40-Game College Bowl Season Begins Saturday With 3 Knockout Winners Topped By 50-Unit Play

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Most Of The 40 Bowl Games, 18 NFL Best Bets, Free College And NBA Basketball Through Super Bowl

40-Game College Bowl Season Begins Saturday With 3 Knockout Winners Topped By 50-Unit Play

Three Important Foundation Factors To Handicap College Bowl Season Plus The 5 Factors That Will Then Give You The Winning Edges

By Kelso Sturgeon

The 40-game college football bowl season begins with five games Saturday and I am going to release three of them, with one of those contests a 50-unit play. Highlight of the first week of the college post-season will be a 100-unit stunner that will prove sometimes there are easy winners. While this newsletter is dedicated to the bowl season keep in mind the NFL and basketball are not being neglected.

This Sunday I am going for the big money again with another 100-unit play that will get the job done just as easily as did underdog Green Bay (+3) when it stunned Seattle, 38-10, in a big-time beat-down last week.

On Saturday and Sunday I will be firing the big guns again for my basketball highrollers with two more 50-unit bests. For the record I have released 20 of those games this season and stand 15-5 in them.

My Chairman's Club will continue to focus on the NBA with 25-unit releases on most days and my Best Bets Basketball Club will continue to get the money with 2-3 best bets in basketball each day, offering bets most on college games, but with an NBA move every 3-4 days. In other words, the winning continues - and continues.

Before getting into how one can win in the bowl season, I want to remind you your best bet of the entire football and basketball is available right now in the form of my 2,500 Stars of Profit Package. Here is what it includes.

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The Two Foundation Factors Of Handicapping The Bowls

There are three things to first determine before you get in to actually handicapping a bowl game.

  1. Make certain you know with what you are working. Is the team you are betting on have the same set of players that got it through the regular season? For instance Minnesota will take the field December 27 against Washington State in the Holiday Bowl minus 10 players who have been suspended.
  2. Make certain you have determined how each team is approaching the game. Are teams just glad to be in the post season and feel quite satisfied by the fact they are there, or are they coming with fire in their eyes and expecting to win.
  3. How hard are both teams in each game practicing and? A team that is coming to win will be serious about everything, most of all how it is practicing and whether it is participating in all the hoopla surrounding the game. Intensive practices means a team is focused on winning. If it is opposing a team that is having fun, enjoying the experience, attending and staying forever at the social events, beware. He first team will have a tremendous edge.

Figure out those three things and then it is on to handicapping each contest.

The Five Things That Will Determine The Winning Team

It goes without say it is a new season for every team involved in the post-season but the elements of winning are the same. Five factors will usually point out which team has what it takes to get the money and here they are.

  1. The team with the most blue-chip skill players - quarterbacks, running backs and receivers - will have an edge. Find a team that has 3-4 proven blue-chip skill players and its opponent has one or none and you have an automatic winner. One skill player can seldom beat you; three or four will will work you over, wear your out and bury you. It is possible one good skill player can be stopped while a team with 3-4 cannot.
  2. Forget about a team's won-loss record. Focus on who the team beat or lost to during the regular season. A 6-6 team that played a tough schedule has an edge over a 9-3 team that played mostly cream puffs.
  3. What is the experience level of the offensive line? Five battled-tested senior starters who have played together for 3-4 years will generally perform far better for its offense, even a mediocre one. It takes a long time to develop the chemistry for an offensive line and the longer it has played together the more consistent and efficient it is. This element is lacking in a line made up of underclassmen and will most of the time hurt its offense.
  4. A strong defense is another edge in a game involving teams from different conference that have seldom if ever played one another. A good example of this is Army's Heart of Dallas Bowl game against North Texas State. Army has given up an average 282.8 yards and an average of 18.9 points per game while North Texas gives up 432.0 yards and 32.2 points per game. A defensive mismatch such as this opens the door to a win.
  5. How successful as a coach been in post-season games? You can rest assured the coach who has a record of winning these games take them very seriously and offers the bettors an edge. I cannot speak for the others.

There obviously are more elements that determine the outcome of bowl games but I assure you if you take the time to focus your attention on these you will have an edge that can win for you and most certainly cover.