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This is the refund policy for products and services purchased through all divisions or venues.

  1. Where applicable, all staff will advise customers upon request, prior to the completion of their initial sale, of the following policy and will provide a written copy upon request.
  2. We, as a merchant, provide both products (goods) and services (information) to our customers.
  3. If a service is being provided with information procured from outside source we inform our subscribers where that information is coming from, prior to completion of the sale, so they are, therefore, aware of exactly what type of information they will be receiving… Should these types of services be available online, the specific sources of the information will be detailed in the service description.
  4. If merchandise or products are ordered through a Direct Mail advertisement or via the Internet the guarantee, if any, is included in the mailing, promotion or service description. Our advertising will also include the terms and conditions for refunds on any books, publications and/or systems purchased.
  5. For orders or services purchased as a ”Phone-In Service” wherein selections are provided to a client who telephones the company for their information, or “Internet Service” wherein selections are provided online through one of our web sites, there will be no refunds after that service commences. More specifically, once the customer has received any selections, no refund can be issued. Our services are the absolute best we can make them. As the service subscribed to includes sports handicapping information, just as with the Stock Market, our customers must recognize that the information cannot be guaranteed, and that past performance is not a promise of future results. What is guaranteed is that each and every customer will receive the service that was purchased in full.
  6. Unless otherwise noted in the individual offer; books, newsletters, or other printed materials may be returned for refund or credit, but must be received within 21 days of the date of original shipping. (The shipping date will be based on our records but will in no instance exceed 7 days from the original date of purchase) Materials must be returned in as-new, unused, resalable condition, and must contain any and all original inserts or inclusions. A copy of the original receipt of e-mail confirmation must be provided.
  7. Refunds or credits will be issued in the same manner in which the original payment was received and will not be issued to alternate credit cards under any circumstances. Charges for shipping and handling are non-refundable. In the event a replacement book is provided in lieu of a refund or credit, no further refund, credit or exchange will be provided.
  8. If a guarantee for services is offered as part of an individual promotion, the specific terms of that guarantee will be included in the promotion. Whether the guarantee will be for additional service or for a pro-rated refund shall be specified. Unless otherwise stated in writing, cash refunds shall not be issued without the prior written approval of the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
  9. If, at the time of their order, a subscriber requests a pro-rated refund type guarantee, it will be negotiated with the sales representative, and the terms will be included in the customer’s sales record. We will provide these pro-rated refund type guarantees in writing only at the customer’s request. Pro-rated refund type guarantees will not be allowed on all services.
  10. To reiterate, customers will be advised of these policies, upon request, at the time of their original order. They may be directed to the web site to view the specifics of the policy or a written copy of the policy will be provided upon request.
  11. Digital Content (eBooks) - An eBook reader is the software you use to read a .PDF eBook. You can download the Adobe reader for free from the Adobe web site.
    Digital content purchased from KelsoSportsHandicapping.com is not returnable and non-refundable. If you’re having trouble opening or reading your purchase, please e-mail us for technical assistance.
  12. Misunderstandings can occur and should any such problems arise, we will make every effort to resolve it directly with our customers. We do request that customers with disputes contact we, the merchant, directly before taking any other action.
  13. We reserve the right to utilize any and all means at our disposal to prevent and defend against wrongful, fraudulent or otherwise untrue and/or unreasonable chargebacks.
    • (A wrongful or fraudulent chargeback will be defined as occurring when the credit card holder orders and receives products or services, then intentionally reverses the charge through their card-issuing bank stating that they did not place the order, did not authorize the charge or did not receive the order, or that it was somehow not as described, or was in some other manner unsatisfactory beyond our ability to control.)
    • Disputed transactions determined by Kelso Sturgeon and KelsoSportsHandicapping.com to be fraudulent or wrongfully initiated will be vigorously defended with the issuing bank. Such chargebacks, resolved in favor of the customer, will be turned over for collection and additional legal action up to and including litigation. Such accounts will be reported to the appropriate credit reporting agencies at our sole discretion.