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If you would seriously like to make money and supplement your income, I want you to take five minutes to read this. I can promise you it will be time well spent. I'm talking about the opportunity to win consistently and make real money betting college and NBA basketball, is never greater than it is right now. My name is Kelso Sturgeon and I have been handicapping professionally and successfully for more than 40 years. In fact, when profiled in newspapers, on radio stations, and TV, I'm often referred to as "The Dean of Handicappers" because of my longevity in one of the toughest businesses in the world…picking winners against the spread and making money, and after my solid football season, I'm continuing that success in basketball.


My life experience has been sports! I'm considered in such high regard as a gambling consultant, that I am the only man ever called before the United States Congress to testify as an expert witness on gambling matters. I also wrote the Complete Guide to Sports Betting (Harper and Row)

I covered college basketball inside the locker rooms as Regional Sports Director for the Associated Press. I got inside the minds of great coaches and saw the X's and O's, and how basketball can wear down the physically unprepared and why even the most solid, well-balanced teams go into "peak & valley" performance swings.

I learned to predict when teams were ready for a "top effort" or a "bad night." Using algorithms, winning theories, and systems - I've shown you how you can beat the basketball spread on a regular basis.

Winning is MY business and I want to make it YOURS.

My Chairman's Basketball Club is designed for players who want to win bigger on a select amount of plays, usually one, on occasion two plays rated from 20-50 units. They are the product of my own handicapping and the collective opinion of other successful handicappers, and respected linesmakers.

  1. Everyone in the Chairman's Club handicapping circle has a complete understanding of betting lines, home vs. road, strength of schedule - and how these elements produce winners – or losers, if you don't know what you're doing.
  2. Everyone in the Chairman's handicapping circle also has a detailed work sheet on every single college and NBA coach and they clearly note the pluses and minuses each brings to the table against every team and in every situation.
  3. Everyone in the Chairman's Club handicapping circle also understands that each basketball team, college and NBA, has a well-defined and detectable rhythm that signals with tremendous accuracy when a team is going to cover the number, and when a team is about to go on a winning or losing streak.


Plus... I'm Giving You FREE Membership into MY BEST BETS BASKETBALL CLUB!
(a $195 value). No throwaway, but the perfect complement to my Chairman's Club.

Consider these games a REAL BONUS. Although rated 10 and 15 units, the Best Bets Club is winning at a strong 62.5% record. With an average of up to 3 plays daily, this is an additional 150 or more plays over the course of the basketball season. I release more Best Bet Club games than Chairman's games and although rated lower, these plays are 22-10 for 68.8% and +145u over that time period.


Chairman's Club Includes the NCAA / NIT Tournaments!
That includes the College Conference Tournaments right before the Big Dance. That's another 15-20 games. (A $150 value)


  • January 27: My 200-Unit College Game of the Year (a $100 value)
  • January 28: My College Basketball Triple Crown...Go 7-0 with straight bets and parlays. (A $100 Value)


Sunday, February 4th 2018 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota
My Super Bowl record stands out… for the record I have won 12 of the last 16 Super Bowls, and I am 25-7 in sides & totals since 2001 for 78%! (A $100 value)

The winning has started, and I invite you to join me this basketball season. This package has a real value of more than $1,200 but you can get my two bread & butter services, Chairman's Club and Best Bets Club for JUST $279! for the season, (that's the price of the Chairman's Club alone!) Or try me for a month for just $159.

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