Changing Face of College Football, NFL Quite Boring

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Is It Just Me Or Has NFL Football Become The Most Boring Game Around?

Ohio State, Alabama, Louisville, Houston are 1-2-3-4 In My New College Top 10

By Kelso Sturgeon

The changing face of college football is real and is forcing serious bettors to reboot their thinking about the talent of the 128 NCAA I-A teams on which we bet each week. In the NFL we are just two weeks into the season and many skill players who are the game-breakers that lead their teams to victory are falling like dead flies.

As a handicapper I woke up a few years ago to the rise to power status of college football teams from Louisville, Houston, Western Michigan and Appalachian State, just to name four, while at the same time accepting the fact the Big Ten has but 3-4 teams that are not highly over-rated and that regardless of the haters the Southeastern Conference was from top to bottom the best of all conferences.

Simultaneously I have witnessed the decline in the overall quality of  talent and play in the National Football League. For instance, there are starting quarterbacks in the NFL that could not start for a good college team. Yes, I believe that. Compared to college football, the NFL is made up of 32 cookie-cutter teams that promote boredom by running the same offenses and defenses.

It has long been my understanding most NFL teams could change uniforms for a game against one another and fans would not know anything had happened. Seen on, you’ve seen’em all.

Because of the aforementioned factors, bettors now need to factor into their betting equations a touch of reality as to what college and NFL teams can actually do once the whistle blows. What you have been brainwashed by media fools and lapdogs to believe about teams has become costly for uninformed bettors.

Last Weekend In Colleges And NFL Offered Plenty Of Insight

The events of this past weekend include dozens of examples of how a misled public stuck in the past got whacked in the head by a 2x4.

  • The Oklahoma (1-2) myth blew up in Norman with an embarrassing 45-24 loss to Ohio State (3-0). It will take years for the Sooners to live this one down.
  • Invincible and 2nd-ranked Florida State Seminoles, cocky and full of piss and vinegar, rolled then 10th-ranked Louisville and looked like the Little Sisters of the Poor in a 63-20 loss to the Cardinals. The final margin was 3 points short of being the worst loss in school history.
  • North Dakota State, the defending NCAA I-AA champion (actually  winner of the last I-AA titles) was a 14.5-point underdog at 11th-ranked Big Ten power Iowa and knocked off the Hawkeyes, 23-21. It is of note the Bison from Fargo stand 6-0 in their last six games  against I-A schools and that is no accident. For instance, last year’s starting quarterback Carson Wentz was the second player taken in the draft and as a rookie is 2-0 as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • In the NFL the Cleveland Browns picked up a few heads when they shot out to a 20-2 lead over the Baltimore Ravens before falling apart right on schedule and losing, 25-20. There was a reason I predicted Cleveland would go 0-16 this season—and I still believe that.
  • How about those Los Angeles Rams who two games in have not scored a touchdown. They lost their opener at San Francisco, 28-0, but came back Sunday and won their home opener over the most over-rated team in the NFL, the Seattle Mariners, 9-3.
  • Jacksonville reverted to its true form, losing at San Diego, 38-14, after showing a pulse in their open game, at home against Green Bay, where they lost 27-23.

And the beat goes on.

Ohio State Heads My Top 10

  1. Ohio State (3-0)—Off this week
  2. Alabama (3-0)—Hosts Kent State
  3. Louisville (3-0)—At Marshall
  4. Houston (3-0)—At Texas State
  5. Stanford (2-0)—At UCLA
  6. Clemson (3-0) At Georgia Tech
  7. Washington (3-0)—At Arizona
  8. Michigan State (2-0)—Hosts Wisconsin
  9. Texas A&M (3-0)—Hosts Arkansas at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX
  10. Michigan (3-0)—Hosts Penn State

NFL Injury Report Front And Center This Week

Bettors really need to take a look at NFL Injury reports for this week’s games. Here is a condition list of starting skill players.

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler injured his hand against Philadelphia and is questionable for Dallas.

Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton suffered an ankle injury against Pittsburgh and is questionable for Denver.

Cleveland Browns have lost their 1-2 quarterbacks to injury and will start rookie Cody Kessler, a 3rd-round draft choice out of Southern California. They quickly acquired veteran Charlie Whitehurst to back him up.

New England Patriots have lost their 1-2 quarterbacks to injury and will start rookie Jacoby Brissett, a 3rd-round draft choice out of N.C. State against Houston Thursday night. His backup is in question. TE Rob Gronkowski (hamstring) is questionable for Houston.

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