Kelso Sturgeon Keeps Scoring In NCAA’s and NBA

Kelso Sturgeon Keeps Scoring In NCAA's and NBA!
13-6 In NCAA Tournament...14-5 In The NBA This Week

4 More March Madness Winners and 40 Unit NBA Parlay Score Today

3-1 With NCAA Plays Yesterday, Including 50-Unit Upset Winner With Loyola-Chicago
And Coming Right
Back Today With Another 50-Unit Winner on 4-0 Sunday

There are 12 college tournament games on the Sunday schedule - eight in the NCAA, three in the NIT and one in the CIT - and I intend to keep right on winning today with four of those teams. I went 3-1 on a very profitable Saturday, with the big winner of the day a 50-unit bet on 11th-seeded Loyola-Chicago's 63-62, upset of 3rd-seeded Tennessee. As you can see from the results below I came within a half-point of again going 4-0.

Saturday's 3-1 Results
50 Units...Loyola-Chicago (+4.5) 63, Tennessee 62 (Won)
25 Units...Gonzaga (-4) 90, Ohio State 84 (Won)
25 Units...Texas Tech (-1.5) 68, Florida 66 (Won)
25 Units...Kansas (-4.5) 83, Seton Hall 79 (Lost)

I have been preaching throughout the tournaments that betting lines are so tough - so tight - that one must find the little edges to get the covers. In Saturday's games the line was in play in all four games and it is of note I lost the Kansas game on an uncontested 3-pointer with no time left in the clock.

Today's games will be just as tight but once again I have found the little edges that get the money and am confident I will go 4-0 today. Win all four games with me today for just $35, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. All games are on national television and once again we have the opportunity to watch our money work and win.

The Dollars Are Just As Green in the NBA!!
40-Unit NBA Side/Total Parlay Wins Today
- NBA Is Now 14-5 Last 8 Days

My Highrollers Won The 50-Unit NBA Game Of Week Yesterday As The Nets (-3-5) Knocked Off The Mavericks, And Today Are Set To Win Another Side/Total Parlay

I have been burying bookmakers with my NBA plays all season, and am currently 14-5 - just as I have been in the college tournaments - and am following up that 50-unit Brooklyn win today with a 3-0, 40-unit side/total parlay - 25 units on the winner, 10 units on the total and a 5-unit parlay., The game I am releasing has every single handicapping element that produces the parlay and I am confident I will get it done on this 3-0 Sunday. You can get the cash with this bet for just $25,

I also encourage you to get on board with my entire college post-season package that includes the entire NCAA, NIT and the two minor tournaments. And while you can win today’s 4 games for $35, you can get the entire post-season package, including today's 4 games for just $149.