4-1 In NFL Sunday, Including 100-Unit Winner, Cash Again Tonight

Chiefs Knock Off Raiders 26-10 To Win 100-Unit NFL Must Win Game

Chairman’s Club Record Goes To 9-3-1 With Its 25-Unit Plays As Redskins Upset Eagles…Another One Wins Tonight

It’s Time For Those Betting On The Likes Of Michigan State, Notre Dame And The Carolina Panthers To Wake Up

#1 Alabama (7-0) -16½ Favorite Over #6 Texas A&M (6-0)On Showdown Saturday

Crushing Baseball Playoffs And Going For Another Winner Tonight

By Kelso Sturgeon

Have you had enough yet—you folks who hopefully but blindly bet full-speed-ahead on teams that while popular on the strength of their past just do not have it this year? Michigan State (2-4) has been favored from 3½ to 6.0 points in its last four games and lost them all. The NFL’s Carolina Panthers went to the Super Bowl last year on the strength of a 17-1 record, have been favored in all six games this season and stand 1-5 straight up and against the spread.

For fans the decline of the Spartans and the Panthers is certainly painful; to bettors it is far worse. Fans who follow these teams may be distraught. Bettors who wager on them are going broke.

There is a long list of popular teams with big followings that are buying bettors this season and Michigan State and Carolina are just two of them. How about 2-5 Notre Dame” The not-so-fighting-Irish are 2-5 straight up (SU), 2-5 against the spread (ATS) and have been favored from 3 to 27½ in those games. There is plenty to suggest they are every bit as bad as their record, a fact emphasized by scoring a total of 13 points in their last two games.

Oregon, a voice from the past, has fallen off the edge of the world, standing 2-4 SU and 0-7 ATS, and was favored in four of those losses. The Ducks are toast this season and possibly the faithful figured this out after they were crushed by Washington, 70-21 in their last game.

It’s time for bettors to wake up, put the past to rest and wager on teams that are not so popular as the aforementioned but are getting it done in a big way. In the colleges, how about Troy (5-1 SU, 4-2-0 ATS), South Florida (6-1 SU, 5-2- ATS), Eastern Michigan (5-2 SU, 6-1 ATS) or Western Michigan (7-0 SU, 6-1 ATS). In the NFL, let’s take a look at the Minnesota Vikings who are 5-0 SU and ATS and the Atlanta Falcons (4-2 SU, 5-1 ATS).  And this is just to name a handful of teams.

Respect the present and I promise you will dramatically increase your win percentage.

#1 Alabama (7-0) 16½-Point Favorite Over #6 Texas A&M (6-0)

There are 11 unbeaten college football teams and one must assume at least for the time being two of them are headed for the national championship game but assumptions can be dangerous, a lesson always learned the hard way. The biggest game of the weekend will be the Saturday afternoon game (3:30 Eastern on CBS) that finds 6th-ranked Texas A&M (5-0) at top-ranked Alabama (7-0). The Crimson Tide, who stand 5-2-0 ATS are solid 16½-point favorites in a scene reminiscent the 2012 season in which the Aggies rolled in to Tuscaloosa as 13½-point underdogs against 9-0 Alabama and won, 29-24.

Texas A&M, a team that has already won at Auburn, Arkansas and South Carolina, may/may not be deserving of being a giant underdog but time will answer that question. Both the Aggies and the Crimson Tide are blessed with blue-chip talent, depth, experience and more important than almost anything in a showdown such as this—is speed, quickness and game-breaking players who know how to use these things.

Two other very tough showdown games for unbeaten teams this week:

  • BYU (4-3) at Boise State (6-0)—Boise State has to win out to have any chance of making it to the Final Four. Boise State is -7½.
  • TCU 4-2) at West Virginia (5-0)—Season now gets very tough for the Mountaineers and they must win this one. West Virginia is -4½.

There will be a complete rundown on this past weekend’s college and NFL Games in Tuesday’s column.

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100-Unit Winner Tops 4-1 Sunday And I Intend To Win Another 25-Unit (9-3-1 In NFL This Season) Bet In Tonight’s Nationally Televised Battle

 The National Football League is always a tough nut for bettors to crack but if one has the ability to dig far beyond the numbers and stats, the winners are there, as I am proving again this season. I went 4-1 in the NFL on Sunday (see record below) and those numbers included another winning 25-unit Chairman’s Club bet. That left the club, which releases nothing but 25-unit plays, 9-3-1 for the season and of note is the fact eight of the nine winners were underdogs and that seven of them won straight up.

For the record that means my Chairman’s Club is winning at a 75% clip.

Tonight’s game certainly has its challenges as both these teams are desperate to win. The New York Jets (1-4) have victimized themselves all season while the Cardinals have looked nothing like the team that went 14-4 last season and came within one win of making it to the Super Bowl.

Despite the pressure and drama hovering over this game, I believe I have found the edges to win it and will be releasing it as another 25-unit Chairman’s Club play and you can win it with me for just $25, charged to your credit card or via Pay Pal.

Sunday’s NFL Results

  • 100 Units…Chiefs (-2) 26, Raiders 10 (Won)
  • 25 Units…Redskins (+3) 27, Eagles 20 (Won)
  • 15 Units…Cowboys (+5) 30, Packers 16 (Won)
  • 10 Units…Falcons (+7) 24, Seahawks 26 (Won)
  • 10 Units…Steelers (-7) 15, Dolphins 30 (Lost)

Chairman’s 9-3-1 NFL Record With Its 25-Unit Plays This Season

  • 10/16…Redskins (+3) 27, Eagles 20 (Won)
  • 10/13…25 Units…Chargers (+3) 21, Broncos 13 (Won)
  • 10/9…25 Units…Rams (+1) 19, Bills 30 (Lost)
  • 10/2…25 Units…Falcons (+2½) 48, Panthers 33 (Won)
  • 9/29…25 Units…Bengals (-7) 22, Dolphins 7 (Won)
  • 9/26…25 Units…Falcons (+3) 45, Saints 32 (Won)
  • 9/25…25 Units…Lions (+7) 27, Pacers 34 (Push)
  • 9/19…25 Units…Bears (-3) 14, Eagles 29 (Lost)
  • 9/18…25 Units…Falcons (+4½) 35, Raiders 28 (Won)
  • 9/15…25 Units…Jets (+1½) 37, Bills 31 (Won)
  • 9/12…25 Units…Rans (-2½) 0, 49ers 28 (Lost)
  • 9/11…25 Units…Buccaneers (+2½) 31, Falcons 24 (Won)
  • 9/10…25 Units…Broncos (+3) 21, Panthers 20 (Won)

Indians Up 2-0 Over Blue Jays In American League Championship Round And Need To Win Tonight’s Nationally Televised Game

The Major League Baseball playoffs are living up to expectations with all four teams pulling out all the stops and tricks in the bag to win. That means the Toronto Blue Jays (93-75) better come out firing their best shot tonight against the Cleveland Indians (99-67) that lead them 2-0 in their best-of-7 series American League Championship Series. And, just in case you missed it, the Indians have not lost a post-season game yet. Toronto is a -185 favorite to end that run tonight.

Pitching for Toronto will be right-hander Marcus Stroman (9-10, 4.37 in the regular season, 0-0, 3.08 in the post-season) and the Indians will counter with righty Trevor Bauer (12-8, 4.26 in the regular season, 0-0, 5.79 in the post-season.

This is another tough call but I do believe I have the winner and you can get the cash with me for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

As you can see from my record below, I am having a successful playoffs season, standing 11-7 with 6 of the losers coming by one run. Those betting $100 per game on my releases are up $512 while those betting by my suggested unit formula are up much more because of seven of the 11 winners were underdogs.

My Baseball Playoffs Record

  • 10/16…15 Units…Cubs (+118) 0, Dodgers 1 (Lost)
  • 10/15……15 Units…Indians (+124) 2, Blue Jays 1 (Won)
  • 10/15…15 Units…Cubs (-1½ Runs +115) 8, Dodgers 4 (Won)
  • 10/14…15 Units…Indians (-140) 2, Blue Jays 0 (Won)
  • 10/13…15 Units…Nationals (-132) 3, Dodgers 4 (Lost)
  • 10/11…15 Units…Cubs (-120) 6, Giants 5 (Won)
  • 10/11…15 Units…Nationals (+120) 5, Dodgers 6 (Lost)
  • 10/10…15 Units…Nationals (+130) 8, Dodgers 3 (Won)
  • 10/10…15 Units…Indians (+135) 4, Red Sox 3 (Won)
  • 10/10…15 Units…Cubs (+115) 5, Giants 6 (13 Innings) (Lost)
  • 10/9…15 Units…Nationals (+105) 5, Dodgers 2 (Won)
  • 10/7…15 Units…Blue Jays (+131) 5, Rangers 1 (Won)
  • 10/7…10 Units…Cubs-Giants Under 7 Runs (Won)
  • 10/7…10 Units…(+150) 3, Dodgers 4 (Lost)
  • 10/6…15 Units…Red Sox (-125) 4, Indians 5 (Lost)
  • 10/6…10 Units…Blue Jays (+130) 10, Rangers 1 (Won)
  • 10/5…15 Units…Giants (-115) 3, Mets 0 (Won)
  • 15 Units…Orioles (+140) 3, Blue Jays 5 (11 Innings) (Lost)