Kelso 300 Unit College Football Game of the Year

300-Unit College Game Of Year Wins Saturday

When A Team Grades Out With 100% Chance To Win And 95% Chance To Cover It’s Time To Go For The Biggest College Football Score Of Season

I am on a 6-0-1 run with my last 50-unit and 100-unit big game Personal Best Football Club plays and am going for the big money today with my annual 300-unit College Football Game of the Year. The team I am releasing grades out with a 100% chance to win straight up and a 95% chance to cover the number—this according to my figures. As noted those same figures have produced the aforementioned 6-0-1 run with my last seven big game releases. This time the figures do it with overwhelming numbers.

The team I am releasing grades out on top in all 42 of the handicapping elements I use to analyze college games and I have never missed when that situation existed in the past. Rare is the team that stands 42-for-42 but this team does.

            --It has a tremendous edge in talent that is not reflected in the betting line.

            --It completely outclasses its opponent on both offense and defense

            --It is ready to play its best game of the year while its opponent is in a downward spiral.

I am extremely confident I will win this game and could sell it for any price I wished. But as in the past I hold the line at $50 for this annual event and that is what it will cost you. All major credit cards and Pay Pal accepted.

This is your opportunity to make the biggest score of the college season Do not miss it.

6-0-1 With Last 50-Unit, 100-Unit Plays
*10/7…50 Units…UCF (-14.5) 51, Cincinnati 23 (Won)
10/4…50 Units…(-7.5) 42, Georgia Southern 25 (Won)
9/30…50 Units…UNLV (-18) 41, San Jose State 13 (Won)
9/23……50 Units…West Virginia (-21) 56, Kansas 34 (Push)
9/16…50 Units…Virginia Tech (-27) 64, East Carolina 17 (Won)
9/15…100 Units…Arizona (-27) 63, Texas-El Paso 16 (Won)
9/9…50 Units…West Virginia (-24) 56, Eastern Carolina 20 (Won)

*Game Was A Win But Not For Betting Purposes  Since It Was Called With 4 seconds Left In 3rd Quarter. Games Must Go At Least 55 Minutes For Betting Purposes

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