Defending NBA Champion Warriors 2-5 Favorites To Beat Raptors

Defending NBA Champion Warriors 2-5 Favorites To Beat Gritty But Tired Raptors In Title Round  And Add Another Chapter To Their Dynasty

It’s Time To Begin Preparation For NFL Season And Here Are The Numbers That Are Real And Should Aid You With A Starting Foundation

By Kelso Sturgeon


Handicapping the NBA championship round between top-seeded Golden State (70-30), winner of the league’s Western Conference, and 2nd-seeded Toronto (69-29), winner of the Eastern Conference, involves many aspects of analysis, including such factors as talent, current form, injuries, fresher legs and history. The best-of-seven series begins Thursday night in Toronto and the host Raptors have moved from being a 1-point underdog to being a 1-point favorite. The total opened at 215 and remains there.

If you want to bet the money line Thursday night, you will have to lay $110 to win $100 if you like Toronto and $105 to win $100 if Golden State is your choice. In futures betting to win the championship, the Warriors are -300, with the Raptors +250.

History shows in the last 22 championship rounds, the home team is 19-3 straight up (SU) and the “under” has ruled in that time frame, 14-7-1. In the last four years, Golden State has played in the championship round and is 4-0 in the first game of each series.

The Warriors have a tremendous edge in experience, having won the last two NBA championships, and three of the last four. The Warriors have been to the championship round 11 times, including the last five. Toronto has been around for 24 years and is making its first ever trip. The Warriors have 10 players who have played in 140 title-round games while Toronto has four that have competed at this level.

As for injuries, Golden State will be without superstar forward Kevin Durant (calf injury), who averages 26.0 points, 6.4 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game. We know he will miss game one but do not have any information about game two. He has not played since May 23. The Warriors will also be missing star center DeMarcus Cousins who has been out since May 7 with a quad injury. He says he will return sometime during this round.

On the important matter of fresh legs, Golden State has been doing rest and rehab for the past 10 days, while Toronto played five days ago.

I closed out the conference championship round with a winning 50-unit play on Toronto (-2) with its 100-94 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. I intend to keep right on winning and will open the final round with either a 50-unit or 25-unit bet.


Highrollers Go For 6th Straight 100-Unit Baseball Win

Baseball Bookies Remain Sound Asleep On One Handicapping Element And I Intend To Use It Again Tonight For 6th-Straight 100-Unit Winner

There is no dispute winning baseball bettors rely heavily on data to decide whether to bet on a particular team, and those collections of numbers include the betting line. The right price must always be a part of the equation and that means one must avoid games such as yesterday’s Miami Marlins-Washington Nationals contest. Washington’s starting pitcher Max Scherzer was the -300 favorite and the Nationals lost, 3-2.

It takes forever to recover from a loss such as that and you can rely on me to be marked “absent” from high-priced favorites such as this because the price puts the risk versus reward factor so far out of whack.

It is against this background, my highrollers are going for their sixth consecutive 100-unit baseball winner tonight. Last night I won the fifth straight 100-unit play in the past nine days as the Cincinnati Reds buried the Pittsburgh Pirates, 8-1.

Just what is happening?

Bookmakers currently seem unaware there is little parity in baseball this season. We have some outstanding teams and some simply awful teams that play and this creates mismatches day after day, with betting lines far afield from reality. Bookmakers seem to simply ignore the talent differential of these mismatches in games where one team has better than a 95% chance to win but that figure is not reflected in some betting lines.

In this situation, the most important handicapping element is the the line. If the edge is there and the price is right, go for it.

I have taken advantage of the current situation to step it up and have won five consecutive 100-unit plays in the last nine days. There is another mismatch on tonight’s schedule, although that is not reflected in the betting line, and I intend to use this generous number to again get the cash for my highrollers.

You can win this 100-unit triple power bet for just $25, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.

5-0 With Last Five 100-Unit Baseball Bets

5/27…100 Units…Reds (-150) 8, Pirates 1 (Won)

5/26…100 Units…Dodgers (-155) 11, Pirates 7 (Won)

5/25…100-Units…Twins (-1.5 Runs -125) 8, White Sox 1 (Won)

5/24…100 Units…Athletics (-150) 6, Mariners 2 (Won)

5/19…100 Units…Brewers (-120) 3, Braves 2 (Won)



Odds To Win Super Bowl, Plus Projected Total Wins

And Last Year’s Regular Season Records For Comparison

TEAM                                    Super Bowl Odds             Projected Win Totals     Last Year’s Record

Arizona Cardinals                            125-1                                     5                                              3-13

Atlanta Falcons                                   30-1                                     8.5                                          7-9

Baltimore Ravens                              40-1                                     8.5                                          10-6

Buffalo Bills                                       125-1                                     6                                              6-10

Carolina Panthers                             50-1                                     8                                              7-9

Chicago Bears                                      20-1                                     9.5                                          12-4

Cincinnati Bengals                          150-1                                     6                                              6-10

Cleveland Browns                             14-1                                     9                                              7-8-1

Dallas Cowboys                                                 22-1                                     8.5                                          10-6

Denver Broncos                                  60-1                                     7                                              6-10

Detroit Lions                                      125-1                                     7                                              6-10

Green Bay Packers                            22-1                                     9                                              6-9-1

Houston Texans                                 40-1                                     8.5                                          11-5

Indianapolis Colts                             15-1                                     9.5                                          10-6

Jacksonville Jaguars                         40-1                                     8                                              5-11

Kansas City Chiefs                             10-1                                     10.5                                        12-4

Los Angeles Chargers                       19-1                                     10                                           12-4

Los Angeles Rams                                8-1                                      10.5                                        13-3

Miami Dolphins                               200-1                                     5                                              7-9

Minnesota Vikings                            25-1                                     9                                              8-7-1

New England Patriots                        6-1                                      11                                           11-5

New Orleans Saints                          12-1                                     10.5                                        13-3

New York Giants                              125-1                                     6                                              5-11

New York Jets                                     60-1                                     7                                              4-12

Oakland Raiders                                 80-1                                     6                                              4-12

Philadelphia Eagles                          19-1                                     9.5                                          9-7

Pittsburgh Steelers                           25-1                                     9                                              9-6-1

San Francisco 49ers                           30-1                                     8                                              4-12

Seattle Seahawks                              40-1                                     8.5                                          10-6

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                    70-1                                     6                                              5-11

Tennessee Titans                              80-1                                     8.5                                          9-7

Washington Redskins                    150-1                                     6                                              7-9