Explanation-How To Use

Kelso Sturgeon’s power ratings reflect the accurate numerical strength of each team if it plays up to 100% of its potential. The lower the figure, the better the team.

The power ratings are simple to use. In each game, just take the home power rating of the host team and the road power rating of the visitor, subtract the lower figure from the higher figure and you will have the projected margin of each game.

For instance, let us say Arizona State is playing at home against Clemson. The home power rating of Arizona State is 11.0 while the road power rating of Clemson is 4.0. Subtract the 4 from the 11 and the power ratings predict Clemson will be a 7-point winner. Compare the number to the actual betting line and wager accordingly.

For instance, if Clemson is listed at 6½ or less, bet on Clemson. If Clemson is favored by more than 7½ points, you would take ASU.

The power ratings alone predict winners but they are even more powerful and effective when fine-tuned with other elements of the handicapping process. They will up updated after the second game of the season and then revised each week after that. Please feel free to submit all questions and suggestions concerning the power ratings to Kelso at 1-800-755-2255.

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Team Home


The following power ratings are simple to use. Just remember the lower the rating the better the team. Each team has a home and a road power rating. To use these power ratings, take the appropriate lower power rating and subtract it from the appropriate higher power rating, giving you the projected margin of victory in the game. Then compare that figure with the actual Las Vegas line on the game and bet accordingly. Power ratings are best used when fine-tuned with other elements of handicapping such as weather, injury reports, travel problems etc. A power rating is the numerical rating of a team if it played to 100% of its ability.

Updated on Monday, December 4, 2017

Team Home
Arizona Cardinals 7.5 8.5
Atlanta Falcons 5.0 6.0
Baltimore Ravens 6.0 7.0
Buffalo Bills 6.5 7.5
Carolina Panthers 4.5 5.5
Chicago Bears 8.5 9.5
Cincinnati Bengals 5.0 6.0
Cleveland Browns 9.0 10.5
Dallas Cowboys 6.0 7.0
Denver Broncos 11.0 12.5
Detroit Lions 5.0 6.0
Green Bay Packers 6.0 7.0
Houston Texans 9.0 10.0
Indianapolis Colts 10.0 11.0
Jacksonville Jaguars 4.5 5.5
Kansas City Chiefs 6.0 8.0
Los Angeles Rams 4.0 5.0
Miami Dolphins 10.0 11.0
Minnesota Vikings 3.5 4.5
New England Patriots 3.0 645
New Orleans Saints 3.5 4.5
New York Giants 11.0 12.5
New York Jets 6.5 7.5
Oakland Raiders 7.5 8.5
Philadelphia Eagles 1.5 2.5
Pittsburgh Steelers 3.0 4.0
San Diego Chargers 5.0 6.0
San Francisco 49ers 10.0 11.5
Seattle Seahawks 5.0 6.0
Tampa Bay Bucs 7.5 8.5
Tennessee Titans 6.0 7.0
Washington Redskins 7.5 8.5