The State of the NFL

40-Unit NFL Side/Total Parlay Wins Thursday Night With Redskins 16-Point Underdog At Vikings

By Kelso Sturgeon

The National Football League front-office suits are a confederacy of dunces and nitwits who unknowingly are leading what was once the most popular and loved sports league in the United States to the edge of oblivion. It is not something they are doing on purpose but is happening because their football instincts stink.

They occasionally make a decision, usually concerning the enforcement of some meaningless rule, i.e. it's going to cost your $5,000 because your socks were sagging and brining shame to your team. This week they fined Los Angeles Rams linebacker Clay Matthews, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and Detroit Lions safety Tracy Walker $12,500 for criticizing the officials.

The three were correct in what they said but that carried no weight, because the impotent front office staff has no plan, no answer, on how to end the embarrassment of dreadful officiating. Their answer is always to shift blame and make those addressing the issue the bad guys.

The NFL season is just seven weeks old and the number of obvious errors made by the officials-some of which prevented teams from winning (Detroit against Green Bay two weeks ago, for instance)-grow by the week. The front office slept through the NFC championship game last season with a blatant officiating error cost New Orleans a trip to the Super Bowl.

What difference does it make? Two teams showed up to play-the Los Angeles Rams who got there via the official's mistakes and the New England Patriots who earned their spot legitimately. The NFL made its millions. What else counts. New Orleans was powerless to do anything about it and would still be today.

There is something wrong with a situation where the bad guys always have the last word and the good guys pay for telling the truth. There must be an answer and the bad guys better find it or face the fact game-changing mistakes are chipping away at NFL credibility.

By the way, while trying to remedy this situation, the NFL should also stop lying to the public about its drug-free purity and put those buckets of pain killers in the locker rooms out in the open. Yes, they are there and without them no franchise could field a team half-way through the season. Football is an extremely violent and physical game, and no one, apart from the kicker, can make it through the season without getting beaten up. A handful helps one begin a game and another handful at halftime keeps one going.

Handicapping The NFL-The Ugly And The Uglier

The folks who own and are involved with the Miami Dolphins are getting nervous and looking foolish as they see the fact that, despite the decision to tank this season, and get the number one draft choice, they must look over their shoulder with the fast closing Cincinnati Bengals. Both are winless, Miami at 0-6 and Cincinnati at 0-7. The only difference between the two is the fact the Bengals are trying to win while Dolphins are not. This battle for the worst record in the NFL because the teams meet in Miami in the next to last game of the season.
This all-important contest should present the NFL with a show of the parity of which it is so proud. Shout it from the roof tops. A game between a team that can't win and one that does not want to win-Wow!
The game plan for both teams will be one for the ages. Like, how can we fumble at least five times, throw six interceptions and have all our punts blocked?

Why Cincinnati Should Win The Loser's Bowl

The fact Cincinnati is 0-7 is something of which the public and bettors are aware, but few know just how bad the Bengals are.

  • They are last in several NFL offensive and defensive categories.
  • They average 16.3 points per game while giving up 26.6
  • They average but 53.3 yards rushing per game.
  • Their offensive line could not start for a decent college team and have given up 24 sacks.
  • Quarterback Andy Dalton has thrown on 69% of his plays because the team has no running game. Last week, in a 27-17 home loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dalton was the leading rusher with 33 yards. The Bengals running backs did not game a single yard in that game. That's right-Zip! It is of note the Bengals have been held to 35 yards or less rushing four times this season.
  • And why not? Cincinnati also has the worst rushing defense in the NFL.
  • Last but not least, first-year coach Zac Taylor, the quarterback coach last year with the Los Angeles Rams does not have a clue. Enough said. You get the idea.

We also know the Dolphins are bad, but do not forget the Atlanta Falcons (1-6-0 SU and ATS) gives all the appearances of a team sleep walking through games. The Washington Redskins (1-6-0 and 2-5-0) do not have the talent to be competitive. And, let's not forget the New York Giants (2-5-0, 3-4-0) and the New York Jets (1-5-0, 2-4-0) hopeless.

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Octoberama Wins This Past Weekend

200 College Blowout Game Of Year
Appalachian State (-16) 52, UL-Monroe 7 (Won)

50-Unit NFL 2-Team Parlay
20 Units Vikings (-2.5) 42, Lions 30 (Won)
20 Units Titans (-2.5) 23, Chargers 20
10 Units Parlay of Vikings and Titans (Won)

Octoberama Wins The Weekend Before
200-Unit College Game Of Year
Kent State (-15) 26, Akron 3 (Won)

50-Unit NFL Game Of Week
Vikings (-3.5) 38, Eagles 20 (Won)