Super Bowl Weekend

Sunday's Super Bowl Is Illegitimate, Bogus And Embarrassing
But The Public Will Look The Other Way A Bet More Than $8 Billion On The Game

I Am The Undisputed King Of Super Bowl Handicappers Stand 13-4 With Sides, 14-3 With Totals Last 17 Years

New England (13-5) Remains 2.5-Point Favorite But Big Bettors - Those Betting $500,000 To $1,000,000 - Won't Hit Vegas 'Til Friday Night And Could Dramatically Change Things

Handicapping This Super Bowl Is Extremely Challenging But I Am Confidently Releasing It As My First Ever 500-Unit Bet…300 Units On Side…150 Units On Total…50-Units On Parlay

100-Unit College Basketball Blowout Saturday Set To Win And Build A Big Bankroll For Super Bow

By Kelso Sturgeon

While 99% of the media are presenting Sunday's Super Bowl as if it was as legitimate as the previous 52, that is an outright lie, because this will be the first time in NFL history the champion of one conference will meet the second-place team from the other conference. That is the embarrassing truth. History making, yes. Legitimate - not even close.
Still the federal government - the FBI - says $8 billion will be wagered on the game, most of it with thousands of illegal bookmakers spread throughout the country. I am so confident of winning it I am releasing the game as my first-ever 500-unit play. Details below.

Super Bowl LIII will match the New England Patriots (13-5), champions of the American Football Conference, with the National Football Conference non-champion Los Angeles Rams (15-3) who  are in the big game only because of one of the most obvious game changing non-calls in the history of the game.

You know the story but allow me to rant a bit because the game is one of the most dishonest championships ever. Only soccer everywhere, cricket in India and the Olympics anywhere even come close to being as fraudulent as Super Bowl LIII.

The NFC conference championship game was tied 20-20 at the 1:49 mark of the fourth quarter, with host New Orleans facing third-and-10 at the Rams 13-yard line. On the third down, Saints quarterback Drew Breese tossed a a short pass to Tommylee Lewis - a pass that fell incomplete because Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman tackled Lewis before the ball was there and in the process even committed a helmet-to-helmet foul.

There were seven officials on the field and not one tossed a yellow flag on the play. Not one of the guys making just under $200,000 for the season ($12,500 per game) saw anything, even though it was undeniably pass interference, plus a personal foul. The coaches saw it, the 73,028 in the Superdome saw it, millions of television viewers saw it, the instant replay booth personnel in New York's NFL offices saw it. Both teams saw it and Robey-Coleman said he knew the penalty would be called. Stevie Wonder even checked in.

Nobody could do anything because no penalty was called and that eliminated all chances to review the non-call.

Had the bozos on the field made the call, it would have been New Orleans 1st-and-goal just inside the two. The fact Los Angeles had but one time-out left meant New Orleans could take three knees while running the clock down to 10 seconds and then kick the winning field. Game over.

Instead the 'no-call" meant it was 4th-and-13 and the Saints had to kick the field goal, leaving the 1:49 on the clock. Game not over. Los Angeles marched down the field, kicked a 48-yard field goal to tie It up and then won in overtime, 26-23, with a 57-yarder

It's was "over" the second time, with a different winner. Nothing can now be done and the true NFC champion will not be on the field. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (the league's all-time leading eunuch) finally acknowledged the officials were wrong and said he was sorry but noted he was powerless to do anything about it which is a complete misrepresentation of the rules. He could have but he didn't.

Right and wrong were on the line but money trumped that.

Handicapping And Winning The Super Bowl Am 27-7 In Sides And Totals Last 17 Years

I made up my mind Thursday on my bets on the Super Bowl but have not yet put my final stamp on them. That will happen late tonight after the big bettors check in. These are people who bet from $500,000 to $1,000,000 on the game and I want to see the impact of their money on the numbers before I swing into action.

The New England Patriots are the solid 2.5-point favorites, with a total of 56.5. Bookmakers I have spoken with say the -2.5 has attracted New England money by a 5-1 margin but they know the highrollers and professional are hoping the number goes to -3, at which team they will be all over the Los Angeles Rams. Whether that happens, or whether bookies stand pat, leave the line where it is and charge additional vigorish, making bettors lay $120 instead of the usual $110 to win $100.

One should wait and see where the numbers go. In a contest most believe will be close a half-point could be the difference between winning and losing. If you are waiting for -3.5, forget it. To move it that number would be a nightmare for bookmakers since most sophisticated bettors, who are already down at -2.5 could take the +3.5 and go for the middle and hope the final margin would be three points.

My First Ever 500-Unit Play On Super Bowl

As tough as SB LIII is to handicap I am confident I will continue my, success with the big game. Over the last 17 years, I stand 13-4 on winning sides and 14-3 on winning totals. Here is my suggested bet:

  • 300 Units On The Side
  • 150 Units On The Total.
  • 50 Units On Side/Total Parlay.

In addition, I will release five of the more than 1,000 proposition bets.
Speaking of Props, they are a poison for most bettors. Yes, pro's like me do have an ability to cherry-pick the best value options when they first go up, or to come back in the final hour before kickoff if public money has pushed a number too far the wrong way. Casual bettors make the mistake of just "re-betting" their team side. If they like the Patriots, they also bet Brady to have a big day, receivers to have a big day, team totals to go over in the first half and second half...and so on. Instead of having one responsibly sized bet (in bankroll terms) on their preferred side, they now have several. Going 0-1 stinks, but going 1-4 or 2-7 is even worse.

My advice is to focus specifically on the vulnerability of the NUMBER you're seeing. How often has the player reached that number in prior outings vs. playoff caliber teams. Is there something specific you've heard about planned strategy that will place more of an emphasis (or less of an emphasis) on that player? Don't re-bet your team side pick over and over again. Try to find mistakes oddsmakers have made. Let the game take care of itself.

I am expecting a great Super Bowl Sunday, and you can do all the winning with me for just $50

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