• 50-Unit Monday Night Side/Total Parlay

    I have worked overtime on this one and concluded it is the perfect spot for a knockout 50-unit side/total parlay - 20 units on the winner, 20 units on the total and 10-units on the parlay.
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  • 15-Unit Best Bets Club College Football Play

    I closed out last week with a winning 50-unit side/total parlay on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Under Monday night and am opening this week with a 15-unit Best Bets Football Investment Club play on the nationally-televised (ESPN2) Arkansas State (2-3) at South Alabama (3-2) game.
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  • Major League Baseball Playoffs

    I continued my winning run in the Major League Baseball Playoffs yesterday, winning a 10-unit play on the underdog Kansas City Royals (+115) with their 9-6 come-from-behind victory over the Houston Astros while losing a totals bet (under 7.5) on the Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals game.
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  • Kelso Octoberfest Football

    Kelso Sturgeon is THE man when it comes to finding the games most worth betting on: games with the biggest hidden edges...games where the team that is dead certain to win has been underrated by at least two touchdowns! Such games DO exist.
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Professional Handicapper Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Sturgeon has been a professional handicapper for 40 years and has a deep understanding of all facets of the game, be it football, basketball, baseball or horse racing. He’s worked as a football scout in the SEC and studied under Hall of Fame coaches like Alabama’s Bear Bryant, winner of five national titles and Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs, who won the 1970 Super Bowl. He’s been a Regional Sports Editor for the Associated Press, worked as a successful jockey agent and authored several books teaching people how to be a handicapper, including the bestseller, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SPORTS BETTING. Kelso also understands that to be a successful handicapper means knowing the business of gambling, and to that end he is personal friends with most of the big linesmakers in Las Vegas and gets the daily scoop on what is happening on the other side of the counter. There is no one better qualifed to be your personal handicapper than Kelso Sturgeon.

Contact us or call 1-800-755-2255 to get Kelso Sturgeon as your personal handicapper. Enter here to get today’s free pick!

Home Page 10/12/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

The Pros vs. Joes Debate


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Kelso's Advanced Sports Betting: The Pros vs. Joe's Debate

It's becoming more common in the national media and on social media for people in the sports betting industry to talk about the Pros vs. Joe's divide, or sharps vs. squares. Same thing. What are the professional wagerers betting? When are they opposite what the general public is betting?

Today I want to make that a point of focus for you regulars here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping. You're surely coming across these discussions yourself. If that hasn't happened to you yet...it will soon. The media is still getting its feet wet in terms of knowing how to present relevant sports gambling information. This is a simple way for them to create the illusion of "insider" access without getting too hardcore.

Contributed Articles 10/7/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

Handicapping MLB Divisional Rounds


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Kelso's Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping MLB's Divisional Rounds

Once the Wildcard play-in games are taken care of, baseball handicappers will be trying to pick winners in the best-3-of-5 divisional rounds that begin Thursday. It's going to be a busy week as things get rolling. So, be sure you regular students here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping have your attack planned in advance.

You only want to invest in pitchers who have proven they can control their own destiny when on the mound. That usually means high strikeout guys. But, there may some situations that pop up where fly ball pitchers make sense in a spacious park or in cool conditions...or a decent lefty is on the mound against an offense that doesn't hit lefties well.

Exclusive Coverage of all NFL 10/13/2015

Cardinals sign Dwight Freeney, place LB Kenny Demens on IR

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) The Arizona Cardinals confirmed the signing of veteran defensive end/outside linebacker Dwight Freeney and placed linebacker Kenny Demens on injured reserve Tuesday.

Exclusive Coverage of all College Football 10/13/2015

Gophers could get safety Travis back in lineup Saturday

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Minnesota could have safety Damarius Travis back in the lineup Saturday.