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Home Page 10/9/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

Going For 5th Straight 100-Unit College Blowout Football Winner Saturday...200-Unit NFL Game Of Year Wins Sunday


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Game Of Week Winner Saturday 200-Unit NFL Game Of Year Set To Win By 3 Touchdowns Sunday

Put A Fork In The Lifeless, Robotic Texans Who Are Not Playing As Advertised May Be Worst Team In NFL

Showdown Truth Be Told Saturday In College Football Delivers Marquee TV Winners Just $15

By Kelso Sturgeon

This is another big weekend in college football and in the National Football League and I am ready again to match wits with those on the other side of the counter who want to take our money. On Saturday I am going for my 5th straight 100-unit College Blowout Game of the Week and on Sunday—the big one—my 200-unit NFL Game of the Year. You can bet both with confidence.

Contributed Articles 10/7/2015 by Kelso Sturgeon

Handicapping MLB Divisional Rounds


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Kelso's Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping MLB's Divisional Rounds

Once the Wildcard play-in games are taken care of, baseball handicappers will be trying to pick winners in the best-3-of-5 divisional rounds that begin Thursday. It's going to be a busy week as things get rolling. So, be sure you regular students here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping have your attack planned in advance.

You only want to invest in pitchers who have proven they can control their own destiny when on the mound. That usually means high strikeout guys. But, there may some situations that pop up where fly ball pitchers make sense in a spacious park or in cool conditions...or a decent lefty is on the mound against an offense that doesn't hit lefties well.

Exclusive Coverage of all NFL 10/9/2015

Seahawks-Bengals Preview

While Cincinnati has cruised to an undefeated start through the season's quarter mark, Seattle is by some accounts lucky to not be 1-3.

Exclusive Coverage of all College Football 10/9/2015

No. 1 Ohio State faces beleaguered Maryland

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Ohio State thinks it has problems with turnovers, red zone woes and penalties, but the defending national champions are undefeated and looking pretty good compared to Maryland.