Midweek Forecast - Volume 18, Edition 4 - September 15-19, 2016

Volume 18, Edition 4… For Period Of September 15-19, 2016
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Cash Thursday Night On Jets At Bills Game In One Of Biggest NFL Grudge Matches Of Season
Buffalo Going For 6th Straight Win Against New York

Marquee TV College Weekend Coming And You Can Win
FSU At Louisville, Ohio State At Oklahoma And USC At Stanford For Just $15

50-Unit Game Of Week Winners Saturday-Sunday

By Kelso Sturgeon

This weekend's football schedule is loaded with nationally televised marquee college games and a handful of NFL contests in which some very nervous coaches are hoping what they saw their teams do in Week #1 was not an indication of how they will perform during the season. For instance, how do you say Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks - two teams that took the form of total disasters.

One must also wonder how the San Diego Chargers that blew a 24-3 lead at Kansas City and ended up losing 33-27 to the Chiefs in overtime can recover from that. What looked like a big-time confidence builder for the Chargers in the end  left them stunned and emotionally crushed. Football is most certainly a physical game but it also is a mind game and more often that not the latter rules the former.

How the Chargers perform at home as 3-point favorites over a much-improved Jacksonville team is going to speak volumes about where they are going this season.

As for the Rams they have to wonder where it all went, already. The were 2.5-point favorites at San Francisco and were shut out 28-0 by a San Francisco 49er team that is going nowhere this season. It was embarrassing - having just 185 yards of total offense while seeing their supposedly lock-down defense give up 320 yards, 150 of that on the ground.

It is somewhat ironic Seattle, which beat the Miami Dolphins - 10.5 point underdogs - 12-10 on a touchdown with just 35 seconds left on the clock, is at the Rams Sunday and currently is a 3.5-point favorite. Do we just take the under?

Showdown Matchups Mean College Rankings Will Blow Up National Rankings This Weekend

It has been a long time since I remember seeing this many outstanding marquee matchups on the same weekend and since ties are out and teams either win or lose, the national rankings will most certainly be shuffled like a deck of cards Saturday.

The matchups are all tough - even if all one had to do to pick the outright winner - but having spent hours handicapping all of them I hope to make your Saturday enjoyable with three winners in three of the toughest games on the board. Hard work revealed the winning edges.

The three games - Florida State (2-0) at Louisville (2-0), Ohio State (2-0) at Texas (2-0) and USC (1-1) at Stanford (1-0) - are all on national TV and I am set to win all three of them for you - and you can do just that for $15.

Kelso's Current College Top 10

1. Clemson (2-0) vs. South Carolina State (0-2)
2. Alabama (2-0) at Mississippi State (1-1)
3. Stanford (1-0) vs. Southern California (1-1)
4. Louisville (2-0) vs. Florida State (2-0)
5. Florida State (2-0) at Louisville (2-0)
6. Houston (2-0) at Cincinnati (2-) Thursday
7. Ohio State (2-0) at Oklahoma (1-1)
8. Washington (2-0) vs. Portland State (1-10)
9. Oklahoma (1-1) vs. Ohio State (2-0)
10. Texas (2-0) at California (1-1

The 11-15 teams: Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Iowa, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Newsletter Went 5-1 With Last Week's Best Bets! 3-0 In NFL...2-1 In Colleges

Arkansas (+10) 41, TCU 38 (Won)
Tulsa (+29) 3, Ohio State 48 (Lost)
Notre Dame (-27.5) 39, Nevada 10 (Won)

Eagles (-4) 29, Browns 10 (Won)
Raiders (+3) 35, Saints 34 (Won)
Dolphins (+10.5) 10, Seahawks 12 (Won

Thursday Betting Menu

Best Bets Club
15-Unit Play On Houston (2-0) at Cincinnati (2-0)
(On ESPN...7:35 Eastern Kickoff)

Chairman's Club
25-Unit Play On Jets (0-1) at Bills (0-1)
(On ABC...7:30 Eastern Kickoff)

Friday Betting Menu
3 TV Games And Still Working On Them

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