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Nationally Televised Cowboys-49ers Game Tops 3-0 Night

You Can Get The Entire 65-Game NFL Preseason FREE Including Tonight's Three Winners By Signing Up For The Entire Football Season For Just $199

NFL Officially Launches Its Preseason Under A Darkening Cloud That Could Signal The Beginning Of The End

New Blocking And Tackling Is The Stupidest Move The NFL Suits/Fools/Idiots Have Ever Made

Highrollers Club Goes For 9th Straight Winner Today - It's All About The Handicapping Element Of Power Vs. Weakness And That Is Why I Am An Undefeated 8-0 In 100-Unit And 50-Unit Games In August

By Kelso Sturgeon

The National Football League officially launches its slate of 65 preseason games Thursday under a darkening cloud that truly threatens its future and there is currently no one connected with the sport who has either the brains or vision to get this ship back on course. While it has been one thing after another, the sad truth was driven home last week when national television ratings for the Hall of Fame Game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens were down 18% from last year.

While not much has been said about the decline in viewers the NFL suits were so upset about it they asked each of the 32 teams to refrain from speaking about the heated controversy about players kneeling for the national anthem. There it was in the numbers-the American people voting with their feet so to speak, refusing to watch a game that has forever been popular for a football-starved public, because it is outraged over some players kneeling during the playing of the national anthem as a protest over….."what."

The NFL, run by a confederacy of blind fools and some idiots, thought it had solved the problem last month when it announced everybody would stand for the anthem, or be fined. The players union immediately shot down that naïve ruling and said its members would do whatever they wished-stand, kneel, do backflips or flip the crowd the bird-when the song was played.

This issue became so heated last year teams found themselves playing to thousands of empty seats each Sunday and untold thousands of others turned off their television sets. The public remains furious and throughout the country the boycott is certain to continue, eventually costing teams millions of dollars.

From the total- unqualified-and-void-of-a-football sense NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who makes $40 million a year to do nothing for a group of owners who want it that way, to the lowest member of a team's practice squad, no one can figure a way out of this mess.

How this hostility towards public opinion impacts the game for bettors remains a big question mark-and is going to require one pay close attention.

Nationally Televised Cowboys-49ers Game Tops 3-0 Night

You Can Get The Entire 65-Game NFL Preseason FREE Including Tonight’s Three Winners By Signing Up For The Entire Football Season For Just $199

There Are 12 NFL Preseason Games Thursday Night And Some Inside Information From The Most Reliable Of Sources Has Paved The Way For 3 Winners

Winning in the NFL preseason—something I have done for 11 of the past 13 seasons—is founded on inside information, game plans, coach’s records and quarterback rotations. It is as simple as that—and that is where I find myself for Week #1 of the preseason, armed with all the information and insight it takes to win three games.

Two of the Thursday night games—the Cleveland Browns (0-16) at the New York Giants (3-13) and the Dallas Cowboys (9-7) at the San Francisco 49ers (6-10)—will be televised nationally on the NFL Network. I will be using one of these games.

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It has already been stated how lost the NFL suits are on the national anthem issue but their stupidity and lack of understanding of football made them issue a new and ridiculous blocking and tackling rule-that being you can never lower your head to do either. In other words you must do these things with your head up. It was meant to cut down on injuries. Why not dress all the players in ballet gear?

The fact is, blocking and tackling with your head up puts one in danger of a broken neck. When doing either of these things players need their heads down to protect themselves and this has nothing to do with helmet-to-helmet hits or spearing. It's just the way it has always been done. By the way, just wondering if this rule also includes running backs who are given the ball a few inches short of the endzone? Been watching the game for decades and do not recall a running back trying to crash a goal-line defense with his head anywhere but down.

The only salvation in this is the fact the officials do not understand the rule and cannot explain it and the players remain confused and baffled as to what is legal and what is not. Take it to the bank, the rule will not last the seasons. And by the way, there is a strong movement afoot to eliminate kickoffs because they are too dangerous and produce too man injuries.

As noted, the cloud gets darker and larger day-by-day.


Handicapping during the NFL preseason is a far different animal that analyzing regular-season games. Bettors can win-something I have proven in 11 of the last 13 preseasons-but it requires working overtime to deal with this added elements.

  1. Most of the teams in each game have practiced against one another the two or three days before the game.
  2. Coaches discuss with one another their game plans and what they hope to accomplish in each mean-nothing game.
  3. Re #2, coaches give little thought about winning or losing. It's all about timing and fine-tuning game plans for the regular season.
  4. A coach's record in previous preseasons signals how his teams might perform this time around. For instance Baltimore's John Harbaugh is 29-12 (71% winners) in the preseason. Denver's Vance Joseph is 4-0, and the Vikings Mike Zimmer 14-3, just to name a few.
  5. A team's week-by-week record tells you which week he likes to win. For instance Harbaugh is 10-1 in Week #1 of the preseason while Sean Peyton's New Orleans Saints are 1-11 in Game #4.
  6. Teams that see a lot of their players injured in the preseason will immediately back off and play conservatively in hopes of avoiding even more injuries.
  7. Charting the play of a team's quarterback rotation is an absolute must in order to determine how they are performing. For instance Indianapolis QB Andrew Luck, coming off a severe shoulder injury that sidelined him last season already looks shaky to me while Alex Smith, who has moved from Kansas City to Washington has looked like a million dollars.
  8. The fact the offenses are controlled accounts for most of the totals being in the low 30s.
  9. Pay attention to line moves. The sharps may know something you do not.
  10. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.


Highrollers Club Goes For 9th Straight Baseball Winner Today

It’s All About The Handicapping Element Of Power Vs. Weakness And That Is Why I Am An Undefeated 8-0 In 100-Unit And 50-Unit Games In August

The Boston Red Sox (-140) buried the Toronto Blue Jays, 10-5, last night, keeping my Personal Best Baseball Club an undefeated 8-0 in 100-unit and 50-unit games in August. Winning the big ones might not be as easy as I am making it look but my faith in the deadly handicapping element of strength vs. power continues to bury bookmakers from coast to coast.

As I noted in the beginning of August winning big bets in Major League Baseball at this point of the season is all about finding obvious mismatches where one element—the strength vs. weakness factor—is in play. It is as simple as that. The money is there for the taking as the World Series contenders keep getting better and stronger with each game

It’s right back today with another 50-unit strength vs. weakness winner and I am quite confident I will remain an unbeaten 9-0 with these August games. This is another true mismatch and you can win this Personal Best Club play for just $25, charged to your major card or to Pay Pal.

Highrollers Perfect 8-0 In August

8/8…50 Units…Red Sox (-140) 10, Blue Jays 5 (Won)
8/7…Cardinals (-140) 3, Marlins 2 (Won)
8/6…Cubs (-1.5 Runs -130) 3, Royals 0 (Won)
8/5…50 Units…Mariners (-150) 6, Blue Jays 3 (Won)
8/4…100 Units…Indians (-1.5 Runs -125) 3, Angels 0 (Won)
8/3…50 Units…Rangers (-160) 11, Orioles 3 (Won)
8/2…50 Units…Nationals (-1.5 Runs -130) 10, Reds 4 (Won)
8/1…50 Units…Cubs (-118) 9, Pirates 2 (Won)