Handicapping NFL With Money-Winning Success Begins With The Numbers

Handicapping NFL With Money-Winning Success Begins With The Numbers And How You Need To Be Better Than Your Bookie Understanding Them

NFL Training Camps Open Next Week With Hall Of Fame Game Set For August 7

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By Kelso Sturgeon

Numbers are no less important to football bettors than they were to great scientists such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Hugh Everett. Handicapping football certainly is not as complex as the mathematics used to solve the mysteries of the universe but winning begins with them.

Team numbers and those of individual players guide handicappers through the process of analysis. They reveal to us, at least in theory, how each skill player should perform in each game. For instance we know if the New York Giants superstar wide-receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz are going up against a weak pass defense they and quarterback Eli Manning will have a field day.

However, as important as numbers in the process of analysis, they are just the beginning. One must never lose sight of the fact betting lines are more accurate and challenging that ever and that we and bookmakers draw their information from sources available to all bettors.

Enter the human element. We all have the same data and the winning will come from a better interpretation of the numbers, be it bookmaker or bettor. The bottom line is no secret - do a better job of analysis than those making betting lines and the edge belongs to you.

It is against this background that I am presenting the current National Football League Odds and the number of games each of the 32 teams is predicted to win. While one may disagree with some of the numbers, most are quite accurate, are the collective opinion of the betting public and give one a line on what to expect during the coming season.


Arizona Cardinals14-11013-3
Atlanta Falcons60-178-8
Baltimore Ravens30-15-11
Buffalo Bills40-188-8
Carolina Panthers9-110½15-1
Chicago Bears60-16-10
Cincinnati Bengals14-112-4
Cleveland Browns150-13-13
Dallas Cowboys16-194-12
Denver Broncos16-112-4
Detroit Lions60-177-9
Houston Texans30-19-7
Indianapolis Colts30-195-11
Jacksonville Jaguars50-15-11
Kansas City Chiefs18-1911-5
Los Angeles Rams60-17-9
Miami Dolphins80-176-10
Minnesota Vikings18-1911-5
New England Patriots6-110½12-4
New Orleans Saints80-17-9
New York Giants30-186-10
New York Jets40-1810-6
Oakland Raiders30-17-9
Philadelphia Eagles50-177-9
Pittsburgh Steelers8-110½10-6
San Diego Chargers80-174-12
San Francisco 49ers80-165-11
Seattle Seahawks8-110½10-6
Tampa Bay Buccaneers60-176-10
Tennessee Titans100-13-13
Washington Redskins50-179-7

NFL Training Camps Open In One Week

NFL training camps begin to open in just one week with the New Orleans Saints being first up when rookies report July 20 to the Greenbrier in White Sulpher Springs, WV. Most teams are receiving rookies a few days before veterans are set to report on July 27-28.

The first of 65 NFL pre-season games will be the usual Hall of Fame Game from Canton, OH, on Sunday, August 8. This year’s kickoff contest will match the Green Bay Packers and the Indianapolis Colts. The game will be televised nationally on ESPN.

Several key plays remain unsigned. Denver is yet to sign Von Miller, the best linebacker in he NFL and the New York Jets have not reached agreement with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. It’s all about money and Miller has said he won’t play this season if he does not get more. No one has figured out the point at which the Jets and Fitzpatrick might bet together.

Injuries are taking a toll before camp even opens. The Cleveland Browns announced its best defensive player, end Desmond Bryant, has had to underdog surgery for a torn pectoral muscle and will miss the entire season. Bryant suffered the injury in the weight room.

Soccer Enters USA Betting Arena

Soccer has had a difficult time establishing itself in the United States and in the process taking an important role in the public betting mind. With that said, it is becoming obvious the world’s most heavily bet sport has moved over the top and is well on its way as a wagering sport.

It is of note European Championship soccer played a major role in TV audiences this past Sunday, In Atlanta, for instance, Euro 2016 delivered a 4½ Nielsen rating in Atlanta while the Braves-White Sox game reported in at 1.7.

It was the same story in major cities around the country. New York drew a 5.9 Nielsen rating, Providence a 5.8, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 4.8, San Diego 4.6, San Francisco 4.6, Raleigh-Durham 4.4, Washington 4.3, Hartford-New Haven 4.3 and Boston 3.8.

Soccer is here and I will be offering a betting service in the near future.

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These facts may not be obvious to the average handicapper, but they are available to those of us who know where and how to dig to get this all-important information and data. Getting it means the difference between winning and losing.

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