Kelso Sturgeon Keeps Scoring In NCAA’s and NBA

Kelso Sturgeon Keeps Scoring In NCAA's and NBA!
6-1 In NCAA Tournament...Four 25-Unit Winners Today

I Went 3-1 In The Big Dance Last Night Winning With Tennessee, Kansas And Kentucky While Losing With Houston Which Failed To Cover, And Intend To Go 4-0 Today

I am sure many doubted I could keep winning at the blazing pace I recorded in the college conference tournaments but I promised the money would keep coming in and it has. After closing out the college conference tournaments 26-7-1 (79% winners) I have opened the NCAA Tournament 6-1 (86% winners) and am going for four more 25-unit scores today. For the record I am a perfect 5-0 with 25-unit plays in the Big Dance.

There are 16 more first-round NCAA contests today and the betting lines on these contests are extremely accurate and tight but in the four games I am releasing today, I have found little hidden edges that should get it done for us today. I am again confident of success and you can win all four games with me for just $35, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. I will let my NCAA record do the rest of the talking.

Off To 6-1 Start in This NCAA Tournament
3/15...50 Units...Houston (-4) 67, San Diego State 65 (Lost)
3/15...25 Units...Tennessee (-11.5) 73, Wright State 47 (WON)
3/15...25 Units...Kansas (-13.5) 76, Penn 60 (WON)
3/15...25 Units...Kentucky (-4.5) 78, Davidson 73 (WON)
3/14...15 Units...Texas Southern (-12) 64, N.C. Central 46 (WON)
3/13...25 Units...Radford (-5) 71, LIU-Brooklyn 61 (WON)
3/13...25 Units...St. Bonaventure (+2.5) 65, UCLA 58 (WON)

I also encourage you to get on board with my entire college post-season package that includes the entire NCAA, NIT and the two minor tournaments. And while you can win today’s games for $35, you can get the entire post-season package, including today's 4 games for just $149. Another best bet, thank you.

The Dollars Are Just As Green in the NBA!!

I Am A Master At Reading Between The Lines In NBA Games And Because Of This Insight I Am 11-3 With My Last 14 NBA Plays...Click Here For Another Winner Tonight.