Going For 4th-Straight 100-Unit College Winner Tonight

Going For 4th-Straight 100-Unit College Winner Tonight
Highrollers On 18-Day 13-5 Runs With Big Game Plays

Best Bets Club Perfect 6-0 This Weekend With All Underdogs
And 3 More Are Set To Win Tonight

Duke (21-2) And Gonzaga (23-2) Top My College Too Ten
Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, Marquette Nowhere To Be Found

By Kelso Sturgeon

One cannot watch 4 1/2 months of college basketball without becoming knowledgeable about all 353 NCAA teams on which we bet, whether it be the powerful and top-ranked Duke Blue Devils (21-2) or the (3-20)  talentless and non-competitive New Hampshire Wildcats who have beaten three teams of which few have ever heard--Umass-Lowell, Mount St. Vincent and Rivier.
Top teams must have blue-chip talent, have played and beaten good teams all season and are now obviously at their best with the NCAA Tournament just around the corner. My Top 10 teams listed below fit these requirements and for most the best is yet to come. Any of these teams can make the Final Four and then win it all.
You will note several of the most popular and ranked teams are missing from this group, for a variety of reasons. Kansas (18-6) has played the nation's toughest schedule, been ranked as high as #1 in the polls but because of injuries and eligible issues are now starting four freshmen. The Jayhawks are simple not as good as they were earlier.
Michigan State (19-5) is playing at a lower level now than it was earlier. Despite its success, my figures say Michigan (22-2) is one of the most over-rated teams in the country. Oklahoma (15-9) began the season 11-1, with its only loss in that time frame to Wisconsin. The Sooners are 0-4 in their last four and are certainly on the downside of the form.
This is not to suggest these teams will stop winning but their current form has shown major vulnerabilities that will get them beat by anybody, at home or on the road. Nothing in college basketball is cut in stone. Teams win and teams lose but I can assure you the teams listed below do possess what it takes to go the distance.
Protect your money by keeping up on the current form of all teams and keep from getting ambushed by relying on what they were a month ago.
Kelso's College Top 10

Team                                     SOS                        Comment

  1. DUKE                     #3    (21-2)           Beat Virginia At Home 72-70 and On Road 81-71
  2. GONZAGA          #51  (23-2)           Away losses to North Carolina 103-90, to Tennessee, 76-73
  3. TENNESSEE         #69  (21-1)           Has won 18 Straight, with only loss to Kansas 87-81 on road.
  4. VIRGINIA             #39  (21-2)           #1 ranked defense of 353 teams, 54.1 points per game
  5. KENTUCKY          #27  (20-3)           Unimpressive early, now sensational on offense and defense
  6. NEVADA           #100  (23-1)            Loaded, experienced and capable of beating  any team
  7. NO. CAROLINA  #13  (19-4)           Has lost only to Louisville, Kentucky and Michigan
  8. LSU                        #17  (19-4)           The biggest sleeper in Southeastern Conference
  9. Houston              #46  (23-1)           Talented, quick and focused, Only loss at Temple 73-69
  10. Villanova             #15  (19-5)           Will be there when it counts    

Going For 4th Straight 100-Unit College Winner Tonight

My Highrollers are on an 13-5 run with 50-unit and 100-unit bets over the past 18 days and I am confident I will take down the cash tonight as I go for my 4th-consecutive 100-unit college basketball. Everything is in place to get it done. As noted previously, every single piece of the basketball handicapping puzzle must be in place for me to make a team a 100-unit play.
All 15 elements I now use to analyze each game must favor only one team by 15-0 margin and be blessed with what to me is a favorable betting line. When that happens, you can send it in. Take the rubber band of your stash and fire—with absolute confidence you will win.
We have such a game tonight and the team I am releasing has every single factor going for it, and I am looking for a 20-25-point win.
My highrollers score again.
This 100-unit play should march right to the winner's circle, leading from start to finish. Win this knockout play for just $40, charged to your major credit card or to your Pay Pal account.
I will let my highroller record for the past 18 days to the rest of the talking.

Personal Best Club 13-5 Last 18 Days
2/10…50 Units…Parlay Of 76ers-Houston U. (Won)
2/9…100 Units…Wichita State (-13.5) 77, Tulane 62 (Won)
2/8…50 Units…Pelicans (-6) 122, Timberwolves 117 (Lost)
2/7…50 Units…Pacers (-6) 116, Clippers 92 (Won)
2/6…50 Units…Mavericks (-5) 99, Hornets 93 (Won)
2/5…50 Units…Florida (+8) 62, Auburn 76 (Lost)
2/4…50 Units…Northwestern (-2.5) 52, Penn State 59 (Lost)
2/4…50 Units…Northwestern (-3) 52, Penn State 59 (Lost)
2/3…50 Units…Villanova (-11.5) 77, Georgetown 65 (Won)
2/2…100 Units…Nevada (-15.5) 93, Boise State 73 (Won)
2/1…50 Units…Davidson (-1.5) 75, St. Bonaventure 66 (Won)
1/31…50 Units…Arizona State (-5.5) 95, Arizona 88 (OT) (Won)
1/30…50 Units…UCLA (-4.5) 87, Washington State (Won)
1/29……50 Units…Nevada (-9.5) 87, UNLV 70 (Won)
1/28…50 Units…Nets (+10.5) 104, Celtics 112 (Won)
1/27…50-Unit Parlay Purdue-Thunder (Won)
1/26…50 Units…Air Force (-6.5) 75, San Jose State 71 (2 OT) (Lost)
1/25…100 Units…Buffalo (-8) 88, Kent State 79 (Won)

6-0 With college Underdogs Saturday And Sunday
Three More Set To Win Tonight

There is nothing miraculous about releasing underdogs en mass and winning with all of them, as I did on a 3-0 Saturday and as 3-0 Sunday. My formula to do that is quite simple and it begins with respect for betting lines. That may sound simple but I know many players do not give much respect to points and half-points. To many, what difference does it make if you lay -4 or -4.5?
That is a major mistake, because as you will note from the winning underdogs listed below how close were most of six  games. When one respects betting lines, one knows they are all tough to beat.
Here is the foundation of my success.

  1. I search the schedule for games in which I can make a solid case for either either winning it.
  2. I then subject both teams to my own algorithm to determine whether either team has hidden edges revealed by this process.
  3. If one team has an edge of 2-3 points above or below the original number produced by the algorithm, I consider using it. This works with favorites quite well but 10 times better with underdogs that you know the numbers say can win straight up.
  4. I then apply my 15-part college basketball handicapping formula and apply the elements of current form, injuries, home or road etc.
  5. The team I am consider releasing must then pass the acid test of grading out with at least an 80% chance to win or at least get the cover. Any team that is favored in all 15 pieces of the formula (15-0) has better than a 95% chance to win and is automatically at least a 100-unit play—sometimes more.

Just remember betting lines are accurate and the final margins will be very close to what they project. You do not have to agree with them. They are what they are and keep in mind bookmakers give nothing away. You must put each game through a formal successful handicapping process. In the end you will be surprised how many winning underdogs you will find.
I intend to continue my underdog success tonight, releasing three more of them, all at 15 units, and you can win them with me for just $9, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

Sunday's 3-0 Record With Underdogs
15 Units…Ohio State (+2.5) 55, Indiana 52 (Won)
15 Units…Central Florida (+2) 71, SMU 65 (Won)
15 Units…Illinois State (+5.5) 65, Missouri State 66 (Won)

Saturday's 3-0 Record With Underdogs.
15 Units…Tulsa (+2.5) 76, Temple 58 (Won)
15 Units…Central Michigan (+16) 76, Buffalo 90 (Won)
15 Units…Eastern Illinois (+12) 86, Austin Peay 94 (Won)