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HOME PAGE 7/31/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

Is It Just Me Or Does NFL Commissioner Just Fly By The Seat Of His Pants?


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Is It Just Me Or Does NFL Commissioner Just Fly By The Seat Of His Pants?

If Patriots Brady Takes His So-Called Deflate-gate Suspension To Court He is 1-9 To Win

NFL Pre-Season Winning Begins In Just 9 Days Guaranteed To Win $3,000

Thought For The Day

“Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners—only survivors.”— Frank Gifford, New York Giants Hall Of Fame Great

By Kelso Sturgeon

                Roger Stokoe Goodell is the commissioner of the National Football League, its face out front and its mouth piece. He is paid $40 million a year to do the beck and call of the league’s 32 teams and in essence do nothing. To say he is a figurehead is quite an under-statement and to suggest he is incompetent is certainly open for discussion.

Contributed Articles 7/27/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

How to Learn from NFL Training Camp Media Coverage


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Kelso's Advanced Sports Betting: How to Learn from NFL Training Camp Media Coverage

NFL training camps will be opening up across the league this week. We're closing in quickly on the start of the 2015 exhibition slate. That makes this the ideal time to talk about how handicappers should monitor media coverage so they can make informed bets.

First...I want to talk about the big picture. Almost all media coverage initially is going to be about the outlook for the coming season. Nobody's focused yet on who's going to win or lose a Preseason game on the second Friday of August. The New England Patriots are going to be talking about whether or not they can repeat. Other playoff teams will talk about trying to go the distance. Non-playoff teams will talk about trying to reach the playoffs. The handful of really horrible teams will talk about how the draft or coaching changes will help them get back in the mix.

Exclusive Coverage of all MLB 7/31/2015

Orioles get Parra from Brewers for minor leaguer

BALTIMORE (AP) The Baltimore Orioles have obtained left fielder Gerardo Parra from the Milwaukee Brewers in a trade for a minor league right-hander Zach Davies.

Exclusive Coverage of all NFL 7/31/2015

Agent says Junior Galette agrees to 1-year deal with Skins

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Pass rusher Junior Galette's agent says the outside linebacker has agreed to a one-year contract with the Washington Redskins for the league minimum.