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It's a 3-0 NBA Playoff Sunday for Kelso Sturgeon! The Wizards (+4½) get the outright stunner on the road against the Bulls, 102-93 for a 50-Unit winner! Mavericks (+9½) hung tough against the Spurs and got the cover in their 90-85 loss, while the Blazers/Rockets shootout went way over 214½ (242)! Kelso also wins his two big games on the diamond: Personal Best clients walked away with a 50-Unit winner last night with the Red Sox (-170) over the Orioles, 6-5, and Chairman's Club bettors got the money with the Reds (-130) over the Cubs, 8-2!
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4/23/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 730 SPURS
4/23/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/23/2014 9:30 PM(et)
 734 HAWKS
4/24/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 740 NETS
4/25/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 741 BULLS
4/25/2014 8:00 PM(et)
 901 REDS
4/24/2014 12:35 PM(et)
 904 METS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
 906 CUBS
4/24/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 12:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 1:08 PM(et)
 915 TWINS
 916 RAYS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 12:10 PM(et)
 954 CUBS
4/23/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:10 PM(et)
 957 REDS
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 960 METS
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:35 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:40 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:08 PM(et)
 975 TWINS
 976 RAYS
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)

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Saturday, November 30, 2013
  Steelers place Velasco on IR
  Dolphins' Martin won't play again this season
  Broncos DE Wolfe hospitalized
  Report: Incognito to remain suspended
Friday, November 29, 2013
  Houston out, Hali questionable for Chiefs
  Bears' Wright questionable after hamstring pull in practice
  Giants' Pierre-Paul out for Sunday
  Cowboys RB Dunbar expected to miss rest of season
  Bailey probable for Broncos
  Cardinals RB Ellington questionable for Sunday
  Panthers RBs Williams, Stewart questionable for Sunday
  Eagles' Wolff ruled out for Sunday
  Bills DT Williams questionable for Sunday
  Stretching the Field: Playoff races not taking shape
  Extra Points: Packers are lost without their shark
  NFC's 'Least' meet when Giants visit struggling 'Skins
  Chiefs hope to halt 2-game slide, take another shot at Broncos
  Rivers, Chargers face tough test vs. Bengals
  Niners continue playoff push against surging Rams
  Bills and Falcons face off in Toronto
  Jets and Dolphins meet in must-win matchup
  Streaking Cardinals hope to slow down Foles, Eagles
  McCown, Bears take aim at lowly Vikings
  Panthers try to prowl past Tampa Bay trap
  Reeling Texans hope to avoid 10th straight loss, tangle with Pats
  Titans try to press slumping Colts in AFC South
  Weeden takes another turn for Browns against Jags
  Ravens get to .500 with narrow win over Steelers
Thursday, November 28, 2013
  Murray stars as Cowboys hold off Raiders
  Lions take apart Packers, end Turkey Day skid
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 28, 2013
  McFadden active for Thanksgiving tilt
  Fox to make return to Broncos on Monday
  NFL announces dates of London 2014 games
  CB Houston out for Lions
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
  Flynn gets Turkey Day start for Pack
  Weeden to start Sunday for Browns
  Packers RB Franklin lands on IR
  Raiders take Veldheer off short-term IR
  CB Houston doubtful for Lions
  Patriots sign Siliga, Williams
  Steelers' Woodley expected to miss third straight game
  Cowboys' Lee, Claiborne out
  Raiders RB McFadden listed as questionable
  Glennon, Richardson named NFL Rookies of the Month for November
  Palmer headlines NFC's best for Week 12
  Broncos put DT Vickerson on IR
  Tom Brady highlights AFC Players of the Week
  Palmer headlines NFC's best for Week 11
  Extra Points: Seahawks get cheated by their own
  Steelers and Ravens top off Turkey Day
  Cowboys celebrate Thanksgiving by hosting Raiders
  Flynn takes Packers into Detroit for Thanksgiving Day affair
  Foles leads NFC Players of the Month
  Big Ben highlights AFC's Players of the Month
  Bucs place Crabtree on IR
  49ers activate WR Crabtree
Tuesday, November 26, 2013
  49ers activate WR Crabtree from PUP list
  Redskins DE Bowen done for season, placed on IR
  Seahawks sign CB Cox
  Kelly names Foles Eagles' starter
  Steelers place CB Brown on IR
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 12
  Kaepernick leads 49ers over Redskins
Monday, November 25, 2013
  Report: Seahawks' Browner faces another suspension
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 25, 2013
  Titans' Griffin suspended for one game
  Rodgers "slim to none" to play Thursday
  Bears' Forte dealing with knee injury
  Reid: Houston dislocated elbow, Hali has ankle sprain
  Dolphins lose RB Thomas to ankle injury
  Vikings release CB Jefferson after arrest
  Steelers CB Brown done for year with torn ACL
  Extra Points: Romo is masking deficiencies in Dallas
  Patriots rally past Broncos
  NFL flexes Panthers-Saints into primetime for Week 14
Sunday, November 24, 2013
  Titans beat Raiders with late TD strike
  Fitzgerald, Palmer push Cardinals past Colts
  Cowboys edge Giants with last second FG
  Low Point: Jaguars deal Texans ninth straight loss
  Vikings, Packers fight to stalemate at Lambeau
  Rams run over Bears for second straight win
  Steelers take down Browns for third straight win
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 24, 2013
  Resurgent Bucs top turnover-prone Lions
  Lucky 7: Panthers extend win streak on late TD
  Chargers score late to down Chiefs in shootout
  Tucker kicks four field goals as Ravens top Jets
  Chiefs LBs Hali, Houston hurt vs. Chargers
  Giants' Nicks inactive
  Flynn replaces Tolzien at QB for Packers
  Chiefs LB Hali hurts ankle vs. Chargers
  Vikings' Peterson active vs. Packers
  Fisher, Asamoah out for Chiefs
  Woodley, Keisel to sit for Steelers
  Ravens DT Ngata to play Sunday; Pitta remains on IR
  Jets' Kerley inactive for Sunday
  Report: Seahawks' Thurmond to start four-game suspension
  Wells finishes initial round of interviews in Miami
Saturday, November 23, 2013
  Rams send Finnegan, Quinn to IR; activate McDonald
Friday, November 22, 2013
  49ers ink CB Brock to extension
  Moore, McFadden out for Raiders
  Ravens' DT Ngata questionable to face Jets
  Chicago's McClellin likely to return Sunday
  Lions' Burleson set to return
  Vikings' Peterson questionable for Packers game
  NFL suspends official for abusive language
  Broncos WR Welker probable for Sunday
  Talib questionable against Broncos
  Extra Points: Harbaugh's puzzling take on Kaepernick
  DeVito out, Fisher doubtful for Chiefs
  Woodley, Keisel questionable for Steelers
  Cowboys' Claiborne probable for Week 12
  Giants' Nicks questionable, Webster out against Cowboys
  49ers, Redskins both seeking to end unwanted streaks
  Richardson questionable for Colts in Week 12
  Panthers DE Johnson out for Sunday
  Chiefs' Williams tears ACL
  McGloin aims for solid sequel as Raiders entertain Titans
  Manning vs. Brady XIV: 9-1 Broncos visit Pats
  Blood bath? JPP, Giants renew rivalry with Cowboys
  Colts visit old friend Arians and his Cards
  Jets and Ravens jockey in important AFC clash
  Texans aim to halt franchise-worst skid against lowly Jags
  Frazier takes Ponder-ous plan to Green Bay
  Chiefs hope to bounce back by solving Rivers, Chargers
  Panthers shoot for 7th straight, visit Dolphins
  Battle of the backups: Clemens leads Rams against McCown, Bears
  Lions prowl for win over revitalized Bucs
  Steelers and Browns meet in key AFC North matchup
  Saints beat reeling Falcons; Brees eclipses Moon on passing list
Thursday, November 21, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 21, 2013
  Dungy, Harrison among first-year semifinalists for HOF
  Incognito's grievance hearing postponed
  Jerry Jones: Garrett will be Cowboys coach in 2014
  Redskins place Hankerson on IR
  Extra Points: Beltway bashing of RG3 is silly
  Saints try to add to Falcons misery
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
  McGloin to start again for Raiders
  Vikings sticking with Ponder as starter
  Ravens TE Pitta returns to practice
  Gonzalez questionable for Falcons-Saints tilt
  Rainey, Pierre-Paul headline NFC's best for Week 11
  Browns place WR Edwards on IR
  Colts sign RB Rainey
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
  Report: More allegations against Incognito
  Chiefs sign DE Love
  Broncos bring in Huff; place Moore on short-term IR
  Bills release CB Rogers
  Saints place CB Greer on IR
  Seahawks' Browner sidelined until at least mid-December
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 11
  Newton's late touchdown pass leads Panthers past Patriots
Monday, November 18, 2013
  Former Raiders LB Howard dies in crash
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 18, 2013
  Colts' Walden suspended for head butt
  NFL suspends Bucs' Goldson after helmet-to-helmet hit
  Keenum to remain Texans' starter
  Patriots activate RB Vereen
  Wells ready to question Dolphins this week
  Tolzien to start again for Packers
  Report: Colts' Walden suspended for head butt
  Titans add QB Skelton
  Bears' Cutler, Briggs to sit again Sunday
  Vikings' Robinson has fractured sternum
  Eagles' Kelly judges quarterbacks by wins and picks
  Giants-Redskins remains Sunday night tilt for Week 13
  Tough Panthers D takes aim at Brady, Patriots
  Broncos hand Chiefs their 1st loss
Sunday, November 17, 2013
  Giants top Packers to continue roll
  Hartley's FG lifts Saints past 49ers
  Extra Points: Eagles take unconventional route to first place
  Bears weather storm, top Ravens in OT
  Seahawks easily defeat Vikings
  Dolphins hand Chargers third straight loss
  Bucs pound floundering Falcons for second straight win
  McGloin shines as Raiders hold off Texans
  Eagles fend off Redskins to snap home skid
  Palmer, Cards down Jags
  Roethlisberger throws four TDs as Steelers down Lions
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 17, 2013
  Bills rout Jets in windy Buffalo
  Big second quarter propels Bengals past Browns
  Vernon Davis active for 49ers
  Woodley, Keisel inactive for Steelers
  Maualuga, Crocker, Zeitler inactive for Bengals
  Ravens' Ngata inactive
  Kendricks, Fletcher, Vick inactive for Eagles
Saturday, November 16, 2013
  Seahawks' Okung comes off short-term IR
  Raiders' Pryor won't play against Texans
  Jags LB Posluszny will miss Cardinals game
Friday, November 15, 2013
  Report: Falcons' Snelling arrested
  Broncos' Manning OK to play vs. Chiefs
  Redskins CB Hall questionable vs. Eagles
  Texans P Lechler out of hospital, could play
  49ers' Davis, Reid questionable for Sunday
  Raiders QB Pryor could sit vs. Texans
  Saints' Vaccaro, Watson ruled out for Sunday
  Lions' Bush, Johnson probable for Sunday
  Steelers LB Woodley doubtful vs. Lions
  Jags WR Burton sidelined with concussion
  Cards' Abraham, Floyd questionable vs. Jags
  Gonzalez, Douglas questionable for Falcons
  Bears' Cutler, Briggs out for Sunday
  Ravens' Ngata questionable for Week 11
  Chargers LT Dunlap ruled out vs. Dolphins
  Jets' Holmes probable; Reed will play vs. Bills
  Ponder, Peterson probable for Vikings
  Bengals' Maualuga doubtful for Sunday
  Hall of Famer Mike McCormack dies
  QB Campbell probable for Cleveland
  Dolphins' Wake questionable for Week 11
  Eagles' Wolff out, Vick upgraded to questionable
  Extra Points: Broncos and Chiefs should be special
  Bills' Johnson out for Week 11
  Resurgent Giants take on Rodgers-less Pack
  Unbeaten Chiefs set to test Manning, Broncos
  Vikings hope to halt Seahawks' home-field dominance
  Kubiak set to return as Texans face Raiders
  Niners try to bounce back against high-powered Saints
  Chargers go in search of rare win in Miami
  Jags try to make winning a habit against Cards
  Ravens visit Bears for key interconference matchup
  Bengals try to restore order in AFC North, entertain Browns
  Eagles hope to halt long Linc losing streak, sweep 'Skins
  Lions aim to end Steel City drought, visit Steelers
  Cellar-dwelling Bucs aim to move up vs. Falcons
  Jets shoot for season sweep of slumping Bills
  Strong second half leads Colts over Titans
Thursday, November 14, 2013
  Incognito files grievance against Dolphins
  Jets bring in Ed Reed
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 14, 2013
  Flu hospitalizes Texans punter Lechler
  Titans try to close the gap on Colts in AFC South
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
  Report: Former Bears WR Hurd sentenced to 15 years in prison
  Chiefs pick up WR Williams
  Bears add S Martin
  Packers' Finley elects to have neck procedure
  Panthers sign Connor
  Del Rio: "No doubt" Manning will play Sunday
  Titans' Williams, Fokou out for Thursday
  Kubiak likely to return Sunday
  Falcons take Weatherspoon off recallable IR
  Extra Points: Despite reputation, Lions should be legit contenders
  Former BYU and NFL star Todd Christensen dies
  Raiders re-sign defensive tackle Sanford
Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  Aldon Smith pleads not guilty to weapons charges
  Packers bring back QB Flynn
  Dolphins delay meeting with Martin
  Jags LB Reynolds suspended 4 games
  Texans release Reed, place Foster on IR
  Texans to release Ed Reed
  Chiefs' Bowe arrested over the weekend
  Eagles sign WR Smith
  Dolphins owner to meet with Martin
  Titans QB Locker to miss rest of season
  Bucs get first win, add to Dolphins' turmoil
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 10
  Bucs RB James has fractured ankle
Monday, November 11, 2013
  Bucs RB James carted off field
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 11, 2013
  Seahawks activate WR Harvin from PUP list
  Browns place Groves on IR
  Manning 'definitely' will play Sunday
  Bears' Cutler week-to-week
  Manning expected to play Sunday despite ankle sprain
  Winless Bucs battle troubled Dolphins
  Saints crush Cowboys in record-setting performance
  Panthers shut down 49ers for fifth straight win
Sunday, November 10, 2013
  Broncos outfox Chargers with Del Rio at the helm
  Cardinals send Texans to seventh straight loss
  Broncos' Manning says he will have MRI
  Packers lose another QB and fall to Eagles
  Report: Titans believe Locker has Lisfranc injury
  Davis leaves game with concussion
  Tolzien to start against Giants
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 10, 2013
  Ravens overcome Dalton's Hail Mary, beat Bengals in OT
  Bears lose Cutler to ankle injury
  Lions down Bears for NFC North lead
  Giants overcome mistakes to beat Raiders
  Jaguars edge Titans for elusive first win
  Austin-led Rams snap skid, rout Colts
  Seahawks beat Falcons for 5th straight win
  Steelers bounce back with win over Bills
  Extra Points: Steelers will keep Roethlisberger happy
  Locker leaves with foot injury
  Three Philadelphia starters out for remainder of game
  Wallace questionable to return vs. Eagles
  Incognito denies bullying Martin in TV interview
  Falcons' White returns Sunday
  Incognito regrets racist language
  Report: Texans' Foster to miss rest of season
Saturday, November 09, 2013
  Vikings WR Simpson arrested on drunk driving charge
Friday, November 08, 2013
  Broncos CB Bailey out for Sunday
  Chargers' Royal uncertain for Sunday
  Cards' Mendenhall slated to return
  Jacobs doubtful for Giants, Webster out
  Rams' Stewart, Titans' Casey fined for Sunday incidents
  Broncos' Fox released from hospital
  Packers LB Matthews probable vs. Eagles
  Raiders' McFadden to miss Week 10
  Chicago's Ratliff, Mannelly out for Sunday
  Pats G Mankins fined $10K for clip
  Cowboys' Claiborne out for Week 10
  Falcons WR White questionable vs. Seahawks
  Falcons WR White inactive again
  Bucs place Martin on injured reserve
  Ravens' Suggs probable against Bengals
  Colts' Richardson questionable
  Bills' Lawson questionable for Week 10
  Bengals' Maualuga out; Bernard questionable
  Trio of Titans' starters questionable
  Texans' Foster out for Week 10
  Extra Points: 'A Few Good Men' meets 'Revenge of the Nerds'
  OL Scott out for Panthers, Blackburn game-time decision
  Eagles' Vick practices, listed as doubtful
  Division leaders meet in primetime when Cowboys visit Saints
  Fox-less Broncos face an old friend, take on McCoy, Chargers
  Texans press on without Kubiak, visit Cards
  Cam's Panthers try to make statement vs. Colin's Niners
  0-8 Jags search for first win vs. Titans
  Slumping Steelers hope to get well against Bills
  Giants open key home stretch against Raiders
  Colts aim to collect 3rd straight win, host Rams
  Eagles test Lambeau mystique against Packers team minus A-Rod
  Lions shoot for signature road win vs. Bears
  Bengals aim to finish off reeling Ravens
  Seahawks seek revenge in Atlanta
  Lawyer: Martin's treatment went far beyond hazing
  Peterson, Vikings rally past Redskins
  Vikings QB Ponder exits with shoulder injury
Thursday, November 07, 2013
  Skins' hold off Vikings
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 07, 2013
  Jets' Goodson indicted on weapons charges
  Bills QB Manuel expected to start Sunday
  Saints place LB Vilma on IR
  Bears' Cutler cleared, expected to start Sunday
  Former Dolphin gives details on Incognito-Martin issues
  'Skins aim to start winning streak against reeling Vikings
Wednesday, November 06, 2013
  Tannehill: Incognito and Martin like friends, brothers
  Texans name Wade Phillips interim head coach
  Extra Points: NFL coaches need to pump the brakes
  Hall of Famer Ace Parker dies
  Campbell, Wake, Folk earn AFC weekly honors
  Foles, McClellin headline NFC's best for Week 9
Tuesday, November 05, 2013
  Report: Coaches asked Incognito to 'toughen up' Martin
  Packers' Rodgers has fractured collarbone
  Kubiak released from hospital, return to sideline uncertain
  Browns' Pinkston comes off IR
  Packers place Finley on IR
  Broncos take Walton off PUP list
  Panthers place Byers on IR; re-sign Hangartner
  Patriots release WR Collie
  Bengals add Randall
  Vikings OL Loadholt out vs. Redskins
  Report: Rodgers has fracture in collarbone
  Rodgers exits early with shoulder injury
  Bears take down injury-plagued Packers
Monday, November 04, 2013
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 9
  Reports: Incognito used slur, threatened violence towards Martin
  Broncos name Del Rio interim head coach
  Packers' Jones active for Monday Night Football
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 04, 2013
  Texans: Kubiak is alert, coherent and in good spirits
  Cleveland QB Campbell has bruised ribs
  Niners activate Manningham, Wright; waive Asomugha
  Bengals place Atkins on IR
  Vikings TE Rudolph has fractured foot
  Cardinals bring in TE Ballard
  Bills announce Manuel has been cleared to return
  Extra Points: Manning, Broncos equipped to move on minus Fox
  Texans head coach Kubiak collapses at halftime
  Colts rally to down Texans
  Browns snap 11-game skid against Ravens
  Dolphins suspend Incognito
  Brady returns to form as Patriots outscore Steelers
  Seahawks rally to down Bucs in OT
  Foles grabs share of NFL record with 7 TD passes, Eagles rout Raiders
Sunday, November 03, 2013
  Chiefs remain perfect with win over Buffalo
  Redskins clip Chargers in overtime
  Titans capitalize on late turnover, upend Rams
  Cowboys top Vikings on late TD pass
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 03, 2013
  Newton leads Panthers past Falcons
  Ivory, Jets upend Saints
  Jets' Kerley leaves with elbow injury
  Saints' Sproles exits Sunday
  Saints' Graham in, Colston out against Jets
  Cowboys RB Murray active
  Tuel to start for Bills
  Dolphins release statement on Martin
  Broncos' Fox to have heart valve replaced
  Broncos head coach Fox hospitalized
Saturday, November 02, 2013
  Bears reach deal with Ratliff
  Patriots place DL Kelly on IR
  Saints activate LB Vilma
  Packers' Jones questionable for Monday
  Panthers activate Stewart from PUP
  Bucs activate CB Gorrer
Friday, November 01, 2013
  Gronkowski limited again, but probable to play
  Seahawks RB Lynch practices, expected to play
  Jets' Holmes out, Mangold questionable
  Jags WR Blackmon suspended indefinitely
  Saints' Graham, six other starters questionable for Week 9
  Week 11 Chiefs-Broncos flexed to Sunday Night Football
  Steelers' DeCastro ruled out for Sunday
  Colts' Heyward-Bey questionable for Week 9
  Texans' Foster questionable for Week 9
  Williams probable for Panthers
  Ravens' Kelechi Osemele likely to miss rest of season
  Falcons' White questionable for Week 9
  Packers and Bears renew NFL's oldest rivalry
  Vikings sticking with Ponder for Week 9
  Bills QB Lewis doubtful for Sunday
  Extra Points: NFL culture bullies Jonathan Martin
  WR Jackson probable for Eagles
  Stretching the Field: Meriweather has the right idea
  First-place Pats take aim at sinking Steelers
  Homecoming: Luck returns to Houston as Colts face desperate Texans
  Flacco, Ravens shoot for 12th straight win over Browns
  Winless Bucs take on powerful Seahawks
  Raiders entertain Foles, Eagles
  Redskins try to turn it around vs. Rivers, Chargers
  Banged-up Bills battle unbeaten Chiefs
  Fisher faces a familiar foe as Rams take on Titans
  It's Rex vs. Rob as Jets host Saints in Jersey
  Cowboys hope to bounce back vs. hapless Vikings
  Panthers stalk Falcons in NFC South clash
  Bengals' Atkins has knee injury
  Wake's sack leads Dolphins past Bengals in OT
Friday, November 30, 2012
  Raiders' McFadden practices again, still termed questionable
  Seahawks' Rice uncertain to face Bears
  Packers WR Jennings probable, LB Matthews out
  Cowboys RB's Murray, Jones questionable
  Vick won't play again Sunday
  Cowboys and Eagles tangle in Texas
  Sapp, Strahan, Lynch, among Hall semifinalists
  Odd Man Rush: Harbaugh fails to return Smith's loyalty
  Roethlisberger won't play Sunday; Batch to start
  Raiders suspend McClain two games
  Extra Points: Nothing is a Brees without your head coach
  Streaking Bengals invade San Diego
  Reeling Raiders kick off homestand against Browns
  Ravens search for 16th straight home win, host Steelers
  Broncos try to clinch AFC West against Bucs
  Banged-up Bears entertain road weary Seahawks
  Rodgers, Packers hope to continue dominance over Vikings
  Kaepernick, Niners take aim at Rams
  Jets hope to start late-season surge against Cards
  Newton tries to build on strong MNF performance against lowly Chiefs
  Henne leads resurgent Jags into Buffalo
  Lions provide latest test for Colts' Luck
  High-powered Pats aim for 6th straight win, visit Dolphins
  Titans host 10-1 Texans
  Falcons soar past Saints, end Brees' TD streak
Thursday, November 29, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 29, 2012
  Bears' Hester ruled out for Sunday
  Packers' Benson has surgery, will stay on IR
  Griffin, David named NFL's top rookies for November
  Lions WR Johnson leads group of NFC's best for November
  Johnson, Miller, Jones selected for AFC monthly honors
  Vick still not cleared to practice
  Falcons try to put Saints on ice
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
  Niners lose Williams, Hunter to IR
  Suh fined $30K for Thanksgiving kick
  Babin claimed off waivers by Jaguars
  Falcons CB Samuel questionable for Thursday
  Kaepernick to make third straight start for 49ers
  Rice, Jackson, Hilton named AFC's best for Week 12
  Panthers' Newton highlights NFC weekly winners
  Extra Points: Brown a bright spot in Eagles' dismal season
  Dolphins sign CB Coe
Tuesday, November 27, 2012
  Chargers' Bigby lands on IR
  Bears bring in veteran Gurode
  Bucs place Trueblood on IR
  Batch set to start again for Steelers; Big Ben throws
  Jaguars send Parmele, Middleton to IR
  49ers, Bowman agree to five-year deal
  Eagles release DE Babin
  Cardinals' Sendlein placed on IR
  Eagles' Jackson headed to IR with fractured ribs
  Newton, Panthers hand Eagles seventh straight loss
  Eagles' Jackson leaves with chest injury
  Panthers RB Stewart leaves Monday's game
Monday, November 26, 2012
  Titans fire offensive coordinator Palmer
  Giants RB Brown has broken leg
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 26, 2012
  Steelers activate first-round pick DeCastro
  NFL suspends Bucs' Wright four games
  Suh won't be suspended for Thanksgiving kick
  Ravens activate kick returner Reed
  Patriots' Cunningham banned 4 games for PEDs
  Bears' Louis placed on IR
  Bears' Lewis placed on IR
  Report: Lewis could return earlier than expected
  Cowboys place LB Carter on IR
  Slumping Eagles host Panthers in prime time
  Manning, Giants pound Packers
  Report: Seahawks' Sherman, Browner face suspensions
Sunday, November 25, 2012
  Bush helps Bears topple Vikings
  Kaepernick, 49ers defense cool off Saints
  Ravens rally to top Chargers in OT
  Rams deal error-prone Cardinals seventh straight loss
  Falcons edge Bucs in key NFC South showdown
  Eight turnovers doom Steelers in Cleveland
  Bengals shut down Palmer, Raiders in rout
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 25, 2012
  Carpenter kicks Dolphins past Seahawks
  Jags top Titans to halt seven-game skid
  Broncos handle hapless Chiefs for sixth straight win
  Hilton helps Colts slip past Bills
  Bears lose Hester, Forte and Tillman to injuries
  Kaepernick makes start for 49ers
  Bears' Hester exits with concussion
  Steelers' Polamalu ruled out against Browns
  Jones set to play for Atlanta
  Vikings' Harvin to sit Sunday
  Cutler set to start Sunday
Saturday, November 24, 2012
  Vick, McCoy ruled out by Eagles
Friday, November 23, 2012
  Rams' Amendola doubtful with injured foot
  Falcons term Jones questionable
  Raiders' McFadden to miss third straight game
  Chargers OT Gaither lands on IR
  Cutler still awaiting clearance to play
  Steelers' Polamalu returns to practice
  Packers' Matthews won't play against Giants
  Vikings' Harvin doubtful
  Odd Man Rush: No fear of the spotlight for RG3
  Extra Points: Schwartz proves to be Thanksgiving's biggest turkey
  NFC Heavyweights clash when Giants host Packers
  Reeling Cards aim for revenge against Rams
  Niners try to cool off hard-charging Saints
  Reed, Ravens take on slumping Chargers
  Falcons visit Bucs in key NFC South matchup
  Seahawks try to figure it out on the road vs. Miami
  Quinn gets nod for Chiefs against Manning, Broncos
  Batch takes over Steelers in Cleveland
  Palmer leads Raiders into Cincy
  Vikings start tough stretch in Chicago
  Colts try to bounce back, entertain Bills
  Hapless Jags turn to Henne, host Titans
  Patriots rout Jets
Thursday, November 22, 2012
  Griffin, Redskins hold off Cowboys
  Graham's FG lifts Texans over Lions in OT
  Patriots' Hernandez will play against Jets
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 22, 2012
  Cowboys WR Austin exits with hip injury
  Redskins' Fletcher active, extends streak to 235
  Lions' Delmas active, Backus out for Thursday
  Houston CB Joseph out for Thanksgiving game
  Bucs place Benn on IR
  Report: 49ers to start Kaepernick Sunday
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
  Broncos place McGahee on IR with designation to return
  Cardinals to start rookie Lindley at QB
  Lions' Delmas, Fairley questionable for Thursday
  Pats' Hernandez questionable for Thanksgiving bout
  Murray doubtful, Jones questionable for Cowboys
  Chiefs to start Quinn against Denver
  High-powered Pats visit desperate Jets
  Cowboys and Redskins renew rivalry on Thanksgiving
  Lions kick off Thanksgiving Day action by hosting 9-1 Texans
  Schaub, Miller, McKelvin named AFC's best for Week 11
  Redskins' Griffin highlights NFC weekly winners
  Jaguars place Gabbert on IR
  Extra Points: Harbaugh creates unnecessary QB controversy
  Cardinals activate Wells
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
  Panthers add K Gano, waive Medlock
  Jaguars sign WR Shipley
  Ravens S Reed has suspension lifted
  Raiders waive LB Curry
  Steelers give Burress another chance
  Batch to start for Steelers with Leftwich out
  These players make their teams thankful
  Kaepernick comes through as Niners crush Bears
Monday, November 19, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 19, 2012
  Lions to sit problematic WR Young one game
  Broncos' McGahee has torn MCL
  Redskins' Meriweather headed to IR
  Ravens S Reed suspended one game
  Pats TE Gronkowski has arm surgery
  Henne to start for Jaguars on Sunday
  49ers' Smith to sit Monday against Chicago
  Harbaugh set to lead 49ers vs. Bears
  Extra Points: Pats win with style, lose their substance
  Report: Niners' Smith won't play Monday against Bears
  Ravens edge Steelers to seize control of AFC North
  No Luck for Indy; Pats tally 59 in rout of Colts
  Saints stay sharp with rout of Raiders
  Manning bests Rivers, Broncos beat Chargers
Sunday, November 18, 2012
  Report: Pats' Gronkowski has broken forearm
  Johnson's career day lifts Texans over Jags in OT thriller
  Bailey's FG gives Dallas OT win over Cleveland
  Buccaneers work overtime to finish off Panthers
  Rodgers, Packers edge Lions
  Powell, Jets down Rams
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 18, 2012
  Griffin dazzles as Redskins rout spiraling Eagles
  Dalton throws, runs for TDs as Bengals top Chiefs
  Eagles RB McCoy has concussion
  Sloppy Falcons overcome errors, Cardinals
  Cassel benched, Quinn in for Chiefs
  Rams' Amendola returns to game after injuring foot
  Rams' Amendola leaves with foot injury
  Jaguars' Gabbert injures elbow
  Skelton out, Lindley in for Cardinals
  Cowboys' Murray inactive against Cleveland
  Julio Jones active for Falcons
Saturday, November 17, 2012
  Patriots release Deion Branch
  Broncos LB Williams added to active roster
Friday, November 16, 2012
  Former Bears coach Mike Ditka suffers 'minor stroke'
  Cutler to miss Monday's game; Campbell to start
  Foles will start in place of Vick on Sunday
  Garcon, Meriweather on track to return for Redskins
  Raiders' McFadden out for second straight week
  Patriots' Hernandez may not play on Sunday
  Cowboys' Murray doubtful to return
  Julio Jones likely game-time call for Falcons
  Extra Points: Examining the NFL's concussion crisis
  Steelers turn to Leftwich against Ravens
  Luck takes aim at Brady, Patriots
  Broncos search for stranglehold on AFC West vs. Chargers
  Surging Saints visit reeling Raiders
  Eagles turn to Foles, face Redskins
  Falcons aim to bounce back against slumping Cards
  High-powered Bucs visit Newton, Panthers
  Embattled Sanchez leads Jets into St. Louis
  Packers search for another NFC North win in Motown
  Cowboys continue soft stretch vs. Browns
  Bengals and Chiefs tangle at Arrowhead
  Texans hope to pile on lowly Jags
  Bills hold on to take down Dolphins
Thursday, November 15, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 15, 2012
  Steelers place LB Carter on IR
  Niners' Harbaugh has heart procedure
  Bills and Dolphins renew rivalry
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
  Cracks, Cuts & Comebacks: How AP got his groove back
  Cracks, Cuts and Comebacks: How Adrian Peterson got his groove back
  Cassel to remain Chiefs' starter against Bengals
  Vick not ruled out for Sunday
  Packers' Matthews won't play against Lions
  Leftwich to start for Steelers
  Extra Points: Manning has turned Broncos into real contender
  Saints' Graham highlights NFC weekly winners
  Bengals' Dalton headlines AFC's best for Week 10
  Jets sign RB Bell
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  Jets place Trufant on IR, waive Maybin
  Bucs place LB Black on IR
  Tomlin says Roethlisberger has shoulder sprain
  Bears sign QB McCown
  Nobody asked me, but....
  Seven key questions for the final seven NFL weeks
  Steelers' Roethlisberger exits with shoulder injury
  Steelers down Chiefs in OT, but lost Roethlisberger
Monday, November 12, 2012
  Falcons release DE Edwards
  Cowboys' Coleman out for season
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 12, 2012
  Lions drop DB Smith
  Chiefs place Dorsey on IR
  Colts place CB Powers on IR
  Bills RB Jackson to miss Thursday's game
  Panthers fire special teams coordinator Brian Murphy
  Packers place Bulaga on IR
  Extra Points: November Rain in New York
  Reid: Vick has 'significant' concussion
  Surging Steelers host lowly Chiefs
  Texans down Bears in defensive battle
  Bears' Cutler misses second half with concussion
Sunday, November 11, 2012
  Cowboys rally in second half to top reeling Eagles
  Niners and Rams play to first tie in nearly four years
  Locker returns, Titans rout Dolphins
  Seahawks shoot down Jets
  Eagles QB Vick sustains concussion; Foles makes debut
  Bucs down Chargers for third straight win
  Ravens erupt in rout of Raiders
  Texans TE Daniels ruled out for Sunday
  Saints knock off previously unbeaten Falcons
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 11, 2012
  Broncos win 4th straight in thumping of Panthers
  Bengals thump Giants to halt four-game skid
  McCourty's end zone interception helps Pats hold off Buffalo
  Peterson leads Vikings past Lions
  Bucs LB Black leaves game
  Locker gets the start for Tennessee
  Patriots' Hernandez inactive
  Bills' Johnson active
  Vikings' Harvin inactive
Saturday, November 10, 2012
  Patriots activate TE Shiancoe
  Steelers' Brown ruled out for Monday
  Raiders cut CB Lee to make room for Bartell
Friday, November 09, 2012
  Seahawks LB Wright ruled out for Sunday
  McFadden, Goodson ruled out for Raiders
  Cowboys RB Murray to miss fourth straight game
  Patriots' Bolden suspended 4 games
  Cody out, Daniels game-time decision for Texans
  Vikings list Harvin as doubtful
  Titans' Locker probable to return
  Extra Points: 'Luck' has everything to do with being elite
  Bengals activate DT Sims
  Bills' Johnson questionable to face Patriots
  Stretching the Field: It's time to reconsider Gabbert experiment
  Unbeaten Falcons square off with Brees, Saints
  Heavyweights clash when Bears host Texans in the Second City
  Niners get back to work vs. Rams
  Eagles meet Cowboys in must win matchup for both
  Wilson, Seahawks aim to stay perfect at home, host Jets
  Titans try to turn it around in Miami
  Martin, high-powered Bucs entertain Chargers
  Raiders visit Charm City to take on Ravens
  Pats seek to continue dominance over Bills
  Manning tries to cure November woes in Cincy
  Vikings 'Ponder' passing problems vs. Lions
  Fox returns to Charlotte as Broncos visit Panthers
  Falcons' Weatherspoon out another week
  Resurgent Colts stay hot by cruising past Jaguars
Thursday, November 08, 2012
  Mathis among Colts' inactives
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 08, 2012
  Colts test their 'Luck' against Jags
Wednesday, November 07, 2012
  Eagles place OL Herremans on season-ending IR
  Chargers fined $20K for towel incident
  Texans' Cody has broken ribs, punctured lung
  Martin, pair of Bears highlight NFC weekly winners
  Colts' Luck headlines AFC's best for Week 9
  Titans make several roster moves
  Extra Points: Shanahan concedes in D.C.
  Falcons make a change at fullback
  Cardinals place LB Schofield on IR
Tuesday, November 06, 2012
  Bills send McGee, Pears to injured reserve
  Titans to keep Martin on PUP list for rest of season
  Jets re-sign WR Hill
  Falcons place G Reynolds on IR
  Raiders activate LB Curry
  Bucs release CB McDonald
  Steelers' Brown unlikely to face Chiefs
  Report: Eagles sign GM Roseman to extension
  Saints handle struggling Eagles
Monday, November 05, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Monday, November 05, 2012
  Pagano's leukemia in remission
  Vikings' Harvin has ankle sprain, status in question
  Chiefs' Crennel steps down as defensive coordinator
  Packers' Matthews could miss a 'couple weeks'
  Jaguars rule Jones-Drew out for Week 10
  Ravens-Steelers to stay in prime time for Week 11
  Extra Points: Ponder-ing the future in Minnesota
  Desperate Eagles visit struggling Saints
  Bryant kicks perfect Falcons past Cowboys
Sunday, November 04, 2012
  Wilson throws 3 TDs, Seahawks down Vikings
  Bucs' Martin puts up monster numbers in win over Raiders
  Redman powers Steelers past Giants
  Newton gets better of Griffin as Panthers top 'Skins
  Luck wins rookie battle as Colts down Dolphins
  Leshoure's big day helps Lions down struggling Jaguars
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, November 04, 2012
  Smith's late TD catch helps Ravens beat Browns
  Packers beat Cardinals, head to bye with 4-game win streak
  Texans stymie Bills, move to 7-1
  Matthews joins injured Packers
  Broncos hand Bengals fourth straight loss
  Bears' defense leads Chicago in rout of Titans
  Packers WR Nelson plays, gets hurt again
  Reports: Payton's contract status for 2013 undecided
  Dolphins' Tannehill to start Sunday against Colts
Saturday, November 03, 2012
  Eagles activate Patterson from NFI list
Friday, November 02, 2012
  Browns activate DT Taylor
  Packers WR Nelson questionable for Sunday
  Saints RB Sproles out for Monday
  Texans RB Tate out for Sunday
  Cowboys RB Murray to miss third straight game
  Broncos CB Porter out for Sunday
  Lions RB Best will remain on PUP list for remainder of season
  Panthers' LaFell doubtful to face Redskins
  Titans' Locker doubtful for Sunday
  Dolphins' Tannehill questionable for Sunday
  Steelers' Dwyer, Mendenhall doubtful for Sunday
  Bills' Pears, McGee doubtful for Sunday
  Extra Points: Belichick's latest reclamation project
  Cowboys set to test unbeaten Falcons
  Eli and Big Ben battle as G-Men entertain Steelers
  Bucs search for first road win vs. Raiders
  Peterson's Vikings take on Lynch, Seahawks
  Ravens aim to sweep Browns again
  Struggling Bengals try to solve Peyton problem
  Texans and Bills tangle as Williams returns to Houston
  Colts try their Luck against Dolphins
  Bears take 6-1 record into Music City to face Titans
  Lions aim for winning streak against Jags
  Rodgers, banged-up Packers entertain slumping Cardinals
  RG3, 'Skins host Cam and the Panthers
  Saints re-sign WR Camarillo
  Rivers, Chargers dominate Chiefs
Thursday, November 01, 2012
  Calvin Johnson sits for second straight practice
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, November 01, 2012
  Eagles DT Jenkins held out of practice
  Cowboys' Bryant misses practice for second straight day
  Texans RB Tate misses practice
  Bucs ship CB Talib to Patriots
  Broncos CB Porter back to full power
  Martin, Hayward named NFL's top rookies for October
  Packers QB Rodgers leads group of NFC's best for October
  Manning, Wake and Janikowski selected for AFC monthly honors
Wednesday, November 30, 2011
  Chargers put McNeill on IR
  Seahawks place Sidney Rice on IR
  Giants' Beatty lands on IR
  4-time Pro Bowl DL Chester McGlockton passes away
  Vick, Maclin out vs. Seahawks
  Brees, Hall, Peterson named NFC players of the week
  Johnson, Suggs and Janikowski earn AFC weekly honors
  Bills place DT Troup on IR
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
  Texans ink veteran QB Delhomme
  Vikings put WR Jenkins on IR, sign S Page
  Suh appeals 2-game suspension for stomp
  Report: Texans ink veteran QB Delhomme
  Del Rio out in Jacksonville; team to be sold
  Colts fire defensive coordinator
  Bengals LB Rivers will not return this season
  Browns put Fujita on IR, waive long snapper
  Chiefs release OT Gaither
  Colts to start Orlovsky on Sunday
  Suh suspended two games for Thanksgiving stomp
  Del Rio out in Jacksonville
  Brees lights up Giants as Saints stay atop NFC South
Monday, November 28, 2011
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 28, 2011)
  Texans' Leinart has fracture, needs surgery
  Cutler injury, Suh situation clouds NFC playoff picture
  Houston, we have a QB problem
  Giants/Cowboys remains on prime time for Week 14
  Steelers eke by turnover-prone Chiefs
  Grossman, Redskins top Seahawks to end skid
  Tebow, Prater lift Broncos over Chargers in OT
Sunday, November 27, 2011
  Steelers' Polamalu leaves game
  Raiders kick their way past Bears
  Patriots overcome slow start, ground Eagles
  Texans' Leinart leaves with shoulder injury
  Patriots overcome slow start to ground Eagles
  Yates leads Texans to 5th straight victory
  Cardinals' Wells runs over Rams
  Nugent's FG lifts Bengals over Browns
  Falcons hold off Vikings' rally
  Panthers' Martin picks off Colts' chance at first win
  Sanchez's 4th TD lifts Jets over Bills
  Johnson carries load as Titans nip Bucs
  Vick, Maclin inactive; Asomugha to start vs. Patriots
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 27, 2011)
  Bengals RB Benson leaves game vs. Browns
  Jets RB Tomlinson inactive against Bills
  Cardinals QB Kolb inactive
  Browns RB Hillis active for Sunday's game
Saturday, November 26, 2011
  Giants RB Bradshaw still can't play
  Vick, Asomugha questionable for Sunday
Friday, November 25, 2011
  Leinart gets new start as Texans battle Jaguars
  Bengals shoot for season sweep of in-state rival Browns
  Rested Steelers striving to extend Chiefs' recent woes
  Broncos hoping for more Tebow magic against sputtering Chargers
  Ailing Eagles prepare for critical game with Patriots
  Minus Cutler, Bears put win streak on line in Oakland
  Surging Seahawks vie to extend Redskins' skid
  Falcons try to maintain recent mastery of Rams
  Titans return home for important test from Bucs
  Falcons aiming to soar over wounded Vikings
  Newton, Panthers aim to keep downtrodden Colts winless
  Jets, Bills both enter key division clash in must-win modes
  Brown RB Hillis improving fast, could play
  Packers LB Walden arrested for assault
  Texans WR Johnson on track for return
  Giants RB Bradshaw could play vs. Saints
  Jets RB Tomlinson questionable vs. Bills
  Lions place RB Best on IR
  Bills safety Wilson out vs. Jets
  Jags place CB Cox on IR, sign QB LeFevour
  Suh ejected; believes he did nothing wrong
  Ravens suffocate 49ers in battle of Harbaughs
Thursday, November 24, 2011
  Cowboys beat Dolphins on Bailey's late FG
  Ravens' Lewis inactive for Thursday
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 24, 2011)
  Packers beat Lions on Thanksgiving, move to 11-0
  Packers RB Starks active vs. Lions
  Lions RB Smith leaves game
  Eagles QB Vick doesn't practice again
  Eagles' QB Vick doesn't practice again
  Patriots sign WR Underwood, place LB Tarpinian on IR
Wednesday, November 23, 2011
  Ravens' Lewis questionable for Thursday
  Chiefs claim Orton off waivers
  Texans place Schaub on IR
  Bills' Jackson done for season with broken leg
  Bears don't get Orton, but land McCown
  Giants LT Beatty to have eye surgery
  Family Feud: Battle of brothers highlights 49ers-Ravens showdown
  No shortage of ties between participants in Cowboys-Dolphins tilt
  Lions host unbeaten Packers in Thanksgiving clash worth seeing
  Plenty of appetizers on this Thanksgiving menu
  Giants ink CB Blackmon
  Packers RB Starks questionable for Thursday
  Dolphins K Carpenter ruled out against Cowboys
  Bills to face Jets without Fred Jackson
  Smith, Miller, Edelman earn AFC weekly honors
  Smith, Clemons, Pilares named NFC players of the week
Tuesday, November 22, 2011
  Bills place WR Jones, CB McGee on IR
  Bills place WR Jones, CB Miller on IR
  Broncos waive Orton
  Jaguars place LB Session on IR, sign Bentley
  Bears sign Laptad for snapping duties
  Ravens' Lewis making "some progress"
  Brady gets redemption as Pats roll over Chiefs
Monday, November 21, 2011
  Chiefs QB Cassel placed on injured reserve
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 21, 2011)
  Browns' Shurmur rules RB Hillis out again
  Cutler sidelined with broken thumb
  Vikings' Peterson has high ankle sprain
  Hasselbeck day to day with sore elbow, forearm
  Tebow has Broncos believing, even if critics won't
  Bears place LS Mannelly on IR
  Bucs compete, but losing trend continues
  Bills' McGee has knee surgery
  Lions/Saints moves to prime time for Week 13
  Chiefs to take on New England minus ex-Patriot Cassel
  Packers outlast Bucs to remain perfect
  49ers top Cardinals, run win streak to 8
  Cutler lifts Chicago over struggling San Diego
  Report: Bears' Cutler out with broken thumb
  Eagles edge Giants on Young's late TD toss
Sunday, November 20, 2011
  Seahawks run past Rams
  Atlanta holds off Tennessee
  Palmer's 2 TDs help Raiders down Vikings
  Timely defense helps Browns escape Jags
  Bailey, Romo lead Cowboys past Redskins in OT
  Ravens fend off Bengals, forge tie atop AFC North
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 20, 2011)
  Stafford throws for 5 TDs as Lions top Panthers
  Dolphins rout slumping Bills for third straight win
  Vikings' Peterson suffers ankle injury
  Raiders' Heyward-Bey leaves field on stretcher
  Bills lose Jackson, Jones and McGee in Miami
  Cardinals QB Kolb out, Skelton to start again
  Bengals' Green sits out Sunday
  Lewis sidelined with toe injury
Saturday, November 19, 2011
  Vick, Maclin ruled out for Eagles
  Dolphins sign K Graham with Carpenter hurt
Friday, November 18, 2011
  NFL hands out fines to 6 players from Lions-Bears game
  Without Vick, Eagles try to make last stand against Giants
  Red-hot Bears attempt to take down reeling Chargers
  Falcons host Titans, seek to shake off tough loss
  Niners put streak on the line against improving Cardinals
  Seahawks, Rams each try to build off recent wins
  Rested Raiders vie to hand slumping Vikings another loss
  Fading Bucs face another challenge from unbeaten Packers
  Cowboys wary of letdown in clash with sagging Redskins
  Points may be at a premium in Jaguars-Browns tilt
  Lions try to get back on track against last-place Panthers
  Surging Dolphins aim to extend Bills' recent woes
  Ravens hope to bounce back in key clash with Bengals
  Bengals WR Green doubtful vs. Ravens
  Lewis questionable for Ravens
  Giants RB Bradshaw to miss third straight game
  Bears T Carimi lands on IR
  Vick, Maclin questionable for Eagles
  Report: Lewis to miss at least 1 game for Ravens
  Tebow's late magic lifts Broncos over Jets
  Jets RB Greene leaves game with rib injury
Thursday, November 17, 2011
  Seahawks' Carpenter to miss remainder of season
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 17, 2011)
  Bills WR Johnson limited in practice
  49ers' Gore expects to play Sunday
  Cardinals QB Kolb likely to miss another game
  Vick sits out practice for second straight day
  Suspended Packers DL Jolly gets six years in prison
  Tebow, Broncos aim to ground Jets in midweek clash
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
  Vick sits out practice
  Forrest Gregg diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
  Bengals WR Green misses practice
  Chargers put OL Dielman on IR
  Week 11: Why the Eagles have crash-landed
  Fitzgerald, Harper, Hester named NFC players of the week
  Bush, Carter, Mariani take home AFC weekly honors
  Eagles release S Page
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
  Vikings' Frazier: Winfield out for season
  San Diego signs OL Moll
  Tomlinson misses practice with MCL injury
  Johnson plans to play after missing 6 games
  Roethlisberger has broken thumb
  49ers closing in on playoff spot
  Once again, Patriots rise off the canvas
  Packers rout Vikings to stay perfect
Monday, November 14, 2011
  Cassel may miss remainder of season
  Rams place Harris, Hoomanawanui on IR
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 14, 2011)
  Rams place Harris, Hhoomanawanui on IR
  Texans' Schaub to miss time with significant foot injury
  Jags' Mathis placed on injured reserve
  Browns RB Hillis to miss fifth straight game
  Redskins WR Hankerson done for season
  Grossman to start against Cowboys
  Bengals CB Hall lost for season with torn Achilles
  Bears place OL Williams on IR
  Broncos RB Moreno done with ACL injury
  Reid: Vick has a couple broken ribs
  Shanahan having this-or-that moment
  Steelers/Chiefs to stay in prime time for Week 12
  Patriots take division lead with win over Jets
Sunday, November 13, 2011
  Lynch, Seahawks shoot down Ravens
  49ers top Giants, push winning streak to seven
  Defense, special teams help Bears tame Lions
  Mendenhall leads Steelers over Bengals
  Big gamble costs Falcons as Saints pull one out in OT
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 13, 2011)
  Texans roll past Bucs for fourth straight win
  Dolphins make it two straight with rare home win
  The nightmare continues: Cards send Eagles to another loss
  Johnson leads Tennessee over Carolina
  Rams edge Browns in field goal battle
  Cowboys dismantle Bills
  Jaguars keep winless Colts reeling
  Tebow's two TDs push Broncos past Chiefs
  Jags' Mathis exits with knee injury
  Broncos RBs McGahee, Moreno injured
  Eagles' Maclin leaves game with shoulder injury
  Redskins going back to Grossman
  Eagles' Jackson to sit Sunday
Saturday, November 12, 2011
  Panthers QB Newton has sore shoulder, is probable
  Giants add Manningham to injury report
  Streaking Jets attempt to extend rival Patriots' recent slump
  Surging Texans take win streak into Tampa Bay
  Bears vie for revenge in critical clash with Lions
  Two of NFC's best square off as Giants visit red-hot 49ers
  Ravens try to build off big win in trek to Seattle
  Chiefs take on revamped Broncos in key AFC West bout
  Cards fly into Philadelphia, but likely without ex-Eagle Kolb
  Shurmur tries to one-up old team as Browns host Rams
  Newton, Panthers return to action against slumping Titans
  Saints, Falcons set to battle for NFC South supremacy
  Bills hoping to bounce back in Gailey's return to Dallas
  Pride mostly at stake in Jaguars' visit to winless Indianapolis
  Dolphins host sagging Redskins seeking second straight win
  Bengals aiming to make statement in showdown with Steelers
Friday, November 11, 2011
  Raiders' Curry, Broncos' Miller fined
  Lions sign P Malone
  Bears T Carimi has surgery
  Texans WR Johnson to miss sixth straight game
  Cardinals QB Kolb questionable vs. Eagles
  Giants RB Bradshaw to miss second straight game
  Eagles' Allen, Mathis ruled out
  Steelers LB Woodley ruled out
  Palmer getting acclimated in Oakland
  Raiders take big win over Chargers in AFC West clash
  Report: Man stabbed in parking lot during Chargers game
Thursday, November 10, 2011
  Chargers' McNeill carted off field
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 10, 2011)
  Cowboys place K Buehler on IR
  Chargers, Raiders open Thursday night slate with key clash
  Line of Scrimmage: Midseason Breakdown -- NFC
Wednesday, November 09, 2011
  Raiders RB McFadden ruled out vs. Chargers
  Bucs claim DT Haynesworth
  Ravens LB Lewis fined by NFL
  Steelers S Clark fined for illegal hit
  Colts TE Clark to miss Sunday's game
  Moore among AFC weekly winners
  Rodgers, Kiwanuka, Peterson named NFC players of the week
Tuesday, November 08, 2011
  Redskins release WR Stallworth
  Panthers place LB Williams on IR
  Patriots release Haynesworth
  Bills place DT Williams on IR
  Giants waive OL Koets
  Bucs ink DT McCargo
  Report: Patriots release Haynesworth
  Eagles/Giants to remain in prime time for Week 11
  Steelers WR Sanders out after knee surgery
  Bears give C Garza two-year extension
  Bears edge Eagles for third straight win
Monday, November 07, 2011
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 7, 2011)
  Texans WR Johnson has 'very good' workout
  Browns RB Hillis out vs. Rams
  Lions sign former Cowboys, Cardinals guard Davis
  Saints CB Porter sore after scary injury
  Cowboys WR Austin out with hamstring injury
  Bucs DT McCoy out for season
  Bears, Eagles hope to continue resurgence in Monday night clash
  Cardinals feeling special after latest win
  Flacco's late TD pass gives Ravens sweep over Steelers
Sunday, November 06, 2011
  Packers extinguish Chargers' rally to stay unbeaten
  Broncos muddle AFC West by beating Raiders
  Cards top Rams on Peterson's 99-yard return in OT
  Bengals take down Titans, win fifth straight game
  Manning's late TD pass lifts Giants past Pats
  Brees, Saints get rebound win over Bucs
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 6, 2011)
  Jets use big second half to beat Bills
  Ryan helps Falcons thump winless Colts
  49ers keep rolling, subdue Redskins
  Dolphins rout Chiefs, get first win of season
  Romo and Cowboys bounce back, beat Seahawks
  Texans run past Browns
  Brees leads Saints over Bucs
  Rams QB Bradford starting vs. Arizona
  Chargers RB Mathews, WR Floyd out vs. Packers
  Saints CB Porter carted off field after tackle
  Brees ties Favre for 2nd on TD streak list
Saturday, November 05, 2011
  Eagles activate DE Graham from PUP list
  Giants RB Bradshaw, WR Nicks out for Sunday
  Redskins place CB Buchanon on injured reserve
  Browns RB Hillis out vs. Texans
Friday, November 04, 2011
  Woodley ruled out for Steelers
  Chargers RB Mathews questionable
  Browns RB Hillis questionable for Sunday
  Cardinals QB Kolb doubtful for Sunday
  Steelers seeking payback in grudge match with Ravens
  Backup quarterbacks could be on call in Rams-Cards tilt
  Chargers need short memory with unbeaten Packers on docket
  Patriots to serve as proving ground for Manning, Giants
  Tebow and Palmer the focus as Broncos, Raiders renew rivalry
  Bengals, Titans both vie to boost playoff prospects
  Cowboys striving to bounce back against Seahawks
  Reeling Redskins seek to slow down rolling 49ers
  Chiefs host Dolphins in bout between different-trending teams
  Surging Texans aim to take down Browns
  Rams QB Bradford questionable vs. Cardinals
  Bucs try to get best of Saints in pivotal NFC South showdown
  Winless Colts hoping for home cooking against Falcons
  Jets face tough test from improved Bills in key division clash
  Welker among 9 questionable Patriots
  Oakland RB McFadden ruled out
  Saints RB Ingram ruled out against Bucs
  Giants RB Bradshaw, WR Nicks doubtful for Sunday
  Eagles RB McCoy, TE Celek return to practice
  Texans WR Johnson out vs. Browns
  Bucs activate long snapper Economos
  Suh's just better than you
Thursday, November 03, 2011
  Kolb misses second straight practice
  Texans WR Johnson held out of practice again
  Giants RB Bradshaw's status iffy with foot injury
  Browns RB Hillis 'on pace' to play Sunday
  Eagles RB McCoy, TE Celek miss practice
  Dalton, Smith chosen as top rookies for October
  Report: Giants' Bradshaw out indefinitely with foot injury
  Foster, Woodley, McKnight selected for AFC monthly honors
  Rodgers, Allen, Hester earn NFC monthly awards
Wednesday, November 02, 2011
  Texans' Johnson misses practice
  Texans place LB Sharpton on IR
  Falcons OT Baker out 3-4 weeks with back injury
  Jaguars place WR Sims-Walker on IR
  Saints place OT Brown on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Midseason Breakdown -- AFC
  Big Ben among AFC weekly winners
  McCoy, Avril, Quinn named NFC players of the week
  Giants' Nicks, Bradshaw miss practice
  Colts sign DB Miller
Tuesday, November 01, 2011
  Raiders sign WR Houshmandzadeh
  Lions DT Suh meets with NFL commissioner
  Browns sign Clayton for RB depth
  Pats WR Edelman arrested
  Succop boots Chiefs past Chargers in OT
Tuesday, November 30, 2010
  Dolphins activate DE Merling, waive QB Ramsey
  AFC West: Broncos' McDaniels gets unsteady vote of confidence
  NFC South: Saints ready to march after close call
  49ers' Gore placed on injured reserve
  AFC East: Bills' Johnson tweets his way to mass attention
  Packers place Chillar, Havner on IR
  Ravens waive S Hamlin
  Bucs make several roster moves
  Raiders QB Gradkowski has separated shoulder
  AFC South: Texans still have some fight in them
  NFC West: Westbrook keeps 49ers' ground game going
  Big Ben in walking boot, could be limited in practice
  Brees named SI's Sportsman of the Year
  NFL announces refund policy for potential work stoppage
  NFC North: Can Cutler keep Bears on top?
  NFL moves Pats/Bears time for Week 14
  NFC East: Giants hoping comeback win serves as springboard
  AFC North: Memorable day for Browns' Delhomme
  Gore hurt, but Westbrook shines in 49ers' win
Monday, November 29, 2010
  Chargers WR Jackson has strained calf
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 29, 2010)
  Texans WR Johnson, Titans CB Finnegan fined for Sunday fight
  Bucs place Grimm, Joseph on IR
  Sunday Rewind: Young Rams taking more than baby steps
  Dolphins take down Raiders
  Chargers stymie Manning, Colts again in rout
  Steelers edge Bills in overtime
  Manning, Giants rally late to edge Jaguars
Sunday, November 28, 2010
  Bears fan falls to his death at Soldier Field
  Cutler, Bears hold on late to down Eagles
  Bradford passes Rams past Broncos
  Flacco guides Baltimore over Bucs to keep pace in AFC North
  Bowe's big day helps Chiefs beat Seattle
  Vikes down Redskins in Frazier's debut
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 28, 2010)
  Late FG gives Falcons leg up on rest of NFC pack
  Browns squeak by woeful Panthers
  Titans cap drama-filled week with shutout loss to Texans
  Eagles DE Parker out against Chicago
  Sanders, Faulk, Bettis and Martin among Hall semifinalists
Saturday, November 27, 2010
  Redskins waive WR Galloway
  Giants OL Andrews released from hospital
  Dolphins WR Marshall ruled out for Raiders game
  Saints DE Smith arrested
  Bills place Merriman, Ellison on IR
  Broncos coach McDaniels fined for illegal videotape
  Eagles CB Samuel out against Chicago
Friday, November 26, 2010
  Chargers RB Mathews doubtful, TE Gates questionable
  Chargers RB Mathews doubtful, WR Gates questionable
  Dolphins WR Marshall doubtful for Raiders game
  Chiefs' Flowers doubtful vs. Seattle
  Giants' Jacobs fined $20,000 for incident with fans
  Seahawks' Trufant returns to practice, Williams questionable
  Jags OL Monroe fails concussion test, out for Sunday
  Clausen to start Sunday for Panthers
  Disappointing NFC West foes square off as Cards host Niners
  Chargers try to remain hot in big showdown with Colts
  Rams head to Denver seeking to boost playoff hopes
  Stakes high as Eagles soar into Chicago to battle Bears
  Surging Bucs to get litmus test with visit to Baltimore
  Eagles CB Samuel questionable for Chicago game
  Seahawks, Chiefs to meet in bout between division leaders
  Symmetry standing out in Dolphins-Raiders tilt
  Turmoil-laden Titans stumble into key clash with Texans
  Falcons, Packers ready for titanic collision of NFC powers
  New-look Vikings head to Washington for Frazier's debut
  Browns to battle lowly Panthers with Delhomme in tow
  Streaking Bills prepare for challenge from Steelers
  Giants try to end slide in test with rising Jaguars
  Jags OL Monroe fails concussion test
  Delhomme to start Sunday against old team
  Smith spurs Jets to win over Bengals
Thursday, November 25, 2010
  Saints strike late as Cowboys fumble game away
  Heimerdinger to work Titans game Sunday
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 25, 2010)
  Brady carves up Lions on Thanksgiving
  Bush returns for Saints against Cowboys
  Eagles CB Samuel misses practice again
  Brady to start against Lions despite foot injury
  Line of Scrimmage: Judgement Week for Bears, Bucs
Wednesday, November 24, 2010
  Chargers WR Crayton has surgery on left wrist
  Raiders place DE Scott on IR, sign LB Moss
  Fisher received apology text from Young
  Fisher says Titans offensive coordinator has cancer
  Giants add WR Thomas
  Portis headed to IR
  Bills WR Johnson fined for TD celebration
  McCoy misses practice; Delhomme could start Sunday
  Eagles CB Samuel fined for illegal hit
  Packers' Jennings highlights NFC weekly winners
  High-flying Jets to host downtrodden Bengals in holiday clash
  Saints visit resurgent Cowboys for Thanskgiving tussle
  Patriots seeking to extend Lions' Turkey Day woes
  Sanchez, Florence, Mariani selected for AFC weekly honors
Tuesday, November 23, 2010
  Titans place Young on IR, deny he's not welcome
  Giants add veteran Clayton to bolster WR group
  Eagles place Hobbs on IR, sign Hughes
  Chargers add Jackson to active roster
  Panthers sign S Alexander
  Manning, Vick lead Pro Bowl voting
  Cardinals place LB Davis on IR
  Bengals place Tank Johnson on IR
  San Diego surges past Broncos in AFC West showdown
  Broncos lose Williams, Thomas in San Diego contest
  Chargers WR Crayton leaves Denver game
Monday, November 22, 2010
  Chargers' Gates out for Denver game
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 22, 2010)
  Titans QB Young to be put on IR
  Giants WR Nicks to miss three weeks
  Bengals' Crocker, Rucker placed on IR
  Vikings can Childress
  Dolphins place Procter on IR
  Eagles' Hobbs has disc injury
  The end of the line for Young ... and old?
  Eagles pull out win against Giants to take NFC East lead
Sunday, November 21, 2010
  Cowboys use strong second half to beat Lions
  Brees throws four TDs in Saints' win over Seahawks
  No deja vu as Patriots pick off Manning, Colts
  Ryan, Falcons rally past Rams
  Roethlisberger, Steelers dominate Raiders
  Freeman, Williams help Buccaneers blank 49ers
  Jags beat Browns despite Garrard's 3 INTs
  Redskins flirt with disaster, but win on Gano's OT boot
  Redskins RB Portis re-aggravates groin
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 21, 2010)
  Titans' Young suffers thumb injury
  Holmes' late TD catch lifts Jets over Texans
  Chiefs top Cardinals to take control of AFC West
  Flacco, Ravens pummel hapless Panthers
  Bills use big second half to take down Bengals
  Bengals S Crocker carted off field
  Bengals RB Benson active
  Rodgers overshadows Favre as Packers subdue Vikings
  Raiders' Asomugha inactive
  Redskins RB Portis active against Titans
  Ward active for Steelers
  Jaguars WR Sims-Walker inactive
Saturday, November 20, 2010
  Cribbs ruled out against Jaguars
  Vikings activate WR Rice from PUP list
  Chargers' Gates questionable for Monday's game
  Cardinals promote RB Smith to active roster
Friday, November 19, 2010
  Addai, Collie and Wayne all questionable against New England
  Jets WR Cotchery ruled out for Sunday
  Saints' Bush could return Sunday
  Jags' WR Sims-Walker doubtful for Sunday
  Vikings WR Berrian questionable for Sunday's game
  Cleveland CB Brown, WR Cribbs questionable for Sunday
  Bengals RB Benson remains questionable for Sunday
  Raiders' Asomugha questionable again
  Texans' Schaub listed as questionable for Week 11
  Titans' Stewart docked $20K
  Redskins RB Portis set to return Sunday
  Passing fancy: Chargers, Broncos ready for Monday air assault
  Giants try to stop high-flying Eagles in huge NFC East bout
  AFC powers collide as Colts, Pats renew rivalry
  A SoCal flavor added to Saints-Seahawks clash
  49ers continue hopeful ascent with visit from Bucs
  Falcons see similarities in matchup with Rams
  Haley to meet old mates as Chiefs host Cardinals
  Favre, Vikings get another crack at Pack
  Red-hot Raiders to be tested in Pittsburgh
  Cowboys go for two in a row at Lions' expense
  Jets return home to take on reeling Texans
  Titans, Redskins both vie to bounce back in head-to-head tilt
  Bengals seeking end to slide in battle with Bills
  Browns head to Jacksonville for clash of improving clubs
  Ravens hoping to pounce on ailing Panthers
  Bucs rookie Mike Williams arrested for DUI, will play Sunday
  Bucs rookie Mike Williams arrested for DUI
  Bears shut out Dolphins, set pace in NFC North
Thursday, November 18, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 18, 2010)
  Schaub back at practice after hospital stay
  Bengals RB Benson returns to practice
  Panthers to start St. Pierre at QB
  Bears head south for battle with ailing Dolphins
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
  Giants' Smith most likely out until December
  Bills RB Spiller to miss Sunday's game
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 11 -- The buzz is back with Vick
  Ward practices, says he feels fine
  Lions' Stafford opts for rehab
  49ers sign K Andrus to one-year deal
  Henne doubtful, Thigpen expected to start for Dolphins
  Schaub likely to start Sunday after hospital stay
  Broncos waive former first-round pick Moss
  Panthers RB Williams out for season
  Patriots bring back LB Woods
  Vick adds to trophy case; McCann, Hester also pick up NFC awards
  Orton, Sanders, Vinatieri named AFC's top players for Week 10
  Chiefs place Simoneau on IR, sign LB Anderson
  Dolphins give TE Fasano two-year extension
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
  AFC West: A week away brings Chargers a step closer
  NFC North: Time running out on Favre, Vikes
  AFC East: Miami's rash of injuries stranger than fiction
  Giants sign Hagan to replace the injured Barden
  Bengals sign K Pettrey to replace Nugent
  NFC West: Which Smith will lead the 49ers?
  AFC South: Jaguars celebrate early gift
  Steelers waive veteran kicker Reed
  NFC South: 'Matty Ice' keeping it cool in Atlanta
  NFC East: Cowboys' Garrett shows his multi-tasking skills
  AFC North: Injuries taking toll on sliding Steelers
  NFL moves two games for Week 12
  Flying into the record books: Vick, Eagles dismantle Redskins
  McNabb, Redskins agree on multi-year extension
Monday, November 15, 2010
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck has injured left wrist
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 15, 2010)
  Dolphins place Pennington on IR, sign Ramsey
  Jets WR Cotchery has groin strain
  Bills RB Spiller likely to miss at least one game
  Bengals place Nugent, Trent on IR; Smith faces surgery
  Chargers agree to terms with S Watkins
  Report: McNabb, Redskins agree on lucrative extension
  Barden may miss rest of year with ankle injuries
  Clausen day-to-day after suffering concussion
  Sunday Rewind: A lesson in perception and reality
  Dolphins lose Pennington and Henne to injuries
  Nedney lifts 49ers over Rams in OT
  Dolphins overcome QB injuries to top Titans for first home win
  Patriots go on the offensive to topple Pittsburgh
Sunday, November 14, 2010
  Broncos rout Chiefs to snap four-game skid
  Jags stun Texans on Hail Mary pass on game's final play
  Cowboys open Garrett era with win over Giants
  Mare's five FGs help Seahawks down lowly Cardinals
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 14, 2010)
  Bills finally pick up first win as Detroit's road woes continue
  Jets score late in OT to knock off Cleveland
  Colts force five turnovers in win over reeling Bengals
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck leaves Sunday's game
  Cutler, Bears top turnover-prone Vikings
  Bucs rough up hapless Panthers
  Bengals RB Benson leaves Sunday's game
  Collins exits with calf injury
  Spiller leaves game with hamstring injury
  Pennington hurt on Dolphins' first series
  Cleveland CB Brown leaves game
  Lions' Hill to start against Bills
  Harvin active against Bears
  Collins to start for Young against Miami
Saturday, November 13, 2010
  Vikings to be without Rice vs. Bears
  Jaguars place DE Kampman on injured reserve
  Broncos' Williams fined, stripped of captaincy, will not play Sunday
  Bengals place T Smith on IR
Friday, November 12, 2010
  Titans' Young game-time decision for Sunday
  Bengals' Ochocinco fined for gold cleats
  Packers OT Tauscher sidelined for season
  Broncos CB Goodman, LB Ayers out for Sunday
  Childress: Harvin doubtful vs. Bears
  Ravens DT Ngata fined
  Change a central theme in Titans' trip to Miami
  Eagles seeking redemption in bout with McNabb's Redskins
  AFC powerhouses collide as Pats travel to Pittsburgh
  Slumping Seahawks visit Cards for pivotal NFC West matchup
  Rams vying to end road woes in San Francisco
  Surging Giants hoping to spoil debut of Cowboys' Garrett
  Reeling Broncos face key test from division-rival Chiefs
  Vikings take fractured act into Chicago for key clash
  Texans TE Daniels out, WR Johnson questionable for Sunday
  Texans, Jaguars try to remain relevant in divisional tilt
  Bucs shoot for rare season sweep of hapless Panthers
  Colts aim for rebound against sputtering Bengals
  Familarity reigns supreme in Jets-Browns matchup
  Lions, Bills both seeking to end unwanted streaks
  Bengals' DT Johnson, S Crocker doubtful for Sunday
  Vikings' Harvin doubtful vs. Bears
  Panthers' Williams, Stewart to miss Sunday's game
  McDaniels "disappointed" in Williams after arrest
  Jaguars DE Kampman out for season with ACL injury
  Giants' Smith to miss Sunday's game
  Report: Sterger meets with NFL
  Ryan's late TD pass lifts Falcons over Ravens
  Cleveland LB Benard released from hospital
Thursday, November 11, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 11, 2010)
  Texans pluck Allen off waivers
  Harvin misses practice again due to migraine
  Bills' Merriman ruled out for Sunday
  Bengals OT Smith breaks foot
  Giants WR Smith leaves practice with strained pec
  Cleveland LB Benard collapses before practice
  Conference co-leaders collide as Falcons host Ravens
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
  Former NFL player Meggett sentenced to 30 years in rape case
  Hasselbeck cleared to return; Seahawks add Losman
  Harvin misses practice due to migraine
  Hill likely to start for Lions
  Clausen to start for Panthers
  Pennington to start in place of Henne
  Cowboys DE Spears out for the season
  Pats place Gostkowski on IR, sign Shayne Graham
  Dolphins sign Al Harris; waive Jason Allen
  Dolphins bring in Al Harris
  Steelers place Starks on IR
  Bills promote Hubbard; sign Balogun
  Colts rule out WR Collie for Sunday
Tuesday, November 09, 2010
  Cowboys DE Spears out 4-to-6 weeks with calf injury
  Three Steelers suffering from concussions
  Bengals waive TE Foschi, promote TE Coffman
  Report: Pats to sign K Graham
  Lions sign K Rayner with Hanson injured
  Panthers place Otah on IR amidst roster moves
  AFC West: Cable's signals a bit fuzzy regarding Raiders' QB situation
  Jaguars make several roster moves
  AFC East: Patriots' streak ended by Belichick arch enemy
  Falcons WR White doubtful for Thursday
  Giants' Koets to miss rest of season, placed on IR
  NFC North: Rest of Bears' schedule not so kind
  AFC South: Moss bringing excitement to Tennessee
  NFC West: Cardinals miss a big opportunity
  NFC East: Once again, Eagles' Reid makes right choice
  AFC North: Bengals not earning stripes in close games
  Steelers nearly squander 20-point lead, hold on to top Bengals
Monday, November 08, 2010
  Chiefs LB Johnson signs five-year extension
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 8, 2010)
  It's official: Cowboys fire Wade Phillips
  Detroit's Stafford does not need surgery for recent injury
  Bills WR Parrish headed to IR
  Redskins place S Horton on IR
  Report: Cowboys fire Wade Phillips
  Panthers place QB Moore, two others on IR
  Packers release Al Harris
  Sunday Rewind: And your first-half MVP is...
  Eagles' Allen, Jean-Gilles leave game
  Rodgers, Packers dominate Cowboys
Sunday, November 07, 2010
  Janikowski boots Raiders over Chiefs in OT thriller
  Colts WR Collie leaves game on stretcher following hard hit
  Vick returns as Eagles nip Colts
  Bears score late to keep to Bills winless
  Jets pull off stunning late rally and beat Lions in OT
  Manning, Giants throttle Seahawks
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 7, 2010)
  Chargers rally past Texans for second straight win
  Falcons topple Bucs for NFC South lead
  Saints dominate Panthers
  Apprentice beats master as Browns run over Patriots
  Vikings rally past Cardinals to cap tumultuous week
  Ravens end Miami's perfect road start
  Patriots K Gostkowski leaves game
  Saints' Shockey leaves game against Panthers with rib injury
  Panthers QB Moore leaves game against Saints
  Falcons WR White injured against Tampa Bay
  Chargers' Gates inactive against Texans
  Panthers RB Williams inactive against Saints
Saturday, November 06, 2010
  Bengals LB Rivers questionalbe for Monday night
  Packers activate Bigby from PUP list
  Chargers S Gregory activated for Sunday's game
  Colts place Gonzalez on IR
Friday, November 05, 2010
  Panthers RB Williams doubtful for Sunday
  Eagles' Vick, Jackson listed as probable for Sunday
  McCoy to start against the Pats
  Okung doubtful for Seahawks
  Chargers' Gates doubtful for Houston game
  Raiders' Asomugha, Miller doubtful for Sunday
  Addai among laundry list of injuries for Colts
  Report: Patriots' Pryor, Guyton fined for hits on Favre
  Chargers sign veteran WR Washington
  Hasselbeck ruled out against Giants, Whitehurst to start
Thursday, November 04, 2010
  Report: Steelers LB Harrison fined again by NFL
  Bradford, Suh selected as top rookies for October
  White, Umenyiora, Logan earn NFC monthly awards
  Rivers, Griffin, Carpenter capture AFC monthly honors
Wednesday, November 03, 2010
  Suspended Colts punter McAfee returns to practice
  Seahawks sign DE Richardson
  Whisenhunt goes back to Anderson at QB
  Eagles LB Sims fined for hit
  Bills claim LB Merriman
  Titans claim Moss off waivers
  Titans claim Moss on waivers
  Johnson, Talib, Masthay chosen as NFC Players of the Week
  Garrard, Freeney, Carpenter named AFC's top players for Week 8
  Childress on Moss: It was a poor decision
  Seahawks place pair on IR
Tuesday, November 02, 2010
  Vikings place Moss on waivers
  Chargers release LB Merriman, Davis to IR
  Bucs place DT Price on IR
  Jags sign OL Whimper
  AFC West: Chiefs remain grounded while pursuing history
  NFC South: Bucs' Freeman is new "Captain Comeback"
  AFC East: Jets offense: Too many toys to play with?
  Patriots G Mankins reports to team
  AFC South: Colts best weapon remains Manning
  NFC West: Surprising Rams, Bradford showing quick growth
  NFC North: Childress could learn from latest mess
  49ers place Heitmann on IR
  NFC East: Moment of turmoil for McNabb, Redskins
  AFC North: Bye brings about tough decisions for Browns
  McNabb: Coach makes the decisions
  Manning, Colts prevent the Texans from season sweep
Monday, November 01, 2010
  Childress makes statement on Moss release
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 1, 2010)
  Titans WR Britt "may miss some time" with injury
  Giants awarded DE Hall, place CB Johnson on IR
  Report: Vikings waive Moss
  Vick says he's 100 percent
  Giants C O'Hara has foot sprain
  Raiders pound Seahawks for another lopsided win
  Sunday Rewind: Again, Patriots a step ahead of the game
  Snake-bitten: Bills drop another heartbreaker in OT to Chiefs
  Brees comes alive late, leads Saints over Steelers
  Raiders' Asomugha leaves game with injury
Monday, November 30, 2009
  Cardinals QB Warner to see eye doctor
  Giants LB Pierce placed on IR
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 30, 2009)
  Redskins' Cooley, Jarmon head to IR
  Falcons rule out QB Ryan for Week 13
  NFL moves Rams/Titans; Eagles/Giants remain in prime time
  Browns' Rogers to miss rest of season
  Bucs place CB Cox, P Johnson on IR
  Delhomme day-to-day with broken finger on throwing hand
  Ravens capitalize on overtime turnover to beat Steelers
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 12)
  Young's TD pass on final play lifts Titans over Cardinals
Sunday, November 29, 2009
  Eagles WR Jackson suffers concussion
  Smith leads 49ers over Jags
  Vikings improve to 10-1 with rout of Bears
  Chargers dominate Chiefs to remain atop AFC West
  Unbeaten Colts clinch AFC South
  Giants' Manning reportedly has stress reaction in foot
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 29, 2009)
  Bengals down Browns to complete perfect divisional record
  Colts come from behind to upend Texans, move to 11-0
  Forsett carries Seahawks over lowly Rams
  Defense leads Jets over Carolina
  Bills use dominant fourth quarter to upend Dolphins
  Akers' late FG lifts Eagles over Redskins
  Redman replaces injured Ryan, leads Falcons past Bucs
  Falcons' Ryan leaves Tampa Bay game
  Cardinals QB Warner out vs. Titans
  Redskins' Haynesworth out against Eagles
  Turner active for Falcons
  Bengals sit Benson again
  Colts' Freeney out against Texans
Saturday, November 28, 2009
  Steelers officially rule Roethlisberger out vs. Ravens
  Young, Titans, seek to keep rolling vs. Cardinals
  Jets ready themselves for rare visit from Panthers
  Plummeting Bears look to knock off ascending Vikes
  Can Texans end the heartbreak against Colts?
  Chiefs go for three in a row in trip to first-place San Diego
  Battered Bills try to hook streaking Dolphins
  Jackson looks to run Rams to a rare win vs. Seahawks
  Bucs seek to slow Falcons' home dominance
  Latest chapter to unfold in bitter Steelers-Ravens rivalry
  Eagles' search for consistency continues with Redskins tilt
  Rice, Smith among semifinalists for Hall of Fame
  Bengals on the rebound vs. Browns
  Surprising Jags surge into San Francisco
  Roethlisberger could be out Sunday
Friday, November 27, 2009
  Ravens LB Suggs doubtful vs. Steelers
  Cardinals QB Warner questionable for Sunday
  Turner questionable for Falcons
  Eagles CB Samuel questionable vs. Redskins
  Roethlisberger questionable, but expects to play
  Vikings' Peterson questionable for Bears game
  Bengals RB Benson questionable for Sunday
  Redskins' Hall out; Haynesworth a maybe vs. Eagles
  Colts promote younger Polian to general manager
  Rams RB Jackson questionable vs. Seahawks
  Broncos dominate Giants to snap four-game slide
  Packers send Lions to sixth straight Turkey Day defeat
Thursday, November 26, 2009
  The Who will highlight Super Bowl halftime show
  Romo gets offense rolling as Cowboys down Raiders
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 26, 2009)
  Lions' Pettigrew injured against Green Bay
  Stafford and Johnson active
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
  Giants' Bradshaw ruled out for Thursday
  Falcons RB Turner back at practice
  Texans S Wilson out remainder of season
  Lions' Stafford doubtful, Johnson questionable
  Romo probable, Witten questionable for Thursday
  Rams hold RB Jackson out of practice
  Broncos, Giants, both try to get rolling
  Sputtering Cowboys hoping to get well vs. Gradkowski, Raiders
  Lions seek to end Turkey Day misery vs. Packers
  Report: Bills meet with Shanahan
  Chiefs place CB Leggett on IR
  Stafford highlights NFC weekly winners
  Ricky Williams among AFC's weekly winners
  Bills place McKinney on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 12 - Rating the Turkeys
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
  Tomlin expects Roethlisberger to practice this week
  Chargers sign Runyan
  Chairmen of NFL concussion panel resign
  Panthers place LB Johnson on IR
  Cowboys' Romo, Witten limited in practice
  Lions' Stafford, Johnson again miss practice
  Dolphins place Ferguson on IR
  Bucs defensive coordinator Bates demoted
  Bengals bring back DT Harris
  Steelers make several roster moves
  Cards bring back LB Beisel, release TE Byrd
  Packers add Josh Bell
  Bills sign Simmons to replace injured Wood
  Justice to serve for another four years in Philly
  Bucs place Leftwich on IR; sign QB Carpenter
  NFL moves Vikings/Cardinals to prime time
  Titans continue resurgence as Texans' Brown falters again
Monday, November 23, 2009
  Lions QB Stafford may be out for Thanksgiving
  Saints bring back CB McKenzie
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 23, 2009)
  Rams QB Bulger out with broken leg
  Whisenhunt hopeful Warner will be ready Sunday
  Bills lose two offensive linemen for season
  Cowboys release KR Rossum; sign CB Gordon
  Dolphins lose Ferguson for season
  Steelers QB Batch out with wrist injury
  Packers' Kampman, Harris to undergo season-ending surgery
  Betts likely to miss season with knee injury; Portis still out
  Eagles rally to block out Bears
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 11)
Sunday, November 22, 2009
  Patriots capitalize on turnovers in rout of Jets
  Chargers rout Denver, overtake Broncos for first place
  Janikowski boots Raiders past Bengals in wild finish
  Simms starts for Denver
  Arizona stays perfect on road; Warner injured
  Cardinals' Warner leaves game
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 22, 2009)
  Report: Packers lose Kampman and Harris for season
  Packers survive late San Francisco surge
  Roethlisberger hurt in loss to Chiefs
  Stafford's fifth TD pass on final play lifts Lions over Browns
  Redskins, already without Portis, lose Betts
  Cowboys slip past Redskins with late score
  Giants edge Falcons in OT to snap four-game skid
  Saints move to 10-0 with rout of Bucs
  Late score lifts Jags past Buffalo for third straight win
  Chiefs stun Steelers in OT
  Colts sneak out of Baltimore unbeaten
  Vikes keep rolling with rout of Seahawks
  Redskins without DT Haynesworth against Cowboys
  Turner, Norwood sidelined for Falcons
Saturday, November 21, 2009
  Saints to be without Bush, DE Ellis on Sunday
  Road warrior Cardinals head to former home of St. Louis
  Playoff prospects will dim for Giants-Falcons loser
  Rare trip to left column awaits Lions-Browns winner
  Ravens try to avoid becoming another Colts victim
  Streaking Saints vying for crisper performance in Tampa Bay
  Patriots looking to punish Jets
  Desperation in the air for Bears-Eagles tilt
  Steelers hoping to find focus in Kansas City
  Broncos seek to alter familiar script vs. Chargers
  Can Vikings add another layer of polish vs. Seahawks?
  Cowboys seek to start new winning streak vs. Redskins
  New head coach Fewell leads Bills into Jacksonville
  Bengals' RBs in spotlight against Raiders
  Niners try to find road mojo in Green Bay
Friday, November 20, 2009
  Giants LB Pierce out indefinitely
  Lions place G Peterman on IR
  Redskins DT Haynesworth a game-time decision for Sunday
  Orton doesn't practice, Simms primed to start
  Cleveland WR Cribbs, RB Lewis questionable for Sunday
  Two Saints CBs out for Sunday; Bush questionable
  Steelers to sit Polamalu in Week 11
  Giants CB Ross questionable, could return
  Falcons' Turner doubtful; Norwood a maybe
  Jags LB Durant doubtful
  Bengals RB Benson doubtful for Sunday's game
  Bills place LB Ellison on IR
  Cardinals' Dockett fined
  Bears RB Wolfe placed on IR
  Dolphins top Panthers behind vintage Williams performance
Thursday, November 19, 2009
  Vikings, Childress agree to extension
  Panthers' Stewart, Williams active
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 19, 2009)
  Orton sidelined again, Simms takes first-team reps
  Saints dealing with thin secondary
  Jags could be without three defensive starters
  Ross back at Giants practice sessions
  Falcons still without timetable for Turner; Norwood returns
  Redskins to sit Portis again
  Bengals RB Benson misses practice again
  Bills add Brohm; drop Hamdan
  Panthers, Dolphins seek to enhance postseason prospects
  Lions put Manuel on IR
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
  Eagles' Westbrook receives encouraging report from doctors
  Panthers' Stewart, Williams questionable for Thursday
  Report: Raiders to stay in Coliseum until 2013
  Saints pick up CB McAlister
  Seahawks RB Jones ruled out for Sunday
  Browns put TE Heiden, P Zastudil on IR
  Dolphins put RB Brown on IR
  Raiders to start Gradkowski at QB
  Suggs to miss time with knee injury
  Rice leads NFC weekly honors
  Eagles' Westbrook ruled out of Sunday's game vs. Bears
  Browns QB Quinn fined for hit on Ravens LB Suggs
  Manning leads AFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 11 - Big Bill's bad gamble
  Bills place Fine on IR, sign Klopfenstein
  Ravens sign Cundiff to replace Hauschka
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
  NFC West: Fortunate 49ers show their mettle in important win
  Bengals make it official with Larry Johnson
  Fewell replaces Jauron as Buffalo head coach
  Bucs reinstate G Sears
  Miami RB Brown ruled out vs. Panthers
  AFC West: Broncos in a world of hurt, literally
  Westbrook scheduled to visit concussion specialists
  NFC South: Panthers' Delhomme finding his confidence
  AFC North: Will the Bengals save another career?
  Ravens release K Hauschka
  Bills fire Jauron
  Steelers' Polamalu has PCL strain
  Steelers' Polamalu has PCL sprain
  Chiefs WR Bowe suspended four games
  Cleveland WR Cribbs released from hospital
  NFC East: Cowboys come crashing down after strong run
  AFC East: Pats' Belichick has some 'splainin' to do
  Time change for Arizona/Tennessee in Week 12
  AFC South: Jaguars' gamble a winning one
  NFC North: Vikings soaring, but not yet at apex
  Ravens blank lowly Browns
  Cleveland WR Cribbs carted off on final play vs. Ravens
Monday, November 16, 2009
  Seahawks RB Jones has bruised lung, unlikely to play Sunday
  NFL fines Titans owner Bud Adams $250,000 for obscene hand gesture
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 16, 2009)
  Jets S Leonhard has broken thumb
  Rams WR Burton out for season
  Panthers tackle Gross breaks ankle, out for season
  Cowboys' Hamlin out 2-4 weeks, Colombo to miss at least six weeks
  Lewis: Bengals interested in Larry Johnson
  McDaniels: Orton not ruled out for Sunday's game
  Saints CB Porter has MCL sprain
  Report: Bengals working out Larry Johnson
  Gruden to remain with ESPN
  Reid unsure if Westbrook will play again this season
  Jets release DB Carroll
  Colts stun Patriots to remain unbeaten
  Eagles RB Westbrook suffers another concussion
Sunday, November 15, 2009
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 10)
  Dolphins use late field goal to beat Bucs
  Miami RB Brown hurts ankle
  Seahawks RB Jones fractures rib
  Arizona uses late push to beat Seattle
  Chargers hold off Eagles, catch Denver for first in AFC West
  Chiefs hang on to beat Raiders
  Packers rebound with convincing win over Dallas
  Saints CB Porter leaves game with injury
  Betts helps Redskins stop skid; Broncos QB Orton injured
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 15, 2009)
  Panthers' tackle Gross breaks ankle, out for season
  Panthers knock off Falcons
  Johnson shines as Titans top Bills with big fourth quarter
  Vikings continue Metrodome dominance vs. Lions
  Steelers S Polamalu, Bengals RB Benson leave early
  Cowboys OT Colombo breaks leg
  Falcons RB Turner has sprained ankle
  Scobee's last-second field goal lifts Jaguars over Jets
  Saints hold off lowly Rams to remain unbeaten
  Bengals top Steelers to seize control of AFC North
  Broncos QB Orton leaves game against Redskins
  Broncos OB Orton leaves game against Redskins
  Bengals LB Rivers out vs. Steelers
  Saints safety Sharper out against Rams
Saturday, November 14, 2009
  Falcons add Jenkins to injury report
  Bucs' Bryant out again with ailing knee
  Sparano decides to sit Miami LB Porter on Sunday
  Turner, Falcons, try to run over Panthers
  Titans try to keep foot on the gas vs. Bills
  Romo seeks happy homecoming in Cowboys' trip to Green Bay
  Can Broncos find footing vs. sinking Skins?
  Best and worst of NFC North collide in Vikings-Lions matchup
  Jets-Jaguars winner to creep above .500
  Struggling Raiders, Chiefs meet in once-relevant rivalry
  Pats seek to end Colts' perfection in primetime thriller
  Enigmatic Eagles travel to meet surging Chargers
  Seahawks look to continue Cardinals' home woes
  Promising rookie Freeman leads Bucs into Miami
  AFC North supremacy at stake in Steelers-Bengals tilt
  Can Rams do the impossible vs. unbeaten Saints?
Friday, November 13, 2009
  Bears' Cutler, Harris fined for Week 9 actions
  Merriman among walking wounded for Chargers
  Eagles T Peters questionable, RB Westbrook probable
  Saints safety Sharper questionable vs. Rams
  Ravens LB Lewis misses practice again
  Panthers RB Williams questionable for Sunday
  Bengals LB Rivers doubtful vs. Steelers
  Falcons WR White questionable for Sunday
  Redskins' Betts returns to practice, questionable against Denver
  Owens questionable, three Bills defenders out for Sunday
  Bengals place S Williams on IR
  Bengals' Ochocinco fined
  49ers intercept Cutler five times in win over Bears
Thursday, November 12, 2009
  49ers WR Bruce out vs. Bears
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 12, 2009)
  Titans' Gage has fractured bones in back
  Bengals LB Rivers misses practice again
  Eagles' Westbrook returns to practice
  Owens sits again on Thursday
  Broncos' Marshall back at practice
  Redskins' Portis ruled out, Betts still not practicing
  Falcons head coach Smith fined by the NFL
  Desperate 49ers, Bears, tangle in Bay Area to kick off Week 10
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
  Owens misses Buffalo's practice on Wednesday
  Bears-Vikings game moved to late afternoon
  Redskins' Betts, Portis out of practice
  Broncos' Marshall out of practice
  Bills activate WR Hardy
  Bills QB Edwards to start vs. Titans
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 10 - Halfway Awards
  Eagles CB Hanson suspended four games
  Eagles put Hobbs on IR
  Chiefs place Goff on IR
  Giants put Wilkinson on IR
  Clark, Carter, Gostkowski capture AFC weekly honors
  Warner leads NFC weekly honors
  Quinn to start for Browns vs. Ravens
  Bucs place two defensive players on IR
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
  NFC East: No silver lining in sight for Redskins
  Appeals court rules Vick can keep bonus money
  Browns LB Barton done for season
  AFC West: Here come the Bolts
  NFC South: Saints becoming kings of the comeback
  AFC North: Growth key to Bengals' turnaround
  NFC West: Warner, Cardinals taking it to extremes
  AFC East: Are Patriots back? We'll find out
  NFC North: Bears at a crossroads
  AFC South: Colts still winning, but where's the offense?
  Steelers take advantage of turnovers to down Broncos
Monday, November 09, 2009
  Steelers' Clark inactive for Monday
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 9, 2009)
  Bengals WR Henry placed on IR
  Panthers LB Davis has ACL tear
  Chiefs release Larry Johnson
  Bengals WR Henry leaves with injury
  Johnson, Young lead Titans to win over 49ers
  Garrard, Jaguars hang on to edge lowly Chiefs
  Austin's lone catch leads Cowboys past Eagles
  Chargers use late TD to send Giants to fourth straight loss
  Bucs come from behind on Packers to get first win
  Austin's lone catch leads Cowgirls past Eagles
Sunday, November 08, 2009
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 9)
  Comeback Kids: Saints rally from 14 points down to stay unbeaten
  Brady leads Patriots over Dolphins in key AFC East battle
  Seahawks overcome poor start to rally past Lions
  Benson leads Bengals to season sweep of Ravens
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 8, 2009)
  Eagles' Westbrook out for Sunday's game vs. Cowboys
  Colts edge Texans to remain undefeated
  Falcons get back on track against struggling 'Skins
  Warner's five TDs lead Cardinals past Bears
  Dolphins CB Davis injures quad
  Bucs' Bryant out with ailing knee
  Eagles' Westbrook not expected to play against Cowboys
  Dolphins without Crowder, Ferguson against Pats
  Cardinals WR Boldin out against Bears
Saturday, November 07, 2009
  Can road warrior Cardinals end Bears' home dominance?
  AFC North position on the line in Bengals-Ravens battle
  Panthers can up ante with win in New Orleans
  Top NFC East billing on line in Cowboys-Eagles battle
  Lions look to end another ugly streak in Seattle
  Texans can heat up AFC South race in Indy
  Chiefs stand between Jaguars, .500 first-half
  Pats host Fins in ever-evolving AFC East
  QBs take spotlight in Giants-Chargers tilt
  Falcons need Redskins' help to stop skid
  Johnson runs Titans into San Francisco
  Rodgers, Packers, seek positive momentum at Tampa Bay
  Jags place Starks on IR; get Smith off waivers from Rams
  Packers put Spitz on IR
  Chiefs activate RB Smith from PUP list
  Broncos add veteran CB Law
Friday, November 06, 2009
  Giants' Boley, Canty questionable
  Westbrook officially questionable for Eagles' game against Cowboys
  Falcons' Abraham, White questionable for Sunday's game
  Detroit RB Smith, WR Johnson questionable for Sunday
  Cardinals WR Boldin questionable for Sunday
  Bears' Hester questionable vs. Cardinals
  Colts place CB Jackson on IR; S Sanders done for season
  Colts CB Jackson suffers season-ending knee injury
  NOW: Raiders coach Cable should be suspended
Thursday, November 05, 2009
  Man found guilty of shooting former Jags OT Collier
  Falcons WR White still out of practice
  Boldin sits out practice again for Cardinals
  Bears' Hester sits out practice again
  Detroit RB Smith, WR Johnson, QB Stafford all at practice
Wednesday, November 04, 2009
  Colts place LB Hagler on IR
  Panthers' Muhammad, Godfrey miss practice
  Packers QB Rodgers rests; T Clifton returns to practice
  Giants RB Bradshaw, CB Ross sit out practice
  Ravens' Heap, McClain limited in Wednesday's practice
  Detroit RB Smith sits out practice
  Westbrook back at Eagles practice; expected to play vs. Cowboys
  Boldin, Dockett, Hayes each miss practice for Arizona
  Bears' Hester misses practice
  Johnson, Cushing, Ginn take home AFC weekly honors
  Favre, Peppers, Brown earn NFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 9 - Is pressure off for Packers?
Tuesday, November 03, 2009
  Browns release K Cundiff, DB Madison
  NFC West: Seahawks a long way from flying high again
  Seahawks release Edgerrin James
  Chiefs add WR Chambers
  AFC West: Cable losing signal in Oakland
  NFC South: Can the ground game save the Panthers' season?
  AFC North: Rested Ravens get back on track
  NFC East: New York experiencing a Giant fall from grace
  Bucs sign K Barth, release Andrus
  NFC North: After Favre drama, is pressure off for Packers?
  AFC South: Despite win, fragile Texans lose big
  AFC East: Dolphins nearing high ground
  Raiders plan "serious evaluation" of Cable case
  Kokinis out as Browns GM
  Brees, Saints hold off Falcons to remain unbeaten
Monday, November 02, 2009
  Browns fire GM Kokinis
  Report: Browns fire GM Kokinis
  Chiefs reach settlement with RB Johnson
  Saints LB Fujita inactive vs. Falcons
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 2, 2009)
  Texans TE Daniels to miss rest of season
  Delhomme feeling good after sustaining chest injury
  Chargers release Chambers
Sunday, November 01, 2009
  Panthers use ground game, defense to beat Cardinals
  Chargers continue dominance of Raiders
  Favre sticks it to Packers in return to Lambeau Field
  Johnson's record game powers Titans to first win
  Delhomme leaves with chest injury
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 8)
  Moats powers Texans in comeback win over Bills
  Ginn's returns, late defensive stand lead Dolphins past Jets
  Manning, Colts survive 49ers to remain unbeaten
  Rams win battle of futility, nip Lions for Spagnuolo's first win
  Big-play Eagles hand Giants a third straight loss
  Bears force five Browns turnovers in lopsided win
  Romo uses balanced attack to help Cowboys rout Seahawks
  Ravens hand Broncos first loss with stifling defense
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 1, 2009)
  Colts WR Wayne, DE Freeney active vs. 49ers
  Texans WR Johnson active
  Lions QB Stafford active; WR Johnson out
  Bills QB Edwards out for Sunday
  Giants WR Manningham out vs. Eagles
  Eagles RB Westbrook out vs. Giants
Sunday, November 30, 2008
  Report: Burress to surrender to authorities
  Cutler leads Broncos over Favre, Jets
  Denver WR Royal active vs. Jets
  Manning, Giants top Redskins in NFC East clash
  49ers edge Buffalo; Edwards hurt
  Ryan, Turner help Falcons get past Chargers
  Costly turnovers doom Pats as Steelers triumph
  Chiefs snap skid by downing Raiders
  Browns' QB Anderson injured in loss to Colts
  Dolphins get by Rams
  Flacco, Ravens easily dispatch of Bengals
  Bryant's late field goal propels Bucs past Saints
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 30, 2008)
  Colts edge Browns behind stingy defense
  Line of Scrimmage: Burress' Night Out Plan Backfires
  49ers edge Buffalo, stay alive in NFC West
  Saints RB Bush back in lineup
  Jackson starts for Rams
  Bills S Whitner out vs. San Fran
  Bills' Edwards leaves with groin injury
Saturday, November 29, 2008
  Giants place Knight on injured reserve
  Burress hospitalized after gunshot wound
  Bears place Vasher on IR
  Report: Burress hospitalized after self-inflicted gunshot wound
Friday, November 28, 2008
  Burress out for Sunday's clash with 'Skins
  Denver WR Royal questionable
  Panthers sign CB Gamble to six-year extension
  Rams' Jackson questionable for Sunday; Bulger expected to start
  MRI results negative for Cowboys' Ware and Barber
  Playoff Position On Line In Falcons-Chargers Battle
  Surprising Ravens Look for Another Win in Cincinnati
  Pack, Panthers, Both on the Rebound
  Winner of Vikes-Bears Tilt Will Be Alone in First
  Jets Host Broncos in First-Place Tussle
  Colts Roll Into Cleveland
  Jags Visit Houston In Texans' Maiden Monday Night Voyage
  Can Chiefs Find Win Number Two in Oakland?
  First Stop on Dolphins' Road Comes In St. Louis
  Bucs Look to Give Saints Unhappy Welcome
  Redskins Try to Stop Giants' Steamroller
  Prolific Cassel Leads Patriots Into Steelers Tilt
  Bills Seek to Keep Rolling vs. Niners
  Giants/Cowboys to remain on Sunday night for Week 15
  Eagles OL Jean-Gilles carted off field
  McNabb bounces back as Eagles tear apart Cardinals
  Eagles CB Samuel out vs. Cardinals, Westbrook suits up
Thursday, November 27, 2008
  Romo's three TDs help Cowboys pound Seahawks
  Cowboys' Ware and Barber leave game against Seattle
  Eagles' OL Jean-Gilles carted off field
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 27, 2008)
  Titans tame Lions
  Steelers re-sign veteran RB Davenport
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
  Bears CB Vasher out indefinitely with fractured hand
  Rams' Bulger, Jackson limited in practice
  Report: Bears CB Vasher out with fractured hand
  Eagles CB Samuel doubtful; RB Westbrook practices
  Tasty Battle of NFL Birds Featured on Thanksgiving Night
  Cowboys' Romo Seeking Measure of Revenge vs. Seahawks
  Titans Seek to Extend Misery for Winless Lions
  Denver WR Royal misses Wednesday's practice
  Giants' Burress sits out practice
  Falcons place Hartsock on IR
  Cassel, Reed, Higgins earn AFC weekly honors
  Brees, Barber, Douglas earn NFC weekly honors
  Browns lose Quinn for season
  Light, Crowder fined by NFL for fight
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
  Report: Browns lose Quinn for season
  Bruce Smith among semifinalists for Hall of Fame
  Vick pleads guilty to state dogfighting charge
  Eagles RB Westbrook, CB Samuel miss practice
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 13 - Another Appeal to Expand Playoffs
  Falcons extend WR Jenkins, DT Babineaux
  Jags make slew of roster moves
  Redskins waive former MVP Alexander
  Texans place Green on IR
  Colts' Lilja to remain sidelined
  It's a Brees: Saints score 51 to crush Packers
Monday, November 24, 2008
  Saints RB Bush inactive again
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 24, 2008)
  Haslett hopeful that Jackson and Pace will return for Rams
  Jaguars waive Kennedy, Brown
  Crennel sticking with Quinn
  Steelers bring back Berger to punt
  Dolphins' Camarillo to miss remainder of season
  Redskins/Ravens moves to Sunday night for Week 14
  Flacco and defense help Ravens crush Eagles; McNabb benched
  Eagles bench McNabb; starter for next game undecided
  Vinatieri's boot keeps Colts rolling, Chargers reeling
Sunday, November 23, 2008
  Raiders shock Broncos with win at Mile High
  Giants continue to roll in win over Arizona
  Campbell, Suisham help Redskins get by Seahawks
  Turner scores four times to lead Falcons over Panthers
  Giants WR Burress leaves game
  Giants RB Jacobs inactive Sunday
  Cassel fuels Pats past Dolphins
  Bucs keep Lions winless despite slow start
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 23, 2008)
  Eagles RB Westbrook active vs. Ravens
  Flacco and defense help Ravens crush Eagles
  Jets end Tennessee's undefeated run in dominant fashion
  Edwards strong as Bills rip Chiefs
  Rams QB Bulger leaves with head injury
  Romo leads Cowboys past Niners
  Rosenfels leads Houston to rare road victory
  Vikings cage Jaguars to keep pace in NFC North
  Forte, Bears knock out Bulger, Rams
Saturday, November 22, 2008
  Bears put T Miller on IR
Friday, November 21, 2008
  Skins' Portis to be game-time decision
  Giants' Burress game-time decision
  Giants Burress to extension
  Jets QB Ainge suspended four games by NFL
  Bengals place CB Joseph on IR, sign Castille
  Packers Can Badly Injure Saints' Playoff Hopes
  Eagles RB Westbrook sits out practice again
  First-Place Panthers to Test Surprising Falcons
  Struggling Rams Greet Needy Bears
  Browns Try to Maintain Edge Against Texans
  Colts Go West in Must-Win for Chargers
  Road-Weary Vikings Travel Back to Florida to Meet Jags
  Patriots Out for Revenge in Miami
  Giants Seek to Celebrate Another Win in Arizona
  First-Place Matchup Pits Titans, Jets
  Ascending Broncos Host Hated Raiders
  Beleaguered Eagles Head to Baltimore
  Romo, Cowboys, Back Home vs. Niners
  Lions Look to Catch Bucs Napping
  Can Redskins Halt Slide In Seattle?
  Win-Hungry Chiefs, Bills, Face Off at Arrowhead
  November - The Month of the Away Favorite
Thursday, November 20, 2008
  Big Ben plows Pittsburgh past Cincinnati
  Bengals deactivate WR Johnson for Steelers game
  Dolphins sign WR Camarillo to three-year extension
  49ers offensive coordinator Martz reportedly fined
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 20, 2008)
  Rams' Jackson won't play Sunday, again
  Cowboys' Felix Jones done for season
  Report: Dolphins sign WR Camarillo to three-year extension
  Broncos put TE Jackson on IR, sign Mustard
  Browns QB Quinn to play despite broken finger
  Steelers Look to Knock Out Last-Place Bengals
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
  Report: Edge wants out of the desert
  Cowboys' Adam Jones reinstated
  Giants' Jacobs misses practice
  Saints lose TE Campbell, RB Stecker for season
  Vikings' Allen fined again, not suspended
  Steelers TE Miller could return Thursday
  Bengals WR Chatman done for season with cervical injury
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 12 - Sadly, Time for McNabb to Go
  Hill, Ross, Rackers earn NFC weekly honors
  Manning, Harrison, Washington selected for AFC weekly honors
  Bucs put RB Graham, LB Hayes on IR
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
  49ers put T Jennings on IR
  NFC West: Real test begins for the Cardinals
  NFC East: For Eagles, a feat to be tied
  NFC South: Saints hoping win serves as a springboard
  NFC North: Packers' defense finds its offense
  AFC North: Steelers Must Locate Offensive Mojo
  Report: Titans RB White placed on probation
  AFC South: Somebody stick a fork in the Texans
  AFC West: Broncos Impressive on Multiple Fronts
  AFC East: Jets Rounding Into Form
  Dawson wins battle of kickers; Browns edge Bills
Monday, November 17, 2008
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 17, 2008)
  Rams hurting: RB Jackson out, OT Pace to miss 2-to-4 weeks
  Bears/Vikings remains on Sunday night for Week 12
  Bucs RB Graham likely done for season
  Pro Bowl safety John Lynch retires
  Line of Scrimmage: Rating the Divisions
  Bucs edge Vikings to keep pace in NFC South
  Birds, Bengals play to league's first tie since 2002
  Cowboys edge Redskins in Romo's return
  Portis in uniform against Cowboys
Sunday, November 16, 2008
  Perfect 10: Collins, Titans upend Jags with big second half
  Thomas leads the way as Saints top Chiefs
  Reed boots Steelers over Chargers and into first in AFC North
  Niners halt six-game slide and get first win under Singletary
  Carpenter kicks Dolphins past Raiders
  Cutler leads Broncos back past Falcons
  Warner, Cardinals hold on to beat Seahawks
  Jacobs, Bradshaw help Giants run over Ravens
  Panthers run at will, keep Lions winless
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 16, 2008)
  Live and let Addai: Indy RB helps Colts edge Texans
  Bears' Orton starts vs. Packers
  Culpepper starts for Lions
  Oakland RB McFadden active against Dolphins
  Bears' Orton to start vs. Packers
  Grant runs Pack past Bears
  Bengals WR Chatman carted off field vs. Eagles
  Bucs RB Graham leaves with ankle injury
  Colts' Sanders out for Sunday
  "Cadillac" Williams out for Tampa
  Giants K Carney inactive vs. Ravens
Saturday, November 15, 2008
  Dolphins add Pennington to injury report
  All in the Family: Rooneys agree to keep ownership of Steelers
Friday, November 14, 2008
  Bush a no-go against Chiefs
  Cowboys RB Jones out for Sunday
  Portis questionable for Cowboys game
  Bears' Orton probable, could start Sunday
  Rams' Jackson won't play again Sunday
  Vikings S Williams doubtful, Allen questionable for Sunday
  Report: Giants OL McKenzie arrested for DUI
  Seahawks Try to Dethrone New NFC West King Cards
  Hard-Hitting Giants, Ravens Square Off
  Can Bears Pile on Packers' Misery?
  Fading Bills Look to Get Well vs. Browns
  Cowboys Head to Washington With Romo in Tow
  Young QB Talents Collide in Falcons-Broncos Matchup
  Lions Seek Win Number One in Carolina
  Bucs Host Vikes in Battle of Playoff Hopefuls
  Defense at a Premium In Saints-Chiefs Tilt?
  Streaking Dolphins Welcome Hapless Raiders
  Eagles Can't Afford to Fall in Cincinnati
  Chargers Seek Measure of Consistency in Pittsburgh
  Niners Look to Make Rams First Victim of Singletary Era
  Colts Try to Keep Rolling vs. Texans
  Are Titans About to Fall in Jacksonville?
  Some trends are hard to figure
  Pro Bowl safety John Lynch to retire
  Feely's OT boot puts New York in first place in AFC East
  Raiders quarterbacks ailing in practice
Thursday, November 13, 2008
  Report: Raiders WR Walker done for season
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 13, 2008)
  Rams' Jackson out of practice again
  Pats-Jets Grudge Match for First Place This Time
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck back at practice
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
  Bennett claimed by Bolts
  Report: Culpepper to start for Lions
  Pats LB Thomas out for Thursday vs. Jets
  Cadillac back in the Bucs' stable
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 11 - Ravens Must Still Prove Mettle
  Chiefs sign DE Babin
  Peterson, Peppers, Blackburn earn NFC weekly honors
  Cutler, Lewis, Hentrich selected for AFC weekly honors
  AFC North: Hard Part Here for Ravens
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
  Parker expected to return; Steelers sign CB Bryant
  Steelers sign CB Bryant
  NFC West: Warner's magic taking over Cardinals
  Ravens put McAlister, Landry on IR
  Broncos bring back Tatum Bell
  NFC North: Two roads lie ahead for Packers
  AFC South: No run game, no problem for 9-0 Titans
  NFC South: Panthers prevail despite QB being "less than Jake"
  NFC East: Romo, Cowboys ready to go following respite
  AFC West: Broncos Had Better Keep Lighting Up Scoreboard
  Report: Broncos bring back Tatum Bell
  AFC East: Pats-Jets Takes on New Level of Intrigue
  Jets bring back CB Law
  Warner, Cardinals win wild one over 49ers
Monday, November 10, 2008
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 10, 2008)
  Broncos place RB Torain on injured reserve
  Saints CB McKenzie headed to injured reserve
  NFL rescinds fine on Patriots WR Moss
  Packers' Barnett to miss rest of season
  Colts/Chargers remains on Sunday night for Week 12
  Report: Pats LB Thomas breaks arm
  Jacobs, Giants edge Eagles to go to 8-1
  Manning, Colts get first win in Pittsburgh in 40 years
Sunday, November 09, 2008
  Williams and Panthers down Oakland
  Rivers and Chargers hold off Chiefs
  Roethlisberger starts, Parker out vs. Colts
  Line of Scrimmage: Coaching Carousel to Spin Out of Control
  Dolphins hold on to keep pace in AFC East
  Raiders' Walter starts game against Panthers
  Vikings returner Gordon breaks leg in win over Packers
  Packers LB Barnett leaves with knee injury
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 9, 2008)
  Fourth-quarter blitz propels Ravens to fourth straight win
  Lions fall to 0-9 with loss to Jags
  Collins, Titans remain unbeaten with victory over Bears
  Cassel leads Pats past Bills
  Falcons flawless at home following rout of Saints
  Saints CB McKenzie carted off field
  Jets set franchise record in rout of Rams
  Peterson and Vikings hold on to defeat Packers
  Chicago starts Grossman
  Saints RB Bush inactive; Shockey, Patten active
  Jags LB Peterson inactive
  Vikings returner Gordon carted off field
  Pats' Morris, Jordan out against Bills
Saturday, November 08, 2008
  Steelers release Davenport again
Friday, November 07, 2008
  Report: Goodell rescinds fine on Tuck
  Vikings DE Allen doubtful for bout with Pack
  Bears' Orton doubtful; Grossman prepares to start
  Steelers' Parker doubtful, Roethlisberger probable vs. Colts
  Detroit QB Orlovsky out
  Ravens CB McAlister opts for surgery
  Bills sign LB Lehman, place CB Youboty on IR
  Redskins sign CB Hall
  Jags LB Peterson returns to team
  Rams' Jackson won't play Sunday
  McGahee, Rice and McClain all probable for Sunday
  Chiefs agree to terms with defensive back Celestin
  Report: Giants' Tuck fined
  Shoulder injury could sideline Parker
  Cutler spoils Quinn's first start, Broncos rally to top Browns
Thursday, November 06, 2008
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 6, 2008)
  Houston LB Diles out for season
  Jags LB Peterson not at practice Thursday
  Slumping Jags hope to get back on track vs. lousy Lions
  Panthers RB Stewart sidelined with heel injury
  Texans, Ravens finally ready to face off
  Titans put unblemished mark on line in Chicago
  Bears' Orton sits again; Grossman prepares to start
  Fading Bills Seek Rare Win in New England
  Will Raiders Get Offense Going vs. Panthers?
  NFC North Position on Line in Vikes-Pack Tilt
  Steelers, Colts Vying to Maintain Momentum
  Can Chargers Make Chiefs First Victim in Nearly a Month?
  Falcons Welcome Last-Place Saints to Georgia Dome
  Giants Seek to Send Eagles to 0-3 in NFC East
  Rams RB Jackson still out of practice
  Dolphins Begin Homestand With Visit from Seahawks
  Singletary Seeks Win Number One as Niners Visit Arizona
  Jets Look to Keep Foot on Gas Against Rams
  Ravens RB McGahee questionable for Sunday
  Broncos Try to Spoil Starting Debut of Browns' Quinn
  Romo returns to practice
Wednesday, November 05, 2008
  Jags LB Peterson sent home
  Browns WR Stallworth probable
  Raiders release CB Hall
  Broncos TE Scheffler, RB Young questionable for Thursday
  Steelers sign Ernster, release Berger
  Texans release Kalu
  Chiefs add CBs Colclough and Macklin
  Flacco, Jenkins, Vinatieri selected for AFC weekly honors
  Ryan, Rolle and Smith earn NFC weekly honors
  Ravens bring back QB Bouman
  Patriots bring back CB Jason Webster
Tuesday, November 04, 2008
  Rams sign RB Gado, place WR/KR Hall on IR
  NFC West: Hightower becomes Cardinals' latest weapon
  NFC North: Grossman gets second chance in Chicago
  NFC South: Bucs overcome dullness with determination
  AFC South: It's been a game of inches for Jags
  NFC East: First-place Giants add some distance between rivals
  AFC North: Browns Finally Make QB Move
  AFC West: Chargers Can Win for Not Losing
  Culpepper inks deal with Detroit
  AFC East: Jekyll-and-Hyde Jets Move to Top
  Roethlisberger has MRI, team awaiting results
  Steelers D rolls 'Skins, Leftwich steps up for injured Big Ben
  Roethlisberger injures shoulder, leaves game at halftime
Monday, November 03, 2008
  Detroit QB Orlovsky sprains thumb
  The Mighty Quinn? Browns make change at QB
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 3, 2008)
  Texans QB Schaub out with MCL injury
  Rams wideouts Bennett, Hall done for season
  Broncos place Pittman, Hall on injured reserve
  Bills S Whitner likely out vs. Pats with separated shoulder
  Saints put DE Grant on IR, bring back DT Thomas
  Orton has ankle injury; could be out a month
  Cowboys/Redskins to stay on Sunday night for Week 11
  Vinatieri kicks Colts past Pats
  Broncos without Young, Scheffler vs. Dolphins
Sunday, November 02, 2008
  Miami sends Denver to third straight loss
  Jets send Bills to second straight divisional loss
  Manning, Giants roll over Cowboys
  Chiefs RB Smith likely out for season
  Seahawks LB Tatupu out vs. Eagles
  McNabb, Eagles dominate Seahawks
  Ryan and Atlanta humiliate Oakland
  Orton leaves game with leg injury
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 2, 2008)
  Oakland's McFadden out against Falcons
  Bengals pick up first win at Jags' expense
  Line of Scrimmage: No Joke - Cardinals Have Super Bowl Potential
  Grossman's heroics push Bears past Lions
  Warner leads Cardinals in rout of Rams
  Bryant's field goal lifts Bucs over Chiefs in OT
  Flacco, Baltimore come back to beat Cleveland
  Culpepper, Lions agree to contract
  Bironas keeps Titans unbeaten with OT field goal
  Browns WR Stallworth out
  Frerotte leads Vikings past Texans
  Rams RB Jackson active for Arizona game
  Texans QB Schaub leaves game
  Chiefs RB Smith leaves game
  Pats' Morris, Jordan out against Colts
Saturday, November 01, 2008
  Report: Culpepper, Lions agree to contract
  Packers release Gbaja-Biamila
  Browns place Tucker on IR
  Ravens waive Bouman
Friday, November 30, 2007
  Steelers' Holmes out, Polamalu and Smith doubtful for Sunday
  Alexander to start Sunday
  Favre has elbow bruise, should be ready for next week
  Vikings' Peterson set to return
  Jets' Cotchery out against Dolphins
  Broncos' Henry, Young could play vs. Raiders, but Hall likely out
  Rams Try to Get Home Fires Burning Vs. Falcons
  Redskins-Bills Tilt Overshadowed by Taylor Tragedy
  Bengals Can Emerge from Basement With Win In Pittsburgh
  Croyle out for Chargers game
  Surprisingly, Browns-Cardinals Holds Intrigue
  Broncos Wish to Take Frustration Out on Raiders
  Lions Look to Stem Tide Against Streaking Vikes
  Fading Titans Can Get Right Vs. Last-Place Texans
  Jaguars Can Find Respect in Indy
  Ravens Stand Beween Patriots, 12-0
  Eli, Giants, Search for Right Track in Chicago
  Dolphins Vying to Make Jets First Victim
  Can Chargers Find Road Mojo in Kansas City?
  Eagles Seek Return to .500 in Seahawks Matchup
  Niners Look to Extend Panthers' Home Misery
  Bucs Can Inch Closer to Title With Win in New Orleans
  McNabb doubtful for Sunday
  Bills' Lynch out Sunday against Washington
  Vick co-defendants sentenced in Virginia
  Cowboys hold off Rodgers, Pack for top spot in NFC; Favre hurt
Thursday, November 29, 2007
  Favre leaves game
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 29, 2007)
  Colts LB Hagler expected to play Sunday against Jags
  Dolphins' Williams has surgery
  Jets' Cotchery misses practice with finger injury
  Falcons tackle Weiner out for season
  Cards ink S Jue
  Bills' RB Thomas doubtful for Sunday
  Rams QB Bulger ruled out against Falcons
  Cards Sign P Berger
  Steelers place FB Kreider on injured reserve
  NFC Playoff Position On Line in Cowboys-Packers Tilt
  Week 13 - Circumstances Won't Diminish Taylor Tragedy
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
  Alexander back at practice for Seahawks
  Croyle misses practice with injured back
  McNabb a "good possibility" for Sunday
  Rams QB Bulger misses practice
  Tagliabue, Carter, Green semifinalists for Hall of Fame
  Bucs QB Garcia misses practice with back injury
  Dolphins RB Williams placed on IR
  Johnson, Samuel headline AFC Players of the Week
  Gore, Smith and Hester earn NFC weekly honors
  Bills' Lynch, Kelsay may be out against Redskins
  Jets release FB Barnes
  Simpson pleads not guilty
  Cardinals' Wilson done for season
  Bengals' other Perry done for the year
  Rams to retire Faulk's jersey
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
  Patriots activate WR Brown; place LB Colvin on IR
  Report: Patriots activate WR Brown; place LB Colvin on IR
  Mistakes cost Cardinals
  Seahawks owe Rams some thanks
  Cards place cornerback Eric Green on IR
  Niners get Gore going in thriller
  Third phase carries Bears to victory
  Playoff hopes fading for Texans
  Ravens' Defense Also an Achilles' Heel
  Bears' Benson placed on IR
  Vikings DT Evans suspended two games
  Titans continue fall from grace
  Rams so close, yet so far
  Taylor Made: Jags ride veteran to victory
  Colts' Manning gives thanks in rout of Falcons
  Patriots get a game from the Eagles
  Bills' Losman loses job again
  Cowboys show they can play a little defense, too
  Eagles prove they've still got some fight left in them
  Eli's outing brings back memories of Giants' past failures
  Carr's play keeps Panthers going in reverse
  Taylor tragedy takes meaning out of Redskins' latest loss
  Bengals Offer a Glimpse of What Might Have Been
  New-Look Bucs Refuse to Fade
  Revis and Harris give Jets reason to be thankful
  Favre, Packers avoid letdown before big showdown in Dallas
  Back in the New York Groove; Vikings thrash Giants
  Colts release Simeon Rice
  Report: Ricky Williams out for season
  Bravado Costs the Broncos
  Browns ride Lewis, defense to victory
  Chargers' Front Line Recaptures Form
  Chiefs Falling Fast
  Dolphins slog through another narrow defeat
  Falcons Eat Humble Pie in Thanksgiving Loss
  Are the Lions Sailing Away From Playoff Race?
  Dubious Era Ends for Oakland
  Saints cage Panthers, set sights on Bucs
  Steelers Surface With a Win
  Redskins' Taylor dies
  Chiefs sign veteran K Carney
  Vick trial date set on state dogfighting charges
  Report:Redskins' Taylor dies
  Steelers win in final seconds on sloppy field; Miami still winless
  Dolphins activate Ricky Williams
  Redskins' Taylor shot in Florida home
Monday, November 26, 2007
  Bears' Benson out for season
  Dolphins-Steelers delayed
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 26, 2007)
  Jags place tight ends Wrighster, Estandia on IR
  Report: Vikings' Peterson expected to play on Sunday
  Bills name Edwards starter
  Bucs QB Garcia day-to-day with back injury
  Warner's fumble dooms Cards in OT; 49ers snap eight-game skid
  Pats avoid big upset, stay unbeaten by edging Eagles
Sunday, November 25, 2007
  Bears cap big comeback with OT win over Broncos
  Rivers, Chargers defeat struggling Ravens
  Panthers QB Testaverde inactive against Saints
  Bears' Benson hurts ankle
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 25, 2007)
  Raiders end 17-game AFC West skid
  Rams QB Bulger injured against Seahawks
  Frerotte fumbles game away as Rams lose to Seahawks
  Brees, Saints topple Panthers
  Palmer and Chad Johnson lead Bengals over struggling Titans
  Taylor, Jags rout Bills
  Vikings stun Giants
  Bucs hang on to slide by Redskins
  Browns keep pace in AFC North by disposing of Texans
  Fargas helps Raiders hold off Chiefs
  Bucs QB Garcia leaves game with injury
  Vikings' Peterson out with knee injury
Saturday, November 24, 2007
  McNabb out for Pats game
Friday, November 23, 2007
  Alexander out, Hasselbeck questionable for Seahawks
  McNair misses second straight week
  Bucs' Pittman doubtful for Redskins game
  Giants' Jacobs out for Sunday
  Browns CB Wright to miss Houston game
  Bills' Lynch out Sunday against Jacksonville
  Broncos' Henry doubtful against Bears
  Inconsistent Chargers, Ravens, Square off in San Diego
  Garrard Attempts to Lead Jags Past Bills
  McNabb misses practice, now doubtful for Pats game
  Fading Bears Vying to Right Ship Against Broncos
  Will Browns' Good Bounces Continue Vs. Texans?
  Angry Steelers Seek to Offer Dolphins Rude Welcome
  Vikings Invade Giants Stadium
  Disappointing Saints, Panthers, Try to Get Right
  Raiders Bring Dubious Streak to Kansas City
  Can Eagles Stand in the Way of Patriots' Machine?
  Seahawks Seek to Slow Rams' Momentum
  Niners Take Losing Streak to Arizona
  Young, Titans, Look to Bounce Back in Cincinnati
  Redskins Try to Stem Tide in Tampa Bay
  Redskins sign TE Kozlowski
  Titans add former USC WR Williams
  Manning, Colts make turkeys out of Falcons
Thursday, November 22, 2007
  Romo, Cowboys keep rolling with Turkey Day rout of Jets
  Broncos ink FB Johnson
  Favre, Packers carve up Lions
  Alexander, Hasselbeck miss practice
  Packers' CB Woodson leaves game
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 22, 2007)
  Colts' Harrison out against Falcons
  Ravens CB Rolle discloses epilepsy
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  Titans RB Henry drops appeal
  Cowboys WR Crayton may miss Thanksgiving game
  Vikings' Peterson returns to practice field
  Ricky Williams returns to practice
  Bills' Lynch misses practice again
  Leftwich doubtful; Harrington to start Thursday
  Rams' Steussie expected to return
  McNabb misses practice
  Rams' Steussie excepted to return
  Smith practices; Testaverde to start Sunday
  Vikings lock up G Herrera for five years
  Can Lions Beat Packers, End Thanksgiving Day Woes?
  Falcons Stand Between Colts, NFC South Sweep
  Jets Look to Ruin Cowboys' Holiday
  Jaguars sign S Lamont Thompson
  Moss, Ellis and Martinez earn AFC weekly honors
  Owens, Rolle and Williams earn NFC weekly honors
  Chiefs' Holmes retires
  Niners' Smith out at least two more weeks
  Ravens DE Pryce placed on IR
  Bears put Jimoh on injured reserve
  Polamalu, Holmes doubtful for Steelers
  Report: Chiefs' Holmes contemplating retirement
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
  Bucs Creating Distance in NFC South Race
  Fox watch officially on after Panthers' latest loss
  Texas-sized miscues doom Saints
  Terrific Taylor Lifts Vikings
  Time to give Phillips some credit for Cowboys' success
  Eagles prepare for familiar scenario of life without McNabb
  New York able to fend off previous demons in Giant win
  Redskins continue to be haunted by inconsistency
  Broncos Back on Track
  Chargers Veterans Near Their Boiling Point
  Chiefs Offense Still Stuck in Neutral
  Russell Watch on in Oakland
  Bengals Let Down by Their Stars
  Bad Bounce Emblematic of Ravens' Lost Season
  Steelers' Reputation Takes a Hit Against Jets
  Beck or bust in Miami
  It's unreasonable to ask Patriots to stop scoring
  On second thought: Browns escape Baltimore with a win
  Falcons Re-Acquaint Selves With Loss Column
  Jets defense rises to the occasion
  Tough One To Swallow for Lions
  Favre, Packers keep on cruising
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 12 - Lions Must Answer T'giving Dinner Bell
  Giants place Kiwanuka on IR; sign Pass
  Jags release backup Bouman
  Chiefs' Johnson out for Raiders game
  Dilfer can't spark 49ers' lifeless offense
  Cardinals hoping to Rolle into the playoffs
  Seahawks still in the driver's seat
  Bears now in a must-win situation
  Titans losing ground in AFC South
  Andre's giant return lifts Texans
  Rams still ugly, but getting wins
  Jags' Garrard doesn't miss a beat
  Buffalo's secondary a primary problem
  Colts, Manning miss Harrison and it shows
  Falcons place Coleman, Lewis on IR
  Big-play Broncos down Young, Titans
Monday, November 19, 2007
  Broncos' Henry out with knee injury
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 19, 2007)
  Hall of Famer Ringo passes away
  Vick surrenders early
  McNabb's status for Patriots unknown
  Another Pats pounding, Bills victimized again
Sunday, November 18, 2007
  Bulger, Rams down flailing 49ers for second straight win
  Connect four: Owens, Romo lead Cowboys over 'Skins
  Hasselbeck, Seahawks down Bears in Rex's return
  Nugent, Jets stun Steelers in OT
  Cardinals Rolle over Bengals
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 18, 2007)
  Garrard returns to lead Jags over Chargers
  Favre and Pack top Vinny and Panthers in "Battle of the Aged"
  Texans on a roll behind Schaub, Johnson
  Jaguars' Peterson breaks hand in win
  Vinatieri atones as Colts edge Chiefs
  Garcia guides Bucs to rout of Falcons
  Dawson hits two key field goals to lift Browns over Ravens
  Manning leads injury-riddled Giants over Lions
  Giants' Kiwanuka breaks leg
  Taylor's three TDs lead Vikings over Raiders
  McNabb hurt, but Eagles rally to keep Dolphins winless
  McNabb injures ankle
  Falcons' DT Lewis injures knee
  Ravens' Heap inactive against Browns
  Panthers' Smith out against Green Bay
Friday, November 16, 2007
  49ers' third-string QB Hill breaks finger
  Texans' Green out against Saints; Dayne in
  Eagles' Westbrook questionable with sore knee
  Colts' Harrison questionable, but Clark will return
  Broncos' Henry questionable
  Cardinals Try to Keep Hopes Alive in Cincinnati
  Favre, Packers, Flash Back Against Panthers
  Last Two NFC Champs Featured in Hawks-Bears Tilt
  Ravens Seek to End Division Struggles Vs. Browns
  Battered Colts Welcome Chiefs to Indy
  Dolphins' Beck Gets QB Nod in Philly
  Can Bills Stand Up to Patriots' Machine?
  Saints Look to Start New Streak in Houston
  Giants, Lions, Vying to Stay in Playoff Position
  Raiders' QBs a Familiar Sight to Vikings
  Can Jets Defy Odds Against Steelers?
  Jags Welcome Chargers in "Homecoming" Contest
  Struggling 49ers, Rams, Duke it Out by the Bay
  Falcons Have Sights Set on First-Place Bucs
  Cutler, Broncos, Seeking to Even Mark Vs. Titans
  Redskins Try to Slow Cowboys' Roll
  Opening lines - On the money
Thursday, November 15, 2007
  Welcome back Ricky! Williams to rejoin Dolphins
  Niners tab Dilfer starting QB against Rams
  Redskins place Lloyd on IR
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
  Redskins' Lloyd breaks collarbone in practice
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 11 - The Ice Bowl Revisited?
  NFL reinstates Ricky Williams
  Beck gets the call for Dolphins
  Report: Culpepper to start for Raiders in return to Minnesota
  Buffalo's Lynch doubtful for Sunday
  Bulger leads Rams to victory, nabs NFC weekly honors
  Roethlisberger, Cromartie, Sproles earn AFC weekly honors
  Bears to give Grossman another shot
  Colts place Freeney on IR
  Steelers place Clark, Tuman on IR
  Report: Colts' Freeney done for season
  Report: Colts Freeney done for season
  McNair could miss three weeks; Boller will start vs. Browns
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  Pacman reaches plea agreement
  Broncos bring back Peterson, cut loose Burton
  With run game hurting, Seahawks go to the air
  49ers' Smith not moving forward
  Defense key to Cards' win
  Titans' top run D exposed in loss
  Recharged Rams get in the win column
  Bears rally again on the road
  Cards place DE Berry on IR
  Are the Bills for real?
  Jags get even with Titans
  Colts' Manning's poor performance has sacred feel
  Cowboys' stars shine again on big stage
  Eagles turn West to head back in right direction
  Giants make a statement, but it's the wrong message
  Texans place CB Robinson on injured reserve
  Offensive ineptitude does Panthers in once again
  Redskins' Gibbs has some explaining to do
  Broncos On the Upswing
  Chargers Overcome Themselves
  Chiefs Pull the Trigger at Quarterback
  Raiders...What Can You Say?
  Berry out for season
  Favre continues to rewrite NFL history books
  Rat traps, battering Rams trip up Saints
  Vikings made wrong choice in Childress
  Bengals Find Winning Elixir in Baltimore
  Ravens' McNair Era Ends With a Thud
  Steelers Take Browns' Best Shot, Escape With Win
  Chiefs' Johnson out another week
  Redskins' Taylor out at least two weeks
  Seahawks blank Niners, Hasselbeck shines
Monday, November 12, 2007
  Colts acquire Simeon Rice
  Croyle to start Sunday versus Colts
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 12, 2007)
  Alexander, Branch both out for Seahawks
  Texans' Johnson, Schaub expected back for Week 11
  Line of Scrimmage: NFC South - Any Fish In This Barrel?
  Vikings' Peterson has ligament tear
  Bucs sign CB Ratliff
  Pick 6: Chargers hold off Colts as Manning struggles
Sunday, November 11, 2007
  Dick Nolan, former 49ers coach, father of current coach, dies
  Cardinals derail Lions in mistake-filled contest
  Graham boots 7 FGs as Bengals beat Ravens
  Grossman's late TD pass lifts Bears over Raiders
  Romo, Cowboys down Giants in NFC East clash
  Bulger and Jackson lead the way as Rams win first of season
  Westbrook, Eagles top Redskins
  Steelers rally to topple Browns
  Bears QB Griese leaves game with shoulder injury
  Lindell, Bills keep Dolphins winless
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 11, 2007)
  Favre, Packers torch Vikings
  Taylor, Jaguars run over Titans
  Young helps Broncos down Chiefs
  Crumpler lifts Falcons over Panthers
  Westrbrook, Eagles top Redskins
  Denver's Cutler active, Henry out
  Vikings' Peterson leaves with knee injury
  Favre reaches 60,000 yards
  Jaguars' Taylor surpasses 10,000 career rushing yards
  Bollinger to get start for Vikings
Saturday, November 10, 2007
  Browns place G McKinney on IR
Friday, November 09, 2007
  Niners' Gore and Seahawks' Alexander questionable for Monday
  Colts' Harrison, Clark questionable
  Saints' Bush questionable
  Denver's Cutler probable, Henry questionable
  Bengals WR Johnson probable, Ravens S Reed questionable
  Broncos release DE Rice
  Chiefs' Johnson out for Sunday
  Redskins' Moss questionable, Randle El probable
  Falcons Vying to Extend Panthers' Home Woes
  Bills Look to Stay Hot in Miami
  Fading Raiders, Bears, Both Desperate for Wins
  Struggling AFC North Foes Square Off in Ravens-Bengals Clash
  Revitalized Browns Streak Into Pittsburgh
  Can Giants Steal a Share of First Place From Cowboys?
  Injury Concerns Dominate Chiefs-Broncos Tilt
  Cardinals Host Surprising Lions
  Colts Seeking to Bounce Back in San Diego
  Position in AFC South at Stake in Titans-Jags Affair
  Soaring Packers Face Rival Vikes
  Redskins, Struggling Eagles Renew Acquaintances
  Can Niners Right the Ship In Seattle?
  Saints Seeking to Send Rams to 0-9
  The Pats finally fail...ATS
  Carr out; Testaverde questionable for Panthers
  Dolphins' Thomas remains sidelined
Thursday, November 08, 2007
  Saints' DT tackle Young out for Sunday
  Bears' Brown placed on IR
  Chiefs' Johnson likely out for Sunday
  Bills place FB Schouman on IR
Wednesday, November 07, 2007
  Carr doesn't practice, Testaverde may start for Panthers
  Jags' Garrard could play Sunday vs. Titans
  Animal cruelty charge against Falcons DT Babineaux dropped
  Pats activate two players from PUP
  Carr suffers concussion in Panthers loss
  Moss, Harrison, Cromartie earn AFC weekly honors
  Peterson heads NFC Players of the Week after record performance
  Bengals put LB Brooks on IR
  Dolphins sign Perry, place Wright on IR
  Eagles S Considine placed on IR
Tuesday, November 06, 2007
  Chargers' Castillo to miss six weeks
  Report: Goodell declines to shorten suspension for "Pacman"
  Browns' Bentley to remain on PUP list
  Dayne helps Texans end slide
  It's all about defense in Tennessee
  Colts will rebound in Cali, for sure
  Broncos Become an Embarrassment
  Jaguars' Stroud suspended
  Panthers' LB Morgan done for season
  Chargers Re-Enact September
  Chiefs About to Face Reality
  Raiders Lost While You Were Watching Pats-Colts
  Meet the new boss: Cowboys taking charge in NFC East
  It's all falling apart for Eagles, Reid
  Panthers stuck in neutral with Carr at controls
  Jags suffer bayou beating
  Redskins show resolve in hard-fought win
  Just another day at the office for NFL's newest superstar
  Bills ride rookie to victory
  Worst Might Not Be Over for Ravens
  Broncos/Bears, Steelers/Patriots times adjusted
  Falcons run back into winner's circle
  Pats win battle of unbeatens, but it wasn't easy
  Steelers Brave Rain, End Ravens' Reign
  New quarterback, same old Jets
  Overtime win has Browns playing for first place
  At the halfway mark, it's madness in Motor City
  Favre continues to turn back clock
  Saints Alive! New Orleans back at .500
  Bucs Head Into Bye With Uplifting Win
  What now for the Bengals?
  Big night for Big Ben as Steelers throttle Ravens
Monday, November 05, 2007
  Lee re-signs with Packers
  NFL fines Washington's Landry and Eagles' Ramsey
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 5, 2007)
  Jags G Naeole out for season
  Texans' CB Robinson gone for season
  Cowboys activate Tank Johnson; Anderson to IR
  Texans' Robinson likely gone for season
  Packers' Collins has knee strain
  Bengals WR Johnson has strained neck
  Denver's Cutler has bruised leg
  Bengals reinstate WR Henry
  Surgery likely for Rams' Little
  Rams RB Jackson set to return
  Lemon remains Dolphins' starting QB
  Patriots/Bills selected for Sunday night
  Line of Scrimmage: Patriots - Unbeatable, or Just Unbeaten?
  Suisham kicks Redskins past Jets in OT
  Still perfect; Brady rallies Pats over Colts
  Peterson sets single-game rush record as Vikings rout Chargers
  Romo, Owens lead Cowboys over Eagles
  Romo leads Cowboys over Eagles
Sunday, November 04, 2007
  Texans survive late rally, hold off Raiders
  Texans' Robinson leaves game with leg injury
  Dawson's field goal lifts Browns in OT
  Saints Brees past Jaguars
  Colts WR Harrison inactive for matchup against Patriots
  Niners' Gore out with ankle injury
  Falcons hold off 49ers
  Favre leads fourth-quarter comeback as Packers top Chiefs
  Titans continue winning push by topping Panthers
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 4, 2007)
  Carr injured in Panthers loss to Titans
  Lions rout Broncos; Cutler hurt
  Lynch leads Bills past Bengals
  Bengals WR Johnson carted off field
  Chiefs' Johnson hurt, extent unsure
  QB Edwards inactive, Losman starts for Bills
  Graham leads Bucs over Cards
  Cutler leaves game against Lions
  Chiefs' Johnson hurt
  Vikings' Jackson leaves game
  Cromartie sets NFL record with 109-yard return on missed FG
Friday, November 02, 2007
  Vikings' WR Williamson to miss game after death in family
  Colts' Harrison questionable for matchup against Patriots
  Patriots' Morris placed on IR
  Broncos' Henry probable
  McCown back as QB for Raiders
  Bucs, Cardinals, Trying to Accentuate Positive
  Position in AFC North on Line in Steelers-Ravens Clash
  QB Watch Continues for Titans, Panthers
  Bengals Stand Between Bills, .500 Record
  Can Cowboys Keep Eagles in NFC East Basement?
  Lions Seek to Further Broncos' Struggles
  Chiefs Host Packers in NFL's "Other" First-Place Matchup
  Raiders' McCown to Pull Trigger Vs. Texans
  Saints Try to Move to .500 Against Jags
  Pats, Colts, Take Part in Battle for the Ages
  Dazzling Backs to Show Skills in Chargers-Vikings Tilt
  Seahawks Look to Stop Browns' Streak
  Struggling Falcons, Niners, Take Stage at Georgia Dome
  Jets, Skins, Both Trying to Find Win Column
  Better than the Super Bowl?
Thursday, November 01, 2007
  Texans to start Rosenfels on Sunday
  Miami's Brown has surgery
  Broncos' Smith, Moss to miss rest of season
  Chargers CB Florence fined for helmet-to-helmet hit
  Jacobs, Kampman and Akers nab NFC monthly awards
  Brady tops the list again for AFC Players of the Month
  Brees, Cole and Hanson named NFC Players of the Week
  Addai, Vrabel, Scifres earn AFC weekly honors
Thursday, November 30, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 30, 2006)
  Culpepper has more knee surgery
  Title on the Line for Ravens in Cincinnati
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
  Clark out for Colts against Titans
  Carolina's Foster questionable
  Saints' Colston questionable for Week 13
  Hasselbeck listed as probable
  49ers' Gore questionable against New Orleans
  Ravens' Heap, Lewis are questionable
  Giants' Strahan blows lid
  Vikings' Taylor, Hutchinson questionable for Sunday
  Falcons place CB Johnson on IR
  Seahawks' Stars Back In Business
  Romo, Taylor and Brown named NFC Players of the Week
  Addai among AFC Players of the Week
  49ers learn an inch goes a long way
  Cleveland's offense suffers another Brownout
  Bucs will be thankful when this season's over
  With the season lost, Leinart can just grow
  Chargers come back again
  Consider It Over In Detroit
  Raiders can't close the deal
  Rams End Two Losing Streaks
  Saints' prayers continue to be answered
  Pennington back to his old self in Jets win
  Patriots' Samuel picks Bears apart
  Defense rests: Eagles are in trouble
  New York suffers Giant collapse
  One Champ Down, One to Go For Ravens
  Bills fans support their local Parrish
  Romo gives thanks with 5 TDs
  Redskins end skid with defense
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
  Bears Not Facing QB Controversy - Yet
  Plummer goes down the drain
  Chiefs feast on Broncos
  Harrington finally enjoys Turkey Day in Detroit
  Falcons' frustration reaching the boiling point
  Packers Fall Two Games Out of the Playoff Picture
  Stunning loss has Panthers again searching for answers
  Vikings Still Part of the Playoff Picture
  Bengals get offensive once again, blank Browns
  One puff...nine puffs: Steelers' playoff hopes blown down
  Colts have a new edge
  Jags are hard to figure out
  Texans now occupy last place in the AFC South
  Vince Young has officially arrived
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 13 - Broncos' Move to Cutler Makes Sense
  McNabb has surgery to repair ACL
  Raiders elevate Shoop to offensive coordinator
  Chiefs say Holmes is done for season
  Steelers' Ward to miss a game
  Alexander the Great: Seahawks rally to beat Packers
Monday, November 27, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 27, 2006)
  Bengals' Perry out for season
  Vanderjagt gets the boot from Cowboys
  Broncos turning to Cutler
  Seau's season over; placed on IR
  Saints/Cowboys selected for Sunday night
  Addai, Colts run over Eagles
Sunday, November 26, 2006
  Samuel's three picks push Patriots past Bears
  Bironas' late field goal caps amazing comeback as Titans defeat Giants
  Late TD snaps Rams' skid; ends Niners' winning streak
  L.T. does it all as Chargers down Raiders
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 26, 2006)
  Saints trounce Falcons, take solo division lead
  Campbell records first NFL win as Redskins down Panthers
  Vikes hold off Arizona rally to halt slide
  Steelers lose Polamalu with knee injury
  Lindell lifts Bills over Jaguars
  Pennington leads Jets past Texans
  Palmer leads Bengals to 30-0 win over Browns
  Ravens blank Steelers; win fifth straight
  Carolina's Foster inactive
  Saints' Colston inactive against Atlanta
  Report: Broncos turning to Cutler
Friday, November 24, 2006
  Miami's Brown has hand surgery
  What to make of the NFC East
  Patriots place punter Miller on IR
  Former Eagles receiver Jack Ferrante dies
  Johnson, Chiefs rumble past Broncos
Thursday, November 23, 2006
  Gonzalez active against Denver
  Denver's Tatum Bell inactive against Kansas City
  Romo's big day leads Cowboys over Bucs
  Miami's Brown injures hand against Lions
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, November 23, 2006)
  Miami downs Detroit as Harrington haunts Lions
  Season over for Raiders RB Jordan? He says so
  Detroit RB Jones out against Dolphins
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
  Cardinals' Green Visits Old Friends in Minnesota
  Skins Fans, Panthers, Get a Look at Campbell
  Bears Look to Stay on Course in New England
  Johnson, Bengals, Visit Cleveland
  Thanksgiving Night Features Chiefs, Broncos
  Will Favre Repair Packers' Season in Seattle?
  Enigmatic Jets Host Houston
  Dolphins Hope Holiday Continues in Detroit
  Falcons, Saints, Both Try to Stop the Bleeding
  Wounded Giants Seeking a Win in Tennessee
  Chargers Need a Quick Start Against Oakland
  Eagles, Garcia, Head to Indy
  Streaking 49ers Visit St. Louis
  Cowboys Have Their Eye on Top of NFC East
  Can Jags Avoid Monday Night Hangover in Buffalo?
  Ravens Try to Keep Rolling Vs. Steelers
  New England signs Walter, releases Spann
  Titans place Troupe on IR
  Redskins' Moss questionable for Week 12
  Foster questionable for Redskins game
  Gonzalez questionable for Broncos game
  Tatum and Mike Bell both questionable for Thursday
  McGahee and Reed questionable
  LB Lewis questionable for Ravens
  Droughns and Winslow questionable for Sunday
  Steelers' Ward questionable for Sunday
  Saints' Colston questionable against Atlanta
  DE Cofield is latest Giant to get hurt
  Favre questionable for Monday night
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck probable for Monday night
  Patriots' secondary hurting
  Miami's Brown probable against Detroit
  Bears' Manning Jr. suspended one game by NFL
  Eagles name Garcia starting QB
  Gore, Rucker and McBriar named NFC Players of the Week
  LT, Taylor, Sams named AFC Players of the Week
  Bucs place Rice on IR
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
  Ravens Still Rolling
  Seahawks' Breathing Room Is Disappearing
  49ers Pulling a Lazarus Act
  Cards Hope Win is Springboard to Success
  McNabb placed on Injured Reserve
  Broncos place Ferguson on IR
  Campbell impresses in debut for Redskins
  Broken-hearted Browns still learning how to win
  Bucs rewarded for going back to basics
  Losing now becoming a Falcons speciality
  Panthers ready to rise again in South
  Saints need to show some balance
  Price is right for Bills
  How 'bout them Cowboys!
  Eagles lose more than game against Titans
  Giants get Jagged up on Monday night
  Broncos get struck down at home
  Chargers continuing to chase history
  Chiefs survive a scare
  Prime time suits the Jags just fine
  Tatum and Mike Bell listed as questionable
  How to fix the Raiders
  Detroit RB Jones questionable for Thanksgiving
  Time to pull the plug on Pennington?
  Back on track: Pats blank Packers, but Bears loom
  A good loss for the Colts?
  A Taylor-made win in Miami
  Rams Shut Out For First Time Since '98
  Houston's bid for two straight wins falls short
  An "ugly" Titans win?
  Ocho Cinco 2: Return of Johnson lifts Bengals over Saints
  Blood, Sweat and No Fears: Big Ben shows faithful glimmer of hope
  Bears' Defense Dominant in New York
  It's Detroit's Week to Shine
  Packers Lose Quarterback for the Season
  Vikings Quickly Falling Off the Map
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 12 - Giving Thanks for Thursday Night's Game
  Packers sign Bouman; place Rodgers on IR
  Garrard, Jaguars roll over Giants
  Jacksonville's Darius breaks leg in win over Giants
Monday, November 20, 2006
  Ex-Eagles star Waters dead at 44
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 20, 2006)
  Packers lose Rodgers to injury
  Seahawks/Broncos selected for Sunday night
  Cowboys end Colts' bid for perfect season
  LT's four TDs lead Chargers to come-back win over Broncos
Sunday, November 19, 2006
  Saints' Colston leaves game with ankle problem
  Leinart leads Cardinals over Lions
  Gore, Niners run over Seahawks
  Eagles lose McNabb, game in disastrous loss
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 5, 2006)
  Price lifts Bills over Texans
  Brady and Pats rebound with rout of Pack
  Carolina defense shuts down St. Louis
  Johnson, Chiefs hold off Raiders
  Dolphins' D carries the way; Harrington finally beats Vikes
  Green starts Sunday for Chiefs
  Green starts Sunday for the Chiefs
  Gonzalez out for Sunday
  Bears get second straight in Meadowlands
  Raiders' Brooks returns to starting lineup
  Lewis helps Ravens run by Falcons
  Dolphins' D carries the way; Harrington finally beats Viks
  Roethlisberger rebounds to lead Steelers past Browns
  Brees' big day not enough; Bengals down Saints
  McNabb out for year with torn ACL
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 19, 2006)
  Bucs spoil Campbell's debut
  Favre leaves game against Pats
  Raiders' Jordan carted off field
  McNabb gets carted off field with knee injury
  Redskins' Moss out for Week 11
  Droughns inactive against Steelers
  Raiders' Brooks gets the start
Saturday, November 18, 2006
  Jags' Leftwich to have ankle surgery
  Redskins' Moss doubtful for Sunday
Friday, November 17, 2006
  Alexander, Hasselbeck game-time decisions for Sunday
  Former Eagle Jack Hinkle passes away
  Droughns questionable for Browns; Bodden out
  Steelers' Polamalu upgraded to probable
  Reeling Vikes Take on Surging Dolphins
  Battered Falcons Head to Baltimore
  Texans Try to Stack Successes Vs. Bills
  Bears Seeking a New York Sweep
  Bad to Worse for Cardinals, Lions
  Cowboys Seek to End Colts' Unbeaten Run
  Top QBs Face Off in Packers/Patriots Skirmish
  Coughlin Heads Back to Jacksonville With Giants
  Chiefs Welcome Green Back for Raiders Game
  Epic Battle in Store Between Bolts, Broncos
  Stakes Are High for 49ers, For a Change
  Can Rams Halt Four-Game Skid in Carolina?
  Eagles Know They Can't Look Past Titans
  Skins Turn to Campbell in Tampa Bay
  Bengals, Saints, Vying for Trip Back to Win Column
  Browns, Steelers, Try to Climb Out of Basement
  LB Lewis out for Ravens
  A wild and wacky ride
Thursday, November 16, 2006
  Bengals' Williams out after appendectomy
  Smoot listed as questionable for Sunday
  Baltimore's Lewis has surgery; questionable for Sunday
  Texans' Carr upgraded to probable
  Terrell Davis amongst semifinalist Hall of Fame nominees
  Bills place a pair on injured reserve
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
  Seattle's Alexander, Hasselbeck practice, questionable for Sunday
  Texans' Carr questionable with shoulder injury
  Gonzalez doubtful for Sunday
  Saints' Horn questionable with groin injury
  Tatum Bell listed as questionable for Week 11
  49ers' Gore, Davis questionable
  Polamalu is questionable for Sunday
  Brown questionable against Minnesota
  Cowboys' Glenn probable for Week 11
  Fisher fined for criticizing officials
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 11 - The NFL's Most Injured
  Giants DE Tuck done for season
  Green to start Sunday for the Chiefs
  Vikings FB Richardson likely done for season
  Steelers' RB Parker headlines AFC Players of the Week
  Romo, Peppers, Hester named NFC Players of the Week
  Portis lands on IR
  Green cleared to play for Chiefs
  Portis' season could be over
Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  Haynesworth returning to Titans
  Patriots sign veteran QB Testaverde
  Give Seahawks Backups a Hand
  Could the Browns be turning the corner?
  Bucs don't lack heart, but are short on skill
  Suddenly, Falcons' season on the brink
  Panthers start off second half with a great second half
  Saints can't out-throw all their mistakes
  Romo revels in rout of Cardinals
  Big plays lift Eagles over Redskins
  Rams Slip Further Back In Division
  Lindell brings back painful memories for Bills
  Too much to Bear: G-Men drop one at home
  Fading Redskins turn to Campbell
  Extra, Extra: Patriots lose two in a row
  LT to the rescue...again
  Titans welcome old friends
  Broncos find a way to win
  Chiefs fall short
  Jacksonville, we have a problem
  Miami G Jeno James has surgery
  Johnson talks talk and walks walk, but Bengals fall again
  Home is where the heart is: Steelers play for pride vs. Saints
  Colts escape the trap
  Could it be the start of something big in Miami?
  Jets get biggest win of Mangini era
  Sweeping Success for Texans Against Jaguars
  49ers trying to shake up the West
  Cardinals fail to rebound after bye
  Statement Game for Chicago
  Lions All But Ensure Another Full-Length Offseason
  McCarthy Sparks "Favre Future" Talk
  Vikings Drop Third Straight
  Ravens Need to Begin Thinking Beyond Division
  Falcons' Kerney to have season-ending surgery
  Titans WR Givens out for season
  Smith, Panthers top Bucs
Monday, November 13, 2006
  Alexander, Hasselbeck may return this week
  Skins' Campbell to start Sunday; Portis undergoes surgery
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 13, 2006)
  Texans' Wiegert among three out for season
  Rams' Pace out for the season
  Campbell to start Sunday in place of Brunell
  Cowboys' Ellis done for the season
  Eagles/Colts selected for Sunday night
  Line of Scrimmage: Your 2006 Playoff Bracket, 7 Weeks Early
  Grossman and Chicago get back on track with win over Giants
Sunday, November 12, 2006
  Plummer recovers from 3 INTs to lead Broncos over Raiders
  Steelers end three-game skid with wild win over Saints
  LT's four scores leads San Diego to comeback win over Bengals
  Pryce is right: Ravens hold off Titans
  Brown's field goal lifts Seattle over Rams
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, November 12, 2006)
  Romo leads Cowboys over Cardinals
  Stallworth, Eagles rout 'Skins
  Frye, Browns stun Falcons
  Cotchery's game-winning TD lifts Jets over Pats
  Gore rushes 49ers past Lions
  Rams' Pace leaves with injury
  Driver, Packers top Vikings
  Colts hold off Bills to remain unbeaten
  Carr drives Texans past Jaguars
  Texans' Carr suffers shoulder injury
  Brown, Dolphins edge Chiefs
  Portis leaves with broken hand
Friday, November 10, 2006
  Report: Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh has leukemia
  Vikings' Robinson out again
  Can Lions Make it a Streak Vs. Niners?
  Rams Hope Second Time is a Charm Against Hawks
  Bucs Try to Inflict Pain on Panthers
  Bears, Giants, Clash in Primetime
  Cowboys Stay on the Road to Play Arizona
  Raiders' Latest Headache Is Broncos Defense
  Vikes, Packers, Close to Breaking Point
  Jags Should Be Ready for Texans This Time
  Dolphins Out to Prove Win in Chicago Was No Fluke
  Steelers, Saints, Headed in Opposite Directions
  Brady, Pats, Try to Take Out Frustrations on Jets
  Desperate Bengals Welcome Bolts to Queen City
  Falcons Seek to Rebound Vs. Browns
  Eagles Look to Make Skins First Victim in a Month
  Colts Will Write Names in Record Book With Win Over Bills
  Falons Seek to Rebound Vs. Browns
  McNair Heads Back to Tennessee With Ravens
  Looking Ahead in the NFL
Thursday, November 09, 2006
  Eagles sign WR Brown to five-year extension
  Falcons CB Webster out at least a month
  Lions place Hall on IR
  49ers to look to Santa Clara for new stadium
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
  Carolina DT Carstens hospitalized with blood clot
  Ravens' Heap, Lewis and Reed all questionable
  Browns' Frye and Winslow questionable
  Giants' Toomer out for season
  Green questionable for Sunday
  Raiders' Brooks upgraded to questionable
  Tatum Bell listed as questionable for Broncos
  Urlacher questionable for Sunday
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 10 - NFL Halfway Awards
  Bills' McGahee out indefinitely
  Brees, Moore, Vincent named NFC Players of the Week
  L.T. headlines AFC Players of the Week
  Patriots' Harrison out for Sunday's game against Jets
  Alexander, Hasselbeck likely out another week
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Harrison reportedly out with broken shoulder blade
  Seneca Helps Seahawks Survive
  Browns' Winslow brings back glimpse of the past
  Bucs not making strides on offense
  This time, Falcons play like turkeys
  Payton's place becoming perfect home for Saints
  Teams Running All Over Rams
  Defense helps Bills end skid
  Cowboys drop wild one at Washington
  Giants edge Texans; lose DE Strahan
  Troy Story: Vincent helps Skins top Dallas
  Plummer finally leading Broncos
  Chargers barely win; LT continues to dazzle
  Chiefs continue to roll
  Garrard makes another case for starting job
  49ers rebound defensively against Vikings
  Titans' win streak was quick
  Sunday night sadness for Pats
  Bengals' ship continues to sink
  Indy defense steps up in Foxboro
  Deja vu all over again for Dolphins
  Reality Check in Chi-Town
  Lions Offense On the Move
  Packers Blow an Opportunity
  Vikings Officially Mediocre
  Ante Raised for Billick, First-Place Ravens
  Raiders' line is downright offensive
  Three Rivers run dry: Steelers' season a loss for words
  Giants just too much for mistake-prone Texans
  Seahawks' defense beats up Raiders
Monday, November 06, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Monday, November 6, 2006)
  Urlacher has sprained toe; status for Sunday uncertain
  Garrard to probably start again
  NFL Inactives (Munday, November 6, 2006)
  Cards place Darling on IR
  Falcons' Mathis out for the year
  Eagles lock up Cole for five more years
  Broncos' Brandon out for the year
  Cardinals ink Hayes to extension
  Chargers/Broncos to play Sunday night
  Bears' Berrian out 2-4 weeks
  Bills' McGahee has broken rib, Reed a bruised kidney
  Giants' Strahan could be out a month
  Manning, Colts down Patriots to stay unbeaten
  Bears lose perfect season to the Dolphins...again
Sunday, November 05, 2006
  Walker's three scores lift Broncos over Steelers
  Nedney kicks Niners past Vikings
  Tomlinson's big second half helps Chargers down Browns
  L.J. has big day as Chiefs down Rams
  Shockey lifts Giants over Texans
  Lions roar past Falcons
  Bills' defense gets best of Packers
  Novak's kick caps wild ending as 'Skins down Cowboys
  Saints Brees by Bucs
  Garrard, Jags rout Titans
  Giants' Strahan leaves game
  Ravens hang on to beat Bengals in AFC North battle
  Tatum Bell inactive for contest in Pittsburgh
  McGahee helped off field
  Falcons FS Mathis carted off field
  Redskins' Moss out for Week 9
  Burress out for Giants
Friday, November 03, 2006
  Bucs place Simms on IR; activate McCown
  Browns sign Cribbs to extension
  Redskins' Moss likely out for Week 9
  Weather or not
  Can Vick Keep Passing Fancy Against Lions?
  Pivotal AFC North Tilt Pits Ravens, Bengals
  Chargers Begin Merriman's Hiatus Against Browns
  Will Romo's Mojo Extend to Redskins Game?
  Steelers Try to Find Super Bowl Flavor Vs. Broncos
  Packers Go for Three in a Row in Buffalo
  Giants Look to Avoid Letdown Against Texans
  Another Epic Battle in Store Between Pats, Colts
  Postseason Position on the Line in NFL's Battle of Missouri
  '85 All Over Again for Dolphins, Bears?
  Vikes, Niners, Seek to Right the Ship
  Bush Tries to Lead Saints to Sweep of Bucs
  Raiders, Seahawks, Heading in Opposite Directions
  Jags Look to end Titans' Two-Game Win Streak
Thursday, November 02, 2006
  Bears and Kreutz agree to three-year extension
  Pats' Maroney questionable for Sunday
  Leftwich won't start against Titans
  Eagles extend DT Patterson
  Tiki, Peppers, Gould capture NFC monthly awards
  Manning, Bailey, Miller earn AFC honors for October
  Colston, Anderson earn rookie honors for October
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
  Titans suspend Jones for one game
  Jordan listed as questionable for Raiders
  Moss questionable for Redskins
  Giants' Umenyiora questionable
  Vikings list Robinson as questionable
  Packers' Morency out, Jennings questionable for Week 9
  Leftwich probable against Titans
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 9 - 49ers On Pace to Break Dubious Record
  Merriman drops appeal; will serve four-game penalty
  Martin out for season, playing future 'doesn't look too bright'
  Vick, Kampman, Hurd named NFC Players of the Week
  LJ, Sean Jones, Vinatieri earn AFC weekly honors