TV Takes Over NBA Playoffs And That Means Fix Might Be In

NBA Enters Professional Wrestling Mode As TV Networks Attempt To Get Warriors, Cavaliers Into Championship Round

With $24 Billion Contract In Play, ABC Will Do Everything Possible To See Thunder, Raptors Get Knocked Out In Championship Round

How About The Fix That Knocked Out Kings In 2002 And Put High Profile Lakers In Title Round?

By Kelso Sturgeon

Permanent residents of the sports betting world trust no one, believe no one and know for a fact the higher powers that rule sports have been rendered have no conscience and are absolutely amoral because of television money. If a little move here or there can please the TV networks, let's do what it takes to make them happy.

Reality: a nine-year $24 billion contract, worth $2.6 billion to the NBA this season, rules the day. This means there will again be behind-the-scenes maneuvering to get the public's favorite team, the Golden State Warriors, and the popular LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers to the championship round, which would insure the biggest TV audience in history.

When I refer to previous behind-the-scenes action, I am referring to game 6 of the Western Conference championship round in 2002 between the extremely popular Los Angeles Lakers and the media-shunned Sacramento Kings. Let us set the stage.

The Kings headed into game six, which was played in Sacramento, up 3-2 in the best-of-seven series and would advance to the NBA championship round with a win and the Lakers would have been out of it. It was so obvious to a national television audience something was wrong from the get-go and as the game wound down the obvious was blatantly so. In the end Los Angeles won the game, 106-102, and went on to win the Western Conference championship.

In game six, there were a total of nine bizarre callas and seven of them favored the Lakers and in the process cost the Kings somewhere between 8-11 points. These figures are taken from an officials' very scientific study of the game. Most revealing of all was the fact the Lakers went to the free-throw line and hit 34-of-40. The host Kings made it there 25 times and hit 18. Seldom does a road team get that many opportunities since the officials traditionally play to the home team.

That game was all about money to the networks and like tens of thousands of others I shall go to my grave knowing the fix was in. It is interesting consumer advocate Ralph Nader asked congress to investigate the game and the league but that did happen. Then-NBA Commissioner David Stern said it did not happen and that was that.

The Public's Team - Golden State - Is Now Down 3-1 To Media-Shunned Oklahoma City

The team ABC assumes everybody wants to watch is down 3-1 to a disrespected nobody team from Oklahoma City - and that means the stage is set for a network disaster. People want to watch the Warriors (82-14) and their all-star line-up play for it all against the Cleveland Cavaliers (67-27) and LeBron James. That's where the TV audience is. Who are Toronto and Oklahoma City?

The spotlight is one the Raptors at the Cavaliers game tonight and this series can still go either way. It currently is knotted 2-2. If the spotlight is on tonight's game, the flood lights will be on in Oakland when the Warriors take the floor against the Thunder in a game they must win, or take a vacation.

It Is of note I won a 100-unit play on the underdog Thunder (+2) with its 24-point, 118-94, blowout win over Golden State last night. The Warriors are 7-point favorites in this game.

Picking any winner is seldom easy but things become far more complicated when one not only has to have the right side but also must deal with those under-belly issues - TV money, the NBA's desire to please those putting up the money and officials who are under pressure to do the beck and call of the aforementioned.

Good luck.

25-Unit NBA Playoffs Side/Total Parlay Wins Tonight

When I released underdog Oklahoma City as a 100-unit play against the Golden State Warriors I had this to say in my write-up of the game: "Oklahoma City is playing better than any team left in the playoffs, has a real chip on its shoulder because it seems to get no respect and may well be the most incentive-driven team in NBA playoff history. The Thunder intends to come out of this one with a 3-1 lead in the best-of-7 series and will let nothing stop it from doing just that".

In other words, there was a reason for the play and Oklahoma City's 24-point blowout, 118-94, win.

Tonight all the ingredients are there for a 25-unit side/total parlay on the nationally-televised (TNT) Toronto Raptors (66-34) at Cleveland Cavaliers (67-27) game and I am going for it - 10 units on the side, 10-units on the total and then a 5-unit parlay of those winners. Get the cash with me again tonight for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

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