Four-Step Lesson In Winning In The 1st Weeks Of College Basketball

 November To Remember Gut Check Package Keeps Winning Saturday With 200-Unit College Football Game Of Year With Team That Will Break Your Bookmaker

Best Bets Football On 7-0 Run - 8-2 In November
NBA 7-1 Last 4 Days, Including Two 50-Unit Winners
Perfect 5-0 In NFL Last Sunday And Intend To Do It Again This Week

Four-Step Lesson In Winning In The 1st Weeks Of College Basketball


By Kelso Sturgeon

An up-to-date and informed handicapper always finds the winning edges and I have proved just that again this month, winning seven straight Best Bets Football Club plays and going 8-2 in November, ripping bookmakers with NBA winners, standing 7-1 the past four days, including two 50-unit winners and Atlanta's stunning upset of the previously unbeaten Cavaliers in Cleveland and, yes, going a perfect 5-0 in the NFL this past Sunday, including a 50-unit blowout win by the New Orleans Saints over the San Francisco 49ers.

Winning is not an accident - never was and never will be. Getting the money repeatedly on a consistent basis requires one to do a better job of analyzing games and through that process finding softs spots in the myriad number of betting lines offered each day. It's tediously time-consuming boring work but it keeps making money for my and for my clients.

As noted in the headlines the winning has continued in November and there is every reason to understand it is going to continue. While I will be in action every single day, here are some of the big game plays you have to look forward to this week.

  • I am opening the college basketball season Friday with my 50-unit College Basketball Game of the Week. I've done my home work and am ready to fire the big games on Day One. It is $50, charged to your major credit card or Pay Pal, or you can get it as your opening bet in the college season by signing up for Best Bets Club Basketball (college and NBA) for just $195 for the entire season.
  • On Saturday, my November to Remember clients continue winning with my 200-Unit College Football Game of the Year. You can get this entire four-week big game package, that also includes my annual Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot, for just $149, charged to your. You also may purchase it individually for $75.
  • On Sunday my 50-unit NFL Showdown Game of he Month) Dallas Cowboys (7-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4) gets the money (Last Sunday I won my 50-unit NFL play with the New Orleans Saints (-5) and their 18-point, 41-23, blowout of the San Francisco 49ers. This Sunday's game is also part of my November to Remember Package and is available on a one-game basis for just $50.
  • On Monday, it's my 50-Unit Showdown Game of the Week as the Cincinnati Bengals (3-4-1) are in New Jersey to meet the New York Giants (5-3). I am confident I have the winner and you can get it for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. It too is included in my November to Remember Package.

Keep in mind the three weekend plays will cost you $175 if purchased individually but you can purchase the entire four-week November To Remember/Turkey Shoot Package for just $149.


Four Elements For Successfully Handicapping College Basketball For At Least The First Month Of The Season

No one has to tell me how difficult it is to handicap college basketball games early in the season because we have to attempt to accurately analyze more than 325 teams which will be on the board at least some of the time this season. It is a daunting task and despite all the work that goes into it, one has to at least be a little cautious in what on does. For instance, in working up my first set of power ratings I was taken back a bit when I discovered the Oregon Ducks (31-7 and a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament last season) will be better this year - quite possibly the best team in the country, but one performing in the shadow of Duke and Kansas.

That is why I suggesting you get down on them in futures betting at 16-1. They open Friday at home against Army and in my ratings are 1-5 to win the PAC-12 championship. As tough as handicapping in the opening weeks of the college season is, I'm ready to go and on Friday will be releasing my 50-unit College Basketball Game of the Week, plus three other teams I think will march right to the winner's circle. Here are some thoughts that might help you start out a winner.

  1. In the first two-three weeks of the season focus your attention on teams with a strong history of winning from year to year.
  2. Focus on coaches who have a well-established habit of winning.
  3. Ignore all the basketball magazine hype which in most cases comes from what pundits remember from the previous season.
  4. Never forget there is no stronger element in winning and covering than the home court.