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By Kelso Sturgeon

The information age has impacted the world in ways beyond one's ability to take it all in and use all it has revealed for some practical purpose that improves on the past. It has happened in every facet of life in far-flung worlds as such as medicine, retail sales, energy, banking, transportation and civil rights - and it might just be about to invade the universe of sports betting.

Hardly a week goes by I don't put aside handicapping for several hours to search for a better way to analyze games. Do the same and you will quickly find there are thousands of websites and other sources that offer ideas and hints that might lead to a better way. In a  world ruled by half-points and one-run games any help is solid gold.

This past week a nationally recognized superstar in the world of quantum physics stopped by to question me on the ins and outs of sports handicapping and how the quantum world might be used. Most of the conversation was way over my head but he stated something that really hit home.

He noted in the world of sports handicapping we act on what we THINK we know what is going to happen in a particular game but in the quantum world the process KNOWS what is going to happen. As one who struggled with basic algebra and geometry in high school I remained baffled - until he called the next day.

My friend said he would like to test his hand sports betting and we agreed to put together a platform we could use for that purpose. My friend says we can be up-and-running during the NBA playoffs, at least with a limited program, and certainly be ready for the football season with all the bells and whistles.

Right now, I can't figure out how any math-physics program can account for last-second 50-yard field goals, or last second 3-point field goals or how a team down 6-0 heading into the bottom of the 9th can score seven runs and win.But I am going to join the effort in hopes of gaining enough knowledge to put myself on the right side of those last-second 50-yard field goals that are the difference between winning and losing. Better or worse I will keep you informed

NBA Playoffs Begin In Eight Days And Here Is What You Need To Know

  1. The playoffs begin Saturday, April 15.
  2. Conference semifinals begin May 3.
  3. Conference finals begin on May 16, or May 14 or 15 if the situation merits it.
  4. The NBA Finals begin June 1.
  5. Each round of play will be in the 2-2-1-1 format. This means each series will start with the highest seed getting home court advantage. That means it will play at home in games 1-2-5-7 while the lower seed will host games 3-4-6.

Odds To Win NBA Championship
Odds Listed From Westgate Super Book in Las Vegas

Team                     Opening Odds 5/29/16      Current Odds
Atlanta Hawks40-1200-1
Boston Celtics20-120-1
Charlotte Hornets80-11000-1
Chicago Bulls40-11000-1
Cleveland Cavaliers5-29/4
Denver Nuggets100-11000-1
Golden State Warriors3-24/7
Houston Rockets60-120-1
Indiana Pacers100-1200-1
Los Angeles Clippers16-130-1
Memphis Grizzles80-1100-1
Miami Heat25-160-1
Milwaukee Bucks100-1200-1
Oklahoma City Thunder8-1100-1
Portland Trail Blazers60-1500-1
San Antonio Spurs6-17-1
Toronto Raptors25-140-1
Utah Jazz80-150-1
Washington Wizards100-120-1

NBA Handicapping Notes

--Cleveland currently holds the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference and holds tie-breaker over Boston.
--Golden State has locked up the overall #1 seed and will have home court advantage throughout playoffs.
--In the Eastern Conference, if the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls end in a tie for the 8th spot in the post-season, the Bulls get the highest seed available. However if the Atlanta Hawks keep losing and and get into the tie-breaker the Bulls would drop to the bottom.
--No matter what the Grizzlies do during the final games of the regular season, they are stuck in the 7th spot.
--It's not over 'til it's over.

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