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Kelso NBA East Finals Game Six - On a 6-1 Streak
Win Tonight’s NBA East Finals Game Six. Went 2-0 in game 5 with Celtics and Under!! Won Last Night with Rockets!
Kelso AL Dog of Week Keys 3-0 MLB Friday
There’s a full Friday baseball schedule, and I intend to score again today with three more winners, including my 15 Unit American League Underdog of the Week and two 10 units plays, my best bet and best total.

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Beware Falling Victim to Old Perceptions


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As we get together for this edition of coursework in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping, two recent NBA dynasties are both trailing three games to two in their respective conference championship series, even though both were big favorites before the battles started. The defending National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers have cost their backers a fortune this season. No projected divisional winners in the Senior Circuit currently lead their divisions. And, an expansion team is getting ready to play a longshot from the other conference for the NHL Championship.

Assumptions that Cleveland and Golden State would breeze through Boston and Houston have proved very wrong. Both teams could still end up playing (again) for the NBA crown. They will have to rally to do so, after having weaknesses exposed. In the case of Golden State, the Warriors were supposed to be a dynasty for several more seasons. Houston is showing everyone how to beat them. Maybe they won't be able to do that without Chris Paul.

It's very important that you students remember to focus on what's happening NOW rather than what happened in the past. It's not that every favorite falls apart. The defending baseball champion Houston Astros are playing well. The New England Patriots have outperformed the market for years when Tom Brady is healthy. But, it only takes one misread to mess up your season. If you bet the Dodgers and Astros this year because their rosters were both loaded...you're still way down because the fall of LAD was much more penalizing than Houston holding steady was profitable.

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NBA Conference Final Update


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Just consider this factoid for just a moment: If we are to have a Cleveland Cavaliers versus Golden State Warriors Part IV in this year's NBA Finals, then the Cavs and Dubs must go a combined 4-and-oh SU (straight-up) the rest of this way in these ongoing NBA Conference Finals.

Impossible? Nah.

But gotta say it's a major hurdle for the two teams that have combined to win the league's last three titles and so desperation time has hit both organizations and who would have guessed that after G-State won Game 3 of its Western Finals against Houston by 41 points!

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Rockets lose ailing Chris Paul, vow to dig in for Game 6

HOUSTON (AP) The Houston Rockets will be without star guard Chris Paul for Game 6 because of a strained hamstring, a huge blow for a team trying to close out the Golden State Warriors.

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Osuna's administrative leave extended through June 4

NEW YORK (AP) Major League Baseball has extended the administrative leave of Toronto closer Roberto Osuna through June 4, the third time the initial seven-day period was lengthened.