Memorial Day Weekend NBA and MLB

Bucks Just One Week Ago Were Thought Able To Unseat Defending Champion Golden State For NBA Championship But Are Fighting For Their Life At Toronto Tonight

Indians Most Over-Rated Team In Baseball And Will Only Get Worse...No AL Title...No World Series
Twins MLB's Money Machine...Nats Biggest Losers

Crookedest Thoroughbred Track In Country Begins Final Meet And It's Not The Sad Occasion It Should Be Wholesale Larceny Supported By Hundreds 

By Kelso Sturgeon

Unfortunately I fell into the same trap that led the Las Vegas wiseguys and sharps into believing the Milwaukee Bucks, who had the best regular season record in the NBA (60-22), and were crushing their opposition in the NBA playoffs (off to a 10-2 start), not only could but would take on the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors in the title round and beat them. At this moment the sun shines not so brightly.

Milwaukee (70-26) is in Toronto (69-30) tonight for game six in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference championship series and, after losing three in a row to the Raptors, are down 3-2 in this round and must win or go home - high/false hopes or not. Bookmakers world- wide have installed Toronto a 2.5-point favorite, with a total of 212. In the four games played in the conference finals, the Bucks have been favored three times and the only time they were an underdog (in game three at Toronto, they were +2.5 and won, 118-112.

Money-line bettors who like favored Toronto to win (no points involved) Will have to lay $150 to win $100. Those backing the underdog Bucks will get $130 for each $100 bet.
Toronto is 39-11 at home, while Milwaukee is 31-16 on road. I will be releasing this game as a 50-unit play and you can win it with me for just $20, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. The game tips at 8:30 EDT and will be televised national on TNT. CLICK HERE for the 50-Unit Winner

Current Odds To Win NBA Championship

Team                           Odds
Golden State Warriors   2/7
Toronto Raptors            4-1
Milwaukee Bucks          6-1

Indians, Nationals Baseball's Classic 2019 Failures

The Major League Baseball season is at last reached a point where what you see is what you get. A few teams may get a bit better, some a little worse. It's truth be told time and it is my hope in sharing these thoughts and conclusion they might aid you in winning some bets.

  1. The Minnesota Twins (33-16) are in first place in the American League Central and are the 2019 money machine, recording a profit of $1,700 for those who bet them at the $100 level in each of their 49 games.
  2. The Washington Nationals, picked to challenge Philadelphia and Atlanta for the National League East championship, are a shocking 19-31, and are just one game up on the Miami Marlins (16-31), in their battle for last place. It comes as no surprise Washington is baseball's leading money burner, turning in a loss of $1,950 for those who bet them at the $100 level in each of their 40 games.
  3. The Cleveland Indians (25-24) are seven games back of the Twins in the AL Central, have no depth and have been holding their own because they have played the weakest schedule in MLB. They have no depth and, as the schedule gets tougher, the world is going to realize the Indians are the most over-rated team in baseball. No title, No World Series, Lots of losing as a favorite.
  4. The numbers do not lie and they predict the Pittsburgh Pirates (25-22) and their lack of offense is about to bury them in an NL division where they must contend with the Chicago Cubs (29-19), the Milwaukee Brewers (29-22) and even the St. Louis cardinals (25-24) who are about to break out simply because they have the talent to do just that.
  5. I have won a ton of run-line bets of late with talented teams with consistently good pitching running all over weaker opponents.

Current Odds For Contenders To Win World Series

Team                               Odds

Houston Astros               4-1
Los Angeles Dodgers      9-2
New York Yankees        6-1
Boston Red Sox              8-1
Chicago Cubs                12-1
Philadelphia Phillies        14-1
Minnesota Twins            15-1
Milwaukee Brewers       16-1
Atlanta Braves               20-1
St. Louis Cardinals         20-1
Tampa Bay Rays            20-1
Cleveland Indians           22-1

The longest price on the board is Miami at 5,000-1, followed b Kansas City at 2,500-1 and Baltimore at 2,000-1.

All my baseball services are doing well, and I invite you to join the one that fulfills your betting needs. All the details are listed right here online. Whether you play by the day, the week, the month or the entire season the price is right. All major credit cards and Pay Pal Accepted.


Suffolk Downs Has Been Controlled By Bad Guys From The Dark Side And Is Closing After It's Current Meet

It is normally a sad day for horse racing fans when a track closes, from the bushes to the bright lights, the end of racing stings, whether it be shutting down Hollywood Park or Miles Park. Suffolk Downs opened 84 years ago in East Boston and for many of those years - the golden years - the track offered outstanding racing and attracted such stars as Seabiscuit, Whirlaway and Stymie.

At some point in the the 1960s the New England mafia took over - behind the scenes of course - and things were never the same. Trainers were told when to win and when to lose - and they better follow instructions, or risk murder. I researched the matter for some months as one who wrote about thoroughbred racing and confirmed the fixers had killed 10 or 11 people who would not cooperate, with their main method of murder being to tie their victims to the back of a car and drag them to death.

That sent a real and horrifying message to jockeys and trainers racing not only in New England, but in Pennsylvania, New York (yes, at Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga, New Jersey and Maryland. While all this was going on, I was visited at my cabin in the mountains by a Captain from the Pennsylvania State Police (name was Mike; I forget his last name but he was, like me, Irish) who advised me they overheard a conversation the night before that I had been moved to the top of their hit list.

My story, printed in a national publication called Racing Action, had brought a tremendous amount of heat on the group. I'm still here, so I obviously made it, but all that is a story for another day. In the near future I am also going to share with you a meeting I attended where a leading harness driver from The Meadowlands conspired with the Brooklyn-based mob to fix every single race that night at the New Jersey track.

It is unfortunate this situation is still a major factor in New England racing. Suffolk? Close it down - the biggest whore house in the history of thoroughbred racing.