Richie B. Daily College Hoop Shockers

Richie B. Daily College Basketball Shockers

I'm on a 68% tear in College Basketball

I’m Richie B (Baccellieri) and if you don’t know me and aren’t in daily touch with me, you’re losing money!

Because I am the only handicapper who was also a top linesmaker in Vegas - for 27 years. So MY line on any game is ten times sharper than THEIR number because I know all their tricks!

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Get my two Richie B shockers every day for only $19 and start building a serious roll. My Right Number tells you where the line is off – and how far off – so you can make the Right Bet for the Right Profit

My Right Number is like the Gospels. Sometimes it’s hard to believe but it’s always true. And it sure takes you higher!


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