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Meet Kelso Sturgeon, Portfolio Manager
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At whatever level a player you are, Kelso will Cash in this basketball season.

Kelso's Personal Best Basketball
My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club is tailor-made for big bettors and Highrollers who want a limited number of 50-unit to 100-unit plays each week, (including my 200-unit Games of the Year) My 50-unit plays grade out with an 80% chance to win and the 100-unit plays grading out at the 90% level. It gets no better than this in the NBA or college basketball.

Kelso's Chairman's Club Basketball
Introducing the new computer enhanced Kelso Sturgeons Chairman's club. "Games aren't just chosen" they're computed. Every selection goes thru a 19 step destruct test to make sure it stands up. Every selection has to meet the approval of the "Boardroom" my private group of Las Vegas heavy hitters.One game (or parlay) each day rated 25 units. Serious plays reasonably priced for college/NBA basketball. You can pay more you can't get better.

Kelso's Best Bets Club Basketball
If you're the type of player who likes action and high-percentage games, my BEST BETS CLUB is for you. Every day I handicap every game on the board. I break down the offenses and defenses, coaching strategies, look for bad lines, study the injury reports and talk to lines-makers in town to check on a number of games to see if there's heavy action on the side I'm interested in.Club members receive 1-3 Best Bet Games daily, rated 5-15 Units.

Basketball goes 7 days a week which means you can build bankroll much faster than football, plus with 32 NBA teams and over 330 College Teams, Vegas can't keep up…but we can by picking just the best spots.