Awful Officiating Is Destroying NFL

Kelso Wins 200-Unit College Game of Year Saturday as Kent State (-14) dominates Akron 26-3!
Wins 50-Unit NFL Game of Week Sunday with Vikings (-3.5) over Eagles 38-20
Wins Monday Night as Lions (+3) cover vs. Packers 22-23

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When originally putting together my Octoberama program I circled Friday, Oct. 18 as an opportunity to make a strong stand with a Grand Slam featuring all 4 very competitive College Football Games. As game Day approached I saw that one game was “off the table” due to injury, and another due to the pointspread being “on the money”

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LATE INFO Dictates Change of Plans

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Awful Officiating Is Destroying NFL Right Before Everyone’s Eyes—Except Those Wearing Stripes

Could Wisconsin’s 6-0 Badgers Actually Be The Best Team In Big Ten And A Candidate To Play For National Championship?

By Kelso Sturgeon

Sad to say, but my eyes tell me the National Football League is in free fall decline—yes, free fall—and the officials, inept and blind beyond comprehension, are making a major contribution to its downfall with incorrect calls that are deciding which team win and which teams lose. Plainly put, it is not the super-talented and skillful players that are in charge of the outcome in many games, but the guys in striped shirts.

Fans in the stands can see it. Television audiences can see it. Even Stevie Wonder can see it. The officials cannot, even with the aid of instant replay see it. This is ruining the NFL and destroying its credibility, without which it will not survive, it’s credibility in the sewer.

I have long ignored the terrible NFL officiating, because I know it is a difficult task. That all changed this past Monday night when the Detroit Lions lost at Green Bay to the Packers, 23-22, because of blatantly wrong calls that delivered the win to Cheese Town. I should have started screaming after last year’s National Football conference championship game with a horrendous call got the New Orleans Saints beat and cost them a trip to the Super Bowl.

This situation cannot exist any longer as legalized sports betting is about to expand the customer base from the approximately 15 million current bettors to more than 45 million by 2029, according to the gambling research firm Eilers & Krejcik.

Even some of the biggest names in the name could no longer remain silent about what happened to the Lions in the Green Bay game. Former NFL coaches Tony Dungy and Jack Youngblood spoke of their dismay, as did Hall of Fame running backs Barry Sanders and Tony Dorsett just name four. All said or implied the officials stole the game from the Lions and noted the loss may have ended Detroit’s hopes to making it to the Super Bowl five months before it is played.

The NFL and it’s $45,000,000 a year commissioner/fool/incompetent/former front office office boy and gopher MUST wake up and stop this nonsense before it is too late.

Of Note In The NFL—What’s This All About

                --Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston completed 30-of-54 passes for 400 yards in his team’s, 37-26, loss in London to the Carolina Panthers. Of note, he also was sacked seven times and threw five interceptions against on TD pass.

                --Chargers had high hopes for this season but find themselves 2-4 and rapidly falling apart. Adding insult to injury, some one played the Pittsburgh Steelers theme song before the Chargers took the field at home and then lost to the visitors. QB Philip Rivers turned the ball over twice in the first quarter and played behind an offense line that looked like it belongs at Coffeyville Junior College.

                --San Francisco (5-0) showed its record was no mirage as it ripped the Los Angeles Rams, 20-7, in dominating fashion. The 49ers defense overwhelmed the Rams offense line--it stopped the Rams on 3rd and 4th downs on the goal line, holding them to 0-9 on 3rd downs and 0-5 on 4th downs. The Rams opened 3-0 and take a four-game losing streak into Atlanta Saturday.

                --Take it to the bank the Tennessee Titans will replace starting QB Marcus Marietta with backup Ryan Tannehill, a former first-round pick by the Miami Dolphins in 2012. Marietta’s value is falling, a fact revealed by his performance last Sunday at Denver, where the Titans lost, 16-0. The numbers say it all. He completed but 7-of-18 passes for 63 yards, with two interceptions and took six sacks against the Broncos. It seems he can no longer make it happen.

                --Seattle QB Russell Wilson was never better. He is the first player since 1950 to throw more than 13 TD passes without an interception in his team’s first six games.

                --The Carolina Panthers have too much invested in QB Cam Newton, out with a foot injury, to ignore him when he returns, but the coaching staff has said back-up Kyle Allen will remain the starter as long as he keeps winning. Allen, a second-year player from the University of Houston, is 4-0 in the four games he has started.

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I had another outstanding NBA season last year and am confident I am ready to have another one. I have done my homework, figured out what all the changes in personnel mean and intend to come out firing with the winners of Tuesday’s two nationally televised games-New Orleans Pelicans at Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers.

I had another outstanding NBA season last year and am confident I am ready to have another one. I have done my homework, figured out what all the changes in personnel mean and intend to come out firing with the winners of Tuesday’s two nationally televised games-New Orleans Pelicans at Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers.

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Can Unbeaten Wisconsin Badgers Win National Championship?

We are halfway through the college football season and there is still much debate as to which of a handful teams have what it takes to win the national championship. As usual, Clemson and Alabama have dominated the conversation, and they should, having won the last four titles—Clemson two and Alabama two. It also is of note the Crimson Tide have won five of the last 10.

There still is much to be decided but you can see from my Top Ten, the Oklahoma Sooners remain on top, with Alabama second, LSU third and Wisconsin fourth.


While the Wisconsin Badgers have been in everybody’s Top Ten all season, seldom are they mentioned as having the ability to win it all. This is a deep and experienced team with a 10-year won-lost record that would make 99% of all college teams jealous. It appears to me this is the best Wisconsin team of the past 10 years, and it would not surprise me if they won it all.

The Badgers own some stunning numbers. They are the #1-ranked NCAA 1-A college teams in total defense and defense against the score, holding their opponents to 173.7 yards and 4.8 points per game. And let’s not forget they hold the #1 spot in defensive yards per carry (3.06).

Wisconsin is outscoring its opponents by an average of 37.7 points per game, 42.5-4.8. The Badgers are also blessed with one of the top running backs in the country, junior Jonathan Taylor who averages 137.5 yards per game.

Power plus? Wisconsin last week beat Michigan State, 38-0, and earlier knocked off Michigan, 35-14. The acid test comes two games out, when they take on Ohio State in Columbus.

Kelso’s College Football Top Ten

  1. Oklahoma Sooners (6-0)…Hosts WVU (3-3)…Should finish out 12-0.
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0)…Hosts Tennessee (2-4)…Still has to play LSU, Auburn.
  3. LSU Tigers (6-0)…At Mississippi State (3-3)…Still has to play Auburn, Alabama.
  4. Wisconsin Badgers (6-0)…at Illinois (2-4)…Still has to play Ohio State, Minnesota.
  5. Ohio State Buckeyes (6-0)…at N’western (1-4) …Still has to play Wisconsin, Penn St., Michigan.
  6. Clemson Tigers (6-0)…at Louisville (4-2)…Should finish 12-0.
  7. Georgia Bulldogs (5-1)…Hosts Kentucky (3-3)…Still has to play Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M.
  8. Utah Utes (5-1)..Hosts Arizona State (5-1)…Still has to play California, Washington.
  9. Penn State (6-0)…Hosts Michigan (5-1)…Still has to play Minnesota, Ohio State.
  10. Florida (6-1)…At South Carolina (3-3)…Still has to play Georgia, Missouri.


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