What The Sharps Think Of Sunday / Monday College Games


West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech (in Landover, MD): We’re hopping between Virginia Tech -4 and -4.5. Four isn’t a key number. But, that looks like the range where a tug-of-war could develop between supporters of either side. Those who like Tech find -4 very appealing. Those thinking about the dog jump in at +4.5. Vegas will hope the game doesn’t land right on the four with relatively split action.

Texas A&M at UCLA: The opener of UCLA -3 was bet quickly of the key number up to -3.5, with four’s being tested. There’s not much faith in the A&M program any more in sharp or square circles. UCLA disappointed last season, but still has a “locals” following in Nevada. Plenty of time for things to change in what should be a heavily bet game on a light football day. In sharp circles, I know more critics of both than I know fans of either.


Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech (in Atlanta, GA): Note that this isn’t a home game for Georgia Tech, even though the school is based in Atlanta. This will be at the same new stadium as that Alabama/Florida State game Saturday night. The line has been a solid Tennessee -3. I would expect sharps to fade any public move off the key number on game day. Tennessee isn’t really a public team any more. So, if sharps loved Georgia Tech, we would have seen a drop by now. No reason to wait for +3.5. But, if it does come into play, sharps will jump on Tech.