NFL First Round Draft Order 2006

NFL First Round Draft Order 2006

April 29-30, 2006


As of March 23, 2006


Pick      Team          '05 Record      Schedule Strength

1.         Houston          2-14            .535

2.         New Orleans      3-13            .523

3.         Tennessee        4-12            .512

4.         New York Jets    4-12            .527

5.         Green Bay        4-12            .531

6.         Oakland          4-12            .539

7.         San Francisco    4-12            .539

8.         Buffalo          5-11            .500

9.         Detroit          5-11            .504

10.        Arizona          5-11            .508

11.        St. Louis        6-10            .484

12.        Cleveland        6-10            .508

13.        Baltimore        6-10            .523

14.        Philadelphia     6-10            .531

15.        Denver*         13-3             .500

16.        Miami            9-7             .457

17.        Minnesota        9-7             .484

18.        Dallas           9-7             .523

19.        San Diego        9-7             .559

20.        Kansas City     10-6             .504

21.        New England     10-6             .508

22.        Denver**        13-3             .500

23.        Tampa Bay       11-5             .449

24.        Cincinnati      11-5             .477

25.        New York Giants 11-5             .492

26.        Chicago         11-5             .457

27.        Carolina        11-5             .449

28.        Jacksonville    12-4             .465

29.        New York Jets*  4-12             .527

30.        Indianapolis    14-2             .457

31.        Seattle         13-3             .430

32.        Pittsburgh      11-5             .492


 ** The 22nd pick, originally owned by the Washington Redskins, was traded to the Denver Broncos on April 19, 2005.

*   The 15th and 29th picks, originally owned by the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos, respectively, were switched before the Falcons traded that 29th pick to the New York Jets on March 21st, 2006.





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Potential First-Round Picks:
Overall Depth:
Solid, but not exceptional after the first three. There are some nice sleepers in this group, but also a steep drop-off after Cutler, Leinart, and Young...

Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt
This year's Alex Smith? Maybe, but Cutler may be even better. The look of a star. 

2. Matt Leinart, USC
Leinart may still be the first QB taken, but questions remain about his arm strength. 

3. Vince Young, Texas
His reputation took a beating at the NFL Combine. Still a top talent, no question. 

4. Reggie McNeal, Texas A&M
An erratic passer but incredible athlete, McNeal's speed may bring a position change. 

Omar Jacobs, Bowling Green
A more athletic Byron Leftwich? Maybe. A sleeper with everything but major experience. 

6. Bruce Gradkowski, Toledo
One of the fastest and most accurate QB's in college football. Very underrated. A steal? 

7. Charlie Whitehurst, Clemson
On paper he's a scout's dream, but on the field he needs to be calmer. Bargain or bust. 

8. Brodie Croyle, Alabama
A classic case of top talent clouded by injuries worries. If he stays healthy, watch out. 

9. Marcus Vick, Virginia Tech
He has as much talent as Falcon brother Mike and as much maturity as Bart Simpson. 

10. Kellen Clemens, Oregon
Blessed with great leadership but average arm strength, Clemens may be a back-up.


Potential First-Round Picks: Two or three.
Overall Depth: It's a group deep with solid overall backs, but not many elites. There's Bush and then there's everyone else. This draft is particularly well-stocked with undersiz ed speed backs...

1. Reggie Bush, USC
The whole package and then some. Speed, power, size, vision, passion. The real deal.

2. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis
A very productive all-around back who plays hard. A solid (but not great) athlete.

3. Joseph Addai, LSU
A straight-ahead runner with very good speed, intangibles, and a well-rounded game.

4. LenDale White, USC
A power guy with great size, White faces questions about his speed work ethic.

5. Laurence Maroney, Minnesota
A finesse guy with shifty moves, Maroney has high potential as a speed back.

6. Maurice Drew, UCLA
Size is an issue, but after that he's major scoring threat. Maybe a top special-teamer.

7. Jerrious Norwood, Mississippi State
Very fast and well-rounded, and with good size. He's good in all areas but great in none.

8. Brian Calhoun, Wisconsin
He doesn't have the speed or experience of some, but is high-talent, high-character.

9. Leon Washington, Florida State
A hard worker with a lot of heart and character, Washington plays bigger than his size.

10. Andre Hall, South Florida
Raw but intense, Hall is a fast learner with good hands and natural instincts on the field.


Potential First-Round Picks: None.
Overall Depth: The fullback isn't quite the offensive weapon he once was, so this group is somewhat stuck trying to define (or re-define) itself. There's not a lot of speed here...

1. Lawrence Vickers, Colorado
Versatile, polished, and powerful, Vickers has great hands and solid speed.

2. Garrett Mills, Tulsa
Fast and well-rounded, Mills has great hands and great heart. A true multi-tasker.

3. Quadtrine Hill, Miami (FL)
Like most Miami products he's a fantastic athlete. Very raw, but a nice speed-size combo.

4. Matt Bernstein, Wisconsin
A bull of a player with high character, Bernstein may be the best blocker of the bunch.

5. Gilbert Harris, Arizona
He lacks speed, but Bell had a solid Combine and excels as a blocker and receiver.


Potential First-Round Picks: Two or three.
Overall Depth: This group wasn't considered very deep or talented until recently, but some big workouts uncovered hidden gems. It's nowhere near recent years, but there are some sleepers...

1. Chad Jackson, Florida
Still growing as a receiver, he has jaw-dropping speed and excellent size. A blue-chipper.

2. Santonio Holmes, Ohio State
Accomplished, smart, slick, and cagey, Holmes is a big-play guy with ice in his veins.

3. Sinorice Moss, Miami (Florida)
Santana's brother has similar wheels and skills, but is smaller. He may start on special teams.

4. Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame
A late bloomer, Stovall has superior size and speed. In a few years he could be dominant. 

5. Devin Aromashodu, Auburn
His physical tools are as good as anyone's, but Aromashodu must up his intensity in the NFL. 

6. Skyler Green, LSU
A disappointing senior season will scare some teams off, but his talent is definitely top-tier. 

7. Derek Hagan, Arizona State
Highly productive in college, Hagan is still underrated. He's more NFL-ready than most. 

8. Demetrius Williams, Oregon
A circus-catch artist with superb size, Williams only needs to prove he can be consistent. 

9. Hank Baskett, New Mexico
He won't outrun defenders but he will out-jump and out-muscle them. A possession monster. 

10. Jason Avant, Michigan
While not a deep threat, Avant is a clutch, high-skill third-down type who's ready for the NFL.


Potential First-Round Picks: Two, maybe three. 
Overall Depth: There's a seemingly big gap between the top four and the rest, but there's also a big gap between Davis and the next three. Generally, it's a strong field... 

1. Vernon Davis, Maryland
A freakish athlete with superior ability in every facet of the game, Davis is a special talent. 

2. Marcedes Lewis, UCLA
Size, polish, and collegiate success make Lewis a prime prospect. All he needs is some edge. 

3. Dominique Byrd, USC
He's not ideal in terms of size or physical gifts, but Byrd is a playmaker with top-tier focus. 

4. Leonard Pope, Georgia
Pope doesn't have blazing speed but makes ample use of his frame as a blocker and target. 

5. Anthony Fasano, Notre Dame
Fasano is the definition of dependability and grit. Not a great athlete, but a hard worker. 

6. Joe Klopfenstein, Colorado
He needs to work on his blocking but otherwise is a sneaky-athletic weapon as a receiver. 

7. David Thomas, Texas
A quick and productive tactician, Thomas has potential to be a Chris Cooley-type H-back. 

8. Tim Day, Oregon
Day fell flat as a senior after earlier promise, but still has great hands and potential. 

9. T.J. Williams, North Carolina State
Williams has a fine college track record and skill-set but his size and height are dubious. 

10. Anthony Mix, Auburn
A good speed-size prospect, Mix might blossom with hard work. He's very raw and very light. 


Potential First-Round Picks: Three or four. 
Overall Depth: This is a strong year for linemen in general. There's not much competition for top spot (with Ferguson the clear frontrunner), but the rest of the bunch is deep and talented... 

1. D'Brickshaw Ferguson, Virginia
The whole package, Ferguson has the power, speed, mobility, and polish to dominate soon. 

2. Winston Justice, USC
Accomplished on the field and in workouts, Justice needs to put off-field troubles behind. 

3. Eric Winston, Miami (Florida)
Winston is a converted tight end and still learning, scary considering how good he is already. 

4. Marcus McNeill, Auburn
He needs to get lower and avoid back problems, but few create space like McNeill. 

5. Jonathan Scott, Texas
There are no questions about his size, frame, mobility, or speed. He just needs a little fire. 

6. Daryn Colledge, Boise State
A late bloomer, Colledge has the stuff (speed, power, character, mobility) to be a Pro Bowler. 

7. Ryan O'Callaghan, California
O'Callaghan overcomes average athleticism with power, smarts, and a definite mean streak. 

8. Jeremy Trueblood, Boston College
He comes from great program for linemen and few can match his size, guts, and intensity. 

9. Paul McQuistan, Weber State
Small school, big guy, even bigger upside. McQuistan has all the goods but will take time. 

10. Guy Whimper, East Carolina
A freakish athlete, Whimper is a converted tight end with few skills but major potential.


Potential First-Round Picks: Two. 
Overall Depth: There's definitely talent and upside in this bunch, but the high-skill guys mostly have athletic issues and the top athletes are mostly raw... 

1. Taitusi Lutui, OG, USC
One of the keys to the potent USC attack, all 'Deuce' needs is a little more seasoning. 

2. Davin Joseph, OG, Oklahoma
His stock is rising after strong workouts, and Joseph plays bigger than his height suggests. 

3. Max Jean-Gilles, OG, Georgia
The all-American is accomplished and sound but needs to show he'll play hard every down. 

4. Nick Mangold, C, Ohio State
While not dominant, Mangold has a professional approach and very few clear weaknesses. 

5. Greg Eslinger, C, Minnesota
The best center in the draft, the Outland winner, and a leader. Can he dominate as a pro? 

6. Charles Spencer, OG, Pittsburgh
Still learning his position, Spencer is uncommonly nimble and fast for a guy with his frame. 

7. Kevin Boothe, OG, Cornell
He dominated the Ivy League, but needs more experience. A smart, strong, fast sleeper. 

8. Jahri Evans, OG, Bloomsburg
Dominant at the Division II level, Evans has great speed and power. He could be a steal. 

9. Fred Matua, OG, Southern California
A smashmouth lineman, Matua is a bit small but makes up for it with speed and effort. 

10. Patrick Ross, C, Boston College
Another strong BC lineman, Ross is an on-field leader with underrated speed and versatility. 


Potential First-Round Picks: Four or five. 
Overall Depth: This is a great year for defensive ends. The only general question is girth, but most of these guys will fill out in the NFL. Expect some later-round steals in this draft... 

1. Mario Williams, North Carolina State
The Julius Peppers comparisons are inevitable, and Williams may be just as good. 

2.Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College
'Kiwi' has scouts drooling over his awesome physical tools. He needs to add a little weight. 

3. Tamba Hali, Penn State
High-motor, high-character, high upside. All he needs is a few more rushing moves. 

4. Manny Lawson, NC State
The next Jevon Kearse? Maybe. He needs to add muscle but the sky's the limit for Lawson. 

5. Kamerion Wimbley, Florida State
A late bloomer, speedy Wimbley has the goods but may need to move to outside linebacker. 

6. Stanley McClover, Auburn
An explosive athlete with excellent aggression, he's still a work in progress with high upside. 

7. Victor Adeyanju, Indiana
Overlooked by some, Adeyanju is raw like sushi but just needs more time and coaching. 

8. Ray Edwards, Purdue
The size, talent, and some technique are there. The only question: How coachable is he? 

9. Elvis Dumervil, Lousiville
No defensive end is more accomplished, but has he peaked? Will likely move to linebacker. 

10. Darryl Tapp, Virginia Tech
Intense, explosive, aggressive. Tapp's size is an issue but it is for most of the others too. 


Potential First-Round Picks: Two or three. 
Overall Depth: Very good. There are several real finds to be had here, and while Bunkley probably won't challenge Ngata he's rising fast. This is a talented bunch with very solid size... 

1. Haloti Ngata, Oregon
The consensus cream of the crop. Athletic, powerful, mobile, and a fast learner. 

2. Brodrick Bunkley, Florida State
His stock just keeps rising. The aggressive and explosive Bunkley is peaking at the right time. 

3. Gabe Watson, Michigan
A truly elite physical specimen, the only question with Watson is how great he wants to be. 

4. Rodrique Wright, Texas
See Watson, Gabe, above. All the potential in the world, but in need of some fire and focus. 

5. Claude Wroten, LSU
Still raw physically and as a technician, Wroten is a bit of a project (but a high-reward one). 

6. Jesse Mahelona, Tennessee
Another late bloomer, Mahelona is a pocket-crasher extraordinaire. Size might be an issue. 

7. Jonathan Lewis, Virginia Tech
The next Warren Sapp? Maybe. Lewis is a diamond-in-the rough with passion to improve. 

8. Orien Harris, Miami (FL)
A top run-stopper with great football bloodlines, Harris needs to work on his conditioning. 

9. Dusty Dvoracek, Oklahoma
A high-motor guy with great intangibles and blitzing ability, but a checkered off-field record. 

10. Barry Cofield, Northwestern
Blessed with above-average speed and good size, the versatile Cofield has sleeper appeal. 


Potential First-Round Picks: Three or four. 
Overall Depth: Good, but with more question marks than expected. Several of the top guys dropped in workouts, except for Hawk, who is the clear-cut stud of the bunch... 

1. A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State
Accomplished, smart, powerful, athletic, and intense. Hawk may be a leader as a rookie. 

2. DeMeco Ryans, LB, Alabama
One of the highest-character players in the draft. Not an elite athlete, but a solid one. 

3. Ernie Sims, OLB, Florida State
Is he big enough? Even if he switches positions, Sims has elite physical tools and intangibles. 

4. Bobby Carpenter, OLB, Ohio State
Did playing at Ohio State enhance or obscure his talents? Regardless, he's the whole package. 

5. Thomas Howard, OLB, UTEP
A converted safety, he's still learning the position. A lights-out hitter with major upside. 

6. Chad Greenway, OLB, Iowa
Greenway's stock took a hit with a sub-par Combine. Injuries are a concern, but he's a talent. 

7. Jon Alston, LB, Stanford
Alston blew away some scouts with pre-draft workouts, and he's a leader. A top sleeper. 

8. D'Qwell Jackson, ILB, Maryland
Productive and accomplished, Jackson has a great work ethic but average physical tools. 

9. Abdul Hodge, LB, Iowa
A solid athlete with a good track record, Hodge may need to change positions in the NFL. 

10. Rocky McIntosh, LB, Miami (FL)
On paper McIntosh is a top prospect, but he's very raw and needs to stay healthy.


Potential First-Round Picks: Three or four. 
Overall Depth: Better than expected. 
This wasn't seen as a great cornerback class, but the Indy Combine revealed opened some eyes and revealed a wealth of gems... 

1. Jimmy Williams, DB, Virginia Tech
A true playmaker with top tools and a fluid style, his size-athleticism combo is unmatched. 

2. Tye Hill, CB, Clemson
Hill has speed to burn. As a converted running back he's still learning, but has high upside. 

3. Jonathan Joseph, CB, South Carolina
A broken foot in 2004 dulled the hype, but his 4.31 40 has NFL coaches salivating. 

4. Antonio Cromartie, CB, Florida State
Recent workouts showed he's mostly recovered from the knee injury that stole his 2005. 

5. Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State
The latest Buckeye cornerback stud, he has great wheels but needs work on his technique. 

6. Kelly Jennings, CB, Miami (FL)
A straight-up cover, all Jennings needs is a little added strength and a bit more aggression. 

7. DeMario Minter, CB, Georgia
Productive in college, Minter excels at mirroring his man but needs to add a little intensity. 

8. Richard Marshall, CB, Fresno State
Overlooked by many, Marshall is a sleeper candidate with all the goods to be a top corner. 

9. Devin Hester, CB, Miami (FL)
The protege of Deion Sanders, Hester is a great athlete who needs to focus on one position. 

10. Alan Zamaitis, CB, Penn State
As accomplished as anyone, Zemaitis is a playmaker who may be better suited to safety. 


Potential First-Round Picks: Two or three. 
Overall Depth: Like this year's cornerback class, there's more talent here than expected. Several late bloomers have messed up the draft boards with strong workouts... 

1. Michael Huff, DB, Texas
Versatile, quick, and intense, Huff has the whole package and is a lights-out hitter.

2. Jason Allen, DB, Tennessee
A dislocated hip clouded his status but recent workouts have Allen's stock soaring again. 

3. Ko Simpson, S, South Carolina
A late bloomer, Simpson is a fierce hitter who burst onto the scene in 2004. A sleeper. 

4. Darnell Bing, S, USC
Overlooked at star-studded USC, he improved yearly and has everything but elite speed. 

5. Donte Whitner, S, Ohio State
Just fast and big enough, Whitner has the drive and focus to succeed at the next level. 

6. Daniel Bullocks, S, Nebraska
The twin brother of the Saints' Josh, Bullocks came on strongly in 2005. A playmaker. 

7. Greg Blue, S, Georgia
A true intimidator, Blue has high upside but needs to expand his game past hitting. 

8. Dwayne Slay, S, Texas Tech
His size and focus are elite but his speed is not. His success, however, is unquestioned. 

9. Pat Watkins, S, Florida State
He's not very accomplished but his size-speed combo (including a low 4.4 40) is unique. 

10. Antoine Bethea, S, Howard
A tackling machine with elite speed, Bethea had a decorated I-AA career. May be a gem. 


Potential First-Round Picks: None. 
Overall Depth: Not great. Next season's crop will likely be much deeper and features a handful of prospects who may have been high-round picks if they'd declared... 

1. Josh Huston, K, Ohio State
This experienced marksman came out from (now Jet) Mike Nugent's shadow in 2005. 

2. Ryan Plackemeier, P, Wake Forest
His outstanding Combine showed Plackmeier brings major length and hangtime. 

3. Connor Hughes, K, Virginia
Productive and accurate, Hughes was one of college's top kickers his entire career. 

4. John Torp, P, Colorado
Torp has good hang time but sometimes not great length. He needs more consistency. 

5. Steve Weatherford, P, Illinois
He's still on the radar, but his stock fell at the Combine with doubts about his leg power.