Cleveland Browns Committing Suicide One Cut At A Time...Looking At 0-16 Season

Cleveland Browns Committing Suicide One Cut At A Time, I Still Believe “New” Browns Will Go 0-16 This Season

College Football Kicks Off 84-Game Opening Weekend Thursday Featuring Nationally Televised ESPN SEC Showdown South Carolina At Vanderbilt

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All The Things You Need To Know To Win In Early Days Of College Season

By Kelso Sturgeon

The 2016 college football season begins Thursday night with 16 games—five of them on national television—and It is my intention to again win from the get-go, with my top play of the night being a 25-unit bet on the early-season Southeastern Conference showdown that finds South Carolina at Vanderbilt. For the record my money is on Clemson at 7-1 to win the national championship.

Before getting into the first week of college football, with a list of things you need to know to win early, a few words about the National Football League that will be playing the final games of its preseason Thursday night. First, my initial NFL power ratings for the 2016-17 season were posted on this site today and listed the Green Bay Packers (8-1 to win the Super Bowl) as my top-rated team , slightly ahead of the Arizona Cardinals (8-1), Kansas City Chiefs (20-1), New England Patriots (7-1),  Carolina Panthers (10-1) and Cincinnati Bengals (18-1).

You will find at the bottom of my list of 32 NFL teams the Cleveland Browns, a team I predicted a few weeks ago would go 0-16 this season. That opinion was reinforced today when Cleveland cut rush linebacker Paul Kruger, 30, who had two years remaining on his $40.5 million contract. This was just another move in the Browns’ “money ball” world where a lawyer who knows little about football, and nothing about what it takes to win, is calling all the shots.

The guy calling all the shots for the Browns, barrister Sashi Brown, whose main claim to football fame was his negotiation of the contract to name Jacksonville’s EverBank Field, decided early on a player one could get for $885,000 was almost as good as one costing $5 million. So, why not save the money, and the blood-letting began. He declared the team was embarking on a youth movement and several starters and key players were sent packing.

Kruger, one of the better linebackers in the NFL, will certainly be picked up by another team and will almost immediately join their starting lineup.

Brown has even brought in a baseball money-ball man to help him evaluate the worth of players, simply oblivious to the fact that the money-ball formula that began and first worked with the Oakland Athletics—and has since faltered—may work somewhat in baseball but is at the apex of stupidity in he NFL.

To paraphrase an old saying, trying to be successful in Cleveland right now, is akin to “being pecked to death by a duck”.

Enough said.

Keep in mind I will be closing out the NFL preseason Thursday night with me 50-unit Preseason Blowout Game of the Year. I am confident I will win this one just as I did last year with the Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 26-16.

For the record I won my 100-Unit NFL Preseason Game of the Year earlier in the season with the Washington Redskins (-3) 22-18 over the New York Jets and went 5-3 in week #3 of the preseason.


College Football Begins Thursday With 25-Unit Winner

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As noted, the college football season is here and begins Thursday night with 16 games—five of them on national TV—highlighted by South Carolina at Vanderbilt (ESPN) and Oregon State at Minnesota (Big Ten Network). There is a dynamite opening week schedule and here are some of the plays I will be offering.

                --Thursday night it will be a 25-unit play on South Carolina-Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt is currently a 4.5-point favorite.

                --Friday night it will be a 25-unit bet on Kansas State at Stanford ((Fox Sports 1). Stanford is currently a 15.5-point favorite.

                --Saturday it will be my annual 200-unit College Football Blowout Classic.

                --Sunday it will be a 50-unit play on Notre Dame at Texas (ABC). Notre Dame is currently a 3-point favorite.

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What You Need To Know To Begin Betting College Season


Handicappers who are serious about making money have their own set of rules—some the work of genius and others so bizarre they defy explanation. That aside, if it’s working for you, who cares what other people think? Here are a few thoughts about handicapping football at the beginning of each season.

  1. Don’t go where you don’t know. If you spot a game you would like to bet but know absolutely nothing about either team, do not bet it. For instance if you find yourself interested in a game such as the Montana State at Idaho affair Thursday, but really have no know special fact-based insight into the game, leave it alone.
  2. In the first week of the season, be careful about laying a ton of points in a game involving I-AA and I-A teams if the latter is using the game for a warmup—a fine-tuning for a big game the following week. At some point in that game, the major college team will call off the dogs and start to rest for the next contest, opening the door wide for the backdoor cover. Week #1 games such as Southern Utah at Utah, Fordham at Navy, or Richmond at Virginia are examples of this situation. For certain Utah will be practicing for next week’s game against arch-rival BYU, Navy will be getting ready for a tough game against Connecticut and Virginia will be prepping for a cross-country trip to Oregon.
  3. The home field usually is an edge but experienced teams are still tough on the road.
  4. In reviewing the potential of each team, give an edge to any team that has a top-tier quarterback who has been successful in the past and has an experienced offensive line in front of him.
  5. Remember, weaker teams may begin the season with enough talent to play effectively during the first 2-3 week of the season, and then they run out of gas and are at a distinct disadvantage against better teams. Conversely, the stronger teams only get stronger each week.