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The Locker Room Issues Can They Beat Giants

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By Kelso Sturgeon

Football teams have no control over injuries that can alter an entire season but they certainly can control what happens in the locker-room where back-biting, back-stabbing and criticism of fellow teammates creates a dark cloud of doom that compromises a team’s chances of winning. Coaches are helpless to control injuries but they are 100% responsible for the latter.

That puts Washington Redskins third-year coach Jay Gruden front and center as his team takes on the New York Giants today. Gruden led Washington to the NFC East title last seasons and stands 13-22 as a head coach. I have always given Gruden and unfavorable rating because of how he openly favors some players and buries the one’s he can’t stand, i.e. former Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

In the case of Griffin, Gruden followed in the footsteps of the man he succeeded, the over-rated press darling Mike Shanahan whose success was the results of the good fortune he had when quarterback John Elway was leading the way in Denver. Shanahan hated Griffin with a passion and did everything he could to get rid of him, including playing him when he was injured and in he process started his trip to ruin.

Gruden never missed any opportunity to let the world know Griffin just did not have it and that his backup, Kirk Cousins was the future of the Redskins. With the latter under center Washington made the playoffs last year on the strength of a 9-7 season but lost in the opening round to Green Bay, 35-18, as a 1.5-point favorite. To Gruden, he declared he had proved to be correct about his starting quarterback.

But karma is a bitch.

Redskins Locker Room Is Out Of Control—In A Very Bad Way

It is important to note good coaches never let locker room issues get out of hand. When was the last time you heard about New England, coached by Bill Belichick, or the Kansas City Chiefs, with Andy Reid in charge, having any locker room issues. The fact is, that today, the tension created by a lock room out of control, has the Redskins fighting among one another, questioning coaching decisions in the first two games, losses to Pittsburgh and Dallas, and most of all stabbing Cousins in the back at every opportunity.

Cousins, who will make $19.5 million this season, seems to have fallen apart, despite playing behind a solid offensive line. He repeatedly over-throws his receivers—some by a mile and a half—cannot seem to make a key throw with a touchdown on the line. He had three interceptions in the Redskins 27-2 home loss to Dallas. The players, who had high hopes when the season began, say something is wrong with Cousins, that they have no confidence in him and have suggested Gruden start Colt McCoy.

Gruden say he is not worried about Cousins seeming ineptness, that he has complete confidence in him and that he will remain the starting quarterback.

The bottom line is there for all to see. The locker room is in chaos—certainly an overwhelming negative—and the Redskins find themselves 0-3 at the end of today, the players say the season will already be over.

We shall see.

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Bitter NFL Rivalry Game Tops 3-0 Sunday Winners

New York Giants (2-0) Host Washington Redskins (0-2)

Today In A Game Between Teams That Despise One Another

It is a simply fact that in a professional sport played by grown men that emotion is seldom a major factor. Pros come to play, fire their best shot and teams that win, or lose, get ready for the next dance. Not so when the Redskins and the Giants meet. Under the best of circumstances each enters games against one another with a giant chip on their shoulders and with an attitude of wanting to embarrass one another.

If that were not enough to fire up each team, one must add the long-playing history between Giants wide-receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Redskins cornerback Josh Norman. The last time they met there were five unnecessary roughness penalties in their battle, a $26,000 fine for Norman and a one-game suspension for Beckham. To say the least Norman loves to cover Beckham and the latter works to embarrass the former. Trash-talking is the name of the game.

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