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 734 HAWKS
4/24/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 740 NETS
4/25/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 741 BULLS
4/25/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 747 SPURS
4/26/2014 4:30 PM(et)
 749 HEAT
4/26/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 901 REDS
4/24/2014 12:35 PM(et)
 904 METS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
 906 CUBS
4/24/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 12:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 1:08 PM(et)
 915 TWINS
 916 RAYS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 954 METS
4/25/2014 7:10 PM(et)
 955 REDS
4/25/2014 7:35 PM(et)
 957 CUBS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:15 PM(et)
4/25/2014 9:40 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/25/2014 7:07 PM(et)
 971 RAYS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
 976 TWINS
4/25/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/25/2014 10:15 PM(et)
9/4/2014 8:30 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 466 RAMS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 472 JETS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
 475 BILLS
 476 BEARS
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 1:00 PM(et)
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 485 49ERS
9/7/2014 4:25 PM(et)
 487 COLTS
9/7/2014 8:30 PM(et)
 490 LIONS
9/8/2014 7:10 PM(et)
9/8/2014 10:20 PM(et)

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Thursday, October 31, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 31, 2013
  49ers take Smith off NFI
  Dolphins' Martin ruled out for Thursday's game
  Lacy, Mathieu named NFL Rookies of the Month for October
  Lions' Johnson among October's top performers
  Dalton highlights AFC's best in October
  Bengals activate Hawkins
  Slumping Dolphins try to cool off Dalton, Bengals
  Reports: Niners' Smith surrenders to cops
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
  Titans' OL Turner sent to IR
  Bills QB Lewis misses practice
  Lions place Broyles on IR
  Bengals' Maualuga ruled out for Thursday
  Seahawks place WR Rice on injured reserve
  49ers waive WR Moore
  Dolphins' Martin doubtful for Week 9
  Extra Points: Trade deadline fizzles again
  Chiefs waive tight end Brock
  Ravens waive Spears and Huff
  Lions' Johnson headlines NFC's top players
  Jones, Rodgers-Cromartie, Succop named AFC's best
  Bengals place Mays on IR
  Foles tabbed to start for Eagles on Sunday
  Bills add DT Charles
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
  Browns ink WR Edwards
  Seahawks' Rice has torn ACL
  Patriots place Vollmer on IR
  Eagles QB Foles cleared for contact
  Steelers sign P McBriar, waive Mesko
  Father of Vikes RB Asiata dies in Utah accident
  Bengals place CB Hall on IR
  Patriots acquire DT Sopoaga from Eagles
  Dolphins' place WR Gibson on IR
  Cowboys' Waters to miss rest of season
  Seahawks make late goal-line stand to hold off Rams
  Report: Cowboys agree to terms with Everette Brown
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 8
Monday, October 28, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 28, 2013
  Texans place Cushing on IR, sign 5 to active roster
  Keenum to start for Texans against Colts
  Browns lose Benjamin to torn ACL
  Bucs place WR Williams on IR
  Ravens add Bernard Scott
  Bears sign QB Palmer, LB Grant
  Extra Points: Bryant embarrasses himself, Cowboys
  Report: Dolphins' Pouncey served grand jury subpoena
  Rodgers guides shorthanded Packers past Vikings
  Broncos take over late, down 'Skins
Sunday, October 27, 2013
  Cardinals top turnover-prone Ryan, Falcons
  Bengals rout Jets
  Raiders hold off Steelers
  Chiefs hold off Browns, remain unbeaten
  Lights out in London: 49ers trample winless Jags
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 27, 2013
  Lions beat Cowboys on Stafford's heads-up TD
  Brown kicks Giants past Eagles
  Pats score 24 unanswered to beat Dolphins
  Brees' 5 TD passes lead Saints over Bills
  Eagles' Vick exits in second quarter
  Lions' Bush to start Sunday
  Bills' Spiller inactive against Saints
  Murray, Ware, Austin inactive for Cowboys
  Pats' Talib out, Amendola active
Saturday, October 26, 2013
  Redskins' Doughty downgraded to out
  Seahawks' Harvin out against Rams
Friday, October 25, 2013
  Cowboys RB Murray questionable for Sunday
  Vikings' Ponder set to start Sunday
  Ravens LB Dumervil fined
  Saints' Graham questionable vs. Bills
  Cardinals RB Mendenhall doubtful
  Chiefs WR Bowe questionable for Sunday
  Pats' Amendola, Talib listed as questionable
  Bills' Spiller doubtful for Sunday
  Extra Points: Dalton has Bengals in control of AFC North
  Bengals CB Hall out for Week 8
  Falcons' Jackson probable for Sunday, White out
  Vick listed as probable for Sunday
  Stretching the Field: Panthers in rare position
  Seahawks shoot for 7-1 start, visit Bradford-less Rams
  Surging Steelers take aim at Pryor, Raiders
  Vick expected back under center as Eagles entertain Giants
  Cowboys hope to tame Lions
  Shanahan returns to Mile High as Redskins take on Broncos
  Border war: first-place Packers plan to add to Vikings' woes
  Abraham, Cardinals face off with Falcons
  Jets face tough road test against Bengals
  Well-rested Saints turn their attention toward Bills
  Dolphins try to halt tailspin against Brady, Pats
  Campbell takes his turn as Browns try to knock off unbeaten Chiefs
  London calling: 49ers square off with winless Jags
  Newton leads Panthers past winless Bucs
Thursday, October 24, 2013
  Matchups set for NFL's 2014 London games
  Report: Rams inquired about Favre
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 24, 2013
  Falcons RB Jackson progressing, practices again
  Panthers prowl for third straight win, visit winless Bucs
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
  Manning held out of Broncos' practice
  Bucs RB Martin ruled out of Thursday's game
  Redskins' Meriweather suspension reduced to one game
  Giants place Baas on IR
  Falcons' Ryan leads NFC Players of the Week
  Luck headlines AFC's weekly award honorees
  Texans release LB Dobbins
  Extra Points: Vikings need to start over
  Vikings' Freeman has concussion
  Redskins bring back Pugh
  Rams bring in QBs Davis and Quinn
  Campbell to start for Browns this week
  Patriots sign DE Carter
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
  NFLPA suspends, fines Dumervil's former agent
  Vikings sticking with Freeman
  Report: Patriots re-sign DE Carter
  Lions release TE Scheffler
  Vick likely to return Sunday vs. Giants
  Colts place Wayne on IR
  Packers' Finley out of ICU
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 7
  Giants down Vikings for first win of season
Monday, October 21, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 21, 2013
  Redskins' Meriweather given 2-game ban
  Dolphins acquire OT McKinnie from Ravens
  Jets activate Garrard, release Quinn
  Texans RB Wood, two others waived
  Texans' RB Wood, two others waived
  Bradley to join Jaguars in London following father's death
  Steelers waive RB Redman
  Texans' Cushing done for the season
  Cowboys sign DT Austin
  Bucs' Martin has torn labrum
  Bears' Cutler out at least a month
  Titans' owner Bud Adams dies
  Eagles QB Foles has concussion
  Colts lose Wayne to torn ACL
  Extra Points: Jets-Patriots finish falls flat
  Rams' Bradford sidelined with torn ACL
  Colts' Wayne injures knee
  Bradford to have surgery for torn ACL
  Luck, Colts hand Broncos 1st lost in Peyton's return to Indy
  Report: Bradford has torn ACL
Sunday, October 20, 2013
  Bengals CB Hall has Achilles injury
  Chiefs down Texans to move to 7-0
  Rodgers' 3 TDs carry Packers over Browns
  Suisham, Steelers nip Ravens
  Chargers top lowly Jaguars
  Newton, Panthers double up Rams for a win
  Folk the hero as Jets outlast Patriots in OT
  Gore scores twice as 49ers defeat Titans
  Packers' Finley leaves on stretcher
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 20, 2013
  Nugent's kick lifts Bengals past Lions
  Late FG lifts Bills past struggling Dolphins
  Cutler leaves game vs. Redskins
  Helu's late TD run helps Redskins outlast Bears
  Rams' Long ejected during melee
  Texans' Foster exits with hamstring issue
  Douglas steps up as Falcons down winless Bucs
  Short-handed Cowboys send Eagles to another home loss
  Rams' Bradford carted to locker room
  Packers WR Jones inactive vs. Browns
  Patriots' Gronkowski active vs. Jets
Saturday, October 19, 2013
  Pierre-Paul, Jacobs questionable for Giants
  Report: Locker to start Sunday
  Ravens LB McClain moved to active roster
  Broncos activate Von Miller
  Eagles promote RB Tucker, release CB Poyer
  Odd Man Rush: Palmer not the issue with Cardinals offense
  Falcons promote WR Darius Johnson
  Former coach Bum Phillips dead at 90
Friday, October 18, 2013
  Milliner looking to return against Pats
  Gronkowski questionable for Sunday
  Packers' Jones questionable vs. Browns
  Titans' Locker questionable
  Lions' Johnson probable for Sunday
  Steelers LB Jones questionable
  Cowboys' Ware, Murray doubtful for Sunday
  Jaguars' Blackmon, Shorts questionable
  Falcons' White, Jackson ruled out vs. Bucs
  Bears' Tillman, Bennett questionable
  Ravens rule out LB Bynes after finger surgery
  Falcons waive Schillinger
  Bills WR Johnson probable for Sunday
  Freeman takes over Vikings as Giants search for first win
  Extra Points: Irsay makes things tougher for Colts
  Report: Gronkowski cleared to play
  Peyton's place: Manning returns to Indy as Broncos take on Colts
  Keenum takes his turn as struggling Texans visit unbeaten Chiefs
  Football's most physical rivalry resumes as Steelers entertain Ravens
  Banged-up Packers face off with Weeden, Browns
  Niners shoot for 4th straight win, visit Titans
  Red-hot Rivers leads Chargers against winless Jags
  Lions search for rare home win over Bengals
  Bradford and Newton duel as Rams visit Panthers
  Dolphins and Bills clash in AFC East matchup
  Jets try to solve Brady, Patriots
  Cowboys and Eagles square off for first place in NFC East
  RG3 and Redskins try to right the ship against opportunistic Bears
  Bucs take soap opera to Atlanta
  Wilson, Seahawks down Cards
Thursday, October 17, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 17, 2013
  Texans' Schaub out; Keenum gets the start
  Vick: I'm not playing this week
  Steelers LB Jones has a concussion
  Vikings place LB Bishop on IR
  First-place Seahawks swoop into the desert to take on Cardinals
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
  Lions' Suh draws another fine
  Cardinals' Campbell questionable for Thursday
  Seahawks' Wagner to remain sidelined
  Buccaneers' Nicks has surgery
  Cowboys release Ratliff after failed physical
  Bills QB Manuel out at least another month
  Texans S Manning placed on IR
  Giants sign Hillis to 'unsettled' backfield
  Extra Points: Cobb's injury accentuates NFL butterfly effect
  Panthers sign LB Jason Williams
  Freeman to start Monday for Vikings
  Dalton, Hali, Novak chosen as AFC's weekly winners
  Eagles' Foles among NFC weekly winners
  Patriots place Mayo on IR
  Bucs promote WR Dawson
  Patriots' Mayo sidelined with pectoral injury
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
  Packers send Cobb to short-term IR
  Bills cut OL Brown
  Jets sign Cribbs; place Goodson, Gates on IR
  Cowboys' Murray to miss Week 7
  Steelers place Brown, Johnson on IR
  Chargers stymie Colts
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 6
Monday, October 14, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 14, 2013
  Packers' Cobb to miss 'multiple weeks'
  Report: Cowboys' Ware out 3-4 weeks
  Vikings LB Bishop has torn ACL
  Buffalo signs QB Flynn
  Henne to start in Week 7 for Jaguars
  Extra Points: Eagles' Kelly will ride the hot hand for now
  Streaking Colts ride into San Diego
  Harris helps Cowboys clip Redskins
Sunday, October 13, 2013
  Davis and Niners take down Cards
  Saints fail to stop Brady as Pats pull out last-second win
  Moreno, Manning lift Broncos over plucky yet winless Jags
  Nugent's FG in OT boosts Bengals over Bills
  Cardinals DE Campbell carted off vs. 49ers
  Shorthanded Packers edge Ravens
  Lynch scores twice as Seahawks down Titans
  Steelers down Jets for first win
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 13, 2013
  Stafford throws 4 TDs to lead Lions past Browns
  Bradford throws 3 TDs as Rams rout Texans
  Chiefs move to 6-0 with win over Raiders
  Newton stars as Panthers paste Vikings
  Texans' Schaub out with ankle injury
  Foles fills in for Vick, as Eagles keep Bucs winless
  Packers' Cobb, Jones exit with injuries
  Gronkowski not cleared to play
  Report: Union thinks Schiano is Freeman leak
  Jets' Holmes remains out
  Vikings' Peterson active vs. Panthers
  Buccaneers' Nicks, Williams inactive
  WR Jacoby Jones returns for Ravens
  Bengals' Hall, Johnson ready to play Sunday
  Bills go without Johnson; Spiller, Byrd to play
  Lions WR Johnson active
  Foles to start for Eagles
Saturday, October 12, 2013
  Chiefs put TE Kelce on IR
  Browns place QB Hoyer on IR
Friday, October 11, 2013
  2-year-old son of Vikings' Peterson dies
  Niners LB Willis questionable for Sunday
  Moore, Ingram questionable for Saints
  Jets' Winslow handed 4-game suspension
  Raiders' McFadden uncertain for Week 6
  Lions WR Johnson questionable for Sunday
  Gronkowski, Amendola, Ridley questionable for Patriots
  Seahawks' Lynch questionable with hip injury
  Cowboys' Austin probable for Sunday
  Third Buccaneer diagnosed with MRSA
  Vick questionable for Sunday
  Ravens' NT Cody doubtful, Jones questionable
  Bears LB Williams done for season with pectoral injury
  Texans' Johnson plans to play
  Edwards, Barner doubtful for Panthers
  Bills' Johnson, Gilmore questionable for Sunday
  Broncos' Bailey likely to play Sunday
  Bengals' Hall, Johnson questionable for Sunday
  Adrian Peterson plans to play on Sunday
  Vikings sticking with Cassel this Sunday
  Bears LB Williams could be done for season with pectoral injury
  Report: Adrian Peterson's 2-year-old son beaten
  Extra Points: Schaub deserves better in Houston
  Rivalry renewed: 'Skins battle Romo, Cowboys
  Cards and Niners meet in key NFC West matchup
  Brady takes on Brees as Pats square off with unbeaten Saints
  David vs. Goliath: Underdog Jags meet high-powered Broncos
  Titans face tough road test in Seattle
  Brandon's back in charge as Browns entertain Lions
  Bills turn to Lewis vs. Bengals
  Schaub searches for mojo as Texans tangle with Rams
  Chiefs shoot for 6-0 start vs. Raiders
  QB controversy swirls in Minnesota as Vikings host Panthers
  Winless Steelers search for first win against surprising Jets
  Bucs hope to move past Freeman, take on Eagles
  Packers head to Baltimore minus Matthews
  Bears hold on to keep Giants winless
Thursday, October 10, 2013
  Tillman inactive for Bears-Giants tilt
  Texans' Johnson "game-time decision" for Sunday
  Lions WR Johnson returns to limited practice
  Stretching the Field: Breaking down barriers
  Jets bring back Garrard
  Falcons place Jones on IR, sign Robiskie
  Reeling Giants search for first win vs. Bears
Wednesday, October 09, 2013
  Chargers place Mike Harris on IR
  Darris McCord dies at 80
  Falcons WR Jones out for year
  49ers claim Bethel-Thompson, waive Skelton
  Hernandez in court for pretrial hearing
  Bears' Briggs, Tillman questionable for Thursday
  Packers LB Matthews out multiple weeks
  Texans place TE Daniels on IR, but designated to return
  Reports: Niners' Smith facing felony weapons charges
  Schaub will start Sunday against Rams
  Wilson one of six Giants out for Thursday
  Vick limited in practice
  Extra Points: Freeman is prudent gamble for Spielman, Vikings
  Raiders sign DT Muir
  Henne expected to start for injured Gabbert
  Jets' Smith headlines AFC's best for Week 5
  Eagles' Jackson highlights NFC weekly winners
  Steelers sign LB Sylvester, release Wilson
  Vikings extend DE Robison
  Jets place LB Barnes on IR
  Patriots sign DT Neblett
  Colts bring in RB Herron
  Panthers add McNutt, promote Folkerts
Tuesday, October 08, 2013
  Jets QB Sanchez undergoes season-ending shoulder surgery
  Colts place RB Bradshaw on IR
  Panthers release WR Edwards
  Stokley re-signs with Ravens
  Vikings waive QB Bethel-Thompson
  NFL to hold three games in London in 2014
  Report: Texans TE Daniels out with broken fibula
  Smith, Jets stun Falcons on last-second FG
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 5
  Freeman pumped up to be a Minnesota Viking
  Kelly on Vick: 'I don't know if he'll play Sunday'
Monday, October 07, 2013
  Report: Packers LB Matthews expected to miss one month
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 07, 2013
  Raiders cut QB Flynn
  Panthers' Silatolu done for season
  Bills to start Thad Lewis at quarterback Sunday
  Bears lose another DT to torn ACL
  Extra Points: Eli's Big Blues
  Falcons attempt to regroup in clash with Geno's Jets
  Pryor leads Raiders past Chargers
  Niners stifle Schaub in rout of Texans
Sunday, October 06, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 06, 2013
  Manning, Broncos stay unbeaten with late win over Dallas
  Rams end skid, keep Jaguars winless
  Cards' defense shines in error-filled win over Panthers
  Saints move to 5-0 behind Hartley, Brees
  Foles' 4th-quarter magic helps Eagles take down winless Giants
  Packers clip Lions behind Rodgers, Crosby
  Tucker's late FG lifts Ravens over Dolphins
  Luck, Colts hand Seahawks first loss
  Bengals hand Pats 1st loss, end Brady's TD streak
  Chiefs rally past Titans for best start in 10 years
  Jaguars lose No. 2 pick Joeckel for season
  Giants' Wilson leaves with neck injury
  Eagles' Vick injures hamstring
  Jags' Gabbert leaves with hamstring injury
  Giants' Webster to sit Sunday
  Moorman rejoins Bills
  Jones and Brown out, Webb to play against Miami
  Wake to play for Miami
  Amendola active for Patriots
  Seahawks' Miller, Unger sidelined Sunday
  Lions to be without WR Johnson
Saturday, October 05, 2013
  Giants place Ross on IR
Friday, October 04, 2013
  Colts' Bradshaw may require neck surgery
  Niners' Willis questionable against Texans
  Texans' Duane Brown, Johnson questionable for Sunday
  Tillman, Paea questionable for Bears
  Seahawks TE Miller, C Unger questionable for Sunday
  Chargers LT Dunlap ruled out with concussion
  Johnson, Dockett questionable for Cardinals
  Cowboys' Austin doubtful for Sunday
  Broncos' Bailey questionable for Sunday
  Lions list Johnson questionable
  Chiefs' Fisher ruled out for Sunday
  Saints' Moore out vs. Bears
  Lacy probable for Packers' matchup with Lions
  Jones, Webb among nine listed as questionable for Ravens in Week 5
  Pryor probable, McFadden doubtful for Raiders
  Giants pick up Beason from Panthers
  Jets claim TE Sudfeld
  Ridley ruled out for Sunday
  Giants' Snee placed on IR
  Colts rule out five players for Sunday
  Mikell, Edwards remain out for Panthers
  Bengals' Hall doubtful for Sunday
  Giants rule out six players for Sunday
  Chung questionable for Eagles
  Bills' Manuel has LCL sprain, could miss a few weeks
  Report: Giants' Snee to have surgery
  Browns QB Hoyer has torn ACL
  Extra Points: Breaking Bad for Hoyer
  Bills release P Powell
  Texans try to bounce back against 49ers
  Chargers try to light up Oakland
  Manning, Broncos take aim at Cowboys
  Panthers and Cardinals square off in the desert
  Hapless Jags could be tonic for struggling Rams
  Locker-less Titans try to derail unbeaten Chiefs
  Desperate Giants play host to slumping Eagles
  Hot Brees blows into Chicago
  Ravens hope to cure road woes vs. Ellerbe, Dolphins
  Luck and Wilson do battle as Seahawks visit Colts
  Improved Lions try to solve Packers at Lambeau
  Patriots shoot for 5-0 start, take on Bengals
  Bills' Manuel exits with knee injury
  Browns rally for third straight win
  Browns QB Hoyer leaves with knee injury
Thursday, October 03, 2013
  Spiller active for Bills-Browns tilt
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 03, 2013
  Falcons' Baker, Dent out for Monday night
  Patriots add WR Collie, place Wilfork on IR
  Free-Man: Bucs part ways with former starting QB
  Ravens acquire OT Monroe from Jags
  Saints' Graham among September's best
  Manning highlights AFC's best in September
  Hopkins, Alonso named NFL Rookies of the Month for September
  Extra Points: Schiano hasn't been a leader in Tampa
  Hoyer, Browns aim for third straight win, host Bills
Wednesday, October 02, 2013
  Reports: Bucs fined QB Freeman twice
  Seahawks claim QB Daniels off waivers
  Raiders QB Pryor to start vs. Chargers
  Bills' Spiller questionable for Thursday
  Steelers acquire OT Brown from Cardinals
  Lions' Delmas, Quin, Houston don't practice
  Cardinals sign LB Benard
  Cowboys' Spencer has successful knee surgery
  Saints' Brees highlights NFC weekly winners
  Rivers picks up second AFC weekly award
  49ers sign QB Skelton
  Jets bring in WR Nelson
  Bucs bring back Underwood
  Report: NFLPA to look into Freeman leaks
Tuesday, October 01, 2013
  Report: Jaguars to deal OT Monroe to Ravens
  Chargers put Floyd, Freeney on IR
  49ers add LB Cunningham
  Giants sign OL Reynolds
  Rams re-sign Dunbar
  Pats' Wilfork has successful surgery
  Second MRI confirms hip sprain for Titans' Locker
  Bengals sign LB Boley
  Report: Jets' Holmes out with hamstring injury
  Bucs release Ogletree, waive Black
  Brees' 4 TDs leads Saints past Dolphins
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 4
  Raiders-Chargers game moved to Sunday night
Wednesday, October 31, 2012
  Nelson still out of Packers' practice
  Meachem, Royal both uncertain for Chargers
  Jaguars claim WR Armstrong from Dolphins
  Dolphins' Tannehill limited in practice Wednesday
  Extra Points: The no-huddle is here to stay
  Titans add DeVan
  Smith's record-setting performance highlights NFC weekly winners
  Patriots' Brady headlines AFC's best for Week 8
  Eagles sticking with Vick
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  Chargers cut injured Kaeding
  Jags ship WR Thomas to Lions
  Steelers' Polamalu, Gilbert ruled out for Sunday
  Bucs place Nicks on IR
  Cassel to start for Chiefs on Thursday
Monday, October 29, 2012
  Smith razor-sharp as 49ers rout Cardinals
  Report: Dolphins' Tannehill has knee bruise
  NFL pushes trade deadline to Thursday
  Broncos LB Mays has broken ankle
  Colts release RB Moore
  Rhodes active for Cardinals, Heap still out
  Panthers cut ties with CB Hogan
  Jones-Drew to miss another week
  Niners visit reeling Cardinals
  Manning outduels Brees as Broncos crush Saints
Sunday, October 28, 2012
  Extra Points: Accountability missing on overrated Eagles
  Palmer, Raiders take down Chiefs
  Giants hang on to defeat Cowboys
  Dolphins dominate Jets
  Patriots manhandle Rams in London
  Young's TD catch lifts Lions over Seahawks
  Quinn leaves start with head injury
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 28, 2012
  Gould's FG lifts Bears past Panthers
  Early score helps Browns edge Chargers
  Packers hold off Jaguars to continue recent roll
  Falcons hand a Reid-led Eagles team 1st loss after bye
  Roethlisberger, Steelers down Redskins
  Ballard's TD lifts Colts past Titans in OT
  Dolphins' Tannehill exits with quad injury
  Seahawks WR Edwards inactive
  Mendenhall, Redman inactive for Steelers
  Redskins LB Fletcher active
  Bart Scott's streak comes to an end
  Packers' Nelson inactive
Saturday, October 27, 2012
  Browns put Fujita on IR
  Report: Bounty appeals hearing postponed
Friday, October 26, 2012
  Ravens fined $20,000 over injury report
  Saints' Graham questionable vs. Broncos
  Broncos' Porter questionable for Sunday
  Titans' Roos ruled out for Sunday
  Redskins LB Fletcher questionable for Sunday
  Rams WR Amendola questionable for Sunday
  Packers' Nelson questionable for Sunday
  Vikings place CB Cook on injured reserve
  Mendenhall ruled out for Sunday
  Cowboys sign Church to four-year extension
  Thigh injury ends season for Patriots' Dowling
  Pats' Hernandez to miss game in London
  Odd Man Rush: Loss of Jennings won't slow down Packers
  Extra Points: Newton doesn't need Moon's help
  Stretching the Field: Freeman, Bucs finding their groove
  Brees and Manning square off when Broncos host Saints
  Cowboys aim for season sweep of Giants
  Chiefs aim for rare home win vs. Raiders
  London Calling: Pats and Rams meet in Wembley
  RG3 leads 'Skins into Pittsburgh
  Lions try to restore the roar vs. Seahawks
  Newton tries to get Panthers going in Chicago
  Unbeaten Falcons visit Eagles
  Colts try their Luck in Nashville
  Stumbling Chargers visit lowly Browns
  Bush, Dolphins take another shot at Jets
  A-Rod, Packers take aim at banged-up Jags
  Freeman, Martin help Bucs end road skid
Thursday, October 25, 2012
  Packers' Jennings to undergo surgery
  Jaguars' Smith placed on returnable IR
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 25, 2012
  Bucs activate DE Bowers off PUP list
  Vikings try to solve Bucs
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
  Colts RB Brown returns to practice
  Jaguars QB Gabbert practices, Jones-Drew doesn't
  Lions' Burleson placed on IR
  Panthers place Beason on IR
  Bills' Williams has wrist surgery
  Extra Points: Too close for comfort
  NFLPA to file motion to remove Tagliabue from bounty hearings
  Cowboys place LB Lee on IR
  Titans sign LB Adibi
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
  Cowboys LB Lee may need season-ending surgery
  Eagles sign C Tennant, release Vallos
  Steelers rule Polamalu out again
  Redskins swap running backs
  NFL trade deadline could be quiet as usual
  Bears use stingy defense to down Lions
  Lions lose Burleson for the season
  NFL Game Capsules
Monday, October 22, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 22, 2012
  Browns place Pinkston on IR
  Titans' Hasselbeck to start on Sunday
  Turner denies Chargers used Stickum against Broncos
  Panthers place Gamble on IR
  Packers' Woodson has broken collarbone
  Report: Packers' Woodson has broken collarbone
  Quinn to start Sunday for Chiefs
  Chargers place K Kaeding on IR
  Rams release OL Ojinnaka
  Extra Points: Saints show some life but defense must improve
  Panthers fire GM Hurney
  Lions try to get back in NFC North race, visit Bears
  Steelers continue mastery of Bengals
Sunday, October 21, 2012
  Raiders rally, beat shorthanded Jags in OT
  Pats back on top in AFC East after edging Jets in OT
  Saints outlast Bucs in aerial display
  Jones-Drew, Gabbert leave early with injuries
  Fan falls from escalator at MetLife Stadium
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 21, 2012
  Vikings edge out Cardinals
  Bailey lifts Cowboys over Panthers
  Luck rushes for a pair of TDs, Colts edge Browns
  Rodgers, Packers down Rams
  Titans escape with one-point win in Buffalo
  Foster, Texans take down Ravens
  Cowboys center Costa leaves game
  Redskins TE Davis out for season with torn Achilles
  Cruz Control: Late TD pass sends Giants over Redskins
  Richardson exits Browns' loss
  Jones-Drew leaves early with foot injury
  Report: Chargers being investigated for using 'Stick 'em'
  Redskins' Davis leaves with Achilles injury
  Cowboys' Bryant active
  Ravens' Suggs active against Texans
  Saints LB Vilma active
  Giants RB Bradshaw active
Saturday, October 20, 2012
  Browns WR Massaquoi downgraded to out for Colts game
  Giants activate Canty from PUP list
  Suggs activated off PUP
  Saints activate Vilma from PUP list
Friday, October 19, 2012
  Texans' Joseph game-time decision against Ravens
  Garcon likely out again for Redskins
  NFL fines Bills, Redskins over injury reports
  Cards' Kolb, Rhodes out for Sunday
  Cowboys' Bryant questionable for Sunday
  Steelers rule out Mendenhall, Redman for Sunday
  Packers' Raji, Jennings ruled out against Rams
  Tagliabue to hear latest bounty appeals
  Giants RB Bradshaw questionable for Sunday
  Panthers' Beason doubtful against Cowboys
  Stretching the Field: Chiefs have some work to do
  Big Ben leads Steelers into Cincinnati
  Raiders welcome Jags to the Bay Area
  Rex's Jets take latest shot at Patriots
  'Jekyll and Hyde' Bills take on Titans
  Luck, Weeden renew rivalry as Colts host Browns
  Ravens press on without Lewis, visit Texans
  Resurgent Packers take on Rams
  Saints march in to Tampa
  Newton, Panthers get back to work against Cowboys
  Skelton takes over Cards in Minny
  RG3 and Redskins face 'Giant' test
  49ers outlast Seahawks
Thursday, October 18, 2012
  Manningham out, Staley active for 49ers
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 18, 2012
  Lions bring back CB Smith
  Suggs' status still in question
  Andy Reid's son died of heroin overdose
  Report: Andy Reid's son died of heroin overdose
  Seahawks set for showdown with Niners
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
  Browns' Richardson back at practice
  Packers place Smith on IR done for season
  Manningham, Staley questionable for 49ers on Thursday
  Jets waive FB Conner with injury settlement
  Extra Points: Arrogance turns to panic in Philly
  Door left open for Ravens' Lewis to return
  Broncos' Manning headlines AFC's best for Week 6
  Rodgers highlights NFC weekly winners
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
  Arizona brings back McQuistan
  Bears release former first-round pick Williams
  NFL to hold second London game in 2013
  Steelers' Polamalu to sit again Sunday; Mendenhall day-to-day
  Texans shut down Jamison for year
  Ravens place CB Webb on injured reserve
  Cards' Kolb to be sidelined indefinitely
  Haslam approved as Browns owner; Holmgren out at season's end
  Haslam approved as Browns owner
  Eagles fire defensive coordinator Juan Castillo
  Manning, Broncos rally past Bolts
Monday, October 15, 2012
  Ravens CB Webb, LB Lewis both out for year
  Vilma could soon return for Saints
  Lions to keep RB Best on sidelines
  Hasselbeck to start again for the Titans
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 15, 2012
  Packers' Smith done for season
  Bills bring back Shawne Merriman
  Bears waive RB Bell
  Jags sign veteran safety Harris
  Extra Points: Giants, Packers send a message
  Stretching the Field: No cowardly Lions here
  Chargers, Broncos set to decide early AFC West lead
  Browns top Bengals for 1st win
  Rodgers throws 6 TDs as Packers rout Texans
  Griffin III leads Redskins past Vikings
Sunday, October 14, 2012
  Giants rout 49ers in NFC Championship rematch
  Wilson throws game-winning TD, Seahawks defeat Pats
  Bills edge Cards in OT
  Dolphins hang on to edge Rams
  Kolb leaves game against Bills
  Bryant's 55-yard FG keeps Falcons perfect
  Freeman, Bucs flatten scuffling Chiefs
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 14, 2012
  Jets run past Colts
  Ravens' Webb hurts knee
  Ravens hold off Cowboys
  Hanson leads Lions over Eagles in OT
  Green, Jets stomp Colts
  Jones ties NFL record with 108-yard kick return
  Detroit's Delmas, Hill, Avril all active for Sunday
  Jets' Keller, Hill active
  Raiders' Heyward-Bey active
Saturday, October 13, 2012
  Bucs CB Talib receives 4-game ban
  Redskins' Griffin termed questionable
  Jets put Revis on IR
  Report: Players appeal latest bounty penalties
Friday, October 12, 2012
  Browns move WR Norwood to IR
  Detroit's Delmas, Hill, Avril questionable for Sunday
  Giants WR Nicks questionable for Sunday
  Packers' Jennings to miss 2nd straight game
  Extra Points: Cushing injury could derail Texans
  Watt, Texans square off with Matthews, Packers
  Peterson returns to FedEx Field as Vikings visit 'Skins
  49ers plan to take care of 'unfinished business' with Giants
  Pats' high-powered offense meets Seahawks' No. 1 'D'
  Cards seek 9th straight home win; host Bills
  Quinn takes over Chiefs in Tampa
  Lions hope to roar in Philly
  Colts try their Luck vs. Jets
  Rams and Dolphins clash in South Florida
  Browns and Bengals renew AFC North rivalry
  Romo tries to rebound vs. Ravens
  Unbeaten Falcons host lowly Raiders
  Bironas kicks game-winning FG for Titans
Thursday, October 11, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 11, 2012
  Jaguars to play 49ers in London in 2013
  Giants WR Nicks returns to practice
  Jets' Kenrick Ellis out 4-6 weeks
  Chiefs' Cassel ruled out for Sunday
  Banged-up Steelers visit struggling Titans
Wednesday, October 10, 2012
  Pats' Hernandez on practice field
  Steelers' Woodley, Polamalu ruled out for Thursday
  Redskins' Griffin III returns to practice
  Jets sign DT Muir
  Packers LB Perry fined $15K
  Packers place RB Benson on IR
  Titans' Locker out, Britt probable for Thursday
  Panthers place C Kalil on IR
  Bills' Anderson out indefinitely
  Colts RB Brown has knee surgery, out 2-3 weeks
  Brees highlights NFC weekly winners
  Colts' Wayne headlines AFC's best for Week 5
  Extra Points: Eagles' Vick fumbling for answers
  Texans place Cushing on IR, sign Ruud
  Former Lions great Alex Karras dies
Tuesday, October 09, 2012
  Goodell reaffirms player suspensions in bounty case
  Texans LB Cushing has season-ending ACL injury
  Eagles sign LB Williams
  49ers activate LB Haggans
  Patriots RB Kevin Faulk retires
  Cardinals place Williams on IR, sign CB Butler
  Report: Former Lions great Alex Karras suffering from kidney failure
  Texans outlast Jets to remain unbeaten
Monday, October 08, 2012
  Texans LB Cushing leaves game with knee injury
  Report: Bears' Jeffery has broken hand
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 08, 2012
  Cassel unlikely to play vs. Bucs
  Hasselbeck to start again for Titans
  Packers RB Benson ruled out for Texans game
  Giants' Will Hill suspended 4 games for PED use
  Shanahan says Griffin III is 'feeling good' after concussion
  Vikings' Peterson has mild ankle sprain
  Cards RB Williams out for the season with shoulder injury
  Kevin Faulk to retire Tuesday
  Steelers' Polamalu probably won't play Thursday
  Bengals place RB Scott on IR
  Extra Points: Kansas City goes too far
  Texans try to lasso banged-up Jets
  Saints earn first win as Brees breaks Unitas' record
Sunday, October 07, 2012
  Bears rout Jaguars
  Ridley carries Patriots past Broncos
  Wilson, Seahawks edge Panthers
  49ers obliterate Bills for second straight lopsided win
  Vikings continue strong play in rout of Titans
  Suisham's late FG lifts Steelers past Eagles
  Cruz catches three TDs, Giants keep Browns winless
  Wayne, Colts defeat Packers with second-half rally
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, October 07, 2012
  Dolphins hold off Bengals
  Falcons stay unbeaten with hard-earned win in Washington
  Tucker's three FGs lead Ravens past Chiefs
  Chiefs QB Cassel exits with head injury
  Griffin III exits early against Falcons
  Titans WR Britt active in Week 5
  Browns LB Jackson exits game
  Steelers' Polamalu injured in return
  Packers RB Benson leaves
Friday, October 05, 2012
  Rams' Amendola out 6-7 weeks
  Vikings' Henderson, Jenkins questionable for Sunday
  Chargers' Kaeding out
  Panthers' Beason, Gamble doubtful against Seahawks
  Bears' Forte, Peppers probable
  Hillis, Dorsey out for Chiefs
  Broncos LB Williams suspended three more games
  Titans QB Locker out for Sunday
  Saints WR Moore out vs. Chargers
  Giants' Phillips, Bernard to sit against the Browns
  Extra Points: Cardinals aren't ready for primetime
  Jags WR Robinson out for Sunday
  Jaguars add KR Spurlock
  Brees-ing toward history: Saints square off with Chargers
  Bills invade Bay Area to take on Niners
  Brady's Patriots renew rivalry with Manning, Broncos
  Peterson and surprising Vikings host Johnson, Titans
  Bears hope to keep momentum in Jacksonville
  Seahawks visit Newton, Panthers
  Falcons put perfect record on the line vs. Redskins
  Eagles visit Steelers in Keystone State battle
  Giants try to bounce back vs. winless Browns
  Embattled Cassel tries to hold onto job as Chiefs take on Ravens
  Emotionally jarred Colts host Packers minus Pagano
  Bengals welcome Dolphins to Cincy
  Stretching the Field: How much longer can Cowboys go on with Romo?
  Rams stifle Kolb, hand Cardinals first loss
Thursday, October 04, 2012
  Rams' Amendola leaves game
  Packers' Jennings ruled out for Sunday
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, October 04, 2012
  Bills DL Johnson ruled out for Sunday
  Giants WR Nicks to miss third straight game
  Green, Watt and Reynaud selected for AFC monthly honors
  RG3, Chandler Jones chosen as top rookies for September
  Falcons QB Ryan leads pack of NFC's best for September
  Cards return to St. Louis, aim to remain unbeaten
Wednesday, October 03, 2012
  Payton cleared to attend Saints game
  Jets place WR Holmes on IR
  Rams' Jackson questionable for Thursday
  Colts' Freeney returns to practice
  Texans release QB Beck
  Steelers' Mendenhall, Harrison, Polamalu practice Wednesday
  Hasselbeck to start for Titans on Sunday
  Cardinals QB Skelton questionable for Thursday
  Rodgers, Willis highlight NFC weekly winners
  Pats' Brady headlines AFC's best for Week 4
  Giants WR Barden has concussion
  Chiefs place Boss on IR
  Extra Points: Good times or bad, Cutler is no leader
  Pats re-sign LB Bobby Carpenter
  Report: Jets' Holmes to miss rest of season
Tuesday, October 02, 2012
  Chargers ink CB Carr
  Dolphins sign WR Gaffney
  Answering key NFL questions after Week 4
  Bears stifle Romo, Cowboys in rout
Monday, October 01, 2012
  Colts' Pagano diagnosed with treatable form of leukemia
  Bears' Forte active against Cowboys
  NFL Inactives - Monday, October 01, 2012
  Broncos place C Walton on IR
  Cowboys take on visiting Bears
  Reports: Colts' Pagano has leukemia
  Eagles edge Giants on Henery's leg
Monday, October 31, 2011
  Redskins claim former Cowboys RB Choice
  Chargers RB Tolbert inactive vs. Chiefs
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 31, 2011)
  Steelers' Harrison not expected to play vs. Ravens
  Chargers sign LB Bird, cut WR Walters
  Raiders sign veteran CB Sheppard
  Steelers hitting all the right notes
  Underdogs have their day on strange Sunday
  Jets sign former Bills TE Nelson
  NFL moves start time of Lions-Bears in Week 10
  Eagles, Reid stay perfect following bye, rout Cowboys
Sunday, October 30, 2011
  Bills shut out Redskins in Toronto
  Cowboys LB Lee leaves game
  Steelers hold off Patriots
  49ers down Browns for 5th straight win
  Lions rout Broncos
  Tate's late score vaults Bengals over Seahawks
  Lions QB Stafford starts against Broncos
  Ravens rally to take down Cardinals
  Foster, Schaub leads Texans over Jags
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 30, 2011)
  Rams shock Saints for first win of season
  Longwell's FG lifts Vikings over Panthers
  Bengals CB 'Pacman' Jones leaves game
  Giants come from behind to keep Dolphins winless
  Titans top struggling Colts
  49ers WR Edwards active vs. Browns
  Browns RB Hillis inactive vs. 49ers
  Lions QB Stafford starting against Broncos
  Vikings CB Winfield among inactives
  Giants' Jacobs, Tuck active against Dolphins
  Pittsburgh WR Ward out vs. Patriots
Saturday, October 29, 2011
  Patriots activate Faulk, Deaderick, place Dowling on IR
  Cowboys waive RB Choice
Friday, October 28, 2011
  Pittsburgh WR Ward questionable
  Saints RB Ingram ruled out against Rams
  Browns RB Hillis questionable vs. 49ers
  Bills QB Fitzpatrick agrees to extension
  Report: Bills QB Fitzpatrick agrees to extension
  Cowboys, Eagles renew rivalry with plenty at stake
  Seahawks to get glimpse of Dalton as Bengals pay a visit
  49ers striving to extend streak at Browns' expense
  AFC powers collide as Steelers host potent Patriots
  Lions hope to roar once more over Tebow's Broncos
  Second City showdown: Bills head to Toronto to battle Redskins
  Saints vie to put another hurting on ailing Rams
  Newton probable for Sunday with stomach virus
  Ravens aim to bounce back in test from collapsing Cards
  Texans, Jaguars each seek to build off big recent wins
  Newton, Panthers face challenge from Ponder-led Vikings
  Titans host reeling Colts in clash of struggling rivals
  Giants try to stay on guard against winless Dolphins
  Patriots release CB Bodden
  Cowboys RB Jones out with ankle injury
  Lions QB Stafford questionable against Broncos
  Cardinals' Wells, Heap listed as questionable
  Texans' Johnson will not play Sunday
  Rams QB Bradford to miss 2nd straight game
  Bengals activate CB 'Pacman' Jones
  T.O. ready to ripple somewhere
Thursday, October 27, 2011
  Texans' Johnson could be game-time decision
  Report: Buccaneers S Jackson gets extension
  Stafford practices with first team
  Redskins FB Sellers in hospital after hurting back
  Bears release Chris Harris
Wednesday, October 26, 2011
  Rams QB Bradford misses practice
  Stafford takes limited reps on Wednesday
  Week 8: Where has the offense gone?
  Chargers put LB English on IR
  Redskins sign TE Byrd, OL Compas
  Foster, Flowers, Scobee earn AFC weekly awards
  Brees highlights NFC weekly award winners
Tuesday, October 25, 2011
  Vikings' Chris Cook charged with felony domestic assault
  Falcons place FB Mughelli on IR
  Vikings release WR Berrian
  Colts place Collins on IR amidst multiple roster moves
  Bills LB Merriman lands on IR
  Redskins place Cooley, Hightower on IR
  Bucs RB Graham placed on injured reserve
  Dolphins sign Losman to replace Rosenfels
  Texans in position to run away with AFC South
  Jags batter Ravens in 12-7 win
Monday, October 24, 2011
  Broncos' McGahee to miss Sunday's game against Detroit
  Bucs RB Graham lost for season
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 24, 2011)
  Texans S Manning to miss at least a month
  Stafford day-to-day with ankle injury
  Redskins RB Hightower out with torn ACL
  Cardinals RB Beanie Wells has knee injury
  Bengals CB 'Pacman' Jones returns to practice
  Rodgers, Packers in a league of their own
  Jags' sputtering offense faces another tough test from Ravens
  Saints annihilate Colts, 62-7
Sunday, October 23, 2011
  Chiefs blank Raiders, Palmer struggles in debut
  Roethlisberger leads Steelers past Cardinals
  Cowboys' Murray runs past Rams, into record books
  Rams OT Smith leaves game
  Rodgers, Packers top Vikings to remain perfect
  Browns edge Seahawks
  Tebow's magic, Prater's OT FG gets Broncos past winless Dolphins
  Falcons send Lions to second straight loss
  Cardinals RB Beanie Wells leaves game
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 23, 2011)
  Newton, Panthers down Redskins
  Burress' 3 TD catches help Jets dodge Chargers
  Forte leads Bears over Bucs in London
  Palmer makes Raiders debut
  Jets' Tomlinson leaves game
  Foster dominates as Texans rout Titans
  Boller starts for Raiders against KC
  Redskins WR Moss leaves game
  Falcons TE Gonzalez moves into second place on receptions list
  Bucs RB Graham leaves game vs. Bears
  Seahawks RB Lynch out
  Chargers' Gates active against Jets
  Bucs' Blount and McCoy out Sunday in London
  Falcons rookie WR Jones out vs. Lions
  Browns RB Hillis out vs. Seahawks
  NFL Inactives (Sundayday, October 23, 2011)
Saturday, October 22, 2011
  Steelers place DE Smith on IR
  Saints officially release C Kreutz
  Raiders sign kicker as insurance for Janikowski
  Rams QB Bradford out, Feeley to start Sunday
  Vikings' Chris Cook arrested for domestic assault
Friday, October 21, 2011
  Cowboys seeking to extend hard-luck Rams' recent woes
  Saints host crumbling Colts in battle of extreme opposites
  Ponder, Vikings vie to prevent Packers from making history
  Revamped Raiders try to take down rival Chiefs
  Stakes not the same in latest Steelers-Cardinals matchup
  AFC South lead on line in showdown between Titans, Texans
  Browns hoping to rebound against rested Seahawks
  War of words adds spice to Jets-Chargers tilt
  Tebow's time finally comes as Broncos head to Miami
  Redskins bring another QB carousel into clash with Panthers
  Lions aim to bounce back in big test with Falcons
  London calling for Bears, Buccaneers
  Rams QB Bradford questionable for Sunday
  Jets DL DeVito questionable vs. Chargers
  Packers CB Shields doubtful with concussion
  Whitehurst expected to start for Seahawks
  Redskins' Atogwe questionable vs. Panthers
  Reports: Raiders likely to start Boller
  Falcons rookie WR Jones doubtful vs. Lions
  Lions rule out Best vs. Falcons
  Chargers' Gates questionable against Jets
  Colts RB Addai back at practice, questionable vs. Saints
  Texans WR Johnson not ready to return
  Bucs' Blount not expected to play Sunday in London
  Saints C Kreutz decides to leave team
  Report: Saints C Kreutz decides to leave team
  Lions' Harrison placed on non-football illness list
  Tough sledding ahead for G-Men
Thursday, October 20, 2011
  Report: Jerome Harrison has brain tumor
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
  Harrison returned to Lions after failed physical
  Rosenhaus: Owens ready to go following knee surgery
  NFLPA not ready for HGH blood testing
  Brown plays his cards perfectly in Palmer saga
  Texans place S Barber on IR
  Raiders place DE Shaughnessy on IR
  Mendenhall, Revis, Ford earn AFC weekly awards
  Hester highlights NFC weekly award winners
  Panthers place RT Otah on injured reserve
  Dolphins sign S Alexander
  Ponder to start for Vikings
  Jags sign WR Sims-Walker
  Redskins going with Beck
  Report: Redskins going with Beck
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
  Former Bills C Kent Hull dies
  Raiders acquire Palmer from Cincinnati
  Lions acquire RB Brown from Eagles
  Report: Ponder to start for Vikings
  Report: Benson's suspension reduced to one game
  Steelers' Polamalu passes concussion test
  Jaguars place TE Miller on IR
  Raiders set to acquire Palmer from Cincinnati
  Revis scores 100-yard TD, Jets top Dolphins
Monday, October 17, 2011
  Raiders QB Campbell hopes to return this season
  Rams acquire Lloyd from Broncos
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 17, 2011)
  Seahawks place CB Trufant on IR
  NFL won't fine coaches Schwartz, Harbaugh
  Texans QB Schaub has MRI on hip
  Rams' Bradford has high ankle sprain
  Frazier to announce QB decision Wednesday
  Rough stretch nearly over for Rams
  Vikings have plenty to Ponder after latest disaster
  Rams close to obtaining Lloyd from Broncos
  Gruden staying with ESPN
  Saints' Payton undergoes surgery
  Hester's big plays help Bears rout Vikings
Sunday, October 16, 2011
  Vikings' Ponder makes debut in blowout
  Raiders beat Browns, lose QB Campbell
  Bucs get by Saints; Payton suffers broken leg
  Last-minute score lifts Patriots over Cowboys
  Ravens pull away from Texans
  49ers score late to hand Lions first loss
  Dalton leads Bengals over winless Colts
  Saints coach Payton suffers knee injury
  Eagles down Redskins, stop losing streak
  Redskins QB Grossman pulled for Beck
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 16, 2011)
  Steelers hold off Jaguars
  Turner's late TD helps Falcons defeat Panthers
  Packers dominate Rams, move to 6-0
  Long time coming: Giants record first home win vs. Bills since 1970
  Raiders QB Campbell leaves game
  Steelers' Polamalu leaves game vs. Jaguars
Saturday, October 15, 2011
  Giants add Hendricks to replace Kennedy
  Bills LB Merriman to miss Giants game
Friday, October 14, 2011
  Bucs RB Blount doubtful for Sunday's game
  Redskins CB Hall questionable with knee injury
  Packers S Burnett broke hand in practice
  Steelers T Gilbert to miss Jaguars game
  Bears DE Peppers doubtful for Vikings game
  Texans LB Williams has surgery
  Plenty at stake when Bears, Vikings renew rivalry
  Bucs attempt to regroup in key clash with potent Saints
  Cowboys, Patriots to lock horns in marquee matchup
  Raiders ready for emotional showdown with Browns
  Injury-plagued Texans to take on rested Ravens
  Packers vie to extend streak against reeling Rams
  Lions, 49ers to tangle in clash of rising teams
  Bengals host Colts in matchup of startling opposites
  Newton returns home for Panthers' battle with Falcons
  Young Jaguars face another challenge in Pittsburgh
  First-place Redskins aim to add to Eagles' surprising woes
  Bills search for another notable win in test with Giants
  Browns C Mack returns to practice
  Colts RB Addai questionable for Sunday
  Eagles T Dunlap questionable for Sunday
  NFL set to test for HGH
  Bengals LB Maualuga ruled out for Sunday
  Pats ink former Bears DT Harrison
  Bolts' bye comes at an opportune time
Thursday, October 13, 2011
  Raiders get LB Curry in trade with Seahawks
  Texans QB Schaub returns to practice
  Tuck, Jacobs, Snee all miss practice for Giants
  Haden and Mack miss practice for Cleveland
  Colts RB Addai misses practice
  Bears CB Tillman out of practice, WR Bennett returns
  Vikings WR/KR Harvin misses Thursday practice
  Pats DL Wright heads to IR again
  Lions place S Coleman on IR
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
  Raiders reportedly get LB Curry in trade with Seahawks
  Falcons TE Gonzalez sits out practice
  Falcons rookie WR Jones to sit out Sunday
  Carolina T Otah sits out practice
  Tuck, Jacobs, Snee, Umenyiora all miss practice for Giants
  49ers place WR Morgan on IR
  Jets trade WR Mason to Texans
  Week 6: Time for NFL to "flex" its TV muscle
  Browns make roster moves
  Roethlisberger, Wilson, Janikowski earn AFC weekly awards
  Packers place Collins on IR
  Peterson, Willis, Crosby earn NFC weekly awards
Tuesday, October 11, 2011
  Chargers place LB Cooper on IR; sign Hayes
  Buccaneers S Jackson reinstated
  Giants DT Kennedy suspended four games
  Cardinals add S Considine
  Jaguars release P Turk
  Dhani Jones calls it a career
  Tebow named Broncos' starter
  Arizona to host Super Bowl XLIX
  No early struggles for youthful Bengals
  MNF Motown delight: Lions still unbeaten, top Bears
Monday, October 10, 2011
  Broncos put DL Vickerson on IR
  Browns' Benard breaks arm in motorcycle accident
  Texans LB Williams done for season
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 10, 2011)
  Lions DT Fairley active for Bears game
  Bills WR Jones out 4-6 weeks with sprained ankle
  Colts bring in DT Muir
  49ers WR Morgan out with broken leg
  Tebow or Orton? Fox waiting to pick
  Cardinals S Rhodes has a broken foot
  Broncos fans may get their wish
  Rams sign WR Miller, CB Jackson
  All eyes on unbeaten Lions in Monday-night matchup with Bears
  A Silver and Black Sunday
  Report: Texans LB Williams done for season
  Packers stay perfect with win over Falcons
Sunday, October 09, 2011
  Seahawks QB Jackson leaves game
  Texans LB Williams suffers pectoral muscle injury
  Raiders rally to win one for Davis
  Tebow replaces Orton, but Chargers edge Broncos
  Smith, 49ers rout Bucs 48-3
  Green-Ellis leads Patriots over Jets
  Rivers helps Chargers slip past Broncos
  Tebow starts second half over Orton
  Big Ben throws five TDs as Steelers dominate Titans
  Scott's late TD lifts Bengals over Jaguars
  Falcons' Abraham inactive
  Browner's late interception helps Seahawks beat Giants
  49ers WR Morgan leaves game
  Seahawks QB Jackson leaves game with shoulder injury
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 9, 2011)
  Late score vaults Chiefs over winless Colts
  Thomas' late score lifts Saints over Panthers
  Nightmare continues for Eagles
  Peterson's big day helps Vikings pick up first win
  Jets' Mangold starts against Patriots
  Vick breaks all-time QB rushing record
  Seahawks' QB Jackson leaves game with shoulder injury
  Jets deny WRs questioned offensive coordinator
  Colts QB Collins inactive with concussion
  Carolina TE Shockey active
  Vikings WR Berrian inactive, not injured
  Cardinals TE Heap inactive vs. Vikings
  Steelers' Mendenhall active with hamstring injury
Saturday, October 08, 2011
  Raiders place LB Brown on IR, sign FB Tonga
  Raiders owner Al Davis dies
Friday, October 07, 2011
  Seahawks WR Williams out with a concussion
  Cole and Peters out for Sunday
  Carolina TE Shockey probable
  Cardinals TE Heap questionable
  Red-hot Packers visit Falcons in playoff rematch
  Bolts hope to keep charging in divisional matchup with Broncos
  Smarting Jets to renew heated rivalry with Patriots
  49ers, Buccaneers each vie to continue winning ways
  McNabb, Kolb go head-to-head as Vikings take on Cardinals
  Texans try to knock off Raiders without star receiver
  Giants aim for fourth straight win as Seahawks pay visit
  Saints visit new-look Panthers in NFC South showdown
  Still-winless Colts host Chiefs in clash of plummeting clubs
  Surging Titans ready for test from established Steelers
  Rookie quarterbacks to face off in Bengals-Jaguars tilt
  Slumping Eagles head to Buffalo seeking to end skid
  Patriots LB Mayo among four players doubtful for Sunday
  Tuck and Jacobs doubtful for Sunday
  Painter to start again for Colts
  Good ball, Newton!
Thursday, October 06, 2011
  Lions DT Fairley practices, could play soon
  Bailey says he will play on Sunday
  Carolina TE Shockey returns to practice
  Tuck, Boley return to practice
  Manning moving to sideline, hopes to play
  Dolphins put QB Henne on IR, sign Rosenfels
  Jags sign WR Thomas to extension
  NFC B-East makes for compelling storylines
  Lions sign safety Fuller
  Dolphins' Henne to miss rest of season
  No more rowdy friends on Monday Night
  Projected powers having trouble holding the line
Wednesday, October 05, 2011
  Ryan 'hopeful' Mangold will play vs. Patriots
  Texans WR Johnson has procedure on leg
  Rodgers, Orakpo, Hester tabbed as NFC's best for Week 4
  Foster, Johnson, Succop earn AFC weekly awards
  Cardinals re-sign punter Graham
  Steelers bring back OL Starks
  Saints sell Superdome naming rights to Mercedes-Benz
Tuesday, October 04, 2011
  Report: Texans WR Johnson may miss three games
  Giants get rid of Stokley
  Seahawks LB McCoy lands on IR
  49ers put DT Tukuafu on IR
  Eagles place Dixon on injured reserve, sign Landri
  Big Ben should play Sunday, Harrison out with eye injury
  Bucs use late Blount TD to beat Colts
  Colts DT Foster injures ankle
Monday, October 03, 2011
  Collins inactive for Colts
  ESPN pulls Williams intro due to remarks
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 3, 2011)
  Texans seek second opinion for WR Johnson
  Packers ink WR Nelson to 3-year extension
  Jets LB Thomas to miss rest of season
  Bears G Spencer has broken hand
  Bills LT Bell to miss Eagles game
  Browns C Mack has appendix surgery
  Frazier not yet pondering a QB change in Minnesota
  Eagles' Dixon to miss rest of season; Cole, Peters hurt
  49ers pass big test out East
  Buccaneers take Monday night stage against slumping Colts
  Ravens use defense to topple Jets
Sunday, October 02, 2011
  Giants rally in fourth to beat Cardinals
  Patriots rebound with defeat of Raiders
  Rodgers accounts for 6 TDs as Packers crush Broncos
  Rivers leads Chargers over Dolphins
  Redskins hold on to beat the Rams
  Falcons hold off Seahawks
  Foster returns to form as Texans down Steelers
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 2, 2011)
  Forte, Hester help Bears outlast Carolina
  Hasselbeck leads Titans past Browns
  Saints top struggling Jags for third straight win
  Roethlisberger hurts foot in loss to Texans
  Niners storm back to extend Eagles' nightmarish start
  Cowboy collapse keeps Lions unbeaten
  Nugent's late FG sends Bengals past Bills
  Dolphins' Henne injures shoulder
  Succop kicks Chiefs past winless Vikings
  Bears KR Hester sets career punt return record
  Texans' Johnson injures leg
  Dolphins RB Thomas inactive
  Texans' Foster set to play Sunday
  Saints WR Colston returns against Jags
Saturday, October 01, 2011
  Former NFL coordinator Heimerdinger dies
Sunday, October 31, 2010
  Favre continues streak, leaves with injury
  Titans WR Britt leaves with injury
  Comeback Kid: Freeman leads another late Bucs rally to beat Cards
  Philips leads Chargers to win over Titans
  Stafford's four TDs, late defensive score lead Lions over 'Skins
  Pats down Vikings as Moss returns to New England
  Gore carries 49ers over Broncos at Wembley Stadium
  Garrard returns, Jags pound hapless Cowboys
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 31, 2010)
  Rams edge Panthers behind two Bradford TDs
  Packers win defensive battle, shut out Jets
  Stafford starts for Lions
  Carpenter kicks Dolphins past Bengals
  Favre's streak continues
  Cowboys CB Newman leaves Sunday's game
  Jags' Garrard active against Cowboys
  Packers' Tauscher, Pickett inactive
  Rams' Jackson active against Panthers
  Panthers RB Williams inactive against Rams
Saturday, October 30, 2010
  Report: Favre expects to start
  Rams' Alexander sidelined with knee injury
Friday, October 29, 2010
  Wells moves ahead of Hightower on Arizona's depth chart
  Bills S Byrd questionable
  Saints RBs Thomas, Bush out vs. Steelers
  Texans DT Mitchell misses practice again
  Favre back at practice
  Chargers' Jackson rejoins team after signing tender
  Russell not indicted for drug charge in Alabama
  Titans' Young may play
  Jaguars waive QB Ramsey
  Cowboys CB Newman questionable vs. Jags
  Vikings WR Moss fined by NFL
  Bengals QB Palmer back at practice Friday, probable for Sunday
  Rams' Jackson questionable for Sunday
  Still-winless Bills to be tested by upstart Chiefs
  Texans try to make history in Monday night trek to Indianapolis
  Slumping Saints host Steelers in matchup of past two champions
  First-place Seahawks pay a visit to suddenly-explosive Raiders
  Bucs try to prove they're the best in visit to Arizona
  Plenty of drama surrounding Patriots' clash with Vikings
  Tough Titans to provide latest test for slumping Chargers
  Reeling Cowboys to host Jaguars with no Romo
  Rams seeking to bounce back in clash with Panthers
  Stafford's return highlights Lions-Redskins tilt
  Dolphins take successful road act into Cincinnati
  London calling for 49ers, Broncos
  Bucs waive G Vincent
Thursday, October 28, 2010
  Saints RBs Thomas, Bush miss Thursday's practice
  Texans DT Mitchell misses practice
  Bengals QB Palmer misses Thursday's practice
  Favre misses practice again on Thursday
  Panthers RB Williams misses practice again
  Rams' Jackson sits out practice again
  Bills S Byrd returns to practice
  Cowboys CB Newman misses Thursday's practice
  Giants DE Kiwanuka placed on injured reserve
  Giants DE Kiwanuka heading for injured reserve
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
  Lions place Follett on IR
  Titans' Young returns to practice
  Packers claim NT Green
  Denver WR Royal out of Wednesday's practice
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 8: Plotting an exit strategy
  49ers TE Davis misses Wednesday's practice
  Jags bench DE Harvey, to start Mincey
  Rams' Jackson misses practice
  Panthers RB Williams misses practice
  Rams add Lewis to defense
  Favre misses practice but doesn't rule himself out
  Chiefs sign LB Simoneau
  White, Hall and Mare named NFC Players of the Week
  McFadden, Bowens, Sanders named AFC's top players for Week 7
  With Alex Smith out, 49ers name Troy Smith starting QB
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
  Vikings head coach Childress fined for criticizing officials
  AFC West: Shell-shocked Broncos left to pick up pieces
  Bengals CB Jones placed on IR
  AFC East: Winless Bills accentuate the positive
  Cowboys' Romo out 6-to-8 weeks with broken collarbone
  Jags place OT Britton on IR
  AFC South: Texans' Cushing ready for new role
  NFC East: Giants putting a hurting on the opposition
  AFC North: Ravens' defense showing a few cracks
  NFC West: It's not always sunny in St. Louis
  NFC North: How long can Packers defense hold up?
  Colts sign P Kapinos, DB Vaughn
  Broncos sign DL Smith
  Browns add RB Clayton, WR Williams to roster
  Giants rally for win, send Cowboys to 1-5; Romo hurt
  Cowboys' Romo suffers broken collarbone
Monday, October 25, 2010
  Cowboys' Romo injured
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 25, 2010)
  Favre has fracture in ankle
  Rams' Jackson undergoes finger surgery
  Texans sign DT Lewis, LB Keglar
  Panthers RB Williams day-to-day with foot sprain
  Packers' Neal, Poppinga done for the season
  Remember these Titans
  Bucs release Stevens
  Bucs nip Rams with Williams' late TD reception
  Favre's second-half miscues allow Packers to edge Vikings
Sunday, October 24, 2010
  Mare's five field goals lead Seattle over Arizona
  Pats escape San Diego after Brown's kick hits upright
  McFadden, Raiders put up 59 points on Denver in thrashing
  Falcons outlast Bengals as Ryan, White and Turner star
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 24, 2010)
  Cardinals QB Hall exits Sunday's game
  Hall records four interceptions as Redskins edge Bears
  Bowens helps Browns shock Saints
  Titans use big fourth quarter to down Eagles
  Jones leads balanced attack in Chiefs win over Jags
  Panthers pull off comeback against 49ers for first win
  Reed's late field goal lifts Steelers to win in Miami
  Cundiff's field goal lifts Ravens past Bills in OT
  49ers QB Smith out with shoulder injury
  Seahawks OL Okung leaves Sunday's game
  Saints' Sharper activated off PUP list
  Cardinals WR Breaston inactive for Sunday's game
  Titans' Collins to start in place of Young against Eagles
  Bouman to start for Jaguars
  Report: Bucs TE Stevens arrested
Saturday, October 23, 2010
  Saints' Sharper comes off PUP list
  Ravens open roster spots for Reed, Ayanbadejo
Friday, October 22, 2010
  Nevada Supreme Court denies Simpson appeals
  Falcons CB Robinson questionable vs. Bengals
  Panthers WR Smith probable
  Five Broncos out for Sunday
  Titans QB Young questionable for Sunday
  Packers LB Clay Matthews questionable for Sunday
  San Diego WR Floyd doubtful, TE Gates questionable
  Bills CB McGee ruled out for Sunday
  Ravens TE Heap questionable, three others out
  Saints RBs Thomas, Bush out
  Browns QB Delhomme doubtful for Sunday
  Cardinals WRs Breaston, Doucet questionable
  Eagles' Kolb fined for horse collar
  Dolphins place DE Odrick on IR
  Raiders QBs Gradkowski, Campbell questionable for Sunday
  Saints CB Jenkins fined
  Desperate Chargers ready for high-scoring Pats
  Stakes high for troubled Cowboys in clash with Giants
  Favre returns to Lambeau as Vikes, Pack renew rivalry
  Broncos begin division slate with key battle with Raiders
  NFC West lead on line as Cardinals visit Seahawks
  Jags limp into Kansas City with quarterback concerns
  Browns' McCoy to get another challenge from talented Saints
  Injuries take center stage as Titans prepare for Eagles
  Bears to host Redskins in matchup of puzzling teams
  Roethlisbeger, Steelers hit the road for clash with Dolphins
  Bengals S Williams out for Sunday against Atlanta
  Improving teams to square off in Rams-Bucs tilt
  Falcons hoping to bounce back in bout with refreshed Bengals
  49ers seeking needed victory over lowly Panthers
  Edwards fined $20,000
  Winless Bills to face tough test in Baltimore
  Eagles WR Jackson, two others out for Titans game
  Jags' Garrard won't travel to KC
  Colts' Clark to miss rest of season
  Cribbs returns to practice, Massaquoi held out
Thursday, October 21, 2010
  Colts WR Collie undergoes surgery on thumb
  Bears LB Briggs limited in practice
  Report: Jackson to join Chargers next week
  Lions sign LB Carpenter
  Steelers LB Harrison back at practice
  Colts TE Clark out indefinitely with wrist injury
Wednesday, October 20, 2010
  Report: Dolphins' Odrick breaks leg
  Gay done for season due to concussion problems
  Line of Scrimmage: Hard hits, desperate teams and midseason moves
  Steelers LB Harrison excused from practice
  Goodell issues memo: Suspensions possible on head hits
  Four Browns miss Wednesday's practice
  Colts punter McAfee suspended for one game
  Kolb to start again for Eagles on Sunday
  Chargers ink K Brown
  Ravens' Reed practices
  Jags sign Bouman, Ramsey amid QB injuries
  Panthers WR Smith returns to practice field
  Falcons' Peelle out 4-6 weeks
  Cooley practices with Redskins
  Schaub, Timmons, Carpenter named AFC's top players for Week 6
  Kolb, Long, Harvin named NFC Players of the Week
  Chiefs sign DT Ellison
  Report: Steelers LB Harrison considering retirement
  Colts punter McAfee arrested
  Colts re-sign TE Robinson
  AFC North: A welcome return for Steelers' Roethlisberger
  Harrison, Robinson, Meriweather all fined by NFL
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
  Titans QB Young day-to-day with sprained knee
  Former Charger Seau released from hospital following accident
  Tampa Bay gets DE Magee from Chiefs
  Steelers DE Keisel ruled out for Sunday at Miami
  NFC North: Bye week gives Lions time to heal
  Bears release DE Grant
  AFC South: Titans get reacquainted with division
  AFC East: Dolphins forging road warrior reputation
  AFC West: How low is the bottom for Chargers?
  NFL likely to begin suspensions for illegal hits
  Dolphins sign Davone Bess to extension
  NFC South: Saints alive and well after rout of Bucs
  Titans QB Young suffers knee injury against Jaguars
  Jags QB Garrard leaves game
  Titans crush offense-starved Jaguars
  Turner doesn't expect WR Floyd to play in Week 7
Monday, October 18, 2010
  Dolphins part ways with LB Carpenter
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 18, 2010)
  Lions' Follett improving after Sunday's injury
  Giants release kicker Shayne Graham
  Concussed Cooley to see specialist
  Falcons CB Robinson concussed, will need clearance before return
  Cleveland WRs Cribbs, Massaquoi diagnosed with concussions
  Jaguars sign CB Chevis Jackson
  Bucs RB Huggins to miss rest of season with ACL tear
  Packers TE Finley headed to IR
  Report: Former Charger Seau drives off cliff
  Panthers bench Clausen; Moore to start Sunday
  Eagles' Reid: "a real stretch" for Jackson to play Sunday
  Colts do just enough to get by Redskins
  Dolphins nip Packers in OT to remain unbeaten on road
Sunday, October 17, 2010
  Tomlinson's late TD lifts Jets over Broncos
  Line of Scrimmage: A Monday Morning Farewell
  Saints roll over Bucs
  49ers use second-half surge to down Raiders
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 17, 2010)
  Vikings hold on to slip past sloppy Dallas
  Lions QB Hill suffers broken arm
  Gostkowski boots Patriots past Baltimore in overtime
  Schaub's late TD pass leads Texans over Chiefs
  Texans LB Ryans injured against Chiefs
  Chargers TE Gates injures ankle
  Jackson and Bradford lead Rams to win over Chargers
  Manning, Giants hold off Lions
  Lions' Follett carted off field
  Hasselbeck, Seahawks beat Bears for first road win
  Big Ben throws three TD passes in return to beat Browns
  Eagles down Falcons; Jackson leaves with head injury
  Lions QB Hill injured
  Eagles WR Jackson, Falcons CB Robinson leave after collision
  Raiders RB McFadden sidelined for Sunday's game
  Cleveland WR Cribbs exits Sunday's game
  McCoy to start for Browns
  Seahawks list DT Mebane as inactive
  Ravens DT Ngata active
  Vick to suit up as emergency QB
  O'Hara active; Tynes out for Giants
  Rodgers to start, Matthews inactive for Pack
  Bears LB Briggs inactive against Seattle
Saturday, October 16, 2010
  Lions give TE Scheffler contract extension
  Report: NFL security to meet with Favre
  Giants add kicker Shayne Graham
Friday, October 15, 2010
  Raiders to start Campbell on Sunday
  Falcons' Weatherspoon, Abraham questionable
  Giants' O'Hara questionable for Week 6
  Redskins OTs Williams, Brown and S Landry questionable
  Cowboys WR Bryant questionable
  Lions QB Stafford returns to practice
  Saints RB Thomas to miss third straight game
  Packers' McCarthy expects Rodgers to play
  McCoy likely the starter for Browns with QBs hurting
  Vikings list Favre as questionable for Sunday's game
  Broncos RB Moreno listed as questionable
  Jaguars add S Hamlin to practice squad
  NFL suspends Bengals' Odom
  Jets' Revis questionable for Sunday, Pace listed as probable
  Vick practices, but Kolb to start for Eagles on Sunday
  Packers place LB Barnett on injured reserve
  Big Ben's return highlights Steelers-Browns battle
  Bucs could prove they're for real with win over Saints
  Can Eagles make latest homecoming miserable for Falcons' Ryan?
  New-look Patriots seek to take down Ravens in playoff rematch
  Desperate Cowboys, Vikings face off at the Metrodome
  Can Lions keep foot on the gas in road tilt with Giants?
  Redskins look to grind way to another win as Colts visit
  Texans, Chiefs on the rebound in Reliant Stadium matchup
  Packers limp back to Lambeau to face Dolphins
  Streaking Jets travel to meet battered Broncos
  Niners seeking win number one in Bay Area battle with Raiders
  Chargers take inconsistent act to St. Louis
  Passing attacks to lead way in Bears-Seahawks tilt
Thursday, October 14, 2010
  McCoy expected to start vs. Steelers
  Seahawks CB Trufant returns to practice
  Chicago LB Briggs out of practice
  Eagles QB Vick still not practicing; Peters has surgery
  Broncos RB Moreno returns to practice
  Jets' Revis, Pace return to practice
  Favre limited in practice Thursday
  Lions WR Burleson fined
  Lions RB Best returns to practice
  Rodgers returns to practice
Wednesday, October 13, 2010
  McNeill inks five-year deal with Chargers
  Favre not opposed to sitting if elbow worsens
  Raiders QB Gradkowski misses Wednesday practice
  Chargers and Merriman to part ways
  Titans bring back Winborn
  Jets' Revis, Pace miss Wednesday's practice
  Lions RB Best misses practice, WR Johnson limited
  Vikings CB Griffin placed on injured reserve
  Packers' TE Finley, LB Barnett likely done for season
  Bills OL Green out indefinitely
  Eagles QB Vick still not practicing
  Johnson, Huff and Folk named AFC's top players for Week 5
  Freeman, Landry, Logan named NFC Players of the Week
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 6 - Raiders turning corner?
  Delhomme and Wallace miss Wednesday's practice
  Bears' Cutler cleared to practice
  Eagles trade Bell to Browns for Harrison
  Packers place Martin on IR
  Bucs change punters
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
  Bears' Cutler expected to start Sunday vs. Seahawks
  NFLPA suspends advisor amid agent scandal
  Vikings CB Griffin tears ACL again
  Saints release K Carney, add RB Jones
  NFC South: Arrow pointing up for Bucs
  Browns sign Ratliff to add depth to QB position
  Seahawks send WR Branch back to New England
  NFC West: Inconsistent Cardinals on top heading into bye
  NFC North: Favre's play more of a distraction to Vikes
  NFC East: Sloppy play dooms Cowboys once again
  AFC South: Jags surprise contender in tight race
  AFC North: Same old story for Bengals?
  AFC East: Bills' first win a matter of if, not when
  Patriots place OT Kaczur on injured reserve
  AFC West: Raiders threaten to turn corner with Chargers win
  Jets continue to roll, seal win over Vikings with defensive TD
Monday, October 11, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 11, 2010)
  Rams' Clayton to miss the rest of the season
  Eagles DT Bunkley likely out for season
  Redskins OT Williams not seriously injured
  With quarterbacks hurting, Browns sign Ratliff
  Panthers claim WR Thomas
  Lions head coach Schwartz concerned about Johnson's shoulder
  Packers' Rodgers has concussion; Barnett, Finley need surgery
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 5)
  Kolb, Eagles take advantage of 49ers' mistakes in win
Sunday, October 10, 2010
  Raiders score two late TDs to snap long skid vs. Chargers
  Raiders QB Gradkowski leaves game with shoulder injury
  Titans pick off Romo three times in win at Cowboys Stadium
  Cards' defense lifts Hall to win in first NFL start against Saints
  Redskins rally past Packers in overtime
  Packers QB Rodgers suffers concussion; four other Packers hurt
  Barth caps rally with field goal as Bucs top Bengals
  Delhomme returns for Browns as Wallace suffers injury
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 10, 2010)
  Forte leads Bears over Panthers
  Rams WR Clayton suffers knee injury against Lions
  Lions rout Rams to finally break into win column
  Garrard, Scobee lead Jags past Bills
  Giants shut down Texans; Manning throws three TDs in rout
  Falcons double up Browns for fourth straight win
  Rice powers Ravens over Broncos
  Hart, Vinatieri star as Colts slog past previously-unbeaten Chiefs
  Redskins OT Williams exits Sunday's game
  Packers LB Clay Matthews injured in Sunday's game
  Saints DE Smith inactive
  Packers' Lee leaves game with shoulder injury
  Lions RB Best active for Sunday, Burleson returns
  Texans WR Johnson, DE Williams active versus Giants
  Lions RB Best active for Sunday
  Wallace starting for Browns vs. Atlanta
  Haynesworth expected out for Sunday; Redskins release WR Thomas
Saturday, October 09, 2010
  Jets list Revis as probable
Friday, October 08, 2010
  Colts' Bethea and Garcon questionable
  Report: NFL reviewing Favre exchange with Jets reporter
  Lions give G Sims extension
  Browns QB Delhomme, RB Hillis questionable for Sunday
  Saints LB Mitchell fined
  NFL fines Titans CB Finnegan again
  Raiders RB McFadden ruled out for Sunday's game
  Saints RB Thomas to sit again
  Haynesworth leaves Redskins after death in family
  Ravens CB Washington probable vs. Denver
  Lions RB Best questionable
  Giants RB Bradshaw questionable vs. Texans
  Panthers WR Smith out vs. Bears
  Bengals' Ochocinco probable for Sunday
  Broncos' Moreno out for third straight week
  Falcons to stand in way of Delhomme's first win as a Brown?
  Young Panthers looking to find win column vs. Cutler-less Bears
  Eagles QB Vick will not play Sunday
  Can Orton and Broncos keep flying high in Baltimore?
  McNabb and Redskins to face tough test from Packers
  Struggling Bills in need of some positives vs. Jaguars
  Chiefs put NFL's lone unbeaten mark on the line in Indy
  Saints seeking continued good things in Arizona
  Giants carry momentum into intriguing battle with Texans
  Battered Eagles try to extend misery for winless Niners
  Jekyll-and-Hyde Chargers seek 14th straight win vs. Raiders
  Surprisingly hot Rams travel to meet Lions
  Bengals, Bucs seek to grab headlines from MLB brethren
  Well-rested Cowboys get visit from Titans
  Bears' Collins to start Sunday
Thursday, October 07, 2010
  Moss: It's going to be a fun ride
  Colts sign RB James, release LB Hagler
  Colts' Bethea and Garcon practice Thursday
  Texans sign DE Anderson, release Denney
  Bradshaw misses Giants practice again
  Texans WR Johnson will be a game-time decision
  Packers S Burnett out for season with ACL injury
  Redskins place Bidwell on IR, sign Hunter Smith
  Pats bring back Ojinnaka
  Packers' Barnett could miss remainder of season
Wednesday, October 06, 2010
  Redskins RB Portis out 4-6 weeks
  Saints CB Porter out 3-to-4 weeks with knee injury
  Raiders DT Henderson out with stress fracture
  Tomlinson, Phillips and Scobee named AFC's top players for Week 4
  Bears' Cutler limited in practice
  Bradshaw, Woodson, Bryant named NFC Players of the Week
  Chargers sign S Carter, release DE Boone
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 5 - Someone has to win NFC West, right?
  Cardinals make QB switch from Anderson to Hall
  Jets CB Revis practices Wednesday
  Moss to Vikings a done deal
  Report: Moss to Vikings a done deal
Tuesday, October 05, 2010
  Report: Vikings in talks to acquire Randy Moss
  Minnesota sends DE Mitchell to Browns for pick
  Colts safety Bullitt out for season
  Panthers' Jarrett waived after DWI arrest
  AFC West: Broncos' aerial attack just a passing fancy?
  Titans sign Gordon, place Morgan on IR
  Panthers' Jarrett charged with DWI, released by club
  Bills ship Lynch to Seahawks
  NFC East: Giants' defense standing tall
  NFC North: Packers' Woodson rises to occasion
  AFC North: Browns strike gold with Hillis
  Bears sign DE Grant, cut Anderson
  AFC South: Del Rio, Garrard save both the season and their jobs
  Jags add DL Mosley, release QB Bouman
  AFC East: Jets flying high on offensive end
  NFC South: Saints seeking a spark
  Dolphins fire special teams coach
  Pats' defense, special teams help Brady to 100th win
  Seahawks re-sign Pitts
  Chargers S Gregory suspended four games
  Vick has rib cartilage injury
Monday, October 04, 2010
  Roethlisberger's suspension lifted
  Saints CB Porter could miss time with knee injury
  Jets release WRs Clowney, Turner, bring back DT Green
  Bears' Cutler expected to play Sunday vs. Carolina
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 4, 2010)
  49ers grant Lewis' request with release
  Bills CB McGee undergoes knee surgery
  Titans top rookie DE Morgan out for season
  Panthers WR Smith day-to-day with sprained ankle
  Titans coordinator Cecil fined $40K
  NFL suspends Seahawks LB Hill one game
  Eagles QB Vick leaves with injury
  Bradshaw, defense help Giants control Chicago
  Bears' Cutler leaves with concussion
  Browns nip Bengals to earn first win
Sunday, October 03, 2010
  Bradshaw, defense helps Giants control Chicago
  Texans hold off Raiders
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 4)
  Rivers, Chargers rout Cardinals
  McNabb returns to Philly, guides Redskins past Eagles
  Scobee's 59-yarder lifts Jags over Colts
  Carney lifts Saints past winless Panthers
  Panthers WR Smith leaves game
  Broncos rally past Titans
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 3, 2010)
  Texans WR Johnson inactive
  Flacco's late TD toss sends Steelers to first loss
  Bradford helps Rams snap skid against Seahawks
  Tomlinson, Jets run over winless Bills
  Bryant's late field goal helps Falcons edge 49ers
  Saints' S Prioleau leaves game
  Packers hang on to down Detroit as Lions' road woes continue
  Chargers' Merriman inactive on Sunday
  Browns to start Wallace again in place of injured Delhomme
  Saints RB Thomas inactive, Betts to start
  Lions RB Best to start against Packers
  Ravens RB Rice active, will start against Steelers
  Rams RB Jackson active for Seattle game
Saturday, October 02, 2010
  Steelers place Dixon on IR
  Report: Lewis quits on 49ers
Friday, October 01, 2010
  Titans, Giants fined
  Seahawks place LB Hill on IR
  Merriman doubtful, Mathews probable for Chargers
  Browns QB Delhomme questionable vs. Bengals
  Broncos' Moreno out again
  Johnson, Daniels questionable; Wilson doubtful
  Saints RB Thomas questionable
  Ravens' Oher, Zbikowski fined
  Giants DE Kiwanuka out indefinitely with bulging disc
  Giants' O'Hara ruled out
  Rams list RB Jackson as questionable
  Redskins OT Williams questionable for Sunday
  Rice a game-time decision for Ravens
  Titans CB McCourty out
  Jets' Pace, Mangold listed as questionable
  Can Chargers alter familiar early-season script vs. Cardinals?
  Steelers end Big Ben-less run with visit from Ravens
  Saints in need of recovery vs. 0-3 Panthers
  Turnovers could tell story in Giants-Bears matchup
  Winless Browns try to find left column vs. Bengals
  Ground meets air in Titans-Broncos tilt
  Packers try to keep errors to a minimum vs. Lions
  Raiders, Texans each on the rebound
  Can Manning extend misery of struggling Jags?
  Bills try to make Jets first victim of 2010
  Rams look to go back-to-back as Seahawks visit town
  Falcons seek to keep rolling vs. reeling 49ers
  McNabb's return to highlight Eagles-Redskins duel
  Broncos' Moreno likely to miss second straight week
  Bills release injured LB Mitchell
Saturday, October 31, 2009
  Redskins place OT Samuels on IR
  Bears need to get well against sickly Browns
  Past, present of NFL defense meet in Ravens-Broncos tilt
  Texans seek to railroad new Bills QB off track
  Inconsistent Dolphins find mirror image in Jets
  Super-charged setting awaits Favre, Vikings in Green Bay
  Chargers try to continue recovery vs. Raiders
  Cowboys look to keep foot on gas, stamp out Seahawks
  Signal-calling takes center stage in Colts-Niners tilt
  Lions, Rams, both seeking rare moment of triumph
  Panthers' Delhomme nears last chance vs. Cardinals
  Jags look to extend misery for Titans, Young
  Eagles to host Giants on busy Sunday in Philly
Friday, October 30, 2009
  Browns' TE Royal questionable
  Saints LB Fujita misses practice again
  Packers' Clifton questionable vs. Vikings
  Colts WR Wayne, DE Freeney questionable
  Chargers' Merriman probable for Sunday
  Cardinals WR Boldin, S Rolle questionable
  Bills QB Edwards, five others out for Sunday
  Vikings' Berrian, Harvin questionable for Sunday
  Niners LB Spikes questionable
  Panthers' Muhammad, two others out for Sunday
  Jets' Cotchery questionable vs. Dolphins
  Texans LB Cushing, WR Johnson appear ready for Sunday
  Raiders' DE Ellis questionable
  Dolphins LB Crowder doubtful for Sunday
  Lions QB Stafford, WR Johnson questionable vs. Rams
  Giants WR Manningham questionable vs. Eagles
  Ravens T Gaither questionable
  Eagles RB Westbrook questionable vs. Giants
  Rodgers, Sharper, Knox capture NFC monthly awards
  Brady, Harrison, Royal capture AFC monthly honors
Thursday, October 29, 2009
  Colts without several big names at practice
  Seahawks lose Tatupu for season
  Ravens T Gaither back on the sideline
  Vikings WR Berrian returns to practice, Harvin sits out
  Cardinals' Rolle sits out practice again
  Texans LB Cushing misses practice again
  Eagles RB Westbrook misses practice again
  Packers QB Rodgers limited; offensive line getting healthy
  Lions' QB Stafford limited again, WR Johnson returns to practice
  Saints place FB Evans on IR, sign Eckel
  Young to start for winless Titans
  Nicks, Byrd selected as top rookies for October
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
  Chiefs RB Johnson suspended for Week 9
  Niners ink CB Brown to extension
  Ravens T Gaither returns to practice field
  Texans LB Cushing, WR Johnson miss practice
  Packers QB Rodgers limited in practice Wednesday
  Eagles RB Westbrook held out of practice
  Cardinals' Rolle misses practice
  Bills QB Edwards, two others limited in practice
  Seahawks LT Jones heading to IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 8 - The new 'Greatest Show On Turf'
  Former Chiefs assistant coach Wallis passes away
  Lions' QB Stafford back to practice, WR Johnson sits out
  Eagles place LB Gaither on IR
  Panthers say Delhomme will start vs. Cardinals despite struggles
  Bucs turn to Freeman to guide offense
  Redskins' Cooley undergoes surgery
  Palmer, Meriweather and Moorman take home AFC weekly honors
  Jackson, Wilson, Crayton earn NFC weekly honors
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
  NFC East: Cowboys corral an elusive marquee win
  AFC West: L.J. making crooked news again in K.C.
  Redskins' Cooley could miss rest of season
  NFC South: Falcons' season reaches a crossroads
  Dolphins put Will Allen on IR, sign LB Kershaw
  AFC North: Bengals' Benson gets his redemption
  49ers place Pashos on IR
  Falcons put Moore on IR, sign RB Stecker
  Jets bring back Justin Miller to return kicks
  NFC West: Another step backward for stagnant Rams
  Bucs release Mahan, Johnson
  NFC North: Vikes live by the Favre, die by the Favre
  AFC South: Homecoming for cruising Colts
  Chiefs' Johnson apologizes for comments; club investigating
  AFC East: Brady looking more comfortable for Pats
  Jackson, Eagles make short work of Redskins
  Redskins TE Cooley breaks ankle
  Eagles RB Westbrook suffers concussion
Monday, October 26, 2009
  Redskins TE Cooley leaves game
  Texans' Johnson has lung contusion
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 26, 2009)
  Cowboys sign Ware to long-term contract
  Jets place Washington on IR
  49ers make switch at QB; Smith to start next week
  Broncos add veteran punter Berger
  Dolphins lose Will Allen for season
  Fitzpatrick to start again for Bills; Edwards still sidelined
  Warner, defense help Cardinals edge Giants
Sunday, October 25, 2009
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 7)
  Saints rally from 21-point deficit to top Dolphins, stay unbeaten
  Manning helps undefeated Colts crush winless Rams
  Benson gets revenge as Bengals crush Bears
  Romo leads Cowboys past Falcons
  Greene leads rushing attack as Jets shut out Raiders
  Bills beat Panthers
  Jets RB Washington suffers broken fibula
  London Mauling: Patriots crush winless Bucs at Wembley
  Texans build early lead and hold off 49ers late
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 25, 2009)
  Steelers convert late turnovers by Favre; hand Vikings first loss
  Rodgers, Packers cruise past Browns
  Rivers throws three touchdowns as Chargers rout Chiefs
  Browns' Cribbs active, Dawson and Heiden out against Packers
  CB Winfield out, WR Harvin in for Vikings against Steelers
  Pats add OL LeVoir, WR Tate to active roster
Saturday, October 24, 2009
  Giants try to slow aerial assault of Cardinals
  Cowboys seek to make Falcons their post-bye victim
  Bills break in new starting QB in Carolina
  Will Bears, Bengals, reveal true identities?
  Winless Rams stand between Colts, 6-0
  Much offense expected in Steelers-Vikings tilt
  Bucs, Pats, put best foot forward across the pond
  Ground-based Dolphins host pass-happy Saints
  Jets take troubling losing streak to Oakland
  Chargers hope to answer bell in Kansas City
  Can Browns set trap for visiting Packers?
  Texans look to keep ascending vs. Niners
  Redskins' Portis, Haynesworth questionable for Monday
Friday, October 23, 2009
  Redskins OT Samuels not retiring yet
  Report: Redskins' Samuels to retire
  Chargers' Cromartie questionable for Sunday
  Texans DE Williams, LB Cushing questionable
  Saints LB Fujita questionable vs. Dolphins
  Raiders DE Seymour questionable
  Giants' McKenzie questionable vs. Cardinals
  Bears' DT Harris doubtful for Sunday
  Browns' Cribbs questionable, Dawson and Heiden doubtful
  Patriots RB Morris out vs. Tampa Bay
  Vikings CB Winfield doubtful, Harvin questionable
  Colts' Sanders returns to practice, eyes season debut
  Jets' Cotchery ruled out for Sunday
Thursday, October 22, 2009
  Raiders' Cable will not face charges for allegedly hitting coach
  Jets' Cotchery, Smith sit out practice again
  Giants' Manning practices in full
  Bills QB Edwards sits again; Fitzpatrick takes first team reps
  Cribbs returns to practice, 11 Browns sit
  Colts' Sanders misses practice
  Cardinals WR Boldin again misses practice
  LA moves toward stadium construction in hopes of landing NFL team
  Eagles LB Gaither to have surgery
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
  Bears LB Tinoisamoa to miss remainder of season
  Jets' Cotchery, Smith return; Edwards limited
  Bengals first-round pick Smith practices
  Cribbs one of 14 Browns to sit out of practice
  Cardinals WR Boldin held out of practice
  Bills QB Edwards misses practice
  Manning, Bradshaw limited in practice
  Packers bring back Ahman Green; place Wynn on IR
  Brady, Cushing and Royal take home AFC weekly honors
  Brees, DeCoud, Stroughter earn NFC weekly honors
  Browns sign TE Gaines
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
  NFC North: Packers find defensive mojo
  Bears give Cutler two-year extension
  Browns LB Jackson placed on IR
  Redskins sign OT Jones
  Bucs place FB Askew on non-football injury list
  NFC East: A change coming in Washington, more to follow?
  Eagles trade WR Gibson, draft pick to Rams for LB Witherspoon
  NFC West: Maligned Cardinals defense rises up
  AFC South: Have Texans finally turned corner?
  AFC West: Haley's first win a hit in Kansas City
  Jets officially place DT Jenkins on IR; re-sign DT Green
  NFC South: Saints prove they're the kings of the NFC
  AFC North: Browns showing Cribbs little respect
  AFC East: Bills intercept a win
  Chargers staff member dies after fall
  Bengals sign DT Harris
  Patriots release Galloway
  Police release text messages of McNair, Kazemi
  Broncos continue "Royal" start to season, upend Chargers
Monday, October 19, 2009
  Chiefs deal DT Tyler to Panthers
  Redskins turn to Sherm Lewis to call plays
  Seahawks hoping Tatupu not lost for season
  Bengals DE Odom placed on IR
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 19, 2009)
  Panthers' Wesley suspended one game
  Falcons DB Williams to miss rest of season
  Jets place DT Jenkins on IR
  Bills QB Edwards status unknown after head injury
  Bills QB Edwards leaves Jets game
  Jets lose DT Jenkins to knee injury
  Falcons pull out win over Bears
  Bengals DE Odom tears Achilles
Sunday, October 18, 2009
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 6)
  Eagles fall into "Black Hole" in Oakland
  Redskins' Zorn gives up playcalling duties
  Lindell's OT FG lifts Bills over Jets
  Brady, Pats rack up record performance in dismantling of Titans
  Schaub throws four TDs as Texans halt Bengals' win streak
  Warner leads Cards past Seahawks, hits 30,000-yard plateau
  Seahawks LB Tatupu out for the year
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 18, 2009)
  Scobee's OT boot give Jags win, keeps Rams winless
  Roethlisberger's big game helps Steelers down Browns
  Redskins' Portis returns after being sidelined by ankle injury
  Succop helps Chiefs edge Redskins
  Brees, Saints remain unbeaten with impressive win over Giants
  Vikings remain unbeaten as late FG miss sinks Ravens
  Last-minute score lifts Panthers over winless Bucs
  Rodgers, Packers rout Lions
  Lions' QB Stafford and WR Johnson sit out vs. Packers
  Culpepper leaves game against Green Bay
  Redskins RB Portis sidelined by ankle injury
  Lions' QB Stafford and WR Johnson out vs. Packers
  Polamalu, Parker active against Browns
  Vikings WR Harvin active
  Lions' Stafford out, Johnson in vs. Packers
Friday, October 16, 2009
  Chicago "Gaines" Adams from Buccaneers
  Manning, Bradshaw probable for Sunday's showdown with Saints
  Steelers expected to get reinforcements vs. Browns
  Lions' Stafford and Johnson questionable vs. Packers
  Jets' Cotchery doubtful for Sunday
  McNabb, Eagles, take show on road to Oakland
  Bengals look to make Texans latest victim
  Browns seek to keep moving forward vs. Steelers
  Seahawks, Cardinals try to inch closer to top
  Ravens' Lewis fined by NFL
Thursday, October 15, 2009
  Stafford and Johnson sit out practice for Lions
  Steelers' Polamalu practices again, likely to return vs. Browns
  Jets' Cotchery again misses practice
  Titans sign CB Hood
  Bears' Peterson out of practice
  Chiefs place Battle on IR; sign Rogers
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
  Checketts: Limbaugh out of group looking to buy Rams
  Steelers' Polamalu practices Wednesday; eyes Browns game
  Stafford back at practice, Johnson sits for Lions
  Crabtree to play in 49ers' next game
  Dolphins officially place Cobbs on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 6 - Limbaugh case a tough one for NFL
  Texans sign OL Reyes, place OL Brisiel on IR
  Chargers release S Hart, bring back DT Scott
  Bills sign LB Draft, S Johnson
  Austin, Rodgers-Cromartie, Baker earn NFC weekly honors
  Orton, Harrison and Zastudil earn AFC weekly honors
  Local product Rossum signs with Cowboys
  Vinatieri sidelined after knee surgery; Colts sign Stover
  Seau re-ups with Patriots for 20th NFL season
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
  NFC East: Old favorites lead the way in Eagles' latest win
  NFC North: Vikings keep foot on the gas
  NFC West: 49ers receive reality check with lopsided loss
  Ravens add depth to receiving corps, sign Tyree
  Dolphins' Cobbs out for season
  Bucs sign WR Figurs, release LB McCoy
  AFC West: Denver's McDaniels new member of "Mile High Club"
  NFC South: Falcons excel at bouncing back under Smith
  AFC North: Bengals cut their teeth versus division foes
  Seau on his way back to New England
  AFC South: No rest for weary Titans
  AFC East: Dolphins alter complexion of division race
  NFL changes times for two November 1 games
  Dolphins outlast Jets in fourth-quarter shootout
Monday, October 12, 2009
  Dolphins' outlast Jets in 4th-quarter shootout
  Rams DT Gibson placed on injured reserve
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 12, 2009)
  Lions' Schwartz says Johnson's injury not significant
  Titans CB Harper out up to six weeks
  Niners release Rossum
  Redskins' Samuels expected to sit one game
  Bills lose Mitchell, Buggs for season
  Packers sign T Tauscher
  Titans CB Harper breaks forearm
  White and Turner help Falcons rout 49ers
  Manning, Colts keep Titans reeling
  Caldwell's late TD catch lifts Bengals over Ravens
Sunday, October 11, 2009
  49ers S Lewis leaves woozy
  Prater's 41-yard FG in OT pushes Broncos past Pats
  Cardinals use INT return, goal-line stand to edge Texans
  Roethlisberger throws three TDs to lift Steelers over Lions
  Stewart's late TD pushes Panthers past 'Skins
  Hasselbeck throws four TD passes in return as Seahawks blank Jaguars
  Mangini gets first win with Cleveland as Browns edge Bills
  Browns RB Lewis active vs. Bills
  Bills LBs Mitchell, Buggs leave game
  Colts' Sanders out against Titans
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 11, 2009)
  Rams DT Gibson to have surgery
  Cowboys ride Austin to OT victory in Kansas City
  Stafford inactive against Steelers; Culpepper starts for Lions
  Lions' WR Johnson suffers knee injury
  Giants pound Raiders; Manning stellar in limited action
  McNabb's successful return fuels Eagles victory over winless Bucs
  Vikings stay unbeaten, roll over winless Rams
  Stafford inactive against Steelers; Culpepper to start for Lions
  Steelers' Polamalu out vs. Lions
  Manning starts for Giants
  Cowboys' Jones and Williams inactive
Saturday, October 10, 2009
  Bills, Browns, attempt to take out early-season frustrations
  Cowboys hope trip to K.C. lands them north of .500
  Inconsistent Cardinals, Texans meet in Arizona
  Titans, Colts, on different types of journeys
  Seahawks seek to stop bleeding vs. Jaguars
  Can McDaniels, Broncos, make Pats next victims?
  All eyes on hobbled Manning in Giants-Raiders run-up
  Upset-minded Lions welcome Steelers to Motown
  Desperation reigns in Panthers-Redskins tilt
  Early battle for AFC North supremacy in Ravens-Bengals
  Vikes try to keep good times rolling in St. Louis
  Eagles look to extend Buccaneers' misery
  Crabtree news to overshadow Niners-Falcons tilt?
  Buccaneers activate S Jackson; release DE Evans
Friday, October 09, 2009
  Bengals RB Benson probable
  Browns RB Lewis questionable vs. Bills
  Westbrook likely in Eagles' backfield Sunday
  Steelers' Polamalu doubtful, Parker out vs. Lions
  Texans DE Williams questionable
  Giants' Manning questionable after returning to practice
  Lions QB Stafford questionable for Sunday
  Titans starting CBs questionable
  Cowboys' Jones and Williams unlikely to play Sunday
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck probable vs. Jaguars
  Pats RB Taylor out for Sunday; Mayo might return
  Broncos RB Buckhalter out, S Dawkins questionable for Sunday
  Rams' Bulger again questionable with shoulder injury
  Manning returns to practice
Thursday, October 08, 2009
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck again limited in practice
  Dallas RB Jones, WR Williams miss Thursday's practice
  Lions QB Stafford misses second straight practice
  Polamalu practices for second straight day
  Ravens WR Mason back at practice
  Report: Taylor to have ankle surgery
  Manning again kept out of practice
Wednesday, October 07, 2009
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck limited in practice
  Manning held out of Wednesday's practice
  McNabb says he'll play Sunday
  Crabtree ends holdout, signs with 49ers
  Browns send WR Edwards to Jets
Tuesday, October 06, 2009
  NFC South: QB switch doesn't change Bucs' fortunes
  NFC West: Once again, injuries keeping Seahawks grounded
  Giants' Boley out a month after knee surgery
  49ers meet with Crabtree
  AFC West: Raiders' Russell should be benched
  NFC East: Giants' Smith making a name of his own
  AFC North: A star is born in Steelers' backfield
  AFC South: Manning doing it all (again) for Colts
  Limbaugh, Checketts bid for Rams
  NFC North: Vikings' win a tale of two stars
  AFC East: Patriots take another step forward
  Favre shines against former squad as Vikes downs Pack
  Eagles' McNabb, Westbrook back at practice
  Manning hopes to practice Wednesday
  Favre shines against former sqaud as Vikes downs Pack
Monday, October 05, 2009
  Oakland RB McFadden to miss 2-4 weeks
  Packers' Blackmon injured
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck could return Sunday
  Buccaneers release K Nugent
  Packers' Clifton out
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 5, 2009)
  Cowboys' Sensabaugh headed for surgery
  Lions QB Stafford day-to-day with knee injury
  Steelers nearly blow big lead in win over Chargers
Sunday, October 04, 2009
  Broncos use late score, goal-line stand to beat Cowboys
  49ers rout winless Rams
  Graham's boot in OT lifts Bengals to third straight win
  Unbeaten Saints deliver on defense to down Jets
  Miami runs over Buffalo to get first win
  Chargers' Tomlinson active; Pittsburgh RB Parker inactive
  Brady, Pats hold on to edge Ravens
  Slaton, Texans too much for Raiders
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 4, 2009)
  Bears have their way offensively against Lions
  By the 'Skin of their teeth: Washington nips winless Bucs
  Manning injures heel in win over Chiefs
  Bears' Hester, Peterson leave game against Lions
  Lions QB Stafford leaves game with knee injury
  Manning leads undefeated Colts in rout of Seahawks
  Garrard, Jags keep Titans winless
  Smith grabs two touchdowns as Giants handle winless Chiefs
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck inactive
  Chiefs' Bowe active for Sunday
  Colts' Freeney active despite quad injury
  Ravens WR Mason active for Sunday
  Browns RB Lewis inactive vs. Bengals
  Bears LB Briggs active vs. Lions
  Welker, Wilfork active for Pats
  Lions RB Smith active vs. Bears
  Redskins RB Portis active vs. Bucs
Saturday, October 03, 2009
  Ravens face a step up in challenge at New England
  Dolphins begin Henne era against Bills
  Browns desperate for positive moment vs. Bengals
  Resurgent Broncos try to knock out Cowboys
  Lions take winning act to Chicago
  Will Chiefs move ball against stifling Giants?
  Opposites won't attract in Jets-Saints battle
  Chargers look to extend skid of struggling Steelers
  Can Seahawks slow rolling Colts, Manning?
  Redskins, Bucs, both try to end recent misery
  Titans vying for elusive first win in Jacksonville
  Texans, Raiders, each seeking to pull even
  Rams try to shed losing streak in San Fran
  Browns rookie RB Davis out for remainder of season
Friday, October 02, 2009
  Rams QB Bulger officially questionable for Sunday vs. 49ers
  Colts' Freeney questionable
  Bucs' Bryant, Adams questionable vs. Redskins
  Redskins RB Portis questionable vs. Bucs
  Chiefs' Bowe questionable for Sunday
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck doubtful, Jones out
  Chargers' Merriman questionable; Tomlinson probable
  Ravens WR Mason questionable for Sunday
  Steelers RB Parker doubtful
  Browns RB Lewis doubtful for Sunday
  Saints RB Bell still sidelined
  Jets CB Sheppard ruled out again
  Dolphins' Porter questionable vs. Bills
  Welker, Wilfork questionable for Pats; Mayo doubtful
  Hixon among four Giants out Sunday vs. Chiefs
  Congress to look into NFL head injuries
  Denver G Hamilton doubtful vs. Cowboys
  Dallas RB Jones out vs. Broncos; RB Barber probable
  Bears LB Briggs questionable vs. Lions
  Lions RB Smith questionable vs. Bears
  Cowboys RB Barber expected back Sunday
Thursday, October 01, 2009
  Rams QB Bulger misses practice again, likely out for Sunday
  Giants' Phillips undergoes microfracture surgery
  Bills lose CB McKelvin but welcome back RB Lynch
  Mall of America gets naming rights for Vikings' Metrodome
  Brees, Woodson, Jackson capture NFC monthly awards
  Manning, Odom, Prater capture AFC monthly honors
  Sanchez, Delmas earn rookie honors for September
  Panthers sign DT Thomas
Friday, October 31, 2008
  Packers give QB Rodgers long-term extension
  Seattle DE Kerney out for game against Philly
  Redskins' Moss questionable for Week 9; Taylor out
  Chiefs RB Johnson suspended for Week 10
  Broncos' backfield questionable heading into Sunday
  Rams RB Jackson a game-time decision
  Warner, Cardinals Head to St. Louis
  Young QBs Square Off in Raiders-Falcons Tilt
  Browns Can Get Level With Win Over Visiting Ravens
  Depleted Cowboys Try to Get By at Giants
  Bears Can't Afford to Look Past Winless Lions
  Titans Look to Stay Perfect vs. Packers
  Streaking Texans Invade Minnesota
  Bengals Try to Make Jaguars First Victim
  Polar Opposites on Display in Broncos-Dolphins Affair?
  Pats, Colts Searching for Higher Ground
  AFC East Position on Line in Bills-Jets Matchup
  Familiar Faces Convene In Eagles-Seahawks Tilt
  Redskins, Steelers Seek to Boost Standing
  Thigpen, Chiefs Play Host to Bucs
Thursday, October 30, 2008
  Colts' Sanders expected back Sunday
  Broncos' backfield banged up heading into Sunday tilt with Dolphins
  Falcons OT Baker has successful surgery
  Ravens make several roster moves
  Rams RB Jackson most likely a game-time decision
  Jaguars place Naeole on IR
  Chiefs ink CB Brackenridge
  Report: NFL fines Wilfork again
  Bengals place Jackson on IR, sign Crocker
  Report: Judge denies Vick's request to plead guilty via video
  Portis, Beason, Brown capture NFC monthly awards
  Ryan, Mayo earn rookie honors for October
  Ryan, Mayo earn rookie honors for September
  Johnson, Porter, Gostkowski capture AFC monthly honors
  Report: Kiffin files grievance against Raiders
  Saints sign kicker Hartley, punter Pakulak
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
  Cowboys TE Witten misses practice
  Johnson to start for Cowboys against Giants
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck out again, Wallace to start
  Dungy expects Sanders, Addai back for Sunday vs. Pats
  Panthers ink Kasay to four-year extension
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 9 - Burnout Alert for Singletary
  Brees, Kiwanuka, Moss earn NFC weekly honors
  Pennington, Hope, Jones selected for AFC weekly honors
  Chiefs add T Carnahan, LS Gafford
  Falcons bring back OT Gandy
  Saints again looking for kicking and punting help
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
  Cowboys TE Witten has fractured rib
  Former Vikings DB Kassulke dead at 67
  Smith, Sharpe, Woodson headline Football HOF candidates
  Jets put QB Ainge, RB Chatman on IR
  Report: Pats' Wilfork meets with Goodell
  NFC West: Singletary shows Niners he means business
  Bengals sign S Busing
  NFC South: Rookie mistakes plague Falcons in tough loss
  NFC North: Vikings' defense could be hit hard by suspensions
  AFC North: Browns Stay the Course
  AFC South: Indy's reign of glory appears to be over
  Report: Cowboys TE Witten has fractured rib
  Cottrell out, Rivera in as Chargers' defensive coordinator
  NFC East: Eagles buoyed by healthier Westbrook
  Steelers sign long snapper, place Warren on IR
  AFC East: How Far Is Up for Dolphins?
  AFC West: Thigpen Gives Chiefs Hope
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck not cleared, Wallace likely to start again
  Colts' Addai, Sanders, Titans' Vanden Bosch out
  Titans stay perfect with win against Colts
Monday, October 27, 2008
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck visits surgeon; Wallace likely to start again
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 27, 2008)
  Redskins' Taylor has second procedure on calf
  Broncos add WR Jackson, T Murphy among other moves
  Report: Chiefs RB Johnson charged with simple assault
Sunday, October 26, 2008
  Browns win key road test at Jacksonville
  Texans crush winless Bengals
  Brees, Saints defeat Chargers in London
  Cowboys TE Witten leaves game
  Weaver a surprise star as Seattle spoils Singletary's debut
  Favre leads Jets to win over Chiefs
  Smith, Williams carry Panthers over Arizona
  Pennington, Dolphins defense stymie Bills
  Giants smother Roethlisberger, Steelers
  Steelers long snapper Warren leaves game
  Flacco's solid performance lifts Ravens over Raiders
  Giants WR Burress didn't start against former club
  Westbrook returns to lead Eagles past Falcons
  Moss does it all as 'Skins edge Lions
  Report: Bills' Jauron to get contract extension
  Cowboys hold on to beat Tampa Bay
  Pats' Morris, Jordan inactive against Rams
  Pats clip Rams with late score
  Oakland's McFadden out against Ravens
  Philadelphia TE Smith leaves with concussion
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 26, 2008)
  Giants WR Burress will not start against former club
  Rams RB Jackson inactive
  Browns rescind suspension of TE Winslow
Saturday, October 25, 2008
  Reports: NFL nixes Rams deal with Haslett
Friday, October 24, 2008
  NFL fines Burress
  Colts RB Addai questionable for Titans game
  Patriots thin at running back for Sunday tilt with St. Louis
  Redskins' Taylor still bothered by calf injury
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck to miss third straight game
  Steelers deactivate WR Holmes, RB Parker doubtful
  Report: Several NFL players violate steroid policy
  Rams RB Jackson game-time decision
  Buffalo sans two starting linemen vs. Miami
  Colts respond to report about Manning's surgeries
  Suggs steps back from bounty comments
  First-Place Panthers, Cardinals Square Off
  Philly Native Ryan Leads Falcons vs. Eagles
  Bills Vying to Avoid Trap in Miami
  Bengals Look to Start Win Streak, End Texans'
  Jaguars Try to Out-run Visiting Browns
  Colts' Empire to Crumble in Tennessee?
  Can Jets Continue Misery for Herm, Chiefs?
  Strength Meets Strength In Steelers-Giants Tilt
  Ravens Look for Consistency Against Raiders
  High-Flying Chargers, Saints Showcased in London
  Niners' New Coaching Era Begins vs. Seahawks
  Pats, Rams, Seek to Maintain Momentum
  Ex-Buc Johnson Leads Cowboys vs. Tampa
  Redskins Roll Into Detroit
  Titans RB Johnson fined
Thursday, October 23, 2008
  Redskins DT Griffin out for Sunday vs. Lions
  Report: Daunte Culpepper un-retires
  Patriots' Morris misses practice again
  Rams RB Jackson misses second practice with thigh injury
  Report: Brady underwent two more procedures on knee
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
  Bills put LB DiGiorgio on IR
  Texans WR Davis out three weeks
  Browns TE Winslow appeals suspension
  Eagles expect Westbrook, Curtis back for Sunday vs. Falcons
  Cowboys coach Phillips to be more involved in defense
  Bucs RB Williams back at practice
  Chiefs QB Huard out for season
  Chiefs RB Johnson apologizes, benched again
  Bailey brothers to miss significant time for Denver
  Rams RB Jackson misses practice with thigh injury
  Patriots' Morris misses practice
  Chiefs add QB Gray
  Favre denies sharing information on Pack with Lions
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 8 - Is Favre's Legacy In Trouble?
  Patriots' Harrison placed on IR
  Jackson, Rouse, Bowman earn NFC weekly honors
  Cassel, Suggs, Janikowski selected as AFC's top players
  Eagles G Andrews undergoes back surgery, out at least six weeks
  Bears place Bowman on injured reserve
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
  Report: Bailey brothers to miss significant time for Denver
  No go for Romo
  Browns suspend disgruntled Winslow one game
  Eagles release Reed; sign Eckel
  Report: Vick to plead guilty to state dogfighting charges
  NFC West: Rams getting confidence back under Haslett
  NFC North: Bears' offense covers for injured defense
  NFC East: Portis running Redskins back to prominence
  NFC South: Bush latest casualty for ailing Saints
  AFC South: Titans still have some convincing to do
  AFC West: Are Broncos' Defensive Problems Fixable?
  Bengals put LB Rivers on injured reserve, cut K Rayner
  49ers introduce new head coach Singletary
  AFC North: Ravens Back on Target
  AFC East: Patriots Can Still Pack a Wallop
  Report: Patriots' Harrison out for season
  49ers fire Mike Nolan
  Depleted Pats pummel Broncos
Monday, October 20, 2008
  Patriots' Harrison carted off in third quarter versus Broncos
  CB Bailey and his brother Boss leave Broncos' game versus Pats
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 20, 2008)
  Patriots' Maroney placed on injured reserve
  Rams RB Jackson has strained quad
  Saints' Bush sidelined with knee injury
  Bengals QB Palmer to sit out again, rest elbow
  Bengals LB Rivers has surgery, done for season
  Bucs WR Hilliard released from hospital
  Browns HOF Hickerson dies
  Saints waive P Weatherford; sign Ben Graham
  Romo's status "to be determined"
  Winslow had staph infection; unhappy with team
  More trouble for Chiefs RB Johnson
  Bucs WR Hilliard carted off field in game against Seahawks
  Garcia leads Bucs over Seahawks
  Delhomme, Panthers crush Saints
Sunday, October 19, 2008
  Janikowski's field goal lifts Raiders over Jets in OT
  'Skins fend off Browns on Portis' big day
  Schaub accurate in Houston's victory over winless Lions
  Rodgers, Pack crush Colts
  Saints' Bush suffers knee injury
  Jackson, Rams cruise past Romo-less Cowboys
  Giants get back on winning track, down Niners
  Flacco impressive as Ravens roll over Dolphins
  Steelers pound winless Bengals
  Bengals LB Rivers out with broken jaw
  Rams RB Jackson injured against Cowboys
  Cowboys S Williams breaks forearm again
  Bears CBs Tillman, Vasher inactive vs. Minnesota
  Edwards, Bills shut down Chargers in primitive conditions
  Line of Scrimmage: Lack of Plan B Spells "L" for Cowboys
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 19, 2008)
  Colston, Shockey, Bush all active for Saints
  Bills/Chargers game delayed due to power outage
  Bolts' Chambers inactive again
  Orton, Bears outlast Vikings
  Oft-injured Chiefs QB Croyle done for 2008
  Romo active, but Johnson starts vs. Rams
  Titans rush to 6-0 against hapless Chiefs
  Steelers' Polamalu leaves game vs. Bengals
  Giants LB Pierce inactive
  Oft-injured Chiefs QB Croyle leaves with knee injury
  Titans WRs Gage, McCareins out
  Brady confirms second surgery on knee
  Report: Arrest made in shooting of Jaguars OT Collier
Saturday, October 18, 2008
  Colts RB Addai out for Packers game
  Jones says Romo could play Sunday
Friday, October 17, 2008
  Seahawks likely to hand QB reins to Wallace on Sunday
  Winslow returns to practice
  Colston, Shockey, Bush all probable for Saints
  Bengals QB Palmer listed as out for Sunday
  Seahawks likely to hand QB reigns to Wallace on Sunday
  Titans' Vanden Bosch, receivers questionable for Sunday
  Steelers RB Parker doubtful against Bengals
  Vikings LB Herron out for Sunday's game
  Bears WR Lloyd, S Manning out Sunday
  Dolphins LB Porter fined by NFL
  Broncos could be without offensive threats in Week 7
  Hostilities Surface In Dolphins/Ravens Tilt
  Maroney, Kaczur doubtful for Pats
  Rams G Incognito fined
  Texans activate CB Robinson from PUP list
  Rams' Bennett, Hill, Pittman out for Sunday
  Two Carolina OL doubtful for Sunday
  Browns Make Rare Sojourn to D.C.
  Cowboys Take Drama on Road to St. Louis
  Monday Night Matchup Pits Pats, Broncos
  Winless Lions Visit Texans
  Can Colts, Packers, Regain Reputations?
  Bears, Vikings, In Search of Upper Hand in NFC North
  Panthers, Saints, Jockey for Position in NFC South
  Cable, Raiders, Look to Snap Skid vs. Jets
  Steelers Seek to Continue Bengals' Misery
  Can First-Place Bills Dismiss Visiting Chargers?
  Fading Seahawks Head to Tampa Bay
  Manning, Giants Welcome 49ers
  Chiefs Stand Between Titans, 6-0
  Blowout Wins lead to Defeats
  Bills CB McGee out for Sunday
  Report: Brady goes under the knife again
  Bolts' Chambers continues to miss practice
Thursday, October 16, 2008
  Banged up 'Skins without several starters at practice
  Denver's Stokley misses practice with concussion
  Steelers RB Parker misses practice again
  Vikings welcome back LB Harris
  Saints' Colston, Shockey practice; Bush sits again
  Titans DE Vanden Bosch practices, could play Sunday
  McCargo returns to practice with the Bills
  Romo throws at practice Thursday
  Chiefs RB Johnson to miss Sunday's game
  Report: Chiefs RB Johnson to miss Sunday's game
  Report: Adam Jones headed for alcohol treatment
  Report: Romo trying to play Sunday
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
  Report: DT McCargo fails physical, voiding trade to Colts
  Giants QB Manning expected to play Sunday
  Report: Colts RB Addai out two-to-four weeks
  Former Chargers DL Mims dead
  Saints RB Bush misses practice
  Report: Former Chargers DL Mims dead
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 7 - Could Jets Soon Be 7-2?
  Chiefs agree to terms with LB Boiman
  Colts place RB Hart on IR
  Brees, Atogwe, Morey earn NFC weekly honors
  Manning, Wright, Jones selected as AFC's top players
  Bucs sign FB Cook
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
  Cowboys make room for another Roy Williams, trade for Lions WR
  Chiefs RB Johnson faces another assault charge
  Gonzalez remains with Chiefs
  Giants QB Manning suffers bruised chest
  Redskins land former MVP Alexander, add punter
  Bills deal DT McCargo to Colts
  NFC West: Cardinals move up a tier
  NFL commentator John Madden to miss Sunday's game
  NFC North: Lions' offense over going major changes
  Lions' Kitna done for season with back condition
  AFC South: Johnson comes through in the clutch for Texans
  Ravens lose starting guard Yanda for year
  NFC East: More drama in Dallas
  AFC West: Cable Era Begins With Whimper for Raiders
  NFC South: Garcia the guy again in Tampa
  AFC East: Could Jets Soon Be 7-2?
  AFC North: Are the Browns Who We Thought They Were?
  Cowboys' Jones suspended indefinitely
  Report: Cowboys' Jones suspended indefinitely
  Report: Redskins look at former MVP Alexander
  Winslow out for Browns
  Anderson, Browns completely dominate Giants
  Report: Cowboys' Felix Jones out with hamstring injury
Monday, October 13, 2008
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck out at least one more week
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 13, 2008)
  Vikes sign Thomas, put Radovich on IR
  Jaguars OT Collier released from hospital
  Bengals QB Palmer likely to miss another week
  Bears G Metcalf suspended four games
  Jags WR Walker hospitalized with knee infection
  Lions place Alexander on injured; Norris re-signed
  Colts banged up at running back
  Romo sidelined with broken finger
  Report: Romo sidelined with broken finger
  Arizona stuns Cowboys in overtime
  Browns TE Winslow out of hospital, doubtful for Monday's game
  Bolts' Chambers sits against Patriots
  Elam hits game-winning field goal to help Falcons edge Bears
  Rivers, Chargers dominate Patriots
  Brown's last second field goal gives Rams win over Skins
  Schaub's late touchdown leads Texans past Dolphins
Sunday, October 12, 2008
  Rodgers helps Pack end skid with win over Seattle
  Jags take advantage of turnovers to down Denver
  Big fourth quarter rallies Eagles past 49ers
  Longwell hits game-winner, Vikings continue to dominate Lions
  Denver misses Royal in loss to Jaguars
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 12, 2008)
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck misses game vs. Packers
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck will miss game vs. Packers
  NFL Inactives (Sunday October 12, 2008)
  Brees and Bush help Saints crush Raiders
  Garcia returns to lead Bucs to win over Panthers
  Bengals QB Palmer to see elbow specialist
  Colts crush Ravens, record first win at Lucas Oil Stadium
  Jones, Jets keep Bengals winless
  Saints RB Bush ties NFL record with 200th catch in win
  Addai leaves Colts/Ravens game
  Denver's Royal out against Jaguars
  Saints RB Bush ties NFL record with 200th catch
  Kitna out, Orlovsky starts for Lions
Saturday, October 11, 2008
  Bengals sign K Dave Rayner
  Cowboys CB Newman sidelined after hernia surgery
  Eagles' Westbrook out for Sunday's game
  Bucs' Griese misses practice again, Garcia likely to start
  Bengals to start Fitzpatrick over Palmer
Friday, October 10, 2008
  Rodgers rests again, but he's ready for Sunday
  Saints' Colston questionable, Shockey doubtful for Sunday
  Bolts' Chambers doubtful for Sunday
  Three Dolphins fined for TD celebration dance
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck could miss game vs. Packers
  Lions QB Kitna doubtful for Sunday
  Redskins' Taylor listed as probable for Sunday
  Cardinals' Wilson fined
  Falcons WR White listed as questionable
  Cardinals WR Boldin out against Cowboys
  Jags' Walker and Nelson out for Sunday
  Bears WR Lloyd doubtful
  Ravens LB Lewis questionable for Sunday
  Freeney questionable; Sanders still sidelined for Colts
  Bucs Seek to Beat, Join Panthers Atop NFC South
  Surprising Bears, Falcons, Square off at Georgia Dome
  Jets Look to Make Their Move Against Bengals
  High-Powered Attacks on Display in Cowboys-Cardinals Tilt
  Metrodome Has Been House of Horrors for Lions
  Packers Seek to End Losing Skid in Seattle
  Jags Vying to Halt Broncos' Home Dominance
  Texans Try To Finish Job vs. Dolphins
  Can Chargers, Pats, Restore Reputations?
  Browns Stand Between Giants, 5-0
  Raiders Open Cable Era in New Orleans
  Westbrook-less Eagles Invade San Francisco
  Ravens Look to Send Colts to 0-3 in New Home
  Redskins Seek to Continue Rolling Over Rams
  Browns TE Winslow hospitalized
Thursday, October 09, 2008
  Lions' Kitna misses another practice
  Jags' Walker, Nelson, Meier did not practice
  Garcia likely to start Sunday with Griese nursing a bum elbow
  Broncos TE Scheffler, RB Young out for Sunday
  Ravens LB Lewis, Colts DE Freeney did not practice
  Eagles' Westbrook misses practice again
  Saints' Shockey, Colston back at practice
  Cowboys say Jones will play Sunday; NFL gathering information
  Browns TE Winslow misses practice
  Week 6 - Will NFC East Bloodbath Produce Super Bowl Winner?
  Report: Cowboys CB Newman could need surgery for sports hernia
  Report: Rogers ruled to repay Lions
Wednesday, October 08, 2008
  Report: Cowboys' Adam Jones involved in altercation
  Colts' CB Hayden out for game against Ravens
  Indictment handed down in the shooting of Darrent Williams
  Broncos' Young, Scheffler out for game against Jaguars
  Eagles' Westbrook misses practice
  Saints' Gramatica done for season
  Report: Brady has surgery to repair knee
  Portis, Winfield and Bush earn NFC weekly honors
  Roethlisberger, Brackett, Prater selected as AFC's top players
  Jets' Smith will sit Sunday for hit on Boldin
  Jags WR Jones has drug case transferred
  Baltimore puts Gregg on IR
Tuesday, October 07, 2008
  NFC West: Cardinals show there's no place like home
  AFC West: Chargers treated rudely in South Beach
  NFC North: Rodgers up, but Packers falling down
  Saints CB Porter out for season
  AFC South: Colts do their best five-minute drill
  NFC East: Giants buck trends with latest win
  AFC East: Bills lose unbeaten record, QB Edwards
  AFC North: Steelers get Moore than expected
  NFL suspends Bengals LB Blackstock four games
  NFC South: Panthers' Muhammad turning back the clock
  Vikings win wild one over Saints on Longwell's field goal
Monday, October 06, 2008
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 6, 2008)
  Report: Vikings' Henderson placed on injured reserve
  Bills unsure of Edwards' status after concussion
  Packers to rest Rodgers until Thursday
  Rams place TE McMichael on IR
  Griese questionable; Garcia could start
  New York safety Smith appealing suspension for hit on Boldin
  Eagles' Westbrook has fractured ribs
  Big Ben rallies Steelers over Jags
Sunday, October 05, 2008
  Warner and Cardinals deal Buffalo first loss of season
  Manning, Colts rally to stun Texans
  Orton, Bears rout Lions
  Bucs QB Griese leaves game against Broncos
  Broncos edge Buccaneers
  Cassel, Moss help Pats top Niners
  Cowboys tested but keep Bengals out of win column
  Williams, Panthers maul Chiefs
  Bills' Edwards leaves with concussion
  Giants remain perfect, clobber Seahawks
  Dolphins charge past San Diego for second straight win
  Pats RB Jordan leaves game in San Francisco
  Line of Scrimmage: Holmgren's Swan Song More Like a Swan Dive
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 5, 2008)
  Turner, Falcons edge Rodgers and the Pack
  Chiefs TE Gonzalez sets career yardage mark
  Surprising 'Skins rally to down Eagles
  Titans stay unbeaten with late score to beat Baltimore
  Redskins' Taylor, Washington out vs. Eagles
  Texans' Schaub out with illness
  Eagles' Westbrook active against Redskins, Andrews out
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 28, 2008)
Saturday, October 04, 2008
  Cardinals WR Boldin has facial surgery
  Bengals add WR Henry to roster
  Report: Vikings' Henderson likely out a month
  O.J. Simpson found guilty on all counts
Friday, October 03, 2008
  Seahawks WRs Branch, Engram set to make 2008 debuts
  Ravens CB Rolle out a month after neck surgery
  Broncos RB Torain out
  Tampa WR Galloway out for Denver game
  Packers QB Rodgers game-time decision
  Lions' Foster, Peterman, Thomas doubtful
  Bears WR Lloyd out
  Bengals QB Palmer questionable for Sunday
  Ravens Landry, Gregg, Rolle out for Sunday
  Titans WR Gage doubtful; CB Hill out
  Pack Tries to Freeze out Falcons at Lambeau
  Surprising First-Place Battle Pits Bills, Cardinals
  Lions Out to End Skid Against Bears
  Bengals Face Long Odds in Big D
  Texans Try to Reverse Miserable History vs. Colts
  Chiefs Travel to Carolina Fresh Off Rare Win
  Vikings Seek to Slow Saints' Aerial Assault
  Niners, O'Sullivan, Welcome Pats to Candlestick
  Steelers, Jags Face Off in '07 Playoff Rematch
  Can Dolphins Keep Ascending Against Chargers?
  Seahawks Take On Giants in Swamps of Jersey
  Broncos Look to Send Griese, Bucs Home Unhappy
  Titans and Ravens to Get Physical in Baltimore
  Surprising Redskins Head to Philly
  Eagles' Westbrook has full practice
  Panthers' tackle Gross out for Sunday
  Saints DT Ellis out two-to-four weeks
Thursday, October 02, 2008
  Bears suspend DT Harris
  Bills sign Evans to extension
  Brees, Woodson and Rocca nab NFC monthly awards
  Johnson, Horton earn rookie honors for September
  Cutler, Haynesworth and Sproles named AFC Players of the Month
  Former Broncos RB Henry arrested on federal cocaine charges
Wednesday, October 01, 2008
  Saints re-sign QB Harrington
  Cardinals WR Boldin has fractured sinus
  Eagles' Westbrook limited in practice
  Packers place DE Jenkins on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 5 - Interim Coaches Rarely Pan Out
  Favre, Johnson, Reed selected as AFC's top players
  Delhomme, Brooks and Bryant earn NFC weekly honors
  Chiefs agree to terms with WR Bradley
  Steelers bring back Davenport to strengthen running back corps
  Report: Steelers bring back Davenport to thinned running back corps
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  Browns put Washington on IR, claim DB Colclough
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 9 - Pats/Colts Won't Match the Hype
  Vikings' Jackson on target to start
  Vikings' Jackson online to start
  Bucs' Cox placed on IR
  Dolphins obtain Gado off waivers
  Raiders waive former USC WR Williams
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
  With Edwards injured, Bills turn back to Losman
  Packers place Wynn on IR; activate Robinson
  Redskins CB Rogers placed on IR
  Smith, 49ers both hurting after recent loss
  Bears need to address QB spot
  Big plays sink Texans again
  Titans squeeze out another win
  Colts remain perfect for "Dream Fight"
  Eagles' opponents no longer running wild
  Can Giants avoid a second-half swoon this time?
  Panthers still far from joining NFL's elite
  Quinn not so mighty in Jags' win
  Redskins handed humbling dose of capital punishment
  Big Play Among Marks Against Broncos
  Browns' D comes up big against St. Louis
  Fourth quarter surge sparks Bills to victory
  Chargers Post an Admirable Win
  Dolphins leave London in a fog
  Mangini finally pulls plug on Pennington
  Turning over a new leaf in Detroit
  Steelers sign Madison; release Colclough
  Patriots still undefeated, but for how long?
  Raiders Offense Stuck in Neutral
  San Francisco Treat: Surging Saints are suddenly unbeatable
  Vikings continue free fall
  Just like old times for Favre and Pack
  Titans' Amato done for season
  Cowboys extend Romo's deal through 2013
  Bucs Squander an Opportunity In Jags Loss
  Second-Guessing Has Begun for Woeful Bengals
  Steelers Revert to Strong Form
  Cowboys to announce contract extension for Romo
  Favre fabulous in OT as Packers beat Broncos
Monday, October 29, 2007
  Redskins CB Rogers likely out for season
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 29, 2007)
  Rams G Incognito likely out for season
  Report: Romo, Cowboys agree to six-year deal
  Eagles release LB McCoy
  Clemens to start for Jets against 'Skins
  Brady accounts for five TDs as Pats blast 'Skins to move to 8-0
Sunday, October 28, 2007
  Giants topple hapless Dolphins in London clash
  Losman comes off bench to spark Bills win over Jets
  Jags force three turnovers to trip Bucs in Gray's debut
  Brees, Colston team up as Saints breeze by Niners
  Rivers, defense carry San Diego over Houston
  Colts rout Panthers, move to 7-0; Manning eclipses Unitas
  Line of Scrimmage: Seven Teams to Fight Over Three College QBs
  Lions complete season sweep of Bears
  Texans' Schaub leaves game with injury
  Steelers remain Kings of the Queen City
  Buffalo QB Edwards leaves game in third quarter
  McNabb lifts Eagles past Vikings
  Rams RB Jackson leaves game with injury
  Titans run past Raiders
  Browns keep injury-riddled Rams winless
  Testaverde leaves game vs. Colts
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 28, 2007)
  Vikings QB leaves game
  Holcomb gets nod for Vikings
Saturday, October 27, 2007
  Patriots activate Seymour
  Colts' Harrison out against Panthers
  Jets place Vilma on IR
  49ers waive LB Navies; sign FB Keasey
Friday, October 26, 2007
  Lions Stand Between Bears, .500 Mark
  Patriots Attempt to Keep Focus on Redskins
  Patriots' RB Morris doubtful; TE Watson questionable
  Rams' Jackson set for return
  Titans' RB Brown questionable; Young probable
  Texans' Schaub game-time decision for Week 8
  Browns' Lewis questionable for Sunday
  Vikings' Jackson questionable
  Bengals' Rudi Johnson doubtful for Sunday
  Believe it or not, Steelers' Smith is out
  Jets' Vilma out for Week 8
  Packers TE Frank out for Monday vs. Broncos
  Broncos Henry and Bailey questionable
  Chargers/Texans will play in San Diego on Sunday
  Testaverde will start for Panthers vs. Colts
Thursday, October 25, 2007
  Pennington to Get Another Shot in Jets-Bills Game
  Winless Rams Seek to Squeeze Win Out of Browns Tilt
  Broncos, Packers Face Off in Baseball-Occupied Denver
  Chargers, Texans to Face Off At Undetermined Site
  Can Colts Avoid Look-Ahead in Carolina?
  Battered Jags Seek Solace In Tampa Bay
  Saints, Niners, on Opposite Ends of Streak
  London Calling Giants, Dolphins Matchup
  Titans' Young Eyes Return In Raiders Tilt
  Vikes' Childress Seeks Wins Against Old Eagles Mates
  Bengals Look for Upset Vs. Rival Steelers
  Niners' Smith to start on Sunday
  Dolphins' Thomas to miss London game against Giants
  Titans DT Simon announces retirement
  Jags sign Bouman as backup
  Panthers place Goings on IR
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
  Dolphins sign safety Schulters amid roster moves
  Dolphins sign defensive end Schulters amid roster moves
  Leftwich undergoes ankle surgery
  Griese, Umenyiora and Burleson headline NFC Players of the Week
  Brady, Freeney and Bironas earn AFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 8 - History Says Rams Should Can Linehan
  Jags QB Garrard could miss up to a month
  Pennington remains starter for Jets
  NFL commits $10 million to retired players' medical assistance
  Browns sign Nick Sorensen
  Bengals' Henry cleared to practice
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
  Falcons cut starting DT Jackson
  Seahawks get defensive in latest win
  Bold-in move doesn't pay off for Cardinals
  San Francisco fails to handle the rush
  Browns' Baxter placed on IR
  Last-second field goal lassos Texans
  Texans waive RB Gado; sign RB Echemandu
  In Rob we trust: Kicker boots Titans to victory
  Jags' Garrard has MRI on injured ankle
  Rams' season now one for the books
  Bears now on the comeback trail
  Jags' offense sputters in loss to Colts
  Cowboys strong enough to overcame early errors
  Goal-line failures leave Eagles still in the red
  Giants' remarkable roll showing no signs of slowing down
  This time, Redskins manage to hang on until the end
  Opportunity Knocking in Motown
  Bills finally hold on to earn much-needed win
  Hey, the Colts are undefeated too!
  Falcons Accepting Offers From Prospective QBs
  Jets can't blame Pennington for this one
  Pats a hot knife to Dolphins' butter
  Changes in store for 2008 NFL Draft
  Falcons place OT Foster on injured reserve
  Bush powers Saints to second straight victory
  T-Jack's Dallas disaster sets Vikings back
  Broncos Defy Logic, Move to .500
  Thanks to Defense, Chiefs Sit Atop AFC West
  Things get worse in Miami
  Raiders Back In Familiar Territory
  Mistakes Haunt Bucs In Detroit Loss
  Ravens on a Collision Course With 8-8...If They're Lucky
  Steelers Take a Step Back In Denver
  Are Bengals Off and Running?
  Vikings' Jackson has broken finger
  Colts stomp Jags to remain unbeaten
  Garrard hurts ankle
Monday, October 22, 2007
  Wildfires cause Chargers to shift practice to Arizona
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 22, 2007)
  Texans QB Schaub day-to-day with lower body injuries
  49ers re-sign LB Navies; waive FB Keasey
  Miami's Brown out for season
  Report: Miami's Brown out for season
  Former Falcons star Mitchell dead at 60
  Bucs' Jones out for season, Clayton to miss time
  Elam lifts Denver past Pittsburgh
Sunday, October 21, 2007
  Griese rallies Bears over Eagles
  Bironas boots record eight FGs as Titans hold off furious Texans rally
  Blocked field goal returned for a TD sparks Cowboys past Vikes
  Chiefs hold off Raiders
  Broncos' CB Bailey out
  Seahawks slam winless Rams
  Second half surge leads Bengals over Jets
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 21, 2007)
  Miami's Brown injures knee
  Johnson's score lifts Lions past Buccaneers
  Tom terrific; Brady throws 6 TDs as Pats rout Fish
  Redskins survive wild finish to edge Cardinals
  Giants roll over 49ers for 5th straight
  Bills edge Ravens in McGahee's return to Buffalo
  Texans QB Schaub leaves game with injury
  Brees leads Saints past struggling Falcons
  Leftwich leaves game with leg injury
  Titans kicker Bironas ties NFL record with seven FGs
  Heap, McAlister out for Ravens
  Titans' Young active against Texans
  Ravens' Heap, McAlister out for Ravens
  Former Packers great McGee dies in tragic accident
Saturday, October 20, 2007
  Holmes activated for Sunday
  Dolphins QB Green placed on IR
Friday, October 19, 2007
  Broncos' WR Walker undergoes surgery
  Ravens' Heap, McAlister doubtful
  Pats' Maroney questionable
  Texans' WR Johnson out for Week 7
  Falcons' TE Crumpler doubtful with knee, ankle injuries
  Colts' Harrison questionable against Jaguars
  Cards' Boldin probable with lingering hip injury
  Eagles' Runyan misses practice with tailbone injury
  Bills place Price on IR
  Titans' Young will be game time decision against Texans
  Redskins Not Sure What Cardinals QB They'll See
  Atlanta's Leftwich Gets Start Against Saints
  Rookie Edwards Vying to Lead Bills Over Ravens
  Eagles, Bears, Try to Climb Out of Cellar
  Jaguars Seek to Trip Up Colts
  Chiefs Stand Between Raiders, First Place
  Can Cowboys Get Back on Winning Track Against Vikings?
  Patriots Try to Remain Perfect Vs. Winless Fins
  Reeling Jets, Bengals, Square Off in Queen City
  Steelers, Broncos, Back After Rest
  Streaking Giants Host Niners
  Seahawks Look to Send Rams to 0-7
  Surprising Lions, Bucs, Face Off in Motown
  Titans, Texans Meet in Division Clash
  It's all about the numbers
Thursday, October 18, 2007
  Smith healthy, but Dilfer will start Sunday for Niners
  Smith healthy, bit Dilfer will start Sunday for Niners
  Broncos' WR Walker to have surgery
  Bills to seek approval for home game in Canada
  Broncos place TE Alexander on IR
  Panthers' Delhomme undergoes surgery
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
  Bleak outlook for Springs
  Holmes back on practice field
  Bills' Everett stepping forward in recovery
  TE Davis, QB Smith return to practice for 49ers
  Eagles' Dawkins, Smith sit out practice
  Leftwich to start Sunday for Falcons
  Lions add CB Edwards; release LB Curry
  Peterson, Woodson and Hester headline NFC Players of the Week
  Bills to go with QB Edwards against Baltimore
  Brady, Spicer and Stover earn AFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 7 - Things Getting Ugly in Atlanta
  NFL to reinstate Packers' Robinson
  Report: Patriots RB Morris has chest injury
Tuesday, October 16, 2007
  Chargers' Hardwick out with foot injury
  Broncos release LB Lewis
  Bad start sinks Seahawks
  Bengals Now In Last With an Anchor
  Big plays, injuries doom Cardinals
  Chargers acquire Chambers from Dolphins
  Will all the healthy Rams please stand up?
  Last place unfamiliar territory for Bears
  Browns sit at .500 heading into bye week
  September All But Forgotten In San Diego
  Titans lose Young as well as a game
  Chiefs Ride Their Usual Suspects, Move to 3-3
  Bengals KR Perry done for the year
  Loss shows that Cowboys still have some kinks to work out
  What's happened to the Miami defense?
  Healthier Eagles able to maintain post-bye prowess
  Texans get trampled in Jacksonville
  Giants standing tall after authoritative win
  Mangini starting to lose that genius moniker
  Jones-Drew runs rampant in Jags' win
  Green Bay's Defense Saves the Day
  Panthers use an ancient formula for success
  Cowboys just another opponent for Pats
  Raiders Hit By Reality
  Once again, Redskins unable to finish what they started
  Sinners to Saints: New Orleans earns first win of season
  Peterson saves Vikings season
  Report: Bills' Everett walking again
  Chiefs send Bennett to Tampa
  Bucs Have Some New Competition In the NFC South
  Cardinals sign QB Hasselbeck
  Like the Rest of Atlanta, Falcons are Losing
  Ravens Already Preparing for Stretch Run
  Chiefs set to send Bennett to Tampa
  Giants rout Falcons to claim fourth straight victory
Monday, October 15, 2007
  Seahawks DT Darby suffers season-ending knee injury
  Texans hopeful Johnson's ready for Week 7
  Rams QB Bulger expected to start
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 15, 2007)
  Boller to start Week 7 for Ravens
  Chargers' Williams undergoes surgery on both knees
  Titans' Young day-to-day with thigh strain
  Bucs TE Smith has sprained ankle
  Line of Scrimmage: Do '72 Dolphins Need to Worry?
  Brees and Saints get untracked to pick up first win of season
Sunday, October 14, 2007
  Testaverde leads Panthers past Cardinals
  Brady throws 5 TDs as Patriots overwhelm Cowboys
  Bryant boots Bucs past Titans
  Eagles defensive stand preserves win over Jets
  Jags roll past Houston
  Cardinals' Warner leaves early against Panthers
  Favre sets interception record
  Tomlinson explodes for 198 yards and 4 TDs, Chargers down Raiders
  Gonzalez tops Sharpe on tight end TD list
  Gonzalez sets record as Chiefs keep Bengals skidding
  Pack bounces back to beat Skins; Favre sets another record
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 14, 2007)
  Longwell's last second field goal helps Vikings down Bears
  Anderson and Browns keep Miami winless
  Ravens defense forces six turnovers; Rams fall to 0-6
  Titans' Young leaves game with apparent leg injury
  Pats' Maroney out again
  Rams' Bennett leaves game in second quarter
  Rams's Bennett leaves game in second quarter
Saturday, October 13, 2007
  Browns' Lewis out Sunday
Friday, October 12, 2007
  Texans' Green not on injury report; Johnson still out
  Raiders' Jordan doubtful with back injury
  Browns' Lewis, Jurevicius questionable for Sunday
  Cards' Boldin doubtful with hip injury
  Redskins' Randle El questionable, Moss probable
  Rams' Jackson to miss another week
  Eagles' Dawkins ruled out with neck injury
  Cardinals Meet Panthers in First-Place Showdown
  Chiefs' Huard Likely to Get Call Against Bengals
  Streaking Jacksonville Faces Division Nemesis Houston
  Fins' Lemon Tries to Put the Squeeze on Browns
  Bears Vying to Reach .500 Vs. Vikings
  Cowboys Host Pats In Marquee Week 6 Matchup
  Winless Saints Head to Seattle
  Falcons Stand Between Giants, Fourth Straight Win
  First-Place Raiders Travel to San Diego
  Jets, Eagles, Look to Find Footing
  Can Rams Avoid 0-6 Against Ravens?
  Titans Try to Keep Rolling Vs. Bucs
  Packers Face Redskins in Battle of Upstarts
  How even can it get?
Thursday, October 11, 2007
  Carr misses practice again; Panthers could start Testaverde
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
  Texans' Johnson questionable for Jacksonville game
  Ailing Broncos sign a pair of offensive linemen
  Bengals' Rudi Johnson sits out practice
  Cards WR Boldin and Johnson miss practice
  Ravens DE Pryce out for Sunday's game
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 6 - A Tale of Two Divisions
  Falcons OL Weiner out 2-to-6 weeks
  Rivers, Taylor take home AFC weekly honors
  Campbell, Hood and Folk headline NFC Players of the Week
  Seahawks sign McCrary to replace retiring Strong
  Hurting Panthers ink veteran QB Testaverde; Delhomme to IR
  Bucs sign Zack Crockett
  Patriots release Brown; re-sign TE Rivers
  Will The Real Detroit Lions Please Stand Up?
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
  Bucs place QB Simms on IR
  Arbitrator says Falcons are entitled to Vick bonus money
  Broncos place OL Nalen, TE Jackson on injured reserve
  Vikings place veteran DL Scott on injured reserve
  49ers can't capture any super magic
  Time the enemy in Seattle's most recent loss
  Arizona's Warner ready for second act
  Falcons place Gandy on IR
  Just for kicks: Houston's Brown has busy day
  Titans survive five turnovers to win again
  Bengals' Joseph suspended
  Chargers Find New Life
  Cardinals place Leinart on IR; sign QB Rattay
  Careless Cowboys come through in Nick of time
  Giants still winning despite troubling patterns
  "Passionate" Panthers come through at the crossroads
  It's time to hail the Redskins' defense
  Browns left to lament lost chances against Pats
  Mistakes hurt Packers in first loss of the season
  Major Issues In Mile High
  Winless Rams not getting any breaks
  Chiefs Offense Stifled
  Dolphins 2007: It's about to become a Lemon
  Who's Atlanta's quarterback?
  Bears hope they did just enough to turn season around
  Time has come to pull the plug on Pennington
  Patriots' mettle called into question again
  New Orleans fails to halt skid, falls to 0-4
  Bills collapse in primetime fashion
  Bucs Supporters Shouldn't Panic
  Rookie running back leads Colts to 5-0 mark
  Jags continue stellar run defense
  Not a Welcome Flashback for Ravens
  Battered Steelers Refuse to Give an Inch
  Falcons lose Gandy to torn ACL
  Folk tale: Cowboys stun Bills on last-second FG
Monday, October 08, 2007
  Seattle FB Strong ends career due to injury
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 8, 2007)
  Rams safety Carter breaks bone in foot
  Dolphins QB Green has Grade 3 concussion
  Broncos lose OL Nalen, TE Jackson for season
  Panthers' Delhomme done for season
  X-Rays negative for Browns' Lewis, Jurevicius
  Bucs' Pittman out 6-to-8 weeks
  Griese, Bears deal Packers first loss
  Bears' WR Berrian leaves game
Sunday, October 07, 2007
  Ravens edge 49ers in defensive struggle
  Bucs' Pittman leaves game with ankle injury
  Rivers, Chargers get back on track by ripping Broncos
  Colts rout Bucs to remain undefeated
  Roethlisberger, Steelers dominate Seahawks
  Kasay kicks Carolina over struggling Saints
  Jaguars top Chiefs to earn third consecutive victory
  Huard leaves game with shoulder contusion
  Dolphins QB Green carted off field with concussion
  Line of Scrimmage: Kurt Warner's Last Stand
  Warner leads Cards past winless Rams; Leinart fractures collarbone
  Brown's 57-yard FG lifts Texans over Dolphins
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 7, 2007)
  Fuller's pick lifts Titans over punchless Falcons
  Warner, in place of the injured Leinart, leads Cards past winless Rams
  Brady leads undefeated Pats over Browns
  Cardinals QB Leinart leaves game with injury
  Giants rally past Jets to win battle of Big Apple
  Campbell, 'Skins rout Lions
  Browns' Lewis leaves with foot injury
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 30, 2007)
  Seahawks' Branch sprains foot, leaves game
  Steelers' Holmes leaves with injury
  Redskins' Moss sits with groin injury
Saturday, October 06, 2007
  Houston kick returner Mathis put on IR
Friday, October 05, 2007
  Texans' Green game-time decision
  Broncos' WR Walker doubtful, Henry questionable for Sunday
  Steelers' Ward out for Week 5
  Can Rams Find Left Column Against Cardinals?
  Falcons, Titans, Both Look to Stay on Winning Track
  Dilfer Seeks to Prove Mettle In Niners-Ravens Battle
  Reeling Saints, Panthers, Meet In Crescent City
  Can Bears Hand Packers Loss Number One?
  Improved Browns Have Tall Order In New England
  Phillips Brings Cowboys to Buffalo
  Lions Look to End D.C. Drought
  Chiefs, Jags, Both Going For Third Straight Win
  Winless Fins Take Act To Houston
  Local Bragging Rights At Stake In Jets-Giants Tilt
  Broncos, Chargers, Both Attempting to Get Well
  Steelers, Seahawks, Square Off In Super Rematch
  Bucs Try to Keep Rolling In Indy
  When will the favorites shine?
  Bills' WR Price done for season
  Report: Denver's Henry tests positive for marijuana
Thursday, October 04, 2007
  Rams injury problems continue
  Cards WR Boldin, T Brown questionable
  Redskins' receiving corps still banged up
  Panthers' Delhomme listed as doubtful
  Colts' Harrison and Addai questionable against Bucs
  Texans' Johnson still questionable for Miami game
  Ward, Polamalu among Steelers in doubt for Sunday
  Niners' Smith out against Baltimore with shoulder injury
  Bears' Briggs, Tillman, Vasher miss practice again
  Romo, Ruud, Hester nab NFC monthly awards
  Brady, Morrison headline AFC Players of the Month
  Peterson, Okoye earn rookie honors for September
  Falcons want $22m from Vick
Wednesday, October 03, 2007
  Dolphins' Tillman undergoes knee surgery
  Colts could miss key players Sunday
  Rams to bench ailing Bulger
  Pats re-sign TE Rivers, place TE Thomas on IR
  Cards WR Boldin questionable
  Umenyiora, Favre headline NFC Players of the Week
  Culpepper garners AFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 5 - Bucs Are a Quiet Surprise
  Cadillac parked for season
  Report: Rams to bench Bulger
  Vick trial date set
Tuesday, October 02, 2007
  Broncos release returner Hixon
  49ers forcefully shown who is the boss in NFC West
  Seahawks prove they're still the division kings
  Cardinals give new coach a special win
  Even with Griese, Bears fail to "turnover" a new leaf
  Feeling the Payne: Bears place safety on IR
  Rams hope a flip of the calendar will change their luck
  Eagles G Herremans undergoes surgery
  Bengals place LB Marshall on IR
  Texans' Schaub comes up short against former team
  Is there a quarterback controversy in Buffalo?
  Patriots keep making it look easy
  Colts' Addai runs Denver's D to the ground
  'Niners make flurry of roster moves
  Powerful Cowboys showing no signs of slowing down
  Injuries aren't sole reason for Eagles' poor start
  Giants now putting on the pressure, instead of feeling it
  Are puzzling Panthers coming apart at the seams?
  Plenty of blame to go around in latest Jets' debacle
  Simply the best? Favre makes his case
  Poor Run Defense Continues to Hinder Denver
  No Charge In San Diego
  Time to Stop Making Fun of the Chiefs
  Raiders Playing .500 Ball
  Browns bounce back with impressive win over Ravens
  Finally, the Falcons win
  Childress, Vikings limp into bye week
  Bengals Sink Deeper Into Hole
  Steelers Show First Signs of Mortality In Arizona
  First-Place Bucs Are a Quiet Surprise
  Things Getting Uglier In Miami
  A renaissance in Lion-land
  Ravens Bungle An Opportunity
  Seahawks RB Pearman tears ACL
  Unbeaten Pats dominate Bengals
Monday, October 01, 2007
  Maroney out for Monday
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 1, 2007)
  Dolphins DT Holliday out 1-2 weeks
  Bears terminate Ayanbadejo's contract
  Redskins ink McCardell
  Bucs' Cadillac, Petitgout done for season
  Osi's six pack of sacks leads Giants over Eagles
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  Merriman reportedly expected to drop appeal
  Report: Martin's season, and possibly career, over
  Vikings' Harris dislocates wrist
  Not so Super: Haynes, Harrison add to wounded Steelers
  Eagles sign CB William James
  A change does Browns good
  Bucs blown away in the Meadowlands
  Vick finally coming of age
  Panthers' collapse makes for a busy bye week
  Saints take an unwanted trip back to the past
  Broncos can't keep up with the Colts
  Chargers riding the LT wave
  LJ carrying the load for Chiefs
  Jags put an end to road woes
  Raiders on a roll?
  Brady bowls over Purple People Eaters
  In Romo we trust: Cowboys ride QB to victory
  Eagles continue fall from grace
  Wind of change: Giants breeze past Bucs
  Jets, Pennington, Licking Wounds During Bye Week
  Texans searching for identity
  A Titans win streak
  49ers fail to "turnover" a new leaf against Bears
  Changes need to be made as Cardinals head into bye week
  Rams Have Consecutive Losses For First Time in '06
  Grossman Bounces Back for Bears
  Do a Little Dance? Chad does, but Bengals not in the mood
  Another memorable Manning moment for Indy
  Packers Climbing Back Into the Hunt
  Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh complete collapse from peak of NFL
  Vikings Get Dismantled
  Seahawks In Search of Sandbags to Stem the Rising Tide
  Ravens' New Offensive Era Begins With a Win
  Pats pound Vikes
Monday, October 30, 2006
  Shaun Alexander out another week
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 30, 2006)
  Giants sign Claiborne
  Lions waive WR Hakim
Sunday, October 29, 2006
  Cowboys' fourth-quarter rally downs Panthers
  LT's three TDs lead Chargers over Rams
  Droughns runs wild as Browns down Jets
  Raiders pick off Big Ben four times to upset Steelers
  Vinatieri kicks Colts past Broncos
  Taylor, Jaguars run past slumping Eagles
  McNair carries Ravens past Saints
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 29, 2006)
  Packers run all over Cardinals
  LJ's four TDs lift Chiefs over Seahawks
  Burress leads Giants over Bucs
  Young leads Titans past Texans
  Leftwich inactive against Eagles
  Bears continue hot start, down Niners
  Vick throws three TDs as Falcons edge Bengals
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 23, 2006)
Saturday, October 28, 2006
  Report: Big Ben likely to start versus Raiders
Friday, October 27, 2006
  Seattle T Locklear suspended one game by NFL
  Huard tweaks groin, questionable for Sunday
  Bengals' Henry activated
  How to win money in the NFL
  Cardinals Searching for Hope in the Green Bay Cold
  Unfamilar Surroundings Face Falcons in Cincinnati
  Changing Ravens Head to New Orleans
  Romo, Cowboys, Ride Into Carolina
  Vince Young, Super Mario, Face Off In Tennessee
  Lots of Questions Abound For Colts, Broncos
  McNabb, Eagles, Try to Make Jaguars Ill
  Patriots Vying to Maintain Road Warrior Status in Minnesota
  Can Jets Continue Unlikely Run in Cleveland?
  Steelers Look to Fight Their Way Out of Black Hole in Oakland
  Wallace, Seahawks, Face Tough Assignment in K.C.
  Niners Stand Between Bears, 7-0
  Chargers Try to Accentuate Positive With Win Over Rams
  Brother Against Brother in Giants/Bucs Showdown
  Tagliabue, Cunningham amongst preliminary Hall of Fame nominees
Thursday, October 26, 2006
  Rams LB Tinoisamoa to play through broken hand
  Porter upgraded to probable for Steelers
  Giants' Arrington placed on IR
  Leftwich listed as questionable
  Lock, stock and barrel: Pats on their way to AFC East title
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 8 - Romo Gets His Shot
  Leftwich, Jones listed as questionable
  Porter listed as questionable for Steelers
  Patriots' Seymour listed as questionable
  Ravens' McNair questionable for Sunday
  Cowboys turn to Romo
  Porter's suspension reduced, will report back to Raiders
  Buccaneers place CB Kelly on injured reserve
  Manning, Burgess, Maroney earn AFC weekly awards
  Pair of Bucs highlight NFC Players of the Week
  Report: Cowboys turning to Romo
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
  Report: Chargers' Merriman appeals suspension
  Chargers sign Gbaja-Biamila
  Miami guard James has surgery
  NFL owners approve international regular-season games
  Poison Pill to Swallow: Hawks Hurting After Loss to Vikes
  Trying to assess the damage in Cleveland
  Bryant's boot may have salvaged Bucs' season
  A hard-fought Vick-tory for Falcons
  Opportunity knocks, but Panthers don't answer
  Lions Head Into a Much-Needed Bye Week
  2-4 Packers Could be Eyeing .500
  Vikings Make a Statement
  Broncos keep on winning
  What a difference a week makes for the Chargers
  Chiefs hold on for a big win
  Jags not ready for life on the road
  Raiders finally get a win
  Bengals snag confidence-building victory over Panthers
  Dazed and Confused: Turnovers cost Steelers another game
  Green may be running out of time in Arizona
  Texans stun Jaguars for second win of season
  Jets continue to exceed expectations
  Bills playing like Buffalo chips
  Cowboys suffer Giant home loss
  Eagles get kicked again on the road
  Texas hold 'em: Giants go wild in Dallas
  Third quarter hurts Redskins in Indy
  Roethlisberger questionable for Raiders game
  NFL starts flexible scheduling; Giants/Bears to play Sunday night
  Falcons' Abraham sidelined after surgery
  Colts stay unbeaten with Manning counter-punch
  The Heat is on in Miami
  Carthon resigns as Browns offensive coordinator
  Big D: Giants' defense leads team over Cowboys
  Giants' Arrington tears Achilles
Monday, October 23, 2006
  Packers place WR Ferguson on IR
  Colts safety Doss to miss remainder of season
  Broncos' Lepsis out for season
  Cleveland's Baxter out for the season
  Report: Chargers' Merriman suspended for steroids
  Falcons top Steelers in OT; Roethlisberger hurt
Sunday, October 22, 2006
  Oakland QB Walter hurts hamstring
  Raiders break into win column by pounding Cardinals
  Green's return propels Pack over Dolphins
  Colts go to 6-0 with big second half against Redskins
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck leaves game with apparent knee injury
  Bell, Broncos best Browns
  Hasselbeck injured as Vikings down Seahawks
  Line of Scrimmage: Why Does the NFL Need a Team in L.A.?
  Tynes kicks Chiefs to victory over Chargers
  Bengals hold on to edge Panthers
  Texans knock off Jaguars
  Bryant's 62-yard FG boosts Bucs to dramatic win over Eagles
  Patriots continue dominance over Bills
  Jets hold off Lions
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 22, 2006)
  Packers' Green active against Dolphins
Friday, October 20, 2006
  Packers' Green upgraded to probable
  ATS in the NFL
  Jaguars add Leftwich to injury report
  Bengals activate RB Perry from PUP
  Stakes Are High In Giants-Cowboys Clash
  Can Cardinals Pick Up the Pieces Against Raiders?
  Flashy WRs a Feature Part of Bengals/Panthers Duel
  Browns Welcome Old Nemesis to Broncos to Town
  Jets Wish to Alleviate Concerns Against Lions
  Dolphins-Packers Doesn't Project as a Classic
  Streaking Seahawks Play Host to Vikes
  Bills Seeking Revenge Vs. Pats
  Eagles Don't Want to Let Bucs Slip Away
  Steelers Hope to Continue Super Bowl Form in Atlanta
  Chargers Tilt Represents a Must-Win for Chiefs
  Jags' Hiatus Ends in Houston
  Colts Look to Stay Perfect Against Skins
Thursday, October 19, 2006
  Tiki talks retirement
  Chargers DE Olshansky sidelined for up to a month
  Bears' Brown out indefinitely
  Redskins CB Rogers out with fractured thumb
Wednesday, October 18, 2006
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 7 - Will Billick Revive Ravens' Attack?
  Steelers LB Porter doubtful for Sunday
  Jags' Jones doubtful
  Packers RB Green questionable
  Report: Barber to retire at end of season
  Report: Lions' Rogers suspended four games
  Packers promote Francies to active roster
  Barber, Hall, Brown capture NFC weekly honors
  Rivers, Polamalu, Cramer earn AFC weekly honors
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
  Bucs send McFarland to Colts, sign Buchanon
  Lions place RB Bryson on IR
  Falcons G Lehr suspended four games
  Rams Let One Slip Through Their Fingers
  Runner-Up Curse Not Afflicting Seahawks
  Packers' Robinson suspended by NFL for one year
  Bucs able to reverse their losing trend
  Falcons grounded with painful home loss
  Panthers put offense in high gear
  Saints are in this thing for the long haul
  Broncos defense gets another 'W'
  Chargers feasting on lesser opponents
  Chiefs get hammered in the Steel City
  Raiders left out in the cold
  Bills blow gasket in Motor City
  Dallas posts Texas-sized win over Houston
  Two big plays haunt Eagles in loss to Saints
  Green dismisses offensive coordinator; promotes Kruczek
  Big second half propels Giants to victory
  Redskins lose clash against the Titans
  No Shipp: Mangini finally gets home win
  The Titans finally win!
  49ers' loss to Chargers not all that shocking
  Monsters of the Midway Manage a Monday Night Miracle
  Bengals look sluggish after bye, fall to Buccaneers
  Reality catches Cardinals in a Bear trap
  Dolphins coming up short
  Lions Get First Win Under Marinelli
  The Look of a Champion: Steelers regain "Super" swagger
  Texans can't build off win
  Fassel Out: Will Billick Revive Ravens' Attack?
  Ravens fire Fassel
  Bears stay perfect; rally to beat Cards
Monday, October 16, 2006
  Levi Jones may need knee surgery
  Shaun Alexander out a couple more weeks
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 16, 2006)
  Texans release Buchanon
  Jets' Martin out two more games
  Redskins ink veteran DB Vincent
  Bills acquire DE Hargrove
Sunday, October 15, 2006
  Bell powers Broncos past Raiders
  Tomlinson, Chargers crush Niners
  Pennington, Coles help Jets hold off Dolphins
  Back to form; Roethlisberger and Steelers rout Chiefs
  Ravens' McNair leaves game with concussion
  Delhomme leads Panthers past Ravens
  Carney lifts Saints past Eagles
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 15, 2006)
  Clayton's catch counts as Bucs down Bengals
  Brown's field goal lifts Seahawks past Rams
  Owens, Cowboys rout Texans
  Lions top Bills, pick up first win
  Barber runs wild as Giants rally to best Falcons
  Titans rally past Redskins for first win
  Line of Scrimmage: Runner-Up Curse Not Afflicting Seahawks
Saturday, October 14, 2006
  Raiders suspend WR Porter
Friday, October 13, 2006
  Seattle's Engram out with thyroid problem
  Bengals' Wright sidelined
  Titans place Kinney on IR
  Marinelli, Lions, Hope to Make Bills First Victim
  Ravens Primed to Halt Panthers' Streak
  Leinart, Cardinals, Face Tough Test from Bears
  Bengals Go Back to the Drawing Board Against Bucs
  Cowboys, Texans, Fight for Lone Star Supremacy
  Huard and Chiefs Seek to Prolong Steelers' Misery
  Jets, Dolphins, Still Looking Up at Pats
  Falcons Back on Field With Key Home Tilt Vs. Giants
  Broncos Try to Avoid Hangover Against Woeful Raiders
  Eagles, Saints, Leave Last Place Far Behind
  Can Schottenheimer, Chargers, Keep Rolling in Frisco?
  Rams, Seahawks, Battle for First
  Home is where the wins are
  Young, Titans, Look to Upset Skins at FedEx
  Cardinals ink Dockett to extension
Thursday, October 12, 2006
  Cowboys cut Suisham
  Bills terminate Vincent's contract
  Steelers bring back LB Brown
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
  Rams sign Tinoisamoa to five-year extension
  Chiefs' Johnson listed as probable
  Eagles' Stallworth doubtful for Sunday
  Alexander remains out for Seahawks
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 6 - The NFL's Five Elite Defenses
  Broncos' DE Brown out for the season
  Jackson, Jeanty questionable for Bengals
  Lions' Woody placed on injured reserve
  Jets release Strait; sign Poteat
  Huard highlights AFC Players of the Week
  Gore, Sheppard, Bush earn NFC weekly honors
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  Redskins put Hall on IR, re-sign Novak
  Saints sign Bellamy; place Harper on IR
  Panthers' defense finally starting to show its teeth
  Broncos still riding defense
  Rivers shines in big win for Chargers
  Will the Raiders win a game this year?
  Browns have plenty to do during week off
  Jags get back to basics
  Gradkowski's play takes some sting out of another Bucs loss
  Reggie becoming Mr. October for Saints
  Bears' Dominance Continues
  Five Up, Five Down for Lions
  Packers Limp Into Bye Week
  Vikings a Sloppy 3-2 Heading Into Bye
  Bills not paid in Chicago
  Vikings sign WR Johnson
  Owens, Cowboys leave Philly empty-handed
  Lito helps lead Eagles over Dallas
  Jaguars agree to terms with CB Carroll
  Giants rebound with big win over Skins
  Dolphins waive Suggs
  Offensive woes wear down Redskins
  Controversy brewing in Miami?
  49ers find cure for losing ways - play the Raiders
  Leinart's job only gets tougher from here
  Manning makes it happen again
  Jets get a dose of reality in Jacksonville
  Miami Turnovers Ignite Pats "D"
  Rams suddenly 4-1 and leading NFC West
  Mistaken Identity: Who are THESE Steelers?
  Titans ask, "Who needs Haynesworth?" in narrow loss to Colts
  No Miracle This Week for McNair, Ravens
  Denver's defense stymies McNair, Ravens
Monday, October 09, 2006
  Seattle TE Stevens expected to play this week
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 9, 2006)
  Cardinals' Fitzgerald out 2-5 weeks
  Jaguars' Peterson done for season
  McCargo has fractured foot
  McCargo undergoes surgery on fractured foot
  Rivers leads Chargers to comeback win over Steelers
Sunday, October 08, 2006
  Two late TOs burn Cowboys in T.O.'s return to Philly
  Chiefs rally in fourth to down Cardinals, Leinart
  Chiefs' Johnson injured on facemask tackle
  Resistance is futile: Jags blank Jets
  Strong second half power 49ers past winless Raiders
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 8, 2006)
  Bush's punt return boosts Saints past winless Bucs
  Panthers topple Cleveland to win third straight
  Picky Patriots get past Dolphins
  Favre's fumble halts comeback try as Rams down Packers
  Colts win in a Titanic struggle
  Manning, Feely lift Giants past Redskins
  Bears bury Buffalo to remain undefeated
  Vikings rally to beat Lions
  Lions lose two on opening drive
  Vinatieri out again for Colts
  Packers RB Green inactive
  Culpepper out; Harrington starts for Miami
Saturday, October 07, 2006
  Steelers place Colclough on IR
  Miami's Morris reinstated
Friday, October 06, 2006
  Ravens' Heap, six others questionable for Monday
  Jags to be without Jones, Stroud
  Chargers' Merriman questionable for Sunday
  Culpepper added to injury report
  Vinatieri upgraded for Colts
  Something Has To Give When Ravens Meet Broncos
  Bengals' Henry suspended
  Tough beats all around
  Can Bills Alter Bears' Elite Status?
  Panthers Try to Keep Cruising Against Browns
  T.O., First Place, Among Storylines in Philly/Dallas
  Vikings, Lions, Looking to End Skids
  Cardinals' Leinart Thrown Into Fire Vs. Chiefs
  Can Fins Deliver on Preseason Hype in New England?
  Jets Seek to Maintain "Road Warrior" Status in Jacksonville
  Struggling Raiders, Niners, Vying for Bay Area Pride
  Steelers Desperate for a "W" in San Diego
  Packers Hope to Make Rams First Lambeau Victim of '06
  Rookie Buc Tries to Take Down Saints
  Titans Stand Between Colts, 5-0 Start
  Giants, Skins Meet in "Other" NFC East Showdown
Thursday, October 05, 2006
  Colts place Simon on non-football illness/injury list
  Packers' Robinson gets jail time
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
  Bucs' Walker placed on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 5 - T.O.'s Philly Return Dwarfs All Else
  Favre listed as probable for Sunday
  Vinatieri questionable for Colts
  Johnson, Green and Cribbs earn AFC weekly honors
  Moss, Harris, Andersen earn NFC weekly honors
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
  Haynesworth apologizes to Gurode; won't appeal suspension
  Packers cut DB Carroll
  The stomp, the start and the squash among Titans' storylines
  Seahawks Stunned After Being Blown Out of Windy City
  Rave Reviews for Billick's Team After 4-0 Start
  Frye proving to be the guy in Cleveland
  Defense the difference as Falcons rebound
  Healthy Smith makes all the difference for Panthers
  Saints again show spunk, but run out of gas
  Chargers fall from the ranks of the unbeaten
  Chiefs make a statement
  Jags suffer another road loss
  Another week, another loss for Shell and the Raiders
  Bills sink Vikings' ship
  Cowboys roll up points in Tennessee
  Eagles wake up to post win over Pack
  Moss rolls Redskins to victory
  Bears Can Now be Considered the Best Team In Football
  Lions Getting Poached
  Packers Fall to 1-3
  Vikings Offense Struggling
  Few positives for 49ers in most recent loss
  Week to Reflect: Bengals head into bye week battered, puzzled
  Leinart era set to begin in Arizona
  Colts sneak in another win
  Now it gets tough for Dolphins
  Mangini's Jets racking up moral victories
  Run Laurence Run: Pats' ground game stifles Cincy
  Rams offense finally clicks against Lions
  Texans give Kubiak first-career victory
  McNabb stars as Eagles rout Pack
Monday, October 02, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Monday, October 2, 2006)
  Ravens G Mulitalo done for the season
  Westbrook, Green out for Monday night
  Titans DT Haynesworth tagged with five-game suspension
  Bucs QB Simms released from hospital
  Bears crush Seattle to remain undefeated
Sunday, October 01, 2006
  Maroney and Patriots run roughshod over Bengals
  Bulger, Bruce lift Rams over Lions
  Frye leads Browns to win over Raiders
  Moss' TD in OT lifts Redskins over Jags
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, October 1, 2006)
  Cleveland's Jurevicius returns against Oakland
  Manning's late TD run leads Colts past Jets
  Back on the prowl: Panthers deal Saints first loss
  Carr, Texans edge Dolphins for first win
  Falcons roll past Cardinals
  Time is on their side: Bills hold on to down Vikings
  Jones, Cowboys pound Titans
  Ravens record another dramatic win, down Chargers
  Chiefs blow out Niners for first win
  Owens set to start