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 701 NETS
4/19/2014 12:30 PM(et)
4/19/2014 9:43 PM(et)
 705 HAWKS
4/19/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/19/2014 3:30 PM(et)
 710 SPURS
4/20/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 712 HEAT
4/20/2014 3:30 PM(et)
 714 BULLS
4/20/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/20/2014 9:30 PM(et)
 902 METS
4/20/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/20/2014 1:35 PM(et)
4/20/2014 1:35 PM(et)
 907 REDS
 908 CUBS
4/20/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/20/2014 4:10 PM(et)
4/20/2014 4:10 PM(et)
4/20/2014 4:10 PM(et)
4/20/2014 1:08 PM(et)
4/20/2014 1:05 PM(et)
 920 RAYS
4/20/2014 1:40 PM(et)
 921 TWINS
4/20/2014 2:10 PM(et)
4/20/2014 3:05 PM(et)
4/20/2014 4:05 PM(et)
4/20/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/20/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/19/2014 1:05 PM(et)
 953 REDS
 954 CUBS
4/19/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/19/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 958 METS
4/19/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/19/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/19/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/19/2014 8:40 PM(et)
4/19/2014 1:05 PM(et)
4/19/2014 1:08 PM(et)
4/19/2014 1:35 PM(et)
 971 TWINS
4/19/2014 2:10 PM(et)
4/19/2014 4:05 PM(et)
 976 RAYS
4/19/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/19/2014 8:05 PM(et)
4/19/2014 7:10 PM(et)

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Monday, March 31, 2014
  Cavs' Irving cleared to return to practice
  Vucevic, Duncan named NBA Players of the Week
  Nothin' but Net: Steadfast Sixers stay the course
  Kings sign Cunningham to 10-day contract
  Cavs sign Hopson
  Sixers' Moultrie suspended
  Bobcats sign White to second 10-day contract
  Spurs put streak on line against Pacers
  Grizzlies try to get back on track against Nuggets
  Knicks inch closer to playoff spot, visit Jazz
  Kings make stop in Big Easy
  76ers go for rare win streak, visit Hawks
  Heat aim to continue mastery of Raptors
  Wizards, Bobcats jockey for playoff positioning
  Pistons welcome Bucks to The Palace
  Playoff-bound Clippers visit Minnesota
  Bulls aim for home-and-home sweep against Celtics
  Aldridge helps Blazers top Grizzlies
  Kaman, Lakers take down Suns
  Smith and Knicks ease past Warriors
  Augustin, Bulls down Celtics
  Pacers' lead shrinks after loss to Cavs
  Nets blast T-Wolves to run home streak to 13
Sunday, March 30, 2014
  Durant helps Thunder dominate Jazz
  Raptors hold off Magic
  Red-hot Suns take on Lakers
  Blazers host Grizzlies in critical Western showdown
  Knicks keep fighting for playoff spot against Warriors
  Bulls, Celtics open a home-and-home in Boston
  Playoff-bound Raptors head to Orlando
  Nets aim to continue great home play with Wolves in town
  Thunder welcome Jazz to OKC
  Pacers try to get on track, visit Cleveland
  Bosh, James lead Heat over Bucks
  Wizards deal fading Hawks another loss
  Paul, Jordan help Clippers down Rockets
  Spurs tie franchise record with 17th straight win
  It's over! 76ers rout Pistons to end skid
  Mavs edge Kings
Saturday, March 29, 2014
  Clippers' Griffin exits game
  Howard to miss Rockets-Clippers tilt
  Heat invade Brew City
  Spurs shoot for 17th consecutive win with Pelicans in town
  Mavs aim to continue home dominance over Kings
  Clippers, Rockets battle in Western Conference showdown
  Hawks hope to rebound in trip to Washington
  Sixers try to avoid 27th straight loss, host Pistons
  Warriors use late run to down Grizzlies
  Spurs rout Nuggets for 16th straight win
  Love posts triple-double as Wolves rout Lakers
  Thunder continue home dominance over Kings
  Suns rout Knicks
  Williams, Blazers beat Bulls
  Raptors clinch playoff berth with win over Celtics
  James, Heat rout Pistons
Friday, March 28, 2014
  Evans stars as Pelicans trip up Jazz
  Afflalo, Nelson lead Magic to OT win over Bobcats
  Wizards get wire-to-wire win over Pacers
  Nets down Cavs for 12th straight home win
  Raptors clinch playoff birth with win over Celtics
  Pelicans' Davis leaves with ankle injury
  Heat sit Wade, Chalmers, Oden vs. Pistons
  Nothin' but Net: Bad tourney scaring the weak
  Nothin' but Net: Bad tourney scarring the weak
  Love leads Wolves against Lakers
  Heat try to get back on track in visit to The Palace
  Grizzlies take momentum into meeting with Warriors
  Suns, Knicks continue playoff push
  Spurs roll into Mile High City
  Nets sign Gutierrez to multi-year deal
  Nets hope to continue home dominance, host Cavs
  Bobcats continue march to playoffs with visit to Orlando
  Steady Pelicans close homestand with Jazz
  Thunder vie to bounce back vs. Kings
  Pacers carry momentum into Washington
  Raptors, Celtics head north
  Bulls play host to Blazers
  Bucks down Lakers
  Paul, Clippers bounce back against Mavs
Thursday, March 27, 2014
  76ers tie NBA record with 26th straight loss
  Aldridge returns, leads Blazers past Hawks
  Bucks' Ilyasova to miss remainder of season
  Skid busters? 76ers take slide to Houston
  Clippers, Mavericks set for Big D battle
  Lakers carry momentum into Milwaukee
  Blazers hope Aldridge returns in visit with Hawks
  Grizzlies rally in fourth quarter to beat Jazz
  Pacers top Heat to extend Eastern Conference lead
  Waiters hits game-winner to lift Cavs over Pistons
  Knicks bounce back with win in Sacramento
  Spurs stay hot, top Nuggets for 15th straight win
  Dragic, Bledsoe help Suns stay hot
  Morrow leads Pelicans past Clippers in OT
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
  Raptors pick up rare win in Boston
  Jefferson, Bobcats outlast Nets in OT
  Balanced Timberwolves roll past Hawks
  Stretching the Field: How will the West unfold?
  Heat's Allen doubtful vs. Pacers
  Bucks ink Stephens to 10-day contract
  Memphis opens key road swing against Utah
  Knicks try to put ugly loss behind them, visit Kings
  Hawks seek success in visit with T'Wolves
  Raptors aim to solve Boston woes
  Spurs put 14-game winning streak on the line versus Denver
  Central rivals clash as Cavs visit Pistons
  East powers collide when Pacers host Heat
  Suns take win streak to Washington
  Nets, Bobcats battle for playoff positioning
  Clippers begin road trip in New Orleans
  Lakers shoot the lights out in rout of Knicks
  Nowitzki, Mavs get better of Durant's Thunder in OT
  Raptors fall short in Cleveland
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
  Harris, Vucevic lead Magic past Blazers
  Spurs F Bonner out 2 weeks with calf strain
  Nuggets' Hickson undergoes ACL surgery
  Pelicans' Anderson out for season
  Blazers vie to bounce back in test with Magic
  Raptors tangle with Cavs at the Q
  Raptors' Patterson progressing from elbow injury
  Knicks take playoff push to the road
  Durant leads Thunder into showdown with Mavs
  Conley, Grizzlies roll past T-Wolves
  Clippers hand Bucks eighth straight loss
  Evans leads Pelicans past Nets in overtime
  Durant, Thunder rout Nuggets
  Spurs win 14th straight, send Sixers to 25th loss in a row
  Drummond leads Pistons to rare road win
  James delivers late as Heat edge Blazers
Monday, March 24, 2014
  Rockets take down Bobcats
  Gibson and Bulls take down Pacers
  Green, Suns surge past Hawks
  Lakers' Gasol diagnosed with vertigo
  Durant, Johnson named NBA Players of the Week
  Nothin' but Net: Step away from the panic button
  Pacers, Bulls renew rivalry in Chicago
  Clippers, Bucks tangle at Staples Center
  Durant leads Thunder versus Nuggets
  Pistons hope to stop slide in meeting with Jazz
  Streaks on line as Spurs clash with 76ers
  Heat hope to get back on track, host Portland
  Playoff implications abound when Suns visit Hawks
  Grizzlies aim to improve playoff status, host T'Wolves
  Nets take winning streak to New Orleans
  Rockets, Bobcats tangle in Charlotte
  Johnson leads Nets past Mavs in OT
  Lakers send Magic to ninth straight loss
  Jack, Cavaliers cool off Knicks
Sunday, March 23, 2014
  Cousins, Thomas lead Kings over Bucks
  Johnson leads Mavs past Nets in OT
  Faried powers Nuggets past Wizards
  Suns outlast T'Wolves
  Nets' Kirilenko exits game with foot injury
  Lowry lifts Raptors over Hawks
  Knicks vie to extend win streak vs. Cavs
  Raptors play Hawks north of the border
  Suns, Timberwolves collide at Target Center
  Wizards conclude western jaunt at Denver
  Bucks resume trek against Kings
  Mavs set for Big D showdown with Nets
  Magic seek success in visit to Lakers
  Parker, Spurs best Warriors for 13th straight win
  Bulls hand Sixers 24th straight loss
  Paul and Clippers down Pistons
  Burke, Jazz edge Magic
Saturday, March 22, 2014
  Davis powers Pelicans past Heat
  Conley leads Grizzlies over Pacers
  Harden leads Rockets past Cavs
  Jefferson, Bobcats rout Trail Blazers
  Spurs' Duncan, Ginobili out vs. Warriors
  Hawks' Korver to miss game at Toronto
  Nuggets' Hickson tears ACL
  Lucky 13? Spurs aim to extend streak against Warriors
  Magic, Jazz tip off in Salt Lake City
  Clippers try to start new win streak vs. Pistons
  Heat pay a quick visit to Pelicans
  Sixers limp into Chicago on 23-game skid
  Pacers take winning ways to Memphis
  Rockets hope to have Howard in visit with Cavs
  Blazers open trip against Bobcats
  Spurs dominate Kings for 12th straight win
  Knicks send Sixers to 23rd straight loss
  Durant drops 51, hits game-winner as Thunder beat Raptors in 2-OT
  Suns clip Pistons
  James, Heat rally past Grizzlies
  Johnson and Plumlee guide Nets over Celtics
  Ellis leads Mavs past Nuggets
Friday, March 21, 2014
  Davis returns to lead Pelicans past Hawks
  George's triple-double lifts Pacers past Bulls
  Bynum sidelined indefinitely
  Thunder's Westbrook helped off court
  Nets' Lopez undergoes successful ankle surgery
  Nothin' but Net: Patches don't compromise integrity
  Cavs sign Seth Curry to 10-day contract
  Bobcats sign White to 10-day contract
  Heat expect LeBron to return vs. Grizzlies
  Hawks hope to stay on track vs. Pelicans
  Nets welcome rival Celtics to town
  Wizards, Lakers tangle at Staples Center
  Thunder make a stop in Toronto
  Rejuvenated Knicks visit hapless Sixers
  Spurs take 11-game win streak into Sacramento
  Pacers, Bulls tip off in Indy
  Pistons head to the desert to meet Suns
  Mavs try to get back on track versus Nuggets
  Warriors edge Bucks
  Trail Blazers down Wizards
  Harden leads Rockets over Timberwolves
  Durant powers Thunder past Cavs
Thursday, March 20, 2014
  Knicks sign Brown for rest of season
  Warriors welcome Bucks to Oracle Arena
  Wizards continue western trip in Portland
  Rockets host Wolves without Howard
  Thunder rumble into Cleveland
  Surging Knicks open Jackson era with win over Pacers
  Nuggets get balanced scoring in win over Pistons
  Suns pull away from Magic in fourth
  DeRozan leads Raptors over Pelicans
  Randolph and Gasol power Grizzlies past Jazz
  Love lifts Timberwolves over Mavericks in OT
  Spurs continue to roll with win over Lakers
  Rondo leads Celtics to win as Heat miss James
  Bulls tack on another loss to Sixers' skid
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
  Nets stay hot, turn away Bobcats
  Heat's James sits with back spasms vs. Celtics
  Spurs streak into matchup with Lakers
  Grizzlies welcome Jazz to Memphis
  Suns return home to face Magic
  Jackson gets first look as Knicks president against Pacers
  Nuggets battle Pistons in Mile High City
  Mavs continue homestand versus Wolves
  Nets hope to continue home domination, host Charlotte
  Raptors aim to rebound with another win over Pelicans
  LeBron leads Heat into Boston
  Sixers try to end skid with Bulls in town
  Kings rally past Wizards in OT
  Blazers clip Bucks in OT
  Curry and Warriors control Magic
  James drops 43 on Cavs as Heat win
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
  Hawks edge Raptors in OT behind Millsap's triple-double
  Warriors' Iguodala out at least a week
  Kings sign Royce White to second 10-day contract
  Wizards sign Gooden for rest of season
  Nothin' but Net: Jackson passed the first test
  Knick of Time? Jackson named Knicks' president
  Raptors' Patterson sidelined at least another week
  Warriors start long homestand with Orlando in town
  Hawks carry win streak into meeting with Raptors
  Kings return home as Wizards hit the road
  LeBron back in Cleveland to face Irving-less Cavs
  Bucks begin western swing in Portland
  Hickson, Nuggets halt Clippers' 11-game win streak
  Thunder pull away from Bulls
  Mavs open homestand with win over Celtics
Monday, March 17, 2014
  Jones, Rockets rout Jazz
  Williams guides Nets past Suns
  Sixers' skid reaches record 21 in loss to Pacers
  Millsap lifts Hawks past Bobcats
  Cavs' Irving out at least two weeks
  Jefferson, Griffin named NBA Players of the Week
  Sixers sign Nunnally to 10-day deal
  Dedmon to stay with Magic for rest of season
  Nets sign Gutierrez to second 10-day contract
  Clips put 11-game win streak on the line in Denver
  Mavs begin long homestand with Boston in town
  Rockets return home to face Utah
  Durant's Thunder battle Noah's Bulls
  Suns, Nets tangle in Brooklyn
  Sixers try to halt streak in Indianapolis
  Hawks hope to continue domination of Bobcats
  Curry, Thompson lead Warriors over Blazers
  Griffin, Clippers ease past Cavs
Sunday, March 16, 2014
  Marion, hot-shooting Mavs beat Thunder
  T'Wolves edge Kings behind Martin's 31 points
  Spurs run win streak to 10
  Cavs' Irving leaves with bicep injury
  Davis dominates as Pelicans edge Celtics in OT
  Allen leads Heat past Rockets
  Bobcats pull away from Bucks
  Green leads Suns past Raptors
  Clippers put 10-game win streak on the line versus Cavs
  Blazers welcome Warriors to Moda Center
  Spurs aim for 10 in a row with Jazz in town
  Kings wrap up road trip in Minnesota
  Thunder, Mavs tussle in OKC
  Celtics visit The Big Easy
  Heat hope to get on track, host Houston
  Bobcats hope to extend winning streak in visit to Milwaukee
  Raptors, Suns tip in Toronto matinee
  Noah leads Bulls past Kings
  Grizzlies hand Sixers 20th straight loss
  George, Pacers rally past Pistons
Saturday, March 15, 2014
  Wizards rally past Nets
  Millsap, Hawks down Nuggets
  Knicks rout Bucks
  Nets sign Collins for remainder of the season
  Bulls welcome Kings to the Windy City
  Sixers try to avoid 20-game slide with Memphis in town
  Pacers pay visit to The Palace
  Nuggets wrap up road swing in Atlanta
  Nets, Wizards tangle in DC
  Streaking Knicks host Bucks in MSG matinee
  Wizards beat Magic in OT
  Surging Spurs rout Lakers
  Blazers snap skid with win over Pelicans
  Jefferson leads Bobcats past Timberwolves
  Hawes helps Cavs clip Warriors
  Nuggets down struggling Heat
  George, Pacers down Sixers
  Griffin, Clippers down Jazz
  Suns take down Celtics
Friday, March 14, 2014
  Wizards' Beal leaves game with ankle injury
  Valanciunas powers Raptors past Grizzlies
  Phil Jackson to become Knicks' president
  Heat sign Hamilton, release Liggins
  Nothin' but Net: Age limit is wrong
  Stretching the Field: NBA has no room for brawls
  76ers sign Johnson-Odom to 10-day deal, waive Brown
  Bucks sign Wright to 10-day contract
  Warriors try to regroup in meeting with Cavs
  Heat host Denver
  Clippers go for 10th straight win at Utah
  Rolling Spurs aim to keep winning vs. Lakers
  Two hot teams collide when Grizz visit Raptors
  Blazers sans Aldridge visit Pelicans
  Wolves, Bobcats tussle in Charlotte
  Wizards try to get back on track with a visit to Orlando
  Suns hit the road to face Celtics
  Pacers visit Philly with Sixers in freefall
  Durant leads OKC rout of Lakers
  Battered Dunleavy leads Bulls in rout of Rockets
Thursday, March 13, 2014
  Teague helps Hawks hold off Bucks
  Bulls' Dunleavy suffers bloody gash
  Wizards' Wall fined $15,000
  Portland's Aldridge sidelined at least two games
  Durant, Thunder welcome Lakers to town
  Hawks return home to host Bucks
  Rockets, Bulls aim to get back on track
  Griffin leads surging Clippers past Warriors
  Gay leads Kings over Sixers, whose streak reaches 18
  Streaking Spurs send Blazers to fourth straight loss
  Cavs send Suns to third straight loss
  Nowitzki nets 31, leads Mavs past Jazz
  Bobcats use late run to take down Wizards
  Conley, Grizzlies down Pelicans
Wednesday, March 12, 2014
  Blazers' Aldridge exits with back injury
  Faried, Nuggets hang on to beat Magic
  Anthony leads Knicks in drubbing of Celtics
  Nets pick up another win over Heat
  Lakers shut down Bryant for rest of season
  Raptors hand Pistons 10th straight road loss
  Sixers sign Varnado
  Revived Knicks visit rival Celtics
  Clippers, Warriors renew rivalry in LA
  Bobcats, Wizards set for D.C. battle
  Suns, Cavs clash in the desert
  Sixers hope to end slide versus Kings
  Surging Spurs host sagging Blazers
  Heat try to cool off visiting Nets
  Mavs hope for rebound effort versus Utah
  Raptors welcome Pistons to Air Canada Centre
  Nuggets seek first win on trip, visit Magic
  Streaking teams collide when Grizz visit Pelicans
  Warriors roll past Mavs for fifth straight win
  Durant leads Thunder past Rockets
  Gasol guides Grizzlies past Portland
  Timberwolves take care of Bucks
  Spurs crush Bulls for seventh straight win
  Smith, Pistons fend off Kings
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
  Pacers top Celtics in Bynum's debut
  Nothin' but Net: Questions abound for Jackson, Knicks
  Report: Knicks and Phil Jackson closing in on deal
  Bynum to make Pacers debut
  Wolves welcome Bucks to Target Center
  Western powers collide when Houston visits OKC
  Warriors aim to stay on track vs. Mavs
  Spurs put win streak on line against Bulls
  Blazers seek success in trip to Memphis
  Pistons, Kings tip at The Palace
  Pacers try to shake slide with Boston in town
  Hardaway, Knicks deal Sixers 17th straight loss
  Williams, Livingston help Nets top Raptors
  Griffin helps Clippers down Suns
  Mavericks send Pacers to fourth straight loss
  Knight, Bucks top Magic
  Korver, Hawks edge Jazz
  Bobcats down Nuggets
  Heat down Wizards, sew up playoff berth
Monday, March 10, 2014
  Knicks ink Clark, Brown to second 10-day contracts
  Anthony, Harden named NBA Players of the Week
  Cavs F Bennett out three weeks
  Knicks announce new D-League affiliate
  Bobcats welcome Nuggets to town
  Knicks begin favorable schedule vs. 76ers
  Heat vie to end skid versus Wizards
  Raptors visit Nets in Atlantic action
  Magic, Bucks tip off in Milwaukee
  Struggling Hawks end trip against Jazz
  Clippers go for 8 in a row vs. Suns
  Warriors fend off Suns for fourth straight win
  Harden goes for 41 as Rockets outlast Blazers in OT
  Davis, Pelicans beat Nuggets in OT
Sunday, March 09, 2014
  Thornton leads Nets over Kings
  Meeks, Lakers hold off Thunder
  Soaring Raptors take down Timberwolves
  Celtics take care of Pistons
  Bulls top Heat in OT
  Nets' Pierce leaves with sore shoulder
  Raptors F Patterson out with sprained elbow
  Warriors host Suns in Pacific showdown
  Pacers aim to stop slide against Mavs
  Raptors set for road battle with T'Wolves
  Rockets try to stay hot with Portland in town
  Kings continue sojourn at Brooklyn
  Pistons, Celtics clash in Beantown
  Nuggets begin trip against Pelicans
  Thunder pay a visit to Lakers
  Heat, Bulls set for matinee affair
  Jazz hand Sixers 16th straight loss
  Grizzlies clip Bobcats
  Clippers top Hawks for seventh straight win
  Wizards take down Bucks
  Parker, Spurs down Magic
  Anthony powers Knicks past Cavaliers
Saturday, March 08, 2014
  Bucks' Mayo suspended 1 game for punch
  Heat sign Liggins to second 10-day contract
  Wizards sign Gooden to second 10-day contract
  Clippers set to host slumping Hawks
  Wizards make a stop in Milwaukee
  Spurs aim to dispose of another Florida team
  Bobcats, Grizzlies collide at FedExForum
  Sixers hope to stop skid versus Jazz
  Knicks go for third straight win, visit Cavs
  Warriors take down Hawks
  Harden, Rockets keep Pacers skidding
  Dallas holds off Portland
  Nuggets take down Lakers
  Morrow pushes Pelicans past Bucks
  Love leads the way as T-Wolves trounce Pistons
  Rondo, Celtics handle Nets
  Anthony guides Knicks to rout of Jazz
  Jefferson, Bobcats down Cavs
Friday, March 07, 2014
  Grizzlies edge Bulls
  Ross leads Raptors over Kings
  Bucks' Ilyasova suspended one game
  Nothin' but Net: Who is third in MVP race?
  Warriors back home to host Hawks
  Pacers, Rockets set for showdown
  Knicks try for consecutive wins, host Utah
  Pierce, KG head back to Boston
  Lakers hope to regroup in matchup at Denver
  Blazers hit southern trail in visit to Dallas
  Noah, Bulls welcome Grizz to Chicago
  Dedmon, Thomas remain with Magic on second 10-day deals
  Gay returns to Toronto when Kings face Raptors
  Bucks try to stop Big Easy slide
  T'Wolves aim to rebound versus Pistons
  Jefferson leads Bobcats against Cavs
  Clippers send Lakers to worst loss in franchise history
  Green's career night helps Suns edge Thunder
  Spurs crush Heat in Finals rematch
Thursday, March 06, 2014
  Kings add Royce White
  Nets sign Gutierrez to 10-day contract
  Thunder travel to Phoenix to face Suns
  Heat, Spurs tangle in Finals rematch
  Clippers, Lakers battle for LA bragging rights
  Blazers crush Hawks by 24
  Kings roll past Bucks in Milwaukee
  Warriors pick up rare win in Boston
  Nuggets beat Mavericks to snap losing skid
  Anthony paces Knicks past Timberwolves
  Wizards roll past Jazz
Wednesday, March 05, 2014
  Augustin, Noah boost Bulls past Pistons
  Jefferson leads Bobcats in rout of Pacers
  Rockets win third straight with win over Magic
  Nets use 3-ball to down Grizzlies
  Oladipo, Calathes named top rookies for February
  James, Griffin named NBA Players of the Month
  Magic G Oladipo out Wednesday
  Suns' Barbosa fractures hand
  Collins gets second 10-day deal with Nets
  Blazers, Hawks tip in Portland
  Warriors conclude trip in Boston
  Kings embark on long trip, starting in Milwaukee
  Bulls visit Central-rival Pistons
  Wizards try to start new win streak vs. Jazz
  Wolves return home to host struggling Knicks
  Mavs, Nuggets meet in Denver
  Pacers aim to regroup in meeting with Bobcats
  Howard, Rockets take momentum to Orlando
  Nets try to go over .500, host Memphis
  Pelicans outlast Lakers in shootout
  Barnes, Clippers down Suns
  Durant, Westbrook lead Thunder rout of Sixers
  Green, Spurs handle Cavs in Cleveland
  Rockets halt Heat's win streak
Tuesday, March 04, 2014
  Thompson's winner lifts Warriors over Pacers
  Bobcats sign Hamilton to 10-day contract
  Cavs keep Onuaku with second 10-day deal
  Bucks sign Mitchell to 10-day contract
  Nothin' but Net: Bulls are testimony to professionalism
  Pelicans, Lakers duke it out at Staples Center
  Pacific showdown when Clips visit Phoenix
  LeBron tries to follow up his 61-point night vs. Houston
  Opposites attract when OKC hosts Philly
  Spurs head to the Q to face the Cavs
  Pacers welcome Warriors to Indianapolis
  Kings send Pelicans to eighth straight loss
  Late bucket sends Lakers over Blazers
  T'Wolves edge Nuggets behind 52 free throws
  Ilyasova, Bucks roll past Jazz
  LeBron scores Heat-record 61 in rout of Bobcats
  Grizzlies stop Wizards' winning streak
  Nets return home, cool off Bulls
  Pistons take down slumping Knicks
Monday, March 03, 2014
  LeBron sets Heat scoring record in rout of Bobcats
  Wall, Harden named NBA Players of the Week
  Spoelstra, McHale named top coaches for February
  Stretching the Field: Knicks circling the drain
  Pelicans hope to halt slide against Kings
  LeBron, Wade lead red-hot Heat against Charlotte
  Struggling Knicks head to The Palace
  Blazers carry win streak into meeting with Lakers
  Nuggets aim to stop slide versus Wolves
  Bulls visit Brooklyn in Eastern showdown
  Bucks try to tune out Jazz
  Wizards search for seventh straight win, host Memphis
Sunday, March 02, 2014
  Green lifts Suns over Hawks
  Thunder take down Bobcats
  Magic down Sixers
  Parker returns, leads Spurs to win over Mavs
  Pacers edge Jazz
  DeRozan and Raptors handle Warriors
  Noah's triple-double helps Bulls thump Knicks
  Spurs' Parker returns to lineup
  Bulls sign Fredette
  Bobcats release Gordon
  Hawks, Suns tangle in Phoenix
  Durant leads Thunder against Bobcats
  Mavs face Spurs in Texas tussle
  Pacers try to extend winning streak with Jazz in town
  Reeling Sixers visit the Magic Kingdom
  Warriors continue road trip in Toronto
  Bulls host Knicks in a Chicago matinee
  Blazers beat Nuggets for fifth straight win
  Randolph guides Grizzlies over Cavs
  George, Pacers down Celtics
  Martin, Pekovic lead T-Wolves past Kings
  Nets down Bucks
  Rockets hang on to beat Pistons
  Clippers dominate Pelicans
  Wade and Heat continue dominance of Magic
  Ariza scores 40 as Wizards rout Sixers
Saturday, March 01, 2014
  Sixers sign Varnado to 10-day deal
  New-look Clippers host struggling Pelicans
  Wolves continue trip in Sacramento
  Nuggets, Blazers jump it up in Portland
  Grizzlies welcome Cavs to FedExForum
  Nets cap road trip in Milwaukee
  Pacers visit Beantown
  Rockets welcome Pistons to Space City
  Masked LeBron leads Miami against Orlando
  Iverson's jersey retirement highlights Sixers vs. Wiz
  Dragic guides Suns past Pelicans
  Durant leads Thunder past Grizzlies
  Lakers set franchise record for 3s in win over Kings
  Spurs use late surge to down Bobcats
  Curry records triple-double, Warriors rout Knicks
Sunday, March 31, 2013
  Deng, Bulls hold off Pistons
  Anthony, Knicks down Celtics
  Beal helps Wizards down Raptors
  Hornets rout Cavs
  James, Wade out against San Antonio
  Cavs' Irving active for Sunday
  Knicks, Celtics renew rivalry at MSG
  Cavs hope to end slides against Hornets
  Wizards aim to stay hot at home, welcome Raptors to D.C.
  Bulls vie to bounce back in home tilt versus Pistons
  Heat set for big showdown with Spurs
  Curry powers Warriors past Blazers
  Bryant moves up the scoring list as Lakers down Kings
  George leads Pacers over Suns
  Foye, Jazz down Nets
  Westbrook stars as Thunder down Bucks
  Gasol helps Grizzlies take down Timberwolves
  Houston, without Harden, denies Clippers a nifty 50th
  Holdiay and Sixers get past Bobcats
Saturday, March 30, 2013
  Hawks hold off Magic
  Rockets' Harden out with sore foot
  Nowitzki leads Mavs past Bulls
  Pachulia chooses season-ending Achilles surgery
  Hawks return home, play host to Magic
  Clippers end southern tour against Rockets
  Grizzlies, Timberwolves set for battle
  Keeping the Faith: 76ers welcome Bobcats to town
  Thunder open tough stretch at Milwaukee
  Nets seek bounce-back effort in Utah
  Indiana tries to keep pace against Suns
  Lakers hope Kobe can compete against Kings
  Warriors aim to move closer to playoff spot vs. Blazers
  Bulls carry momentum to Dallas
  Knicks stay hot thanks to Smith, beat Bobcats
  Grizzlies top Rockets
  Jazz rally late to win in Portland
  Pierce's triple-double helps Celts down Hawks
  Nuggets shine again at home, shut down Nets
  Duncan's late bucket lifts Spurs over Clippers
  Harris leads Magic past Wizards
  Turner's double-double lifts 76ers over Cavaliers
Friday, March 29, 2013
  Gay and DeRozan guide Raptors over Pistons
  Heat end one-game skid, clinch No. 1 seed in East
  Pekovic and Rubio power Timberwolves past Thunder
  Nuggets' Lawson out with heel injury
  Bulls sign Malcolm Thomas to second 10-day contract
  Clippers sign Wayns for remainder of season
  Stretching the Field: It's time for the Celtics to peak
  Rival Rockets, Grizzlies clash in Memphis
  Thunder make a stop in Minnesota
  A new beginning? Heat aim to start win streak against Hornets
  Spurs host Clippers in western affair
  Nuggets return home, welcome Nets to Pepsi Center
  Knicks tangle with the Bobcats in MSG
  Jazz, Blazers try to stay alive in playoff race
  Raptors visit The Palace for date with Detroit
  Cavs welcome Sixers to the Q
  Hawks, Celtics meet in Eastern clash
  Wall brings Wizards to Magic Kingdom
  Bucks end skid, top struggling Lakers
  Cousins paces Kings over Suns
  Pacers post convincing win over previously hot Mavs
Thursday, March 28, 2013
  Pacers' Granger to miss rest of season
  Nothin' but Net: What have we learned about the Heat
  Pacific cellar-dwellers clash in Phoenix
  Mavs battle Pacers in quest for the postseason
  Lakers push toward playoffs in Milwaukee
  Evans paces Nets past Blazers
  Thomas leads Kings past Warriors
  En fuego no mas: Bulls end Miami's 27-game win streak
  Balanced attack helps Spurs top Nuggets
  Thunder roll over poor-shooting Wizards
  Smith nets 35 as Knicks defeat Grizzlies
  Jazz scorch Suns
  Hibbert leads Pacers past Rockets
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
  Griffin helps Clippers down Hornets
  Sixers down Bucks
  Green's late basket helps Celtics down slumping Cavs
  Lakers edge Timberwolves, stay hot in series
  Walker, Henderson lead Bobcats past reeling Magic
  Hawks top Raptors, clinch playoff spot
  Grizzlies' Gasol will play Wednesday
  Raptors' Gay returns to lineup
  Lakers' World Peace out at least six weeks
  Sacramento city council approves new arena for Kings
  Wade expected to play against Bulls
  Streak in jeopardy? Heat face tough task in Chicago
  Warriors try to stay on track in meeting with Kings
  Clippers resume road trip against Hornets
  Raptors play host to playoff-hungry Hawks
  Celtics try to end slide against Cavs
  Bucks pay a visit to 76ers
  Magic, Bobcats set to square off at Charlotte
  Knicks aim to keep rolling, welcome Grizzlies to MSG
  Pacers face stiff challenge in Houston
  Nets continue long road trip in Portland
  Jazz battle for playoff chance, host Suns
  Nuggets aim for new streak, visit San Antonio
  Thunder welcome Wall-led Wizards
  Lakers try to get on track, extend domination over Minny
  Nowitzki, Mavs keep playoff push going with win over Clippers
  Lakers' World Peace has meniscus tear
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
  Barea helps T'Wolves blow out Pistons
  Knicks bounce reeling Celtics for fifth straight win
  Mack to remain a Hawk for the rest of the season
  Mavs try to keep playoff hopes alive, host Clippers
  Knicks, Celtics resume rivalry in Boston
  Pistons, Wolves tangle at The Palace
  Jazz down Sixers
  Heat without Wade again, but win 27th straight
  Curry leads Warriors to rare win over Lakers
  Pacers use balanced attack to beat Hawks
Monday, March 25, 2013
  Nuggets' winning streak ends in New Orleans
  Wall nets 47 as Wizards beat Grizzlies
  Wizards without Beal, Nene, Webster, Ariza
  Nothin' but Net: Best odds of losing NBA title to Miami
  Garnett likely to miss 4-5 games
  James, Harden earn NBA's weekly honors
  Eureka: Nuggets go panning for win against Hornets
  Jazz try to get things right in meeting with 76ers
  Lakers, Warriors aim to bolster playoff status
  Grizzlies visit D.C. to face Wizards
  Heat hope to make Magic, shoot for 27 in a row
  Hawks, Pacers try to improve playoff positioning
  Nets slip past slumping Suns
  Bulls top Wolves
  Rockets rally late, upend Spurs
  Sixers snap road skid, top Kings
Sunday, March 24, 2013
  Balanced attack sends Mavericks over Jazz
  Wade sits, but Heat win 26th straight
  Durant's double-double helps Thunder best Blazers
  Hawks edge struggling Bucks
  Heat's Wade out for Sunday
  Sixers continue road trip in Sacramento
  Nets aim for bounce back against setting Suns
  Mavs, Jazz try to make Western Conference playoffs
  Spurs, Rockets tussle in Texas
  Thunder welcome resilient Blazers to OKC
  Bulls hope to improve playoff standing, visit Minnesota
  Heat host lowly Bobcats in bid for 26 straight wins
  Hawks, Bucks battle in Sunday matinee
  Paul leads Clippers past Nets
  Warriors down Wizards
  Nuggets down Kings for 15th straight win
  Anthony, Knicks complete home-and-home sweep of Raptors
  Villanueva's late basket helps Pistons edge Bobcats
  Grizzlies hold off Celtics
  Warriors G Curry leaves game
  Bulls slip past Pacers
Saturday, March 23, 2013
  Grizzlies C Gasol out indefinitely
  Raptors' Gay out against Knicks
  Wizards hope to keep road momentum in clash with Warriors
  Nuggets shoot for 15th straight win, host Kings
  Nets continue long road trip against Clippers
  Pacers head to Chicago for Central showdown with Bulls
  Celtics, Grizzlies both aim for bounce back in Memphis
  Knicks go for home-and-home sweep of the Raptors
  Pistons try to end 10-game slide, visit Charlotte
  Wall, Wizards rally past Lakers
  Balanced attack helps Mavs down struggling Celtics
  Durant leads Thunder past Magic
  Popovich gets 900th win; Spurs top Jazz in OT
  Timberwolves crush Suns
Friday, March 22, 2013
  Heat make it 25 with win over Pistons
  Rockets rout Cavs
  Anthony, Knicks down slumping Raptors
  Bryant, Gasol return for Lakers
  Hornets upend Grizzlies
  Matthews leads Blazers past Hawks
  Hansbrough, Pacers cruise past Bucks
  Heat ink Howard for rest of season
  Nothin' but Net: NCAA vs. NBA
  Spurs' Parker set to return
  Spurs host Jazz in Alamo City
  Wolves, Suns tussle in Phoenix
  Celtics, Mavs clash in Big D
  Grizz head to Big Easy to face Hornets
  Cavs put Heat heartbreak behind them, visit Houston
  Hawks try to improve playoff positioning, welcome Blazers
  Heat go for 25 straight against reeling Pistons
  Thunder search for bounce back in the Magic Kingdom
  Pacers inch closer to Central title, host Bucks
  Melo leads Knicks in first of home-and-home with Raptors
  Kobe, Gasol both expected back when Lakers meet Wiz
  Thomas helps Kings edge Timberwolves
  Late rally gives Denver 14th straight win
  Blazers best reeling Bulls to end road struggles
Thursday, March 21, 2013
  Golden Nuggets: Denver puts streaks on line versus 76ers
  Blazers vie to regroup in road tilt with Bulls
  Kings search for consistency with Timberwolves in town
  Davis, Hornets edge Celtics
  Wall leads Wizards over Suns
  Rockets take down Jazz thanks to Harden
  Memphis beats Thunder in OT on Gasol's tip-in
  Paul and Clippers thump Sixers
  Melo returns, Knicks down Magic
  Huge rally lifts Heat to 24th straight win
  Lopez, Williams lead Nets past Mavericks
  Teague, Hawks hold off Bucks
  Bobcats down Raptors for first win streak in 4 months
  Spurs continue home dominance of Warriors
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
  Garnett back in Celtics' lineup
  Nuggets' Chandler has separated shoulder
  Celtics sign D.J. White to multi-year deal
  Thunder seek bounce-back effort against Grizzlies
  Mavericks hope to stay on course in meeting vs. Nets
  Playoff-hopeful Jazz, Rockets go at it in Houston
  Spurs aim to resume home mastery of Warriors
  Sixers try to stop road slide against Clippers
  Wizards continue journey in visit to Suns
  Garnett could return when Celtics visit Hornets
  Knicks return home, face Orlando
  Bucks, Hawks battle in crucial Eastern Conference clash
  Heat go for 24 straight when LeBron returns to Cleveland
  Bobcats aim for 1st winning streak since November, host Raptors
  Kings use balanced attack to down Clippers
  Nuggets dodge Thunder, keep race for Northwest interesting
  Ellis' near triple-double leads Bucks past Portland
Tuesday, March 19, 2013
  George, Pacers roll past Magic
  Knicks' Chandler to miss another week
  Cavs' Waiters sidelined with knee problem
  Clippers sign Wayns to second 10-day contract
  Nuggets go for baker's dozen in OKC
  Pacers return home to entertain Magic
  Playoff-hungry Blazers, Bucks collide in Brew City
  CP3, Clippers make a stop in Sacramento
  Mavs take down Hawks in shootout
  Smith and Felton help Knicks down Jazz
  Curry, Warriors rout Hornets
  Nuggets defeat Bulls in controversial OT thriller
  Grizzlies surge past T'Wolves
  Heat escape Boston with 23rd straight win
  Pacers bounce back in Cleveland
  Scola and Suns take down Lakers
  Nets begin trek with rout of the Pistons
Monday, March 18, 2013
  Holiday, 76ers edge Blazers
  Henderson lifts Bobcats over Wizards
  Philly Phlop: Bynum to have surgery on both knees
  Kobe misses second straight game
  Celtics' Garnett out against Miami
  Wall, Aldridge earn NBA's weekly honors
  Nothin' but Net: How long can Heat streak go?
  Pacers target a win against rival Cavs
  76ers hope to build momentum, welcome Blazers to town
  Wizards, Bobcats clash in Charlotte
  Mavericks aim to rebound in road tilt at Atlanta
  Nets open lengthy trek against Pistons
  Nuggets carry streak into matchup with Bulls
  Knicks cap disastrous road trip in Utah
  Kobe could sit again when Lakers head to Phoenix
  Memphis hopes to bounce back at home against Minny
  Heat put streak on the line in Boston
  Warriors visit Big Easy for date with Hornets
  Ellis leads Bucks past Magic
  Horford, Hawks drop Nets
  Jamison leads Lakers past Kings
Sunday, March 17, 2013
  Warriors pick up rare win in Houston
  Wolves edge Hornets
  Thunder slip by Mavs
  Paul, Clips down Knicks
  Heat down Raptors, extend winning streak to 22 games
  Knicks' Anthony, Chandler out for Sunday
  Lakers resume playoff push with or without Kobe
  Hawks take on Nets in Eastern Conference clash
  Thunder aim for No. 1 seed against scrappy Mavs
  Hornets invade Minnesota for date with Timberwolves
  Warriors visit Rockets in huge Western Conference showdown
  Short-handed Knicks battle Clippers in Sunday matinee
  Bucks aim to get back on track, host Magic
  Heat go for 22 in a row north of the border
  Webster nets career-high as Wizards crush Suns
  Aldridge pushes Blazers past Pistons
  Jazz edge Grizzlies
  Celtics rout Bobcats
  Duncan's big night helps Spurs hold off Cavs
Saturday, March 16, 2013
  Hawes' monster game pushes Sixers past Pacers
  Holiday helps Sixers top Pacers
  Hawks keep Mack with second 10-day contract
  Grizzlies visit Jazz in crucial Western Conference tilt
  Blazers cling to playoff hopes, welcome struggling Pistons
  Spurs march toward No. 1 seed, host Cavs
  Celtics seek revenge against Charlotte
  Pacers try to rebound after Lakers loss, visit Philly
  Red-hot Wall leads Wizards against setting Suns
  Bulls handle Warriors
  Heat blast Bucks for 21st straight win
  Durant, Westbrook lead Thunder over Magic
  Denver wins 11th straight in victory over Memphis
  Kobe plays sparingly, but Lakers best Pacers
  Wall guides Wizards over Hornets
  Harden rallies Rockets over Timberwolves
  Mavs use big second half to down Cavs
Friday, March 15, 2013
  Smith, Hawks down struggling Suns
  Gay, Johnson pace Raptors over reeling Bobcats
  Bryant starts against Pacers, but exits after first
  Bryant starts against Pacers
  Knicks keep Martin for rest of season
  Clippers sign Summers to 10-day deal
  Nothin' but Net: Once-solid Knicks, Clippers showing wear
  Heat put streak to the test against Bucks
  High-octane Rockets host Timberwolves
  Hawks hope to improve playoff positioning with Suns in town
  Bobcats try to end road drought in Toronto
  Wall, Wizards welcome Hornets to D.C.
  Thunder resume push for best record, host Magic
  Kobe-less Lakers venture into Indianapolis
  Bulls conclude unsuccessful trip at Warriors
  Style Points: Nuggets entertain Grizzlies at Pepsi Center
  Mavs try to keep playoff hopes alive in meeting with Cavs
  Portland cruises past New York
  Spurs lock up playoff spot in win over Mavs
Thursday, March 14, 2013
  Stretching the Field: The Heat can be stopped, but when?
  Bobcats ink Pargo to 10-day contract
  Spurs set for tussle versus rival Mavs
  Knicks limp into matchup with Blazers
  Nuggets dominate injury-riddled Knicks in Carmelo's return
  Chandler exits Knicks game with knee injury
  Warriors hand Pistons seventh straight loss
  Evans, Kings cruise past Bulls
  Durant leads Thunder in rout of Jazz
  Hibbert's double-double lifts Pacers over Timberwolves
  Grizzlies keep rolling in win over Clippers
  Hawks hold off Lakers
  Rockets beat Suns by 30
  Lakers' Bryant out indefinitely with ankle injury
  Wizards use balanced attack to down Bucks
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
  Celtics bounce back with win over Raptors
  Heat Wave: Miami edges Philly for 20th straight win
  Raptors' Bargnani to miss rest of season
  Grizzles, Clippers meet in critical Western clash
  Warriors welcome fading Pistons to Oracle Arena
  Bulls search for a road win in Sacramento
  Thunder hope to rebound, host Jazz
  Grizzlies down Trail Blazers
  Rubio hits milestone as T-Wolves batter Spurs
  Heat beat Hawks for 19th straight victory
  Howard guides Lakers over Magic in return to Orlando
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
  Nets bounce back with win over Hornets
  Bobcats dominate Celtics to end 10-game slide
  Carter guides Mavs past Bucks
  Cavs take out Wizards
  Nets' Johnson out against Hornets
  Hornets' Rivers has surgery
  Nothin' but Net: Howard deserves everything he gets
  Spurs to sit Duncan, Parker, Leonard on Tuesday
  Hornets sign C Amundson
  Howard hopes for Magical return to Orlando
  Heat keep Howard with second 10-day deal
  Nets, Hornets clash in Brooklyn
  Mavs try to keep playoff hopes alive, make a stop in Milwaukee
  Heat shoot for 19 in a row, welcome Hawks
  Irving-less Cavs host Wiz
  Spurs pay a visit to Timberwolves
  Grizzlies open trek against Blazers
  Celtics visit declawed Bobcats in Charlotte
  Balanced attack helps Warriors humble Knicks
  Nuggets roll in Phoenix for ninth straight win
  Spurs down Thunder in Western Conference showdown
  Williams, Jazz blow past Pistons
Monday, March 11, 2013
  Sixers snap skid with win over Nets
  Pistons' Knight leaves with ankle injury
  Clippers F Butler to miss a week
  Wade, Bryant earn NBA's weekly honors
  Knicks' Anthony upgraded to probable
  Cavs' Irving sidelined three weeks with shoulder sprain
  Hobbled Knicks open western jaunt at Golden State
  Nuggets carry win streak into road tilt with Suns
  Jazz entertain Pistons in Salt Lake City
  Western powers collide with Thunder set to visit Spurs
  Listless Sixers return home, play host to Nets
  Bucks hold on for win in Sacramento
  Anderson lifts Hornets over Blazers
  Heat down Pacers for 18th straight victory
  Clippers throttle reeling Pistons
Sunday, March 10, 2013
  Nelson pushes Magic past 76ers
  Mavs hammer T-Wolves for third straight win
  Johnson, Toronto down slumping Cavs
  Cavs' Irving suffers shoulder contusion
  Bryant helps Lakers best Bulls
  Durant, Thunder down Celts
  Griffin, Clippers vie to bounce back vs. Pistons
  Heat shoot for 18th straight win with Pacers in town
  Thunder set for matinee affair versus Celtics
  Kobe leads Lakers into home tilt with Bulls
  Cavaliers try to improve second-half woes against Raptors
  Slumping 76ers aim to stop skid at Orlando
  Mavs continue trip against Timberwolves
  Confident Blazers carry momentum into New Orleans
  Bucks hope to stay on track in meeting with Kings
  Nuggets continue amazing home winning streak
  Ariza helps Wizards best Bobcats
  Conley helps Memphis down New Orleans
  Shorthanded Knicks rout Jazz
  Dudley helps Suns slip by Rockets
  Jennings helps Bucks best Warriors
Saturday, March 09, 2013
  Williams leads Nets past Hawks
  Utah's Millsap out against New York
  Stoudemire needs more surgery; out six weeks
  Clippers ink Wayns to 10-day deal
  Lowly Bobcats try to stop slide against Wizards
  Rockets, Suns set for battle in the desert
  Jennings leads Bucks into tilt with Warriors
  Nuggets aim to keep rolling versus Wolves
  Grizzlies return home, entertain sluggish Hornets
  Knicks hope to have 'Melo back with Jazz in town
  Nets' Williams takes hot hand to Atlanta
  Harden helps Rockets slip past Warriors
  Kobe plays hero again as Lakers edge Raptors in OT
  Kings use balanced attack to down Suns
  Terry, Celtics outlast Hawks in OT
  Belinelli's clutch shot lifts Bulls over Jazz
  Williams hits 11 3-pointers to help Nets down Wizards
Friday, March 08, 2013
  Heat clinch early playoff berth, down slumping Sixers
  Blazers put up 136, shockingly rout Spurs
  Pacers roll past Magic in Orlando
  Gasol powers Grizzlies over Cavs
  Thunder handle Bobcats
  Mavericks blow lead, recover to beat Pistons
  Wizards' Beal to miss second straight game
  Cavs' Irving doubtful for Friday
  Hornets sign Terrel Harris to 10-day contract
  Suns take on division-rival Kings
  Lakers set to host Raptors, try to move above .500
  Heat go for 17 in a row versus 76ers
  Pacers aim for bounce-back effort at Orlando
  Bulls battle Jazz at United Center
  Spurs try to stay hot sans Parker in home tilt with Blazers
  Warriors seek revenge versus visiting Rockets
  Grizzlies try to tame Irving, Cavs
  Streaking Celtics host Hawks in Beantown
  Nets hope to end home slide, welcome Wiz to Brooklyn
  Mavs clash with Pistons in Motor City
  Thunder rumble into Charlotte
  Nuggets stay hot, beat Clippers by 15
  Thunder clamp down to edge Knicks
Thursday, March 07, 2013
  Knicks' Anthony out for Thursday's tilt with Thunder
  Bobcats' Sessions out 2-4 weeks
  Suns' Gortat out with foot sprain
  Nothin' but Net: The throwback Denver Nuggets
  Nuggets shoot for 7 in a row, host Clips
  Thompson comes through for Warriors in win over Kings
  Duncan, Spurs down Bulls
  Raptors scorch Suns
  Williams leads Timberwolves past Wizards
  Nets win big in Charlotte
  Griffin notches triple-double as Clippers rout Bucks
  Nowitzki and Marion lead Mavs over Rockets
  Late rally leads Celtics over Pacers
  Gasol's double-double lifts Grizzlies over Trail Blazers
  Irving, Cavs use late surge to beat Jazz
  Heat survive Magic, extend win streak to 16
  Melo-less Knicks down Pistons
Wednesday, March 06, 2013
  Huge 4th quarter leads Lakers past Hornets
  Teague, Hawks handle Sixers
  Pacers to sit Granger a week
  Hawks add G Mack
  Cavs, Jazz clash at the Q
  NewsUSA: Curry demonstrates what great basketball is all about
  Heat put record streak on the line versus Magic
  Hawks search for success with 76ers in town
  Celtics take winning streak into Indiana
  Bobcats welcome Nets to Time Warner Cable Arena
  Knicks hope to have 'Melo against Pistons
  Lakers aim to regroup in road matchup with Hornets
  Grizzlies return home, play host to Blazers
  Wolves try to stop slide in home tilt with Wizards
  Kings clash with Warriors in Pacific showdown
  Rockets, Mavs back at it in Big D
  Spurs welcome Bulls to Alamo City
  Raptors resume road trip in Phoenix
  Clips aim to get back on track against Bucks
  Nuggets stay hot in win over Kings
  Westbrook paces Thunder past Lakers
Tuesday, March 05, 2013
  Bradley, Celts down Sixers
  Thunder's Ibaka fined $25,000
  Knicks' Anthony questionable for Wednesday
  Knicks' Anthony leaves with knee injury
  Aaron Brooks returns to Houston
  Knicks keep Martin with second 10-day deal
  Surging Lakers tangle with Thunder in OKC
  Red-hot Nuggets visit Kings
  NBA to visit eight global cities in 2013 preseason
  Heat set franchise mark with 15th straight win
  Resurgent Bucks top Jazz in OT
  Trail Blazers ease past Bobcats
Monday, March 04, 2013
  Nuggets keep rolling at home in win over Hawks
  Orlando works its magic in comeback win over Hornets
  Knicks lose Anthony, but rally to beat Cavs
  Davis to return for Hornets
  Gay ready to return for Raptors
  Ellis, Lawson earn NBA's weekly honors
  Nothin' but Net: Realities starting to set in with Bynum
  Cavs' Irving probable for Monday
  Jazz open road trip in Milwaukee
  Heat go for franchise-record 15 in a row in Minnesota
  Nuggets welcome Hawks to Pepsi Center
  Warriors return home, play host to Raptors
  Magic try to stop skid in meeting with Hornets
  Knicks hope to bounce back, visit Cleveland
  Bobcats put finishing touches on trip at Portland
  West, Pacers down Bulls
  Parsons' hot shooting leads Rockets over Mavs
  Wall's strong finish lifts Wizards over Sixers
  Lakers edge Hawks on Bryant's bucket, climb back to .500
Sunday, March 03, 2013
  Spurs don't miss a beat without Parker, rout Pistons
  Kings annihilate lowly Bobcats
  Wizards' Beal carried to locker room
  Grizzlies rout Magic
  Thunder fend off Clippers, sweep season series
  James leads second half surge as Heat spurn Knicks
  Celtics give Terrence Williams multi-year deal
  Kings back home to take on Bobcats
  Sixers head south on 95, visit Wizards
  Thunder, Clippers in crucial battle at Staples Center
  Heat, Knicks tussle in MSG matinee
  Grizz go for new winning streak in Orlando
  Lillard leads Portland past Timberwolves
  Noah leads Bulls past Nets
  Bucks down Raptors in OT
Saturday, March 02, 2013
  Holiday leads Sixers past Warriors
  Heat bring back veteran Howard
  Spurs lose Parker for a month
  Blazers hope to get back on track, host Timberwolves
  Bulls, Nets hook up in Eastern Conference clash
  Bucks welcome reeling Raptors
  Sixers, Warriors both hope to end losing streaks
  Carter leads Mavericks in win over Nets
  Knicks take out Wizards for third win in a row
  Lawson hits winning shot as Nuggets edge Thunder
  Kanter, Jazz roll over Bobcats
  Suns slip past Hawks
  James' late heroics lift Heat past Grizzlies
  Spurs lose Parker in rout of Kings
Friday, March 01, 2013
  Crawford, Clips down Cavs
  Vasquez leads Hornets over Pistons
  Pacers top Raptors
  Pierce pushes Celtics past Warriors
  Spurs' Parker hurts ankle
  Rockets use big run in fourth to beat Magic
  Bynum experiences another setback, not sure when he'll play
  James, Bryant tabbed NBA Players of the Month
  Irving out for third straight game
  Waiters, Lillard tabbed rookies of the month
  Hornets' Smith to miss rest of season
  Spoelstra, Hollins claim NBA Coach of the Month honors
  Nothin' but Net: Pop is semi-clear Olympic choice
  Spurs to be without Neal, Jackson, Diaw
  We're Going Streaking: Rising Grizzlies visit sizzling Heat
  Spurs vie to bounce back versus Kings
  Hawks carry win streak into Phoenix
  Jazz aim to stop slide in home tilt with Bobcats
  Northwest Territory: Thunder make a stop in Denver
  Knicks seek revenge in D.C.
  Hornets host Pistons at the Hive
  Nets welcome reeling Mavs to Brooklyn
  Hibbert returns when Pacers visit Toronto
  Red-hot Curry leads Warriors into Boston
  CP3 carries Clips into Cleveland
  Rockets try to get back on track in Orlando
  Bryant, Lakers ease past Timberwolves
  Noah's triple-double leads Bulls over slumping Sixers
Saturday, March 31, 2012
  Kobe shakes off slow start to hit winner as Lakers down Hornets
  Knicks G Lin to have knee surgery
  Knicks back at MSG, host pesky Cavs
  Irving questionable with shoulder sprain
  Nets continue road trip at Sacramento
  Clippers aim to stay on track vs. Jazz
  Playoff-hopeful Grizzlies, Bucks set for battle
  Pistons, Bobcats renew series at The Palace
  Sixers try to pick themselves up vs. Hawks
  Lakers host Hornets in matinee affair
  Spurs target another win with Pacers in town
  Paul's layup lifts Clippers over Blazers
  Nowitzki lifts Mavericks over Magic
  Nets rally late to edge Warriors
  Cousins, Kings knock off Jazz
  Martin leads Wizards in rout of Sixers
  Rockets continue home dominance of Grizzlies
  Deng and Bulls cruise past Detroit
  Afflalo's double-double helps Nuggets down Bobcats
  Bucks breeze past struggling Cavs
Friday, March 30, 2012
  Green lifts Hawks over Knicks
  Celtics beat Timberwolves to climb atop the Atlantic
  Bosh, Wade lead Miami surge in fourth vs. Raptors
  NBA fines Clippers F Evans $25K for obscene gesture
  Suns' Hill has knee surgery
  Celtics' O'Neal undergoes surgery
  Nets sign Horner to 10-day contract
  Cavs sign Hudson to 10-day deal
  Bulls aim to continue recent mastery of Pistons
  Grizzlies, Rockets battle for postseason position
  Jazz resume playoff push with Kings
  Warriors, Nets tangle in Oakland
  Clippers put home streak to the test vs. Blazers
  Mavs close out tour of Florida against Magic
  Bucks take playoff push to Cleveland
  Plenty of 'Love' waiting for Garnett, Celtics in Minny
  Surging Knicks invade Atlanta
  Reeling Nuggets happy to see lowly Bobcats
  LeBron takes Heat north of the border
  Sixers aim to stay atop Atlantic in D.C.
  Trail Blazers get past Hornets
  Westbrook, Thunder roll past Lakers
Thursday, March 29, 2012
  James, Bosh lead Heat past Mavs
  Granger, Pacers get past Wizards
  Hornets' Ariza out with ankle injury
  Nuggets' Fernandez has successful back surgery
  The Sixth Man: Irving is the real deal despite recent struggles
  Mavs try to Heat up in Miami
  Stargazing in LA: Kobe's Lakers take on KD, Thunder
  Blazers shoot for rare season sweep of Hornets
  Pacers aim to bounce back against Wizards
  Ginobili helps Spurs sneak past Kings
  Griffin helps Clippers cruise past Suns
  Garnett, Celtics flatten Jazz
  Hornets use balanced attack to down Warriors
  Nets snap 10-game losing skid to Pacers
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
  Prince pushes Pistons past Cavs
  Raptors bury Nuggets
  Timberwolves best lowly Bobcats
  Bulls continue to win without Rose
  NBA fines Magic F Davis
  Stretching the Field: Loss of Stoudemire shouldn't concern Knicks
  Warriors' Curry out another 2 weeks
  Prudential Center will host NBA Draft again in 2012
  Desperate Timberwolves visit lowly 'Cats
  Banged-up Knicks host Howard, Magic
  Bulls try to avoid rare losing streak, square off with Hawks
  Central cellar on the line when Pistons visit Cavs
  Nuggets resume key road trip north of the border
  Pacers resume playoff push in New Jersey
  Celtics target another win vs. Jazz
  Popovich's Spurs return to action at Sacramento
  Suns try to get back on track against Clippers
  Warriors, Hornets meet again in Oakland
  Knicks' Stoudemire out 2-4 weeks
  Bryant's late jumper lifts Lakers over Warriors
  Grizzlies shut down T-Wolves
  Thunder roll past Blazers behind Westbrook's 32
  Spurs down Suns
  Nowitzki lifts Mavericks over Rockets
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
  Bucks down Hawks
  Meeks leads Sixers in rout of Cavs
  Raptors' Bayless likely out for season
  Cavs' Gibson has torn ankle tendon
  The Sixth Man: Bryant's 'benching' is being overblown
  Spurs sign Patrick Mills
  Raptors sign Uzoh to 10-day contract
  Stumbling Sixers try to stay atop Atlantic, face Cavaliers
  Rockets and Mavs meet again in Big D
  Lakers aim to continue dominance of Warriors
  Durant, Thunder visit Blazers
  Spurs and Suns set to skirmish in the desert
  Timberwolves face tough test in Memphis
  Johnson, Hawks hope to stay hot vs. reeling Bucks
  Paul burns former team as Clippers top Hornets
  Rockets down Kings in OT
  Lawson, Afflalo help Nuggets top Bulls
Monday, March 26, 2012
  Anthony pushes Knicks past Bucks
  Celtics down Bobcats, tie Sixers atop Atlantic Division
  Millsap helps Jazz rout Nets
  Stuckey lifts Pistons over Wizards
  Granger leads Pacers past Heat
  Magic cruise past Raptors
  Houston signs G Boykins to 10-day contract
  Knicks' Stoudemire out indefinitely
  Johnson, Durant named NBA Players of the Week
  The Sixth Man: Collins starting to crack in Philly
  Bulls get back to work with Nuggets in town
  Rockets wrap up homestand with Kings
  Clippers' Paul seeks revenge vs. Hornets
  Skidding Pistons visit lowly Wizards
  Knicks, Bucks clash at MSG
  Jazz hope to have gas left in tank, visit Nets
  Raptors kick off homestand by hosting Magic
  Heat aim to rebound in Indy
  Celtics try to grab share of Atlantic Division lead in Charlotte
  Blair helps Spurs rout Sixers
  Kobe struggles in Lakers' loss to Grizzlies
  Durant leads Thunder past Heat
  Felton, Aldridge lead Blazers over Warriors
Sunday, March 25, 2012
  Hawks outlast Jazz in 4-OT thriller
  Bradley lifts Boston past Washington
  Love leads Timberwolves past Nuggets
  Gortat leads Phoenix in rout of Cleveland
  Heavyweights tangle in OKC when Heat meet Thunder
  Nuggets' Afflalo suspended one game
  Celtics try to finish off season sweep of Wizards
  Slumping Grizzlies finish LA tour vs. Lakers
  Warriors and Blazers clash at Rose Garden
  Heavyweights tangle in OKC when Heat meets Thunder
  Division leaders clash in the Alamo City as Spurs host Sixers
  Jazz start pivotal road trip in Atlanta
  Desperate Timberwolves try to solve Nuggets
  Suns take playoff push to Cleveland
  Warriors hold off Kings
  Pacers top Bucks
  Humphries paces Nets over Bobcats
  Bulls down Raptors in OT for 40th win
  Knicks wallop Pistons
  Mavs slip past Rockets in OT
  Green's late jumper lifts Spurs over Hornets
Saturday, March 24, 2012
  Joe Johnson sends Hawks past Wizards
  Warriors ink C Benson to 10-day contract
  Clippers halt losing streak, rout Grizzlies
  Spurs sign Dentmon to 10-day contract
  Clippers re-sign Simmons
  Pietrus cleared to return to Boston
  Bulls shoot for 40th win against Raptors
  Warriors and Kings square off
  Bucks and Pacers renew rivalry at Bradley Center
  Spurs continue grueling stretch in NOLA
  Rockets host Mavs in Lone Star State clash
  Nets try to finish off season sweep of Bobcats
  Knicks begin big homestand by entertaining Pistons
  Hawks aim to continue dominance of Wizards
  Clippers host Grizzlies in key West matchup
  Jefferson, Jazz cruise past Nuggets
  Lakers take down Blazers
  Westbrook outduels Love, Thunder outlast T-Wolves in double OT
  Duncan leads Spurs to rout of Mavs
  Suns edge Pacers
  Wade, James lift Heat past Pistons
  Magic cruise past Cavs
Friday, March 23, 2012
  Collins gets 400th win as Sixers top Celtics
  Celtics' Pietrus taken off on stretcher
  Balanced Bucks race past Bobcats
  Smith leads Hawks over Nets
  DeRozan, Raptors stop Knicks
  NBA suspends Hornets' Smith for two games
  Spurs sign F Boris Diaw
  Raptors waive Rasual Butler
  Celtics sign Ryan Hollins, waive Chris Wilcox
  Mavs sign Kelenna Azubuike
  Spurs set to entertain Mavs in Texas tussle
  Lakers and Blazers battle at Staples Center
  Nuggets visit Jazz for key Western Conference matchup
  Slumping Timberwolves invade OKC
  Celtics finish lengthy road trip in Philly, aim for Atlantic lead
  Heat start road swing against Pistons
  Hawks finish off homestand with Nets
  Magic host Cavs at Amway Center
  Bucks, Bobcats collide in Charlotte
  Knicks carry momentum up north to Toronto
  Suns try to get on track at Indiana
  Jefferson's tip-in gives Jazz fifth straight win
  Blazers hold off Grizzlies
  Parsons, Scola lead Rockets in rout of Warriors
Thursday, March 22, 2012
  Hibbert helps Pacers top Wizards
  Hornets spoil Paul's return, rally past Clippers
  Pierce, Celtics beat Bucks
  Nuggets' Fernandez to have back surgery
  Warriors sign C Gladness to 10-day contract
  Grizzlies resume trek against Blazers
  Jazz set for showdown with Kings
  Clippers' Paul faces former team in New Orleans
  Warriors, Rockets tangle in Space City
  Bucks put win streak to the test vs. Boston
  Pacers invade D.C. to battle Wizards
  The Sixth Man: Woodson has Knicks pushing for playoffs
  Bryant, Gasol lead Lakers past Mavs
  McGee lifts Nuggets over Pistons
  Durant, Thunder ground Clippers
  Duncan leads Spurs past T'Wolves
  Howard leads Magic past Suns
  Knicks edge 76ers for 5th straight win
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
  Nene works his magic, Wizards rout Nets
  Thompson leads Warriors over Hornets
  Johnson, Hawks down Cavs in OT
  Bulls rally late to top Raptors
  Portland claims F Hickson off waivers
  Fisher signs with Oklahoma City
  Pacers' Foster announces retirement
  Heat ink C Turiaf
  Kings ink Terrence Williams to 10-day contract
  Bobcats waive Diaw
  The Sixth Man: Heat simmering on low
  Lakers finish Texas tour in Dallas
  Nuggets end lengthy homestand vs. Pistons
  Sixers, Knicks set for key battle
  Hawks, Cavs meet again down south
  Bulls pay a visit to Raptors
  Magic entertain Suns at Amway Center
  Spurs search for 15th straight home win over Timberwolves
  Nets and Wizards get together in New Jersey
  Clippers resume tough stretch in OKC
  Warriors start brief road trip in New Orleans
  Dragic lifts Rockets over Lakers
  Gooden leads Bucks in rout of Trail Blazers
  Thornton guides Kings over Grizzlies
  Gooden lead Bucks in rout of Trail Blazers
  Jazz use balanced attack to subdue Thunder
  Heat rally for 14th straight home win
  Knicks beat Raptors, remain perfect under Woodson
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
  Granger helps Pacers get past Clippers
  Jazz F Howard to have season-ending surgery
  Grizzlies sign G Arenas
  Sixers waive Nocioni
  Cavs waive C Hollins
  Clippers open tough stretch against Pacers
  Knicks try to stay hot under Woodson, host Raptors
  Kobe, Lakers begin Texas tour with Rockets
  Thunder seek consistency against Jazz
  Bucks battle Blazers in Rip City
  Grizzlies begin road trip at Sacramento
  Heat put home streak on the line vs. Suns
  Gallinari suffers broken thumb
  Love takes control, leads T'Wolves over Warriors
  Mavs snap road skid at 7 games, top Nuggets
  Bulls stifle Magic
  Rookies Thompson, Irving help Cavs top Nets
Monday, March 19, 2012
  Celtics hold off Hawks
  Sixers sweep season series from Bobcats
  Rockets buy out Fisher's contract
  Pargo out 2-to-4 weeks after appendectomy
  Rockets' Patterson fined for tweeting about officiating
  Celtics C O'Neal will have season-ending surgery
  Bobcats' Maggette sidelined with back injury
  Kings waive Hickson
  Gooden, Bynum named NBA Players of the Week
  Nuggets resume homestand vs. Mavs
  Bulls take NBA's best record to Orlando
  Timberwolves try to get on track against Warriors
  Williams, Nets entertain Cavs
  Celtics continue long road trip in Atlanta
  Struggling Sixers hope to get well against Bobcats
  Westbrook, Thunder roll past Trail Blazers
  Redd helps Suns take down Rockets
  Millsap helps Jazz slip past Lakers
Sunday, March 18, 2012
  Heat down Magic for 13th straight home win
  Gay leads Grizzlies past Wizards
  Kings continue record homestand with win over T'Wolves
  Paul lifts Clippers past Pistons
  Johnson leads undermanned Hawks past Cavs
  Nuggets re-sign F Chandler
  Nuggets waive Turiaf
  Nets sign Green for rest of season
  Thunder try to stop home skid vs. Blazers
  Home Sweet Home: Lakers take on Jazz in LA
  Suns get back to work vs. Rockets
  Heat, Magic set for Sunshine State skirmish
  Timberwolves vie to regroup against Kings
  Randolph, Grizzlies entertain Wizards
  Clippers shoot for consecutive wins vs. Pistons
  Hawks go for another win over Cavs
  Faried steps up, Nuggets top Celtics
  Watson leads Rose-less Bulls past Sixers
  Favors' big game helps Jazz down Warriors
  Nowitzki leads Mavs over Spurs
  Hornets down Nets
Saturday, March 17, 2012
  Henderson leads Bobcats past Raptors
  Knicks stay perfect under Woodson with win over Indiana
  Paul leads Clippers over Rockets
  Todd, Walker join Knicks' coaching staff
  Warriors waive G Ford
  Cavs keep Manny Harris for the remainder of the season
  Jazz seek continued success at home vs. Warriors
  Nuggets welcome Celtics to Pepsi Center
  Hornets pay a visit to Nets
  76ers face another tough test in Chicago
  Bobcats play host to Raptors
  Knicks close out home-and-home set with Pacers
  Rockets head west to face Clippers
  Texas Two-Step: Spurs, Mavs tangle in Big D
  Spurs take down Thunder in OKC
  Ellis beats former team, leads Bucks past Warriors
  Toronto outlasts Memphis in OT
  Thornton lifts Kings past Celtics
  Aldridge, Blazers beat Bulls
  Sixers turn up heat in late going, but Miami claims victory
  Bryant, Lakers get past Timberwolves
  Suns beat Pistons to reach .500
  Rejuvenated Knicks defeat Pacers
  Howard leads Magic over Nets
Friday, March 16, 2012
  Johnson leads Hawks past Wizards
  Knicks' Davis leaves with hamstring injury
  Hornets, Jindal announce plan to keep team in New Orleans
  Wolves' Rubio slated for surgery next week
  Cavs sign Donald Sloan for the rest of the season
  Spurs sign Dawson to second 10-day contract
  Thunder collide with Spurs at OKC
  Grizzlies resume homestand vs. Raptors
  Canales makes coaching debut as Blazers visit Bulls
  Reeling Hawks entertain Wizards
  New-look Bucks take on Warriors
  Pacers visit Knicks in front end of home-and-home set
  Howard remains in Orlando as Magic host Nets
  Suns welcome Pistons to town
  Celtics resume trek against Kings
  Heat, Sixers clash in south Philly
  Lakers aim to continue mastery of Wolves
  Nets sign Jerry Smith to 10-day contract
  Brown, Suns rally to beat Clippers
  Durant helps Thunder continue dominance over Nuggets
  Jazz top Timberwolves in OT
Thursday, March 15, 2012
  Nowitzki, Mavs continue dominance over Bobcats
  Shorthanded Wizards down Hornets
  Blazers deal Wallace to Nets, waive Oden
  Nuggets trade Nene to Wizards in 3-team deal
  End of the trail: Blazers fire McMillan
  Lakers deal Fisher to Rockets
  Spurs acquire Jackson from Warriors
  The Sixth Man: With Indecision 2012, Howard stays in Orlando
  Lakers, Cavs swap four players
  Pacers pick up Barbosa from Toronto
  Howard to remain in Orlando, for now
  Grizzlies send Sam Young to Philly
  Suns and Clippers renew hostilities in LA
  Timberwolves take playoff push to Utah
  Thunder rolls in to Denver
  Mavs aim to stay perfect against Bobcats
  Hornets and Wizards meet in the Big Easy
  Garnett hits game-winner, Celtics top Warriors
  Stuckey and Pistons get past Kings
  Starters carry Suns past Jazz
  Bryant leads Lakers over Hornets in OT
  Parker, Spurs get past Howard's Magic
  Bulls top Heat without Rose
  Gooden's triple-double guides Bucks past Cavs
  Rockets rout Bobcats
  Williams leads Clippers past Hawks
  Knicks start post-D'Antoni era with win over Portland
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
  Green and Nets knock down Raptors
  D'Antoni resigns as Knicks head coach
  Granger leads Pacers over Sixers
  Rose out, Deng in vs. Heat
  Sixers' Hawes starts against Pacers
  Another Celtic out because of heart ailment
  Report: D'Antoni resigns as Knicks head coach
  D'Antoni out as slumping Knicks square off with Blazers
  The Sixth Man: Deadline drama, Warriors start early
  Stretching the Field: One for the road? Not quite
  Howard leads Magic into San Antonio
  Big East Battle: Bulls play host to Heat
  Pistons resume trek against Kings
  Clippers, Hawks square off in LA
  Ellis-less Warriors host Celtics
  Suns close out residency vs. Jazz
  Rockets aim to build on big win, take on lowly Bobcats
  Surging Lakers visit New Orleans
  Bucks entertain Cavs on heels on blockbuster trade
  Shorthanded Nets host Raptors
  Slumping Knicks aim to snap skid, square off with Blazers
  Turner leads Sixers into Indy
  Lakers need two OTs to get past Grizzlies
  Bayless, Raptors take down Cavaliers
  Mavericks down Wizards
  Bucks, Warriors swap Bogut, Ellis
  Warriors top Kings
  Nelson, Howard push Magic past Heat in OT
  Nene's clutch free throws get Nuggets past Hawks in OT
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
  Lee's late shot leads Rockets over Thunder
  Pacers dominate Blazers to snap skid
  Report: Bucks, Warriors to swap Bogut, Ellis
  Bulls' Rose fined for criticizing officiating
  Lakers, Grizzlies battle on Beale Street
  Former NBA, college coach Dick Harter dies
  Thunder finish homestand vs. Rockets
  Resurgent Cavs entertain Raptors
  Howard, Magic host Heat with trade deadline looming
  Slumping Pacers home to rebound against Blazers
  Mavs aim to regroup vs. Wizards
  Hawks continue road trip at Denver
  Warriors pay a visit to Kings
  Bucks beat Nets for 10th straight time
  Celtics shut down Clippers
  Love helps Timberwolves edge Suns
  Jazz use late surge to down Pistons
  Bulls send Knicks to 6th straight loss
  Parker helps Spurs continue dominance of Wizards
Monday, March 12, 2012
  Biyombo sends Bobcats over Hornets
  Nets G Williams sits again with calf injury
  Ilyasova, Ellis named NBA Players of the Week
  The Sixth Man: 'Melo fails chemistry test
  Spurs' Ford taking indefinite leave, contemplating retirement
  Celtics finish LA tour with bout against the Clippers
  Rubio-less 'Wolves start key road trip against Suns
  Resurgent Pistons start tough stretch in Utah
  Spurs aim to continue dominance over Wizards
  Hornets aim for rare winning streak, host Bobcats
  Slumping Knicks face tough test vs. Bulls
  Undermanned Bucks continue playoff push in New Jersey
  Smith leads Hawks over Kings
  Mayo lifts Grizzlies over Nuggets
  Warriors fend off Clippers in LA
  Warriors fend of Clippers in LA
  Irving's late run carries Cavs past Rockets
  Howard, Magic drop Pacers
Sunday, March 11, 2012
  Rockets' Lowry out 2-4 weeks with infection
  Bucks beat Raptors again
  Bryant, Lakers make run to beat Celtics
  Big third quarter propels Sixers past skidding Knicks
  Clippers return home, face off with Warriors
  Nuggets resume lengthy homestand vs. Grizzlies
  Hawks shoot for 8th straight win over Kings
  Bucks and Raptors square off north of the border
  Pacers finish Sunshine State tour against Howard, Magic
  Irving, Cavs host Rockets
  Celtics start tough road trip vs. Lakers
  Sixers visit Knicks for key Atlantic Division battle
  Lee, Warriors race past Mavericks
  Thunder roll over Bobcats
  Suns stay hot, down Grizzlies
  Rockets finish strong to beat Nets
  Boozer, Bulls silence Jazz
  Wade sinks Pacers in OT
  Portland cruises past Washington
Saturday, March 10, 2012
  Kaman helps Hornets slip past T'Wolves
  Well-balanced Pistons top Raptors
  NBA fines J.R. Smith for inappropriate photo
  Wolves' Rubio will miss remainder of season with torn ACL
  Mavs finish tough stretch vs. Golden State
  Streaking Grizzlies visit the desert to take on Suns
  Thunder hope to start another streak against Bobcats
  Banged-up Wolves tangle with Hornets
  Bulls and Jazz meet in the Second City
  Rockets hope to snap skid in New Jersey
  Improving Pistons host Raptors
  Heat aim for 12th straight home win, host Pacers
  Reeling Blazers resume lengthy road trip in Washington
  Clippers finally beat Spurs in San Antonio
  Afflalo, Nuggets take sting out of Hornets
  Kings snap skid against Mavericks
  Cavs stop streaking Thunder
  Revitalized Celtics trample Portland
  Nets beat Bobcats again; Williams exits early
  Prince lifts Pistons over Hawks
  Bucks hold off Knicks
Friday, March 09, 2012
  Bryant sends Lakers past Timberwolves
  Turner sparks Sixers over Jazz
  Magic's Turkoglu suspended
  Hornets sign Foote to 10-day contract
  Clippers sign F Simmons to another 10-day contract
  The Sixth Man: Strange rumor fuels Turner in Philly
  Lakers take on Love, Wolves
  Thunder aim for 15th straight home win, host Cavs
  Celtics aim to bounce back vs. Blazers
  Mavs continue tough stretch against Kings
  Nuggets vie to bounce back vs. Hornets
  Knicks, Bucks tangle in Brew City
  Clippers pay a visit to San Antonio
  Sixers try to tune out Jazz
  Hawks resume road trip against Pistons
  Bobcats finish homestand against Nets
  Suns edge Mavericks
  Howard leads Magic past Bulls
Thursday, March 08, 2012
  Nets sign Green to second 10-day deal
  Red-hot Bulls entertain streaky Magic
  Mavs begin road trip against Suns
  Gay, Grizzlies bury Warriors
  Thomas' bucket leads Kings over Hornets
  Irving sends Cavs over Nuggets with late drive
  Farmar's late three lifts Nets over Clippers
  Rose, Bulls blast Bucks at buzzer
  Wizards roar back to stun Lakers
  Parker, Spurs beat scuffling Knicks
  Timberwolves take down Blazers again
Wednesday, March 07, 2012
  Jefferson leads Jazz over Bobcats
  James, Heat escape with win over Hawks
  Turner starts, 76ers finish Celtics
  Thunder come alive late, beat Suns
  DeRozan, Raptors rout Rockets
  Mavs' Kidd fined for criticizing officials
  Stretching the Field: Are the good ol' Celtics back?
  The Sixth Man: Collins tries to stop Sixers' free fall
  Knicks end Texas tour against Spurs
  Bulls put win streak on line at Milwaukee
  Paul, Clippers visit D-Will's Nets
  Hawks try to solve the Heat in Miami
  Cavs, Nuggets clash in Colorado
  Sixers and Celtics battle for first place in Atlantic
  Kings open lengthy homestand vs. Hornets
  Grizzlies begin road trip against Warriors
  Wolves try for another win over Blazers
  Thunder aim for 14th straight home win, take on Suns
  Bobcats shoot for rare winning streak vs. Jazz
  Reeling Rockets visit Toronto
  Lakers square off with Wizards in nation's capital
  Sacramento City Council approves new arena plan
  Mavericks down Knicks
  Stuckey leads Pistons past Lakers in OT
  Pierce, Celtics down Rockets in OT
  Bobcats pull one out of their hat, rally past Magic
  James, Heat top Nets to end brief skid
  Smith helps Hawks edge Pacers
Tuesday, March 06, 2012
  Spurs recall Ford
  Pacers aim to regroup vs. Hawks
  Magic continue road trip at Charlotte
  Rising Celtics host skidding Rockets
  Bryant, Lakers open trek against Pistons
  Nets head south to battle Heat
  Knicks seek rare season sweep of Mavs
  Blazers use balanced attack to top struggling Hornets
  Nuggets slip past Kings in OT
  Harden leads Thunder past Mavs
  Howard, Magic sneak past Raptors
  Bucks edge 76ers
  Bulls shut down Pacers, win seventh straight
  Warriors use balanced attack to beat Wizards
  Jefferson leads Jazz over Cavs
  Nuggest slip past Kings in OT
Monday, March 05, 2012
  Love's big game helps T-Wolves down Clippers
  Mavericks C Haywood sprains ankle
  Keith Smart to coach Kings in 2012-13
  Nets' Lopez injured again
  Rose, Lawson named NBA Players of the Week
  The Sixth Man: Jackson needs to reshape Warriors
  Blazers host Hornets in Rip City
  Jazz visit reeling Cavs
  Howard, Magic hit the road against Toronto
  Wolves welcome Clippers to town
  Sixers, Bucks collide at Bradley Center
  Banged-up Nuggets open homestand vs. Kings
  Central heavyweights clash in the Second City when Bulls host Pacers
  Thunder and Mavs square off in OKC
  Warriors finish up road trip in Washington
  Williams scores 57 as New Jersey edges Charlotte
  Lawson helps Nuggets deal Spurs rare home defeat
Sunday, March 04, 2012
  Suns cap homestand with win over Kings
  Rose, Bulls top 76ers
  Paul leads Clippers past Rockets in OT
  Paul lead Clippers past Rockets in OT
  Toronto ends skid against Golden State
  Rondo's triple-double helps Celtics down Knicks in OT
  Bryant, Lakers take down Heat
  Rodno's triple-double helps Celtics down Knicks in OT
  Celtics host division-rival Knicks
  Lakers, Heat set for battle in LA
  Warriors head north to Toronto
  Nets, Bobcats square off in Charlotte
  76ers take on Bulls in south Philly
  Clippers resume trek against Rockets
  Kings search for success in Phoenix
  Spurs go for season sweep of Nuggets
  Love pours in 42, T-Wolves pick up rare win against Blazers
  Granger leads Pacers in thumping of Hornets
  Grizzlies use balanced attack to beat Pistons
Saturday, March 03, 2012
  Mavs continue home dominance of Jazz
  Howard, Magic feast on Bucks again
  Crawford, Wizards top Cavs to end skid
  Smith lifts Hawks over Thunder
  Grangers leads Pacers in thumping of Hornets
  Mavs recall Odom
  Wolves hunt for rare win against Blazers
  Thunder roll into Atlanta
  Magic try to continue mastery of Bucks
  Streaking Pacers make a stop in New Orleans
  Cavs, Wizards collide in D.C.
  Jazz hope to carry momentum into Dallas
  Grizzlies entertain Pistons at FedEx Forum
  Dudley paces Suns over Clippers
  Bryant leads Lakers over Kings
  Lawson fills stat sheet as Nuggets top Rockets
  Spurs roll over Bobcats
  Jazz end Miami's winning streak
Friday, March 02, 2012
  Pierce, Celtics roll past Nets
  Sixers honor Chamberlain with win over Warriors
  Chicago cruises past Cleveland
  Kaman leads Hornets past Mavericks
  Radmanovic's clutch play boosts Hawks over Bucks
  Grizzlies edge Raptors
  Mavs assign Odom to D-League
  Wilt's record will never be surpassed
  The Sixth Man: Remembering Wilt and 100
  Hawks' Johnson, Green to miss at least two games
  Rockets hope to rebound against Nuggets
  Clippers, Suns tangle in the desert
  Heat pay a visit to Jazz
  Bryant, Lakers take on Kings in LA
  Reeling Mavs visit lowly Hornets
  Celtics aim to climb above .500, host Nets
  Spurs try to rebound from rare home loss vs. Bobcats
  Hawks resume homestand vs. Bucks
  Central rivals clash as Bulls visit Cavs
  Grizzlies wander north to Toronto
  Wilt's 100 turns 50 as Sixers host Warriors
  Cavs sign Harris to second 10-day contract
  James, Wade lead Heat over Blazers
  Thunder rally to take down Orlando
  Suns down road-weary T-Wolves
Thursday, March 01, 2012
  Spoelstra, Popovich named NBA's top coaches for February
  Irving, Thomas named NBA's top rookies for February
  Hawks ink Dampier for rest of season
  Cavs' Eyenga has toe injury
  The Sixth Man: Brooks has Thunder ready to roll deep in playoffs
  Surging Heat kick off second half in Portland
  Clippers and Kings renew hostilities
  Wolves finish grueling stretch in Phoenix
  Thunder aim for a win in Orlando
  Gasol, Conley lead Grizzlies over Mavs
  Denver uses balanced attack to down Portland
  Bryant leads Lakers over T'Wolves
  Garnett, Celtics outlast Bucks
  Lin leads Knicks past Cavs
  Durant, Thunder top 76ers
  Bulls hand Spurs rare home loss
  Miles lifts Jazz over Rockets
  Raptors down Hornets
  Magic shoot down Wizards
Thursday, March 31, 2011
  Wall suspended one game for altercation with Ilgauskas
  Bobcats' Przybilla to miss rest of season
  Slumping Spurs entertain Celtics in Alamo City
  Mavs, Lakers set for Hollywood skirmish
  Nets waive Quinton Ross
  Randolph leads Grizzlies past Warriors
  Bucks down Raptors, stay in hunt for playoff spot
  Thunder hit 50 wins, hurt Suns' dwindling playoff hopes
  Lawson leads balanced attack, Nuggets top Kings
  Mavs down Clippers for fifth straight win
  Carmelo scores 39 as Knicks edge Nets
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
  Hornets down Blazers, move into sixth spot in Western Conference
  Heat hold off Wizards, inch closer to idle Celtics
  Bobcats beat Cavs, run win streak to 4
  Collison, Pacers top Pistons
  Bulls make quick work of Timberwolves
  Fan allegedly attacks Hawks great Wilkins, taken into custody
  Sixers continue march towards playoffs, top Rockets
  Smith shines as Hawks edge Magic
  Bulls' Noah misses game with sprained ankle
  Baylor loses lawsuit against Clippers
  Wizards F Booker out for remainder of season
  Jazz ink G Weaver to 10-day contract
  Magic and Hawks collide in possible playoff preview
  Playoff-hopeful Pacers host Pistons
  Grizzlies resume playoff push vs. Warriors
  Mavericks begin LA tour with Clippers
  Bulls aim to bounce back in Twin Cities vs. Wolves
  Nets cross the Hudson to face Knicks
  Thunder go for win No. 50 at Phoenix
  Heat hope to get back on track vs. Washington
  Desperate Bucks visit Raptors
  Sixers and Rockets square off in Philly
  Bobcats continue playoff push vs. Cavs
  Nuggets host Kings at Pepsi Center
  Blazers, Hornets clash at the Hive
  Kings continue to roll in win over Phoenix
  Durant, Westbrook lift Thunder over Warriors in OT
  LeBron records triple-double, but Heat fall to Cavs in Cleveland
  Rockets handle Nets
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
  LeBron returns to Cleveland Part II
  Rockets aim to rebound against Nets
  Thunder host Warriors in OKC
  Suns resume playoff push in Sacramento
  Anthony, Knicks top Orlando in OT
  Sixers snap Bulls' 14-game home winning streak
  Miller lifts Trail Blazers over Spurs
  Wall lifts Wizards to 2nd road win of season
  Bobcats down Bucks to keep pace in playoff chase
Monday, March 28, 2011
  Pacers hold on to defeat the Celtics
  Rating the contenders
  Starting 5: West out of line-up; possibly Big Easy
  Spurs' Ginobili to miss Monday's game
  Howard, Bryant named NBA Players of the Week
  Broadcast veteran Gary Bender to call it a career
  Blazers recall Babbitt
  Bulls put home win streak to the test versus 76ers
  Jazz seek relief with Wizards in town
  Banged-up Spurs vie to end skid vs. Blazers
  Magic visit slumping Knicks
  Bucks and Bobcats clash in big Eastern Conference matchup
  Pacers kick off key homestand vs. Celtics
  Kidd's late surge lifts Mavs over Suns
  Thunder top Blazers to clinch playoff berth
  Grizzlies hand Spurs third straight loss
  James paces Heat over Houston
  Ellis, Warriors edge Wizards
  Lakers keep rolling with win over Hornets
Sunday, March 27, 2011
  Celtics hold on to beat T-Wolves
  Williams, Hawks ease past Cavs
  Kings complete successful road trip with OT win in Philly
  Desperate Suns face off with Mavs in the desert
  Hornets visit Lakers in possible Western Conference playoff preview
  Warriors entertain woeful Wizards
  Thunder aim to sew up playoff spot vs. Blazers
  Garnett leads Celtics into Twin Cities to face Wolves
  Spurs visit Grizzlies in possible playoff preview
  Rockets kick off key late season road trip in Miami
  Hawks visit Cleveland minus Johnson
  Kings finish road trip against playoff-hopeful Sixers
  Rose, Bulls finish strong against Bucks
  Clippers come alive late, nip Raptors
  Hawks clinch playoff spot; Johnson hurts thumb
  Mavericks use big fourth quarter to beat Jazz
  Playoff-hopeful Bobcats hold off reeling Knicks
Saturday, March 26, 2011
  Villanueva helps Pistons fire past Pacers
  Hawks drop Nets, clinch playoff spot
  Suns C Gortat suffered broken nose
  Raptors hope to cure road woes in LA vs. Clippers
  Mavs kick off road trip vs. reeling Jazz
  Bulls and Bucks clash at Bradley Center
  Pacers renew playoff push against Pistons
  Bobcats host slumping Knicks
  Struggling Hawks aim to secure playoff berth vs. Nets
  Nuggets keep cruising in rout of Wizards
  Warriors score 138 in rout of Raptors
  Bulls win 14th straight at home, edge Grizzlies
  Batum beats the buzzer as Blazers edge Spurs
  Lakers gain ground in win over Clippers
  Streaking Thunder top Timberwolves
  Jennings scores 37 as Bucks beat Knicks
  Hornets overcome West's absence, beat Suns
  Magic down Nets for fifth straight win
Friday, March 25, 2011
  Miami heats up in fourth to beat Sixers
  Hickson powers Cavs over Pistons
  Bobcats escape with comeback win over Celtics
  Kings down playoff-hopeful Pacers
  Grizzlies' Gay undergoes shoulder surgery
  Hornets' West has torn ACL, done for season
  Spurs sign F Da'Sean Butler
  Gaines suffers fractured hip
  Ailing Spurs visit Portland
  Warriors and Raptors clash in Oakland
  Lakers play the host against Clippers at Staples Center
  Suns host Hornets in key Western Conference tilt
  Playoff-hungry Nuggets welcome hapless Wizards to the Rockies
  Streaking Bulls seek 14th straight home win; face Grizzlies
  Love-less Wolves invade OKC
  Magic host Nets at Amway Center
  Pacers resume postseason push vs. Kings
  Pistons, Cavs tangle at the Q
  Playoff-hopeful Bucks visit Knicks at MSG
  76ers head to Miami for possible playoff preview
  Celtics clash with Bobcats in Beantown
  Hornets outlast Jazz in OT, but West injured
Thursday, March 24, 2011
  Mavericks take down Love-less T-Wolves
  Jazz begin homestand with visit from Hornets
  Mavs entertain Love-less Wolves in Big D
  Without Duncan, Spurs fall to Nuggets
  Griffin, Clippers beat Wizards in 2OT
  Thunder roll past Jazz
  76ers use big fourth quarter to clip Hawks
  Suns rally to beat Raptors
  Howard, Magic down slumping Knicks
  Hayes' triple-double leads Rockets over Warriors
  Thornton helps Kings drop Bucks
  Nets edge Cavs in OT
  Heat rally in 4th to beat Pistons
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
  Randolph, Grizzlies edge the Celtics
  Granger paces Indiana over Charlotte
  Thunder rolls past Jazz
  Love will miss Minnesota's road trip
  Raptors crawling to the finish line
  Mounting evidence says 'Melo is no superstar
  Duncan-less Spurs commence trek in Denver
  Thunder aim to rebound vs. Utah
  Slumping Knicks entertain Magic at MSG
  Playoff-hungry Rockets welcome Warriors to Space City
  Suns eye 14th straight win over Raptors
  Clippers host Wizards at Staples Center
  Bucks finish homestand vs. Kings
  Celtics aim to keep pace with Chicago; welcome Grizzlies to Beantown
  James, Heat visit Pistons
  Nets and Cavs square off in Cleveland
  Pacers visit Bobcats in key Eastern Conference matchup
  Hawks try to wrap up postseason berth in Philly
  Lakers beat Suns in 3OT thriller
  Blazers beat Wizards by 35
Tuesday, March 22, 2011
  Chicago cruises past Atlanta behind Rose's 30 points
  Starting Five: Knocking on the Knicks
  Spurs' Duncan out with sprained ankle
  Grizzlies' Gay to miss rest of season
  Bulls, Hawks square off down south
  Suns close out tour through LA against Lakers
  Blazers shift focus to Wizards in Rip City
  Report: Grizzlies' Gay to miss rest of season
  Randolph, Grizzlies cruise past Jazz
  Bulls rout Kings, reach 50 wins
  Lawson, Denver pound Toronto
  Spurs roll past Warriors, Duncan leaves with ankle injury
  Celtics rally in fourth quarter to beat Knicks
  Hibbert, Collison lead Pacers over Nets
  Howard powers Magic past Cavaliers
Monday, March 21, 2011
  Duncan sprains left ankle in Spurs' victory over Warriors
  James, Lowry named NBA Players of the Week
  Nuggets kick off homestand vs. Raptors
  Spurs aim to continue dominance over Warriors
  Jazz visit Memphis in key Western Conference matchup
  Celtics eye 50th win at New York
  Rose, Bulls welcome Sacramento to Second City
  Magic, Cavs square off at the Q
  Pacers still alive in playoff race; take on Nets
  Lakers use late run to nip Blazers, clinch division
  Heat's Chalmers to miss time with sprained knee
  Lowry's triple-double helps Rockets edge Jazz
  Raptors edge Thunder on late bucket
  Mavs dominate Warriors in Stojakovic's return
Sunday, March 20, 2011
  Nash lifts Suns over Clippers
  Delfino scores 30 as Bucks down Knicks
  Kings trounce Timberwolves in battle of West's worst
  Wizards top Nets to snap six-game skid
  Bulls add Pargo, Lucas III
  Horford leads balanced attack, Hawks top Pistons
  Lakers C Bynum, Suns G Brooks suspended by NBA
  Nets reward Gaines with multi-year deal
  Lakers continue homestand vs. Blazers
  Rockets, Jazz tangle in Space City
  Wolves, Kings clash in Twin Cities
  Suns pay a visit to Clippers
  Knicks make a stop in Milwaukee
  Hawks resume residency vs. Pistons
  Sliding Wizards host Nets in DC
  Raptors try to end road woes in OKC
  Mavs aim to bounce back with Warriors in town
  Streaking Blazers down Iguodala-less Sixers
  Allen paces Grizzlies over Indiana
  Celtics pull out win in New Orleans
  Spurs sit Duncan, still top short-handed Bobcats
Saturday, March 19, 2011
  James, Wade help Heat control Nuggets
  Bobcats' Jackson out with hamstring injury
  Gordon returns in Clippers' defeat of Cavs
  Spurs battle Bobcats in Alamo City
  76ers invade Portland's Rose Garden
  Hornets set for home showdown with Celtics
  Grizzlies host Pacers at FedEx Forum
  LeBron brings hot hand into matchup vs. Denver
  Clippers entertain Cavs in Hollywood
  Lakers rally late to take down Minnesota
  Sixers crown Kings again
  Bucks use second-half surge to beat Nets
  Gortat helps Suns down Warriors
  Martin, Rockets handle Celtics
  Late Wilcox basket helps Pistons down Knicks
  Nelson hits three at buzzer as Magic beat Nuggets
Friday, March 18, 2011
  Spurs win in Dallas, extend division lead
  Pacers end Bulls' win streak in OT
  Durant hurts shoulder in Thunder's win over Bobcats
  Heat thump Hawks behind LeBron's 43
  Raptors beat road-weary Wizards
  Sterling's boorish behavior brings out the best in NBA players
  Sixers make a stop at Sacramento
  Lakers shoot for another Pacific title vs. Wolves
  Bulls shoot for 50th win in Indy
  Rockets resume homestand vs. Celtics
  Suns take on Warriors in the desert
  Spurs, Mavs clash in Big D
  Bucks host Nets in Brew City
  Thunder kick off homestand vs. Bobcats
  Bibby returns to Atlanta as Heat visit Hawks
  Knicks and Pistons tangle in Auburn Hills
  Lowly Wizards visit hapless Raptors
  Streaking Nuggets resume road trip in central Florida vs. Magic
  Bulls extend winning streak, beat Nets
  Blazers blow out Cavs
  Knicks stroke 20 threes, maul Grizzlies
Thursday, March 17, 2011
  Wizards sign Jeffers to 10-day contract
  Cavs visit Rip City to take on Blazers
  Stumbling Knicks welcome Grizzlies to MSG
  Streaking Bulls visit resurgent Nets
  Nowitzki, Mavericks rally past Warriors
  Magic clinch playoff spot with OT win over Bucks
  Cavs down Kings in battle of the basement
  Detroit ends skid with win over Toronto
  Sixers take down Clippers
  Miles scores 40 as Jazz down Timberwolves
  Boston earns share of East lead with win over Indiana
  Rockets handle Bobcats
  Thunder continue to roll in win over Miami
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
  Hornets send Suns to fourth straight loss
  Denver remains hot, tops Atlanta
  Nash returns to the lineup
  Spurs sign Danny Green for rest of season
  Jazz entertain Wolves in Salt Lake City
  Kings take on Cavs in California's capital
  Mavs, Warriors collide in Oakland
  Sixers vie to bounce back against Clippers
  Rockets welcome Bobcats to Toyota Center
  Durant, Thunder pay a visit to star-studded Heat
  Magic eye playoff berth in Milwaukee
  Suns visit Hornets in key Western Conference contest
  Pistons and Raptors clash in Auburn Hills
  Hot Hansbrough leads Pacers into Boston
  Nuggets aim to exorcise Atlanta demons
  Roy, Aldridge help Blazers nip Mavs
  Red-hot Bulls win seventh straight, take over first in East
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
  Granger's last-second shot lifts Pacers over Knicks
  Hot-shooting Johnson, Hawks rout Bucks
  Nets send Uzoh to D-League
  Mavericks face off with Blazers in Rip City
  Bulls aim for top spot in the East; host Wizards
  Knicks and Pacers finish home-and-home set in Indy
  Bucks hope to bounce back in Atlanta
  Gasol guides Lakers over Magic
  Kings snap skid in win over Warriors
  Randolph, Grizzlies handle Clippers
  Rockets hold off Nash-less Suns
  Lawson, Felton power Nuggets over Hornets
  Jefferson, Jazz hold off Sixers in overtime
  Miami's Big Three lead the way in rout of Spurs
  Thunder dominate Wizards
Monday, March 14, 2011
  Lopez, Nets win fifth straight with stunner over Boston
  Wade, Parker named NBA Players of the Week
  NBA will fail to learn from NFL's foibles
  Portland signs C Johnson for rest of season
  Rockets host Suns at Toyota Center
  Celtics, Nets meet in the Garden State
  Sixers, Jazz collide in Salt Lake City
  Kings welcome Warriors to Sacramento
  Heat seek revenge against Spurs
  Lakers begin homestand vs. Magic
  Grizzlies renew playoff push vs. Clippers
  Nuggets and Hornets battle in key Western Conference matchup
  Durant, Thunder take on Wizards in nation's capital
  Warriors win, halt Love's double-double streak
  Hansbrough helps Pacers topple Knicks
  Celtics down Bucks in low-scoring contest
Sunday, March 13, 2011
  Magic handle Nash-less Suns
  Thunder dominate lowly Cavs
  Nash doesn't play against Orlando
  Bobcats hold off Raptors
  Thunder, Cavs meet again at the Q
  Ellis, Warriors host Wolves in Oakland
  Celtics try to regroup vs. Bucks in Beantown
  Bobcats go for season sweep of Raptors
  Magic resume trek in Phoenix
  Pacers open home-and-home set in New York
  Bulls set 3-point records in win over Jazz
  Griffin, Bledsoe lead Clippers past Wizards
  Bryant rolls ankle, but scores 16 in Lakers' win
  Paul's return lifts Hornets over Kings
  Denver dominates Detroit
  Parker, Spurs hang on to beat Rockets
  Bogut, Bucks cruise past Sixers
Saturday, March 12, 2011
  Hawks beat Blazers to stop skid
  Paul returns to lineup for Hornets
  Wade, Heat rout Grizzlies
  Hawks return home to take on Blazers
  Sixers begin road swing at Milwaukee
  Hornets continue residency with Kings in town
  Bulls battle Jazz in Windy City
  Nuggets try to extend home win streak vs. Pistons
  Griffin, Clippers invade Washington
  Heat host Grizzlies in south Florida
  Mavs aim to lasso win over Lakers in Big D
  Warriors best Magic in OT shootout
  Bulls top Hawks, inch closer to top of heap in East
  Durant, Thunder handle Pistons
  Nets rally to down Clippers in OT
  Barbosa carries Raptors over Pacers
  Parker's big second half leads Spurs past Kings
Friday, March 11, 2011
  Love's run continues as T-Wolves silence Jazz
  Jackson's return sparks Bobcats over Blazers
  Sixers bounce back with win over Celtics
  Stoudemire not suspended after technical is taken away
  Bucks keep Barron with second 10-day pact
  Collins remains in Portland with second 10-day deal
  Celtics and Sixers renew rivalry in Philly
  Pistons and Thunder meet in OKC
  Magic resume road trip in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Playoff-bound Spurs welcome Kings to the Alamo City
  Jefferson leads Jazz into Minneapolis
  Streaking Bulls entertain Hawks in Windy City
  Blazers visit slumping Bobcats
  Clippers clash with Nets at The Rock
  Reeling Pacers aim to get back on track in Toronto
  Lawson and Nene lead Nuggets over Suns
  Nowitzki, Mavs ease past Knicks
  Heat end losing streak, top Lakers at home
Thursday, March 10, 2011
  Hornets G Belinelli fined $10K
  Nets keep Gaines for another 10 days
  Nuggets visit Suns in key Western Conference matchup
  'Melo takes Knicks into north Texas to face Mavs
  Embattled Heat welcome Lakers to South Beach
  Magic outlast Kings, Howard returns
  Love etches name into record books as T-Wolves beat Pacers
  Anthony the hero as Knicks down Grizzlies
  Bulls' Boozer limps off after hard foul
  Rose and Korver lead the way as Bulls beat Bobcats
  Spurs bounce back with win over Pistons
  Nets drop Warriors for rare three-game win streak
  Bucks take care of Cavs
Wednesday, March 09, 2011
  Jack's late free throws lift Hornets past Mavs
  Clippers win fourth straight, snap Celtics' streak at five
  Durant sparks Thunder's comeback win in Philly
  Jefferson's tip-in lifts Jazz over Raptors
  Love makes history with 52nd straight double-double
  Clippers win fourth straight, snap Celtics streak at five
  Hornets' Paul held out for second straight game
  Cavs' Davis leaves team due to death in family
  Pacers take on Love, Wolves in Twin Cities
  Magic welcome Howard back at Sacramento
  Spurs aim to start new home streak vs. Pistons
  Grizzlies, Knicks collide at FedEx Forum
  Mavs pay a visit to Hornets at the Hive
  Cavs and Bucks square off in Central Division clash
  Playoff-bound Celts host resurgent Clippers
  Raptors, Jazz tangle at ACC
  Durant leads Thunder into Philly
  Warriors close out road trip vs. Nets
  Streaking Bulls visit reeling Bobcats
  Warrick, Carter help Suns take down Rockets
  Ellis and Curry lead Warriors past Cavs
Tuesday, March 08, 2011
  Jennings leads Bucks past Washington
  Aldridge, Trail Blazers send Heat to fifth straight loss
  Lakers win eighth straight in defeat of Atlanta
  Sixers topple Pacers
  Nuggets agree to extension with Karl
  Trail Blazers extend McMillan through 2013
  Heat of the Moment: Miami set to recover vs. visiting Blazers
  Crygate exposes Heat's flaws
  Raptor Report: Wins could be on the way
  Bucks and Wizards meet in nation's capital
  Sixers, Pacers tangle in Indy
  Rockets square off with Suns in the desert
  Surging Lakers visit Hawks
  Warriors resume road trip in Cleveland
  Rose helps Bulls avoid Heat hangover, down Hornets
  Rockets beat Kings, climb over .500
  Grizzlies shake down the Thunder
  Anthony, Stoudemire led Knicks' pasting of Jazz
  Blazers pull out win in Orlando
Monday, March 07, 2011
  Griffin, Williams pace Clippers past Bobcats
  Mavs edge Timberwolves; Love ties mark
  Clippers' Gordon aggravates wrist
  Pierce, Westbrook named NBA Players of the Week
  Suns' Frye to miss 2-3 weeks
  Bobcats sign G Temple to 10-day deal
  Resurgent Rockets take on Kings
  Paul out with concussion as Hornets visit Chicago
  Thunder and Grizzlies square off in Memphis
  Love-in: Mavs visit Wolves as K-Love aims for history
  Jazz and Knicks meet at MSG
  Howard-less Magic entertain Trail Blazers in central Florida
  Bobcats and Clippers clash in the Queen City
  Pierce, Celtics hold off Bucks
  Thunder top Suns in OT
  Hornets lose Paul but rally to down Cavaliers
Sunday, March 06, 2011
  Sixers knock off Warriors in OT
  Stoudemire, Knicks top Hawks
  Randolph hits game-winning shot, Grizzlies halt Mavs' win streak
  Prince returns to lead Detroit over Wizards
  Hornets' Paul leaves game on stretcher
  Lakers give Spurs first home loss in 3 months
  Deng's late free throws give Bulls win over struggling Heat
  Celtics sign G Arroyo
  Hapless Wizards visit desperate Pistons
  Bucks entertain Celtics at Bradley Center
  Knicks and Hawks square off in Atlanta
  Stumbling Heat welcome Bulls to South Beach
  Surging Mavs collide with Grizzlies
  Suns close out road trip in OKC
  Hornets take playoff push to Cleveland
  Warriors resume season-long road trip vs. surging Sixers
  Western Conference heavyweights tangle as Lakers visit Spurs
  Portland tops Charlotte
  Jazz snap home skid, beat Kings in OT
  Bledsoe, Griffin help Clippers edge Nuggets
  Wall keys Wizards to win; Love gets 50th straight double-double
Saturday, March 05, 2011
  Martin, Rockets cruise past Indiana
  Nets outlast Raptors in triple OT, sweep London set
  Heat's C Dampier fined
  Magic's Howard suspended for reaching technical foul threshold
  Grizzlies sign Leon Powe
  Nets and Raptors finish historic London series
  Surprising Nuggets visit Griffin, Clippers
  Bobcats battle Blazers in Rip City
  Free Fallin' Jazz host Kings
  Pacers finish Texas trek in Houston
  Wizards and Wolves collide in nation's capital
  Paul, Green lead Hornets over Grizzlies
  Parker makes surprising return, Spurs hammer Heat
  Suns burn bright in third quarter, down Bucks
  Rose, Bulls control Magic
  Lakers build big lead, down Bobcats
  Mavs top Indiana to continue win streak
Friday, March 04, 2011
  Cavs win 11th straight over Knicks
  Iguodala has triple-double, Sixers top T-Wolves
  Celtics hold off Warriors
  Durant returns, Thunder strike down Hawks
  Spurs' Parker returns early from calf strain
  Nets take down Raptors in London
  Mavs' Chandler sits out Friday's game
  Lakers F Ebanks has leg fracture
  Brewer heads list of buyout bargains
  Thunder's Robinson out 4-6 weeks following surgery
  Spurs sign Novak for rest of season
  Bobcats visit surging Lakers
  Spurs shoot for 22nd straight home win; face star-studded Heat
  Suns continue road trip in Milwaukee
  Surging Mavs kick off brief homestand against Pacers
  Cheers! Nets, Raptors begin London series
  Hornets visit Grizzlies in key Western Conference matchup
  Durant unlikely to play as Thunder visit Hawks
  Celtics entertain Warriors in Beantown
  Magic take momentum back home in matchup vs. Bulls
  Sixers host Wolves at Wells Fargo Center
  Knicks try to solve Cavs in MSG tussle
  Nuggets survive final play to edge Jazz
  Richardson keys comeback as Magic edge Heat
Thursday, March 03, 2011
  Warriors sign F Thornton
  Mavericks sign Corey Brewer
  Celtics get good news on Davis
  Bulls sign Rasual Butler
  Bobcats bring back F McGuire
  Celtics sign Sasha Pavlovic
  Heat entertain Magic in Southeast showdown
  Nuggets begin road stretch in Utah
  Balanced Blazers pull out win in Sacramento
  Williams helps Clippers slip past Houston
  Suns' Carter and Frye depart Wednesday's game
  Denver dominates Charlotte
  Love, Timberwolves down Detroit
  Garnett leads Celtics over Suns
  Curry, Warriors hold off Wizards
Wednesday, March 02, 2011
  Thunder snap skid, but Durant hurt
  Knicks rout Hornets
  Spurs reach 50 wins in victory over Cavs
  Horford leads charge as Hawks rally past Bulls
  Celtics sign F Murphy
  Durant leaves with ankle sprain
  Grizzlies' Henry to miss four weeks
  Jazz sign head coach Corbin to multi-year contract
  Howard, Aldridge named NBA Players of the Month
  Knicks' Billups out with bruised thigh
  Heat add Bibby to mix
  Warriors continue trek against Wizards
  Saunders to miss Wednesday's game
  Bulls, Hawks square off in Atlanta
  Nuggets entertain Bobcats at Pepsi Center
  Spurs shoot for 50th win at Cleveland
  Celtics welcome rising Suns to TD Garden
  Knicks return to MSG to host Hornets
  Surging Rockets visit Clippers
  Blazers, Kings tangle in Sacramento
  Thunder hope to halt skid against Pacers
  Wolves kick off road trip vs. Pistons
  Wizards agree to buyout with Thornton
  Lakers down T-Wolves with strong defensive effort
  Rockets blow by Blazers at Rose Garden
  Nelson carries Magic over Knicks
  Randolph, Grizzlies get past Spurs
  Jennings, Bucks edge Pistons
Tuesday, March 01, 2011
  Pacers keep Warriors sliding
  Timberwolves agree to buyout with Curry
  Calderon leads Raptors past Hornets
  Dallas stays hot with win over Philadelphia
  Knicks waive trade piece Brewer
  Mavs' Chandler exits Tuesday's game
  Report: Celtics to sign Murphy
  Heat waive G Arroyo, may add Bibby
  Wall, Griffin named top rookies for February
  Collins, Carlisle named NBA's top coaches for February
  Blazers sign C Collins to 10-day contract
  Bucks sign Barron to 10-day contract
  NBA gives Kings extension for possible relocation
  Cavs' Jamison has surgery on broken finger
  Perkins gets extension with Thunder
  Blazers, Rockets collide in Rose City
  Sixers kick off homestand vs. red-hot Mavs
  Spurs roll into Memphis
  Lakers aim for 14th straight win over Wolves
  Bucks host Pistons at Bradley Center
  Hornets begin key road trip vs. Raptors
  'Melo, Knicks finish Sunshine State tour in Orlando
  Warriors and Pacers square off in Indy
  New King in Sacramento: Thornton's 29 clips LA
  Smith leads balanced attack as Nuggets down Hawks
  Celtics end road trip with win over Jazz
  Humphries' tip try waved off, as Suns hold off Nets in OT
  Bulls put spell on Wizards
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
  Beasley leads Heat over struggling Pistons
  1-for-March: Wizards top Hornets to halt 16-game losing streak
  Raptors top Clippers to widen gap for final playoff spot
  Wallace leads Bobcats in rout of Sixers
  Hawks soar past Lakers
  NBA introduces MVP fan vote
  Kirilenko out next two games
  Jazz take on Warriors in Salt Lake City
  Cavs' Varejao out with sore hamstring
  Lakers finish road trip vs. Hawks
  Blazers, Knicks set for battle in Rose City
  Spurs return home to face Rockets
  Sliding Wolves try to snap skid vs. Kings
  Heat begin key road trip with stop in Detroit
  Mavericks visit Grizzlies in Southwest showdown
  Hornets play host to lowly Wizards
  Celtics to face test from improved Thunder
  Red-hot Suns try to keep rolling at expense of Nets
  Sixers visit playoff-hopeful Bobcats
  Cavs and Bucks clash at the "Q"
  Raptors try and right the ship vs. Clippers
  Budinger's career night hands Wizards 16th consecutive loss
  Tyreke Evans returns for Kings
  Bulls' Hinrich hurts ankle
  Suns down Bulls for eighth straight win, earn playoff berth
  Ilyasova leads Bucks over Clips to close out homestand
  Miller helps Portland down Thunder
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
  Budinger's career night hands Wizards franchise-record loss
  Thunder ascend in West, top Sixers
  Granger leads Pacers over Kings in another win at Conseco
  Embracing losing
  Consistency is key to Spurs' success
  Wizards sign Martin to 10-day contract
  Suns try to punch playoff ticket at Chicago
  Wizards take record losing streak to Houston
  Playoff-hopeful Bucks welcome Clippers to Brew City
  Thunder open road trip in Philly vs. Sixers
  Pacers shoot for 8th straight home win; host Kings
  Bosh, Raptors hold off Bobcats
  Jazz beat Knicks, move into first place in Northwest
  Nowitzki's triple-double lifts Mavs over Nuggets
  West, Hornets hold off Lakers
Monday, March 29, 2010
  Nets top Spurs for 10th victory of season
  Stoudemire and Suns hand T'Wolves 16th straight loss
  Kings' McGuire to miss remainder of season
  Wade, Ginobili named NBA players of the week
  Streaking Spurs aim to continue dominance over Nets
  Surging Jazz host Knicks
  Nuggets and Mavs jockey for playoff position
  Lakers, Hornets clash in the Big Easy
  Raptors visit Bobcats in key Eastern Conference matchup
  Warriors snap long road skid; Nelson inches closer to Wilkens
  Ginobili, Spurs rout Celtics
Sunday, March 28, 2010
  Magic's Carter leaves game with toe injury
  Orlando downs Denver, loses Carter
  Bulls beat Pistons, creep within half-game of No. 8 seed
  Hawks use strong second half to beat Pacers
  Bucks overcome Grizzlies in OT
  Wade, Heat turn back Raptors
  Cleveland holds off Kings
  Magic and Nuggets collide at Amway Arena
  Bucks host desperate Grizzlies
  Warriors and Clippers meet at Staples Center
  Celtics and Spurs clash in Beantown
  Blazers head to Oklahoma City for big Western Conference clash
  Streaking Suns visit woeful Wolves
  Heat host Raptors in key Eastern Conference matchup
  Bulls take playoff push to Auburn Hills; face Pistons
  Hawks, Pacers clash in Dixie
  Cavs welcome Kings to the "Q"
  Beaubois' career night leads Dallas past Golden State
  Jazz keep Wizards on the skids
  Gasol, Lakers send Rockets to fourth straight defeat
Saturday, March 27, 2010
  Bulls take care of Nets
  Mavs' Butler fined $25,000
  Roy's hot shooting pushes Blazers past Hornets
  Blazers aim to eliminate Hornets from postseason race
  Lakers hope to bounce back from rare poor performance in Houston
  Mavs finish quick road trip in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Slumping Bulls welcome Nets to Windy City
  Wizards hope to snap 14-game skid vs. Jazz
  Arenas sentenced to halfway house for felony gun charge
  Wade leads Heat past Bucks
  Ginobili sparks Spurs over Cavs
  Red-hot Suns scorch Knicks
  Bobcats send Wizards to 14th straight loss
  Durant, Thunder strike down Lakers
  Milwaukee F Delfino leaves game on stretcher
  Sixers drop playoff-bound Hawks for second straight win
  Howard's big night fuels Magic win over struggling T'wolves
  Celtics claim third straight division title
Friday, March 26, 2010
  Granger stars as Pacers flatten Jazz
  Nets beat Detroit for first winning streak of season
  Bucks' Bogut out vs. Heat
  Anthony beats the buzzer as Denver edges Toronto
  Suns shoot for sixth straight win; host Knicks
  Hawks could make some noise in the East
  Celtics continue homestand with visit from Kings
  Lakers head to Oklahoma City seeking eighth straight win
  Magic aim to rebound in clash with lowly Timberwolves
  Nets to host slumping Pistons, aim for rare win streak
  Wizards invade Charlotte hoping to avoid franchise-worst skid
  Bucks and Heat collide in key Eastern Conference matchup
  Cavs and Spurs clash in Alamo City
  Pacers welcome Jazz to Indy
  Nuggets hope to end slide in Toronto
  Playoff-bound Hawks visit Sixers
  Blazers aid postseason hopes with win over Mavs
  O'Neal, Heat cruise past Bulls
  Clippers sink Rockets in Houston
Thursday, March 25, 2010
  Heat, Bulls set for Windy City skirmish
  Rockets aim to thrust past Clippers
  Ambitious Blazers welcome Mavs to Rose City
  Curry, Warriors roll over Grizzlies
  Bryant rallies Lakers past Spurs
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
  Sixers shock Bucks behind Holiday, Green
  Pierce, Celtics rout Nuggets
  Jackson, Bobcats send Minnesota to 14th straight loss
  James shines, Paul slumps as Cavs down Hornets
  Nets get eighth win, romp over Kings
  Pacers send Wizards to 13th straight loss
  Smith soars in for game-winning dunk as Hawks nip Magic
  Williams helps Jazz continue recent dominance over Raptors
  Spurs ink guard Jerrells
  Jazz sign rookie Jeffers for rest of season
  Celtics back in Beantown to host Nuggets
  Grizzlies head to Golden State seeking needed win
  Lakers begin road trip with stop in San Antonio
  Bucks to host Sixers, shoot for ninth straight home win
  Desperate Rockets hope to maintain mastery of Thunder
  Pacers, Wizards clash in Indy
  Raptors hope to stay the course vs. Jazz
  Cavs visit Paul, Hornets
  Kings kick off road trip against hapless Nets
  Magic hope to inch closer to Southeast Division crown vs. Hawks
  Bobcats open key homestand vs. woeful Wolves
  Nowitzki ejected, but Mavs still rally to beat Clippers
  Douglas' big fourth quarter pushes Knicks over Nuggets
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
  Pacers down Pistons; Detroit eliminated from playoff race
  Bobcats send Wizards to 12th straight loss
  Report: Nuggets pessimistic about Karl's return before playoffs
  Ilgauskas returns to Cavs for stretch run
  Nuggets go mining for a win at New York
  Bobcats resume postseason push in Washington
  Pacers, Pistons tangle at The Palace
  Mavs attempt to rebound at home vs. Clippers
  Raptors send T'Wolves to 13th straight loss
  Stoudemire shines as Suns hold off Warriors
  Spurs win in Oklahoma City despite Durant's 45
  Bulls drop Rockets in battle of desperate teams
  Grizzlies use strong second half to beat Kings
  Paul returns, helps Hornets beat Mavs
  Williams, Okur carry Jazz over Celtics
  Paul returns for Hornets in win over Mavs
  Salmons' big second half keeps Bucks rolling
Monday, March 22, 2010
  Wade powers Heat over Nets
  Magic use three-point shooting to take down Sixers
  Paul back for Hornets after 25-game absence
  Rockets' Battier out up to two weeks with MCL sprain
  Pierce, Gasol named NBA players of the week
  Warriors sign Williams for rest of season, waive Bell
  Warriors retain advisor group to conduct sale of team
  High-scoring Suns ready for clash with struggling Warriors
  Grizzlies to start up critical trek in Sacramento
  Celtics visit Jazz in marquee interconference matchup
  Heat pay a visit to lowly Nets
  Hawks, Bucks tangle at the Bradley Center
  Magic roll into south Philly
  Mavs hope to get back on track against reeling Hornets
  Raptors hope to continue dominance over Wolves
  Spurs visit Thunder in key Western Conference matchup
  Desperate teams collide in the Windy City as Bulls host Rockets
  Suns hold off Blazers
  Lakers use strong first half to down Wizards
  Horford helps Hawks down Spurs in overtime
Sunday, March 21, 2010
  Cavs down Pistons, sweep season series for first time in 30 years
  Pacers ground Thunder
  Brooks gets hot late, lifts Rockets over Knicks
  Kings drop Clippers in LA
  Kings visit Clippers without rookie Evans
  Cavs return home to host Pistons
  Spurs, Hawks tangle in Atlanta
  Lakers welcome Wizards to Staples Center
  Rockets begin trip at New York
  Durant, Thunder visit Pacers in Indy
  Blazers make a stop in Phoenix
  Salmons, Bucks stop Nuggets
  Raptors cut down Nets
  Grizzlies get balance on offense to beat Warriors
  Millsap, Jazz crush Hornets
  Fourth quarter surge pushes Celtics past Mavs
Saturday, March 20, 2010
  Heat top Bobcats, keep pace in East playoff race
  Rose returns, helps Bulls snap 10-game skid
  Lakers' Bynum out at least one week with Achilles strain
  Jazz welcome Hornets to Salt Lake City
  Nuggets take on Bucks at Pepsi Center
  Celtics face tough test in Dallas
  Grizzlies, Warriors square off in Memphis
  Heat close out homestand vs. Bobcats
  Raptors make a stop in New Jersey
  Sliding Bulls try to snap skid in Philly
  Spurs score 147 in rout of Warriors
  Bucks need two OTs to beat Kings
  Tyreke Evans leaves game with concussion
  Roy snaps shooting skid to lift Blazers over Wizards
  Stoudemire scores 44 as Suns take down Jazz
  Bryant paces Lakers to 10th straight win over T'wolves
Friday, March 19, 2010
  Pistons' Stuckey returns to lineup
  Pierce carries Celtics past Rockets
  Johnson beats the buzzer as Hawks edge Bobcats in OT
  Douglas rallies short-handed Knicks over Sixers
  Durant, Thunder crush Raptors
  LeBron youngest to reach 15,000 points in Cavs win over Bulls
  Bulls' Deng out 2-to-3 weeks with strained calf
  Granger, Pacers hold off Pistons
  Wizards sign Livingston through rest of season
  Lakers aim to continue mastery of Timberwolves
  Spurs strive for another home win over Warriors
  Rockets to host Celtics in important late-season tilt
  Cavs try to keep rolling in bout with slumping Bulls
  Bucks try to get back on track in Sacramento
  Blazers seek fifth straight win with matchup vs. Wizards
  Jazz, Suns jockey for playoff position at Phoenix
  Knicks and Sixers meet for second time this week
  Thunder resume road trip north of the border vs. Raptors
  Granger-less Pacers host Pistons in Central Division clash
  Nuggets handle Hornets to gain ground in West
Thursday, March 18, 2010
  Lewis leads Magic to OT win over Heat
  Pistons' Stuckey cleared to return Friday
  Road-weary Hornets visit Nuggets
  Magic visit Heat in possible playoff preview
  Warriors rally from 21 down to top Hornets
  Millsap, Korver pace Utah rout of Minnesota
  Clippers rally past Bucks to snap eight-game skid
  Sixers stop slide, topple Nets
  Brooks perfect from long distance, Rockets end Memphis' road run
  Magic stay hot, cool Spurs
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
  Mavs get back on track with win over hurting Bulls
  Celtics get St. Patty's Day win over Knicks
  Bobcats halt Thunder's winning streak
  Cavs win division, continue home dominance of Pacers
  Bosh sends Raptors past Hawks on last-second shot
  NBA board approves sale of Bobcats to Jordan
  Portland fires VP Penn
  Road-weary Pacers try to fix issues in Cleveland
  March Madness: NBA style
  Scorching Bucks try to take down reeling Clippers
  Hornets resume important trip with bout against Warriors
  Jazz seeking to extend Timberwolves' season-long misery
  Rockets to host Grizzlies in key conference clash
  Raptors return home to face Hawks
  Reeling Bulls visit powerhouse Mavs
  Basement brawl: Woeful Nets visit lowly Sixers
  Spurs finish Florida trip in Orlando
  Knicks make a stop in Boston for St. Patrick's Day
  Thunder kick off road trip in Charlotte
  Bryant, Gasol help Lakers down Kings for 50th win of season
  Suns go off for 152, blow out Timberwolves
  Mayo, Grizzlies survive depleted Bulls
  Anthony, Nuggets hand Wizards ninth straight defeat
  Red-hot Spurs notch road win over Heat
Tuesday, March 16, 2010
  James' triple-double helps Cavs down Pistons
  Hawks rout Nets in New Jersey
  Granger and Pacers snap Charlotte's streak
  Wizards F Howard out at least six months following surgery
  Lakers eye 50th win in Sacramento
  Playoff-hopeful Suns welcome Wolves to the desert
  Nuggets hope to have Karl back vs. Wizards
  Sliding Bulls make a stop in Memphis
  Heat resume homestand vs. Spurs
  Cavs closing in on Central title; visit Pistons
  Hawks visit lowly Nets
  Bobcats aim for franchise-record 7th straight win in Indy vs. Pacers
  Bryant and Lakers hang on against Warriors
  Detroit F Prince suffers back injury
  Boozer, Jazz dominate reeling Wizards
  Brooks sinks winning shot as Rockets stop Nuggets
  Thornton keys late spurt as Hornets beat Clippers
  Knicks finally win two straight, top struggling Sixers
  Hot-shooting Celtics rout Pistons
Monday, March 15, 2010
  Bogut, Roy take home NBA weekly honors
  Nuggets press on without Karl; meet Rockets
  Lakers shoot for another season sweep of Warriors
  Fading Hornets resume road trip vs. Clippers
  Jazz return home to face hapless Wizards
  Celtics and Pistons clash in Beantown
  Sixers, Knicks meet in Philly
  Evans, Kings cruise past lowly Timberwolves
  Suns down free-falling Hornets
  Blazers continue playoff push with win over Raptors
  Westbrook, Durant lead Thunder over Jazz
Sunday, March 14, 2010
  Bobcats win sixth straight, snap Orlando's eight-game win streak
  James, Cavaliers handle Celtics
  Wade carries Heat over Sixers
  Bucks edge Pacers to complete season sweep
  James, Cavs welcome Celtics to the "Q"
  Reeling Raptors finish road trip in Portland
  Wolves, Kings clash in Sacramento
  Suns resume homestand vs. fading Hornets
  Jazz visit Thunder in key Western Conference matchup
  Magic shoot for 9th straight win; host Bobcats
  Heat host hapless Sixers
  Surging Bucks shoot for season sweep of Pacers
  Curry and Ellis lift Warriors over spiraling Raptors
  Spurs crush Clippers...again
  Magic win eighth straight, top Wizards
  Smith leads Nuggets' fourth-quarter charge in win over Memphis
  Scola sizzles as Rockets cut down Nets
Saturday, March 13, 2010
  Knicks pound Dallas to snap Mavs' 13-game win streak
  Hawks use proficient shooting to beat Pistons
  Smith's 11 helpers paced Atlanta over Detroit
  NBA suspends Bulls' Hinrich one game, fines Suns coach Gentry
  MRI on Gerald Wallace's ankle comes back negative
  Bobcats sign Larry Hughes
  Rockets kick off homestand vs. Nets
  Raptors resume road trip in Oakland vs. Warriors
  Mavs aim to push win streak to 14 vs. Knicks
  Spurs shoot for 16th straight win over Clippers
  Nuggets press on without Karl in Memphis
  Surging Magic continue push towards postseason, visit Wizards
  Hawks welcome Pistons to Dixie
  Salmons, Bucks drop Jazz to continue hot streak
  Durant sets franchise mark, Thunder slide by Nets
  Anthony leads Nuggets over Hornets
  Roy leads Blazers to rout of Kings
  Memphis downs struggling Knicks
  Bulls' Rose sits with wrist injury
  James returns, powers Cavs over Sixers
  Bryant and Lakers get past Suns
  Karl to miss remainder of Denver road trip
  Bobcats top Clippers; Wallace hurt ankle
  Richardson and Heat clobber Bulls
  Bynum's 20 assists keys Detroit's win over Wizards
Friday, March 12, 2010
  Pierce leads Celtics in rout of Pacers
  Spurs continue dominance of Timberwolves
  LeBron returns against Sixers
  Bobcats' Wallace leaves game with ankle injury
  Thunder rookie Harden expected to miss 2-to-4 weeks
  Heat suspend Wright for two games after DUI arrest
  Bulls' Rose to miss at least one game with sprained wrist
  Losing starts at the top
  Nuggets visit the Big Easy to take on Hornets
  Blazers try to enhance playoff chances in clash with Kings
  Bulls, Heat set to battle in Miami
  Pistons resume homestand with visit from Wizards
  Lakers visit Phoenix for key Pacific showdown
  Bucks, Jazz to square off in battle of surging clubs
  Bobcats continue push towards postseason, host Clippers
  Celtics try to stop skid in home tilt with Pacers
  Playoff-bound Cavs make a stop in south Philly
  Spurs, Wolves square off in Twin Cities
  Desperate Grizzlies welcome Knicks to Memphis
  Thunder host hapless Nets
  Roy leads Portland rally over Warriors
  Carter, Magic rout short-handed Bulls; Rose injured
  Crawford helps Hawks top Wizards
Thursday, March 11, 2010
  Bulls' Rose leaves with sprained wrist
  Heat's Wright charged with DUI
  LeBron likely to return on Friday
  Howard, Magic put streak on line vs. Bulls
  Hawks hope to snap funk in DC
  Blazers hit the road to Golden State
  Mavericks down Nets for 13th straight victory
  Evans' triple-double leads Kings over Raptors
  Ginobili helps Spurs hold off Knicks
  Red-hot Thunder dominate Hornets
  Jazz continue mastery of Pistons
  Wade, Heat rout Clippers
  Road warriors: Grizzlies run road streak to seven with rout in Boston
  Billups, Nuggets send T'Wolves to seventh straight loss
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
  Bobcats handle Sixers
  T'Wolves C Hollins suspended
  Pistons' Stuckey cleared for exercise
  Surging Jazz shoot for another win over Pistons
  Spurs, Knicks square off in Alamo City
  Heat begin key homestand with visit from Clippers
  Bobcats hope to end road woes in Philadelphia
  Mavs aim to push win streak to 13 vs. Nets
  Raptors make a stop in Sacramento
  Thunder return home to face Hornets
  Nuggets visit Wolves without Karl
  Grizzlies take road winning streak to Boston
  NBA suspends Granger, Frye
  Bryant's heroics lift Lakers past Raptors
  Blazers hold off Kings
  Bogut, Bucks down Celtics in Milwaukee
  Williams, Jazz open road trip with win over Bulls
Tuesday, March 09, 2010
  Clippers sever ties with GM Dunleavy
  Felton helps Bobcats rally past Heat
  Rockets notch road victory over Wizards
  Jones shines in Granger's absence as Pacers down Sixers
  Howard, Magic crush lowly Clippers
  Sixers, Pacers clash in Indy
  Jazz open trek against Bulls
  Blazers welcome Kings to Rose Garden
  Slumping Lakers target win vs. Raptors
  Heat visit Bobcats in key Eastern Conference showdown
  Surging Bucks host Allen, Celtics
  Streaking Magic hope to make Clippers disappear
  Rockets take fading playoff push to Washington
  Blazers' Przybilla undergoes surgery
  Nets still searching for winning streak, fall to Grizzlies
Monday, March 08, 2010
  Marion leads Mavs to 12th straight victory
  Cavs edge Spurs without LeBron
  Hornets hold off Warriors
  Gallinari and Knicks squeak past Atlanta
  Grizzlies recall Thabeet after short stint in D-League
  Nuggets' Martin to receive therapy for ailing knee
  Wade, Nowitzki take home NBA weekly honors
  Spurs' Parker won't need surgery for broken hand
  Grizzlies, Nets collide in Memphis
  Mavs visit T-Wolves, shoot for 12th straight win
  Hawks aim to bounce back against reeling Knicks
  Minus Parker, Spurs ready for clash with Cavs
  Hornets aim to stop skid vs. Warriors
  Anthony leads Nuggets past Blazers
  Blazers C Przybilla to undergo surgery again
  Durant, Thunder drop Kings
  Pistons rally vs. Rockets, snap six-game skid with OT win
  Allen's late heroics leads Boston over Washington
Sunday, March 07, 2010
  Magic survive Kobe, Lakers to win fifth straight
  Young scores 32 as Sixers down Raptors
  Lakers take losing streak to Orlando
  Playoff-hopeful Rockets make a stop at Detroit
  Celtics return home to face Wizards
  Nuggets, Blazers renew rivalry in Denver
  30 Something: Durant, Thunder visit Kings
  Raptors face home test vs. Sixers
  Heat suspend Alston indefinitely
  Bucks topple Cavs; James rests
  Suns help Pacers finish four-game trip winless
  Spurs' Parker breaks bone in hand
  Okur leads Jazz to another home win over Clippers
  Parker breaks hand; Spurs top Grizzlies
  Bobcats knock off road-weary Warriors
  Beasley leads late Heat charge in win over Hawks
  Ailing Mavs down Bulls for 11th straight win
Saturday, March 06, 2010
  Nets rally from 16-down early, throttle Knicks
  Celtics add guard Finley
  Pistons' Stuckey released from hospital
  Jazz host Clippers in Salt Lake City
  Bobcats hope to stay on track vs. Warriors
  Hawks, Heat get together in south Florida
  Nets begin road swing at New York
  Mavs try to push win streak to 11 in Chicago
  Rockets open trek in Minnesota
  Grizzlies hope to solve home woes vs. Spurs
  LeBron, Cavs make a stop in Milwaukee
  Suns try to set on Pacers in the desert
  Nuggets use balanced attack to beat Pacers
  Durant, Thunder bounce back against Clippers
  Bogut boosts Bucks over Wizards
  Nowitzki scores 15 in fourth to lift Dallas to 10th straight win
  Garnett, Celtics handle Sixers
  Spurs get balanced offense in win over Hornets
  Pistons' Stuckey taken off on stretcher
  James, Cavaliers down Pistons; Stuckey taken to hospital
Friday, March 05, 2010
  Magic use balanced attack to down Nets
  Mavs' Terry out 10-14 days following surgery
  Bobcats hand cold-shooting Lakers second straight loss
  Raptors upend Knicks, halt four-game slide
  Josh Smith leads Hawks over Warriors
  Here's hoping a sad end doesn't turn tragic
  Nuggets continue homestand in matchup with Pacers
  Scorching Mavs go for 10th straight win in clash with Kings
  Southeast-leading Magic to pay a visit to hapless Nets
  Hawks to host road-challenged Warriors
  Clippers close out homestand vs. Thunder
  Spurs shoot for season sweep of Hornets
  Bosh set to return as Raptors host Knicks
  Surging Bucks visit Wizards
  Lakers aim for season sweep of Bobcats
  Cavs and Pistons clash at the "Q"
  Williams leads fourth quarter charge as Jazz top Suns
  Heat clip Lakers in OT
Thursday, March 04, 2010
  Memphis continues road streak with win over Chicago
  Penguins beat Rangers in SO despite Lundqvist's 50 saves
  Mavs' Terry to have surgery
  Report: Celtics add guard Finley
  Heat face tough task vs. Lakers
  Grizzlies invade Windy City to face Bulls
  Jazz, Suns set for desert duel
  Pierce sparks Celtics rout of Charlotte
  Mavericks fend off Timberwolves for ninth straight win
  Suns explode in third to take down Clippers
  Roy, Aldridge shine as Blazers blast Pacers
  Carmelo helps Nuggets rip Thunder
  Four Knicks score 20-plus in win over Pistons
  Landry haunts former teammates as Kings edge Rockets
  Conley and Grizzlies grab win in New Orleans
  Salmons and Bucks dominate Washington
  Orlando has little trouble dismantling Golden State
Wednesday, March 03, 2010
  Cavs open 20-point lead early, rout Nets
  Conley and Hornets grab win in New Orleans
  Williams, Crawford pace Hawks over Sixers
  Bulls C Noah out three weeks
  Portland signs G Diener
  Bulls release G Hunter, sign Richard
  Southwest trio ready for war
  Mavs try for ninth straight win vs. T'Wolves
  Houston's Martin faces old Sacramento mates
  Hornets host Grizzlies in the Big Easy
  Thunder, Nuggets clash at Pepsi Center
  Blazers host Pacers in Rose City
  Celtics hope to get back on track vs. Bobcats
  Bucks host Wizards in opener of home-and-home set
  Pistons and Knicks meet at MSG
  Best and worst clash as Cavs face Nets
  Short-handed Sixers visit Hawks
  Magic host woeful Warriors
  Durant, Westbrook bring down Thunder on Kings
  Bryant, Lakers trounce Pacers
  Wade helps lift Heat over Warriors
  Pierce returns as Boston downs Detroit
Tuesday, March 02, 2010
  Ellis, Biedrins expected to miss Warriors' five-game road trip
  Kings F Nocioni suspended
  Pacers aim for first win at Staples Center vs. Lakers
  Thunder finish homestand vs. Kings
  Heat hope to stop slide vs. Warriors
  Celtics and Pistons battle at The Palace
  Iverson will not return this season
  Gordon helps Clippers hold off Jazz
  Smith, Hawks bring down hammer on Bulls
  Suns have little trouble downing Nuggets
  Report: Iverson will not return to Sixers this season
  Roy, Blazers rally in second half to down Grizzlies
Monday, March 01, 2010
  Cavs start strong, rout Knicks
  Brooks and Martin shine as Rockets blow out Raptors
  Hill, Spurs top Hornets
  Mavs continue mastery of Bobcats, win eighth straight
  Magic beat Sixers by 21
  James, Boozer take February honors
  Wizards buy out G James
  Spurs part ways with Finley
  Timberwolves waive C Blount
  Skiles and Brooks named top coaches for February
  Jerebko, Collison named NBA rookies of the month
  Celtics' Pierce says he's 'ready to go' on Tuesday
  James, Nowitzki take home NBA weekly honors
  Bucks' Redd to undergo surgery Tuesday to repair torn ACL
  Pacers waive G Diener
  Shaq out eight weeks after thumb surgery
  Shaq-less Cavs host Knicks
  Jazz aim to resume success against Clippers
  Blazers wrap up trek at Memphis
  Spurs, Hornets clash at New Orleans Arena
  Raptors hope to have Bosh back in Houston
  Nuggets, Suns square off in the desert
  Bulls kick off homestand vs. Hawks
  Struggling Sixers tangle with Magic at Wachovia Center
  Surging Mavs visit Bobcats
  Mavs drop Hornets for seventh straight win
  Evans helps Kings hold off Clippers
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  Rivers says Garnett will continue to rest
  Hornets' Posey sidelined with elbow injury
  Thunder take a shot on Shaun
  D-League awards team to Springfield
  Spurs' Oberto cleared to play
  Thunder sign Livingston
  Smokin' Cavs host rival Pistons
  Bulls try to keep playoff hopes alive at Indiana
  76ers, Hawks square off at Wachovia Center
  Spurs try to get back on track in clash with Thunder
  Struggling Mavericks head to Minnesota
  Lakers hoping to reverse recent fortunes against Bobcats
  Hornets face lowly Kings in Sacramento
  Jazz, Blazers clash in key Northwest Division matchup
  Nuggets hope to clinch playoff spot vs. visiting Knicks
  Mayo leads Memphis over Golden State
  Howard does Mourning impersonation on Alonzo's night; Magic down Heat
  Jazz blow huge lead, then beat Knicks for 15th straight home win
Monday, March 30, 2009
  Jefferson stars as Bucks rout Nets
  Heat retire Mourning's No.33
  Warriors welcome Grizzlies to Oakland
  Magic make a stop in Miami
  Jazz try to extend home win streak vs. Knicks
  Suns' playoff hopes take a hit in loss to lowly Kings
  Mavs' Cuban fined again
  Hornets' Posey suspended for one game by NBA
  Celtics silence the Thunder
  Bulls use big fourth quarter to force OT but fall short in Toronto
  Miller leads Timberwolves past Nets
  LeBron helps Cavs reach 60-win plateau in rout of Mavs
  Hornets gain ground on Southwest Division-leading Spurs
Sunday, March 29, 2009
  Hornets gain ground, but Spurs clinch playoff spot after Suns lose
  Fourth-quarter surge helps Pistons down Sixers
  Granger leads Pacers past lowly Wizards
  Celtics' Garnett rests ailing knee
  Pistons' Iverson returns
  Hawks' defense stifles Lakers
  Slumping Suns hope to get back on track vs. lowly Kings
  Wizards, Pacers clash in Indianapolis
  Celtics kick off homestand by hosting Thunder
  Bulls take playoff push to Toronto
  Lakers resume productive road trip in Atlanta vs. Hawks
  Hornets host Spurs in key Southwest Division matchup
  Pistons host Sixers in key Eastern Conference matchup
  Desperate Nets visit the Twin Cities to take on Wolves
  Cavs shoot for 12th straight win vs. Mavs
  Anthony leads Nuggets past Warriors
  Surging Blazers blast Grizzlies
  Jazz make Suns face the music in OT
  Agent Zero finally plays, but Hamilton shines in Detroit win
  Gordon leads Bulls past Pacers for fourth straight win
  Rockets never trail, down hapless Clippers
  Bobcats continue playoff push by beating Knicks
Saturday, March 28, 2009
  Wade, Heat overwhelm Bucks
  Wizards' James done for season; Arenas returns
  Wizards' James done for season; Arenas expected to return
  Blazers play host to Grizzlies at the Rose Garden
  Jazz aim for 14th straight home win vs. Suns
  Warriors visit Rocky Mountains to take on Nuggets
  Rockets, Clippers clash in Houston
  Faltering Bucks visit South Beach to take on Heat
  Bobcats, Knicks square off in Charlotte
  Arenas scheduled to return as Wizards host Pistons
  Bulls host Pacers in Windy City
  Grizzlies notch rare win in Sacramento
  Spurs use balanced attack to dominate Clippers
  Knicks snap six-game slide with win over Hornets
  Nuggets hold off Mavs, sweep season series
  Allen and Davis help Celtics thwart Hawks comeback attempt
  Gasol helps Lakers down Nets, clinch West's top seed
  Bobcats hold on to top 76ers
Friday, March 27, 2009
  LeBron leads Cavs in rout of T'Wolves
  Lewis, Magic get by Bucks
  Nets' Harris returns
  Bosh leads Raptors past Thunder
  Clippers' Camby leaves game with ankle injury
  Warriors' Davidson has surgery
  Spurs' Oberto to miss two games with irregular heartbeat
  Knicks host Hornets at MSG
  Spurs host lowly Clippers in Alamo City
  Celtics aim to maintain dominance of Hawks
  Surging Sixers welcome Brown, Bobcats
  Raptors resume homestand with visit from Thunder
  Magic try to stay hot in clash with Bucks
  Kings, Grizzlies square off in Sacramento
  Nuggets go for season sweep of Mavs
  Knicks sign Crawford to 10-day contract
  Streaking Cavs host woeful Wolves
  Powerful Lakers visit Nets
  Blazers put damper on Suns' playoff chances
Thursday, March 26, 2009
  Bryant rallies Lakers past Pistons
  Bulls strengthen playoff chances by beating Heat
  NBA approves new rule for too many players on the court
  Mavericks F George undergoes knee surgery
  Bulls, Heat square off in Windy City
  Lakers continue trek against Pistons
  Rising Suns resume playoff push in Portland
  Cavs down Nets for franchise-record 58th win
  Wizards pick up rare division win over Bobcats
  Hang time: Harrington gives Clippers the game, again
  Raptors use balanced attack to take down Bucks
  Parker lifts Duncan-less Spurs past Hawks
  Suns push for playoffs, top Jazz for sixth straight win
  Late Heat rally falls short in Indiana
  Nuggets score impressive road win over Hornets
  Nowitzki, Terry lead Mavs over Warriors
  Magic clinch SE Division, tie Boston for second in East
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
  Young leads Sixers past Timberwolves
  LeBron's near triple-double leads Cavs past Nets
  Nene suspended two games
  The Logo says no to the Clippers
  Knicks try to snap funk vs. lowly Clippers
  Playoff-hopeful Bobcats aim for sweep of Wizards
  Magic host Celtics in marquee matchup down south
  Suns ready for big matchup with red-hot Jazz
  Playoff-hopeful Mavs to host Warriors
  Nuggets visit Hornets in key conference clash
  Bulls, Jazz to play preseason game in Europe
  Sixers host Wolves at Wachovia Center
  Heat hope to stop ugly slide in Indy vs. Pacers
  Spurs, Hawks clash in Atlanta
  Cavs shoot for franchise record in wins vs. Nets
  Reeling Bucks visit Raptors
  Jazz win 13th straight at home, top Rockets
  Without Rose, Hinrich leads Bulls past Pistons
  Spurs edge Warriors, continue home domination of Golden State
  Lakers continue domination of Thunder
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
  Without Rose Hinrich leads Bulls past Pistons
  NBA fines Nuggets' Kleiza
  Bucks' Ridnour day-to-day with back spasms
  NBA Northwest: Three-team race heating up division
  Raptors' Banks to miss remainder of season; Douby signed
  Rockets try to stay atop division in Utah
  Spurs aim to regroup versus Warriors
  Banged-up Pistons visit Bulls
  Lakers resume long road trip in Oklahoma City vs. Thunder
  Nash and Suns hold off Denver
  Miller leads Sixers past Blazers in OT
Monday, March 23, 2009
  Howard, Turkoglu lead late Magic surge over Knicks
  Gordon helps Bulls fend off Wizards
  Wade tops own season scoring mark as Heat beat Grizzlies
  Celtics pull away to beat Clippers
  Flipping on the win switch: Murray paces Hawks over T'Wolves
  O'Neal sits with bruised hip for Heat
  Rockets sign G/F White to multi-year deal
  James, Paul earn NBA weekly honors
  Knicks sign C Sims
  Celtics, Clippers square off in Beantown
  Heat host Grizzlies in South Beach
  76ers conclude trek at Portland's Rose Garden
  Northwest-leading Nuggets open trip in Phoenix
  Magic, Knicks finish home-and-home set at MSG
  Hawks kick off homestand vs. Wolves
  Bulls take playoff push to Washington
  Iguodala, 76ers crush Kings
  Paul leads Hornets past Warriors
  LeBron helps Cavs top Nets, tie franchise wins record
Sunday, March 22, 2009
  Bosh, Raptors clobber Clippers
  Wade, Haslem help Heat pull out win in Detroit
  Scola, Rockets edge Spurs to grab division lead
  Durant leads Thunder past T'Wolves
  Heat pay a visit to Pistons at The Palace
  Southwest Showdown: Rockets try to pass Spurs in division
  Raptors, Clippers square off up north
  Wolves welcome Thunder to Target Center
  LeBron, Cavs visit playoff-hopeful Nets
  Hornets continue residency vs. Warriors
  76ers resume road trip in Sacramento
  Celtics dominate Grizzlies
  Shaq climbs scoring chart as Suns scorch Wizards
  Jack powers Pacers to pounding of Bobcats
  Lakers use strong fourth quarter to rally past Bulls
  Roy, Blazers defeat Bucks
  Magic inch closer to division crown with win over Knicks
Saturday, March 21, 2009
  Red-hot Cavs cool off Hawks, run win streak to eight
  Magic open home-and-home series with Knicks
  Cavs welcome Hawks to Quicken Loans Arena
  Bobcats welcome Pacers to town
  Celtics, Grizzlies square off in Memphis
  Bucks try to get back on track vs. Portland
  Suns host lowly Wizards in the desert
  Top-seeded Lakers open trip in Chicago
  Wright's career night leads Warriors past Sixers
  Boston tops San Antonio in Garnett's return
  Williams, Jazz take down Thunder
  Smith pours in 40 as Nuggets top Wizards
  Celtics' Garnett returns after month-long absence
  Kings destroy Knicks
Friday, March 20, 2009
  Balanced attack helps Rockets down T'Wolves
  Bynum's career night leads injury-plagued Pistons over Clips
  Paul, Hornets sting Grizzlies
  Nets' bench shines in win over Heat
  Nowitzki's last-second shot lifts Mavs over Pacers
  Bobcats creep closer to playoffs with win over Toronto
  I'll take LeBron over Cinderella anytime
  Suns' Barbosa sidelined 1-3 weeks
  Sixers' swing resumes against Golden State
  Northwest-leading Nuggets to host wayward Wizards
  Bobcats visit Toronto for key clash
  Mavs aim for rebound against slumping Pacers
  Rockets shoot for season sweep of Wolves
  Spurs, Celtics square off in the Alamo City
  Jazz hope to cure road woes in Oklahoma City
  Pistons take on Clippers in Auburn Hills
  Wade questionable as Heat visit Nets
  Knicks host Kings at MSG
  Gasol, Lakers top Warriors
  LeBron's triple-double helps Cavs down Blazers in OT
Thursday, March 19, 2009
  Hawks complete perfect homestand with win over Mavs
  Top-seeded Cavs welcome Blazers to town
  Surging Hawks close out homestand vs. Mavs
  Lakers aim to bounce back vs. Golden State
  Shaq leads Suns in win over Philly
  Paul, West lead Hornets past Timberwolves
  Bulls go cold late, but managed to top Thunder
  Yao helps Rockets outlast Pistons in double overtime
  Clippers top Wizards in battle of also-rans
  Howard leads Magic in rout of Bucks
  Anthony rallies Nuggets past Grizzlies
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
  Nets clobber Knicks in battle of playoff hopefuls
  Suns' Barbosa leaves game versus Sixers
  Blazers continue push to playoffs by pounding Pacers
  Celtics go OT against Heat to clinch Atlantic Division
  Wade out versus Boston with hip injury
  Allen, Powe add to Boston's list of casualties
  Suns Barbosa leaves game versus Sixers
  Bobcats keep Kings winless against the East
  Oden makes his return for Portland
  Kings G Martin, F Nocioni out vs. Bobcats
  Skiles, CV31 and Twitter-gate
  Nets suspend Sean Williams
  Cavs' Szczerbiak out at least two weeks with MCL sprain
  Clippers, Wizards to play for nothing but pride
  Surging Sixers try to remain hot in Phoenix
  Nuggets invade FedEx Forum in Memphis
  Rockets to host injury-plagued Pistons
  Hornets host Wolves in the Big Easy
  Bucks try to keep playoff hopes alive vs. Magic
  Bulls take on Thunder in Oklahoma City
  Nets aim to salvage finale of road trip vs. Knicks
  Celtics hope to clinch Atlantic Division title vs. Heat
  Bobcats welcome hapless Kings to Charlotte
  Pacers, Blazers square off in Indy
  Without Duncan, Spurs continue dominance of Minnesota
  Iguodala's last-second shot lifts Sixers over Lakers
  Warriors hold off Clippers, spoil Davis' return
  Celtics fall to Salmons-led Bulls
  Jazz dominate Wizards
  James' late heroics propels Cavs past Magic
  Nowitzki, Mavericks hold off Pistons
  Celtics' Powe leaves game
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
  Horford, Hawks win sixth straight with rout of Kings
  Nets' Harris has sprained shoulder
  Dallas' Howard to receive cortisone shot for ankle
  Mavs lose Howard for two weeks
  Rockets F Landry wounded in overnight shooting
  NBA Central: Pistons trying to save face
  Knicks sign Nichols to second 10-day contract
  Bulls welcome Celtics to the Second City
  Spurs take on Wolves in Alamo City
  Jazz host Wizards in Salt Lake City
  Warriors, Clippers battle in Oakland
  Lakers welcome Sixers to Hollywood
  Mavs hope to stay sharp at home vs. Pistons
  Eastern Conference heavyweights clash as Cavs host Magic
  Streaking Hawks host Kings at Philips Arena
  Billups fills stat sheet as Nuggets rout Nets
  Playoff-hopeful Bobcats bounce Raptors
  Aldridge powers Blazers past Grizzlies
  No late-game heroics for Spurs in loss at Oklahoma City
  Kings' Jackson to undergo surgery
Monday, March 16, 2009
  Artest leads delpted Rockets over Hornets
  Yao out due to flu
  Nets' Sean Williams arrested
  Warriors' Jackson suspended one game
  Bryant, James earn NBA weekly honors
  Popovich to reach milestone in Spurs' tilt with Thunder
  Nuggets seeking revenge on sputtering Nets
  Blazers hoping to bounce back in Memphis
  Rockets visit Hornets for Southwest shootout
  Bobcats, Raptors square off in Charlotte
  Suns score 154 points in rout of Warriors
  Novak's buzzer-beater gives Clippers win over Nets
  Nets' Harris leaves with sprained shoulder
Sunday, March 15, 2009
  James dominates as Cavs top Knicks
  Howard dominates; Magic rout Jazz
  Wizards edge league-worst Sacramento
  Grizzlies surprise Pistons
  Ariza, Lakers hold off Mavericks
  Bucks top Celtics in battle of offensive futility
  Marshall helps Sixers cool off Heat
  Bargnani, Raptors rout Pacers to end skid
  Pacers' Granger returns from foot injury
  Johnson leads Hawks in rout of Blazers
  Mavericks F George to undergo knee surgery
  Jazz finish road trip in Orlando vs. Magic
  Celtics hope to secure Atlantic Division crown vs. Bucks
  Nets face Clippers at Staples Center
  Pacific rivals meet as Suns visit Warriors
  Lowly Kings visit woeful Wizards
  LeBron, Cavs play host to Knicks
  Mavs finish road trip in LA vs. Lakers
  Pistons host Grizzlies at the Palace
  Exhausted Heat face Sixers in Philly
  Blazers kick off road trip in Atlanta vs. Hawks
  Pacers, Raptors square off in Toronto
  Nuggets cash in against hapless Clippers
  Barbosa helps Suns burn Thunder
  Thunder's Durant back in action against Suns
  Parker leads Spurs past division rival Rockets
  Why can't this be Love? Rookie leads T'Wolves past Bobcats
Saturday, March 14, 2009
  Gordon, Bulls rout Hornets
  Wade scores 50 on milestone day; Heat beat Jazz in 3-OT
  Remembering the Spectrum
  Suns hope to snap skid vs. Thunder
  Nuggets resume homestand vs. Clippers
  Streaking Hornets face Bulls in the Second City
  Rockets, Spurs meet in Southwest shootout
  Bobcats hope to get back on track in the Twin Cities vs. Wolves
  Jazz, Heat square off in South Beach
  Sixers top Bulls to give Philly fans another Spectrum memory
  LeBron scores 51, Cavs beat Kings in OT to win Central Division
  Roy's late surge leads Blazers over Nets
  Pistons owner Davidson dies
  Kidd's triple-double not enough as Mavs fall to Warriors
  Artest seals Rockets win over Bobcats in final moments
Friday, March 13, 2009
  Knicks win third straight on the road, drop T'Wolves
  Hamilton leads Pistons past Raptors in OT
  Paul helps Hornets sting Bucks
  Johnson, Hawks get the better of Pacers
  Powe helps Celtics trump Grizzlies
  Magic power past Wizards
  Cavs shooting for division-clinching win over Kings
  Nets' Najera has successful surgery
  Mavericks take surge into Golden State
  Nets face important test from contending Blazers
  Knicks visit Wolves in Twin Cities
  Hornets continue key trek in Milwaukee
  Pistons to pay struggling Raptors a visit
  Sixers host Bulls in Spectrum finale
  Hawks resume long homestand vs. Pacers
  Celtics play host to Grizzlies in Beantown
  Playoff-bound Magic aim for season sweep of Wizards
  Bobcats hope to improve playoff standing vs. Rockets
  LeBron's third straight triple-double lifts Cavs over Suns
  Lakers down Spurs to capture division title
Thursday, March 12, 2009
  Bryant, Lakers down Spurs
  Atlanta's Marvin Williams out indefinitely
  Big West: Spurs host Lakers in Alamo City
  Slumping Suns welcome LeBron, Cavs to desert
  Jackson leads late Warriors rally past Nets
  Magic clinch playoff spot with rout of Bulls
  Knicks pick up big road win, knock off Pistons in OT
  Anthony, Denver handle Oklahoma City
  Nowitzki leads Mavs past Blazers
  Bryant rallies Lakers to win over Rockets
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
  Miami's Wade stays hot, torches Celtics
  Young's 29 lead Sixers past Raptors
  T'Wolves snap skid with rout of Grizzlies
  Atlanta halts Utah's 12-game winning streak
  Paul's triple-double lifts Hornets over Wiz
  Back injury sidelines Atlanta's Marvin Williams
  Pistons' Wallace to miss next two games
  Bulls head to Orlando for critical matchup
  Scorching Jazz seek 13th straight win in Atlanta
  Nuggets aim to regroup against Thunder
  Rockets face true test at home vs. Lakers
  Blazers put home win streak on line vs. Mavs
  Nets open trip at Golden State
  Slumping Sixers open homestand with Raptors
  Hornets aim for a rebound against Wizards
  Ailing Wolves hope to snap skid vs. Grizzlies
  Streaking Pistons welcome Knicks to The Palace
  Celtics visit South Beach to take on Wade, Heat
  James' triple-double leads Cavs over Clippers
  Green, surging Thunder inch past Kings
  Nowitzki leads Mavs over Suns in Phoenix
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
  Hughes leads Knicks over Bucks in Milwaukee
  Spurs end Bobcats' win streak at six
  Okur, Millsap help Jazz extend winning streak to 12 games
  Odom suspended following Lakers, Blazers melee
  Paul, Hornets help New Orleans rebuild
  Top-seeded Cavs open trip against Clippers
  Suns, Mavs square off in the desert
  Thunder try to crown Kings in Cali
  Bobcats continue playoff push in San Antonio vs. Spurs
  Bucks play host to Knicks at Bradley Center
  Streaking Jazz aim for 12th straight win vs. Pacers
  Artest helps Rockets edge Nuggets
  Trail Blazers continue dominance at home with rout of Lakers
  Ariza sparks melee between Lakers, Blazers
  Wade's buzzer-beater lifts Heat over Bulls in double-OT
  Wizards top reeling T'Wolves
Monday, March 09, 2009
  Hamilton leads Pistons past Magic
  Johnson helps Hawks end Hornets' seven-game win streak
  Mavs lose Howard for two games
  D-League to implement new playoff system
  Wade, Williams earn NBA weekly honors
  Barkley leaves jail after three days
  Blazers try to extend home win streak vs. Lakers
  Nuggets open homestand vs. Rockets
  Wolves hope to snap skid vs. Wizards at Target Center
  Pistons, Magic square off at The Palace
  Heat host Bulls in South Beach
  Streaking Hornets visit Hawks
  Martin leads Kings to rare win
  Krstic, Thunder top Sixers
Sunday, March 08, 2009
  Rockets post 12th straight home win, beat Grizzlies
  Harris leads Nets past Knicks
  Parker helps Spurs down Suns
  Celtics PG Rondo day-to-day with ankle sprain
  Magic hold on for road victory over Celtics
  Williams leads Jazz to 11th straight win
  76ers take on Thunder at Ford Center
  Nuggets pay a visit to Kings
  Rockets try to extend home winning streak vs. Memphis
  Jazz go for 11th straight win at Toronto
  Beantown brawl: Celtics welcome Magic to town
  Spurs resume homestand versus Suns
  Knicks, Nets square off at Meadowlands
  All Jacked up: Pacers squeeze by listless Clippers
  Trail Blazers remain hot at home, edge Timberwolves
  Cavs continue home domination; Miami's Wade ejected
  Jefferson helps Bucks edge Warriors
Saturday, March 07, 2009
  Nowitzki leads Mavs in rout of lowly Wizards
  Paul helps Hornets win seventh straight
  Bobcats get by Knicks, post franchise-best sixth straight win
  Iguodala helps Sixers rally past Grizzlies
  Hawks sweep season series from Pistons
  Wizards make a stop in Dallas; Howard out
  Bobcats try to stay on winning path at New York
  Cavs welcome Heat to town
  Hornets go for seventh straight win vs. Thunder
  Clippers, Pacers square off in LA
  Portland plays host to Minnesota
  Wizards make a stop in Dallas
  Bucks open homestand with Warriors
  76ers pay a visit to Memphis
  Pistons streak into Atlanta
  Spurs pound Wizards
  Williams and Jazz slip past Nuggets
  Bryant leads Lakers past T'Wolves
  Pierce, Celtics stymie Cavs in battle for Eastern supremacy
  Bulls shoot down Bucks
  Hamilton and Pistons clobber Golden State
  Bobcats win fifth straight, top Hawks convincingly
  Surging Rockets edge Suns
Friday, March 06, 2009
  Turkoglu helps Magic slip past Nets
  Wade's World: Dwyane goes for 42 as Heat down Raptors
  Rivers: Garnett out at least another week
  Report: Barkley's jail sentence reduced
  Hall of Fame coach Daly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
  Pacers' Dunleavy out for season
  Wizards' Stevenson has successful surgery
  Knicks sign Nichols to 10-day contract
  Raptors sign Mensah-Bonsu
  Lakers aim for another win over T-Wolves
  Jazz shoot for perfect 10 in marquee matchup with Nuggets
  Slumping Spurs hope to get well at Wizards' expense
  Suns continue trek with key clash in Houston
  Streaking Bobcats host Hawks in Southeast showdown
  Bulls welcome Bucks to Windy City
  Pistons welcome Warriors to The Palace
  Eastern Conference heavyweights meet as Cavs visit Celtics
  Raptors hope to snap skid vs. Heat
  Nets, Magic battle in Orlando
  Anthony returns from suspension, guides Nuggets over Blazers
Thursday, March 05, 2009
  Paul leads Hornets to sixth straight win
  Spurs sign Gooden
  Spurs sign G/F Gooden
  Grumpy Old "Shaq"
  Cavs sign Smith
  Blazers, Nuggets battle for Northwest bragging rights
  Mavs try to keep owner happy in New Orleans
  Jazz down Rockets for ninth straight win
  Pierce comes through in clutch as Celtics clinch playoff spot
  Roy sinks winning foul shots as Blazers top Pacers
  Gay helps Grizzlies top Clippers, snap eight-game skid
  Salmons leads Bulls in rout of Warriors
  Howard powers Mavs over Spurs
  Wade, Heat spoil Shaq's return to Miami
  Thunder use late push to top Wizards
  Cavs clinch playoff spot, continue home dominance
Wednesday, March 04, 2009
  Gallinari's career night leads Knicks past Hawks
  Knicks' Robinson, Jeffries out against Hawks
  Heat sign Luther Head
  Spurs release F Mensah-Bonsu
  Pistons' Iverson out at least two weeks with balky back
  Suns visit Heat in Shaq's return to Miami
  Suns sign Swift
  Celtics aim to continue dominance over Nets
  Cavs return home to face slumping Bucks
  Knicks hope to end slide as Hawks visit the Garden
  Texas tussle: Mavs host Spurs in Dallas
  Blazers try to snap skid vs. Pacers
  Clippers host Grizzlies in LA
  Rockets, Jazz jockey for playoff position in Salt Lake City
  Bulls welcome Warriors to Windy City
  Cellar dwellers meet in Oklahoma City as Thunder host Wizards
  Pacers pick up road win over league-worst Kings
  Suns' Nash returns after missing three games
  Pistons spoil Billups' season-high 34 points, return to Detroit
  Bobcats easily handle Bulls, win fourth straight
Tuesday, March 03, 2009
  Lewis lifts Magic over Suns
  Scola, Rockets beat Raptors
  Warriors crush Timberwolves to end road skid
  Playoff-hopeful Nets hold off Bucks
  Celtics' Scalabrine out a month
  Nuggets sign G Hart for remainder of season
  Bucks' Redd has successful surgery
  Oden could be sidelined for another week
  Buyout bonanza hits the NBA
  Billups returns to Motor City as Nuggets face Pistons
  Rockets, Raptors square off in Houston
  Pacers visit Kings at ARCO Arena
  Lakers try to regroup vs. Grizzlies
  Bucks welcome Nets to Bradley Center
  Wolves, Warriors square off at Target Center
  Shaq's Suns visit Howard and Magic at Amway Arena
  Streaking Bobcats host Bulls
  Paul paces Hornets over Sixers
  Parker and Spurs continue dominance of Clippers
  Westbrook's triple-double helps Thunder upset Dallas
  Nuggets suspend Anthony one game
  James' Cavs get the better of Wade's Heat
Monday, March 02, 2009
  Williams leads Hawks over Washington
  Wade, Gasol named NBA Players of the Month
  Harris, West earn NBA weekly honors
  Lopez, Westbrook capture NBA rookie honors
  Knicks give C Samb 10-day contract
  NBA's top two scorers meet as Cavs travel to Miami
  Hornets try to continue mastery of Sixers
  Hawks try to rebound against lowly Wizards
  Mavs hope to continue winning ways in Oklahoma City
  Spurs hope to continue dominance of Clippers
  Thunder waive Smith
  Kidd reaches 10,000 assists as Mavs top Raptors
  James helps Cavs stave off Hawks
  Blazers clobber Spurs, spoil Duncan's return
  Williams leads Jazz past Warriors
  Bryant pours in 49 but Lakers get burned by the Suns
  Mavs continue home dominance over Raptors
  Kings waive Gooden
  Mavs' Terry returns
  Paul, West lead Hornets past Nets
Sunday, March 01, 2009
  Pacers use strong fourth quarter to pull away from Nuggets
  Rockets continue mastery of T-Wolves
  Hamilton, Pistons notch key road win over Boston
  Suns' Nash sits for third straight game
  Pistons' Iverson out again on Sunday
  Spurs and Blazers tangle in Portland
  Lakers shoot for season sweep of Suns
  Nets. Hornets square off at Izod Center
  Nuggets face Pacers in Indy
  Rockets aim to continue mastery over Wolves
  Hawks welcome LeBron and Cavs to Philips Arena
  Red-hot Jazz invade Oakland to take on Warriors
  Raptors hope to win in Dallas for the first time in nine years
  Celtics host Pistons at TD Banknorth Garden
  Lee and Magic rally to down Sixers
  Okafor paces Bobcats over Clips
  Westbrook lifts Durant-less Thunder past Memphis
  Bulls' Deng suffers possible season-ending injury
  Bulls mount huge comeback in fourth, snap Rockets' win streak
  Brewer, Okur lead Jazz past Kings
Monday, March 31, 2008
  Magic's Cook sidelined with broken finger
  Richardson, Anthony earn NBA weekly honors
  Pacers' O'Neal plans to play Monday
  Nuggets, Suns begin important home-and-home set
  Jazz open homestand against Wizards
  Ellis and Warriors upend reeling Mavs
  Lakers beat Wizards in OT; take lead in Pacific
  Martin, Artest power Kings past Sonics
  LeBron leads Cavs past Sixers
  Hawks improve playoff chances by edging Knicks
Sunday, March 30, 2008
  West, Hornets keep pace with Spurs by fending off Raptors
  Parker, Finley lead Spurs to rout of Rockets
  FG futility: Heat set record in loss to Celtics
  Wolves surge late to knock off Utah
  Mavs, Warriors battle for playoff positioning
  Cavs take on Sixers at Quicken Loans Arena
  Texas Tussle: Spurs, Rockets tangle at AT&T Center
  Hornets continue trek up north in Toronto
  Lakers try to top Wizards at home
  Jazz take a trip to Minnesota
  Hawks try to keep playoff hopes alive vs. Knicks
  Boston welcomes Miami to Beantown
  Sonics resume homestand vs. Kings
  Thornton ties Clips rookie record as LA downs Memphis
  Okafor leads Bobcats over Blazers
  Cavs' Wallace leaves game with injury
  Nuggets edge past Warriors into eighth in West
  Suns top free-falling Nets; tie Lakers for Pacific lead
Saturday, March 29, 2008
  Hughes, Bulls nip Bucks to stay in playoff hunt
  Cavs clinch playoff spot despite loss to Pistons
  Clippers hope to end slide vs. Memphis
  Bobcats wrap up swing against Portland
  Bulls welcome Bucks to United Center
  Suns close out road trip at New Jersey
  Cavs try to end skid in Motor City
  Richardson, Bobcats slip past Sonics
  Grizzlies overcome Kobe's big night to edge Lakers
  Jamison leads Wizards past Kings
  Jazz play a winning tune against the Clippers
  Pierce, Garnett help Celtics sting Hornets
  Raptors sail to easy win over Knicks
  Ginobili's big fourth quarter leads Spurs over T'Wolves
  Stoudemire, Suns scorch surging Sixers
  Bibby nets season high as Hawks edge Bulls
  Howard, Magic steamroll hapless Bucks
Friday, March 28, 2008
  Pacers inch towards playoff spot with win over Nets
  Clippers sign F Marcus Williams
  Lakers aim for season sweep of Grizzlies
  Sonics host Bobcats in battle of also-rans
  Slumping Clippers face another challenge in Utah
  Wizards resume western swing in Sacramento
  Hornets put winning streak on the line against Celtics
  Spurs try to stay hot versus Timberwolves
  Magic travel to Milwaukee
  Nets, Pacers wrap up home-and-home set
  Toronto continues homestand against Knicks
  Surging Sixers host Stoudemire, Suns
  Bulls visit Atlanta
  'Melo, Nuggets top scuffling Mavs
  Jackson helps Warriors keep pace in frantic West race
  Nene returns to action
Thursday, March 27, 2008
  Sonics' Wilcox out with dislocated finger
  Pistons stifle lowly Heat, clinch Central crown
  Maxiell, Afflalo lead Pistons past lowly Heat
  Miami's Wade needs a new Fave 5
  Give Cheeks credit for Sixers' turnaround
  Cavs better watch out
  Hawks digging talons into playoff spot
  Pistons try to win Central crown versus Heat
  Warriors host Blazers at ORACLE Arena
  Mavs, Nuggets battle for playoff positioning
  NBA teams to play preseason games in Europe
  Martin lifts Kings over Grizzlies in OT
  Bobcats hold off Lakers behind Richardson's 34 points
  West sinks Cavs in final second
  Garnett, Celtics rout Suns
  Mason leads Wizards' comeback win over Sonics
  McGrady stars as Rockets down 'Wolves
  Knicks blow late lead, finish Heat in OT
  Williams, surging Sixers romp over Bulls
Wednesday, March 26, 2008
  Duncan powers Spurs over hapless Clippers
  Bosh helps Raptors over Pistons
  Boone's career night carries New Jersey past Indy
  Johnson, Hawks keep pace in East by bucking Milwaukee
  Lakers are one of the elite
  Lakers return home to battle Bobcats
  Webber retires
  Wizards resume key road trip in Seattle
  Rockets face home test from improved T-Wolves
  Pistons head north to battle Raptors
  Sixers host Bulls, aim to keep up winning ways
  Atlanta opens important homestand against Milwaukee
  Nash, Suns visit Garnett, Celtics
  Hornets try to sting the Cavs in Cleveland
  Nets, Pacers begin important home-and-home set
  Heat, Knicks meet at MSG
  Spurs open homestand versus Clippers
  Roy injures groin; Blazers bounce Wizards
  Gooden keys Bulls to big win over Hawks
  Boozer boosts Jazz over Bobcats
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
  No Nowitzki, no problem for Dallas in win over Clippers
  Spurs surge in third quarter to top Magic
  Hornets beat Pacers, tie Lakers for top spot in West
  Webber to retire
  The future is bright in Portland
  Spurs try to extend winning streak against Orlando
  Hornets, Pacers meet in Indiana
  Hawks fly into the Windy City
  Dallas needs a win versus Clippers
  Jazz continue homestand against Bobcats
  Wizards open swing at Portland
  Report: Pacers president Walsh strikes deal with Knicks
  Nowitzki diagnosed with ankle and knee sprains
  Back at ya! Lakers down Warriors in OT
  Durant, Sonics snap 11-game skid with win over Portland
  Nuggets dispose of Grizz to keep pace in West
  Rasheed, Billups pick up slack as Pistons nip Suns
  Adelman gets 800th win as Alston fuels Rockets over Kings
Monday, March 24, 2008
  Alston fuels Rockets over Kings
  Sixers flourish in fourth to stun Celtics
  Quinn carries Heat over Bucks
  Nets end road skid, inch closer to playoffs by pounding Knicks
  Nets end road skid with conVINCEing win over lowly Knicks
  Pacers president Walsh to leave
  Garnett, Paul earn NBA weekly honors
  Spurs sign G Barry
  Rockets welcome Kings to town
  Blazers visit Sonics in Emerald City
  Nuggets wrap up trip at Memphis
  Lakers, Warriors conclude home-and-home set
  Boston opens homestand against Sixers
  Nets need a victory against Knicks
  Pistons, Suns meet at The Palace
  Bucks visit Miami
  Warriors waste huge lead, but still beat Lakers
  Nowitzki injures left leg versus Spurs
  A.I., Anthony push Nuggets past Raptors
  Mavs lose Nowitzki, game to Spurs
Sunday, March 23, 2008
  Jamison's magic sends Wizards past Pistons
  Pistons, Wizards meet in Washington
  Lakers, Warriors open home-and-home set
  Playoff-hopeful Nuggets visit Toronto
  Mavericks, Spurs battle in Dallas
  Stoudemire and Suns hold off Rockets
  Przybilla powers Blazers over Clippers
  Gomes and T'Wolves pound hapless Knicks
  West helps Hornets edge road-weary Celtics
  Boozer, Jazz send lowly Sonics to 11th straight loss
  Keeping pace: Indy wins fourth straight, stays 1 1/2 back of Hawks
  Williams and Bucks down Cavaliers
Saturday, March 22, 2008
  Grizzlies edge Kings
  Sixers edge Nets in key late season battle
  Bobcats pull away down the stretch to top Heat
  Johnson, Hawks defeat Magic; maintain hold on eighth seed in East
  Nets visit the City of Brotherly Love
  Celtics try to extend winning streak versus Hornets
  Cavs visit slumping Milwaukee
  Jazz continue homestand against SuperSonics
  Rockets visit the red-hot Suns
  Clippers, Trail Blazers finish home-and-home set
  Charlotte hosts the Heat
  Hawks, Magic battle at Philips Arena
  Kings continue road trip against Memphis
  Knicks travel to Minnesota
  Bulls, Pacers clash in the Windy City
  T-Mac, Rockets edge Warriors to get back on track
  LeBron sets Cavs scoring record
  Bryant, Lakers stomp hapless Sonics
  Duncan leads Spurs over Kings
  Iverson helps Nuggets get past New Jersey
  Aldridge helps Blazers clip Clippers
  Pacers use three-ball to top T'Wolves
Friday, March 21, 2008
  Miller sparks Grizzlies win over Knicks
  LeBron sets Cavs all-time scoring record in win over Raptors
  Wizards whack hapless Heat
  Lewis, balanced Magic stifle surging Sixers
  Haslem out for season after ankle surgery
  Lakers host Sonics in matchup of teams on opposite ends
  Lakers end Utah's 19-game home win streak
  Sixers try to stay hot in Orlando
  Pacers need a win against Minnesota
  Cleveland hosts the Raptors
  Defending-champion Spurs host Kings at AT&T Center
  Wizards try to improve playoff status in Miami
  Grizzlies try to end road woes in New York
  Suddenly-slumping Rockets to visit Warriors
  Nuggets continue swing in New Jersey
  Clippers, Blazers to begin weekend set
  Spurs get back on track against Bulls
  Texas Three-Step: Celtics complete Lone Star sweep in Dallas
Thursday, March 20, 2008
  Sonics' Gelabale has torn ACL
  Dallas needs to be careful
  Boston resumes road trip against Mavericks
  Home sweet home: Jazz try to extend streak vs. Lakers
  Slumping Spurs visit the Windy City
  Warriors cruise past Clippers
  Stoudemire leads Suns past lowly Sonics
  No "Answer" for 76ers; A.I. comes up short in return to Philly
  LeBron, Cavs smother cold-shooting Pistons
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
  Jamison leads Wizards past Magic
  Jefferson leads T'Wolves past the Grizz
  Pacers withstand late rally to beat Bobcats
  Carter, Nets pull even in East race by disposing of Hawks
  Wells, Hornets keep Rockets grounded; take over lead in Southwest
  Raptors dismantle depleted Heat as Bosh returns
  Harris out as Bucks GM
  Anthony, Iverson need supporting cast to step it up
  Denver's Iverson returns to the City of Brotherly Love
  Minnesota hosts the Grizzlies
  Magic, Wizards meet in Orlando
  Rockets travel to New Orleans
  Cavs, Pistons renew their rivalry in Cleveland
  Hawks fly into New Jersey
  Bobcats wrap up road trip in Indiana
  Raptors try to get back on the winning track against Miami
  Suns try to stay hot against Seattle
  Warriors visit the Clippers
  Martin leads Kings over Warriors at ARCO
  O'Neal leads Suns to fifth straight win
  Heat finally back in win column, rally past Bucks
  Lakers edge Mavs, tie for West lead
  Hamilton helps Pistons pound Nuggets
  Celtics ground T-Mac, stop Houston's 22-game run
  Deng leads Bulls over Nets in Windy City
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
  Suns aim to set on Portland
  Warriors take on Kings at ARCO
  Rockets try to stay hot vs. Celtics
  Bryant, Lakers pay a visit to Mavs
  Nets bring road woes into Chicago
  Bucks welcome Heat to Bradley Center
  Nuggets open road trip at Detroit
  Celtics recover from sloppy start to down Spurs
  Miller helps Grizzlies rally past Bobcats
  Jazz top Raptors to win 19th straight at home
  Paul drives Hornets to win over Bulls
Monday, March 17, 2008
  Jefferson leads Timberwolves past Clippers
  Howard, Lewis lift Magic over Cavs
  Hawks move into playoff spot with win over Wizards
  Dunleavy leads Pacers past Knicks
  Jamison, Stoudemire earn NBA weekly honors
  Jefferson continues to put up big numbers for Minnesota
  Pacers' Tinsley, Daniels avoid trial on fight charges
  Kings give Raptors royal treatment
  Offensive performance: Nuggets score 168 in rout of Seattle
Sunday, March 16, 2008
  Johnson leads Hawks over lowly Knicks
  Cavs roll past Bobcats
  Mavericks burn by Heat
  Alston's three-point barrage gives Houston 22nd straight win
  Hayes' three-point barrage sends Pistons over Hornets
  Pistons host Hornets in Motor City
  Nuggets, Sonics square off at Pepsi Center
  Hawks hit the road to New York
  Cavaliers welcome Bobcats to town
  Mavs pay a visit to Miami
  Raptors resume trek at Sacramento
  Rockets try to extend streak vs. Lakers
  Davis, Warriors stave off Grizzlies
  Stoudemire, Suns cruise past Kings
  Aldridge and Portland cruise past Minnesota
  Garnett helps Celtics trounce Bucks
Saturday, March 15, 2008
  Magic clinch playoff spot with win over Pacers
  Nets silence Jazz
  Wizards pull rabbit out of their hat in win over Clippers
  Miller scores 32 as sizzling Sixers turn aside Spurs
  Celtics' Allen out with heel injury
  Lakers' Gasol to miss at least three games
  Celtics begin trek at Milwaukee
  Warriors welcome Grizzlies to town
  T'Wolves pay a visit to Portland
  Suns conclude stand vs. Kings
  Jazz wrap up trek in New Jersey
  Magic open homestand with Indiana
  Wizards resume homestand vs. Clippers
  Surging Sixers host Spurs
  Pistons victory drops Spurs to fifth in West
  Paul, Hornets top Lakers in crucial West matchup
  Timberwolves outlast Sonics
  Spurs' Bowen suspended one game
  Jazz end Boston's win streak at 10, but Celtics still clinch Atlantic
  Oklahoma City outlines deal with Sonics
  Huge first half helps Nuggets trounce Raptors
  Blackjack: 21st straight win puts Rockets in tie atop West
  76ers erase 18-point deficit in 4th, edge Bulls
  Hawks hammer Clippers
Friday, March 14, 2008
  Mavs pound Pacers
  Lakers' Gasol leaves with sprained ankle
  Magic continue dominance of Heat; Marion misses game
  Report: Knicks' Curry done for season
  Chris Paul for MVP
  Rockets put win streak on line vs. Bobcats
  Celtics try to stay hot against Jazz
  Clippers visit Atlanta
  Mavs welcome Pacers to town
  Nuggets resume homestand vs. Raptors
  Sonics host T'Wolves in Emerald City
  Miami hosts Southeast Division-rival Orlando
  Surging Sixers finish off road trip in Chicago
  Lakers take hot streak into New Orleans
  Pistons host Spurs in marquee matchup
  Oden has surprise practice with Blazers
  Stoudemire leads Suns over Warriors
  Kings cruise past Trail Blazers
  Butler's return spurs Wizards over Cavs
Thursday, March 13, 2008
  Spurs' Udoka returns home with ankle problem
  Wizards continue homestand versus LeBron, Cavs
  Trail Blazers wrap up road trip against Sacramento
  Suns, Warriors battle in Phoenix
  Cavs' Pavlovic returns
  Ellis, Davis lead Warriors over Raptors
  Celtics slow Sonics to extend win streak to 10
  Hornets hammer Spurs in key Southwest Division battle
  Red-hot Sixers upend Pistons
  K-Mart, Nuggets pummel Grizzlies
  Dallas drills Bobcats
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
  Jazz edge Bucks
  Nets edge LeBron, Cavs to halt six-game skid
  Crawford, Knicks slip past hapless Heat
  Rockets' streak at 20 with win over Hawks
  Howard powers Magic past Clippers
  Wade has shock wave treatment on knee
  Rockets streak at 20 with win over Hawks
  Clippers sign G Parker
  Wizards' Butler likely to start Thursday
  Paul is doing it all for the Hornets
  Wizards holding on in East race
  Cavs' Pavlovic cleared to return
  Warriors take on Raptors in Oakland
  Nuggets open homestand vs. Grizzlies
  Bobcats try to extend streak at Dallas
  Jazz resume road trip at Milwaukee
  Hornets host Spurs at New Orleans Arena
  Rockets go for 20th straight win in Atlanta
  Magic wrap up homestand versus Clippers
  LeBron, Cavs travel to New Jersey
  Heat, Knicks battle in Miami
  Sixers, Pistons meet at The Palace
  Durant, SuperSonics visit Beantown
  Stoudemire, Suns burn Grizzlies
  Dunleavy leads Pacers over Seattle
  Bryant, Odom lead Lakers over Raptors
  Bulls take down Jazz
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
  Blazers use strong fourth-quarter push to edge T-Wolves
  Young leads Wizards over Bucks
  Warriors exercise option on Nelson
  Cavs' Snow out four to six weeks
  Stoudemire is stepping up for Suns
  Jazz are starting to pull away in the Northwest
  Streaking Jazz pay a visit to Windy City
  Suns resume homestand vs. Grizzlies
  Lakers welcome Raptors to Staples Center
  Kobe continues to play like an MVP
  Washington hosts the Bucks
  SuperSonics continue swing in Indiana
  Trail Blazers visit Minnesota
  Duncan, Spurs hold off Nuggets
  Dirk, Dallas continue home dominance of hapless Knicks
  Huge first half helps Magic soar over Hawks
  LeBron's triple-double pushes Cavs past slumping Blazers
  Iverson plays on despite injured finger
  Rockets win 19th straight with rout of Nets
Monday, March 10, 2008
  Dirk, Dallas continue home dominances of hapless Knicks
  Wade done for season; woeful Heat edged by Clips
  Wade to miss rest of season
  Beantown's big three lead way in rout of Philly
  Parker waived by Heat
  McGrady, Richardson earn NBA weekly honors
  Mavs resume homestand against hapless Knicks
  Hawks visit Orlando
  Scorching Rockets shoot for 19th straight win
  Spurs try to avenge recent loss to Nuggets
  Heat host Clippers in battle of also-rans
  Celtics, Sixers clash in Philly
  Trail Blazers continue swing in Cleveland
  Udrih's steady hands lift Kings over Lakers
Sunday, March 09, 2008
  Billups leads Detroit over Chicago
  Nash, Suns edge Spurs to get back on track
  Raptors hold off Sonics
  Young has a career day to lead Philadelphia over Milwaukee
  Lakers aim for another crowning of Kings
  Pistons can secure playoff bid against Bulls
  Slumping Suns face test from surging Spurs
  Bosh-less Raptors aim for rebound against Sonics
  Sixers try to maintain winning ways in Milwaukee
  Nowitzki leads Mavs past Nets in first meeting since big trade
  Davis scores 33 as Warriors roll over Magic
  Johnson helps Hawks sweep doubleheader with Heat
  T'Wolves finally have road win streak
  Jazz out-gun Nuggets, run home win streak to 18
Saturday, March 08, 2008
  Nowitzki lead Mavs past Nets in first meeting since big trade
  McGrady pours in 41 as Rockets extend winning streak to 18
  Nowitzki helps Mavs cut down Nets
  Allen, Celtics pummel Grizzlies
  Blazers survive 45 from Robinson, edge Knicks in OT
  Bobcats top Wizards, win record fifth in a row
  Hawks finally beat Heat...2 1/2 months later
  LeBron pours in 38 as Cavs down Pacers
  T-Wolves visit Clippers, go for back-to-back road wins
  Jazz vie to extend home streak in showdown with Nuggets
  High-flying Celtics hit the road to battle Grizzlies
  Rockets host Hornets, aim for 18th straight win
  Knicks to finish off rough homestand with Blazers
  Bobcats try to make history in Washington
  Cavs return home for matinee with Pacers
  Wade sits against Golden State; Heat down to seven players
  Nuggets halt Spurs' win streak at 11
  Heat's Johnson suspended one game
  Pistons' Wallace and Knicks' Randolph miss game
  T'Wolves top Kings, despite career night from Martin
  New Orleans cruises past New Jersey
  Lakers rout Clippers, take first spot in West
  Jackson, Harrington help Warriors trounce Heat
  Jamison's wizardry pushes Washington past Raptors in OT
  Sixers continue home cooking by slamming Sonics
  Celtics crush Bulls
  Williams, Okur lead Jazz past scuffling Suns
  Aldridge's late heroics powers Blazers past Bucks
Friday, March 07, 2008
  Zero to hero: Prince helps Pistons edge Knicks
  Bobcats win fourth straight, stop Hawks
  Pacers' Harrison suspended
  Youth movement working for 76ers
  Lakers, Clippers to renew crosstown rivalry
  Raptors, Wizards meet in Toronto
  Spurs put streak on line in Denver
  Durant, SuperSonics visit the City of Brotherly Love
  Kings try to right ship against lowly T-Wolves
  Bobcats try to extend winning streak vs. Hawks
  Suns host Jazz in battle of West contenders
  Blazers take on Bucks at Bradley Center
  Hornets host Nets on the bayou
  Playoff-bound Celtics host Bulls
  Warriors hit the road to South Beach
  Pistons visit New York
  Rockets top Mavs to run win streak to 17
Thursday, March 06, 2008
  Bulls beat Cavs despite 39 from LeBron
  Spurs down Indy for 11th straight win
  Spurs try to extend streak vs. Pacers
  Texas Two-Step: Hot Rockets visit rival Mavs
  Cavaliers visit the Windy City
  Clippers use two OTs to best Kings
  Clippers use two OTs to best King
  Celtics activate Brown, Pollard likely done for season
  Warrick helps Grizzlies halt nine-game skid with win over Nets
  Paul, Hornets sting Hawks
  James' 50 points fuels Cavs past Knicks
  Jazz cage T'Wolves to take 17th straight at home
  Villanueva powers shorthanded Bucks over Sonics
  Iverson, Carmelo combine to lead Nuggets past struggling Suns
  T-Mac leads Rockets to franchise-record 16th straight win
  Howard casts Magic spell on Wizards
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
  Garnett, Celtics top Pistons; clinch playoff spot
  Raptors' Bargnani gets elbow to the face
  Richardson drops 42 on former team as Bobcats best Warriors
  Raptors rout hapless Heat; Bargnani hurt
  Bulls suspend Thomas for two games
  James fuels Cavs past Knicks
  Williams, Yi miss game against Sonics
  Williams, Jianlian miss game against Sonics
  Hornets F West misses game with sore ankle
  Andersen signs with Hornets
  Doesn't look good for Denver
  T-Mac has to step up for the red-hot Rockets
  Shaq, Suns still getting to know each other
  Clippers try to halt skid against Kings
  Jazz put home win streak on line vs. T'Wolves
  Bobcats, Warriors put winning streaks on the line
  Suns pay a visit to Nuggets
  Rockets go for 16th straight win vs. Pacers
  Bucks, Sonics meet at Bradley Center
  Nets continue road trip at Memphis
  Washington hosts Southeast Division-rival Orlando
  LeBron, Cavs visit the Big Apple
  Celtics, Pistons battle in Beantown
  Heat, Raptors meet in Miami
  Hawks fly into New Orleans
  Lakers level Kings, keep pace out West
  Suns burn Blazers
  Prince helps Pistons top Sonics
  Kiprusoff, Flames burn Blue Jackets
Tuesday, March 04, 2008
  Gooden leads Bulls over Grizzlies in Chicago
  Spurs crush Nets to win 10th straight game, stay atop West
  Richardson and Bobcats beat up Minnesota
  Magic beat up on Bosh-less Raptors
  Davis, Jackson spark offensive explosion as Warriors thump Hawks
  Pistons pick up Ratliff
  Dallas signs G Lue
  Webber out with sore left knee
  Cassell joining Celtics
  Suns bring in Giricek
  Spurs are up to their old tricks
  NBA reinstates Andersen
  Suns pay a visit to Blazers
  Lakers take division lead into Sacramento
  Bulls host Grizzlies in Windy City
  Nets, Spurs wrap up home-and-home set
  Bobcats travel to Minnesota
  Golden State opens swing against Hawks
  Raptors continue road trip in Orlando
  Pistons welcome SuperSonics to The Palace
  Iguodala helps Sixers cut down Clippers
  Kirilenko knocked out of game vs. Mavs
  Kirilenko hurt, but Jazz keep home streak alive
  Paul sparks game-ending run to help Hornets down Knicks
Monday, March 03, 2008
  Celtics expected to add Cassell to the mix
  Guidelines set for Heat-Hawks replay
  Heat's Wright undergoes successful surgery
  Yao has season-ending surgery Monday
  Kobe, Andre Miller chosen for NBA's weekly honor
  LeBron, Kobe named Players of the Month
  Tough stretch for Jazz
  Horford, Scola earn NBA rookie honors
  Mavs need to start their push
  76ers close out trek at Clippers
  Jazz put home win streak on line vs. Mavs
  Hornets, Knicks meet at MSG
  Kings rally from 23 down in third to beat flailing Heat
  Jackson, Ellis lead Golden State past Portland
Sunday, March 02, 2008
  Jamison leads Wizards over Hornets
  Rockets top Nuggets, notch record-tying 15th straight win
  Dunleavy, Pacers run past Bucks
  Bucks' Yi injures ankle
  Pierce, Garnett lead Celtics past Hawks
  Durant scores 25 as Sonics edge Timberwolves in OT
  Richardson leads Bobcats over Bosh-less Raptors
  Spurs top Nets to win ninth straight
  Bosh out with sore right knee
  Bryant scores 52 as Lakers edge Mavs
  LeBron lifts Cleveland over Chicago
  Cavs' Ilgauskas sidelined with strained back
  Rockets try to make it 15 straight wins versus Nuggets
  Hornets try to sting the Wizards
  Bucks, Pacers clash at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Raptors open road trip against Charlotte
  SuperSonics stop off in Minnesota
  Trail Blazers visit the Warriors
  Heat conclude road trip in Sacramento
  The Bulls visit Cleveland
  Lakers, Mavericks battle at Staples Center
  Celtics continue homestand versus Atlanta
  Nets, Spurs open home-and-home set at Meadowlands
  Surprise in Phoenix as Sixers hold off Suns
  Prince, Pistons pound Clippers
  Spurs hold off Bucks to win eighth straight
Saturday, March 01, 2008
  Howard and Magic pound hapless Knicks
  Balanced attack leads Jazz in smooth win over Memphis
  Yao to have season-ending surgery Monday
  Spurs try to stay hot in Milwaukee
  Knicks visit Orlando
  Grizzlies, Jazz meet in Memphis
  Sixers continue swing against Nash, Suns
  Pistons try to get back on the winning track against Clippers
  Portland halts Lakers 10-game winning streak
  Pietrus, Warriors defeat Sixers
  Mavs not Kidd-ing around in win over Kings
  Wade and Heat down Seattle
  Nuggets use late rally to take down Clippers
  Hawks win close one over Knicks
  James helps Cavaliers slide past Timberwolves
  Dunleavy, Pacers top Raptors; Bosh injured
  McGrady, Rockets roll win streak to 14
Saturday, March 31, 2007
  Carter and Nets down 76ers
  Report: Phil Jackson to enter Hall of Fame
  Bulls, Cavs clash at the United Center
  Hornets, Knicks battle at the Ford Center
  Playoff-hopeful Clippers visit Portland
  Rockets edge Lakers in OT
  Pistons edge Nets
  Sonics rout Grizzlies
  Mobley, Clippers hold off Kings
  Suns top Nuggets
  Dallas holds off New York, sets new franchise mark
  Hill leads Magic over Pacers
  Toronto pulls away in OT to down Washington
Friday, March 30, 2007
  Haslem, Heat burn Minnesota
  Wallace, Bobcats beat Bucks
  Portland's Randolph out for season
  Knicks' Richardson undergoes back surgery
  Who wants to play Dallas in the first round?
  Grizzlies on the prowl in Emerald City
  Clippers visit Kings at ARCO
  Rockets aim to splash Lakers
  Nuggets battle Suns in the desert
  Mavs host Knicks at American Airlines Center
  T'wolves aim to turn down Heat
  Spurs try to tune out visiting Jazz
  Pistons take on Nets at The Palace
  Magic open homestand vs. Pacers
  Wizards welcome Raptors to D.C.
  Bucks go hunting in Charlotte
  Celtics, Sixers square off in Philly
  Warriors hold off Suns
  Grizzlies down Blazers
Thursday, March 29, 2007
  Bulls blow big lead, hang on to beat Pistons
  Pritchard promoted to GM of Blazers
  Wizards in unfamiliar territory
  Bucks looking more like fawns
  Nowitzki struggling with sore left ankle
  Nets' House out indefinitely
  Bobcats' May out for season
  Suns pay a visit to Golden State
  Blazers open homestand vs. Grizzlies
  Pistons, Bulls to battle in Windy City
  NBA headed back to China
  Duncan helps Spurs edge Hornets
  Rockets soar past Clippers
  Pierce's heroics help Celtics top Magic
  Mavs edge Bucks; Nowitzki, Howard hurt
  Nowitzki, Howard hurt in victory for Mavs
  Raptors rout Heat
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
  Jazz top T-Wolves; clinch Northwest title
  Nets pound Pacers to ascend in East standings
  Knicks topple Cavs
  Stevenson leads Wizards over Sixers
  Bobcats run past Hawks
  Francis sprains ankle
  Nuggets have a tough road ahead of them
  Celtics' Olowokandi out for remainder of season
  Rockets aim to tame playoff-hungry Clippers
  Jazz close out trip in Minnesota
  Nuggets host Sonics at Pepsi Center
  Mavs try to lasso win vs. Bucks
  Hornets buzz into San Antonio
  Cavs resume road trip in Big Apple
  Nets, Pacers square off in Jersey
  Magic take a trip to Beantown
  Hawks swoop into Charlotte
  76ers take on Wizards in D.C.
  Heat travel north to battle Raptors
  Grizzlies down Lakers
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
  Mavericks cruise to seventh straight win
  Lewis leads fourth quarter rally as Sonics stun Timberwolves
  LeBron leads Cavs over Pacers
  Raptors' Garbajosa has ankle surgery
  Bucks' Villanueva has shoulder surgery
  Timberwolves are headed towards an early vacation
  Kobe has taken over
  Sonics pay a visit to Timberwolves
  Kobe, Lakers host Grizzlies
  Mavs try to pull stinger from Hornets
  Cavs open road trip at Indiana
  Spurs slam Warriors
  Bell leads Suns over Grizzlies
  Wallace's miracle shot helps Pistons to OT win
  Playoff-bound Rockets batter Bucks
  Career night for Deng as Bulls top Blazers
  Garbajosa leaves game on stretcher
  Nelson rallies Magic past Knicks
  Boozer's 41 leads Jazz past Wizards
  Celtics hold off Raptors
Monday, March 26, 2007
  O'Neal sets milestone as Miami downs Atlanta
  Gasol playing hard for Grizzlies
  Bryant, Wallace awarded NBA weekly honors
  Jazz are headed back to the postseason
  Grizzlies aim to block Suns in desert
  Division leaders square off in Salt Lake City
  Rockets aim for playoff spot vs. Bucks
  Bulls vs. Blazers in Windy City
  A.I. leads Nuggets into Motor City
  Hawks try to beat Heat in South Beach
  Knicks welcome Magic to Big Apple
  Raptors pay a visit to Beantown
  Spurs aim for 50th win at Golden State
  Knicks' playoff hopes fading
  Bryant fails to hit 50, Lakers still down Warriors
  Ginobili leads Spurs over Sonics
Sunday, March 25, 2007
  'Melo leads Nuggets over Cavs
  Sonics' Allen out for remainder of season
  Pistons rout Bucks
  Gordon's jumper lifts Bulls over Pacers
  Kings hold on to crown Suns
  Garnett's fade away lifts T-Wolves over Trail Blazers
  Nowitzki, Mavericks storm past Hawks
  NBA suspends Rasheed Wallace
  Raptors closing in on division title
  Mavs aim for sixth straight win at Hawks
  Bulls pay a visit to Indiana
  Pistons, Bucks to battle at Bradley Center
  Blazers continue trip at Minnesota
  Suns set in Sacramento
  Rockets in Oklahoma with playoffs on mind
  Cavs close out homestand vs. Denver
  Spurs open short swing in Seattle
  Kobe brings hot hand home vs. Warriors
  Motor City ballers losing tread
  Clippers hold off Wizards
  Sixers overcome 19-point deficit, top Heat
  Boozer, Jazz top Grizzlies
Saturday, March 24, 2007
  Carter leads Nets past Bobcats in OT thriller
  Raptors release F Tucker
  Even without Wade, Heat are blazing
  Clippers try to buzz Wizards in LA
  Sixers, Heat square off in South Beach
  Nets pay a visit to Bobcats down south
  James, Cavs crush Knicks
  Spurs hold on to edge Pistons
  Davis boosts Warriors over Wizards
  Mavs roll past Celtics
  Pacers pound Heat
  Nelson pushes Magic past Nets
  Clippers crush Jazz
  Lewis, Sonics edge T-Wolves
  Kobe scores 50 as Lakers hold off Hornets
Friday, March 23, 2007
  Blazers top Hawks in OT
  Peterson guides Raptors past Nuggets
  Sixers storm past Bobcats
  Knicks sign Kentucky's Morris
  Warriors need to make their move
  Red-hot Bryant leads Lakers into New Orleans
  Cavs continue homestand against Knicks
  Hawks welcome Trail Blazers to Philips Arena
  Nuggets try to rebound against Raptors
  Clippers open homestand vs. Jazz
  Wizards continue road trip in Oakland
  Garnett, Timberwolves visit Seattle
  Pistons, Spurs battle in San Antonio
  Bobcats visit the City of Brotherly of Love
  Magic, Nets clash in Orlando
  Pacers welcome Heat to Conseco Fieldhouse
  Boston hosts Nowitzki, Mavericks
  Kobe hits for 60 as Lakers edge Memphis
  Stoudemire, Suns down Kings
  Artest misses game in Phoenix
  Yao leads Rockets past Pistons
  Thomas' last-second tip-in lifts Bulls over Nuggets
Thursday, March 22, 2007
  Roy, Blazers top Knicks
  Spurs will be ready for the playoffs
  Bulls host streaking Nuggets
  Pistons, Rockets battle at Toyota Center
  Kings, Suns meet in first of home-and-home set
  Knicks finish homestand against Trail Blazers
  Lakers go for third straight victory in Memphis
  Nowitzki, Mavs top Cavs
  Duncan leads Spurs past Pacers
  Timberwolves top Kings
  Allen out with ankle injury
  Clippers blow big lead, hold off Bucks
  Bosh's big night carries Raptors over Magic
  Artest charged with four misdemeanors
  Arenas scores 42, Washington tops Seattle to maintain division lead
  Red-hot Heat hold off Hawks
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
  Bucks' Bogut, Villanueva out for season
  Raptors' Bargnani undergoes appendectomy
  Bobcats use fourth quarter run to down Celtics
  Ainge getting a head start for next season
  Doesn't look good for the SuperSonics
  Wizards sign Hall
  Pacers, Spurs try and get back on winning track
  Bucks welcome Clippers to the Bradley Center
  Magic, Raptors clash in Toronto
  Mavericks continue road trip against LeBron, Cavs
  Timberwolves stop off in Sacramento
  Wizards try to stay on top of Southeast Division in Seattle
  Bobcats visit Beantown
  Heat try to get back on the winning track in Atlanta
  Suns clinch Pacific Division title
  Mobley leads Clippers past Bulls
  Yao, McGrady lead Rockets over Pacers
  Aldridge leads Blazers over Wizards
  Nuggets nip Nets to win fifth straight game
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
  West and Hornets cruise past Memphis
  Pistons down Sixers by 21; Webber faces old mates for first time
  Mavericks pound Knicks
  Charlotte snaps Cleveland's eight-game win streak in OT battle
  Yao, McGrady make the Rockets a serious contender
  Clippers continue road trip in the Windy City
  Utah hosts the Warriors
  Rockets try to extend winning streak versus Indiana
  Wizards hope to continue their winning ways against Portland
  Suns try again to clinch Pacific title against Timberwolves
  Nuggets go for fifth straight win vs. Nets
  Mavericks continue road trip in the Big Apple
  Cavs try to stay hot in Charlotte
  Hornets fly into Memphis
  Webber, Pistons host Sixers
Monday, March 19, 2007
  Childress and Hawks cruise past Kings
  Butler, Hornets sting Celtics
  Bryant, Kidd awarded NBA weekly honors
  Paul is the key to Hornets' run at the postseason
  Paul is the key to Hornets run at the postseason
  Kings trying to keep playoff streak alive
  Kings finish road trip in Atlanta
  Celtics, Hornets meet at the Ford Center
Sunday, March 18, 2007
  Kobe nets 50 as Lakers top T'Wolves
  Lewis, Seattle trounce Portland
  Kidd leads Nets past Clippers
  Nowitzki, Mavs top Pistons
  Orlando snaps Miami winning streak
  Rockets humiliate Philadelphia
  Knicks dominate second half in rout of Raptors
  Portland welcomes Seattle to Rose Garden
  Timberwolves aim to contain Bryant, Lakers
  76ers hope success at home continues against Rockets
  Heat hope to avoid getting burned by Magic
  Clippers continue road trip in New Jersey
  Pistons welcome Mavs in battle of conference bests
  Raptors aim to extend division lead against Knicks
  Davis lifts Warriors over Sonics
  Iverson, Nuggets roll past Suns
  Redd, Bogut lead Bucks over Bobcats
Saturday, March 17, 2007
  Kings knock off fading Magic
  Pacers top Hawks to end 11-game losing streak
  Arenas, Wizards rout Hornets
  Warrick lifts Grizzlies past Bulls
  LeBron leads Cavs to eighth straight win
  Celtics beat Spurs for first time in 10 years
  Warriors hit the road against SuperSonics
  Suns try again for Pacific crown against Nuggets
  Bucks continue Krystkowiak era against Bobcats
  Spurs try to continue dominance of Celtics
  Playoff-hopeful Chicago heads to Memphis
  Streaking Cavs set to battle Jazz
  Pacers welcome Hawks hoping to avoid 12th straight loss
  Magic aim to keep playoff hopes alive against Kings
  Wizards welcome Hornets to the Verizon Center
  Golden State crushes Minnesota
  Kobe scores 65 in Lakers' OT win over Portland
  Murray and Detroit crush Phoenix
  Nowitzki rallies Mavs past Celtics
  West leads Hornets over Knicks
Friday, March 16, 2007
  Rockets rout Raptors
  Shaq leads Heat to ninth straight win
  Thomas leads Clippers over Bobcats
  Korver's late heroics lifts Philly past Utah
  Remaining schedule not easy for Golden State
  Lakers are falling fast
  Timberwolves, Warriors battle for their playoff lives
  Only time will tell for Isiah
  Phoenix tries to clinch Pacific title against Pistons
  Lakers hope to halt skid vs. Portland
  Clippers travel to North Carolina
  Jazz visit the City of Brotherly Love
  Hornets, Knicks battle at MSG
  Heat try to stay hot versus Kings
  Mavericks try to halt two-game losing streak against Celtics
  Nuggets send Lakers to seventh straight loss
  The Heat is on: Miami tops New Jersey to win eighth straight
  Bucks stop Spurs' 13-game win streak
  The Heat is on; Miami tops New Jersey to win 8th straight
Thursday, March 15, 2007
  Lakers, Jackson fined for "witch hunt" comments
  Krystkowiak's Bucks host red-hot Spurs
  Slumping Lakers visit Iverson, Nuggets
  The Buck Stotts here
  Suns slip past Mavs in classic double-OT duel
  Pistons pound Trail Blazers
  Stotts fired in Milwaukee
  Celtics subdue Hawks
  Bulls rally to edge Sixers
  McGrady guides Rockets past Clippers
  Raptors use big third quarter to beat Knicks
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
  James, Cavs down Grizzlies to win seventh straight
  Howard, Magic down Jazz
  May's big shot helps Bobcats overcome Kings
  Pacers drop 11th straight despite return of O'Neal
  Bucks' Bogut fined for obscene gesture
  United Bulls Stand
  Aldridge, Jack, Randolph and Roy give Blazers a solid nucleus
  10 and counting for Pacers
  Hawks try to continue winning ways in Beantown
  Rockets host struggling Clippers
  Cavs try to remain hot in Memphis
  Pistons try to remain perfect on road trip vs. Portland
  Marquee matchup: Dallas hosts Suns
  Bulls visit the City of Brotherly Love
  Bobcats continue homestand vs. Kings
  Jazz visit struggling Magic
  Spurs win 13th straight, top Clippers
  Thomas' big game leads Bulls past Boston
  Webber leads Detroit past Seattle
  Bobcats' Knight fined
  Iverson leads Nuggets over Blazers
  Miami streaks to seventh win in a row, over Jazz
  Timberwolves waive Griffin
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
  Nets edge Hornets
  Garnett, T'Wolves send Pacers to 10th straight loss
  Smith leads Hawks past Sixers
  Cavs, minus LeBron, pound Kings
  Smith lead Hawks past Sixers
  LeBron misses game with back spasms
  Bickerstaff to be replaced on Charlotte bench
  Livingston's knee surgery successful
  Timberwolves still alive in West
  Report: Bickerstaff to be replaced on Charlotte bench
  Pacers try to avoid 10th straight loss vs. Timberwolves
  Bulls, Celtics conclude home-and-home set
  Nuggets host Northwest Divison-rival Portland
  Pistons continue road trip in Seattle
  Spurs try to make it 13 wins in a row against Clippers
  Hornets hope to halt losing streak vs. Nets
  Heat, Jazz put winning streaks on the line
  Cavs go for sixth straight win vs. Kings
  Dallas' 17-game win streak comes to an end at Golden State
  Barbosa paces Suns past Rockets
Monday, March 12, 2007
  Bosh, Raptors claw Bucks
  Bobcats set franchise records in beating Magic
  All-Stars continue to lead Phoenix
  Grizzlies ready to go on vacation
  James, Ginobili awarded NBA weekly honors
  Knicks' Thomas will return
  Struggling Nets continue swing in Memphis
  Rockets, Suns put winning streaks on the line
  Mavs try to make it 18 straight wins in Oakland
  Hawks not missing Johnson, for now
  Mavs crush Lakers to extend win streak to 17 games
Sunday, March 11, 2007
  Yao leads Rockets past Magic
  Blazers pound short-fused Warriors
  Haslem lifts Heat over Wizards on final-second heroics
  Hinrich, Bulls down Celtics
  James, Cavs dump Pacers
  Iverson, Nuggets down Kings
  Hamilton guides Pistons past Clippers
  Raptors edge Sonics in OT
  Bulls, Celtics meet in opener of home-and-home set
  Heat host Southeast Division-rival Washington
  Cavaliers, Pacers clash at Quicken Loans Arena
  Trail Blazers finish homestand against surging Warriors
  Slumping Magic stop off in Houston
  Mavericks try to make it 17 straight wins vs. Lakers
  SuperSonics wrap up road trip in Toronto
  Pistons continue road trip against Clippers
  Kings try to continue domination at home vs. Nuggets
Saturday, March 10, 2007
  Francis' three at buzzer lifts Knicks over Wizards
  Spurs cut down Nets
  Artest returns to Kings
  Gasol leads Grizzlies past Bobcats
  Pistons' Rasheed Wallace suspended one game
  Surging Sixers hold off Pacers
  Smith scores 32 to lead Hawks over Timberwolves
  Pacers suspend Tinsley
  Spurs go for 12th straight win vs. Nets
  Red-hot Sixers visit slumping Pacers
  Hawks continue homestand vs. Timberwolves
  Bobcats, Grizzlies square off in Charlotte
  Knicks, Wizards meet at Verizon Center
  Cavaliers try extend winning streak at Milwaukee
  Struggling Hornets visit Utah
  Davis, Warriors down Clippers
  Hawks edge Grizzlies
Friday, March 09, 2007
  Jefferson, Celtics rally past Sonics
  Webber paces Pistons past Nuggets
  Suns hold off Hornets
  Cheeks to return as Sixers coach next season
  McGrady, Rockets down struggling Nets
  O'Neal, Heat scorch Timberwolves
  Surging Sixers sink slumping Lakers
  Seattle suspends Fortson
  Charlotte's Morrison out of spotlight this March
  Wizards looking over their shoulder
  James is a 'Super Freak' on the court
  Warriors welcome Clippers to Oakland
  Suns try to burn Hornets in the desert
  Pistons open trek against Denver
  Nets resume road trip at Houston
  T'wolves, Heat square off in South Beach
  Struggling Grizzlies head to Atlanta
  Sonics pay a visit to Boston
  Mo' Better Blues: Cheeks has 76ers on right track
  Bulls blow out Magic
  Spurs top Kings for 11th straight win
Thursday, March 08, 2007
  Livingston's knee surgery scheduled
  Heat scorching in Miami
  Boston's Szczerbiak undergoes ankle surgery
  On a roll: Spurs streak into Sacramento
  Magic welcome Bulls to Amway Arena
  Warriors down Nuggets
  Rockets rout Celtics
  Barbosa leads Suns past Bobcats
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
  Williams, Boozer lead Jazz to rout of Pacers
  Iguodala's triple-double leads Sixers over Sonics
  James pours in 41 to lead Cavs past Detroit in OT
  Heat roll over Bulls
  Bucks take down Kobe-less Lakers
  Pachulia's career night leads Hawks over Wizards
  Bosh and Bargnani lead Toronto past Memphis
  Pistons' Hunter suspended for using banned substance
  Bryant receives one-game suspension
  Raptors need to sharpen claws
  Warriors are still alive in playoff race
  Stoudemire is back to being a force
  Isiah has the Knicks in the Eastern Conference playoff picture
  Nuggets take on Warriors in Oakland
  Suns welcome Bobcats to town
  Jazz aim to extend win streak vs. Pacers
  Kobe, Lakers pay a visit to Milwaukee
  Pistons host division-rival Cavs
  Bulls try to turn down Heat
  Celtics welcome Rockets to Beantown
  Wizards take on Hawks in Atlanta
  Sixers resume stand vs. Sonics
  Grizzlies head north to Toronto
  Spurs top Blazers for 10th straight win
  Artest-less Kings down Pacers
  Sweet 16! Playoff-bound Mavs top Nets
  T'Wolves outlast Lakers in double-OT
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
  Iverson and 'Melo lift Nuggets over Hornets
  Lewis' late trey guides Seattle past Knicks
  Arenas' sharp shooting leads Wizards over Raptors
  Heat's Kapono has high ankle sprain
  Magic fall victim to rough road stretch
  Youthful Trail Blazers are learning how to win
  Hornets need to avoid losing streaks
  Don't forget about the Spurs
  Hornets buzz into Denver
  Indiana losing Pace in East
  Mavs try to extend streak vs. Nets
  Spurs aim to pound Portland, again
  Lakers continue trip in Minnesota
  Sonics visit Knicks at the Garden
  Raptors, Wizards square off in D.C.
  Ginobili, Spurs roll past Clippers
  Okur leads Jazz over Bobcats
  Cavs hold off Rockets in Yao's return
Monday, March 05, 2007
  Turkoglu, Magic down Bucks
  Heat burn Hawks
  Warriors finally win in Detroit
  Artest arrested on domestic violence charge
  Jefferson, Martin awarded NBA weekly honors
  Wade plans to return this season
  Heat resume homestand vs. Atlanta
  Bobcats continue road trip in Utah
  Spurs go for ninth straight win against Clippers
  Bucks, Magic meet in Orlando
  Yao expected to return for Rockets against Cavs
  Warriors visit The Palace
  Allen leads Seattle past Charlotte
Sunday, March 04, 2007
  Okur, Jazz down Hornets
  Yao set to return for the Rockets
  Sixers rally to cut down Nets
  Nash, Suns down Lakers
  Gordon nets 48 points as Bulls edge Bucks in OT
  Wizards win in final seconds
  West leads Celtics over T'Wolves in 2-OT
  It's all cotton for Korver
  T'wolves pay a visit to Beantown
  Wizards welcome Warriors to Washington
  Bulls, Bucks set for battle at Bradley Center
  Suns welcome Kobe, Lakers to town
  76ers resume homestand vs. Nets
  Jazz conclude road trip at Hornets
  Bobcats skid into Emerald City
  Kings crown Trail Blazers
  Terry leads Mavs over Magic; win streak hits 15
  Duncan, Spurs pound Rockets
  Clippers rout Pacers
Saturday, March 03, 2007
  Knicks down Hawks in OT
  James jump starts Cavs to rout of Raptors
  Pistons edge Grizzlies
  Jefferson, Celtics down Nets in OT
  Pacers, Clippers set for battle in LA
  Kings try to blaze Portland at Rose Garden
  Mavs aim for record win streak vs. Magic
  Texas hold 'em: Spurs jingle into Houston
  Grizzlies welcome Pistons to town
  Raptors pay a visit to Cleveland
  Hawks host Knicks at Philips Arena
  Nets conclude stand vs. Celtics
  Jazz pound reeling T-Wolves
  McGrady, Mutombo power Rockets past Nuggets
  Bibby leads Kings over sinking Lakers
  Stoudemire, Suns pound Pacers
  Gordon, Deng lead Bulls over Hornets
  Shaq's points, assists season highs help Heat rally past Pistons
Friday, March 02, 2007
  Jamison returns, leads Washington past Hawks
  Marbury scores 34 to lead Knicks past Golden State
  Bucks top Raptors to halt 11-game road skid
  Ginobili carries Spurs past Magic
  Sixers hold off Grizzlies in OT
  Suns ready for big homestand
  Celtics moving on after D.J.
  Chandler, Paul leading Hornets' run at the playoffs
  McGrady's strong play has to continue for Houston
  Kobe, Lakers need to get their swagger back for stretch run
  Big West: Lakers, Kings to battle in LA
  Rockets aim to burn Nuggets
  Hornets buzz into Windy City
  T'wolves conclude stand vs. Jazz
  Magic pay a visit to San Antonio
  Pistons, Heat set for South Beach battle
  Knicks host Warriors at MSG
  Hawks, Wizards square off in D.C.
  Sixers resume homestand vs. Memphis
  Raptors host Bucks north of the border
  Sonics squeeze past Clippers
  Blazers bombard Bobcats
  Streak at 14 as Mavs hold off Cavs
Thursday, March 01, 2007
  Mavs win franchise-best 14th straight game
  Lakers fine Radmanovic
  Sixers' Carney day-to-day with shoulder injury
  Billups, Nowitzki earn NBA honors for February
  Portland's president and GM steps down
  Clippers, SuperSonics conclude home-and-home set
  Bobcats, Trail Blazers try to halt losing streaks
  Mavs try to tie franchise-best winning streak vs. Cavs
  Short-handed Clippers top SuperSonics
  Jefferson, Celtics down Knicks
  Gordon, Bulls trounce Warriors
  Raptors down Rockets
  Martin and Bibby lead Kings past Bobcats
  Iverson leads Nuggets past Magic
Friday, March 31, 2006
  Iverson's 47 helps Sixers down Knicks
  Nelson pushes Magic past struggling Mavericks
  Suns scorch Raptors in high-scoring affair
  Nocioni, Bulls down Bobcats
  Hornets waive Vroman
  These Nets won't be cut down
  Start spreadin' the news: NY a lock for No. 1 pick
  Season almost over for Raptors
  Dallas has hit a bump in the road
  Rockets are barely alive in playoff race
  Denver needs to play consistent basketball
  Blazers continue losing ways
  Celtics need their Lucky Charms
  Mavericks' Mbenga suspended for one game
  You gotta play to win: 76ers headed to lottery
  New Jersey aims to net 11th straight win
  Mavs close out road trip in Orlando
  Sinking 76ers visit struggling Knicks
  Bulls right in the playoff mix; visit Bobcats
  Top-seeded Pistons host Bucks
  Hornets welcome Grizzlies to Ford Center
  Rockets, Wizards meet at Toyota Center
  Timberwolves visit Nuggets at Pepsi Center
  Clippers host tuned-up Jazz
  Kings take on Warriors in Oakland
  Lakers take a trip to the Emerald City
  Duncan leads San Antonio past Lakers
  Suns drop Pacers on Reggie Miller Night
Thursday, March 30, 2006
  Spurs are the best in the West
  Lakers finding their stride at the right time
  Pacers to retire No. 31 at halftime against Suns
  Lakers, Spurs meet at Staples Center
  Hornets hold on to down Warriors
  Rockets roll over Seattle
  Miller stars as Kings rout Blazers
  Okur powers Jazz past Nuggets
  Wade, Heat too hot for Toronto
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
  Pierce, Szczerbiak lead Celtics past Knicks
  Red-hot Nets upend Memphis
  Billups and Pistons trump struggling Sixers
  James carries Cavs past Dallas and into playoffs
  Garnett leads T-Wolves over Magic
  Harrington, Hawks down Pacers
  USA Basketball picks Sin City as training site
  Celtics suspend Orien Greene
  Minnesota headed for another early vacation
  Wizards wave wand at Kings
  LeBron, Cavs primed for playoffs
  Bell tolls for Bucks
  Raptors attempt to turn down Heat
  Hawks try to keep pace with Indiana
  LeBron and Co. welcome Mavs to Cleveland
  Red-hot Nets aim to tangle Grizzlies
  Pistons visit sinking Sixers
  Timberwolves play with Magic at Target Center
  Sonics hit the road to Houston
  Jazz, Nuggets to do battle at Pepsi Center
  Hornets buzz into Oakland
  Butler, Wizards down Kings without Arenas
  Duncan, Spurs down Clippers to lead the West
  Stoudemire could be sidelined awhile
  Pistons top Mavs in battle of NBA's elite
  Fourth-quarter rally lifts Magic past Bulls
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
  Bell's triple-double leads Bucks to bombardment of Suns
  Allen's heroics offset career night for Gasol in Seattle win
  Wallace, Bobcats set franchise marks in win over Hawks
  NBA fines Bowen and Haslem
  Grizzlies are on a roll
  Magic make money appear for Howard, Nelson
  Sonics hope to finish season with some wins
  Kings control their destiny
  Felton feeling the frustration
  Ole': Bulls still in the fight
  Bosh sidelined by thumb injury
  Tempers flare in South Beach
  Charlie's 48 goes to waste
  Hawks take flight in Charlotte
  Battle of the best takes place in Auburn Hills
  Suns set in Milwaukee
  Streaking Grizzlies host SuperSonics
  Seeing red: Bulls eyeing playoffs
  Kings welcome Wizards to ARCO Arena
  Spurs continue trip in LA
  Arenas, Wizards down Warriors
  Shaq powers Heat past Pacers
Monday, March 27, 2006
  Jazz rout Hornets to edge closer to eighth in Western Conference
  Krstic, Nets roll past poorly shooting Suns
  NBA fines Bonzi Wells
  Gasol, James capture NBA weekly honors
  Hornets are running out of time
  Jazz still have a chance
  Phoenix will be spending a lot of time on the road
  Warriors trying to put together some wins
  Orlando extends contracts of Howard, Nelson
  Nets try to extend winning streak to nine games versus Suns
  Heat, Pacers clash in Miami
  Jazz wrap homestand against Hornets
  Bryant leads Lakers over Hornets
  Fourth quarter rally propels Bulls past Celtics
  Nets put the clamps on Detroit
  Warriors top Kings in Sacramento
  Allen's last second heroics lead Seattle past San Antonio
  Brand leads Clippers past Blazers
Sunday, March 26, 2006
  James paces Cavs to OT win
  Turkoglu leads Magic over struggling Atlanta
  Gasol leads Memphis past Charlotte; fire delays game
  Garnett, Wolves hold off late surge from Knicks
  Bucks overcome Villanueva's 48 to beat Raptors in OT
  Jackson and Indiana cruise past slumping Philadelphia
  Portland hosts surprising Clippers
  Spurs continue road trip in Seattle
  Lakers, Hornets clash at Staples Center
  Pacers, Sixers square off at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Timberwolves host Knicks
  Raptors stop off in Milwaukee
  Bulls, Celtics battle for their playoff lives in Boston
  Cavs try to make it five straight wins versus Rockets
  Streaking Grizzlies host Bobcats
  Red-hot Nets visit streaking Pistons
  Kings continue push towards playoffs vs. Warriors
  Brand has big game in win over Wizards
Saturday, March 25, 2006
  Suns seize playoff berth with win over Nuggets
  Bibby lifts Kings over Jazz in thriller
  Dallas continues road domination with win in Atlanta
  Cleveland peaking at perfect time
  Granger no stranger to big shots
  Knicks back to their old ways
  Wizards pay a visit to Clippers in LA
  Mavs open road swing in Atlanta
  Division leaders meet in Phoenix
  Jazz host Kings at Delta Center
  Barry leads Spurs past Blazers
  Bryant stars as Lakers edge Bucks
  Nuggets continue home success with win over Sonics
  Gasol leads hot Memphis past struggling Knicks
Friday, March 24, 2006
  Hamilton, Pistons hold off Pacers
  Magic end road drought with win over Sixers
  Gordon leads Chicago past Hornets
  James' big fourth quarter lifts Cavs past Celtics
  Toronto continues domination of Minnesota
  Heat scorch Bobcats
  Sixers' Mashburn waived, announces retirement
  Grizzlies getting hot at right time
  Mavs embark on important road trip
  Hornets still have a chance
  Timberwolves travel to Toronto
  Iverson, Sixers welcome Magic to Wachovia Center
  Rolling Pistons visit Pacers in Indy
  Knicks host Grizzlies at MSG
  Bobcats on the prowl in South Beach
  Lakers go Buck hunting in LA
  Playoff-bound Cavs take on Celtics
  First-place Nuggets host Sonics
  Richardson's buzzer-beater leads Warriors over Dallas
  Malone honored in Utah
  Yao and Alston help Rockets edge Hornets
  Stoudemire returns for Suns
  Malone immortalized in Utah
  Suns get easy win in Stoudemire's return
  Arenas, Washington silence Jazz
Thursday, March 23, 2006
  Nets rally to beat T'Wolves
  Jones leads Grizzlies over Clippers
  Raptors waive Antonio Davis
  Mourning sidelined 2-4 weeks
  Nets in firm control of Atlantic
  Nuggets sign Eisley for the rest of the season
  Sixers bring back Green
  Nets aim to tangle T'Wolves in Jersey
  Grizzlies close out homestand against Clippers
  Rockets lacking fuel, visit Hornets in OK
  Dallas back at home vs. Golden State
  Wizards visit Jazz at Delta Center
  Stoudemire could return for Suns
  Anthony guides Denver past San Antonio
  Bryant helps Lakers hold off Kings
  Howard comes off bench to lift Magic
  Wilcox leads Seattle past Bucks
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
  Pierce powers Celtics past Raptors
  Return of A.I. lifts Sixers over Hawks
  Billups helps Pistons beat Heat
  Pacers overcome slow start, down Bulls in O'Neal's return
  James' OT buzzer-beater lifts Cavs past Bobcats
  O'Neal makes return to Pacers
  Stoudemire rises for Suns
  Hawks' Stoudamire might miss rest of season
  Magic re-sign Battie
  Pierce, Celts keep creeping in East
  76ers could have The Answer
  Hawks continue losing ways
  Not the season Seattle had hoped for
  Pierce is a one-man show in Boston
  Struggling Sixers welcome Hawks to Philly
  Knicks head south to face Magic
  Cavs continue homestand versus Bobcats
  Bulls carry skid into Indiana
  Celtics host Raptors in Beantown
  Big boys of the East meet in Auburn Hills
  Bucks resume road trip in Emerald City
  Spurs open road trip in Denver
  Kobe and Co. welcome Kings to LA
  Timberwolves cool off Heat
  Kirilenko carries Jazz past Suns
  Artest super as Kings beat Sonics
  Hornets beat Clippers, claim first "home" win of season
  Grizzlies pound Pacers
  Spurs ward off Warriors
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  Nowitzki powers Dallas over Houston
  James paces Raptors past Knicks
  Nets continue to roll in win over Washington
  Wallace stars as Bobcats down Magic
  There is still hope for the Warriors
  Spurs getting ready for important road trip
  Utah needs to make its move
  Phoenix is headed towards second straight Pacific crown
  Kings can't afford a losing streak
  Timberwolves continue to disappoint
  Is New Jersey peaking too early?
  Nets, Wizards square off in DC
  Raptors swoop into Big Apple
  Bobcats aim to end skid against Orlando
  Battle of the 6's: Memphis takes on Indiana
  Hornets host Clippers at New Orleans Arena
  Mavs host reeling Rockets in Texas showdown
  Heat rising at right time; visit Timberwolves
  Spurs try to extend win streak against Warriors
  Home sweet home: Kings back in ARCO to host Seattle
  Jazz welcome Suns to Delta Center
  Redd leads the way as Bucks beat Blazers
  Pistons clinch division title with win over Hawks
  Cassell, Clippers keep Rockets reeling
Monday, March 20, 2006
  Kobe fires away for 43 as Lakers top Celtics
  Rockets are struggling
  Clippers still looking good
  Lakers better be careful
  Anthony, James capture NBA weekly honors
  Andersen's dismissal upheld
  Portland is trying to pick up some wins
  Blazers, Bucks finish home-and-home set
  Celtics, Lakers clash in Beantown
  Pistons try to stay hot at home against Hawks
  Clippers land in Houston
Sunday, March 19, 2006
  Heat stay hot, down Knicks at Garden
  Garnett leads Timberwolves past Kings
  Wizards spellbind Bulls
  Atkins lifts Grizzlies over Jazz
  Dunleavy leads Warriors past slumping Sixers
  Celtics trip Pacers to salvage road trip finale
  Pachulia's putback lifts Hawks over Magic
  Nets jump out early, hang on late to beat Dallas
  Murray helps Cavs edge Lakers
  Knicks slowly improving at season's end
  Cavs getting hot at right time
  Pacers getting prepped for postseason
  Bobcats just getting by
  Bulls not seeing red
  Knicks host surging Heat at MSG
  Slumping 76ers conclude trip at Golden State
  Jazz visit Grizzlies at FedEx Forum
  Kings try to crown T'Wolves at Target Center
  Celtics resume road trip in Indiana
  Wizards welcome Bulls to DC
  Battle of the busts takes place in Atlanta
  Cavs continue homestand vs. Lakers
  Nets try to end slump against Mavs
  Spurs blow past Rockets to share division lead with Phoenix
  Redd posts 33 as Bucks beat Trail Blazers
Saturday, March 18, 2006
  Anthony, Nuggets sting Hornets
  Hamilton leads Detroit over Charlotte
  Heat stay hot with win over Bulls
  You can take Wade's wheels, but not his heart
  Pistons get technical in loss to Knicks
  Spurs roll into Houston
  Bucks open home-and-home with Blazers
  Hornets buzz into New Orleans to host Denver
  Heat visit Bulls in Windy City
  NBA fines Hawks' Mike Woodson and Josh Smith fined
  Clippers roll past Sixers
  Pacers down Kings to spoil Artest's return to Indiana
Friday, March 17, 2006
  Krstic carries Nets past Lakers
  Nowitzki, Terry lift Mavs past Wizards
  James and Gooden boost Cleveland past woeful Blazers
  Crawford's jumper leads McKnicks over Pistons
  Mohammed powers Spurs past Suns
  Howard helps Magic overcome Celtics
  Miller leads Memphis to win over Denver
  Furious late rally sends Raptors past Bucks
  Jazz get much-needed win against Atlanta
  Orlando getting hot too late
  Spurs being tested
  Celtics not down and out yet
  Warriors are better than their record
  Grizzlies trying to get comfortable at home
  Hawks primed for vacation
  Nuggets starting to pull away in Northwest
  Wade is the man in Miami
  Wizards gelling at right time
  Mavs try to lasso Wizards in DC
  Raptors continue losing ways
  Bucks staying afloat in East
  Sonics headed for early vacation
  Jazz aim to end skid against lowly Hawks
  Celts visit Orlando on St. Patrick's Day
  I'm back: Artest makes first return to Indiana
  Kobe and Co. take a trip to Jersey
  Slumping Cavs welcome Portland to town
  Pistons pump into Big Apple
  76ers resume road trip against Clippers
  Nuggets continue road trip at Memphis
  Big West: Spurs host Suns in blockbuster matchup
  Warriors' Davis to miss time
  Dunleavy drops 24 in win over T'Wolves
  Allen pushes Seattle past Philadelphia
  Wade sparks Heat to win over Celtics
Thursday, March 16, 2006
  Nuggets' Boykins out 4-5 weeks
  Celtics, Heat square off in Miami
  Sonics host Iverson-less Sixers
  Timberwolves try to halt six-game losing streak vs. Warriors
  Magic top Jazz in OT
  Suns pound the Clippers
  Bucks beat down Bulls
  Robinson, Knicks win marathon over Hawks
  Nowitzki leads Dallas past McGrady-less Houston
  Arenas paces Wizards past Bobcats
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
  Nets blow by inept Blazers
  Anthony's late jumper leads Denver past Indiana
  Billups leads Detroit over Toronto
  Blazers nearing end of another disappointing season
  Nuggets stop off in Indiana
  Pistons open road trip against Raptors
  Jazz visit Orlando
  Hawks, Knicks clash at MSG
  Nets host Blazers
  Bucks wrap up homestand vs. Bulls
  Mavs visit McGrady-less Rockets
  Suns try to extend lead in Pacific against Clippers
  Bobcats, Wizards wrap up home-and-home set
  Lakers welcome slumping Timberwolves to Staples Center
  Sacramento rolls past the Lakers
  Nowitzki, Mavs rally to beat Cavs
  Grizzlies best Celtics in Memphis
  Parker propels Spurs past Hornets
  Sharp-shooting Suns win at Seattle
  Bulls blow past Portland
  Wade carries Heat to rout of Jazz
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
  Jamison, Arenas lead Wizards past Bobcats
  Bosh leads Raptors past short-handed Sixers
  Hornets struggling at the worst time
  A.I. a no-go for Philly
  Suns hanging on in Pacific
  Lakers have a favorable schedule
  Dallas needs to stay the course
  King James, Cavs mosey down to Dallas
  Bad buzz: Hornets take skid into San Antonio
  Leader of the Pac: Kings welcome Lakers to ARCO
  Slumping Suns visit Seattle
  Iverson-less Sixers host Raptors
  Bobcats aim to feast on Wizards
  Heat continue homestand versus Jazz
  Grizzlies host Pierce, Celts
  Bulls aim to blaze Portland in Windy City
  Kaman da' man as Clips down T'Wolves
  USA to play in challenge in Korea
  Carter and Kidd pace Nets past Rockets
  Bucks edge Hawks to snap home skid
Monday, March 13, 2006
  Anthony, Nuggets cruise past Knicks
  Iverson out for at least one more game
  Pacers send Magic to 14th straight road loss
  Bulls prepare for stretch run
  Sacramento is loving Artest
  Minnesota is just playing out the season
  Pierce and Bibby capture NBA weekly honors
  Hawks hit the road for two games
  Brand, Clippers have playoffs on their mind
  Without McGrady it could be over for the Rockets
  Points in the Paint
  Nuggets continue swing in Big Apple
  Pacers open homestand vs. Orlando
  Well-oiled Clippers host Timberwolves
  Nets aim to tangle Rockets at Toyota Center
  Thomas propels Kings past Mavs
  Randolph drops 32 as Portland beats Phoenix
Sunday, March 12, 2006
  Nets get back on track with win over Hornets
  Hamilton, Pistons down Bobcats
  Raptors set NBA three-point record in thrilling win over Pacers
  Pierce paces Celtics past Nuggets
  Webber wonderful as Sixers down Grizzlies in Memphis
  Lewis, Sonics down Lakers
  Duncan's double-double downs Rockets
  Wade leads Heat to win over LeBron
  Suns visit Portland
  Heat continue homestand vs. Cavs
  Rockets go for fifth win in a row at San Antonio
  Lakers try to extend winning streak against Sonics
  Struggling Sixers visit Memphis
  Streaking Nuggets stop off in Beantown
  Pacers, Raptors meet in Toronto
  Pistons try to get back on winning track versus Bobcats
  Hornets, Nets battle at Ford Center
  Kings, Mavs square off at ARCO Arena
  Nash leads Suns past T-Wolves
  Brand paces Clippers to win at Milwaukee
  Knicks fall to Bobcats in battle of the basement
  Dirk leads Dallas past Jazz
Saturday, March 11, 2006
  Turkoglu leads Magic past Warriors
  Deng leads Bulls past Hawks
  Phoenix is still in control
  Bulls, Hawks clash at Philips Arena
  Warriors wrap up road trip in Orlando
  Bobcats host Knicks
  Bucks open homestand against Clippers
  Mavs continue road trip in Utah
  Suns try to get back on winning track against Timberwolves
  Allen leads Sonics past Timberwolves
  McGrady on the shelf for up to five weeks
  Artest leads Sacramento past Memphis
  Pacers sneak past Hornets
  Warriors halt Heat's win streak
  Cassell leads Clippers over Bulls
Friday, March 10, 2006
  Redd pushes Bucks past Celtics
  Lakers race past Spurs
  Magic cruise to victory over Cavs
  Miller, Nuggets rip the Raptors
  Phoenix promotes D'Antoni
  Wizards must find their rhythm
  There's no place like South Beach
  James, Cavs look to spoil Magic show
  Celtics attempt to Pierce Bucks in Beantown
  Nuggets continue road trip in Toronto
  Seattle continues to disappoint
  South Beach showdown: Heat welcome Warriors to Miami
  Kings are ready to climb above .500
  Hornets back in OK, host Pacers
  Clippers try to shave Bulls at United Center
  Spurs, Lakers to tangle at AT&T Center
  Sonics host Timberwolves at KeyArena
  Kings try to keep win streak alive vs. Memphis
  Defending world champs are comfortable at home
  Nowitzki, Mavs cruise past Trail Blazers
  Spurs, behind Parker, halt red-hot Suns
Thursday, March 09, 2006
  Anthony, Nuggets down slumping Sixers
  Buck shots: Milwaukee losing playoff focus
  Pistons in cruise control
  James, Cavs getting ready for postseason
  Is Nash MVP again?
  Bulls fading from playoff picture
  Nuggets open season-long road trip in Philly
  Suns host Spurs at US Airways Center
  Mavs hit the saddle for Portland
  Gasol nets triple double as Grizzlies blast Sonics
  Yao, Rockets rally past Pacers
  Wallace's dunk helps lead Bobcats past Warriors
  Bryant, Lakers give Hornets rude welcome home
  Bibby leads Kings past Bucks
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
  Williams paces Jazz past Minnesota
  Pierce leads Celtics past 76ers
  Wade's 40 lifts Heat past Wizards
  Pistons secure playoff spot with win over Bulls
  Jones' buzzer-beater three lifts Cavs over Raptors
  Orlando coach fined
  Clash of the ballers: The Answer vs. The Truth
  76ers head to Beantown for showdown with Celts
  Pistons try for 13th straight win at home
  Bobcats battle Warriors in Charlotte
  Rising Heat take on Wizards in South Beach
  Skidding Bucks host Kings at Bradley Center
  Hornets back in New Orleans, host Lakers
  Indiana aims for a win in Houston
  Jazz welcome Timberwolves to Delta Center
  Grizzlies visit Sonics at KeyArena
  Cavs open road trip in Toronto
  Brand shines as Clippers down Spurs in LA
  Pierce's heroics give Boston thrilling win over Wizards
  Crawford leads Knicks past Pacers
  Stackhouse leads Mavs to win over Portland
  Yao and Rockets overcome T-Mac's absence to beat Minnesota
  Not your average Joe: Johnson scores 42 as Hawks beat Warriors
  Nocioni leads Bulls over Nets
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  Murray helps Cavs beat Raptors
  Portland is looking towards the future
  Houston still has a chance
  Raptors turn skid into fossil fuel
  Garnett can't be happy with Timberwolves
  Knicks have back-to-back wins on their minds
  Rockets, Timberwolves tangle at Target Center
  Clippers need some more wins
  Nets caught in recent rut
  Pierce does it all for Boston
  Pair of struggling teams meet at Philips Arena
  Pacers host Knicks at Conseco Fieldhouse
  Cavs open home-and-home with Toronto
  Wizards welcome Celtics to Verizon Center
  Bulls host Nets at United Center
  Mavericks aim to rebound against Portland
  Spurs on a roll, visit Clippers
  Spurs continue mastery of Lakers
  Duncan leaves game after being poked in eye
  Shaq celebrates birthday in style as Heat beat Bobcats in OT
  Suns win 11th straight, but Nash hurts ankle
  'Melo lifts Nuggets over Grizzlies
  Kirilenko carries Jazz past Magic
Monday, March 06, 2006
  Nets get King'd by Sacramento
  Lakers ink veteran swingman Jackson
  Sonics' Collison out indefinitely
  Wizards have tough road ahead
  Spurs go jingling and jangling into LA
  Hawks soaring to nowhere
  Magic need to make road woes disappear
  Iverson, Gasol awarded NBA weekly honors
  Miami takes win streak into Charlotte
  Bobcats back at home
  Miami still bringin' the Heat
  Lakers headed in right direction
  Nuggets trying to hold on to division lead
  Spurs rising to the challenge
  Jazz need to make a run
  Suns not ready to set; visit Hornets
  Kings resume road swing in Jersey
  Memphis visits Nuggets at Pepsi Center
  Jazz welcome sinking Magic to Delta Center
  Miller leads Grizzlies past Clippers
  Miller and Memphis breeze by Clippers
  Lewis leads Sonics to rout of Jazz
Sunday, March 05, 2006
  LeBron, Cavs blow past Bulls
  Peterson stars as Raptors best Celtics
  McGrady hurts back, but Rockets breeze by Blazers
  Jamison stars as Wizards best Kings
  Suns streak to 10th straight win; snap Dallas' home surge
  Jackson lifts Pacers past Sixers
  Garnett, Timberwolves defeat Warriors
  Team USA reveals initial roster
  Hunt or be hunted: Bucks pointing to postseason
  Van Horn sidelined at least two weeks
  No Bull!: Young studs need to step up
  Can the Pacers stop A.I., keep pace in East?
  Don't mess with Texas: Mavs host rising Suns
  Timberwolves to feast on Warriors
  Struggling Raptors host Celtics
  Blazers set to extinguish Rockets
  Cavs, Bulls to do business in Cleveland
  Memphis opens road swing in LA
  Wizards and Kings aplenty at MCI Center
  Iverson and Co. host Pacers
  Jazz try to stay in tune vs. Sonics
  Lakers get best of Pistons in LA
  New York ends road skid in Milwaukee
  Anthony leads Denver past Orlando
  Spurs pull away from Portland
Saturday, March 04, 2006
  Heat rally to down Hawks
  Nets beat reeling Raptors in OT
  Raptors visit Carter, Nets
  Hawks hope to cool off Heat
  Struggling Knicks begin road trip in Milwaukee
  Spurs go for sixth straight win versus Blazers
  Magic continue road trip in Denver
  Pistons conclude road trip against Lakers
  Rockets turn back Nuggets
  Bryant sets mark as Lakers top Warriors
  Hamilton's last-second shot lifts Pistons over Sonics
  Williams, Jazz fend off Clippers
  Mavs get back on track
  Marion alley-oops Suns to ninth straight win
  Iverson leads Sixers past Wizards
  Rising Sun: Thomas signs with Phoenix
  Pierce helps Celtics edge Pacers
Friday, March 03, 2006
  Bulls rally to beat Knicks
  Miller, Kings roll past Hawks
  Horry suspended two games; Stackhouse fined
  King James and Cavs end skid
  Pistons in a league of their own
  Reeling Raptors not reveling in rut
  Nuggets sign Eisley to 10-day contract
  Season couldn't end sooner for Knicks
  Pacers end road trip in Beantown
  Hapless Knicks host Bulls at MSG
  76ers host Wizards at Wachovia Center
  Nuggets take road trip in Houston
  Bobcats face tough task in Big D
  Suns still rising, host reeling Magic
  Clippers attempt to buzz Jazz
  Cavaliers tame Bulls on Murray's late trey
Thursday, March 02, 2006
  Beantown report: Celts need home cookin'
  He still got game: A.I. the man in Philly
  Nets primed for playoff run
  Can the Mavericks win the West?
  Clash of the Titans: Spurs host Mavs
  Cavs try to end losing streak in Windy City
  Randolph and Portland get past the Lakers
  Iverson, Sixers down Rockets
  Jazz hit low note with home loss to Bobcats
  Sweet 16: Clippers' defense smothers Hornets in win
  Richardson powers Warriors past Magic
  Marion stars as Suns down Bucks
  Wade, Heat stay hot with win over Celtics
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
  Jackson leads Indiana in comeback win over Washington
  Martin helps lift Nuggets past Pistons
  Thomas, Kings down Cavaliers
  Garnett, Timberwolves knock down Nets
  Johnson, Harrington lead Hawks past Raptors in OT
  Gasol lifts Grizzlies over Knicks
  Rockets release Barry
  Bulls waive Thomas
  Wade, Marion get top honors for February
  Riley, D'Antoni named top coaches for February
  Suns release Jim Jackson
  Pistons sign free agent Delk
  Rising Suns host Bucks at US Airways Center
  Blazers host Lakers at the Rose Garden
  Clippers aim for third straight win, host Hornets
  Struggling Warriors welcome Magic to The Arena
  Wizards host Pacers at MCI Center
  Kings hit the road to battle Cavaliers
  Blistering Heat aim to burn Celtics in Beantown
  Memphis welcomes miserable Knicks to FedEx Forum
  Nets try to get back on track at Minnesota
  Hot Pistons pump into Denver
  Bobcats travel to Utah to face Jazz
  Reeling Raptors host Atlanta
  Kobe uses magical 4th to power Lakers over Orlando
  Sonics nearly blow huge lead before beating Hornets
  Allen bangs head, exits game on stretcher
  Hinrich's Herculean effort boosts Bulls