Conference Championship Weekend

NFL Home Teams 10-0 Straight Up, 8-2 ATS In Last Five Years In Conference Championship Games
Betting Menu For Sunday's Games Topped By 75-Unit Play On Kansas City-New England

Saints 7-4 Favorites To Win Super Bowl

Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Michigan 1-2-3-4 In My Basketball Top Ten...Over-rated Kentucky And Weak North Carolina Nowhere

By Kelso Sturgeon

The reality of National Football League playoff contests is that any of the four teams meeting in the AFC and NFC conference championship games can win and earn a trip to the Super Bowl two weeks hence. To me the pointspreads mean everything and nothing . Just pick the team you think will win each of Sunday's games and you will most likely have the pointspread winner. One fact we know for sure is that home teams in conference championship games are 10-0 straight up and 8-2 against the spread the past five years.

At this writing, in the National Conference title game #1-seeded New Orleans Saints (14-3) is a 3-point favorite over the #2-seeded Los Angeles Rams (14-3. Total on this game is 56. In the American Football Conference championship contest. For those following the money, New Orleans opened -3.5, with a total of 57. In the American Football Conference showdown, #1 seed Kansas City (13-5) is a 3-point over #2 New England (12-5). This one opened KC -3 with a total of 60.5, since bet down to 55 because of inclement weather.

If you are a futures bettor, here are the current odds to win the Super Bowl which will be played Sunday, February 3, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in at Atlanta.
New Orleans is 7-4.
Kansas City is 5-2.
New England is 17-5.
Los Angeles is 18-5

Handicapping Sunday's Games

One can make a solid case for the four remaining teams to win Sunday and head for the Super Bowl but this thought begins with a cautionary. Bettors tend to make many of their handicapping decisions on how a team looked in its last game. DON'T. I've been doing this for more than four decades and I can assure you New England is not as good as it looked last week when it ran roughshod over the Los Angeles Chargers in Foxborough, 41-28, in a game that was never anywhere as close as the final score. Conversely, the New Orleans Saints are much better than they looked in a struggling 20-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

With just one step to go to make it to the big game, all four teams will be motivated and focused to play up to the best form they showed during the season. Just do not consider last week's games in your analysis and go from there.

It is of note New Orleans and the Los Angeles Rams met at the Superdome in Week Nine and the Saints won 45-35. Kansas City and New England tangles the second week of October in Foxborough, with the Patriots emerging victorious, 43-40 as 3.5-point favorites.

The weather will be part of the New England-Kansas City game, with game-time temperatures around zero and when the wind chill factor becomes part of the equation the it will be around -10. Both teams are cold-weather types and have been there, done that, many times in the past.

Just in case you were wondering how the temperature stacks up against other frigid games, I am reminded the 1996 AFC championship game in Cincinnati, in which the Bengals met the San Diego Chargers, the game-time temperature was -9 but when high winds were taken into considered it to -59. There are numerous occasions in which games were played in sub-zero temperatures.

The Sunday NFL Betting Menu

NFC Divisional Championship Game - 35 Units
#2 Los Angeles Rams (14-3) at #1 New Orleans Saints (14-3)
25 Units On Side, 10 Units On Total

AFC Divisional Championship Game - 75 Units
#2 New England Patriots (12-5) at #1 Kansas City Chiefs (13-4)
50 Units On Side...15 Units On Total...10 Unit Side/Total Parlay

I will be releasing the Sunday NFL Package for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. The games will be available on this website or TOLL FREE at my office, 1-800-755-2255.

Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Michigan State 1-2-3-4 In My Basketball Top Ten

It is a sobering moment for college basketball bettors when teams from nowhere, such as Buffalo and Nevada, stake their positions among the best of the 353 teams on the betting board. It is also shocking during the time frame of a few days previously #1-ranked Duke can lose at home to Syracuse as a 17.5-point favorite and national power North Carolina can suffer its worst home loss in 17 years, to Louisville.

It has long been the tone of this college seasons where in the past the winners kept winning and the losers kept losing. No more. Teams are changing dramatically, some for the better, some for the worst, and this, coupled with the tightest betting lines in history, has made the season a real challenge.

That said, here is my Top Ten (I would not dare mislead anyone by post a Top 25 and become a participant in a crap shoot). That said, after all factors are considered, I am confident and convinced the following are the best ten college teams.

  1. Kansas Jayhawks (15-2)...Has played toughest schedule in the land.
  2. Virginia Cavaliers (16-0)...Has defense no one can seem to solve.
  3. Tennessee Volunteers (15-1)...Wonder what Texas brainless trust thinks now?
  4. Michigan State Spartans (15-2)...Beginning to look like Final Four team.
  5. Duke Blue Devils (14-2)...Suffered major blow with loss of best Point Guard in land.
  6. Oklahoma Sooners (13-3)...Talented, coached to the nines and can beat anybody.
  7. Michigan Wolverines (17-0)...Can't knock any team still undefeated at this point of the season.
  8. Nevada Wolf Pack (17-1)...Blue chip talent, best team in school history.
  9. Gonzaga Bulldogs (16-2)...One can never count them out - against anyone and everyone.
  10. Auburn Tigers (12-2)...Comes to play every single game. Always all in.

Another 7-0 College Triple Crown Gets It Done Thursday

There are 47 college basketball games on a very inviting Thursday night and it presents the perfect opportunity to break the bank with another 7-0 Triple Crown made up of three 25-unit bets, three 2-team parlays at odds of 13-5 and a single 3 teamer at odds of 6-1. You will be able to win this one Thursday night for just $25, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. It will be available on this website and toll free at my office, 1-800-755-2255.