Football Forecast Newsletter Vol. 16 Dec 8-12

Volume 18, Edition 16… December 8-12, 2016

Win 50-Unit NFL Showdown Battle Thursday Night As Raiders-Chiefs Tangle In Battle To Determine 1st Place In AFC West

275-Unit Bookie Busting 2-Sports Slam Set To Win This Weekend!
25 Units Army-Navy And Another Winning 50-Unit College Basketball Game Of Week Winner Saturday
150-Unit NFL Triple Play Rocks On Sunday
Plus 50-Unit AFC Monday Night Play on Ravens at Patriots

There Are More Than 350 College Basketball Teams And 43 Of Them, Including The Likes Of Georgetown Michigan And Seton Hall, Will Put You In Bankruptcy 

By Kelso Sturgeon

Week #14 in the NFL is here and with it comes certain finalities-things such as the Dallas Cowboys (11-1) and the New England Patriots (10-2) are the only two teams cinches to make the playoffs. The other 30 teams are still chasing. If the two would make it to the Super Bowl my figures say Dallas would win the game but bookmakers will still make the Patriots a 3-point favorite to get the cash.
How about those hopeless Cleveland Browns-a perfect 0-6 at home and a perfect 0-6 on the road-who are living my prediction they would not win a single game this season. Cleveland closes out against Cincinnati, at Buffalo, against San Diego and at Pittsburgh. Looking at 1-9 odds on my prediction.

The last NFL team to go winless was the Detroit Lions, 0-16 in 2008, and in the process became the first non-expansion team lose every game. It also is of note the Lions are the only NFL team to experience two winless seasons, having also gone 0-11 in 1942

While Cleveland is awash in futility, ineptness and the dumbest front office in league history, it still trails the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise which went 0-14 in 1976 and which in fact was 0-26 before it won a game. On the Cleveland front office-only the goffer has any understanding of his job and the game of football. For the record I got down at 75-1 before the season began at a sports book in the outback , betting a Benjamin Cleveland would not win a game this season I wanted to wager more but the bookmaker declined. Now I wait.

We also know the NFL rookie of the year will come from the Dallas Cowboys, either quarterback Dak Prescott (Mississippi State)-2,974 passing yards, 16 touchdowns and just two interceptions-or running back Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State) who leads the NFL in rushing (1,285 yards and 12 touchdowns)

The Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) have not had a winning season since they went 12-6 under the leadership of coach Jack Del Rio, and continue that trend in 2016, meaning this is the team's annual battle cry-"wait 'til next year"---will again remain unchanged, The Jags are 3-point home underdogs Sunday to the Minnesota Vikings (6-6). Jacksonville is facing its 9th straight loss while Minnesota, which opened 5-0, has since gone 1-6.

In the embarrassingly weak AFC South three teams-the Indianapolis Colts, the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans-are tied for the lead with 6-6 records. Take it to the bank, the winner of this division will be one-and-out come playoff time.

Did you know the Kansas City Chiefs who battle Oakland for first place in the AFC West, have won 20 of their last 23 regular season games. Kind of scary to digest that if you are a team that intends to take them down.

Have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) seriously entered the championship chase? You can draw your own conclusions but it is of note in their last four games-all as an underdog-the Bucs beat the Chicago Bears, 36-10, won at Kansas City, 19-7, beat the Seattle Seahawks, 14-5 and won at San Diego, 28-21. Few teams are playing any better right now and for certain quarterback Jameis Winston is for the first time looking like a true NFL signal caller. In the last nine games (7 of those the team won) he has thrown 16 touchdown passes, with just five interceptions. Throw in a defense that has all at once entered the lock-down category and there is a lot to think about. And the beat goes on.

Football Begins Thursday With 50-Unit NFL Winner - Oakland Raiders (10-2) at Kansas City Chiefs (9-3)

In regards to Thursday night's NFL showdown for first place in the AFC West, the Oakland Raiders (10-2) can wrap up their first playoff spot in 13 years with a win at Kansas City (9-3) combined with either a loss or a tie by Miami or a loss by Denver on Sunday Bookmakers say Oakland's success is in doubt as they take the field as 3-point underdogs. Nothing is in doubt in my mind and I will be release this game as a 50-unit play and I am looking for a solid but not easy winner. You can get this game online or toll free at my office...1-800-755-2255 for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to your Pay Pal account. While most Thursday night games this season have been less than stellar, the Raiders-Chiefs matchup will present football at its best and you can watch your money work and win for you on NBC, with kickoff set for 8:25 Eastern.

2-Sport Super-Slam Set To Make You Rich With 275 Units Of Winning Action Saturday, Sunday, & Monday

It is a simple fact all days are not equal when it comes to strong betting opportunities. The chance to win is there every single day; the chance to break the bank just a few times a month. One of the few-times-a-month is here and I intend to make a giant 2-sport, 4-game 275-unit score. For comparison my usual releases average just over 15 units. When I say 275 units of winning I am telling you I am 100% confident I will get the big money. Here is the 3-day menu...

  • On Saturday I will going for a giant win in my 50-Unit College Game Of The Week. For the record I have released sixteen 50-unit college games this season and stand 13-3 in those contests-an amazing 81% winners.
  • Also on Saturday, I will go for the money with a 25-unit bet on the nationally-televised (CBS) Army (6-5)-Navy (9-3) game from M&T Stadium in Baltimore. Navy will be without starting QB Will Worth (foot injury) but remains a 6-point favorite after opening at -9. I figured this one out and am confident I have the winner.
  • On Sunday, I will go for a 150-unit Triple Play on a single NFL game that grades out with better than a 90% chance to win three bets-100 units on the side, 25 units on the total and a winning 25-unit side/total parlay that pays 13-10. A reminder I won a 100-unit play on the Green Bay Packers last Sunday and this is the encore-plus.
  • Monday night matches up AFC powers Baltimore and New England, who are no strangers to each other in big-game situations. This rates as a 50 unit winner to close out the weekend

Everything fell in place for this weekend and I invite you to make a major score with me and it will cost you just $100, charged to your major credit card or to your Pay Pal account.



San Diego Chargers (5-7) +1 by 6-7 over CAROLINA PANTHERS (4-8)-There is something dreadfully wrong behind the scenes with Carolina and it shows on the playing field. Thus San Diego is the choice here because the Chargers lose when they should win and win when they should lose.

BUFFALO BILLS (6-6) +2 by 6-7 over Pittsburg Steelers (7-5)-Buffalo is much better than its record, has had excellent practices this week, is in bounce-back form AND appears set to ambush the Steelers.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (2-10)-Minnesota Vikings (6-6) UNDER 39.5-This is another game where the best bet is the total and everything points to solid UNDER play. Neither team has much offense, with the Jags averaging 334.1 yards and 18.7 points per game while the Vikings report in at 296.8 and 19.4 points per outing.
Home Team In CAPS

There Are More Than 350 College Basketball Teams And 43 Of Them, Including The Likes Of Georgetown Michigan And Seton Hall, Will Put You In Bankruptcy

One of the hazards college basketball bettors face each new season is the bad habit of living in the past, wagering on teams because of what they did last year, or even for the past four-five seasons. Do that and I guarantee you just written a check that will bankrupt you before the season is half over. One must pay attention and bet teams in the present.

Some of the figures involving high-profile teams may stun you.

For instance, traditional national power Connecticut is 4-4 straight up (SU) and 1-5-0 against the spread (ATS) or covering just 16.7% of the time. Georgetown is 5-4 SU and 1-6-0 ATS, covering 16.7% of the time. Michigan is 7-2 and 2-4 while Seton Hall is 6-2 and 2-5-0.

You can see from the list below 43 teams that at the present are burning money at a rate to destroy those hopefully betting on them. Of note is the fact if you are betting against these teams you've hit the jackpot.

Pay attention. Live in the present. I am living in the present, paying attention, outrunning the numbers and having a solid basketball season. You can win with me by joining by Best Bets Basketball Club for the entire college and NBA seasons for just $195, charged to your major credit card or to your Pay Pal Account. You also can play daily for a $15 charge.

College Basketball Teams That Are Burying Bettors

Legend: SU-Straight Up. ATS-Against Spread
Teams Listed Alphabetically

TeamSUATSCover %
Arizona State5-42-6-125.0%
Cleveland State2-51-5-016.7%
East Carolina7-31-3-025.0%
George Wash.5-41-6-014.3%
James Madison1-71-5-016.7%
Long Beach St.1-91-5-016.7%
Northern Iowa3-42-4-033.3%
N.C. State6-22-4-033.3%
Oregon State3-61-6-014.3%
S. Dakota State4-61-6-014.3%
San Diego State4-21-3-025.0%
Santa Clara3-62-6-025.0%
Seton Hall6-22-5-028.6%
St. Joseph's3-42-5-028.6%
UC-Santa Barb.1-50-4-000.0%
Utah State5-42-4-033.3%
W. Carolina3-51-4-020.0%
W. Illinois2-60-4-000.0%
W. Kentucky3-51-5-016.7%
Washington St.4-41-4-020.0%


13-3 With Highroller Club 50-Unit Plays This Season - That's 81% Winners From Day One
And Another 50-Unit College Play Wins Again Thursday Night

My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club for highrollers has made a fortune this season, hitting 81% winners (13-3) in college basketball and is confident it will win another one tonight. It's an amazing run with 50-unit plays-that's all club releases and last night's 28-point Kent State 100-72 win confirmed once again the success of power vs. weakness basketball I am 13-3 with these 16 college games because of understanding no amount of points can accurately predict the outcome of games when outstanding basketball teams meet those who are less that mediocre. The Kent State 28-point win as a 9.5 favorite proved that again.

Power vs. Weakness is the name of the game in the world of 50-unit college plays. You can bet tonight's game as if it too is money in the bank and you can win it for just $25, charged to your major credit card or to your Pay Pal account. A season's membership in my Personal Best Basketball Club for highrollers is available for just $999 and keep in mind that also entitles you to a free membership in my Chairman's Club ($449 value) that will give you 5-6 additional 25-unit plays each week. I will stop right here and let my record do the rest of the talking.

13-3 With 50-Unit College Basketball Winners
12/7...50 Units...Kent State (-9.2) 100, Niagara 72 (Won)
12/6...50 Units...Wichita State (-26) 75, Saint Louis 45 (Won)
12/3...50 Units...Kansas State (-13) 84, Saint Louis 53 (Won)
11/30...50 Units...DePaul (-8.5) 77, Drake 75 (Lost)
11/29...50 Units...Tenn-Martin (-4.5) 82, Florida Atlantic 81 (Lost)
11/28...50 Units...Kentucky (-16.5) 115, Arizona State 67 (Won)
11/26...50 Units...E. Washington (-2.5) 85, Denver 80 (Won)
11/25...50 Units...Nevada (-5.5) 67, Buffalo 62 (Lost)
11/23...50 Units...Texas Tech (-7) 75, Utah State 51 (Won)
11/22...50 Units...SMU (-19) 84, Cal-Santa Barbara 57 (Won)
11/21...50 Units...Houston (-12) 95, George Mason 56 (Won)
11/20...50 Units...Grand Canyon (-7) 84, Marist 72 (Won)
11/19...50 Units...Belmont (-7.5) 90, Western Kentucky 69 (Won)
11/17...50 Units...SMU (-5) 76, Pittsburgh 67 (Won)
11/15...50 Units...Fairfield (-1.5) 79, Dartmouth 62 (Won)
11/11...50 Units...Tenn-Chattanooga (+3.5) 82, Tennessee 69 (Won)