Best Bets Football 8-3 This Week Including Six Underdog Winners

Hopeless Talentless Dolphins 0-2, Outscored 102-10 Just Moved From 500-1 To 20,000-1 To Win Super Bowl Averaging But 192 Yards Per Game, Giving Up 512

Best Bets Football 8-3 This Week Including Six Underdog Winners As Bookies Remain Asleep - Sign Up For NFL-College Seasons And Save Fortune

Auburn (3-0) At Texas A&M (2-1), Notre Dame (2-0) At Georgia (3-0), Michigan (2-0) At Wisconsin (2-0) Showdown Games Saturday - Will Have Early Impact On Run Up To Championship

Coaching Factor In College Handicapping Very  Important While In NFL, It Might Not Matter And Then There Is The Pending Disaster In Denver 

By Kelso Sturgeon

This year's Miami Dolphins may well be the worst team in National Football League history and appear capable of becoming the first team to own the honor of being the only team to ever go undefeated right through the Super Bowl (17-0 in 1972) and then go a winless 0-16 in 2019-20. Things in Miami are far beyond hopeless and ugly. My analysis says college teams such as Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and maybe even Wisconsin, would mop the floor with the Dolphins.

I have been working in the world of football for decades and I have never been able to before making that statement. Until this season, the worst team in the NFL would pistol-whip the best college football could offer.

It is of note one Las Vegas bettor wagered $3,400 at odds of 30-1 that Miami would go 0-16 during the regular season. Winning that wager would return $102,000. You can expect others to follow but will have to take a shorter price. Miami can neither run nor hide from its ineptness.

Miami opened the season at home as a 7-point underdog to the Baltimore Ravens and lost, 59-10, and came right back at home this past Sunday and, as 18-point underdogs, lost to the New England Patriots, 43-0. The certain kiss of death for the Dolphins revealed itself in on category - time of possession. The Ravens had the ball 40:07 minutes to 19:53 for Miami while New England held a 37:00-24:00 margin.

No team can have its defense on the field that long and have any chance to win.

Miami is looking 0-3 in the eye this Sunday as a 21 point or 21.5-point underdog at Dallas. Miami has absolutely no chance to win this game - and and I mean no chance - and if you don't want to lay that many points you can make a money-line bet on the Cowboys, laying $4,000 to win $100.

Very Few NFL Coaches Make A Difference -In College Football They Can And Do

Many football handicappers give a lot of weight to the coaching factor. Does a coach offer an edge not factored into the betting line? In the college game, yes; in the NFL, maybe. In the colleges, outstanding coaches offer an edge while in the NFL, with a few exceptions, it really does not matter who runs the show.

There are few players in the NFL who do not know more about playing their position than do their coaches. Whether one is an offensive lineman, a linebacker or special teams specialists, every professional player is outstanding at what he does - the absolute best of the best and a potential Super star.

Most young college players need help for many reasons, some because they do not even know where to lineup when they arrive as freshmen. College coaches must be teachers. In the NFL, polished players like the sound of silence. They believe coaches just need to keep their mouths shut and just try to keep track of the time on the game clock.

NFL players - those guys who know far more about the game than their so-called mentors - truly believe the latter could not teach A dog to piss on a pole and are not afraid to tell them that.
So, why do they need a head coach and 12-13 assistants to guide them? Truthfully, they don't. Reality suggests success is possible with an outstanding head coach - gentlemen like the New England Patriots Bill Belichick (225-79 as the head man in Foxborough and 261-123 overall) or Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs (65-31 in that spot and 195-124-1 lifetime) - and three or four assistants, one to do the laundry, the rest to maintain order and make sure no one misses the team bus.

There are a few other NFL head coaches who are successful because they too have the ability to take a group of grown men with different skills and mold them into something called a team - a unit that understands the organized chaos of the game - and convince them the importance of every man doing his job correctly and in an extremely timely way. When the quarterback calls "Blue 42" all 11 players know what their job is on that play and know if they do it successfully, good things can happen.

An Early Line On Denver's First-Year Coach Vic Fangio

It is no accident coaches with a winning history keep winning while those with a history of just not quite getting there keep right on not quite getting there. All of this brings me to the Denver Broncos first-year coach Vic Fangio who does not have a clue. His players have talent, come to play, execute quite well, are extremely physical and focused but are a lifeless 0-2.

In getting a line on this guy, I have followed him closely. No rush to judgement but he looks like another empty saddle to me.

This past Sunday, Denver was a 3-point home underdog to the Chicago Bears and lost a game it could easily have won. For instance, the Broncos had 372 yards of offense to 273 for the Bears and held a 27-18 margin in first downs. It was a repeat performance of Denver's season-opening, 24-16, loss as a 3-point favorite at Oakland. In watching both games, it was obvious to me Fangio is way over his head, but that should be no surprise.

The collective knowledge of all the head coaches he served under for 40 years (32 seasons in the NFL) knew he was not head-coach material. A great assistant, yes, a great head coach, probably not. The suits in Denver overlooked the fact Fangio had been overlooked by his peers for 40 years and gave him his first head-coaching job.

There was a reason in 40 years why he never ran the show, and Denver, which had high expectations for 2019-20, is going to pay dearly for it this season. In my book, a go-against team until further notice. You can bet on it.

Best Bets Football 8-3 This Week Including Six Underdog Winners As Bookies Remain Asleep

I am pleased to report my Best Bets Football Club went 8-3 last week and intend to start this week off on a winning note Thursday night when the Tennessee Titans (1-1) take on the Jaguars in Jacksonville (0-2) in a nationally televised (NFL Network) affair. In a college game, the Houston Cougars (1-2) are at the Tulane Green Wave (2-1) for an ESPN contest.

I will be releasing both games to my Best Bets Football Club and you can win them with me for just $15, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. Better yet, sign up for one of my four football services and save a fortune. You can sign up on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

Best Bets Football 8-3 This Week
9/16...15 Units...Jets (+6.5) 3, Browns 23 (lost)
9/15...15 Units...Colts (+3) 19, Titans 17 Won)
9/15...10 Units...Seahawks (+4) 28, Steelers 26 (Won)
9/15...10 Units...Saints (+1.5) 9, Rams 27 (lost)
9/14...15 Units...Kansas State (+7) 31, Mississippi State 24 (Won)
9/14...10 Units...Navy (-7.5) 42, East Carolina 10 (Won)
9/14...10 Units...Louisville (-10.5) 38, Western Kentucky 21 (Won)
9/13...15 Units...Houston (+9.5) 24, Washington State 31 (Won)
9/13...10 Units...Kansas (+20.5) 48, Boston College 24 (Won)
9/13...10 Units...North Carolina (+3) 18, Wake Forest 24 (lost)
9/12...15 Units...Buccaneers (+7) 20, Panthers 14 (Won)