College and NFL Weekend Updates

#6 Georgia At #8 Kentucky And #1 Alabama At #3 LSU Highlight College Football Weekend Where The Future Including Conference Championship And Playoffs Are In Play

Georgia Is -8.5 Over Wildcats And Alabama Is -14.5 over LSU Big Question Here - Are Those Numbers Too High?

By Kelso Sturgeon

Alabama, Clemson, LSU and Notre Dame are 1-2-3-4 in the first release of rankings to determine which four teams will meet in the playoffs that lead to the national championship game. Not much disagreement here but do wonder if Georgia was listed in the sixth spot to avoid naming three Southeast Conference teams in the top four?

Something has to give in the #1 Alabama at #3 LSU game and the SEC East title is on the line in the #6 Georgia at #8 Kentucky contest. #2 Clemson should have an easy evening as it takes on Louisville as a 38.5-point home favorite while #4 Notre Dame is -9.5 at Northwestern. The two SEC games have all the makings of fierce physical battles. None of the four teams take any prisoners and arrive to kick their opponent's butts. It is my opinion the number will be in play in both games..

Believe Me...There is No Such Thing As A Bad Beat

I am not one who cares to hang out in any Las Vegas sports book for any length of time because I cannot stand all the loud-mouth groaners and moaners who claim every horse race they lose is fixed and every football game they fail to win was the result of someone buying off the officials. It's always there and over the years the voices have gotten unbearably louder. It is not that I do not suffer fools lightly, I simply do not suffer them at all.

While most bettors who hang out in the smoke-filled air of these places are realistic solid citizens of the betting world, and purchase their own coffee and donuts, the sore losers are too much to bear, even though they enjoy the free cold coffee and stale donuts provided by the sports books.

In football the screaming, yelling and cursing usually is caused by what is known in the business as a "bad beat". There you were winning with seconds to play and then unexpectedly lose on a seemingly-impossible score by the ream you bet again. Bad beat? Hardly. You just got beat, which is aggravating and sometimes costly, but there was nothing "bad" about it. While you lost, someone else one.

There is no joy in losing, regardless of how it happens, but one must remember a football game is 60 minutes long - not just 58 or 59 minutes - and teams can score or turn a miracle until the final second clicks off the clock. Teams can even win after a game is over, as did Kentucky at Missouri last week. That game first ended with the host Tigers up 14-9, but wait a minute, there was a defensive penalty on the last play (a game cannot end on a defensive penalty), giving Kentucky one more shot at winning, which it did. 15-14 with no time left on the clock.


Make It A November To Remember

It's November! I am no longer dealing with maybe games involving maybe teams. By now, the games are games where everything is on the line. Team play is sharper. Recognition is instant. By now - with the wannabees weeded out - starting now through Monday November 29 - are the best games of the year - games so certain to win, and All unit rated so you can make your biggest plays on the surest winners

So let's not waste a second. Here are the games this weekend!

Sat Nov 3: 100 Unit College Stunner of Year:
I love this overlooked blue collar team!

Sun Nov 4: 100 Unit Division Rivalry Revenge Play:
4 games qualify but one soars above the rest!

Mon Nov 5: 25 unit October Schedule Quirk:
Titans at Cowboys - sked takes its toll on one team

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