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Kelso Going For 3rd Straight 50-Unit Winner Tonight
Going For 3rd Straight 50-Unit Winner Tonight
Last Night It Was Arkansas (-3.5) over Texas A&M 86-77 And The Night Before It Was Wichita State (-21) Knocking Off Evansville 109-76...It’s 50-Unit Score Tonight With...
Kelso Best Bets Club 2-0 Thursday - On a 13-4 Run
My Best Bets Basketball Club Scored Again Last Night With A Single Play And Goes For 2 More Winners Tonight

Professional Handicapper Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Sturgeon’s DEAN’S LIST

It’s what happens when Kelso Sturgeon joins forces with the smartest oddsmakers in Las Vegas and the offshores to find games so certain to win, everyone is "Bet Your Limit!"

I have just assembled an all-star cast - a true Dean’s List - of the top TOP oddsmakers and betting sharps in Vegas and the offshores. If they gave out report cards for sharp bookmaking and money management, every member of this all-star team would rate a Triple A! As oddsmakers, they know where the line should be. So as bettors they know how to get the money!

I’m talking about a kind of CONSENSUS pick where ALL the very brightest minds zero in on THE ONE game that MUST win! AND THEY KNOW! As oddsmakers, tracking the computer boys, the wise guy action, the early and late moves, they HAVE to make sharp lines... Too many mistakes and they are OUT! They have to be sure their house is on the right side of the money.

When we get together to canvas the boards, we want the ONE game that EVERYBODY agrees must win. If it’s not 100% we don’t release it!

Here’s the deal

  • Starting today you will receive the top plays of the Kelso Sturgeon Dean’s List of oddsmakers and betting sharps.
  • Games include college as well as the NBA.
  • Includes the College Conference Tournaments (ACC, Big Ten, SEC, ACC, AAC, Big 12, PAC 12 C- USA, MAC) through March 12th and includes Conference Championship games.
  • You will receive picks for all six rounds of the NCAA Big Dance, including the Sweet Sixteen, Final Four and the Championship game on Monday, April 3.
  • You can expect the same selections being wagered on by the most knowledgeable and money-smart operatives on BOTH sides of the counter - games so certain: every game is "bet your limit!"

So this is not a deal you have to second guess a whole lot. But I’m here to address your concerns and get you the money!

SO CALL OR TEXT ME RIGHT NOW AT 1-702-203-6907 or 1-800-755-2255


Kelso Sturgeon

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The New-Look New Orleans Pelicans


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The New Orleans Pelicans were certainly the story of All-Star weekend, and not just because they hosted the event and Anthony Davis went off for a record 52 points in last night’s defensively-challenged display. The Pelicans made the league’s big move off the court as well, acquiring Demarcus Cousins from Sacramento in exchange for a modest package highlighted by rookie shooter Buddy Hield. Talk in the media was alive this morning that the Pelicans are on their way to the playoffs and even that Golden State needs to be concerned about a potential 1 vs. 8 matchup in the first round.

I won’t engage the final point, which is more than a little silly—a healthy Warriors team is clearly not going to lose a best-of-seven series to the Pelicans or even come close to it. But the sentiment behind the enthusiasm is worthy of discussion—namely, will this New Orleans team turn into a moneymaker now that Cousins is on board? Will they improve on their 27-29-21 ATS mark? Will they make up the 2½ game margin currently between them and the Western Conference’s final playoff berth. And could they be the kind of feisty 8-seed that manages to pull off one outright win and a couple other close ATS covers, thereby becoming profitable in the playoffs?

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How Good Are The Florida Gators?


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The Florida Gators are coming on strong after an 81-66 thumping of South Carolina last night. The Gators have won nine in a row and are set up for a big game at Kentucky on Saturday (2 PM ET, CBS) where they will meet for the lead in the SEC race and to move up in the fight for NCAA Tournament seed position. More importantly, Florida is still a potential value bet in the race for the national championship.

Florida is priced at 28-1 to win the NCAA title in Phoenix on April 3. They’re at an interesting spot on the board right now. That price essentially makes them the #11 team in the country according to the futures market. The 10th-best team (a tie between Arizona, Louisville and Oregon) are all 14-1. So Florida is more or less behind the arbitrary cutoff point, where a big gulf separates the favorites from the darkhorses.

It’s safe to say that dynamic changes in a hurry if the Gators win in Rupp Arena on Saturday, so important evaluations have to be made by college basketball bettors right now. Here’s what Florida has going for them…

*The statistical rankings at the respected website KenPom, say Florida the fourth-best team in the country. If you think KenPom is even in the ballpark that makes the Gators a value bet at 28-1.

*While it’s easy to dismiss the caliber of competition in the SEC, Florida’s schedule strength ranks 16th in the country. They stepped out in non-conference games and challenged themselves with Duke, Gonzaga and Florida State. And keep in mind that ranking is going to go up after a road game in Lexington.

*Florida plays defense, ranking fourth in the country in defensive efficiency. That defense was on display last night, as they held South Carolina to 39 percent shooting from the field and pulled away in the second half.

Thus, we’re talking about a team that respected computer models think highly of, that is battle-tested and is excellent on the defensive end. All that’s a good reason to jump on a 28-1 price. But there’s a flip side…

*It’s one thing to play good teams and another to beat them—Florida lost to Duke, Gonzaga and Florida State. The most impressive part of the Gators’ resume is an 88-66 thumping of Kentucky at home on February 4. We still need to find out though, if that was more about Wildcat shortcomings or Gator strengths. Saturday will give us answers, but again, value may be lost if you wait until that result is in.

*Florida lacks a clear playmaker. Chris Chiozza is the leading assist man on the team and he’s seventh in terms of minutes played per game. College basketball, especially in the NCAA Tournament is driven by guards who control tempo.

*Michael White, in his second year since stepping in for Billy Donovan, is an unknown commodity as a head coach. Especially in the NCAA Tournament, where he’ll make his first appearance this March.

What way do you play it? I have to reserve my recommendations for clients, but I’ll tell you one thing—I’ll be monitoring the results from Lexington very closely.  

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Stanford eases past Oregon State

Reid Travis scored 17 points and grabbed eight rebounds to help Stanford beat Oregon State 79-66 on Wednesday in a Pac-12 Conference game at Maples Pavilion in Stanford, Calif.

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76ers, Hawks swap Ilyasova, Splitter

The Philadelphia 76ers traded forward Ersan Ilyasova to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday.