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Kelso 100 Unit Pre-Season Game of the Year
Kelso Sturgeon’s 100-Unit NFL Preseason Game Of Year Wins Friday
I Went 4-1 In Week #1 Of The NFL Preseason And Am Set To Win Every Day In Week #2 With The Highlight Being Friday Night’s 100-Unit Game Of The Year
Kelso Friday MLB Best Bets - Won 8 in a Row
The Hottest Club In Baseball (92% Winners) Is Destroying Bookmakers And Goes For Its 9th & 10th Straight Wins Tonight With 2-0 Menu Topped by Astros-Athletics Showdown Series
Kelso 50 Unit A.L. Game of Week
Highrollers 11-3 With 100-Unit, 50-Unit Plays In August…Go For Big Money Again Tonight With 50-Unit AL Game Of The Week

Professional Handicapper Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Sturgeon has been a professional handicapper for 40 years and has a deep understanding of all facets of the game, be it football, basketball, baseball or horse racing. He’s worked as a football scout in the SEC and studied under Hall of Fame coaches like Alabama’s Bear Bryant, winner of five national titles and Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs, who won the 1970 Super Bowl. He’s been a Regional Sports Editor for the Associated Press, worked as a successful jockey agent and authored several books teaching people how to be a handicapper, including the bestseller, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SPORTS BETTING. Kelso also understands that to be a successful handicapper means knowing the business of gambling, and to that end he is personal friends with most of the big linesmakers in Las Vegas and gets the daily scoop on what is happening on the other side of the counter. There is no one better qualifed to be your personal handicapper than Kelso Sturgeon.

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100-Unit NFL Preseason Game Of Year Wins Tonight


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100-Unit NFL Preseason Game Of Year Wins Tonight

Kelso ALWAYS Wins this Game! Won Last Year With Eagles (-3) over Dolphins 38-31

I Am 5-2 Thus Far In the NFL Preseason And Have Found The Right Spot Tonight To Win My Biggest Bet In August With A Team Primed To Bury Is Opponent

I am doing something I have never done in more than four decades of handicapping and that is releasing my 100-unit NFL Game of the Year in Week #2 of the season. It has long been my habit to make this play in Week #3 when most teams play their regulars for much of the game and take their best shot to win.

As most of you know I have said for years one must take the winners where one finds them and it just happens tonight I have found the big winner-a team with every single edge. The team I am releasing meets every requirement for a 100-unit  bet (my average play is 10-15 units) and I am extremely confident it will win in dominating fashion.

I know I have the best team in this game-one that has practiced with great precision and enthusiasm this week and is primed to absolutely bury its opponent. Inside information on this game (from the same sources that said we should tap out on the Jets last week) says this contest won't be close after the first quarter.
I am 5-2 thus far in the preseason and on my way to in winning at least $2,000 for each of my clients in August and I intend to take another step towards that goal with a knockout winner in tonight's 100-unit NFL Preseason Game of the Year.

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Don’t Fall in Love with Browns Yet


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After watching the Cleveland Browns' victory over the New York Giants Thursday night on the NFL Network, I have one thing to say to students here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping. Don't fall in love with the Browns yet!

Now, they might be a good betting team through August. No doubt about that. There's a lot of new enthusiasm within the franchise. And, they appear to finally have some quarterbacks who know what they're doing. But, please remember all of the following.

*Upgrading from "D" on the report card to "B-minus" doesn't mean you're suddenly an "A" caliber quarterback. Once the regular season starts, the Browns will still be worse at that position than many other teams unless Baker Mayfield develops extremely quickly. Most rookies don't. We know what Tyrod Taylor can do. He's a "B-minus" at best, probably worse vs. quality opposition.

*Bringing effort in the Preseason can create the illusion of quality if you're facing opponents who are just working on timing and fundamentals. To me, Cleveland's win over the New York Giants means nothing for the regular season. Though, if Eli Manning gets hurt and Davis Webb has to play quarterback...you can be sure I'll be fading the G-men.

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Seahawks' Kam Chancellor: 'Time for the next chapter'

RENTON, Wash. (AP) Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor said scans on his injured neck have shown no improvement and declared it was ''time for the next chapter.''

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Longtime Iowa sportscaster killed as rain swamps Des Moines

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) A longtime Iowa sportscaster has died in flash flooding in Des Moines amid heavy rain that forced the evacuation of some homes and businesses in one suburb.