulls to ship Salmons to Milwaukee
  Report: Kings set to deal Martin to Houston
  It's Elementary: Watson goes for 40 as Warriors crush Kings
  Mavs use balanced attack to down Suns
  Horford scores 31 as Hawks down Clippers
  Sharp-shooting Rockets rout Bucks
  Miller helps Wizards take down Timberwolves
  Howard, Magic down Pistons
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
  Heat G Wade leaves with left calf strain
  Nets fall apart late, lose to Heat despite Wade's injury
  Jazz top Hornets to remain hot
  Gay leads Grizzlies to OT win over Raptors
  Parker, Spurs fend off Pacers
  Cavs land Jamison, Telfair in three-team deal
  Bulls sweep home-and-home set from Knicks
  Knicks send Milicic to Minnesota
  Report: Cavs land Jamison, Telfair in three-team deal
  Pistons' CEO resigns
  Real life gets in the way
  New-look Wizards play host to T'Wolves
  Suns make a stop in Big D
  Jazz bring recent road success to New Orleans
  Warriors host Kings in Pacific Division tilt
  Hawks hit the road for clash with Clippers
  Lowly Nets in search of rare winning streak vs. Heat
  Bulls aim for home-and-home sweep of Knicks
  Red-hot Raptors host reeling Grizzlies
  Spurs, Pacers clash in Indy
  Magic get back to work by hosting Pistons
  Bucks, Rockets meet in Brew City
  Celtics fend off Kings
  Durant paces Thunder to seventh straight victory
  Richardson paces Suns over Grizzlies
  Brown's career night propels Kobe-less Lakers past Warriors
  Webster's long-distance marksmanship propels Portland past Clippers
  Jazz roll over Rockets
  Rose leads Bulls in blowout of Knicks
  Pistons take down T'Wolves to open second half
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
  Wade leads Heat in rout of Sixers
  Mavs' Dampier suffers dislocated finger
  Nets down Bobcats for fifth win of season
  Bryant out for Lakers; Bynum returns
  Nuggets coach Karl discloses neck, throat cancer
  Nuggets coach Karl leaving team for health reasons
  Mavs, Blazers strike early
  Blazers, Clippers meet in Rose City after trade
  Blazers acquire Camby from Clips
  Jazz hit the road to Houston
  Celtics take on Kings at ARCO Arena
  Blazers, Clippers open second half in Rose City
  Lakers hope to have Kobe back vs. Warriors
  Grizzlies aim to halt skid against Suns
  Knicks open home-and-home set with Bulls in Windy City
  Thunder put win streak on the line versus revamped Mavs
  Wolves, Pistons square off at The Palace
  Iverson set to return for Sixers vs. All-Star MVP Wade and Heat
  Bobcats welcome hapless Nets to Charlotte
Monday, February 15, 2010
  Record crowd watches East edge West in All-Star Game
Sunday, February 14, 2010
  Everything's bigger in Texas, 90,000 expected at NBA All-Star Game
  Robinson wins dunk contest for third time
Saturday, February 13, 2010
  Pierce wins three-point title
  Stern says league awaiting CBA proposal from players
  Nash wins Skills Challenge crown
  Texas wins Shooting Stars
  NBA office to open in Africa
  Mavs acquire Butler, Haywood from Washington
  Report: Mavs acquire Butler, Haywood from Washington
  Sixers should feel obligated to keep Iguodala
  Robinson has sights set on dunk history
  Evans, Blair power rookies to first win in eight years
Friday, February 12, 2010
  Nuggets sign Karl to extension
  Malone, Pippen, Dream Team highlight Hall of Fame finalists
  Spurs enter All-Star break on high note with road win over Nuggets
  LeBron, Cavaliers down Magic for 13th straight win
Thursday, February 11, 2010
  Former WVU, Lakers coaching legend Schaus passes
  Bryant and Iverson out; Kidd and Lee in for All-Star Game
  Tests show Bulls' Rose has no significant injury
  Nuggets, Spurs meet again at Pepsi Center
  Cavs hope to extend win streak vs. Magic
  Cook and Miami handle Atlanta
  Toronto holds off Philly
  Martin and Kings slip past Detroit
  Howard and Magic rout Bulls
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
  Former Knick Carl Braun passes
  Haywood's legacy lives on in basketball and life
  USA Basketball Names 27 to National Team
  76ers try to extend win streak in Toronto
  Heat pay a visit to Hawks
  Streaking Jazz play host to banged-up Lakers
  Bobcats on the prowl in Minnesota
  Magic make a stop in Chicago
  Bucks, Nets square off at the Meadowlands
  Celtics open trek in New Orleans
  Suns return home to host Blazers
  Warriors try to stop skid vs. Clippers
  Crawford, Hawks down Grizzlies
  Anthony returns as Nuggets rout Mavs
  Durant paces Thunder over Blazers
  Jazz top Clippers for ninth straight win
  Sixers rout T'Wolves to win fifth straight
  Pistons use balanced attack to down Bucks
Tuesday, February 09, 2010
  Evans leads Kings' comeback win over Knicks in OT
  Anthony returns for Nuggets
  Cavaliers roll past hapless Nets to post 12th straight win
  Bryant game-time decision for Wednesday; Bynum out
  Heat cruise to easy home win over Rockets
  Bulls surge in fourth to down Pacers
  Felton's late bucket lifts Bobcats over Wizards
  MRI confirms Warriors' Ellis has sprained knee
  Sixers' Iverson to return after All-Star break
  Hawks and Grizzlies meet in Memphis
  Nuggets host Mavericks in battle of division leaders
  Streaking Jazz pay a visit to Clippers
  Bucks go for another home win in clash with Pistons
  Wizards return to hardwood in Charlotte
  Thunder close out trip in Portland
  Kings hope to snap long road losing streak in MSG vs. Knicks
  Skidding Heat host Rockets
  Sixers shoot for season-high 5th straight win vs. Wolves
  NBA's best meets worst as Cavs host Nets
  Pacers, Bulls clash at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Mavs send Warriors to ninth straight loss; Ellis hurts knee
  Bryant sidelined for second straight game
  Gasol carries short-handed Lakers over Spurs
  Carter and Orlando stay hot with win over Hornets
  James, Westbrook take home NBA weekly honors
Monday, February 08, 2010
  Wizards/Hawks rescheduled for March 11
  Pacers' Foster to have season-ending back surgery
  Clippers' Kaman to replace injured Roy in All-Star Game
  Spurs resume road trip against Lakers
  Mavs kick off road trip in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Magic, Hornets collide in Orlando
Sunday, February 07, 2010
  Carter leads Magic over Boston
  Bosh powers Raptors to win over Kings
  Magic and Celtics renew rivalry in Beantown
  Raptors host reeling Kings
  Blazers' Roy out until after All-Star break
  Bryant sidelined, games played streak broken
  Jazz use balanced attack to beat short-handed Nuggets
  Bogut leads Bucks over Pacers
  Sixers stop Rockets
  Westbrook's all-around effort carries Thunder over Warriors
  Kobe sits, but Lakers finally win in Portland
  Gomes and T'Wolves down Grizzlies
  Deng, Rose lead Bulls over Heat
  Nets continue road woes, fall to Pistons
  LeBron pours in 47 as Cavs win 11th straight game
  Hill, Spurs continue recent dominance over Clippers
  Rockets G Lowry out at least a week
Saturday, February 06, 2010
  Collison leads Hornets over Bobcats
  Bulls' Thomas suspended
  Warriors sign Tolliver, release Claxton
  DC blizzard forces Wizards/Hawks postponement
  Durant, Thunder invade Oakland to face Warriors
  Hughes era begins as Clippers host Spurs
  Blazers hope to continue home dominance over Lakers
  Northwest heavyweights clash as Nuggets visit Jazz
  Resurgent Sixers face Rockets in south Texas
  Streaking Bucks host Pacers in Central Division clash
  Wolves shoot for season-high 4th straight win vs. Grizzlies
  Bulls, Heat clash in Windy City
  James, Cavs host Knicks at the "Q"
  Woeful Nets visit Pistons
  Bobcats return home to face reeling Hornets
  Blizzard threatens Hawks, Wizards game
  Rockets use strong second half to down Grizzlies
  Billups' career night helps Nuggets down Lakers
  Ilyasova drops 25 in Bucks' win over Knicks
  Suns' big third quarter burst powers team past Kings
  Timberwolves snap 13-game skid against Mavericks
Friday, February 05, 2010
  Sixers use bench to beat Hornets for third straight win
  Smith's triple-double helps Hawks down Bulls
  Celtics continue dominance over Nets
  Butler's last-second shot lifts Wizards over Magic
  Granger, Pacers crush Pistons
  Miami's Cook to defend three-point title vs. five others
  Hornets add Hart for backcourt depth
  Second City slowdown
  Suns aim for perfect ending to trek in Sacramento
  T-Wolves make a stop in Dallas
  Lakers, Nuggets clash at Staples Center
  Pacers try to extend win streak vs. Pistons
  Sixers and Hornets meet in Big Easy
  Rockets visit Grizzlies in key Western Conference matchup
  Bulls, Hawks collide in Dixie
  Celtics host hapless Nets
  Bucks finish road trip in MSG vs. Knicks
  Southeast's best and worst clash as Magic host Wizards
  Portland rallies late to top San Antonio
  Cavs rout sliding Heat for 10th straight win
Thursday, February 04, 2010
  Hornets' Paul out 4-to-6 weeks following surgery
  Clippers relieve Dunleavy of coaching duties
  Cavs try for 10th straight win vs. Heat
  Blazers go for season sweep of Spurs
  Suns snap Nuggets' home win streak
  Spurs beat Kings for eighth straight time
  Jackson sets Lakers' coaching victory mark
  Mavs overcome big game from Ellis, down Warriors
  Knicks surge in second half to down Wizards
  Jazz stay hot, top Blazers for seventh straight win
  Rondo, Celtics beat Heat without Pierce
Wednesday, February 03, 2010
  Thunder finally beat Hornets
  Johnson's performance in fourth gives Hawks win over Clippers
  Iguodala's late bucket in OT propels Sixers over Bulls
  Raptors continue home streak, top Nets
  James, Paul take January honors
  Nuggets' Billups replaces injured Paul in All-Star Game
  NBA Hall-of-Famer, Knicks great McGuire passes away
  Lone Warrior: Ellis can't do it all
  Hornets' Paul to have knee surgery
  Hornets, Thunder collide in Big Easy
  Bulls make a stop in south Philly
  Raptors hope to stay hot at home vs. hapless Nets
  Spurs commence trip in Sacramento
  Lakers return home to host Bobcats
  Nuggets, Suns square off in the Rockies
  Skidding Mavs open homestand vs. Warriors
  Celtics return home to face Heat
  Tuning Up: Jazz aim to extend streaks vs. Blazers
  Knicks, Wizards clash at MSG
  Clippers pay a visit to Hawks
  Rockets rout Warriors
  Durant paces Thunder to win over Hawks
  Gordon lifts Clippers past Bulls
Tuesday, February 02, 2010
  Hamilton, Pistons edge hapless Nets
  Howard shines as Magic defeat Bucks in Orlando
  Granger and Murphy lead Pacers over Raptors
  James paces Cavaliers past Grizzlies
  Boston's Pierce day-to-day with foot strain
  Chicago's Rose to defend Skills Challenge crown
  Celts guard Giddens has knee surgery
  Cavs ink G Jackson to second 10-day contract
  Rockets close out homestand vs. Warriors
  Bulls return home to face Clippers
  Nets play host to Pistons
  Hawks, Thunder collide at Ford Center
  Cavs go for ninth straight win vs. Memphis
  Raptors pay a visit to Pacers
  Magic try to stay hot at home vs. Bucks
  Kobe new Lakers' scoring king, but LA falls in Memphis
  Jazz stay hot, use big fourth quarter to drop Mavs
  Bobcats no match for Blazers at Rose Garden
  Celtics beat Wizards to snap skid; Garnett passes Bird
  Nuggets top Kings in OT on Afflalo's jumper
  Bucks sweep home-and-home set from punchless Heat
  Suns top short-handed Hornets
Monday, February 01, 2010
  Bryant becomes Lakers' all-time leading scorer
  Wizards' Arenas pens op-ed piece for newspaper
  Bosh, Durant earn NBA weekly honors
  Brown and Karl named top coaches for January
  Hornets' Paul likely to need knee surgery
  Tattered Blazers play host to Bobcats
  Celtics try to bounce back in Washington
  Jazz put win streaks on line vs. Mavs
  Hornets host Suns as Paul surgery looms
  Lakers finish lengthy road trip in Memphis
  Bucks hope to finish home-and-home sweep of Heat
  Bucks C Elson has successful surgery
  Report: Hornets' Paul to have knee examined Monday
  Suns need OT to pull out tough road win in Houston
  Durant's prolific shooting night helps Thunder hold off Warriors
Saturday, February 28, 2009
  Wade scores 24 in fourth, 46 for game as Heat rally to beat Knicks
  Villanueva leads Milwaukee past Washington
  Wade scores 24 in fourth, 46 for game at Heat rally to beat Knicks
  Rockets waive G Head
  Day of Mourning: Heat to retire 33
  Report: Thunder's Durant out 7-14 days with sprained ankle
  Heat host Knicks in South Beach
  Cellar dwellers meet in Memphis as Grizzlies host Thunder
  Streaking Rockets face Bulls in Windy City
  Wizards, Bucks square off in Milwaukee
  Jazz to mourn Miller before taking on Kings
  Bobcats and Clippers tangle in LA
  Sixers host Magic at Wachovia Center
  Chandler helps Hornets sting Bucks
  Diaw leads Bobcats past Warriors
  James powers Cleveland over short-handed San Antonio
  Thunder's Durant suffers sprained ankle against Mavericks
  Billups, Nuggets snap Lakers' six-game win streak
  Clippers follow big win with dud at lowly Sacramento
  Shaq scores 45 as Suns top Raptors
  Miller, Sixers continue mastery of Knicks
  Nowitzki helps Mavs overcome Thunder in OT
  Wizards work magic in front of Obama, down Bulls
Friday, February 27, 2009
  NBA fines Rasheed Wallace
  Roy, Portland crush Minnesota
  Skid snapped: Hamilton highlights Detroit's win at Orlando
  Atlanta's Horford grabs 22 boards in win over Miami
  Celtics sign Marbury
  Celtics best Pacers in Marbury's debut
  Iverson has MRI exam, replaced in starting lineup
  Thunder's Durant leaves game with ankle injury
  Boston suspends Pruitt two games
  Ailing Celtics return home to battle Pacers
  Cavs' Wallace to be sidelined for up to six weeks
  Lakers streak into Rocky Mountains to face Nuggets
  Sixers go for first season sweep of Knicks in 23 years
  Cavs face tough test in San Antonio
  Clippers make a stop at Sacramento
  Fading Pistons face another tough test in Orlando
  Bobcats on the prowl in Oakland
  Bulls shoot for needed win over hapless Wizards
  Bucks, Hornets square off in the Big Easy
  Mavs try to thwart Thunder in Dallas
  Blazers hope to get back on track in the Twin Cities vs. Wolves
  Hawks, Heat jockey for playoff position in Atlanta
  Bryant, O'Neal meet again as Lakers bury Suns
  Ex-Bulls broadcaster Johnny "Red" Kerr dies
  Cavs' Wallace breaks right fibula
Thursday, February 26, 2009
  Rockets shut down LeBron, Cavs; Wallace breaks fibula
  Nash out with injured ankle
  NBA to borrow $200 million for teams
  Boston's Pruitt apologizes for DUI arrest
  Former Bulls great Van Lier dies
  Pistons' Wallace catches break; NBA rescinds two "T's"
  Suns, Lakers resume rivalry in LA
  LeBron leads Cavs into Houston
  Murray falters as Billups leads Nuggets past Hawks
  Bobcats finally win in Sacramento
  Clippers rally in fourth to stun Celtics
  No miracle shot needed: Harris scores 42 as Nets beat Bulls
  Clippers' Gordon leaves vs. Celtics
  Parker leads Spurs over Portland in Duncan's absence
  Sixers beat Wizards to snap skid at four games
  Howard leads Mavs past Bucks
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
  Howard, Magic hold off Knicks
  Jazz get balanced attack in win over Minnesota
  Duncan sits again with right quad ailment
  Hornets hand Pistons eighth straight loss
  Pacers hold off Grizzlies
  Duncan to sit again with right quad ailment
  Hobbling Spurs resume homestand against Portland
  D-League awards team to Portland
  Celtics visit Clippers in finale of long trek
  Bobcats hoping to end road woes in Sacramento
  Nuggets aim for rebound as Hawks visit Denver
  Slumping Pistons hope to snap skid in New Orleans
  Boozer, Jazz try to stay on track at Minnesota
  Mavs open homestand vs. Bucks
  KryptoNate welcomes Superman to MSG as Knicks host Magic
  Cellar dwellers meet in Indy as Pacers host Grizzlies
  Nets hope to build on Harris' miracle as Bulls visit Izod Center
  Sixers hope to snap skid in D.C. vs. Wizards
  Nash paces Suns past Bobcats
  Parker leads Duncan-less Spurs past Mavs
  Cleveland cruises to easy home win over Memphis
  Bosh, Bargnani lead Raptors over Timberwolves in Toronto
  Wade dishes out 16 assists in Heat's win over Detroit
  Bryant lifts Lakers past Thunder
  Rockets trip up Blazers, continue home success
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
  Duncan sits out versus Mavs with knee ailment
  Rose helps new-look Bulls down Magic
  Knicks end troubled tenure with Marbury, reach buyout agreement
  Celtics sign Moore
  McGrady undergoes knee surgery
  Rubio is a player worth tanking for
  NBA Southeast: Arenas getting back to work
  Suns, Bobcats square off in the desert
  Rockets resume homestand vs. Blazers
  Magic pay a visit to Bulls
  Cavs hope to continue dominance over Grizzlies
  Spurs return to Alamo City to host Mavs
  Pistons hope to snap skid in South Beach vs. Heat
  Streaking Lakers visit Thunder
  Wolves, Raptors meet at Air Canada Centre
  Nene has bone bruise
  Chandler back in lineup, helps Hornets upend Kings
  Celtics thrive from downtown, hammer Nuggets on the road
  Gordon shines, Davis burns former team as Clippers top Warriors
  Warriors' Biedrins comes back from ankle injury
  Jazz pound Hawks in Boozer's return
  Harris' miracle shot helps Nets slip past Philly
  Robinson shines, carries Knicks over road-weary Pacers
  Utah's Boozer returns to lineup
Monday, February 23, 2009
  Knicks, Marbury set for Tuesday arbitration hearing
  Report: Barkley sentenced to 10 days in jail
  Howard, Gasol earn NBA weekly honors
  McGrady scheduled for knee surgery
  Hornets make a stop in Sacramento
  Clippers, Warriors square off in LA
  Nuggets back at home to face Celtics
  Streaking Jazz host Hawks in Salt Lake City
  Nets host Sixers at Izod Center
  Pacers, Knicks meet in MSG
  Warriors' Ellis sidelined at least one week
  West returns, lifts Cavs to drubbing of sinking Pistons
Sunday, February 22, 2009
  Howard helps Magic cool Heat
  Bryant, Lakers fend off T'Wolves
  No Garnett, no problem: Rondo powers Celtics over Suns
  Blake dishes out 14 first-quarter assists, Blazers destroy Clippers
  Bucks edge Nuggets
  Rockets use big second half to down Bobcats
  Four Raptors register double-doubles in win over Knicks
  Late surge lifts Pacers over Bulls
  Gentry's Suns welcome Celtics to town
  Pistons try to end slide in Cleveland
  Lakers carry top record into Minnesota
  Blazers try to extend home win streak vs. Clippers
  Magic host rival Heat in Orlando
  Rockets resume homestand vs. Bobcats
  Nuggets close out trip in Milwaukee
  Knicks in Canada to face Raptors
  Bulls, Pacers square off in Indy
  Nelson records 1,300 win as Warriors outlast Thunder
  Mavericks score 70 in first half, dominate the Kings
  Spurs dismantle Wizards to end road trip on high note
  Jazz top Hornets in first game following Miller's death
Saturday, February 21, 2009
  Wade, Heat hold off Sixers
  Sixers' Miller in lineup on Saturday
  Garnett to miss 2-3 weeks
  Thunder pay a visit to Golden State
  Emotional Jazz welcome Hornets to town
  Kings try to halt losing streak in Dallas
  Spurs conclude road trip against Wizards
  76ers, Heat square off in South Beach
  Garnett reportedly out 2-3 weeks
  Gordon sparks shorthanded Bulls in rout of Denver
  Jamison and Wizards cruise past Nets
  Martin leads short-handed Kings over Grizzlies
  Kobe, Lakers down Hornets in OT
  Roy, Blazers turn back Hawks
  Jazz owner Miller passes away at 64
  Suns' Stoudemire undergoes eye surgery, likely out eight weeks
  James' big night leads Cavs past Bucks
  Stackhouse returns from three-month injury
  Fahrenheit 140: Suns burn bright behind Barbosa's career night
  Magic batter Bobcats
  Houston's big third quarter enough to top Mavs
  Daniels leads shorthanded Pacers past T'Wolves
Friday, February 20, 2009
  Villanueva ejected after scrum in Cavs/Bucks game
  Chandler, Knicks rout Raptors to spoil Bosh's return
  Toronto's Bosh back in action after knee injury
  Boston's Garnett to miss three games
  Pacers' Dunleavy out indefinitely with knee injury
  Pacers hope to snap road skid in Twin Cities minus Granger
  Resurgent Suns return home to take on Thunder
  Lakers host Hornets in marquee matchup
  Hawks face tough test in trip to Portland
  Nuggets resume road trip against re-tooled Bulls
  Revamped Knicks to begin home-and-home set with Raptors
  Magic seeking quick turnaround in visit to Charlotte
  Cavs, Bucks square off in Milwaukee
  Nets host Wizards at Izod Center
  New-look Kings visit Memphis
  Rockets resume homestand against Mavs
  Parker, Duncan help Spurs down struggling Pistons
  Strong fourth quarter helps Jazz down Celtics; Garnett injured
  Garnett injured late in second quarter versus Jazz
Thursday, February 19, 2009
  Magic deal for Alston as part of three-team trade
  Raptors, Celtics and Kings get together for three-way trade
  Magic's Nelson undergoes season-ending surgery
  Bulls send Sefolosha to Thunder for draft pick
  Knicks get Hughes, Wilcox in separate deals
  Trade deadline provides few fireworks
  Granger to miss extended playing time with foot injury
  Nets forward Hayes has torn ligaments in thumb
  Spurs' Ginobili to miss 2-3 weeks
  Report: Magic deal for Alston as part of three-team trade
  Report: Knicks get Hughes, Wilcox in separate deals
  Kings, Wolves swap players
  Celtics get back to work in Utah
  King of Kings: Bibby burns former team
  Bryant leads Lakers past Warriors
  Wade files lawsuit against estranged wife
  Blazers turn back Grizzlies
  Oden sidelined with knee injury
  Hinrich, Bulls top Bucks
  Suns burn Clippers, again
  Clippers' Randolph suspended
  Trade rescinded: Chandler back to Hornets
  Anthony leads Nuggets past Sixers
  Howard, Mavs slide past Nets
  Sixers' Miller leaves with calf strain
  Paul leads Hornets in rout of Magic
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
  James, Cavs cruise past Bosh-less Raptors
  Pacers' Granger leaves with sprained foot
  Bobcats topple Pacers; Granger hurts foot
  Kings send Miller, Salmons to Bulls in three-team deal
  Telfair leads Timberwolves past Heat
  McGrady's season done
  Report: Kings send Miller, Salmons to Bulls in six-player deal
  Lakers deal Mihm to Memphis
  Timberwolves' Jefferson undergoes successful surgery
  Bobcats sign F Martin for rest of season
  Revved-up Suns shoot for sweep of Clippers
  Celtics' Tony Allen out eight weeks after thumb surgery
  Blazers to host Grizzlies in return from break
  Lakers head up coast for clash with Warriors
  Nets, Mavs square off in Dallas
  Kings open second half of season vs. Hawks
  Howard leads Magic into New Orleans
  Bucks host Bulls in Central Division clash
  Heat host Wolves in South Beach
  Pacers hope to snap road skid in Charlotte
  Nuggets resume road trip in Philly vs. Sixers
  Cavs, Raptors square off at Air Canada Centre
  Gasol's triple-double leads Lakers over Hawks
  McGrady reportedly done for season
  Rockets rout Nets as Carter rumors arise
  Kirilenko returns as Jazz pull away to beat Memphis
  Gasol's thriple-double leads Lakers over Hawks
  New Suns coach Gentry enjoys high-scoring win in debut
  Jefferson keys Milwaukee's win over Pistons
  Utah's Kirilenko returns in rout of Memphis
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
  Knicks' Robinson slams door on Spurs in OT battle
  Howard scores 45 to lead Magic over Bobcats in OT
  Wizards take down Timberwolves
  Paul's heroics spoil Durant's career night as Hornets edge Thunder
  Granger, Pacers build big lead then hold on to down Sixers
  Hornets send Chandler to Oklahoma City
  Suns open Gentry era at home vs. Clippers
  Cavs' Wallace injures forearm
  Celtics ship Cassell to Kings
  Kerr pushes reset button in Phoenix
  Knicks get a visit from Southwest-leading Spurs
  Hornets seeking good start in Oklahoma City
  Lakers host Hawks at Staples Center
  Jazz, Grizzlies square off in Utah
  Rockets welcome Nets to town
  Slumping Pistons host Bucks in Central clash
  Wizards host Wolves at Verizon Center
  Magic welcome Bobcats to Orlando
  Sixers, Pacers square off at Conseco Fieldhouse
Monday, February 16, 2009
  Clippers obtain Alex Acker from Pistons
  Suns suspend Jason Richardson
  Suns fire Porter; name Gentry interim coach
  Reunited and it feels so good: Kobe, Shaq share All-Star MVP honors
  Porter era coming to swift conclusion in Phoenix
Sunday, February 15, 2009
  Report: Porter era comes to swift conclusion in Phoenix
  NBA's elite meet in Phoenix for 58th annual All-Star Game
  Robinson edges Howard to take dunk contest
Saturday, February 14, 2009
  NBA Finals MVP trophy to be named after Russell
  Robinson upsets Howard in Dunk Contest
  Cook takes Three-Point Shootout title
  Rose edges Harris in Skills Challenge
  Detroit wins Shooting Stars
  Howard to defend dunk title in All-Star events
  Heat's Marion heading to Toronto in exchange for O'Neal
  Durant scores record 46 as sophomores beat rookies
Friday, February 13, 2009
  NBA - Be Careful When You Wager
  Jordan, Robinson, Stockton highlight Hall finalists
  Warriors hold on to top Blazers
  Pierce's big fourth quarter powers Celtics past Mavs
  Marion's slam sends Heat past Bulls
Thursday, February 12, 2009
  Cavs coach Brown fined $25,000
  Performance-enhancers and the NBA
  Warriors welcome Blazers to Oakland
  Celtics, Mavericks square off in Dallas
  Heat hope to snap skid in Windy City vs, Bulls
  Williams' career-high 44 paces Cavs over Suns
  Hornets fall to Celtics with Paul back in the lineup
  Baylor sues Clippers for discrimination
  Okafor stars as Bobcats top Wizards
  Celtics' Allen suffers thumb injury
  Harrington's blunder, Davis' three help Clippers top Knicks in OT
  Oden delivers Blazers win over Thunder
  Okur, Jazz prove to be too much for Lakers
  Yao's double-double helps Rockets pound Kings
  Hawks edge Pistons
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
  Anthony paces Nuggets over Magic
  Ukic sparks Raptors to win over Spurs
  Jefferson's 32 points help Bucks down Pacers
  It's Miller time: Sixers edge Grizzlies
  Hornets' Paul returns to court
  Houston's McGrady has MRI
  Cavs G Williams to replace Nelson in Skills Challenge
  Suns' Nash sits against Cavs
  Knicks to end rough road trip against Clippers
  Slumping Wizards limp into Charlotte
  Spurs shoot for another win over Raptors
  Cavs aiming for rebound in tilt with Suns
  Nuggets hoping to end poor history in Orlando
  Kings close out Texas trip in Houston
  Lakers take on Jazz in Salt Lake City
  Blazers welcome Thunder to Rose City
  Sixers finish homestand vs. Grizzlies
  Pistons welcome Hawks to the Motor City
  Pacers, Bucks square off in Milwaukee
  Celtics visit the Big Easy to take on reeling Hornets
  Warriors use offensive outburst to bury Knicks
  Gordon, Bulls complete furious rally to shock Pistons
  Bryant reaches 23,000 career points in win over Thunder
  LeBron scores 47, but Granger's FT sinks Cavs
  Union files grievance on behalf of Tinsley
  Dallas continues home domination of Kings
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
  Graham, O'Neal lead Raptors past Timberwolves
  Nuggets find a way to beat the Heat, again
  Hawks slam Wizards
  Pistons' Iverson out with virus
  Nuggets' Smith replaces Memphis' Gay in dunk contest
  H-O-R-S-E play: Johnson, Durant, Mayo to play in All-Star wrinkle
  Bosh out, Williams in for All-Star game
  Pacers' Dunleavy, Foster out at least two games
  NBA Northwest: Wolves movin' on down without Jefferson
  Red-hot Lakers return home to battle Thunder
  Knicks hoping for breakout against Warriors
  Shorthanded Mavs host struggling Kings
  Nuggets resume road trip in South Beach vs. Heat
  Spurs try to continue dominance over Nets
  Raptors, Wolves square off at Target Center
  Bulls welcome Pistons to Windy City
  Hawks, Wizards square off in Atlanta
  Cavs hope to bounce back from first home loss in Indy vs. Pacers
  Mavs' Terry out indefinitely after surgery
  Without All-Stars, Hornets get upended by Grizzlies
  Sessions, Bucks snap slide against Rockets
Monday, February 09, 2009
  Bobcats end five-game slide in pasting of Clippers
  Hornets F West suspended for flagrant foul
  Sixers sizzle again by slamming Suns
  Cavs' Pavlovic out with ankle injury
  Sixers' Brand has successful surgery on shoulder
  James, Gasol earn NBA weekly honors
  Timberwolves' Jefferson out indefinitely with torn ACL
  For Odom, skill meets production
  Report: Barkley to return to TNT after All-Star break
  Bucks ink Gill to 10-day deal
  Sixers, Suns square off in Philly
  Bucks welcome Rockets to the Bradley Center
  Grizzlies try to end skid vs. Hornets
  Clips finish lengthy road trip in Charlotte
  Jackson, Warriors make the Jazz sing the blues
  Nash records 21 assists, Suns top Pistons
Sunday, February 08, 2009
  Durant leads Thunder past Kings
  Butler returns to push Wizards past Pacers
  T-Wolves' F Jefferson leaves game with knee injury
  T-Wolves lose late lead, Jefferson in setback to Hornets
  Howard dominates in Magic win over Nets
  Wade leads Heat past Bobcats
  Spurs pull away late as Celtics drop second straight at home
  Roy's layup at buzzer lifts Blazers past Knicks
  Odom, Lakers deliver Cavs their first loss in Cleveland
  Nets' Carter out with elbow injury
  Wolves, Hornets square off in the Big Easy
  Kings make a stop in Oklahoma City
  Heat try to recover vs. Bobcats
  Blazers battle Knicks at Rose Garden
  Celtics host Spurs in Beantown
  Lakers, Cavs set for showdown in Cleveland
  Wizards welcome Pacers to DC
  Magic open homestand vs. streaking Nets
  Suns take on Pistons at The Palace
  Jazz, Warriors meet in Oakland
  Mayo wakes up in fourth quarter to lead Grizzlies over Raptors
  Hamilton and Pistons down Bucks in OT
  Rockets surge in second half to beat Minnesota
  Harris, Nets crush Nuggets by 44 points
  Nowitzki dominant as Mavs top Bulls in OT
Saturday, February 07, 2009
  Terry breaks finger in Mavs-Bulls game
  Ivey's strong fourth quarter leads Sixers past Heat
  Clippers pick up lopsided win at Atlanta
  Bibby out against Clippers
  Cavs' Szczerbiak fitted with mask after breaking nose
  Lakers deal Radmanovic to Bobcats for Morrison and Brown
  Hawks host Clippers down south
  Mavs open homestand vs. Bulls
  Pistons visit Bucks at Bradley Center
  76ers continue homestand vs. Heat
  Nuggets resume trek in New Jersey
  Raptors, Grizzlies square off in Memphis
  Rockets host Timberwolves at Toyota Center
  Williams leads Jazz past Kings
  Hill, Suns get by Warriors
  Randolph a force as Clippers subdue Grizzlies
  Anthony leads Nuggets in rout of Wizards
  Durant helps Thunder pick up impressive win over Blazers
  Warriors' Biedrins leaves game with ankle injury
  Pierce, Celtics get road victory over Knicks
Friday, February 06, 2009
  Williams leads Hawks comeback over Bobcats
  Stojakovic stokes comeback as Hornets sting Raptors
  Granger, Pacers top Magic
  Bobcats rookie guard Augustin returns
  Hawks' Johnson sidelined for second straight game with flu
  Wizards' Butler out again with flu
  NBA takes rebound, triple-double away from LeBron
  Bucks' Ridnour out four weeks with fractured thumb
  Suns, Warriors set to conclude home-and-home series
  Jazz hoping to spoil special night in Sacramento
  Hornets host Raptors in battle of ailing teams
  Pacers host Magic at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Nuggets resume long trek vs. Wizards
  Blazers aiming for rebound in Oklahoma City
  Clippers hope to avoid 12th straight road loss in Memphis
  Celtics are latest elite team to invade MSG
  Celtics' Garnett returns against Lakers
  Williams leads Jazz over Mavericks
  Report: Bucks' Ridnour breaks thumb
  Lakers snap Boston's win streak again in OT thriller
Thursday, February 05, 2009
  Sixers overcome bad news on Brand, down Pacers
  Re-Branding Gone Wrong
  Toronto's Bosh, Calderon to make road trip
  Sixers' Brand out for season
  Celtics' Allen replaces Magic's Nelson on All-Star roster
  Report: Sixers' Brand out for season
  Sixers host Pacers at Wachovia Center
  Magic acquire Lue from Bucks
  Jazz welcome Mavs to town
  Lakers, Celtics square off in Boston
  Jackson's triple-double paces Warriors over Suns
  Mayo marvelous as Grizzlies top Rockets
  Howard paces Mavs over Blazers
  Bulls crush Paul-less Hornets
  Anthony lifts ailing Nuggets over Thunder in final seconds
  Bibby boosts Hawks over Minnesota
  LeBron lights up MSG with 52 points, triple-double
  Pistons hold off Heat to end home skid
Wednesday, February 04, 2009
  Magic, without Nelson, still crush Clippers
  Kobe carries Lakers over injury-riddled Raptors
  Harris helps Nets hammer lowly Wizards
  Nuggets G Billups out with ankle sprain
  Bosh injures knee vs. Lakers
  Wizards' Butler out with flu
  Kapono to go for three-peat in three-point shootout
  Bogut out at least eight weeks
  Hawks' Johnson out with flu
  NBA Pacific: Bryant's big night at The Mecca
  NBA Central: O'Brien watching his back in Indy
  Suns, Warriors to open up home-an-home series
  Mavs host Blazers in battle of surging clubs
  Grizzlies seeking momentum as Rockets come to town
  Knicks try to contain LeBron, Cavs at MSG
  Nuggets start up lengthy jaunt in Oklahoma City
  Nets aim for three straight wins at Washington
  Lakers' Bryant takes hot hand into Toronto
  Clippers set for showdown with Magic
  Pistons hope to cure home woes against Heat
  Wolves, Hawks square off in Minneapolis
  Hornets aim to snap skid vs. Bulls
  Magic's Nelson has torn labrum
  LeBron, Cavs set franchise record with home win over Toronto
  Yao leads Rockets over Bulls
  Nuggets top shorthanded Spurs
  Pluck of the Irish: Allen's late three lifts Celtics over Sixers
  Celtics' Garnett sits again with flu
Tuesday, February 03, 2009
  Carter, Lopez lead Nets past Bucks
  Timberwolves sneak past Indiana
  Hornets' Paul day-to-day with groin injury
  Cavs try to go 23-0 at home vs. Raptors
  Spurs continue road trip against Nuggets
  Bulls resume trek in Houston
  Nets welcome Bucks to Meadowlands
  Timberwolves visit Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Flu-ridden Celtics aim for 12th straight win in Philly vs. Sixers
  Kobe throws Garden party with 61 points
  Lakers C Bynum out 8-12 weeks
  Nowitzki leads Mavs past Magic; Nelson goes down
  Duncan dominant as Spurs top Warriors in OT
  Stoudemire stars in Phoenix's historic rout of Kings
  Injury-depleted Jazz crush Bobcats
  Hold the Mayo: Rookie leads Grizz past Wiz
Monday, February 02, 2009
  Wade guides Heat to blowout of Clippers
  Blazers take advantage of Paul's injury to down Hornets
  Magic guard Nelson leaves game with Mavericks; dislocates shoulder
  Hornets guard Paul leaves game with groin injury
  Harris, Nelson, Parker, Rose to take part in Skills Challenge
  LeBron, Kobe named NBA Players of the Month
  Lee, Parker earn NBA weekly honors
  Van Gundy, McHale named top coaches for January
  Lakers continue road trip in MSG vs. Knicks
  Gordon, Lopez capture NBA rookie honors
  Smoke is about to become fire in Toronto
  Struggling Suns finish homestand vs. Kings
  Bobcats finish road trip in Salt Lake City vs. Jazz
  Spurs kick off annual rodeo road swing in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Hornets hope to get back on track vs. Blazers
  Clippers invade South Beach to take on Heat
  Grizzlies hope to snap skid vs. Wizards
  Magic, Mavs square off at Amway Arena
Sunday, February 01, 2009
  Boston wins 11th straight; top T'Wolves
  Cleveland downs Pistons with strong fourth quarter
  Martin, Kings outlast Thunder in OT
  Pierce propels Boston past T-Wolves
  Howard leads Magic to rout of Raptors
  Celtics' Garnett misses game against Minnesota
  Kings hope to snap 8-game skid vs. Thunder
  Howard takes Magic act north of the border as Orlando visits Toronto
  Cavs aim to extend large Central Division lead vs. Pistons
  Garnett, Celtics welcome Wolves to Beantown
  Lakers top Grizzlies, but Bynum leaves early with injury
  Lakers C Bynum leaves with knee injury
  Spurs continue home domination of Hornets
  Bulls win rare road tilt in Phoenix behind Rose, Gordon
  Roy leads Blazers in rout of Jazz
  Rockets' McGrady sits with ankle sprain
  Mavs beat the Heat, again
  Artest leads Rockets past Warriors
  Wizards top Clippers in battle of also-rans
Friday, February 29, 2008
  Paul leads New Orleans past Utah
  Jamison, Wizards roar back in second half to top Bulls
  Celtics hold off Bobcats, win fourth straight
  Bosh leaves game with sore right knee
  Bobcats waive G McInnis
  Sonics' Swift out for season
  Pacers' Granger suspended one game
  Nuggets need a winning streak
  Sixers waive G Giricek
  Sonics host Heat in battle of also-rans
  Lakers put streak on line in Portland
  Red-hot Sixers start up road trip vs. Warriors
  High-scoring Nuggets entertain Clippers
  Bobcats pay NBA-leading Celtics a visit
  Raptors aim for win over struggling Pacers
  Atlanta hosts the Knicks
  LeBron, Cavs host Jefferson, Timberwolves
  Hornets wrap up homestand vs. Jazz
  Rockets go for 14th straight win against Grizzlies
  Mavs host Kings
  Farmar pours in 24 as Lakers win 10th straight
Thursday, February 28, 2008
  Duncan and Spurs squeeze past Dallas
  New Jersey cruises past Milwaukee in Harris' first game as a Net
  New Jersey cruises past Milwaukee in Harris' first game as a Net debut
  Clippers waive Cassell
  Raptors have been model of consistency
  Wizards' Butler has torn labrum in hip
  Nets continue homestand vs. Bucks
  Don't mess with Texas: Mavs pay a visit to Spurs
  Lakers try to turn up heat on Miami
  Celts down Cavs despite LeBron's landmark night
  Jack leads Blazers past Clippers
  A.I., Nuggets rip Sonics
  Sixers surge again at home, top Magic
  Bibby sticks it to old squad as Hawks dump Kings
  Okur helps Jazz to 15th straight win at home
  Paul, West help Hornets burn Suns
  Bosh, Raptors pummel Timberwolves
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
  Bobcats blown out by Knicks, lose Richardson to injury
  Hughes powers Bulls past Pacers
  LeBron leaves game
  Celtics sign veteran Brown
  Clippers' Thornton taking advantage of playing time
  Rockets can make the playoffs even without Yao
  Bobcats visit Knicks at MSG
  Suns, Hornets square off on the bayou
  Utah puts home win streak on line vs. Pistons
  Nuggets try to stop skid at Seattle
  Clippers close out homestand vs. Portland
  Timberwolves visit Toronto
  Sixers try to stay hot at home against Magic
  Atlanta hosts the Kings
  Bulls, Pacers meet at Conseco Fieldhouse
  LeBron, Cavs visit Pierce, Celtics
  Suns pull away in fourth to beat Grizzlies
  Nash, Suns post sixth straight win over Grizzlies
  Ellis leads Warriors over Sonics in Oakland
  Yao to miss rest of season with stress fracture
  T'Wolves silence Jazz
  Lakers win streak at nine
  Redd's buzzer beater gives Bucks win over Cavs
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
  Rockets win 13th straight
  Turkoglu leads Magic over Nets
  Heat snap 11-game skid by routing Kings
  Mavs sign Magloire
  Durant still has a lot of work to do
  Heat, Kings meet in Miami
  Warriors resume homestand versus Sonics
  Surging Lakers host Blazers at Staples Center
  Lucky 13? Rockets try to push streak vs. Wizards
  Jazz try to tune out T'Wolves
  Cavs attempt to extend winning streak versus Bucks
  Suns try to find their game in Memphis
  Magic travel to New Jersey
  Spurs overcome awful opening quarter to beat Hawks
  Celtics end road trip by pounding Clippers
  Balanced attack powers red-hot Pistons by Nuggets
  Dirk, Dallas dispose of Bulls
Monday, February 25, 2008
  Stevenson's buzzer beat pushes Wizards over Hornets
  Bosh, Delfino lead Raptors past Pacers
  Portland's Roy will miss two games in LA
  Bobcats' Wallace suffering post-concussion symptoms
  James, Ginobili earn NBA weekly honors
  Pistons will win the East
  Celtics wrap up trip in LA
  Pistons resume trek in Denver
  Spurs aim to roll over Hawks
  Mavs welcome Bulls to town
  Hornets open homestand vs. Wizards
  Pacers host Raptors in Indy
  Gasol and Lakers keep on rolling with win over Seattle
Sunday, February 24, 2008
  McGrady, Rockets bounce Bulls, win 12th straight
  James and Cavs roll over Memphis
  Howard, Magic defeat Kings
  Nowitzki, Mavericks down Timberwolves
  Celtics come back to top Blazers, snap three-game skid
  Raptors crush Knicks
  Wallace, Pistons block out Suns
  Lakers close out trip in Seattle
  Rockets aim for 12th straight win vs. Bulls
  Mavs close out trip in Minnesota
  Celtics shoot for a win in Portland
  Cavs welcome Grizzlies to town
  Kings pay a visit to Orlando
  Knicks take a trip up north to Toronto
  Pistons open trek at Phoenix
  Boozer leads Jazz over Hawks, to 14th straight home win
  Lakers roll to seventh straight win, rout Clippers
  Ginobili leads sizzling Spurs past Hornets
  Redd explodes as Bucks upend Nuggets
Saturday, February 23, 2008
  Iguodala lifts Sixers in OT, as Heat continue epic struggle
  Jamison leads Wizards over Bobcats
  Nets make short work of Pacers
  Concussion knocks Bobcats' Wallace out at least two weeks
  LA Story: Lakers, Clippers meet again
  Jazz welcome Hawks to Salt Lake City
  Spurs open homestand vs. Hornets
  Bucks host Nuggets at Bradley Center
  Sixers pay a visit to South Beach
  Nets close out home-and-home set with Pacers
  Bobcats hit the road to Washington
  Amare, Suns hand Celtics third straight loss out west
  LeBron, short-handed Cavs edge Wizards
  Hawks build big lead, top Warriors
  Sonics' Swift has a torn meniscus
  Durant, balanced Sonics down Blazers
  Thornton, Clips rough up Jazz
  Kidd's 15 assists help Mavs rout Grizzlies
  Billups leads Pistons to pounding of Bucks
  Gordon, Bulls take down Nuggets in offensive outburst
  Crawford carries Knicks past Raptors
  Lebron lifts Cleveland over Washington
Friday, February 22, 2008
  Rockets win streak at 11, set franchise road record
  Kings nip Bobcats in OT; Wallace taken off on stretcher
  Bobcats' Wallace leaves with injury
  Magic make Sixers disappear
  Mavs rout Grizzlies
  Dunleavy leads Indiana to victory over New Jersey
  Biedrins undergoes appendectomy
  Pistons waive G Murray
  Nets waive Magloire
  Are the Cavs desperate?
  Blazers, Sonics to conclude home-and-home
  Hawks hope to end slide in Oakland
  Clippers resume homestand against surging Jazz
  Suns, Celtics square off in battle of powerhouses
  Red-hot Rockets meet Hornets in Southwest showdown
  Surging Sixers visit Southeast-leading Magic
  Kings start southern swing in Charlotte
  Nets travel to Indiana
  Knicks, Raptors begin home-and-home set at MSG
  New-look Cavs host Washington
  Bucks visit The Palace of Auburn Hills
  Roy and Portland get past Seattle
  Ginobli's last second jumper helps San Antonio edge Minnesota
  Cavs' Gibson out four to six weeks
Thursday, February 21, 2008
  McGrady helps Houston past lowly Heat
  Cavs pick up Wallace, Szczerbiak, deal Hughes, Gooden
  Nuggets net Green
  Pistons deal Brezec to Raptors for Dixon
  Houston gets Green from Minnesota
  Report: Cavs pick up Wallace, West, deal Hughes, Gooden
  Nene to undergo chemotherapy
  Report: Houston gets Green from Minnesota
  Rockets acquire G Jackson, send Wells to New Orleans
  Woodson feeling the heat in Atlanta
  Heat, Rockets meet in Houston
  Rockets set to acquire Jackson
  Sonics try to blaze Portland at Rose Garden
  Spurs go for fourth straight win against Minnesota
  LeBron's second consecutive triple-double lifts Cavs past Pacers
  Kobe, Lakers trump Suns in Shaq's debut
  Davis' clutch jumper sinks Celtics
  Warriors hand Celtics second straight loss
  Artest, Kings hammer Hawks in Bibby's return to Sacramento
  Maggette leads Clippers over Grizzlies
  Redd alert: Bucks top Pistons, snap streak
  Bosh's 40 points carry Raptors over Magic
  Sixers celebrate Cheeks' extension with 40-point rout of Knicks
  Paul, Hornets stop Mavs in Kidd's return
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
  Williams shines as Kidd's replacement as Nets beat Bulls in OT
  Cavs' Gibson injured
  Spurs bulk up by acquiring Thomas from Sonics
  Report: Harris debut for Nets could be on hold for two weeks
  Bulls visit new-look Nets
  Grizzlies may have another move in mind
  Bucks turn to Chuck
  Kidd will try to push Dallas to the top
  Suns hope Shaq is the answer
  Shaq expected to debut for Suns vs. LA
  Kings are trying to have a new look
  Warriors need a big homestand
  Celtics continue trip at Golden State
  Clippers host Grizzlies at Staples Center
  Hawks, Kings to do more business at ARCO
  Report: Cheeks and Sixers close to deal
  Mavs resume swing in New Orleans
  Magic visit Toronto
  Knicks stop off in City of Brotherly Love
  Cavaliers, Pacers battle in Indiana
  Bucks, Pistons meet at the Bradley Center
  Spurs crush Bobcats
  Jackson sprains ankle
  Bibby hurt in first game with Hawks
  Kobe leads Lakers to rout; Bibby hurt in first game with Hawks
  Big Ticket back for Celtics
  Garnett returns, but Celtics lose at Denver
  Alston red-hot as Rockets down Cavs for ninth straight
  Artest leads Sacramento past Blazers
  Sonics, minus Durant, beat Grizzlies
  Jazz continue to sizzle at home, top Warriors
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
  Poof: Magic end Detroit's 10-game win streak
  McCants, Timberwolves thrash Sixers
  Knicks set team record for most OT points, top Wizards
  NBA to have an outdoor preseason game
  Familiar foe: Shaq to debut for Suns vs. Lakers
  No Kidding: Nets and Mavs finally complete trade
  Jazz have what it takes to stay on top in Northwest
  Hawks resume trek against Lakers
  Grizzlies on the prowl in Seattle
  Celtics open west coast trip at Denver
  Knicks visit Washington
  Cavs host red-hot Rockets
  Magic, Pistons meet at The Palace
  Sixers try to stay hot in Minnesota
  Bobcats visit San Antonio
  Deal for Kidd to Dallas "a go"
Monday, February 18, 2008
  LeBron's MVP performance spurs East to All-Star triumph
  Report: Kidd deal to Dallas imminent again
Sunday, February 17, 2008
  LeBron's MVP performances spurs East to All-Star triumph
  NBA All-Stars show off their skills in New Orleans
  Stern: Sonics relocation an 'inevitability'
  Howard flies to dunk contest win; Kapono repeats
Saturday, February 16, 2008
  Hawks acquire Bibby from Kings for four players
  Report: Kings to deal Bibby to Hawks for four players
Friday, February 15, 2008
  Gibson's three-point barrage leads sophomores past rookies
  Wade to display skills during All-Star festivities
  NBA at the All-Star break
  Nash, Suns top Mavericks
Thursday, February 14, 2008
  Short-handed Bulls still manage to top Miami
  Bryant has complete tear of finger ligament, surgery possible
  All-Star Break Rankings
  Heat visit the Windy City
  Suns, Mavs battle in Phoenix
  Celtics' Ray Allen named All-Star
  Wizards beat Clippers on Jamison's bucket, snap losing streak
  Boozer's triple-double carries Utah over Sonics
  Novak's late three propels Rockets to eighth straight win
  Kidd deal to Dallas blocked by George
  Celtics keep on rolling, top lowly Knicks
  Iguodala, Sixers ground Grizzlies
  Bosh leads Raptors past Kidd-less Nets
  Ellis drops 37 on Phoenix as Warriors outrun Suns
  Dallas routs Portland, but Mavs can't land Kidd
  Howard's big night leads Magic over Nuggets
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
  Ginobili scores 46 as Spurs hold off Cavs
  Hornets hold off Bucks for fourth straight win
  Pistons use balance to stymie Pacers
  Nowitzki carries Dallas to rout of Blazers
  Bryant leads the way as Lakers rout Timberwolves
  Okafor helps Bobcats to OT victory over Hawks
  Report: Kidd deal to Dallas blocked by George
  Kidd set to return to Dallas
  Lakers' Mihm undergoes surgery on right foot
  Kidd returning to Dallas?
  Lordy, lordy, Boston hits 40
  Wizards close out trip at Clippers
  Sonics welcome Jazz to Emerald City
  Suns try to set on Warriors in Oakland
  Blazers, Mavericks square off in Dallas
  Hornets pay a visit to Milwaukee
  Bobcats try to put brakes on seven-game skid against Hawks
  Lakers visit Timberwolves at Target Center
  Magic host surging Nuggets
  Nets, Raptors clash in Toronto
  Spurs wrap up road trip at Cleveland
  Streaking Sixers host Grizzlies
  Pacers, Pistons meet at The Palace
  Hot Rockets host Kings in Houston
  Celtics, Knicks meet in Beantown
  Pierce and Boston knock off Pacers
  Grizzlies beat Kings, get first win since Gasol trade
  Carter spurs Nets over lowly T-Wolves
  Hornets sting Bulls
  Anthony shines in OT as Denver downs hapless Miami
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
  Pistons win ninth straight, edge Hawks
  Pistons roll past Hawks
  Bibby not putting up the numbers for Sacramento
  LeBron enjoying view from above
  Hornets are not playing around
  Report: Lakers' Mihm to have more surgery
  Celtics, Pacers put winning streaks on the line
  Nets welcome Timberwolves to Meadowlands
  Kings visit slumping Grizzlies
  Hornets battle Bulls in Windy City
  Pistons try to stay hot in Atlanta
  Disappointing Heat host Nuggets
  Jackson and Warriors dump slumping Washington
  Sixers topple Mavericks with stifling second-half defense
  Yao helps Rockets pull away from Blazers, win seventh straight
  Thornton and Clippers shoot down Bucks
Monday, February 11, 2008
  Ginobili helps Spurs hold off Raptors
  Hughes, Cavaliers slip past Magic
  Mitchell takes a leave of absence
  Kobe and Pau power Lakers past Bobcats
  Lakers sign Mbenga for rest of season
  Miller, Stoudemire earn NBA weekly honors
  Warriors welcome Wizards to Oakland
  Rockets in flight vs. Blazers
  Clippers wrap up trek at Milwaukee
  Spurs resume trip up north in Toronto
  Magic continue homestand against LeBron, Cavs
  Sixers try to stay hot versus Dallas
  Bobcats attempt to halt six-game skid against Lakers
  Stoudemire and Suns squeak by Washington
Sunday, February 10, 2008
  'Melo, A.I. and Nuggets thrash ailing Cavs
  Pistons pound Bobcats
  Carter and Kidd help Nets dominate Mavs
  Bargnani, Calderon lead Raptors' rout of T-Wolves
  Kobe carries Lakers over Heat; Marion shines in Miami debut
  Pistons' Wallace replaces Garnett in All-Star game
  Celtics Pierce Spurs, despite no Garnett
  Celtics' Garnett may miss All-Star game
  Minnesota hosts Bosh, Raptors
  Slumping Wizards continue swing at Phoenix
  Red-hot Pistons wrap up homestand against Bobcats
  Mavs visit New Jersey
  Nuggets open road trip at Cleveland
  Heat, Lakers meet in Miami
  Celtics, Spurs clash in Beantown
  Warriors outlast Kings
  Knicks scrape by Bucks, halt eight-game skid
  Boozer, bench spark Jazz to win over Bulls
  Hornets roll past Grizzlies despite Paul's rough night
  Sixers use balanced attack to rout Clippers
  Granger leads Pacers over ailing Blazers
Saturday, February 09, 2008
  Yao, Rockets cruise past Hawks
  Report: Marbury done for season
  Jazz put home win streak on line vs. Bulls
  Warriors resume homestand vs. Kings
  Blazers take on Pacers in Indiana
  Clippers pay a visit to South Philly
  Hornets welcome Grizzlies to town
  Knicks, Bucks meet at Bradley Center
  Streaking Rockets host Hawks
  Anthony's career night pushes Nuggets past slumping Wizards
  Martin, Kings snap Utah's 10-game win streak
  Stoudemire, Suns hold off Sonics
  Spurs overcome late deficit, top Knicks in OT
Friday, February 08, 2008
  Nowitzki leads Mavericks past Grizzlies
  Pistons burn Blazers
  Powe lifts Celtics over Wolves in Garnett's return to Minnesota
  James lifts undermanned Cavs over Hawks
  Bryant, Gasol lead Lakers in wild win over Magic
  Maggette scores 35 as Clippers edge Raptors
  Kidd's play: Triple-double leads Nets over Bobcats
  Wallace returns for Charlotte
  Celtics' Garnett misses return to Minnesota
  Blazers' Roy out of lineup vs. Pistons
  Cassell suspended one game for foul on Rondo
  Wallace probable for Charlotte
  Wizards try to halt skid in Denver
  Jazz go for 11th straight win at Sacramento
  Suns continue homestand vs. Sonics
  Mavs host Grizzlies at American Airlines Center
  Celtics square off with Timberwolves
  Toronto hosts Kaman, Clippers
  Nets travel to Charlotte
  Lakers continue road trip in Orlando
  Cavs, Hawks battle at Philips Arena
  Duncan, Spurs visit New York
  Pistons try to stay hot against Trail Blazers
  Duhon leads ailing Bulls past Warriors in Webber's debut
Thursday, February 07, 2008
  Cavs' Gibson leaves with strained hamstring
  Yao, Rockets dispatch LeBron, Cavaliers
  Sixers stop hapless Heat
  The post-Shaq era begins badly for Miami in Philly
  Bulls waive Khryapa
  Rockets' Francis done for the season
  Wizards keep taking swigs of Jamison
  Suns formally introduce Shaq
  Shaq-less Heat pay a visit to Philly
  Rockets welcome Cavs to Toyota Center
  Webber, Warriors resume homestand vs. Bulls
  Williams, Korver help Jazz to 10th straight victory
  Roy leads Blazers in nail-biter over Bullls
  Peja, Hornets spoil Shaq's arrival party with 2-OT win
  Watson's triple-double propels Sonics past Kings
  Kings' Miller misses game
  Suns acquire Shaq from Miami
  Rondo has career night as Celtics down Clippers
  Nowitzki nets first career triple-double as Mavs down Bucks
  Heat barely fall to Pistons on day Shaq is traded
Wednesday, February 06, 2008
  Rush, Pacers edge Knicks
  Spurs continue dominance of Wizards
  Howard guides Magic to rout of Nets
  Johnson leads Hawks over Lakers
  Howard guide Magic to rout of Nets
  Report: Rockets' Francis done for the season
  How will the West be won?
  Sixers' rookie F Hill undergoes second knee surgery this season
  Kobe, Nash among challengers to defending three-point champ Kapono
  Pistons making sweet music in Motown
  Bulls resume road trip at Portland
  Sonics, Kings get together at ARCO
  Suns host Hornets amid trade rumors
  Jazz aim for more success at Denver
  Mavs welcome Bucks to Dallas
  Heat have trade on their minds in Detroit
  Spurs visit Washington
  Hawks host new-look Lakers
  Orlando hosts Carter, Nets
  Clippers continue swing in Beantown
  Knicks, Pacers meet at MSG
  Report: Heat in serious talks to trade Shaq
  Gasol shines in debut; Lakers down Nets
  Stifling third-quarter defense propels Spurs over Pacers
Tuesday, February 05, 2008
  LeBron flirts with triple-double as Cavs edge Celtics
  Williams shines late as Bucks top Grizz
  Late run sparks Sixers to win over Wizards
  Cavs Gooden exits with groin strain
  Grizzlies are headed in a new direction
  Adding Gasol could push the Lakers over the top
  Nets welcome Lakers to Meadowlands
  Barbosa, Marion have come up big for Phoenix
  Can big win by Giants lift Knicks?
  Wizards stop off in the City of Brotherly Love
  Bucks, Grizzlies get wild in Memphis
  Spurs resume trek at Indiana
  Cavaliers, Celtics meet in Cleveland
  Wizards stop of in the City of Brotherly Love
  Suns burn Bobcats, again
  Bulls' Hinrich hurts ribs
  Smith guides Bulls over Sonics
  Wade, Paul, Kidd, Williams set to take part in Skills Challenge
  Iverson, Nuggets edge Blazers in OT
  Maggette, Kaman return to carry Clippers over Knicks
  Fine at nine: Jazz rout Hornets
Monday, February 04, 2008
  Howard and Mavs knock off Magic
  Raptors' Ford returns to lineup
  McGrady, Rockets hold off T'Wolves
  Bosh, Raptors rout Heat
  Hawks rally from big first-quarter deficit to beat Sixers
  Nets acquire Swift from Grizzlies
  Turkoglu, Miller earn NBA weekly honors
  Sonics try to keep up hot streak in tilt with Bulls
  Blazers host Nuggets in Northwest showdown
  Suns aim to keep perfect record vs. Bobcats intact
  Scorching Jazz face test from Southwest-leading Hornets
  Clippers' trek resumes in the Big Apple
  Surging Magic welcome sputtering Mavs
  Hawks continue homestand with visiting Sixers
  Rockets, Timberwolves battle at the Target Center
Sunday, February 03, 2008
  Detroit's defense rattles Mavs
  Bryant dominates as Lakers best Wizards
  Bryan dominates as Lakers best Wizards
  Spurs make Stoudamire signing official
  Lakers resume road trip at Washington
  Pistons welcome Mavericks to Motown
  T-Mac's big night pushes Rockets past Bucks
  Sonics hold off Knicks
  Jazz win eighth straight, rout Grizzlies
  Artest helps Kings edge Bulls
  LeBron's return helps Cleveland clip LA
  Sonics hold off Knicks for third straight win
  Kleiza scores 23 as Nuggets win eighth straight at home
Saturday, February 02, 2008
  Hot shooting night propels Magic past Pacers
  Hawks fly by Nets
  Pacers try to make Magic disappear
  New Jersey heads south to Atlanta
  Clippers square off with Cavs in Cleveland
  Jazz take on Grizzlies at FedExForum
  Bucks, Rockets meet at Bradley Center
  Nuggets welcome Bobcats to Pepsi Center
  Bulls resume road trip in Sacramento
  Knicks pay a visit to Seattle
  Ellis helps Warriors crush Bobcats
  Roy lifts Portland past Knicks in OT
  Artest leads Kings past Hornets
  Turkoglu, Magic make Sixers' winning streak disappear
Friday, February 01, 2008
  Okur, Jazz outlast Wizards
  Timberwolves defeat short-handed Clippers
  Jefferson leads Nets past struggling Heat
  Landry, Rockets down Pacers
  Bryant and Lakers pound Raptors
  Wade returns after bout with flu
  Lakers acquire Gasol from Grizzlies
  Report: Grizz send Swift to New Jersey
  Brown, Scott named top coaches through January
  Moon, Durant earn NBA rookie honors
  Yao, LeBron named Players of the Month
  Report: Lakers acquire Gasol from Grizzlies
  Clippers open seven-game swing at Minnesota
  Jazz try to stay hot in Washington
  Lakers, Raptors meet in Toronto
  Magic visit City of Brotherly Love
  Slumping Pacers welcome Rockets to Conseco Fieldhouse
  Disappointing Heat host Kidd, Nets
  Kings hope to extend winning streak versus Hornets
  Richardson, Bobcats battle Golden State
  Knicks continue road trip at Portland
  Duncan leads Spurs over Suns in Phoenix
  Durant, Sonics hold off LeBron-less Cavaliers
  LeBron has sprained ankle
  Scott named coach for Western Conference All-Stars
  Prince's trey lifts Pistons over Lakers
  Allen and Pierce help Celtics edge Mavs
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
  O'Neal, Heat top shorthanded Wizards
  Boozer, Jazz rout Grizzlies
  Iguodala, Sixers cool off Suns
  Thomas vows to keep Knicks in hunt
  Boston's Szczerbiak out for the season
  Sacramento still alive in the West
  Iverson has not been the answer in Denver
  Buck-ing the trend
  Hawks fail to hang with the big boys
  Nuggets try to foil Magic in Denver
  LA aims to clip visiting Sonics
  Bobcats, Kings set for battle at ARCO
  Rockets in flight vs. Raptors
  Hornets aim to sting visiting Hawks
  Jazz visit Grizzlies in Memphis
  Celtics, Knickerbockers square off in Beantown
  Wizards try to turn down Heat in D.C.
  76ers continue homestand vs. Suns
  Streak hits 13 as Mavs thrash T'Wolves
  Redd, Bucks storm past Warriors
  Cavs hold off Hornets
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
  Carter, Kidd lead Nets over Wizards
  Nash, Suns shine over Pacers
  Livingston out 8-to-12 months
  Butler can't put Wizards on his back
  Pistons enjoying time off
  Wizards' Butler out with back spasms
  Garnett has to carry Timberwolves to postseason
  Warriors need to get hot
  Same old story for Bobcats
  Knicks' Crawford likely out for season
  Mavs shoot for win No. 13 at Minnesota
  Golden State opens trek at Milwaukee
  Wizards close out trip in Jersey
  Pacers welcome Suns to Indy
  Cavs, Hornets square off in Cleveland
  Report: Livingston's season over
  Clippers down Bobcats; Livingston dislocates knee
  Pierce guides Boston past Houston
  Livingston suffers knee injury
  Sonics slam Blazers
  Duncan leads Spurs over Raptors
  McGrady out for Monday's game versus Celtics
  Dallas wins 12th straight; Howard hurts ankle
  Howard helps Magic overcome Bulls
  Bryant's free throw shooting helps Lakers down Utah
  Marbury and Knicks down Heat; Shaq reaches milestone
Monday, February 26, 2007
  Dalembert boosts Sixers over Kings
  'Melo, Nuggets down Grizzlies
  'Melo, Nugs down Grizzlies
  Marbury and Knicks down Heat
  Heat's playoff chances my be Wade-ing away
  Carter, Stoudemire awarded NBA weekly honors
  Rockets continue strong play without Yao
  Bobcats begin long swing vs. Clippers
  Celtics wrap up road trip in Houston
  Red-hot Mavericks try to extend winning streak against Hawks
  Kobe, Lakers visit Northwest Division-leading Utah
  SuperSonics host Northwest Division-rival Portland
  Bulls welcome slumping Magic
  Spurs aim to extend winning streak against Raptors
  Nuggets try to get on same page against Grizzlies
  Knicks welcome Heat to Garden
  76ers open homestand against Kings
Sunday, February 25, 2007
  Martin guides Kings past Pacers; Artest misses game
  Lakers continue domination of Warriors
  Carter scores 40 as Nets beat Knicks
  Webber's tip-in spoils Big Ben's return to Motown
  Shaq picks up slack in Heat's win over Cavs
  T-Mac leads Rockets Over Magic
  Garnett leads 'Wolves over Wizards
  Webber's tip-in at buzzer lifts Pistons over Bulls
  Pacers welcome Artest, Kings to Conseco Fieldhouse
  Lakers aim to continue success against Warriors
  Division rival Knicks, Nets tangle in New Jersey
  Timberwolves continue homestand against Wizards
  Heat continue life without Wade against Cavs
  Magic host Rockets at Amway Arena
  Wallace returns to Detroit as Pistons host Bulls
  Nowitzki, Mavericks cruise to 11th straight win
Saturday, February 24, 2007
  Jazz top Celtics
  Bucks snap skid by downing Sixers
  Parker, Spurs blitz SuperSonics
  Raptors down Bobcats; Okafor, Wallace injured
  Brand, Clippers subdue Warriors
  Shorthanded Jazz host Celtics
  Red-hot Mavs aim to extend winning ways against Nuggets
  Bucks look to rebound against 76ers
  Spurs open homestand against Sonics
  Bobcats aim for franchise mark against Toronto
  Clippers try to stop skid against Warriors
  Shorthanded Jazz top Nuggets
  Knicks edge Bucks on controversial foul
  Lakers stop slide with blowout of Boston
  Gasol and Memphis hold off Portland
  Kidd's triple-double boosts Nets past Kings
Friday, February 23, 2007
  Hornets hang on to sting Sonics
  Raptors rout Pacers
  Marion and Phoenix down Minnesota
  Deng, Bulls down Wizards
  Okafor, Bobcats top Sixers
  Johnson boosts Hawks over Rockets
  Pistons rally to top Magic
  Lakers' Radmanovic reveals he lied about shoulder injury
  Magic don't turn any tricks at deadline
  Lakers happy with what they have
  The Power of Juan
  Nothing exciting at the trade deadline
  Bulls stand ground at trade deadline
  Bucks, Knicks battle at MSG
  Pistons stop off in Orlando
  Bobcats try to make it four wins in a row vs. Sixers
  Raptors wrap up homestand against Pacers
  Trail Blazers try to extend winning streak vs. Grizzlies
  Jazz, Nuggets clash at Pepsi Center
  Celtics continue road trip against slumping Lakers
  Timberwolves host Nash, Suns
  Hornets, SuperSonics clash at New Orleans Arena
  Hawks continue homestand vs. Rockets
  Kings, Nets meet at Meadowlands
  Wizards start road trip in Windy City
  Dennis Johnson dead at age 52
  Kidd, Carter remain in NJ as trading deadline passes
  Mavs win 10th straight by topping shorthanded Heat
  Wade could be out several weeks
  Deng, Wallace lead defensive-minded Bulls over Cavs
  Arenas leads Wizards over Kings
Thursday, February 22, 2007
  Sixers trade Henderson to Jazz
  Mavs keep winning
  Blazers ship Dixon to Raptors for Jones
  Hawks acquire Anthony Johnson from Dallas
  Cavs host Central Division-rival Chicago
  Wade-less Heat visit scorching Mavericks
  Kings begin road trip in Washington
  Nets caught up in trade rumors
  Indy keeping Pace in Central
  Miller scores 45, but Grizzlies fall to Warriors in OT
  Trail Blazers hand Lakers sixth-straight loss
  Houston downs Miami; Wade injures shoulder
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
  Pacers outgun Bucks in double overtime
  Stoudemire leads Suns past Celts
  Webber, Pistons pound Magic
  Carter scores 46, but Nets fall to Hornets
  Morrison leads Bobcats past T'Wolves
  Career-high for Korver lifts Sixers over Knicks
  Ginobili scores 24 straight early, Spurs hold on to beat Hawks
  Ginobli scores 24 straight early, Spurs hold on to beat Hawks
  Varejao's slam helps Cavs edge Raptors
  Denver's Smith out 3-4 weeks with knee injury
  Richardson's return should help Warriors down the stretch
  Grizzlies dismal season continues
  Brandon Roy has a bright future in Portland
  Spurs need to put together some big winning streaks
  Kobe, Lakers get back to work against Portland
  Warriors return from All-Star break to host Grizzlies
  Celtics continue swing in Phoenix
  Miami's Pat Riley returns to bench in Houston
  Timberwolves open homestand vs. Bobcats
  Magic, Pistons play front end of home-and-home set
  Nets open homestand against Hornets
  Knicks visit Atlantic Division-rival Philadelphia
  Kings edge Celts
  Happy Returns: Nash leads Phoenix over Clips
  Billups leads Pistons past Bucks
  Parker and Spurs knock off Denver
  Roy and Portland down Utah
  Lewis, Allen help Sonics rout Grizzlies
  Crawford, Curry propel Knicks over Magic
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  Third-quarter drought dooms Hawks
  Arenas leads Wizards over T'Wolves
  Anderson ices the game at the line as Bobcats top Hornets
  Mavericks' Mbenga has surgery
  Lakers' Radmanovic out at least eight weeks
  Cavs have eyes on the prize
  Allen, Lewis at least make the Sonics competitive
  Celtics send Ray to D-League
  76ers still alive for lottery
  Jazz have what it takes to hold on in Northwest Division
  Kings need to start winning right away
  Clippers host Pacific Division-rival Phoenix
  Celtics start road trip in Sacramento
  Jazz, Trail Blazers clash in Portland
  Grizzlies, SuperSonics battle at KeyArena
  Nuggets, Spurs clash in San Antonio
  Pistons visit Central Division-rival Milwaukee
  Knicks, Magic battle at MSG
  Hornets begin short swing against Bobcats
  Timberwolves stop off in Washington
  NBA Finals: Detroit vs. Dallas?
Sunday, February 18, 2007
  Bryant leads West to easy All-Star game win
  NBA's brightest to shine in Las Vegas
  Green wins dunk contest; Kapono 3-point champ
Saturday, February 17, 2007
  Lee leads sophomores past rookies; Reggie Bush sprains ankle
Friday, February 16, 2007
  Lee leads sophomores past rookies
  Jackson, Mullin, Vitale highlight Hall of Fame finalists
  All-Star break awards
  NBA All-Star Weekend - Vegas Style
  Hawks' Johnson gets late reward
  Scottie Pippen considering comeback
  Little Nate highlights NBA All-Star festivities
  Cavaliers top Lakers for first Staples Center win
  Mavs at 44-9 after edging Rockets
Thursday, February 15, 2007
  Bobcats can now rest and regroup
  Magic's Howard won't be on bench for long
  Toronto looking good, eh?
  Wizards head into break on a slump
  Erin Go Bragh: Celtic pride temporarily restored
  LeBron leads Cavs against Kobe and LA
  Texas hold 'em: Mavs, Rockets set for showdown
  Williams, Jazz edge Cavs
  Jackson, Warriors dump Knicks
  Allen leads Sonics past ailing Suns
  Hawks rally past Clippers
  Mason guides Hornets over Kings
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  Turkoglu, Magic down Blazers
  Blount takes over late, leads T-Wolves past Nuggets
  Bosh, Raptors down Nets
  Boston Massacre ends: Celts down Bucks, halt skid at 18
  Duncan, Spurs stop Pistons
  Wizards slip past Sixers
  O'Neal lifts Pacers over Grizzlies
  Wallace, Okafor lead Bobcats over Bulls
  Kidd to miss All-Star Game
  Heat ready to start at zero
  Hawks' Johnson chosen for All-Star Game
  A Prince in The Palace
  Bobcats, Bulls both try and get back on winning track
  Arenas, Wizards travel to City of Brotherly Love
  Blazers visit Orlando
  Jazz try to stay hot against Cavs
  Nash-less Suns visit Seattle
  Knicks conclude swing in Oakland
  Clippers, Hawks meet at Staples Center
  Nuggets visit Northwest Division-rival Minnesota
  Hornets, Kings square off at Ford Center
  Pistons, Spurs clash at The Palace
  Celtics try to halt losing streak against Bucks
  Grizzlies stop off in Indiana
  Bosh, Raptors escape Chicago with win
  Knicks win late, complete season sweep of Lakers
  Sonics choose Renton
  T-Mac, Rockets, overcome Artest's King-like performance
  Mavs rally to top Bucks for eighth straight win
  Kidd out for a pair
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
  Grizzlies best Hornets
  Wade overcomes injury to boost Heat over Blazers
  Duncan, Spurs dominate Nets
  Riley's leave will end after All-Star break
  Grizzlies get Padgett from Rockets for Tsakalidis
  Sixers C Hunter breaks finger
  Seattle's Allen and Utah's Okur named All-Star replacements
  Spurs acquire Ely from Bobcats
  The return of Francis means nothing in NY
  Lakers happy to be home after long road trip
  New York battles Kobe, Lakers
  Sixers C Hunter out indefinitely
  Iverson withdraws from All-Star Game
  Raptors visit the Windy City
  Kings, Rockets clash at Toyota Center
  Spurs stop off at the Meadowlands
  Portland continues road trip against Wade, Heat
  Grizzlies host Hornets
  Mavs try to make it eight straight wins vs. Bucks
  Jazz thump Hawks
  Anthony, Nuggets whip Warriors
Monday, February 12, 2007
  Clippers' Brand sidelined
  Pistons extend win streak to seven; topple Clippers
  Nash to miss All-Star game
  Warriors' Davis to have surgery
  Bucks still waiting on Redd
  Jazz can't afford to relax
  Anthony, Wade awarded NBA weekly honors
  Redd eyeing return for Bucks
  Jazz try to continue domination at home vs. Hawks
  Pistons try to stay hot against Clippers
Sunday, February 11, 2007
  Smith scores 29 as Hawks edge Warriors
  Allen, Wilcox lead Sonics over Kings
  Hinrich, Bulls topple Suns
  Pacers' Granger day-to-day after leaving game on stretcher
  Celtics set franchise record with 18th consecutive loss
  Nowitzki leads Mavericks to win over 76ers
  O'Neal, Pacers topple Clippers
  Aldridge paces Portland past Wizards
  Cavs edge the Lakers
  Wade sparks Heat to win over Spurs
  Clippers sign Christie for another 10 days
  Indiana's Armstrong suspended for Clippers game
  Atlanta making strides on the road
  Kings, Sonics close out home-and-home set
  Hawks resume road trip at Warriors
  Bulls close out trip in Phoenix
  Mavs open road trip in Philly
  Struggling Celtics visit T'wolves
  Kobe, LA take on LeBron, Cavs
  Clippers, Pacers square off in Indy
  Spurs roll into South Beach
  Fisher, Jazz edge Knicks in OT
  Martin, Kings rout SuperSonics
  Mutombo, Rockets blast Bobcats
  Anthony leads Nuggets past Bucks
Saturday, February 10, 2007
  Wallace leads Pistons past Raptors
  Paul, Hornets whip Grizzlies
  Knicks open trip at Utah
  Rockets welcome Bobcats to town
  Bucks host 'Melo, Nuggets
  Hornets try to sting Grizzlies
  Nets host Magic at the Meadowlands
  Kings take win streak to Emerald City
  Battle of division leaders on tap in Motown
  Warriors edge Bulls in OT
  Mavericks down Rockets for record-setting home win
  Hawks hold off shorthanded Suns
  Gay leads the way as Memphis downs Minnesota
  Bosh, Raptors top Lakers
Friday, February 09, 2007
  Wizards suspend C Thomas
  Howard's late heroics lead Magic past Spurs
  LeBron, Cavs trounce Heat
  Anthony leads Nuggets over Pacers
  Blazers nip Bobcats in OT
  Celtics' Pierce returns to lineup
  Pierce returns but Celts continue losing ways
  Clips slip past Sixers
  ATS Mediocrity in the NBA
  Magic losing ground in Southeast
  Bobcats fail to roar on the road
  'Melo punches ticket to All-Star Game; Mavs' Howard also added
  Timberwolves just don't have it
  Wade, Heat battle LeBron, Cavs
  Celtics and their 16-game losing streak host Kidd, Nets
  Sixers try to continue solid play vs. Clippers
  Portland opens road trip against Bobcats
  Spurs visit Orlando
  Timberwolves go for second straight victory in Memphis
  Mavs try to stay hot against Rockets
  Phoenix hosts the Hawks
  Bulls continue swing in Oakland
  Streaking Raptors welcome Kobe, Lakers to Air Canada Centre
  Iverson-less Nuggets visit Pacers
  Kings beat Bulls, lose Bibby
  Pistons pound Lakers
Thursday, February 08, 2007
  Hornets top Bucks in double overtime
  Nowitzki to defend three-point title
  Iverson to miss upcoming road trip
  Mavericks' Mbenga tears ACL, out for season
  Report: Lakers' Brown out another 4-6 weeks
  Young 76ers starting to develop
  Kobe leads LA into Motor City
  Bucks aim to pull stinger from Hornets
  Kings try to crown Bulls at ARCO
  Hornets edge Nuggets in OT
  Bosh leads Raptors past Magic
Wednesday, February 07, 2007
  Allen, Sonics snap franchise worst road skid
  Ilgauskas and Cleveland crush Clippers
  Nowitzki, Mavericks blast Grizzlies
  Carter's late heroics lead New Jersey past Atlanta
  Davis and Blount power Timberwolves past Warriors
  Miami sends Boston to franchise-worst 16th straight loss
  Duncan, Spurs rout Wizards
  Iguodala leads Sixers over Bobcats
  Celtics' Pierce has elbow drained
  More trouble heading for Pacers?
  Caron Butler has arrived
  Nets tangled in recent mess
  Wizards feeling like All-Stars
  Heat making a run to .500
  Thomas' attitude doesn't fly with Bulls, NBA
  New-look Warriors are getting the same results
  Nuggets are hurting
  76ers welcome Bobcats to Philly
  Nets aim to end skid at Hawks
  Celtics try to snap skid vs. Heat
  Nuggets hope to raid Hornets in Denver
  Mavs try to lasso fifth straight win vs. Memphis
  Warriors wrap up trip in Minnesota
  Magic pay a visit to Toronto
  Pacers resume homestand vs. Sonics
  Spurs, Wizards square off in D.C.
  Cavs resume homestand vs. Clippers
  Suns, minus Nash, beat Blazers in OT
  Patterson keys Bucks win over Magic
  Crawford, Knicks topple Clippers
Tuesday, February 06, 2007
  Pistons send Celtics to 15th straight loss
  T-Mac leads Rockets over Grizzlies
  Bulls fine Thomas
  Bucks C Gadzuric to miss six weeks
  Celtics' Pierce sent home
  Randolph continues to shine for Portland
  Grizzlies continue losing ways
  Clippers continue road trip in New York
  Celtics bring franchise-record 14-game losing streak to The Palace
  Grizzlies wrap up homestand vs. Rockets
  Bucks, Magic battle at Bradley Center
  Nash-less Suns visit Blazers
  Artest, Kings crown Hornets
  Robinson to defend dunk title
  McGrady leads Rockets to rout of T'Wolves
  Okur, Jazz hold off Bulls
  Suns lose Nash, down likewise shorthanded Nuggets
  Kobe carries Lakers past Hawks
Monday, February 05, 2007
  Iguodala leads 76ers past Nets in OT
  Wade, Heat pound Bobcats
  Jackson torches Pacers in return to Indy
  Butler scores 38 as Wizards top SuperSonics
  Payton suspended for one game
  Wade, Okur awarded NBA weekly honors
  Rockets still a major player in the West
  Kings in unfamiliar territory
  Hornets try to sting Kings at ARCO
  Kirilenko needs to step up for Jazz
  Suns set in Denver
  Bulls pay a visit to Jazz
  Rockets, T'wolves square off in Texas
  Heat host Bobcats in South Beach
  Pacers open homestand vs. Warriors
  Kobe, Lakers resume trek at Atlanta
  Nets take on Sixers in Philly
Sunday, February 04, 2007
  Pistons pound Cavs
  Bosh leads Raptors past Clippers
  Lue lifts Hawks over Nets
  Raptors start homestand against Clippers
  Nets try to halt losing streak vs. Hawks
  Cavaliers, Pistons battle at Quicken Loans Arena
  Wade, Heat bury Bucks
  Gordon leads Bulls over Blazers
  Martin leads Kings over Nuggets
  Okur and Jazz down Suns
Saturday, February 03, 2007
  Brown, Hornets down Rockets
  Curry, Knicks down Magic
  Kobe scores 39 as Lakers down Wizards
  Terry, Howard lead Mavs over T'wolves
  O'Neal, Pacers edge Grizzlies
  Everybody loves Raymond: Felton leads Bobcats over Warriors
  Dallas tries to extend winning streak against Minnesota
  Hornets, Rockets meet at Toyota Center
  Jazz, Suns battle in Phoenix
  Sacramento starts homestand versus Nuggets
  Knicks, Magic clash in Orlando
  Grizzlies continue homestand against Pacers
  Heat try to stay hot in Milwaukee
  Lakers visit Arenas, Wizards
  Bulls resume swing in Portland
  Warriors stop off in Charlotte
  Nocioni, Bulls hold off Sonics
  James guides Cavs past Bobcats
  Blake helps Nuggets score OT win versus Blazers
Friday, February 02, 2007
  Pacers bury Lakers with late surge
  Paul helps Hornets overcome Timberwolves
  Bosh leads Raptors over Hawks
  Billups, Pistons drop Bucks
  Harrington's late basket lifts Warriors past 76ers
  Turkoglu, Magic trounce Nets
  Celtics' losing streak hits 14
  Pistons ready to pump in Motor City
  Hornets are getting healthy
  Hawks enjoy successful month
  Magic going through tough stretch
  Crawford catching fire in Knick of time
  Bulls continue swing at Seattle
  Portland hopes to blaze Nuggets
  Nets aim to tangle Magic in Orlando
  Hornets wrap up homestand vs. T'wolves
  Cavs return home to host Bobcats
  Raptors, Hawks square off in Atlanta
  Celtics try to avoid record skid vs. Clippers
  Lakers resume trip at Indiana
  Sixers open homestand vs. Warriors
  Not so lucky 13 for Celtics
  Dwight and Josh Howard belong in the All-Star Game
  All-Star Stoudemire leads Phoenix past Spurs
  Suns trio among All-Star reserves; 'Melo denied
  Eddie Jones returns to Heat; Shaq and LeBron back in action
  Wade's 41 boosts Heat over Cavs
Thursday, February 01, 2007
  LeBron returns, but Cavs still fall to Shaq and Heat
  Wizards' Jamison sidelined 3-6 weeks
  Kings coach Musselman suspended two games for DUI
  Grant Hill to miss 2-3 weeks
  Nash, Bosh earn NBA honors for January
  Wizards making a push for East supremacy
  Bobcats can't shake injury bug
  Cavs take a trip down south to Miami
  Suns try to regroup vs. Spurs
  Randolph leads Portland past Iverson-less Denver
  Brand leads Clips over Bulls
  McGrady fuels Rockets over Sonics
  Kobe returns, sends Celtics to 13th straight loss
  Jazz hold off Spurs behind Okur's effort
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
  Colangelo tabbed to right the Raptors' ship
  Hornets go for third straight win vs. Seattle
  Jazz top Warriors in OT
  Nowitzki overcomes ankle injury as Mavs drop Sixers
  Brand leads Clippers past Bobcats
  Finley flawless as Spurs pound Knicks
  Streak hits seven: Marion carries Suns to win over Rockets
  Home streak continues for Kings in rout of Blazers
  Wade's spectacular shooting carries Heat to sixth straight win
  Redd, Bucks cruise past Nuggets
Monday, February 27, 2006
  Pistons sweep home-and-home set from Cavs
  Carter returns to the lineup
  Hawks nip Nets in overtime
  Gasol sparks comeback win for Grizzlies
  In your face: Garnett fined
  Suns' Colangelo resigns
  Arenas, Yao awarded NBA weekly honors
  Sonics just don't have it this year
  Lakers need to be better than .500
  Hornets have some sting
  Golden State continues to sink
  Nuggets host Bucks
  Clippers need to get their act together
  Cavs, Pistons wrap up home-and-home set
  West and Paul carry Hornets past struggling Portland
Sunday, February 26, 2006
  Pierce leads Celtics past Lakers
  Stojakovic, Jones propel Pacers over Nets
  Carter injures hamstring
  Timberwolves overcome Garnett's ejection to beat Grizzlies
  Yao, T-Mac lead Rockets past Magic
  Domestic dozen; Pistons continue Detroit dominance
  Hornets buzz into Rose Garden vs. Blazers
  Boston resumes old rivalry with LA
  Nets try to capture win over Pacers
  Timberwolves welcome Grizzlies to Target Center
  Afternoon delight: Rockets in flight in Orlando
  Pistons aim to flex Cavs from The Palace
  Spurs cruise past Warriors
  Gilbert Great: Arenas' 46 leads Wizards to rout of NY; Marbury hurt
  Shaq can't miss as Miami downs Seattle
  Marion leads Suns past Bobcats
  Redd paces Bucks past Hawks
  Gilbert Great: Arenas' 46 leads Wizards to rout of Knicks
Saturday, February 25, 2006
  Hornets edge Jazz
  Marion's double-double leads Phoenix past Charlotte
  Short-handed Sixers edge Bulls
  Suns welcome Bobcats to US Airways Center
  Hornets try to sting Jazz in Utah
  Spurs aim to roll past Warriors
  Slumping Sonics travel to South Beach
  A.I. and Co. welcome Bulls to Philly
  Call of the wild: Hawks host Bucks
  Francis Part II to air in DC
  Home sweet home: Red-hot Mavs host Raptors
  Clippers Brand-ed best in LA
  Jefferson, Nets spoil Francis' debut with Knicks
  Johnson lifts Hawks to OT win over Pacers
  Without McGrady, Rockets down Warriors
  Celtics roll past Trail Blazers
  Korver's career-high leads Philadelphia past Milwaukee
  Arenas leads Wizards past Cavs
  Piston's beat Bulls with balanced attack
Friday, February 24, 2006
  Anthony's late heroics sink 'Wolves
  Howard leads Orlando to victory over Seattle
  Pacers' Harrison suspended one game
  Nuggets, Kings, Sonics and Blazers swap players
  Will Francis and Marbury work?
  First round pick Hodge rejoins Nuggets
  Rockets could do some damage
  Rockets, Warriors square off at Toyota Center
  Bucks try to halt losing streak versus Sixers
  Pistons visit the Windy City
  Francis expected to debut for Knicks against Nets
  Grizzlies try to get back on winning track vs. Spurs
  Cavs host Wizards
  Hawks, Pacers meet in Indiana
  Magic host Sonics
  Magic waves goodbye to Hardaway
  Kobe leads Lakers over Kings in SoCal
  Nowitzki, Mavericks ground Grizzlies
  Pistons stay hot at home with win over Pacers
Thursday, February 23, 2006
  Rockets send Anderson to Miami for Fitch
  Telfair suspended for two games
  Cavs acquire Murray from Seattle
  Sixers' Nailon dealt to Cleveland
  Report: Nuggets, Kings, Sonics and Blazers swap players
  Don't count Sacramento out
  Atlanta hopes for a better second half
  Pacers still dealing with injuries
  Detroit picks up right where it left off
  Lakers host Kings
  Grizzlies, Mavs put winning streaks on the line
  Francis heads to Knicks for Hardaway, Ariza
  Marion keeps Phoenix hot with win over Boston
  Rush spurs Bobcats over Blazers
  Bulls rage past Bucks to win second straight
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
  Fourth quarter fade dooms Hornets against Jazz
  Williams and Miami cruise past the Knicks
  Kidd leads Nets past Magic
  Iguodala gives All-Star performance as Sixers down Cavs
  Blazers trying to climb out of cellar
  Bulls continue homestand versus Bucks
  Blazers return home to host Bobcats
  Phoenix will have to earn Pacific Division title
  Road no friend to Bobcats
  Bulls set for second half playoff push
  Miami hopes to continue strong play in second half
  Suns try to stay hot against Celtics
  Rockets welcome Clippers to Toyota Center
  Hornets, Jazz begin home-and-home set
  Slumping Magic stop off at Meadowlands
  Sonics continue road trip in Atlanta
  Cavs visit City of Brotherly Love
  Bryant leads Lakers to win over Portland
  Arenas, Wizards dispose of Timberwolves
  James leads Cavs past Magic
  Big second-half lifts Nuggets over Bobcats
  Carter stars as Nets edge Bucks
  Celtics crush Jazz to end road woes
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
  Parker paces Spurs to rout of Sonics
  Pistons ground Hawks
  Granger helps Pacers to pounding of Hornets
  Spurs ready to rebound
  Warriors have a tough road ahead of them
  Lakers headed for crucial stretch
  Jazz are hanging around in Northwest
  Nuggets need to win consistently
  Pistons hope to continue winning ways against Hawks
  Hornets try to extend winning streak at Indiana
  Bucks, Nets clash at Bradley Center
  LeBron, Cavs return to court against Magic
  Grizzlies go for fourth straight win vs. Toronto
  Timberwolves visit Washington
  Celtics start road trip in Utah
  Kings, Warriors meet at ARCO Arena
  Kobe, Lakers welcome Blazers to Staples Center
  Mavs try to continue winning ways versus Clippers
  Sonics stop off in San Antonio
  Bobcats attempt to halt losing streak at Denver
Monday, February 20, 2006
  Clippers sign Baker
  LeBron leads East to comeback win
Sunday, February 19, 2006
  NBA All-Star Game Outlook
Saturday, February 18, 2006
  Robinson takes dunk contest in disputed final
  Nowitzki wins Three-Point Shootout
  Wade bests James in Skills Challenge
  San Antonio trio wins Shooting Stars
  Skills Challenge to highlight All-Star Saturday night
Friday, February 17, 2006
  Iguodala boosts Sophomores past Rookies in Challenge
  Round Mound of Rebound heads finalists for Basketball Hall of Fame
  Nash, Suns crush Rockets as NBA heads to All-Star Weekend
Thursday, February 16, 2006
  Bull Rush: Gordon leads Chicago to rout over Philly
  Marion, Nash continue to lead Suns
  Houston is starting to come around
  Sixers stop off in Windy City
  Smith stars as Hawks end road woes in Los Angeles
  Fisher, Warriors down skidding Clippers
  Mavs stay hot with win over Wizards
  Iverson leads Philadelphia in OT win over San Antonio
  James carries Cavs in double overtime win at Boston
  Suns slam Nuggets
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
  Carter, Nets edge Charlotte
  Timberwolves best Sonics to end home slide
  Magic get Milicic from Pistons
  Crawford's late jumper ends New York's losing streak
  Wade, Heat beat Orlando for the second night in a row
  Grizzlies claw past the Kings
  Snyder leads Hornets over Blazers in Paul's return
  Johnson leads Pacers past Bucks
  Charlotte set for much-needed break
  Wizards gearing up for stretch run
  Road no friend to the Nets
  Disastrous first half closes for Knicks
  Cleveland hopes for a better second half this time around
  Injury-depleted Pacers could use break
  Tomjanovich named director of scouting for USA Basketball
  Mavs continue homestand vs. Wizards
  Nuggets, Suns put winning streaks on the line
  Hawks, Lakers meet for final time in 2005-06 campaign
  Warriors host Clippers
  Grizzlies, Kings battle in Memphis
  Hornets go for fifth straight win against Portland
  Timberwolves try to halt losing streak vs. Sonics
  Slumping Knicks welcome Raptors to MSG
  Heat, Magic finish home-and-home set
  Spurs visit City of Brotherly Love
  McGrady, Rockets storm past Clippers
  Pistons slam Nets in battle of division leaders
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
  Artest spurs Kings in OT victory over Bulls
  Bucks lower the boom on Sonics
  Wade and Shaq fuel Heat past Magic
  Clippers acquire Radmanovic from SuperSonics
  Wizards' Hayes has successful surgery on fractured patella
  Chicago hopes to keep rolling at home
  Bulls start homestand vs. Kings
  Clippers host Rockets
  Gasol's last-second basket lifts Grizzlies past Warriors
  Bryant, Lakers drop the Jazz
  Nowitzki leads Mavs past struggling Knicks
  James pushes Raptors past Timberwolves
Monday, February 13, 2006
  King James stops Spurs streak
  West's last-second shot lifts Hornets over Wizards
  Randolph helps Blazers best Bobcats
  Najera undergoes surgery on knee
  Rockets swap Norris for Lampe
  Memphis has an All-Star in Gasol
  Lakers are struggling
  Jazz, Lakers try to get back on winning track
  Arenas, Parker awarded NBA weekly honors
  Dallas needs a big homestand
  Hughes to have surgery again
  Raps hit the road rolling
  Slumping Knicks try to avoid 10th straight loss at Dallas
  Grizzlies finish road trip in Oakland
  Streaking Raptors stop off in Minnesota
  Wizards go for sixth straight victory vs. Hornets
  Blazers, Bobcats meet in Charlotte
  Red-hot Spurs visit Cleveland
  Ginobili powers Spurs past Pacers
  Hinrich helps Bulls over Clippers
  Melo drops 33 as Nuggets down Sonics in OT
  Artest leads Kings over Hawks
Sunday, February 12, 2006
  Rockets keep Knicks reeling
  Pierce pushes Celtics past Magic
  Raptors rout Blazers
  Carter, Nets blast Bucks
  Wade lifts Heat over Pistons
  Arenas leads Wizards past Sixers
  Eastern Conference heavyweights square off in Miami
  Blazers continue trip in Toronto
  Streaking Wizards conclude homestand against Sixers
  Claxton steps up as Hornets beat Timberwolves
  Grizzlies edge Lakers in final seconds
  Yao leads Rockets past Jazz
  Redd shines as Bucks beat Bobcats
Saturday, February 11, 2006
  Richardson shines as Warriors beat Cavs
  Bobcats pay a visit to Milwaukee
  Rockets try and get back on winning track against Utah
  Grizzlies hope to stop five-game slide in Los Angeles
  Cavs welcome Warriors to Quicken Loans Arena
  Knicks becoming a complete embarrassment
  Wilkins leads Seattle past Atlanta
  Brand's 44 leads the Clippers past Memphis
  Martin, Nuggets halt Mavs' winning streak
  Johnson lifts Pacers past Warriors
  Nash, Marion lead Suns past Kings
  Wizards beat Cavs for fourth straight win
Friday, February 10, 2006
  Spurs end Nets' home winning streak
  Hornets ride West while Knicks continue to head south
  Harpring's true for Utah in win over T'Wolves
  Pistons roll past the Magic
  Pierce leads Celts in rout of Blazers
  Villanueva stars as Raptors outlast Bobcats
  Arenas takes O'Neal's place in All-Star Game
  Boston hopes to change fortunes at home
  Help is on the way for Magic
  Streaking Pacers continue homestand against Warriors
  Nets attempt to match franchise record at home versus Spurs
  Bobcats try to extend franchise-record winning streak vs. Toronto
  Celtics hope to halt losing streak against Blazers
  Wizards host Cavs at MCI Center
  Struggling Knicks visit Hornets
  Jazz, Timberwolves clash at Target Center
  Kings go for fourth straight win at Phoenix
  Mavs try to tie franchise record against Nuggets
  Memphis tries to halt losing streak against Clippers
  Sonics welcome Hawks to KeyArena
  Martin and Bibby help Kings crown Bulls
Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Mavs pound Heat for 13th straight win
  Four Pistons named as All-Star reserves
  Kings could be on their way back
  Bobcats acquire Rockets' Baxter in exchange for Bogans
  Bucks beat Magic in double OT
  Bulls hold off Nuggets
  Marion's hot-hand leads Phoenix past Memphis
  Butler leads Hornets past SuperSonics
  Marion hot-hand leads Phoenix past Memphis
  Ely leads Bobcats over Sixers
  James reigns again as Cavs top T'Wolves
  Bryant's big second half powers Lakers past Rockets
  Nets win again at home, while Knicks lose yet another
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
  Arenas, Butler lead Washington past Golden State
  Prince helps Detroit get back in the win column
  Jackson stars as Pacers rout Blazers
  Spurs beat Raptors in OT despite Duncan's absence
  Hornets rescind trade with Sixers
  Timberwolves start important stretch
  Nuggets trying to hold on in Northwest
  No place like home for Nets
  Nets go for 12th win in a row at home against Knicks
  Blazers, Pacers meet in Indiana
  Wizards welcome Warriors to MCI Center
  Bobcats go for three in a row at home against Sixers
  Spurs attempt to extend winning streak in Toronto
  Pistons try to avoid third straight loss vs. Clippers
  Hornets host Sonics
  Timberwolves open homestand against Cavs
  Suns try to get back on winning track vs. Grizzlies
  Bulls travel to Denver
  Miller's heroics lead Kings over Grizzlies
Tuesday, February 07, 2006
  Hawks shock Pistons on Johnson's late basket
  Mavs roll past Lakers for 12th straight win
  Cassell's three-pointers carry surging Clippers past Knicks
  Grizzlies need a successful road trip
  Mavs are a serious threat
  Nash to defend Skills title
  Grizzlies try to pick up a win in Sacramento
  Pistons try to get back on winning track against Hawks
  Slumping Knicks welcome Clippers to MSG
  Mavs go for 12th straight win vs. Lakers
  Garnett's last-second block seals win for T'Wolves over Suns
  Okur's trey gives Utah the win
  Back-to-back wins for Bobcats
Monday, February 06, 2006
  Jamison jump-starts Wizards to win over Magic
  Yao paces Houston past cold-shooting Sixers
  Wade's hot hand leads Heat over Celtics
  Strong second half carries Nets past Hornets
  LeBron's near triple-double carries Cavs past Bucks
  Bosh, Paul awarded NBA weekly honors
  Cavs try to get back on winning track vs. Bucks
  Wizards continue homestand against Magic
  Cavs' Jackson out seven weeks
Sunday, February 05, 2006
  Cassell leads Clippers to an overtime win in Toronto
  Kings pound Jazz in Sacramento
  McGrady leads Rockets past Knicks
  New York's Jalen Rose expected to debut vs. Rockets
  Clippers visit Raptors
  Jazz, Kings wrap up home-and-home set
  Richardson leads Golden State's rout of Minnesota
  Redd returns to lift Bucks past Grizzlies
  Huge third quarter pushes Suns past Bulls
  Indiana's bench steps up to stun Detroit
  Miller's last-second layup lifts Denver over Portland
  Howard leads red-hot Mavericks past Seattle
  Magic use balanced scoring attack to down Boston
  Paul pushes Hornets past the Lakers
Saturday, February 04, 2006
  Iverson returns to lead Philadelphia past Cleveland
  Paul pushes past the Lakers
  Chronic injury forces Pacers' Bender to end basketball career
  Jamison lead Wizards over Hawks
  Carter's triple-double springs Nets over Heat
  Heat hope to stay hot in New Jersey
  Suns try to make it three wins in a row vs. Bulls
  Timberwolves, Warriors meet in Oakland
  Hawks seek fourth straight win at Washington
  Celtics, Magic try to halt four-game losing streaks
  Lakers continue road trip vs. Hornets
  Grizzlies clash with Bucks
  Slumping Nuggets host Blazers
  Blazers edge Timberwolves behind Randolph's late heroics
  Rockets pound Sonics behind All-Star duo
  Bobcats get back in win column with victory over Lakers
  Fourth-quarter failure sends Kings to defeat against Jazz
Friday, February 03, 2006
  Hamilton, Pistons continue dominance over Sixers
  Knicks acquire Rose, then lose to Raptors
  Brand, Cassell lead Clippers past Celtics
  Johnson's jumper gives Hawks third win in a row
  Knicks acquire Rose from Raptors
  Report: Knicks acquire Rose from Raptors
  Clippers continue to surprise
  Rockets are in the cellar
  Knicks visit Toronto
  Atlanta hopes to extend winning streak against struggling Magic
  Celtics try to halt losing streak vs. Clippers
  Bobcats host Kobe, Lakers
  Knicks hoping to avoid Atlantic cellar
  Hawks getting on track
  Blazers, Timberwolves meet in Portland
  Pistons open road trip in City of Brotherly Love
  Sonics visit Houston
  Jazz welcome Kings to Delta Center
  Duncan's late surge lifts Spurs over Warriors
Thursday, February 02, 2006
  Miami crushes Cleveland as Cavs' win streak comes to an end
  Yao, James headline list of All-Star starters
  Larry Brown fined $20K
  Miami pulling away in Southeast
  San Antonio has no time for rest on long road trip
  Suns could rise to the top in the West
  Spurs try to remain hot in Oakland
  Red-hot Cavs go for eighth straight win at Miami
  Rockets edge Bucks in Yao's return home
  Defense stiffens in third for Sonics in win over Warriors
  Peja outshines Kobe as Pacers end six-game skid
  Pistons get back to winning ways
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  Okur leads Jazz past Denver
  Paul paces Hornets over Bulls
  Johnson's first triple-double paces Hawks past Bobcats
  James, Bosh lead Raptors past Washington
  Magic get Branded by Clippers
  Suns score early, then withstand Celtics
  Paul and Bogut earn NBA rookie honors
  Saunders and Johnson named top coaches for January
  Bryant, Billups honored as top players for January
  Nets happy to be home
  Raps out of cellar in Atlantic
  Sixers trade Hunter to Hornets
  Sonics close homestand against Warriors
  Spurs resume season-long trip in Portland
  Nuggets, Jazz tangle at the Delta Center
  Mavericks shoot for 10th straight win in Memphis
  Pistons try to get back on track against Minnesota
  Hawks, Bobcats meet in Charlotte
  Celtics welcome Suns to Boston
  Pacers attempt to get off schneid at home against Lakers
  Cavs, James hope to stay hot in New Jersey
  Clippers visit Orlando
  Wizards try for third straight win in Toronto
  Kidd and Nets cool off Detroit
  Kings keep up home dominance of Nuggets
  Kobe leads Lakers past struggling Knicks
  Red-hot Dallas holds off Chicago
  Stojakovic's addition can't save Pacers from another loss