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Right Back With Another 25-Unit Underdog Winner - My Sunday Stunner

There are so many live underdogs on the Sunday Baseball schedule I would be derelict in my duty if I did not release one with a ‘dog that has a 90% chance to win. As most of you know, winning with underdogs, is a proven specialty of mine.

We have a single game on the Sunday schedule in which one of the most under-rated pitchers in baseball is the underdog and I feel so strongly about his heretofore hidden ability that I am releasing his team as another 25-unit underdog winner.

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Win My Sunday Baseball Totals Triple Play

My Success With My Baseball Triple Plays Is A Matter Of Public Record And I Am Confident I Will Crush It Today With 3 Outstanding Totals

My Major League Baseball Triple Play gives bettors the opportunity to win a fortune without spending one. Triple Crown time means three winners, three winning two-team parlays and a winning three-teamer.

That’s 7-0 for just $10. This Sunday, ALL 3 plays are Totals that have an 85% or better chance of winning.

This is the opportunity to win a fortune for just $10, charged to you major credit card or to Pay Pal. Don’t miss it.