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It's a 3-0 NBA Playoff Sunday for Kelso Sturgeon! The Wizards (+4½) get the outright stunner on the road against the Bulls, 102-93 for a 50-Unit winner! Mavericks (+9½) hung tough against the Spurs and got the cover in their 90-85 loss, while the Blazers/Rockets shootout went way over 214½ (242)! Kelso also wins his two big games on the diamond: Personal Best clients walked away with a 50-Unit winner last night with the Red Sox (-170) over the Orioles, 6-5, and Chairman's Club bettors got the money with the Reds (-130) over the Cubs, 8-2!
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Monday, September 30, 2013
  NFL Inactives - Monday, September 30, 2013
  Report: Jets' Sanchez to have season-ending surgery
  Titans expect Locker to return at some point this season
  Browns' Hoyer to make third straight start
  Report: Pats' Wilfork has torn Achilles' tendon
  Extra Points: Bills got two QBs in April's draft
  Dolphins set to test Saints in battle of unbeatens
  Brady, Patriots hold off Falcons
Sunday, September 29, 2013
  Rivers sharp as Chargers down Cowboys
  Broncos roll in Manning-led rout of Eagles
  Luck, Colts rout Jaguars
  Redskins score 24 unanswered points to beat Raiders
  Hoyer and Browns take down Bengals
  Cardinals come back to beat Glennon, Bucs
  Seahawks score 20 straight, beat Texans in OT
  Titans lose Locker, but still take down Jets
  Chiefs stay undefeated in rout of winless Giants
  Former Steelers DE L.C. Greenwood dies
  Vikings hold on in London, Steelers fall to 0-4
  Bush leads Lions over Bears
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, September 29, 2013
  Raiders RB McFadden exits with hamstring injury
  Seahawks DE Bennett carted off field
  Titans' Locker carted off
  Bills hold off Ravens
  Report: Pryor showed concussion symptoms Saturday
  Seahawks OL Unger, Giacomini inactive
  Bucs QB Freeman inactive
  Chiefs CB Flowers inactive
Saturday, September 28, 2013
  Gronkowski, Amendola out for Patriots
Friday, September 27, 2013
  Broncos LB Lenon doubtful for Sunday
  Bengals' Hall listed as doubtful
  Falcons RB Jackson out for Sunday
  Gronkowski, Amendola questionable for Sunday
  Tillman questionable for Bears
  Chargers' Te'o likely to make debut Sunday
  Cowboys' Austin out for Week 4
  Ravens RB Rice questionable for Sunday
  Milliner, Ivory out for Jets
  Cook, Sanford out for Vikings
  Chung doubtful for Eagles
  Colts' Bradshaw out for Week 4
  Extra Points: Pedigree only thing saving Bradford in St. Louis
  Bell listed as probable for Steelers, set for NFL debut
  Bears place Melton on IR; sign Cohen
  Bills' Spiller probable for Week 4
  Bell listed as probable for Steelers, set of NFL debut
  Cassel to start at QB for Vikings
  Falcons meet Patriots in prime time matchup
  Murray, Cowboys visit Chargers
  Red-hot Manning leads Broncos against Eagles
  Redskins search for first win in Oakland
  Surprising Jets visit Titans
  Seahawks shoot for first 4-0 start against Texans
  Opportunistic Bears try to slow down high-powered Lions
  Browns and Bengals square off in AFC North battle
  'Balanced' Colts take on Gabbert, Jags
  Manuel, Bills face tough Ravens defense
  Chiefs aim for 3rd straight win against NFC East foe, host Giants
  Cassel gets the call in London as Vikings take on Steelers
  Glennon takes over in Tampa as Bucs entertain Cards
  Gore, 49ers cruise past Rams
Thursday, September 26, 2013
  Pryor cleared to practice, game status still cloudy
  Texans' Johnson returns to practice
  Davis active vs. Rams
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, September 26, 2013
  Cowboys' Austin misses second straight practice
  Lions' Bush on track to return
  Slumping Kaepernick leads 49ers into St. Louis
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
  Former NFL player Douglas arrested
  Saints TE Graham highlights NFC weekly winners
  Bucs' benching of Freeman 'performance-based'
  Ex-Charger Paul Oliver dies at 29
  Manning earns AFC weekly honor again
  Chargers bring back Schilling
  Vikings' Ponder has rib injury
  Cowboys place Spencer on IR
  Giants sign Conner to replace injured Hynoski
  Extra Points: Pereira's soapbox rings hollow
  Cardinals lose another linebacker in Okafor
  Veteran Crocker returns to Bengals
  Bucs set to make QB switch
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
  Dolphins sign Austin, send Martin to IR
  Cowboys' Spencer to have season-ending surgery
  Lions WR Burleson breaks arm in car accident
  Bell, Allen could play Sunday for Steelers
  Cowboys sign Nevis
  Cowboys' Spencer may miss rest of season
  Manning tosses 3 TDs as Broncos rout Raiders
  Raiders' Pryor has a concussion
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 3
Monday, September 23, 2013
  Broncos' Bailey inactive against Raiders
  NFL Inactives - Monday, September 23, 2013
  Raiders' Ausberry out for season
  Bucs' Stocker lands on IR
  Cardinals place LBs Acho, Alexander on IR
  Niners place troubled Smith on NFI list
  Bears lose DT Melton for season
  Gabbert in line to start vs. Colts
  Bills DL Carrington done for season
  Lions bring back Fluellen; place Jones on IR
  Cardinals LBs Acho, Alexander headed to IR
  High-powered Broncos set sights on Pryor, Raiders
  Extra Points: Harbaugh takes a hit in Smith debacle
  High-powered Broncos set sites on Pryor, Raiders
  Chicago's defense scores twice as Bears bury Steelers
  49ers' Smith to seek treatment
Sunday, September 22, 2013
  Luck, Colts pound 49ers
  Seahawks feast on Jaguars, improve to 3-0
  Ravens use two TD returns to rally past Texans
  Smith outdoes Manuel, Jets best Bills
  Panthers obliterate Giants behind Newton, suffocating defense
  Dolphins get best of Falcons with last-minute TD
  Murray, Romo spark Cowboys' victory over Rams
  Brees, Saints cruise past Cardinals
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, September 22, 2013
  Bengals down Packers on late defensive score
  Lions beat Redskins, end historic losing skid in DC
  Hoyer's late score boosts Browns over Vikings
  Extra Points: Tanking for Teddy takes a Ponderous turn
  Pats subdue Bucs, move to 3-0
  Bills' McKelvin leaves game against Jets
  Titans edge Chargers on late TD
  Packers lose Finley, Starks, Matthews
  Niners' Davis inactive against Colts
  Reed makes Texans debut against Ravens
  Lions' Bush out vs. Redskins
  Report: Broncos' Miller tried to rig drug test
  Gronkowski out vs. Bucs
Saturday, September 21, 2013
  Texans' Duane Brown won't play against Ravens
Friday, September 20, 2013
  Ravens RB Rice doubtful to play vs. Texans
  Texans WR Johnson OK to play vs. Ravens
  49ers LB Smith arrested on suspicion of DUI
  49ers list Davis questionable to face Colts
  Texans' Foster says he took money in college
  Jaguars QB Gabbert, TE Lewis out for Sunday
  Seahawks' Okung placed on IR, Browner probable
  Wright probable, Greene out for Titans
  Rams T Saffold out vs. Cowboys
  Gronkowski still a question mark to return
  Cards' Fitzgerald anticipates playing Sunday
  Redskins' Meriweather questionable for Sunday
  Dolphins DT Soliai, CB Patterson ruled out
  Lions' Bush practices, questionable for Sunday
  Falcons LT Baker ruled out for Sunday
  Saints' Harper out, Evans questionable for Sunday
  Colts' Landry won't play vs. 49ers
  No issues with Bears' Marshall's back
  Packers' Lacy uncertain for Sunday
  Panthers rule three out for Sunday
  Steelers' Miller on track to return
  Chargers' Te'o doubtful vs. Titans
  Giants' Webster doubtful for Week 3
  Bengals CB Ghee out for Sunday
  Bills' Byrd questionable for Sunday
  Titans RB Battle fined $21K
  Seahawks take aim at underdog Jags
  Unbeaten Bears visit reeling Steelers
  Reunited: Harbaugh's Niners entertain Luck, Colts
  Rookie QBs on display when Bills visit Jets
  Dolphins try to prove they are for real against banged-up Falcons
  Lions search for first Beltway road win
  Titans try to solve Chargers problem
  Saints shoot for 3-0 start against Cardinals
  Punchless Pats try to win ugly again vs. Bucs
  New-look Browns face off with struggling Vikings
  Cowboys and Rams tangle in Texas
  A-Rod, Packers take hot hand into Cincy
  Giants, Panthers go in search of first win
  AFC heavyweights battle as Ravens host Texans
  Extra Points: The 'old dog' teaches 'the innovator' some new tricks
  Chiefs stifle Eagles in Reid's return to Philly
Thursday, September 19, 2013
  Texans WR Johnson returns to practice
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, September 19, 2013
  Browns sign McGahee
  Bears WR Marshall leaves practice with tight back
  Browns sign McGahee; Weeden to see specialist
  Panthers bring back CB Florence
  Reid returns to Philly, leads Chiefs against Eagles
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
  Seahawks' Okung out for Week 3
  Browns ship Richardson to Colts in sudden trade
  Broncos place Clady on season-ending injured reserve
  NFL overturns Goldson's one-game suspension
  Hoyer to start at QB for Browns on Sunday
  Bengals' Geathers lands on IR
  Titans' Pollard, Texans' Jackson handed $42K fines
  Rivers, Williams, Holliday selected for AFC weekly honors
  Saints sign Carr, place Robinson on IR
  Packers QB Rodgers highlights NFC weekly winners
  Chiefs CB Flowers questionable for Thursday
  Colts' Allen done for year
  Extra Points: Steelers are in rare rebuilding mode
  Reports: Broncos place Clady on season-ending injured reserve
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
  Colts G Thomas lands on IR
  Report: Steven Jackson out 2-4 weeks
  Falcons place Weatherspoon on recallable IR
  49ers ink fullback Marecic
  Panthers place Godfrey on IR
  Bengals waive RB Scott
  Steelers fall to Bengals
  Bucs safety Goldson suspended one game
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 2
Monday, September 16, 2013
  Texans WR Johnson has concussion
  NFL Inactives - Monday, September 16, 2013
  Panthers lose S Godfrey for season
  Niners lose NT Williams for the season
  Chargers' Floyd likely to miss next game
  Browns QB Weeden has sprained thumb
  Falcons' Biermann, Ewing out for season
  Broncos sign OL Clark to two-year extension
  Jets release P Malone
  Late FG lifts Saints past Bucs
  Seahawks ride Lynch, defense against 49ers
Sunday, September 15, 2013
  Raiders handle punchless Jaguars
  Peyton beats Eli again as Broncos down Giants
  Mendenhall's TD lifts Cardinals over Lions
  Chargers beat Eagles on late field goal
  Winning Manuel: Bills beat Panthers on TD in final seconds
  Schaub, Texans beat Titans in OT
  Ravens, Flacco celebrate with comeback win over Browns
  Extra Points: 'Old Man' Rivers shocks Eagles' system
  Bears beat Vikings on Bennett's late TD
  Falcons jump on Rams early, hold on
  Packers roll as Rodgers lights up Redskins
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, September 15, 2013
  Chiefs beat Cowboys, equal 2012 win total
  Tannehill, Dolphins top Colts
  Chiefs T Albert leaves game
  Ravens RB Rice leaves game with hip injury
  Browns QB Weeden leaves game vs. Ravens
  Chargers' Floyd leaves game on stretcher
  Three Falcons starters leave with injuries
  Packers' Lacy sustains concussion
  Ravens QB Flacco misses birth of son on game day
Saturday, September 14, 2013
  Redskins add K Potter
  Jets place Sanchez on short-term IR
Friday, September 13, 2013
  Colts RB Ballard out for season with torn ACL
  Colts' Allen iffy for Sunday
  Chiefs' Charles good to go for Sunday
  Bucs G Nicks questionable for Sunday
  Raiders give FB Reece three-year extension
  Browner doubtful for Seahawks
  Bryant, Romo ready to go for Cowboys
  Cards' Fitzgerald uncertain for Sunday
  Rams DE Long questionable with hip injury
  Lions' Fox out for Week 2
  Falcons term White, Jones questionable
  Ed Reed a game-time decision for Texans
  Broncos' Bailey out again with foot injury
  Finley probable for Packers
  Chargers' Te'o won't play against Eagles
  Dolphins rule out CBs Davis, Taylor for Sunday
  Ravens' Pierce listed as questionable
  Amukamara, Rolle questionable for Giants
  Redskins K Forbath questionable for Sunday
  Extra Points: Turmoil in Tampa
  Eagles CB Fletcher ruled out for Sunday
  Odd Man Rush: For Jackson, nothing gold (and blue) can stay
  49ers and Seahawks renew heated rivalry
  Raiders search for home-opening win against Jags
  Giants and Broncos battle in 'Manning Bowl 3'
  A steady Brees forecasted for Tampa
  Lions take high-powered offense to the desert
  Embattled Ponder leads Vikings into Chicago
  Newton, Panthers take aim at Bills' ailing secondary
  Flacco, Ravens hope to continue dominance over Browns
  RG3 takes 'Skins into Lambeau
  Texans host Titans in home opener
  Dolphins' pass rush tries its 'Luck' against Indy
  Chargers try to slow down Kelly, Eagles
  Jackson, Falcons entertain Rams
  Chiefs' Reid faces familiar foe in Cowboys
  Pats hold off Jets
Thursday, September 12, 2013
  Reports: Redskins' Hall fined $20K for tackle
  Report: Amendola could miss up to 6 weeks
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, September 12, 2013
  Former Broncos QB Tripucka passes away
  Report: Bucs' David fined for hit on Jets' Smith
  Geno's Jets take aim at banged-up Patriots
  Jets' Sanchez could need season-ending surgery
Wednesday, September 11, 2013
  Broncos extend OL Ramirez for two years
  Lions' Suh says he's appealing $100K fine
  Pats WR Amendola doubtful for Thursday
  Jets' Kerley ruled out for Thursday
  49ers WR Boldin highlights NFC weekly winners
  Manning, Houston, Folk selected for AFC weekly honors
  Extra Points: Eagles' Kelly serves notice
  49ers bring back WR Osgood
  Panthers place G Williams on IR
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
  Giants bring back RB Jacobs
  Jets' Kerley misses practice
  Pats send Vereen to recallable IR
  Report: Giants bring back RB Jacobs
  Lions' Suh gets hefty fine
  Jets sign WR Obomanu
  Cowboys' Bryant has mild foot sprain
  Texans rally from 21 down, escape San Diego with win
  Eagles soar over Redskins in Kelly's debut
Monday, September 09, 2013
  NFL Game Capsules - Week 1
  Chargers' Te'o out with foot sprain
  Texans safety Reed out for opener
  NFL Inactives - Monday, September 09, 2013
  Jags' Gabbert out for Week 2
  Panthers G Williams headed to IR
  Steelers place Pouncey, two others on IR
  Bears sign T Scott
  Bills CB Brooks, WR Goodwin out indefinitely
  Ravens bring back WR Doss
  Jets bring back Brady Quinn
  Dolphins name Garfinkel president, CEO
  Extra Points: Matthews can't spook Kaepernick
  Texans aim to start 'Super' run vs. Chargers
  All eyes on RG3 as 'Skins open season vs. Chip Kelly's Eagles
  Cowboys force six turnovers, hold off Giants
  Tannehill, defense lead Dolphins over Browns
  Bradford, Cook help Rams edge Cardinals
  Kaepernick shines as Niners hold off Packers
Sunday, September 08, 2013
  Fan falls to death at Candlestick Park
  Smith's legs, penalty set Jets up for game-winning FG
  Chiefs make Reid's debut a milestone victory
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, September 08, 2013
  Gostkowski FG sends Patriots past plucky Bills
  Late defensive stop helps Saints overcome Falcons in Payton's return
  Bears edge Bengals in Trestman's debut
  Jaguars' Gabbert receives stitches for cut hand
  Bush outguns Peterson as Lions topple Vikings
  Titans shock Steelers behind strong defensive effort
  Steelers C Pouncey scheduled for MCL, ACL surgery
  Kearse TD lifts Seahawks over Panthers
  Luck's legs lift Colts past Oakland
  Steelers C Pouncey carted off with knee injury
  Bruno Mars to perform at halftime of Super Bowl
  Report: Jets' Sanchez may have torn labrum
  Jaguars' Gabbert to start vs. Chiefs
  Seahawks' Browner inactive
  Falcons CB Samuel inactive
Saturday, September 07, 2013
  Jets release Brady Quinn
  Titans place FB Johnson on IR
  Raiders' Veldheer to start season on IR
  Dolphins extend Misi through 2017
  Ravens' Jones could miss a month
  Aaron Hernandez pleads not guilty
Friday, September 06, 2013
  Seahawks' Browner iffy for Week 1
  Cardinals' Housler out for Week 1
  Ausberry, Veldheer to miss Raiders' opener
  Jets' Holmes questionable for opener
  Cowboys DE Spencer doubtful against Giants
  Titans' Ayers and Stewart questionable for Sunday
  Pats' Gronkowski, Bills' Byrd doubtful for Week 1
  Steelers RB Bell ruled out for Sunday
  Vikings DT Williams out for Sunday
  Jaguars' Gabbert questionable for Sunday
  Giants DE Pierre-Paul questionable vs. Cowboys
  Ghee, Pollak out for Bengals vs. Bears
  Mingo ruled out for Browns' season opener
  Falcons CB Samuel questionable for season opener
  Panthers RB Barner, Dockery out for Sunday
  Extra Points: 'Just one of those nights' for Peyton
  Arians takes Cardinals into St. Louis
  Cowboys try to cure their Big Blues
  Packers take aim at Kaepernick, 49ers again
  Steelers hope to begin bounce back campaign vs. Titans
  Revis returns as Bucs visit Jets
  Ryan, Falcons visit Payton's Place
  New-look Chiefs open season against Bradley, Jags
  Colts try their Luck vs. Raiders
  Peterson, Vikings visit Lions
  Sophs Tannehill and Weeden tangle as Dolphins visit Browns
  Bengals try to spoil Trestman's debut with Bears
  Wilson, Seahawks get started against Panthers
  Pats leave turmoil behind, visit Manuel, Bills
  Ravens WR Jones, OL Oher leave early
  Manning makes history as Broncos rout Ravens
Thursday, September 05, 2013
  Ravens, Harbaugh agree on extension
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, September 05, 2013
  Bills' Byrd questions trade report
  Cooper, Williams scuffle at Eagles practice
  Cowboys release Livings
  Broncos and Ravens kick off NFL season in Mile High rematch
  Jets go with Geno Smith to start opener
Wednesday, September 04, 2013
  Broncos CB Bailey to miss season-opener
  Ravens' Arthur Jones ruled out for Thursday's game
  Lions' Owens to start season on IR
  Bills tab Manuel starter for Week 1
  Extra Points: Your 2013 NFL Primer
  Giants place RB Brown on short-term IR
  Texans make it official with Cushing
  Ravens place Pitta on IR-designated to return
  Bengals' Hawkins to start season on IR
  Cowboys add Waters, place Frampton on IR
  Texans reward LB Cushing with contract extension
Tuesday, September 03, 2013
  Browns bring back K Cundiff
  Saints put Vilma on recallable IR
  Texans WR Hopkins cleared for action
  Ravens' Jones to miss opener
  Falcons sign veteran OL Trueblood
  Eagles-Redskins opener to start 15 minutes earlier
  Saints bring back WR Meachem
  Steelers mark Spaeth for designated to return
  Bills sign K Dan Carpenter
  Extra Points: 'Skins should sit RG3 for now
  Rams extend DE Sims through 2015
  Dolphins sign Danny Watkins
  Shanahan confirms RG3 will start Week 1
Monday, September 02, 2013
  49ers sign WR Harper
  Steelers add a pair of veterans off waivers
  Bills add veteran Leonhard
  Raiders cut loose Barron, bring in Pashos
  Chargers add LB Walker, release KR Goodman
  Jets sign Brady Quinn, release Harrell
  Bengals ink Atkins to long-term extension
  Panthers add Mikell, Nakamura to IR
  Patriots re-sign CB Cole
  Packers sign Wallace to back up Rodgers
  Cowboys send Rosario to Chicago
Sunday, September 01, 2013
  Patriots cut KR Washington
  Raiders release punter Kluwe as King wins job
  Vikings nab OT Webb off waivers
  Colts release recent draft picks Ijalana and Nevis
  Raiders, P Kluwe parting ways as King wins job
  Extra Points: CUT-ting through the NFL
Sunday, September 30, 2012
  Cundiff connects as Redskins edge Bucs
  Packers keep Saints winless
  Dalton helps Bengals defeat Jags
  Manning sharp as Broncos crush Raiders
  Feely kicks Cardinals to 4-0, drop Dolphins in OT
  Jets' Holmes exits with foot injury
  Chargers bounce back with solid win in KC
  Titans' Locker injures left shoulder
  Niners dominate shorthanded Jets
  Texans rout Titans to remain unbeaten
  Zuerlein kicks Rams past Seahawks
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, September 30, 2012
  Bryant keeps Falcons perfect with late FG
  Patriots erupt in second half to down Bills
  Special-teams scores lead Vikings past rival Lions
  Redskins' Meriweather and Robinson hurt in pregame warmups
  Jets' Holmes exits with knee injury
  Titans' Locker leaves game
  Keller, Hill inactive for Jets
  Titans WR Britt inactive
  Patriots TE Gronkowski active
  Lions' Stafford, Leshoure active
  Jackson, Spiller active for Bills
  Vick aims to cure turnover woes against Giants
Saturday, September 29, 2012
  Patriots sign OL Tennant
  Chargers' Kaeding out, Novak signed
  Giants rule out WR Nicks against Eagles
  Bears term Forte questionable against Cowboys
  Broncos send S Carter to IR
  LA City Council backs deal for downtown NFL stadium
Friday, September 28, 2012
  Dolphins RB Bush questionable for Sunday
  Redskins' Williams, Garcon questionable
  Cardinals' Dockett, Heap doubtful for Sunday
  Lions' Stafford listed as probable for Sunday
  Oakland RB McFadden probable for Sunday
  Patriots TE Gronkowski questionable
  Broncos G Kuper doubtful, Irving and Willis questionable
  Chargers' Kaeding, Gaither questionable for Sunday
  Eagles' Dunlap, Jordan ruled out for Sunday
  Bills' Jackson, Spiller questionable for Sunday
  Bengals' Clements doubtful for Sunday
  Giants' Nicks doubtful, Bradshaw probable for Sunday
  Bills' Spiller returns to practice
  RG III leads 'Skins into Tampa
  Allen returns to Denver as Raiders visit Broncos
  Packers try to take frustration out on Brees, Saints
  Bengals bring high-powered offense to Jacksonville
  Perfect September could be in the Cards
  Jets press on without Revis, host Niners
  Seahawks hope to build on controversial win, visit Rams
  Chargers and Chiefs clash in AFC West matchup
  Texans aim to extend franchise-best start vs. Titans
  Pats try to halt rare losing streak in Buffalo
  Improved Vikings visit Lions
  Embattled Newton leads Panthers into Atlanta
  Ravens edge Browns upon return of regular officials
Thursday, September 27, 2012
  Browns' Cribbs exits with head injury
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, September 27, 2012
  Patriots release TE Winslow
  First-time eligibles announced for 2013 Pro Football HOF
  Goodell: Monday finish 'another factor' in refs' agreement
  Extra Points: Jaworski talks officiating
  Steratore to head officiating crew in Baltimore
  Browns and Ravens renew rivalry in Charm City
  NFL, officials reach agreement to end lockout
  Patriots' Belichick fined for contact with official
  Bills' Jackson returns to practice
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
  Chargers give WR Floyd three-year extension
  Bears' Forte back at practice, optimistic for return
  Raiders sign veteran DL Carter
  Cardinals place Wells on IR
  Report: NFL, officials close to ending standoff
  Saints release WR Camarillo, activate LB Humber
  Dolphins' Bush misses practice
  Chiefs place C Hudson on IR
  Chiefs' Charles headlines AFC's best for Week 3
  Fitzgerald, Clemons highlight NFC weekly winners
  Buccaneers sign DE Charleston
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
  Lions place P Graham on IR, sign Harris
  Broncos LB Mays suspended one game
  Bucs sign Parrish, waive Shipley
  Chargers re-sign G Wells
  Bills release P Moorman, re-sign Powell
  Chiefs place CB Reeves on IR
  NFL supports officials in Monday's bizarre finish
  Cardinals ink FB Hall
  Colts ink CB Butler
  NFL players speak out on controversial Monday night finish
  Titanic struggles for Tennessee's Johnson
  Seahawks shock Packers on controversial call
Monday, September 24, 2012
  Falcons DE Abraham arrested
  Packers WR Jennings active
  NFL Inactives - Monday, September 24, 2012
  Colts' Collie headed to IR
  Bucs' Clayborn lost for season
  Jets re-sign LB Thomas
  Bills' Jackson indicates possible return Sunday
  Kyle Shanahan: 'I conducted myself in the wrong way'
  Raiders' Heyward-Bey resting at home
  Dolphins' Bush gets 'good news' on knee injury
  Jets' Revis has torn ACL
  Packers face tough test in Seattle
  Extra Points: Revenge is best served Kolb
  Ravens top Patriots on last-second FG
  Schaub, Texans outlast Broncos
Sunday, September 23, 2012
  Oakland tops Pittsburgh on Janikowski's game-winning FG
  Kolb-led Cardinals stay perfect with rout of Eagles
  Ryan, Falcons stomp Chargers
  Ponder, Rudolph lead Vikings past 49ers
  Folk's second chance lifts Jets past Dolphins in OT
  Bengals spoil Griffin's Washington debut
  Bears stymie Rams
  Ryan, Flacons stomp Chargers
  Cowboys grind out win over Bucs
  Oakland tops Pittsburgh on Janikowski's game-winning
  Titans knock off Lions in OT thriller
  Shorts goes long as Jags stun Colts
  Stafford leaves game with leg injury
  Raiders WR Heyward-Bey carted off field
  NFL Inactives - Sunday, September 23, 2012
  Fitzpatrick leads Bills past Browns
  Succop lifts Chiefs over Saints in OT
  Jets' Revis limps off field in Miami
  Dolphins' Bush hurt against Jets
  Colts WR Collie leaves
  Cardinals S Wilson inactive
  Bills' Spiller leaves game with shoulder injury
  Brother of Ravens WR Smith dies
  Redskins' Pierre Garcon out vs. Bengals
  Jets release LB Thomas
Saturday, September 22, 2012
  Packers WR Jennings questionable for Monday's game
Friday, September 21, 2012
  Pats, Ravens vie to rebound in AFC title game rematch
  Undefeated Texans face bigger test from Manning, Broncos
  Depleted Steelers head to Oakland searching for second straight win
  Chargers take on Falcons in battle of surging unbeatens
  Kolb encounters old mates as surprising Cards host Eagles
  Formidable 49ers roll into Minnesota in Moss' return
  Stakes high for Saints, Chiefs in matchup of winless teams
  Bears seek bounce-back in bout with resurgent Rams
  Lions' Schwartz now the enemy in return to Tennessee
  Feisty Bucs set to scrap with reeling Cowboys
  Browns hope to break through in home tilt with Bills
  New-look Colts try to keep slumping Jaguars winless
  Griffin to make home debut as Redskins battle Bengals
  Jets visit Dolphins for key early-season AFC East clash
  Chargers RB Mathews questionable for Sunday
  Bears' Forte won't play vs. Rams
  Steelers' Harrison, Polamalu out for Sunday
  Chad Johnson gets probation
  Eagles WR Maclin to miss Sunday's game
  Odd Man Rush: Are Patriots really phasing out Welker?
  Bucs place Stroughter on IR
  Brown, Barden help Giants pound Panthers
Thursday, September 20, 2012
  Panthers RB Stewart inactive
  NFL Inactives - Thursday, September 20, 2012
  Jets' Revis cleared for contact, could be ready for Miami
  Bucs bring back Underwood, release Parker
  Line of Scrimmage: Saluting Sabol amidst a weekend to forget
  Panthers try to seize the moment against wounded Giants
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
  Giants' Bradshaw, Diehl, Hixon ruled out for Thursday
  Lions place CB Florence on new IR
  Falcons RB Turner apologizes for DUI arrest
  Panthers' Stewart questionable for Thursday
  Saints sign DB Mack, waive Murphy
  Jets' Revis limited in practice, Sanchez has back tightness
  Dolphins' Bush headlines AFC's best for Week 2
  Nicks, Campbell highlight NFC weekly winners
  Dolphins sign DT Fluellen
  Jaguars sign TE Stovall
  Pats officially add Branch, Winslow
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  Pats bring back WR Branch
  Bengals place DE Anderson on IR
  Extra Points: Manning looks mortal in Atlanta
  NFL Films' Steve Sabol dies of brain cancer
  Bucs re-sign WR Shipley
  Eagles put Kelce on IR
  It's getting late early for 0-2 teams
  Falcons RB Turner charged with DUI
  Ryan, Falcons hold off Broncos
  Redskins' Orakpo, Carriker both done for year
Monday, September 17, 2012
  NFL Inactives - Monday, September 17, 2012
  Redskins' Carriker, Orakpo both done for year
  Eagles' Kelce could miss rest of season
  Line of Scrimmage: Redemption day for written-off NFC West
  Manning attempts to ace next exam as Broncos battle potent Falcons
  Rivers, Chargers pound Titans
  Lynch, Seahawks rout Cowboys
  49ers shake down Lions
  Vick rallies Eagles past Ravens
  Giants rally past Bucs
  Foster, Texans dominate Jags
  Vinatieri kicks Colts past Vikings for Luck's 1st win
Sunday, September 16, 2012
  Roethlisberger, Steelers down Jets
  Rams hang on the edge Redskins
  Panthers run past Saints
  Dolphins pound Raiders
  Rams' Amendola ties record for 1st half catches
  Bengals hold off Browns
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 16, 2012)
  Bills bounce back vs. Chiefs
  Cards stun Pats after late Gostkowski miss
  Eagles' Maclin leaves
  Eagles' Kelce leaves with knee injury
  Giants' Bradshaw, Diehl exit with injuries
  Ravens LB Kruger inactive
  Colts WR Collie inactive
  Panthers' Stewart, Smith active
  Maclin, Jackson active for Eagles
  Cards' Skelton inactive
  Dolphins' Thomas sidelined
  Giants' Amukamara, Rivers inactive
  League pulls replacement official from Saints-Panthers game
Saturday, September 15, 2012
  Bears welcome back Bell
Friday, September 14, 2012
  Redskins WR Garcon listed as questionable
  Cardinals QB Skelton doubtful for Sunday
  Harbaugh, Schwartz renew acquaintainces in 49ers-Lions showdown
  Chargers seeking 2-0 start at Titans' expense
  Jets strive to pull off another stunner in Pittsburgh
  Seahawks hope to give another nightmare to Romo, Cowboys
  Revitalized Redskins take RG3 show into St. Louis
  Dolphins, Raiders vying to improve off ugly first impressions
  Kolb gets second chance as Cardinals take on Patriots
  Colts wanting better Luck in tussle with Vikings
  Bills, Chiefs try to rebound from rough debuts
  Texans take to road for divisional test with Jaguars
  High-powered offenses collide as Saints visit Panthers
  Bengals seeking bounce-back in battle with Browns
  Bucs' Schiano hoping for happy homecoming against Giants
  Chargers' Mathews, Gates questionable for Sunday
  Ravens aim to continue early roll in key clash with Eagles
  Giants list Nicks, Amukamara as questionable for Sunday
  Steelers' Harrison, Polamalu questionable for Sunday
  Colts' Freeney ruled out for Sunday
  Eagles' Maclin, Jackson questionable vs. Ravens
  Jets' Revis ruled out for Sunday
  Bengals place LB Howard on IR
  Panthers RB Stewart, WR Smith questionable for Sunday
  Odd Man Rush: Newton ready to be a leader in Carolina
  Bucs re-sign OL Hardman, cut DL Gilberry
  Packers pummel Bears
Thursday, September 13, 2012
  Jets' Revis held out of practice again
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, September 13, 2012)
  Steelers LB Harrison, S Polamalu miss practice
  Packers WR Jennings out for Thursday's game
  Cardinals QB Skelton held out of practice
  Cowboys sign DE Lissemore to extension
  Eagles' Maclin, Jackson miss practice
  Line of Scrimmage: Packers, Saints in early state of urgency
  Bears try to pounce on wounded Packers in midweek special
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
  Chad Johnson charged with misdemeanor domestic battery
  Calvin Johnson misses Wednesday's practice
  Bears CB Tillman questionable for Thursday's game
  Saints send WR Arrington to IR, sign Camarillo
  Packers WR Jennings doubtful for Thursday's game
  Bucs' RB Blount to have MRI
  Griffin III highlights NFC weekly winners
  Ravens' Flacco headlines AFC's best for Week 1
  Jets' Revis cleared for activity, no practice
  Raiders WR Ford to have surgery
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
  Goodell to meet with 'bounty' players
  Packers WR Jennings sits out practice
  Broncos place DT Warren on IR
  Raiders sign FB Reece to extension
  Random observations from Week 1 of the NFL season
  Bills place WR Nelson on IR
  Jaguars sign TE Spach
  Chargers take advantage of Raiders' miscues
  Flacco, Ravens rout Bengals
Monday, September 10, 2012
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 10, 2012)
  Browns' Haden suspended four games
  Saints place Vilma on PUP list
  Colts sign guard Essex, waive two
  Cardinals QB Skelton has low ankle sprain
  Bills' Jackson out at least 3 weeks, Nelson's season over
  Falcons CB Grimes done for season
  Jets' Revis has mild concussion
  Bears sign Scott, add Collins to roster
  Eagles' Maclin has hip injury, Cooper fractured collarbone
  Chargers to begin critical campaign with test from Raiders
  Ravens, Bengals set to kick off NFL's Monday night slate
  Manning sharp as Broncos beat Steelers
Sunday, September 09, 2012
  Kolb takes over and guides Cardinals over Seahawks
  RG3 shines in debut as Redskins down Saints
  Bucs edge Panthers to begin Schiano era
  49ers hang on to defeat Packers
  Sanchez throws for 3 scores as Jets throttle Buffalo
  Vikes edge Jags in OT
  Ryan, Jones lead Falcons past Chiefs
  Cardinals QB Skelton leaves game against Seahawks
  Rams T Saffold taken off on stretcher
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 9, 2012)
  Bears rout Colts in Luck's debut
  Lions score late to beat Rams
  Eagles overcome five turnovers, edge Browns
  Texans sign Schaub to extension
  49ers' Akers matches NFL record with 63-yard kick
  Brady, Ridley star as Patriots rip Titans
  Foster scores twice as Texans handle Dolphins
  Falcons CB Grimes leaves game
  Saints WR Henderson leaves
  Seahawks RB Lynch active for Sunday
  Bills RB Jackson leaves game
  Redskins WR Garcon leaves game
  Bills' Johnson active for Sunday
  Saints WR Colston will play in opener
  Richardson to play for Cleveland
  Vikings RB Peterson active for opener
  Texans RB Foster active for Sunday
Saturday, September 08, 2012
  Saints activate DE Smith
  Jaguars activate Jones-Drew
  Rams ink LB Laurinaitis to 5-year extension
  Bears place Booker on IR, elevate Allen
Friday, September 07, 2012
  Saints WR Colston questionable for Sunday
  Cardinals RB Wells listed as questionable
  Texans RB Foster questionable for Sunday
  Patriots' Vereen out, Vollmer questionable
  Colts WR Collie questionable
  49ers' Jacobs, Ginn are question marks
  Panthers RB Stewart questionable for Sunday
  Browns RB Richardson questionable
  Vikings' Peterson questionable for opener
  Bills' Johnson questionable for Sunday
  Bounty suspensions overturned
  Chiefs' Flowers, Johnson questionable vs. Atlanta
  Dolphins to start up Tannehill era in Houston
  Steelers seek revenge on Broncos in Peyton's new place
  Quarterbacks take center stage as Seahawks visit Cards
  NFC powers collide as Packers host 49ers
  Buccaneers host Panthers, aim for fresh start
  Running back questions surround Jags-Vikings clash
  Fisher, Schwartz renew acquaintances in Rams-Lions tilt
  New-look Colts try their Luck in Chicago
  Falcons begin latest playoff quest as Gonzalez returns to KC
  Titans' Locker faces tough first test against Patriots
  RG3 era to begin as Redskins take on scandal-ridden Saints
  Eagles seeking good start against rebuilding Browns
  Jets, Bills try to turn the page after poor preseasons
  Reports: Bounty suspensions overturned
  Seahawks RB Lynch questionable for Sunday
  Steelers LB Harrison questionable for Sunday
Thursday, September 06, 2012
  Steelers LB Harrison misses practice
  Art Modell, former Ravens and Browns owner, passes away at 87
  Cardinals ink LB Washington to 6-year deal
  Romo leads Cowboys past Giants in NFL opener
Wednesday, September 05, 2012
  Cowboys TE Witten to play against Giants
  Eagles extend QB Edwards
  Redskins' Meriweather out 2-4 weeks with knee injury
  NFL Inactives (Wednesday, September 5, 2012)
  Packers, Pats the picks for New Orleans
  Patriots put TE Shiancoe on IR
  Jets add DT Dixon, P Malone
  Bills owner Ralph Wilson returns home
Tuesday, September 04, 2012
  Steelers' Clark won't play Sunday
  Chargers place Brown on new IR
  Bengals put Cook on IR
  Cowboys TE Witten listed as doubtful against Giants
  Dolphins release QB Garrard
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 1 predictions, officially speaking
  Bills place Brooks on IR
  Ravens restructure contract of OT McKinnie
  Jaguars sign TE Cloherty
  Giants CB Amukamara won't play Wednesday against Dallas
  Key questions for NFL quarterbacks
Monday, September 03, 2012
  Arizona adds two players
  Bears sign DT Okoye
  Bucs re-sign DL Gilberry
Sunday, September 02, 2012
  St. Louis Rams 2012 Season Preview
  Jaguars RB Jones-Drew ends holdout
  Ravens sign safety Ihedigbo
  Panthers sign DT Edwards
Saturday, September 01, 2012
  Seattle Seahawks 2012 Season Preview
  Arizona Cardinals 2012 Season Preview
  Seahawks release TE Winslow
  Vikings pick up Jefferson from Arizona
  Texans sign Keenum to practice squad
  Cowboys waive McGee, claim TE Cochart
  Still no agreement between NFL, officials
  Chargers trim roster to 53
  Jets make cuts before deadline
  Hartley wins Saints' kicking battle; Toon to IR
  Jags reach 53-man roster
  Seahawks activate Carpenter, declare cuts
  Panthers get S Jones from San Fran; announce cuts
  Pats cut Branch, Hoyer, Koppen and Ihedigbo
  Bucs let go of Okoye, Shipley
  Browns make final cuts at deadline
  QB Clemens a surprise cut as Rams pare down
  Raiders announce final cuts, place Curry on PUP
Friday, September 30, 2011
  Hernandez and Vollmer out for Sunday
  Painter to start for Colts
  Pryor's 5-game suspension upheld by NFL
  Evans out, Grubbs questionable for Ravens
  Packers RB Grant, T Bulaga out for Sunday
  Tensions to be high for Jets-Ravens marquee matchup
  Broncos prepare for tough task against powerful Packers
  Reeling Dolphins head to San Diego amidst flurry of rumors
  Explosive offenses collide in Pats-Raiders tilt
  Jets' Ryan says Mangold is game-time decision
  Struggling Falcons fly in for clash with Seahawks
  Cardinals return home for matchup with surging Giants
  Vikings, Chiefs to battle for elusive first win
  Ailing Vick tries to lead slumping Eagles past 49ers
  Browns, Titans strive to further build off strong starts
  Redskins vie to rebound against still-winless Rams
  Saints visit Jaguars shooting for third straight win
  Bears seek to spoil homecoming for Panthers' Rivera
  Texans try to prove their worth in test with Steelers
  Unbeaten Lions ready for challenge from Cowboys
  Surprising Bills aim to keep rolling in Cincinnati
  Dolphins claim Slaton off waivers
Thursday, September 29, 2011
  Jets' Ryan says Mangold 'getting better each day'
  Bills and Lions share underdog persona
  Newton, Kerrigan selected as top rookies for September
  Bills QB Fitzpatrick among AFC monthly winners
  Rodgers, Lee, Hanson earn NFC monthly awards
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
  Report: Browns extend LB Gocong
  Titans' sign WR Avery
  Jets bring back LB Maybin
  Manningham and Umenyiora practice for the Giants
  Texans RB Foster back at practice
  Colts place Brackett, Bullitt on IR
  Chargers sign Harris, place Sanders on injured reserve
  Seven burning questions for Week 4
  Vick: 100 percent chance that I play Sunday
  McFadden, Lewis, Lindell selected as AFC's top players
  Manning, Barber, Bailey tabbed as NFC's best for Week 3
  Vick to practice Wednesday
  Ravens put CB Foxworth on IR
  Patriots bring back DL Gerard Warren
  Bucs place S Grimm on IR
  Colts bring back quarterback Dan Orlovsky
  Brown signs bill to help get NFL stadium in LA
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
  Saints put K Hartley on IR
  Jets place TE Cumberland on injured reserve
  Texans waive RB Slaton
  Bills promote CB Wheatley
  Super Bowl XLVIII logo features snowflake
  Caldwell facing big test without Manning
  Titans' Britt tore ligaments, out for season
  Cowboys kick their way to win over Redskins
Monday, September 26, 2011
  Cowboys' Romo active vs. Redskins
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 26, 2011)
  Jets TE Cumberland out for season; Sanchez has broken nose
  Colts' Collins still being evaluated for concussion
  Does a bruised hand signify broken dreams?
  Time to believe in those Battlin' Bills
  Reid: Vick has hand contusion
  Irsay: Manning likely won't play in 2011
  Ailing Cowboys host first-place Redskins in NFC East tussle
  Colts' Collins exits early
  Steelers escape Indy with win on late FG
Sunday, September 25, 2011
  Chargers hold on to keep Chiefs winless
  Rodgers throws three TDs as Packers top Bears
  Raiders use running game to get past Jets
  Rookie Smith shines as Ravens rout Rams
  Bucs hold off Falcons
  Late interception seals Seahawks' win over Cardinals
  Titans use late INT to turn away Broncos
  Titans WR Britt leaves game
  Saints score late to take down Houston
  McCoy leads Browns back against Dolphins
  Newton's late TD pass carries Panthers over Jaguars
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 25, 2011)
  Vick breaks hand, complains about protection
  Another Minnesota meltdown; Lions 3-0 after OT win
  Giants knock Vick out, beat Eagles
  Lindell's FG snaps Bills' losing streak against Patriots
  49ers use late surge to down Bengals
  Vick knocked around by Giants, breaks hand
  Bengals WR Simpson active
  Broncos' Bailey inactive
  Texans RB Foster inactive
  Vick active, ready to start against Giants
  Browns RB Hillis out vs. Dolphins
Saturday, September 24, 2011
  Cowboys' Romo listed as questionable for Monday night
  Manningham, Umenyiora won't play Sunday against Eagles
Friday, September 23, 2011
  Cowboys' Romo misses practice again
  Texans RB Foster a game-time decision
  Browns RB Hillis sent home from practice
  Colts TE Clark did not practice, questionable for Sunday
  Bears' Bennett out vs. Packers; Williams questionable
  Patriots release TE Gronkowski
  Familiarity on hand in Niners-Bengals matchup
  Steelers try to shut down still-winless Colts
  Reeling Seahawks return home for important matchup with Cards
  Cutler, Bears get chance to avenge playoff loss to Packers
  Buccaneers strive for big win against division-rival Falcons
  Disheveled Chiefs face another tough task in San Diego
  Ravens seeking rebound against winless Rams
  Unbeaten Jets begin challenging trek with visit to Raiders
  Titans shoot for second straight win in bout with Broncos
  Surging Texans aim for historic start in New Orleans
  Rolling Lions try to end longtime struggles in Minnesota
  Desperate Dolphins begin critical road swing in Cleveland
  Rookie quarterbacks on display in Jaguars-Panthers tilt
  Surprising Bills take on potent Pats in AFC East clash
  Vick ready to roll as Eagles host rival Giants
  Dolphins CB Davis out vs. Browns
  Broncos' Bailey listed as questionable
  Rams RBs Jackson and Williams questionable
  Former Ravens T Orlando Brown dies
  Ravens WR Evans, CB Smith to miss Sunday's game
  Jets C Mangold will sit Sunday
  Vick on schedule to play
  Giants bring back Clayton to replace injured Hixon
Thursday, September 22, 2011
  Manningham, Umenyiora miss practice for Giants
  Report: Marijuana discovered at Bengals WR Simpson's house
  Cowboys' Romo misses practice
  Bengals RB Benson suspended three games
  Broncos' Bailey misses practice again
  Rams RB Williams held out of practice
  Ravens C Birk returns to practice, WR Evans out
  Matthews, Woodson do not practice for Packers
  Bears WR Williams returns to practice
  Vick back at practice
  Broncos bring back Rosario
  Panthers RT Otah ready to return from concussion
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
  Chargers sign S Oliver to 1-year contract
  49ers WR Edwards dealing with injury
  Jets' Ryan doubts C Mangold will play
  NFL's newest trend no passing fancy
  Vick takes part in Eagles' walk-through
  NFL memo warns teams about faking injuries
  Brady, Cromartie, Cribbs selected as AFC's top players
  Deja vu: Giants' Hixon has torn ACL
  Romo, Harper, Hanson tabbed as NFC's best for Week 2
  Chiefs place Charles on IR, promote WR Horne to roster
  Gabbert to start at quarterback for Jaguars
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
  Dolphins release Johnson and Rosario
  Ravens, DT Ngata agree on 5-year contract
  Giants WRs Hixon, Manningham await test results
  Bills place WR Parrish on injured reserve
  Ravens agree to terms with Ngata on five-year contract
  Vikings S Johnson arrested on DWI charge
  Carroll's tinkering has Seahawks struggling
  Boley TD keys Giants victory over Rams
  Giants WRs Manningham, Hixon injured
Monday, September 19, 2011
  Romo diagnosed with lung injury
  Seahawks G Gallery out with groin injury
  Jets C Mangold iffy for next game
  Rams RB Jackson will not play; Tuck, Nicks active for Giants
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 19, 2011)
  Falcons CB Robinson fined for Sunday hit
  Packers' Collins lost for season
  Panthers LB Davis tears ACL again
  Vick's status undetermined for Sunday
  Chiefs' RB Charles done for season
  Romo gets a hard-earned measure of redemption
  Giants host Rams in Monday night clash of battered teams
  Vick leaves, Falcons rally to beat Eagles
  Eagles QB Vick suffers concussion vs. Atlanta
Sunday, September 18, 2011
  Eagles QB Vick leaves in 3rd quarter
  Bailey lifts Cowboys over 49ers in OT
  Dolphins' home struggles continue in loss to Houston
  Brady, Pats in control again, subdue Chargers
  Gano's late FG helps Redskins nip Cards
  Steelers dominate Seahawks in bounce-back win
  Brees, Saints tame Bears
  Packers rally to take down Panthers
  Bills win wild one over Oakland
  Broncos hang on to beat Bengals
  Twist and rout: Lions dismantle Chiefs
  A different Peyton stars in Indy
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 18, 2011)
  Bucs storm back to stun Vikings
  Romo leaves game with fractured rib
  Jets annihilate Jaguars
  Romo leaves game with rib injury
  Hasselbeck, defense guides Titans over Ravens
  Jets C Mangold leaves game with ankle injury
  Cowboys WR Bryant out with thigh injury
  Lions K Hanson sets NFL record
  Chiefs' RB Charles leaves with leg injury
  Saints WR Colston out with shoulder injury
  Bears WR Williams out with groin injury
  Packers CB Williams out with shoulder issue
  Jaguars TE Lewis out with calf injury
Saturday, September 17, 2011
  Giants WR Nicks listed as questionable
  Rams' Bradford probable, Jackson questionable
  Texans' Foster expected to play Sunday
Friday, September 16, 2011
  NFL issues fines to several players
  Chiefs give CB Flowers extension
  Cards fly in to Washington for battle of early unbeatens
  Vick leads Eagles into compelling clash with Falcons
  Plenty of fireworks expected in Pats-Chargers matchup
  Bengals shoot for surprising start in Denver
  Dolphins set to host critical game with Texans
  Cowboys vie to bounce back in road tilt with 49ers
  Rested Saints take on Bears in collision of NFC powers
  Surging Bills try to bully Raiders in home opener
  Steelers seeking rebound in home clash with Seahawks
  Vikings, Bucs square off in search of important first win
  Ravens head to Tennessee off huge opening win
  Roaring Lions aim to continue roll in bout with Chiefs
  Panthers' Newton to make home debut against mighty Packers
  Reeling Colts in rare underdog role against Browns
  Jets wrap up early homestand with visit from Jaguars
  Titans S Hope doubtful for Sunday
  Cowboys WR Bryant questionable for Sunday
  Bailey questionable for Broncos
  Jets WR Holmes questionable
  Eagles T Peters and QB Young questionable for Sunday
  Pats give Ninkovich a new deal
  Chiefs sign TE Anthony Becht, waive O'Connell
Thursday, September 15, 2011
  Goodell hears Pryor's appeal over suspension
  Jets WR Holmes limited in practice
  Rams QB Bradford goes through full practice
  Giants add WR Stokley
  Bears LB Urlacher returns to practice
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
  Bradford recovering fast from finger injury
  Dalton limited in practice, Bengals sign TE Lee
  Giants agree to terms with WR Stokley
  Texans' Foster practices
  Eagles CB Rodgers-Cromartie misses practice
  Jaguars TE Lewis misses practice
  Week 2: Revealing the risers and fallers
  Urlacher returns home after mother's death
  Rodgers, Urlacher, Ginn tabbed as NFC's best for Week 1
  Brady, Suggs, Janikowski selected as AFC's top players
  Texans add WR Anderson; release Bulman
  Pats add OL Thomas; release Welch
  Bucs switch long snappers
  Bills re-sign Corner
  Chiefs place Berry on IR; add Langford
  Dolphins bring back Will Allen; cut Sapp
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
  49ers sign TE Peelle
  Panthers place LB Beason on injured reserve
  Browns sign P Maynard, place McGee on IR
  Steelers OT Colon has surgery for torn triceps
  Chargers place K Kaeding on injured reserve
  Bills place Easley on IR, re-sign Martin
  Chiefs could be headed down wrong road
  Campbell, Raiders down Broncos; Janikowski FG ties record
  Raiders' Janikowski matches NFL record with 63-yard kick
  Brady's 517-yard masterpiece carries Pats over Dolphins
Monday, September 12, 2011
  Brady sets Patriots passing records
  Patriots C Koppen carted off field; Miami's Taylor hurt
  Steelers lose OT Colon to torn triceps
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 12, 2011)
  Giants WR Nicks has knee injury
  Rams update slew of Sunday injuries
  Bills CB McGee out with hamstring injury
  Panthers LB Beason out for season
  Chiefs lose S Berry for rest of season
  Chargers K Kaeding done for season
  Bears show they've still got some bite
  Ravens win the battle, but can they win the war?
  Vikings add C Berger
  New coaches square off as Broncos, Raiders hold divisional clash
  Dolphins try to reverse recent misery against rival Pats
  Jets overcome deficit in 4th, top Cowboys on Folk's 50-yarder
Sunday, September 11, 2011
  Ginn's late heroics propel 49ers past Seahawks
  Grossman helps Redskins down hobbled Giants
  Tolbert guides Chargers over Vikings
  Peterson's TD return spoils Newton debut as Cards down Panthers
  Green nabs go-ahead TD, Bengals top Browns
  Foster-less Texans rout Manning-less Colts
  Chargers K Kaeding injured
  New-look Eagles roll past hobbled Rams
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 11, 2011)
  Jaguars hold on to edge Titans
  Cutler, Bears easily beat Falcons in opener
  Ravens defense forces seven turnovers in rout of Steelers
  Stafford, Lions open with road win over Bucs
  Bradford, Jackson among Rams' injured
  New-look Bills plow through punchless Chiefs
  Texans' Foster sidelined for opener
  Rams QB Bradford leaves game
  Giants DE Tuck inactive vs. Redskins
  Report: Browns sign DT Rubin to three-year deal
  Rams RB Jackson injures quad
  Cowboys sign Witten to extension
Saturday, September 10, 2011
  Panthers ink Godfrey to extension
  Steelers sign Polamalu to four-year extension
  Vikings' Peterson agrees to long-term extension
  Giants place Goff on IR; promote Trattou
  Jets add Trufant; waive Gilyard
Friday, September 09, 2011
  Raiders QB Pryor to reportedly appeal suspension
  California Senate approves bill for NFL stadium in LA
  NFL fines Giants' Jacobs, Jets' Wilkerson
  NFL suspends Ravens offensive line coach Moeller
  Cowboys' Ratliff gets 5-year extension
  Texans' Foster questionable for Sunday
  Report: Saints WR Colston has broken collarbone
  Falcons rule out C McClure
  Dalton to lead Bengals into Cleveland in Shurmur's debut
  49ers to kick off Harbaugh era against re-tooled Seahawks
  Chargers begin season of high hopes with test from Vikings
  New quarterbacks take center stage in Panthers-Cards tilt
  Giants, Redskins to battle in day of remembrance
  Bears' Barber ruled out of Sunday's game
  Bills hoping for better start in bout with Chiefs
  Amidst controversy, Jaguars kick off 2011 campaign vs. Titans
  Bears host Falcons in matchup of 2010 playoff entries
  New-look Eagles to open season in St. Louis
  Minus Manning, Colts head to Houston for key divisional clash
  Rising teams square off as Bucs host Lions
  Steelers, Ravens ready to lock horns in Week 1 grudge match
  Eagles QB Young doubtful for Sunday
  Packers survive Saints in high-scoring thriller
Thursday, September 08, 2011
  Dolphins bring back Larry Johnson
  Cobb ties NFL record with 108-yard return
  More surgery for Manning
  Packers without DE Neal, OL Sherrod
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, September 8, 2011)
  Texans RB Foster sits out again
  Giants DE Tuck may sit due to sore neck
  Report: More surgery for Manning
  Dolphins bring in Larry Johnson
  Irsay: Manning 'out for awhile'
  Week 1: Will Peyton's plight lead to Indy's undoing?
  ESPN to broadcast Monday Night Football through 2021
Wednesday, September 07, 2011
  Bad day for the Cowboys
  Manning: 'I simply am not healthy enough'
  Saints will be without Moore, Hartley against Green Bay
  Chargers punter Scifres signs long-term deal
  Texans RB Foster still day-to-day
  Bears' Barber sits out of practice
  Insight to gain in NFL opener
  Back to Football -- and Predictions
  Patriots release Warren, Butler
Tuesday, September 06, 2011
  49ers WR Edwards fined $50K, not suspended
  49ers told WR Edwards won't be suspended for DWI
  Eagles re-sign LB Jordan for 2 years
  Bills claim OL Young off waivers
  Giants LB Goff tears ACL, out for season
  Jags release Garrard, name McCown starter
  Jags release QB Garrard, name McCown starter
  49ers sign LB Gooden
  Grossman to start Week 1 for Redskins
  Manning likely "doubtful" for Sunday
Monday, September 05, 2011
  Vikings sign LB Greenway to long-term extension
  Cardinals sign Chester Taylor
  Bucs sign LB Diles to two-year deal
  Dolphins sign TE Rosario
  Browns sign OL Hicks
  Report: Grossman to start Week 1 for Redskins
  Payton, Saints agree to new contract
  Colts suspend Tressel for 6 games
  Manning's condition remains a concern for Colts
Sunday, September 04, 2011
  Former Bucs DE Selmon dies
  Ravens, Gurode reach agreement
  Patriots sign Waters, release two
  Bears agree to terms with Meriweather
  NFL cuts include Bears RB Taylor
Saturday, September 03, 2011
  Avery, Gilyard lead list of Rams' cuts
  Browns complete final cuts, RB Jackson sent to IR
  Clemens, Hicks, Horton highlight Redskins' final cuts
  Jaguars deal for DB Lowery, place Jennings on IR
  Raiders cut QB Edwards, CB Sheppard
  Saints trim roster to 53, Ivory on PUP list
  Seahawks release 20 to reach roster limit
  Lions activate CB Smith, release P Harris
  Titans FB Hall suspended 4 games for PEDs
  49ers cut 26 players arrive at required 53-man roster
  Panthers going young at DT after final cuts
  Bills get down to required 53
  CB Hanson, TE Lee among Eagles' cuts
  Packers release 23 players to finalize roster
  Bucs waive Black, Carpenter to get to limit
  Jets complete two trades; reduce roster
  Dolphins release RB Johnson, DB Allen in cut-downs
  Meriweather, Tate released by Patriots
  Giants put Rosenfels on IR, reduce roster
  Adibi, Keo, Dickerson highlight Texans' final cuts
  Bears finally cut ties with Taylor at deadline
  Cowboys cut Olshansky, get to 53-man roster limit
  Chiefs place Moeaki on IR in final roster moves
  Vikings finalize roster
  Harris, Orlovsky among Colts' final roster deletions
  Hills, Gilmore among Steelers' final cuts
  Falcons make final wave of cuts, will keep two QB's
  Bengals' Williams gets four-game ban; roster trimmed
  Bengals' Williams gets four-game ban; Bengals make cuts
  Chargers sign veteran LB Diggs
  Ravens say goodbye to 26, including Gooden, Parmele
  Broncos waive troubled CB Cox among final roster moves
  Browns start cuts by releasing 17 players
  P Graham headlines Cardinals' final cuts; Womack to IR
  Let the games begin: Seahawks edge Raiders in preseason finale
Friday, September 02, 2011
  NFL suspends Saints DE Smith for 2 games
  Colts hire ex-Ohio St. coach Tressel as consultant
  Packers give Sitton extension
  Jets backup QB McElroy sidelined after surgery
  NFL suspends Vikings DT Kevin Williams for 2 games
  Bengals give Hall, Cook extensions
  Eagles QB Young has hamstring strain
  Denver Broncos 2011 Season Preview
  Cincinnati Bengals 2011 Season Preview
  Fred Taylor retires a Jaguar
  Report: Jets backup QB McElroy sidelined after surgery
  Bears begin cuts with Fantuz
  Report: Briggs wants out of Chicago
  Bengals ink Hall to long-term deal
  Dwyer, Steelers top Panthers
  Newton named Panthers starter for opener
  Cardinals rout Broncos in preseason finale
  Falcons add Hayden, Sanders to defensive backfield
  Niners edge Bolts in preseason finale
  Young injures hamstring; Eagles top Jets
  Eagles QB Young injures hamstring
  Brown's INT boosts Ravens over Falcons
Thursday, September 01, 2011
  Indy beats Bengals in preseason finale
  Johnson, Titans agree to new contract
  Vikings blank Texans in preseason finale
  Titans rout Saints in preseason finale
  Giants come back to beat Patriots
  Packers edge Chiefs in preseason finale
  Redskins top Bucs, QB decision looms for Shanahan
  Bears' Hughes runs over Browns
  Rams upend Jags, go 4-0 in preseason
  Dolphins top Cowboys in preseason finale
  Lions complete unbeaten preseason with win over Bills
  Eagles QB Young limps off field
  Seattle Seahawks 2011 Season Preview
  Carolina Panthers 2011 Season Preview
  Falcons reward McKay with promotion
  Report: Fred Taylor will retire a Jaguar on Friday
  Texans RB Foster tweets MRI of injured hamstring
Thursday, September 30, 2010
  Seahawks release Pitts
  Texans WR Johnson game-time decision
  Best, Allen selected as top rookies for September
  Ravens RB Rice practices
  Moreno sits out practice
  Delhomme returns to the field
  Jets CB Revis ruled out against Bills
  Stroud and Davis to miss Sunday's game
  Pryce is right for Jets
  Patriots sign RB Clayton
  Vick, Matthews, Roby earn NFC monthly awards
  Foster, Mathis, Nugent capture AFC monthly honors
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
  Saints make it official with Carney
  Texans WR Johnson misses Wednesday's practice
  Jets CB Revis still out of practice
  Ravens RB Rice sits out practice
  Rams' Jackson sits out of practice
  Colts bring back LB Hagler
  Hill gets starting nod at QB for Lions
  Houston signs CB Paymah
  Giants WR Manningham misses practice with concussion
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 4 - Fortunate Falcons making noise
  Peterson, Ware and Washington named NFC Players of the Week
  Boldin, Hali, Spiller named AFC's top performers for Week 3
  Bills sign LB Kelsay to contract extension
  Panthers add OL Morris
  Ravens cut DE Pryce, re-sign S Hamlin
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
  Chargers LB English out 4-6 weeks following surgery
  Don Doll, former Lions player and coach, dies
  Cardinals WR Breaston has surgery
  Saints sign K Carney, again
  Jaguars snag QB Edwards off waivers
  AFC North: Ravens show both resiliency and resourcefulness
  NFC West: Despite injuries, Rams serve up some home cooking
  NFC North: Are the Monsters of the Midway back?
  AFC South: Colts look just fine after slow start
  Giants place S Johnson on IR, promote Jackson
  NFC East: Vick's play rewarding Reid's faith
  AFC West: Chiefs take two-game lead into bye week
  Batch remains starter for Steelers versus Ravens
  Bills sign QB Brown
  Jags sign LB Alexander
  NFC South: Win over Saints places Falcons in driver's seat
  AFC East: Looks like Pats will need lots of points
  Bears boot late field goal to top mistake-prone Packers
Monday, September 27, 2010
  Jags make roster moves
  Bears' DT Harris benched
  Chiefs offensive coordinator Weis has emergency surgery
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 27, 2010)
  Raiders great George Blanda dies
  Rams' Jackson has strained groin
  Steelers DT Hoke sidelined by knee injury
  Bills release Trent Edwards
  49ers sack offensive coordinator Raye
  Merriman out with calf injury
  Bryant's FG in OT gets Falcons past Saints
  Sanchez throws for three scores as Jets hold off Dolphins
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 3)
Sunday, September 26, 2010
  Bradford gets Rams in win column against Redskins
  Resurgent Vick leads Eagles in rout of Jags
  Janikowski's missed field goal allows Cardinals to beat Raiders
  Collie has career day in Colts' win over Broncos
  Washington's return prowess leads Seahawks past Chargers
  Vikes continue home dominance of Lions
  Batch guides Steelers to rout of Bucs
  Johnson runs Titans past sloppy Giants
  Rams RB Jackson leaves game
  Cassel, Chiefs continue hot start by downing 49ers
  Patriots continue mastery of Bills
  Romo's two TD passes lead Cowboys past Texans
  Benson, Bengals take care of Panthers
  Flacco, Boldin hook up for three TDs as Ravens beat Browns
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 26, 2010)
  Vikings WR Harvin, CBs Cook, Griffin active vs. Lions
  Giants TE Boss back after missing Week 2
  Bengals CB Jones out, WR Owens in
  Browns' Delhomme, Harrison out vs. Ravens
Saturday, September 25, 2010
  Browns LB Jackson lands on IR
  McNeill ends holdout, signs tender with Chargers
Friday, September 24, 2010
  Burleson, Follet out against Vikings
  Harvin probable against Lions
  Browns QB Delhomme doubtful with ankle injury
  Cardinals RB Wells questionable for Sunday
  Bengals CB Jones doubtful with shoulder injury
  Saints CB Gay out vs. Falcons
  Skins' Portis, Haynesworth and Landry questionable for Sunday
  Broncos' Moreno out against Indy
  Bengals a tough first foe for Panthers' Clausen
  Ravens defense sets out to punish Browns
  Early NFC South blockbuster pits Saints and Falcons
  Bills' Fitzpatrick returns to Mass. to face Patriots
  Cowboys release FB Anderson
  In Lone Star showdown vs. Texans, Cowboys would settle for lone win
  Vikings hope Lions are elixir for what ails them
  Emotional Broncos face difficult test from Colts
  Can Jets' spoil Dolphins' home opener, take first place?
  Raiders begin another new QB era in Arizona
  Vick firmly in charge for Eagles' trip to face Jags
  Steelers visit Tampa in battle of surprise unbeatens
  Chargers try to make Seahawks' home uncomfortable
  Can Chiefs to get 3-0 against floundering Niners?
  Giants, Titans both looking to bounce back
  Redskins try to run out of St. Louis with a win
  Jets' Mangold, Taylor questionable, expected to play Sunday
Thursday, September 23, 2010
  NFL fines Titans CB Finnegan
  Chargers RB Mathews likely to miss Sunday's game
  Redskins OT Williams misses practice again
  Report: Delhomme has high ankle sprain
  Ravens come to terms with Kindle
  Seahawks name McLoughlin president
  Saints bring back RB Betts
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
  Steelers LB Harrison fined for hit
  Vincent Jackson goes untraded by deadline
  Vikings sign WR Baskett
  Raiders turn to Gradkowski at QB
  Dolphins' Crowder returns to practice
  Texans ink veteran OT Salaam
  Bucs S Jackson suspended indefinitely by NFL
  Patriots' Faulk out for year with torn ACL, placed on IR
  Jets CB Revis ruled out for Sunday
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 3 - Eagles' move to Vick was ill-considered
  Patriots, The Kraft Group extend stadium naming rights
  Texans' Andre Johnson headlines AFC's top performers for Week 2
  Patriots' Faulk out for year with torn ACL
  Snelling, Matthews, Hartley named NFC Players of the Week
  Eagles FB Weaver has knee surgery
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
  Jets' Edwards to play following arrest, but won't start
  Ravens' Harbaugh fined for making contact with official
  Falcons RB Norwood out for season
  Browns place LB Maiava on IR
  Redskins release RB Johnson
  Report: Patriots RB Faulk has torn ACL
  AFC South: Texans prove they are legitimate contenders
  Jaguars sign QB Bouman, put McCown on IR
  NFC South: Falcons alter course with blowout of Cardinals
  Dixon to have surgery for torn meniscus
  AFC East: Dolphins can look down on rest of division
  Jets' Edwards arrested for drunk driving
  Report: Saints' Bush has broken leg
  Report: Jets' Edwards arrested for DWI
  Last-second field goal lifts Saints over 49ers
  Saints RB Bush helped off field
Monday, September 20, 2010
  Broncos WR McKinley found dead
  Fisher: Young is our starter
  Clausen to start for Panthers in Week 3
  Report: Dixon out with torn meniscus
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 20, 2010)
  Jaguars QB McCown out for season with ACL tear
  Report: Jets CB Revis to miss time with strained hamstring
  Redskins OT Williams avoids serious knee injury
  Rams tight ends Bajema, Fells suffer knee injuries
  Embattled Steelers re-sign Leftwich
  Texans WR Johnson day-to-day with ankle injury
  Bills make QB switch to Fitzpatrick
  Vikings' Harvin has strained hip
  Saints end long hiatus with trip to meet 49ers
  Battle of Manning brothers goes to Peyton as Colts crush Giants
Sunday, September 19, 2010
  Texans rally to beat Redskins in OT
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 2)
  Redskins DT Haynesworth inactive
  Chargers RB Mathews hurts ankle
  Cutler leads Bears over Cowboys
  Sanchez, Jets bounce back to beat Patriots
  Jets CB Revis exits due to hamstring injury
  Steelers QB Dixon injured vs. Titans
  Defense, special teams carry Steelers over Titans
  Chargers handle Jags
  Gradkowski guides Raiders to win over Rams
  Orton, rookie WR Thomas lead Broncos past Seahawks
  Texans' Johnson leaves game
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 19, 2010)
  Vick wins in first start with Eagles as Philly edges Detroit
  Chiefs edge Browns for first 2-0 start in five years
  Bucs shut down Panthers
  Ryan, Snelling help Falcons dominate Cardinals
  Rodgers leads Packers in rout of Bills
  Falcons RB Turner leaves with injury
  Nugent powers Bengals past Ravens
  Dolphins defense thwarts late Vikings rally
  Dolphins' Crowder sidelined again
  Bucs TE Winslow active for Sunday against Carolina
  Cardinals RB Wells inactive again
Saturday, September 18, 2010
  Steelers release backup QB Leftwich
Friday, September 17, 2010
  Panthers QB Moore listed as probable for Sunday
  NFL implementing training program following Jets incident
  Chargers LB Cooper doubtful, Merriman probable
  Jags' Smith questionable, QB Garrard probable
  Bucs TE Winslow questionable for Sunday
  Broncos OT Harris out for Week 2
  NFL fines Houston's Foster, Quin
  NFL fines Titans' Tulloch, Haye
  Delhomme doubtful for Sunday
  Steelers OT Starks, NT Hampton out on Sunday
  Lewis, Heap questionable for Sunday
  Colts' defensive stalwarts Brackett, Mathis hurting
  Cardinals WR Doucet has surgery, Wells a game-time decision
  Giants WR Nicks, DE Umenyiora questionable
  McNabb, Haynesworth, Portis questionable for Redskins
  Bengals RB Benson probable for Sunday
  Jets CB Revis probable after practicing Friday
  Raiders RB Bush questionable with thumb injury
  Cowboys DE Ware probable for Sunday
  Bears' Peppers fined for hit on Stafford
  Vikings WR Harvin questionable for Sunday
  Falcons look to find end zone and victory against Cardinals
  Ravens continue road schedule with short-week trip to Cincinnati
  Packers kick off Lambeau slate with visit from Bills
  Will Bears' early luck run out in Dallas?
  Redskins host Texans in matchup of friendly coaches
  Seeking rebound, Chargers try to take out Jags
  Browns stand in way of 2-0 mark for surprising Chiefs
  Staunch Dolphins defense faces challenge in Minnesota
  Patriots look to send Jets to indignity of 0-2
  Brother meets brother in Colts-Giants tilt
  Ailing Lions, Eagles meet in battle of backup QBs
  Dixon leads Steelers into Tennessee
  Seahawks head to Denver seeking 2-0 start to Carroll era
  Vick gets starting nod for Eagles
  Raiders to host Rams in QB Campbell's formal Oakland debut
  Can Bucs keep good times rolling in Carolina?
  Chiefs name former Hornets exec Crumb CFO
  Ravens rookie Kindle likely to miss 2010 season
  Panthers re-sign CB Wilson
Thursday, September 16, 2010
  Cowboys expect DE Ware to play Sunday
  Cardinals WR Doucet to undergo sports hernia surgery
  Jets CB Revis limited at practice
  Delhomme hurt; Wallace takes first-team reps
  Vikings WR Harvin misses practice
  Vick to start Sunday for Eagles
  Vincent Jackson's suspension reduced if traded
  Panthers QB Moore practices, likely to start Sunday
  Jaguars again bring back Wilford
  Bears add LB Wilson
  Hill to start at QB for Lions
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
  Dolphins' Odrick sidelined with leg injury
  Texans place Barwin on IR among roster moves
  Panthers QB Moore back on practice field
  Rams' Jackson out of practice
  Colts' Sanders has surgery on torn biceps
  Eagles' Kolb, Bradley fail tests
  Jets sign NT Green
  Chargers place LS Binn on IR
  Report: Colts' Sanders has surgery on torn biceps
  Report: Sharpe taking leave of absence from CBS
  Forte, Wilson, Crosby named NFC Players of the Week
  Foster headlines AFC's top performers for Week 1
  Chiefs sign LB Anderson
  Giants TE Boss out vs. Colts
  Colts sign DB Morgan
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 2 - Do Chargers have a real challenger?
  Talib returns to Bucs after one-game suspension
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
  Report: Dolphins' Odrick suffers broken leg
  Report: Lions president Lewand has suspension reduced
  Chiefs' Thum steps down as team president
  Colts WR Gonzalez to miss Week 2
  Eagles' Jackson has bicep surgery
  Lions place Berry on IR, sign Vasher
  Bears place LB Hillenmeyer on IR
  Seahawks place Unger on IR among roster moves
  Bush forfeits Heisman Trophy
  Broncos acquire Maroney from Patriots
  NFC North: Lions' Stafford off to see the wizard
  NFC West: 49ers fail to grab the torch
  AFC South: Jaguars produce a winning feeling in Jacksonville
  Packers' Grant out for season
  Jets DT Jenkins tears ACL again, out for season
  NFC East: Defense the difference in Redskins' uplifting win
  Report: Colts' Sanders has torn biceps
  AFC North: Steelers still ticking without Big Ben
  Ravens waive, reach injury settlements with Hale, Rodgers
  Tomlin rolling with Dixon at QB; Starks' injury not serious
  Report: Packers' Grant to miss rest of season
  NFC South: Bucs defy skeptics with confidence-building win
  AFC West: Chiefs' win signaling divisional power shift?
  AFC East: Stagnant offense dooms Jets in opener
  Big plays, defensive stand lead Chiefs over Chargers
  Ravens ride stingy "D" to win over Jets
Monday, September 13, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 13, 2010)
  Jets oft-injured DT Jenkins leaves with knee injury
  Reid updates Eagles' injury woes; Weaver, Jackson done for season
  Schwartz: Stafford won't need surgery
  Giants TE Boss has concussion
  Bills LB Posluszny to miss time with knee injury
  Steelers OT Starks could be out a month
  NFL investigating Jets over female reporter's claims
  Packers' Grant has "significant" ankle injury
  Fox won't rule Moore out after concussion
  Sanders, Faulk, Bettis and Martin among Hall nominees
  Texans' Barwin suffers dislocated ankle
  McNabb, Redskins hold on to down Cowboys
Sunday, September 12, 2010
  Line of Scrimmage: Monday Morning Sentence Fragments (Week 1)
  Cardinals edge Rams; Bradford throws three picks in debut
  Packers down injury-riddled Eagles, halt 48-year Philly drought
  Mendenhall's TD in OT leads Steelers over Falcons
  Brady, Pats open season with win over Bengals
  Seahawks pound 49ers in NFC West battle
  Eagles lose Kolb, Bradley, Weaver and Jackson to injury in opener
  Garrard guides Jags over Broncos
  Spurlock's TD grab lifts Bucs past Browns
  Bengals DE Fanene leaves game
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 12, 2010)
  Giants christen new stadium with win over Panthers
  Dolphins open season with win in Buffalo
  Bears get favorable call to complete comeback against Lions
  Eagles lose Kolb, Bradley and Weaver to injury in opener
  Lions QB Stafford leaves game vs. Bears
  Foster runs wild as Texans top Colts
  Panthers QB Moore suffers concussion
  Johnson, Titans dominate Raiders to begin season
  Giants TE Boss leaves season opener
  Cardinals RB Beanie Wells inactive
  Colts starting Saturday, Johnson on offensive line
  Giants' Ross among inactives vs. Panthers
  Pats' Welker active, Maroney inactive
  Raiders RB Bush out with thumb injury
  Dolphins without Crowder for opener
Saturday, September 11, 2010
  Jags place Dillard on IR
  Brady, Kraft sound off on QB's new contract with Pats
  Niners ink TE Davis to five-year extension
  Falcons WR Jenkins out for opener
Friday, September 10, 2010
  Mawae calling it a career
  Colts' O-line could be without starters Saturday, Johnson
  McNabb questionable for Redskins' opener
  Kosier, Colombo out for opener
  New QBs look to put best foot forward in Rams-Cardinals tilt
  Falcons hope to take advantage of Steelers' uncertainty
  Giants officially open new building with visit from Panthers
  Pats, Bengals meet in matchup of '09 division winners
  Browns, Bucs try to get off mat with Week 1 win
  Shanahan, McNabb lead Redskins into battle vs. hated Cowboys
  Presence of Tebow among headlines in Broncos-Jags tilt
  Lions, Bears try to get leg up in NFC North race
  Kolb era in Philly kicks off with visit from Pack
  Texans can make statement with win over Colts
  Bills and Dolphins renew longtime AFC East rivalry
  Titans, Raiders each seeking to avoid 0-1 hole
  Niners and Hawks start off with NFC West grudge match
  Broncos rookie WR Thomas questionable for opener
  Cardinals RB Beanie Wells out of practice
  Bills place Mitchell on IR, sign Ayodele
  Report: Patriots, Brady finalize extension
  Saints start title defense with win over Vikings
Thursday, September 09, 2010
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, September 9, 2010)
  Kosier, Colombo held out of Thursday's practice
  Brady involved in car accident
  Cowboys make Austin one of NFL's highest paid receivers
  Browns bring back OL Yates
  Panthers' Otah to miss at least season opener
  Packers, Woodson agree to extension
  Bills' Mitchell considered doubtful for opener
  Dolphins cut C Grove; sign G Procter
  Saints, Vikes kick off NFL season with championship-level rematch
  Report: Brady involved in car accident
Wednesday, September 08, 2010
  Shanahan says DT Haynesworth will be with Redskins come Sunday
  Kosier, Colombo held out of Wednesday's practice
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 1 - Conspicuous absences
  Dolphins sign Clifton Smith
Tuesday, September 07, 2010
  Broncos RB White has Achilles surgery
  Seahawks re-sign Babineaux
  Jets bring back FB Richardson
  Broncos ink DL Vickerson, cut Smith
  Leinart finds new home with Texans
  Dolphins GM Ireland takes over full club operations
  Report: Patriots, Brady close to contract extension
Monday, September 06, 2010
  49ers sign QB Troy Smith
  Chargers sign QB O'Sullivan
  Saints ink LB Clark
  Jets, Revis agree to deal
  Steelers name Dixon starting quarterback
  Seahawks sign DE Brock
  Bucs claim RB Blount, release WR Brown
  Ravens add WR Houshmandzadeh
  Dolphins sign veteran LB Carpenter
  Report: Ravens sign WR Houshmandzadeh
Sunday, September 05, 2010
  Jets release FB Richardson
  Jags make several moves
  Titans waive Blount, build practice squad
  Texans release veteran LB Clark
  Bills sign TE Martin
  Dolphins add four, cut three
  Ramsey, McCray among Saints' final cuts
Saturday, September 04, 2010
  Rams finish cuts; Adeyanju, Carpenter, Null all chopped
  Lions Release CB Bly, 19 more
  Irvin, Tyler among Panthers' final cuts
  Raiders dump ex-starters Lawton, Morris, Richardson on cut day
  CB Vasher, WR Reed among Chargers' final cuts
  Patriots list LBs Alexander, Burgess, Woods among final cuts
  Colts Cut 22, including OT Terry; acquire CB Tryon
  Engram, Jennings, McDonald among Browns' final cuts
  Redskins release 21, including three ex-Steelers
  Chiefs release 13, including Morgan; Leggett and Urban to IR
  Chiefs deal S Page to Patriots
  Jaguars get to 53; Williamson and Alexander among cuts
  Seahawks cut Houshmandzadeh, 20 more
  Bears Release 21, including two '09 third-rounders
  Bengals acquire safety Nelson from Jaguars
  TE Havner chopped as Packers reach 53-man limit
  WR Hardy among Bills' cuts
  Dolphins release QB White, TE Martin on cut day
  Titans include Simms, Gado, Rolle in roster cuts
  Trade-happy Eagles also list Demps, Harris among cuts
  Siavii, Octavien among Cowboys' 20 cuts
  Eagles send Andrews to Seattle
  Vikings Release WR Walker, 19 others
  Giants make cuts, QB Bomar among them
  Texans release 21; officially sign RB Ward
  Bengals chop 22, including WR Jones, K Rayner
  Buccaneers cut 20, including WR Clayton
  Jets release 21, including LB Satele
  Steelers trim 11 to finish cuts, including center Hartwig
  Broncos place Stokley on IR, cut 10, trade for TE Gronkowski
  Ravens release 15, including QB Smith, K Graham; Reed to PUP
  Cardinals release Leinart, reduce roster to 53
  Rams tab rookie Bradford as Week 1 starter
  Falcons get to 53; CB Jackson among cuts
  Eagles acquire DE Barnes from Ravens
  Giants trade for Sage Rosenfels
Friday, September 03, 2010
  Broncos' Dumervil out for 2010 season
  Texans cut K Brown
  Report: Giants trade for Sage Rosenfels
  Browns place Hardesty on IR, waive six
  Rams reduce roster by four players
  Broncos' LenDale White out for season
  Cardinals release 16 players
  Niners reduce roster to 53; RB Robinson among cuts
  Chargers acquire WR Crayton from Dallas
  Steelers start cuts, drop 10 players
  Patriots dump Lewis, Ghiaciuc
  Eagles trade for OL Wells, cut 10; Abiamiri to PUP
  Report: Lions' Suh fined for hit on Delhomme
  Roethlisberger's suspension reduced to four games
  Report: Broncos' LenDale White out for season
  Line of Scrimmage: Your Guide to the 2010 NFL Season
  Raiders take down Seahawks in preseason finale
  49ers edge Chargers to complete unbeaten preseason
  Cardinals defeat Redskins in final preseason game
  Steelers QB Leftwich injures knee
Thursday, September 02, 2010
  Vikings down Denver in final preseason game
  Cowboys end preseason with win over Miami
  Titans down Saints in exhibition finale
  Bucs finish preseason with win over Texans
  Chiefs edge Packers in preseason finale
  Rams top Ravens in preseason finale
  Dawson's last-moment FG lifts Browns over Bears
  Jets down Eagles in preseason finale
  Steelers top Panthers in preseason finale, QB questions unresolved
  Jaguars hold off Falcons
  Bengals down Colts in exhibition finale
  Detroit downs Buffalo to finish fine preseason
  Calhoun's TD catch lifts Giants over Patriots
  Buffalo Bills 2010 Season Preview
Wednesday, September 01, 2010
  Redskins give third-string QB Beck contract extension
  Cardinals lock up DT Dockett
  St. Louis Rams 2010 Season Preview
  Leinart on his way out of Arizona?
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
  Chargers' Tomlinson returns to practice
  Lions re-sign DT Darby
  Bengals LB Maualuga, others miss practice
  Washington's Portis, Haynesworth sit out practice
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck, Jones likely out for Sunday
  Bucs re-sign McCoy; sign Urrutia to practice squad
  Kolb, Briggs, Harvin capture NFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 4 - Browns fans facing a huge test
  Jones-Drew, Ayanbadejo, Trusnik earn AFC weekly honors
  Chiefs sign Herron, Richardson
  Mangini going with Anderson at QB for winless Browns
  Anderson keeps starting job
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
  NFC East: It's crisis time in Washington
  Chiefs sign TE Pope
  Rams WR Robinson fractures fibula; QB Bulger day-to-day
  NFL suspends Rams LB Vobora four games
  Titans P Hentrich placed on IR
  Dallas RB Jones has sprained PCL
  AFC West: Unbeaten Broncos face uphill battle
  Saints place OT Brown on IR, re-sign OL Leckey
  NFC South: Saints show they can win games multiple ways
  AFC North: Will QB carousel lead to coaching change in Cleveland?
  Steelers sign Davis
  Bears sign McClover, release Smith
  Eagles bring back LB Trotter, release Garcia
  Pennington's season over as Fins' QB lands on IR
  Dolphins acquire Thigpen from KC
  AFC South: Jaguars finally answer the bell
  NFC West: Just how low can the Rams go?
  AFC East: Dolphins begin Henne era, but not voluntarily
  Colts' Freeney likely to miss two games
  NFC North: Lions' Schwartz stays on message
  Dallas RB Jones injured on Monday
  Strong second half carries Cowboys over Panthers
  Cowboys RB Barber out vs. Panthers
  Niners' Gore to miss three weeks with ankle, foot injuries
Monday, September 28, 2009
  Rams' Bulger has bruised rotator cuff, unsure for Sunday
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 28, 2009)
  Dolphins awaiting word on Pennington's shoulder
  Mangini set to announce QB decision Wednesday
  Bills' McKelvin hurt, Whitner has surgery
  Romo, Delhomme under scrutiny in Cowboys-Panthers affair
  Bucs bench Leftwich in favor of Josh Johnson
  Manning stellar again as Colts thump Cardinals
  Special teams, defense aid Chargers victory over Dolphins
Sunday, September 27, 2009
  Buckhalter, Broncos dismantle listless Raiders
  Bengals shock Steelers with last-second touchdown
  Late touchdown propels Bears past Seahawks
  Thomas, Saints rout Bills
  Favre's late TD pass lifts Vikings over Niners
  Patriots bounce back to beat Falcons
  Roar! Lions end 19-game skid, top Redskins
  Texans WR Walter active vs. Jags
  Hasselbeck sits vs. Bears with fractured rib
  Sanchez leads Jets past Titans
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 27, 2009)
  Rodgers, Packers keep Rams winless
  Jones-Drew leads Jags past Texans for first win
  Niners' Gore leaves with ankle injury
  Dolphins' Pennington injures shoulder
  Giants use solid defense to blank Bucs
  Welker sidelined again for New England
  Rams' Bulger, two others leave with injuries
  Kolb, Eagles soar in rout of Chiefs
  Vick makes first regular season appearance for Eagles
  Eagles' McNabb, Westbrook inactive vs. Chiefs
  Haynesworth returns to Detroit game
  Flacco leads Ravens to rout of Browns
  Haynesworth leaves Detroit game with foot injury
  Bucs' Williams active vs. Giants; Graham inactive
  Rams OT Smith inactive vs. Packers
  Detroit LB Sims inactive for Week 3
  Ravens S Reed active vs. Browns
  Titans P Hentrich inactive Sunday
  Browns RB Lewis inactive for Sunday
  Vikings WR Harvin active vs. 49ers
  Giants DE Tuck active vs. Bucs
  Chiefs WR Bowe inactive
Saturday, September 26, 2009
  Surprising Broncos look to keep rolling in Oakland
  Lions vying to beat Redskins any way they can
  Can struggling Titans knock Jets off perch?
  Vikings, Niners both in search of 3-0
  Bucs look to make Giants first victim of Morris era
  Can Bills slow down rampaging Saints offense?
  Disappointing Dolphins head to San Diego
  Vick makes long-awaited debut as Eagles host Chiefs
  Texans try to remain worthy of positive press vs. Jags
  QBs to rule the day in Cardinals-Colts match
  Packers hope to find right track in St. Louis
  Can resurgent Bengals offense test Steelers?
  Suprising Broncos look to keep rolling in Oakland
  Browns seek to challenge surging Ravens
  Battered Bears, Seahawks to fight war of attrition?
  Falcons stand in way of Patriots' rebound attempt
  Cowboys RB Barber questionable vs. Panthers
  Bucs release McCoy; promote Urrutia
  Panthers to be without Diggs on Monday
Friday, September 25, 2009
  Titans P Hentrich out Sunday
  Vikings' Harvin, Henderson questionable
  Patriots WR Moss questionable for Sunday
  Dolphins' Porter questionable vs. Chargers
  Chiefs WR Bowe questionable; QB Cassel probable
  Jets CB Sheppard out for Sunday
  Ravens S Reed questionable vs. Browns
  Detroit LB Sims doubtful for Week 3
  Giants DE Tuck questionable for Sunday
  Portis questionable for Detroit game
  Texans WR Walter questionable vs. Jags
  Chargers' Tomlinson ruled out for Sunday
  Saints RB Bell, WR Moore out for Week 3
  Hasselbeck doubtful for Seahawks-Bears game
  Broncos' Moreno, Stokley questionable against Raiders
  Packers S Bigby out for Sunday
  Rams OT Smith doubtful vs. Packers
  Several key Buccaneers players questionable vs. Giants
  Eagles' McNabb doubtful, Westbrook questionable vs. Chiefs
Thursday, September 24, 2009
  Cowboys RB Barber practices, but is limited
  Dolphins' Porter limited in practice
  Steelers ownership restructuring deal completed
  Settlement vote paves way for NFL stadium in Southern California
  Giants' Phillips lands on IR
  Texans' G Pitts placed on IR
  McNabb still an observer at practice
  Texans G Pitts reportedly out for season
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
  Packers' Clifton will likely sit next two games
  Bengals RB Benson misses practice
  Giants DE Tuck held out of practice
  Browns RB Lewis sits out practice
  Cowboys RB Barber says he feels good
  Chargers' Hardwick to miss eight weeks
  Cowboys' Flozell Adams fined
  Hasselbeck, Houshmandzadeh, Tatupu all miss practice for Seattle
  Rams OT Smith sits out practice
  Bucs sign Lynch, Hamilton
  Gore, Greenway, Campbell capture NFC weekly honors
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 3 - Vick still traveling long road back
  Schaub, Odom, Lindell earn AFC weekly honors
  Packers sign S Giordano
  Jags place WR Williamson on IR
  NFC East: Loss does little to clear up Eagles' QB quandary
  NFC West: Cardinals show they can be early birds
Tuesday, September 22, 2009
  Redskins re-sign Alridge; place Thomas on IR
  Bills' Butler placed on IR; OL Meredith signed
  Ravens send LB Prescott to Pats, sign TE Curtis
  Bucs place S Phillips on IR
  Panthers DT Leonard lands on IR
  AFC West: Rivers runs wild in San Diego setback
  NFC South: Falcons practice the art of keep away
  AFC North: Ravens' Lewis still leads by example
  Cowboys RB Barber out 1-2 weeks
  NFC North: When will Vikings air it out?
  Burress sentenced to two years in prison
  AFC East: Jets "D" goes on the offensive under Ryan
  AFC South: Frustration creeping in for 0-2 Titans
  Cowboys RB Barber injures quadriceps
  Manning passes Unitas as Colts overcome Dolphins
Monday, September 21, 2009
  Jags WR Williamson lost for season
  Report: Niners accuse Jets of tampering with Crabtree
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck has fractured rib
  Bucs S Phillips fractures thumb
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 21, 2009)
  Raiders OL Gallery to miss four to six weeks
  Rams OT Smith suffers sprained knee
  Saints RB Bell has MRI on right knee
  Falcons DT Peria Jerry to miss rest of season
  Eagles WR Jackson, others suffer injuries
  Packers' Clifton could sit Sunday with ankle injury
  Bills' Butler to miss rest of season
  Redskins G Thomas suffers another triceps injury
  Colts search for another piece of glory in south Florida
  Giants DE Tuck, WR Hixon injured vs. Dallas
  Giants use FG at end to spoil Cowboys' record-setting home opener
Sunday, September 20, 2009
  Gore runs wild as 49ers top Seahawks
  Cowboys Stadium sets regular season attendance record
  Jackson, Bills handle Tampa Bay
  Seahawks' Hasselbeck suffers injury versus 49ers
  Giants WR Hixon injured vs. Dallas
  Brees and Saints outgun McNabb-less Eagles
  Ravens pull out road win vs. shorthanded Chargers
  Good as Gould: FG pushes Bears past Steelers
  Warner paces Cardinals over Jaguars
  Orton, Broncos rout Browns
  Favre, Vikings deal Lions 19th straight loss
  Ryan, Turner help Falcons get past Panthers
  Cassel ready to go for KC
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 20, 2009)
  Texans outslug Titans in Nashville
  Suisham boots Redskins past Rams
  McNabb inactive with rib injury
  Sanchez and Jets handle Pats
  Ochocinco helps Bengals down Packers
  Late score sends Raiders over Chiefs
  Favre sets straight-starts record
  Welker sidelined for New England
Saturday, September 19, 2009
  Raiders seek to spoil Haley's home debut in K.C.
  Absences conspicuous for Bears, Steelers
  Niners, Hawks square off in first-place battle
  Rams trying to find a win, some points, vs. Skins
  Bills seeking bounce-back in home opener vs. Bucs
  More challenges for Lions defense with Vikes in town
  Hype precedes Pats-Jets tilt, as usual
  Saints to play part in Eagles' QB drama
  Cowboys formally open palace with tilt vs. Giants
  Jaguars vying to extend jinx talk for Cardinals
  High-flying Ravens visit battered Chargers
  Delhomme, Panthers start recovery project in Atlanta
  Packers try to keep good times rolling vs. Bengals
  Tension possible for Broncos' date with Browns
  Texans, Titans Seek to Avoid 0-2
  Chargers place DT Williams on injured reserve
  Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith headline Hall nominees
Friday, September 18, 2009
  Cassel again a game-time decision
  Giants DE Canty out against Cowboys
  Titans TE Scaife doubtful for Sunday
  Farwell questionable for Vikings
  Bears TE Clark doubtful
  McNabb listed as doubtful for Sunday
  Bills sign CB McGee to multi-year extension
Thursday, September 17, 2009
  Colts WR Gonzalez out up to eight weeks
  Jags release DE Wyche
  Former Lions coach Monte Clark passes away
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
  Chargers sign veteran OL Dennis Norman
  Redskins give FB Sellers contract extension
  Jets, Mangini fined by league
  Bills LB Posluszny has surgery, out indefinitely
  On second thought: Seahawks' Hill out at least six weeks
  Brady, Harris and Reed earn AFC weekly honors
  Brees, Tuck, Jackson capture NFC weekly honors
  McNabb's status still uncertain for Week 2
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 2 - Panic Time in Houston?
  Browns add Yates, Ventrone; release Smith
  Rams add LB Lenon, WR Martin
  Jaguars place Hayward on IR; promote CB Cox
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
  NFC West: 49ers may have finally found winning formula
  NFC East: Cowboys show there's life without T.O.
  Giants reinstate LB Boley, shuffle roster
  Pats LB Mayo to be sidelined for undetermined time period
  NFL defers action on "StarCaps" case involving Saints players
  AFC West: Broncos win ugly in McDaniels' debut
  NFC South: Brees continues record-setting pace with Saints
  AFC North: Steelers hope to avoid 2006 repeat
  Saints agree to terms with WR Roby
  Chiefs sign WR Wade
  Vick added to 53-man roster; Eagles release WR Baskett
  Panthers sign Feeley, place McCown on IR
  NFC North: How will Bears move on?
  AFC South: Already time to push panic button in Houston?
  Eagles' Andrews placed on IR
  AFC East: Pats' hard-earned win exposes some flaws
  Sproles, Chargers rally to beat Raiders in MNF thriller
  Chargers' Hardwick carted off field
  Brady, Pats stage improbable rally to frustrate Bills again
  Bills LB Posluszny breaks bone in arm
  Pats LB Mayo injured in season opener
  Panthers to add Feeley, place McCown on IR
Monday, September 14, 2009
  Seahawks LB Hill out two weeks
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 14, 2009)
  Report: Panthers to add Feeley after McCown put on IR
  Jaguars lose DE Hayward for season
  Bucs sign Crowder, Mahan
  Bears' Urlacher has surgery, out for season
  With McNabb hurting, Eagles sign QB Garcia
  Romo's injury not a big concern, Cowboys say
  Giants WR Nicks, RB Ware likely out two weeks
  Polamalu won't need surgery
  Falcons re-sign RB Haynes
  Panthers QB McCown day-to-day, Delhomme to remain starter
  McNabb likely won't practice Wednesday; uncertain for Sunday
  Urlacher says his season is over
  Report: Bears' Urlacher to have wrist surgery
  McNabb fractures rib in season opener
  Rodgers' late heroics spoils Cutler's debut as Packers edge Bears
  Bears LB Urlacher leaves game with wrist injury
  49ers upend reigning NFC-champion Cardinals in season opener
  Hasselbeck, Seahawks blank reeling Rams
Sunday, September 13, 2009
  Manning, Giants edge Redskins
  Brees tosses six TDs; Saints hand Lions another loss
  Broncos stun Bengals on tipped TD pass in closing seconds
  Eagles thump Panthers, but McNabb hurt
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 13, 2009)
  Giants WR Nicks injured
  Cassel sidelined for KC's opener
  Favre returns, but Peterson steals limelight as Vikes down Browns
  Colts edge Jags to give Caldwell winning debut
  Sanchez solid in debut as Jets stymie Texans
  Colts WR Gonzalez leaves
  Romo leads Cowboys past Buccaneers
  Ravens score two late touchdowns to escape against KC
  Falcons thump Fins in battle of '08 surprises
  McNabb leaves after taking hit
  Quinn starts under center for Browns
  Expectations follow Cutler, Bears to Green Bay
  Some absences conspicuous in Cowboys-Bucs meeting
  Broncos, Bengals, try to strike winning note
  Lions take new coach, losing skid to New Orleans
  Caldwell leads Colts vs. division rival Jaguars
  Chiefs turn page with tough test in Baltimore
  Dolphins, Falcons, look to take the next step
  Vikings begin Favre era on the road in Cleveland
  Sanchez carries Jets' new hopes to Houston
  New-look Eagles travel to meet same-look Panthers
  Cardinals begin NFC title defense vs. Niners
  Rams, Seahawks, seek recovery from dismal 2008
  Giants, Skins, try to put positive foot forward
  Seymour finally joins Raiders
Friday, September 11, 2009
  Bears CB Tillman questionable following back surgery
  Seahawks WR Branch questionable for season-opener
  Rams' Bulger officially probable for Seahawks tilt
  Lions CB Buchanon, G Peterman questionable
  Texans WR Walter questionable, FS Wilson out for Sunday
  No charges to be filed against Merriman
  Giants CB Ross out vs. Redskins
  Report: No charges to be filed against Merriman
  Vikings WR Berrian questionable for Sunday
  Cardinals' Boldin listed as questionable for Sunday
  Colts S Sanders out for Sunday
  Saints RB Thomas, two others out for Sunday
  Chiefs QB Cassel to be a game-time decision
  Orton, Simms and Moreno listed as questionable for Sunday
  Court of Appeals rules in favor of Vikes' Williamses
  Eagles' Andrews out for season opener
  Eagles G Andrews out for season opener
  Reed's FG pushes Steelers past Titans in OT
  Polamalu sprains MCL in Steelers' victory over Titans
Thursday, September 10, 2009
  Polamalu out for second half versus Titans with knee injury
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, September 10, 2009)
  Madden to serve as advisor to Goodell
  NFL looking into Jets injury reports following Favre comments
  Vikings cut WR Wade, sign Lewis
  Rams part ways with LB Draft
  Defending champ Steelers welcome Titans in opener
Wednesday, September 09, 2009
  Seahawks LT Jones, C Spencer out for season opener
  Cardinals' Boldin misses practice Wednesday
  Titans WR Washington questionable
  Steelers' Timmons doubtful
  Orton, backup QB Simms and Moreno practice little for Broncos
  Chiefs QB Cassel limited in Wednesday's practice
  Report: Quinn to be Browns' QB
  Three out of practice for Packers
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 1 - A Tale of Two OCs
Tuesday, September 08, 2009
  Cardinals sign OL Bridges
  Bills release LT Walker, sign OT Chambers
  Jags sign S Russell, OL Forney
  Steelers ink center Hartwig to four-year deal
  Eagles sign TE Alex Smith
  Jets add LB Fowler, subtract FB Davis
  Patriots release Lewis; claim Lockett off waivers
Monday, September 07, 2009
  Merriman: "I in no way caused any harm"
  Lions going with Stafford as starting QB
Sunday, September 06, 2009
  Report: Chargers' Merriman arrested
  Seahawks sign veteran S Milloy
  Patriots send Seymour to Raiders
  Eagles part ways with QB Feeley; DT Dixon claimed off waivers
  Texans CB Robinson ends holdout, signs tender
  LBs Fowler, Boiman among Titans' 22 cuts
  Saints cut Harrington, Spicer, 17 more; Trade for TE Thomas
  Hackett, Daniel highlight Redskins' 21 cuts
  Brohm one of Packers' 18 cuts; Harrell and three more on IR
  Browns Release Patten, Ivy, 21 More
  Patriots cut 10, make two trades, send three to IR
Saturday, September 05, 2009
  Rhodes, Chambers among Bills' 18 cuts
  Seahawks release 22, including ex-starters Russell, Lewis
  Dolphins release London, Bryan among final cuts
  Broncos release final 12, add Holliday to get to 53
  Colts release 21 including DE Thomas, get to 53
  Jaguars chop 21, trade for McCown in flurry of moves
  Buccaneers chop Bryant, Cook, among 21 cuts
  Madison, Davis among 21 released by Steelers
  Raiders release Garcia, 21 others as part of cut-down day moves
  Panthers Cut Kaesviharn, 23 More; Rookie Irvin to IR
  Winborn, Shockley, Among Falcons' Final Cuts
  Darby, Smith, Standeford on Lions' list of 21 cuts
  Booty, Herron, McCauley among Vikings' 22 cuts
  Chargers Release Forney, Shelton, 19 Others
  Pollard, Lelie, Thomas Among Chiefs Cuts
  Giants cut Super Bowl hero Tyree, 18 others
  Stanback, Stewart Among 22 Cowboys Released
  Saints add TE Thomas from Patriots
  Bears release Basanez, Hood, 17 others
  Eagles cut '08 draft picks Ikegwuonu, Smith, 15 More
  Niners release CB Green, RB Sheets, 18 Others
  Ravens Release Figurs, Oglesby, 19 Others
  Curry included among Rams cuts; Carriker to IR
  Texans Release O'Neal, Harrison Among 22 Cuts
  Jets release '08 draft pick Henry, 18 others
  Bengals Cut Ex-Starters Blackstock, White, 18 More
  Volek, Chargers rout 49ers in final preseason game
Friday, September 04, 2009
  Punt return gives Dallas win over Vikings in preseason finale
  Grossman leads Houston past Tampa Bay in preseason finale
  Offensive trend: Bills become third team to can coordinator
  Favre fined by NFL for block
  Giants DT Alford has season-ending surgery
  Lions get S Simpson from Bills
  Bears RB Kevin Jones to miss season
  Cards TE Pope among 21 released as club reaches 53-man roster
  Patriots make cuts, QB Walter among them
  Chiefs cut veteran T McIntosh, seven others
  Goodell: Vick eligible to play Week 3
  Seahawks dump Raiders in preseason finale
  Brandstater stars as Broncos beat Cardinals in last preseason game
Thursday, September 03, 2009
  St. Louis concludes preseason with win over Chiefs
  Basanez leads Bears past Browns in preseason finale
  Logan leads Steelers past Panthers in preseason finale
  Young, Titans top Packers in final preseason contest
  Ravens top Falcons to finish off perfect preseason
  Dolphins edge Saints in preseason finale
  Pats rally to top Giants in exhibition finale
  Vick struggles in last preseason game as Jets top Eagles
  Jaguars hold off Redskins to avoid a winless preseason
  Bengals rout Colts in preseason finale for both clubs
  Lions cap preseason with win over Bills
  Line of Scrimmage: Your Guide to the 2009 NFL Season
  Bucs fire offensive coordinator Jagodzinski
  Report: Vick eligible to play Week 3
Wednesday, September 02, 2009
  Former Patriots running back John Stephens dies
  Panthers name Morrison president
  Bucs sign Johnson, release Mahan
  Dolphins RB Williams gets extension
Tuesday, September 01, 2009
  49ers release QB Huard
  Bengals first-round pick Smith breaks foot
  Texans trade DT Johnson to Chargers, cut four
  Chiefs cut WR Toomer among five roster moves
  Bears sign CB Hood
  Lemon waived by Ravens
  Falcons acquire former first-round pick Hill from Rams
  Lions sign Bollinger; Stanton has surgery
  Browns place Tucker on IR again
  Panthers acquire DT Leonard
  Favre paces Vikings over Texans
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
  Denver's Russell placed on IR
  Al Davis fires Kiffin, names Cable interim head coach
  Texans S Brown done for season
  NFC West: Rams unable to finish under Linehan
  Rams' new coach Haslett names Bulger starter
  NFC South: Saints turn Deuce loose
  NFC North: Bears finally close the deal
  NFC East: Eagles haunted by missed opportunities
  Bengals sign Cedric Benson
  AFC South: Titans players not satisfied with hot start
  Steelers RB Parker ruled out for Week 5
  AFC West: Chiefs Acquire New Lease on Life
  Al Davis finally fires Kiffin
  Report: Al Davis finally fires Kiffin
  AFC North: Steelers Hurting, Even in Victory
  Report: Al Davis finally ready to fire Kiffin
  Bills sign McIntyre; release Barnes
  AFC East: Recapping the Wild Jets-Cardinals Tilt
  Steelers' Mendenhall fractures shoulder, will be placed on IR
  Steelers edge Ravens in bruising OT affair
Monday, September 29, 2008
  Steelers' Mendenhall leaves game with shoulder injury
  Jets release punter for second time in two weeks
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 29, 2008)
  Jets safety Smith suspended one game for hit on Boldin
  Rams executive Faulkner dies
  Bengals granted roster exemption for Henry
  Jaguars OT Collier paralyzed, has leg amputated
  No structural damage for Packers' Rodgers
  Rams fire Linehan
  Texans S Brown to have surgery
  Report: Rams fire Linehan
  Bears' goal-line stand stifles Eagles
  Eagles' Westbrook out against Bears
  Campbell, 'Skins shock Cowboys at Texas Stadium
Sunday, September 28, 2008
  Denver's Russell leaves game against KC on stretcher
  Saints take down 49ers behind Brees
  Bills rally to rout Rams
  Packers QB Rodgers suffers shoulder injury
  Bengals QB Fitzpatrick replaces injured Palmer
  Chargers stun Raiders with fourth-quarter rally
  Scobee hits field goal in OT to give Jags win over Texans
  Delhomme, Muhammad lead Panthers in rout of Falcons
  Titans cash in on Vikings' mistakes, stay perfect on season
  Anderson, Browns power their way to first win over Bengals
  Bucs D, Bryant help down Packers
  Favre's career day leads Jets over Cards
  Line of Scrimmage: Mixed Emotions in Wisconsin, NYC
  Johnson, Chiefs run all over Broncos
  Cardinals' WR Boldin leaves game in ambulance
  Panthers lose a pair of tackles in win
  Chiefs T Albert leaves game against Broncos
  Panthers' T Gross leaves game
Friday, September 26, 2008
  Colts' Sanders undergoes knee surgery
  Vikings' Peterson questionable for Titans game
  Tampa WR Galloway out for Green Bay game
  Raiders RB Fargas out, McFadden questionable
  Favre questionable for Sunday, other Jets banged up as well
  Ravens RB McGahee probable for Monday
  Bears' Hester questionable against Eagles
  Eagles' Westbrook, McNabb questionable
  Texans home opener to be played at Reliant Stadium
  NFL - Be wary of high-priced favorites
  Cardinals Seek to Continue Misery for Favre, Jets
  Road Win Against Panthers on Falcons' Minds
  Position in AFC North on Line in Steelers-Ravens Tilt
  Rams Turn to Green in Clash With Bills
  Bengals, Browns, Look to Get Ohio Into Win Column
  Streaking Broncos Visit Hapless Chiefs
  Rodgers, Pack, Vying for Bounce-Back vs. Bucs
  Texans Seek to Slow Jaguars' Roll
  Titans Welcome Vikings, Go for 4-0
  Can McNabb, Eagles, Continue Chicago-Based Dominance?
  Kiffin, Raiders, Try to Stay Afloat vs. Bolts
  Niners Look to Slow Brees, Saints Attack
  Streaking Redskins, Cowboys, Collide in Big D
  Palmer questionable with sore elbow
Thursday, September 25, 2008
  Patriots' all-time leading receiver Brown retires
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
  Lynch, former Giants player and broadcaster, passes away
  Packers confirm spleen injury for Harris
  Infant son of Bucs K Bryant dies
  Saints release QB Harrington, sign TE
  Giants suspend Plaxico Burress
  Huard to start at QB for KC
  Lions fire Matt Millen
  Thumb injury sidelines Bills WR Parrish 4-6 weeks
  Week 4 - Back to the 90's for Frerotte, Green, Collins
  Rams cut CB Brown; sign CB Craft
  Turner, Dawkins, Carney earn NFC weekly honors
  Brown, Cromartie, Scobee selected as AFC's top players
  Report: Millen out in Detroit
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
  Niners CB Spencer to go on IR
  Saints G Nesbit suspended for drug violation
  Bears waive Bradley
  NFC East: Campbell, Redskins making big strides
  NFC West: Risk at QB paying off for 49ers
  NFC North: Packers fail to make a statement
  Broncos' Nalen placed on IR
  AFC South: Jags finally get win, ground attack in gear
  NFC South: Griese rewards Gruden's faith
  AFC West: Chargers Back on Track
  Bengals sign veteran CB Fletcher
  Former Vikings great Hilgenberg dies
  AFC East: What Does Win No. 1 Mean for Dolphins?
  Steelers RB Parker to miss Monday night vs. Ravens
  AFC North: Where's the Ceiling for 2-0 Ravens?
  Rams make change at QB
  Tomlinson, Rivers help Chargers down Jets for first win
Monday, September 22, 2008
  Rams RB Pittman out with cracked fibula
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 22, 2008)
  Saints' Shockey out three-to-six weeks with sports hernia
  Report: Packers' Harris could miss rest of season
  Panthers rookie LB out for season
  Redskins' Taylor has surgery
  Eagles' Westbrook has strained right ankle
  Line of Scrimmage: 7 Great Stories From the First 3 Weeks
  Report: Al Davis ready to fire Kiffin
  Eagles grind out tough win over Pittsburgh
  Tennessee dominant in rout of Texans
  Romo leads Cowboys to first-ever win in Green Bay
Sunday, September 21, 2008
  Cutler solid again as Broncos survive Saints
  Ravens smother winless Browns
  Ravens S Landry leaves on stretcher
  O'Sullivan, Gore power 49ers past Lions
  Scobee's late FG lifts Jaguars past Colts
  Campbell helps Redskins continue dominance of Cardinals
  Seahawks slam Rams behind strong ground game
  In Gus we trust: Vikes double up Panthers for first win
  Eagles' Westbrook leaves game
  Roethlisberger injures hand
  Carney keeps Giants perfect with FG in overtime
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 21, 2008)
  Lindell's field goal gives Bills first 3-0 start in 16 years
  Bryant's FG in OT lifts Bucs over Bears
  Falcons bury hapless Chiefs behind three Turner scores
  Brown accounts for five TDs as Dolphins pummel Patriots
  Patriots' Maroney inactive against Miami
  Bears' Hester sits against Bucs
  Vikings' Peterson will play
Saturday, September 20, 2008
  Steelers release RB Russell, promote LB Bailey
Friday, September 19, 2008
  Chargers' Tomlinson questionable with sore toe
  Browns WR Edwards questionable
  Vikings' Peterson questionable
  Bears' Hester questionable with bruised ribs
  Bears' Hester questionable with torn rib cartilage
  Tampa WR Galloway out for Chicago game
  Bears' McGowan placed on injured reserve
  Titans WR Gage misses practice
  Eagles G Andrews might not play
  Saints sign QB Harrington
  NFL - Early-Season Wagering
  Cards Can Make Rare 3-0 Start a Reality in Washington
  0-2 Vikes Turn to Frerotte Vs. Panthers
  Bengals Vying to End Misery Against Giants
  Disappointing Browns Seek Win No. 1 in Baltimore
  Romo, Cowboys Roll Into Lambeau to Take on Pack
  Can Niners' Martz, O'Sullivan Show Lions What They're Missing?
  Well-Rested Texans Travel to Tennessee
  Jags Try to Stem Losing Tide In Indianapolis
  Falcons Vs. Chiefs In Battle of Green QBs
  Patriots Still Have Edge Over New-Look Dolphins
  Can Saints Slow Rolling Broncos?
  Favre, Jets, Seek to Keep Chargers Winless
  Raiders Try to Keep Surging Bills from 3-0
  Powerful Eagles Face Test From Steelers
  Seahawks, Rams, Look for Way Out of the Abyss
  Bears See Familiar Face in Bucs' Griese
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 3 - A Word About Officiating
Thursday, September 18, 2008
  Tomlinson sits out practice with sore toe
  Vikings' Peterson misses practice Thursday
  Report: Bears' Hester has torn cartilage in ribs
  Browns' Steinbach, Stallworth miss practice
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
  Thigpen to start at QB for KC
  Marshall, Polamalu, Bulluck take AFC weekly honors
  Warner, Horton, Jones earn NFC weekly honors
  Bucs activate Stevens; release Troupe
  Frerotte to start at QB for Vikings
  Jaguars bring back Naeole
  Colts' Sanders expected to be sidelined for a month
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
  Seahawks acquire Colbert from Broncos, sign Robinson
  Chargers LB Merriman undergoes surgery
  Report: Broncos ship Colbert to Seahawks, sign Robinson
  Bucs' Mack suspended one game
  NFC West: Boldin still giving his all for Cards
  NFC North: Johnson emerging for Detroit
  Report: Broncos ship Colbert to Seahawks
  AFC South: In Collins Tennessee trusts
  NFC East: Dallas D delivers in crunch time
  NFC South: Cardiac Cats come through once again
  AFC West: Broncos Not Forgetting Brandon Marshall
  Browns place Smith on IR
  AFC North: Has Marvin Lewis Lost the Bengals?
  AFC East: Bills' Success Won't be a Secret Much Longer
  Cowboys' Williams out 3-4 weeks with broken arm
  Romo leads Cowboys past Eagles in offensive explosion
  Report: Merriman fined for Week 1 hit
  Eagles G Andrews leaves game
  Owens moves into second place on career TD list
  Dallas S Williams injures forearm
Monday, September 15, 2008
  Bengals TE Utecht doubtful for Sunday
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 15, 2008)
  Titans' Collins to remain starter
  Griese to start for Tampa on Sunday
  Browns' Smith has Achilles injury
  Falcons' Milloy arrested for DUI
  Ravens' Smith to resume workouts
  Stewart leads comeback as Panthers stun Bears
  Steelers clip Browns in divisional clash
Sunday, September 14, 2008
  Bucs bounce back to upend Falcons behind Graham, Griese
  Jets still no match for Brady-less Patriots
  Nedney's OT boot sends 49ers over Seahawks
  Royal's late two-point conversion gives Broncos win over Chargers
  Patriots' Maroney leaves game
  Boldin scores three TDs as Arizona pounds Miami
  Line of Scrimmage: Could 0-16 Happen In 2008?
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 14, 2008)
  Rodgers, Woodson lead Green Bay over Detroit
  Bengals TE Utecht leaves with chest injury
  Eli, Giants rip woeful Rams
  Campbell, Moss lead Redskins over Saints
  Edwards leads Bills to victory over banged-up Jags
  Raiders top Chiefs amidst report of Kiffin firing
  Redskins' Taylor leaves with knee injury
  Vinatieri's late field goal lifts Colts over Vikings
  Collins leads Titans over Bengals
  Chiefs' Surtain leaves game
  Raiders RB Fargas leaves game
  Saints extend Payton through 2012
  Clark, Saturday out for Colts
  Bye weeks shuffled to accommodate Ravens-Texans postponement
Saturday, September 13, 2008
  Bills activate T Peters
  Report: Ike damages Reliant roof, Ravens-Texans to be postponed
Friday, September 12, 2008
  Knee injury may keep Colts TE Clark out
  Packers RB Grant questionable for Sunday
  Chargers' Tomlinson, Cromartie questionable against Broncos
  Seven Saints out for Sunday; LB Simoneau to miss year
  Ryan, Falcons, Look to Maintain Winning Ways in Tampa
  One Day Later, Texans Try to Take Down Ravens
  2-0 Awaits Either Panthers or Bears
  Rodgers, Packers Visit Motor City
  Vikes, Colts, Seek to Avoid 0-2
  Cardinals Can Keep High Ground With Win Over Fins
  Favre, Jets, Host Brady-less Pats
  Zorn Leads Skins Into Home Debut Against Saints
  Giants Try to Remain Road Warriors In St. Louis
  Battered Jags Welcome Buffalo to Town
  Struggling Chiefs, Raiders, Set for Arrowhead Tilt
  Cowboys-Eagles Rivalry Reaches Interesting Chapter
  Can Browns Match Preseason Hype Against Steelers?
  Division Lead at Stake In Broncos-Chargers Battle
  Seahawks Open Division Play Vs. Niners
  Collins Looks To Lead Titans Over Bengals
Thursday, September 11, 2008
  Colts waive Johnson
  Houston/Baltimore game moved to Monday
  Jets sign TE Baker to extension
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 2 - Blame for Young's Descent is On Titans
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
  Chargers place Merriman on injured reserve
  Chiefs mourn the loss of former LB Sherrill Headrick
  Saints WR Colston out with injured thumb
  Parker, Finnegan, Parrish achieve AFC weekly honors
  Turner, Ogunleye and Blackmon earn NFC weekly honors
  Chiefs sign QB Martin and WR Hagans
  Niners place Smith on IR; sign Martin
  Simms joins Titans
  Pats re-sign Gutierrez to practice squad
  Browns S Jones to have knee surgery
  Report: Saints WR Colston out with injured thumb
  NFC North: Rodgers passes first test in Green Bay
  Bears bring back Fred Miller
  Young out with sprained MCL; Titans sign Simms
Tuesday, September 09, 2008
  Report: Titans insure QB situation by signing Simms
  Dolphins place Thomas on IR; waive Grigsby
  Lights Out: Merriman to undergo season-ending knee surgery
  Seahawks place WR Burleson on IR
  NFC West: Rams get a sense of deja vu
  NFC South: Perfect start to Falcons' new era
  NFC East: Division flexes its muscles in Week 1
  AFC South: Colts kick off season, new digs on sour note
  AFC West: Slow Start Is Nothing New for Chargers' Turner
  Jags place G Manuwai on IR
  AFC North: Steelers Continue Opening Dominance
  Police contacted Monday to find Young
  AFC East: Does Brady Injury Change the Game for Jets?
  Cutler carves up Raiders in Broncos' blowout win
  Chiefs QB Croyle out for Week 2
  Rodgers leads Pack over Vikes as post-Favre era starts
  Report: Titans QB Young may miss 2-4 weeks
Monday, September 08, 2008
  Jets ink veteran K Feely
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 8, 2008)
  Seahawks lose WR Burleson to season-ending knee injury
  Rams WR Bennett fractures foot
  Cowboys sign QB Bollinger
  Brady sidelined for remainder of season
  Jags lose G Manuwai for season
  Garcia, Brooks questionable for Sunday
  Cowboys' Barber likely to play Monday
  Line of Scrimmage: A Week 1 Honeymoon
  Bush stays the course to lead the Saints past the Bucs
  Forte, Bears spoil Indy's stadium-opener
  Patriots overcome injury to Brady, top Chiefs
  Report: Pats QB Brady might be done for season
  Cowboys' Barber leaves with injury
  Addai leaves Colts/Bears game
  Colts' Clark leaves season-opener with knee injury
Sunday, September 07, 2008
  Romo, Cowboys take down Browns
  Warner and Cardinals slide past Niners
  Last-second score lifts Panthers over Chargers
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 7, 2008)
  Chiefs QB Croyle leaves game
  Titans upend Jags, lose Young to knee injury
  Titans QB Young injures leg
  Pats QB Brady leaves game
  Rams WR Bennett leaves game vs. Eagles
  Edwards leads Bills in rout of Seahawks
  Favre wins debut with Jets thanks to Pennington's pick
  Jackson's debut impressive, McNabb solid as Eagles rip Rams
  Flacco and Baltimore defense stifle Palmer and Cincy
  A real head Turner; RB sets record as Falcons tame Lions
  Nugent injures thigh
  Parker, Roethlisberger lead Steelers in rout of Texans
  Flacco and Baltimore defense stifles Palmer and Cincy
  Broncos sign LB Williams to 5-year contract extension
  No go for Ocho Cinco
  Saints CB McKenzie inactive
Saturday, September 06, 2008
  Texans sign Winston to extension
  Bills Pro Bowl T Peters ends holdout
Friday, September 05, 2008
  New Era for Falcons In Opener Against Lions
  Bills Pro Bowl T Peters to end holdout
  Ravens sign veteran OT Anderson
  Optimistic Chargers Kick Off With Panthers
  QB Drama Surrounds Colts-Bears Matchup
  Ravens' Flacco Ready For His Close-Up Vs. Bengals
  Cowboys, Browns, Look to Avoid 0-1
  Raiders-Broncos Rivalry Includes Two Coaches on Hot Seat
  Can Texans End Steelers' Opening-Day Streak?
  Jags Head to Tennessee With Heavy Hearts
  Pats Seek to Make Chiefs First '08 Victim
  Eagles WR Brown doubtful
  Rodgers Finally Gets Chance in Packers-Vikings Tilt
  Favre vs. Pennington Dominates Jets/Dolphins Story
  Holmgren, Seahawks, Take Center Stage In Buffalo
  Can Eagles Match Hype Against Rams?
  Bucs Face Challenge Vs. Saints In Superdome
  QB Issues Loom In Niners-Cards Battle
Thursday, September 04, 2008
  Giants begin title defense with thumping of Redskins
  Bills LB Crowell placed on IR
  Colts' Saturday opts against surgery
  Broncos release Sapp
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, September 4, 2008)
  Bills LB Crowell to have surgery
  Giants sign Burress to extension
  Daunte Culpepper retires
  Browns LB Peek done for season after knee surgery
  Jags sign T Spencer, put Collier on reserve list
  Ravens sign DB Oglesby
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
  Giants-Redskins issue final injury report for season opener
  Panthers' Moore breaks leg
  Texans sign S Wilson
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 1 - Brett Favre and 1,439 Other Guys
  Boller placed on injured reserve; Bouman signed
  Cowboys sign Davis
  Steelers bring in TE McHugh
Tuesday, September 02, 2008
  Upshaw to be honored at all NFL games in Week 1
  Bucs trade for Mahan
  Bears acquire OG Buenning
  Bucs-Saints game to go on as scheduled
  Jags' Collier shot in early-morning incident
  Broncos deal CB Foxworth to Falcons
  Lions ink former Bengals RB Johnson, release Bell
Monday, September 01, 2008
  Report: Lions ink Bengals castaway Johnson
  Flacco to start for Ravens
  Broncos claim S Lowry off waivers
  Chargers sign a pair of veterans
  Falcons sign LB Gilbert, TE Peelle
  Pats sign CB O'Neal
  Jaguars sign CB William James
  Browns claim OL Young off waivers
Sunday, September 30, 2007
  Breaston's return helps Cards hand Steelers first loss
  Culpepper helps Raiders down Dolphins
  Lewis held in check, but Browns upend Ravens
  Hasselbeck helps Seahawks slam 49ers
  Colts remain unbeaten with win over Broncos; lose Harrison to injury
  Tampa's defense dominates in rout of Carolina
  Bowe helps Chiefs shut down Chargers
  Colts' Harrison leaves game
  Philly's Dawkins, Westbrook inactive for Week 4
  Tampa's defense dominates in rout of Carlina
  Bucs' Cadillac carted off field
  Undefeated Cowboys crush winless Rams
  Lions use 34-point fourth to send Bears to 1-3
  Niners' QB Smith leaves game versus Seattle
  Favre sets TD record, leads Packers over Vikings
  Harrington, Falcons avoid 0-4 start with win over Houston
  Edwards leads Bills to win over Jets
  Favre sets TD record
  Raiders' Jordan leaves game versus Dolphins
Friday, September 28, 2007
  Houston's Killings out of hospital
  Giants' Jacobs, Ward, Burress questionable
  Philly's Dawkins, Westbrook questionable for Giants game
  Dolphins' Thomas questionable
  Bills' Losman out with knee injury
  Steelers' Ward ruled out for Arizona game
  Texans' Green questionable for Sunday
  Chicago's Briggs questionable, Urlacher probable
  Vikings' Jackson questionable for Green Bay game
  Browns' Winslow questionable
  Broncos' WR Walker questionable for Sunday
  Baltimore's Ogden could play Sunday
  Lions' Johnson questionable
  Cowboys' Ellis, Newman both "50-50" for Sunday
  Ravens to Face Lewis, Browns
  Griese Era Begins In Bears-Lions Showdown
  Colts, Broncos, Try to Maintain Division Leads
  Vikings Seek to Slow Packers' Roll
  Schaub Leads Texans Into Atlanta
  Chargers, Chiefs, Seek to Break Out of Rut
  Pats, Bengals, On the Offensive Monday Night
  Jets Try to Keep Winning in Buffalo
  Raiders, Dolphins, Seeking Return to Past Glories
  Giants, Eagles, Seek to Maintain Positive Vibes
  Old Acquaintances Renewed In Steelers-Cardinals Duel
  First Place at Stake for 49ers, Seahawks
  Rams Stand Between Cowboys, 4-0 Start
  First Place On Line In Panthers-Bucs Tilt
  Look to the OVER in the NFL
  Saints' McAllister has successful surgery
Thursday, September 27, 2007
  Bengals' Rudi Johnson out for Monday night vs. Pats
  Pats' Wilfork fined for low hit
  Panthers' Delhomme misses practice again
  Ravens' CB Rolle remains out with illness
  Giants' Burress week-to-week with serious ankle sprain
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
  49ers TE Davis out with MCL sprain
  McCown's injury might mean Culpepper starts against Miami
  Bengals sign CB Adams; waive CB Ratliff
  Giants' Burress to see specialist for injured ankle
  Panthers' Delhomme misses practice with strained elbow
  Report: Falcons' Hall fined, won't start against Texans
  Fleur de listless: At home in the Dome, Saints fall to 0-3
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 4 - Rex Is Not Our Quarterback
  Brady among those to earn AFC weekly honors
  Westbrook's big week earns him NFC honors
  Vick tests positive for marijuana
  Bears officially name Griese starter against Detroit
  Buffalo's OL Whittle placed on IR
  Bears sign CB Jimoh
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
  49ers sign Lewis
  Ravens Managing to Get By
  Saints CB David out indefinitely
  49ers get blanketed by the curtain
  Panthers have cause for concern despite good start
  Report: Griese to replace Grossman
  Cowboys move to head of NFC class
  McNabb, Eagles answer critics with different kind of outburst
  Gutty win puts Giants in far better situation
  Seahawks' Burleson earns redemption
  Painful loss reveals Redskins' shortcomings
  Bengals' Need Sandbags to Stem the Tide
  Cards still waiting for the student to become the master
  Defense leads Titans to big win on the bayou
  Bengals sign RB Dorsey
  No Johnson, big problem for Texans
  Bills sign CB Butler
  Broncos Get Away From What They Do Best
  Chargers Need to Regroup
  Chiefs Find the Win Column
  Hurting St. Louis failing to Ram it home
  Raiders' Win Streak Begins at One?
  Texans place McKinney, Killings on IR
  Change under center could be coming for Bears
  Rollercoaster season continues for Browns
  Dolphins swamped in Jersey
  Garrard continues to shine for Jags
  Pennington quiets critics with win over Dolphins
  Lions come crashing back to Earth
  Run defense lifts Colts to another victory
  Saints' McAllister has torn ACL
  Packers silence critics with win over Chargers
  Injuries continue to mount for Bills
  Patriots are 3-0 for third time in six years
  Vikings are truly offensive
  Vick indicted on Virginia state charges
  Steelers' Ward doubtful against Arizona
  Bucs Riding Defense Into NFC South Picture
  Time to Acknowledge That Steelers Are Back
  Saints RB McAllister hurt
  Saints fall to Titans, stay winless
Monday, September 24, 2007
  Houston's Killings regains movement
  Alexander to continue playing despite broken wrist
  Leinart still in the Cards at QB
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 24, 2007)
  Rams' Jackson will miss a week with groin tear
  Bills place LB Posluszny on IR, sign QB Nall
  Panthers' Delhomme has strained elbow
  Texans' McKinney done for season
  Westbrook has abdominal strain
  Grossman's struggles continue as Cowboys rout Bears
Sunday, September 23, 2007
  Chicago's Briggs suffers groin injury
  Favre ties record, leads Packers past Chargers
  Giants rally for win as defense shuts down 'Skins in 2nd half
  Foster leads Panthers to 27-20 win over Falcons
  Garrard, Jaguars hold off Broncos
  Oakland hangs on for first victory in win over Browns
  McCown leaves game with ankle injury
  Hasselbeck leads Seahawks over Bengals
  Stover's late FG lifts Ravens over Cardinals
  Brady, Pats batter Bills; Losman hurt
  McNabb throws four TDs as Eagles rout Lions
  Westbrook leaves game against Detroit
  Houston's Killings hurt on kickoff
  Addai, Manning lead Colts past Texans
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 23, 2007)
  Panthers' Delhomme leaves game
  Steelers throttle Niners for first 3-0 start since '92
  Bills LB Posluszny leaves game
  Chiefs topple Vikes to win home opener
  Losman suffers knee injury
  Pennington returns to lead Jets past Miami
  Graham lifts Bucs past Rams
  Lions' Johnson leaves Philadelphia game
  Losman injured on Bills' first possession
  Texans' Johnson out against Colts
  Holcomb gets start for Vikings
  Philadelphia without Smith, Dawkins and Sheppard against Detroit
Saturday, September 22, 2007
  Bears' Walker questionable with quad injury
Friday, September 21, 2007
  Pennington, Cotchery questionable for Jets
  49ers place Lawson on IR with torn ACL
  Burress questionable for Giants
  Bills' Everett transferred to Houston hospital for rehab
  Ravens' McNair will start Sunday
  Bears sign punter Johnson
  Eagles TE Smith undergoes surgery, sidelined for Sunday
  McNair Back In Fold for Ravens-Cardinals
  Bills Continue Tough Stretch in New England
  New Faces Highlight Falcons' Home Opener With Panthers
  Bengals Defense Looks to Recover In Seattle
  Raiders, Browns, Keep One Eye on Future
  Can Bears Defense Stop High-Flying Cowboys?
  Unbeaten Lions Seek to Continue Eagles' Misery
  Surprising Texans Face Stiff Test in Colts
  Close Battle Could Be In Store for Broncos, Jags
  Winless Jets, Dolphins Square Off at Meadowlands
  Chiefs Try to Find Win Column In Home Opener
  Surging Redskins Face Sinking Giants
  Chargers Stand Between Packers, 3-0 Start
  Steelers, Niners Face Off In Battle of Unbeatens
  Desperate Rams Head to Tampa Bay
  Aarf Aarf - Give them dogs a bone!
  Dolphins more than doubting Thomas
Thursday, September 20, 2007
  Packers place Palmer on IR
  Dolphins' Thomas undergoes tests for possible concussion
  Cardinals' Johnson out
  Niners LB Lawson out for rest of the season
  'Skins sign veteran guard
  Redskins' Thomas undergoes surgery
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
  NFL reportedly fines Owens
  Jags' place S Sensabaugh on IR; re-sign S Fudge
  Texans' Johnson likely out with knee sprain
  Pennington hopes to play against Dolphins
  Favre's big week earns him NFC honors
  Bears cut P Johnson; sign Jimoh
  Anderson, Sanders and Elam earn AFC weekly honors
  Vikings' Jackson misses practice with groin injury
  Simpson released on bail in robbery case
  Line of Scrimmage: It's "Reality Week" for Some 2-0 Teams
  Bail set for Simpson in robbery case
  Simpson arraigned in robbery case
  Eagles re-sign Reed
  Bengals ink LB Dhani Jones
  Ravens sign LB Greisen
  With cameras rolling, Pats don't disappoint
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
  Seahawks sign CB Babineaux to five-year extension
  These Lions have a lot of heart
  Seahawks not on the same page
  49ers take away a key divisional win
  Cardinals hitting the ground running
  Titans drop tough one in Week 2
  Loss leaves Rams second guessing
  Browns sign P Player
  Jags bag easy first win of season
  Jets place Pro Bowl KR Miller on IR
  Prosecutors identify charges against O.J. in robbery case
  Falcons sign QB Leftwich
  Cowboys sign Tank Johnson
  Defense makes its contribution to Cowboys' strong start
  Eagles searching for answers after offensive start
  Report: Cowboys sign Tank Johnson
  New York's failures on defense a Giant problem
  Panthers' momentum gone after humbling home loss
  Redskins' Campbell starting to come of age
  Everything Going According to Plan in Denver
  Chargers Have Issues to Address
  Chiefs' Struggles Continue
  Raiders Win, Then Lose, a Heartbreaker
  Falcons are calling all quarterbacks
  Clemens, Jets come up short in Baltimore
  Favre's legend continues to grow
  Hester not slowing down in year two for Chicago
  Schaub, defense lead Texans to 2-0 start
  Harrison cleared to play
  Bills take a pounding in Steel City
  Defense bails out defending champion Colts
  Browns experience offensive explosion against Bengals
  Bengals' Offense Explodes, Defense Exposed
  Mega Bucs: Win Over Saints Should Change Tampa's Expectations
  Ravens must learn how to finish
  Steelers Feasting On Early-Season Cupcakes
  Meltdown in Miami
  Motor City mishap; Vikings give one away
  Report: Cowboys to bring in Tank Johnson for physical
  Redskins continue solid start by ruining Eagles' home opener
Monday, September 17, 2007
  Ageless wonder: Andersen returns to Falcons
  Giants' Smith out at least two weeks
  Broncos sign veteran TE Alexander
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 17, 2007)
  Ravens DE Pryce out 3-5 weeks; McNair could return
  Titans extend Fisher
  Line of Scrimmage: Can't Cheat Patriots Out of This One
  Titans set to extend Fisher
  Hanson lifts Lions over Vikings in OT
  Brady, Patriots pound Chargers
Sunday, September 16, 2007
  Dallas capitalizes on turnovers in win over Miami
  Big break for Broncos in OT win over Raiders
  Boller, Ravens fend off Jets
  Simpson arrested in Las Vegas on armed robbery charges
  Bears defense shuts down LJ, Chiefs
  Cardinals nip Seahawks on Rackers FG in last second
  Colts hold off Titans in final minute
  Favre now No. 1 in wins as Green Bay pounds Giants
  Parker powers Steelers to rout of Bills
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 16, 2007)
  Gore scores twice as Nedney's late FG leads 49ers past Rams
  Garcia, Bucs earn surprising rout of Saints
  Browns outlast Bengals in offensive showcase
  Garrard leads Jaguars to comeback win over Falcons
  Schaub leads Houston to first 2-0 start in team history
  Cowboys' Crayton leaves in second quarter
  Giants' Manning to start
Saturday, September 15, 2007
  Titans' Haynesworth fined $5,000
Friday, September 14, 2007
  Patriots owner disappointed in embarrassing events
  Culpepper likely to start for Raiders
  Feeley has second surgery for broken hand
  Manning, Umenyiora practice
  Rams CB Hill to miss Sunday's game against 49ers
  Simpson named suspect in casino robbery
  Jaguars Attempt to Stop Run, Falcons
  Tomlin Makes Home Debut In Steelers-Bills Clash
  Can Bengals Keep Good Times Rolling Vs. Browns?
  Fins Try to Impress Supporters, Beat Cowboys
  Battered Giants Host Packers
  Panthers, Texans, Seek Back-to-Back Wins
  Colts Look to Pound Upstart Titans
  End Zone Awaits Bears, Chiefs
  Youth to be Served in Lions-Vikings Battle
  Can Saints Recover in Tampa Bay?
  Ravens, Jets, Both Seeking Week 2 Rebound
  QB Change Likely In Raiders-Broncos Meeting
  Pats-Bolts Duel Highlights Week 2
  Seahawks open NFC West slate in Arizona
  Rams Stand Between Niners, 2-0 Mark
  Looking for a quick buck?
  Pats, Belichick fined, lose draft picks for spying
Thursday, September 13, 2007
  Gore misses practice after mother dies; will play Sunday
  Cowboys WR Glenn has second knee surgery
  Cowboys WR Glenn not ready for season
  Bills place CB Webster on IR; sign LB Joe
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
  Coughlin encouraged by Manning's progress
  Buffalo's Lynch can't stomach practice
  Raiders' QB McCown sidelined with injured finger, foot
  Brown, William, and Hobbs earn AFC weekly honors
  Lewis, McNair and Ogden all miss practice for Baltimore
  Bengals' Houshmandzadeh, Graham sit out, still probable for Week 2
  Romo's big game earns him NFC honors
  Jaguars K Scobee out 3-to-6 weeks
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 2 - Will Everett Injury Rally Bills?
  Rams place Pace on injured reserve, done for season
  Raiders' Russell finally signs contract to end holdout
  Patriots re-sign LB Brown
  Jets sign S Elam
  Cardinals sign Okobi
  Ravens place Sams on IR
  Buccaneers release WR Boston
  Bills sign a pair of defensive players
  Belichick releases statement on videotaping incident
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
  Broncos sign veteran LB Winborn
  Bills' Everett moving extremities after spinal surgery
  Eagles bring back Mahe
  Bills safety Simpson placed on IR
  Bills' Everett moving extremeties after spinal surgery
  Dolphins place Bell on IR; sign Darius
  Redskins sign WR Caldwell
  Seattle's Alexander begins comeback trail
  49ers' new-look defense passes first test
  Arizona's Whisenhunt has some work to do with Leinart
  Texans place Simmons on IR; sign FS Demps
  Bears' offense can't follow defense's lead in opener
  Jaguars bring in Carney
  Schaub, defense propel Texans in Week 1
  Giants place DL Joseph on IR
  Cowboys' Romo seizes opportunity for redemption
  A not so special beginning to Eagles' season
  Pressure's already starting to mount for wounded Giants
  Nowhere to go but up for Cleveland
  Rams DT Wroten suspended four games
  What can Titans' Brown do for you?
  Panthers come out roaring this time around
  Preseason breather doesn't pay off for Rams' Jackson
  Gibbs' Redskins win one the old-fashioned way
  Broncos' 1-0 Record a Real Kick
  Jags get run over in opener
  Chargers Look Scary
  Chiefs Get First Arrow In Their Back
  Bills lose more than a game in Week 1
  Progress for Raiders, But No Win
  Falcons need to search for stability
  Jets open season on a sour note
  Browns deal Frye to Seattle
  Lions Get The Start They Needed
  Packers' opening day win is extra "special"
  Patriots win a headline writer's dream
  Vikes' Childress bounces back from rocky freshman year
  Saints look to rebound after Week 1 thrashing
  Early Returns Not Promising for Bucs
  Tomlin's Steeler Debut a Winning One, Naturally
  Turnovers, Injuries, Penalties Mark Bad Night for Ravens
  Bengals Get Some Breaks, Outlast Ravens
  Chiefs bring in K Rayner
  49ers rally late to clip Cardinals
  Patriot Games: Pats busted for spying on Jets?
  Seahawks' WR Hackett out at least a month
Monday, September 10, 2007
  Litany of injuries in Bengals/Ravens game
  Cincy's defense keys win over Ravens
  Agreement finalized for Raiders and Russell
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 10, 2007)
  Bears' Brown, Dvoracek done for season
  Brown, Dvoracek could be done for season
  Dolphins safety Bell done for season
  Rams tackle Pace done for season
  Giants' Manning has bruised shoulder
  Bills' Everett under sedation after spinal surgery
  Bucs RB Williams questionable for Week 2
  Pennington to be evaluated during the week
  Cowboys' Ferguson out for season with torn biceps
  Texans' Simmons out for season
  Eagles' Sheppard out with knee injury
  Giants lose three starters to injuries, including Manning
  Romo leads Dallas over Giants
Sunday, September 09, 2007
  Bills' Everett suffers spine injury
  Lions rally to beat Raiders
  Giants' Jacobs sprains knee
  Giants' Umenyiora exits early
  Cadillac, Garcia leave game against Seahawks
  Seahawks beat banged-up Bucs
  Redskins use field goal in OT to down Dolphins
  Schaub, Texans top Chiefs
  Tomlinson leads Chargers over Bears in defensive battle
  Crosby's last second field goal lifts Packers past Eagles
  Brown, Young lead Titans past Jags
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 9, 2007)
  Delhomme, Panthers cruise past Rams
  Peterson stars in debut as Vikes throttle Falcons
  Elam boots Broncos past Bills on final play
  Eagles' Sheppard leaves with knee injury
  Pennington leaves Jets-Pats game with injury
  Patriots' Hobbs rumbles for NFL-record kickoff return
  Roethlisberger, Steelers rout Browns in Tomlin's debut
  Brady sharp as Pats crush Jets
  Vikings' Taylor leaves with hip injury
  Texans' Simmons carted off field versus KC
  Rams' Pace leaves game with injury
  Redskins' Jansen suffers dislocated ankle
Saturday, September 08, 2007
  Giants activate Strahan; likely to play in Sunday's opener
Friday, September 07, 2007
  Niners Seek to Honor Walsh With Win Over Cardinals
  Ravens, Bengals, Renew AFC North Rivalry
  Inside Week 1 and Super Bowl Odds
  Bengals terminate WR Chatman
  Bolts Begin Turner Era Against NFC Champion Bears
  Texans, Chiefs, to Get First Good Look at Schaub
  Falcons Focus on Football In Trip to Minnesota
  Rams, Panthers, Trying to Break From Mediocrity
  Broncos Turn the Page With Trip to Buffalo
  Raiders and Lions Both Seeking Rare Hot Start
  Skins To See Familiar Faces in Dolphins Tilt
  Jets, Pats, Look to Kick Off With a Win
  Storylines Aplenty In Cowboys-Giants duel
  McNabb, Eagles, Face Test in Green Bay
  Tomlin Gets an Early Taste of Browns-Steelers Rivalry
  Garcia to Make Bucs' Debut in Seattle
  Garrard, Jags, Test Mettle Against Titans
  Vikings, Williams agree to contract extension
  Peyton's Place: Manning leads Colts over Saints in NFL opener
Thursday, September 06, 2007
  Boller signs extension with Ravens
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, September 6, 2007)
  Offensive Fireworks On Tap As Colts Do Battle With Saints
  Browns CB Bodden arrested
  Report: Vikings, Williams agree to contract extension
Wednesday, September 05, 2007
  Giants, Jets break ground for new stadium
Tuesday, September 04, 2007
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 1 - Strahan Had the Right Idea
  Browns sign long snapper Pontbriand to extension
  Bucs ink Trotter
  Broncos cut LB Mallard
Monday, September 03, 2007
  Broncos sign free agent DE Rice
  Trotter joining Bucs
  Strahan reports to Giants Stadium
  Patriots release WR Caldwell; re-sign TE Rivers
  Browns' Frye to start opener
  Patriots re-sign TE Rivers
  Jags sign veteran CB Glenn
Sunday, September 02, 2007
  Steelers sign Simmons to five-year extension
  Eagles sign veteran DT
  Redskins Cut Wynn, Jimoh, 21 Others
  Wyms, Winborn, Prominent Among Buccaneers' Released
  Seahawks Waive Two '07 Draft Picks, 19 More
  Rams Finish Cuts, Three More Draft Picks Get Axed
  Saints Finish Trimming Roster - Palko, Pittman Among the Waived
  Packers Cut Manuel, Miree, Two Draft Picks to Get to 53
  Panthers Cut Former Second-Round Pick Shelton, 18 Others
  Falcons Release Cundiff, Backup QB Bramlet, 20 More
Saturday, September 01, 2007
  Steelers Trade for Rossum; Cut Haynes and 22 Others
  Raiders Cut Crockett, Darius, Among 21 Moves
  Veterans Hamilton, von Oelhoffen Among Jets' Cuts
  Schlesinger, Hakim Among Dolphins' 22 Cuts
  Colts Cut Backup RB Dorsey, 21 Others
  Bills Cut Backup QB Nall, Ex-Starting Tackle, 18 More
  Veteran DTs Kennedy, Browning Among Broncos' 21 Cuts
  Patriots Place Seymour on PUP; Cut Testaverde, 20 Others
  Lions Remove Kevin Jones from PUP; Release 21
  A. Glenn One of Cowboys' 21 Cuts; Gramatica on IR
  Thompson, Rattay, Roby Among Titans' Released
  Giants Place Demps on IR; Release 21 Including Hasselbeck
  Texans Acquire Boulware, Finish Cuts
  Jue, Lekkerkerker, Robinson Among Chargers' Cuts
  Jaguars Cut Leftwich, 18 Others; Trade Pearman
  Chiefs Place Holmes on Non-Football Injury List, Cut 20
  Bears Cut Leak, 17 others; Place Bazuin on IR
  Ravens Cut Moore, Ross, Oglesby, 17 More
  Browns Cut Dorsey, Barclay, Three '07 Draft Picks
  Blue, McMullen, Owens, Among Vikings' Cuts
  49ers place two on IR, waive 13
  Eagles release Bloom, punter Johnson, three '07 picks
  Bengals trade for Fitzpatrick; cut QB Johnson, LB Hartwell
  Third-Round Pick Davis Among Cardinals' Cuts
  Redskins give TE Cooley a six-year contract extension
  Line of Scrimmage: Your Guide to the 2007 NFL Season
  Cowboys assistant suspended for HGH use
  Patriots' Harrison suspended four games
Saturday, September 30, 2006
  Vince Young to make first start Sunday
Friday, September 29, 2006
  49ers' Gore upgraded to probable
  Raiders, Browns, Seeking Path Out of the Abyss
  All Eyes on T.O. as Cowboys Visit Titans
  Martz Appearance Highlights Rams-Lions Tilt
  Eagles Return to the Scene of the Crime to Face Pack
  Do Jets Belong? They'll Find Out Against Colts
  Texans Look for any Kind of "W" Against Dolphins
  Bills, Vikings, Seek to Get Well With Win
  Patriots Stand Between Bengals, 4-0 Mark
  Saints On Mission to Prove Their Strength in Carolina
  Chargers, Ravens, Battle to Remain Unblemished
  Sunday Night Showdown Pits Unbeaten Hawks, Bears
  Can Chiefs Find Win Column Versus Niners?
  Falcons Try to Take Out Frustrations on Cardinals
  An Offensive Explosion
Thursday, September 28, 2006
  Owens returns to practice
  Grossman, Hamlin and Carney capture NFC monthly awards
  Jets' Coles, two Ravens capture AFC monthly honors
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
  Does he or doesn't he? Alexander believed foot was no longer broken
  Giants' Emmons out three weeks
  Droughns questionable for Browns
  49ers' Gore questionable
  Ravens' Suggs, Heap listed as questionable
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 4 - T.O.: We'll Never Really Know
  Owens: "There was no suicide attempt"
  Vinatieri tops Colts' injury list
  Line of Scrimmage: T.O. - We'll Never Really Know
  Vikings give QB Henson another chance
  Lions release Bradford
  Owens released from hospital
  LB Thurman's suspension extended to one year
  Favre's milestone helps him earn weekly honors
  Houshmandzadeh, Rhodes and Wilkins nab AFC weekly honors
  Report: T.O. attempted suicide
  Patriots sign Poteat; place Gay on IR
  Report: T.O. hospitalized
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
  Bears' Manning Jr. pleads no contest in assault case
  Alexander Injury Overshadows Hawks' 3-0 Start
  Of Stover and Survival: Ravens Gut Their Way to 3-0
  Browns let another one off the hook
  Bucs suffer more than just another loss
  Falcons show chinks in the armor
  Ol' reliable comes through for Panthers once again
  Rejuvenated Saints have talent, too
  Bears Set to Become 'Best Team In the NFC'
  Lions Still Waiting for 'New Culture' to Generate Success
  Warner to remain Cardinals starting QB
  Favre On Fire
  Vikings Lose, But Appear to be for Real
  Broncos getting it done with 'D'
  Jags stumble on the road
  Home is not sweet for Bills
  Eagles recover with rout of 49ers
  Clueless in Seattle: Giants rocked by Seahawks
  Portis leads offensive attack in Houston
  Rivalry Brewing: Denver busts Brady, Pats again
  Jets enjoying time at the top
  Chargers' Shea placed on IR
  Rams escape with win over Cardinals
  Texans remain winless with no hope in sight
  Controversy suddenly hits 49ers' backfield
  Bengals cash in on Pittsburgh's mistakes; Brady, Patriots next
  Warner's turnovers may send him to the bench
  Colts prove the South still controlled by Blue
  Winning ugly in Miami
  Anatomy of a Defeat: Missed opportunities, turnovers doom Steelers
  Signs of life from Titans?
  Cardinals new nest has a name
  Saints pound Falcons on emotional night at the Superdome
Monday, September 25, 2006
  Chargers sign Kaeding to six-year extension
  Rams reinstate Hargrove
  Shaun Alexander has broken foot
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 25, 2006)
  Green won't play Sunday
  Gruden names Gradkowski starter in Simms' absence
  Report: Bengals' Thurman charged with DUI
  Walker and Denver defense down Patriots
  49ers TE Davis out with leg injury
  Westbrook, Eagles soar past 49ers
Sunday, September 24, 2006
  Jets spoil Buffalo's home opener
  Favre joins elite company as Packers again topple Lions
  Bucs QB Simms admitted to hospital
  Kasay kicks Panthers to first victory and keeps Bucs winless
  Seattle and New England to play exhibition game in China
  Smith active against Buccaneers
  Bulger boosts Rams past Cardinals
  Hasselbeck's career day keeps Seattle unbeaten
  Line of Scrimmage: Eli Manning - Sleeping in Seattle
  Stover lifts Ravens past Browns
  Palmer sparks fourth-quarter rally to stun Steelers
  Brunell brilliant as Redskins keep Texans winless
  Grossman keeps Bears unbeaten with late TD toss
  Brunell sets single-game consecutive completions record
  Dolphins edge Titans on Mare's late field goal
  Manning carries Colts to victory in showdown with Jags
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 24, 2006)
  Favre throws 400th TD pass
  Colts sign Gramatica to replace injured Vinatieri
  Vinatieri expected to miss game against Jaguars
Friday, September 22, 2006
  Hargrove out for Rams due to unexcused absences
  Momentum on Giants' side?
  Saints Re-Open Superdome With Visit From Falcons
  Browns Stand Between Ravens, 3-0 Mark
  Panthers, Bucs, Search for New Life
  Bears, Vikings, Fight for Kingpin Status in NFC North
  Tensions Abound Between Bengals, Steelers
  Broncos Seek to Keep Stranglehold on Pats
  Pack, Lions, Looking to Erase Early-Season Misery
  Win Over Colts Would Solidify Respect for Jags
  Feely, Giants, Return to Scene of Seattle Crime
  Respect, 2-1 Record, at Stake for Bills, Jets
  49ers Vying to Prolong Eagles' Misery
  Rams, Cardinals, Face Off in NFC West Showdown
  Dolphins Seek to Live Up to Billing Vs. Titans
  Redskins, Texans, Try To Sidestep 0-3
Thursday, September 21, 2006
  Rams' Pace upgraded to questionable
  Falcons' Abraham questionable with groin injury
  Bucs' Rice questionable versus Carolina
  Jags may be without WR Jones
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 3 - Andersen Turns Back Clock
  Freeney, Vinatieri questionable for Week 3
  Bengals' Houshmandzadeh listed as questionable
  Portis probable for Week 3
  Smith runs; questionable for Sunday
  Manning highlights NFC Players of the Week
  Manning, Mathis and Wire capture AFC weekly honors
  Falcons sign 46-year-old Morten Andersen
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
  Cowboys give James contract extension
  Dolphins G Anderson out for season
  Seahawks Stay on the Defensive
  2000 All Over Again for Ravens?
  Losing to 49ers becoming a pattern for Rams
  The defense resting in Cleveland
  The Bucs stop themselves
  Falcons getting it Dunn on the ground
  Panthers get outfoxed in puzzling loss
  The wait is just about over in New Orleans
  Jaguars are ready for prime time
  Fitting the Bill: Buffalo earns first win of '06
  Owens breaks finger in win over Washington
  Eagles start with Porsche, finish with Pinto
  Burress ends duress for Giants
  Redskins fall to basement in NFC East
  Bengals Down Browns; Time for Steeler Week
  Big plays not enough for Jets against Pats
  Where's Willie? Steelers blanked, turn focus to Bengals
  49ers playing well on both sides of the ball
  Big plays hurting Cardinals
  Colts get another Texas-sized performance against Houston
  Dolphins regress in Week 2
  Pats-Jets showdown lives up to the hype
  Texans once again no match for the Colts
  Does two weeks mean time for a change in Tennessee?
  A Couple of Williams Jokes In Detroit
  Packers' Home Struggles Continue
  Vikings 2-0 Under Childress
  Bears Take Offense
  Chargers acquire Volek from Titans
  Broncos win a close one
  Chargers impressive once again
  Chief concerns arise in Kansas City
  Another long day for the Raiders
  Jags blank Steelers in Roethlisberger's return
Monday, September 18, 2006
  Owens has surgery for broken ring finger
  Texans' Spencer lost for season
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 18, 2006)
  Raiders' Brooks out with shoulder injury
  Vikings lose James for season
  Knee injury sidelines Kearse for season
  Bengals lose Pollack for season
  Manning, Burress cap Giants OT comeback over Eagles
  Oh no for TO! Broken finger sidelines Owens
  Cowboys down Redskins; Owens breaks finger
Sunday, September 17, 2006
  Elam wins battle of kickers as Broncos down Chiefs
  Smith, Gore lead 49ers over Rams
  Alexander, Seahawks fly past the Cardinals
  Patriots hold off Jets
  Portis misses Dallas game
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 17, 2006)
  Tomlinson ties franchise TD mark as Chargers top Titans
  Johnson runs Bengals past Browns
  Vick, Falcons dominate Bucs
  Bills beat Dolphins in Miami
  Bears maul Lions for second straight dominating win
  Raiders' Brooks hurts shoulder
  Manning helps keep Colts perfect against Texans
  Ravens defense dominates again in win over Raiders
  Longwell, Vikings nip Panthers in OT
  Saints topple Pack for second straight road win
  Falcons' Abraham out with groin injury
  Smith out again with hamstring injury
  Bengals' Houshmandzadeh out again
Friday, September 15, 2006
  Falcons' Abraham questionable, Hartwell now doubtful
  Bengals' Houshmandzadeh downgraded to questionable
  Smith remains questionable with hamstring injury
  Washington downgrades Portis to doubtful
  Bucs' Williams returns to practice
  Defense: The name of the game
  Cardinals Try to Prove Their Power in Seattle
  Culpepper Faces Buffalo in Miami Debut
  Panthers Seek to Restart Hype Machine in Minnesota
  Browns Vying for Upset in Battle of Ohio
  Lions Struggling Offense Faces Tough Task in Chicago
  Can Colts Continue Domination of Texans in Home Opener?
  Chiefs Try to Overcome QB Problems in Denver
  Stakes Are High for Jets, Patriots
  Pack Tries to Find Lambeau Mystique Against Saints
  With McNabb in Tow, Eagles Want Revenge Vs. G-Men
  Ravens, Raiders, Meet in Battle of Opposites
  Rams' Linehan Tries to Continue Magic In San Fran
  Falcons Want Revenge, Bucs Want Some Points
  Tomlinson, Bolts, Seeking to Run Past Titans
  Cowboys, Redskins, Look to Avoid 0-2 in T.O's Dallas Debut
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  Line of Scrimmage: Searching for the Logic in NFL Results
  Bengals' Houshmandzadeh listed as probable against Browns
  Bruschi listed as questionable
  Roethlisberger questionable for Week 2
  Warner, Abraham and Wilkins named NFC Players of the Week
  Pennington, Lewis, Vinatieri garner top AFC honors
  Smith again questionable with hamstring injury
  NFL says hit on Green was legal
  Texans and Packers swap running backs
  Bills place Vincent on IR
  Cleveland's Jurevicius out with rib injury
  Chiefs agree to terms with Gardner
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  Branch arrives in Seattle with new contract
  Hawks Roll Out a Motor City Win, But Where's the Offense?
  Panthers Fail To Match Hype
  Lions sign WR Hakim
  Chargers dominate in opener
  Growing pains evident for young Browns
  Panthers' Wharton out for season
  Offensive offense dooms Bucs in opener
  For Falcons, payback was worth the wait
  New-look Saints aren't just a one man show
  Sloppy start for Broncos
  Chiefs lose more than a game
  How 'bout them Jaguars?
  With Sheppard out, Eagles add DB
  Raiders lay an egg
  Bears Answer The Call
  Can't Mock the Lions as Much as Usual
  Trouble In Green Bay
  Culture Change Evident In Minnesota
  Wilkins kicks Rams to season-opening win
  In this case, safety last for Bills
  T.O. debuts, but Cowboys lose
  Eagles look sharp in opener vs. Texans
  Eli loses to big brother at Meadowlands
  Stars Fail to Shine in Redskins' Loss to Vikes
  Texans open season in familiar territory
  Pennington quiets critics in season opener
  Very bad start for Titans
  Brady bounces Bills in second half; Branch traded
  49ers ready to Gore opposition
  Cardinals successfully mix old with new
  Jags' place Hayward on injured reserve
  Colts can now start the "Regular" season
  Dolphins can't "Steel" opener
  Palmer plays, Rudi runs and defense dominates
  Ravens Stir Up More Tampa Magic
  Defending champion Steelers open season in big way
  LT and Chargers rumble over Raiders
  Portis plays in season opener
  Niners' Allen out with MCL injury
  Porter inactive for Oakland's opener
  Longwell lifts Vikings past Redskins
Monday, September 11, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Monday, September 11, 2006)
  Rams' McCollum done for the year
  Packers agree to terms with WR Robinson
  Chiefs' Green out indefinitely
  Patriots deal Branch to Seattle
  Peyton, Colts get best of Eli, Giants in battle of Manning's
Sunday, September 10, 2006
  Warner, Cards hold on to open new stadium in style
  Leftwich, Jaguars roar back to beat Cowboys
  McNair's debut successful as Ravens blank Buccaneers
  Chiefs' Green leaves game on stretcher
  Bengals spoil Edwards' KC debut
  Wilkins' leg lifts Rams over Broncos
  NFL Inactives (Sunday, September 10, 2006)
  Brees and Bullocks help Saints to win at Cleveland
  Bears' defense dominates Packers
  Line of Scrimmage: What We Learned in Six Hours
  Smith sits with hamstring injury
  Vick, Dunn help Falcons tame Smith-less Panthers
  McNabb shines as Eagles top Texans
  Pats rally to sack Bills
  Brown boots Seahawks past Lions
  Collins starts for Titans
  Pennington returns to guide Jets past Titans
  Bengals' Houshmandzadeh out against Chiefs
  Bruschi inactive for the opener
Saturday, September 09, 2006
  Bucs cut Boston
  Portis practices, hopeful for Monday's season opener
  McKinnie agrees to new deal with Vikings
  Report: McKinnie agrees to new deal with Vikings
Friday, September 08, 2006
  Bengals hush on Housh: WR game-time decision
  NFC Preview - Can anyone take down Seattle?
  Steelers sign Najeh Davenport
  Role Reversal for Falcons and Panthers in Opener
  McNair, Ravens, Face Tough Task In Week 1
  Jauron and Bills Look to End Skid Against Pats
  Lambeau Season Kicks Off With Visit From Bears
  Palmer and Bengals Seek to Ruin Herm's Chiefs Debut
  T.O. Revisits Jacksonville in Cowboys Debut
  Linehan Era Begins With Battle Against Broncos
  Brother Against Brother the Story in Giants, Colts Brawl
  Vikings, Redskins Eager to Begin Regular Season
  Saints, Still on Road, Head to Cleveland
  Jets, Titans, Try to Turn the Corner With Wins
  Eagles, Texans, Try to Show '05 is Thing of the Past
  Shell's Latest Debut to Come Against Familiar Foe
  Seahawks Return to Scene of Crime vs. Lions
  Cardinals Look to Open New Building In Style
  Steelers rally for win over Miami in NFL 2006 opener
Thursday, September 07, 2006
  NFL Inactives (Thursday, September 7, 2006)
  Bruschi returns to practice; questionable for opener
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
  Browns CB McCutcheon out for opener
  Bengals' CB O'Neal questionable for opener
  Vanderjagt questionable for Cowboys
  Seattle TE Stevens out for team's opener
  Cards' LB Dansby out for opener
  Packers release Klemm
  Titans WR Givens questionable for opener
  Portis questionable for Monday's season opener
  Smith questionable with hamstring injury
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
  Line of Scrimmage: Week 1 - Expectations High For New Coaches
  Titans agree to terms with Robaire Smith
  Saints sign LB Clark
Monday, September 04, 2006
  Chargers LB Foley out for season
  Miami gets Suggs off waivers
  Great Dayne: former Heisman winner lands in Houston
Sunday, September 03, 2006
  Chargers' LB Foley shot
  Roethlisberger sidelined by appendectomy
  Steelers sign Taylor to five-year deal
  Titans sign Scott, claim four players off waivers
  Colts Release 25, Including QB King
  Line of Scrimmage: Your Guide to the 2006 NFL Season
  Saints Cut Bockwoldt, Hilton, 17 Others; Polley, Mayberry on IR
  Rams Release 10 Among Cut-Day Moves
  Cardinals Release Anderson, Edwards, 18 Others
  Warrick Prominent On List of Seahawks' Cuts
  Falcons Part Ways With Lavalais, Pathon, 19 Others
  Panthers Cut 22, Including Adams, Robertson, QB LeFors
  Redskins Release Draft Pick Lefotu, 20 Others
Saturday, September 02, 2006
  George, Clark, Starks Among Raiders Cuts
  Texans Release Wand To Reach 53-Man Limit
  Dayne, Watts, Carswell, Terrell Among Broncos Cuts
  Baker, King, Smith Among 21 Bills Cuts
  Dolphins Release 21, Including Vick
  Packers Cut Davenport, Gardner, Rodgers, 16 More
  Bears Complete Cuts, Drop Former First-Rounder Haynes
  Steelers Finish Cuts, Release Morgan, Frazier
  Fonoti, Shepherd Among Bucs' Cuts; Tucker on IR
  Patriots Release Nine; Place Gardner and Jones on IR
  Titans Waive 22 Including Calico, Payton, Fleming
  Hall, Siavii Among Chiefs' Cuts; Browning on IR
  Giants Waive 21 Including Ponder, Deloatch
  '05 Pro Bowler Milligan Among Chargers' Cuts
  Copper, Green, Petitti Part of Cowboys' 15 Cuts
  Amey, Jackson, Rouen Among Niners' Cuts
  Patriots acquire Gabriel from Raiders
  Miami's Morris suspended four games
  Ravens Waive Green, LaCasse, 19 More
  Jets Waive 23, Including Mickens
  Eagles Waive 17, Including Gaffney, McCants
  Vikings Acquire Pinkston, Release 21
  Suggs, 19 Others Excised by Browns; Green on IR
  Draft Pick McNeal Among Bengals' Cuts; Perry To Miss Five Games
  Hymes, Fletcher, Among Jags' Cuts
  Texans Place Davis On IR
  Eagles Deal Fraley to Browns
  Steelers Release 20, Including Rookie QB Jacobs
  Rogers Among Lions' 21 Cuts
  Branch still a Patriot; files grievance
  Robinson, Niners rush past Chargers
Friday, September 01, 2006
  Vinatieri has sprained ankle and bone chip in non-kicking foot
  Wilson, Bengals run past Colts
  Poteat and Hamilton join Gang Green
  Jets edge Eagles in preseason finale
  Steelers trade for Cobbs
  Young throws for TD in preseason start as Titans beat Packers
  Seattle Seahawks 2006 Season Preview
  Texans cut Smith
  St. Louis inks Stephen Davis
  St. Louis Rams 2006 Season Preview
  San Francisco 49ers 2006 Season Preview
  A Home Game for the Super Bowl?
  Arizona Cardinals 2006 Season Preview
  Seahawks rout Raiders in preseason finale
  Broncos down Cardinals
  Chiefs edge Saints in preseason finale