November 23-24

November 23-24, 2019

Another 200-Unit College Football Game Of Year Buries Bookmakers Again With 5-touchdown Win

5-Day Turkey Shoot Begins Thursday With 100-Unit Day Triple...
Bears-Lions, Saints-Falcons Mississippi-Mississippi State...All On TV

By Kelso Sturgeon

Things are getting a little up tight and out of whack in the sports world these days and it is quite ridiculous and shameful. NFL players hitting opposing players in the head with their helmets, NBA players squaring off with their fists and wrestling one another to the floor, college basketball coaches talking too much and even fans fighting and killing one another. I thought I had heard it all several years ago when, I believe it was after an Oklahoma-Texas football game, two opposing fans got in a fight and one grabbed the other’s crotch and tore off his scrotum. Yes, that happened. Slow down, folks, it’s just a game.

And let’s not forget Major League Baseball is conducting a full-scale investigation into whether the American League champion Houston Astros had built and secret and sophisticated way to steel signals. We are waiting for what’s next.

That said, the beat goes on, even though it seems to be a bit out of rhythm. Just another batch of things to challenge handicappers and bettors, and we will survive.

First, I am criticized when I say I trust absolutely no one in sports or the gambling world. That’s right, nobody. If certain people told the prize was in the north, I would head south. This is a business where friend or foe will give you all the barbed wire you can eat.

It’s every man for himself. Hoorah for me, to hell with you. Years of experience in Thoroughbred racing prepared me for this, and thus I survive and am successful. There is a reason the backstretch folks at racetracks are known as a confederacy of thieves and liars.

Now on to those lying college basketball coaches who seem to have adopted the modus operandi of the NBA, where deceit and lying are the order of the day.

Those Shady Lying College Coaches

On November 14, the coaches at Seton Hall announced superstar senior guard Myles Powell-one of the best 10 players in college basketball, edition 2019-20, would miss the home game against Michigan State because of a severe ankle injury.

As soon as that word hit the public market, the line jumped from the Spartans -3.5 to -55. Made sense and made me take a stand on Michigan State. Seton Hall is just another decent basketball team without Powell in the line up. With him out, the Spartans, according to my figures, would simply toy with the Pirates and win with ease.

Michigan State did win, but not with ease. The final score was the Spartans 76, the Pirates 73, and the severely painful and suffering Powell played 34 minutes-longer than any other Seton Hall player-and scored 37 points, unstoppable as he always is. Another group that has proven it cannot be trusted.

As noted, I am up to all that goes on on the underbelly of sports handicapping and betting and will continue to deal with it and keep right on winning in the NFL, College Football, NBA and College Basketball. For more details and to sign up, visit the service section here online or call me toll free at my office-1-800-755-2255.


Another 200-Unit College Football Winner Today

I Am 3-1 With Four 200-Unit College Football Game Of The Year Plays And It’s Now Time For Another One

It is quite unusual to find at this point of the season college mismatches, but they are there week after week. This deep into the season bookmakers and those making betting lines usually have rock hard numbers on every single game. For whatever the reason, they are currently a step or two behind in their analysis of many mid-majors, opening the door for big betting scores.

There is another such game on today’s schedule that fits perfectly into this profile and that strongly translates into my fourth 200-unit winner in the past five weeks.

My first three 200-unit college winners jumped off the page during the handicapping process-too good to pass up-and today’s jumped higher than any of those. I expect the team I am releasing to dominate from start to finish and win and cover the number with plenty of room to spare. You can win this 200-unit bet for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. It is available online & toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

3-1 This Season With 200-Unit College Bets

Atlantic Coast Conference Game Of The Year
Nov. 9...200 Units...Virginia (-16) 33, Georgia Tech 28 (Lost)
November College Game Of The Year
Nov. 2...200 Units...LA-Lafayette (-23) 31, Texas State 3 (Won)
College Blowout Game Of The Year
Oct. 19...200 Units...Appalachian State (-16) 52, UL-Monroe 7 (Won)
College Game Of The Year
Oct. 12...200 Units...Kent State (-14.5) 26, Akron 3 (Won)


Going For 4th Straight 100-Unit NFL Winner
I Have Been Absolutely On Fire In The NFL And Stand 14-2 With My Last 16 Plays

Here we are again, ready to go for another highroller score with my fourth straight winning 100-unit NFL play, and I am just as confident as ever I will get the job done. As you may or may not know, I make visits to Las Vegas sports books three day each week just to observe what is going on in the world of bettors vs. bookmakers.

This week, bettors are all over the NFL betting board, and it is very informative that in seven National Football League games the public is on one side and the wiseguys and sharps on the other, with there biggest wager on one single contest. Helpful insight? Yes.

Earlier this week I found a game where the circumstances in which the contest was to be played revealed a team that graded out with a 90% chance to win and cover. For certain it became an immediate candidate for another 100-unit NFL play. The line is right, the sharps and wiseguys have made their biggest bet on this team, and I am releasing the winner as my 100-unit triple power play of the week. This is an outstanding opportunity to make a major score and you can win this game for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal. But that is not all.

100-Unit Winners Last Two Weeks

  • 10/17...100 Units...Ravens (-4.5) 41, Texans 7 (Won)
  • 10/10...100 Units...Bears (-6.5) 20, Lions 13 (Won)
  • 10/3...100 Units...Bills (-12) 24, Redskins (Won)

The team I am releasing is slightly favored but has all the edges and a very soft line and  should get the job done. You can win this 100-unit NFL knockout for just $50, charged to your major credit card or to Pay Pal.
This should be another giant Sunday in the NFL as my highrollers go for their fourth straight 100-unit winner. Last week it was the Baltimore Ravens, emerging as the new Super Bowl favorites, with its 100-unit win, 41-7, over the Houston Texans.

Saturday Football Menu

#9 Penn State at #2 Ohio State Top 3-0 Day
At Least A Dozen True Showdown Football Games On The Schedule And I Intend To Win 3 Of Them

25-Unit College Football Underdog Of Week
This Team Is Primed To Win Outright


Saturday’s College Football Best Bet

LOUISVILLE CARDINALS (6-4) -8.5 by 16-17 over Syracuse Orange (4-6)
First-year coach Scott Satterfield has picked up right where he left off at Appalachian State and in one season has restored Louisville to its former glory. The Cardinals went 2-10 last season and just last week became bowl eligible for the ninth time in the last 10 years with a 34-20 win at N.C. State. The line is off at least a touchdown, which gives Louisville an even bigger edge. I do believe the Cardinals will run off and hide in this one.

Sunday’s NFL Best Bet

BUFFALO BILLS (7-3) -3.5 by 9 over Denver Broncos (3-7)
The Bills still don’t get much respect despite their success but just keep winning. This is an important game for them as they shoot for a spot in the playoffs. The still have games at Dallas, Pittsburgh and New England at home against Baltimore. That’s a very difficult road to travel and they can ill afford to win at home against lackluster teams such as Denver. The Bills will be all in in this one and I do expect them to grind out another win and a cover.

Saturday’s College Basketball Best Bets
PENN STATE by 11-12 over Yale
PEPPERDINE by 13-14 over Sacramento State
Southern Utah by 11-12 over Charleston Southern

Sunday’s NBA Best Bets
HOUSTON ROCKETS by 14-15 over Dallas Mavericks
Brooklyn Nets by 6-7 over NEW YORK KNICKS