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It's a 3-0 NBA Playoff Sunday for Kelso Sturgeon! The Wizards (+4½) get the outright stunner on the road against the Bulls, 102-93 for a 50-Unit winner! Mavericks (+9½) hung tough against the Spurs and got the cover in their 90-85 loss, while the Blazers/Rockets shootout went way over 214½ (242)! Kelso also wins his two big games on the diamond: Personal Best clients walked away with a 50-Unit winner last night with the Red Sox (-170) over the Orioles, 6-5, and Chairman's Club bettors got the money with the Reds (-130) over the Cubs, 8-2!
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 728 HEAT
4/23/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 730 SPURS
4/23/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/23/2014 9:30 PM(et)
 734 HAWKS
4/24/2014 7:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:00 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:30 PM(et)
 740 NETS
4/25/2014 7:00 PM(et)
 741 BULLS
4/25/2014 8:00 PM(et)
 901 REDS
4/24/2014 12:35 PM(et)
 904 METS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
 906 CUBS
4/24/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 12:05 PM(et)
4/24/2014 1:08 PM(et)
 915 TWINS
 916 RAYS
4/24/2014 1:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/24/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/24/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 12:10 PM(et)
 954 CUBS
4/23/2014 2:20 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:10 PM(et)
 957 REDS
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)
 960 METS
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 8:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 10:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:35 PM(et)
4/23/2014 3:40 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:07 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:08 PM(et)
 975 TWINS
 976 RAYS
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:10 PM(et)
4/23/2014 7:05 PM(et)

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  Extra Points: Rating the NFL coaching candidates
  Brees headlines NFC's best for Week 17
  Blount, Milliner, Vinatieri selected as AFC's top players
Monday, December 30, 2013
  49ers bring in CB Cox
  Broncos' Welker cleared to play
  Falcons TE Gonzalez hangs up cleats
  Schwartz gets the axe in Detroit
  Dolphins' Hartline has torn knee ligament
  Bucs clean house: Schiano and Dominik fired
  NFL admits officials made mistake on Chiefs' FG attempt
  Extra Points: 'Chud' isn't the only dud in Cleveland
  Redskins dismiss Shanahan
  Vikings fire Leslie Frazier
  Eagles edge Cowboys for NFC East crown
  Dawson's FG on final play lifts 49ers over Cardinals
  Manning, Broncos set records, get No. 1 seed
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 17
Sunday, December 29, 2013
  Saints rout Bucs to secure playoff spot
  Browns fire Chudzinski after one season
  Chiefs-Colts to start playoff slate
  Blount, Patriots down Bills, get No. 2 seed
  Chargers survive Chiefs in OT, gain playoff berth
  Seahawks win NFC West, lock up No. 1 seed
  Rodgers' TD pass to Cobb gives Packers NFC North title
  Luck, Colts roll past Jags
  Bengals send Ravens home early
  Panthers claim NFC South crown with win over Falcons
  Steelers top Browns, but miss out on playoffs
  Houston secures No. 1 spot in draft with loss to Tennessee
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 29, 2013
  Jets knock Dolphins out of playoff contention
  Giants end season with win over Redskins
  Steelers top Browns to keep playoffs hopes alive
  Patterson, Vikings edge Lions
  Manning, Broncos set season records
  Jets' Ryan to return in 2014
  Giants' Manning exits with ankle injury
  Dolphins' Hartline injures knee
  Browns' Haden to miss finale
  Bengals to play without TEs Gresham and Eifert
  Lions WR Johnson out for finale
Saturday, December 28, 2013
  Packers activate Cobb from IR
  Vikings RB Peterson ruled out for Sunday
Friday, December 27, 2013
  Peyton headlines 2014 Pro Bowl selections
  Rodgers returns for NFC North title clash with Bears
  Asomugha retires as a Raider
  Bucs' Goldson fined again by NFL
  Texans TE Graham placed on IR
  Romo heads to IR after back surgery
  Broncos' WR Welker ruled out for Sunday
  Niners place Manningham on IR
  Ravens LB Dumervil questionable for Sunday
  Vikings place LB Cole on IR
  Bengals CB Newman out for regular-season finale
  Orton takes over Cowboys for must-win matchup vs. Eagles
  Seahawks take another shot at No. 1 seed in NFC, host Quinn, Rams
  Chargers take one last stab at the postseason, host Chiefs
  Cardinals fight for playoff life against Niners
  Bears ink Gould to four-year extension
  Broncos go hunting for No. 1 seed in Oakland
  Rex seeks job security as Dolphins search for playoff spot
  Vikings RB Peterson doubtful for Sunday
  Colts jockey for playoff position against improved Jags
  Playoff-bound Bengals try to eliminate rival Ravens
  Giants and Redskins finish up disappointing seasons
  'Big Ben' takes aim at Browns again
  Texans and Titans finish things in Music City
  Saints shoot for playoff berth against Bucs
  Pats try to capture first-round bye, entertain Bills
  Vikings close Mall of America Field vs. Lions
  Panthers try to lock up NFC South title vs. Falcons
  Rodgers probable, Matthews out for Packers
  Panthers rule out WR Smith
  Bills QB Manuel to miss Sunday's finale
  Romo out, Bryant limited on Thursday
  Rodgers set to return for season finale
Thursday, December 26, 2013
  CB Asomugha to retire as a Raider
  Falcons place DT Peters on injured reserve
  Lions WR Johnson misses practice
  Extra Points: Romo injury could force Cowboys into smarter game plan
  Browns sign DL Sanford
  Bucs place Bowers on IR
Wednesday, December 25, 2013
  Orton on track to start for Cowboys
  Broncos' WR Welker returns to practice
  Lions put TE Pettigrew on IR
  Packers LB Matthews out vs. Bears
  Saints' Vaccaro put on IR
Tuesday, December 24, 2013
  Broncos place Miller on IR
  Texans place Joseph, Karim on IR
  Report: Romo gets epidural injection
  Manning, Freeman, Novak selected as AFC's top players
  McCoy, Kuechly headline NFC's best for Week 16
  Rams OT Long has torn ACL, MCL
  49ers hold off Falcons, clinch playoff berth
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 16
Monday, December 23, 2013
  Raiders name Pryor starter for finale
  Cowboys QB Romo injured, status in doubt
  Broncos LB Miller has torn ACL
  Panthers' Smith highly doubtful for Week 17 with PCL sprain
  Packers' Matthews re-injuries thumb
  Report: Cowboys QB Romo out for season
  Redskins LB Barnett has MCL sprain
  Saints' Vaccaro has broken ankle
  Branch re-signs with Bills
  Reports: Broncos LB Miller has torn ACL
  McCoy, Eagles rout Bears
  Steelers edge Packers in thriller
  Extra Points: Bears blow off big opportunity
Sunday, December 22, 2013
  AFC East champion Patriots rout Ravens in Baltimore
  Giants play spoiler, knock Lions out of contention with OT win
  Mathews leads Chargers over Oakland
  Panthers clinch playoff spot with dramatic win over Saints
  Cards snap Seahawks' 14-game home winning streak
  Bengals rip Vikes; Ravens loss gives Cincy AFC North crown
  Giants play spoiler, knock Lions out of contention with win in OT
  Bills beat Dolphins, damage Miami playoff hopes
  Manning sets record, Broncos clinch AFC West
  Jets send Browns to sixth straight loss
  Titans edge Jaguars
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 22, 2013
  Stacy, Bailey help Rams get by Bucs
  Rams OT Long suffers knee injury
  Brown, Colts down Chiefs
  Romo leads Cowboys to crucial win in Washington
  Dalton, Bengals rip Vikings
  Broncos rip Texans; Manning sets new TD pass mark
  Manning sets single-season TD passes record
  Lions' Johnson active for game vs. Giants
  Bears DT Melton arrested
  Panthers' Smith exits with knee injury
  Broncos LB Miller injures knee
  Rams' Austin inactive
  Browns' Haden active
  Colts' Hilton active vs. Chiefs
  Albert, Houston still out for Chiefs
  Bengals' Newman, Harrison to sit Sunday
  Peterson active for Vikings
  Jones-Drew suits up for Jaguars
Saturday, December 21, 2013
  Browns WR Bess to miss final two games
  Packers place Jolly, Bostick on IR
  Vikings place TE Carlson on injured reserve
Friday, December 20, 2013
  Cardinals' Fitzgerald, Palmer questionable for Week 16
  Browns' Cameron out with concussion
  Bills' WR Johnson out for Sunday
  Broncos' Welker out vs. Texans
  Ravens' Flacco, Rice questionable for Sunday
  Calvin Johnson questionable vs. Giants
  Albert, Houston questionable for Chiefs
  Bears LB Briggs questionable for Sunday
  Cowboys' Lee out vs. Redskins
  Jaguars' Jones-Drew questionable for Sunday
  Eagles' Anderson, Coleman out vs. Bears
  Five Colts doubtful vs. Chiefs
  49ers set to close the 'Stick, take on Falcons
  Extra Points: 'Welker watch' is on in Denver
  Peterson, Asiata questionable for Vikings
  Rodgers to sit against Steelers
  Panthers WR Smith probable with dislocated finger
  Packers hope to continue late-season run vs. Steelers
  Eagles and Bears claw for postseason position
  Pats and Ravens renew high-stakes rivalry
  Chargers try to stay alive, host Raiders
  Desperate Lions take on fading Giants
  Seahawks shoot for 15th straight home win, NFC West crown
  Struggling Browns visit Rex and the Jets
  Vikings try to play spoiler again, visit Bengals
  Chiefs and Colts meet in possible playoff preview
  Jags finish home sked against Titans
  Broncos try to add to Texans' misery
  Rams try to climb closer to .500, entertain Bucs
  Cowboys aim to bounce back vs. 'Skins
  Panthers seek revenge as Saints aim to lock up NFC South
  Dolphins take playoff push to Buffalo
  Giants' Cruz undergoes knee procedure
Thursday, December 19, 2013
  Redskins TE Reed shut down for rest of season
  Chiefs sign DT Powe, release WR Hall
  Report: Texans interview Lovie Smith
  Jags' Meester to retire
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
  NFL suspends Seahawks' Browner
  Rodgers still not cleared for return
  Bills QB Manuel out for Sunday
  Redskins' Fletcher planning to retire
  49ers FB Miller placed on IR
  Texans' Keenum out this week; Tate to IR
  Extra Points: Leadership lacking in Dallas
  Lacy headlines NFC's best for Week 15
  Charles, Thomas, Tucker selected as AFC's top players
  Saints sign K Graham to replace Hartley
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
  Saints waive K Hartley
  Cowboys place LB Durant on IR
  Giants place CB Webster on IR
  Broncos bring in DL Mincey
  Bengals' Huber goes on IR
  Jaguars place WR Shorts and G Rackley on IR
  Dolphins add DB Jalil Brown
  Colts place Angerer on IR
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 15
  Tucker's 61-yd FG lifts Ravens past Lions
Monday, December 16, 2013
  Lions' Bush active for Monday
  NFL Inactives - Monday, December 16, 2013
  Dolphins' Incognito to remain suspended
  Texans' Keenum has sprained right thumb
  Packers planning for Flynn against Steelers
  49ers FB Miller has scapula injury
  Peyton Manning named SI Sportsman of the Year
  Steelers keep slim playoff hopes alive with win over Bengals
  Cowboys blow 23-point lead as Packers prevail
Sunday, December 15, 2013
  Charles gets 5 TDs as Chiefs beat Raiders for playoff berth
  Panthers take down Jets, move closer to playoff berth
  Dolphins edge Pats, keep playoff hopes alive
  Vikings come alive, end Eagles' win streak
  Stacy, Rams knock off Saints
  Extra Points: Asiata spoils Eagles' day
  Manuel helps Bills edge Jaguars
  Cards blow late lead, still top Titans in OT
  Manning throws five picks as Seahawks blank Giants
  Cutler returns, leads Bears past Browns
  Kaepernick, 49ers rout Bucs
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 15, 2013
  Falcons hold off Redskins
  Colts make sure Houston's luck continues to turn sour
  Jaguars RB Jones-Drew, WR Shorts inactive
  Texans TE Graham out vs. Colts
  Patriots CB Arrington to play Sunday
  Peterson, Gerhart inactive for Vikings
Saturday, December 14, 2013
  Lions' Bush questionable for Monday
  Vikings activate Smith from short-term IR
Friday, December 13, 2013
  Seahawks WR Harvin out again
  Falcons S DeCoud sidelined with concussion
  Patriots CB Arrington questionable
  Dolphins list Jones, Taylor as questionable
  Wound leads to infection for Chiefs' McCluster
  Jaguars RB Jones-Drew doubtful for Sunday
  Cowboys' Lee out for Sunday
  Five Colts players ruled out vs. Texans
  Cardinals QB Palmer questionable for Sunday
  Texans TE Graham a game-time decision
  Browns' McGahee out Sunday
  Bengals CB Newman out for Sunday
  Vikings RB Peterson questionable for Sunday
  Ravens and Lions jockey for playoff position
  Rodgers to sit again Sunday
  Extra Points: Trestman makes bold decision, bad mistake
  Jets put WR Hill on IR
  Chiefs bring back WR Hall
  Jaguars release DE Mincey
  Patriots search for another AFC East title vs. Dolphins
  Bengals try to inch closer to AFC North title, visit Steelers
  Surging Cardinals take on fading Titans
  Saints shoot for playoff berth vs. Rams
  Packers and Cowboys meet in key NFC matchup
  Panthers try to bounce back vs. Jets
  Chiefs can sew up postseason berth in Oakland
  Streaking Eagles visit banged-up Vikings
  Bills finish two-week Florida trek in Jacksonville
  Colts aim to stay perfect against Texans in Indy
  Bears choose Cutler to start vs. Browns
  Cousins takes over 'Skins in Atlanta
  Seahawks on MetLife scouting mission, face Giants
  Niners renew playoff push against Bucs
  Chargers puncture Broncos' air of invincibility
  Four stabbed after Broncos game
Thursday, December 12, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, December 12, 2013
  Trestman names Cutler starter against Browns
  Manning, Rivers set for Mile High shootout as Broncos face Chargers
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
  Broncos' Welker ruled out for Thursday vs. Chargers
  Seahawks sign Perrish Cox again
  Chargers' Royal questionable vs. Broncos
  Extra Points: Are the Titans ready to reboot?
  Griffin benched, Cousins to start for Redskins
  Trestman 'optimistic' Cutler will start against Browns
  Dalton, Hali, Prater selected as AFC's top players
  Cassel to start for Vikings against Eagles
  QB change brewing in Washington
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
  Ravens put Stokley on IR
  Bears-Eagles flexed to Sunday night for Week 16
  Cardinals place Mathieu on IR
  Dolphins place CB Patterson on IR
  McCown, Bears crush Cowboys
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 14
Monday, December 09, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Monday, December 09, 2013
  Knee injury ends Gronkowski's season
  Colts add RB Choice
  Panthers' Stewart has torn MCL
  Vikings TE Rudolph placed on IR
  Cards' Mathieu has multiple tears in knee
  Extra Points: 'Tis the season to think about next season
  Gronkowski out for season with ACL tear
  Brees throws 4 TDs as Saints rout Panthers
Sunday, December 08, 2013
  Broncos clinch playoff berth with rout of Titans
  Chargers get much-needed win over Giants
  Bucs run past Bills
  Efficient Palmer leads Cardinals past Rams
  Dawson's leg lifts San Francisco over Seattle
  Flynn, Packers snap losing skid with win over Falcons
  Odd Man Rush: Snow gives way to Shady in Philadelphia
  Dalton, Bengals cruise past Colts
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 08, 2013
  Dolphins survive last-second scare, down Steelers
  Ravens top Vikings in wild finish
  Chiefs throttle reeling Redskins to halt skid
  Prater makes NFL history with 64-yard field goal
  Cardinals' Mathieu leaves on cart
  Eagles weather storm, down Lions
  Brady, Patriots rally past Browns
  Reports: Gronkowski may have ACL tear
  Jets cruise past Oakland
  Gronkowski leaves on cart
  Dolphins' Miller suffers concussion
  Redskins RB Royster leaves game
  Vikings' Peterson exits with apparent ankle injury
  Lions' Bush hurt before Sunday's game
  Ravens' Dumervil inactive, Pitta to play
  Chargers activate LB Ingram off PUP list
Saturday, December 07, 2013
  Ravens activate TE Pitta
  Chiefs release WR Hall
Friday, December 06, 2013
  Cardinals list Palmer questionable for Sunday
  McFadden out for Raiders, Jennings questionable
  Broncos TE Thomas probable for Sunday
  Panthers' Williams, Johnson set to return
  Ravens DE Dumervil doubtful for Sunday
  Ponder out, Peterson questionable for Vikes
  Packers to hold Rodgers out another week
  Extra Points: Time runs out on Texans' Kubiak
  Campbell in line to start for Browns
  Pierre-Paul to miss second straight week
  Texans fire Kubiak
  Cowboys hope to cure December doldrums against Bears
  Panthers aim for 9th straight win vs. rebounding Saints
  Chargers host Giants in important interconference matchup
  11-1 Seahawks seek NFC West title in San Francisco
  Cards hope to end division woes against Rams
  Broncos aim to clinch playoff berth vs. Titans
  Free-falling Packers wait for Rodgers as Falcons loom
  Steelers entertain Wallace, Dolphins in key AFC matchup
  Bills start two-week tour of Florida with Buccaneers
  Reid's Chiefs go for sweep of NFC East, visit 'Skins
  Ravens try to storm Minnesota's Cassel
  Patriots hope to inch closer to AFC East crown vs. banged-up Browns
  Colts aim to clinch AFC South against North-leading Bengals
  Stand by your man: Rex sticks with Geno as Jets face Raiders
  Lions try to figure out Foles, Eagles
  Jags end home skid, send Texans to 11th straight loss
Thursday, December 05, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, December 05, 2013
  Campbell cleared to practice for Browns
  Patriots bring back WR Collie
Wednesday, December 04, 2013
  Browns DL Bryant out for season
  Surging Jags search for first home win against Texans
  Bills sign TE Moeaki
  Falcons-Lions London game to have morning start
  Eric Decker highlights AFC Players of the Week
  Wilson headlines NFC's best for Week 13
  Extra Points: Missing the mark on Tomlin
  Steelers' Tomlin fined $100,000
  Bills release RB Choice
Tuesday, December 03, 2013
  Lions LB Lewis suspended 4 games
  Packers sign RB Bell
  Bengals place G Boling on IR
  Hanie signs with Browns, could start Sunday
  Seahawks wrap up playoff berth in rout of Saints
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 13
Monday, December 02, 2013
  Seahawks WR Harvin inactive
  NFL Inactives - Monday, December 02, 2013
  Jets sticking with Smith at QB
  Chiefs' Albert has hyperextended knee
  NFL: Refs erred at end of Giants-Redskins game
  Bengals-Steelers remains Sunday night tilt for Week 15
  Weeden sidelined with concussion
  Seahawks' depleted secondary prepares for stiff Brees
  Extra Points: Arians can't solve 'college' offense
  Kaepernick, 49ers down Rams
  Manning, Decker carry Broncos past Chiefs
  Stout defense leads Bengals past Chargers
  Strong second half leads Giants past Redskins
Sunday, December 01, 2013
  Bryant's boot sends Falcons past Bills in Toronto
  Jags beat Browns on Shorts' TD catch
  Foles throws 3 TDs in Eagles' win over Cardinals
  Colts beat Titans, shake off Arizona loss
  Vikings avoid another tie, edge Bears in OT
  Panthers smother Bucs, run streak to eight
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 01, 2013
  Dolphins shut down struggling Jets
  Patriots do it again, rally past woeful Texans
  Ponder leaves game with possible concussion
  Bailey active, Thomas out for Broncos
  Bears' Wright out vs. Vikings
  Stewart in, Williams out for Panthers
  Ridley inactive for Patriots
  Cardinals RB Ellington inactive
Monday, December 31, 2012
  49ers release RB Jacobs
  Titans to keep Munchak as head coach
  Cardinals fire Whisenhunt, GM Graves
  Chiefs fire Crennel
  Raiders fire offensive coordinator Knapp
  Stretching the Field: The stars will align in NFL playoffs
  Report: Cardinals fire Whisenhunt, GM Graves
  Eagles part ways with Reid
  Jets fire GM Tannenbaum; Ryan retains job
  Chargers fire Turner, Smith
  Bears cut ties with Smith
  Gailey relieved of duties by Bills
  Extra Points: 'Black Monday' remains unforgiving
  Report: Bears cut ties with Smith
  Browns dismiss coach Shurmur, GM Heckert
  Report: Chiefs fire Crennel, keep GM Pioli
  Report: Browns fire coach Shurmur and GM Heckert
  Jaguars fire GM Smith
  Colts down Texans in Pagano's return
  Morris shines as Redskins top Cowboys for NFC East crown
  Wilson leads Seahawks past Rams
  Chargers close losing season with win over Raiders
  Pats blank Dolphins to earn bye
  Peterson carries Vikings into playoffs, falls short of record
  Williams, Panthers run over Saints
  Bucs best top-seeded Falcons in finale
  AFC Wild Card rematch highlights NFL playoff schedule
Sunday, December 30, 2012
  Broncos clinch AFC's top seed in rout of Chiefs
  Late interception return lifts Bengals over Ravens
  Niners clinch NFC West in win over Cards
  Bears hold on for win over Lions, but still miss playoffs
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 30, 2012
  Bills top Jets in finale
  Bears hold on for much-needed win over Lions
  Steelers down Browns in finale
  Giants kept out of playoffs despite routing Reid's Eagles
  Reynaud, Brown help Titans down Jags
  Pats TE Gronkowski active for Week 17
  Falcons' Abraham leaves with ankle injury
Saturday, December 29, 2012
  Bucs activate CB Wright
  Chiefs place Copper on IR
  Jags RB Jones-Drew has foot surgery
  Saints, Payton agree on extension
  Saints RB Thomas placed on IR
Friday, December 28, 2012
  Reports: Saints, Payton agree on extension
  Titans LB McCarthy heads to IR
  Forte probable, Urlacher doubtful for Bears
  Raiders' Pryor to start finale
  Giants list Nicks questionable for finale
  Nelson set to return for Packers, Cobb uncertain
  Niners' Manningham placed on IR
  Bengals place Nugent on IR
  Browns QB Lewis to start Sunday vs. Steelers
  Odd Man Rush: Cowboys riding growth of Dez Bryant
  Extra Points: Examining the Pro Bowl rosters
  Cowboys and Redskins square off for NFC East title
  Seahawks try to cap perfect home sked against Rams
  Turner era could end in San Diego
  49ers try to wrap up NFC West against Hoyer, Cardinals
  Broncos try to sew up bye, take on Chiefs
  Saints and Panthers both want to finish strong
  Frontrunning Falcons tune-up with Bucs
  Vick back as Eagles take on desperate Giants
  Bears face must-win situation in Detroit
  Peterson takes aim at history as Vikings host Packers
  Patriots jockey for playoff position against Dolphins
  Ravens and Bengals prep for playoffs
  Browns shoot for rare sweep of Steelers
  Pagano returns as Colts host Texans
  Jags and Titans finish disappointing seasons
  Jets take circus to Buffalo
Thursday, December 27, 2012
  Raiders send Seymour to IR
  Rice, Atkins, Spurlock named AFC players of the week
  Falcons QB Ryan highlights NFC weekly winners
  Seahawks' Sherman wins PED appeal
  Jets' McElroy out with concussion, Ryan goes back to Sanchez
  Manning, Rodgers among Pro Bowl starters
Wednesday, December 26, 2012
  Extra Points: Legacy on the line for Cowboys' Romo
  Ravens activate Ray Lewis
  Steelers place three on IR
  Browns sign Josh Johnson
  Bears ink S Nolan
  Eagles bring back DT Dixon
Tuesday, December 25, 2012
  Report: Niners' Manningham has season-ending knee injury
Monday, December 24, 2012
  Browns put Massaquoi on IR
  Jaguars place Shorts, two others on IR
  Raiders' Palmer to miss finale with cracked ribs, bruised lung
  Steelers' Miller faces knee surgery
  Pagano rejoins Colts
  Eagles QB Foles out for season finale with broken hand
  Bears extend LS Mannelly
  Bills place TE Chandler on IR
  Extra Points: Falcons take care of business, Texans falter
  All these teams want for Christmas is ...
  Seattle clinches playoff berth with rout of 49ers
Sunday, December 23, 2012
  Packers crush Titans by 48
  Cowboys/Redskins Week 17 showdown flexed to Sunday night
  Ravens win division, hurt Giants' playoff chances
  Bears' defense delivers in much-needed win over Cardinals
  Manning, Broncos dismantle Browns
  Brown's kick sends Bengals into playoffs, Steelers home
  Colts beat Chiefs, cap stunning turnaround with playoff berth
  Jets fall to Chargers in McElroy's starting debut
  Browns QB Weeden leaves game
  Saints survive Cowboys' late surge for OT win
  Bradford helps Rams to victory over struggling Bucs
  Vikings come through with big win over AFC South champ Texans
  Redskins hold on against Eagles in Griffin's return
  Dolphins knocked out of playoff contention despite win
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 23, 2012
  Bears' Forte leaves game
  Panthers top Raiders for third straight win
  Pats shake off early rust, rebound to down lowly Jags
  Packers crushed Titans by 48
  Titans RB Johnson exits early
  Raiders QB Palmer leaves with rib injury
  Bills TE Chandler injures knee
  McElroy, Sanchez and Tebow all active for Sunday
  Johnson breaks Rice's mark; Falcons secure No.1 seed in NFC
Saturday, December 22, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Saturday, December 22, 2012
  Vikings activate CB Cook
  Ravens place LB McClain on IR
  Ravens' Lewis won't return Sunday
  Report: Lewis not expected to return Sunday
Friday, December 21, 2012
  Justin Smith uncertain for 49ers
  Smith, Yanda questionable for Ravens
  Giants' Bradshaw practices, questionable to play
  Redskins declare RG3 probable for Sunday
  Stretching the Field: A doomsday obit for the NFL
  Bills agree to new lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium
  Extra Points: Potential Pagano return is welcome news
  Dolphins place K Carpenter on IR
  RG3 ready to face Eagles
  Niners could wrap up NFC West in Seattle
  Restless Ravens take on slumping Giants
  Desperate Bears visit Cardinals
  Broncos search for 10th straight win, host Browns
  McElroy takes over as Jets host Chargers
  Brees tries to shoot down playoff-hopeful Cowboys
  Bucs hope to stop skid against Rams
  Peterson, Vikings face off with Watt, Texans
  Dalton, Bengals try to solve Steelers
  Colts aim to lock up playoff berth in K.C.
  Pats try to avoid letdown against lowly Jags
  Bills shoot for sweep of Dolphins
  Raiders hope to slow down Newton, Panthers
  Packers take aim at Titans
Thursday, December 20, 2012
  Pagano cleared to return
  Cowboys RB Murray returns to practice
  Seahawks' Jones lands on IR
  Shanahan: No setbacks for Griffin
  Eagles sign TE Evan Moore
  Groin injury ends season for Bills' McKelvin
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
  Jets send WR Hill to IR
  Dolphins place RB Thomas on IR
  Griffin practices fully Wednesday
  Lions place DT Fairley on IR
  Extra Points: Reid's actions leaves steroid cloud over Eagles
  Chargers sign Baker to 53-man roster
  Eagles' McCoy to return against Washington
  Moreno, Watt, Janikowski named AFC weekly winners
  San Francisco QB Kaepernick highlights NFC weekly winners
  Report: Tebow may ask for trade
  Chargers place Mathews, Floyd on IR
  Jets bench slumping Sanchez in favor of McElroy
Tuesday, December 18, 2012
  Browns send Ward, Johnson to IR
  Lions place CB Lacey on IR; sign CB Bartell
  Browns tab Scheiner as Holmgren's replacement
  Bills place WR Jones, LB Moats on IR
  Steelers shelve Colon for remainder of season
  Bears place Bush on IR
  Eagles' Harbor lands on IR
  Steelers sign CB King
  Bills sign OL Urbik to extension
  Titans eliminate Jets from playoff contention
Monday, December 17, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Monday, December 17, 2012
  Bears' Toeaina lands on IR
  Browns release CB Patterson
  Steelers reinstate Mendenhall
  Ravens LB McClain out for season with spinal contusion
  Redskins OT Black suspended four games for PEDs
  Extra Points: Three's Company in NFC East
  Jets face must-win in Nashville
  49ers hold off Patriots, clinch playoff berth
  Falcons deal Giants first regular-season shutout since '96
  Surging Seahawks dominate Bills behind Wilson
Sunday, December 16, 2012
  Cowboys edge Steelers in OT, shake up playoff picture
  Broncos beat Ravens for ninth straight win
  Newton, Panthers roll over Chargers
  Janikowski's five FGs fuel Raiders win over Chiefs
  Wells helps Cardinals snap 9-game slide
  Brees back on track as Saints rip Bucs to end losing streak
  RG3 who? Cousins lifts 'Skins into share of NFC East lead
  Vikes down Rams; Peterson continues pursuit of Dickerson
  Dolphins handle Henne, Jaguars
  Packers bounce Bears to clinch NFC North
  Texans contain Luck to wrap up AFC South
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 16, 2012
  Falcons' White set to play Sunday
  Griffin inactive Sunday
  Suggs, Smith active for Baltimore
Saturday, December 15, 2012
  Griffin ruled out for Sunday
  Chiefs place WR Bowe on IR
  Saints send Jenkins, Brown to IR
Friday, December 14, 2012
  Matthews probable for Pack, Nelson still out
  Giants' Bradshaw won't play vs. Falcons
  Ravens' Suggs questionable to return
  Extra Points: Bengals need more from Atkins down the stretch
  Redskins take aim at rejuvenated Browns
  Niners try to slow down explosive Pats
  Chiefs and Raiders renew rivalry
  Steelers visit Cowboys in big interconference tilt
  Lynch, Seahawks head north of the border to tangle with Bills
  Lindley takes another turn against Lions
  Chargers host Newton, Panthers
  Texans try to turn their 'Luck' around vs. Colts
  Reeling Ravens entertain Peyton, Broncos
  Homecoming for Henne as Jags visit Dolphins
  Peterson hopes to carry Vikings over Rams
  Desperate Bucs meet slumping Saints in the Big Easy
  Falcons and Giants square off in key NFC matchup
  Packers try to sew up NFC North in Chicago
  Bengals keep pace in AFC playoff hunt, bury mistake-prone Eagles
Thursday, December 13, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, December 13, 2012
  Cowboys' Bryant says he's playing Sunday
  Cowboys' Ratliff has surgery
  Shanahan: Griffin will likely be game-day decision
  Bengals take aim at banged-up Eagles
  Report: Brent's blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit
Wednesday, December 12, 2012
  Giants' Bradshaw has sprained knee
  Cardinals go back to Lindley
  Ravens rule out LB McClain
  Eagles' Vick, McCoy ruled out for Thursday
  Cowboys end troubled NT Brent's season
  Patriots bring back WR Branch
  Packers LB Matthews back at practice
  Chargers place DE Martin and S Stuckey on IR
  Extra Points: Cameron's exit means more heat on Flacco
  Minnesota RB Peterson highlights NFC weekly winners
  Pats QB Brady heads list of AFC's best for Week 14
  Bears bring back DT Okoye
Tuesday, December 11, 2012
  Bucs re-sign CB McDonald
  Pats lose recently-signed Stallworth to IR
  Steelers' Mendenhall suspended one game
  Bills place RB Jackson on IR
  Colts place RB Brown on IR
  Ravens' Jackson receives 4-game ban
  Jets reunite with Edwards, claim him from Seahawks
  Panthers place Nakamura on IR
  Tagliabue overturns player suspensions in bounty case
  Bears place Gould on IR, sign Olindo Mare
  A late-season look into the crystal ball
  Brady throws 4 TDs as Pats pound Texans
Monday, December 10, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Monday, December 10, 2012
  Cardinals lose another center, add QB Hoyer
  Dolphins claim WR Binns from Bengals
  Patriots activate Bolden
  Cowboys' Bryant may have significant finger injury
  49ers suspend unhappy Jacobs
  Chiefs WR Bowe to miss game against Oakland
  Eagles' Celek out; Vick, McCoy pass concussion test
  Titans TE Cook to miss remainder of season
  Cameron out as Ravens' OC, Caldwell promoted to post
  Griffin has Grade I LCL sprain
  Raiders reinstate LB McClain
  NFL flexes 49ers-Seahawks into primetime for Week 16
  Bills' Jackson could miss rest of season
  AFC's elite meet when Texans visit Patriots on MNF
  Packers top Lions, grab top spot in NFC North
Sunday, December 09, 2012
  Peterson carries Vikings to win over Bears
  Manning throws four TDs as Giants stomp Saints
  49ers rebound by handling slumping Dolphins
  Seahawks rout Cardinals 58-0
  Redskins' Griffin diagnosed with knee sprain
  Rookies shine as 'Skins down Ravens in OT
  Grieving Cowboys rally past Cincy
  Jets hold off Jags for second straight win
  Rivers throws 3 TDs as Chargers spoil Roethlisberger's return
  Newton helps Panthers top Falcons
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 09, 2012
  Eagles beat Bucs on final play to halt eight-game skid
  Gibson lifts Rams over Bills
  Richardson helps Cleveland run over Chiefs
  Comeback Colts rally for another win over Titans
  Eagles CB Asomugha leaves after collision
  Eagles TE Celek leaves game
  Rams' Amendola inactive for Sunday
  Johnson active for Bills on Sunday
  Texans' Graham won't play Monday
  Tebow active in Jacksonville
  Ravens' Suggs out against Redskins
Saturday, December 08, 2012
  Cowboys NT Brent charged in manslaughter; teammate dies
  Bengals activate Cook
Friday, December 07, 2012
  Giants' Nicks back at practice, questionable to play
  Ravens list Suggs as questionable
  Bears WRs Hester, Jeffery probable; CB Jennings out
  Tampa Bay activates CB Gaitor
  Rams' Amendola game-time decision for Sunday
  Jaguars WR Shorts ruled out
  Packers WR Nelson ruled out for Sunday
  Eagles rule out Vick, McCoy
  Bills WR Johnson questionable for Sunday
  Panthers RB Stewart doubtful for Sunday
  Extra Points: The curious case of Percy Harvin
  Lions try to halt Lambeau losing streak
  Wilson, Seahawks try to remain perfect at home, host Cards
  Saints' Brees aims for another big game vs. Giants
  Niners try to bounce back against Dolphins
  Bucs try to halt slide against lowly Eagles
  Resurgent Rams visit Bills
  Bengals and Cowboys meet in key interconference tilt
  11-1 Falcons square off with Newton, Panthers
  Vikings 'Ponder' how to solve Bears
  Jets take circus to Jacksonville
  Colts resume playoff push against Titans
  Homecoming for Crennel, Quinn as Chiefs visit Cleveland
  Beltway battle: RG3 and 'Skins take on Ravens
  Manning, Broncos roll past Raiders
Thursday, December 06, 2012
  Chargers' Spanos responds to Turner, Smith rumors
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, December 06, 2012
  Tomlin: Roethlisberger to start Sunday
  Bengals add K Josh Brown; waive Jeff Faine
  Bills place Hairston on IR
  Manning, Broncos set to visit Oakland
Wednesday, December 05, 2012
  Sanchez to start for Jets on Sunday
  Season over for Vikings' Harvin, placed on IR
  Titans place Hutchinson on IR
  Cowboys' Costa lands on IR
  Tomlin calls it a 'positive' day for Roethlisberger
  Texans ink CB Routt
  Seahawks' Browner hit with 4-game ban
  Skelton to start for Cardinals on Sunday
  Raiders' McFadden ready to return
  Chargers place LB Barnes on IR
  Ray Lewis returns to practice
  Pair of rookies highlight NFC weekly winners
  Quinn, Dunlap, Suisham named AFC's best for Week 13
  Extra Points: Blame Tannenbaum for Jets' woes
  Packers shore up backfield with familiar face
  Bills' Kelsay lands on IR
Tuesday, December 04, 2012
  Lions banish WR Young to IR
  Dolphins place OT Long on IR
  Report: Bears' Urlacher to miss multiple games
  Jaguars waive LB Session
  Patriots place Edelman on IR
  Panthers place Martin, Applewhite on IR among roster moves
  Redskins CB Griffin suspended for failed test
  Father of Raiders' Allen passes away
  Flawed Jets can still sniff playoffs
  Redskins edge Giants, close gap in NFC East race
Monday, December 03, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Monday, December 03, 2012
  Texans CB McCain headed to IR
  Bills cut ties with LB Morrison
  Lions WR Broyles has torn ACL
  Bills OL Wood has torn MCL
  Texans headed back to playoffs after topping Titans
  Romo tosses three TDs as Cowboys down Eagles
  Broncos handle Buccaneers to clinch AFC West
  Rice, Seahawks down Bears in overtime
Sunday, December 02, 2012
  Suisham, Batch lead Steelers past Ravens
  Browns hold off Raiders
  Bengals deal spiraling Chargers fourth straight loss
  Falcons clinch NFC South
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, December 02, 2012
  Bills get back on track with win over Jaguars
  Patriots edge Dolphins to clinch AFC East
  Zuerlein's FG lifts Rams over 49ers in OT
  McElroy relieves Sanchez, leads Jets past Cards
  Chiefs down Panthers in wake of tragedy
  Rodgers, Packers rally past Vikings
  Luck rallies surprising Colts to thrilling win over Lions
  Browns employee takes own life at practice facility
  Titans' Stewart leaves with broken leg
  The game goes on, Chiefs host Panthers in wake of murder-suicide
Saturday, December 01, 2012
  Chiefs' Belcher commits suicide at team facility
  Chiefs and Panthers will play Sunday
  Extra Points: Tragedy in Kansas City
  KC police: Chiefs' player commits suicide
  Report: Chiefs' player commits murder-suicide
Saturday, December 31, 2011
  Chiefs place Battle on IR
  49ers promote WR Hastings to active roster
Friday, December 30, 2011
  Chiefs sign kicker Succop
  Playoffs begin early for Giants, Cowboys
  Lowly Bucs strive for long-awaited win in Atlanta
  Seahawks, Cards vie for runner-up status in NFC West
  Raiders take on Chargers, try to boost playoff fortunes
  Orton-Tebow face-off highlights critical Chiefs-Broncos tilt
  Steelers hoping for help in test with Browns
  Ravens, Bengals square off in important AFC bout
  49ers aim for coveted bye in visit to St. Louis
  Bears, Vikings to close out season playing for pride
  Texans seeking momentum, while Titans try to stay alive
  No rest for Lions in showdown with top-seeded Packers
  Record-setting Saints get tune-up with rising Panthers
  Eagles try to complete strong finish against Redskins
  Colts' future to be determined in finale with Jags
  Desperate Jets make one last push in Miami
  Patriots host Bills with AFC's top seed at stake
  Brady practices again, probable for Sunday
  Hand wrapped again, Romo listed as probable
  Packers without 3 offensive players vs. Lions
  Texans WR Johnson will be on play count
  Broncos S Dawkins doubtful for season finale
  Roethlisberger probable for Sunday
  Dolphins RB Bush ruled out vs. Jets
  Just win, Raiders!
Thursday, December 29, 2011
  Browns' Shurmur still won't rule out McCoy
  Brady limited in practice by shoulder injury
  Abundance of intrigue offered by season's final week
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
  Dolphins LB Taylor to retire after season
  Bears OL Williams signs 2-year extension
  Vikings QB Ponder practices, will start
  Rams CB Harris says he's retiring
  Dolphins' Long placed on IR
  Brees, Pierre-Paul, Akers named NFC weekly winners
  Patriots' Brady among AFC players of the week
  Redskins release RB Torain
  Bills place K Rayner on IR
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
  Brady, Rodgers among Pro Bowl starters
  Vikings place G Steve Hutchinson on IR
  Bears place Cutler, Forte on IR
  Houston Antwine, former Patriots DT, dies
  Bengals place WR Caldwell on IR
  Step back likely to cost Rams' Spagnuolo
  49ers part ways with WR Edwards
  Brees blows into record book as Saints win division
  Brees breaks Marino's record
Monday, December 26, 2011
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 26, 2011)
  Cowboys place starting guard on IR
  Cardinals CB Peterson will not need surgery
  Gailey says three out for season finale
  Vikings RB Peterson has torn ACL and MCL
  Jaguars place DE Roth, CB Youboty on IR
  Handing out NFL holiday gifts and grinches
  Saints, Brees have goals in reach in huge bout with Falcons
  Packers top Bears, clinch NFC's No. 1 seed
Sunday, December 25, 2011
  Bears RB Barber inactive
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 25, 2011)
Saturday, December 24, 2011
  Vikings RB Adrian Peterson tears ACL
  Vikings lose Ponder, Peterson in win over Redskins
  Vikings' Peterson injured again
  Romo exits game with hand injury
  Bittersweet: Eliminated Eagles down Cowboys
  Cowboys/Giants goes to prime time for final week
  Lions roar past Chargers, into playoffs
  Akers sets FG record as 49ers top Seahawks
  Raiders survive KC in OT, move into tie for first
  Giants ground Jets, keep playoff hopes alive
  Defense comes up huge as Bills rip Broncos
  Bitter sweet: Eliminated Eagles down Cowboys
  Newton breaks rookie passing record in Panthers win
  Bengals down Cardinals, keep playoff hopes alive
  Flacco leads Ravens over Browns
  Pats rally past Dolphins, lock up bye
  Steelers blank Rams without Big Ben
  Titans take down Jaguars
  Vikings' Peterson, Ponder suffer injuries
  Cowboys RB Jones active vs. Eagles
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 24, 2011)
  Rams QB Bradford out vs. Steelers
  Bucs deactivate DTs Haynesworth, Price
  Ravens K Cundiff inactive
  Kolb out again for Cardinals
  Vollmer, Light inactive for Patriots
  Ravaged Bears try to keep up with Packers in Christmas special
Friday, December 23, 2011
  Panthers place CB Munnerlyn on IR
  Vollmer doubtful, 15 Patriots questionable
  Dolphins TE Fasano to miss Patriots game
  NFL hit with suits over 'concussion crisis'
  Chargers' Vincent Jackson questionable for Saturday
  Bears RB Barber doubtful for Sunday
  Streaking Seahawks face challenge from playoff-bound 49ers
  Eagles vie to stay alive in colossal showdown with Cowboys
  With playoffs in sight, Lions host fast-closing Chargers
  Chiefs try to build off huge win in big bout with rival Raiders
  Bengals host surging Cardinals in key late-year clash
  Tebow, Broncos resume playoff quest against deflated Bills
  Titans striving for bounce-back win over Jaguars
  Vikes visit Redskins aiming to avoid making unwanted history
  Batch to start for Steelers
  Ailing Steelers hope to get well at Rams' expense
  Rising Panthers shoot for sweep of woebegone Bucs
  Ravens seeking rebound in battle with Browns
  Patriots try to stay ahead of AFC pack in test with Dolphins
  More than bragging rights at stake for Giants, Jets
  Cowboys RB Jones questionable
  Packers DL Pickett to miss another game
  Ballard, Umenyiora ruled out for Giants
  Ravens K Cundiff doubtful
  Eagles playing with house money
  Orlovsky's late TD pass lifts Colts over Texans
Thursday, December 22, 2011
  Texans WR Johnson out again
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 22, 2011)
  Browns place S Ward on IR
  Browns' Shurmur rules QB McCoy out again
  Knee surgery sidelines Ravens' Boldin until playoffs
  Week 16 predictions, Pro Bowl style
Wednesday, December 21, 2011
  Rams WR Pettis suspended 4 games
  Johnson, Abraham, Lee named NFC weekly winners
  Dolphins' Bush among AFC players of the week
  Bears QB McCown gets start vs. Packers
  Cardinals place LB Porter on injured reserve
  Ravens sign K Graham
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
  Dolphins place LB Misi on injured reserve
  Browns place two on IR
  Jaguars sign C.C. Brown, place McBath on IR
  Patriots place Carter on IR with leg injury
  49ers turn lights out on Roethlisberger, Steelers
  Roethlisberger active for San Fran game
Monday, December 19, 2011
  Another power outage during Steelers-49ers game
  Steelers-49ers delayed due to power outage
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 19, 2011)
  Bears' Knox has successful surgery
  Could another late Charge be coming in AFC West?
  Report: Patriots DE Carter to have surgery
  Big Ben's status overshadows importance of Steelers-Niners clash
  Chargers beat Ravens, get back in AFC West hunt
Sunday, December 18, 2011
  Feely's FG in overtime lifts Cardinals over Browns
  Johnson's late TD leads Detroit past Oakland
  No Tebow time in Denver as Patriots clinch AFC East
  McCoy sets franchise record as Eagles roll past Jets
  Crennel, Chiefs bring Packers' perfect season to an end
  Finally! Colts beat Titans for first win
  Bush lifts Dolphins over Bills
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 18, 2011)
  Panthers end Texans' seven-game winning streak
  Defense sparks big 2nd half as Seahawks rip Bears
  Bengals down Rams, keep playoff hopes alive
  Bears' Knox leaves on stretcher
  Patriots DE Carter carted off
  After win, Colts rule out Manning for final 2 weeks
  Giants suffer crucial loss to Redskins
  Brees' 5 TDs lead Saints past Vikings
  Lynch sparks big 2nd half as Seahawks rip Bears
  Saints without Ingram vs. Vikings
  Rams' Bradford out vs. Bengals, reportedly done for season
  Vikings' Peterson returning to lineup
  Cowboys hold onto big lead, down Bucs
Saturday, December 17, 2011
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 17, 2011)
  Pats LB Mayo reportedly receives extension
  Vikings ink C Sullivan to contract extension
  Roethlisberger questionable for Monday
Friday, December 16, 2011
  Browns QB McCoy out Sunday with concussion
  Titans set out to pin another loss on hapless Colts
  Chargers strive to stay afloat in tilt with red-hot Ravens
  Cardinals try to keep rolling in bout with slumping Browns
  Texans WR Johnson out for Sunday
  David meets Goliath as Tebow's Broncos host powerful Pats
  Unpredictable Eagles vie to damage Jets' playoff plans
  Raiders host Lions in clash of desperate contenders
  Battered Bears face another test in streaking Seahawks
  Sizzling Saints head to Minnesota trying to maintain momentum
  Packers resume perfection quest against revamped Chiefs
  Bengals in search of needed win over depleted Rams
  Newton's Panthers aim to stop playoff-bound Texans' surge
  Dolphins seeking fresh start, while Bills try to break old habits
  Refreshed Giants continue playoff push against rival Redskins
  Cowboys take on bumbling Buccaneers in Saturday night special
  Bears WR Hurd released
  Eagles QB Vick probable for Sunday
  Umenyiora, Baas out; Tuck questionable for Sunday
  Wade Phillips' condition upgraded to 'good'
  Harrison suspension upheld
  Ryan tosses three scores as Falcons rout Jags
Thursday, December 15, 2011
  Titans QB Hasselbeck returns to practice
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 15, 2011)
  Texans update condition of Wade Phillips
  Giants' Umenyiora ruled out for Sunday
  Redskins place Landry on IR
  Bears WR Hurd arrested
  So who's the next head coach to be fired?
  Falcons hoping for less stressful outcome against Jaguars
Wednesday, December 14, 2011
  Hasselbeck held out of Wednesday's practice
  NFL renews deals with FOX, CBS and NBC through 2022
  Jaguars officially sold to Khan
  Rodgers leads Pro Bowl voting
  Crennel benches Palko; Orton or Stanzi to start Sunday
  No practice for Tuck, Umenyiora
  Broncos' Prater among AFC players of the week
  Ryan, Pierre-Paul, Baldwin named NFC weekly winners
  Cowboys place Kitna on IR
  Texans' Wade Phillips to take medical leave
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
  Jets sign S Alexander
  Bills sign OT Pears to extension
  Firings show Chiefs, Dolphins still in search of desired image
  Cowboys place RB Murray on IR
  Jones-Drew proving elite status
  Steelers' Harrison suspended one game
  Buccaneers sign DE Reed
  Seahawks continue dominance of Rams
Monday, December 12, 2011
  Rams QB Bradford under center for Monday's game
  Jets lose Leonhard for rest of season
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 12, 2011)
  Dolphins fire Sparano
  Chiefs fire Todd Haley
  Texans release WR Mason
  Bucs place DT McCargo, LB Cutrera on IR
  Packers WR Jennings to be out 2-3 weeks
  Eagles place WR Smith on IR
  Bengals place Williams on IR
  Cardinals QB Kolb has concussion-like symptoms
  Plenty of work remains for Falcons
  Wayward Rams limp into Monday night matchup with Seahawks
  Packers WR Jennings has sprained knee
  Cowboys RB Murray suffers fractured ankle
  Giants win late as Cowboys suffer another FG debacle
Sunday, December 11, 2011
  Ryan's four TD throws help Falcons rally past Carolina
  Falcons: Smith taken to hospital after win
  Chargers send Bills to sixth straight loss
  Cardinals sneak past 49ers
  Hand of Tebow, foot of Prater lift Broncos to OT win
  Cowboys RB Murray limps off after tackle
  Packers win 19th straight, lose WR Jennings
  Cardinals QB Kolb exits early against San Francisco
  Brees, Saints stay hot with win over Titans
  Lions escape Vikings, keep pace in NFC playoff race
  Hasselbeck injures calf
  Texans survive Bengals, capture AFC South
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 11, 2011)
  Packers WR Jennings leaves on cart
  Patriots escape with first-ever win in Washington
  Lowly Eagles emerge 'Vick-torious' in Miami
  Jones-Drew scores four times to lift Jags past skidding Bucs
  Ravens cruise past Colts
  Jets roll over Chiefs for third straight win
  Yates' game-winning TD pass sends Texans past Bengals
  Dolphins lose Moore and Long to injuries
  Lions RB Smith inactive
  Ravens' Lewis out again, Cundiff active
  Peterson sits again, Ponder to start for Vikings
Saturday, December 10, 2011
  Eagles WR Maclin downgraded to questionable
Friday, December 09, 2011
  Browns QB McCoy has concussion
  Chargers waive G Ndukwe
  Giants, Cowboys have plenty at stake in NFC East showdown
  Raiders next up for unblemished Packers
  Desperate Chargers attempt to run past Bills
  Playoff-bound 49ers try to stay the course in Arizona
  Heart-stopping Broncos put streak on line against reeling Bears
  Surging Saints ready for key clash with Titans
  Lions striving for better behavior, results against Vikings
  Texans' Yates faces first road test in Cincinnati
  Jets host Chiefs vying to continue playoff push
  Bucs, Jaguars both hoping to end skids in in-state matchup
  Ravens relishing chance at decimated Colts
  Falcons face important test from improving Panthers
  Rolling Pats head to Washington seeking another win
  Dolphins aim to add to Eagles' misery in Vick's return
  Cowboys give Sensabaugh 5-year extension
  Giants' Umenyiora, Baas out again
  Chiefs QB Orton doubtful vs. Jets
  Peterson, Ponder questionable for Vikings
  Texans WR Johnson out vs. Bengals
  Broncos RB McGahee questionable for Sunday
  Jaguars place Kampman on IR
  Bucs place Crowder on IR
  Former Charger Lew Bush dies
  Hobbled Roethlisberger leads Steelers past Browns
  Roethlisberger leaves game in first half, returns for second half
Thursday, December 08, 2011
  Roethlisberger leaves game with ankle injury
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 8, 2011)
  Steelers place Hoke and Dwyer on IR
  NFL to add 8 regional combines
  Bills place Lindell on IR
  Rayner to replace injured Lindell for Bills
  Playoff-hopeful Steelers seek to avoid slip-up against Browns
  Giants, Coughlin have plenty riding on final stretch
Wednesday, December 07, 2011
  Peterson misses practice for Vikings
  Cowboys WR Austin returns to practice
  Rams claim QB Clemens off waivers
  Texans sign QB Garcia, 41, as backup
  Chargers place DE Castillo on injured reserve
  No changes for NFL's Week 15
  Panthers QB Newton among NFC players of the week
  Rice, McCarthy and Brown earn AFC weekly honors
  Giants place OT Andrews on injured reserve
Tuesday, December 06, 2011
  Panthers place Fua, McClain on IR
  Texans release Clemens
  Redskins' Davis, Williams suspended 4 games
  Line of Scrimmage: Ten things to take from Week 13
  Chargers begin December run with win over Jags
Monday, December 05, 2011
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 5, 2011)
  Giants S Phillips has knee injury
  Texans WR Johnson has mild hamstring injury
  Ravens, Steelers engaged in high-stakes blinking match
  Vick set to return for Eagles
  Saints taking it one day at a time
  Jaguars seeking new start, Chargers a needed win in Monday tilt
  Brees passes Saints past undisciplined Lions
  Gore, 49ers blank Rams to clinch NFC West title
  Another QB, another W; Texans dump Falcons to win sixth straight
  Crosby's FG keeps NFC North-champion Packers undefeated
Sunday, December 04, 2011
  Packers CB Woodson suffers concussion
  Crosby's last-second FG keeps Packers undefeated
  Rice powers Ravens past Browns
  Stephens-Howling lifts Arizona to OT win over Dallas
  Dolphins continue second-half resurgence, pound Raiders
  Bears RB Forte leaves
  Texans WR Johnson injures other hamstring
  Big Ben powers Steelers past Cincy
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 4, 2011)
  Chiefs use strong defensive effort to down Bears
  Tebow leads another comeback as Broncos nip Vikings
  Jets use late surge to soar past Redskins
  Newton carries Panthers past reeling Bucs
  Johnson runs Titans past Bills
  Gronkowski's three TDs paces Pats over winless Colts
  Panthers' Newton sets NFL record
  Ravens' Lewis inactive against Cleveland
  Cardinals' Kolb returns against Cowboys
  Cincinnati's Dalton leaves game with hip injury
  Polamalu, Woodley active for Steelers
  Raiders' McClain active for Sunday's game
  Broncos LB Miller out vs. Vikings
  Giants' Andrews hospitalized
  Bucs' Freeman inactive Sunday
Saturday, December 03, 2011
  Lions DT Suh unhurt in 1-car accident
  Seahawks OL Okung has torn pectoral muscle
Friday, December 02, 2011
  Suh-less Lions visit high-scoring Saints in Sunday showdown
  49ers aim to sew up NFC West in clash with Rams
  Cowboys try to remain hot in Arizona
  Staggering Giants strive to shock unbeaten Packers
  Ravens battle Browns hoping to end road woes
  First-place Raiders put win streak on line in Miami
  Surging Broncos vie to take down reeling Vikings
  Quarterback concerns at center of Chiefs-Bears tilt
  Titans shoot for needed win over stumbling Bills
  Texans pin hopes on Yates in test with Falcons
  Bucs host Panthers in attempt to stop winless skid
  Patriots host bumbling Colts in potential mismatch
  Jets try to continue playoff push in Washington
  Bengals seeking to gain ground on division-leading Steelers
  Vikings claim QB Rosenfels off waivers
  Suh's suspension appeal denied
  Giants RB Bradshaw questionable vs. Packers
  Jets DL DeVito out vs. Redskins
  Vikings' Peterson won't play Sunday
  Ravens to keep training camp in Owings Mills
  Victorious Seahawks in 'beast mode,' Eagles in least mode
Thursday, December 01, 2011
  McCoy, Asomugha active for Eagles vs. Seahawks
  Raiders LB McClain arrested in Alabama
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 1, 2011)
  Manning cleared for increased intensity of workouts
  Vikings release McNabb
  Murray, Miller chosen as top rookies for November
  Brady, Barwin and Janikowski selected for AFC monthly honors
  Packers QB Rodgers again heads list of NFC monthly honors
  Eagles hoping to save season in Thursday tilt in Seattle
  Colts' tough season brings more difficult decisions ahead
Friday, December 31, 2010
  Saints RB Thomas, five others questionable for Sunday
  Dolphins place LB Dansby on IR
  Rams and Seahawks to decide how NFC West will be won
  49ers, Cardinals set to end disappointing campaigns
  Chargers head to Denver attempting to curtail Tebow-mania
  Plenty at stake when Bears, Packers wrap up regular seasons
  Raiders go for historical win over playoff-bound Chiefs
  Eagles, Cowboys resume rivalry with little at stake
  Jags enter critical showdown with Texans minus key parts
  Colts try to clinch against sagging Titans
  Desperate Giants shoot for needed win in Washington
  Surging Lions try to best Vikings in possible Favre finale
  Saints, Bucs both aim to improve positions in key clash
  Dolphins visit potent Pats with coach's future in question
  Jets seeking momentum surge in bout with Bills
  Ravens take on Bengals with eye on scoreboard
  Falcons host Panthers with top seed in sights
  Steelers vying for bye in battle with Browns
  Fox will not return as head coach of the Panthers
  Texans WR Johnson to have ankle surgery
  Dallas WR Hurd goes to injured reserve
  Chicago WR Bennett questionable for Sunday's game
  Jags' Jones-Drew to miss finale; Garrard placed on IR
  Fitzpatrick a game-time decision
  Browns RB Hillis misses practice again
  Report: Texans to retain Kubiak, add Phillips to staff
  Cowboys place LB Williams on IR, sign K Brown
  Saints WR Colston has minor surgery
  Jaguars place Garrard on IR
  Sanchez to start for Jets
Thursday, December 30, 2010
  Chargers place Gates on IR
  Cowboys sign K Brown
  Jets fined $100,000 for coach's trip
  Jaguars' Garrard has successful surgery
  Saints place returner Roby on IR
  Kolb to start for Eagles against Cowboys
  Bengals' Ochocinco to miss second straight game
Wednesday, December 29, 2010
  Line of Scrimmage: Sorting out the scenarios
  Bowe, Reed and Ford named AFC players of the week
  Rodgers highlights Week 16 NFC players of the week
  Niners' Willis to miss first game of career
  Report: Lions fine Raiola $15,000
  Favre fined $50,000 in Sterger case
  Giants' Nicks, O'Hara iffy for Sunday
  Jaguars' Garrard to miss regular-season finale
  Bucs place WR Benn on IR
  NFC North: New helmet, same results for Packers' Rodgers
  Report: Favre likely to be fined in Sterger case
  NFC East: Reserve ranks step up for Redskins
  Rookie QB Webb, Vikings stun Vick's Eagles
  Brady, Vick get starting nods for Pro Bowl
Tuesday, December 28, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Tuesday, December 28, 2010)
  Vikings' Favre inactive against Eagles
  AFC West: Rave reviews pour in for Denver's Tebow
  Bengals place RB Leonard on injured reserve
  AFC West: Rave reviews pour in for Denvers Tebow
  AFC East: Bills' Nelson holds out hope for Sunday
  NFL donates more than $1 million to American Cancer Society
  AFC South: Colts running towards final playoff spot
  AFC North: Ravens hoping for a little help
  NFC South: Defense key in Saints' clutch win
  NFC West: Change coming once again for the 49ers
  Saints nip Falcons, gain playoff berth
Monday, December 27, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 27, 2010)
  Seahawks preparing Whitehurst to start
  Ravens place long-snapper Cox on IR
  Redskins' Joseph arrested on suspicion of DUI
  Bears ink Mannelly and Toeaina to extensions
  Week 16: Holiday Winners and Losers
  Rams keep playoff hopes alive; 49ers fire Singletary
  49ers fire head coach Mike Singletary
  Pats crush Bills, clinch No. 1 seed in AFC
Sunday, December 26, 2010
  Packers crush Giants, bolster playoff hopes
  Rams/Seahawks to play Sunday evening in concluding week
  Bucs crush Seahawks to keep playoff hopes alive
  Manning, Colts slip past Raiders
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck leaves game
  Chargers RB Tolbert carted off field with neck injury
  Chargers out of playoff race after falling to Bengals
  49ers appear ready to fire Singletary
  Tebow rallies Broncos over Texans
  NFC East champion Eagles in bout with battered Vikes
  Eagles clinch NFC East despite postponement
  Jets fall to Bears, but secure playoff berth
  Rams keep division title hopes alive with win over 49ers
  Redskins hurt Jaguars' playoff chances in OT
  Ravens rookie Kindle arrested, charged with DUI
  Chiefs crush Titans, secure AFC West title
  Lions use fourth-quarter rally to down Dolphins
  Ravens beat Browns to clinch playoff berth
  Chiefs keep rolling, crush Titans
  Brady sets NFL passing record on incompletion
  Eagles-Vikings postponed until Tuesday
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 26, 2010)
  Texans' Johnson will not play in Sunday's game
  Jags RB Jones-Drew out with knee injury
  (NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 26, 2010)
  Dallas QB Kitna departs Saturday's game in desert
  Feely kicks GW FG, Cardinals take advantage of missed extra point
Saturday, December 25, 2010
  Colts RB Hart, three others don't travel to Oakland
  Arizona LB Porter inactive for Christmas Day game vs. Dallas
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 25, 2010)
  Cardinals' assistant coach taken to hospital
Friday, December 24, 2010
  Jags RB Jones-Drew doubtful with knee injury
  Packers list Rodgers as probable vs. Giants
  Favre doubtful for Sunday
  Sanchez likely to play for Jets
  Chargers TE Gates will not play Sunday
  Lions place Stafford on IR
  Much at stake in Falcons-Saints Monday night feature
  Soaring Eagles seek division crown in bout with battered Vikes
  Bucs entertain Seahawks in key battle between slumping teams
  Giants, Packers both looking ahead to big-time showdown
  Broncos fans to get Tebow glimpse in matchup with Texans
  Back-in-control Colts try to fend off Raiders' challenge
  Chargers sail into Cincinnati in must-win situation
  Niners-Rams tilt to help decide how NFC West will be won
  Chiefs attempt to maintain home mastery in clash with Titans
  Jets resume postseason quest with trip to playoff-bound Bears
  Jaguars host sagging Redskins in search of needed win
  Powerful Pats aiming to clinch AFC at Bills' expense
  Surging Lions visit Dolphins squad that's heading south
  Ravens head to Cleveland aiming to punch playoff ticket
  Cowboys, Cardinals hoping for a little Christmas cheer
  Playoff-bound Steelers roll over Panthers
Thursday, December 23, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 23, 2010)
  Vikings CB Winfield fined
  Broncos place K Prater on IR
  Jets QB Sanchez could be game-time decision
  Steelers seeking rebound in midweek tilt with Panthers
  Line of Scrimmage: One man's Pro Bowl ballot
Wednesday, December 22, 2010
  Steelers' Polamalu to miss Panthers game
  Browns place TE Moore on injured reserve
  Rodgers back at Packers practice
  Colts place WR Collie on IR, sign DB Hamlin
  Brady, Vick top Pro Bowl balloting
  Cardinals place WR Doucet on IR
  Vick, Hester highlight Week 15 NFC players of the week
  Rice among AFC players of the week
  Eagles DE Graham has successful surgery
  NFC East: Giant collapse puts New York in precarious position
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
  AFC North: Finally, Bengals have reason to celebrate
  Cowboys place Romo on IR
  NFC West: Even with loss, Rams stay in driver's seat
  NFC North: Bears still have work to do
  AFC South: Colts' ground game, defense answer the call
  NFC South: Falcons set for immense showdown
  Cowboys to place Romo on IR
  AFC West: Big wins leave Chargers wanting, needing more
  AFC East: From frying pan to fire for Dolphins' Sparano
  Bengals place Owens on IR
  Bears crush Vikings to clinch NFC North
  Favre suffers concussion, future play undecided
  Chicago's Hester breaks NFL record
Monday, December 20, 2010
  Favre leaves game with head injury
  NFL bust Ryan Leaf signs book deal
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 20, 2010)
  Favre starts, Peterson inactive for Vikings
  Tebow named Broncos starter again
  Favre upgraded, Hutchinson on IR
  Eagles' Allen headed for surgery
  Week 15: Two Tales of One City
  Patriots rally to top Flynn, Packers
  Jets rally, then hold on to beat Steelers
  Falcons rout Seattle, clinch playoff spot
Sunday, December 19, 2010
  Raiders score 16 in 4th to beat Denver
  Colts take down Jags in key AFC South battle
  Cassel returns, Chiefs down Rams
  Baltimore stays in division hunt with win over Saints
  Clausen, Panthers beat Cardinals in battle of also-rans
  Bengals' Owens out for season with knee injury
  Another miracle at the Meadowlands as Eagles win on final play
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 19, 2010)
  Lions win in OT, snap 26-game road losing streak
  Collins helps Titans snap six-game losing streak
  Buehler's late FG leads Cowboys over Redskins
  Bills hand Dolphins damaging defeat
  Bengals top Browns to end lengthy skid
  Colts WR Collie suffers another concussion
  Chiefs QB Cassel active for Sunday
  Eagles' Jackson, Samuel listed as active
  Report: Broncos leaning on Tebow to start against Raiders
Saturday, December 18, 2010
  49ers place LaBoy, Nedney on IR
  Packers rule out Rodgers; Flynn to make first start
  Packers add Harrell with Rodgers expected to sit Sunday
Friday, December 17, 2010
  Pats' rookies McCourty, Hernandez questionable for Sunday
  Raiders LB McClain, CB Asomugha questionable for Sunday
  Denver QB Orton listed as questionable for Sunday
  Giants' Umenyiora, Vikings' Allen fined
  Ravens' Heap, Zbikowski out vs. Saints
  Steelers' Polamalu, Miller doubtful for Jets game
  Redskins bench McNabb for rest of season; Grossman to start
  Bears, Vikings to settle their differences outside in Monday matchup
  Packers may be short-handed for crucial matchup with potent Pats
  Raiders attempt to remain relevant in test with sinking Broncos
  Jets hope to reverse trends in critical showdown with Steelers
  Falcons vying to stay on top in bout with slumping Seahawks
  Panthers host Cardinals in clash of descending clubs
  More than Missouri bragging rights at stake in Chiefs-Rams tilt
  Texans, Titans fight to stay out of AFC South cellar
  Surging Saints put streak on line in Baltimore
  Cowboys aim for revenge in rematch with turmoil-filled Redskins
  McCarthy to decide on Rodgers this weekend
  Lions try to end epic streak at expense of battered Bucs
  In-state foes square off as Browns visit still-reeling Bengals
  Improving Bills seek to extend Dolphins' home woes
  Colts' division hopes rest on pivotal meeting with Jaguars
  Chiefs' Cassel questionable for Sunday
  NFC East lead at stake when Giants, Eagles renew rivalry
  Eagles' Jackson, Samuel questionable for Giants game
  Grossman set to start for Redskins on Sunday
  Jackson scores three TDs, Chargers rout 49ers
  Chargers' Gates out for Thursday
Thursday, December 16, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 16, 2010)
  Vikings-Bears still on for TCF Bank Stadium
  Texans sign veteran DE Jarvis Green
  Giants make it official, place Smith on IR
  Vikes place Jackson on IR; sign Patrick Ramsey
  McCoy to start Sunday for Cleveland
  49ers, Chargers each enter mid-week tilt in must-win mode
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
  Line of Scrimmage: What a week that awaits
  Chargers' Gates doubtful for Thursday
  Chiefs' Cassel limited in practice
  Texans DE Williams lands on IR
  Manning headlines AFC players of the week
  Jackson headlines NFC weekly winners
  Decision on QB Rodgers status to be made Saturday
  Eagles WR Jackson misses practice
  Alosi now suspended indefinitely
  Cowboys WR Ogletree lands on IR
  Vick continues to lead Pro Bowl voting
  Giants WR Smith out for season
  Patriots place CB Wilhite on IR
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
  Vikings, NFL preparing college stadium
  Bills place Evans on IR
  Giants LB Sintim heading to IR with torn ACL
  Redskins release Hunter Smith, sign Paulescu
  Vikings put CB Cook on IR
  Eagles place DE Graham on IR, bring back Burgess
  Steelers TE Miller passes post-concussion tests
  Seahawks place WR Butler on IR
  AFC West: Raiders making unlikely friends in playoff push
  NFC South: Injuries continue to mount for Bucs
  AFC South: Division crown in reach for Jags
  NFC North: Packers not in with Flynn
  NFC West: 49ers make things interesting in wild, wild West
  AFC East: Snow day strengthens Patriots' division grasp
  Dolphins sign WR Curtis
  AFC North: Steelers' defense provides the points
  Titans place Amano on IR
  Buccaneers promote two from practice squad
  NFC East: Eagles' offense continues to soar
  Favre enough: Brett's streak over
  Wilson's INT return lifts Ravens over Texans in OT
  Favre's streak ends; Giants stomp Vikings in Detroit
Monday, December 13, 2010
  Jets' Woody to have surgery
  Rodgers to begin concussion evaluation
  Wounded Birds: Graham has torn ACL, Bradley dislocates elbow
  Redskins' Landry won't return this season
  Buccaneers lose McCoy, Black for season
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 13, 2010)
  Jets coach apologizes again for sideline incident
  Seahawks WR Butler to be placed on IR
  Favre enough: Brett's streak over, won't start against Giants
  Bengals S Ndukwe out for season with knee injury
  Vikings/Eagles to play Sunday night in Week 16
  Cardinals to stick with Skelton at QB
  Panthers DE Brown, LB Williams land on IR
  Ravens have rebound on minds in Monday night visit to Texans
  Favre's status, venue change bring intrigue to Vikings-Giants tilt
  Exposing the myth of the New York Jets
  Vick, Eagles rally to beat Cowboys
  NFC West tightens up as 49ers crush Seahawks
  Brees, Saints have easy time with Rams
  Dolphins edge Jets in the rain
  Feely shines as Cardinals hammer Broncos in Studesville's debut
Sunday, December 12, 2010
  Patriots rout Bears to clinch playoff berth
  Lions score late to down Green Bay
  Rivers leads Chargers to rout of Chiefs
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 12, 2010)
  Saints, Brees no contest for Rams
  Jones-Drew's TD lifts Jaguars over Raiders
  Atlanta wins seventh straight in rout of Carolina
  Ford Field to host Giants-Vikings game
  Fitzpatrick leads Bills over Browns
  Packers' Rodgers doesn't return in loss to Lions
  Bucs win after botched Redskins snap
  Polamalu, Woodley score TDs in Steelers win
  Packers' Rodgers leaves game with a concussion
  Broncos CB Cox will not start against Cards
  NFL exploring alternatives for Giants-Vikings game
  Report: Metrodome roof collapses
Saturday, December 11, 2010
  NFL moves Giants-Vikings to Monday after winter storm
  Chiefs rule out Cassel; Croyle to start vs. Chargers
  Broncos sign K Hauschka
  Charles in charge: Chiefs lock up RB with new contract
  Eagles rule out CB Samuel for Sunday's game at Dallas
Friday, December 10, 2010
  Cowboys' Barber out for Eagles game
  Jets safety Ihedigbo out vs. Dolphins
  Panthers offensive lineman Robinson suspended
  NFL issues several fines for hits in Week 13
  Patriots sign DB Chevis Jackson
  Pats LB Spikes suspended four games
  Chiefs' Cassel doubtful after surgery
  Steelers host Bengals in clash of AFC North opposites
  Eagles intent on revenge in renewal of rivalry with Cowboys
  New faces abound in Broncos-Cardinals matchup
  Chargers host first-place Chiefs with backs to the wall
  Red-hot Pats head to cold Chicago for marquee meeting with Bears
  Jets seeking bounce-back in bout with up-and-down Dolphins
  49ers switch things up for pivotal matchup with Seahawks
  Surging Saints put streak on line against Rams
  Ground games the focus of Raiders-Jaguars tilt
  Reeling Lions to face another tough test from Packers
  Recharged Vikings to take on Giants with Favre in limbo
  First meets worst as Falcons battle punchless Panthers
  Bucs hoping to give embattled Redskins one more headache
  Browns aim to continue progress in trip to Buffalo
  Cardinals to start third-stringer Skelton
  Giants' Smith, Nicks questionable for Sunday
  Eagles CB Samuel questionable again
  Broncos CB Cox arrested
  McCoy back at practice; Delhomme to start again for Browns
  Mistake-free Manning leads Colts over Titans
Thursday, December 09, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 9, 2010)
  Colts, Titans continue playoff chase
Wednesday, December 08, 2010
  Line of Scrimmage: How to ruin a franchise in 24 months
  Colts' Sanders placed on IR
  Chiefs' Cassel undergoes appendectomy
  Vick has Pro Bowl voting lead
  Cowboys' Bryant placed on IR
  Saints place Betts on IR, sign Mitchell
  Brady once again headlines AFC players of the week
  Rodgers headlines NFC weekly winners
  Dolphins place Harris on injured reserve
  Dolphins WR Hartline has surgery
Tuesday, December 07, 2010
  Jets will cut Coles to make room for safety
  AFC West: Chiefs on verge of unlikely divisional conquest
  AFC North: Ravens let prime opportunity slip through hands
  NFC North: Lions setting foundation for success
  Vikings add RB Booker
  NFC South: Carolina's been a model of futility
  Colts place CB Powers on IR, bring back RB Rhodes
  AFC East: Ryan, Jets forced to regroup after humbling defeat
  NFC West: Life on the road suddenly not so tough for Rams
  NFC East: Another fine mess being made in Washington
  AFC South: Jaguars hope they have grown from last season
  Bucs bring in Raiola for O-line help
  Cardinals' Hall lands on IR
  Steelers place Sepulveda on IR, sign Kapinos
  Redskins suspend Haynesworth for the rest of the season
  Pats impressive in Monday night shellacking of Jets
Monday, December 06, 2010
  Ravens' Ngata, McClain hit with fines
  Broncos fire McDaniels, name Studesville interim head coach
  Former Cowboy, broadcast legend Don Meredith dies
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 6, 2010)
  Broncos fire McDaniels
  Ravens FB McClain expected to return for Texans game
  Bucs CB Talib to miss remainder of season
  Rams LB Diggs out for season with pectoral injury
  Steelers P Sepulveda out for season, Roethlisberger faces surgery
  Cowboys' Bryant has successful surgery
  Sunday Rewind: Resilient Steelers make a big statement
  No changes to Week 15 schedule
  Brown kicks 4 FGs, Rams top Cardinals
  Raiders run to crucial victory over Chargers
  Steelers take division lead with hard-nosed victory
Sunday, December 05, 2010
  Jets bring back Coles yet again
  Cowboys pick off Manning four times, outlast Colts in OT
  Falcons stay atop division with comeback win over Bucs
  Brees-to-Colston in final minute lifts Saints over Bengals
  Cardinals QB Hall sidelined after hit
  Dallas CB Scandrick out with concussion
  Seahawks score 31 unanswered vs. woeful Panthers
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 5, 2010)
  Jaguars run past Titans
  Packers' Rodgers carves up 49ers
  Dawson's FG sends Browns past Dolphins
  Vikings rout Bills after Favre suffers injury
  Chiefs earn split with Broncos, stay atop AFC West
  Giants trounce Redskins to keep pace in NFC East
  Bears keep winning pace, subdue lowly Lions
  Vikings' Peterson active, Harvin out against Bills
  Dolphins WR Marshall inactive for Sunday's game
Saturday, December 04, 2010
  Lightning hold off a late rally by Colorado
  Jets place Leonhard on IR
Friday, December 03, 2010
  Jets S Leonhard has broken leg
  Texans S Pollard fined $40K for hit
  Jets S Leonhard ruled out vs. Patriots
  Longtime player agent suspended by NFLPA
  49ers sign former Steelers K Reed
  Roethlisberger questionable for Ravens game
  Cardinals defensive trio questionable for Sunday
  Plenty on line in latest edition of Steelers-Ravens rivalry
  Stakes sky-high in marquee Monday matchup between Jets, Pats
  Rams take playoff dreams into battle with fractured Cards
  Regrouped Cowboys aim to play spoiler against ailing Colts
  Sinking Seahawks hoping to get well at Panthers' expense
  Bucs' division hopes resting on showdown with Falcons
  Scorching Chargers meet slumping Raiders in AFC West tilt
  49ers head to Green Bay vying to continue recent surge
  Chiefs' Flowers questionable vs. Denver
  Chiefs seeking payback in rematch with fading Broncos
  Reeling Titans prepare for critical clash with Jaguars
  Bengals host Saints in matchup of divergent teams
  Vikings try to maintain good vibes in clash with Bills
  First-place Bears pay a visit to beaten-up Lions
  Dolphins return home for important bout with Browns
  Broncos S Dawkins to miss Sunday's game with rival Chiefs
  Jaguars WR Sims-Walker out with ankle injury
  Giants try to keep pace in visit from rival Redskins
  Vikings' Harvin, Peterson questionable
  Delhomme to start again Sunday
  Patriots release Woods; add Moore
  Eagles use dominant fourth quarter to beat Texans
Thursday, December 02, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 2, 2010)
  Eagles CB Samuel out vs. Texans
  Raiders put QB Gradkowski on IR, sign J.T. O'Sullivan
  Steelers: Roethlisberger has aggravation of old injury
  Patriots place G Neal on IR
  Bengals' Odom lands on IR
  Bills place DE Edwards on IR
  Bradford, Haden selected as top rookies for November
  Ryan, Peppers, Akers earn NFC monthly awards
  Cassel, Suggs, Ford capture AFC monthly honors
  Lions place Hanson on IR
  Scrappy Texans ready to battle Eagles in midweek showdown
Wednesday, December 01, 2010
  Eagles CB Samuel questionable against Texans
  Saints sign LB Humber
  Panthers S Martin fined
  Lions QB Drew Stanton to start against Bears
  Line of Scrimmage: AFC South: balanced...or just mediocre?
  Bears' Cutler highlights NFC weekly winners
  Brady, Quin, Smith named AFC players of the week
  Chiefs add CB Richardson
Thursday, December 31, 2009
  Broncos' Marshall misses practice with injury
  Bills promote Brandon, name Nix GM
  Giants place RB Jacobs and CB Ross on IR
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  Bengals LB Maualuga's season over, placed on IR
  Dolphins place Crowder on IR
  Giants RB Jacobs to have knee surgery next week
  Cutler, Beason, Spurlock named NFC Players of the Week
  Brady, Woodley, Smith tabbed AFC's top performers for Week 16
  Bears place DL Idonije, CB Tillman on IR
  Detroit's Stafford has successful surgery
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 17 - Revisiting Preseason Predictions
  Slew of Vikings highlight 2009 Pro Bowl rosters
  OT Thriller: Bears down Vikings to jumble playoff picture
  Bears DB Tillman leaves on stretcher
Monday, December 28, 2009
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 28, 2009)
  Bucs put RB Graham, DE Wilkerson on IR
  Cowboys special teams coach DeCamillis released from hospital
  Redskins OL Williams to miss last game
  Panthers WR Smith has successful surgery on broken arm
  Report: GM Hurney, Panthers coaching staff to return in 2010
  Bears place Ogunleye on IR; sign P McGee
  Eagles C Jamaal Jackson to miss rest of season
  Falcons ink president McKay to five-year extension
  Romo, Cowboys shut out Redskins to lock up playoff spot
  NFL changes start of Eagles-Cowboys Week 17 tilt
  Texans keep playoff hopes alive with win over Miami
Sunday, December 27, 2009
  Giants eliminated from playoffs after crushing defeat to Panthers
  Eagles closer to division title with win over reeling Broncos
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 16)
  Bengals edge Chiefs to claim AFC North title
  Bengals LB Maualuga breaks ankle
  NFL puts Jets-Bengals in Week 17 primetime slot
  Jets end Colts' undefeated streak to keep playoff hopes alive
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 27, 2009)
  Warner joins elite company as Cards rout Rams
  Saints' Sharper sets INT return yards record
  Bucs hand Saints second straight defeat
  San Fran upends turnover-happy Lions
  Patriots clinch AFC East by routing Jaguars
  Harrison leads Browns over Raiders for third straight win
  Steel alive: Pittsburgh in the hunt after beating Baltimore
  Giants' playoff hopes dim following crushing defeat to Panthers
  Panthers WR Smith breaks arm
  Ryan leads Falcons' rout of Bills
  Dolphins lose Williams, Crowder
  Packers crush Seahawks, clinch wild card berth
  Patriots' Taylor returns against former team
  Falcons RB Turner out against Bills
  Rams QB Bulger put on IR
Saturday, December 26, 2009
  Playoff position on line in always-edgy Ravens-Steelers tilt
  Giants-Panthers battle a meaningful one again
  Cowboys close out December schedule at Washington
  Eagles welcome old friend to town in Broncos visit
  Niners can creep back toward .500 against Lions
  Dolphins-Texans matchup pivotal for much of AFC
  Bengals look to get back in business vs. Chiefs
  Seahawks try to play spoiler in Green Bay
  Rams vying for major upset in Arizona
  Falcons out for more than pride vs. Bills
  Jets cling to playoff life in visit to Indy
  Enigmatic Patriots welcome Jags to town
  Holmgren's presence to be felt in Browns-Raiders tilt
  Saints look to start a new streak vs. Bucs
Friday, December 25, 2009
  Chargers clinch bye, end Tennessee's playoff hopes
  Redskins DT Haynesworth sent home
  Denver WR Royal ruled out for Sunday
  Bills QB Fitzpatrick game-time decision
  NFL Inactives (Friday, December 25, 2009)
Thursday, December 24, 2009
  Raiders FB Lawton suspended four games
  Giants' Jacobs, Redskins' Haynesworth fined
  Colts WR Gonzalez placed on IR
  Panthers place Delhomme on IR
  Stafford to undergo surgery; rookie season over
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
  Cable: Frye remains Raiders' starting QB
  Stewart, Ware, Graham named NFC Players of the Week
  Big Ben, Foxworth, Cribbs are AFC's best for Week 15
  Eagles' Westbrook cleared by doctors, expected to play Sunday
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 16 - A Pro Bowl sketch
  Bills place rookie Byrd on IR
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
  Saints dump K Carney
  Ravens add depth with CB Ivy, S Fitzhugh
  Bills' McGee placed on IR
  Steelers LS Warren, WR Sweed out for season
  Browns place QB Quinn on IR
  Redskins QB Campbell returns after taking big hit
  Manning and Giants embarrass Redskins to stay in playoff chase
Monday, December 21, 2009
  Redskins QB Campbell exits early vs. Giants
  Redskins' Haynesworth, Hall active vs. Giants
  Giants' Ross among inactives vs. Redskins
  Seahawks' Houser in hospital due to collapsed lung
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 21, 2009)
  Cowboys dump Folk, ink Suisham
  Holmgren to become Browns' president
  Jags' sign veteran LB Daniels among several roster moves
  Ravens' Webb out rest of season
  Titans lose LBs Bulluck, Thornton
  Bucs place rookie receiver Stroughter on IR
  Cardinals OL Gandy out up to six weeks after hernia surgery
  Wallace's last-second touchdown lifts Steelers past Packers
  Titans blow 18-point lead, still beat Dolphins in OT
  Cardinals beat Detroit, clinch NFC West
  Vikings fall to Panthers, but clinch NFC North
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 15)
Sunday, December 20, 2009
  December to remember: Chargers win on late FG, clinch AFC West
  Russell's TD pass to Schilens helps Oakland shock Denver
  Eagles clinch playoff spot with win over 49ers
  Flacco's four TD passes lead Ravens over Bears
  Bucs beat Seahawks, snap eight-game road skid
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 20, 2009)
  Kris Brown lifts Texans over Rams
  Ryan's late TD toss to Gonzalez helps Falcons edge Jets
  Boldin's TD catch lifts Cardinals over Lions
  Harrison, Cribbs set records in Browns' win over Chiefs
  Bears' Hester out vs. Ravens
  Ravens S Reed inactive vs. Bears
  Patriots stay atop AFC East with win over Bills
  Pats' Wilfork, Warren out vs. Bills
  Falcons QB Ryan, RB Turner in starting lineup vs. Jets
  Cowboys end Saints' pursuit of perfection
  Cowboys' Ware active vs. Saints
Saturday, December 19, 2009
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 19, 2009)
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 20, 2009)
  Giants CB Ross questionable for Monday
  Can Cowboys spoil Saints perfection?
  Cardinals seeking rebound in Detroit
  Jets try to wrap up win against Atlanta
  Will Bears embrace spoiler role in snowy Baltimore?
  Texans look to hold onto scant playoff hopes in St. Louis
  Titans, Dolphins searching for ultimate redemption
  Panthers stand between Vikes, NFC North title
  Best and worst of AFC East collide in Pats-Bills battle
  Broncos to enhance playoff case vs. Raiders?
  Heavy-hearted Bengals head to San Diego
  Browns try to build on upset in K.C.
  Bucs, Seahawks, both building toward 2010
  Sinking Steelers host surging Packers
  Eagles seek to tackle a win over Niners
  Eagles/49ers start time changed
Friday, December 18, 2009
  Delhomme out, Moore to start again for Panthers
  Falcons' Ryan, Turner questionable vs. Jets
  Several Rams questionable with flu
  Cardinals K Rackers ruled out vs. Lions
  Saints LB Fujita among seven questionable for Saturday
  Eagles' Maclin, Westbrook ruled out for Sunday
  Young, Washington questionable
  Cowboys' Ware, Hamlin questionable for Saturday
  Pats' Wilfork, Warren questionable for Sunday
  Broncos RB Buckhalter, S Hill doubtful for Sunday vs. Raiders
  Ravens S Reed questionable vs. Bears
  Bears' Hester doubtful for Sunday
  Ravens-Bears game time changed due to weather
  Jets will start Sanchez at QB on Sunday
  Injury-prone Bills place T Simmons on IR
Thursday, December 17, 2009
  Colts reach 14-0, muddle Jags playoff hopes
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 17, 2009)
  Titans QB Young limited in return to practice field
  Cowboys' Ware shows up at practice, doesn't participate
  Jags place FB Jones on IR
  Falcons' Ryan, Turner return to practice
  Warrick Dunn to be limited partner of Falcons
  Rams cancel practice due to outbreak of swine flu
  Bengals' Henry dies
  Colts not ready to relax in Jacksonville
  Allen replaces Cerrato in Washington
  Redskins' Cerrato steps down
  Report: Redskins' Cerrato steps down
  Bengals' Henry suffers life-threatening injuries
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
  Titans QB Young misses practice, still day-to-day
  Report: Cole, O'Hara fined for Sunday incident
  Bengals' Henry injured in serious accident
  Vikings' Harvin misses practice
  Seahawks WR Burleson to miss next game
  Bears' Hester sits out practice
  Frye tabbed as Raiders QB against Broncos
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 15 - Moss' exploits are nothing new
  Jets' Sanchez returns to practice
  Marshall's record game earns him AFC weekly honor
  Cardinals place S Ware on IR
  Gore highlights NFC weekly winners
  Rams place G Bell on IR
  Bengals bring back DT Shaun Smith
  Raiders ink Losman
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
  NFC West: 49ers send a message with latest effort
  Vikings LB Erin Henderson suspended
  AFC West: Chargers' bandwagon filling up again
  NFC South: Buccaneers need to be careful with Freeman
  AFC North: Bengals' playoff plans on hold for another week
  Panthers put RT Otah on IR
  Cardinals' Fitzgerald has bone bruise, knee sprain
  Falcons put WR Finneran on IR
  Steelers' Polamalu, Kemoeatu ruled out vs. Packers
  Rams release G Incognito
  NFC East: Cowboys headed for another December of doom?
  NFC North: Red-hot Packers gaining momentum
  AFC South: Colts' Caldwell faces strategy decision
  AFC East: Patriots circling wagons around Moss
  Cardinals' Fitzgerald exits game, returns
  49ers force seven turnovers to deny Cardinals division title
Monday, December 14, 2009
  Raiders QB Gradkowski day-to-day with knee sprains
  Cardinals' Fitzgerald exits game
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 14, 2009)
  Titans QB Young day-to-day
  Texans TE Hill has torn ACL
  Lions RB Smith done for season with ligament damage in knee
  Broncos place S McBath on IR
  Caldwell: No change in Colts approach...this week
  Packers' Chillar agrees to extension
  Cowboys' Ware day-to-day with strained neck
  Eagles WR Maclin to miss time with torn plantar fascia
  Broncos/Eagles time changed for Week 16
  Eagles WR Maclin sidelined
  Colts set record with 22nd straight regular season win
  Brees, Saints stay undefeated with narrow win in Atlanta
  Vikings secure playoff berth with win over Bengals
  Eagles use big plays to down Giants, take lead in NFC East
  December trends continue as Chargers upend Cowboys
Sunday, December 13, 2009
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 14)
  Ganther helps Redskins rout Raiders
  Raiders QB Gradkowski leaves game
  Cowboys' Ware leaves game on stretcher
  Titans QB Young suffers hamstring injury
  Eagles RB Westbrook out vs. Giants; Jackson active
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 13, 2009)
  Johnson and Titans run over Rams
  Rice, Ravens run away from Lions
  Schaub, Johnson carry Texans over Seattle
  Battered Brady, Patriots get back on track by downing Panthers
  Jets run over hapless Bucs for third straight win
  Broncos' Marshall sets single-game NFL record with 21 catches
  Dolphins get past Jaguars to jumble playoff picture
  Packers top Bears for fifth straight win
  Bills get by Chiefs
  Ravens S Reed out
  Pats LB Thomas benched; Brady to start vs. Panthers
  Vikings' Harvin out against Cincy
  Bears sit Hester
  Jaguars without Mathis; Sims-Walker active
  Falcons' Ryan, Turner out vs. Saints
Saturday, December 12, 2009
  Report: Pats LB Thomas benched for Sunday's game vs. Panthers
  Patriots look to stem rising tide vs. Panthers
  Vikings stand between Bengals, division crown
  Streaking Colts seek to maintain focus vs. Broncos
  Lions try to make themselves at home in Baltimore
  Bears vying for signature win against Packers
  Jags-Fins battle to have serious impact on playoff race
  Chiefs and Bills have QB problems, among others
  Saints look to stay unblemished in Atlanta
  Can Bucs damage Jets' new-found playoff hopes?
  Giants welcome Eagles in critical NFC East showdown
  Can Cowboys shed December woes vs. Chargers?
  Seahawks seek to keep Texans streaking the wrong way
  Ground game key in Titans-Rams tilt
  Redskins, Raiders, try to stay competitive
Friday, December 11, 2009
  Vikings' Harvin questionable for Sunday
  Ravens S Reed doubtful for Sunday vs. Lions
  Titans DT Brown fined by NFL
  NFL fines Bucs T Trueblood
  Redskins DT Haynesworth out Sunday vs. Raiders
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck likely to play vs. Texans
  Jaguars CB Mathis, WR Sims-Walker doubtful for Sunday
  Falcons' Ryan, Turner will be game-time decisions vs. Saints
  Bills place starting LT Bell on IR
  Rams RB Jackson questionable for Sunday
  Banged-up Brady listed as questionable for Pats
  Bears' Hester questionable for Sunday vs. Packers
  Young questionable for Titans with balky knee
  Eagles' Westbrook still out, Jackson probable
  Delhomme out again for Panthers
  Falcons' Babineaux arrested
  Browns hand Steelers fifth straight defeat
  Steelers' Ward active vs. Browns
Thursday, December 10, 2009
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 10, 2009)
  Falcons' Ryan, Turner continue to sit out
  Jaguars RB Jones-Drew returns to practice
  Delhomme continues to sit out practice with broken finger
  Brady misses second consecutive practice
  Hasselbeck back at practice
  Jets place Izzo on IR
  Skidding Steelers, Browns, face off by the Lake
Wednesday, December 09, 2009
  Falcons' Ryan, Turner held out of Wednesday's practice
  Vikings' Peterson sits out practice
  Eagles' Westbrook, Jackson practice Wednesday
  Jaguars RB Jones-Drew misses practice
  Culpepper to start against Baltimore
  Steelers' Ward, Gay questionable for Thursday
  Chargers send DT Nwagbuo to IR
  Vikings put Henderson on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 14 - Some playoff bracket guesswork
  Gradkowski among AFC's weekly winners
  Warner highlights NFC weekly winners
  Texans RB Slaton placed on IR
  Bengals add depth with signing of DT Shaun Smith
  Jets to start Clemens in place of injured Sanchez
  Patriots place Lockett on IR
  Colts place Sorgi on IR
  Broncos place OT Harris on IR
  Eagles, Reid agree to contract extension
  Rams place S Atogwe on IR
  Bengals' Ochocinco reportedly fined
  Report: Cowboys' Flozell Adams fined
Tuesday, December 08, 2009
  NFC West: Seahawks starting to make strides
  AFC West: 'Tis the season to run in Denver
  NFC South: Wounded Falcons find their backs against the wall
  Bucs place RB/KR Smith on IR
  AFC North: Changes coming for struggling Steelers
  Steelers' Ward iffy for Thursday
  NFL moves Packers/Steelers; Vikings/Panthers stay in prime time
  Redskins place Portis on IR
  Redskins cut K Suisham, sign Gano
  NFC East: A perfect day for Eagles, Vick
  NFC North: Injuries mounting for Vikes
  AFC South: Surprising Jags look to finish strong
  AFC East: Dolphins still swimming in playoff race
  Packers continue playoff push, down Ravens at Lambeau
Monday, December 07, 2009
  Rams S Atogwe could miss rest of season
  Ravens without Suggs, Reed vs. Packers
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 7, 2009)
  Bengals DT Peko to miss two games; RB Scott likely out for Sunday
  Vikings LB Henderson has leg surgery
  Steelers' Ward injures hamstring
  Saints rally to beat Redskins in OT, stay perfect
  Cardinals inch closer to division title with win over Vikings
  Vikings LB E.J. Henderson carted off field
Sunday, December 06, 2009
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 13)
  Vick shines in return to Atlanta
  Giants top Cowboys to stay in NFC East race
  Chargers roll to seventh straight win; Tomlinson sets record
  Mare's FG on final play lifts Seattle over 49ers
  Cardinals QB Warner active vs. Vikings
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 6, 2009)
  Jaguars send Texans to fourth straight loss
  Panthers pick off Freeman five times in win over Bucs
  Broncos bury Chiefs for second straight win
  Undefeated Colts continue streak, halt Tennessee's
  Texans' Schaub suffers shoulder injury
  Raiders send Steelers to fourth straight loss on last-second TD grab
  Dolphins rally past Pats to tighten AFC East
  Cutler, Bears hang on to beat lowly Rams
  Bengals topple Lions to remain in control of AFC North
  Bears LB Briggs, T Pace out vs. Rams
  Texans RB Slaton out vs. Jaguars
  Roethlisberger back on the field for Pittsburgh
  Raiders sit Heyward-Bey
  Panthers RB Williams out against Bucs
  Falcons without Turner, Jenkins
Saturday, December 05, 2009
  Giants try to stem rising tide against Cowboys
  Cassel, McDaniels meet again in Broncos-Chiefs tilt
  Bengals seek fireworks against hapless Lions
  Texans, Jags, both fighting for playoff lives
  QB experience to reign supreme as Vikes, Cards tangle
  Pats, Fins, both attempting to right ship
  Plot thickens in latest Eagles-Falcons matchup
  December-tough Chargers head to Cleveland
  Clash in styles a feature of Seahawks-49ers battle
  Struggling Bears, Rams, face off in Windy City
  QB issues on front burner for Panthers as Bucs visit
  Someone's streak will end in Colts-Titans tilt
  Brees and Saints roll into Washington
  Steelers seek QB stability, a win, vs. Raiders
Friday, December 04, 2009
  Jets' Sanchez has sprained PCL
  Cardinals QB Warner questionable vs. Vikings
  Chargers S Weddle out for Sunday
  Dolphins LB Porter questionable for Sunday
  Bengals RB Benson probable for Sunday's game
  Giants' Bradshaw questionable vs. Cowboys
  Broncos S Dawkins questionable for Chiefs
  Packers' Thompson sent to hospital
  Falcons' Turner questionable for Sunday
  Texans RB Slaton questionable for Sunday
  Bears LB Briggs, T Pace doubtful for Sunday
  Rams RB Jackson questionable again
  Jets QB Sanchez leaves game with knee injury
  Delhomme ruled out, Moore to start for Panthers
  Jackson to sit when Eagles play Falcons
  Jets use ground game to beat Bills; Sanchez injured
Thursday, December 03, 2009
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 3, 2009)
  Falcons RB Turner misses practice again, unsure of availability
  Delhomme likely to be game-time decision with broken finger
  Ruskell resigns as Seahawks GM
  Harvin, Cushing selected as top rookies for November
  Favre, Woodson, Akers earn NFC monthly awards
  Johnson, Mathis, Ginn capture AFC monthly honors
  Bills, Jets, look for victory north of the border
  Report: Seahawks GM Ruskell to resign
Wednesday, December 02, 2009
  Jamal Lewis suffers serious concussion, career in doubt
  Falcons RB Turner sits out Wednesday's practice
  Redskins RB Portis to miss fourth straight game with concussion
  Delhomme misses practice with broken finger
  Jags CB Mathis out vs. Texans
  Jamal Lewis reportedly suffers serious concussion, career in doubt
  NFL creates stricter concussion rules
  Buffalo S Byrd, CB McGee questionable
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 13 - Murmurs abound around Bears
  Reid: Jackson making progress; Westbrook to sit again
  Young among AFC's weekly winners
  Bears place LB Tinoisamoa on IR
  NFC West: Has Bulger played his last down as a Ram?
  NFC East: Trying to figure out one Giant problem
  AFC West: Trust is key to San Diego's defense
Tuesday, December 01, 2009
  Lions' Pettigrew out with torn ACL
  Bears sign LB June
  Falcons swap kickers
  Browns place Rogers on IR
  NFC South: Saints land their biggest punch of the season
  AFC North: Nothing plain about Ravens' Rice
  AFC East: Jets still have life in playoff chase
  Tomlin expects Roethlisberger to practice
  AFC South: Titans nearing level ground
  NFC North: Murmurs abound around Bears
  Eagles extend Celek
  Saints without Bush for Monday's game
  Brady becomes Patriots' all-time leading passer
  Unbeaten Saints Brees past Patriots
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
  Pennington, Carter, Hanson earn AFC weekly honors
  Turner, Clemons, Longwell capture NFC weekly honors
  Rivers, Reed, Miller capture AFC monthly honors
  Williams, Dawkins, Gould capture NFC monthly awards
  Emotional Shanahan exits in Denver
  Dolphins' Pennington selected as top comeback player
  Line of Scrimmage: Steelers, Panthers, Our Picks for Tampa
  Bills keep Jauron after collapse
  Report: Favre has torn biceps; Cowher not interested in Jets
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
  NFC West: Despite inexperience, Cards know what is at stake
  NFL announces Pro Bowl shakeup
  AFC North: Will Big Ben Play? Will It Matter?
  NFC North: Vikings ready to feel the heat
  NFC East: Eagles receive perfect holiday gift
  NFC South: Changes in store for Bucs following collapse
  Broncos fire Shanahan after team's collapse
  AFC South: Colts are California Dreamin'
  AFC West: Bottom Line is that Broncos Were Bad
  49ers dismiss offensive coordinator Martz
  Giants place CB Madison on IR
  Roethlisberger attends practice, doesn't participate
  Falcons' Ryan named NFL's top offensive rookie
  Texans fire three defensive coaches
  AFC East: Jets Limp to Finish, Mangini Crawls Away
Monday, December 29, 2008
  Browns can Crennel
  0-fer and out: Winless Lions fire Marinelli
  Jets' Mangini out as head coach
  Bucs RB Williams suffers a torn patellar tendon in left knee
  Jets press conference minus Mangini; coach reportedly out
  0-fer and out: Winless Lions reportedly fire Marinelli
  Parker, Steelers blank Browns in season finale
  Kasay's FG helps Panthers top Saints, secure NFC's No. 2 seed
  Longwell boots Vikings to NFC North title
  Colts blank Titans in battle of reserves
  National Football League Game Capsules
  Pats blank Bills, but miss out on playoffs
  NFL playoff times set
  Chargers blow out Broncos, pull off unlikely division crown
Sunday, December 28, 2008
  Favre to have MRI on shoulder
  Quick turnaround: Dolphins clinch AFC East with win over Jets
  Nedney kicks 49ers past Redskins
  49ers remove interim tag, name Singletary head coach
  Raiders thwart Bucs' playoff hopes
  Roethlisberger leaves game on stretcher
  How 'bout them Eagles: Philly gains playoffs by crushing Cowboys
  Ravens pound Jags to earn playoff berth
  NFC West champion Cardinals beat Seattle in Holmgren's final game
  Schaub, Johnson help Texans end Bears' season
  Norwood's late TD lifts Falcons over Rams
  Report: Browns waste little time in showing GM Savage the door
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 28, 2008)
  Absolute imperfection: Lions become first team to finish 0-16
  Bucs RB Williams leaves with knee injury
  Bengals top lowly Chiefs, end year with three straight wins
  Hall of Shame: Detroit sets dubious mark
  Pats finish on high note, shut out Bills in windy conditions
  Cowboys' Barber not on inactive list
  Johnson, Houshmandzadeh inactive for Bengals
Friday, December 26, 2008
  Cowboys' Barber remains questionable
  Ravens' WR Mason, S Reed questionable for Sunday
  Bears place S Brown on IR; sign Worrell
  Bucs-Raiders Finale Has Both Importance and Intrigue
  Battered Browns To End Miserable Season in Pittsburgh
Thursday, December 25, 2008
  Bucs name Morris as new defensive coordinator
  Cowboys QB Romo back at practice Thursday
  Report: 49ers to remove interim tag, name Singletary head coach
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
  Cowboys sign OL Colombo
  New England WR Welker fined
  Gradkowski will start under center against Steelers
  Ravens hope to realize playoff dreams in finale with Jags
  Texans Can Spoil Bears' Playoff Hopes
  Seahawks End Holmgren Era in Arizona
  Singletary, Niners, Seek Win Over Skins to End '08
  Jets Look to End Storybook Run for Dolphins, Pennington
  Bengals, Chiefs, Can Finish Rough '08 on a High Note
  Rams promote Devaney to GM
  Lions Limp to Finish Line in Green Bay
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 17 - Lions Nearing Dubious Place in History
  Cowboys' Romo, Witten miss practice
  Browns' Dorsey held out of practice
  Cardinals sign Hobson
  Redskins place Alexander on IR
  Cowboys Head to Philadelphia With Playoffs In Sight
  Manning, Hall, Koch earn AFC weekly honors
  Ward, Wilson and Plackemeier capture NFC weekly honors
  Backups Should Rule Day in Colts-Titans Matchup
  Coasting Giants Stand Between Vikes, NFC North Crown
  Saints Can Send Panthers on a Tumble In Playoff Bracket
  Chargers Can Help Complete Stunning Broncos Collapse
  Falcons Can Move On Up With Win Over Rams
  Patriots Have Major Hurdle to Clear in Buffalo
  Report: Police find weapons at Burress' home
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
  Steelers place OT Smith on IR
  Jets' Ellis fined for throwing snow at fans
  Jaguars' personnel director resigns
  Good as Gould: FG in OT keeps Bears in playoff hunt, thwarts Pack
  Bears RB Forte active vs. Packers
Monday, December 22, 2008
  Rams' Zygmunt steps down
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 22, 2008)
  NFL finalizes Week 17 schedule
  Line of Scrimmage: Looking Ahead to a Meaningful Week 17
  Broncos fail to close out division in loss to Bills
  Ward, Jacobs lead the way as Giants run over Panthers in OT
Sunday, December 21, 2008
  Late drive falls short as Redskins hurt Eagles' playoff chances
  Broncos/Chargers moved to prime time
  Dolphins keep pace with frigid win in KC
  Jets suffer setback at Seattle, fall back in AFC East race
  Collins helps Titans clinch home-field with rout of Steelers
  Chargers keep playoff hopes alive in thrashing of Bucs
  Hill's heroics lead 49ers past Rams
  Ryan guides Falcons into playoffs with win over Vikes
  Higgins helps Raiders over Texans
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 21, 2008)
  Pats keep pace in AFC East with rout of Cardinals
  Saints send Lions to brink of infamy
  Steelers LB Harrison leaves early
  Bengals blank Browns in offensive struggle
  Cardinals' Boldin inactive against Patriots
  Niners' Gore, Brooks out vs. Rams
  Dolphins' Crowder sits in Kansas City
  Ravens OT Anderson, Mason return despite injuries
  Cowboys' Barber active against Ravens
  Giants-Panthers to Determine Playoff Seeding at Top of NFC
  Ravens rumble late to deal Cowboys crushing loss
Saturday, December 20, 2008
  Ravens OT Anderson leaves game
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 20, 2008)
Friday, December 19, 2008
  Giants' Jacobs questionable against Panthers
  Cowboys' Barber questionable for Sunday
  Redskins RB Portis questionable vs. Eagles
  Cardinals' Boldin to be a game-time decision
  Bears RB Forte questionable vs. Packers
  Niners' Gore, Brooks questionable for Sunday
  Bucs' Garcia expected to start Sunday
  Eagles WR Curtis doubtful, WR Baskett out
  Struggling Cardinals Head to New England
  Falcons Stand Between Vikings, NFC North Title
  Crucial Cowboys-Ravens Tilt Is Texas Stadium Finale
  Broncos Need to Beat Bills, Regardless of Stakes
  Browns Can Render Bengals 0-for-the-Road
  Bears Can Avoid Sweep Against Pack, Boost Playoff Hopes
  Capsizing Raiders Host Streaking Texans
  Trap Game for Dolphins in Kansas City?
  Home Finale vs. Saints is Lions' Next-to-Last Chance
  Jets Need to Spoil Holmgren's Seattle Swan Song
  Redskins Can Terminate Eagles' New Lease on Life
  AFC's Best Square Off in Titans-Steelers Affair
  Bucs, Chargers, Feeling Heat in Playoff Race
  Niners Can Keep Rams Streaking the Wrong Way
  Harrison out against Jaguars
  Colts rally to beat Jags, clinch playoff berth
Thursday, December 18, 2008
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 18, 2008)
  Vikings' Jackson to start vs. Falcons
  Cardinals' Boldin misses practice with shoulder injury
  Cowboys' Barber sits out practice again
  Reed sits out practice again Thursday
  Colts Can Stay Above Wild Card Fray With Win at Jags
  Packers place Bigby on IR
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
  Former Redskins QB Baugh passes away
  NFL approves restructured Steelers ownership
  Buffalo RB Lynch, three others miss practice
  Denver's Stokley, three others held out of practice Wednesday
  Cowboys' Barber misses practice; Romo "sore"
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 16 - And the Wild Cards Will Be...
  Saints place Bush on IR
  Saints' Benson resting after surgery
  Jackson, Ware, Manning capture NFC weekly honors
  Rivers, Smith, Hobbs earn AFC weekly honors
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
  Browns lose Heiden, Bell to season-ending injuries
  NFC West: Cardinals show they still have much to learn
  Jets, Giants highlight 2008 Pro Bowl rosters
  NFC North: Vikings' Jackson gets redemption
  AFC South: Colts make history with seventh straight win
  NFC East: Cowboys come together at crunch time
  Atlanta WR Robinson, CB Irons out for season
  Jaguars place three on IR, sign two others
  AFC North: Ravens' Playoff Hopes In Peril After Controversial Loss
  NFC South: Mistakes crippling Bucs in stretch run
  AFC East: Losman Plays Jets' Not-So-Secret Santa
  Flyin' High: Eagles win third straight to stay in playoff hunt
  Flyin' High; Eagles win third straight to stay in playoff hunt
  Flyin High; Eagles win third straight to stay in playoff hunt
Monday, December 15, 2008
  Report: Vikings DT Pat Williams out 2-6 weeks
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 15, 2008)
  Rams WR Stanley out for season
  Titans' Haynesworth, Vanden Bosch to miss rest of regular season
  Kiffin to leave Bucs to coach with son at Tennessee
  Bills WR Hardy out with ACL tear
  Line of Scrimmage: What the Pro Bowl Teams Should Look Like
  Cowboys put on dominant defensive display in win over Giants
  Cowboys' Barber, Austin active for Giants game
  Report: Titans DT Haynesworth likely out with knee injury
  Jackson throws four TDs; Vikings maintain one-game lead in NFC North
  Carolina inches closer to playoff berth with win over Denver
  Miami keeps pace in AFC East with squeaker over San Francisco
  Elam's field goal in OT propels Falcons past Bucs
Sunday, December 14, 2008
  Giants ink CB Webster to extension
  Rivers leads Chargers past Chiefs with late rally
  Cassel tosses four touchdowns as Patriots pound Raiders
  Steelers clinch division and bye with late win over Ravens
  Colts capture seventh straight and keep Detroit winless
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 14, 2008)
  Johnson's big day helps Texans edge AFC-best Titans
  Jets outlast Bills to remain tied for AFC East lead
  Jones-Drew's late TD lifts Jags, Pack knocked out of playoff race
  Fitzpatrick, Bengals hand Redskins crushing loss
  NFC Waste: Seahawks edge Rams on Mare's last-second boot
  Colts' Addai, Sanders inactive against Lions
  Jones-Drew's late TD lifts Jags; Pack knocked out of playoff race
  Edwards out again, Losman starts for Bills against Jets
  Garcia out for Bucs against Falcons
  Niners' Gore inactive against Dolphins
Saturday, December 13, 2008
  Saints' Bush needs more evaluation on knee
  49ers place WR Battle on IR; sign RB Clayton from practice squad
  49ers place WR Battle on IR; sign RB Clayton to practice squad
Friday, December 12, 2008
  Browns' Winslow out vs. Eagles
  Redskins' defense hurting for crucial matchup with Bengals
  Colts RB Addai questionable for Lions game
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck out; Jones done for remainder of season
  Cowboys' Barber questionable for Giants game
  Edwards doubtful for Bills/Jets matchup
  Frerotte doubtful for Vikings/Cardinals matchup
  Bills to be without CB Greer again
  Garcia expected to start Sunday
  Desperate Jets Have Sweep of Bills in Mind
  Rejuvenated Eagles Look to Make Short Work of Browns
  First-Place Panthers, Broncos, Battle in Charlotte
  Colts Stand Between Lions, 0-14
  Struggling Packers, Jaguars Compare Misery in Jacksonville
  Cards Begin Playoff Countdown Against Vikes
  Raiders Try to Play Ungracious Hosts to Moss, Pats
  Cowboys' Backs Against Wall in Matchup with Giants
  Elite Defenses on Display in Key Ravens-Steelers Tilt
  Chargers Take Slim Postseason Hopes to Kansas City
  Seahawks, Rams, Try to Avoid NFC West Basement
  Giants RB Jacobs won't play against Dallas
  Soaring Dolphins Welcome 49ers
  Bucs, Falcons, Both Seeking Rebound
  Texans Represent Next Step Along Titans' Road
  Fading Redskins Desperate for a Win in Cincinnati
  Bears place RB Wolfe on IR, sign Gardner
  Gould boots Bears past Saints in OT
Thursday, December 11, 2008
  Judge's decision another victory for suspended players
  Culpepper out, Orlovsky to start behind center for Lions
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 11, 2008)
  Playoff Position On Line In Bears-Saints Tilt
  Buffalo places Schobel on IR
  Jaguars place Taylor on IR
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
  Father of Patriots QB Cassel passes away
  Cowboys' Adam Jones out for Sunday, possibly the season
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 15 - Who Will Win Game of AFC East Survivor?
  Bears WR Booker doubtful for Saints game
  Seattle DE Kerney, G Wahle have shoulder surgery
  Williams, Hayes, Thomas earn NFC weekly honors
  Schaub, Reed, Carpenter earn AFC weekly honors
  Broncos sign TE Putzier
Tuesday, December 09, 2008
  NFLPA appeals Burress' suspension
  NFC West: 49ers becoming Singletary's team
  Broncos' Hillis heads to IR
  AFC North: Steelers "D" Getting Scarier
  Lions release CB Kelly, sign CB Wynn
  NFC North: Bears enjoy some home cooking
  NFC East: Another offensive display by fading Redskins
  NFC South: Panthers power their way back to top spot
  AFC South: Titans 'Smash and Dash' their way to playoff berth
  Bengals sign S Doss
  AFC West: Broncos Can Taste Playoffs
  NFL upholds suspension of Jags WR Jones
  AFC East: Who Will Win Game of Survivor?
  Panthers/Giants moved to prime time for Week 16
  Bears place DT Dvoracek on IR
  Panthers run all over Bucs in NFC South battle
Monday, December 08, 2008
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 8, 2008)
  Broncos' Hillis done for the season
  Packers T Tauscher done for year with torn ACL
  Redskins' Samuels out for season
  Veteran kicker Andersen finally calls it quits
  Panthers OL Bridges arrested
  Saints find running game in win over divisional foe Atlanta
  Reed, Ravens defense lead Baltimore over 'Skins
  Dolphins beat Bills in Canada, climb into tie for AFC East lead
Sunday, December 07, 2008
  Townsend's INT return gives Steelers comeback win over Dallas
  Warner helps Cardinals claim NFC West with blowout over Rams
  Hill stars as 49ers shock Jets
  Cutler leads Broncos past Chiefs, closer to AFC West title
  Pats rally late to edge Seahawks on the road
  Losman starts for Bills vs. Dolphins
  Titans beat Browns, rush their way to AFC South crown
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 7, 2008)
  Eagles score big road win; Giants lose, but capture NFC East
  Line of Scrimmage: 2008 NFL All-Rookie Team
  Bruschi leaves, Seau in for Pats
  Bears RB Wolfe out
  Bears shut down Jaguars to stay in divisional race
  Colts dominate Bengals; extend winning streak to six
  Colts S Sanders active vs. Bengals
  Brown's boot sends Texans over reeling Pack
  Buckhalter inactive for Sunday
  Peterson, Jackson lead the way as Vikes keep Lions winless
  Eagles score big road victory over NFC-leading Giants
  Broncos still without CB Bailey, RB Young against Chiefs
  Frerotte leaves game against Lions
  Eagles WR Curtis out
Saturday, December 06, 2008
  Cowboys' Barber out for Steelers game
  Report: Cowboys' Barber out for Steelers game
Friday, December 05, 2008
  Texans' Schaub listed as probable
  Simpson to serve long prison term
  Judge blocks suspensions of five NFL players
  Haye doubtful as Bucs' defensive line ailing
  Titans' CBs Finnegan, Harper questionable for Browns game
  Denver CB Bailey questionable, LB Williams doubtful
  Seahawks QB Hasselbeck doubtful for Sunday
  Bills QB Edwards doubtful
  Cowboys' Barber questionable for Steelers game
  Ravens' Rolle, Reed, Mason questionable
  Redskins' Portis questionable, among others
  Colts LB Brackett, DT Dawson out Sunday vs. Bengals
  Seahawks place Wahle on IR; sign McKinney
  Eagles' Westbrook questionable
  Seau returns to New England
  Major Obstacle Faces Cowboys in Pittsburgh
  Chiefs Hold Heads High While Visiting Denver
  Toronto the Site for Important Bills-Dolphins Duel
  Do Vikings Offer Lions Best Remaining Shot for a Win?
  Trip to Seattle Big for Pats, not NFL Observers
  Jets Seeking Bounce-Back Effort at 49ers
  Can Eagles Remain in Postseason Hunt at Giants Stadium?
  NFC South Leader Will Come From Panthers-Bucs Battle
  Falcons Can Sweep Saints, Improve Playoff Position
  Bears Try to Stay Relevant by Stopping Jags
  Division Crown the Prize for Cardinals In Rams Matchup
  Home Fires Need to Burn for Pack in Texans Tilt
  Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison
  Ravens, Skins, Seek to Improve Playoff Position
  Browns Stand Between Titans, Division Crown
  Flailing Bengals Visit Surging Colts
  NFL Over/Under Angles
  Rivers and Chargers crush Oakland
Thursday, December 04, 2008
  Raiders QB Russell leaves with ankle injury
  49ers CB Clements hurting
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 4, 2008)
  NFLPA files lawsuit to block suspensions
  Saints place S Kaesviharn on IR
  Cowboys' Barber uncertain for Steelers game
  Redskins' Portis, host of others miss practice
  Jags place CB Mathis on IR
  Chargers Look to Stop Slide vs. Raiders
  Manning, Peppers, Smith capture NFC monthly awards
  Flacco, McKelvin earn rookie honors for November
  Jones, Freeney, Carpenter capture AFC monthly honors
  NFLPA to file grievance on Burress' behalf
  Pat Williams, Kevin Williams suspensions blocked by judge
  Report: Pat Williams, Kevin Williams suspensions blocked by judge
Wednesday, December 03, 2008
  Quinn undergoes successful surgery on finger
  Vikings sign DT Kennedy
  Colts LB Brackett sidelined with leg injury
  Jags CB Mathis out for season
  Seattle places center Spencer on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 14 - Weighing in on StarCaps
  Coughlin addresses Burress situation
  Westbrook, Allen, Jones earn NFC weekly honors
  Slaton, Mathis, Leggett earn AFC weekly honors
  Eagles place Jean-Gilles on IR
  Patriots bring back Rosevelt Colvin
  Bengals sign LB Hobson
  Burress officially out for the year
Tuesday, December 02, 2008
  Texans QB Schaub expected to return Sunday
  Adam Jones rejoins Cowboys
  NFC East: Giants block out yet another Burress distraction
  AFC North: Tough Stretch-Run Awaits Ravens
  NFL suspends six for doping violations
  NFC South: Falcons' Turner one-ups former mentor
  NFC West: Arizona hurt by being one-dimensional
  NFC North: Momentum shifting Vikings, Childress' way
  Browns add Gradkowski as QB injuries mount
  AFC South: Where would the Colts be without Dungy?
  AFC West: Do Chiefs Have Worst-to-First Potential in '09?
  AFC East: Dolphins on the Brink
  Quinn to undergo surgery
  Marvelous Monday night debut: Slaton carries Texans past Jags
Monday, December 01, 2008
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 1, 2008)
  Burress surrenders to authorities
  Browns' injury woes continue, Dorsey to start vs. Titans
  Cardinals cut Johnson, sign Graham
  Lions place WR Furrey on IR
  Steelers release veteran RB Davenport, again
  Vikings beat Bears behind Minnesota's 99-yard touchdown
  Williams leads Panthers past Packers
Monday, December 31, 2007
  Giants place S Dahl on IR
  Ravens fire Billick
  Levy steps down as Bills GM
  Dolphins fire GM Mueller
Sunday, December 30, 2007
  Titans wrap up final playoff spot by outlasting Indy
  NFL first-round playoff schedule
  Rivers leads Chargers to win over Oakland
  Browns wrap up regular season by rolling past Niners
  Nugent's 43-yard field goal lifts Jets over Chiefs in OT
  Washington secures final NFC playoff spot
  Davis returns two kicks for TDs as Texans rout Jags
  Warner throws three touchdowns as Cardinals topple Rams
  Report: Levy to step down as Bills GM
  Panthers end season with win over playoff-bound Bucs
  Redman, Falcons top Seahawks; snap six-game skid
  Ravens end season with win; Steelers fall to No. 4 seed
  Report: Lions will fire offensive coordinator Martz
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 30, 2007)
  Westbrook enters Eagles record book as Philly beats Bills
  Favre and Packers prep for playoffs by disposing of Detroit
  Gonzalez tops Sharpe on tight end reception list
  Lemon hurt in Dolphins' finale
  Hester sets TD return record
  Bears bury Saints' slim playoff hopes
  Bengals drop woeful Dolphins to 1-15
  Bears bury Saints slim playoff hopes
  Warrick Dunn reaches milestone
  Browns QB Anderson injures hand; Quinn sees action
  Sweet 16: Brady, Moss, Pats make history
  Brady, Moss enter record books
Saturday, December 29, 2007
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 29, 2007)
  Vinny Testaverde set to retire
Friday, December 28, 2007
  Report: Colts ink Sanders for five years, $37.5 million
  Weinke to start season finale for 49ers
  Galloway out, Hilliard questionable for Bucs
  Colts' Harrison questionable for Week 17
  Cardinals' Fitzgerald, Boldin questionable
  Break-Even Mark on the Line in Eagles-Bills Battle
  Panthers Might Not See All of Bucs' Stars
  Dolphins Can Impress Parcells With Win Over Bengals
  Cowboys Stand Between Redskins, Playoffs
  Can Lions End 16-Year Drought in Green Bay?
  Jags Wish to Keep Momentum Going in Houston
  Edwards, Chiefs, Try to Shoot Down Jets
  Vikings Seeking to Reclaim Mojo in Denver
  How Many Records Will Fall in Pats-Giants Matchup?
  Saints' Slim Playoff Hopes Could End in Chicago
  Not Much Mystique In This Steelers-Ravens Tilt
  Seahawks Head to Atlanta for Final Tune-Up
  Browns Can't Control Fate, But Can Take Down 49ers
  Cardinals, Rams, Looking to Avoid Negatives
  Titans Need Win in Indy to Reach Playoffs
  Report: Roethlisberger out for Sunday
Thursday, December 27, 2007
  Cowboys re-sign WR Crayton
  Raiders' Sapp, Burgess fined
  Patriots release Chad Brown
  Roethlisberger tops AFC Players of the Week
  Portis, Mitchell and Maynard earn NFC weekly honors
  Bears place CB Vasher on IR
  Raiders place Culpepper, Fargas on IR
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
  49ers QB Hill questionable
  Browns ink Dorsey to extension
  Pats-Giants game to be shown on NBC and CBS
  Dolphins place Goodman on IR
  Bengals place Dorsey, Williams, Ghiaciuc on IR
  Bucs WR Stovall headed to IR
  Panthers place Peppers on IR
  Browns sign veteran DL Hamilton
  Falcons place OT Pennington on IR
Tuesday, December 25, 2007
  Cowboys WRs for Sunday: Glenn in, Owens out
  Christmas Eve crush: Chargers batter Broncos
Monday, December 24, 2007
  Chargers DT Bingham signs contract extension
  Ravens RB McGahee to miss season finale
  Panthers C Hartwig done for season due to knee injury
  Bills T Peters out for Sunday
  Raiders to start Russell
  Titans CB King fractures forearm
  Saints CB McKenzie sidelined
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 24, 2007)
  Bears place Anderson on IR
  Lions' Jones has sprained ACL
  Browns place Kelley, Adams on IR
  Steelers place Parker on IR
  Titans/Colts moved to Sunday night
  McNabb, Eagles damage Saints' playoff hopes with win
  Redskins beat Vikes to control playoff destiny
Sunday, December 23, 2007
  Big Blue playoff bound after running over Bills
  Ravens RB McGahee leaves game
  Cards edge Falcons in OT
  Watson, Bengals down Cleveland
  Titans control playoff destiny after edging Jets
  Bucs slotted as NFC's fourth seed after tight loss to 49ers
  Pats at 15-0 after pounding Dolphins
  Seahawks pound Ravens to lock up No. 3 seed in NFC
  Eagles' Dawkins leaves game with foot injury
  Saints CB McKenzie leaves game
  Taylor, Jags rout Raiders to clinch wild card
  Line of Scrimmage: What Can Tuna Do for Dolphins?
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 23, 2007)
  Everett returns to Buffalo
  Lions snap slide; keep Chiefs skidding
  Manning throws three touchdowns in rout over Texans
  Bears rout Pack; Cowboys earn homefield advantage
  Detroit RB Jones injured against Chiefs
  Chiefs' Croyle injured against Lions
  Cowboys' Owens diagnosed with high ankle sprain
  Raiders' Sapp ejected from game versus Jaguars
  Saints RB Stecker leaves game
  Bills' Peters injures groin
  Cowboys beat Carolina, but TO hurts ankle
  Panthers DE Johnson exits
  Cowboys WR Owens leaves game
Saturday, December 22, 2007
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 22, 2007)
  Jets' Coles placed on injured reserve
Friday, December 21, 2007
  Ravens' Heap doubtful, Lewis questionable
  Peppers doubtful with knee injury
  Falcons Try to Escape It All in Sunny Arizona
  Will QB Change Help Ravens in Seattle?
  Bengals Cast In Spoiler Role Against Browns
  Romo, Cowboys, Target Repeat Performance in Carolina
  Broncos Seeking Christmas Eve Miracle in San Diego
  Bears Look to End Misery Against Hated Packers
  Texans Try to Slow Colts' Momentum
  Detroit, Kansas City, Both Streaking the Wrong Way
  Dolphins Eyeing Earth-Shattering Upset in New England
  Giants Will Be Feeling the Heat in Buffalo
  Win Vs. Jets Would Improve Titans' Playoff Hopes
  Raiders Stand Between Jaguars, Playoffs
  Saints Can Remain in Playoff Discussion With Win Over Eagles
  Niners Game Could Impact Bucs' Playoff Position
  Wild Card Position at Stake in Vikes-Skins Battle
  Ravens CB Rolle placed on IR
  Steelers close in on playoff berth; Parker breaks leg
Thursday, December 20, 2007
  Steelers RB Parker suffers broken fibula against Rams
  Steelers RB Parker leaves early in Rams game
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 20, 2007)
  NFL upholds "Pacman" Jones' suspension
  Dolphins reel in Tuna
  Smith to get first NFL start for Ravens
  Redskins bring back Stoutmire
  Parcells ready to join Dolphins
  Eagles' Spikes placed on IR
Wednesday, December 19, 2007
  Ravens QB Troy Smith may get first NFL start
  Five Colts' starters could miss Sunday's game
  Parcells spurns Falcons, joins Dolphins
  Redskins sign DE Buzbee
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 16 - Pro Bowl Snubs, Anyone?
  Chiefs place Turley on IR; claim Adrian Jones on waivers
  NFL denies appeal by Dallas' Williams
  Lemon tops AFC Players of the Week
  Brees, Sheppard and Spurlock earn NFC weekly honors
  Parcells spurns Falcons, turns attention to South Beach
  Patriots re-sign Moore, release two
  Bucs release FB Zack Crockett
  Eagles' Spikes done for season
  Titans place MLB Fowler on IR
  Lions place WR Williams on injured reserve
  Chargers Riding Wave Toward Postseason
  Report: Parcells headed to Atlanta
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
  Jets release Hicks, Jones
  Broncos release Sauerbrun
  11 Cowboys, eight Patriots highlight Pro Bowl rosters
  Sloppy Vikings survive against toothless Bears
  Seahawks suffer shocker
  Titans still on outside looking in
  It's in the numbers for the Rams
  Cowboys' Romo makes bad impression on new squeeze
  Cardinals give away opportunity
  Sack master Williams leads Texans
  Bears, defense can't hold on
  Overlooked Eagles get defensive
  Jags' O-line deserves a lot of credit
  Hill trying to figure in 49ers' future plans
  Home not where the heart is for lifeless Giants
  Colts prep for another title run
  Youth serves Panthers well in big win
  Spirited Redskins show they've learned from past failures
  Playoff picture smeared for Bills
  Anything happen with the Falcons this week?
  Pats beat Jets with running game, improve to 14-0
  What Went Wrong in Mile High
  Browns brave conditions, move to brink of playoffs
  It's Getting Ugly In K.C.
  Jets come up short in Foxboro
  Debacle on the West Coast spells end of Lions' playoff hopes
  Packers taking care of business and getting some help
  Raiders Looking Better In Defeat
  Brees, Stecker keeps Saints in Wild Card hunt
  Dolphins get the monkey off their backs
  Bengals Were Saturday Night Dead
  Bucs Clinch Playoff Berth With a Flourish
  Steelers In Danger of Fading From Playoff Race
  Ravens Suffer Another Indignity
  Peterson helps Vikings move one step closer to playoffs
Monday, December 17, 2007
  NFL collars Dallas' Williams
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 17, 2007)
  Eagles' Spikes has torn rotator cuff
  Giants place TE Shockey on injured reserve
  Dolphins' Crowder to have surgery
  Redskins improve playoff chances with win over Giants
Sunday, December 16, 2007
  Giants TE Shockey breaks leg; needs ankle surgery
  Giants WR Tyree inactive following death of mother
  Eagles defense shuts down Cowboys to keep slim playoff hopes alive
  Saints stay in the hunt with win over Cardinals
  Colts clinch first-round bye with win over Raiders
  Tomlinson and Sproles run all over Lions as Chargers clinch AFC West
  Favre passes Marino; Packers down Rams to clinch bye
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 16, 2007)
  Lemon's OT touchdown pass gives Dolphins first win
  Bucs rip Falcons, clinch division title
  Boller, Lewis hurt in Ravens' loss
  Spygate Showdown: Pats hold off Jets to go 14-0
  Jaguars steal one in Pittsburgh
  Jets QB Clemens leaves game
  Panthers knock off NFC West champion Seattle
  Young and Titans remain in playoff hunt by outlasting Chiefs
  Browns rushing attack plows over Bills
  Favre sets all-time record for passing yards
  Hill wins 1st career start as Niners down Bengals
Saturday, December 15, 2007
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 15, 2007)
  NFL fines two Titans
  Bills sign Parrish to extension
Friday, December 14, 2007
  Roethlisberger questionable for Jacksonville game
  Report: Huizenga in talks to sell Dolphins
  Cowboys' Ratliff gets five-year extension
  Giants safety Butler out for Sunday
  Bills safety Wilson placed on IR
  Cardinals, Saints, Engage in Playoff Elimination Game
  Falcons Try to Start Afresh With Triumph in Tampa
  Dolphins, Ravens, Compare Struggles In Miami
  Playoffs A Possible Reward for Browns-Bills Winner
  Vikings Can Inch Closer to Playoffs With Win vs. Bears
  Can Bengals Continue 49ers' Misery?
  Bolts, Lions, Cast in Opposing Roles
  Playoff-Bound Packers Seek 12th Win in St. Louis
  Surging Colts Head to Oakland
  Steelers-Jags Tilt is Rife With Playoff Implications
  Tension Mounts in Latest Patriots-Jets Affair
  Eagles Resigned to Playing Spoiler in Dallas
  Streaking Seahawks Meet Fading Panthers
  Chiefs, Titans, Both Looking to Bounce Back
  Redskins Stand Between Giants, Playoffs
  Weather will be a factor this Sunday
  Rams' Bulger expected to start Sunday
  Super Mario: Texans sack Broncos' playoff hopes
Thursday, December 13, 2007
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 13, 2007)
  Familiar Faces Featured In Broncos-Texans Tilt
  Broncos give Winborn two-year extension
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
  Saints place Mare on IR, sign Gramatica
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 15 - Petrino Out...Who's Next?
  Cowboys WR Glenn returns to practice
  Brady, Dumervil head AFC Players of the Week
  Collins, Trufant and Blackmon earn NFC weekly honors
  Lemon to start again for winless Dolphins
  Jaguars place Stroud on IR
  Falcons turn to Thomas to finish season
  Niners sign Weinke as Smith goes to IR
  Ravens place McAlister on IR
  Browns sign veteran LB Adams
  Report: Bucs' TE Stevens suspended one game
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
  Defense leads Seahawks to title
  Cardinals' playoff chances take big hit
  No moral victories for the Niners
  Is this the end in Chicago for Grossman?
  Defense puts Titans in huge hole
  QB situation summary of season for Rams
  Texans shooting for strong finish
  Another priceless moment for Colts' Manning
  Can the Jags hang with New England?
  Edwards puts Bills in good position
  Bears sign DT Kennedy to active roster
  Offense once again bails out Cowboys in emotional win
  Another close loss ruins Eagles' season
  Wounded Giants manage to rise to the occasion
  It's officially wait 'til next year for Panthers
  Redskins' Collins to get a long-awaited opportunity
  Another wild finish puts Cleveland back in driver's seat
  Beck or Lemon: Does it really matter?
  Bad Day Becomes Bad Night for Falcons
  Mangini kicks Jets chances away in loss to Browns
  Packers take another step
  Patriots are 13-0 after trouncing Steelers
  Without Bush, Saints cling to postseason hopes
  Vikings enjoying quite a turnaround
  Broncos Roll, But Is It Too Late?
  Bengals Emerge From Basement
  Steelers DE Smith might need season-ending surgery
  Bucs' Loss Doesn't Matter Much
  Have the Real Chargers Finally Stood Up?
  Is it Over and Out for the Lions?
  Ravens Reach a New Low
  Raiders Have as Many QBs as Wins
  Nobody Home for Chiefs
  Steelers Aren't Quite There Yet, Guaranteed
  Cardinals TE Pope done for the season with ankle injury
  Garcia expected to return Sunday
  Brees-ing along: Saints pound Falcons to keep playoff hopes alive
  Smith done for season, Dilfer doubtful for Saturday
  Report: Saints' Bush done for the year
Monday, December 10, 2007
  Texans' Schaub likely out again
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 10, 2007)
  Merriman will miss Lions game, maybe more
  Bills safety Wilson out for rest of regular season
  Orton to get start for Bears
  Chargers' Neal sidelined with fractured fibula
  Redskins/Vikings moved to Sunday night
  Vick sentenced in Virginia
  Still perfect: Pats pound Pittsburgh
  Hasselbeck leads Seattle to NFC West title
  Manning, Colts clobber Ravens
Sunday, December 09, 2007
  Jaguars rebound from tough loss to pound Panthers
  Niners' Dilfer leaves game
  Lewis runs over Jets as Browns continue playoff push
  Peterson's production limited, but Vikings rout 49ers
  Cutler, Marshall lead Broncos over Chiefs
  Edwards throws 4 TDs as Bills keep Dolphins winless
  Bills safety Wilson fractures ribs
  Texans prevent Bucs from clinching division
  Cutler. Marshall lead Broncos over Chiefs
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 9, 2007)
  Cowboys clinch NFC East with stunner over Lions
  Cardinals TE Pope leaves game
  Burress, Giants hold off Eagles
  Chargers rally past Titans
  Packers wrap up NFC North with rout of Raiders
  Johnson, Graham lead Bengals over Rams
  Gonzalez leaves game with injury
  Merriman second to leave game for Chargers
  Chargers QB Rivers leaves game
  Chatman, Booker sidelined for Miami
  Bucs' Garcia sidelined again
Saturday, December 08, 2007
  Colts' Harrison out, again
  Saints' Bush out for Monday night
  Stokley gets extension with Broncos
  Report: Stokley gets extension with Broncos
  Bulger out Sunday; Berlin will make first start for Rams
  Bears QB Grossman reportedly done for season
Friday, December 07, 2007
  Jets' Cotchery doubtful against Browns
  Favre expected to play; extend streak
  Cards' Boldin, Fitzgerald questionable
  Redskins QB Campbell out against Giants
  Niners' Smith doubtful for Week 14
  Bucs' Garcia questionable for Sunday
  Niners' Smith doubtful for Week 13
  Saints' Bush may be done for year; Payton addresses Michigan rumors
  Jaguars activate Stroud
  Giants' S Wilson out against Philadelphia
  Chiefs' Johnson out for Broncos game
  Pittsburgh's Polamalu out with knee injury
  Four Ravens fined for improper conduct
  Bulger's status questionable; Frerotte doubtful to play Sunday
  Seahawks Can Make it a Four-Peat Vs. Cardinals
  Playoff Position on Line in Jags-Panthers Tussle
  Jets Try to Damage Browns' Playoff Hopes
  Can Fading Lions Clip Surging Cowboys?
  Colts Take Winning Act to Baltimore
  Bragging Rights at Stake In Broncos-Chiefs Tilt
  Bills Can Get Above .500 With Win Over Dolphins
  Peterson, Vikings, Run Into San Francisco
  Falcons are First Hurdle for Saints to Jump
  McNabb Return Highlights Eagles-Giants
  Raiders Look to Keep Packers From Division Title
  Steelers Attempt to Slay Patriots
  Streaking Chargers Head to Tennessee
  Struggling Bengals, Rams, Battle in the Queen City
  Texans Stand Between Bucs, NFC South Crown
  Will the streak end on Sunday?
  Bills' Lynch likely to play, Kelsay out against Dolphins
  Washington snaps skid to keep playoff hopes alive
Thursday, December 06, 2007
  Redskins QB Campbell leaves game
  Bears QB Grossman leaves Washington game
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 6, 2007)
  Moss tops the list for AFC Players of the Month
  Owens, Kerney and Crosby nab NFC monthly awards
  Thomas, Harris earn rookie honors for November
  Falcons Redman to start against Saints
  Bills' RB Thomas to IR
Wednesday, December 05, 2007
  Texans' Schaub likely out for Sunday
  Vikings' DE Edwards suspended four games
  Bulger passes neuro exam, likely to play Sunday
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 14 - And the Final Two Wild Cards Will Be...
  McNabb says he's ready to play
  Romo, Tatupu and Allison earn NFC weekly honors
  Manning, Merriman headline AFC Players of the Week
  Browns place Griffin on injured reserve
Tuesday, December 04, 2007
  Cardinals suddenly thin at the wide receiver spot
  Seahawks make a stand in Philly
  Niners can't stay on winning track
  Texans' Schaub goes down again
  Titans still alive in playoff chase
  Rams aiming to finish season strong
  Bears fail to show sense of urgency in latest loss
  Dolphins' Thomas placed on IR
  Colts inch closer to another division title
  Jags look to rebound this week
  Bills win on Gibbs' gaffe
  Broncos RB Henry wins appeal
  Panthers finally give home crowd a reason to cheer
  Giants RB Ward done for the season
  Cowboys have separated themselves from NFC pack
  A healthy McNabb now tops Eagles' holiday wish list
  Giants' Manning lets his play do the talking
  Trying times don't go away for grieving Redskins
  Some things change for the Falcons, others don't
  Little Roar Left in These Lions
  Packers peek into future in loss to Cowboys
  Things go Patriots' way in win over Ravens
  Vikings back in the middle of NFC playoff race
  Broncos Fading From Playoff Race
  Chargers Regaining Power
  Beck bombs in home debut
  Chiefs Border on Utter Irrelevance
  Mistakes and turnovers doom Browns
  Jets pull off the "upset" in Miami
  Palmer, Bengals Miss Again
  Bucs Move One Step Closer
  Heartbreak Still the Prevailing Feeling for Ravens
  Steelers Primed for the Big One
  Favre named Sportsman of the Year
  Dirty dozen: Pats edge Ravens for 12-0 start
Monday, December 03, 2007
  Cards' Boldin has dislocated toe
  Dolphins safety Worrell tears ACL
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 3, 2007)
  Rams' Frerotte has injured shoulder
  Murphy named Packers president, CEO
  Ravens place McNair on IR
  Giants RB Ward has broken leg
  Lions' Williams could miss rest of season
  Thousands mourn Redskins' Taylor
  Ward, Roethlisberger help Steelers top Bengals
  Bills win with last second FG on Gibbs' gaffe
  Cardinals hold off Browns
Sunday, December 02, 2007
  Giants come back in fourth quarter to down Bears
  Seattle takes fourth straight as Eagles fall just short of win
  Texans' Schaub leaves game
  Russell makes first appearance as Oakland downs Broncos
  McCown leads Bucs past Saints
  Manning, Colts edge Jaguars in key division matchup
  Titans hold off Texans
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 2, 2007)
  Tomlinson and Chargers run past Chiefs
  Frerotte, Rams hold off Falcons
  Panthers brush off 'Niners, keep pace in NFC South
  Jets pound Dolphins; Miami falls to 0-12
  Peterson returns, scores a pair of TDs as Vikings run past Lions
  Lions' Williams leaves with knee injury
  Redskins' Randle El misses first game of career
  Vikings' Peterson active
  McNabb inactive for Eagles
  Fourth man denied bail in killing of Sean Taylor
Saturday, December 01, 2007
  Packers ink QB Nall
  Cardinals place Wilson on IR
  Bond denied for three in killing of Sean Taylor
  Arrests made in fatal shooting of Sean Taylor
Sunday, December 31, 2006
  Field goal by San Fran in OT boots Denver from playoffs
  Manning's stellar day leads Colts past Dolphins
  Alexander, Seahawks cruise past Buccaneers
  Denver's Cutler leaves with head injury in the second
  Jets soar past Oakland to wrap up playoff berth
  Chiefs secure final AFC playoff spot
  Chargers down Cardinals, clinch best mark in AFC
  Ravens beat Bills; earn first-round bye
  Eagles ground Falcons; win NFC East once more
  Brady, Pats top Titans
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 31, 2006)
  Too little too late; Delhomme returns as Panthers top Saints
  Texans topple Browns
  Lions pull off stunner; Cowboys stumble into playoffs
  Chiefs stay alive, eliminate Jacksonville's playoff hopes
  Fond farewell? Steelers give Cowher thrilling OT win
  Jackson leads Rams to win over Vikings
  Barber carries Giants to brink of playoffs
Saturday, December 30, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 30, 2006)
  Arizona signs S Francisco to four-year extension
  Dolphins place Traylor on IR
  Eagles sign G Herremans to five-year extension
Friday, December 29, 2006
  49ers re-sign Roman
  Browns' OL Coleman and LB Davis out for Sunday
  Raiders place Jordan and Porter on IR
  Giants' Shockey to miss game versus Redskins
  Braham put on IR; Jones downgraded
  Final week NFL trends
  Report: Titans to keep Fisher
Thursday, December 28, 2006
  Can Cardinals Separate Chargers from No. 1 Seed?
  Falcons Could Face End of an Era In Philly
  Ravens Can Earn A Rest With Triumph over Bills
  Saints Game Might Arrive Too Late for Panthers
  Texans, Browns Face Off Under the Radar
  Cowboys Look to Right Ship Against Dreadful Lions
  Bears Might Stand Between Pack, Postseason
  Chiefs-Jags Winner Likely Left Out of Playoffs
  Shaky Colts Need to Heat Up Against Dolphins
  Streaking Titans Vying to Keep Hope Alive Vs. Pats
  Giants Loss in D.C. Would Raise Contenders' Hopes
  Jets Try Not to Overlook Raiders
  Bengals Need Victory Over Steelers, Help
  Will Win Over Bucs Precede Hawks Playoff Start?
  Cutler, Broncos, Try to Sew Up Playoff Bid Vs. Niners
  Rams-Vikings Tilt Could Have Playoff Implications
  Panthers' Delhomme upgraded to probable
Wednesday, December 27, 2006
  Texans place Weaver on IR
  Panthers' Delhomme questionable
  Jaguars' S Grant listed as doubtful
  Bucs ink QB Simms
  Jets' Coles listed as questionable
  Giants' Seubert doubtful; Shockey questionable for Saturday
  Colts' Freeney listed as questionable
  Eagles' Sheppard and Lewis questionable for Falcons game
  Vikings place Smoot on IR following car accident
  Buffalo extends Lindell
  Braham set to call it quits
  Jackson, Kampman and Gould earn NFC's weekly awards
  Redskins place Springs on IR
  QB squeeze: Lemon to start for Dolphins
  Jackson, Kampmann and Gould earn NFC's weekly awards
  Young, Merriman and Brown earn AFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 17 - Stop Whining About NFL Mediocrity
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
  Dorsey gets the start for Cleveland
  Giants place Strahan on IR
  Jaguars sign G Manuwai to extension
  Jets inch closer to playoffs by edging Dolphins
  Packers/Bears selected for Sunday night; wild chase for playoffs
  NFL playoff scenarios
  Eagles run over Cowboys to clinch playoff berth
Monday, December 25, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 25, 2006)
  Chargers rally for win, but Seahawks clinch division
  Leinart sprains shoulder
  Cards KO 49ers; Leinart injures shoulder
Sunday, December 24, 2006
  Bengals botch PAT as Broncos slip away victorious
  Ravens stop Steelers, vault into No. 2 seed in AFC
  Saints move closer to bye with win over Giants
  Gould, Bears rally past Lions
  Brown's FG lifts Texans past Colts
  New England clinches AFC East with win over Jacksonville
  Young leads streaking Titans past Bills
  Vick sets running record, but Falcons fall to Panthers
  Action Jackson: Rams top Redskins in OT
  Vikings to cut Marcus Robinson
  Bucs beat Cleveland for only road win of season
  Strahan back on the field for New York
  Vick becomes first QB to top 1,000 yards rushing
  Saints' Horn out against Giants
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 24, 2006)
  Browns lifts Texans past Colts for first time in franchise history
  Springs breaks shoulder blade
  Johnson, Chiefs run all over Raiders
  Vikings, tackle Williams agree to contract extension
Saturday, December 23, 2006
  Wilhelm signs extension with Chargers
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 23, 2006)
  Redskins placed Washington on IR
  Vikings, tackle Williams reportedly near new deal
Friday, December 22, 2006
  Saints' Horn downgraded to doubtful
  Cadillac downgraded to doubtful
  Panthers' Delhomme doubtful
  Jets Need Win in Miami to Aid Playoff Hopes
  Jaguars' Taylor out for Week 16
  49ers' Bryant suspended four games
  No Spirit of Giving Present in Cowboys-Eagles Showdown
  Niners Need Win Over Cardinals, Help From Seahawks
  Win Over Ravens Would Keep Hope Alive for Steelers
  Desperate Falcons, Fading Panthers Battle at Georgia Dome
  Will Bears Take it Easy on Lions?
  Determined Bengals Await Broncos, Cutler
  Colts Carry New-Found Momentum into Houston
  Chiefs Need Win Over Raiders, Holiday Miracle
  Can Pats Break Jags' Home Stranglehold?
  Saints Can Prolong Giants' Misery
  Seahawks can Wrap up NFC West Vs. Chargers
  Browns, Bucs, Play for Pride, Draft Position
  Titans, Bills, Seek to Maintain Momentum
  Playoffs Remain a Possibility for Rams
  Patriots sign P Sauerbrun
  Playoffs Or Bust
  Report: Browns' Frye has broken bone in wrist
  Packers down Vikes in possible Favre Lambeau send-off
Thursday, December 21, 2006
  49ers place Fields on IR
  Dolphins place Wilkinson on IR
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 21, 2006)
  Playoff Position on the Line for Pack, Vikes
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
  Henry questionable for Titans
  Jaguars' Taylor sidelined with hamstring injury
  Ravens place Cody on IR, sign Bannister
  Trouble Brewing for Seahawks
  Carolina places Wahle, Rucker on IR
  Last-Minute Shopping not First on Ravens' List
  Browns place Butler on IR
  Tomlinson among AFC Players of the Week
  Grossman, Dawkins, Turk earn Player of the Week honors
  49ers' Smith shows his leadership
  Injuries, inconsistency plague Browns once again
  Bucs prove they'll fight to the bitter end
  Leinart loses battle of rookie quarterbacks
  No end in sight for LT's dream season
  Eagles prepare for Christmas showdown
  G-Men are down, but not out
  Jets keep hope alive in Minnesota
  Status Quo for Lions
  Pats' quick draw stops Texans in their tracks
  Raiders' nightmare season continues
  Rams winners for second time in 10 weeks
  A sour celebration for Saints
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
  Bears suspend DT Johnson for one game
  Bears Fans Might Finally Get to See Griese
  Bears Fans Might Finally Get to Seek Griese
  Bengals don't step up in the spotlight
  Losman turns in solid showing
  Cutler looking sharp
  Mourning Chiefs lose another game
  Colts get back on track
  Cowboys: Beware of Ware
  Tomlinson, Manning to lead AFC Pro Bowl offense
  Zach Attack: Thomas shines in Buffalo
  Seven Bears highlight NFC Pro Bowl roster
  Time for the Falcons to put up or shut up
  Jags' road woes resurface
  Packers Win (Very) Ugly
  Panthers sink to new low
  Redskins march out of Superdome victorious
  Steelers still ticking after victory
  Texans' Season of Discontent Continues
  Titans ask, "Who needs offense?"
  QB Change Coming for Vikes
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 16 - NFL All-Rookie Team
  Manning magnificent as Colts clobber Bengals
Monday, December 18, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 18, 2006)
  Bucs name Rattay starter
  Panthers' Rucker out for season
  NFL spits out Owens fine
  Tomlinson sets single-season scoring mark
Sunday, December 17, 2006
  Cutler leads Broncos to win over Cards
  Defense propels Titans to win over Jaguars
  Pennington leads Jets to win over Vikings
  Parker, Steelers roll past Panthers
  Eagles rally late to beat Giants in key NFC East battle
  Jackson, Rams run over Raiders
  Bears edge Bucs in OT to earn homefield advantage
  Pack beats Lions despite three Favre INTs
  Losman throws three TD passes as Bills blank Dolphins
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 17, 2006)
  Patriots crush Texans
  Saints fall to Redskins, but still clinch division
  Ravens lose McNair but clinch playoff birth after win over Browns
  Panthers' Delhomme out again with thumb injury
  Cowboys rally in second half to beat Falcons
  Falcons' Morten Andersen sets NFL scoring record
Saturday, December 16, 2006
  Lawyer: Johnson not responsible for fatal shooting
  NFL Inactives (Saturday, December 16, 2006)
Friday, December 15, 2006
  Vikings' Henderson agrees to contract extension
  Bears to sit DT Johnson Sunday
  Muhammad, Urlacher land on injury report
  Bengals place Washington on IR
  Texans' Cook placed on IR
  Mora apologizes for radio comments
  Pats In Need of Rebound Against Texans
  Offensive Fireworks Probable In Colts-Bengals Matchup
  Ravens Can Wrap up Playoff Spot Vs. Browns
  Cowboys, Falcons, Need Saturday Night to be Special
  Rookie QBs Featured in Cardinals-Broncos Tilt
  Packers Look to Ignite Home Fires in Lions Game
  Young Seeks to Continue Magic Act Vs. Jags
  Emotional Chiefs Head to San Diego
  .500 Would be Achievement for Bills, Fins
  Jets Take Inconsistent Act to Minnesota
  Stakes High in Latest Installment of Eagles-Giants
  Even Mark on the Line in Steelers-Panthers Battle
  No Hollywood Ending Set for Raiders, Rams
  Grossman, Bears, Welcome Bucs to Soldier Field
  Saints Look to Keep Rolling Against Struggling Skins
  Quarterbacks and their ATS records
  Browns' Jackson placed on IR; Frye sidelined again
  Gore runs roughshod over Seattle again
Thursday, December 14, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 14, 2006)
  Stokley placed on IR
  Bengals' Pollack needs more surgery
  Chargers sign WR Hakim; place Floyd on IR
  Cleveland loses LB Jackson for season
  Niners Stand Between Seahawks, NFC West Title
  Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt dies
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
  Bennett and Henry questionable for Titans
  Dolphins sign QB Matthews; Chambers questionable
  Panthers' Delhomme questionable with thumb injury
  Pittsburgh's Polamalu doubtful with knee injury
  Driver is questionable versus Lions
  Dunn, Norwood questionable for Falcons
  Pats sign TE Santiago, place RB Pass on IR
  Ravens Set Themselves Up for Success
  Mistakes put nail in 49ers' coffin
  Browns take another wrong turn on the road to respectability
  Same old story: Bucs falter due to offensive deficiencies
  Cardinals enjoy the role of spoiler
  Special day for L.T. and the Chargers
  Eagles' run defense exposed again
  Eli coming around for G-Men
  Same old Jets
  Lions Still a Long Way from Win Column
  Pats drown in Dolphins' tank
  Raiders sliding towards finish
  Rams Handed Another Loss by Hester, Bears
  Can Saints go from shattered to Super?
  Seahawks Losing Ground
  Brees, Griffin, Hester earn Player of the Week honors
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
  Bears, Grossman, Pass Test
  Seahawks' Jackson to miss Thursday's game
  Bengals aim to follow Steelers' path
  McGahee battles through illness
  Broncos fading fast
  Jags make a statement
  Chiefs lose a big one
  Colts defense is starting to become a running gag
  Cowboys must have short memory
  No quit in these Dolphins
  Falcons survive, hope to advance
  Road is Where the Wins are for Packers
  For Panthers, it's looking like wait 'til next year
  Redskins win stat battle, lose game
  Mistaken Identity: Parker isn't "Pittsburgh," but he's a Steeler
  Texans Get a Glimpse of Young
  Titans: This is Becoming Familiar
  Vikings Find Success in an Unusual Place
  Patriots release WR Doug Gabriel
  Culpepper put on IR
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 15 - Remember Homefield Advantage?
  Bears place Harris on IR
  Lions place RB Jones on IR
  Hester shines as Bears down Rams
Monday, December 11, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 11, 2006)
  Brees throws five TD passes in blow-out win over Cowboys
Sunday, December 10, 2006
  Packers give McCarthy a win in return to San Fran
  Garcia, Philly edge Washington
  McGahee overcomes illness to help Buffalo crush Jets
  Jones-Drew, Jags run all over Indy
  James and Arizona down Seattle
  San Diego's Tomlinson sets new record
  LT sets single-season TD record as Chargers bolt past Broncos
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 10, 2006)
  Pinner guides Vikings past Lions
  Falcons roll past Buccaneers
  Vikings' Taylor out against Lions
  Young shines in hometown return; Titans down Texans in OT
  Manning, Giants snap skid by stopping Panthers
  Ravens down Chiefs, inch closer to playoff berth
  Dolphins blank Patriots
  Panthers' Delhomme inactive with thumb injury
  Bengals win fourth straight, down Raiders
  Pats' Maroney out against Dolphins
Friday, December 08, 2006
  Redskins extend Betts
  Some Likely NFL Letdowns
  Cowboys ink Parrish
  Parker Power: Steelers send Browns into the freezer
Thursday, December 07, 2006
  Bears' Harris could be done for season
  Browns' Frye inactive against Pittsburgh
  NFL owners approve $300 million for new Giants/Jets stadium
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, December 7, 2006)
  Romo, Harris, Burleson capture NFC monthly awards
  Addai, Ingram earn rookie honors for November
  Tomlinson's big month earns him November honors
  Colts can't cruise this year
  Browns Likely to Start New QB Against Steelers
  San Francisco's Smith, Snyder out for Sunday vs. Green Bay
Wednesday, December 06, 2006
  Lions lose Rogers for season
  McGahee questionable for Jets game
  Broncos' Wilson questionable for Sunday at San Diego
  Steelers' Ward out against Browns
  Report: Delhomme out with a thumb injury
  Saints' WRs Horn and Colston questionable for Sunday
  Vikings RB Taylor doubtful for Sunday
  Garrard among AFC Players of the Week
  Bush's big game earns him Player of the Week honors
  Seahawks Get One Step Closer
  Thomas suspended four games by NFL
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
  Panthers Are Slip Slidin' Away in NFC South Chase
  Bulger: Rams teammates 'don't care'
  Browns' Anderson seizes a rare opportunity
  Buccaneers may need a new captain to right this ship
  49ers waive Parrish
  Falcons show some resiliency in must-win scenario
  Bush puts on a holiday show for Saints fans
  Keep Hope Alive! Bengals boost playoff chances with victory
  Don't Give Up: Steelers plead with fans, show it on the field
  Only One Thing Left to Talk About In Chi-Town
  Lions Remain Worst Team In NFC
  Packers Take It On the Chin
  Vikings Staring at a Quarterback Controversy
  Dolphins waste a golden opportunity
  49ers first to get Bush-whacked
  Cards finally win one on the road
  Houston wins ugly, but a win is a win
  Jets streaking towards postseason
  Pats' bite is bigger than Detroit's roar
  Opponents Remembering the Titans
  Reality sets in for Bills
  Parcells' gamble pays off for Cowboys
  Garcia shuts up doubters at the Linc
  Giants drop another tough one
  Betts antes up in loss for Skins
  Cutler struggles, Broncos lose again
  Merriman charges up San Diego 'D'
  Chiefs wither in Cleveland
  Jags come up big in Miami
  Raiders fold in the end, again
  Ravens Can't Provide Knockout Punch
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 14 - Revisiting Preseason Predictions
  Bucs WR Clayton placed on IR
  Browns' Frye questionable for Pittsburgh
  Chiefs/Chargers selected for Sunday night
  Akers' boot, Sheppard's INT lifts Eagles over Panthers
  Carolina's Foster out against Eagles
  Akers' boot lifts Eagles over Panthers
Monday, December 04, 2006
  Patriots sign Mickens; place Wilson on IR
  NFL Inactives (Monday, December 4, 2006)
  Broncos' Wilson improving; FB Sapp done for year
  Duce cut loose: Steelers release Staley; make other roster moves
  Bills lose Crowell to broken leg
  Brown's late kick helps Seattle spoil Cutler's debut
  Gramatica's clutch kick boosts Cowboys past Giants
  Chicago clinches NFC North with sloppy win over Vikings
  Bironas' 60-yard kick lifts Titans over Colts
  Garrard, Jags down Dolphins to stay in playoff hunt
  Broncos LB Wilson carted off field
  Pats overcome mistakes to sneak by Lions
  Dawson's field goal caps Cleveland comeback over Chiefs
Sunday, December 03, 2006
  Vick, Falcons down Redskins to snap losing skid
  Texans down Raiders
  Bush's four TDs lift Saints past Niners
  Steelers roll over Bucs
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, December 3, 2006)
  Cards run past fading Rams
  Pennington and Jets pound Packers 38-10
  Tomlinson powers Chargers past Bills
  Browns' Frye injured against Kansas City
  Chicago clinches NFC Central with sloppy win over Vikings
  Saints' Colston out against 49ers
Saturday, December 02, 2006
  Jets place WR Dwight on IR
  Feagles' sore knee prompts Giants to sign Landeta
  Dolphins promote Cobbs; Brown likely to sit Sunday
Friday, December 01, 2006
  Jags place Leftwich on IR
  NFC South - Where Are The Points?
  Falcons Seeking to End Skid in Washington
  Panthers and Eagles Put Struggles On Display
  Romo, Cowboys, Travel to Meet Reeling Giants
  Lions Up Against It In New England
  Raiders Turn Offensive Page Against Texans
  Dolphins Want to Reach .500, Jaguars Don't
  Can Browns Play Spoiler Against Chiefs?
  Enigmatic Bears Face Rival Vikings
  Jets' Postseason Hopes Rest on Packer Game
  Surging Colts Travel to Tennessee
  Merriman Return Highlights Bills/Bolts Battle
  Cutler Show Begins Against Seahawks
  First-Place Saints Welcome Upstart Niners to Town
  Bucs, Steelers, Exchange Distant Playoff Memories
  Rams Look to Boost Playoff Stock Against Arizona
  Jets sign DE Thomas to extension
  Bengals keep hope alive
Saturday, December 31, 2005
  Bell tolls for Broncos
  NFL Inactives for Week 17 (12/31/2005 - 1/1/2006)
Friday, December 30, 2005
  Harrison practices, remains questionable
  Bodden gets extension from Browns
  O'Neal downgraded to doubtful
  Packers place Ferguson on IR
  Texans put Wells on injured reserve
  Browns' Emergence from Cellar Requires Win Over Ravens
  Lions Might Not Get a Chance to Play Spoiler in Pittsburgh
  Texans, 49ers, Will Have Much to Say About Draft Position
  Eagles Stand Between Redskins and Playoffs
  Saints to march home next season
  Giants' Shockey out
Thursday, December 29, 2005
  Dungy returns to team a week after son's death
  Bengals have Palmer in hand
Wednesday, December 28, 2005
  Carolina WR Smith fined
  Falcons' Hall out for season finale
  Giants' Shockey listed as questionable
  Three key Panthers questionable for season finale
  Brunell probable for Sunday's game
  Denver's Anderson out with ankle injury
  Bruschi questionable against Miami
  Bills give Crowell extension
  Jags place two on injured reserve; re-sign Favors
  Moss, Ware and White are NFL's weekly best
  Johnson, Porter and McGee named AFC's top players
  Niners place Barlow on injured reserve
  Billick will return next season
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 17 - Chiefs Need a Festivus Miracle
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
  Cards dominate hapless former rivals
  Browns TE Heiden heads to IR
  A difficult week ends in a tough loss for Indy
  Jaguars are playoff-bound
  Texans waiting for offseason
  One more time for the Titans
  Bills Turn Tables on Bengals
  Browns give fans coal for Christmas
  Giants place Emmons on IR; sign Foreman
  Boller turning some heads in Baltimore
  Steelers Making It Look Simple
  Bills play spoiler in Cincinnati
  Dolphins ride Ricky to fifth straight win
  Jets go out on MNF the way they started
  Pats continue to roll towards postseason
  Broncos charging into playoffs
  Chargers run out of energy
  Chiefs taking it to the wire
  Raiders near the end of terrible year
  Niners Get Back on Right Path With Win over Rams
  Merry Christmas - the Rams stink
  Alexander ties mark; helps Seattle keep rolling
  Bucs experience a very joyous holiday season
  Falcons refuse to play it safe
  Panthers lose control, in more ways than one
  Saints' luck still nothing but bad
  Cowboys keep playoff hopes alive
  Eagles dealt tough loss by Cards
  Giants lose in DC, still playoff bound
  Moss gathers three TDs in win over G-Men
  Packers Fall to 3-12
  Dungy makes brief comment after son's funeral
  Patriots dominant in victory over Jets
Monday, December 26, 2005
  NFL Inactives for Week 16 (December 24-26)
  Brunell is day to day
  Giants sign Lewis
  Cowboys let go of Cundiff
  Ravens derail Vikings' playoff hopes
Sunday, December 25, 2005
  Patriots Seek to Keep Soaring Against Jets
  Bears hold off Packers to win NFC North
  Bryant boots Bucs past Falcons in OT
Saturday, December 24, 2005
  Broncos clinch first-round bye
  Home sweet home: Seahawks down Colts to lock up NFC's top seed
  Ricky runs wild in Miami's win over Titans
  McCown leads Cardinals past Eagles
  Toefield runs Jaguars to playoffs for first time since 1999
  Hanson kicks game-winning field goal to lift Lions past Saints
  Moss helps Skins upend Giants
  Cowboys take advantage of penalty to beat Panthers
  McNair leaves game with injury
  Gore carries 49ers to win over Rams
  Chiefs keep playoff hopes alive, Chargers eliminated
  Brunell leaves with sprained knee
  Steelers' ground game buries Browns
  Late scores help Buffalo snap skid
  Report: Giants give Umenyiora six-year extension
  Dungy's son apparently committed suicide
Friday, December 23, 2005
  Harrison won't play Saturday
Thursday, December 22, 2005
  Green Bay's Franks placed on IR
  Lions name Harrington starter again
  Chrebet ready to call it a career
  Role Reversal for Packers, Bears
  Bucs, Falcons, Square Off in Key NFC South Tilt
  Bengals Still Fighting for No. 2 Playoff Seed
  Cowboys, Panthers, Battle for Postseason Position
  Saints, Lions, In Search of Rare Festive Moment
  Colts, Seahawks, Meet In Possible Super Bowl Preview
  Texans Vying to Damage Jaguars' Playoff Hopes
  Postseason Still On Vikings' Christmas List
  Giants Travel to Meet Redskins in Key NFC East Clash
  Can Raiders Spring Another Upset in Denver?
  Cardinals Bid Adieu to Sun Devil Stadium Vs. Eagles
  Browns Seek to Spoil Steelers' Playoff Hopes
  Playoffs Still the Goal for Chiefs, Chargers
  Rams, Niners Showdown Could be a Battle of Rookies
  Dolphins Try to Extend Win Streak Vs. Titans
  Dungy's son found dead
  Harrison questionable for Colts
  Raiders' Jordan listed as doubtful
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
  Rams put Bulger, Claiborne on IR
  Manning; six teammates headline AFC Pro Bowl roster
  Bears, Falcons dominate NFC Pro Bowl selections
  Cardinals re-sign QB Rohan Davey
  Smith, Merriman and Dawson earn AFC weekly honors
  Tiki runs away with NFC weekly honor
  Packers lose another running back
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 16 - Why Monday Night Is Dead
  Not-so-perfect Colts set to play out the string
  Ugly Jaguars close in on playoffs
  Texans get offensive in win over Cards
  A familiar refrain in Nashville
  Broncos inch closer to title
  Win over perfect Colts may not be enough for Chargers
  Chiefs have backs to the wall
  Raiders continue to falter
  Bills fall apart in second half
  Bollinger comes up short in South Beach
  Another year, another AFC East title for Pats
  Progress doesn't mean winning for 49ers
  Cardinals' loss to Texans dubious, costly
  Imagine if Vitt wasn't Rams' interim coach
  Bucs taught a lesson by defending champs
  Another tough loss may leave Falcons out in the cold
  Panthers In Control, But Need to Keep Winning
  Bouman Not the Man to Change Saints' Fortunes
  Role Reversal for Bengals in Win Over Lions
  Browns Frye up win at Black Hole
  Boller shines on Monday Night Football
  Steelers Quiet Skeptics in Minnesota
  Big Change In Chicago
  Not A New Headline - Lions Lose
  Packers Forget to Play Week 15
  Vikings' Winning Steak Stopped at Six
  Cowboys get waxed in Washington
  Hurt Warner: Cardinals place QB on IR
  Moats opening eyes in Philly
  Barber drops jaws at Giants Stadium
  Capital punishment: Skins slay Dallas in DC
  Boller, Ravens embarrass Packers
Monday, December 19, 2005
  NFL Inactives for Week 15 (December 18-19)
  Grossman named starter for Bears
  Giants add LB Phifer
  Manning wins fan vote for Pro Bowl
  Grossman, defense lead Bears over Falcons
  Dawson's kick sends Raiders up the creek
  Seahawks clinch first-round bye with win over Titans
  Defense dominates for 'Skins in rout of Cowboys
Sunday, December 18, 2005
  Bengals blast Lions to capture first division title since 1990
  Redskins' Thomas breaks ankle in big win
  Texans' Davis misses Arizona game
  Warner done for the season with knee injury
  Double your pleasure: Texans down Cardinals for elusive second win
  Scobee boots Jaguars past San Francisco
  Rosenfels leads Dolphins past Jets
  Nobody's perfect: Chargers rally past Colts
  Steelers sink Minnesota's win streak
  Panthers top Saints, take over lead in NFC South
  Frerotte injures finger
  Warner leaves game with knee injury
  Texans' Davis inactive
  Plummer, Broncos ride into playoffs with win over Bills
Saturday, December 17, 2005
  NFL Inactives for Week 15 (December 17-19)
  Patriots shutout Bucs, capture third straight AFC East title
  Carolina's Davis done for season with knee injury
Friday, December 16, 2005
  Barlow out for 'Niners, Young set to return
  Gardner released by Panthers
  Lions place Bailey and Holmes on IR
  Bengals Look to Seal Playoff Deal in Motor City
  Houston In Search of Positives Against Cardinals
  Bears Vying to End Falcons' Playoff Hopes
  Hostile Atmopshere Faces Raiders' Collins
  Huge NFC East Matchup Pits Rival Skins, Cowboys
  AFC West Crown In Sights of Buffalo-Bound Broncos
  Favre Takes Packers' Show to Baltimore
  Postseason Position on Line for Chiefs, Giants
  Dolphins Seek to Continue Streak Vs. Jets
  Eagles, Rams, Attempting to Avoid Losing Seasons
  Steelers, Vikings, Face Similar Circumstances
  Can Chargers Stand In Way of Colts' Perfection?
  Titans Try to End Seahawks' Run
  Jags Look to Down Niners, Draw Nearer to Playoffs
  Will Thermometer Play a Role in Bucs, Pats Battle?
Thursday, December 15, 2005
  Browns sign LB Davis to extension
  Culpepper and teammates charged in boat scandal
  Former NFL player Russell dies
  Jackson ready to return for Seahawks
  Collins back in as Raiders starter
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
  NFL, NFLPA approve bonus for Saints players
  Brooks no longer marching for Saints at QB
  Dolphins' center McKinney placed on IR
  Jets' Martin has season-ending surgery
  Pats' Brady questionable for Saturday's game
  Holcomb to start for Bills
  Cowboys comeback rewards Bledsoe with NFC weekly honor
  Bettis, Thomas and Pacman earn AFC weekly honors
  Will Saints be going somewhere else next year?
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  Draft Questions Begin to Creep In for 49ers
  Colts will play for history -- one game at a time
  Vikings Now Eyeing A Division Title
  Bears' Winning Streak Halted In Pittsburgh
  Lions Continue to Lose
  Packers Sweeten Some of the Bitter Taste
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 15 - Revisiting the '05 Draft Class
  Fans show up to see another Cardinals loss
  Bears waive Wade
  Giants place Williams on IR
  Bengals Adjust, Advance to Win Over Browns
  Late TD lifts Cowboys over KC
  Time to regroup in Philly
  Giants nip Eagles in OT
  Skins keep playoff hopes alive
  Frye gives Browns hope for future
  Boller's mistakes cost Baltimore
  Steelers' Engine Runs Again
  Losman questionable with shoulder injury
  Suddenly, Bucs are team to beat in loaded NFC South
  Vick's Performance Keeps Both Falcons and ABC Happy
  Panthers Let Golden Opportunity Slip Through Hands
  Broncos' ugly win still counts
  Chargers pick inopportune time for bad loss
  Chiefs suffer huge loss in 'Big D'
  Raiders fall flat at the Meadowlands
  Bills battered at home by Patriots
  Dolphins "Charge" toward .500
  Martin's injury caps sad season for Jets
  Patriots send message in Buffalo
  Jaguars return home with a thud
  Texans find yet another way to lose
  Titans win an ugly one
  It's official - Rams aren't going to playoffs
  No letdown for Seahawks against Niners
  Broncos could be without CB/KR Williams
  Giants' Pierce doubtful for Saturday
  Vick bruises ribs in win over Saints
Monday, December 12, 2005
  Texans name Reeves consultant
  Longwell's OT field goal lifts Packers over Lions
Sunday, December 11, 2005
  Cowboys pull out late thriller over Chiefs
  Feely's OT kick lifts Giants over Eagles
  Indy's dream season continues
  Graham kicks Bengals past Browns
  Bucs ride Cadillac to top of NFC South
  Frerotte, Chambers lead Dolphins past Chargers
  NFL Inactives for Week 14 (December 11-12)
  Colts' June inactive
  Jets' Martin inactive against Oakland
Friday, December 09, 2005
  Seahawks place Sharper on IR
  Jaguars place center on IR
  Eagles RB Westbrook could return this season
  Orlando Brown done for season
  Broncos Seek to Bounce Back Vs. Ravens
  Can Desperate Steelers Stop Streaking Bears?
  Two Bears fined for altercation
  Bengals Look to Complete Sweep of the Browns
  Packers, Lions, Vying to End Struggles
  AFC South Bottom-Feeders to Meet in Nashville
  Colts' Perfection the Issue in Jacksonville
  Playoffs on Line for Cowboys, Chiefs
  Dolphins Face Tall Task in San Diego
  Pats Try to Continue Division Stranglehold
  Falcons Hope Home Is Where the Winning Is
  Giants, Eagles, Headed In Different Directions
  Can Jets End Their Misery Against Raiders?
  Niners Look to Halt Seahawks' Winning Run
  Streaking Vikings Host the Rams
  Bucs, Panthers, Face off in Key NFC South Battle
  Cardinals Try to Cool off Redskins in Desert
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
  Tuiasosopo to start for Raiders Sunday
  Colts' June, Harper questionable
  L.T. listed as questionable
  Titans' Kinney undergoes knee surgery
  Bills' Mularkey wants Moulds suspended
  Chambers, Suggs and Perry named AFC's top players
  Still the McMahon in Philly
  Ray Lewis done for the year
  Frye's the guy for Browns
  Giants place Peterson on IR, sign Buckley
  Steel Curtain architect, former Browns head coach dies
  Dolphins' Traylor has knee surgery
Monday, December 05, 2005
  Brady named SI's Sportsman of the Year
  Browns WR Edwards out for season
  Chargers bolt past Oakland